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How much sun Is too much?

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Style BVI Hairshow 2014

Above are the 5 final contenders from left to right Erica Creque, Alexis Wyatt (official winner), Kyia George, Laura Thomas and Helina Hewlett.

Julisa Dulchand Winner of the Weightloss Games 2014


eauty in the



Recently at a social function I had to smile, after overhearing a friend jokingly telling her husband that he spends more time in the mirror than she does. Me? Guilty as well! Guys, the time for us to focus on image is long overdue and there is no law against us ensuring that we are always groomed and well dressed. I am happy to declare that the table has turned. The metro man has become the object of her attention, as ladies have now made the connection between image and lifestyle; understanding, that the personal hygiene necessary for a metro reflection is very important for a healthy relationship. For example, she hated your crusty feet…so getting a pedicure does not make you a sissy, it however, makes wifey happy! Beast, your position has been elevated from 'her man' to 'her boo'…you are now the new accessory that she is proud to show off and you should finally feel like the pack leader, now that you are no longer a drab tagalong, but rather an enhancement. Remember "Happy wife, happy life.”

New Year's Style Resolution. I recommend that for 2015, you make a decision to become a B.E.A.S.T (Beautiful, Elegant, Attractive, Stylish & Trendy). It is my hope that you take me up on this recommendation, and based on recent fashion enthusiasm, I must say I have a reason to be overly optimistic. The BEAST reference – inspired me to focus on another animal. Therefore, this article is dedicated to the real beast, him! “Man a Dawg” or “Man a Beast,” sounds familiar? But-of-course it is! These are descriptive regional phrases, used mainly to emphasize the macho image of the Caribbean man, the macho image that shuns any behavioral pattern of the opposite sex. This macho fixation is so deep-rooted in our culture, that even household chores are classified as either 'masculine' or 'feminine'. I remember vividly, the days when fashion was 'unofficially' reserved for women only and guys did not dare get excited about designs, without attracting certain stereotypes, especially because 'Man a Beast'. Thank goodness those days are far-gone…well, for the most part.

Ladies, I give you full credit and express my sincere gratitude for your contribution in encouraging our brothers to embrace fashion, without feeling as though it's a threat to their manhood. A trip to the mall has now become a welcomed family or relationship-building exercise…quite the irony, isn't it? Keep up the good work.

This is why I felt compelled to write “Beauty in the Beast.” Giving recognition to the transformation of the Beast (that carefree thug) into what we see today; a trendsetting, swaggeriffic, fashionisto! There is no doubt that the fashion of the Caribbean men is adapted by some of the top male designers around the world and international runways are infused with the dancehall influence, among others. I am personally in awe at times, when I witness some of the fashion risks taken by the men in the region, we have gotten so daring and I like it!! Honestly though, some of the looks are 'a big mess', but considering where we were…I give 'A' for attempt.

So then its official, the Beast is hot - and today the world is a better-looking place, simply because the Beast has decided to polish-up his look and has mathematically calculated the stereotypes to equal Metrosexual, proving once-and-for-all that there is in fact “Beauty in the BEAST.



Miss Rosanna Chichester Talks about her greatest motivation and success Puerto Rico they saw how bad my mother was. They made her stay because she was in her final stages of the cancer. So my dad was mother and father for that moment. While my mother was in the hospital, they gave her chemotherapy and tests treatments. She was so bad that her sight went, she had no hair, sores all over her body, she was swollen and her womb was destroyed along with all her organs. So they called our pastor to come and pray for the family and plan the funeral because the doctors gave up. Of course our pastor came with the team with the intention of healing. My mom said she was in her room one day and a man came into her room and was dressed in white with a radiant glow but a really clean white. The man told her she was going to live, and not die. She begged him to stay because she was afraid.

What is your constant motivation? 'My deepest motivation is my parents. At the age of 2 my father was diagnosed with Guillain Barre syndrome and my mother was diagnosed with lupus at the same time. I think my mother was 26 and my dad was 29. They had my brother and I so my mother didn't seek treatment because we were really young; her focus was her kids and her husband. When my dad got diagnosed he was a truck driver. One day he felt fine and the next day while picking up my brother from school he couldn't feel one of his legs and by the end of that day he was completely paralyzed. By the next day he was rushed by ambulance to Puerto Rico. He was the first one in the British Virgin Islands with that disease, so no one knew how to treat it. He had to be put on life support in the ambulance.

Within the same week the doctors were confused because she got better and better. Soon after, the cancer was gone. She went back to look for the man. The doctors and nurses looked with her but no one knew who he was or could find him. After a while she began to doubt her healing, but one day while watching the 700 club all of a sudden the host stopped and said “someone out there is doubting their healing and you will get a sign from God to show you that you have been healed.” And the sign was that she got pregnant even though the cancer had destroyed the womb and doctors told her she would never get pregnant.

And when he got to Puerto Rico the only thing he could physically do was blink. Within the time he was in Puerto Rico the doctors gave up on him. He was on a ventilator, because he couldn't breathe on his own.

God healed them to see their children grow up. Because of my families' testimony they are my constant motivation' What was your proudest moment?

They called our pastor to Puerto Rico to plan his funeral but he had different intentions. He came with prayer warriors. He came to pray for healing and after praying for healing my father was totally healed! He was breathing on his own and could walk on his own! But while my father was getting better my mother got worse. While in

“My proudest moment was when I won 'Miss Teen British Virgin Islands' because my grandmother always said I would be a princess or a queen. So I got to call her and tell her it happened.” .



MCKENZIE BALTIMORE JR. SINGER, SONG WRITER, ACTOR African producer Selasi who produced for Guccie Mane and Kandi from the 90's RNB music group XSCAPE. He is arguably the most up and coming versatile artist from the Virgin Islands as you may remember him as an actor in the popular stage play 'THE OFFICE' Where he played as a file clerk struggling to find his way through society as a singer but was not being accepted because he was gay.

McKenzie Baltimore Junior's name can be a mouthful for some and while nicknames like Mac, Kenzie, JR or MBJ might be easier to say to get his attention, this talented singer, song writer, and performer answers to “BMore”. B'More was born and raised in Natures Little Secrets, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, the largest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands in the Eastern Caribbean, and he musically made his debut at the very young age of 8, when he blew away the congregation at his family's church with his rich, sweet and soulful voice that was compared to Michael Jackson in his early days. It wasn't long before he started to sing backup vocals for many of the Islands top groups.

B'More is currently working in the studio ensuring that his NEW EP is a game changer around the world.

NOTABLE LIVE PERFORMANCES · 2009 Hope Festival – Tortola, BVI · Go Green Festival 2010 · BVI Music Festival 2010 & 2012, 2013 Tortola, BVI · Miss BVI 2010 & 2011 · D Spot's Luther VS Stevie Featured Artist November 24th 2012 · VI Idol 2012 · VIBE Album Release Party · Groovy Soca Monarch 2014 · Music Alliance Go Green Fun Day 2014 · STYLE BVI 2014 Hair Show · Ta r r u s R i l e y ( R i l e y F o r Christmas) 2014

B'More now 26, has shared the stage with some of music's greats such as Jah Cure, Fantasia, Joss Stone, Estelle and Divinity Roxx. You may Know B'More for his hit RnB single 'Love Again' that released in May 2013 that carried the song and video to the No 2 song in the Caribbean. This led to his Album 'Inside Out' that gain respect from producers and songwriters around the Caribbean and imperial parts of Atlanta Georgia. Being the GoGetta that he is, B'More took a bold step and went abroad to work with well-known producers such as WLPWR who produced for Wiz Khalifa, Eminem and Yela Wolf and 17

Anegada Lobster Festival A resounding Success participants with more choices to partake in the weekend long event. The two-day event's aim is to introduce attendees to the diverse culinary experiences on Anegada, stopping along the event route to taste various lobster samplers, unique island cocktails and enjoying the festive entertainment. The configuration of this event allows participants to become better acquainted with the island in general as one moves from point to point along the route. There was much entertainment from stop to stop with the restaurateurs providing DJ's and bands to keep the crowds amused. From party goers to families there was a wide variety for all to enjoy.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, November 29 – 30, 2014 – The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board celebrated the end of Restaurant Week & Culinary month with the highly anticipated 2014 Anegada Lobster Festival.

“Anegada saw its people come together to embrace the event, recognizing its value to the island. The Anegada Lobster Festival is an example of utilizing a unique local product and creating something that is marketable globally to increase awareness of the destination's offerings.” said Rhodni Skelton, Film Commissioner & Anegada Festival C o m m i t t e e C h a i r m a n . M r. S k e l t o n remarked that “Its economic impacts are far reaching and the event will continue to stimulate interest amongst travelers and drive traffic not only to the island but the Territory in general.”

The second annual Anegada Lobster Festival took place on November 29th and 30th and saw approximately 1,500 people converge on the island for the weekend's activities, a 66% increase over last year's 900 arrivals. The event generated much excitement from the many restaurants taking part as well as those that sought to experience the fun and adventure for the first time including repeat revelers. The event not only attracted visitors from neighboring USVI and Puerto Rico but as far away as Brazil! A total of ten restaurants came on board this year creating an opportunity for supporters to delight in varying lobster samples and dishes across the entire island. Interest in the event continues to grow amongst restaurateurs, taxi drivers, vendors and other businesses on Anegada. This year additional ferry and transportation options provided


The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board is pleased with the event's turn out. The festival provided a platform for Anegada's chefs, restaurant owners, those within the tourism and service industry to showcase their skills in a fun and festive way. Our goal is to continue to develop our culinary tourism product to meet the desires of people within our community and our visitors whom have shown an appreciation for these authentic experiences,� said Sharon Flax-Mars, Director of Tourism. The Tourist Board team has commenced its event debriefing and review to ensure that the 2015 Anegada Lobster Festival is even more successful than the previous.


STYLE B.V.I HAIR SHOW 2014 A RESOUNDING SUCCESS ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI – “This year people went crazy with the styles, it was amazing, amazing, amazing. It was talent you can't even imagine,” said Mr Aymen Husein. Staging yet another hair show this year satisfied the organizers that there is a cadre of cosmetologists in the Virgin Islands with unusual skills and abilities when it comes to using weave, braids and natural hair to create those million dollar styles to make you say “wow!” The show was held on December 7, 2014 at UP's Cineplex and despite the challenge of having to walk many flights of stairs because of a malfunctioning elevator, patrons got the bang for every last buck they spent. Some ten salons/hairstylists participated in the competition this year and despite the keen competition the judges' decision was accepted as everyone could not have taken home the individual prizes Eclipse Hair salon & Spa/Barber Shop dominated the

winning categories this year taking the prizes for Best Braids, Best Weave, best wedding style, most outrageous style and the Peoples Choice Award. The prize for best natural style went to Pink Dot Beauty Salon & Spa while best cut and colour went to Happy Heart Salon & Barber Shop.. Speaking with Hott Magazine recently one of the main men behind the organizing and executing of the show Mr Aymen Husein said that it was obvious that lessons were learnt from the 2013 edition of the show. “You can tell that a lot of hair stylists [learned from] last year. Like we said that we want this show to be an expo as well as a competition so we are looking for these businesses as well as all the hair stylists to learn from each other in a friendly competition and expose the work and the beautiful talent that we have,” he said. Also noteworthy was the fact that from among the participating salons from across the Territory was one which came the distance from Jost Van Dyke, Y & K Beauty Salon, to participate.


“They did amazing. This is for us to show the people that we have talent here in the BVI,� he added. According to the organizers approximately four of the participating salons returned this year which saw repeat win for one of them, Happy Heart Centre. International hair fashion expert Ms Glenda 'J' Jemison of Franklin Beauty School in Houston,Tx USA, who had high expectations, was not in any way disappointed, but rather swept off her feet with the level and quality of styles that the hair stylists came out with this year. It is said that she has pledged to continue to support the promotion of the industry and as it was her first visit to the Virgin Islands there are many more to come as bookings and recommendations to other friends have been sealed. This is for the organizers of style BVI nothing but a big plus as they did their part in plugging tourism in the Territory. The show had also featured performances by Melanie Amaro, B'More and Glenroy "G'Smooth" Charles. A fashion show By Sunshine GM Store and a Hair Bow and accessories show By J-soriah's Hair Bows & accessories. The salons that participated were Happy Heart and Barber Shop of Road Town, Sandra's Exquisite Hair Designs of Virgin Gorda, Y&K Beauty Salon of Jost Van Dyke, Pink Dot Beauty Salon and Spa of Road Town, Splendour in the Virgin Islands of Road Town, A Cut Above Hair and Beauty Salon of Huntum's Ghut, Daniella's Beauty Salon and Barber Shop of Long Bush, Eclipse Hair Salon and Spa/Barber Shop of Road Town and Elite Braiding and Nail Salon of Paraquita Bay. Platinum Sponsors this year were Caribbean Insurers Limited, Digicel, International Motors Ltd, The Moorings and 5 Girls Value Centre, Hazem's Beauty Supplies.


Fashion Show By: Sunshine GM Store


Best Braid winner: Eclipse Hair Salon & Spa/ Barber Shop

Best Weave winner: Eclipse Hair Salon & Spa/ Barber Shop

Most outrageous winner: Eclipse Hair Salon & Spa/ Barber Shop

Best wedding/Bridal Style winner: Eclipse Hair Salon & Spa/ Barber Shop 22

Best Natural Style winner: Pink Dot Beauty Salon and Spa

Best Color & Cut Style winner: Happy heart Salon & Barber Shop

Hair Bow & Accessories show by: J-Soriah' Hair Bows & Accessories 23

How much sun is too much ? By: Shana Jawahir

spots are commonly called age spots as they come about after some years well spent in the sun. Skin generally tends to age prematurely in severe conditions like extreme cold and hot weather. And persons with already aggravated skin having a condition or disorder, does not fair any better under heat. In fact these conditions are made worse overtime under sun exposure.

So we are in the tropics and no matter where we go there will always be hot sun. Right? Nice excuse for basking in this big ball of delight... But sun lovers we have news for you, that big gaseous globe does not only give you beautiful sun kissed skin. But can also be life threatening. In fact statistics can show you how prevalent skin cancer has become in this generation; proof that our ozone layer is gradually weakening. This green house gas effect is fast becoming a real global crisis. The sun is needed on our planet life for flora and fauna, a good and natural source of energy, it fuels the eco-system and in turn keeps us in the balance, but too much of it can turn the ecological tables to disaster. This body of gas is estimated to be about 93 million miles away from planet earth, yet its UV and infrared rays can reach us with such intensity.

For example; acne vulgaris , seborrhea, rosacea or psoriasis.These are just a few among many other skin related problems that can get worse under the sun. Skin sensitivity is heightened as areas that get constantly flushed become a network of hundreds of tiny broken blood vessels giving the skin red, pink or purple patches. This heat causes the skin to release much moisture, causing the skin to purge oil unto the surface in excessive amounts, in an attempt to seal in what ever moisture it has left. Also to protect it from bacterial invasion and environmental damage.

Let's narrow this problem down to just the human body, and how it is able to cope with the sun. In light of the problems that are associated with the sun, it is our body's main source of vitamin D, along with the many other wonderful benefits. Which effects can be both desirable and undesirable. Of course it gives us that healthy glow and color once we expose ourselves to it in moderation but the flip side to that is the thin line that separates just the right amount of sun from too much. One of the most common effects is the unsightly sun burn. This takes effect when the suns heat dehydrates our cells causing it to age at a rapid pace, inducing the over production of melanin in the skin which gives us that brown or dark crusted look. The body does this to protect the younger cells bellow and to keep in whatever moisture is left in the skin to salvage. In some cases if the sun burn is not too serious the old cells just gradually shed of in a matter of days, some cases being more noticeable than others. Sun burns that are serious can first cause the skin to become red and inflamed leading to a persistent burning sensation that can be quit sensitive to the touch.

A severe condition that is acquired after years of intense sun exposure coupled with a lack of care is called the “Hayflick Limit�. This is marked by the thickening of the skin, leather like to the touch with deep lines and discoloration. Once the skin has reached this state it is labeled irreparable. Another skin terror is the dreaded skin cancer, with the worse of them being malignant melanoma or basil cell carcinoma. It starts of as a tiny mole like blemish on the skin which before too long, takes over your entire system. It is noted as one of the world's most common cancers affecting persons mostly in the tropical and temperate zones.

Constant sun exposure of this magnitude can lead to Hyper or hypo-pigmentation a condition that comes about, after years of sun exposure. It is the discoloration of the skin on affected areas more noticeable on the cheeks, forehead and chest, appearing like brown spots or freckled like dots, some can be wider in diameter. For some the skin is discolored with a pigment lighter than the skins natural color usually whitish in appearance. These


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Shana Jawahir /Esthetician Precision Beauty Clinic 473 439 5633

This is why it is always wise to do regular inspections of your body, noting any peculiarities. Other complications that can arise as a result of too much sun are worsened hyper-tension and hyper-ventilation, both leading to heat stroke. An indication of these can be severe headaches, blurred vision and problems breathing just to name a few. So before this happens please take heed to some of the ways you can get the best and not the worse out of the sun. One does not only have to take precaution when in the sun for long periods like the beach or on the bleachers looking at the games. Some form of protection must be applied to the skin everyday as long as we head out of our bedrooms in the morning. You would be amazed to know where the sun can find you.. That's right! In the comfort of your own home, but there are many different ways to protect your skin from the sun. There is always the good old hat and umbrella to shade you from the midday heat, it serves to be a very effective way of escaping the blast of heat from above but not as good at protecting you from below, like the glare or reflection that may come from the sea or a distant roof top or the hood of a car nearby. Yes believe it! Even the reflection can burn you, so this is where your broad sun glasses comes in, to shield your eyes from the harmful glares which can cause future eye damage and sun block or sun screen to buffer the suns intensity. This however has to be reapplied every 2 hours as its intensity weakens when mingled with sweat and oils produced on the skin. Sun block (spf) is recommended for all skin types and colors as it can do the same amount of damage.

Men! Your skin is no different from women except for it being slightly thicker and oilier, which makes it even more important for you to wear sun protectors. In the tropics it is always wise to dress in light loose clothing, avoiding dark colors that absorbs heat and retains it. Recommended material can be cotton and or linen as they are light and conducts heat a lot better allowing the skin to breath. This brings me to water which is something that the body loses rapidly with heat through sweating, apart from our regular restroom visits. No wonder the body becomes dehydrated and calls for it, so let's listen to by filling up. Remember we are made up of over 70% water and we are talking blood, lymph, digestive juices and enzymes, wet membranes and the list can go on. Finally there is abstinence, but of course no one wants to hear that! Where ever or when ever you can avoid the sun, do it. Later on as you get older you will certainly not regret it. The best times to be out in the sun can be from 5:30 to 9:30 am and then at 4:30 to 7:30 pm. At these specific times the sun is not directly blasting full force at you, so you can enjoy a full serving of gentle warmth. As an Esthetician, meeting clients' everyday with sun related problems, tells me how much we need to be educated about it. Clients are usually grateful and in most cases these sun related problems can be reversed. Be sure to check your skin care specialist or dermatologist for further advice as well as the internet which has a wealth of information just waiting for you.




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The idea is to capture the BVI/Caribbean by highlighting, promoting and producing their talents with the incorporation of many types of challenges. This will entail lifting Modeling and Runway Deportment to a level of sophistication by the development of a New Series Production that will incorporate the basic concept of the popular TV Series featured around the world and establishes a spectacular BVI/Caribbean extravaganza. Ideally, this will in turn be showcasing ladies and gentlemen in and around the BVI and also the Caribbean, while in the interim enabling the involvement of individuals into a fulfilled event that will sure to be appealing to the eye. A minimum number of 6 contenders will have the opportunity to showcase their versatility, creativity and style as they face a panel of judges and square off their abilities and attributes with hopes of becoming the next S.T.O.M.P Model Marketing Madness Winner.

Meet the STOMP 2014 Contenders Daneille 28




Are You Making New Year’s Resolutions The Right Way or the Wrong Way? gym. This is great, but for some people just the trip to the gym takes time and trouble, and involves making arrangements for the kids. After a while many people come to the conclusion that all this just takes up too much of their time and their fitness goals are dashed. If you could find a way to workout at home, however, all the time and energy you spend trying to get to the gym would be saved and you can spend more time in pursuance of your goal, i.e. getting fit.

The New Year is a time for making resolutions. Most people feel as though they've overdone it by the end of the Christmas holiday: too much food and drink and not enough exercise. Gyms and health clubs experience their biggest jump in membership in January. Will you be one of those signing up for a fitness regime? There are two ways to make New Year's fitness resolutions. But, only one of those ways will build and tone your body, increase your endurance, provide you with instant weight loss tools and help you stay fit for longer. The only things you will get from the other way are weight gain and frustration from a lack of progress.

4. Failing to plan. How can you possibly expect to get from your current position to your destination if you've never been there before, not even in your imagination? That is simply asking for all sorts of problems, leading to frustration and motivation issues. Your goals should be reinforced EVERYDAY, so write them down and put them somewhere you can see them.

What do you want? Here's How People Make New Year's Resolutions the Wrong Way 1. Publicising their goals. The last thing you want is for the wrong person to find out that you want to improve your diet or take a few inches off your waistline. Because he or she will try to bring you down with negativity and get in the way of you developing new and good habits. Don't even give them the chance. Instead, focus on why you want to lose that extra 20 pounds, so you can know what personally motivates you and gets you emotionally involved.

5. Not having a back up plan. Come up with a backup plan for the possible roadblocks to your goal. If your New Year's resolution is to walk a mile every day, be prepared for rainy weather or sick kids staying home from school. Buy some exercise DVDs for such occasions. And keep thinking positively, even when you face obstacles. Here's How to Make Your New Year's Resolutions the Right Way

2. Setting unrealistic goals. Many rush immediately to a gym to sign up, without giving a thought to how membership will affect their schedule and their social life. They workout for a few weeks and then decide to give up. Why not start with some simpler, more adequate resolutions instead of making these unreachable goals for yourself? Fitness can start with you taking the dog for a walk every day, or signing up for a dance or aerobics class and attending twice a week.

1. Be ready to embrace lifestyle changes. How committed are you to exercising three to five times per week for 20 to 60 minutes? To monitoring both the quantity and quality of your food intake more closely? To making changes that are lifelong rather than temporary? The key is to be honest with yourself about your readiness level so you can create a game plan that works. .2. Make taking care of yourself a priority. Let people around you know that you're hoping to make a big fitness change in your life and ask them for their support. See if your

3. Not thinking outside the box. When people think seriously about getting fit one of the first things that comes to mind is attending a


friends can assist you with some of your daily tasks – or even work out with you. Get your spouse to clean up the dishes so you can head to the gym or outside for a walk. You'll be more likely to stick to an exercise plan if you insist on your fitness time. 3. Set affirmative goals for the year ahead. Instead of taking pains to list habits that you'd like to break, try to think of habits you'd like to replace them with: drink more water, take up jogging, etc. It's important to recognise how powerful intentions are, how the subconscious hears what we say, and takes us seriously. You should also look back and assess your accomplishments from the previous year. This might give you a good guide as to what is reasonable to expect from yourself for the year ahead. 4. Set small, realistic goals. Healthy weight loss per week is about 1-2 pounds. Don't get discouraged if the weight is not moving as fast as you'd like it to. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, and scales can be deceiving. You should also maintain

a journal of your daily food and exercise habits. This helps you understand your positive habits and potential problem areas you can focus on. 5. Don't be too hard on yourself. Women especially are guilty of ditching their exercise routines because they expect perfection from themselves, and when they don't get it, they give up. Don't stop exercising just because you skip a workout or you have a bad week. Instead, admit that you've fallen off the fitness wagon, and get back on as soon as possible, even if it means doing a few sets of push-ups and crunches before bed. In short, the key to keeping fit is implementing a workout routine, getting started and keeping going. You will find that after a month, your fitness sessions will become part of your normal routine and you will be well on your way to achieving your New Year's fitness goals.

HOTT CHRISTMA paper around tin.) In a medium bowl, using an electric beater whisk eggs for about 30 seconds on level 2 speed. In a large bowl or in a kitchen aid stand mixer bowl, using the beater attachment, cream butter and sugar until pale and fluffy, about 5-10 minutes. Pour eggs into the creamed mixture in a very slow and steady stream until combined. Mix cinnamon and flour and gradually add to creamed mixture (on level 1). Once flour is in, add almond and vanilla extracts, increase to level 4 speed and continue until flour mixture is light, another minute. Remove bowl from stand and scrape down sides and bottom and mix with a spoon to ensure that the batter is evenly and thoroughly combined. Add pureed fruits and browning to batter. Using a wooden spoon, mix in a brisk, clockwise, whipping motion until thoroughly combined(10-15 times). When oven is hot and pans are ready, add baking powder to batter and mix until just combined. Pour batter into two prepared 8 inch round baking pans(or pans lined with parchment paper)..

In the Caribbean, Christmas wouldn't be the same without sorrel ginger beer and Christmas cake. they all h have rum in them … yes, we like our rum during the holidays! so here are three recipes to wet your appetite for this Christmas. Caribbean Black Cake Makes 2 cakes (about 1.5 pounds each) Ingredients ½ lb butter (2 sticks), room temperature (I used organic salted butter), plus more for buttering pans ½ lb sugar (1 cup) 5 eggs, room temperature, whisked 4 oz raisins (packed 1/3 cup) 4 oz currants (about 1/3 cup) 4 oz prunes (about 1/3 cup) 4 oz mixed peel (about 1/3 cup) 1 cup cherry wine 1 cup red rum ½ lb flour (about 1 ½ cups) 1 heaping teaspoon ground cinnamon 2 ½ tablespoons browning 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1 teaspoon pure almond extract 2 teaspoons aluminum free baking powder Directions: In a small bowl or measuring cup mix 1 cup of cherry wine and 1 cup of rum. In a small glass bowl, add raisins, currants, prunes and mixed peel and 1 cup of rum and wine mixture, reserving the remaining cup to pour over the cake when it is finished baking. Soak fruits for a few hours or overnight…..or weeks or months...or years, whatever makes you happy. When you are ready to bake the cake, puree the fruits (raisins, currants, prunes and mixed peel) in the food processor, along with the liquid it was soaked in, until it is a slightly coarse consistency. It will make about 2 cups. (I pulse about 60 times in the food processor for fruit that has soaked only 3-4 hours. I don't enjoy eating huge chunks of fruits!) Preheat oven to 280 degrees F. Prepare two 8 inch pans, or muffin tins using the usual butter then flour or line with parchment paper. I do not butter the baking tins when using parchment paper since the parchment paper comes all the way to the top of the tin. I trim the excess


AS RECIPE BAZZAR Immediately place pans on the middle rack in the oven and bake until cakes separates from the sides of the pan or until a toothpick or skewer comes out clean, about 45-70 minutes, depending on the thickness of the cake and the size of the pans. Remove cakes from the oven. When cakes are not hot but still slightly warm, pierce with a toothpick and drizzle rum and wine mixture over cake(about 3 tablespoons at a time). Repeat the morning and evening the next day. You may continue to add more wine or rum to your liking. I personally don't like to collapse and sprawl out on my sofa, bed or desk after eating one slice of cake. The decision is yours! Enjoy in moderation and for your own sake, DON'T eat black cake and drive!!

10 cups Hot water 3-5 Whole cloves 1 Tbsp Cream of tartar 1/3 cup Fresh-squeezed lime juice 1 1/3 to 1 1/2 cups of sugar 2 Tbsp Rum (optional) Method 1. Blend fresh ginger in batches with water and pour mixture in large bowl 2. Add cloves and cream of tartar to mixture and steep in fridge overnight (or for at least four hours, if making same day). 3. Using a fine strainer (or one with a cheesecloth), strain steeped ginger beer into another bowl. 4. Add lime juice, sugar and, if using, rum to ginger beer and stir 5. Pour into a large bottle and store in fridge

Caribbean Sorrel Drink Ingredients 2 ½ cups dried sorrel 3 oz fresh ginger, grated 10 cups boiling water 2 cups sugar 2 Tbsp lemon juice 1 cinnamon stick 4 cloves ž cup white rum Makes 10 cups

Serve over ice. Wishing you Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year from the Hott magazine team.

Method 1. Place sorrel, ginger, Cloves and Cinnamon stick in a large pot or mixing bowl 2. Pour boiling water over the ingredients; stir and place in fridge overnight to steep 3. Using a large strainer, pour the steeped liquid into another container; use a spoon to squeeze more liquid out of the sorrel 4. Add sugar, lemon juice and rum to sorrel and stir until sugar has dissolved Enjoy over ice Tip: To prevent it from fermenting, store sorrel drink in the fridge or cold cellar Caribbean Ginger Beer Ingredients 1lb Fresh ginger


Health & Fitness For a lot of people, working out in a gym - whether weight training or aerobics - is too hard. Too time consuming, too expensive. But for me, the past 2 1/2 years have been time spent propelling my life into a totally new direction. Firstly, the gym has been a means of discipline. There are days when I'm stressed, tired, weak or all of the above. But that is when the mind takes over. The mind says, "You can do this." The mind says, "You're stronger than you think right now." And because there is a goal set, I get up, I overcome the obstacles and I train, Hard. Secondly, the gym for me has been a place of transformation. Many people want to look a certain way, but they aren't willing to put in the work necessary to get there. They prefer the fast route Cosmetics. But I am a firm believer that with hard work and determination, most people can achieve their physical goals right at the gym, rather than the ever so popular knife and needle.

Thirdly, the gym offers a sense of well-being. Physical exercise reduces stress, lowers cholesterol, controls blood pressure in many if not most instances and helps with circulation. Not to mention the mental well-being afforded by a good workout. When one can look back at where they were and celebrate the progress they have made over the weeks, months or years. Just over 3 years ago, I weighed 180 pounds, and I never dreamed of passing the 200 pound threshold. Today, I weigh 230 pounds and that is through eating right and putting in the hard work. So I am encouraging everyone who has been thinking about making a trip to the gym to stop daydreaming and make it happen. The benefits are simply too great to pass up. Membership fee: 50 - 80 dollars/month. The look on their faces when they see you in a year or two: Priceless! WALTER BARETT

TONYA SOLOMON The moment I made up my mind to eat healthy and get fit was one of the best decisions I've ever made in life. I am soon approaching my thirties, and I'm not too excited about getting older, but I'm not as worried about it like I use to because I have the tools I need to delay the inevitable. I feel that keeping fit and eating healthy is going to keep my body functioning well, as if I were still in my twenties, at least for a little while longer. Diabetes and hypertension run rampant in my family, so for me it wasn't primarily about looking good, but more about feeling better and staying healthy. In the beginning I wasn't as focus. For about two years, I would join a gym and quit a month later throwing my hands up at the lack of results. I was impatient and naive, but that all changed when I decided to really stick it out. I've been working out at Body Images now for a year plus and it's the longest I've stayed at a particular gym. When picking a gym I tend to go for a well-equipped gym, a welcoming environment as well as its location, and this gym has all my needs. For now my main goal is getting bigger and stronger. I would consider myself to be an amateur body builder but I still have a long way to go to reach my goals. I cannot say for right now if this will be more than a passion or will it progress into something competitive, but I have been thinking about it. I wish the sport of body building would develop more locally; it would definitely motivate me to go even harder if I was competing. I look up to women like Jessie Hilgenberg, she's not the biggest lady out there, but as women body building is losing steam and bikini fitness is becoming more popular, her proportions are more in the mid-range of where I would like to be by next year or so. For anyone who wishes to start or get serious about health and fitness, results only come from sticking it out, no matter what program or diet, the real power is in not quitting.


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