The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 2022 Annual Report

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Houston Methodist Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

2022 Year in Review

DEI Mission

Houston Methodist will be known for having a culture of inclusive behavior that allows us to provide unparalleled, personalized care and service to a diverse patient population through effective teamwork, while ensuring dignity and respect for every patient, provider and colleague as well as our community.

Message from the Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As Houston Methodist’s Department of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion completes its second full year of operations, we see a real impact within our organization. We are working each day to embed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into our culture, and we are proud to see awareness growing among our more than 30,000 employees.

When we launched the department, we committed to a set of goals to accomplish by the end of 2022.

I am pleased to report we met all these goals, and we will soon announce our goals for the next three years. From growing our employee resource groups (ERGs) to expanding our training offerings and communication channels, we are determined to meet the needs of everyone we serve. We recognize this is not a race, and we will remain flexible on our journey to meet those evolving needs.

Houston Methodist’s vision is to provide unparalleled safety, quality, service and innovation. This is achieved, in part, when every patient knows they can come here to receive the best care, and every employee knows this is a place where they are valued and accepted for all they are and all they bring to our organization.

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Our People By The Numbers

In the summer of 2021, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion department launched a DEI dashboard which allows leaders to view the landscape of the organization in various areas, including gender, race, ethnicity, leadership and much more.

“While we know the organization is doing tremendously well in certain areas, we also recognize our areas of opportunity in others,” said Vice President and Chief DEI Officer Arianne Dowdell.

The following breakdowns give a deeper glance at where we stand.

Houston Methodist Employees

Diverse teams are 87% better at making decisions. (People Management)

2 out of 3 job candidates seek companies that have diverse workforces. (Glassdoor)

*Leadership numbers include supervisors, managers, directors and executives

2 3
Ethnic Group Gender
Age Group 29 years and under 30–39 years 40–49 years 50–59 years 60+ years Asian Black Hispanic or Latino White Other Men Women 30% 25% 20% 18% 8% 76% 24%
Houston Methodist West Hospital employees participating in Fashion from around the Globe
Ethnic Group Gender Men Women Asian Black Hispanic or Latino White Other 33% 67% 27% 25% 21% 2% 25% 14% 19% 18% 47% 2%
Houston Methodist Leadership*

DEI’s Return on Investment

People often think of DEI as checking a box after an educational session, but the return on investment (ROI) for having DEI as part of a business imperative goes well beyond training.

Last year was the second time Houston Methodist included a diversity module in our annual employee opinion survey (EOS) through Press Ganey. We scored 0.3 points higher than the national health care average, which exemplifies the commitment and strides we are making to ensure an equitable environment. For each of the five module questions answered related to DEI, we consistently scored higher than the national health care average.

DEI will be in the 2023 Magnet Application Manual, as the American Nurses Credentialing Center recently added a requirement to its application for policies, requiring evidence and examples of DEI in the organization. All Houston Methodist hospitals are Magnet designated, and will have to demonstrate how DEI is part of the mission and vision. Also for 2023, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will now require reports on health equity and social drivers of health. Houston Methodist participates annually in the American Hospital Association’s #123 for Equity Campaign to Eliminate Health Care Disparities. Each year, all of our hospitals report our DEI initiatives.

Five DEI Modules on Press Ganey Employee Opinion Survey

2020–22 GOAL

Increase underrepresented group diversity through early pipeline engagement, targeted outreach, recruitment, development, appropriate mentoring and retention. Similarly, increase underrepresented group diversity for all boards across Houston Methodist.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

2022 Highlights

• Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

• Summer Scholarship Program

• Mentor Match

In less than two years, ERGs at Houston Methodist have reached double digits, with more than 1,600 members. Our latest ERGs, Fathers in Health Care and Young Professionals, completed their charters in the fourth quarter. Community hospital members built up membership and showed enthusiasm for events and other support. With the expansion and growth of ERGs across the system, they will have an opportunity to form local chapters at each of our community hospitals, while remaining part of the larger ERG and keeping the same goals.

The inaugural ERG symposium in the fall featured engagement among Houston Methodist leadership, employees and ERG leaders who champion professional development, community outreach and inclusive workplace cultures. The nearly 200 audience members learned about diversity at Houston Methodist and the importance and need for ERGs.

ERG Defined

ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups with members who share common characteristics, such as gender, ethnicity, interests or other identities. They give members a forum to raise awareness, discuss common interests and support one another.

It is through a national, concerted effort that we will really begin to see substantial improvements and the outcomes associated with it. From research, to patient care, to employee mobility, there are many facets to the work we are doing.

10 ERGs chartered to date

1,632 members

100% membership increase from Q1 to Q4 2022

5 4
Equal opportunity for promotion Commitment to workforce diversity Organization values employees from different backgrounds Coworkers value individuals from different backgrounds Supervisor/manager treats employees equitably, regardless of background Diversity
1 2 3 4 5 0 5 1 2 3 4 4.47 4.17 Houston
and Equity Module Score
Methodist National Health Care Average

Quick Glance: 2022 ERG Event Highlights

Leaving my country of Lebanon in one of its deepest economic, financial and health crises, I immediately felt the need to connect with people with whom could relate based on our similar culture, language and values. We chartered the Arab Heritage ERG, and I am thrilled that we recruited more than 100 members since launching in February 2022. Our greatest accomplishment in our first year was a volunteer event at the Wesley Community Center, a value that is deeply rooted in the Arab culture.

– Souha Farhat, MD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Houston Methodist Institute for Reconstructive Surgery, Arab Heritage ERG Chair

Our mission is to promote equality, inclusivity and empowerment of women at Houston Methodist, with the purpose of providing networking opportunities, community outreach, education, mentorship and support for its members. We love seeing the engagement of our members, which has already grown to nearly 200 members in our first year. We look forward to serving local charities and becoming more active in 2023.

As health care workers and working moms during the pandemic, we shared a struggle that was truly unique, juggling how to educate our children at home while working and caring for those in our community. We felt the weight of the world and the weight of raising children in times of uncertainty. The great support system at Houston Methodist birthed the Moms of Methodist ERG. Our leadership has been extremely supportive and open, which helps us to make changes that benefi all employees.

Arab Heritage

• Medication Errors and Human Bias: How Technology Can Help presented by Ghalib A. Abbasi, PharmD, MBA, Director, System Pharmacy Informatics, Houston Methodist

• The Great Egyptian Pyramids presented by Hisham Gaber, IT project manager, Houston Methodist

Asian Heritage

• Lunar New Year Celebration

• DEI for Asian Americans in Medicine presented by Dr. Corrina Yu, Indiana University School of Medicine

Black Ties for Culture

• Black History Month Concert, in partnership with Houston Methodist Center for Performing Arts Medicine (CPAM)

• Juneteenth Celebration: We are Our Ancestors' Wildest Dreams presented by ERG members

Hispanic LatinX Alliance

• Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

• Boundary Breakers Speaker Series: Speakers discussed career journeys and the impact heritage has had (members only)


• PRIDE Celebration

• LGBTQ+ Health Symposium presented by Dr. Michael Pirics, Houston Methodist Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates, Ian Dunne, PharmD, and Michael Sirimaturos, PharmD

Moms of Methodist (MOM)

• Flowers of Gratitude Wall at Houston Methodist Hospital, in partnership with Houston Methodist Center for Performing Arts Medicine (CPAM)

• Talking with Kids about Mental Health, presented by Dr. Jessica Rohr, Houston Methodist Behavioral Health

Veterans Alliance

• PTSD Awareness Month: Destigmatizing PTSD panel discussion

• Veterans Day Celebration

Women’s Empowerment Alliance

• Virtual International Women’s Day Celebration

• Women in Academic Medicine & Surgery presented by Dr. Lara Colton, Houston Methodist Academic Medicine Associates, Dr. Ashley Drews, Houston Methodist Academic Medicine Associates, and Dr. Karen Woods, Houston Methodist Gastroenterology Associates

6 7
– Jocelyn Jackson, Senior Organizational Development Consultant, Houston Methodist, Moms of Methodist ERG Chair – Cristina Wheeler, Infection Preventionist, Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, Women’s Empowerment Alliance ERG Chair

2022 ERG Community Outreach Event Highlights

• Volunteer event at Wesley Community Center

• Book drive with HYPE Freedom School

• 100 Black Men: Prostate cancer screening assistance

• Partnership with Medical Bridges to help with Ukraine emergency response relief efforts

• Volunteer event at Rebuilding Together Houston, helping renovate homes at no cost for low-income elderly, disabled or service veteran homeowners

• Volunteer backpack-stuffing event at DePelchin Children’s Center

• Volunteer event to lay wreaths on the graves of fallen veterans at Houston National Cemetery, as part of Wreaths across America

• Volunteer event to help with The Rose’s annual fundraising event

The Houston Methodist employee population mimics our Houston community population, which is very diverse, and we are determined to maintain an inclusive environment within that diversity. To reach that goal in part, ERGs help us give employees an avenue to connect with others and make a difference at work and in the community.

We have made incredible strides in DEI strategies thanks to the support of our executives, senior management and board of directors — as proven by positively increasing scores for DEI questions on our annual employee opinion survey. I am excited to see the incredible difference ERGs and other DEI tactics will continue to make at this organization.

Scan this QR code to learn more about Houston Methodist ERGs.

8 9
Members of the Arab Heritage ERG volunteering at Wesley Community Center

Mentor Match

Launched in 2022 and designed to help employees find mentors who can help guide them on their career path at Houston Methodist, Mentor Match is a technology-assisted program that matches mentees with a pool of potential mentors based on individual interests and skills. Once a mentor and mentee both agree to start a mentoring relationship, they develop a plan together to help achieve the mentee’s goals. During this one-to-one mentoring relationship, employees can expand their network, gain new knowledge and insights, and promote the development of new skills.

Summer Scholarship Program

The Department of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion established the Summer Scholarship Program to provide opportunities for students to gain exposure to all areas of health care, from operations, to finance, to spiritual care. This paid scholarship is based on financial needs for underrepresented students. The 10-week, hands-on, immersive experience is designed to broaden scholars’ perspectives of nonclinical career possibilities in the health care industry, and to support professional development. In 2022, six scholars completed the program.

“As a result of this amazing experience, I’m more excited than ever to pursue a career in medicine and am well-equipped to take on my future endeavors,” said Siah Green, senior biology major at Prairie View A&M University. “I can’t wait to take the knowledge I’ve gained into the professional health care job market.”

In 2023, the program will expand from six to 17 opportunities for summer scholars, available at all Houston Methodist hospital locations.

Program Benefits

Scholarship recipients are assigned mentors and learn directly from tenured health care leaders. The program allows participants to build upon problem-solving and public-speaking skills and gain exposure to a variety of areas in health care services. Other benefits include:

“This program is one of several new internal initiatives that will propel our organization forward as we seek to focus on increasing the adoption of our existing career development portfolio in 2023,” said Tom Stiles, program manager in career development at Houston Methodist. “We are committed to introducing new programs, tools and resources that promote internal mobility, build inclusive people networks and support equitable employee career growth.”

Cancer Center Certification Project

The opportunity to meet and network with other students from across the country who are pursuing careers in health care

Mentorship with a health care leader throughout the program

300+ employees onboarded in 2022

As the Houston Methodist Neal Cancer Center journeys toward National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation, DEI focus is a key requirement. The newly formed Office of Diversity Equity & Inclusion at the Cancer Center will build off the institutional framework to enhance the participation of nationally underrepresented groups in the research workforce, center leadership and advisory boards. The department will also produce resources to assist in creating awareness of key areas specifically impacting cancer research and care.

Scan this QR code to learn more about the Summer Scholarship Program and requirements.

Ongoing personal and professional development

Developing a professional network with leaders from across Houston Methodist

92% participant satisfaction rate

We want to intentionally represent the people we serve, from our faculty to our clinical trial participation, and we are pleased this is part of the NCI designation criteria.

— Jenny Chang, MD, Director, Houston Methodist Dr. Mary and Ron Neal Cancer Center; Emily Herrmann Presidential Distinguished Chair in Cancer Research, Houston Methodist; Professor of Medicine, Oncology, Houston Methodist Academic Institute

11 10

2020–22 GOAL

Develop resources for all employees to be able to learn, discuss and share antiracism, antibias, diversity, equity and inclusion at Houston Methodist.

Spiritual Diversity Speaker Series

2022 Highlights

• Spiritual Diversity Speaker Series

• Training Classes

• Let’s Talk: Conversations about Antiracism and Antibias

• DEI at New Employee Orientation

In response to employee feedback, the Spiritual Diversity Speaker Series was established to enhance education and awareness of religious holidays for employees, doctors and even patients. During these quarterly virtual sessions, guest speakers cover the basics and fundamentals of the celebration and each one’s vibrant history of spiritual significance. They address how we can embrace and support patients and peers, the origins of the celebration, and how it’s celebrated in Houston today.

The 2022 series included presentations on Advent, Holi, Lunar New Year, Raksha Bandhan and Krishna Janhashtami, and Ramadan.

I’ve always felt incredibly welcomed and accepted at Holi festivals even though I’m not Indian, but I didn’t realize it was such an integral part of the teachings!

12 13
Houston Methodist Academic Institute employees participating in a Diwali and Filipino Celebration

2020–22 GOAL

Measure community impact and increase engagement of community networks.

Health Equity Committee

2022 Highlights

• Health Equity Committee

• DEI Grant Program

Houston Methodist’s Health Equity Committee has a concentrated effort on how we deliver health care. Members represent virtually every area of the organization, including academics, community benefits, legal, clinical care, operations and marketing. The committee is currently divided into three different subgroups looking at the following areas:

Multivisit identification and intervention

We aim to improve health care outcomes for patients averaging 20 emergency department visits a year by identifying and addressing a lack of clinical and social resources.

Led by Dr. Farhan Vahidy and Dr. Ben Saldana

Continuum of care and preventive screenings at Houston Methodist Primary Care Group and Houston Methodist Specialty Care Group clinics

By identifying and measuring screenings for potential disparities, our goal is to recognize gaps and potential barriers impacting outcomes in key areas. Through these measurements and analyses, we hope to help improve health outcomes for our patients in various areas across all of our locations.

Led by Pam Tyner and Dr. Ryan Neal

Social determinants of health

Through the use of a social-determinants-of-health tool in Houston Methodist’s electronic medical record system, we are working to better understand the underlying causes of poor health impacting our patient population and community. We are implementing an intervention platform for community resource navigation and support.

Led by Ryane Jackson and Belimat Askary

We have diverse perspectives serving a collective goal in health equity for our Houston Methodist patient population. Looking back at the past 12 months, we have covered a lot of ground, but recognize that these are long-term goals and they require sustainability. We are committed to doing the work to achieve optimal care for all of our patients, meeting them where they are within their existing resources, education and community.

— Carla Braxton, MD, Critical Care Medicine, Houston Methodist Department of Surgery; Chief Quality Officer, Houston Methodist West Hospital; Chair, Houston Methodist Health Equity Committee

Healthy Equity in the News

Sayali Kelkar, clinical quality analytics and integration manager at Houston Methodist, was featured on Houston South Asian Radio Show in 2022, speaking about the differences between health care equity and equality, how it impacts clinical outcomes, and patient access.


DEI Grant Program

Houston Methodist doubled financial contributions through the DEI Grant and Social Equity Grant in 2022, committing $4.6 million to 59 local organizations.

“We are committed to ensuring our support has a meaningful impact on our community through this grant, which is why our selection process is carried out in such an intentional manner,” said Ryane Jackson, vice president of Community Benefits at Houston Methodist. “We want to ensure we see tangible outcomes with our community investments so we can be part of the solution that really helps move the needle forward for Houston.”

In its second year of funding through the DEI Grant, Rebuilding Together Houston repaired 47 homes as part its vision to create safe homes and communities for everyone. Their staff inspect homes and execute plans to prevent falls and fires, make modifications for safe daily living activities, and ensure temperature control and air quality.

“Our homeowners, from areas like the Third Ward and East End, do not have access to many resources and services,” said Lorry Harju, development director for Rebuilding Together Houston. “Because of this funding, we are able to create safer and more livable homes for our clients.”

As a Social Equity Grant recipient for both funding years, Capital IDEA Houston equips Black and Latina women with education pathways that lead to living-wage careers and positive impacts on Houston communities. Since the start of the 2022 grant year in May, the organization has helped 151 women discover lifelong careers through training and certifications in the health care field, including 30 who have obtained employment with an average wage of $24.58 per hour. Another 27 women were ready to seek health care employment in the fourth quarter.

“The impact of this funding on our clients has been exponential, allowing us to help them access quality education and careers,” said Lauren Smalley, MSW, quality and reporting manager for Capital IDEA Houston. “Those pathways increase our clients’ income levels, access to social support and feelings of community inclusivity, and help them combat gender inequity.”

Human Impact from First Full Funding Year

(May 2021 – May 2022)

49,000 unique lives touched

400+ people received housing or home repairs

3,000+ unique people increased financial stability (credit scores, budget management, etc.)

3,500 people earned professional licensing or certifications

2022 Funding Cycle

2x increase in funding in 2022

(May 2022 – May 2023) $4.6 million

59 agencies

16 economic empowerment projects

29 healthy neighborhood projects

17 educational empowerment projects

19 18

2020–22 GOAL

Increase and reinforce antiracism, antibias, diversity, equity and inclusion through activities related to cultural awareness and openness, compassion, humility and competency.

Global Diversity Month Celebration

2022 Highlights

• Community Workshops and Education

• Department-Level Training and Engagement

• Increased Cultural Awareness Events

at All Hospitals

Houston Methodist employees took the annual Global Diversity Month celebration to a new level in 2022, as restrictions lightened from the COVID-19 pandemic. Every hospital in the system hosted an international fashion show called "Fashion from around the Globe", with employees modeling traditional clothing from their family’s native country and walking the runway to cultural music.

100% participation across all Houston Methodist hospitals

248 employees walked the runway

60+ cultures represented

20 21
Fashion from around the Globe at Houston Methodist West Hospital
22 23
Global Diversity Month Celebration Fashion from around the Globe Highlights

Houston Methodist Academic Institute

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team partnered closely with the Houston Methodist Academic Institute on hospital DEI initiatives and embedding DEI into their operations.

“As our society becomes more diverse, it is critically important for our workforce and our leadership to reflect this,” said Dr. Dirk Sostman, president and CEO of the academic institute. “For our academic institute in particular, our workforce and our collaborative network are truly global, so our success is inextricable from our ability to work productively and efficiently with all people.”

In a highly competitive field for science and medical training, the academic institute strives to draw from the widest pool of talents. From presenting to young high school students to aligning with colleges and universities, the academic institute is proactively seeking the newest, brightest minds in science and health care.

“Aside from clearly being the right thing to do, studies have shown that diverse teams are more creative,” Sostman said. “If we want to produce the most innovative discoveries to benefit our community, we need to create diverse teams.”

Of paramount importance for the academic institute is diversity in clinical trials. The more volunteers there are for trials, the better, and many diagnostics and therapeutics are more or less effective in different ages, genders and ethnicities — making it important to study them in diverse populations and get valid assessments of their value.

Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Presidential Distinguished Chair, Houston Methodist; President and CEO, Houston Methodist Academic Institute; Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Houston Methodist


24 25
Dirk Sostman, MD
we want to produce the most innovative discoveries to benefit our community, we need to create diverse teams.
— Dirk Sostman, MD


Engage key stakeholders who will help build commitment to antiracism, antibias, diversity, equity and inclusion, providing clear and consistent communication and managing resources.

Focus Groups

To help achieve true inclusivity for all employees, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team held focus groups across the system, where they collected valuable feedback from all employees, reaching all levels, departments and shifts.

Top Focus Group Results

Enhance appreciation for night shift staff

2022 Highlights

• Focus Groups

• Expanding DEI Across Houston Methodist

• Training for All System Boards

29 focus groups held systemwide

60+ DEI action items based on feedback

To show our great appreciation for the night shift’s contributions to the organization, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team rounded to every clinical and nonclinical area at each hospital, with a cart full of treats; at some locations, executives joined in as an added special layer.

Increase competency in caring for the transgender patient LGBTQ+ Allies hosted two presentations covering best practices for providing excellent patient care and, for the first time, Houston Methodist celebrated Transgender Day of Visibility.

Increase ERG awareness and membership

• Each hospital DEI team pushed to gain awareness and memberships by adding ERG slides to meetings, encouraging participation, sharing and posting flyers, and hosting DEI booths, among other tactics.

• ERG signature events that took place at Houston Methodist Hospital were shared via livestreaming parties at community hospitals and included balloons, flyers, light refreshments and more.

Enhance support for leadership to incorporate DEI into teams

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team provided tools for department-level leadership, including talking points, informative slides, monthly updates and participation in retreats.

Expand DEI communication outlets

The team invested in a DEI newsletter, announcements, huddles, printed flyers in breakrooms and dispersing information to reach the full Houston Methodist family across all roles and levels.

Update patient code of conduct

An update in the patient and guest behavior policy emphasizes that we are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone at Houston Methodist, and that we prohibit disruptive or abusive behavior toward our employees.

26 27
Night shift staff at Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital receiving treats during special rounding

Expanding DEI Across Houston Methodist

Houston Methodist’s seven community hospitals are located across the vast Greater Houston area, each within its own unique culture. DEI committees at each community hospital made great strides in 2022 at increasing awareness and engagement in DEI initiatives. Some of these accomplishments included:

• Facilitating quarterly or monthly DEI committee meetings to discuss evolving needs

• Representing the majority of ERG membership increases

• Successfully hosting cultural showcases for various heritage months

• Launching “Managing Unconscious Bias” training for medical staff

• Planning in-person ERG signature events at each hospital

• Delivering DEI presentations, rounding and conducting DEI sessions at the nine freestanding emergency care centers across the system

All boards of trustees across Houston Methodist's community hospitals underwent DEI training in 2022.

112% increase in ERG membership at community hospitals

72% completion of "Managing Unconscious Bias" training among community hospital leadership

At Houston Methodist Baytown, we are excited about our employee engagement in support of our DEI initiatives. We have enthusiastic representation on each of the ERGs, with members leading local cultural celebrations for awareness and fun! Our entire hospital, from leadership to staff to physicians, fully embraces diversity and inclusion. look forward to the positive influence the ERGs will bring in the coming years.

In 2022, we held our inaugural global fashion show. It was a huge success, and the staff loved seeing the many different cultures represented by our hospital. We look forward to increased engagement in 2023 through more DEI programmatic initiatives, ERG participation and DEI trainings. We have a strong commitment to cultivating an inclusive and equitable environment for our diverse staff, patients and guests.

We are most proud of the awareness that our DEI efforts have brought to our campus, and we look forward to more staff involvement in ERGs and hospital-based activities next year. We are currently working to include DEI in our new employee orientation.

Employees at both campuses are fully engaged in DEI program initiatives, with staff and leadership participating in committees and more than 125 actively participating in ERGs. The ERGs have brought a different kind of excitement to our campuses. We look forward to building upon the phenomenal progress that has already begun, and we are especially excited about dedicating our Muslim Prayer Room in 2023.

We are celebrating many DEI achievements, including excellent local scores on our 2022 employee opinion survey, ERG initiatives like Love Notes for Mothers and our annual International Parade. We also created an inclusive onboarding experience for employees relocating to this community to work with us. Looking ahead, we are excited to work with community organizations and schools to provide equal opportunities for students of all backgrounds and cultures to experience health care as a potential vocation.

We feel palpable excitement and awareness for the DEI program. There is a hunger among staff for the evolution and unlocking of all the inherent potentials and benefits. We have highly packed strategic DEI imperatives in 2023, which include rollout out of DEI-related training to all hospital staff, development and growth of employee resource groups, renewed focus on heritage and people group celebrations, deliberate integration and alignment with the system DEI team, and community engagement.

28 29
1. Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital 2. Houston Methodist Clear Lake Hospital 3. Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital 4. Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital 5. Houston Methodist West Hospital Houston Methodist Continuing Care Hospital
1 2 3 4 5 6
6. Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital Board Training at Community Hospitals — Andrea Harrow, Vice President of Operations, Chief Nursing Officer

Houston Methodist has always been a values-based institution. Much like our I CARE values, our diversity is one of our greatest assets, and helps shape our culture. We have always embraced this diversity; and two years ago, we realized it was time to share this wonderful gift we’ve been given.

The progress we’ve made in DEI is nothing short of remarkable. We still have work to do, but we’re on the right track.

Houston Methodist 6565 Fannin St. Houston, TX 77030 Visit to learn more. 032023
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