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Executive Summary Yummies Cakes Desserts

CafĂŠ is an Orlando based company that provides high quality Custom decorated cakes, pastries, baked goods, event menus, decorations, and event planning to individuals and businesses in the Greater Orlando area. We started as a home based business ten years ago providing baked goods and catering to the Brazilian and Spanish local communities. Now the focus is on planning the expansion of our business and services to Americans and the local community at large. To kick start this, we have moved to a new building to enable this expansion into more of a higher volume retail operation. This business plan outlines our business concept, philosophy, products, and forecasted financial returns on investment. To further this expansion, Yummies Desserts is seeking seed money to increase our business to a higher level. Yummies Desserts is managed by two partners, Angelica Hubner, a specialist in high value gourmet cake decorating and dessert catering, and Adelaide Araujo, a specialist in Themed

Decorations and Event coordination. Business Opportunity Yummies Desserts will hold true to its vision of offering new concepts in food and events, coupled with old fashioned quality products and service excellence, while expanding into a favorite retail location for the local population and tourists in their area. Our proximity to high traffic volumes on South Orange Blossom Trail & John Young Parkway, next to the Hunter’s Creek neighborhood, and close to the International Drive tourist corridor gives us tremendous retail competitive advantage. We also have an edge because our business offering is positioned strongly as the highest quality, high value custom pastry producer, in a busy, diverse, area supporting a wide range of styles and tastes. Our competitors are mainly a few small Spanish style bakeries, and local chain supermarkets. We already have many loyal customers, sufficient to warrant further growth. In our first year, with an increase in productive capacity utilizing our new facility, we are aggressively planning for a 50% sales increase.

Product Service Description Some of our products that differentiate us from the competition come from the now popular Brazilian influenced cuisine. We also have several highly talented, creative artisans, and production capacity to produce custom singular works of gastronomic art. Based on fresh, high quality ingredients, our desserts are delicious treasures that represent unique taste experiences, for both the average walk-in customer, and the sophisticated gourmand. Our beautiful wedding cakes are delicious, moist, elegant, and possessing of the quality and attention to detail that creates a lot of repeat business. Our customers will have the opportunity to see via our web site ( examples of previous creations, place an order, reserve an appointment for consultation, and see the other services we offer, while we promote our business via social networking media. Yummies Desserts also provides space for parties, including a nice private banquet hall directly on its premises. Every month we will provide cooking classes for adults and children. Yummies Desserts provides: A broad range of high quality, attractively custom decorated cakes, desserts, and party foods, for all occasions, including local, im-

ported, and custom fresh juices, beverages, coffees, and expresso products. We intend to expand our offerings in Planning and Event catering design, coordination, and logistics for family, business, meeting planners, and local resort & hospitality customers. We currently offer custom decorating, and themed event menus with professional coordination. Current Business Position Yummies Desserts is equally owned and managed by its two partners, Angelica Hubner, and Adelaide Araujo. Angelica Hubner has over ten years experience in the baking and pastry industries. For the last twelve years the local Brazilian population, and now the community at large have relied on Adelaide for their wedding and party catering needs. Both have developed together a good partnership working on many catered events, custom cakes, and dessert menus with great success. Their dream is to expand their strong & unique business to a new level. Their existing business strength is that they have a one of a kind special niche in the local party and restaurant industry. Their business plan is to build a much larger market position in the Orlando Metro Area, due to the strength of the two partner’s repeat clientele, high local traffic volume, and lack of local competition in their indus- By Hotspotorlando try.

YUMMIES DESSERTS Phone # :407-851-6060 404-557-3030

Yummies Desserts is a trademark of the finest Brazilian style bakery in the highest essence of the business. With its roots in Brazil, brought the best into the United States and stablished her sweet shop in Orlando. With a large variety of cakes , pastries, cupcakes, hor’s douvres and also some dishes and salads by catering order only Yummies has built a valiable reputation in the market. Their delights are available for purchase in their store or upon special request . Catering available with advanced notice.

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Yummies has been recognized for their outstanding job by MyCityEats Magazine in 2011, participated on the Hispanic Chamber Latin Food & Wine Fest, Hispanic Heritage Month presented by the City of Orlando, and many events by the Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce in Orlando. Yummies Desserts has a wide range of products to offer, we will show in pictures on the next pages.



CAKES for every ocasion

Baby shower


The Birthday Adventure !

kids Birthday cakes


cakes that will make you dream and want to be a kid again

wedding cakes


All cakes customized to your event color and style!

Cake menu

flavor and size - prices upon request

12 people 70 people

20 people 100 people

white dough

35 people

50 people

dulce de leche dulce de leche w/ coconut dulce de leche w/ coconut and pineapple dulce de leche w/ prunes dulce de leche w/ prunes and coconut dulce de leche w/ peach dulce de leche w/ peach and coconut dulce de leche w/ strawberry and whipped cream dulce de leche w/ walnut coconut and bavarian cream coconut and bavarian cream w/ pineapple strawberry w/ whipped cream strawberry w/ merengue strawberry w/ chocolate caramel strawberry w/ white ganache strawberry w/ black ganache passion fruit passion fruit w/ truffle guava walnut w/ sweet condensed milk walnut w/ coconut milk cream(baba de moca) walnut w/ apricot jelly white truffel black truffel white forest(cherry)

flavor size and price 12 people 50 people 70 people

20 people

35 people

100 people

chocolate dough

dulce de leche dulce de leche w/ coconu chocolate caramel(brigadeiro) coconut(prestigio) well marriage (bem-casado) chocolate mousse dream waltz brazilian bonbon w/cashew nuts dulce de leche w/ strawberry & whipped cream dulce de leche w/ walnut strawberry w/ whipped cream strawberry w/ chocolate strawberry w/ white ganache strawberry w/ back ganache passion fruit passion fruit w/ truffle walnut w/ apricot jelly white truffel black truffel black forest(cherry) kids cake w/ cake topper price start at:

Yummies Desserts has in their repertoir a large variety of cake recipes that will make your guest or client delighted! Brigadeiro Cake Moist Chocolate layered

Dulce de Leche Cake white, layered with dulce de leche inside and out



Menu Little Sweets

brigadier little kiss(coconut) peanut well marriage grape walnut brigadier little kiss(coconut) cherry well marriage grape walnut almond w/ apricot strawberry bombom strawberry tartelette kiwi tartelette peach tartelette grape bombom(big) walnut tartelette

pink feet

mother in law eye white brigadier

strawberry(no fruit) pineapple

black truffel mother in law eye white brigadier

white truffel pineapple pistachios

truffel chocolate cup

brigadier cup

white brigadier cup

white truffel chocolate cup

coconut cup

passion fruit cup



Chicken croquette(coxinha) cheese ball (bolinha de queijo) cod fish croquette(bolinho de bacalhau) corn ball (bolinha de milho) shrimp croquette(risoles de camarao) ham and cheese croquette(risoles de presunto e queijo) cream cheese croquette(risoles de cream cheese) cheese croquette(risoles de queijo) spinach w/ ricotta croquette(risoles de espinafre e ricota Kibe Beef croquettes (risoles de carne) ham and cheese ball( bolinha de presunto e queijo) heart of palm croquette(risoles de palmito)

Yummies Desserts Catalog  

A full description of Yummies Dessert's products and Art

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