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4 Our Contributors 10 Editorial 14 Sean Slack about the upcoming Games in Brazil. 18 Marcio e Simoni Brazilian tourism 26 Focus Brasil- Asia 36 Perfumeland End of the season celebration 40 Wawa convenience store Grand opening 46 Networking events 50 Piquet Realty celebrates 52 Mill 50- Orlando Art in utility boxes 54 Charles Portela art review 58 J.Wayne Felipe- Sounds & Noise 60 Festival of Speed 64 Movies 68 Designer Flavia Aranha Summer 2013 76 The Art of Soco Freire 82 Batherby’s Second Friday. 84 Performance Enthusiast 90 Sports 104 Daniel Consentino talks about the game PORTAL 106 Elita Freita- Among Friends 114 Zuleika Rezende -Bodybuilding 116 Corpus Wax-Winter Park 120 Edmundo Cavalcanti - Sambaqui Guaruja Archaeological Site 128 Roseana MARANHÃO-Mediation 130 Vicky’s News @ AboutUS 136 Larry Poynter Jr Music & Social Media 140 Wine for us.


Contributors Ademar Rodrigues From Brazil- Born in Nova Friburgo, married a wonderful father, came to the US in 1986 and is now the CEO of HotspotOrlando & AboutUS Magazine. Photographer and dog lover! Apreciates his life, and he is also Executive Administrative for Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce in Orlando. Laiz Rodrigues Lawyer by trade, graduated in Brazil 1985 PUC-RJ, came to the US in 1986, had a daughter, beautiful and loving, loves to show everything through her vision, and through her rebel lenses. Editor and creator of Hotspotorlando & AboutUS Magazine, Board Director and proud member of the Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, and contributor at Yellow and Green online Magazine from Orange County.

Edmundo Cavalcanti, é administrador de empresas, aposentado.Nasceu e reside em São Paulo-Capital, em 23/06/1948, colaborou com diversas empresas de construção civil, na área de suprimentos.Defensor ardoroso do meio ambiente e da sustentabilidade.Participa ativamente das rede sociais,divulgando artigos e matérias sobre o tema. Retired Business Administrative, born and raised in Sao Paulo-Brasil,worked with many Civil Construction companies, an avid activist in sustainability, and loves to right about it in the Social Networks an his Blog. Sean Slack. Graduated at UCF, on a football scholarship, married with a wonderful girl Stacy, and lots of kids. A heart of gold and an eye for sports, and touristical business. Owner of Marquis International, deals with millions of tourists that come to Orlando every year, achieving great international sales .

Kin Cordell, fashion photographer young, passionate, with an eye that knows the best angle of every model that he ever photographed. Kin went to High School in Mississipi, and now lives in Orlando where he dedicates himself to fashion.

Richie Gray , is the Executive Director at the Florida Rush Soccer team in Winter Park since 2008 . He just finished season 2012 and is already getting ready for the next. Based out of Winter Garden, Florida Rush Soccer is committed to the development of healthy youth through the game of soccer. Providing soccer programming for boys & girls ages 4-19, Florida Rush teaches the fundamental skills of the game and develops our athletes through organized training, teams, and leagues and utilizing professional coaches and athletic facilities. Marta Thompson. From Brazil, born in Sao Paulo,happily married with a son Nathan. Talented caterer and creator of delicious things, but also a wonderful teacher. She loves to teach the trade and shares her wonders with us. Website

Marcio & Simoni Lucena. It is impossible talking about one without talking about the other, they are really one. They are from Brazil and live in Nova Friburgo , Brazil. Besides his passion for his family Rock’nRoll and photography. Simoniis also Brazilian and a journalist , graduated at Estacio de Sa University. They have a daughter, and love to travel. Their photography reflects the most beautiful places in Brazil, and they bring it to us every month.

Vicky is a little star, she started to interview and present parties and shows when sha was little, but her star is rising and little by little she is shining more and more. She gives her contribution to AboutUS, and to other publications, every month.Her public is American and Brazilian, and she is considered today one of the most successful young Brazilian artists in the US. She received the prize Rising Star for Talent Brazil this year, and XUXA has her eyes on her, just waiting for the right moment. Her site has a great audience,and the future is not too hard to imagine.

Special Contribution for this Edition

Adriano Albuquerque is a writer, sportsChristian, journalist and served as ediCharles Portela is a musician, with a vivtorFaith andnotreporter for bythe sitealso BasketBrasil http://www.basid only lived day day but in the beautiful for He fiveis married years tobetween 2005 Gospel Music he creates. Debora the one and 2010. Already passed by the newsrooms of daily Lance! and and only love of his life. site, and covered various sports like basketball, football, baseball, streetball, tennis, volleyball and swimming. A luz dossoccer, olhos alegra o coração, a boa notícia fortalece It also spokesman for the Federation of American Football in os was ossos. Pva15:30 Rio de Janeiro Botafogo and mammoths. Currently, it covers MMA for He is a Detroit Pistons fan since the days of the Bad Boys of Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars and Bill Laimbeer.

Meu nome é Elita, sou Pernambucana, apaixonada pela vida, viagens e familia, artista plastica, culinarista e chocolatier. Tenho tres filhos que enchem meu coração de felicidade e como toda mãe convivo com as preocupações que nos acompanham desde a maternidade. My name is Elita, I’m from Pernambuco, passionate about life, travel and family, plastic artist, culinarist and chocolatier. I have three sons that fill my heart with happiness and as every mother, I live with the worries that accompany us from motherhood.

John Wayne Felipe, owner and creator at JWMusic - producing jingles, advertising spots and videos, offers you the opportunity to brand their products and services through the audio and video. Almost inseparable partners image & sound combine to create the triad: emotion, sensation, and vibration. An expert in sound and branding.

AboutUS contributors

Larry Poynter Jr is a natural born music idealist and executor of his ideas. Since the early days of his career he has been driven and have achieved levels of great success with little resources. Life has foced him to stop and restart and he never used that as an excuse to give up. He is fighter, and an achiever. He has been an inspiration to many musicians and he is for real. Always real talk, realmusic forever.

Sarideliz, I co-produced the raved Downtown Orlando Fashion Week with my colleague Michael Ransom, owner of House Of Meja,LLC. I never saw myself as a writer, but I like to be an opportunist. I’ll try anything once . . . twice if I like it! I like to think of myself as a fashionista, a devoted follower of the latest fashions, but I prefer the term “fashion enthusiast” -it sounds less snobbish and fits my personality. I am a young professional earning a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. My current goals include bringing together other fashionenthusiast, who are driven, to give Orlando that fashion outlet it’s been craving for years.

Daniel Consentino is a very smart young math inclined genious, with a very distinctive personality. He is really a great human being with a special smile and way to talk. He loves video games , science and Math and he shares his favorite games with us !

Deo Britos is Brazilian, with a strong Faith, active in her church, New Hope , and also a mother and a teacher. The Orlando Community knows her for her strength and devoted care with her daughter Sara, that is no longer with us, but now she dedicates herself to teach portuguese , to write and to make a difference.

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New Festival to make a Big Splash in Orlando this Fall SOAKED | An Extreme Watersports Festival Combining extreme sports, family-friendly entertainment and music in the world capital of water skiing, soaked is a new extreme water sports festival coming to Orlando September 7 to 8. Taking over Downtown's iconic centerpiece, Lake Eola, the festival will feature world champion water skiers competing for the sport’s largest purse - $100,000 - along with music, motor shows, carnival rides, great food and more. In addition to the water sports competition the festival will include stages for concerts, car shows, motorcycle shows, carnival rides, kid attractions, and food and beverage stations. Tickets will cost $15 per day and can be purchased at

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There is no end without a beginning, no goodbye without a hello, and no death without life. We all restart our days with a new hope and a new objective, everyday. Rain or shine, we keep going, hoping, wishing and thriving.The will of a person is as strong as his faith, the bigger the faith, the stronger the will and the drive. No distractions, driven to one purpose, be better, excel, and make sure to point the importance of things, the best way to choose, and, at night when you lay your head on the pillow you know that day, was not wasted, not in vain. So, our wish for you is to find this power within yourself and change your life. Go for the Gold! Have a great month! Enjoy this new edition!

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Never before in the history of sports has a country been given not one, but two huge opportunities to demonstrate their arrival as a true superpower. The enormous task of hosting the upcoming 2014 World Cup and then the 2016 Olympics has just been given a hearty shove into reality as the Olympic flag arrived in Rio de Janiero yesterday. No longer a dream or a picturesque set of blueprints and colors. The world will be on the doorstep of Brazil and will it will capture the spotlight for the next 4 years.

The question remains…What kind of country does Brazil want to become? We have all heard of the booming economy, the surplus of natural resources, the huge trade agreements with countries like China. We know about the investors flocking into the country and setting up home bases. Here in Orlando, we have seen the incredible, ravenous spending

ability of Brazilian shoppers. However, at what cost will Brazil sell its soul to become “known” as a superpower? Does Brazil really want to become the next superpower? Brazilians are known for their laid-back, carioca lifestyle. Their friendly ways, their relationship based businesses, and their ability to procrastinate is legendary. These are not bad things, they are part of the character defining attributes of Brazilians. And this is what attracts us so much to their country and to their people. There is a saying in Brazil when comparing to the United States…”Brazilians

work to live, and Americans live to work.” It’s true. I have traveled to Brazil over 60 times and have lived there for a few years. Waking up in the morning and walking over to a street restaurant to grab a fresh brown bag of pao de queijo was a regular day. Sitting down and enjoying a Brahma or a Skol during a business meeting. Wearing ll white clothing during Ano Novo as hundreds of thousands of people flocked to the sands of Copacabana and Ipanema to watch fireworks.

everyone needs to leave them alone and allow Brazilians to do what they do best. At their own pace ! Yes, politics, cronyism, and under the table deals will happen. It happens everywhere. Yes, there is crime. What big city or country doesn’t have crime? Brazil needs to take a deep breath, tell everyone “FALA SERIO”, and get down to the business of putting on a great show for the world. Just yesterday, President Rouseff signed a bill to add millions of dollars to infrastructure for the Metro, Rails, transportation, roads, etc…Sure, the apartment buildings that were built in 2007 for the Pan American games had some issues that are going to be corrected. Yes, the budgeted costs will

be overrun, just like any big events. But it still does not mean Brazil needs to “sell out” for these events.

Brazil will always be Brazil. They obviously know what they are doing there or they would not be the 5th largest economy and growing. They have more trade agreements in the last couple of years than ever. They don’t meddle in world affairs and worry about what other countries are doing. At the end of the day, they worry about Brazil. The United States could take a lesson from that fact. The days are gone when people think of Brazil as just being Samba music and g-strings. Beaches and mountains. Now that the spotlight is on, Brazilians have the chance to show the world exactly what they are all about. Hopefully, they stick to their roots and don’t try to portray something they are not. Be Brazil. Show the world what being Brazilian means. Don’t try to be a superpower in someone else’s eyes but act like the superpower you are now. Of course, if someone says that you are not a superpower or not a serious country…tell them how it is… “FALA SERIO !!!!!”


These are experiences that you will never have in the United States. Not the same anyway. Meetings in Brazil consist of 45 minutes of dialogue about family, movies, and novelas and the other f ifteen is business. It’s a relationship based country and always will be. The point is, many people today in Brazilian government want countries outside of South America to take them serious. They want to be known as a “Serious Country.” Anxiety is beginning to set in as people are worrying about the upcoming events and if Brazil will “pass the test.” Personally, I think

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5950 Lakehurst Drive suite #170 Orlando Florida 32819 Phone # 407-401-9657

MM Lyra International Consulting Inc. Consultoria Jurídica para brasileiros que vivem no exterior Especialista em Mediação de Conflitos Familiares e Escolares

Marcio & Simoni Lucena

Ponta do Corumbau e Barra do Cahy – Bahia – Brasil


hegamos em Prado, cidade do Sul da Bahia que fica a mais 1000 Km do Rio de Janeiro. De lá enfrentamos mais 60 Km de estrada de chão e antes do pôr do sol chegamos ao nosso destino: Ponta do Corumbau. Valeu a pena porque encontramos uma vila de pescadores, com a simplicidade e encanto, mas também toda a infra-estrutura hoteleira para receber os turistas. Entre as várias opções escolhemos a Vila Segóvia, pousada que dispõe de área para camping e chalés muito confortáveis, que recebe com muita simpatia e calor humano. Nos sentimos em casa. Corumbau, em tupy-guarani, significa “o fim do mundo e o começo da terra”. O nome traduz a bela paisagem onde a ponta de terra avança para o mar, perdendo-se de vista no horizonte. Mas

para nós significou bem mais. Longe de estresse e preocupações, vivemos ali com a nossa família, momentos de paz e beleza, alegria e harmonia. Para o nosso desfrute, tínhamos ali nada menos que 15 km de praias de areias brancas e águas cristalinas. Os recifes de corais avançam 10 km mar adentro, tornando a praia mansa e tranquila. Nas nossas caminhadas pudemos apreciar as falésias, em tons variados, que emolduram as águas num espetáculo único. Os pescadores da aldeia de Corumbau têm como vizinhos os índios pataxós e o Parque Nacional de Monte Pascoal. E nos mesmos moldes dos antigos tupiniquins que receberam Cabral, fomos também recebidos com colares de sementes e penas de aves. São simpáticas indiazinhas pataxós com seu belo e colorido artesanato indígena. Considerada uma das praias mais belas do Brasil, faz divisa com o município de Porto Seguro, mas em nada se assemelha com o agito da vizinha.


região toda é uma área de proteção ambiental, denominada Reserva Extrativista Marinha de Corumbau e que pode ser explorada somente pelos nativos. Assim a região permanece, de certa forma, protegida do turismo predatório e as atividades turísticas e exploração imobiliária crescem de forma sustentável. Pesca e caça também só para quem tem licença do Ibama. E somente os nativos estão autorizados a circular com suas embarcações. Após alguns dias de descanso resolvemos conhecer a praia de Barra do Cahy, o provável local do primeiro encontro entre portugueses e índios, no Brasil. A travessia prometia uma grande aventura, pois teríamos que andar 12 quilômetros de praia, sem nenhum comércio ao longo da caminhada. Somente mar, areia, coqueiros e as falésias. Mas depois de alguns contatos com moradores da região, fizemos amizade com o dono de uma propriedade a beira-mar que nos permitiu cortar caminho de carro por dentro de uma fazenda. Isso reduziu a nossa caminhada para apenas um quilômetro e meio. A recompensa foi entrar no Rio Cahy e se deixar levar pela forte correnteza até o mar. Sem sombra de dúvidas é um dos lugares mais lindos que já visitamos. A Barra do Cahy é considerada por alguns estudiosos como primeiro local onde Pedro Álvares Cabral teria tentado aportar. No dia 23 de abril de 1500, o capitão da esquadra, Nicolau Coelho, ao descer em terra para se abastecer com água doce, tornou-se o primeiro homem branco a encontrar os índios Aimorés que habitavam aquela região. E nós também nos encantamos com aquele lugar impressionante, não só pela história, mas também pela sua beleza que permanece intocada até os dias de hoje.

Corubau Point Bahia-Brazil Barra do Cahy


e arrived at Prado, a southern city of Bahia which is over 1000 km from Rio de Janeiro. From here we still have about 60 km of dirt road ahead but before sunset we arrived at our destination: of Corumbau. It was well worth it because we found a fishing village with simplicity and charm, and a hotel infrastructure to receive tourists. Among the several options we chose Villa Segovia Inn that offers camping sites and chalets very comfortable, which receives with great charm and warmth. We feel at home. Corumbau in Tupy-Guarani means "the end of the world and the beginning of the earth." The name reflects the beautiful land where the tip moves towards the sea, losing sight of the horizon. But for us it meant much more. Far from stress and worries,

we lived with our family, moments of great peace, beauty, joy and harmony. To our enjoyment, there had no less than 15 km of white sand beaches and crystalline waters. Coral reefs advance 10 km offshore, making the beach calm and quiet. In our walks we enjoyed the cliffs, in varying shades that frame the water in a unique spectacle. The fishermen of the village of Corumbau have as neighbors the Indians Pataxó and Monte Pascoal National Park. And like the ancients tupiniquins who received Cabral, we were also greeted with seed beads and feathers. Pataxó Indian girls are friendly with its beautiful and colorful indigenous crafts. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil, is bordered by the municipality of Porto Seguro, but looks nothing like the buzz of the neighbor. The entire region is an area of environmental ​​ protection, called Marine Extractive Reserve Corumbau and that can only be exploited by the natives.


hus, the region remains somewhat protected from the predatory tourism and tourist activities the real estate exploration grows . Fishing and hunting also allowed only by those who have a license from IBAMA. Only the natives are allowed to move with their boats. After a few days of rest we decided to visit the beach of Barra Cahy, the probable site of the first encounter between Portuguese and Indians in Brazil. The trip promised a great adventure because we had to walk 12 kilometers of beach, with no trade along the way. Only sea, sand, palm trees and cliffs. But after a few contacts with local residents, we made friends with the owner of a property by the sea which

allowed us to cut corners by car within a farm. This reduced our journey to one and a half kilometers. The reward was entering the Rio Cahy and be carried away by the strong currents to the sea. Without a doubt is one of the most beautiful places we have visited. The Barra Cahy is considered by some scholars as the first place where Pedro Alvares Cabral would have tried anchor. On April 23, 1500, the captain of the squadron, Nicolau Coelho, went ashore to stock up with fresh water, became the first white man to find the AimorĂŠ Indians who inhabited that region. We were also enchanted with this amazing place, not only by history, but also for its beauty that remains untouched until the present day.

By Marcio e Simoni Lucena

ASIA FOCUS-BRAZIL emphasized OVERCOMING CRISIS, FOCUSING ONCREATIVITY AND INNOVATION From 18-20 July, with panels made in the Nikkei Center and the Barque Shibaura, Tokyo, the second annual edition of the Focus-Brazil Asia showed a strong concern of community leaders, cultural, educational and Brazilians business in Japan, with the strategies to overcome the crisis caused by economic factors and natural disaster that devastated the Japanese territory in 2011. The words repeated in all panels was "renewed growth", the trailer has already evident recovery of Japanese economy, which, according to official estimates will grow by around 2.8% in 2012. This represents a resumption of employment and directly affects the more than 200,000 Brazilians living legally in Japanese territory. Opening the event, the Nikkei Center, Ambassador Marcos Galvão Bezerra Abbott, Ambassador of Brazil in Japan, said this time of renewed growth and the impact this will have in the lives of Brazilians in Japan, forming one of the largest Brazilian communities living abroad. The Opening Panel was dedicated to

“Brazilians in Japan” and had guest speakers such as the Secretaries Paulo Batalha (Brazilian Community Sector), Yukie Watanabe (Cultural Section) and Councillor Paul Elias Martins de Moraes (Commercial Section), talking about their areas of expertise at the Consulate. Then came the CRBE Panel, with the attendance of councilors Angelo Ishi (owner), Sandra Kudeken (Alternate) and Wilson Hayashita (Alternate), as well as special guest Silair Almeida, (chosen by the Holder of North America and the Caribbean), which made a statement about the importance of CRBE (Council of Representatives Brazilians Abroad) as a conquest of all Brazilian immigrants, and had an standing ovation. Also on the first day of the event in the afternoon, it was the Panel for the Promotion of Brazilian music’s turn, which brought together dozens of musicians, producers and journalists around the special guest Roberto Menescal (one of the creators of bossa nova) and Leila (one of Brazil’s most popular singers in Japan).

Renewed Growth

Participating in this panel the mediator Jhony Sasaki (the show host for Agenda + for TV Globo Internacional in Japan) and singer and blogger Sue Gushi, for the blog "Eu canto Samba", one of the most visited Brazilian sites in Asia.

), Secretary Paulo Batalha (Head of the Brazilian Community of the Embassy of Brazil), Osvaldo Kawakami (Petrobras / CCBJ) Kazushigi Mori (ABIC-Action for a Better International Community), Rikutaro Hamada (Ministry of Education, The second day of the Focus-Brazil in Science, Technology and Sports of Japan), Japan began with the Business Panel, Toshio Shibasaki (ABIC) and Mitsushiro Kawase (Brazilian School Hiro Gakuen). a table composed with the highThis panel had a special teacher Anete est level of professionals, formed by Arslanian, President of the American Marcelo Spinola (TV Globo Interna- Organization of Teachers of Portuguese. cional), Osvaldo Kawakami (PetroThat gave a talk outlining the profile of bras / Brazilian Chamber of Comeducation and promotion of our language in the United States. merce in Japan), John Paul Poppi The Brazil-Asia Focus 2012 was closed (Bank of Brazil), Giuliano Ponzio on July 20, in the special event Barque (TAM Airlines), Arthur Muranaga Shibaura (IPC World Headquarters / TV (IPC World) and Helio Shinohara Globo Internacional), when the (CEF). journalist and member of the leadership Soon afterwards, also with of the Brazilian Press Association Interexcellent effect, a lecture by national, Laine Furtado made a excellent advertising Gustavo Herbetta lecture on “Community Media, where is (Momentum / McCann), on "How to the money? Entrepreneurs and make an advertising campaign, with community media journalists from little money), a hit on the interest of different regions of Japan participated in the meeting, TV Anchor JP, Silvia Kikuchi small and medium Brazilians and journalist Carlos Borges, the Focusentrepreneurs in Japan still Brazil Foundation. experiencing the uncertainties of an In summary, the 2012 edition of the economy that is only now beginning Focus-Brazil Asia, solidified the importance of the event along with the to emerge. Brazilian community in Japanese terriThe afternoon of the second day of Asia tory, involved more than 160 significant Focus-Brazil was dedicated to education community leaders in the fields of social and promotion of the Portuguese activism and philanthropy, business, arts Language, a panel that was attended by and culture, promotion of language and leaders and Brazilian and Japanese community media. Leaving now, an excelauthorities involved in this issue: Maria lent prospect for the 2013 edition. Shizuko Yoshida (President of the Association of Brazilian Schools in Japan

The Brazil-Asia Focus 2012 was presented by TV Globo International, sponsored by IPC World, TAM Airlines, Bank of Brazil and Channel PFC with cultural support of the Embassy of Brazil in Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Brazilians in the World Initiative. It also had strong support from the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, the Association of Brazilian Schools in Japan, Japan ABC, AOTP and ABI International. An embodiment of the Brazil Foundation Focus.

Press Conference

Ciro Pellicano, Marcelo Spinola, Serginho Groisman, Marcelo Mattar, Arthur Muranaga, Felipe Bodin e Roberto Kovalick


Gustavo Herbetta

Silvia Kikuchi, Laine Furtado & Carlos Borges

Brasil - Asia 2012

Jhony Sasaki, Leila Pinheiro, Sueli Gushi, Roberto Menescal and Carlos Borges

Serginho Groisman, Jhony Sasaki e Preta Gil

Silvi Furt

Marcelo Spinola e Carlos Borges

Paulo Batalha e Gustavo Herbetta

ia Kikuchi, Laine tado e Carlos Borges

Marcelo Spinola

Brazilian Music Panel

Preta Gil, Serginho Groisman, Leila Pinheiro e Roberto Menescal, brilharam no Press Awards Japão 2012


moção e um grande público lotando o Teatro Sogetsu Hall, foram marcantes na segunda edição do Brazilian International PRESS AWARDS Japão, realizada dia 19 de julho, premiando destaques nas mais variadas áreas de atuação brasileira no Japão. O evento teve como premiados especiais os cantores e músicos Roberto Menescal, Leila Pinheiro, Preta Gil, o apresentador Serginho Groisman, e o jornalista Roberto Kovalick. Logo após a execução dos hinos nacionais do Japão e do Brasil, o Embaixador Marcos Galvão fez a abertura official da premiação, ressaltando o caráter de celebração brasileira em todos os níveis e setores, como a marca do Brazilian International Press Awards. Em seguida, os convidados especiais Roberto Menescal e Leila Pinheiro (dois dos mais reconhecidos e respeitados artistas brasileiros no Japão), brindaram o público com 40 minutos de MPB da mais alta qualidade. Foram intensamente aplaudidos e receberam do Embaixador Marcos Galvão, prêmios especiais por sua enorme contribuição a promoção da música brasileira no Japão.16 prêmios por categorias que

variam da Música ao Esporte Comunitário, das Artes Visuais aos Eventos Culturais, da Promoção do Idioma ao Apoio Social e Comunitário, foram entregues sempre carregados de muita emoção por parte dos agraciados. A plateia “veio abaixo” quando o apresentador Serginho Groisman (um dos maiores ídolos dos brasileiros no Japão) recebeu seu prêmio especial, acompanhando de um video que enfatizou a espontaneidade e ligação de Serginho com seu imenso e fiel público jovem. Outro momento de grande emoção ficou por conta do show e premiação conferida a revelação da música brasileira, cantora, compositora, atriz e apresentadora Preta Gil, que levantou o público com 3 grandes interpretações da MPB e encerrando a festa em alto estilo com a imortal canção de seu pai, Gilberto Gil, o clássico “Aquele Abraço”, convidando todos os vencedores da noite ao palco. Um fecho de alegria e participação, que celebrou acima de tudo o pleno êxito do Brazilian International Press Awards Japão 2012. O Brazilian International Press Awards Japão 2012 foi apresentado pela TV Globo Internacional, com patrocínio do IPC World, TAM Airlines, Banco do Brasil e Canal PFC, com apoio cultural da Embaixada do Brasil no Japão, Ministério das Relações Exteriores e Iniciativa Brasileiros no Mundo.

Perfumeland 2012

How fast can time go! It seems like we just had last year’s party, and we are already celebrating the end of another mid year season !

Perfumeland is establishing a tradition, and this year they chose Tavern on the Lake at Metrowest to let everyone have fun and cheer the end of one more great season. Hard work and many accomplished goals, marked the night when they delivered medals recognizing all the employees great efforts, and many more to come. Everyone was dancing and having fun. DJ Junior commanded the party, and it was a great celebration. Pablo, Toninho, Alejandro and Anderson finished one more great year!

Pablo, Toninho Alejandro & friends

Alejandro & Anderson

Perfumeland 2012 The winners are ...

Dj junior running the party!

Congratulation to all the wnners!

Photos on this spread courtesy of Perfumeland

Wawa ganhou nome de sua cidade natal na Pensilvânia. A palavra em si é de uma língua indígena que apelida o ganso do Canadá que é encontrado no Vale de Delaware. As lojas vendem de tudo, desde Tastykakes - muito amado por muitos da Filadélfia exclusivos do Wawa café. Os fãs também adoram os pretzels quentes e os sandwiches chamados hoagies. Wawa vende gasolina também, mas seu foco em alimentos poderia forçar outras lojas de conveniência a acompanhar o ritmo de seu jogo,e seguir a concorrencia, segundo especialistas do setor. Governador Scott disse Wawa "vai fazer muito bem" ao estado e gerar o crescimento da oferta de emprego. Cada Wawa emprega cerca de 35 pessoas, que geralmente começam com pagamento de US $ 8 a $ 9 por hora. Eles recebem benefícios de saúde por 35 horas por semana e recebem tambem ações da companhia após um ano e 1.000 horas trabalhadas.

A impressão da Prefeita Teresa Jacobs presente na inauguração foi: "WOW! Wawa! eu provavelmente deveria dizer, em vez de somente dizer wow. Eu nunca vi nada como isso", . "Como você pode imaginar eu recebo um monte de convites para inaugurações, mas nunca nos meus sonhos mais loucos que eu esperava ver tantas pessoas, e este entusiasmo. " Wawa comemorou a inauguração de sua primeira loja no estado da Flórida, localizada em Orlando em frente ao Sea World. Para homenagear o lançamento oficial da Wawa em Central Florida, Wawa realizou uma excursão VIP e evento de visualização com direito a almoço no dia anterior a abertura oficial da loja. Durante o almoço, o prefeito Buddy Dyer anunciou planos de expansão a longo prazo e um grande impacto econômico esperado para a comunidade Orlando. bem como anunciou a parceria Wawa com o Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. Wawa desde a abertura da primeira loja também ja abriu cinco lojas em Orlando, e doou uma parte das vendas de seus hoagies durante cada semana de inauguração (até US $ 5.000 por loja) para Second Harvest Food Bank!

Photos by Oange County

From the left Mayor Teresa Jacobs, Governor Scott and Wawa store Managers

Mayor Jacobs, Mayor Dyer, Wawa President howard Stoeckel and Community personalities

Wawa Convenience Stores now in Florida

Wawa is named after its Pennsylvania hometown. The word itself is from a Native American language for the Canada goose that's found in the Delaware Valley. The stores sell everything from Tastykakes — much beloved by many Philadelphians — to Wawa coffee. Rabid fans also love its hot pretzels and fresh-made hoagies. Wawa sells gasoline, too, but its focus on food could force other convenience stores to up their game, industry experts say. Governor Scott said Wawa "is going to do extremely well" in the state and generate job growth. Each Wawa employs about 35 people, who generally start at $8 to $9 an hour. They get health benefits at 35 hours a

week and receive stock in the employeeowned company after a year and 1,000 hours worked. Mayor Jacobs impression of the grand opening was: "Wow. Wawa, I should probably say, instead of wow. I have never seen anything quite like this," . "As you can imagine I get to a lot of grand openings, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see this many people, this enthused." Wawa celebrated the grand opening of their first store in the state of Florida, located in Orlando directly across from Sea World. To honor Wawa’s official launch in Central Florida, Wawa held a VIP Store Tour and Luncheon preview event, the day before the store’s official grand opening. During the luncheon, Mayor Buddy Dyer joined Wawa Officials in announcing long-term expansion plans and expected economic impact to the Greater Orlando community, as well as in announcing Wawa’s partnership with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. Wawa also opened five stores in Orlando in five weeks time, and donated a portion of all hoagie sales during each grand opening week (up to $5,000 per store) to Second Harvest Food Bank!

Store 5103 4700 S. Goldenrod Road Orlando, FL 32822

Store 5104 2499 N. Orange Blossom Trail Kissimmee, FL 34744

Store 5102 2184 E Irlo Bronson Kissimmee, FL 34744

Store 5100 8/15/2012 2500 Silver Star Road Orlando, FL 32804

Stores in Orlando

Orlando, FL Store 5101 5910 Central Florida Parkway Orlando, FL 32821

One great Summer afternoon where the Chambers got together to promote a huge network event and everyone had a great time!

The Brazilian American Chamber, the British Chamber, the Jewish Chamber, the Asian American Chamber, The French American Business Council of Orlando,The Hispanic Chamber,the Indian American Chamber,and the Puerto Rican Chamber, all reunited to promote business, two hours where everyone had a chance to know more about every organization, and business talk. Max Stewart Executive Director of the World Affairs Council of Central Flo rida, also the event's organizer, had it all planned so everyone would have enough time to meet, greet, eat, drink and attend to the speaker James L. Baccus, and a little more networking, right after. The event could not be at a better place, the Citrus Club, that offers a perfect ambiance, great food, service, location and Elcy Hernandez smile, supervision and participation. The plans are to repeat this event every three months, it was great, hoping to see everyone soon!


Max Stewart

James L Bacchus

Max Stewart Asian Chamber Director


Maria S. Arosemena- Mercedes Benz receiving her gift from Elcy Martinez

New York Life-CFBACC @ Fogo de Ch達o. New York Life as one of the sponsors for the Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, organized a Presentation about Tax implications for foreigner investors, with speaker Glenn M. Terrones. The event was offered by New York Life with the Chamber Support, to more than 75 people at Fogo de Ch達o, that divided the event in two parts, presentation and cocktail right after the presentation, with the usual great service and food. It is important to understand that facing the great amount of foreigners that are purchasing properties in the USA, it is necessary to be informed of every aspect that is involved in the purchase of real estate. It was extremely clarifying and also gave us a great idea of how sophisticated New York life services are. Imagine that you are buying a house or apartment, for use, business or investment, and you are prepared to invest. Well, New York Life has an entire department with 20 dedicated members, dedicated to

study your specific case and give you the best option in terms of how to conduct your purchase. Every tributary aspect of it every financial implication, and even further how to acquire protection against creditors. This way not only you are being attended by a solid Company, that has been in the USA for 167 years, that does not gamble with your money, and has a 23 Billion Dollars in Reserves, and that will give you advice by the best specialists for free, as a prefered client. The only company that really grew during the economic meltdown in 2008. So your money is in safe hands and so is your future and your patrimony. New York Life offers an array of financial products and it is ready to help you in any time you need. From retirement planning, IRA, College fund, trust funds, you name it. In Orlando you can contact Monica Franchi Souza, Agent for New York Life at 495 North Keller Rd, Suite 150 Maitland FL 32751 (407) 999 0351 - ext 313 (office) (407) 276 6107 (cell), (407) 648 8292 (fax), email and she will give you all the help you need.

The Jewish Chamber Networking at The Citrus Club


oel Goldstein the President of the Chamber, from Peer Webdesign, Max Stewart Executive Director of the World Affairs Council of Central Florida, Bree Goldstein from Publicly Related,and many more were present to celebrate the first happy hour . Networking is the key power to success, and today is widely used by many. Promoting networking events and attending them can lead you to priceless connections, and great results! The Jewish Chamber is only beginning and it can count with the support of many, and for sure will attract lots members that will contribute highly to its growth, and will be looking for the special connections this Chamber will be able to give. For sure a great night, that will be remembered for all. Cheers to Networking and growing! !


iquet Realty celebrated on August 2nd a big reached mile stone for W Residences$300 Million dollar in sales. The group celebrated this moment with all its realtors and clients in the intimate cocktail held on one of the hotels hottest penthouses. As investors take advantage of the 'moment to buy', Piquet Realty helps them close the deal of their lives.

Nikki Nasher, Luiza Chiminacio, Kevin Nunez, Ana Maher

Cristiano Piquet and Nikki Nasher

Nikki Nasher, Luiza Chiminacio, Kevin Nunez, Ana Maher

Mills 50 commissions local artists to paint utility boxes

Orlando Mill’s 50 District

Joanne C. Grant Orlando’s Mills 50 District – otherwise known as the business district surrounding the intersection of Mills Avenue and Colonial Drive/Route 50 – is known for its bars, clubs and local restaurants. Now it can be noted as a street gallery of sorts for local, upcoming artists. Selected local artists have transformed the transportation utility engineering boxes (also known as the big, ugly metal boxes often seen at intersections) around the district into colorful works of art. Twenty seven painted "art boxes" can be found at various intersections near Mills Avenue and Colonial Drive as well as in the Colonial Town, Lake Eola Heights and Park Lake Highland neighborhoods. Local artists from Orange and Seminole counties were encouraged to send sketches and slides of their work in the hopes of being selected to take part in the project. Entries had to include the words “Mills 50” and designs for all five surfaces of the utility box. Selection was finalized based on a fivepoint system that rated the artist’s “overall aesthetics and design,” according to the Mills 50. One point was lost if “Mills 50” was omitted, and one point was rewarded if the artist was local (that is, based within the Mills 50 District boundaries or within three miles of the intersection

of Mills Avenue and 50). Artists were selected during the first week of May by a panel of judges from both Mills 50 District and the City of Orlando. The judges were Curtis Carswell, owner of the Great Escape Art & Frame (located in Mills 50), Frank Holt, former Manager of Public Art for the City of Orlando and current executive director of the Mennello Museum, Sarah Kelly, former Chair of the Downtown Development Board and member of the Public Art Advisory Board, Diane Martens, an artist, Janet Walker, a retired educator and Jeff Thompson, chair of the Mills 50 design committee and a Sr Landscape Architect with Disney. Selected artists were given $100 for paint and material, as well as a $100 gift certificate to a a number of Mills 50 District businesses. “The purpose of the project is to create an environment which depicts the community’s diversity, creativity, commerce and neighborhoods,” said Joanne Grant, executive director of Mills 50. The main goal is to “beautify the District.” If you haven’t caught sight of the “art boxes” yet, not too worry. Mills 50’s contract with the City of Orlando to beautify the boxes doesn’t have an expiration date, so they should be around for a while. To view the completed boxes, go to:

Siege art box

Harry's Monkeyy

Utility Boxes painted by artists on Mills Ave

Bryla Box

Bad Kitty

A arte de Patrick Noze por Charles Portela

A Arte de Patrick Noze Nascido no Haiti, numa província chamada “Cidade dos Poetas” em dezembro de 1962, Patrick Noze desenvolveu logo cedo suas habilidades artísticas, com apenas 5 cinco anos de idade, iniciou seus primeiros passos nas artes de escultura e pintura de tela. Patrick afirma que, sua paixão, as artes de escultura e pintura de tela, são uma herança de seu Pai, Robert Noze, escultor. Em 1975, aos doze anos de idade, Patrick começou a ver o seu trabalho sendo reconhecido e admirado, quando um turista se encanta e adquire uma de suas obras, intitulada, Rara (Pintura Ilustrativa da Ressurreição de Cristo). Em 1976 veio aos Estados Unidos, onde começou estudar artes, fazendo cursos particulares no Brooklyn Museum e também aprimorou técnicas de cores na, School of visual Art em New York. A obra de Patrick Noze, está caracterizada de uma rica história regional somada a um belo jogo de cores e sombras. Muitos de seus quadros são ilustrações relacionadas a identidade histórica da nação do Haiti, suas obras: Combat de Vertiere" (oil on canvas 30X40), The refugees” (oil on canvas 30X48), são uma demonstração do seu conteúdo! Patrick disse: “Minha esperança, é que a juventude Haitiana, possa redescobrir sua herança cultural e histórica, através da minha contribuição artística.

O Haiti foi o primeiro pais negro a alcançar a libertação da escravatura, meu desejo é que os jovens possam se orgulhar de serem haitianos.” Patrick também aborda títulos bíblicos como Daniel na cova dos Leões entre outros, além de fazer restauração de pinturas. Seu mais recente trabalho foi uma especial pintura decorativa, nos muros do South Orange office em Orlando, para o comitê da campanha de reeleição do Presidente Barak Obama.

Charles Portela


Charles Portela

orn in Haiti, in a province called the "City of Poets" in December of 1962, Patrick Nôze developed his artistic skills very early, with just 5 five years of age, started his first steps in the arts of sculpture and painting. Patrick says that his passion for the arts of sculpture and painting of the screen, are an inheritance from his father, Robert Nôze, an sculptor. In 1975, at twelve years of age, Patrick begin to see his work being recognized and admired, when a delighted tourist got one of his art pieces, entitled, Rare (Painting Illustrative of the Resurrection of Christ). In 1976 he came to the United States, where he began studying art, in private tuition at the Brooklyn Museum as well as improved techniques in color, at School of Visual Arts in New York. Patrick's work has featured a rich regional history

plus a beautiful play of colors and shades. Many of his paintings are illustrations related to the historical identity of the nation of Haiti. His works: Vertiere of Combat "(oil on canvas 30x40) The refugees" (oil on canvas 30X48), are a demonstration of its contents! Patrick says: "My hope is that the Haitian youth, will rediscover their cultural and historical heritage through my artistic contribution. Haiti was the first black country to achieve freedom from slavery, my desire is that young people can be proud of being Haitian. "Patrick also discusses biblical titles as Daniel in the Lions among others, in addition to restoration of paintings. His most recent work was a special decorative painting, the walls of the South Orange office in Orlando, the campaign committee for the reelection of President Barak Obama.

Patrick Noze’s Art

The Art of Patrick Noze by Charles Portela

The Art of Patrick Nôze

Patrick Noze

noise, sound, music and expression

Ruído e Silêncio Como Parte da Expressão

Noise and Silence as Part of Expression

John Wayne Felipe

A música como linguagem dos nossos sentimentos é ferramenta e meio importante de expressão do que sentimos em relação ao mundo que nos cerca. Essa expressão vem carregada de ruído e silêncio. A partir do início do século XX, com a revolução industrial em curso e duas guerras mundiais no contexto, a música sofreu algumas adições. Porque barulhos de todo tipo passam a ser concebidos como integrantes efetivos da linguagem musical. A vida urbanoindustrial, as metrópoles são verdadeiros centros irradiadores de barulho e marcado pela estridência dos ruídos. A música feia ou bonita, simples ou complexa, brega ou chique., reflete os valores, a compreenção, concepção e um estilo de vida. Como todo artista o músico filtra a realidade dando ritmo, melodia e harmonia, colorindo com timbres, com sons que vão expressar um determinado ponto de vista. Assim, a ecologia sonora hodierna é também matriz do olhar, da expressão dos sentimentos do ser humano.

          Music as a language of our feelings is a tool and an important means of expressing what we feel about the world around us.  This expression is loaded with noise and silence.           From the early twentieth century, with the ongoing industrial revolution and two world wars in the context, the music has undergone some additions.   Because noise of every kind are designed to be effective as part of the musical language. The urbanindustrial life, the metropolises are true centers radiators of noise and marked by strident sounds.           The music ugly or beautiful, simple or complex, cheesy or chic. Reflects the values​​, understanding, design and lifestyle. Like any artist musician filters reality giving rhythm, melody and harmony, coloring, with sounds that will express a particular point of view.Thus, ecological sound today is also looking at the array, of the expression of feelings and origins of the human being.




he Festivals of Speed will once will once again bring together the world’s most exotic automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles and watercraft at the Four-Diamond Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes to benefit the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Now in the seventh year in Orlando, the Festivals of Speed is set for November 30 – December 2. This three day event will include the Luxury Lifestyle Jet Port Reception, Wine Connoisseur’s Dinner, and Motorsports Collection Display Sunday to cater to the true speed aficionado.

of the beautiful Grande Lakes property. Guests will experience automotive designs by Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Aston-Martin, BMW, Mercedes, McLaren, and more and while encountering fine wines, exciting culinary offerings, robust cigars, smooth jazz in the gardens, and luxury lifestyle displays featuring fine jewelry and timepieces.

The Festivals of Speed weekend will begin Friday evening, November 30 at private hangar at the Orlando International Airport, where The Festivals of Speed hosts the annual Luxury Lifestyle Jet Port Reception. The Jet Port Reception will feature a preview of the some of the most noteworthy vehicles to appear over the weekend as well as an enhanced display of both vintage and contemporary aircrafts. The setting is complete with gourmet food stations, top shelf open bar, smooth jazz, fine art, exclusive watch displays, elegant jewelry, luxury products as well as a live and silent auction of exclusive items to benefit the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

Tickets for the Festivals of Speed Orlando Golf Classic, Receptions, and Sunday main event VIP pavilion can be purchased in advance at or by calling 352-385-9450. Main event general admission tickets, are available either online or onsite at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes on Sunday, October 9.

On Saturday, December 1st, Festivals of Speed will host an exclusive Wine Connoisseurs’ Dinner & Louis XIII de Remy Martin tasting experience. This culinary event is to be held at the nationally known, Norman’s restaurant located at the RitzCarlton Orlando, which will be closed to all but Festivals of Speed guests for this very special evening.

Tickets for the Festivals of Speed Jet Port Reception, Wine Connoisseurs’ Dinner and Sunday main event VIP pavilion can be purchased in advance at or by calling 305-814-2367. Main event general admission tickets, are available either online or onsite at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes on Sunday, December 2. More information on the Festivals of Speed Orlando and the room block at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes is available by contacting Lyndsay Edelstein at Festivals of Speed office at or 305-814-2367.

The weekend concludes on Sunday December 2nd, with the Motorsports Collection Display of over 300 exotic cars, motorcycles, boats and aircraft. Guests will view the rarest in vintage and contemporary vehicles all amongst the splendor and hospitality

Photos by Brutus Photography




Winners to Perform Live on Knight Concert Hall Stage, Opening the FREE GOSPEL SUNDAYS Concert on September 16, 2012 Featuring Grammy-Nominated Urban Gospel Superstar J MOSS The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County, in partnership with Sony Pictures and Myspace, is proud to announce Miami native Bianca Sirgany-Castro as the national winner of the “Sparkle Singing Challenge,” a singing contest held on behalf of the soonto-be-released film Sparkle starring Jordin Sparks and the late Whitney Houston. In addition, the Arsht Center is also excited to announce local gospel group S.I.G.N. (Singing In God’s Name) as the winner of its inaugural “New Gospel Talent Search,” a local singing contest set to discover Miami’s next top gospel artists. Both winners will perform as the FREE GOSPEL SUNDAYS opening acts on September 16, 2012, headlined by Grammy-nominated contemporary gospel superstar J MOSS. The Arsht Center’s “New Gospel Talent Search” is supported by John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Miami gospel radio station WMBM 1490 AM, and Beverly and Bill Parker.

During last month’s “Sparkle Singing Challenge,” music industry judges voted 18-year-old Bianca Sirgany-Castro as the local winner of the national singing competition. She received numerous prizes including the opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people on the Arsht Center’s Knight Concert Hall stage and a chance to compete nationally for the contest’s grand prize. On August 7, Sirgany-Castro won the overall challenge by attaining the most amount of public votes collected through a Myspace Sparkle homepage. As winner of the grand prize, she travelled to New York City to record a song with the Punch Monkeys, Jordin Sparks’ production and writing team. As a proud Miamian, she is thrilled to perform at Arsht Center this upcoming fall. “It’s definitely going to be the biggest and most exciting performance for me. I used to go to the Arsht with my school for field trips and now I will actually be on the stage. This is going to be an amazing experience!” says Sirgany-Castro. CALENDAR LISTING Adrienne Arsht Center and John S. and James L. Knight Foundation present FREE GOSPEL SUNDAYS J MOSS Featuring the Miami Mass Choir and contest winners S.I.G.N. and Bianca SirganyCastro Hosted by WPLG Channel 10 ABC Anchor Calvin Hughes September 16, 2012 at 4pm Knight Concert Hall FREE Admission

If you watched the openings for the 2012 Olympics you probably saw James Bond following the Queen in a spectacular clip, just to remind you that he is soon coming back with another hit, SKYFALL. Regardless, of what you have seen before, this movie promises way more than any other previous version of 007, making it the most awaited of all. Daniel Craig, not only incredibly talented, but also handsome and charming, is a mixture of hero and rebel, that nobody can resist, so let's wait impatiently til November 7th 2012, and prove one more time that "Nobody Does it Better". Watch the movie preview at this link

All pictures courtesy of Sony Pictures

Flavia Aranha

Poesia, leveza e contemporaneidade resumem o trabalho da designer Flavia Aranha. Nascida em Campinas, veio para São Paulo para cursar Moda na Faculdade Santa Marcelina e adotou a cidade como sua primeira casa. Não demorou muito para a inauguração de sua marca própria, em 2009, e para a abertura também no atacado, em 2012. Modelagens atemporais e tingimentos à base de folhas, cascas de árvores e chá estão presentes em todas as coleções. A prioridade é o bem-estar e a sofisticação sutil, características que ficam evidentes em todos os produtos: desde as roupas desenvolvidas em fibras naturais como algodão, seda e linho até os acessórios com couro de peixe. Seguem a mesma linha os inconfundíveis brincos e pingentes que combinam prata e vidro soprado, perfeitos para todas as estações. Na contramão de outros jovens criadores preocupados com tendências, Flavia se destaca por proporcionar às clientes peças 100% alinhadas ao seu lifestyle. Tudo serve de inspiração, principalmente a troca de experiências com as comunidades que visita. Trata-se de uma constante busca por um trabalho artesanal que se perdeu no tempo e na vida das

pessoas ou, em outras palavras, uma necessidade de resgatar aquilo que existe de único e brasileiro. Além do conhecimento de todo processo de produção, chama atenção ainda a habilidade da designer na hora de compor a atmosfera que envolve a loja, em São Paulo. No espaço, podem surgir referências ligadas às artes, por meio do lançamento de séries especiais, ou até mesmo um novo item na iluminação ou mobiliário capaz de mudar a experiência em uma próxima visita. Flavia cuida de tudo. Em relação à atuação no exterior, vale lembrar que a jovem foi a única a representar o Brasil, com desfile e apresentação de peças, na Thekey — feira de moda sustentável realizada simultaneamente à Berlim Fashion Week, em 2010. Já em 2012, esteve no Green Showroom, também na capital alemã. As exportações incluem países da Europa e o Japão. Outras informações: Flavia Aranha Rua Harmonia 234, Vila Madalena – São Paulo | SP (11)3031-1703

Flavia Aranha Primavera - Ver達o 2013

Flavia Aranha.

Born in Campinas, SĂŁo Paulo studied fashion at Faculdade Santa Marcelina and adopted the city as her first home. Not long after that, came the inauguration of her own brand in 2009, and the opening her store in 2012. With ethereal feeling in her form, and dyes based in the leaves of bark and tea, these trademarks are present in all her collections. The priority is the welfare and subtle sophistication, features that are evident in all products, developed from the clothes in natural fibers such as cotton, silk and linen with leather and even fish skin accessories. Following the same line the distinctive earrings and pendants that combine silver and blown glass, perfect for all seasons. In contrary to other young designers concerned with trends, Flavia stands out for delivering to customers pieces that are 100% aligned with their lifestyle. It serves as an inspiration, especially the exchange of experiences with the

Flavia Aranha

Poetry, and lightness summarize the work of contemporary designer

communities they visit. It is a constant search for a craftsmanship that has been lost in time and in people's lives or, in other words, a need to rescue what exists of unique and purely Brazilian Besides the knowledge of the entire production process, what highlights the ability of the designer to compose the atmosphere surrounding the store in Sao Paulo. In space, there may be references related to the arts, through the launch of special series, or even a new item in the lighting or furniture can change the experience on a next visit. Flavia cares for all. With regard to overseas activities, it is worth remembering that the young designer was the only one to represent Brazil, with a fashion show and presentation of pieces, in Thekey - sustainable fashion show held simultaneously at Berlin Fashion Week in 2010. Already in 2012, was in Green Showroom, also in the German capital. Exports include countries in Europe and Japan Flavia Aranha Rua Harmonia 234, Vila Madalena – São Paulo | SP (11)3031-1703


marrom-acinzentado, cor original da matéria-prima.

BUSCA NOS QUARTZOS A Segundo a designer, ganham desINSPIRAÇÃO PARA A COLEÇÃO taque também o anel e os colares de prata com aplicações de pedras DE VERÃO 2013 A designer Flavia Aranha foi buscar nos quartzos a inspiração para sua mais nova coleção de verão. Embalada pelo sentimento de amor e proteção que os cristais remetem, Flavia desenvolveu um mix ao mesmo tempo sofisticado, romântico e despretensioso, marcado sobretudo pela suavidade. Entram assim saias longas em tons de amarelo e rosa, calças confortáveis de modelagem ampla, e blusas levinhas, com transparências sutis.



Outra aposta da marca para 2013 é a série de xadrezes e listrados aplicados à cambraia de linho. Em perfeita harmonia com o restante da cartela — que inclui ainda nomenclaturas como capim limão e lavanda —, as padronagens foram desenvolvidas a partir da combinação de off-white com um discreto

brutas. Ícones da linha “Amuleto”, as peças dialogam com o misticismo da coleção e conferem o peso necessário aos looks propostos para a temporada. E aqui vale o comentário: “como são feitos com pedras brutas, lapidadas à mão, não haverá um colar igual ao outro”, revela Flavia. Já nos pés, a pedida da vez é a rasteira no melhor estilo alpargata, cuidadosamente bordada com paetês de madrepérola. Outras informações: Flavia Aranha Rua Harmonia 234, Vila Madalena – São Paulo | SP (11)3031-1703

Flavia Aranha Primavera - Ver達o 2013

Flavia Aranha Primavera - Ver達o 2013


Soco is one of those artists that evolves constantly. Her wish to achieve higher levels drives her to branch out into bigger and better dimensions of her work. Her pieces are taking over America, she was in New York in January, her work is at Amazon Forest exposed 24/7, She is also at Baterbys Gallery in Downtown Orlando where she has just auctioned her Olympics piece, she was invited to expose in Italy, and she is soon going to Brazil, because the art lovers are getting jealous of her spending too much time here. Soco recently had a minor back injury and she was forced to recycle, and relax. Regardless how angry she was because she couldn't paint, she stopped and when she was finally free of her nightmare, she comes out with a line of iPhone cases showing her art in it. It is a delicate yet powerful piece, one of those things you will never get tired to use or look at it. We all know that Soco never stops. Edu her husband and soul mate is the wing beneath her wings, they complete each other's vision, and their love is what ignites all this. Look what is new, and think where else can perfection go?

Second Friday at


In honor of the 2012 Summer Games in London, Baterbys sponsored a local artist competition for aspiring and professional artists.


ith seven winning artists that will be assimilated into the gallery’s art collection and showcased in a near future, Baterby's promote a night with a beautiful mix of art emotion and fun. Proceeds from this competition benefited the Special Olympics of Florida. Baterbys Art Gallery reunited many artists to show their work of art* inspired by any visual element that pertains to 2012 Games in London, like colors and elements, and the result was fantastic. Two Brazilian Artists were participating, Soco Freire and Marta Cerqueira, both showing their wonderful talent. Jesslym Park was also a point of attention of all with a great painting. In reality they were all great, in art there are no winners, but great creative minds all in their own world of creation, with different colors and materials. The prizes were

given to seven artists, Ivaldo Robles, Soco Freire, Angel Rivera were the three top winners with gold, silver and bronze medals. Each artist was invited to speak about their art and a little about their inspiration. It was a great night with an amazing turn out. The event was presented by Stefan Delaportas, art advisor at Baterby's. The artists were: Soco Freire, Marta Cerqueira, Ivaldo Robles, Hawke Foreste, Louise Hallauer, Gina Kyle, Hope Lugo, Kevin Olis, Jesslyn Park, Angel Rivera, Chantel Rodriguez, Alexia Rose, Renee Wilson, Sandra Wise, Lynn Wood, Dannette Wright, Henry Diaz, Kamy Catherman, McCall Andrews, Richard Barrenechea, and Dana Bickensderfer. Great Food and amazing drinks were provided by Cuba Libre Cuban Restaurant at Pointe Orlando. Baterby's is located at Pointe Orlando 9101 International Drive suite 1008 Orlando Florida, 32819.

Full coverage @

Support our “Mission in Action” at Performance Enthusiast 2012

Enjoy entertainment, food and beverages, while admiring sophisticated machines in an elegant setting. A contribution of $75 is required at time of reservation with all net proceeds donated to the Children’s Emergency Department & Trauma Center at Arnold Palmer Hospital. With the help of our community Performance Enthusiast is committed to raising critical funds needed to aid in the life saving services provided by the Children’s Emergency Department & Trauma Center. Preview our Live Auction and Wish List at

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Life is a precious gift, save lives an even greater gift, and the professionals at the Trauma Center - Arnold Palmer Hospital for children, have the utmost mission, to succeed under the most critical conditions.


ow many children have been lost over the years because they could not get the treatment they required, or the transport that was not properly equipped to give them the immediate care? Well, today Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children -Trauma Center has all the means necessary to save a child, in the case on an emergency. Top of the line equipment and personnel, 20 well-trained professionals in a crew to each child, upon arrival, no questions asked, because what matters is to save, and care, and every second counts. Is that what you would want for your child? Today all this structure has been acquired by significant donations and on November 17th 2012, Performance Enthusiasts, is one more time coming forward to reach out for the ones who can make a difference to raise funds and make it possible for Arnold Palmer Hospital Trauma Center to give even more children the care they need.

The Event is one more time being organized by Flight Training Professionals, by the Downtown Orlando Executive Airport, with every detail planned with care and extreme quality under the Administration of Yvette Hart-Metzger, owner of Celestial's Legacy Corp.

What is Performance Enthusiast?

Flight Training Professionals is teaming up again with state-of-the-art automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, boats and other sophisticated apparatus, to showcase a static display of their newest finely tuned machines during a signature event known simply as Performance Enthusiast. While the machines are engineered to convert fuel into performance, this event allows guests to experience the pinnacle of engineering with the purpose of giving back to the community. In this quest, the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation endorses this event and has chosen to designate all net proceeds from Performance Enthusiast specifically to support trauma and emergency services at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Reliable and expeditious transportation is imperative to saving lives, thus creating the perfect synergy between the leading edge trauma and emergency services and technology on display at the Performance Enthusiast event.

The transformation is incredible, if you look below, and to the left, this is where the event happens and the difference is incredible. The photo in the bottom of the page shows last years view of the event. Check the amazing difference!

Performance Enthusiast

Inside of the Emergency unit

Second on the right Zach Kallenbach Director of Development/National Advisory Council at Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation and Arnold Palmer Emergency Unity Professionals present at Performance Enthusiast 2011

About The Orlando Magic Dancers Photo by Fernando Medina / The Orlando Magic

The 2012-13 Orlando Magic Dancers are comprised of 13 veterans and seven rookies. Standing L to R: Emmy, Candace, Heather, Shaunte, Priya, Kendra, Shalize, Tiffany, Alexa, Laine.


urrently in their 24th season heading into the 2012-13 campaign, team members perform at all Orlando Magic home games and appear

at a combined total of over 250 events in and outside of Central Florida, such as entertaining our U.S. Troops overseas, community events and much more.

Sitting L to R: Gizelle, Jamie, Krystle, Brittany, Nicole, Kori, Jessica, Elyse, Ashley, Victoria

Orlando City Soccer

Orlando City Soccer player Jamie Watson


rlando City Soccer Club made its professional debut in April of 2011 and is taking this City by storm. After their first season, the team was crowned the 2011 USL PRO Champions, and the future of Orlando City is looking bright. They plan on becoming a major league soccer team within the next five years. In the next three issues, the DC will be featuring three of the star players from Orlando City. Let us introduce you to our first player Orlando City forward, Dennis Chin.

his enthusiasm for learning, Chin frequently visits classrooms to talk to kids about soccer. He also coaches youth soccer teams, and recently led the all-girl Central Florida Kraze/ Krush (CFK) soccer club to a championship. Coaching an all-girl team was a new experience for him, since he came from a family of three brothers. But he handled it with good humor, and even boasted that Chin’s team presented him with his first ever trophy to sport a ponytail. While he enjoys his volunteer work, Chin’s favorite place is still on the soccer field. Be sure to chant “City!” at the next game; it’s his favorite cheer.

At just 25 years old, Chin is working hard to be a role model for young students and soccer players, and is determined to make a difference in his home- For more information, visit town of Oviedo, FL. Now as a professional soccer player, Chin wants to use soccer as an outlet to work with kids to encourage them to stay active in both athletics and academics. Chin appreciates the foundation of a good education, as it was extremely important in his family. He studied at Rollins College where he received a Bachelors in Economics. To help pass on

O stress no caminho do sonho


Escrito por Adriano Albuquerque

Brasil teve quatro jogadores na temporada 2011-12 da NBA, e um quinto representante do país, Fab Melo, chegou ao Boston Celtics através do draft. O armador Scott Machado quer ser o sexto. O jogador da faculdade de Iona não foi selecionado no recrutamento oficial, mas participou da Summer League como free agent assinado ao Houston Rockets, numa tentativa de mostrar seu jogo às franquias da liga e conseguir uma oferta para participar dos campos de treino de pré-temporada para, quem sabe, entrar num elenco final no próximo campeonato. O jogador de 22 anos de idade e 1,85m de altura teve bons momentos, como as 10 assistências na vitória sobre o Sacramento Kings e os 20 pontos no triunfo sobre o Chicago Bulls. Ele terminou com médias de 8 pontos, 5,6 assistências e 2,2 roubos por partida, mas alarmou com seus números de erros (3,2) e aproveitamento nos arremessos (38,9% de quadra, 50% em lances livres). Ele conversou com o Brasil para dividir suas impressões sobre seus cinco jogos na Summer League. O que você achou do seu desempenho? Estou me sentindo bem. Sinto que tenho melhorado progressivamente todos os dias. É me acostumar ao jogo, aos meus companheiros, e fazer o que os treinadores me pedem para fazer. Estou melhorando todos os dias. O que os treinadores estão pedindo? Para ser o armador que sempre fui. Ser um distribuidor. Fazer todo mundo melhorar e conseguir sempre um bom arremesso. É um relógio de posse mais rápido (na NBA, em relação ao jogo universitário).

Fab Melo

Jared Sullinger

Kris Joseph

Photo by kreiter_celticspicks2_spts Você recebeu alguma oferta de outros times da NBA? Neste momento, ainda não. Há equipes ligando para meu agente e coisa e tal, mas ainda não ouvimos nenhuma oferta. Estamos apenas esperando para ver o que vai acontecer. Alguma oferta de times europeus? Eu ainda nem fui lá ver o que está acontecendo... Essa situação é estressante? É, com certeza. É muito estressante, você simplesmente não sabe o que vai acontecer. Você apenas tem que entrar em quadra e jogar e mostrar que é capaz de jogar neste nível, e jogar duro a cada oportunidade.

The Stress on the way of the dream


Written by Adriano Albuquerque

razil had four players in the 2011-12 NBA season, and a fifth representative of the country, Fab Melo, that arrived at Boston Celtics through the draft. The guard Scott Machado wants to be the sixth. The Iona College player was not selected in the recruitment officer, but participated in the Summer League as a free agent signed to the Houston Rockets in an attempt to show their game to franchises in the league and get an offer to participate in training camps for pre-season or perhaps, into a final list in the next championship.

steadily every day. It is my priority to get used to the game, my fellow players, and do what the coaches ask me to do. I'm improving every day. What are the coaches are asking? To be the forward that I always have been. Being a distributor. Make everyone on the team perform better and always get a good shot. The ball is held faster (comparing NBA, for the game University).

Did you receive any offers from other NBA teams? At this time,no. There are teams calling my agent and stuff, but we have not heard any bids. We are just waiting The 22-year-old and 1.85 m in height to see what will had good moments, such as 10 assists happen. in the victory over the Sacramento Kings and 20 points in victory over the Any offer of European teams? Chicago Bulls. He finished with av- I have not even been there to see what erages of eight points, 5.6 assists and is 2.2 steals per game, but alarmed at happening ... their numbers of errors (3.2) and use pitches (38.9% from the field, 50% on is this situation stressful? free throws) . He spoke with Yeah, for sure. It is very stressful, you Brazil to share his impressions of his just do not know what will happen. five games in the Summer League. You just have to go into court and play What do you think of your perfor- and show that it is able to play at this mance? level, and play hard every I'm feeling good. I feel I have improved opportunity.




Scott Machado

Florida Rush Win First Ever National Title

Text and Photo by RICHIE GRAY Big News! Florida Rush secured a 2-1 victory verses Defending National Champions Grand Rapids Crew earlier today! After trailing 1-0 at half time, the mighty U18 boys tied the game in the 67th. Both teams pressed as the game seemed to be end-to-end fury with neither able to score again in regulation. Overtime revealed relentless pressure from the Rush forcing the Crew back on their heels. The hard work paid off as the Rush drew a penalty, converted and locked down on defense to win 2-1. The Boys in Blue prevail! Richie Gray, President of Florida Rush after the game said, “Incredible. This was one of their many goals that they set out for the year…to beat the Crew at Nationals.” Richie continued, “We lost to these guys early 4-0! Can you imagine! They are a tough opponent and we respect them immensely.” Head Coach Nate Omodt commented, “It feels great. This story is special. These boys set this on their sites two years ago and worked relentlessly to win a National Championship. This was the final chapter. What a way to finish.” The team has 13 players that will go off to play college somewhere in the U.S. while three can play one more year as they have younger birth dates. “There was no doubt in my mind we had this game. As time went on, the play of ours got better. It was just a matter of time. I am so proud of these boys,” concluded Omodt

Boas Notícias! O Florida Rush conquistou uma vitória de 2-1 versus o Grand National Champions de Grand Rapids no dia 31 de Julho! Mesmo perdendo por 1-0 ate a metade do tempo, quando os jogadores do U18 empataram o jogo, ambas as equipes pressionadase tensas, tudo indicava que o jogo iria terminar empatado. O tempo extra revelou a pressão implacável do Rush, forçando o time de volta a defesa. O tra balho duro valeu a pena e o Rush bateu um pênalti que lhes deu a vitoria por 2-1. Os meninos de azul prevaleceram! Richie Gray, presidente do Flórida Rush disse logo após o termino da partida: "Incrível. Este era um de seus muitos objetivos estabelecidos para o ano ... vencer a equipe da Nationals.” "Richie continuou," Nós perdemos para esse time em uma partida anterior por 4-0! Você pode imaginar! Eles são um adversário difícil e nós os respeitamos imensamente. " Head Coach Nate Omodt comentou: "É ótimo. Esta história é especial. Esses menin Campeonato Nacional. Este foi o capítulo final. Que maneira maravilhosa de encer os EUA, enquanto três ainda podem jogar mais um ano pois eles têm datas de nasci Conforme o tempo passava, o jogo de nossa equipe ficou ainda melhor. Era apenas

nos definiram essa meta, há dois anos e trabalharam incansavelmente para ganhar o rrar "A equipe tem 13 jogadores, 10 que vão para a faculdade jogar em algum lugar imento mais novas "Não havia dúvida em minha mente que venceriamos este jogo. s uma questão de tempo. Estou muito orgulhoso destes rapazes ", concluiu Omodt.

Sports Authority Renewed, Bigger & Better



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CUPOM VÁLIDO 1/1/12 A 31/1/13, eM seUs sOUth OrLAnDO, kIssIMMee e west OrLAnDO LOjAs sOMente. MAIs eXCLUsÕes PODeM ser VÁLIDAs. COnsULte sPOrts AUthOrIty.COM/eXCLUsIOns OU A LOjA PArA sABer Os DetALhes. *Sem valor monetário. Sem devolução de dinheiro. Sem adiantamentos para outras ofertas. Cupom não válido para compras efetuadas com antecedência, on-line ou da marca S.A. Elite Sports Authority, vales-presentes, licenças ou ingressos para eventos. Oferta válida apenas para mercadorias em estoque. O cupom deve ser apresentado na hora da compra. Não pode ser combinado com nenhuma outra oferta, cartão de débito, cupom ou desconto para funcionário, amigos e família. O cupom não pode ser reproduzido. Um cupom por cliente, por compra. Exclui itens de liquidação marcados com o final 7¢ no preço; todos os sistemas de hardware Wii e Wii Fit da Nintendo e software/jogos, Microsoft Xbox 360, Kinect e Kinect jogos, UGG, produtos selecionados de golfe da Titleist, Penn Reels, armas de fogo e munições.

1396 7023 0101 1201 3113


Today’s Game of the month is‌.. portal!

By: Daniel Cosentino Q: What is portal? A: Portal is a 2007 single-player first-person puzzle-platform video game developed by the Valve Corporation. The game primarily made up of a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the player's character and other objects using "the handheld portal device"(also known as the portal gun), a device that can create two different portals between two flat areas. Q: Plot of the game? A: The main character, Chell, is challenged by a mean robot named GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk operating system) to complete each puzzle in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center using the portal gun with the promise of receiving cake when all the puzzles are completed.

Q: What is different from this game then others? A: Very unique and entertaining, makes you think Q: Rating? A:Plot: 8/10 Gameplay: 8/10 Individualism:9/10 Overall score: 8.5/10 Thank you all for taking your time to read the Game of the Month article Next month will be my next game review. Click this link to watch a video about portal: h t t p : / / w w w. y o u t u b e . c o m / watch?v=b42B77tK2b4



Cleverly combining function with fashion the ‘POP’ phones by NATIVE UNION are the latest fashion accessory for your phone , ipad or computer. Already huge in America, the trend led handsets have hit Europe The award-winning product by French designer ‘David Turpin’ is an interpretation of the classic 50s Bakelite telephone that combines a retro style handset with a luxurious soft-touch texture.

phone for crisp sound and clarity. The handset also dramatically reduces exposure to potentially harmful mobile phone radiation by up to 99%. .

NATIVE UNION is a young and dynamic collective made up of international designers and creatives who have come together from all around the world. We develop pioneering products that make communication simple and more enjoyable. We design these products to be useful and beautiful so that people love to use them - this is at the heart of everything that we do. We work with some    of the world’s leading industrial designers, to create new concepts, new designs and new experiences. We are creative, considered and social. But most importantly we strive to ideate innovative products for people who love to talk.   The  ‘POP’ phones conveniently allow you NATIVE UNION products first launched in to convert your tiny little mobiles into more 2009 and are now sold in 60 countries worldmanageable, comfortable phone, with an acwide. Our innovation and style have been tual handset, enabling you to have a converhonored internationally, earning awards insation and access your mobile applications cluding Design Plus -Frankfurt, Good Design with ease.. - Tokyo, A Design Milan. Visit    Available in a spectrum of bold colour-ways and statement prints such as camo, zebra for more information or join us on Facebook and leopard prints, pastels, neons and meat silvers and a gold.  More than just a or on fashion accessory for your phone, the NATIVE UNION  ‘Pop’  simply  plug in and  turn any mobile, tablet or computer into a functional phone with a high quality speaker and micro-

POP Phones can be purchades at the site


A combinação inteligente de Funcionalidade com a moda dos telefones By NATIVE UNION são o acessório de moda mais novo, criadopara o seu iPhone, iPad, ou computador. Já com enorme sucesso nos Estados Unidos, a tendência da moda levou os aparelhos a atingirem a Europa O produto que foi premiado e criado pelo designer francês David Turpin "é uma interpretação do telefone clássico dos anos 50, o bakelite que combina um telefone estilo retro com uma textura suave e sofisticada.

Os 'POP' phones convenientemente permitem que você converta seus minúsculos celulares pequenos em telefones mais faceis de usar, confortáveis, com um aparelho real, permitindo que você tenha uma conversa e tambem tenha acesso a seus aplicativos móveis com facilidade .. Disponível em um espectro de cores ousadas de formas e estampas impactantes como camo, zebra e leopardo, pastéis, neons e prata

metálico ou ouro. O'Pop' phone da NATIVE UNION é mais do que um acessório de moda para o seu celular basta conectar e transformar qualquer tablet, celular ou computador em um telefone funcional, com um alto-falante de alta qualidade e microfone para um som nítido e claro. O aparelho também reduz drasticamente a exposição a radiação do telefone móvel potencialmente prejudiciais em até 99%. A NATIVE UNION é uma criação coletiva, jovem e dinâmica, composta por varios designers internacionais e criativos de todo o mundo. Desenvolvemos produtos pioneiros que tornam a comunicação mais simples e agradável. Nós projetamos estes produtos para ser útil e bonito, para que as pessoas gostem de usá-los - este é o cerne de tudo o que fazemos. Nós trabalhamos com alguns dos líderes mundiais em design industrial, para criar novos conceitos, novos projetos e novas experiências. Somos criativos, considerados e sociais. Mas o mais importante é que nós nos esforçamos para idealizar produtos inovadores para pessoas que gostam de falar. O produro NATIVE UNION foi primeiro lançado em 2009 e agora são vendidos em 60 países em todo o mundo. A nossa inovação e estilo foram homenageados internacionalmente, ganhando prêmios, incluindo Design Plus-Frankfurt, Good Design - Tóquio, A designMilão Por Favor visitem Para mais informações ou junte-se nós no Facebook

POP Phone pode ser comprado no site

Este mes gostaria de compartilhar com voces um pouco da minha experiencia de vida e como consegui superar a perda de um filho!

Elita Freitas-Entre amigas


oro na Florida, em Boca Raton, a minha filha mais nova Priscilla, 27 anos na ocasião (2008), estava de ferias da faculdade e fomos passear em Las Vegas, ela estava super bem e adoramos os passeios por la. Na semana seguinte da nossa volta a Florida ela teria que retornar para a California, onde morava e estudava (Berkeley University), na manhã do dia 13 de junho (uma Sexta feira) eu a deixei no aeroporto e nao sabia que seria a ultima vez que eu a veria, dei um beijo e um abraço forte, como sempre fazia e falei “ate quinta-feira meu amor.”.... ela voltaria para a Florida em uma semana ,porem isso nao aconteceu,

pois ela subitamente faleceu de um ataque cardiaco fulminante no dia 15 de Junho. Minha filha mais velha Tatiana foi que teve a incumbencia de me dar a noticia, fiquei desesperada pois eu sempre tive muito medo de perder um filho, acho que todas as mães no mundo sentem isso tambem. Nesse periodo sempre tive muito apoio e carinho dos meus filhos, mas lidar com essa perda é muito doloroso e algo que tive que aprender a conviver para sobreviver. A principio eu senti revolta, e pensava, porque minha filha? tantas pessoas idosas e doentes porque não eles? Porque não eu?? minha filha era jovem, tinha um namorado que a amava e estava estudando,ela queria ser Cientista...tantos sonhos...tanta vida... Aos poucos fui perdendo a vontade de viver!!!! eu que sempre fui otimista, e sempre falava pra tudo se da um jeito.....repentinamente a morte da minha filha nao tinha jeito e me senti impotente e mentirosa. Eu nao queria mais sorrir pois quando o sorriso aparecia em meus labios eu pensava...."Como voce vai sorrir? a sua filha nao esta mais aqui!!!!!! me sentia culpada.....

Antes da morte da Priscilla, eu havia contatado Loren Oliveira, uma das fundadoras do grupo Brazilian Voices, formado por mulheres, dizendo que eu gostaria de fazer algumas aulas de canto, sonhando em fazer parte do grupo, e futuramente fazer uma surpresa para os meus filhos convidando-os para assistir um espetaculo do grupo e aparecer ali no palco, cantando feliz para eles. Infelizmente nao pude realizar esse sonho e desisti de aulas, musica e tudo o mais..... Mas Loren nao desistiu de mim e insistiu para que eu pudesse cantar e ser feliz em homenagem a Priscilla e aos meus outros filhos tão amados, juntamente com outras cantoras que haviam perdido filhos também. Somente

uma mãe que passou por isso conhece a profundidade dessa dor... Entrei para o Brazilian Voices, e lá eu encontrei uma familia de 50 mulheres maravilhosas, a musica faz bem ao corpo, a alma e ao coração, cantando eu sei que estou conectada com a Priscilla de uma maneira especial, cada vez que o nosso grupo se apresenta eu olho para um ponto bem no alto do teatro e imagino que a Priscilla esta la, sorrindo feliz e sinto que estamos juntas apesar de estarmos em diferentes dimensões, mas o amor não tem fronteiras e os laços entre Mães e Filhos são eternos. Que a música possa ser sempre uma fonte de inspiração, que a familia possa ser sempre um laço eterno de amor e que os amigos possam sempre abraçar as nossas dores e alegrias com sabedoria nessa trajetória brilhante e espetacular chamada VIDA. "Até onde conseguimos discernir, o único propósito da existência humana é acender uma luz na escuridão da mera existência." Carl Jung

Elita Freitas - Among friends

This month I would like to share with you some of my experience in life and how I coped with the loss of my child!


live in Florida, in Boca Raton, my youngest daughter Priscilla, 27 at the time (2008), was on vacation from college and we decided to go sightseeing in Las Vegas, She was well and loved to travel there. . The following week after our return to Florida she would to go back toCalifornia, where she lived and studied at Berkeley University. In the morning of June 13th 2008, I took her to the airport and could not imagine it would be the last time I would ever see her. I gave her a kiss and a hug, and told her as usual "See you Thursday my love." .... she would return to Florida in a week, but this never happened, because she suddenly died of a fulminating heart attack on June 15, two days later. y oldest daughter Tatiana was who had the task of giving me the news, I was desperate because I was always too afraid of losing a child, I think all mothers in the world feel it too. During this period I have always had a lot of support and affection from my children, but dealing with this loss was very painful and something I had to learn cope in order to survive. At first I felt anger, and I thought, why


my daughter? So many people elderly and sick why don’t they die? Why didn’t I die? My daughter was young, had a boyfriend who loved her and she was studying, she wanted to be a scientist ... so many dreams ... so much life ... Gradually I lost the will to live!! I've always been optimistic, and always said there is a solution for everything! But not this time, the sudden death of my daughter had no solution, and I felt helpless and deceitful. I did not want to smile anymore because when the smile appeared on my lips .... I thought "How will I smile? My daughter is not here anymore!! I Felt guilty ! Before the death of Priscilla, I had contacted Loren Oliveira, one of the founder of Brazilian Voices, formed by women, saying that I’d like to do some singing lessons, dreaming to be a part of the group, and in the future to surprise my children inviting them to watch the group presentation and appear there on stage, singing happy for them. Unfortunately I could not fulfill that dream and gave up lessons, music and everything else ..... But Loren did not give up on me and insisted that I could sing and be happy to honor Priscilla and my other children that I loved, along with other singers who had lost children as well. Only a mother who experienced it knows the depth of this pain ...

I joined the Brazilian Voices, and there I found a wonderful family of 50 women, the music is good for the body, soul and heart, singing I know I'm connected with Priscilla in a very special way, each time our group has a presentation I look at a point high in the theater and imagine that Priscilla is there smiling happily and feel that we are together even though we are in different dimensions, but love has no boundaries and the ties between mothers and sons are eternal. Music can always be a source of inspiration, that the family can always be an eternal bond of love and that friends can always hold our sorrows and joys along the way with a wisdom bright and spectacular called LIFE.

"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere existence." Carl Jung

Brazilian Voices

Cakes Desserts & Hors d’ oeuvres Catering Available (407) 557-3030 2100 whisper lakes blv Orlando, FL 32837

On the right a Birthday cake Gucci Vintage bag, car keys, lipstick, and iPhone.

There is no limit for a woman’s imagination

Zuleika Rezende-Bodybuilding


a seis anos atras quando cheguei aos EUA, devido ao estilo de vida, engordei muito e antes que o ganho de peso fosse irrversivel tomei por objetivo perder meu peso excessivo . Cheguei a 170 libras , e realmente precisava perder esse peso. Comecei a me exercitar mas queria mais , entao quando via aquelas mu lheres lindas nas revistas de fitness queria ficar igual e eu dizia para mim mesma, ainda vou sair na capa da revista assim como elas.

cidadania Americana. Mas nem por isso vou desistir do meu sonho vou continuar na luta sempre, ate porque minha familia sempre me apoia e esta comigo nesta caminhada! Hoje peso 135 libras de massa muscular vivo com saude e muito Feliz pela minha escolha e espero que voce faca o mesmo!Nao importa o seu peso lute pela sua saude ! Animem-se !

E um certo dia, ha quase dois anos atras tomei a decis達o de competir in bodybuilder na categoria bikini , procurei um personal trainer que me ajudou muito, me orientou em como me exercitar, comer correto, beber muita agua, e desde ent達o nao parei mais . Ganhei tres premios na categoria bikini competitor e tres como figure competitor que joje se tornou a minha categoria de escolha. Workout e competir se tornaram minhas paix探es ,e ainda vou me tornar uma profissional na categoria. Hoje ja fui classificada para o campeonato Nacional duas vezes, mas n達o pude competir porque nao tenho Photo by Jack Chew


ix years ago when I came to the U.S., due to the lifestyle, I gained a lot of weight and before the weight gain would be irreversible I decided to loose my excess weight.

the National League twice, but could not compete because they do not have U.S. citizenship yet, but I'll not give up my dream, I will continue to fight, with my family support in this journey Today weight 135 pounds of muscle I reached 170 pounds, and really mass, healthy and very happy with needed to lose it fast. I started to my choice and I hope you do the same! exercise but I wanted more, so when Fight for your body and for your I used to see Beautiful women in fit- health! Cheer up! ness magazines, I also wanted to be in magazines as well, and I said to myself, I'll be on a magazine cover as beautiful as them. And one day, almost two years ago I made the decision to compete in the category bikini competitor and I had a personal trainer that helped me, guided me, teached me how to exercise, eat right, drink lots of water, and since then I have not stopped . I won three awards in the category bikini competitor and 3 as figure competitor who became my today category. Workout and Body building competition became my passion, and I'm going to become a professional in the category. Today I was already qualified for Photo by Jack Chew

Dea Prieto




ea Prieto was born and raised in Brazil, which is known for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous bodies delineated by suntan marks. She lived by the beach where men and women spent their days wearing their Brazilian bikinis sunbathing by the ocean. Ever since she can remember, she was always fascinated with physical fitness, specially waxing techniques that enhance the body shape. At first, she worked with family and friends for fun, but then it became her deepest passion, studying the different waxing techniques, including the famous and authentic Brazilian Bikini Wax. rieto lived in Miami Beach, Florida for 8 years, where she attended "Fienberg/Fischer Adult and Community Education Center ", earning her Skin Care License. Because she was by the beach once again, she decided to invest in her passion for waxing, and became a specialist in the Brazilian Bikini Wax. Living in Orlando, Florida, since 2006, Prieto has worked at different spas, thus perfecting her techniques. ounded CORPUS WAXING CENTER in March of 2010, with the sole purpose of providing the best waxing experience, executing with excellence the famous "Brazilian Bikini Wax". Corpus Waxing Center continues to grow due to its outstanding results that are conferred by her vast and loyal clients and their referrals. Providing what is best in the world of hair removal, with the intention of being the best waxing center in town.


ea searched diligently to find that highly effective and unique brand that would ultimately surpass her every cosmetic expectation!she pursued the market trying several brands to no avail in an attempt to find one that would rightly satisfy each client's demands. She searched for almost a year and a half to create an aromatic, painless, quality wax that would remove unwanted body and facial hair. One formed by oil essentials he perfect hypoallergenic skin hydrant that would soothingly but efficiently counteract burns, skin irritations; and alleviate tension problems. These oils not only serve as a deodorant and air purifier to reduce germs; but they contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties which stimulate the immunological system. But she doesn’t stopped there, she made an in depth research into aromatherapy and its essential oils to finally select the perfect combination between 2 essential oils.


easily recognized by its aroma; which reminds us of camphor. he second is the Peppermint which has a double effect. On one part it refreshes when it is hot, and warms when it is cold, softening the skin. It contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties; therefore, it helps to relieve pain, stimulating the circulation; thereby alleviating skin irritations, such as: redness, itchiness, as well as burnt skin due to its refreshing effect.


inally, Prieto has found the ideal, practical wax hair removal, one that is comfortable with the right temperature to aide extraction with minimum pain. It can be used on all body parts that need waxing. In December 2011, DC Hard Wax was born, created by Dea Prieto with the very best that exist in the market of cosmetology today! n February 2012 Dea created the DC Post Depilatory Serum to be used after any hair removal (shave, waxing, laser, electrolysis, threading) leaving the skin silky, fragrant, soft he first is a Eucalyptus and deeply hydrated. the main ingreessential oil, because it is an dient and Argan Oil antiseptic pain reliever - a fungicide that promotes skin healing. When applied it reduces sensitivity and has a soothing astringent effect,



Contact Info Phones 1 (407) 960-4875 Work Address 364 W. Fairbanks Ave Winter Park, FL 32789 Neighborhood Winter Park Plaza Screen Name corpuswaxing(Twitter) Website


Depressão Infantil Por Deo Britos


o contrário do que muitos pensam, criança também sofre de depressão. A depressão que sempre pareceu um mal exclusivo dos adultos hoje em dia afeta cerca de 2% das crianças e 5% dos adolescentes no mundo. Diagnósticar depressão é mais difícil nas crianças, pois os sintomas podem ser confundidos com malcriação, birra, mau humor, tristeza e agressividade. O que diferencia a depressão das tristezas do dia-a-dia é a intensidade, a persistência e as mudanças em hábitos normais das atividades da criança. Ela costuma mani festar-se a partir de uma situação traumática, tais como: separação dos pais, mudança de colégio, morte de uma pessoa querida ou animal de estimação.

Falta de prazer em executar atividades. Isolamento. Apatia. Insônia ou sono excessivo que não satisfaz Desatenção em tudo que tenta fazer. Queixas de dores. Baixa auto-estima e sentimento de inferioridade Idéia de suicídio ou pensamento de tragédias ou morte. Sensação freqüente de cansaço ou perda de energia Sentimentos de culpa. Dificuldade de se afastar da mãe.

Medos e aflições de abandono e rejeição. Ao primeiro sinal de depressão, os pais devem acolher a criança e encaminhá-la a um profissional o mais rápido possível. Na maioria das vezes, o apoio da família e a psicoterapia são suficientes. Somente a partir dos 6 anos de idade, é necessário, em alguns Sintomas: casos, intervir com medicamentos. A Sentimentos de desesperança. Dificuldade de concentração, depressão infantil desencadeia várias memória ou raciocínio. outras doenças tais Angústia. como: anorexia, e Pessimismo. bulimia.

Agressividade. Falta de apetite. Tronco arqueado.

Child Depression

Aggressiveness. Lack of appetite. Stem arched. Lack of pleasure in performing activities. Isolation. Apathy. Insomnia or excessive sleep that does not satisfy Inattention in all that is trying to do. Complaints of pain. Low self-esteem and feelings of inferiority Idea of suicide ​​ or thoughts of death or tragedy. Frequent feeling of fatigue or energy loss Feelings of guilt. Difficulty moving away from the mother. Fears and anxieties of abandonment and rejection.

Contrary to what many think, children also suffer from depression. The depression that always seemed a unique evil of adults now affects about 2% of children and adolescents 5% in the world. Depression is more difficult to diagnose in children because the symptoms can be mistaken for naughtiness, temper tantrums, moodiness, sadness and aggression. What distinguishes depression from sadness of the day-to-day is the intensity, persistence and changes in normal habits of the child's activities. Usually manifests itself from a traumatic situation, such as parental separation, change of school, death of a At the first sign of depression, parents loved one or pet. must accept and send the child to a Symptoms: professional as soon as possible. In most cases, family support and Feelings of hopelessness. psychotherapy are sufficient. Difficulty concentrating, Only after 6 years of age, it is necessary memory or thinking. in some cases, to use drug action. Child Distress. depression can trigger various other Pessimism. disorders such as anorexia and bulimia

acredita-se que sob ele estejam enterrados centenas de esqueletos humanos, provavelmente de antepassados dos índios tupiniquins e tupinambás, que habitavam o litoral paulista por volta de 5 mil anos A.C., entre o período pré-cerâmico e pós-cerâmico.

Edimundo Cavalcanti Blog: Twitter:@TomboBandAzul @EdCavalc FaceBook: Edmundo Cavalcanti

Os sambaquis eram feitos pelos povos primitivos, inicialmente, para enterrar os mortos. No ritual do sepultamento eram utilizadas conchas, que também serviam para os primatas como ferramentas. Por esse motivo, há grande quantidade desse material orgânico nesses sítios arqueológicos.



Sitio Arqueológico de Guarujá

Esses achados arqueológicos fazem parte de um complexo que está interligado a outros municípios da Baixada. Conhecer esse verdadeiro tesouro da história da evolução humana é uma atração que reúne aventura e descoberta. Simples conchas, como as marinhas e as lacustres facilmente encontradas nos sambaquis são capazes de revelar duas épocas de ocupação humana.

Guarujá, que é conhecida pelas belezas naturais, começa a despontar no cenário internacional como um santuário histórico. E não é para menos. Afinal, a Cidade abriga o maior sambaqui do mundo Os sambaquis são sítios arqueológicos. Alguns têm formato de montanha. A base deles é calcário e matéria orgânica, como conchas, ossos humanos, fragmentos de peixes e mamíferos. Esses santuários arqueológicos são verdadeiros cemitérios préhistóricos. No Município, até o momento foram identificados 15, sendo que 12 já estão registrados no Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional  (Iphan). Dentre eles, o Crumaú, o mais alto do planeta, que tem 31 metros de altura e cerca de 100 metros de largura. Esse sítio arqueológico está localizado no Rio Crumaú, região de mangue entre a Serra do Guararu e o Canal de Bertioga.  Pelas dimensões do sambaqui Crumaú,


mapeia patrimônio

Além de conchas e restos de ossadas, os sambaquis também abrigam vestígios da ocupação do homem de um passado menos remoto, como pedaços de potes de cerâmicas e garrafas de vidro, além de porcelana alemã e inglesa, como as encontradas . O Município está fazendo um levantamento dos sambaquis para montar um Plano de Gestão. Esses registros darão subsídios para a realização de uma pesquisa científica, que inclui datação, ou seja, a identificação do período dos vestígios encontrados, e escavação pontual para encontrar novas informações.


Archaeological Site in Guarujá

Guaruja, which is known for its natural beauty, begins to emerge on the international scene as a historic shrine. And no less. After all, the city hosts the world's largest sambaqui The shell mounds are archaeological sites. Some are shaped mountain. The basic one is lime and organic matter such as shells, human bones, fragments of fish and mammals. These shrines are real archaeological prehistoric burial. In the city, so far 15 have been identified, of which 12 are already registered with the Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage (Iphan). Among them, Crumaú, is the highest on the planet, which is 31 meters high and 100 meters wide. This archaeological site is located in Rio Crumaú, mangrove region between the Sierra and the Guararu Bertioga Canal. By the dimensions of sambaqui Crumaú, it is believed that he be buried under hundreds of human skeletons, probably ancestors of the Indians and tupiniquins tupinambás, who inhabited the coast of São Paulo around 5000 years BC, between the pre-and post-ceramic ceramic. The shell mounds were made by primitive peoples, initially, to bury the dead. In the ritual of burial were used shells, which also served as tools for primates. For this reason, there are lots of organic material in these archaeological sites. County heritage maps These archaeological findings are part of a complex that contains links to other cities in the lowlands.

Meet the real treasure of the history of human evolution is an attraction that combines adventure and discovery. Simple shells, such as marine and lacustrine easily found in middens are able to reveal two periods of human occupation. Besides remains of shells and bones, the shell mounds also harbor traces of the occupation of a man of less remote past, such as pieces of ceramic pots and glass bottles, as well as German and English porcelain, as found. The city is doing a survey of shell mounds to set up a Management Plan. These records will give grants to conduct scientific research, which includes dating, ie, the identification of the remains found of the period, and cut off to find new information.

Prepare yourself for a unique unforgettable experience...

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Açaí Cupuaçu Tropical fruits Tambaqui A taste of the Amazon Sandwiches - Lunch & Dinner



A Mediação Familiar em seu conceito mais amplo , se define como uma forma de solução amigável nos conflitos tendo como principal objetivo, recuperar a negociação quando se perde a capacidade de fa- zer acordos, tornando-se necessário a busca de terceiros para facilitar o diálogo entre as partes envolvidas em uma disputa. O Mediador não se apresenta para solucionar conflitos e sim proporcionar as condições para que juntas, as partes encontrem a solução para o impasse gerado em determinada ou determinadas questões. Esse facilitador tem a obrigação de guardar sigilo sobre tudo que se passa em uma mesa de negociação.Sua atuação exige imparcialidade e competência técnica para conduzir o diálogo das partes,ouvindo-as e elaborando perguntas. A escolha desse facilitador é de exclusividade dos interessados que optaram pelo recurso da Mediação como forma de se chegar ao fim da controvérsia. Nas ultimas décadas é visível as transformações por que passam as famílias ocasionando muitas vezes dissolução de casamentos, disputa por guarda de filhos, hostilidades, agressões físicas ou morais, tornando-se assim, impossível a convivência familiar. A Mediação tem assim como característica principal, um poder de decisão restrito, não autoritário,proporcionando as partes envolvidas a chegarem voluntariamente a um acordo mutuamente aceitável, além de lidar com questões fundamentais que estabelece e fortalece relacionamentos de confiança e respeito, minimizando com isso, custos e sequelas emocionais. A Mediação também é bastante útil nos conflitos escolares ; de vizinhança; casos de adoção; guarda de filhos; assitência a idosos; disputas sucessórias e até conflitos em empresas familiares. Enfim, um processo onde as pessoas são levadas a agir cooperativamente através de escolhas realistas conseguindo-se pleitos baseados unicamente em seu posicionamento pessoal, evitando-se assim acusações desmedidas, o que sem dúvida fortalece a comprensão que há um resultado TERAPEUTICO sem que seja contudo uma TERAPIA. Portanto, a Mediação Familiar é um procedimento extra-judicial de carater voluntário, economico, rápido e consensual que poderá ou não ser homologado no Poder Judiciário transformando-se em coisa julgada irrecorrível após o decurso dos prazos previstos em lei. ROSEANA MARANHÃO é Mediadora e Consultora Jurídica.

MEDIATION A NEW LOOK AT HUMAN CONFLICT Roseana MARANHÃO The Family Mediation in its broadest sense, is defined as a form of amicable solution to the conflicts with the primary goal of retrieve the negotiation when it loses the capacity in their ability to make agreements, making it necessary to seek a third party to facilitate dialogue between the parties involved in a dispute. The mediator does not present itself to resolve conflicts but to provide the conditions so that together, the parties will find a solution to the impasse on certain issues. This trainer has an obligation to maintain secrecy about everything that goes into a mediation table.The action requires impartiality and technical competence to conduct the dialogue of the parties, hearing and preparing questions. The choice of facilitator is exclusive of persons who have opted for the use of mediation as a way to get to the end of controversy. In recent decades it became obvious all the changes that families go through often causing dissolution of marriages, child custody dispute, physical or moral harassment, making it impossible to enjoy family life. Mediation has as main feature, a limited power of decision, not overbearing, allowing the parties to voluntarily reach a mutually acceptable agreement, and deal with fundamental issues that establishes and strengthens relationships of trust and respect, thereby minimizing, costs and emotional sequelae. Mediation is also very useful in school conflicts; neighborhood; cases of adoption, child custody, assistance for the elderly; succession disputes and even conflicts in family businesses. Finally, a process where people are driven to act cooperatively through realistic choices managing to claims based solely on their personal position, thus avoiding unreasonable charges, which undoubtedly strengthens the comprehension that there is a therapeutic result without having yet a THERAPY. Therefore, the Family Mediation is a procedure of extra-judicial voluntary character, economic, fast and consensus that may or may not be approved in the judicial branch becoming “res judicata” irrevocable after the deadlines provided by law. Roseana MARANHÃO is Mediator and Legal Consultant.

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Ola’ pessoal !

Tambem tive o prazer de conhecer pessoalmente o Rapper brasileiro residente no Canada que vem fazendo o maior sucesso nas paradas, o D. Snow que estava em New York para comemorar seu aniversário e nos aproveitamos para nos conhecer melhor e No mes de julho eu estive mais uma vez com bater um super papo. o lindo cantor Gusttavo Lima que esteve no EUA para gravar seu DVD, uma das apresen- Todas essas entrevistas vocês podem ver tações foi no Hard Rock Cafe em Orlando e acessando eu fiz a abertura do show dele na cidade de Newark (NJ) onde tive o prazer de chama-lo Quero também dividir com vocês mais uma ao palco para se apresentar. O show foi ex- conquista, dia 13 de Agosto foi ao ar uma celente e provou que o cantor esta mesmo entrevista que dei a apresentadora Jackie do poderoso, Gusttavo Lima esteve aqui em Ja- programa Al Almanecer con Jackie no canal neiro desse ano e fez dois shows no mesmo Telemundo, fiquei muito feliz em saber que dia com casa lotada e agora voltou em Julho aos pouquinhos estou me tornando conhecifazendo seu show numa quarta feira e o show da também entre o publico Hispanico, agora foi novamente um sucesso parabéns para ele só falta melhorar o meu espanhol! e para os organizadores! Bem pessoal vou encerrando minha coluna Entrevistas: e quero aproveitar para falar que dia 26 de Para quem ainda nao conhece eu gostaria Agosto estarei entrevistando os meninos do de apresentar a Simone Rodrigues “Sisa”, Grupo Havaianos que estarão em tournée uma fashion Design brasileira que faz muito por aqui e durante o mês de Setembro graças sucesso e veste muitas celebridades em a Deus estarei trabalhando bastante; Hollywood e eu tive o prazer de fazer uma entrevista com ela que foi super bacana, No dia 02 de Setembro estarei no Brazilian descontraída e já esta dando muito o que Day New York falar! Quem quiser conhecer melhor a dia 07- 08 e 09 Brazilian Day Newark Simone”Sisa”, ver suas roupas e tudo que ela Camarote Vicky Show com muitas novicria visite dades Durante o mês de Julho eu também tive a dia 16 de Setembro Brazilian Day Danbury alegria de entrevistar o empresário - CT João de Matos, algo que eu já havia tentando Minha próxima coluna estará cheia de novia algum tempo mas devido a agenda corrida dades!!! demorou para acontecer mas já esta online a Um super beijo para todos, boa volta as auentrevista foi muito legal eu procurei saber las para todos nos que vamos iniciar um ano um pouco mais do João de Matos que não novo na escola e ate breve! somente é o idealizador do Brazilian Day mas também uma personalidade dona Vicky de vários reconhecimentos.

Mais uma vez eu quero agradecer a todas as pessoas que carinhosamente me escrevem eu amo conversar com vocês :)

Vicky @

I also want to share with you one more victory! On Aug. 13th aired the interview I gave to the show Al amanecer with Jackie at Telemundo channel. I am very happy to know that little by little I am becoming known also among the Hispanic Community, now I will have to improve my Spanish!

Vicky and Jo達o de Matos during an interview . During the month of July I also had the joy of interviewing the entrepreneur Jo達o de Matos, something I had already tried for quite some time but due to schedule conflicts it took a while But now it happened and it is already online. The interview was very cool I wanted to know a little more of Jo達o de Matos, and he is not only the creator of the Brazilian Day event, the biggest event for the Brazilian Comunity in the USA, but also a person with many recognitions and accomplishments

Vicky interviewing Designer Simone Rodrigues Sisa Designs by

Simone Rodrigues

has been shown on the runway in numerous fashion shows in Puerto Rico, Brazil, and the USA. She showcased in Spring 2011 at the Luxury Couture Fashion Week at The Legendary Waldorf Astoria in NY, and in 2010 in San Diego, California at the 10 Best Dressed Awards by Leonard Simpson. Her clients have been voted best dress at the Grammys and Latin Grammys. Sisa has contributed to many charity causes, including Breast Cancer Awareness, St. Judes and Leukemia. Ms. Rodrigues’s designs have been worn in various beauty pageants, the Golden Globes, and she is a favorite designer of a number of celebrities including Crystal Santos (actress and producer), Amanda Baker (actress from All My Children), Brittany Simpson, and Karen Hoyos, TV Host of Telemundo47 & Univision 41

Vicky with Rapper D Snow

The onlyBrazilian rapper in Toronto, or at least the only one who dared to sing in English, D.Snow also draws attention to the audacity and at the same time, simplicity. Likes being with family, friends, snowboarding and says he wants to help those in need. A good example that you can live life well, as suggested by the title of his work, to be successful away from home, and still win fans - whose numbers, incidentally, continues to grow. "They love my accent," jokes the rapper. The discomfort on stage? He does not even remember anymore.

Vicky & Gusttavo Lima

In July, I was once again with the beautiful singer Gusttavo Lima that came to the USA to record his DVD, one of his appearances was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando and I did the opening of his show in Newark (NJ) where I was pleased to call him on stage to the show . It was excellent! Gusttavo Lima was here in January this year and played two shows on the same day with a packed house and now and the show was again a success ! Our congratulations to the organizers!

Larry Poynter Jr

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efore they were MAJOR they were INDIE. INDIE artist today are the norm in the music industry. We have tons of advantages as artist that we did not have in the 70's, 80's and 90's. There was no Youtube or Facebook, we only had school bulletin boards and telephone poles to spread the word. I will say although we now have advantages on the promotional side, we fall victim to compromise when it comes to the quality of product that we put out. here were no pro tools back in the day, so we had to go to higher end studios which meant the mix was quality. Many of the songs heard today in the local music scene has been recorded at someones house and although I have heard some amazing mixes coming from some of these home studios, there is just as many that are sub par. This months article is about taking full advantage of the technology that INDIE artist have today. We are set up to be self sufficient, but we have to make sure we don't loose the Quality of sound. The days of going to the record store for an album are over. e listen to MP3.s and even though the listeners expectations have lessened,



we as artist must still create top shelf product. The Orlando music scene has some real engineers, producers, and musicians, many of these talented individuals are willing to work with an Indie budget. Spend the extra money to master your work. ake sure your packaging is comparable to the heavy hitters. It is to the utmost importance that you don't get lazy and cheap just because the process is so much easier. If you need extra resources to improve your music and overall presentation, there is a good friend of mine named Ben Gardener ,he owns he has been a leading force in assisting Orlando INDIE artist with their journey in music. will leave you with this. Music is to be treated with respect. If you are going to make music, make quality music. Don't forget about the mix. It has to be the best if your ever going to be the best. Real Talk, Real Music, South Coast Records.


By Larry Poynter Jr

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Water for people Wine for Uslocal effort Global Impact illions of people in the world still don't have clean water, sanitation, toilets, they sometimes danger themselves in order to get water, for their family. Somewhere in the world tonight will not have clean water to drink and maybe even get ill if they drink what they have, which is dirty water.


o tonight when you put your head on the pillow, think about it,it is important to have awareness about this things, because no matter how little you help, it is a little more to get these people what they deserve, wish and dream, and we just take it for granted. It amazes me how far can a dream go ! Water for us was created to help people like me and you, that want to help people in developing countries to get better water. If you look into it at the site you will see how difficult it is to live without clean water. The situation is so dramatic that the kids in charge of getting the daily water, do not get a fair chance to go to school, or to get education. It is hard to see this and not do anything, and feel it is OK, because it is not. So I am here asking for them and to help this great cause.


ine for us is an annual event by many volunteers, and companies in Central Florida to help fund sanitation, and clean water, we visited the event and the support it was great and the location was the Orlando Regional History Center! But, the cause still continues and you can help all year, so please visit the site and thank you for your help !


All the volunteers that made the event happen

5472 International Dr Orlando, Florida 32819-8561 Phone 1 (407) 447-8946 Email Website

Orlando -Downtown 304 W. Colonial Dr Orlando Florida 32801 United States

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