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February 8, 2018

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From the PUBLISHER Peter Clark

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PRIDE FORT LAUDERDALE SPECIAL EDITION Welcome to the Pride Fort Lauderdale edition of Hotspots. This year represents the second year that the event will be held on Fort Lauderdale’s sunny beach and it promises to be the best yet! Our appreciation goes out to the organizers who tirelessly work all year to ensure the success of this important event. This year’s theme is Love Pride, which is so appropriate given what is happening in Washington and Tallahassee lately. Let’s never forget why Pride events are held all around the world. This is our moment to shine and remind ourselves that the battle for equality is not over, not to mention the hard work that was done by

those who came before us in an effort to stamp out bigotry and homophobia to name a few. Please enjoy the pride feature written by Scott Holland, it has all the information you need to know about the celebration. Also, when you are there, drop by the Hotspots Special Events Vehicle near the stage and say hello. Also, check out the Hotspots Live booth by the stage as we broadcast to our You Tube channel! So, it’s time to join forces once again in the spirit of love and equality and say: We are stronger together and we will not stand for anything less than equality among all of humankind!

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February 8, 2018

PRIDE FORT LAUDERDALE Cover Photo by Greg Vaughan

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LeBoy • Miss & Mr. Noche Latina • Miami Beach Gay Pride • Pride Center • Twist



By Scott Holland


Love will shine on Fort Lauderdale Beach this Valentine's weekend on Sunday, Feb. 11 from 12 noon - 9 p.m. Pride Fort Lauderdale is expected to draw more than 60,000 people to Fort Lauderdale Beach Park, 1100 Seabreeze Blvd., to celebrate the nation's only "Love Pride." The entertainment line-up includes the British Grammy Award-winner Estelle, "The Love Boat" star Charo, transgender performers Laith Ashley, Carmen Carrera and Jaimie Wilson, and internationally-acclaimed DJs Tracy Young, Deanne and Power Infiniti. The festival will also include the first South Florida Transgender Pride with special performers, vendors and resources. It was a pleasure to sit down with 2 of their headliners: Charo and Laith for these exclusive Hotspots Interviews:

14 | Hotspots.LGBT


Growing up, I just remember seeing Charo all over the television (well we only had 6 channels), but my favorite was when she was on the Love Boat. She always put a smile on my face with her loud Latina personality and her infamous “Cuchi-Cuchi.” I cant wait to meet her at pride.

Were you always a ham, even as a kid or when did the performer come out? I was always a ham, even as a child. I learned very early on that if I could make people laugh, I could get out of all the trouble I would get into.

Where did your iconic phrase “Cuchi-Cuchi” come from and when did you realize how popular it was? Cuchi Cuchi comes from our family dog who was called “Cuchillo” (Knife) because he had sharp teeth. Cuchillo had an accident and he didn't shake his tail like a regular dog. Instead of shaking side to side,

Cuchillo shook front to back. So, to get out of trouble I would shake like Cuchillo but I would say Cuchi Cuchi because I couldn't say Cuchillo. When I got into trouble, I would just shake like Cuchillo and yell Cuchi Cuchi and soon, everyone was laughing and I wasn't in trouble anymore.

Most people don't realize that you were actually a trained classical musician. For how many years did you study guitar? I trained with the famous guitar master Andrés Segovia from the age of 9 till I was 17, so for 8 years.

In the 60's and 70's if anyone turned on a TV, they saw you as you appeared on Laugh In, The Carol Burnett Show (my all-time favorite), Hollywood Squares, The Tonight Show and of course The Love Boat. Did you have a favorite and why? I love them all. The skit with Carol Burnett playing my mother is a classic. I loved everyone on The Hollywood Squares and



Johnny Carson. I would have to say The Love Boat is my favorite because Aaron Spelling created the role of April especially for me. We met for lunch and he laughed so much, he told me he created the role after that lunch!

Since you were on Love Boat the most, who are you still in touch with? I stay in touch with Jill Whelan. She is very lovely and was recently married! She and I starred in an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap where we switched roles! It was very funny! Check it out at:

Last year you were on the 24 season of Dancing with the Stars. Tell us about that experience? I had the time of my life on DWTS! I love them all. I was voted out too soon and I enjoyed fighting with Bruno and telling him that his Eeeenglish Sucks! But I'm so happy I got to play the guitar in front of millions of people across America and they got to see the real me. They asked me back, but I can't do it because I have to cancel too many engagements to be on the show.

Describe yourself (now) in 3 words?

I have always been against discrimination in any form. I have many, many gay friends and fans and I love them. They are fun, compassionate, smart and loving and I don't see why anyone wants to discriminate against them. I support LGBT rights and the right to marry, have children and live happy like everyone else.

What's Ahead for Charo? Many, many things are ahead for Charo. I'm developing a reality series based on my crazy life in Beverly Hills with my sister and my son, his cousin and all their girlfriends. I'm also working on creating a line of fashion with my sister Carmen, who designs all my costumes and other fun projects.

A Gypsy Soul

Are you excited to be coming to South Florida and performing at Pride Fort Lauderdale? I am soooo excited to be coming to South Florida to celebrate Pride Fort Lauderdale.

Don't forget to catch Charo at the Official Pride

Kickoff party on Friday Feb 9 at the B Ocean Fort Lauderdale from 6:30p.m.-10p.m. and again at Pride on Sunday, February 11 performing live!


Like most of you, I had heard of Laith and his journey and even seen his pics and seen him on the TV show Strut. Other than that I did not know much about him. As someone who has interviewed hundreds of people, it's rare to find someone who sticks out. Well Laith not only stuck out, he has become one of my heroes. He is not only intelligent, he is kind, compassionate and truly cares about mankind. It really was my privilege to interview him and in the 50 minutes we spent on the phone (most interviews take 10-15 mins) I feel like he changed my life for the better.

Usually in interviews I start from the beginning, but I am a gay man, so I have to ask this first‌ do you stay in such great shape? I have always been an athlete. My first sport at 3 years old was boxing. My dad played minor league baseball and golden boxing, so he started me off right away into

athletics. I also played baseball and basketball. In college I played basketball and softball. In 2011 I got serious about working out and that's when I built the muscle mass. Before my transition I was working out 6 to 7 days a week, and now I am at 4 to 5 times a week. If I can't make it to the gym or I am on the road I work out with my resistance bands.

Ok, now we can go back‌.What was your childhood like? It was very ordinary. I had very loving and supportive parents. My mom was the typical Latina mom and my dad pushed me in sports and academics.

At what age did you realize you wanted to transition? I knew from a young age something was different. I always wanted to play with the boys. My mom dressed me in poufy dresses and I would always rip it off and steal my male cousin's clothes. I would be called a

PRIDE SCHEDULE 12:00 p.m. DJ Power Infiniti 2:00 p.m.Transgender models Carmen Carrera ("RuPaul's Drag Race," NY Fashion Week) and Laith Ashley (Oxygen network's reality series "Strut") 2:15 p.m. DJ Deanne 5:00 p.m. Award Ceremony (Awards to be presented to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau) 5:15 p.m. Charo ("The Love Boat")

5:30 p.m. DJ Tracy Young 8:15 p.m. Estelle (Grammywinner "American Boy") 8:45 p.m. Fireworks

Pride Fort Lauderdale takes place on Sunday, February 11 from 12 noon to 9p.m. at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park, 1100 Seabreeze Blvd. Admission is FREE to Pride Fort Lauderdale, but donations are always accepted and appreciated at the entrance. For more information, or for a list of all the official pre and post parties, go to:, or

boy in school, and it wasn't offensive, it was who I felt I was. I didn't learn about Transgender until I was in college, where I followed people who were documenting their transition on YouTube. My mom is very religious and feared for me what would happen to me in the afterlife. I was also afraid, and felt a lot of shame from growing up religious, so I held off for a while.. It wasn't until after I graduated college, when I worked in Callen-Lorde Community Health Center as a counselor for homeless youth (mostly LGBT), and I saw other trans people living a normal life, is when I decided I would transition.

When you realized you wanted to transition, did you ever think it would turn out the way it has? Honestly, I transitioned and continued working at CallenLorde. I was going to apply to Hunter for Social Work. However, when I started to become more masculine I got more attention from the gay male community. Eventually a photographer asked to shoot me, and edited the pics the same night. I posted them on Instagram and it went viral overnight. From there I was contacted by NBC Universal to shoot. So, no I never expected this, but am so grateful!

What do you think the biggest misconception about the Trans community is? That Trans people are just trying to deceive or fool straight people into being with them. However, we are just living our true selves.

With so many famous Trans people coming to the forefront of society, do you think it's easier now for a Trans person to transition? It's definitely easier, but still not safe. Especially for Trans women. We need to work on our society to be a better space for letting people be who they are. People around the world follow American media, so if we start making it normal the world will follow.

You modeled at Fashion week and many other places. Who is your fantasy designer to walk for? There are two: Tom Ford and Versace.

How was the experience, and what did you learn from filming Strut? It was not what I expected, as I thought the show would be more around modeling and fashion and it focused more on each cast members story. In the end, I thought it was a positive spin. Unfortunately it only lasted a season, but I think it still made a great impact.

You have recently launched a singing career releasing 2 pop singles in 2017: “Can't Wait”, and “Before You Go”, when did you start singing, and is this something you would like to pursue full time?

Are you excited to be performing at Pride Fort Lauderdale and what should we expect from your performance? I'm super Uber excited. I have performed 4 times on stage, and I can't wait for number five at Pride Fort Lauderdale. I will be performing my 2 singles and possibly a new song if I can have it ready. For more information on Laith please go to: or on

I have been singing and dancing all of my life especially songs from Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, etc. I have always wanted to sing. When my voice changed I couldn't sing at all, but now I can. Starting at 8, I started writing poetry which changed into writing songs. When I could sing again I started writing again and then the recording happened. I am now writing some new songs and working on the videos.

Describe yourself in 3 words? Honest, talented, and open.

In 50 years from now, what do you want society to say about you and your legacy? I would like them to say I opened doors for Trans people in general, especially Trans men who are often times put on the back burner.

As a reminder, you can catch Laith performing at Pride on the main stage at 2 p.m.

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This send-up of disaster movies features some of the most unforgettable songs of the ’70s, including “Knock on Wood,” “Hooked on a Feeling,” “Sky High,” “I Will Survive,” “Hot Stuff” and many more!








Season 3

Thorgy Thor

||||| By Scott Holland

n week 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season 3 the challenge was a throwback to VH1's Diva's Live: A Salute to RuPaul. The all-stars would be performing some of Ru's greatest hits vas a different iconic diva in a lip synch extravaganza! Here who they were assigned: Milk (Celine Dion), Kennedy (Janet Jackson), Aja (Amy Winehouse), Chi Chi (Patty Labelle), Trixie (Dolly Parton), Shangela (Mariah Carey), Thorgy (Stevie Nicks), Ben (Julie Andrews), BeBe (Diana Ross). In the end the top 2 were BenDeLaCreme and Shangela and the bottom 2 were Thorgy and Kennedy. Ben and Shangela performed “Jump” by the Pointer Sisters for their Lip Synch for their Legacy and in the end Shangela won and sent home Thorgy. It was once again a pleasure to sit down and interview, the one and only Thorgy Thor:

How has your life changed since you were on Drag Race? The working is great, and the fans are amazing. I auditioned for 8 years in a row, and I inally got chosen and it changed my life just as I thought it

30 | Hotspots.LGBT

would, Also, the extra money is great!

What has been some of your favorite cities to visit as RuPaul Alumni? Australia is so beautiful, so anywhere is that country I love. I did a bunch of tours over there, and I want to go back every single day!

In the states, I love San Francisco and would love to move there. I also loved Austin Texas How exciting was it to get called back for All Stars? Did you consider not coming back, and if so what made you come back? I kind of had a feeling that I would be on the list of potential people to come back, and I immediately said yes and then said when do I come? I was excited.

How did you prepare differently for all stars than you did the irst time you were on the show? I thought I was going into a less stressful environment but I was wrong. I was far more stressed out. I tried to enjoy it more but I put more pressure on myself

Is there anything I didn't ask you that you want to talk about? Yes…I got sent home for Stevie Nicks. I would have liked to have more artistic control of the number I was sent home for. Unfortunately they edited out what I really said. They aired me saying “Stevie Nicks is not a gay icon,” and what I really said was ”Stevie Nicks is not a gay icon that will allow me to win this challenge amongst all these divas in a gay drag queen show.” For more information on Thorgy go to:, or you can follow her on Social Media Facebook or

Now that you have been eliminated, who do you want to win? I'm voting for Shangela. She sent me home, but I don't hold any animosity. I think she is brilliant and a great actor, and can talk herself out of anything! I am genuinely rooting for her!

What's Ahead for Thorgy? My “Thorchestra” is coming along nicely. I got 600 emails in the last few weeks about people wanting to be a part of it. It's coming together in a big way and I promise my fans it will be amazing. Trixie has agreed to be one of the soloists.

Hotspots.LGBT | 31


February 15


February 16 & 17



February 21


February 23 & 24


GET TICKETS! or charge by phone:

1-800-745-3000 M Y H R L . C O M • H A R D R O C K H O L LY. C O M


By Scott Holland

What’s HOT

South Florida


ast Thursday, Equality Florida held a mixer at a home in Wilton Manors and featured talks from State Representative Carlos

Guillermo Smith and EEOC Commissioner Chai Feldblum.

On Friday night we split up and I went to the Parker Playhouse to support my friend of over 20 years, Latrice Royale, as she presented: Mister Act.

The show starred Latrice, Peaches Christ, Heklina, Willam, Rose of Boca, Judas Elliot, Tiffany Fantasia, and about 10 other entertainers. I went as a friend and came out as a fan. If this performance ever comes back I urge you to go see it….its Jaw dropping funny, and well-acted….Most of the girls I know for many years,

36 | Hotspots.LGBT

but I instantly became a fan of Peaches Christ!!

Stephen R Lang took his camera (ok, ok, he doesn't leave home without it, unless you are a cute sexy tall white boy) to Palace where he saw performances by T.P. Lords, Tlo Ivy, Noel Leon and a few others. He said the new palace s packing them in and is a bunch of fun!

On Saturday night Hunters presented les FarFadais AirOptic, which was a sexy and sensual circus act. These sexy men (can you say not an ounce of body fat between them) rode the polls, rings and silks like there were no tomorrow! It was so good and both shows sold out! Afterwards we headed on down to the Ramrod for Pig Dance #114 (first Sat of every month) with this month's

guest DJ Vlexxx. As usual, Pig Dance was filled with Leather men, bears, etc. and those who admire them!

We then went down to Manor to give some shout out to our Latin Brothers and Sisters at Noche Latina Saturdays where they were featuring the official victory party for Estephania St Lords and Erik Lords winning Miss and Mr. Noche Latina 2018. As usual, the Latin boy and girls and those that love Latin music packed the Ivy Dance room and patio. Congrats to Estephania and Erik and the entire NLS and Manor team!

On Sunday, Flip Flops Dockside Eatery presented their monthly T Dance, the only T dance in Fort Lauderdale on the Intracoastal, which is hosted by Amanda Austin with DJ Robert Lavalle, and featured

Everything you need to plan your week performances by: Sharde Ross, Erika Norell and Kitty Meow.

Afterwards we went to many bars, and they all were celebrating this game that was played around the Justin Timberlake concert. In all seriousness, it was an amazing SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!

20% off certificates with a portion of the sales going to local charities.

The Pride Center at Equality Park presents “Black Art Awakening,” a Black History month exhibit with the reception today from 79p.m celebrating history month and Black HIV?AIDS Awareness Day.


Slow Burn Theatre presents “Disaster: a 70's Disaster Movie…Musical!” at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts starting today and going through February 18. u FRIDAY FEB 9

OOOPS, I made an error….whereas I try and be as perfect as possible with this column, last week I made an error on the date of Genesis Health Institute's 10th anniversary…..They will be celebrating TONIGHT their 10th anniversary as one of South Florida's premiere anti-aging centers. They are inviting the entire community to celebrate with them from 5-7:30p.m., where they will be serving Hors D'oeuvres, beer, wine and soft drinks. They will also be raffling off various gifts throughout the evening. In addition they will be selling

Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the You Can Play Project. The panthers will be playing the Los Angeles Kings at 7:30p.m. at the BB&T Center and admission, which starts at $25, includes the game, Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida singing the National Anthem, a portion of your ticket price going to charity, an exclusive Pride Night Panther Themed Gift, and if you buy the Lord Stanleys Loft ticket ($60) you get food, wine, beer and soda. To purchase tickets, go to: denight2.

The Pub presents “Love Shack,” a show in honor of The Love Pride starring Starlet Skye, Erika Norell and Scott Galens (original Viillage Voice winner) at 10:30p.m. u SATURDAY FEB 10

Pride Fort Lauderdale presents the Official Kick-Off Party from 6:30 to 10p.m. at the B Ocean Fort Lauderdale. The night will star Charo, Joe Posa as Joan Rivers and DJ Adora. To purchase tickets go to:

The Florida Panthers presents Pride Night in partnership with the Miami-

The Pride Center at Equality Park presents “sip-nnibble” at Lucky's Market from 6-9p.m. Donate $10 and sample various wines, beers and foods while you check out the newest market in the Gayborhood. All proceeds go to support the transformative programs and services at the Pride Center. Georgie's Alibi/Monkey Bar

Hotspots.LGBT | 37

presents a new promotion Saturdays on the Patio from 69p.m. catch the one and only Antonio Edwards (Mr. Florida M.E. 2017/18) singing live in dinner show! Ramrod presents “Underground Invasion” (2nd Saturday of every month) featuring DJ Tomas Arias.

The Club Fort Lauderdale presents their monthly Cumunion party from 3 to 7p.m.


Noche Latina Saturday inside the Ivy Lounge and Patio at the Manor Complex celebrates Pride and Valentines…Latin style. Starring Kalah Mendoza (Miss Florida F.I. 2018, and Sasha Lords. The night will also star resident DJ Larry Larr and sexy Latin Go-Go Papi's dancing on the bar. Saturdays at the Manor are from 11p.m. to 4a.m. and is free before midnight (Fl res)

and only $7 after for members and $10 for non-members (1820 $12 all night). u SUNDAY FEB 11

Today is the 41st annual Pride Fort Lauderdale taking place on the beach from 12 noon to 9p.m. The event will star Grammy Award winner Estelle, Charo, Trans activists and performers: Laith Ashley, Camen Carrera and Jamie Wilson, DJs Tracy Young, Deanne, and Power Infiniti, as well as many other entertainers. For more info or to purchase VIP tickets (general admission is free) go to:


South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble Youth Pride Season 7 will take place at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts at 7p.m. with tickets ranging from $15-$30. Guest conductor and prolific composer Robert Longfield

1 2



In celebration of his 70th birthday this March, ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER UNMASKED: THE PLATINUM COLLECTION will be available March 16th. As one of the most successful composers of the modern era, Andrew Lloyd Webber's repertoire includes some of the world's most celebrated musicals; Sunset Boulevard, Cats, Aspects Of Love, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Starlight Express, The Phantom of The Opera, School of Rock and Love Never Dies - to name but a few. 38 | Hotspots.LGBT

The collection is personally curated and overseen by Lloyd Webber. Of the new album, Lloyd Webber says: "I owe everyone involved in putting this compilation

will conduct the students in the first half of the performance. Adult mentors and members of the Pride Wind Ensemble will join forces with the Youth Band on the second half of the performance with well over 120 musicians on stage.

The Pub presents the officially sanctioned “After Party” for the Love Pride at 9p.m. The night will feature a live DJ, many drink specials and the kitchen will be open. u WEDNESDAY FEB 14


Chardees Lounge presents the one and only Dezhon featuring Nevada on the Piano in “Decades: A Musical Tribute for Valentine's Day.” Call 954533-4916 for reservations.

Mona's presents a special event for Valentine's Day featuring Karaoke Jockey Freddy at 9p.m.. They invite

the community to come over and sing a song to your sweetheart, then “Stack his Package” and win great prizes.

Gay 8 presents the first Miss & Mister Gay 8 pageant at Azucar. The categories include Presentation/Talent 4 minutes (creative LGBTQ Flag Colors), Evening Wear and Q&A. The pageant will be hosted by Marytrini and star Kalah Mendoza (Miss Florida F.I. 2017/18 and honorary Miss Gay 8), and Raul Vegas (Honorary Mister Gay 8). For trickets call 305-467-5765 or 786-344-2074.




Mini Pita Plus and Maria's Cantina (2400 and 2410 Wilton Drive) will give everyone $5 off a $50 purchase if you mention the ad you saw here in Hotspots!

together a huge thank you. A vast amount of thought has evidently gone into selecting tracks from my almost fifty year old career. This compilation brings back a heap of memories - it has made this ancient composer very happy. I particularly love the new tracks and of course I love the orchestral suites. There's nothing a composer likes more than hearing their melodies played by a cracking orchestra." Unmasked: The Platinum Collection is available as 2 CD and 4 CD editions. The 4-disc version contains an exclusive 40-page book with a personally penned introduction from Lloyd Webber

4 and in-depth notes on each track, written by respected theatre critic and Lloyd Webber biographer Michael Coveney, together with tributes from Barbra Streisand and Glenn Close among others. The fourth disc encompasses a mix of overtures and showstoppers from Lloyd Webber's key works, as well as newly created orchestral suites. The five new orchestral suites have been specially prepared from existing recordings, emphasizing the grand orchestral aspects of his work. All CDs were mastered at Abbey Road Studios.

uEmail to have your items considered for What’s Hot

Hotspots.LGBT | 39

The best chatter on social media this week “Eighty-four percent of Americans disapprove of adultery, & probably more than that disapprove of adultery that occurs with a porn star four months after a man’s wife gives birth to their first child together.” THAT WAS BACK IN THE DAY!! NOW THEY DON’T MIND AT ALL! BETTE MIDLER tweets on Trump’s continuing Stormy Daniels cheating scandal @Bette Midler

“I paid $3,000,000 for that 30 seconds of dead air. I wanted to give everyone a chance to silently reflect. You’re welcome!” JAKE @jakefogelnest comments on the black screen during Super Bowl:

In light of the conservative leanings of the company’s founding family and its board, some critics are asking whether Publix has any business reason for denying “pre-exposure prophylaxis,” or PrEP, drugs (known by the brand name Truvada) to its workers or if the company simply objects to the fact that the drugs are recommended for use by gay men, who are at higher risk for HIV transmission. Journalist STEVE ROTHAUS quotes Miami New Times on Facebook.

“Rosie O’Donnell, Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus and George Clooney are part of a group of celebrities calling for a total Hollywood strike “until Trump resigns”. Posted on Facebook by EDUCATE INSPIRE CHANGE. Celebrities Call For ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ Until Trump Resigns


What? 44 | Hotspots.LGBT

“Managing to read a pre-written speech off a teleprompter does not make one Presidential or lend a single ounce of legitimacy to Trump’s anti-LGBTQ agenda. Trump has spent the past year targeting vulnerable communities and surrounding himself with anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-women, and anti-LGBTQ activists with the goal of exacerbating discrimination and erasing LGBTQ Americans from the fabric of this nation.” GLADD president SARAH KATE ELLIS responding to Trump’s State of the Union message on GLAAD’s Fackbook page.

Wednesday, February 14



Share VD with Someone You Love! Whether you’re looking for casual fare or classy cuisine, dining with the love(s) of your life,or looking for love(s), Rosie has something to satisfy your heart’s desire!





FEBRUARY 13th Fun Bayou Bites and Burgers $6 Captain Punch Buckets All Day!

Sunday Fundays... Rosie’s Fabulous Brunch 10am-2pm $4 Deep Eddy Bloodies +$5 Mimosas + $10 Captain Punch Buckets all day! Buckets of Beer ‘till 8pm - $10 Domestics & $14 Premiums

Mondays... Belvedere Vodka - $4 Cocktails/$6 Martinis at 7pm Tuesdays... $4 CazadoresMargaritas at 7pm Wednesdays... Deep Eddy Vodka - $4 Cocktails/$6 Martinis at 7pm Thursdays... Ketel One Vodka $4 Cocktails/$6 Martinis + $2 Miller Lite Bottles at 7pm Saturdays... $1 off all draft beers ‘til 7pm + $10 Captain Punch & Mojito Buckets all day

Happy Hour Monday - Friday ’til 7pm...

1/2 Price Premium Well, Domestic Beer, and House Wine $1 Off All Other Cocktails, Craft Drafts & Premium Wines

2449 wilton drive, wilton manors, fl 33305 · 954-563-0123


By Scott Holland

“...drag plus church somehow doesn't add up to me...However, as soon as I walked out and heard the roar of the audience it felt like church, and it made sense and I was so comfortable.�

50 | Hotspots.LGBT

Miss Coco Peru, who is no stranger to South Florida audiences, returns

with her hit show “The Taming of the Tension” for one night only at the Sunshine Cathedral (1480 SW 9th Ave, Fort Lauderdale) on Saturday, February 17 at 8 p.m. Coco Peru aka Clinton Leupp has appeared in many films and TV shows but is perhaps best known for her role in 1999s “Trick” which also starred “Beverly Hills 90210” alum Tori Spelling. Her very popular “Conversations with Coco,” is a successful internet series that has put Miss Coco in front of legends like Liza Minnelli, Jane Fonda, and Bea Arthur. It was a pleasure to chat with Miss Coco Peru for this Hotspots exclusive interview.

Were you always an entertainer, even as a child, or when did you get the bug? Yes, I was always an entertainer. I was obsessed with the musical Fiddler on the Roof and apparently had memorized the entire soundtrack by the age of 2. I would act it out for my family and anyone who would watch and so my parents finally took me to see it on Broadway and when it was over I was pouting. My mother asked, “What's wrong? Didn't you enjoy the show?” and I answered, “I've been doing it all wrong!” I've been a perfectionist ever since.

When and how was Coco Peru born?

In late 80's I was very inspired by the AIDS activism in NYC. I decided I wanted to combine my love of performing with activism and having been shamed for being effeminate my whole life I figured one of the most powerful, radical things I could do at that time was to be an openly gay performer. I then decided to take it a step further and embrace what I had been taught to try and suppress and instead glorify it. I know nowadays it may seem that being an openly gay performer and a drag queen is not that big of a deal, but back then there were

not the opportunities or even the visibility so it really was a leap of faith. However, I knew in my heart that it was the right thing to do, not just for myself but for future LGBT people.

Did you do “other drag” before you created Miss Coco Peru?

No. Coco was the first creation and she immediately resonated with people, because I was telling autobiographical stories and that wasn't something drag queens were doing at that time. I was talking about the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, I was talking about AIDS, I was talking about my family and growing up gay in the Bronx. I was giving a voice to what a lot of people were feeling and my shows sort of became a big group therapy for the audience and me. In fact, I used to say, “Let's pretend that this is a group therapy session, and it my turn to talk.”

How did you come up with the name and were there any other choices?

My first boyfriend was Peruvian and we went together to visit his country and I met a very cute boy named Coco who later came out onstage as this glamourous drag queen! I could not believe the transformation and I learned that he was very famous in Peru. It got me asking, “How could a gay man in drag get famous and be loved and celebrated in such a Catholic, homophobic country (at that time you had to knock on doors to get into the gay clubs), and I decided that there was a power in having the courage to embrace 100 percent of who you are and that human beings are wired to respect that courage.

You are an interview pro at this point after spending more than 10 years doing “Conversations with Coco”. What are some of the standouts?

Of course, being able to interview my idol, Bea Arthur, was amazing. However, they were all wonderful. Sitting with my friend, Allison Janney, is great because she is naughty in the best way and wants to have fun. Liza Minnelli was amazing because I was able to show the audience

Hotspots.LGBT | 51

how thoughtful Liza is when she actually has time to think about her answers rather than 10 second soundbites on camera. Lily Tomlin is another idol and she just has the best stories and she loves to laugh and it helps that she is a fan of my work. I am very proud to say that Jane Fonda said cock ring during our interview, so I feel like only in an interview with Coco are you going to get someone like Jane Fonda to feel comfortable enough to say cock ring! It was pretty amazing!

Are there any new conversations in the works? Not right now because I am trying to sell the TV pilot I did with Lily Tomlin.

You have toured all over, do you have favorite cities and/or theaters to perform in? Actually, last year when I performed in Fort Lauderdale in the Sunshine Cathedral I was a little bit freaked out that it was a church! I mean, drag plus church somehow doesn't add up to me. The fact that my mom was in the audience made it even more stressful! However, as soon as I walked out and heard the roar of the audience it felt like church, and it made sense and I was so comfortable. People even said afterwards that, in a way, what I delivered was a sermon. I'm excited to present this new show The Taming of the Tension in this space because I really feel that what I am saying in this new show has been speaking th to audiences. Also, I'm celebrating my 27 year working as Coco, I'm not getting any younger, I address my inevitable retirement in this new show so I encourage people to embrace the moment and see this show while I am there. Plus, it would make my 91 year old mom really happy to see my show

52 | Hotspots.LGBT

sold out!

What would be the ultimate place for you to perform in? Radio City Music Hall with the Rockettes.

Tell us something about the man behind Coco? As you grow older there are so many things along the way that can corrupt your love for what you do, so I always try to remember that boy who entertained his family by singing the entire soundtrack to Fiddler on the Roof. I remember those Aids activists and those that came before me that made my life easier, and I try to get back to why I originally created Coco, so that when the business makes me crazy I will ask myself, “Why did you get into this business?” After 27 years the answer has always been the same, “I want to entertain, to feel a connection with my audience, and I want to leave the world just a little bit better than I how I found it.” It may sound corny, but it's important for me to keep things in focus.

What can the Fort Lauderdale audience expect from your show: The Taming Of The Tension? I feel like the world is a little tense and I am coming there to ease some of that tension! I can say that audiences that have seen it feel that what I have to say is very current, funny, moving, they love my song choices and that this new show is like one big group therapy session. Or gay church! But, always remember the one important truth when seeing my show; it's my turn to talk!

For more information on CoCo, you can visit her website at: or check her out on social media at:; or


Miss & Mr. Noche Latina Pageant

Photos: Stephen R. Lang

HOTshots of the week



u Comedian Lisa Corrato welcomes Andy Lauer and his friends Lisa & Fabio to the Eyes Wide Shut

Comedy Show at Scotty Pippens’ house on Fort Lauderdale Beach.


u MB Det. Juan Sanchez, Melba de Leon,

Ally Embassador Roxanne Vargas & her Husband Danny get ready to party at Miami Beach Gay Pride’s Soiree Party at Miami Marriott.


u Hotel Gaythering’s Alex & Alias greet

people and make them feel welcome.


u Congratulations to Mr. Erik Lords &

Miss Estephania St. Lords, winners of 2018 Mr. & Miss Noche Latina Pageant at Lips.


u Score’s Lab Fridays celebrated their

2nd Anniversary with hostess Athena Dion and her girls giving face & shade all night long.



u Nicole Halliwell has a great time at her new

Twisted Broadway Wednesdays at Lips.


u Nick Berry & Claudia Castillo

congratulate Comm. Justin Flippen at his Kick Off Party at Rumors.


u Jeremy and his friend love going out

to DrYnk and checking out the boys on a Saturday night.


u Todd & Kris had a blast running into Survivor’s

Joe, Sierra, & Jen while at Rosie’s.


u The boys and staff of LeBoy would like to thank everyone

who has supported them over the past three years.

wh ha at’s noppen w in g


The TOP 10 Things We Love This Week



1 2 3 4 5

64 | Hotspots.LGBT



will be going back to the beach after last year’s incredible success. The main event is Sunday February 11 and stars Grammy winner Estelle, Legendary Icon Charo, Trans model and singer Laith Ashley, Trans model and activist Carmen Carrera, Trans singer and songwriter Jamie Wilson, The Triple DJ strength of: Tracy Young, Power Infinity and Deanne! For more information or for a list of the other official events all weekend long, go to! VOICE - ANDREA BOCELLI

One of the most iconic voices of our generation will be in concert on Valentines, with extra special guest Kristin Chenoweth, at the American Airlines Arena on Sunday Feb 11 at 7:30pm with tickets starting at $125. MUSICALS – WICKED

So much happened before Dorothy dropped in, and this Broadway sensation, looks at what happened in the Land of Oz, but from a different angle. Long before Dorothy arrives, there is another young woman, born with emerald-green skin—smart, fiery, misunderstood, and possessing an extraordinary talent. When she meets a bubbly blonde who is exceptionally popular, their initial rivalry turns into the unlikeliest of friendships. That is until the world decides to call one “good,” and the other one “wicked.” Bank of America Broadway in Fort Lauderdale presents this classic at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts from Feb 14- March 4 with tickets starting at $34.50. CIRCUS - CIRQUE ITALIA

The European-style water circus under a big top tent features aerial acts, hand balancing and contortionists. The “Aquatic Spectacular” includes a custom-designed water stage that holds 35,000 gallons of water while traveling from city to city. Catch this amazing act from February 9 through February 18 at the LA Fitness Plaza (1860 NE 123rd St. North Miami) with tickets ranging from $10-$50. 16TH CENTURY - FLORIDA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL

this 26th annual event takes place from Feb 11 through March 25 at Quiet Waters Park (401 S. Powerline Road Deerfield Beach). The festival features seven themed weekends, in which guests are transported back to 16th-century Europe. There will be jesters, jugglers, jousting knights, music, costumed characters, human-powered games, artisan craft shops, food and drink. Admission ranges from $12 to $25.


7 8 9


Known as the “Empress of Soul,” very few singers over the last fifty years have matched her unassailable artistry! This seven-time Grammy Award winner has enjoyed #1 hits in Pop, Gospel, R&B and Adult Contemporary, and has triumphed in film, television and live performance. Gladys started with Gladys Knight & The Pips who went on to achieve icon status, having recorded memorable songs such as “Every Beat of My Heart,” “Letter Full of Tears,” “I Heard it Through the Grapevine,” “If I Were Your Woman,” “Neither One of Us (Wants to be the First to Say Goodbye),” “I’ve Got to Use My Imagination,” “Best Thing to Ever Happen to Me” and the #1 smash “Midnight Train to Georgia.” She will be playing at the Arsht Center on February 10 at 8p.m. and Tickets are $29, $49, $69, $99, and $119. OY VEY - JACKIE MASON

will be playing at the Kravis Center on February 12 with tickets starting at $25. Regarded as one of the greatest standup comedians of all time, Jackie combines searing political satire, irreverent insights on modern life and impeccable timing. From humble beginnings to cultural icon, the former rabbi — he quit after three years because, as he says, “somebody in the family had to make a living” — continues to be a riotous and relevant equal opportunity offender. DANCE – BALLETBOYZ

One of the most original and innovative forces in modern dance, this all-male company features 10 exceptional young dancers in an exhilarating evening of two explosive works, Serpent and Fallen. Catch them at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on Feb 8 and 9 at 8 p.m. with tickets ranging from $15 - $49.50 COMEDIAN - JON LOVITZ

will be playing at the Palm Beach Improv from Feb 8-10, with tickets only $30. Jon has been one of the best known comedians for the last twenty years. In September of 1984, he was accepted into the main company at “The Groundlings”. In 1985, “The Groundlings” appeared on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” where Jon premiered his character “Tommy Flanagan of Pathological Liars Anonymous”. Following the introduction of this persona, Jon got an agent, and booked a movie, a series, a voice over for a cartoon, and “Saturday Night Live,” he has been nonstop.



will be appearing together at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts (2855 Coral Springs Dr. Coral Springs) on Saturday, February 10 at 8p.m. The Temptations’ hits include “The Way You Do the Things You Do,” ”My Girl,” “Get Ready,” “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” “I Wish It Would Rain,” “I Can’t Get Next to You” and “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.” The Four Tops’ hits include “Baby I Need Your Loving,” “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch),” “It’s The Same Old Song,” “Reach Out I’ll Be There,” “Standing In the Shadows of Love” and “Ain’t No Woman (Like the One I’ve Got).” Tickets range from $61.48 to $93.28.


Miami Beach Gay Pride

Soiree Party

Photos: Stephen R. Lang












GRANITE COUNTERTOPS ON SITE RETAIL *IN SELECT HOMES **Restrictions apply. see leasing center for details.

70 | Hotspots.LGBT

Hotspots.LGBT | 71

72 | Hotspots.LGBT

Hotspots.LGBT | 73

74 | Hotspots.LGBT

g n i d n a L Pelican Brunch! Sunday t this Presen

ire bill. our ent y ff o 0% ceive 2 ad & re

tastic! n a F g n i k c o l F

Best Sunsets in Town!

Casual Waterfront Dining at the Pier 66 Marina Enjoy our fabulous all-you-can-drink Bloody Mary Bar and bottomless Mimosas for only $15 with the best views in Fort Lauderdale.

Follow the flock on 2301 SE 17th Street • Fort Lauderdale • 954-524-3444


3rd Anniversary

Photos: Stephen R. Lang

deep inside | HOLLYWOOD


By Romeo San Vicente

Keira Knightley

Hearts Beat Loud THERE'S THIS PLANE, SEE, AND RUPAUL IS THE PILOT, RIGHT‌ If you're a responsible, attentive cinephile then you were among the select few who actually bought a ticket to see "Snakes on a Plane". It was a very good terrible movie and there should have been sequels. Well, now there is something that cannot exactly be called a sequel, but that can be called parody or total theft or snake appropriation, whatever. RuPaul and World of Wonder are teaming up for a feature-length comedy tentatively titled "Drag Queens

on a Plane" (they're also toying around with "There Are Too Many Drag Queens on This M************ Plane", which we like quite a bit and it should happen). It will star Ru, naturally, and a collection of "RuPaul's Drag Race" superstars. The plot will be beside the point, which is fine, but we have some ideas, helpful ones, and here they are: a) pay Samuel L. Jackson whatever he wants to make a cameo and b) make sure it's rated R and c) please don't allow it to become like that weird moment that happens in

every episode of "RPDR" where the judges throw out scripted one-liners that are invariably the opposite of comedy. In other words, don't f*** it up.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY COMING SOON AS "COLETTE" After the award-winning success of "Still Alice" and the death of husband and directing partner Richard Glatzer, it was up to filmmaker Wash Westmoreland to march forward on his own. He has done so, with "Colette", and in the process scored one of the first distribution deals at the

2018 Sundance Film Festival. Co-written by Glatzer, Westmoreland and Rebecca Lenkiewicz, the film stars Keira Knightley as the famous bisexual French novelist of "Gigi" as she learns the ways of Parisian literary society, libertine artists and difficult relationships. In the process she transforms French literature and herself. The movie also stars Dominic West ("The Affair") and Fiona Shaw, but Knightley is getting good notices for her performance, so you can be sure distributor Bleeker Street will position its new acquisition for an awards run at the end of 2018. Vive la Keira!

"HEARTS BEAT LOUD" FOR KIERSEY CLEMONS AND NICK OFFERMAN A kind-hearted story about parents and children in a band together hasn't really caught on with audiences since "The Partridge Family", but filmmaker Brett Haley successfully banked on a project about that very thing for his latest project, the family comedy "Hearts Beat Loud". We say “successfully” because the film was just picked up by Sony at the Sundance Film Festival, so a coming soon to a theater near you is in the cards for this one. It stars Nick Offerman ("Parks and Recreation") and Kiersey Clemons ("Dope") as a dad and daughter who spend her last summer before college writing songs together as a somewhat unlikely performance duo. Supporting cast includes Ted

Danson, Blythe Danner, Toni Collette and "American Honey" breakout Sasha Lane as Clemons' teenage girlfriend. Everything we hear about this movie is that it's sweet, queer and adorable, so we are officially more than here for it.

WILL "VIDA" BE THE QUEEREST SHOW ON TELEVISION? What you should know about the new Starz series, "Vida", before it beams itself directly into your must-watch list on May 6, is that it's about two Mexican-American sisters (Mishel Prada, "Fear the Walking Dead: Passage"; and Melissa Barrera, best known for the Spanishlanguage series "Tanto Amor" ) returning home to their old neighborhood in East L.A. Their mother has died and there's plenty of family drama waiting for them. That alone

makes it special, as Latinx representation on Englishspeaking television is still lagging far behind in scripted series, but show-runner Tanya Saracho has also staffed the place with an all-Latinx writer's room that is 50 perent queer, a director slate that is composed entirely of Latinx filmmakers or women of color -- including "Go Fish" filmmaker Rose Troche – and LGBT characters played by queer cast members, such as non-binary actor Ser Anzoategui ("East Los High") who will portray a person named “Eddy,” known in press materials as a “sturdy butch.” Take that, all other shows on TV that say they can't find queer people of color to work on them: you weren't really looking hard enough. Romeo San Vicente is the queerest show in his own home

Melissa Barrera

Hotspots.LGBT | 85

Written by Care Resource

The holidays are behind us, and a new year means a new focus on your personal health. It’s time to get back in shape and have a free, annual wellness visit at Care Resource. New, uninsured patients can meet with a primary care physician to have a basic exam, routine labs and a cholesterol screening.

Our Registered Dietitian, Gloria Cabral, would like to stress the importance of a cholesterol check-up as a healthy, annual practice. “The body needs some cholesterol in order to function properly. The body’s cell walls, or membranes, need cholesterol and the body uses cholesterol to produce

productive life. Care Resource services are provided on a sliding-fee scale based on income and household size. This scale can provide reduced fees for those who are uninsured, have a low income, or may be undocumented. This is the time to make a commitment to your personal health and wellness in 2018. A free wellness visit includes a physical exam, a cholesterol screening, blood pressure testing, and routine labs. The following promotion is available for new patients without insurance from January 1 to March 31, 2018, and by appointment only. Please call 305-576-1234

hormones, vitamin D, and the bile acids that help to digest fat, but, the body needs only a small amount of cholesterol to meet its needs.To lower cholesterol, the American Heart Association recommends that one eat low saturated fat foods, quit smoking and exercise. Aside from adding zing to almost any dish, some studies show garlic may help lower cholesterol; it’s also been found to prevent blood clots, reduce blood pressure, and protect against infections.” Join the Care Resource family and help us provide you with the absolute best opportunity for a long, healthy, and

ext. 470 (English) or 471 (Español) to schedule an appointment. For more information about cholesterol, please take a moment and read “Cholesterol 101: A Basic Introduction to Cholesterol” from the American Heart Association.

Care Resource is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) with locations in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Care Resource provides comprehensive primary medical and preventive care, including dental care, in-house pharmacy services and behavioral health/substance abuse services to all individuals in South Florida's diverse communities.

By Mike Rox

Whether you have kids, pets or just a messy housemate or partner, your home can turn into a disaster area (like post holidays!) before you know it. From dirty walls to unorganized closets to stained carpets and couches, every area of your abode is susceptible to disrepair. To keep things in check – and looking fresh – here are a few preemptive tips to make sure your place is at its best all year round.

Scotchgard your furniture To protect fabric, furniture and carpet from stains, Scotchgard is essential. You can purchase the treatment at virtually any store that sells cleaning products, and many furniture companies offer the protection for an additional fee before you take your new digs home. Scotchgarded furniture can be costly if you have the retailer do it for you (so if you're pinching pennies, do it yourself), but it's worth the fee to ward off having to replace or reupholster your couch and chairs before you need or want to.


Bust out the broom, duster and mop Nobody likes dusting, but it's amazing how a good wipe down of electronics, art and decorative items can restore a room to its original shine. Likewise, a sweep of the floor followed by a serious mopping can give the room an immediate aura of clean. The lemonfresh scent doesn't hurt either.


Use bleach in the bathroom There's nothing more powerful or potent than bleach. It gets your whites whiter, but it's also a critical cleaning agent to remove mildew and prevent mold in the bathroom. Tile grout can get gross quickly, especially around the tub, which makes it essential to attack the problem areas with bleach once a month before too much gunk builds up. To protect yourself from the fumes, open the windows and turn on the exhaust. To keep your clothes from getting stained, get naked and clean the shower while you're taking one. Two birds, one stone.


Wipe down the walls If you think dust, dirt and grime are only on your floors, furniture and appliances, you're wrong. Inspect your walls and baseboards closely and you'll see stains that will make you scratch your head. How did they get there? Who knows – but a quick wipe down with a rag, soap and water will restore your walls to pristine condition. Avoid chemical cleansers at all costs in this area careful because some of them can strip the paint right off – a preventable problem you don't need.


Hotspots.LGBT | 93

Put things away habitually Even if your home is “clean,” it won't seem that way if you have odd items – like clothing, newspapers and magazine, and dishes – lying around everywhere. For some, this is a hard habit to break, but making it a point to put your stuff where it belongs will keep your place guest-ready at all times, prevent unwanted intrusions from pests, and free up your time since you won't have to schedule time to do what you should have done throughout the week.


Windex your mirrors and glass Fingerprints, toothpaste and dust seemingly appear on your mirrors, windows and other glass out of nowhere. A paper towel and a few spritzes of glass cleaner go a long way to maintain their natural sparkle. And don't forget about framed artwork when you're in glass-attacking mode, an often-overlooked necessity in making sure your home appears cultured but also clean and comfortable.


Clean out your closets every six months Yes, every six months. Get rid of old clothes; donate dust-collecting electronics and media, like CDs and DVDs; and sell any unwantedbut-still-valuable items on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, or local marketplace apps like Letgo. Fold your clothes and place them neatly in the closet. Buy organizers to hide shoes and accessories. Chaos only breeds more chaos; you'll feel better about your space when


Mikey Rox is an award-winning journalist and LGBT lifestyle expert whose work has been published in more than 100 outlets across the world.

He splits his time between homes in New York City and the Jersey Shore with his dog Jaxon. Connect with Mikey on Twitter @mikeyrox. 94 | Hotspots.LGBT


RESTAURANTS ASIA BAY 1111 E. Las Olas Blvd. Fort Lauderdale 954-848-9900 Elegant riverfront dining with a menu of Japanese and Thai dishes including creative sushi rolls. BEEFCAKES (at Boardwalk) 1721 N. Andrews Avenue Ft. Lauderdale 954-463-6969 Open daily from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. The best burgers and chicken wings in town. BONA ITALIAN RESTAURANT 2468 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors 954-565-7222 Under new ownership! Fresh made Italian food. Signature dishes include Fazzoletti, (pasta purses with fontina cheese, cream sauce, peas/bacon), Chicken Cyriac or traditional Eggplant Parmigiana. CEVICHE BY THE SEA 2823 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Oakland Park 954-999-0751 Intimate seafood and Peruvian cuisine. Recommended as

a “truly remarkable dining experience.” Reservations recommended. Open for lunch. Happy Hour M-F, 5-7 p.m. EAT 2150 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors 954-626-0722 Menu offers everything from salmon to Chef Rosario’s meatloaf. Great $10 specialty drink menu. FLIP FLOPS DOCKSIDE EATERY 3051 NE 32nd Avenue Ft. Lauderdale 954-567-1672 Relax on the dock while sipping a specialty cocktail or eating a fresh, made-to-order item from the menu. GEORGIE’S ALIBI & MONKEY BAR 2266 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors 954-565-2526 Relaxed patio atmosphere with a full menu offering awardwinning burgers, wings, hot & cold sandwiches, sliders, flat bread, pizzas and fresh fish, shrimp and chicken entrees. Full bar. Check web site for weekend brunch entertainment schedules.

KALUZ 3300 E. Commercial Blvd. Fort Lauderdale 954-772-2209 Modern American dining with spectacular waterfront views from an elegant dining room or from a more casual patio and outdoor bar. LIPS 1421 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park 954-567-0987 A restaurant/cabaret that “dresses up” to entertain its guests! Fabulous drag and tons of fun! MIND YOUR MANORS 2045 Wilton Dr.,Wilton Manors 754-223-2172 A fun, relaxing garden pub and wine bar serving comfort food and hospitality. Enjoy a wide range of creative cocktails, craft beers and a very unique wine list. NABU AMERICAN FUSION BUFFET 3485 N. Federal Hwy. Ft. Lauderdale 954-568-2208 This place offers it all: Japanese,



To advertise or be listed in this section, call 954-928-1862

EATING OUT American, Italian and Chinese. Incredible buffet. Q BAR 2362 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale 954-565-2229 Live jazz & blues acts perform at this gastropub serving gourmet burgers & Creole-type dishes. ROSIE’S BAR & GRILL 2449 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors 954-563-0123 A Wilton Drive favorite, this place is known for its non-stop party every “Sunday Funday” with live DJs playing great music. Great burgers, fresh seafood and amazing Sunday Brunch10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

RUMORS BAR 2426 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors 954-565-8851 Full bar, restaurant and entertainment venue serving fresh, local ingredients in delicious dishes by awardwinning Cutthroat Kitchen chef Robyn Almodovar. SAGE 2378 N. Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale 954-565-2229 Chic, intimate bistro delivering French country cooking in a romantic locale with patio seating. SHOOTERS WATERFRONT 3033 NE 32nd Avenue Fort Lauderdale 954-566-2855 Popular, spacious dining with a comprehensive menu and dining right on the Intracoastal. TEE JAY’S THAI SUSHI 2254 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors 954-537-7774 Casual locale for Thai & Japanese eats with Asian decorative touches and some traditional low tables. THAI SPICE 1514 E. Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale 954-771-4535 Voted the “Best Thai Restaurant in South Florida 2015” by the Sun-Sentinel, this gem dishes up Thai


EATING OUT Continued classics and specials by owner/chef Michael Tatton on a huge menu that includes Pan-Asian fare & steaks in a soothing space. Happy Hour with half-off appetizers and drinks from 5 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. ZUCKERELLO’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT 3017 E. Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale 954-776-4282 Familiar Italian pastas and flavorful mainstays (plus early-bird specials) are offered up in this warm, inviting restaurant.

Screen Queen: From 'Battle of the Sexes' to 'The Breakfast Club,’ Here's Cuddle Content You Can Count On

|||||||| By Chris Azzopardi Tap that Grindr cuddle buddy of yours – winter is of icially here, and brr, it's time for some Net lix and chill. Or HBO and chill. Or Blu-ray and chill. Whatever your media of choice, here's a peek into some ilms and TV shows you can use to lure your lover du jour into “watching a movie.”

“Mosaic”, HBO Steven Soderbergh, hetero creator of things

110 | Hotspots.LGBT

gays want to see, like Channing Tatum stripper movies and Michael Douglas and his asportrayed-by-Matt-Damon boytoy in “Behind the Candelabra”, also knows you've been wondering where the hell Sharon Stone has been. Sure, the actress who introduced me to lady parts thanks to “Basic Instinct” went brunette for 2013's Rob Epstein- and Jeffrey Friedman-directed eponymous “Deep Throat”centered feature “Lovelace”, as in porn star Linda Lovelace, and more recently had a brief stint as a ilm agent in Golden Globe winner James Franco's “The Disaster Artist”, but Stone's mesmeric presence has been sorely lacking from screens of all types. But Soderbergh's limited six-episode tube run of “Mosaic”, a twisty crime procedural iltered through the ilmmaker's famous iridescent blue and mustard yellow hues, is just the canvas for Stone to paint with every dramatic shade contained within her successful socialite

character, Olivia Lake, a world-famous children's book author who, on the surface, has the TV version of what a very lonely woman needs: a picturesque compound in the ski town of Summit, Utah, and a gay con idante, who is, as if Soderbergh is trying to out-gay himself once again, played by Paul Reubens, aka Peewee Herman. And then there's “Mudbound” star Garrett Hedlund, who portrays Joel, a budding artist Olivia offers to mentor by giving him a place to live at her lodge because a) it's convenient b) he's hot and young, and she wants to feel both again. Stone still gets toolittle screen time, and the series eventually dissolves into a patience-testing and ultimately frustrating game of whodunit – if you like closure, this isn't the series for you – but when it comes to casting eye candy and beloved gay childhood idols, at least Steven Soderbergh was looking out for you.

“Battle of the Sexes”, Blu-ray/DVD During a time when women are asserting their power, bringing the glass-ceilingshattering victory of lesbian tennis trailblazer Billie Jean King over chauvinist Bobby Riggs to today's still-gender-unequal world makes total sense. A #TIMESUP icon before #TIMESUP was a hashtag, King (played by an emotionally rich and captivating Emma Stone) harnessed immense anti-establishment de iance, campaigning for anti-gender discrimination law Title IX and, the next year in 1973, crushing Riggs (Steve Carell) during their iconic, televised match – a win for King, and an even bigger win for women's rights, female athletes and queer acceptance. The match was coined the “Battle of the Sexes.” Also, a great name for a ilm, as “Little Miss Sunshine” ilmmakingduo Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton realized – especially when “Battle of the Sexes” coincidentally encapsulates the gender wars of the 2016 presidential election. But here's the great thing: Faris and Dayton have also made

one of the queerest ilms of 2017. Fully acknowledging that King's sti led relationship with a woman, hairdresser-turned-lover Marilyn Barnett (Andrea Riseborough), weighed heavily on her, it's also evident that their intensely sensual relationship was a crucial personal victory for King, as she'd come to see her own body as more than just a tennis-playing machine. “Billie Jean King: In Her Own Words,” wherein King re lects on her social justice work, her Riggs-winning strategy and her forecast for gender equity, stands out among a modest set of special features.

“End of the F***ing World”, Net lix Boy meets girl, boy wants to savagely kill girl. Yes, welcome to the weirdly swoonworthy romanticism of “End of the F***ing World”, Net lix's bingeable Wes Andersonmeets-”Bonnie and Clyde” series based on Charles Forsman's graphic novel in which two teenage runaways lee their wrecked home lives and neglectful parents for greener pastures and the occasional bludgeoning. Impressively played by 22-year-old Alex Lawther, star of the new IFC Film “Freak Show” (based on James St. James' novel and starring as gender non-conforming alongside Bette Midler and Laverne Cox), James is a 17year-old self-proclaimed psychopath whose

Hotspots.LGBT | 111

greatest childhood thrill involved kni ing cats and hamsters. And now he's out for blood again – human blood. Enter Alyssa (an icy-butempathetic turn from Jessica Barden), his amusingly acerbic schoolmate. Has he found the one? Throughout the show's charmingly breezy, venturesome and beautifully scored eight episodes – during which James has an unexpected urinal experience with an older man that has Alyssa questioning his sexuality, and a pair of everyday lesbian cops try to track them down – his plans for Alyssa unthread as their romantic and deadly kindred-spirit bond see them through to the show's bitter, bloody good, you're-gonna-cry end.

“mother!”, Blu-ray/DVD Behold every last glorious strand of Jennifer Lawrence's constantly transforming hair – silky waves! French braids! – as Darren Aronofsky's dark allegorical descent into Trumpland and man's ravaging of Mother Nature takes you to new crazy places. Just try looking away from the director's maddening and mysterious follow up to “Black Swan” as a grippingly freaked J. Law wanders her home in the same lost manner I imagine our own president does every day in his, trying to understand what's up with the fact that her artist husband (Javier Bardem) has opened their door to strangers who are maybe, probably – OK, de initely – up to no good. Those strangers are ominously portrayed by Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer, and if you need another reason to squirm through this messy rabbit hole of doom and gloom and insane plot points, it's to watch a sketchy Pfeiffer steal scenes as the vaguely titled character “Woman” (J. Law is, you guessed it, the eponymous “Mother”). Inhabiting the role of horny housewife with a delicious mean streak, Pfeiffer sets her scenes on ire as the ilm blazes a dreary path of political commentary that sometimes feels like an art student's inal project gone awry. Aronofsky's commitment to the absurd and chaotic is certainly, at the very least, commendable. But guys, that hair…

112 | Hotspots.LGBT

“The Breakfast Club”, The Criterion Collection, Blu-ray John Hughes' quintessential coming-of-age classic, “The Breakfast Club”, is as timeless as the mis it archetypes the late ilmmaker sought to explore and subvert when he wrote and directed one of teen-hood's greatest artistic depictions. Simply put, few ilmmakers are as synonymous with the '80s as Hughes. Within the depths of his everyday characters – in “The Breakfast Club”, speci ically, that includes Andrew Clark (Emilio Estevez), Brian Johnson (Anthony Michael Hall), John Bender (Judd Nelson), Claire Standish (Molly Ringwald) and Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy) – we could see ourselves, or the people we once were (the writer-director's Duckie in “Pretty in Pink” was an early queer idol). The empathyengendering, zeitgeistcapturing “The Breakfast Club” encouraged generations of fronting schoolkids – and, perhaps, the adults they eventually became – to let their true colors show. Criterion Collection's new Blu-ray release respectfully offers the ilm's most comprehensive set yet, delivering on all levels: a superb 4K restoration, along with new sit-downs featuring Sheedy and Ringwald, who acknowledges Hughes for being an early supporter of nonconformist leading ladies. As editor of Q Syndicate, the international LGBT wire service, Chris Azzopardi has interviewed a multitude of superstars, including Meryl Streep, Mariah Carey and Beyonce. Reach him via his website at and on Twitter (@chrisazzopardi).

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Hmmm… The Freaky Thing About Nightmares is Realizing That They Were Created by Your Mind.

Can I Skip College and go to the Part Where I Become a Millionaire?

Why is it Acceptable For You to be an Idiot, but Not Acceptable for me to Point Out?

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How Long After Walking into Someone’s House is it Acceptable to Ask for Their WiFi Password?



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n my line of work, most clients come to me because they want to look better. Big arms and nice quads are awesome goals, but I always try to emphasize that there are other fitness issues that also require attention. Regular checkups, effective stress management, and a heart healthy lifestyle are vital to a long healthy life as well as having a great physique. With the awareness that Valentine's Day is near, I'd like to look at that most important of muscles- the human heart and how you can keep it happy and healthy for you and those you love for years to come! Make regular exercise a part of your daily routine. Doing aerobic exercise for your cardiovascular system two to three times per week for 30 minutes is a great place to start. Weight training is also essential for maintaining lean muscle, flexibility and

130 | Hotspots.LGBT

storing fat. Cut your fat intake to less than 30% storing fat. Cut your fat intake to less than 30% of your daily caloric intake. Rather than coffee of your daily caloric intake. Rather than coffee and soda, remember to drink more water. and soda, remember to drink more water. Drinking green or black tea promotes arterial Drinking green or black tea promotes arterial

health and combats pesky free radicals that age health and combats pesky free radicals that age you. Remember that smoking will kill you. Too you. Remember that smoking will kill you. Too much booze, (except for a daily glass of red overall physical strength. Hiking, swimming, much booze, (except for a daily glass of red overall physical strength. Hiking, swimming, wine) means extra, empty calories that will be wine) means extra, empty calories that will be bowling, and cycling, are all ways to build bowling, and cycling, are all ways to build stored as fat around your middle. stored as fat around your middle. cardiovascular health as well as quality muscle. cardiovascular health as well as quality muscle. If all this sounds too overwhelming, then take If all this sounds too overwhelming, then take baby-steps. Use the stairs at work, make time to baby-steps. Use the stairs at work, make time to stretch and breathe between appointments, stretch and breathe between appointments, walk the dog after dinner. walk the dog after dinner. Do not skip regular physical checkups. Find a Do not skip regular physical checkups. Find a physician who has the time to talk with you and physician who has the time to talk with you and explain things clearly. Keep in mind certain vital explain things clearly. Keep in mind certain vital statistics like your blood pressure, cholesterol statistics like your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, body fat percentage, BMI and BMR. levels, body fat percentage, BMI and BMR. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is power. You'll never eliminate stress from your life, so You'll never eliminate stress from your life, so learn to deal with it in healthy fun ways like learn to deal with it in healthy fun ways like adding a sport or hobby to your agenda! Keep adding a sport or hobby to your agenda! Keep positive, supportive people around you. positive, supportive people around you. Practicing Yoga will make you more flexible and Practicing Yoga will make you more flexible and clear your mind of noisy clutter. The same clear your mind of noisy clutter. The same effects can be obtained by doing guided effects can be obtained by doing guided meditation, listening to music, or sharing quality meditation, listening to music, or sharing quality time with friends or pets. Volunteer your time at time with friends or pets. Volunteer your time at a favorite charity. Adopt a pet, they are great a favorite charity. Adopt a pet, they are great companions and help companions and help lower blood pressure. lower blood pressure. You see, there are a You see, there are a Make nutrition into a daily project. Begin the Make nutrition into a daily project. Begin the million ways you can million ways you can day with a substantial breakfast of whole grains, day with a substantial breakfast of whole grains, calm your spirit and fruits, quality protein and low-fat dairy. Eat calm your spirit and fruits, quality protein and low-fat dairy. Eat take care of that take care of that regularly throughout the day, low-salt, smaller regularly throughout the day, low-salt, smaller precious muscle precious muscle meals and snacks every two hours to keep up meals and snacks every two hours to keep up called your heart. your strength and prevent your body from called your heart. your strength and prevent your body from ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

u Contact with all your training questions. Set up a free consultation u Contact with all your training questions. Set up a free consultation with Tom (954) 557-1119 and checkout with Tom (954) 557-1119 and checkout

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The Pride Center

Founders Circle Mixer at Symphony at the Waterways

Photos: Stephen R. Lang



lex Jones of the conspiracy-laden, right-wing echo chamber that is Infowars took a closer look at the socalled Women’s March on the Jan. 22 episode of The Alex Jones Show. What he found will shock you: litter(ally). After ranting about the evils of soy lattes (“women who drink them can’t get pregnant,” he said) Jones refers to an image of attendees at the LA Women’s March standing with signs that read things like, “Reclaiming my time” and “Trump Lies.” Some of the women are wearing the pink knitted “pussy” hats. “Just look at these people. They look like people escaped out of a mental institution,” Jones said, making me wonder if he’s ever seen The Alex Jones Show. He then calls them “a bunch of dirty pigs.” Jones and his correspondent, Millie Weaver, were beside themselves about the empty Starbucks cups littering the march site. And they have a point! Littering is wrong. So the moral is, “Pick up after yourselves!” Got it. Liberals owned. So we’re done here, right? Ha, no. Jones went on to say that the Women’s March litter means that Los Angeles is turning into Haiti, which he describes as “deforested and a hell hole,” adding that “their national religion is devil worship.” A totally logical conclusion to an argument that ladies shouldn’t throw cups on the ground. He’s definitely a very stable genius. If you love his theories about littering, you’ll love his theory about LGBTQ suicide, which he shared on Jan. 21. “The gay community … on average, they have the highest level of suicide globally of any group,” Jones said, which is not untrue. The suicide rate for LGBTQ people is alarmingly high. “And it’s not because folks are being mean to them,” Jones continued. “It’s because that community is being mean to them.” And by “that community” he means the gay community. In other words, LGBTQ don’t kill themselves because of outside oppression and discrimination. Nope. They kill themselves because they a bunch of catty bitches. “I’ve witnessed it for myself,” Jones said.


“I’ve had friends, family, neighbors that are gay. You go to their party, they’re being meaner than hell to each other.” I’d like to point out the use of the past tense “had” to describe his gay friends, family and neighbors. Presumably they stopped associating with him after watching his show. Either that or he stopped associating with them after they refused to buy the “proprietary” vitamin supplements Jones pedals on his website. And what did Jones mean when he said, “You go to their party?” What gay people are inviting this man to their parties? “A lot of gay people are really mean,” he lamented. “Let’s not lie about that, and let’s not lie about how [gays] treat each other,” he said. “And that lesbians have the highest level of abusing each other.” Is it true that some gays treat other gays terribly? Well, yes. Of course. Because gays are human and some humans are trash (see: Alex Jones). But if he truly is so concerned about gays committing suicide, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to donate some of his vitamin supplement money to The Trevor Project (

D’Anne Witkowski is a poet, writer and comedian living in Michigan with her wife and son. She has been writing about LGBT politics for over a decade. Follow her on Twitter @MamaDWitkowski.

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We are looking for guys of all ages ( 18 & over ) and ethnicities for our next ad campaign with well-known photographer David Vance. You don’t have to be a “Greek God”, just in decent shape (in a swimsuit) and photogenic. We are looking for diverse types (daddies, jocks, bears, regular guys, etc.) The photos will contain partial nudity (no full frontal), so you must be comfortable in your own skin, with the nature of our business and homosexuality. Contact us at: for more information or call 954.525.3344 and speak with a member of the management team.


We are looking for a few good men to join our team. Verifiable customer experience is required. MUST PASS A DRUG TEST. The position entails a LOT of cleaning during your shift. We are open 24/7, so you must have a flexible schedule. We offer competitive wages and excellent health benefits. Submit application and resume to the front desk. 110 NW 5th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311. 954-525-3344


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Seeking two full-time housekeepers. Please apply in person at 315 NE 16 Terr. Ft. Lauderdale 33301 between 9 and 3 Tuesday through Saturday.


Full Time – Must be experienced (hotel), dependable and able to do quality work with time constraints. Must be available to work weekends and holidays. Send experience history, references and contact info addressed to for consideration.


Is looking for part-time server. Please pick up application between 5pm and 9pm at 2440 Wilton Drive.


Residential House cleaner needed for a part time position starting $11 to $12 an hour. No experience needed, will train. Car needed 954-812-8005


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partner in success.”


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services for Broward Cou

business, we help you ma

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(954) 675-2272 1975 East Sunrise Blvd., Suite 626, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304 Serving Adults, Children, Couples and Families. HIV Related Issues Depression - Schizophrenia - Relationship Problems - Anger Management - Same-Sex Domestic Violence - Many Other Mental Health Issues ***Affordable Counseling Fees***


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Have a great Swedish or deep tissue massage. Very private quiet and clean. 1/hr $50 and 1/2 hr $25. Steve 954-533-2245 home phone no text. Lic MA16988


Live in office space. Full kitchen and bath, approx. 800 sq. ft. LONG LEASE. Call 954-786-0287


Beautiful “owner’s unit” in one story 4 four plex. Tile floors with French doors to a private patio and fenced back yard. Updated Kitchen. Big walk in closet. Off street parking. 4 blocks from the Drive. On site Laundry room. $50 application fee--Background check. No Smoking, No Pets, Call 754-366-7563

nt provides property management u FOR SALE BROWARD

FORT LAUDERDALE unty.Wilton With over 14 years in the Manors 3/2.5 Pool 3CG $389,000. Wilton Manors river front 3/3, $596,969. 2/1.5 Tennis

Club Townhouse $1,200/mo. “Broker Joe” Grano, aximize your profits efficiently. Realtor® 954-931-0031


Nice quiet residential area. Looking for a non-smoker, gainfully employed. Private bedroom, shared bath, clothing optional pool. W/D in unit. $600./mo. plus 1st and security. Call Joe 954-981-9431

p Management, INC

954.909.0195 u COUNSELING 54.592.4120 METH PROBLEM??

rve, People You Trust.

Mark’s List Marketplace

Mark’s List Marketplace u PERSONAL TRAINING


Mature therapist with 20 years of experience in Swedish and Reiki. $40. out calls only. By appointment only 954-895-2265. Fort Lauderdale area. From 9 am to 5pm Mon - Sat.


Offering Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage for Men at Affordable Rates in a comfortable and Private Massage studio located in Wilton Manors on NE 26th Street, Same Day appointments can mostly be accommodated. Great New Specials Available call for details. Gift Certificates Available. Call Jim at 954-600-5843 or visit my website at www. License MM22293. ALL NEW AFFORDABLE PRICING AVAILABLE


In & out travel to resorts or homes. Private studio located at Hollywood Blvd. & 95. Massage/Facials/ Waxing 305-331-1010 Miguel MA0025781


Body shaving and trimming in the comfort of your own home. Friendly, no attitude, Broward only. $50.00 per session 9AM-9PM, call Michael at 754-222-6623


Waxing, facials, trimming, shaving and body scrubs at its best. Very friendly and relaxing experience. Visit me today. For appointment please call 954-649-9905. WWW.BRAZILLIANTOUCH.COM

Mark’s List Marketplace u GROOMING


Power washing, tint removal Call scott 954-566-4415


Cooling is what we do best. FPL rebates, insured, CACO 36862. FREE estimates on replacements. $95 tune up, Call 954-764-1990


Fast repair service, A&H AC 954-392-1301. Lic. CAC057837, replacement units with financing options if needed. Over 30 years serving our community. Evenings and weekends too.


Home cleaning service. Experienced, Free estimates, References available, 1B/D from $60, 2B/D from $70, 3B/D from $80. Additional services available on request. Flexible hours. Holiday/Party set up/clean up available. Call Gary 954-242-4909


1BD/1BA for $55. 2BD/2BA for $65. I provide a Midwestern charm with a Southern hospitality. Apartments, Condos, Homes and Offices. Give Bruce a call 954-540-8694.


Repairs, installations, indoor air quality. Residential/ Commercial. Proudly serving the tri-county area. Quality and experience. Free service calls for all A/C makes and models. Lic/Ins CMC1249558 Call 954-274-8287 for your free estimate. **10% off your first repair**


From Roper to Viking we got you covered! LG, Samsung no problem. Small appliance shop rate just $39, fix it don’t throw it away. Call All Bright Repair @ 954-765-6272 it’s fixed or it’s free!


Quality cleaning in everything we do, better prices and better results in your cleaning experience. 1 Bed $40., 2 Bed $50., 3 Bed $60. Call for an appointment today.


1BD $60, 2BD $70, 3BD $80. Excellent rates and references. 10 years in the business. Serving Broward, North Miami and South Palm Beach. Also pet sitting and window cleaning avail. Call Manny at 954-371-8920


Quality work at a reasonable price. Licensed & Insured #98-CME-1807-X. Contact 954-257-9509. Also, all size generator service and installation.


Additions, renovations, service upgrades, breaker panels, FPL undergrounds, code violations, A/C wiring, ceiling fans, recessed, security & landscaping, lighting, pools, pumps, Jacuzzis, water heaters, FREE PHONE ESTIMATES 954-522-3357 Lic & Ins.

Mark’s List Marketplace HANDYMAN

MasterCard & Visa Accepted. Pressure Washing, Painting, Tile, Plumbing etc.. I Got The Tools. Call Joel Miller 954-822-7027


Reliable and honest, doors, trim, kitchen cabinets, vanities, shower doors, blinds, TV’s, drywall, painting ,etc. Excellent work and cleanup, 20+yrs exp. 954-871-6659 Earl


Electrical Contractor State Lic. 13007180. All your wiring needs. Residential and office. State Lic. HI 3578. Call ‘D’ 954-726-0394 Over 30 Yrs Experience Unlimited Master Electrician everything electric & smart homes. 5% Off with is ad.


On-Site & Remote Support. Located in Wilton Manors. Windows (XP, Vista, 7 & 8) & Mac (OS X). Security, virus, & spyware removal, repairs & upgrades, wired & wireless networking - gay owned 954-453-9574


IN-HOME SERVICE. Proudly serving our community for over 12 years. *Get the BEST performance, protection & value from your computer investment. *A+ Hardware & OS certified. *Friendly, professional, RELIABLE service. Reasonable rates. Call: Mike 954-817-3883


Your Personal Tech Assistant. BEST RATES in the tri-county area. Specializing in Android & iPhones. PC/Mac-Training, Installation, Clean-up & Repairs. Friendly, In-Home Srvc. Call/Txt 954-903-4383.

u HANDY MAN ONE-STOP SHOPPING AND ASSOCIATES HANDYMAN/ REMODELING AND MORE WITH OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN ALL PHASES OF... Home improvements, additions, electrical, plumbing, painting, kitchen, baths, wood flooring / trim, TV mounting, Former owner of a NY remodeling co. as well as a hands on worker, because I demand perfection in all I do. Please call Mitch for prompt honest and dependable service. Lic. CGC1514441 and insured. 954-253-4650


Painting, Plumbing, Light Electrical, Vanities, Sinks, Faucets, Dishwashers, Disposals, General Carpentry, Mount TV & Microwave, Drywall and more. Brian 954-881-2848. “Your One Stop Shop For All Home Repairs”


Full Service- Everything from Landscaping Design and Installation to Maintenance. We do it allweeding, large and small lawns. Tree trimming class B certification lic. CCB1308. Member of the Better Business Bureau. WHATEVER YOU NEED WE DO IT! Just call JOHN 954-763-3340, cell 954-812-5434.


19 yrs. experience, excellent work, referrals upon request. Call Roberto at 954-383-8980



For FREE price quote Call US @954-566-1270 or visit us At WWW.WORLDSBESTMOVERS. COM Ask about our FREE wardrobe service.



Licensed since 1989. Specializing in tankless/tank water heaters. Guaranteed lowest prices in Broward county. Complete plumbing service and installation. Expert bathroom and kitchen. Free estimates. 24/7 Lic# CFC039956. Call Ed @ 954-297-0595.

Call Norbert directly. Affordable, Reliably and Careful. Insured & Licensed MV#567 www.RedBoxMoving. com (954) 305-9176


Professional gay male musician offering lessons for all ages and levels in your home or my studio. Broadway, pop, classically trained. Lets have fun! Jonathan 646-418-4043


Learn to Play Tennis. Fun Instruction for Beginners. Licensed Professional Call JC at 954-224-5056


Nearly 20yrs of recruiting experience. Consultation includes one-on-one session, job hunting tips & tricks, social media review. 954-551-0797


Tax Preparation and Resolution for Individuals and Small Business. Help With Same Sex Marriage Issues and IRS Issues. Call 781-363-5519 or 561-429-3592 or visit our website at www.


Tree pruning - Palm Trimming - Tree Removal Stump Grinding - Storm Preparation and Cleanup Serving East Broward Ft. Laud. to Boca Raton - Call George 954-444-7710 or 954-783-0395 Insured. Lic.-CCB-206

ADVERTISE IN THE MARKETPLACE To Place Your Directory or Classified Ad Call Jim at 954-928-1862 Ext. 14 or Email

ADVERTISE IN THE MARKETPLACE To Place Your Directory or Classified Ad Call Jim at 954-928-1862 Ext. 14 or Email


Mark’s List Marketplace


By Woody Miller





ey Woody! My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to spend time with our parents. It sounds pretty normal but the thing of it is as soon as we get into bed I want to jump him like an animal. I don’t know if it’s the sneaking around or the “I’m so bad” part of doing it at our parents’ house, but it has been the best sex we’ve ever had. My boyfriend’s not as in to it as I am. I have actually had to force him to do it a couple times but once he gets into it it’s amazing. How can I get him past his inhibitions so we can get down to business? — Father Complex Dear Father Complex: If you want him to drop his drawers you have to raise some issues. Like how not to get caught. Talk to him about soundproofing your parents’ guest bedroom. Here are a few tips to keep the nosiest parents at bay:

• Use a towel to “weather-strip” the bottom of the door. • Bring a portable CD and place it right behind the door. If the bed squeaks a lot play Britney. If he moans a lot, play Barry White. • Put a chair under the doorknob if they don’t have a lock. • And if they have especially thin walls, run the shower (they’ll hear the water running in the pipes, camouflaging your naughty sounds). Of course, I’d also consider the time-tested, zipper-opening strategy called liquor. It wipes

away inhibitions like a washcloth. Be cautious, though. Alcohol can lower inhibitions but it can also lower performance. The point is to address his concerns. You take care of his worry and he’ll take care of your obsession.

Hey Woody! I’m a student in my middle 20s and in love with one of my teachers. One day I just blurted out my feelings for him. He blushed, got real nervous and said, “I don’t know what to say.” Now, I KNOW he’s attracted to me because of the way he looks at me, yet he won’t make a move. What can I do to date him? — Mooning Dear Mooning: First, find out what the school’s policy is about teachers dating their students. Some schools have a flat-out NO WAY I DON’T CARE HOW CUTE OR HUNG HE IS policy. Others may not. There are obvious ethical considerations about teachers dating their students, even if the student is an adult. Because the teacher is in a power position (students shouldn’t be put in a “f--k or flunk” position) the possibility of exploitation is always there. It’s a no-win situation and schools go to great lengths to discourage teacher-student relations. Personally, I think it’s a *BAD* idea for you to pursue this. But knowing human nature, that ain’t going to stop you. So talk to a school counselor and tell them your situation (don’t tell them who the teacher is!). They’ll know the school’s policy and help counsel you.

uAsk Woody a question at Want more dating tips? Check out Woody’s book, Meet The Hottie in The Corner. The 21 Day Plan To Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection, Master The Art Of Icebreakers And Snag Guys You Never Thought You Could Get.

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