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December 2013/January 2014

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Experience Oxford Visitors Guide, Oct/Nov

Letter from the Editor

Publisher Ed Meek Editor Tad Wilkes

Ho, ho, hooooold on just a minute. Is 2014 really here? This issue straddles the holidays as we transition into the new year. It is, perhaps, fitting that you will find both gift giving ideas and, in time for New Year’s resolutions, features on healthcare topics in Oxford. It’s mixed in there with other items of interest and community information we hope you might find useful. If I might suggest any resolution to make, it would be to pay closer attention to what’s going on in Oxford and at Ole Miss. If you blink, you will miss an opportunity for entertainment, enrichment, giving, receiving, walking, running, watching, hearing, helping, or doing.

Creative Director Sarah Beth Wiley Smith Vice President of Sales and Marketing Gretchen Gregg Advertising Consultants Anna Zemek Henry Paris Contributors Seph Anderson Andy Knef Lacy Russell Jared Senseman Kate Sinervo Justin Taylor Amanda Wilson

Hotty Toddy! Tad Wilkes, Editor

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OxfordVisitors Visitorsand Guide, October/November 2013 Newcomers Guide • Dec/Jan 2013 44 Experience

Table of Contents 6 A  Newcomer’s Top 10 Observations About Oxford 10 N  ew Terminology for Oxford Phenomena 12 T he Fresh, Fast, and Furious Culinary World of My Michelle’s 14 The Rebirth of Steeplechase 18 H  oop Dreams: A Preview of the Rebel Basketball Season


22 U  pcoming Offerings from the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council 26 A  rt Opportunities at the Ford Center and University Museum 32 The Method of Mississippi Madness 34 SPECIAL SECTION: 2013 Gift Guide 40 Romancing the Stones: Van Atkins


42 B  elles & Beaus: Big Selection for Small Fries 46 Oxford Map 48 S  PECIAL SECTION: Health & Wellness in Oxford 50 D  r. Cooper Terry: A Profile in Skill and Compassion 52 W  alking and Running Locations on and Near Campus 56 A  llCare is About More Than Just Speedy Service 58 Bariatric Surgery Has Its Benefits 60 T he Dynamic Appeal of Chaney’s Pharmacy 62 T he Welcoming Warmth of Healing Hands 66 How to Choose Your Plastic Surgeon 68 Have No Fear at Oxford Dental Clinic 70 Community Calendar 72 Local Sites 82 D  irectories: Dining, Entertainment, Shopping & Living

48 On the Cover

Cover art by Charlie Buckley, an artist with a strong regional following and ties to the Oxford community.




10. Around here, cold beer is just as revolutionary a political issue as harbordrenched tea.

top 10 outsider observations about oxford By Andy Knef


In my first couple of months living in Oxford, I came to a few definitive opinions about my new hometown.

9. Self-described “worldly” people, who scoff at Southern claims of gracious hospitality and the world’s most beautiful women, have never been to Oxford, Mississippi.

I expect to live here for the rest of my life, so I’ll eventually have millions to share. Lets start David Lettermanstyle with my own newcomer’s Top 10. I love good food so you’ll probably notice a pattern.

8. Cousin Vinnie take a memo: a grit, when cooked up with millions of its fellow grits, is where dead, perfectly seasoned shrimps go to swim when they get to Heaven. Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Photo by Mike Stanton

7. It’s virtually impossible to get a bad piece of chicken in this town. 6. For hardcore readers, it’s a scientific fact that you can enter Square Books a fair haired college student and leave with hair in your nose and a dunlap around your middle. From the visitor’s perspective, no time will have passed at all.

3. Tailgating before the Ole Miss game in the Grove is so fun it makes the actual outcome of the game almost incidental. I’m kidding! I’m kidding! I’m kidding!

2. It’s politically incorrect—in fact, hazardous to your health—to ever politely say you root for both fine SEC teams in Mississippi. 5. Pecan pie, whether you put your accent on the “pe” or the “can”, is heavenly at Taylor Grocery. 4. Speaking of Heaven, at church on Sundays I find the Southern-fried Catholicism served up at St. John’s the Evangelist tender and not the least bit dry. And ditto for all the other fine church people I’ve met at Baptist daycare sites and Methodist summer Bible school camps around town.

1. And finally, my No. 1 observation about the wonderful town of Oxford: Hotty Toddy doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it does when you first arrive here. It’s about passion and excellence.

Andy Knef is managing editor of


8 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec/Jan 2013




i p p i s s i s s i M Dictionary

Needed nomenclature for a growing community By Tad Wilkes

As I traverse Oxford’s highways, byways, sidewalks, and barstools, I observe concepts and behaviors that The Oxford English Dictionary doesn’t define. This dearth in accepted terminology leads to drawn-out explanations when referencing these phenomena. Our burgeoning community busts at its seams with growth, and so must our collective vocabulary.

So, I endeavor to begin a supplementary lexicon.

This collection of terms will be known as The Oxford, Mississippi Dictionary (not an actual book—yet). I’ll start with a few words that I hope will allow us to more clearly communicate. 10

alleywacker, n. Male Ole Miss student who initates fights in alleyways after bars close, often identified by the overwhelming mixed aromas of Axe Body Spray and entitlement. clusterfrosh, n. A group of several freshmen girls, dramatically overdressed like Julia Roberts going to work in Pretty Woman, walking around the Square cautiously in a tight formation, the first weekend of the fall semester. Often stalked closely by a pimple posse. crescent moon, n. The bottom curvature of the posterior of a coed, exposed to the cosmos by shorts that are intentionally too short. handshart, n. Incorrect attempt at executing the Ole Miss “landshark” hand gesture, improperly extending one’s thumb, often accompanied by spreading apart the rest of one’s fingers. pimple posse, n. Similar to a clusterfrosh. A group of several freshman males, dressed slovenly in untucked polo shirts and baseball caps, walking wide-eyed around the Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Square in a tight formation, the first weekend of the fall semester. Often seen stalking a clusterfrosh. roundaboob, n. A driver unfamiliar with navigation of a simple traffic roundabout, typically bearing a license plate from exotic, faraway climes as disparate as Illinois, New Mexico, and Calhoun County. Despite possessing the right of way, will stop dead still on roundabout to give right of way to someone else, not out of courtesy but out of ignorance. squared stupid, adj. Lacking sense or logic in navigating the Oxford Square.

May stop while circling the courthouse, like a roundaboob, despite not needing to stop, or may zoom on into the fray from any direction, without looking and without regard to actual right of way. Example: Driver traveling north on South Lamar Boulevard passes Proud Larrys’, then turns sharp left to drive down oneway Van Buren. See roundaboob. treetheist, n. A person without faith in Ole Miss football who decides to remain in the Grove after kickoff of a football game. Worships trees, doubts Rebel football. 11

Personal Chefs Fresh and fast are not mutually exclusive when it comes to dinner, lunch, and tailgating By Tad Wilkes,

Michelle Rounsaville identified a gap in Oxford’s food offerings when she decided to launch My Michelle’s in 2010.

Nation’s space on North Lamar—made perfect sense.

“After I’d started My Michelle’s, Nancy heard through our network of food suppliers that I needed a bigger kitchen,” says “I knew that there were tons of places to Rounsaville. “When I met with her to look get meals on the go or takeout, but no- at her space, we started brainstorming.” where that provided these types of meals Dishes Becoming Classics that were affordable, fresh and healthy,” she explains. “I also noticed that all of the The two chefs prepare specialty items including Nations’ Catfish Stew, Chili, speplaces had similar menus.” cialty breads and cheeses and Rounsaville’s Thus was born My Michelle’s, fitting the popular Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas, Taco bill for everything from Grove food to Soup, and Black Bean Telluride Bake, to grab-and-go lunch to homemade dinners name a few. A wide variety of hearty soups to take home and simply put in the oven. and casseroles are on the menu, as well. The business also offers daily specials.

Getting Fresh


“We change the menus weekly depending Rounsaville says the salad bar is a favorite on what we can get fresh, organic, or lo- of customers—who can drop by 1308 North cally grown that week,” Rounsaville says. Lamar, Suite 4 (across from Lamar Lounge) and make a salad to go—but also cites the In 2011, My Michelle’s added Nations’ Cheesy Mexican Chicken & Rice, Baked Best, another leading local caterer for Tortilla & Chicken Bake, and Homestyle Laspecial events and dinners, as part of its sagna as hallmark dishes. The shop is presoperation. Rounsaville and Nations’ Best ently expanding its space into an adjacent owner Nancy Nations had known each suite to present more lunch offerings. other professionally since 1997, and combining forces—and locating both in Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

For more about eating in Oxford... visit every day!

2305 W. Jackson Ave Ste 204 662.236.2911

Photos by Joe Wortham

My Michelle’s/Nations’ Best Catering is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. For more information, call (662) 236-1512 or visit 13

By Robert Tidwell


Yow spearheads renewed development of upscale subdivision Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014


ot so long ago, in a land not so far away, there lived a man with a dream: to create the premier local community, where folks would flock to build magnificently beautiful homes, perch them atop a vast selection of rolling hilltops, and enjoy a luxurious, peaceful existence, while nestled securely amongst a shroud of trees.

The economic recession completely halted progress within the Steeplechase subdivision. With only eight homes built in an 88-lot community, the residents were left to wonder what would come of their largest investment. Little did they know, the solution would come from within. One of the newest residents, Nathan Yow, attorney and owner of Mississippi Auto Arms With an “if you build it, they will come” Inc., would soon embark upon a journey to philosophy, Tommy White launched the revitalize the stagnant community. Steeplechase subdivision, about halfway between Oxford and Batesville. What Goes Down Must Come Up By constructing a great wall (fence) that spanned the width of the en- Yow and his family moved to Steepletire community, he not only fortified chase in September of 2012. Soon the upcoming estate homes with an after, he saw an opportunity to conotherworldly level of security, but he also tinue White’s course toward making visually attracted potential buyers, folks Steeplechase a top property in Oxford who might otherwise have never even and the region. Yow purchased 70 lots and already has five houses under construcheard of the development. tion, with another 16 lots under contract.

The Chase Takes a Time Out

Unfortunately for White, an experienced developer from White Development Corporation of Olive Branch, the housing market would soon take a plunge. With so much uncertainty surrounding new government regulations, combined with the unraveling of both government and private sector lending institutions, potential buyers were no longer as motivated to build or purchase new homes.

“Our goal is to fulfill Tommy White’s dream of making Steeplechase the premier community, not only in Oxford, but throughout the region,” Yow says. “Kelly & Associates has two houses under contract—$130 to $180 per square foot. The builder has 18 plans currently available. For those clients who want to design their estate home, Kelly & Associates has an architect on staff, so they can work to create exactly what they want.” 15

16 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014


Dance Alive National Ballet Dec. 15 at 7 p.m.

Feb. 11 at 7 p.m.

Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. MoRe eveNTS Brought to you by

United States Navy Concert Band Feb. 8 at 7 p.m.

Peking Acrobats March 15 at 7 p.m.

Rosanne Cash,The River and the Thread March 21 at 7 p.m.

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Tickets: UM Box Office 662.915.7411 or 17


By Seph Anderson

Andy Kennedy’s Ole Miss Rebels achieved one of the greatest seasons in program history last season. They tied a program-high win total (27), were crowned SEC Tournament Champions for the first time since 1981, and won an NCAA Tournament game (Wisconsin) for the first time since 2001.

And there are several newcomers Ole Miss fans should familiarize themselves with this year. Understanding how the loss of big men Holloway and Buckner would impact his depth in the paint, Kennedy signed three powerful, well-built freshmen: C Dwight Coleby (6-9, 236) New Providence, Bahamas F Janari Joessar (6-6, 208) Tartu, Estonia F Sebastian Saiz (6-9, 233) Madrid, Spain By the time SEC play rolls around, these three international Rebels should provide much-needed support to role players such as Jones, Perez, Cox, and Terry Brutus.

While Murphy Holloway, Reginald Buckner, and Nick Williams have graduated, a host of experienced Rebels will be returning this season—guards Marshall Henderson, Derrick Millinghaus, Jarvis Summers, and LaDarius White, along with forwards Aaron Jones, Anthony Perez and center Demetrius Cox. 18 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

As for SEC action, Ole Miss tips off conference play at home on January 9 against the Auburn Tigers. The rest of a very solid conference home slate looks like this: Jan. 15 Jan. 25 Feb. 1 Feb. 8 Feb. 18 Feb. 22 Feb. 26 March 8

LSU Mississippi State South Carolina Missouri Kentucky Florida Alabama Vanderbilt

Additionally, 6-1, 165-pound guard Jerron Martin (Prince George’s County, Maryland) will also be joining the 2013-2014 Ole Miss squad.

While the Rebs will take to the road against non-conference opponents Georgia Tech (11/29) and Kansas State (12/5), they will host the Oregon Ducks (12/8) and Dayton Flyers (1/4) at home in the Tad Pad. Finally on March 12, Kennedy and the Rebels will begin their quest to repeat as SEC Tournament Champions at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Coming off the banner year they had in 2012-2013, the Ole Miss Rebels should once again compete for a ticket to the Big Dance this season. If they can pick up one or two quality nonconference wins (e.g. Georgia Tech, Kansas State, Oregon) and post a solid SEC record, Rebel fans can once again look forward to “dancing” in March.

Coming soon to South 16th Street. Minutes from campus and the square. 19

20 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014




2622 WEST JACKSON AVE OXFORD MS 38655 662 234 6456 21

Upcoming events from the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council

Founded in 1975, the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council is committed to a diverse offering of artistic and cultural opportunities. Each year, YAC creates and delivers an exciting package of projects, programs, and good works in the spirit of its mission to the community. Here are some offerings in December and January.

december 12 YAC Ornament Auction . Approximately 100 ornaments created by local artists are displayed from 7–10 p.m., for attendees to bid on. The event is free for YAC members

december 5 through 7

december 13 & 14

Oxford Ballet’s Nutcracker and Christmas Carol Ballet

Theatre Oxford Presents: A Tuna Christmas

Children from various Oxford Ballet groups and classes join together in this annual spirited production.


A Tuna Christmas centers on a town’s annual Christmas Yard Display Contest, won 14 times in a row by Vera Carp. The mysterious Christmas Phantom, known for vandalizing the yard displays, threatens to throw the contest into turmoil.

december 13 to 15

december 14

The Holiday Art Market

Operation Christmas Workshop

Local artists host a weekend art market at the Powerhouse Community Arts Center, featuring unique gifts for the holiday season.

This children’s art class is from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., presented by Art 2 Go. Children will make Christmas cards and other holiday-themed art projects. For more information, visit Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014



662-234-4661 800-696-4661 447 HWY 6 West, Oxford • 23

Own a piece of Oxford History

Marchbanks Real Estate

1108 Van Buren Ave • • (662)234-2814

24 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014 25

Miracles on University Avenue Arts opportunities at the Ford Center and University Museum

Two great assets of the University of Mississippi when it comes to the arts are the Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts and the University of Mississippi Museum.

December 15 at 7 p.m. the Ford Center hosts The Nutcracker as performed by Dance Alive National Ballet. The production promises to entrance the audience with the beauty of the Sugar Plum Fairy and her dazzling court, the swirling snowflakes and breathtaking  snow, and the tiny toy soldiers and their leader, the Merry Music handsome Nutcracker  Prince. Orchestra/ At six stories tall and 88,000 square feet, parterre admission is $50, mezzanine is the Ford Center features two performance $45.75, and the balcony is $39. spaces, state-of-the-art theatrical production facilities, excellent acoustic qualities, The Ford Center is at 100 University well-appointed lobbies, and comfortable Avenue. For more information, visit seating for 1,200 in the main hall. Any celebration of the holidays isn’t comCeramics, Kids’ Stuff, and More plete without the gift of music. The Ford Center knows how to wrap that present The University of Mississippi Museum is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., up in beautiful surroundings. Tuesday through Saturday. The Museum is The Holiday Choral Concert is December closed on Monday and regular university 6 at 7:40 p.m. For tickets, call the UM Box holidays. Office at (662) 915-7411. The museum maintains its founders’ misAn Oxford Christmas, presented by First sion of preserving, interpreting, and exBaptist Church, is December 7 at 7 p.m. hibiting the art and cultural heritage of and December 8 at 2:30 p.m.. Mississippi and of the American South. The museum is dedicated to research, ed26 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec/Jan Dec 2013/Jan 2013 2014

bins’ relationships with his two children, Milla and Ives. The paintings span a number of years and reflect different stages of their rich relationships.

ucation, documentation, and the presentation of art, science, and history. Activities include exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures, community events, educational workshops, and events for children, all geared to enhance learning at the University of Mississippi.

The museum routinely hosts learning opportunities for the public, including the Mini Masters Series—fun, drop-in workshops for toddlers and a parent or guardian. The subject of the upcoming December 3 session, from 3:45 to 4:30 p.m. is “Letters and Numbers: The Art of Jasper Johns.”

The University of Mississippi Museum is located at University Avenue and Fifth Street. For more information, visit

Current exhibits include “Recollecting: 1980-2012 Works by Ron Dale” which features mixed media and ceramics and runs until January 11, 2014, and “The Wellspring: Works by Hamlett Dobbins,” running until February 22. The latter includes a mid-run Artist’s Lecture on December 18 from noon to 1 p.m. “The Wellspring” gathers a handful of paintings that draw specifically from Hamlett Dob-

James Thomas talks about works at the recent Independent Expression: Self-Taught Art of the Late 20th Century exhibit. 27


Bill dale

Artists in December & january

Bill Dale ceramics

Ron Dale ceramics

for the gentleman in all of us

Cathy Crockett paintings

Artist Reception dec 7th 6:30–-8:30 150 COURTHOUSE SQ, OXFORD, MS 662.234.9090


2021 UNIVERSITY AVE OXFORD 234-6680 PJSCIGARS.COM Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014 29

30 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014 31

Madness on the Square Gift shop is a Mississippi go-to By Lacy Russell

Located on the historic Courthouse Square, Mississippi Madness isn’t your typical gift shop. For 17 years the eclectic shop has been a source for unique and regionally made pieces of pottery and art. Magical Mississippi Mud “Everything we sell is from Mississippi,” says Owner John Welty. “The big things that we have are Peter’s Pottery, which is made in Mound Bayou, and products from Wolfe Studios which is in Jackson.” Welty, an Ole Miss alumnus, first moved to Oxford in 1991 to attend Ole Miss and 32

later owned Kalo’s Tavern and bought Mississippi Madness from its original owner in 2003. Since then, business has boomed, and with the holiday season right around the corner, it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. “Our busiest time of the year is Christmas,” says Welty. “The last quarter is really our big time of the year.” The shop’s success has made it a go-to destination for Oxford residents and tourists alike.

From Pottery to Sauce and Beyond “A little bit of everybody shops here,” says Welty. “You know, there are a lot tourists that come through, and a lot of people that come in from out of town who will stop by every time they’re in town to buy Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

pieces pottery to add to their collection or see what’s new.” From cheese straws made by the Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory in Yazoo City, to a variety of delectable cakes made by Sugaree’s Bakery located in New Albany, the store has it all. They even market the coveted Yocona Sauce, a steak sauce that was once served at the beloved Yocona River Inn in Oxford. Because Mississippi Madness is one of the few places that sells the sauce, keeping it in stock is a bit of a challenge.

Along with unique ceramics, the shop also sells food items.

“People from this area love to send gifts that are from Mississippi,” says Welty. As long as that’s the case, its doors will stay open for many years to come.

Lacy Russell is a student of the Meek School of Journalism & New Media. 33

Wrapper’s Delight The 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

You there, dozing on the couch—wake up from your turkey-induced funk and finish (or start) your holiday shopping! Visitors love coming to Oxford for a day of perusing merchandise, but not everyone can devote as much time to power-shopping. There are many hidden gems around town, so we thought we’d cherry-pick a few ideas to help. We hope this brief guide will help startle you out of your played-out rut of buying a tie for dad, a book for mom, and something camouflage for cousin Bobby. Mississippi Madness

Peter’s Pottery Extra-large candlestick nutmeg $72 Large candlestick white $59.50 Medium candlestick jade $36 Small candlestick blue $31

Austin’s Music

Kala Watermelon Ukulele $97.99

Star Liquors

Dom Perignon $161.65 2002 Vintage

Chaney’s Pharmacy


Groovy Girl doll $17 and couch $27 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

John Welty Realty

Homes for the holidays. (662) 816-2782,

Mississippi Madness

Wolfe Studio Wolfe jar $132 Wolfe barn owl $110 Wolfe love birds $70 Wolfe small owl $50

Peter’s Pottery Jade free-form platter with glass $127

Hue Oxford

Annie Sloan chalk paint

Bette’s Flowers

Floral arrangements for any holiday style

Olive Juice

St. Nicholas eggshell ornament, hand-painted in Austria $15 Red monogram ornament $15 Nativity ornament, hand-painted and embroidered in Austria $32


My Heart is in Oxford needlepoint pillow $54 Mississippi pillow $148 35

PJ’s Plus Cigars Large variety of cutters, lighters, and cigars


NC Mega Men® Performance & Vitality Program 30 Packs $49.99

Austin’s Music G&L Legacy Electric Guitar $499.00

Endurance Athletics Asics GT-2000 Newton Gravity Brooks Ghost 6

Star Package

The Macallan 18-year-old single-malt Scotch $159.99

Shell Plastic Surgery Eminence Clear Skin Starter Set $58.00

36 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Between Sisters

Ronaldo Bracelets. Starting at $70

Van Atkins

18-karat two-tone necklace with pear-shaped, untreated emerald and round diamonds $15,000

Natural untreated Vivid blue ceylon sapphire and diamond ring set in 18-karat white gold $50,000

The Ladybug spill proof polish holder $9.99

Shell Plastic Surgery Image Max Eye Cream $45.90

Frock Fashions

PurseN makeup and jewelry bags. Starting at $20 Ole Miss scarf $25 Dingo leather boots with peek-aboot socks $159 and $28


GNC Women’s Ultra Mega™ Wellness Vitapak® 30 Packs $49.99

Between Sisters

Haute Mess earrings $12 Skosh necklaces starting at $34.99 37

Belles and Beaus

Anavini Elf on the Shelf outfits starting at $62

Treehouse Toys

Charm Co. Vintage roadster $299.00 Rosalina dolls From $39.99 Janod solid wood train $29.99

Peas and Carrots

Signed books by Mississippi author Claire Bateman $21.95 Main Street Collection chalkboard travel mats $17 Elf on the Shelf assesories $14 each

38 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Rocky Mountain Chocolate For the pampered pooch: Barker’s Dozen dog biscuits $6.50 Dog Nog (Cat Nog also available) $4.25

Suthern Oasis Spa Full spa services available. Holiday stress relief for yourself or your loved ones.

Chaney’s Pharmacy Ole Miss collapsible cooler tote stool $52


All bags by Meile Bianco Ashley Satchel $100 Carol Shoulder Bag $100 Lindsay Shoulder Bag $108

Rocky Mountain Chocolate

Custom-order candy apples $9.95 each

Hue Oxford Marchbanks

A Hotty Toddy hotel for the Rebel fan who has it all. The 512 B&B, 512 Van Buren Avenue. $1,495,000.00.

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk 39

Romancing the Stones By AMANDA WILSON

Van Atkins Jewelry storeowner, Chuck Cooper, loves Oxford. Van Atkins Jewelry store owner Chuck Cooper and his son are Ole Miss graduates, but their love of Oxford goes even deeper than their alma mater — just 30 miles from the unique New Albany family store.

In 1982, Van Atkins sold its first piece of jewelry and Chuck Cooper worked parttime at the store when he wasn’t pursuing his Ole Miss degree. He even began to sell jewelry to faculty, staff, and students on campus. Because of his long-time creative relationship with Oxford, Cooper says he is committed to supporting the community in any way he can.

Helping and Giving Back “If Oxford needs a lift, we try to help,” said Cooper. “We give a pretty big percentage of our profits back to the community.” Since graduating from Ole Miss, Cooper stays connected by providing jewelry for

Cooper began his career at Ole Miss in 1980, 20 years after the Van Atkins department store moved to New Albany in 1960 from Newport, Ark. Atkin’s father Warren bought the store.

40 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

different Ole Miss and Oxford events. He also donates to local schools. Many of Cooper’s customers are still Ole Miss students, faculty, and university staff. “Oxford has been very good to me,” Cooper said. “We enter the Oxford area code 38655 every day at our store. We’re your typical jewelry store — except for we carry it to the next level. We carry unique pieces that your average jewelry store won’t have.” Specializing in timeless antique jewelry, Van Atkins takes pride in its historical pieces. The variety of estate rings, necklaces, and bracelets is a big part of Van Atkins’ draw. Along with the antique jewelry, the store specializes in four- to five-carat diamond engagement rings.

A Romantic Reputation The Arkansas import has blossomed into one of the most widely known jewelers in Mississippi. Voted “Best Place to Find Antique Jewelry in Mississippi” in 2008 and 2010 and “Best Antique Jeweler” by people’s choice in the Starkville Daily News, Van Atkins counts Paula Deen among the celebrities who shop there. Van Atkins’ jewelry is often cited in Southern magazines and is a favorite of 2005 Miss America winner Deidre Downs.

Amanda Wilson is a student of the Meek School of Journalism & New Media.


Fashions Madison - Colony Crossing - 601.898.4643 Flowood - Dogwood Promenade - 601.919.1767 oxford - The square - 662.234.1360 41

Outfitting Little Ones Oxford mom’s shop Belles & Beaus offers kids’ clothes from traditional to trendy

By Kate Sinervo

Nestled amid the trendy women’s clothing stores and boutiques on Oxford’s historic Square is a little shop catering to the littlest of Oxford residents. Belles & Beaus offers clothing, accessories, and toys for kids from infants to tweens. Stars Align Cathy Lowe, owner of Belles & Beaus and Tummies Maternity in Oxford, says everything just fell into place when she found out she was pregnant with her third child three years ago. Her mother had recently retired from a career in accounting to help Lowe with her then newborn (now her middle child). Lowe decided to stop teaching in order to be a full-time mom.

gestion from a friend turned into a retail store front just off the Oxford Square. “I’m blessed 100 times over,” Lowe says. “I couldn’t imagine going back to teaching. I get to spend so much more time with my kids now.” Meeting Market Demand Traditional children’s fashions and garments suitable for monogramming comprise a sales market that has resurfaced in recent years, Lowe says. Belles & Beaus also offers trendier options in great demand around the country. “We’ve been constantly learning not only what people want but what they love,” Lowe says. “At market, I have to step away from looking for only what I would dress my children in and provide something for everyone.” Something for Mom

A year after opening Belles & Beaus, the only maternity clothing store in town had shut its doors. Lowe saw a niche, opening Tummies Maternity next door to Belles & After attending a retail market convenBeaus. Merchandise includes clothing for tion together and indentifying what they expectant mothers, diaper bags, and gadgets saw as a need for quality children’s clothof all sorts for new moms and newborns. ing and accessories in Oxford, Lowe and her mother decided to dive into retail. Belles & Beaus is located at 1005 Van Buren Lowe’s monogramming hobby and a sug- Avenue and Tummies Maternity is next door at 1003 Van Buren.

42 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

olive juice gifts

305 South Lamar • Oxford, MS • 662 259 2696 We carry a wide variety of Mississippi-made Merchandise follow us! facebook/olivejuicegifts

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See what a Raymond James advisor can do for you. Contact us to review your financial plan today.


Managing Director Raymond James // Jackson, MS T 601.368.2200 // TF 800.366.2200 Past performance is not indicative of future results. The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell Raymond James Financial stock. ©2013 Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC Raymond James® is a registered trademark of Raymond James Financial, Inc. 13-BR3LK-0008 BS 11/13 43


NOW SERVING CARS. As well as th e p eop le i n t h e m ! )


Grabbing a bite of fresh, delicious c h i c k e n t e n d e r s h a s n e ve r b e e n e a s i e r at Abner’s. We now feature true d r i ve - t h r u s e r v i c e . N o n e e d t o c a l l a h e a d — j u s t d r i ve u p a n d o r d e r a w a y !

Present this coupon and get

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Any meal, salad or wrap with drink

when you use our new Drive-thru! Expires 12/31/13. No cash value. May not be combined with another offer.

C elebrating

20 Years

1993 ~ 2013

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Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources

All is Well:

A Special Health & Wellness Section

Photo by Mike Stanton

Stevi Self, owner of Southern Star Yoga, leads an acro-yoga session on the grounds of Rowan Oak in Oxford.


Like Oxford itself, health and wellness here never stop evolving.

to the many attributes of the town that bring them here—things have come together in such a way to result in the blossoming of quality healthcare.

A handful of key factors have led to Oxford’s growth as a medical hub in north Mississippi. From the designation of Oxford as one of Mississippi’s certified retirement communties, to the bustling university, to the attraction of droves of new residents in the last decade—and

Oxford continues to attract a high caliber of physicians and healthcare professionals to a medical community anchored by Baptist Memorial HospitalNorth Mississippi and constantly growing to expand specialty care offerings. Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Big and Growing A 2007 economic impact study by the Mississippi Hospital Association found that Baptist North Mississippi provides more than 1,200 jobs and has a total economic impact of $165 million a year in Oxford. In 2011, the Mississippi Nurses Association named the Baptist North Mississippi the Hospital of the Year (hospitals of 100 licensed beds or more). In 2010, the hospital was named one of the Best Places to Work by the Mississippi Business Journal. Baptist North Mississippi recently began clearing property for construction of a new, much larger $300 million facility to further position the hospital as a regional referral center, providing greater

accessibility for patients and space to expand services. The evolution of the hospital will radiate the vibe of progress throughout the Oxford medical community in general. Outpatient surgery facilities, specialized clinics, urgent care providers, therapists, and many other wellness-focused providers give Oxonians fewer reasons to leave the city limits for care. Here’s to Your Health Please allow this special section to serve as a mere sampler of Oxford healthcare, along with some wellness tips you might take to heart. Find much more at

Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Mississippi recently began clearing property for construction of a new, much larger $300 million facility. 49

Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources

Team Effort Dr. Cooper Terry cares for Ole Miss athletes and patients with skill, compassion. By Andy Knef

If Dr. Cooper Terry weren’t already a successful orthopedic surgeon and one of the official physicians for Ole Miss sports teams, he might play that role on TV. Yes ladies, he’s tall, handsome, and carries himself with quiet confidence. But this is about Terry’s passions. They’re as diverse as they are impressive. “I love practicing medicine in Oxford because it’s a small town with a very sophisticated medical environment,” explains the Vanderbilt University graduate, originally from Jacksonville, Florida. Terry founded Oxford Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in 1996.


After graduating from Vanderbilt, Terry went on to earn his medical degree from the Nashville school. He then completed six years of residency training at Duke University before heading to Harvard for fellowship training. Sporting Specialty Terry has expertise in all aspects of orthopedic medicine but he has extensive experience in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery. At Duke, he treated members of Duke’s sports teams, including the national championship basketball teams of 1992 and 1993. Arthritis surgery and joint replacement are additional areas of focus for the married father of three. He says his duties with Ole Miss sports and specifically the football team require many hours working with players to prevent injuries and addi- Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

tional hours treating them when injuries occur. “On a game-day Saturday we’re there hours before the game, ready to respond to any injuries during the game and on hand post game to manage care,” he says.

Terry says he is proud of the entire team at Oxford Orthopaedics, including his two physician partners, orthopedists Dr. Daniel Boyd and Dr. Kurre Luber.

Terry says it’s not unusual to be on the phone with a player’s family after he or she gets injured to reassure folks who may live miles away from Oxford. “We don’t just care for these student athletes in a medical sense — we care about them as human beings. You can’t watch them go through a whole season, making the sacrifices they make, and not want the absolute best for them,” he says.

“We’re kind of like the Ole Miss teams in the sense that it takes everyone, from our office manager to our surgeons, to ensure we give our patients the absolute best care,” Terry says.

All In

“We have patients visiting us from all over northern Mississippi from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We work hard to meet their medical needs with high-quality expert care and genuine empathy.” 51

Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources



AN ANALYSIS OF POPULAR LEG-STRETCHING LOCALES BY SHERYL CHATFIELD Some people who have been physically active throughout their lives do most of their activity outside, even in uncomfortable (hot or cold) weather. With this in mind, I have completed my own “audit” of the Ole Miss campus, Oxford, and some of the areas outside of the city limits. In this Part One, I address locations on and adjoining the Ole Miss campus. In the City of Oxford proper, there are many more great places to walk and run. Check those out in Part Two online at Go to:




DEPOT TRAIL From the Depot (Gertrude Ford Center parking lot) to Molly Barr Road.

Mostly flat with lights for night use. Rarely crowded. Not far from the center of campus. Bathrooms and water fountains are available just beyond the batting cages between Washington and Price streets.

WHIRLPOOL TRAILS Coliseum Drive/Front Street dead ends south of Hwy 6.

The fire road and continuation (straight part) is well maintained, fairly flat, and gets regular use, especially in the evenings when the weather is nice. The length of this segment is roughly three miles from beginning to end. Surface is gravel, dirt, or sand (or mud or puddles of water after rain). There are many other dirt trails branching off the main portion.


Crosses two roads, and Price Street can be busy. Plus or minus, depending on your view, is that it’s only one mile long. Paved.

Far from center of campus and hard to get to from campus on foot, as there are no sidewalks once you reach the four-way stop at Coliseum and Hill drives. Plus or minus, depending on your view: Unpaved; parts are downright rugged. Often quiet and may feel remote.


Nice to have and quickly accessible from lots of campus. I personally wish it was a little longer.

Due to the distance from the center of campus, most people are going to need to have a decent sized block of time to use this resource. Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014



BLACKBURNMCMURRARY OUTDOOR SPORTS COMPLEX/ UM INTRAMURAL FIELDS Approximately 1.5 miles from the Turner Center, follow Hill Road to the four-way stop, cross the road, take Insight Drive at roundabout; fields are on the right.

Big, grassy fields, not used much early in the day. You can run/walk from campus using sidewalk, or bike lane once you cross Coliseum Drive. Ample parking at the fields. Bathrooms and water. Soft surface to run/walk on, but…

Often wet with lots of holes around the edges. Not a large area, so it’s hard to accumulate distance. Far from the center of campus. These are used for intramural sports and other activities so are not always available.

Located in the center of campus. Incremental distances are marked and seem to be accurate (I checked with a GPS). Surprisingly few road crossings.

Not designated for fitness or activity, so you are sharing the space with students, faculty, staff, visitors, maintenance personal, equipment, etc. The markers are embedded in the sidewalk and are hard to see.

Okay for the casual workday walk, not great for serious fitness walking or jogging. Take a map with you the first time.

None I can think of.

Close to campus, and you are unlikely to get lost; you will either run into the highway or run out of sidewalk.

OLE MISS WALKING PATHS – RED AND BLUE ROUTES These are relatively new. For maps, go to: www.olemiss. edu/healthworks/ WalkAtWork.html

Close to campus. Several miles available if you go from Gertrude Ford Boulevard to the end of the sidewalk WEST JACKSON near Walmart. Hilly SIDEWALK but more rolling than Accessible from various steep. Regularly used roads; about 0.6 of a but rarely crowded, so mile from the Turner the fact that this is not Center on Fraternity Row. a designated fitness path is usually not a problem. Crosswalks at intersections; buttons for pedestrian crossings. CAMPUS IN GENERAL Combination of sidewalk and no sidewalk areas, If you are on campus, some bike lanes, no running or walking on other multi-use or campus is convenient. dedicated fitness trails; people using the road in some places.



Lots of students walking to class; lots of vehicle traffic and some drivers have little respect for pedestrians. Some areas are not well lit in the evening.

Hardly worth going so far for a big patch of wet grass.

More active-userfriendly if you are out really early or fairly late (or during semester breaks, avoid class change times when traffic is at its worst. Stop for vehicles because they may not stop for you.

Sheryl Chatfield is graduate student in health and kinesiology in the Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management Department at Ole Miss. 53



Patient Care Portal


662-234-6464 MON–FRI 8 AM – 5 PM

301 W. Jackson Avenue | Oxford |

Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources

right off square by the bike trail bridge


PLASTIC & RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck Reconstructive Procedures


Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, Dysport administered by Dr. Shell


Image Skincare, Jane Iredale, Obagi, SkinCeuticals Complimentary skincare or laser consultation

Shell S





Dan H. Shell IV, M.D. FACS



2716 West Oxford Loop, Suite 171, Oxford, MS 38655 5699 Getwell Road, Building G., Suite 3, Southaven, MS 38672


Now Accepting Ole Miss Express Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec/Jan Dec 2013/Jan 2013 2014

Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources 55

Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources



AllCare Medical Clinic is about more than just speedy service, its about people By Justin Taylor

In the last several years, urgent care clinics have taken root in Oxford. They offer a quick, easier in-and-out healthcare option when going to the emergency room might be a bit drastic (and expensive), and waiting for a traditional clinic visit isn’t timely. Among these newer clinics is AllCare Medical Clinic, at 301 Jackson Avenue, right next to the public walking path and pedestrian bridge. AllCare’s aim is just what its name implies: affordable, quality health care for everyone who walks in the doors. Meeting the needs of the underserved has always been a personal mission for Kymberly Van Every, certified nurse practitioner and owner of AllCare. Van Every developed a passion for health care after watching her mother, who was also a nurse, deliver twins, and went on to earn multiple degrees in 56

nursing, including a master’s of science in nursing from Vanderbilt in 2004. Van Every says she opened AllCare in 2010 to serve those without the money or connections to easily access care. Finding the Solution “My husband and I were on our way to a conference in New Orleans when I thought of the name,” Van Every says. “I came up with AllCare because I wanted to help anyone who needs it.” The AllCare staff, includes Van Every, registered nurses, and a primary care physician board-certified in sports medicine, Henry L. Sherman, M.D. — who is also an athletics and student physician at the University of Mississippi. AllCare initially strives to meet patients’ immediate needs. If AllCare doesn’t have the resources to help a particular patient, the team quickly connects the patient with an appropriate specialist who will honor their insurance. “The best compliment I’ve received was when a person from Blue Mountain came to me because one of our patients referred her to us,” Van Every says. “Our patient told her ‘If (AllCare) can’t find you somewhere to go, nobody can.’” Van Every adds she would rather have similar remarks circulating in the community than be known as the quickest provider in town. She says clinic staffers work hard to offer patients efficient Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

care in a timely manner, but speed is not “Once people realized their employers the most critical component. weren’t going to snatch their coverage from them, they started making visits Concerned About Patients again,” Van Every says. “However, I do AllCare honors all major insurance pro- think (the law) is going to have an imviders, including Medicaid and Medicare. pact on us in January. I think a lot of For people without insurance, the clinic small businesses won’t be able to afoffers a sliding fee schedule based on ford insurance for their employees.” a patient’s income. A major headlinemaking shakeup in the medical field is Van Every offers healthcare insurance implementation of the Affordable Care to 100 percent of her own employees. Act (or Obamacare). Van Every says the “I want my employees to know that the clinic saw fewer patients in August and goal of this clinic is to have a place that September — a dropoff she speculates is concerned about you and your health could owe to confusion about the law. care,” she says. “It wouldn’t be right for But, since the computer registration site a health care clinic to not provide health for Obamacare went live on October 1, coverage to its employees.” visits to the clinic have stabilized. 57

Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources


It’s an exciting time for teachers and state employees By Dr. Michael L. King M.D., F.A.C.S.

We now live in a nation where one of every three people is obese. According to the National Public Radio series “Living Large: Obesity in America”, there are 72 million obese adults in the United States. In 2010, more than 60 percent of the United States was overweight or obese. It is estimated that if the current trend continues, 50 percent of the population will be obese by 2030. Obesity and the associated health problems have an extremely negative impact on the quality of life and the ability to enjoy normal activities. The disease of obesity often interferes with basic physical functions such as


breathing and/or walking. Long-term implications of the disease include shorter life expectancy, serious health consequences in the form of weight-related conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and a lower quality of life, with fewer economic and social opportunities. Simply put, obesity changes the way we live. Gaining Coverage In the struggle against the disease of obesity, Oxford Bariatric has been an advocate for health insurance coverage that would include weight loss surgery. During 2011 and 2012, the clinic participated with the state of Mississippi in a two-year study to show the efficacy of weight loss surgery. Effective January, 2013, the state health insurance program for teachers and state employees offered coverage for weight loss surgery for the first time. Multiple teachers are now taking advantage of this benefit to improve their lives through surgery for weight loss. With these new benefits, many people have chosen the sleeve gastrectomy, commonly known as the gastric sleeve. The gastric sleeve is the most requested and the fastest growing procedure for weight loss surgery in the world. This procedure results in excellent weight loss and has been shown to be safe and effective. Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Battling Diabetes Scientific studies consistently tell us that weight loss surgery helps in the treatment, and at times, complete remission of diabetes. Gastric sleeve surgery, as part of a lifestyle change, can be the best option for many obese people with Type 2 diabetes. A landmark study of more than 22,000 people showed that Type 2 diabetes was completely resolved in 76.8 percent of people and improved in 86 percent of people who underwent weight loss surgery. Many obesity related diseases, such as diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, joint disease, etc. are improved with the weight loss achieved through surgery.

We believe that the gastric sleeve is an operation that can serve as a lifetime tool for healthier living. With state insurance coverage now available for weight loss surgery, teachers and state employees have a choice. Dr. Michael L. King, M.D., F.A.C.S. was the first bariatric surgeon in north Mississippi to perform the gastric sleeve surgery. For more information, call 662-234-3303 or (800) 969-6908 or visit 59

Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources


PHARMACY: What’s inside might


From holiday gifts to frozen yogurt, local drug store fills more needs than prescriptions. Jared Senseman,

Chaney’s has been a staple of the Oxford community for decades, but it didn’t start offering everything from drugs to haircuts until its current owner, Brent Smith, took over in 1980. “When Brent graduated from pharmacy school in 1975 he started managing Chaney’s from a man that he grew up working for in Greenwood,” Smith’s wife


Laura says. “He managed the store for five years, and when the previous owner passed away, his wife approached Brent about buying the store, which we did in 1980.” At that time, the store was located next to what is now Dollar General in the back of Tradewinds Shopping Center on University Avenue. Since then, Smith built Chaney’s current freestanding building at 501 Bramlett Boulevard and added a large list of new services and products. “We owned a yogurt shop a couple doors down from Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Karan S. Bath, M.D.

In the journey toward a healthier life, our patients have lost 130,00 ...65 tons so far! our old location, but when we built the new location we incorporated it into the store here,” Laura Smith says. “We tried to give it the feel of an old soda fountain shop.” Chaney’s current offerings include home delivery of prescriptions, photo Allen ...lost 130 pounds! services, gifts, gift wrapping, gift cards, and drive-through service. They offer product lines from Armani to Ralph Lauren. And then there’s the yogurt shop, coffee shop, and a salon. “We just try to make it as easy as possible for our customers to come here,”

Jamie ...lost 180 pounds!

says Laura Smith, who adds that she and Brent feel blessed to have been able to survive amidst chain store competitors.

It’s true that Chaney’s has had competition showing up all over town, but aside from its customerGaye service, Chaney’s ...lost 122 pounds is very involved in the support of local clubs and schools. The Smiths believe it’s something that separates them from the larger, national chains. “We just try to be supportive,” she says, “because the community has been so nice to support us.”

Brittney ...lost 118 pound


Jessica lost 172 lbs!

Allen lost 130 lbs!

Jessica ...lost 172 pounds!

Randy ...lost 133 pounds

THE GASTRIC SLEEVE ...that’s what we do!

Teachers a State Empl 662.234.3303 Are Now Co General & Metabolic Surgery, PLLC Weight Los 800.969.6908

662.234.3303 or 800.969.6908 • 2215 Jefferson Davis Dr •

Oxford Bariatric, General & Metabolic Surgery, PLLC 2215L.Jefferson Davis Michael King, md, facs & Dr., KaranOxford, S. Bath, MS md 38655 61

Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources

Here’s the Rub Healing Hands spreads the art of massage in Oxford By Robert Tidwell If pharmaceutical technologies became sophisticated enough to create a wonder pill that could help folks manage stress, have more energy, prevent disease, relieve pain, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, increase range of motion, sleep more soundly, and experience less pain, then that pill would be on par with massage therapy, say the therapists at Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage in Oxford. An Historic Art They also note that massage therapy has been around since long before modern chemical-based pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, massage therapy has never been responsible for fatal side effects, and has been around long enough for Hippocrates to have defined as “the art of rubbing.” But unlike pharmaceuticals, medical professionals have yet to accept massage therapy as a legitimate treatment that should be prescribed and covered by insurance plans. Because of this, it is always advised to consult with your physician if you have never had a massage, says Rebecca Kelley, owner of Healing Hands.


Staying true to massage therapy origins, Healing Hands employs a thorough and professional initial assessment, creates a plan customized to the client’s specific needs, revisits the regimen to ensure continuous progress, and adjusts the therapy modalities as needed. Kelley says this strategy has proven effective since Healing Hands hung a shingle and opened its doors in the fall of 2011. More Hands “When I opened Healing Hands, I was the secretary, the cleaning lady, the marketing department, the massage therapist, everything,” she says. “Those first couple months were very difficult.” She soon hired a secretary, and with Kelley enjoying the newfound ability to focus more on the massage side of the business, her clientele quickly grew to the point where she needed another therapist. In less than six months after opening her business, she welcomed Scott Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

gan utilizing a new text message marketing program allowing those who opt in to receive exclusive discounts and weekly specials. If you grab your phone and text “HEALING HANDS” (must be in all caps) to 57711, you’ll receive a confirmation and $10 off your next massage. Healing Hands is at 1529 University Avenue. For more information, call (662) 234-2445 or visit HealingHandsTherapeuticMassage. Thielen, and to complete the team, she brought on Shireen Mullink. In addition to massage therapy, Healing Hands also offers various bath salts, masks, essential oils, gift cards, gift baskets, and other natural products to promote relaxation, healing, and well being. Forever on a mission to become a “one-stop” source for a variety of well being products and services, Kelley recently introduced AdvoCare products to the retail line-up. For customer convenience, Healing Hands utilizes scheduling technology so clients can get an appointment online, by phone, receive a message on their smart phone, automatically create a calendar entry, and receive text message reminders. Additionally, Kelley has be-

Oxford’s first and only specialty running store Located on the square

Go the distance, Rebels! 63

Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources 64

North Mississippi Foot Specialists Anything and everything to do with the foot, from ingrown toenails to major foot surgery


662.513.6600 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014


Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources 65

Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources

Plastic Surgery Safety Checklist Questions to ask yourself and your doctor By Dan H. Shell IV, MD, FACS

The popularity of plastic surgery is soaring—and more and more doctors are trying to meet the demand. 66

Any licensed physician can claim to be a plastic surgeon, so the importance of making sure your doctor is properly trained and certified is paramount. With ever increasing numbers of providers offering plastic surgery, it can be easy for the public to become confused about a doctor’s qualification. Plastic surgery is serious and, like any operation, it carries risks. To make sure you have the safest plastic surgery possible, here is a checklist to guide you through the process of planning for plastic surgery: Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Evaluate Yourself: Prior to researching a doctor, you need to be comfortable and confident with your decision to have plastic surgery. Ask yourself, “Why—and for whom—am I looking to have this surgery performed?” Patients should be internally motivated to have a procedure. Ask yourself, “What kind of results am I expecting?” and “Is this a good time for me to have surgery?” Check Your Doctor’s Board Certification: Determine if your physician is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery for plastic surgery of the face and all areas of the body. This certification ensures that the surgeon has graduated from an accredited medical school and completed extensive and rigorous surgical training—usually five years of general surgery and two years of plastic surgery. ASPS Member Surgeons meet these and other strict standards of education and experience. Ensure that Medical Facilities are Safe: Everyone who chooses plastic surgery has the right to a safe procedure. Procedures should be administered in a setting with the necessary equipment and qualified medical personnel to observe patients and manage potential complications. The personnel should be accredited by a national or state recognized accrediting agency/organization.

Obtain a Medical Evaluation: Your general health can affect the results— and safety—of the plastic surgery procedure you choose. When considering plastic surgery, consult with your surgeon for an evaluation and a full medical history to determine what is most appropriate and advisable for you. Be Informed: Talk about the procedure with trusted friends and family as well as your physician. When a treatment decision is made cooperatively between the physician and patient, the physician should explain the risks, benefits, alternatives and reasoning for the proposed treatment, after which an informed consent document should be signed by the patient.

Dr. Dan Shell IV is an American Board of Plastic Surgery Member Surgeon, with offices in Southaven and Oxford. For more information, visit or call (662) 236-6465. 67

Oxford’s HEALTH AND WELLNESS Resources

Bite Club

Oxford Dental Clinic makes going to the dentist easy. by Justin Taylor

It’s one of life’s little annoyances: going to the dentist. Just the word ‘dentist’ can send chills down a person’s spine. 68

The staff at Oxford Dental Clinic on South Lamar Boulevard endeavors to change that feeling whenever a patient comes through their doors. “Nobody wants to go to the dentist, and nobody likes being there while they are there,” says Oxford Dental Clinic Partner Walker Swaney. “But when we finish with 99% of our patients, they get up and say ‘that was easy and painless.’” Swaney and Doctors Mike Huggins, Marc Mercier, and Clay Adams understand that patients in healthcare situ- Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

ations often are peeved by long waits and difficulty getting appointments. Time for Your Teeth “We’re on time with our appointments, and we’ll work in emergencies,” Swaney says. Swaney, Originally from Holly Springs, has lived and worked in Oxford since graduating from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry nearly 40 years ago. Swaney set up shop in Oxford because his wife, a former Ole Miss cheerleader, is an Oxonian, and Lafayette County was in need of more dentists at the time. The government paid off Swaney’s student loans for working in Oxford three years. Swaney Sees Advances

dence,” he says. Oxford Dental serves patients of all ages. About 20 percent are college students. Family visits make up the majority of Swaney’s practice. ”If there is a case where I think a specialist is needed, we have five great practitioners in Oxford,” Swaney says. “But we work on 90 percent of the patients who walk through our door... We make an extra effort to listen to people,” Swaney said. “We are always on time. We don’t have people coming in the waiting room sitting for an hour to see us. We appreciate people, we thank them for coming, and we thank them for trusting us with their family and friends.”

“The improvements have been incredible,” he says. “In the past, when we built crowns we waited a few weeks to complete the process. Now we have a machine that lets us prepare the tooth, take a picture, make the crown and put it in the same day.” Swaney says helping people avoid pain with anesthetic improvements makes his job and the patients’ experience easier. Porcelain fillings are another material improvement over the old metal base fillings. Swaney says dentistry has been rewarding, in helping patients develop a brighter smile. “It really changes their personalities because of added confi-

Dentists Mike Huggins (white shirt), Mark Mercier (plaid shirt), and Walker Swaney (blue shirt) with the team at Oxford Dental Clinic, located at 2155 South Lamar Boulevard. 69



Recollecting: 1980-2012 Works by Ron Dale

Unknown Hinson

at the University Museum THROUGH FEBRUARY 22

The Wellspring: Works by Hamlett Dobbins

8 p.m. at Proud Larrys’ DECEMBER 7

Artists’ Reception: Cathy Crockett, Bill Dale, Ron Dale

at the University Museum

6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Southside Gallery



Oxford Art Crawl

An Oxford Christmas by First Baptist Church

6 to 8 p.m. at the Powerhouse and other locations DECEMBER 2

7 p.m. at the Ford Center DECEMBER 8

An Oxford Christmas 6:30 to 8 p.m. on the Oxford Square by First Baptist Church Oxford Christmas Parade DECEMBER 3

2:30 p.m. at the Ford Center

mini-masters series


Letters and Numbers: The Art of Jasper Johns

Gingerbread Village At the Ford Center

3:45 to 4:30 p.m. at the University Museum



Square Toast for Scholarships 6 to 9 p.m. on the Oxford Square DECEMBER 5–7

Oxford Ballet’s The Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol Ballet at the Powerhouse DECEMBER 6

Yoknapatawpha Arts Council Ornament Auction 7 to 10 p.m. at The Powerhouse DECEMBER 13–14

Theatre Oxford Presents A Tuna Christmas at the Powerhouse

Holiday Choral Concert


7:40 p.m. at the Ford Center

Holiday Art Market at the Powerhouse

70 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014


Operation Christmas Workshop (Children’s Art Class) 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Powerhouse DECEMBER 15

Christmas Open House at Cedar Oaks 3 to 6 pm. at Cedar Oaks


Community Bike Rides at 6 p.m. from University Depot



The Nutcracker by Dance Alive National Ballet

Trivia Night

7 p.m. at the Ford Center DECEMBER 18

Artist’s Lecture: The Wellspring: Works by Hamlett Dobbins 1 p.m. at the University Museum

8:30 p.m. at the Blind Pig

DJ Night 9:30 p.m. at the Blind Pig TUESDAY

Open Mic Night 9:30 p.m. at Rooster’s

Trivia Night 10 p.m. at Two Stick WEDNESDAY

Square Books Jr. Storytime JANUARY 24

Turquoise Jeep and Yip Deceiver 8 p.m. at Proud Larrys’

10 a.m. at Square Books Jr.

Karaoke & DJ Night 9:30 at Roosters



Oxford Art Crawl

Thacker Mountain Radio

6 to 8 p.m. at the Powerhouse and other locations

6 p.m. at Off Square Books


Library Storytime

Recollecting: 1980-2012 Works by Ron Dale at the University Museum


10 a.m. at the Lafayette County & Oxford Public Library


The Wellspring: Works by Hamlett Dobbins at the University Museum JANUARY 31 THROUGH FEBRUARY 2

Oxford Fiber Arts Festival at The Powerhouse

For up-to-date information on Oxford events as they are announced, visit’s online event calendar. 71

LOCAL SITES Photo by Ole Miss Communications

Vaught-Hemingway Stadium The home of the Ole Miss Rebels Football team held about 42,000 until 2002, when the south end zone bleachers were replaced with a rounded bowl, luxury boxes, covered club seating, and additional seating for students and season ticket holders.

The Lyceum Square Books Located on the historic Oxford Square, Square Books is one of the world’s top independent bookstores. An early Fortune’s Ice Cream sign hangs over the entrance with a beautiful balcony perfect for reading. Photo by Ole Miss Communications

In 1848, the Lyceum was the first building constructed on the University of Mississippi campus. It serves as both an academic and administrative center. Bullet holes remain in the columns from the riots when James Meredith became the first African-American to enroll at the University of Mississippi.

L.Q.C. Lamar House Photo by Ole Miss Communications

This location symbolizes the life and career of 19th-century statesman L.Q.C. Lamar. Open Thurs–Sun, 2 p.m.–5 p.m. Located at 616 North 14th Street.

Rowan Oak William Faulkner’s home is open to the public Tues–Sat 10 a.m.–4 p.m. & Sun 1 p.m.–4 p.m. A $5 fee per visitor is charged for house admission. Guided tours are available.Located at 916 Old Taylor Rd. 72 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Built in 1853, the church is surrounded by century old cedar trees, and a cemetery that dates back to the date of construction. The church sanctuary has been maintained essentially original, except for the addition of modern conveniences. The historic church is located just outside Oxford at 339 College Hill Rd.

Ammadelle An 1859 Itallianate villa mansion designed by architect Calvert Vaux located at 637 North Lamar St. Private residence of the Tatum family.

The Oxford Conference Center Over 25,000 sq. ft. of bookable spaces, accommodates banquet events for over 650 people located at 102 Ed Perry Blvd.

Thacker Mountain Located South of Oxford off Old Taylor Road, Thacker Mountain is 571-ft above sea level with an abandoned fire tower at the top where one can enjoy the view of Oxford and Lafayette County. Thacker Mountain can be accessed by the Thacker Mountain Trail at the end of Coliseum Dr.

Faulkner’s Grave

Photo by William Fowler

William Faulkner is buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery located on 16th St, across from St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church. Generally recognized as the greatest writer of fiction during the 20th Century, Faulkner is frequently toasted by visitors with a sip of bourbon at his gravesite.

Photo by Ole Miss Communications

Swayze Field Home of the Ole Miss Rebels Baseball team for 25 years, Swayze Field is one of the finest baseball facilities in the Southeastern Conference. The infamous right field student section is known for all-day tailgates with barbecues. 73


College Hill Church

LOCAL SITES Photo by Ole Miss Communications

The University of Mississippi The University of Mississippi, best known as Ole Miss, is a public, nationally recognized research university, founded in 1848. The main campus is in Oxford with four branches located in Booneville, Grenada, Tupelo, and Southaven as well as the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

Theora Hamblett House

Walton-Young Historic House

Theora Hamblett was a self-taught primitive artist best known for her brilliantly colored tree, dream and vision paintings. Her former residence, now a private home, is located at 619 Van Buren Ave.

The registered Mississippi Landmark was built in 1880 by Horace H. Walton, who owned a hardware store on the Oxford Square. The typical middle class home of the Victorian era is located at the corner of University Ave and 5th St.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church The church was built, following the designs of famed 19th century church architect Richard Upjohn, and organized in 1851. The building is the oldest religious structure in Oxford, having survived the burnings during the Civil War. The church is located on South 9th St just off the Square. 74 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014


Photo by Courtesy of End Of All Music

End of All Music

Cedar Oaks

Built in 1859 by William Turner, Cedar Oaks is a Greek Stocked with new and used vinyl records, Oxford’s only revival structure surviving a tumultuous past. Now used record store is located at 1423 North Lamar Blvd. Separated as a rental site for civic clubs, receptions, weddings, and into Rock, Blues, Soul/R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Country and a tours. The historic home is located at 601 Murray Drive. large collection of 45 singles.

First Presbyterian Church Founded in 1837 by early settlers of Scottish descent, the First Presbyterian Church was build in 1861. The church has been home to many community leaders and three University Chancellors: Waddel, Fulton and Hume. The historic brick building is located on Van Buren Ave just off the Oxford Square.

Blues Archives

Thacker Mountain Radio

Located in the J.D. Williams Library sits the world’s most extensive collection of blues recordings, books, periodicals and photographs. Notable collections are The B.B. King Collection, The Kenneth Goldstein Folklore Collection and The Living Blues Archive Collection. Located at 1 Library Loop.

Oxford’s original live radio show features weekly author readings and a wide array of musical performances from around the area. The free show is taped and broadcast every Thursday at 6 p.m. at Off Square Books. 75


Photo by Ole Miss Communications

The Lyric 1006 Van Buren Ave has enjoyed a long life since its original construction in the 1800s as a livery stable once owned by William Faulkner’s family. In the 1920s the stable was converted into a theater and in 2007 the restored Lyric began operating as one of Oxford’s performance centers. The Lyric has hosted some 1200 concerts featuring national artists like Bela Fleck, Modest Mouse and STS9.

Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts Visit the University of Mississippi’s state of the art facility featuring the 88,000 sq. ft. multi-event performance space. The Ford Center seats 1,200 in the main hall and offers dance and ballet studios, conference and office space, and a reception hall. Located at 100 University Ave.

Taylor Grocery and Community Taylor, as Faulkner put it, is a “postage stamp of native soil” that attracts visitors from around the world looking for Southern food, music, art and the bucolic lifestyle. The town’s centerpiece is Taylor Grocery, where catfish and hushpuppies are menu stables. Located in an old store with walls covered in signatures from visitors, the restaurant is open Thursday through Sunday 5 p.m.– 9 p.m. 76 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014


The Powerhouse Community Arts Center The Powerhouse Community Arts Center is a vintage 1928 warehouse that once housed the Oxford Electric Company, and now operates as the center for Oxford’s Yoknapatawpha Arts Council. Located at 413 North 14th St, the Powerhouse houses a diverse range of events, classes, workshops and community performance space. The facility is also available as a rental for special events.

Studio Whimzy Studio Whimzy offers acrylic painting and ceramic workshops for adults and children. Studio Whimzy also hosts painting events where participants complete an entire masterpiece using step-by-step instruction in one session. Located at 807 College Hill Rd.

Soccer/Sofball Complex The soccer and softball complex on McElroy Dr provides two softball fields, two combination soccer/football fields, a pavilion and a playground.

The Clay Canvas Paint and fire a wide range of ceramics at The Clay Canvas. Located at 1308 University Ave,They allows kids and adults to paint with individual or group instruction. Call 662-236-9798.

Hank Aaron Complex The Hank Aaron Complex located behind the Oxford Parks Commission’s Activity Center on Price Street maintains three baseball fields, a batting cage, one pavilion and one covered playground.

Bike and Pedestrian Trails Oxford has an extensive array of bike and pedestrian trails throughout the community. Maps of trails can be found inside City Hall in the Parks and Recreation Office or on-line at 77


Sardis, Enid and Puskus Lakes Sardis Lake, located northeast of Oxford, and Enid Lake, located about 40 miles south off I-55, are large flood control lakes maintained by the Corps of Engineers. Puskus Lake is smaller, located on Hwy 30 West of Oxford.

Southside Gallery Southside Gallery sells and shows art on the Oxford Square. New exhibitions are held every month and artists’ receptions are hosted by the gallery. The gallery is open Tue– Sat 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Photo by Ole Miss Communications

Lafayette County & Oxford Public Library Oxford’s public library is one of Mississippi’s Regional Libraries offering a wide range of printed and digital resources for adults and children. Located at 401 Bramlett Blvd, and open Mon–Thurs 8 a.m.–10 p.m., Fri & Sat 10 a.m.–5:30 p.m., and Sun 2 p.m.–5 p.m. 78

Golf in Oxford Oxford has three golf courses: The Country Club of Oxford, The Links and The Ole Miss Golf Course. The Country Club of Oxford, an 18 hole course, is located on Hwy 7 South at Grand Oaks while The Links, a nine hole course, is located on Hwy 6 West at the entrance to The Links apartments. Ole Miss operates an 18-hole championship course located at 147 Golf Club Rd. Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Located at the intersection of Country Club and College Hill Roads, Patsy Lamar Park includes almost four miles of walking trails and Lake Patsy, a small lake where fishing is permitted for children and handicapped individuals.

Avent Park Photo by Oxford Park Commission

Located on Park Dr, Avent Park includes walking trails, four lighted tennis courts, a playground for children, and a lighted pavilion.

Oxford City Pool Located at 200 Washington Ave, the Oxford City Pool boasts a 50-meter outdoor pool with newly renovated changing rooms, restrooms and shower facilities. The pool is open Mon-Sat 1 p.m.-6 p.m. and Sun 1 p.m.-5 p.m.

Oxford Studio Cinema Malco Oxford Studio Cinema is a multi-screen venue at 111 Jackson Ave West, across from the Ole Miss campus. First run movies, group activities and birthday parties are available. For more information call 662-236-4962 or for movie showtimes call 662-236-3000. 79


Patsy Lamar Park


Oxford Park Commission Activity Center The city of Oxford’s Activity Center located on the corner of Price St and Molly Barr Rd is home to two indoor basketball courts, a gymnastics room and several multipurpose rooms.

FNC Park Located on County Rd 100, the park includes 75 acres of state-of-the-art sports facilities including five soccer fields, eight baseball fields, three softball fields, a BMX track, four concession stands and a trailhead pavilion.

Bailey’s Woods Trails Bailey’s Woods Trail links Rowan Oak, William Faulkner’s home, to the University of Mississippi Museum and campus. Stretching approximately 3,000 feet, the trail takes about 20 minutes to walk through. Bikes are not permitted. Stroll through the heavily wooded area as Faulkner once did.

Humane Society Dog Park The Oxford-Lafayette County Humane Society operates a facility located on McElroy Dr, just east of the Oxford-University Airport. Facilities include a dog park where Oxford residents and visitors are encouraged to exercise their pooches. 80

Photo by Oxford Park Commission

Oxford Skate Park Completed in 2006, the Oxford Skate Park provides a space for BMX, skateboarding and biker entertainment. The park also has a covered pavilion and playground located on Bramlett Blvd, across from the Oxford-Lafayette Public Library. Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014


Photo by William Fowler

Tennis Courts Tennis courts located at Oxford’s Avent Park, The Activity Center, on the corner of Price St. and Molly Barr Rd, and the University of Mississippi campus.

Clear Creek Bike Trails The Clear Creek Trail is a 20-minute drive to the Clear Creek boat landing at Sardis Lake. The trail can be ridden as a complete 13-mile loop, a smaller 3-mile beginner loop or an 8-mile beginner/ intermediate loop.

Local Color Local Color is the local ‘hippie place’ where one can find a variety of items such as insense, tapestries, tie-dyes and music posters. Stop by and say “Hello” to Willie, Local Color’s owner and resident.

Farmers’ Market A stationary market offering seasonal local produce, dairy, beef, and pork, house-cured meats and sausages. Located at 274 CR 101, the Farmers’ Market is open Mon–Sat 8 a.m.–6 p.m. and Sun 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Photo by Hillary Houston Photo by Hillary Houston Photo by Oxford’s City Market

The University of Mississippi Museum The University Museum’s 20,000-plus object collection houses a wide range of ancient to modern treasures. Find Greek and Roman artifacts, scientific instruments, the collections of Seymour Lawrence and Theora Hamblett located at the intersection of University Ave and 5th St. 81


fine dining City Grocery Southern Cuisine 152 Courthouse Square (662) 232-8080 RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED

Colonels Quarters Fine Dining 120 Castlehill Dr (662) 234-3735

Delta Steakhouse Steaks & Seafood 1007 College Hill Rd (662) 234-0130

La Bella Cena Seafood, Pastas & Steaks 1518 Jackson Ave (662) 236-6767

La Paz Tacos & Margarita Bar 208 S Lamar Blvd (662) 234-0025

Lenora’s Italian Southern Dining 309 N Lamar Blvd, Ste. C (662) 236-1144

McEwen’s Southern Steakhouse 1110 Van Buren Ave (662) 234-7003

Olivia’s Food Emporium Southern Comfort Food 809 College Hill Rd (662) 234-4443

Oxford Grillehouse Seafood & Steaks 114 Courthouse Sq (662) 701-8285


Oxford University Club


Fine Cuisine & Personalized Service 265 N Lamar Blvd (662) 513-4192

Salads, Sandwiches & Califonia Style Pizzas 1309 University Ave (662) 513-5303 2305 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 217 (662) 238-2727

Ravine Contemporary Southern Cuisine 53 County Road 321 (662) 234-4555

Snackbar Raw Oyster Bar & Contemporary Cuisine 721 N Lamar Blvd (662) 236-6363

family dining Abner’s Chicken Tenders & Wraps 430 S Lamar Blvd (662) 232-8659 1927 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-3080

Ezell’s Fish Camp Fried Fish & Hushpuppies 10 Thacker Heights Dr (662) 238-3561

Beacon Restaurant Home Cooked Meals 1200 N Lamar Blvd (662) 234-5041

Big Bad Breakfast Breakfast, Lunch & Smokehouse 719 N Lamar Blvd (662) 236-2666

Mama Jo’s Plate Lunches & Daily Specials 1503 N Lamar Blvd (662) 513-0235

Oby’s Cajun Cuisine 1931 University Ave (662) 234-4530

Phillips Grocery Hamburgers, Chicken, Salads & Desserts 2406 S Lamar Blvd (662) 236-5951

Pizza Den Spaghetti & Sandwiches 499 Heritage Dr (662) 234-5537

Pizza Hut 1103 W Jackson Ave 662) 236-3333 1506 E University Ave (662) 236-2005

Sizzler Steak House Family Steak House 582 Hwy 6 E (662) 234-4667

Soulshine Pizza Factory Pizza, Calzones & Salads 308 S Lamar Blvd (662) 533-7685

Tacky Shack Burgers, BBQ, Chicken & Catering 518 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-6767

McAlister’s Deli Sandwiches, Salads, Potatoes & Desserts 1515 University Ave (662) 234-1363 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

fun dining 6’n Tubbs Pizzas & Calzones 2625 W Oxford Loop (662) 563-6562

Ajax Diner Catfish & Daily Specials 118 Courthouse Square (662) 232-8880

Applebee’s 1931 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-2308

Bim Bam Burgers Burgers & Toppings Bar 2204 W Jackson Ave (662) 238-7802

Bistro Burger


The Roundtable

Pizza & Daiquiris 1012 E Jackson Ave (662) 259-2881

Plate Lunches & Burgers 132 Courthouse Sq (662) 513-0588


Square Pizza

Steak, Seafood & Salads 122 Courthouse Sq (662)-259-2500

1101 Van Buren Ave (662) 234-9333

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

Catfish, Steaks & Brown Bag Old Taylor Rd, Taylor, MS (662) 236-1716

2206 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-7117

Lamar Lounge Burgers & Specialty Drinks 1309 N Lamar Blvd (662) 513-6197

The Levee

2580 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-0002

Burgers & Wings 1008 Jackson Ave (662) 513-3223

Blind Pig Pub

The Library

Taylor Grocery

fast dining Back Yard Burger 103 Home Depot Dr (662) 236-1233

Burger King 1741 University Ave (662) 281-0870

Captain D’s

Sandwiches & Craft Beer Flights 105 N Lamar Blvd (662) 234-5119

Burgers & Sandwiches 120 S 11th St (662) 234-1411


1112 Van Buren Ave (662) 236-6872

2307 W Jackson Ave (662) 232-8787

Panini, Oxford Catering Co.

Coop DeVille

Upscale Family Dining 110 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-1968

Buffalo Wild Wings Draft Beer & Wings 2315 W Jackson Ave (662) 238-2716

Chili’s 2576 W Jackson Ave (662) 281-3951

Frank and Marlee’s Steaks & Sandwiches 1210 Harrison Ave (662) 259-2442

Old Venice Pizza Co.

2533 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-7347


Deli, Bakery & Catering 711 N Lamar Blvd (662) 236-0001

Wings, Chicken Tenders & Sandwiches 1417 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-6769

Pita Pit

Domino’s Pizza

319 Old Hwy 7 N (662) 238-3535

1603 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-3840

The Corner Bar

Firehouse Subs

Sandwiches, Wraps & Fries 1002 Jackson Ave (662) 380-5029

Proud Larry’s Pizza, Pasta & Salads 211 S Lamar Blvd (662) 236-0050

1501 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-0707

Huddle House 1925 W Jackson Ave (662) 238-2977 83


Taco Bell

La Paz

2028 University Ave (662) 281-1100

1726 University Ave (662) 234-4403



Mexican & Happy Hour 208 S Lamar Blvd (662) 234-0025

International House of Pancakes 2152 W Jackson Ave (662) 513-9991

1904 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-9207

Maharaja Indian Cuisine

703 Sisk Ave (662) 236-4745

2570 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 23 (662) 234-1975

KFC/Long John Silvers



Wings, Tenders & Salads 2574 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-1024

Japanese Sushi Bar & Steakhouse 2305 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 207 (662) 232-8668

2195 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-6868

LB’s Meat Market Burgers & Lunch Plates 2008 University Ave, Ste. E (662) 259-2999

Lenny’s Sub Shop Subs & Philly Cheese Steaks 2580 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-3600

Little Caesar’s Pizza 1725 University Ave (662) 234-7878

Casa Mexicana Mexican Food 1908 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-3855

China Royal Asian Cuisine & Buffet 1938 University Ave (662) 513-4999

New Hunan International Buffet 2580 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 44 (662) 281-8681

Papito’s Mexican Restaurant 2570 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 21 (662) 234-4011

Petra Café

Chowking Grill and Buffet

Mediterranean Cuisine 1101 E Jackson Ave (662) 234-1110

1803 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-6600

Asian Buffet 2142 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-6664

Rice and Spice

Papa John’s

El Mariachi

Authentic Thai Food 1520 W Jackson Ave (662) 801-9338

Pizza 1506 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-8648

2622 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-6456

South Depot Taco Shop


1420 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-1717

McDonald’s 1900 E University Ave (662) 234-3800

1700 Belk Rd (662) 234-4700

Sonic Drive-ln



El Milagros Taqueria

H20 Oriental Café

120 E University Ave (662) 234-9341

Pan-Asian Cuisine 1304 University Ave (662) 513-6288



1948 University Ave (662) 236-1008 1901 W Jackson Ave, Ste. C (662) 234-7545

Sushi Bar & Japanese Steakhouse 1631 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-7346

Tacos, Quesadillas & Nachos 1004 Van Buren Ave (662) 234-7866

Tequilas Mexican Food 2027 University Ave (662) 281-0493

The Noodle Bowl Asian Bistro Mix of Asian Cuisine 1501 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-4974 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

The Taco Shop

Emileigh’s Bakery

Authentic Mexican Food & Taco Bar 1921 University Ave (662) 234-9668

401 S Lamar Blvd (662) 234-7200

Two Stick Sushi, Sashimi & Nagiri 302 S 11th St (662) 236-6639

Volta Taverna Southern Greek Cuisine, Soups, Salads, Wraps & Pizzas 710 N Lamar Blvd (662) 236-1871

bbq B’s Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Q Smoked Pork Tenderloin, Chicken, Ribs & Sides 825 College Hill Rd (662) 513-0401

Ember’s Biscuits & Bar-B-Que Smoked BBQ & Buscuits 1703 University Ave (662) 238-3565

Handy Andy BBQ, Sandwiches, Ribs, Peach & Apple Fried Pies 800 N Lamar Blvd (662) 234-4621

The Rib Cage BBQ, Ribs, Sandwiches & Nachos 311 S Lamar Blvd (662) 238-2929

bakeries/cafés Bottletree Bakery 923 Van Buren Ave (662) 236-5000

Honeybee Bakery Breakfast, Lunch & Cupcakes 2305 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 202 (662) 236-2490

Lusa’s Pastry Café Pastries & Sandwiches 1120 N Lamar Blvd (662) 234-9208 2305 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 211 (662) 380-5143

Shipley’s Do-Nuts 2151 S Lamar Blvd (662) 281-8414

Square Books Café 160 Courthouse Square (662) 236-2262

High Point Coffee 265 N Lamar Blvd, Ste. G (662) 513-0905 2311 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 301 (662) 259-2619

Mink’s on the Park

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Gourmet Chocolate & Candies 2305 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-2911

Skinny’s Nutrition Healthy Smoothies 1619 W Jackson Ave (662) 513-6020

Smoothie King 2311 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 307 (662) 259-2651

Sno Biz Shaved Ice, Ice Cream & Milkshakes 1707 University Ave (662) 234-8889

Chaney’s Pharmacy’s Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt 501 Bramlett Blvd (662) 234-7221

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurts 2560 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-0646

Breakfast, Delis & Coffee 904 College Hill Rd (662) 259-2263

Twisters Frozen Yogurt

sweet treats

Vienna Desserts

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream & Milkshakes 485 Hwy 6 (662) 236-3698 550 Hwy 7 S (662) 513-0156

Holli’s Sweet Tooth

2311 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 305 (662) 380-5009

House Of Fine European Cakes, Pastries & Desserts 2102 Harris Dr (662)-234-0088

Ya’s Ya’s Yogurt Frozen Yogurts 100 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-0038

Ice Cream & Candies 400 S Lamar Blvd (662) 236-7505 85


bars Ajax Diner Local Music Performances & Folk Art 118 Courthouse Sq (662) 232-8880

The Blind Pig Pub Beer Flights & Live Music 132 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-5119

Blue Magic Sports Bar & Grill Bar & Grill, V.I.P Area 2110 W Jackson Ave (662) 380-2960

Boure’ Balcony Space & Appetizers 110 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-1968

Buffalo Wild Wings Draft Beer & Wing Specials 2315 W Jackson Ave (662) 238-2716

Burgundy Room Balcony Space & Bellini’s 1112 Van Buren Ave (662) 236-6866

City Grocery Balcony Space & Drink Specials 152 Courthouse Sq (662) 232-8080

Frank & Marlees Outdoor Seating & Dueling Pianos 1210 Harrison Ave (662) 259-2442

Funky’s Daiquiri Bar & Pizza 1012 E Jackson Ave (662) 259-2881



Soulshine Pizza Factory

Live Music & Draft Beer 122 Courthouse Sq (662) 259-2500

Live Music & Draft Beer Pitchers 308 S Lamar Blvd (662) 533-7685

Lamar Lounge

The Corner Bar

Music & Mixed Drinks 1309 N Lamar Blvd (662) 513-6197

Music, Drinks & Sports 1002 E Jackson Ave

La Paz Mexican & Happy Hour 208 S Lamar Blvd (662) 234-0025

Lenora’s Seated Bar Area & Specialty Drinks 309 N Lamar Blvd, Ste. C (662) 236-1144

McCarthy’s Pub Frosty Cold Brew 141 S 10th St (662) 513-3223

Proud Larry’s Live Music & Margaritas 211 S Lamar Blvd (662) 236-0050

Rib Cage

The Library Sports Bar Sports Broadcasting & DJ Music 120 S 11th St (662) 234-1411

The Locker Room Sports Broadcasting & Pool Tables 2416 W Jackson Ave (662) 380-5029

Two Stick Sushi, Sports & Live Music 302 S 11th St (662) 236-6639

wine & spirits Bikini Beer 900 College Hill Rd (662) 259-2323

BBQ & Beer Specials 311 S Lamar Blvd (662) 238-2929

B&B Liquors

Rooster’s Blues House

Chuy’s Place

Live Performances & Pool Tables 114 Courthouse Sq (662) 236- 7970

1350 N Lamar Blvd, Ste. 2 (662) 236-3768

902 College Hill Rd (662) 236-9595

Colonel’s Wine & Liquor

Round Table

2101 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-9300

Outdoor Seating with 3 Bars 132 Courthouse Sq (662) 513-0588

C&M Package Store

Snackbar Oysters & Specialty Drinks 721 N Lamar Blvd (662) 236-6363

2306 S Lamar Blvd (662) 234-7217

Joe’s Craft Beer 2570 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 18 (662) 234-4900 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Rebel Taxi

1609 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-0610

(662) 832-7433

Old Taylor Wine & Liquor 2500 Old Taylor Rd (662) 234-0607

PJ’s Wine & Liquor 2015 University Ave (662) 234-9234

Safari Wine & Spirits 407 S 11th St, Ste. A (662) 234-2679

Star Package Store

Rock Star Taxi & Limo (662) 801-7019 (662) 701-7019

Houses Public Art Events 413 S 14th St (662) 236-6429

Sonrise Transportation

U of M Museum

(662) 234-6300

Exhibits Art & Historical Artifacts University Avenue & 5th St (662) 915-7073

University Designated Drivers (662) 607-6387

VIP Taxi (662) 380-7227

308 E Jackson Ave (662) 234-3331

the arts

Twin Package

Malco Theatre

1429 Old Hwy 7 N (662) 234-5824

1111 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-4962

West Jackson Wine & Spirits

Southside Gallery

2570 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-3400

taxi services Angel Taxi (662) 236-5557 (662) 715-9382

Austin Taxi (662) 832-9705

Hotty Toddy (662) 832-8636

Art Exhibits & Receptions 150 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-9090

Thacker Mountain Radio Live radio show every Thursday at Off Square Books

The Blues Archives

Park Oxford Assists Visitors & Citizens Parking 107 Courthouse Sq (662) 232-8605

U of M Department of Parking & Transportation Campus visitors must purchase a $1 daily hangtag and park in the appropriate marked parking lots. Lester Hall Room 120 (662) 915-7235

public transportation Oxford University Transit (OUT) Provides Public Transit for the City of Oxford and University of Mississippi 1801 University Ave (662) 234-3540

The Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts

Football Gameday Shuttle

(662) 715-9562

Oxford Taxi

The Lyric Oxford

(662) 701-7310 (617) 620-5439


Largest collection of blues recordings housed in the J.D. Williams Library at the University of Mississippi

Performance Facility 100 University Ave (662) 915-2787

J&A Taxi

The Powerhouse Community Arts Center


Kiamie Package Store

Service Provides Shuttle Service to and from VaughtHemingway Stadium 107 Courthouse Sq (662) 816-5501

Performance Theater & Drinks 1006 Van Buren Ave (662) 234-5333 87


antique shops Crème de la Crème Antique Furniture, New Home Accessories & Gifts 605 S Lamar Blvd (662) 234-1463

Mustard Seed Antique Antiques, Shabby Chic Furniture & Accessories 1737 University Ave (662) 281-8004

Reminisce Antique Mall Antique Dealers 1433 Old Hwy 7 N (662) 380-5121

Sugar Magnolia Antique Mall Antique Collectibles 1919 University Ave (662) 234-6330

The Depot Antiques Mall Over 100 Booths 709 N Lamar Blvd (662) 236-1979

home & gardening AC’s Bed and Bath Bed, Bath & Accessories 131 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-1008

Furniture World Furniture & Mattresses 1901 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-8588

Garden Center Soil & Gardening Supplies 2500 University Ave (662) 234-0135


GNC Supplements, Diet/Energy Nutrition & Health Products 2214 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-5687

Snooze Mattress Company Name Brand Mattresses 2202 W Jackson Ave (662) 701-5880

Good Nutrition

Something Southern

Health & Nutrition 1151 Frontage Rd (662) 281-8448

Home Furnishings, Décor & Accessories 1223 E Jackson Ave (662) 236-3977

Hollywood Feed Natural, Holistic Pet Food 2210 W Jackson Ave (662) 638-0435


Home Depot

Name Brand Furniture & Home Décor 137 Courthouse Sq (662) 236-1120

Home Supplies 201 Home Depot Dr (662) 234-7863

The Barn Trading Company

Hue Oxford Paints & Supplies 2311 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 306

Johnson’s Furniture Showroom Furniture & Mattresses 2128 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-7711

Magnolia Lighting Light Fixtures & Décor 2206 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-0025

Mississippi Madness Mississippi Made Products 141 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-5280

Oxford in Bloom Plants, Scrubs & Pine Straw 1446 S Lamar Blvd (662) 236-4686

Sneed’s Ace Hardware

Nursery, Gardening Supplies & Outdoor Décor 2657 W Oxford Loop (662) 238-7730

The Green Door Company Distinctive Furniture 1501 Molly Barr Rd (662) 380-5074

Tuesday Morning Shop for the Great Deals on Top Quality Brands at Closeout Prices 1925 University Ave (662) 513-0795

Unique Furnishings Home & Exterior Furnishings 1612 University Ave (662) 234-0405

Warehouse 605 Home Furnishings, Accessories & Gifts 1005 E Jackson Ave (662) 232-8690

Home & Garden Supplies 1400 University Ave (662) 234-3232 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Amit’s Hallmark Creative Gifts, Cards & Candy 2305 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 205 (662) 236-4107

Bette’s Flowers Order Flowers with Same Day Delivery 1798 University Ave (662) 234-6717

Chaney’s Pharmacy Pharmacy Services & Gifts 501 Bramlett Blvd (662) 234-7221

Lily Pad Gifts & Accessories Sorority Gifts, Vera Bradley & Unique Jewelry 128 Courthouse Sq (662) 238-2900

Mimosa Flowers & Gifts Flowers, Gifts & Quality Candles 2305 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 207 (662) 234-4440

Nest Paper Studio Custom Invitations & Paper Products 265 N Lamar Blvd (662) 281-8808

Olive Juice Gifts & Mississippi Made Products 302 S Lamar Blvd (662) 259-2696

Oxford Floral Floral Services, Gifts & Accessories 1103 Jefferson Ave (662) 234-2515

Treehouse Toys Toys & Gifts 1903 University Ave (662) 281-0755

University Florists

The Frame-Up

Fresh Flowers 1912 University Ave (662) 234-6044

Framing & Art 125 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-6641

sewing & monograms Knit 1 Oxford Yarns & Patterns 107 N 13th St (662) 238-2829

Miss Monogram Embroidery & Accessories 265 N Lamar Blvd (662) 281-1224

Sit N’ Rock Quilt & Sewing Shop Fabric & Sewing Supplies 1502 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-0800

Square Alterations & Monogramming Monogram & Alteration 203 Old Hwy 7 N (662) 513-0600

the arts Art2Frame Custom Framing 505 Heritage Dr (662) 236-3818

Austin’s Music Musical Instruments 305 Heritage Dr (662) 236-1311

Frame Solutions Art Gallery & Frames 1453 S Lamar Blvd (662) 259-2400


floral & gifts

Off Square Books Books & Artist Events 129 Courthouse Sq (662) 236-2828

Paint & Pen Art Supplies & Books 303 Heritage Dr (662) 236-9494

Partyology Party Supplies 111 Heritage Dr (662) 234-4799

Rebel Music Musical Instruments 1605 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-0999

Ron’s Music Center Musical Instruments 717 Old Hwy 7 N (662) 234-0051

S&J Art Gallery Gifts, Art & Framing 1010 E Jackson Ave (662) 234-8139

Southside Gallery Art Gallery 150 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-9090

Square Books Bookstore & Ice Cream Shop 160 Courthouse Sq (662) 236-2262

Square Books, Jr. Children’s Bookstore & Toys 111 Courthouse Sq (662) 236-2207 89


clothing & accessories Amelia Handmade Jewelry, Home Goods & Gifts 1006 Van Buren Ave (901) 355-0311

Amy Head Cosmetics Make-up & Every Week, Low Prices Every Day 2550 W Jackson Ave (662) 513-6249

Cicada for Her Boutique Designer 307 S Lamar Blvd (662) 281-0541 ext. 100

Cicada for Him Shop Designer Lines for Men 303 S Lamar Blvd (662) 281-0541 ext. 104

Engagements Bridal & Formal Wear 1007 N Lamar Blvd (662) 234-1108

Factory Connection Men’s & Women’s Clothing 1911 University Ave (662) 513-9941

Frock Fashions Fashionable Clothing, Gifts & Accessories 201 N Lamar Blvd (662) 234-1360

Hinton & Hinton Outfitters Fashion Apparel, Men’s Suites & Designer Lines 135 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-0691



Material Girls

Women’s Clothing, Gifts & Accessories 265 N Lamar Blvd (662) 236-9707

Latest Trends & Brands 403 S Lamar Blvd (662) 513-0888

Jos A. Bank Men’s Suits, Tailoring & Casual Menswear 1501 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 105 (662) 281-7475

Maurices Fashion, Quality, Value & Customer Service 2317 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 101 (662) 236-3666

Kaleidoscope & Chique

Melody’s Beauty & Fashions

Women’s Clothing, Designer Shoes & Gifts 116 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-6722

Women’s Clothing & Beauty Products 1927 University Ave (662) 234-2273


Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio

Outdoor Apparel, Shoes & Accessories 2317 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-9930

Lacey Lauren’s Chic Boutique 124 Courthouse Sq (662) 296-4688

Lammon’s Jewelry Engagement Rings, Earrings, Pendants & Men’s Jewelry 1126 N Lamar Blvd (662) 234-2777

Landry’s Menswear

Skincare Products & Makeup 2305 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 205 (662) 236-4107

Miss Behavin’ Make Rules, Break Rules, Fashion Rules 107 N Lamar Blvd (662) 513-4177

Monarch Boutique & Gifts Women Fashion 1007 N Lamar Blvd, Ste. 1 (662) 346-6075

Traditional Apparel to Southern Gentlemen 302 S Lamar Blvd (662) 281-0846

My Favorite Shoes


138 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-0059

Great Fashion Meets Incredible Service 265 N Lamar Blvd, Ste. J (662) 234-4111

Maison Weiss 2

Great Prices & Great Shoes 1905 University Ave (662) 236-2522

National Menswear Men & Boy’s Clothing 2313 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-4204

High Fashion & Make-Up 130 Courthouse Sq (662) 236-5477 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

The Oldest Store in the South 119 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-1161

Nella’s Women’s Clothing 103 Courthouse Sq (662) 281-8711

Sally Beauty Supply Beauty Products & Supplies 2580 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-6986

The Shoe Dept Brand Name Footwear 2550 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 9 (662) 281-8508

New York Fashion

Thomas Brothers Formal Wear

Men & Women Clothing 1710 University Ave (662) 234-3182

Formalwear 1504 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-2642

Oooh La La Boutique

Tummies Maternity

Fashion & Accessories 265 Old Hwy 7 N (662) 236-4343

Maternity Accessories 1003 Van Buren Ave (662) 234-1001

Oxford Bridal


Wedding, Bridesmaid & Prom Dresses 405 S Lamar Blvd (662) 234-5811

Jewelry & Accessories 1105 Van Buren Ave (662) 234-3427

Peas & Carrots High Quality Children’s Clothing 1906 University Ave (662) 236-5566

Pink and Proper Clothing and Accessories 265 N Lamar Blvd (662) 281-1111

Private Gallery Jewelry, Clothes & Shoes 306 S Lamar Blvd (662) 236-4022

Village Taylor Women’s Boutique 145 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-8217

Vincent’s Boot & Shoe Working Boots & Shoes 2008 University Ave (662) 234-1876


sporting goods


Neilson’s Department Store

Campus Book Mart Ole Miss Apparel, University Books & School Supplies 1111 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-5993

Endurance Athletics Running Shoes, Clothing, Nutrition & Accessories 400 S Lamar Blvd (662) 380-5119

Hibbett Sports Sporting Footwear, Equipment & Apparel 2317 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-2844

Rebel Rags Ole Miss Gear & Apparel 2302 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-7247

The Trophy Shop Custom Plaques, Awards & Trophies 1533 University Ave (662) 236-3726

University Sporting Goods Sporting Goods & Ole Miss Apparel 105 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-1736

Cosmetics, Fragrances & Bath Accessories 265 N Lamar Blvd (662) 281-8989

Rack Room Shoes Shoes, Handbags, Accessories & Athletic Wear 2305 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 212 (662) 236-3412

Rue 21 Men, Women & Junior Clothing 2305 W Jackson Ave (662) 236-7696 91


apartments Anderson Estates 1731 Anderson Rd (662) 234-0380

Campus Creek 101 Creekmore Blvd (662) 513-4980

Canterbury Crest Apartments 1531 Tyler Cove (662) 234-1012

Clearbrook Located on Old Sardis Rd (662) 236-7736

Cotton Creek Located on Old Sardis Rd (662) 236-7736

Cove Apartments 1903 Anderson Rd (662) 234-1422

Creekwood Located on Old Sardis Rd (662) 236-7736

Fox Hollow Located on College Hill Rd (662) 236-7736

Heritage Park 600 McElroy Dr (662) 236-4433

Highland Square 206 Town Center Dr, Ste. 100 (866) 978-2497 Leasing Office: 309 N Lamar Blvd, Ste. A

Hub at Oxford 109 Anchorage Rd (662) 234-2833

Lafayette Place

University Trails Oxford

1711 Anderson Rd (662) 513-6222

900 Whirlpool Dr (662) 281-1335

Lexington Pointe

Westwind Townhouse

2000 Lexington Pointe Dr (662) 281-0402

Michael Dr (662) 234-0000

Maplewood Apartments


49 Effie Circle (662) 236-7091

Molly Barr Trails

Aspen Ridge

1021 Molly Barr Rd (662) 816-8800

2214 Anderson Rd (662) 513.0011 or (662) 513-0011

Oak Grove Apartments

Cedar Ridge Condo

3036 Davis Dr (662) 236-4749

588 Hathorn Rd (662) 234-5421

Oak View Apartments

Edinburgh Place Condos

41 Rubin Dr (662) 236-3927

Old Sardis Place Located on Old Sardis Rd (662) 236-7736

Pine Grove Apartments

1500 Anderson Rd (662) 238-2930

Esplanade Ridge Located on Anderson Rd (662) 801-5170

2400 Anderson Rd (662) 234-1550

Jackson Square Condos

Solo Apartments

119 Chestnut St (662) 236-9790

1430 University Ave (662) 234-4144

Taylor Bend Apartments 101 Old Taylor Rd (208) 356-6686

The Connection 2000 Oxford Way (662) 236-3160

The Links 44 Private Rd 3151 (662) 513-4949

Marks Condominium Located on Old Taylor Rd (662) 234- 8718 or (662) 816-7873

Provence Park Condos 1102 Frontage Rd (662) 801-1815

Soleil Condominiums 100 Private Rd 3049 (662) 234-9364

The Retreat 2405 Anderson Rd (662) 550-2003

92 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Animal Clinic of Oxford Animal Care 2008 Harris Dr (662) 234-8022

Callahan’s Quick Print Printing Services 1735 University Ave (662) 234-8060

Copy Time Top-Of-The-Line Production Printers 407 S 11th St (662) 234-2679

Documart Printing Services 1105 W Jackson Ave (662) 281-1474

Esthetiques Skin Spa Skin Care Treatments 1525 University Ave (662) 236-1937

Express Computer Service Computer Repair 1501 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 103 (662) 236-5670

Hunters Hollow Hunting & Outdoor Equipment 2602 W Oxford Loop (662) 234-5945

Metrocast Video, Internet & Phone 105 Allison Cove (800) 457-5351

Mississippi Auto Arms Shotguns & Rifles 1300 Van Buren Ave (662) 816-4802

Oxford Bicycle Co Bikes & Accessories 407 E Jackson Ave (662) 236-6507

Oxford Clock Works Clock Repair 1107 Van Buren Ave (662) 801-6614

Rainbow Cleaners Dry Cleaners & Laundries 1203 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-2266

Reflections MedSpa Skin Care Treatment Service 1194 S 18th St (662) 232-8860

Sitters Home, Hospital Assisted Living & Retirement Sitting Contact Jacqui Lear (662) 259-2401

Suthern Oasis Spa Massages, Waxing, Facials, Manicures & Pedicures 317 Heritage Dr, Ste. 5 (662) 234-0090

University Cleaners Clothing Alteration Service & Dry Cleaner 1904 University Ave (662) 234-7988

auto service

Deals Auto Service



Auto Services & Repairs 2100 S Lamar Blvd (662) 281-4417

Dipstix Oil Lube & Filter Service 2525 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-2225

Gateway Tire Tires & Batteries 2197 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-6152

Napa Auto Parts Auto Parts & Accessories 1360 Old Hwy 7 N (662) 234-1611

Oxford Tire Services Tires: Vehicle & Farm Equipment 2601 W Oxford Loop (662) 234-3602

Ray Brothers Auto Repair Auto Repair & Diagnostics 1444 S Lamar Blvd (662) 234-2421

Shivers Towing 24/7 Towing Services 1333 Old Hwy 7 N (662) 234-5238

Advance Auto Parts

University Tire & Auto Repair

Top-Quality Auto Parts 2590 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-1068

Vehicle Maintenance 1434 University Ave (662) 234-5721

Auto Zone

Walmart Center

Auto Parts Retailer 1913 University Ave (662) 234-8288

Oil Change & Tire Rotation 2530 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-9131

Caine’s Auto Body and Towing Auto Body Services 517 Hwy 7 S (662) 236-3123 93


visitor info Oxford City Hall

(662) 701-7310 (617) 620-5439

Visitor Information Available inside City Hall 107 Courthouse Sq (662) 236-1310

Rebel Taxi

Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce

(662) 801-7019 (662) 701-7019

Businesses & Visitor Info 299 W Jackson Ave P.O. Box 147 662-234-4651

Recycling Drop Off Plastic, Cans, Newspaper & Mixed Paper 717 Molly Barr Rd

Yoknapatawpha Arts Council Lafayette County & Oxford’s Arts Agency 413 S 14th St (662) 236-6429

Oxford Convention & Visitors Bureau 102 Ed Perry Blvd (662) 232-2367

taxi services Angel Taxi (662) 236-5557 (662) 715-9382

Austin Taxi (662) 832-9705

Hotty Toddy (662) 832-8636

J&A Taxi (662) 715-9562


Oxford Taxi

real estate Hightower Property Management, LLC

(662) 832-7433

23 CR 2015 662-8016692

Rock Star Taxi & Limo

HTY, Inc. (Steeplechase)

Sonrise Transportation (662) 234-6300

University Designated Drivers (662) 607-6387

VIP Taxi (662) 380-7227

car rental Carbo Limo Bus & Limousine Rental (662) 801-7890 (662) 236-1818

Enterprise Rent-A-Car 1615 W Jackson Ave (662) 281-0508

1300 Van Buren Avenue 662-232-2440

John Welty, Realtor 706 Jackson Avenue 662-816-2782

Marchbanks Real Estate 1108 Van Buren Avenue 662-234-2814

public transportation Oxford University Transit (OUT) Provides Public Transit for the City of Oxford & University of Mississippi 1801 University Ave (662) 234-3540.

Football Gameday Shuttle

234 Timber Ln (662) 259-0508

Provides Shuttle Service to and from Vaught-Hemingway Stadium 107 Courthouse Sq (662) 816-5501

airports & airways

emergency contacts

Southern Airways Express

City of Oxford

Oxford Limousine

Small-Plane Service 1 Airport Rd

University Oxford Airport Small, Regional Airport 1 Airport Rd (662) 915-5435

107 Courthouse Sq (662) 816-7469

Lafayette County Jail 711 E Jackson Ave (662) 234-6421 Visitors and Newcomers Guide • Dec 2013/Jan 2014

animal clinics

Fire Chief, Cary Sallis 658 N Lamar Blvd (662) 232-2418 (662) 232-2412 (662) 232-2413

Animal Clinic of Oxford

Oxford Police Department

(662) 832-7633

Chief of Police, Joey East 715 Molly Barr Rd (662) 232-2400

University Police Department Kinard Hall Wing C, Floors 2 & 3 (662) 915-7235

medical centers Allcare Mississippi Day & Night Walk-In Care 301 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-6464

Baptist Memorial Hospital Emergency Services 24/7 2301 S Lamar Blvd (662) 232-8100

Oxford After Hours Clinic Day & Night Walk-In Car 1929 University Ave (662) 236-2232

Urgent Care Clinic of Oxford

2008 Harris Dr (662) 234-8022

Animal Control Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society 413 McElroy Dr (662) 236-7631 (662) 236-7633

post offices Pak Mail Mailing, Packaging & Delivery Services 1501 W Jackson Ave, Ste. 113 (662) 236-9075

The UPS Store Mailing, Packaging & Delivery Services 1739 University Ave (662) 236-3800

U.S. Postal Service Stamps, Boxes, Mailing Services & Pick-Up 401 McElroy Dr (662) 234-5615 1 Student Union Dr (662) 234-1316 505 Jackson Ave (662) 281-8329

radio stations

Day & Night Walk-In Care 1487 Belk Blvd (662) 234-1090

American Family Association

V.B. Harrison Student Health Services

Mississippi Authority for Educational TV

Student Walk-In Care & HealthServices 400 Rebel Dr (662) 915-7274

WAVI 91.5 FM

WMAV 90.3 FM

San Dow Broadcasting, Inc. WWMS 97.5 FM


Oxford Fire Department

Taylor Communications, Inc. WOXD 95.5 FM

Telesouth Communications, Inc. WQLJ Q 93.7 FM

University of Mississippi Rebel Radio 92.1 FM

banks BancorpSouth 1936 University Ave (662) 234-4898

Bank of Commerce 1610 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-2220

FNB of Oxford 101 Courthouse Sq 2149 S Lamar Blvd 821 N Lamar Blvd 1113 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-2821

Oxford University Bank 2301 W Jackson Ave (662) 234-0622 1550 University Ave (662) 234-6668

Regions Bank 1960 University Ave (662) 232-8016 158 Courthouse Sq (662) 234-4751 1501 Jefferson Ave

Renasant Bank 2527 W Jackson Ave 1106 Van Buren Ave (877)367-5371 95

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Experience Oxford Dec. 2013- Jan. 2014  
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