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From Our Desk Now, completing our first year anniversary, we have just to thank GOD for the strength, energy and collaboration gathered to help us succeed. We had a year of hard work and looking forward to more ways to help our members and community. We are happy for the support of many sectors in Central Florida. We would like to thank the City Of Orlando Orange County Government MCO Orlando International Airport Port Canaveral CFITO Orange County Property Appraiser Our Summit on Feb 13 was a great opportunity to learn and participate of the many changes happening in Central Florida. Laiz Rodrigues Executive Director Brazil America Council

Brazil America Council

You can visit our site to check all the news and activities, to become a member and get information in our latest events. We would like to thank our trustees and members for the support who participated in our last event.

Brazil America Council OUR MISSION As a Council, our primary objective is to give our community a way to express their needs to help find real solutions to their issues and improve their growth and effective participation. Well informed and introducing Heritage, Culture and Art as tools to better understand citizenship and principles, we assure a better understanding of our roots and way of living. A strong partnership requires a deep understanding of who we are as partners, so we can respect and value our cultures and professional profile. Only with knowledge we can walk into success. To value our professionals facilitating interaction and partnership









Editorial Considerations in our Latest Tragedy By Attorney Alfredo Scaff Filho I intend with this article to collaborate and weapon and defend its family. I am saying that elucidate some points on the debate that if millions of people are empowered to carry afflicts the US on the control and sale of Fire- weapons indiscriminately, we will never have arms. the solution of this problem, as more tragedies will happen. Second Amendment "A well-regulated militia, being necessary for The need and the right to defend your family the safety of a free state, should not violate and property should be widely considered, people's right to hold and carry arms." and guaranteed, but more selectively. First, we can not discuss points of national interest only when tragedies happen because The possession and purchase of arms and for the parents of lost loved ones, such a dis- weapons must be regulated much more rigorcussion has become unnecessary. ously than the current one, Those who have a weapon to defend their family and property The United States, as a country admired all will not necessarily be carrying their weapons over the world, endowed with the largest milin the streets itary force and largest economy in the world, lacks a legislative structure according to the The awareness that the Law should regulate reality we live. in its body, would be to emphasize the fulfillment of conditions to obtain the possession of Can the Second Amendment be updated a weapon, valid documentation, clear crimito the times in which we live and to latest nal record, and psychological profile, that is, events? Of course yes. The concept of law, all the information necessary to give society and its formation stems from 2 basic factors greater security that the misuse and consewhich add to the norm, fact + value = law. quences of this problem would be minimized. What is the fact? What is the value? The fact that American citizens are dying for lack of control over arms sales, and the value that society no longer needs and no longer accepts the indiscriminate sale of these weapons, generating constant danger to all. If we have the best and best prepared police in the world, why so many weapons in the hands of civilians? What is the police for? I am not against the right citizens have to buy a

Security and Law. What has been done to ensure their safety? Nothing, because one can not have the freedom to buy a weapon as much as one has the freedom to go to the supermarket to buy groceries. But the subject treated in this way, with this simplicity and exacerbated freedom, leads us to the lack of limits and tragedies like those that have already happened and happen, remind us of how unprepared and unfit to protect us is..

Extremely emotional people, broken by the harshness of society and the system, homicidal and suicidal tendencies can not solve their personal and emotional problems with guns, reaping the lives of others. If the young gunman from the recent Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy did not have access to such caliber weapons, we would not have to discuss this.As our work and duty as Governors, regulators, and Legislators would not be on the agenda, would not be put into doubt. Why? Simply because those who have the right to buy a gun should have a duty to take care of it under penalty of facing trial and arrest if there is misuse by third parties as well. We should impose the maximum duty of vigilance and responsibilities on those who hold weapons or who seek to hold them in the future. This reality, today, both in terms of resources, conditions of monitoring, including a responsible online registry where the weapon holder will be held accountable,able to answer legal questions and possible compliance with penalty and fine. So why does it take so long to do a background research to avoid tragedies that denigrate the most admired and most visited country in the world? Are Americans interested in this image of losers in their own society? Does not the world see it that way? Are we going to lose an internal and solvable war when we do not admit the loss of outside wars? Let's ask the opinion of those who live the problem on a daily basis. Let's ask the cops what they think. What do they experience daily. The legislator has a duty to listen to those who deal with the problem, since only the police are able to give an opinion on what is happening today, along with victims and public opinion.

If the American citizen is proud of the Second Amendment, and a country that values security and freedom. Freedom does not exist without responsibility, limits and duties. Imagine the Second Amendment being valid in China. Do you think it would fit? I answer no, because the Chinese society still has many "democratic steps" to achieve for this level of freedom. Imagine the Second Amendment in Third World Countries. Do you think that populations that do not have the minimum education and infrastructure could buy weapons? What would be of these societies? We have plenty of examples around the world. When organizations with firearms take matters in their own hands, running over civil rights. Therefore, reforming the Law, enhancement of the Second Amendment is paramount, as social facts and values have changed. The rulers of the 21st century can not rule as if they were in the twentieth century.

Alfredo Scaff Attorney, former Chief of Police Sao Paulo / Brazil International Advice & Consulting


Ph # (407) 354-0260 Open 7 days

Completeing Our Recognitions In 2017 we recognized many local Authorities, for their impressive leadership during and after Hurricane Irma. In February we were able to deliver to Mayor Buddy Dyer his award and the first Amy Litter Medal of Excellence. It was an honor and a pleasure

The series of awards was given by The Brazil America Council to Governor Rick Scott, Mayor Dyer, Mayor Jacobs, Sheriff Jerry Demmings, Orlando Police Chief Mina, and Fire Chief Roderick Williams. Along with the Award we also delivered the "Amy Litter Medal of Excellence", in an effort to thank him for his dedication in transforming the Orlando Community in

"A place where Diversity and Inclusion are an everyday reality". The Amy Litter Medal of Excellence was created to recognize the highest level of Professionals and leaders in the Florida Community. Amy Litter has served the Brazilian Community over 45 years, she is an outstanding citizen and has volunteered to several organizations. Present were, Amy Ltter, James Clark, Laiz A. Rodrigues, Vitor Lozetti, Thiago Bruno Marianni, e Marcos Pereira  all members at the Council

The Brazil America Council Attends to Florida Governor Rick Scott Invitation For an Organization so young, it is an amazing gift to be recognized and invited for a Governor's event. The first one at the Governor's Latin Summit in Miami, and this time around for a Reception with Governor Scott and Foreign Leaders at his Mansion in Tallahassee-FL. It has been an honor and a privilege to take part in another event with so many great people.

The Beautiful Mansion, beautifully decorated was the background for a meeting with community leaders and many of them from Central Florida. Orlando was well represented by The Mexican Consulate-the Consul Titular/Consul of Mexico Juan J Sabines Guerrero, and Pedro Rodrigues Trujillo-Coordinador del Centro de Defensoria, Scandinavian Trade Association President-Tom Mortenson and his sister (Tampa), The Brazil America Council Executive Director-Laiz A. Rodrigues, and Vice President- Nelson Ramos Jr. The African American Chamber of Commerce President-John F. Davis,

British American Chamber of Commerce President-Nick Grounds and his wife, French American Business Council of Orlando Headed by Honorary Consul of France, Brigitte Dagot, and her husband Jeff Jensen, and Elcy Hernandez - Consular Services  Organization in Central Florida. It was a great evening hosted by Governor Rick Scott and the First Lady of Florida Ann Scott. We thank them for the warm reception, wishing them the best in 2018.

The Gaúcho Cultural Center "General Bento Gonçalves", based in Los Angeles, California, United States of North America, is a non-profit social entity and is affiliated with the Gaucho Traditional Movement, based in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It was the first entity outside Brazil to join the (M.T.G.) Gaucho Traditionist Movement, having as its godfather the "35" C.T.G. 35 Centro de Tradições Gaúchas with headquarters in Porto Alegre. Most families are immigrants from the State of Rio Grande do Sul, from other states in Brazil and other countries such as the United States and Peru. In any place that the patronage and the associates of this entity gather, at such as public parks, in the houses of members or in sheds, the flag are always hoisted, the host country flag, the flag of Brazil, the flag of Rio Grande do Sul, where the Gaucho Traditional Movement emerged, and the flag of the Gaúcho Cultural Center "General Bento Gonçalves", symbols that identify this entity. These meetings will always be governed by local state and local federal laws. The Centro Cultural Gaúcho "General Bento Gonçalves", does not have its own headquarters, the headquarters of the "Rancho Desgarrado do Pago", which is the boss's house. Jatir Cosme Delazeri.

ONCE A GAUCHO ALWAYS A GAUCHO Heritage and Culture are a very important part of our History and life. Knowing who we are, where we come from, our traditions, builds our character, they are all a valuable asset that define us as individuals, an identifier which makes us unique. among many others, a part of something bigger, a sense of honor and pride. When we live abroad, we tend go on a dormant mood, paying more attention to new aspects, new challenges, and not knowing how important our heritage is for us to continue our journey and stand tall with the strength it gives us, helping us to succeed.

many business owners from the South of Brazil There were lots of typical food, Churrasco, presentations, music and dance. The arrival of the Creole Flame was the highlight attraction, ithe flame departed from Brazil, brought from Francisco Beltrão (PR). The candle holder was put out before embarking in Brazil, and when it reached American soil, in Orlando, along with the Flags of Rio Grande do Sul, USA Flag, Brazilian Flag and Vandenir de Souza, president of the federation in California a gaucho from Santo Antônio da Patrulha, was overwhelmed with the response Being Brazilian is not on the Politics, is the event received. not on the money, it lies on the beautiful land, the people, the History, the flag, The cultural and musical attractions of the colonization, the people's happiness the event came straight from Rio Grande and unbelievable force and character. do Sul: singer Joca Martins, four nominaThe Music, the Art and Literature, the tions in the vote of the best of the year of magic of the blue ocean and our eternal the music of Rio Grande do Sul, Jair Kobe, flame. the Guri de Uruguaiana and the group Arte Nativa (traditional dances). HistoriThis month, the North American Federa- ans Rogério Bastos and Liliane Paippen, tion of Gaucho Traditionalism, organized Chimarrão School President-Venâncio a celebration of Tradition and Honored Aires also came from Brazil to celebrate everything that means to be a Gaucho. this Historical moment After all Once a Gaucho, Always a Gaucho! The event was in Orlando and it was Knowing the affection the gaucho has a success, with many Brazilians coming for Rio Grande do Sul and the things of from everywhere in the Country, to cele- tradition, they had a chance to see all of brate it for three entire days. it during the three days, the participants had a sample, in American soil, of what The event attracted about 1500 people our traditions are: in its duration. The support came from Article By thehotspotorlando Photos by Gerson Issa TV CNB

On the Picture, from the Left Vandenir de Souza-CTG Patron, Arte NATIVA Traditional Dancers and Alemao da Cafornia


Gaucho traditionalism is a civic-cultural movement that values and preserves the gaucho traditions of Rio Grande do Sul. Traditional Gaucho tradition, or Rio Grande do Sul movement, derives from the term traditionalism - a philosophical system that places tradition as a criterion and rule of decision, it was created by João Cezimbra Jacques who dreamed of a movement that united and congregate the Gaucho family around common ideals. Cezimbra Jacques, thinking about it, founded the Grêmio Gaúcho in Porto Alegre, May 22, 1898. In Central Florida a new CTG is scheduled for opening soon, with the support of local Community


Photos By TV CNB

The Brazil America Summit was organized by the Brazil America Council with the Support of our Board of Directors and Sponsors. Our desire to present the community with good information enhancing their chances to succeed, takes great part in difining who we are. Our contribution is much more than just networking. We thank all that helped and supported ud in this great event


It is an Honor to present such prestigious Office The EB-5 For Florida Regional Center was one of our major supporters during the Summit and we are proud to have them with us.

Rafael De Araujo, COO For The EB-5 For Florida Regional Center

Rafael De Araujo is the COO of EB5 for Florida Regional Center LLC and has been the principal attorney of the Law Office of Rafael De Araujo PA since its founding in 2010. Fluent in Portuguese and a dual citizen of the United States and Brazil and, Mr. De Araujo’s practice caters to a primarily international client base and specializes in the areas of Real Estate and Commercial Transactions, Corporate Law, and Investor Immigration. Prior to practicing law, Mr. De Araujo was trained in business development by Fortune 500 companies like Stryker Instruments and BellSouth, where he distinguished himself with sales achievement awards and an aptitude for leadership. At BellSouth he was selected by management to represent his department as a member of the Executive Council to foster inter-departmental synergy and selected by his peers to represent them as their Union Steward. Mr. De Araujo is a graduate of Florida International University School of Law (2009) where he participated in the Immigration and Human Rights Clinic, and earned his BA degree in Political Science with a minor in Business Law from the University of Miami (1997). Mr. De Araujo is a member of the Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Real Property, Probate & Trust and International Law sections of the Florida Bar.

Roger Bernstein the CEO of EB-5 for Florida Regional Center. He is also a partner in the Miami office of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP and a member of the firm’s Immigration and EB-5 Practice Groups. He is a Florida Board Certified immigration attorney with 20 years of practice devoted exclusively to immigration law and is a recognized expert in EB-5 Investor related issues. He focuses his practice on advising high net worth individuals, developers and regional centers in navigating the complexity of the EB-5 program. Mr. Bernstein spent six years with the U.S. Department of Justice serving as an INS trial attorney, sector counsel to the INS’ Inspections and Investigations Divisions and INS Asylum Officer. Prior to joining the firm, he co-founded Bernstein Osberg-Braun, LLC in 1998 and has since focused his practice on assisting immigrant investors, acquiring employment based visas and complex immigration litigation. Mr. Bernstein has represented and counseled foreign governments, Fortune 500 companies and large-privately heldcompanies. He has also successfully acquired non-immigrant visas and residency for hundreds of individuals who desired to live and work in the United States.A Graduate of Brown University and the University of Miami School of Law, Roger Bernstein serves as Chair on the Miami–Dade County Enterprise Zone Advisory Council. He previously has served as Chair of the Florida Bar Immigration Certification Committee, the Board of the American Jewish Committee, the Great Florida Bank Advisory Board. He is admitted to practice law in Florida, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States. He speaks conversationally in Spanish and Japanese.

Click HERE for their Power Point Presentation Click HERE For the Website and all Information

liberative and Management Board, with Offices that are in charge of the best management practices for maintaining the business. It has a compliance program in relation to norms and regulations, with internal procedures to ensure that rules of good business practices and corporate governance, in particular anti-corruption practices, guide the conduct of its partners and employees in general.


Founded in 1969, the Brasil Salomão and Matthes office has built, over almost five decades, a history of solidity, credibility and excellence in service delivery. Excellence in service, organizational sustainability, the continuous improvement and harmony in its relationships are the values inherent to the Office’s performance. It is recognized for presenting solutions in several areas of Law (full service), having experience and technical capacity in each of these areas. It acts both in an advisory manner, as well as in the sphere of judicial and administrative litigation. To ensure sustainability with sustainability, and to provide customers with certainty of continuity, the Office has implemented good corporate governance practices with a De-


The offices of Brasil Salomão Matthes operates in several areas, such as Taxes, Business, Corporate, civil, labor, Administrative, among others, but Tax Law is its main spe-

Marcelo Salomão is a prominent reference among Legal professionals in Brazil and often selected for oral submissions and participation in events and congress. Marcelo is also a lecturer with several books and articles published. With eight offices in Brazil: São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Campinas, Franca, Goiânia, Belo Horizonte, Três Lagoa (MS) and Rondonópolis (MT), the practice completes this year 49 years. According to ANALYSIS Magazine 500 of 2017, the firm is the 2nd. National office in the Country and in the State of São Paulo, the most referred office in the areas of tax law, in the civil construction and engineering sector.

LUIZ HENRIQUE PERLINGEIRO WESTCHESTER INTERNATIONAL LUIZ HENRIQUE PERLINGEIRO WESTCHESTER INTERNATIONAL Graduated in Accounting Sciences at Moraes Junior University. He was Vice-president of Citibank of Corporate Bank in Brazil and Director of Unibanco.He has served as senior international consultant for Westchester Financial Group - USA for more than 15 years. SEMINARS: Corporate Finance - FGV; Financial Management - FGV; Derivatives-FGV; Trade Finance - Citibank and Advanced Credit - Citibank Area of Professional Performance: Executive with more than 30 years of experience in the domestic financial market specialized in the protection of assets and succession planning & international tax authorities, in addition to evolving fiduciary structuring through Trusts and Private Foundations, selecting jurisdictions with favorable rates and taxes. POWERPOINT PRESENTATION


Paintings by Artist Juan Valdez

&SOIL CONSERVATION SUPERVISOR DAISY MORALES RTEDProfessor BY THE BRAZILIAN AMERICAN BC Vitello Brustolin Professor at Institute of Strategic Studies and International Relations of the Fluminense Federal University (INEST-UFF). Fellow and Researcher at Harvard Law School and Harvard Department of the History of Science. Website: Click Here for Biography BARBOSA LEGAL We thank Barbosa Legal for their Participation in our Summit 2018, We support All professionals who give our community a good name and reputation. We thanks them for their outstanding Services. Barbosa Legal is a boutique international law firm offering highly personalized legal services to individuals and entities. Our attorneys assist clients in a wide range of legal matters, including tax planning, probate, business transactions, real estate, cross-border transactions, lenders’ rights, secured loan transactions, tax compliance and controversies, and landlord/tenant disputes. Our global experience and a multi-lingual staff consistently brings successful results for our clients. Bruna Barbosa is an associate attorney at Barbosa Legal, a boutique law firm in Miami Beach, Florida. Bruna focuses her practice on Paintings By Julio Sanchez - JUKSAN

tax consulting for international individuals and businesses seeking to invest in the United States. Her experience includes advising clients on real estate investments, start-ups and business expansion, pre-immigration tax planning, estate planning, and trusts. Bruna is originally from Brazil and she earned her J.D. and Masters in Taxation degrees from the University of Miami. For more information, please visit

We are proud of what we accomplished and we are confident that we have opened a door to engagement and new followers. The best experience is not just the lessons we learn but also the ones we share, allowing others to also learn from them. In the second part of our event we had the Honorable Rick Singh our Orange County Property Appraiser with an Excellent overview of the influence of Brazilian investment in Orange County, among other important topics. The event continues with AVROS US giving an excellent presentation by Louana Oliveira, in all the aspects of moving your company to the US. Real Estate Investment by Legacy Plus Realty and Florida Star Vacation Homes. The afternoon ended in a high note, with a local Government Panel with Orange County Business and Tourism Development, CFITO, MCO-OrlandoInternational Airport, city of Orlando Business Department and City if Orlando Multi Cultural Department. Plenty of information to the ones present and avid to know more. It was an honor and a pleasure to have everyone at Nascar I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing conference rooms.

BRAZIL AMERICA SUMMIT 2018 • Elizabeth Krekel CFITO To Our Mediator Attorney Alfredo Scaff and participating attorneys our sincere thanks • Attorney Marcelo Salomão-Brazil Salomão & Matthes Advocacia • Attorney Rafael Araujo EB5 Regional Center • Attorney Roger Berenstein EB5 Regional Center • Attorney Bruna Barbosa-Barbosa Legal

• Carol M Palacio Orange County Business Tourism and Economic Development. • Darren L'Appanna-Orlando International Airport community affairs.

Our Thanks to:

• Pablo Rosemberg and Alejandro Pezinni, CEO and COO at I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing. • Nelson Ramos - BoiBrazil Churrascaria

• Attorney Craig Minegar WHWW - Winderweedle Haines Ward & Woodman Winter Park

• René Duvecot President AVROS US

• International Financial Advisor - Luiz Henrique Perlingeiro. Westchester International

• Vitor Lozetti-WALO DTP our founder Trustees

• Corporate Consultant Louana Oliveira-AVROS US

Local Government • Kim King Maysonet- Business Development for the City of Orlando • Luis Martinez Multicultural Director for Mayor Dyer

• Paulo Lofreda ZIGNET

• Sonny Buononcelli-World Center • Ana G Mendez University Attorney Liliana Torres

• Attorney Julio Barbosa- Barbosa Law • Everyone who attended and supported us in this project

Bringing your Company to the USA Presentation By Louana Oliveira for AVROS US POWERPOINT PRESENTATION

This is by far one of the most commonly used topics for seminars, conferences, webinars, and still attracts a lot of people. Because? I thought. How to do business is not the same as how to be successful in business, although people can sometimes interpret it as such. People are looking for a good business, entrepreneurs are always behind the next big opportunity, easy money, everyone is looking for a great opportunity and, most of the time, this opportunity is right in front of them and as they are not looking or paying attention, they lose them.

business is different and has its own challenges, there is not a single recipe that will suit every business. In the USA we are a country of niches, segments and some very profitable; if you can think of something you need, chances are you will find one or two suppliers.

In my career as a consultant, I saw some very innovative ideas for the time, and some were very successful, but not without difficulties. I remember when Amazon began its trajectory, we lived and learned with Jeff Bezos. Every decision he made, we followed the highs and lows of the company, but he was persistent, adapting and changing, investing and today his dream of being a shop everything, is a reality. There is a book "The Everything Shop: Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Age" by Brad Stone, which will give you an account of his trajectory, fantastic and daring business model.

Having a hired business consultant can be very profitable for the business, and so a few business owners do it nowadays. There is so much information out there that people do not have time to discern or digest.

The point I am commenting on is that every

One role of the business consultant is to help his client - as an outsider - to think his business model and be the ombudsman for this business, to keep him current, making suggestions, helping the business owner to stay focused. Usually business owners are busy with the operational part and sales, forgetting to look at the big picture, or do not have time to analyze the processes used in their business.

Louana Oliveira

So, back to our topic, to do business in the be the best plan due to the physical plan of US, here are a few simple steps. the cities. Have a plan, get an idea and be ready to change it, adapt it, for you to succeed. Your idea needs to be validated by search, know your competition, know how they work and compare your company with them objectively. Easier said than done, this is the most difficult action for a business person to take because of their emotional involvement, so you pay for an outside counseling and most of the time the adjustments to be made are very few and small; other times you will find out that the initial plan was out, but it is best to find out in time before you run out of funds. Bezos has made a number of adjustments and still does in his business, and the latest film production has earned them another award, an Oscar for Manchester by the sea, an Amazon production. I remember helping a Brazilian cosmetics company to enter the North American market. Their Original plan was to have franchise stores, which in Brazil worked very well, but in the US, has been proven not to be the best way. In Brazil the plan of the cities is arranged differently, they have paved, people walk the streets, they look at the windows on their way to work, and it is a custom of having a shop in the street. If you examine the US market, it may be best to have a strip mall shop or even a shop at the Mall, due to cultural habits. If you wish to have your street store in Manhathan, New York will have several options and will pay the rent, but in other regions, this may not

With international business, in addition to the market sectors, it is necessary to take into account the culture of the country, especially when its product is sold to the public. Who is your audience? Does your audience know that you exist? Is your product the taste of your audience? Did your public show intention to purchase your product? Americans are a very diverse group, and a very large group encompassing about 330 million people, most of them economically active, but with enormous ethnic diversity. A fantastic market to enter, but very easy to burn. To know how to do business in the USA, whether you are a local or international business, look for a business consulting service with market experience to help you, to bring a different perspective to your planning and operations, you will be glad to have done so. Write to


A Name That St

With more than 10 years of ex investors to buy and sell their passion as it is a business. Tha Real Estate Services. http://www.legacyplusrealty.c MIAMI • BOCA • ORLANDO

tands For High Quality Service

xperience, Legacy Plus Realty has been helping Americans and International homes and supporting communities. To us, Real Estate is as much a at’s why we have continually led the industry in offering high quality





This year the Festival of the Arts at Epcot Center, reunited several artists and organizations like the Crealde School of Arts presenting their Young Artist Program. The Festival highlighted Food, Art and Enertainment. Curated Exhibits, seminars and workshops, Food created to amaze the palate and the eye, along with concerts.


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