Genova spring 2018

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Charles E. Daniel Center for Building, Research and Urban Studies Via Piaggio 14 - McKenna Tiley


Students Graduate: Brittany Dechant Yi Ming Lei Undergraduate: Harrison Novak Landon Hannah (L.Arch) Daniel Casanova (L.Arch) Lindsey Sinisi Lori North McKenna Tiley Julie Bonenberger Sarah Nail Rikki Park Doug Shay


Undergraduate: Kevin Crumley Vanessa Gonzalez (L.Arch) Hope Keller (L.Arch) Kylie Walker Sean Tedesco Ellen Harris Administrator Silvia Siboldi Carroll Staff: Cristina Lagomarsino Lucia Ruggiero

Professor in Residence Henrique Houayek* Faculty Nicola Delledonne Saverio Fera Giuditta Poletti Luca Rocco * Family Kelly Houayek Helena Houayek

Students, faculty and staff at the Villa Party March 23, 2018 5

This book is dedicated to the Daniel family and all the donors for their generous support over the years. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Forrester Little & Associates Architects CU & RW Oakley Mr. Frederick George “Fritz� Roth Mrs. Jeanne G. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. John H. Jameson, Jr. Mr. Raymond Stainback, Thompson Ventulett Stainback & Associates DA Gardner Mr. William Pelham, Pelham Architects, LLC Mr. David Olesker, for the Anne Landsman Isenburger Memorial Fellowship Dr. Cesare Fera, in memoriam Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Powell Mrs. Mary F. Powell



Villa Rotunda - Vicenza

Pazzi Chapel - Florence


Sienna Cathedral

City Overlook - Genoa

Villa BBQ

Antinori Winery - Tuscany

City Governement - Genoa

Antinori Winery - Tuscany

Castelvecchio - Verona

Piazza del Campidoglio - Rome



The Villa at 45


What’s your favorite thing about living in the villa? “My favorite things about living in the villa is the frequency that we get to travel and getting to know everyone better.”


“Bonding with my roommates and the view from my room.”

“My favorite thing about living at the villa is the view from the balcony outside of our room and Henrique’s daughter, Helena.”

“My favorite parts about living in the villa are the beautiful view of the Genoa port from the terrace off of my room, and the ability to walk downstairs and be ready for class.”

“The culture that it’s very much like a big family.”

“The garden and grotto.”

“Living together for four months made everyone a lot closer, and that is a really unique experience that we probably won’t have with another group of people again.”

“Henrique’s daughter, Helena.”

“When it is sunny and warm, you can sit in the garden and see the Mediterranean Sea. The color of the sea merges with the blue sky, everything comes together, just like a piece of oil painting.”

“My favorite thing about living in the villa is the view of the harbor from my room.”

“My favorite thing about Villa life is having a home away from home, and getting to live almost like a family with some of my closest friends. I also very much enjoy the short walk to so many gelaterias.”

“My favorite thing about living in the villa is the view from my bedroom window, it’s still breathtaking.”

“The view off our bedroom terrace over Genoa out to the Mediterranean Sea.”

“My favorite thing about living in the villa is the never ending supply of Nutella.”

“My favorite thing about living in the villa is waking up to the view of the Mediterranean sea.”

“Bonding with my three roomies.”

“My favorite thing about living in the villa is the intense maze of wardrobes and beds that our room became.”

“I enjoy being able to experience all the ups and downs of study abroad with my closest friends always beside me.”

What’s your favorite Cristina dish? “My favorite Cristina dish, like everyone else, is the pesto. Prior to having hers, I didn’t like pesto at all. Now I can’t get enough!”

“Pesto lasagna.”

“My favorite dish is pesto lasagna.”

“My favorite Cristina dish is pesto Pasta.”

“Pesto, but also her meatballs and marinara are a close second.”

“Pesto lasagna and deviled eggs.”

“Cristina’s pesto pasta is my favorite. Sylvia told us at the first villa barbeque that we wouldn’t be able to find anything that rivaled real Genovese pesto in the U.S.”


“Anything with MEAT.”

“My favorite Cristina dish is pesto.”


“My favorite Cristina dish was definitely the day we had pesto pasta and cheese sticks.”

“Anything with pesto is automatically delicious, but I also enjoyed the eggplant lasagna.”

“My favorite dish is her pesto lasagna.”

“My favorite Cristina dish is her Pesto Lasagna.”

“Potato tuna salad.”

“My favorite Cristina dish is pesto lasagna without a doubt in my mind.”

“My favorite Cristina dish is actually a dessert. Her homemade gelato is the best gelato I’ve ever had!” 13

Field Studies: Sketches On Drawing: Design as an aesthetic practice Henrique Houayek The Field Studies class has a premise of learning by the encounter and live experience. Class takes advantage of the unique opportunity and experience students have to attend the Genoa Villa. The purpose of this course is to develop and practice a way of seeing and analyzing the built environment. Explicit in this process is the graphic transformation of that environment onto the two dimensional page. This act is a remarkable process and warrants careful consideration for its usefulness as an analytical tool. The learning process arrives from walking and visiting Genoa and other Italian cities and graphically register these experiences as an architect. Analytical inquiry through drawing can have the reciprocal effect of interpreting the subject and, through the drawing itself, it can also illustrate the process of how the subject is revealed. Simply stated, these analysis drawings are “working drawings”. That is to say, they “work” at providing insightful information and reveal otherwise hidden information about the subject rather than only depicting a landscape scene. Moving beyond a topical tourist photographing, this class focused on strong observation and extensive drawings as a way to record, and memorize interesting architecture and urban moments, as a way to increase the students design repertoire and to become more comfortable in developing and explaining graphically design intents. The unique character and advantage of the “field sketch” is to allow a concentrated amount of time to focus your attention onto a specific place or building in order to discover, analyze and record its complexities. Drawing in the field should be more incisive and exploratory than producing only accurate renderings of a given “scene”.


What’s your favorite trip? “My favorite trip was the one to Bellinzona, Switzerland. We got immersed in the middle of their carnival and got to see so much of the local culture in such a short amount of time.”

“Ghent, Belgium was my favorite trip because the people were really friendly and kind.”

“My favorite trip was to Rome because we got to see a lot of sites that were on my bucket list.”

“My favorite trip was to Cinque Terre.”

“The first group trip to Florence, Sienna, and Rome because that’s when I really started to enjoy sketching and using new media.”

“Verona - for me it embodies the quintessential Italian city.”

“Venice became one of my favorite cities in Europe. It is one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever seen, and it was interesting to learn about its unique urban design.”

“Amsterdam because of the beautiful scenery, welcoming people, delicious food, and amazing environment.”

“Belgium, nothing says good morning like a liter of beer and a waffle.”

“My favorite trip was to Florence. The view from the top of the duomo was worth the struggle up the stairs.”

“I loved experiencing Vicenza and Verona! They were unexpected gems that allowed me to experience the fascinating work of Andrea Palladio and Carlo Scarpa.”

“My favorite group trip was Florence. The views from the dome are definitely worth the hike up, seeing the David by Michelangelo in person was amazing, and the hot chocolate was great!”

“What I enjoyed most was not just one trip but experiencing many different cities and countries. Seeing how the urban design and local culture affect the way people live is very eye opening.”

“So hard to choose! I’d have to say my favorite trip was my first weekend trip where I went to Brussels and Ghent in Belgium; the cities, food, and company were unforgettable!”

“My favorite trip was when we traveled to Florence and climbed the Duomo. The view from the top was worth it.”

“Venice. Venice is a colorful city, especially cooperated with the water, walking along the canal and being wrapped by the north Italy spring sunlight, feels like living in a poem.”

“My favorite trip with studio was Venice because the city felt otherworldly. My favorite trip in general was to Barcleona because I got to see Gaudi’s work which I have always wanted to experience.”

“My favorite trip was Barcelona. I liked being able to see how other students in the program are doing and comparing their experiences to ours. Also Barcelona is very different than any other city I’ve been to!” 15

Brittany Dechant


The Villa

Lori North


McKenna Tiley

Yiming Lei

Lindsey Sinisi

Vanessa Gonzalez 18

Sarah Nail

Ellen Harris

Sean Tedesco

Daniel Casanova

The Villa

Kylie Walker

Douglas Shay Lindsey Sinisi

Kevin Crumley Harrison Novak

Hope Keller

Landon Hannah

Harrison Novak

Julie Bonenberger

Rikki Park 19

Porta Soprana Top Left: Lori North Bottom Left: Vanessa Gonzalez Bottom Middle Left: McKenna Tiley Bottom Middle Right: Douglas Shay San Matteo Bottom Right: Brittany Dechant Top Middle: McKenna Tiley San Matteo Detail Top Right: Harrison Novak


San Lorenzo Lion Top Left: McKenna Tiley San Lorenzo Top Middle: Lindsey Sinisi Bottom Left: Brittany Dechant Right: Ellen Harris



St. Augustino Top Left: McKenna Tiley Bottom Left: Lori North Bottom Right: Lindsey Sinisi Top Right: Harrison Novak Opposite Page Palazzo Tursi Top Left: Brittany Dechant Bottom Left: McKenna Tiley Middle Bottom Left: McKenna Tiley Right: Douglas Shay 22




Chiesa del Gesu Top: Harrison Novak Bottom Left: Shay Douglas Bottom Middle Left: Yiming Lei Bottom MIddle Right: Hope Keller Bottom Right: Vanessa Gonzalez


Opposite Page Palazzo Ducale Top Left: Yiming Lei Bottom Left: Lindsey Sinisi Bottom Right: Brittany Dechant MIddle Right: Douglas Shay Top Right: Kevin Crumley


Port of Genova Top Left: Douglas Shay Bottom Left: Brittany Dechant Bottom Right: Brittany Dechant Middle Right: Lindsey Sinisi Top Right: Douglas Shay


Castello Bruzzo Top Left: McKenna Tiley Rossi Theater Bottom Left: Kylie Walker Bottom Middle Left: Sean Tedesco Piazza delle Erbe Bottom Middle Right: Yiming Lei Bottom Right: Kevin Crumley Top Right: Lindsey Sinisi




Genova Boccadasse

Boccadasse Above: Ellen Harris Opposite Page Top Left: Kevin Crumley Bottom Left: McKenna Tiley Bottom Right: Lindsey Sinisi Top Right: Sean Tedesco 29

Genova Piazzas and Churches The structure of the Piazza

Piazzas are among the most spectacular architecture works of the medieval city; its trace and position of its buildings represent principle functions of communal life and civic unity. In this drawing exercise students are encourage to experience Genova’s medieval city piazzas and understand its architectural structure, scale, orientation and architecture. The proposed exercise requires students to choose and investigate, on site, a medieval piazza dimension and scale - its form is reproduced in plan with its building’s facades. The following Piazzas were reproduced:

7 1

1 Piazza Banchi 2 Piazza San Lorenzo


3 Piazza Santa Maria di Castello


4 Piazza San Giorgio 5 Piazza Scuole Pie 6 Piazza San Matteo


7 Piazza San Luca 8 Piazza Sant’Agostino 9 Piazza San Cosimo


9 3


8 11



Kylie Walker

Piazza Banchi

Harrison Novak



Brittany Dechant

Piazza San Lorenzo

Sarah Nail



Julie Bonenberger

Piazza Santa Maria di Castello

Yiming Lei



Sean Tedesco

Piazza San Giorgio

Lori North



Rikki Park

Piazza Scuole Pie

Hope Keller



McKenna Tiley

Piazza San Matteo

Kevin Crumley



Lindsey Sinisi

Piazza San Luca

Landon Hannah



Daniel Casanova

Piazza Sant’Agostino

Vanessa Gonzalez



Douglas Shay

Piazza San Cosimo

Ellen Harris


Florence Baptistry Top Left: Douglas Shay San Spirito Church Top Right:Vanessa Gonzalez Bottom Center: Brittany Dechant Santa Maria Novella Bottom Left: Harrison Novak San Miniato al Monte Bottom Right: Yiming Lei


Florence Duomo Top Left: Brittany Dechant Top Right: Lori North Bottom Left: Lindsey Sinisi Bottom Right: McKenna Tiley


First Group Trip


Basilica di Santa Maria Novella Top Left: Yiming Lei Top Right:Vanessa Gonzalez Santa Croce Courtyard Bottom Left: Harrison Novak Pazzi Chapel Bottom Center: Sean Tedesco Prisoner Sculptures Top Right: Ellen Harris Michelangelo Sculpture Bottom Right: Douglas Shay


Boboli Gardens Top: Hope Keller Florence Skyline Bottom Left: Brittany Dechant Bottom Right: Vanessa Gonzalez


First Group Trip


Piazza del Campo Top Left: Harrison Novak Siena Tower Bottom Left: Lindsey Sinisi Bottom Center Left: Lori North Bottom Center Right: Yiming Lei Siena Door Detail Top Right: Landon Hannah Middle Right: Douglas Shay Bottom Right: Kevin Crumley


Sienna Cathedral Top Left: Lindsey Sinisi Middle Left: Keller Hope Bottom Left: Julie Bonenberger Bottom Center: Brittany Dechant Bottom Right: Ellen Harris Top Right: Harrison Novak


First Group Trip


San Galgano Left: Lori North Right: Daniel Casanova Opposite Page Top Left: Sean Tedesco Bottom Left: McKenna Tiley Right: Lindsey Sinisi


San Galgano

First Group Trip


Roman Colosseum Top Left: Harrison Novak Bottom Leftt: McKenna Tiley Top Right: McKenna Tiley Bottom Right: Brittany Dechant Opposite Page Top, Bottom Middle and Right: Lori North Bottom Left: Lindsey Sinisi



First Group Trip



The Roman Forum Two Top Left: Hope Keller Bottom Left: Ellen Harris Right: Ellen Harris


First Group Trip

Opposite: Top Left: Yiming Lei Bottom Left: McKenna Tiley Bottom Middle: Vanessa Gonzalez Bottom Right: Sarah Nail Middle Right: Douglas Shay Top Right: Lori North


The EUR Top Left: Kevin Crumley Top Right: Lori North Temple of Hercules Bottom Left: Sarah Nail Bottom Middle: Harrison Novak Bottom Right: Yiming Lei Opposite: Four Rivers Fountain Top Left: Shay Douglas Middle Left: Lindsey Sinisi Bottom Left: McKenna Tiley St. Peter’s Piazza Bottom Right: Harrison Novak Top Right: Elllen Harris



First Group Trip


Notre Dame Top Left: McKenna Tiley Top Right: Lori North Eiffel Tower Top Middle: Shay Douglas Pompidou Center Middle Right: Kevin Crumley Versailles Garden Middle Right: Kevin Crumley 64


Louis Vuitton Top Left: Shay Douglas Bottom Right: McKenna Tiley The Louvre Top Right: Lori North Versailles Bottom Right: Shay Douglas

Independent Travel



Le Corbusier

Independent Travel

Villa Savoye Top: McKenna Tiley Bottom Left: Shay Douglas Bottom Middle Left: Lori North Ronchamp Bottom Right: Yiming Lei


Piazza Maggiore (Bologna) Top Right: Brittany Dechant San Petronio Basilica (Bologna) Top Right: Kevin Crumley City View (Bologna) Bottom Left: Vanessa Gonzalez Ferrari Museum (Modena) Bottom Middle: Julie Bonenberger Fontana del Nettuno (Bologna) Bottom Right: Kevin Crumley


Villa Reale di Milano (Milan) Top: Yiming Lei Leaning Tower (Pisa) Middle Left: Kevin Crumley Tallinn Town Hall (Verona) Middle Middle: Vanessa Gonzalez Basilica Cloister (Milan) Middle Right: Harrison Novak Villa Bianca by Terrani Bottom Left: Daniel Casanova Villa by Terrani Bottom Middle: Douglas Shay Villa by Terrani Bottom Right: Brittany Dechant


Around Italy




Independent Travel

Altes Museum Top Right: Ellen Harris Memorial for the Murdered Jews Bottom Left: Kylie Walker Bottom Right: Ellen Harris

Opposite Page Museum Island Top Left: Lindsey Sinisi Fernsehturm Bottom Right: Julie Bonenberger Victory Column Bottom Middle: Brittany Dechant Bauhaus Bottom Right: Sean Tedesco Bradenburg Gate Middle Right: Yiming Lei Televesion Tower Skyline Top Right: Brittany Dechant


Prague Charles Bridge Top Left: Ellen Harris Prague Old Town Tower Top Right:Lindsey Sinisi Bottom Right: Brittany Dechant Bottom Middle: Sean Tedesco Prague Castle Village Bottom Left: Sarah Nail Opposite Page Prague Cathedral Top Left: Landon Hannah Bottom Left: Lindsey Sinisi Bottom Middle Right: Harrison Novak Saint Nicholas Church Bottom Middle Left: Harrison Novak Dancing House Bottom Right: Kylie Walker Charles Bridge Top Right: Yiming Lei



Independent Travel



Independent Travel


Vienna City Hall Left: Brittany Dechant Hundterwasser Village Middle Top Right:Julie Bonenberger Top Right:Landon Hannah Vienna State Opera Bottom Right: Yiming Lei

Salzburg Skyline Top: Ellen Harris Salzburg Castle Bottom Left: Harrison Novak Bottom Right: Kylie Walker


Independent Travel



Opposite Page Saint Fin Barre Top Left: Douglas Shay Middle Top: McKenna Tiley Top Right: Kevin Crumley Saint Mary’s Cathedral Bottom Left: Douglas Shay Church of Christ the King Middle Bottom: McKenna Tiley Bottom Right: McKenna Tiley

Aran Islands Church Ruins Top Left: Lori North Seven Churches Top Right: Douglas Shay Cliffs of Moher Middle Right: Douglas Shay Bottom Right: McKenna Tiley Bottom Left: Lori North


Independent Travel



Independent Travel


Olympic Park Top Left: Yiming Lei BMW World Bottom Left: Landon Hannah BMW Well Bottom Right: Yiming Lei BMW Museum Top Right: Yiming Lei

Libson Baptistry Top Left: Hope Keller Libson Street Bottom Left: Vanessa Gonzalez Gaudi Barcelona Middle Bottom: Vanessa Gonzalez Park Guell, Barcelona Bottom Right: Hope Keller Top Right: Vanessa Gonzalez

Lisbon and Barcelona

Independent Travel


St. Mark’s Square Top: Harrison Novak View from Piazza San Marco Middle Left: Ellen Harris Gondolas Middle Right: Lindsey Sinisi Bottom Left: Lori North Middle Bottom: Yiming Lei Bottom Right: McKenna Tiley Opposite Page Basilica Di San Marco Top Left: Douglas Shay Doge’s Palace Middle Left: Brittany Dechant Bottom Right: Kevin Crumley Palladian Church Bottom Left: Brittany Dechant Window Detail Middle Bottom Left: Lori North Fondazione Musei Civici Middle Bottom Right: McKenna Tiley St. Mark’s Square Top Right: Lindsey Sinisi



Second Group Trip


Castelvecchio Museum Top Left: Yiming Lei Top Middle: McKenna Tiley Top Right: Harrison Novak Bottom Right: Julie Bonenberger Bottom Middle Right: Vanessa Gonzalez Bottom Middle Left: Julie Bonenberger Bottom Left: Lori North Opposite Page Canova Museum Top Left: Yiming Lei Top Right: McKenna Tiley Bottom Right: Harrison Novak Bottom Middle: Kylie Walker Bottom Left: Shay Douglas


Carlo Scarpa

Second Group Trip


Fondazione Querini Stampalia Top Left: Brittany Dechant Top Right: Lindsey Sinisi Bottom Right: Harrison Novak Top Bottom Middle Right: Shay Douglas Bottom Middle Right: Hope Keller Bottom Middle Left: Sean Tedesco Bottom Left: Kylie Walker


Brion Cemetery Top Left: Lori North Top Middle Left: Kylie Walker Bottom Middle Left: Brittany Dechant Bottom Left: Yiming Lei Bottom Middle: McKenna Tiley Bottom Right: Sean Tedesco Top Right: Kevin Crumley

Carlo Scarpa

Second Group Trip


Villa Badoer Middle Left: Yiming Lei Bottom Left: Douglas Shay La Rotunda Top: Harrison Novak Top Middle: Yiming Lei Bottom Middle: Douglas Shay Villa Cornaro Middle Right: Yiming Lei Bottom Right: Douglas Shay


La Rotunda Top Left: Brittany Dechant Middle Left: Kylie Walker Bottom Left: Lori North San Giorgio Maggiore Bottom Right: Yiming Lei Top Right: McKenna Tiley


Second Group Trip


Theory and History

Nicola Delledonne The notions of history and theory have to do with the theme of memory, which is an opportunity to deal with the symbolic language of architecture. This is the reason why the Course of History and Theory of Architecture at the Villa in Genoa is focused on the role of memory in some particular design processes, for the most concerning public buildings and public spaces. The course is based on lectures, whose historical and theoretical subjects should help the students address their design studio. This doesn’t mean that the students are encouraged to find in history and theory ready-made solutions, but only that they can improve their critical skills. In other words, history and theory are considered to be more useful to ask questions than to get answers. Every lecture presents a comparison between buildings from the past and modern/ contemporary buildings, so that the students can understand what lasts and what changes in a specific architectural conception during the centuries. Some examples may clarify this goal. The notion of central plan, which is typical of all Palladio’s country houses sited in Veneto, can be found in a modern building as Giuseppe De Finetti’s Villa Crespi, near Vigevano. The Pompeian houses seem to have been strongly reinterpreted by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in his unrealized house with three courtyard. The Pantheon in Rome has been evoked in the central part of Altes Museum in Berlin, by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. All the mentioned examples show that an architect can grasp concepts from history in order to make a new theory which has no need to take in consideration historical architectural styles.


Adolf Loos’ Villa Müller

Teatro alla Scala

The Falavian Amphitheater

Santa Maria delle Grazie: Dichotomy of Design

Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye

The Symbolism of Antoni Gaudi: An Analysis of Casa Mila

The Pantheon: Symbolism in Roman Architecture

Palace of Versailles

Teatro Olimpico

The San Lorenzo Cathedral

Ponte Vecchio: Archetype and Urban Design

Architectural History and Symbols Found in San Lorenzo

Architecture and Symbolism of the Roman Colosseum and the Santa Maria del Fiore

Teatro di San Carlo and the Desire for Spectacle

Villa la Roche, Artwork manifested in Architecture

The Comparison between Public and Private Space of Mies van der Rohe

The Alhambra: Symbolism of Strength and Spirituality

Palazzo Pitti


Studio Projects

Henrique Houayek Luca Rocco Nicola Delledonne This semester the studio will focus on the study and design of an unusual site at the heart of Genova’s historical Center. The Castello Hill is a site adjacent to Genova’s School of Architecture and the Saint Agostino Church, divided into 3 different lots. With multiple conditions such as: some partially built, ruins and empty. these lots were part of the existing city before being bombed by the British attach to the city during WWII and remain until today a leftover city area of tremendous potential. • Site one, the lowest, is today an open terraced green area, this should be the intervention with highest area addition. Proposals can go vertically both up and underground, potentially working with multiple level changes. Considerations on the program may include: o Community Area o Social Gathering o Space for Children’s to play and stay o Exhibit Space o Space for music o Restrooms o Café / Tea room area • Site two The middle site, contains the ruins of the church of Santa Maria in Passione. Today the church is covered by a temporary metal roof and the intervention should acknowledge the existence of this historical footprint, the intervention should create a public area and underline the relationship with the ruins. • The third site contains a number of historical and new interventions. Its mostly made of a roofless church and some internal vaulted spaces. This area should receive partial reconstruction and minimum intervention and should host a community area to support the school of Architecture: Ex. Large workshop area, restoration school laboratory and support area. Part of the challenge is to deal with the uphill level change and vertical circulation. The proposals can reach any height, (within a city context consideration). However, it is important to emphasize that all three sites must be developed as a unity, not necessarily a same building or structure, but a compound with a clear circulation connection and relationship.


Final Review April 27


Twist and Submerge Ellen Harris Kylie Walker


EXISTING: Segmented Green Space Stair Case Excavated Ruins

PROPOSED: Ampitheater Seating + Park Tunnel Contemporary Fresco Museum Fresco Laboratory

Cloister Ruins

Permanent Market Space

Church Ruins

Adaptable Community Space

Extraneous Ruins

Market Entry


Serial Vision


Culturally Connecting Past & Present Brittany Dechant Yiming Lei


Floor Plans


Forging a Future in History Kevin Crumley Douglas Shay



Connect and Collide: A Castello Hill Solution Daniel Casanova (L. Arch.) Lindsey Sinisi



Castello Hill Landscape Hope Keller (L. Arch.) Vanessa Gonzalez (L. Arch.)



Axial Play Harrison Novak Sarah Nail


Serial Vision


La Superba Cultural Center Sean Tedesco McKenna Tiley



Genovese Cultural Center Julie Bonenberger Lori North



Castello Hill Landon Hannah (L. Arch.) Rikki Park





Traveling is vital to oneself’s education because it helps release you from the feelings that your own customs are at the center of the universe. It connects you to a greater sense of the world and a greater sense of purpose as architect and as citizen.

This book has been produced during the Spring 2018 semester by Henrique Houayek, Professor in Residence, and Brittany Dechant, Teaching Assistant. It is a sample of the students’ experiences and their work produced while living at the Villa with a selection of over 250 hand drawings with multiple medias, as well as the projects developed for Studio. 112


The Charles E. Daniel Center for Building, Research and Urban Studies was founded in 1972 by Harlan Ewart McLure and Cesare Fera as one of the first architecture programs in the US to establish a satellite program in Europe. Since its creation, the Genova program has served as a home for Clemson University, captivating and inspiring countless architecture students. The program balances studio experience with studies of Italian architecture, contemporary design, urban practices, culture and field sketching. Students spend about a third of the 15-week semester traveling around Italy and Europe. A resident professor from Clemson is assisted by Italian professors who also practice architecture in Genoa. Visiting critics and lecturers from Italy and Europe come to the center on a regular basis to lecture and critique student work. This book was organized by Henrique Houayek, Professor in Residence and presents the work produced during the Spring 2018 semester 114 with particular emphasis on students’ sketches, field studies and studio work.

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