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people change, the money changed but the corruption that infested the police in the 60's, grew and contaminated the government, and look at this monster now!

Looking into Brazilian History, the people are friendly, welcoming, but they have a limit, and they are showing it. They have a history of internal n 1968 I watched thousands of FGV battles, like Canudos, Farrapos War, The (Fundacao Getulio Vargas) students in Inconfidence in Minas Gerais, the Student Rio protest against a Dictatorial government of exclusion, military violence and murder. I grew up in a Brazil that was divided between that reality and the out of control spiral changes in the system. When I started College, in 1978, I witnessed, fear, and more defying as a it could become, people screamed everywhere that the people united would never be defeated.


They were right! The defeat came years later with the dollar price rising everyday, with the inexplicable death of the first elected President, and the poor so poor that was almost impossible to exist. Then I left, disappointed, powerless, sad. I could never forgive my own Country. I could never understand why, it was just about beaches, Carnaval and beautiful women. A great country condemned by fear and ignorance Going back in History, times change,

changed to give the people a false sense of security, and freedom. I remember in 1978 with still many political problems and the dictatorial ghosts still haunting the country, the government took measures to “change” the political scene, just to pacify and take care of the economical problems that were already escalating. For many years, the people endured, they suffered, hunger, illiteracy, droughts in the North East, disease, but we Brazilians are hopeful, our middle name is hope, because this was about the only thing anyone could do. From the people’s awakening in 68, to 1984 was a jump, and again the people were asking for Direct Vote. The people didn’t want a government named by the military anymore, it was time, and there was no way out of it, President Tancredo Neves, a man the people voted with the heart and passion but died mysteriously even before he took oath.

The corruption in the Brazilian Government has established itself rebellion in 68, they are all examples of the since then, and never ended, as usual, the people’s limits put at test by oppressing people with money always find a way, but powers. the poor, does the only thing they can, work more or turn to crime. Brazil has way too Gradually everything changed but it many Social, educational, medical and po-

litical problems. To be the as they claim the 6th country in the World Economy, none of this deficiencies are justified. The only justification to all this is the blind corruption, the scandalous problems that are now escalating to more violence, because the people one more time has endured too much, and as in a Democratic government, they are the only ones that can change how things are. I am not in favor of crazy manifestations, leads to chaos, leads to death, and unnecessary violence. Living in Brazil, in major political cities, amidst all the craziness that is happening right now is a great risk. Death, violence, injustice, protests all the above and more! President Dilma was herself a victim of the government policies, which persecuted her and many others during the Dictatory period. For many years families tried to get justice, for the thousands of victims, the martyrs of a time we all wanted to forget, and we see it happening all over again.

Brazilians are attached to their land, political machine that is trustworthy. No proud, many poor but not beggars, there more people at crack land, dying waiting is no respect for the land, the Indians, the for medical assistance because they don’t forests, the people’s patrimony and legacy.


Today corruption is a problem that many protest against, but nobody seems to have power enough to fix it. Government more than ever certifies poverty with different grants, there is no social justice, and kids still die on the streets. Not mentioning, and the scandalous lack of safety. Today my question is, where is this going to take the people? How is Brazil going to digest this very important transitional moment in History? I would like to be able to feel in my heart, that the Giant will rise to a great future and its people will always be proud. I want a Brazil, that is free, without, drugs, poverty, a fair justice system, a

have enough medical professionals. I want the kids to have parents, that will never allow them to sleep in the streets, and I want peace of mind to all, so we can all get the life we deserve. Have a great Month,

Laiz Rodrigues

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Amy Litter

A Clear Path

A Clear Path Uncertainty is, most times, routes, in search of the same And the hopes you had to And the lesson may point

LEARNING WITH MYSELF our closest companion. The – INTERNAL WISDOM roads to be travelled in life are almost always unknown, If you are like me and think uncertain or unexpected. that to live is to finally figure out what life is all about, finding out the why of all things and mostly to understand the main reason of your own existence … If you strive to uncover what is going on around you, understanding not only about facts and reasons of your life but mainly, trying to understand what is touching and changing the lives of everyone that either enter you life or is just a passer by … If, in a given moment, you begin to realize what’s the reason for everything that happens and it’s called life … and you try to make sense of what you’re going through … If you understand that to find a meaningful sense in the experience called life is the main reason to exist, please join my peers, because you are part of an enormous group that live in conditions similar to yours.

We are always facing surprises, some better than others, every one of them promising a big challenge. Although our personal experiences are totally unique, the habitual cycle of events in human life goes the same way. As the time comes for us to feel weak, without answers, we go in search of the much needed support, thinking that somehow, somewhere there will be the help we need to see clearly. We trust the challenge that we face will be explained to us. We believe the possible solutions will surface as soon as we make small changes in our route, success will embrace us and our dreams will come true. It does work like that … Despite all the confluence in our ways, even being alike, following similar

results, human reactions are peculiar to each being. We are similar yet different, and so is the more adequate solution for each one of us.

find a perfect solution for your needs will not be satisfied when you failed to receive what you were looking for.

Each one of us, the people searching for results similar to ours, is a different being. Each being feels, interprets, and reacts in a different way, when faced with a reality similar to ours. Our paths as human beings are closely related to each individual, to its knowledge, perceptions, interests, expectations … which may differ from ours.

That ill solution may be a further disappointment and your expectations will remain unfulfilled. Because the source next to you is not always the best advisor, you might end up in a place worse than you were before.

You may find help in someone else’s wisdom and this help may not be the best one for you.

you in another direction.

The new direction may be a search within, where you have well guarded your best solutions. The most precious answers to your questions reside within your wisdom, guarded by your Wise-Self and this is the place where you will find the answers to your life, which will never disappoint you.

Um Claro Caminho delas sempre sugerindo APRENDENDO COMIGO um grande desafio. Embora SABEDORIA INTERIOR nossas experiências sejam na maioria das vezes basSe você, como eu, acha que tante pessoais, esse é o civiver, é passar a entender clo de eventos comum na o que é a vida, descobrir o vida diária. porquê de todas as coisas e, principalmente, entender Quando começamos a nos qual a razão de sua própria sentir enfraquecidos, sem existência... Se você se empenha em descobrir os porquês do que se passa a sua volta, entender não só o que acontece com você mas, principalmente, entender o que se passa com todos aqueles que entram ou passam por sua vida. Se num determinado momento você perceber a razão de tudo isso que se chama vida, e procurar fazer sentido daquilo por que passamos ... Se conseguir perceber que encontrar um sentido sólido na experiência chamada vida é sua principal razão de existir, juntese a nós, pois você é parte de uma enorme multidão que vive em condições muito semelhantes à sua. Sendo a incerteza a companheira mais próxima em nosso dia a dia, os caminhos a serem trilhados na vida são com frequência desconhecidos, incertos ou, no mínimo, inesperados. Estamos sempre enfrentando surpresas, algumas agradáveis e outras desagradáveis, cada uma

ção com mais clareza. Esperamos poder entender o significado do desafio a nossa frente e descobrir prováveis soluções para, corrigindo nossa rota, conseguir o sonhado sucesso. Entretanto, apesar de toda a confluência em nossos caminhos, apesar de ser-

liares a cada ser. Embora parecidos entre nós, nossos caminhos são diferentes, bem como as soluções obtidas.

são relacionados intimamente com cada indivíduo, seu conhecimento, percepções, interesses, objetivos e expectativas ... que são na maioria das vezes difeCada uma dessas pessoas rentes dos nossos. que estão, como nós, em busca de um melhor resul- Procurar ajuda externa tado para suas vidas, é um talvez não seja a melhor solução. Talvez sua esperança de encontrar a solução perfeita para sua necessidade, não possa ser satisfeita dessa forma e coloque voce em um lugar pior do que voce estava antes. Essa lição pode lhe mostrar um outro caminho. A nova direção pode ser uma procura interior, onde estão guardadas suas melhores soluções. As respostas mais preciosas a suas dúvidas reside dentro de voce, sob a guarda de sua Sabedoria Interior e esse é precisamente o lugar on serão encontradas as respostas de sua vida que nunca lhe trarão desapontamentos. Written By Amy Litter alitter@cfl.rr.com

respostas, nossos sentidos começam a procurar alguma forma de suporte, e saímos em busca de apoio. Pensamos que, em algum lugar podemos encontrar ajuda para vermos a situa-

mos semelhantes, seguindo rotas parecidas, todos componentes dessa imensa multidão, que segue, de sua própria maneira, em busca do mesmo resultado, as reações humanas são pecu-

ser humano diferente de nós, que sente, interpreta e reage de maneira inteiramente diferente da sua, quando diante de uma realidade similar. Nossos caminhos como seres humanos

First Baptist Orlando Faith is a force, is that feeling supposed to change anything that allows you to be close to to be accepted by Jesus. God, makes you happy, alive and open for life. Faith moves John 15:12-15 “This mountains, people and whatever is necessary to accomis my commandment, plish our mission through the that you love one anothLord’s word, and when people er as I have loved you. of Faith get together, nothing Greater love has no one else can happen but happithan this, that someone ness, friendship and faithful interaction. lay down his life for his


friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you. No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I This time around, The Brazil- have heard from my Faian Ministry, joined two com- ther I have made known munities in Faith, Brazilian to you. First Baptist Orlando is a pilar in our Community, it houses the Brazilian Ministry, and does a wonderful communitary work, in many languages. Reaching out to all people, nationalities and all with one purpose spread goodness through the word of God.

and Hispanic, 25 hosts, that invited 8 friends and each one decorated their own table, making a magnificent display, of beauty, dedication, and friendship. Pastor Nacif, made a beautiful prelection about, accepting Jesus, and friendship. An analogy that showed that to be a friend you need acceptance, the will to overlook faults, just like you are not

Life is always full of surprises, placed in our way at the right moment, and this was a great one. I am thankful for one more opportunity to be close to many dear friends, and the opportunity to revive my Faith.

Laiz Rodrigues

Recebendo Amigas -Ministerio Brasileiro

The Winning Decoration

The Creators were

Deise Rodrigues -Masquerade Simone Bellomo Gal Carvalho-Jardim Milene Oliveira-Daniela Esteves - Jardim de Respostas de Orações Eleisa-Empress Sissi-Luciana Barranco Heloisa Piccinelli - Sand of the Sea Liz Oliveira Coisas de Vovó Izabel Munguba - Paris Patricia/Lucinha/Sophia/Ledna Blue Table Ivanete Pink Safari Ana Claudia Georgia Orquidea Rústica Maria Regina- Regina's Decoration Fernanda Endler Colheita Simone Silva Renata Harris Footprints Priscila Antunes Neire Ruth Luz - Jesus é a Luz do Mundo Cacilda - Rosa Munguba Bezerra-Sou Eu Quem Te Envio Inês Mendonça, Priscila Mendonça “Uma Tarde em Paris” Evelyn Baltodano Evelyn's Tea Rose Fanny Mejía A Touch of Gold Esmeralda Solano Su Gracia Ana Santos Flores Del Jardín Winda Cabral Sweet Lemons Olga LeGrand Gloria Pichardo Rosas Delicadas Sofia Hickle Primavera Ada Cruz & Danhny Urquia Las Frutas de Amistad Noemi Vazquez Spring Flowers

• For more pictures please visit http://thehotspotorlando.com/2013/05/19/cha-das-amigas-ministerio-brasileiro-first-baptist-orlando/

Sold into Matrimony at 13, Over 150 Afghan women work with Afghan Girl Writes of AWWP, some of whom conceal laptops unForgiveness and Laughter der burqas or walk hours through Taliban territory to upload their submissions on Fetzer Institute in Partnership with the contemporary politics to forced marriage Afghan Women’s Writing Project or musings on the nature of love and forgiveness. Polished poems and essays are Thirteen-year old Massoma remembers then published in an online magazine the day in Afghanistan that her “head at awwproject.org where readers from exploded, full of their talking, talking. around the world gain unique insights They talked and talked and sold me. into Afghan culture and share their reacThey laughed, happy.” She describes the tions to the writers’ works, nurturing a confusion and pain in short, terse, sen- global dialogue. As of early 2013, close tences, wondering that she “was not a to 800 of the writers’ works have been good bride. I was not a perfect woman, published online, with nearly 90,000 visibecause I was thirteen. My head explod- tors from 187 countries having “heard” ed.” Beatings and disappointments give the Afghan women’s voices through their way to childbirth and yet, “Filled with written words at awwproject.org. pain, I was a mother, but had nothing.” The out of control spiral calms when she In support of the workshops, AWWP also finds forgiveness and her world changes. provides laptops and internet service “I have forgiven ... My baby laughs and I for writers, quarterly reading salons and laugh. Life laughs, and I am happy.” training workshops in five Afghan cities along with safe transportation to all Published expressions of intense experi- women to and from the events, training ences like Massoma’s are rare from Af- of AWWP writers are to transcribe the ghanistan, but through the work of the oral stories of non-literate and disabled Afghan Women’s Writing Project, she is Afghan women, and printing of the first able to receive online mentoring for her anthology of writings from AWWP writers, writing, publication on AWWP’s blog, and The Sky is a Nest of Swallows. In addithe opportunity to share her voice and tion, AWWP opened a women-only interfind confirmation and strength from read- net and writing cafe in Kabul at the end ers around the world. Massoma wrote this of 2012 and in 2013 began broadcasting piece as part of a special AWWP workshop the writers’ work in a monthly radio prothis year, sponsored by the Fetzer Insti- gram airing in Afghanistan. tute’s Campaign for Love and Forgiveness. The AWWP was founded in 2009 by awardwinning journalist Masha Hamilton in deThe collaboration was formed to give the fense of the human right to voice one’s Afghan writers an opportunity to explore story. In 2010, the AWWP was honored sources of strength and support in their by the New York State Division of Human lives through a structured workshop. The Rights. AWWP is supported in part by a controlled setting allowed the women grant from the Fetzer Institute, and has to receive not only the instruction on been hailed by Nicholas Kristof’s Half the strengthening their writing and English Sky social media as making strides to skill but also a safe venue in which they empower the women of Afghanistan. could safely find camaraderie and support from their mentors and the other writers. Read more about the Love & Forgiveness The cross-cultural experience, as with all campaign at www.loveandforgive.org. AWWP workshops, reveals over and over To read more works by Afghan women, the themes that are not bound by geo- please visit www.awwproject.org, graphic borders. www.facebook.com/awwproject, @awwproject, or send an email to “I am from Afghanistan,” writes Friba, contact@awwproject.org. “you are from the USA, and we are from all countries. We must be the messengers SOURCE Fetzer Institute of love and forgiveness around the world.”

Vendida em matrimônio aos de leitores ao redor do mundo. ensaios são então publicado em AWWP, “O ceu é um ninho de mídias sociais pelo progresso em capacitar as mulheres do 13 anos,Garota Afegã es- Massoma escreveu esta peça uma revista on-line awwproject. andorinhas”. Afeganistão. creve sobre Perdão e o Riso como parte de uma oficina espe- org onde os leitores de todo o cial da AWWP desse ano, patro- mundo obtem informações únicinada pela Campanha do Insti- cas sobre a cultura afegã e parO Fetzer Institute, em partuto Fetzer de Amor e Perdão. tilham as suas reações às obras ceria com o Projeto Escrever dos escritores, alimentando um das mulheres Afegãs A colaboração foi formada para diálogo global. No início de 2013, dar os escritores afegãos a opor- perto de 800 obras dos escritores Massoma de treze anos se lem- tunidade de explorar fontes foram publicados on-line, com bra do Afeganistão, do dia em de força e apoio em suas vidas cerca de 90 mil visitantes de 187 que sua"cabeça explodiu” cheia através de uma oficina estrutu países terem "ouvido" vozes das de pensamentos, falando, falan- rada. O ambiente controlado mulheres afegãs através de suas do. Falaram e falaram e me ven permitiu as mulheres a receber- palavras escritas no site deram. Eles riram, felizes. "Ela em não só a instrução e o reforço www.awwproject.org. descreve a confusão e dor em da habilidade de escrever em Incurtas, concisas, frases, imagi- glês, mas também um local segu- Com o apoio das oficinas, a nando que ela" não era uma boa ro no qual elas poderiam encon- AWWP fornece laptops e seresposa. Eu não era uma mulher trar segurança, camaradagem viço de internet para as escriperfeita, porque eu tinha apenas e apoio de seus mentores e dos toras, assim como salões de leitreze anos. Minha cabeça explo- outros escritores. A experiência tura trimestrais, workshops e diu. "Espancamentos e decep- cross-cultural, como acontece oficinas de capacitação em cinco ções abriram caminho ao parto com todas as oficinas AWWP, cidades afegãs, e, ainda," Cheia de dor, eu era revela mais e mais os temas que juntamente com Mãe, mas não tinha nada. "As não estão vinculados por fron- o transporte seespirais fora de controle calma- teiras geográficas. guro a todas as riasse escalaram ate’ que enconmulheres de e trou o perdão e seu mundo se Eu sou do Afeganistão", para os eventransformou. escreve Friba, "você é dos tos, assim como EUA, e nos somos de todos os treinamento de Eu perdoei ... Meu bebê países. Devemos ser os men- escritores para ri e eu dou risadas. A vida sageiros do amor e do perdão transcrever as histórias orais ri, e eu estou feliz. " em todo o mundo. " que as mulheres afegãs não-alExpressões publicadas sobre Mais de 150 mulheres afegãs fabe experiências intensas, como as trabalham com a AWWP, algutizadas ou com de Massoma do Afeganistão, mas das quais escondem laptops deficiências possão raras, mas através do trasob burcas ou caminham duransam contar a sua balho desse projecto de escrita te horas pelo território Taliban historia e das mulheres afegãs, ela pode para enviar suas propostas soainda publicar receber tutoria on-line para a bre a política contemporânea ao a primeira Ansua escrita, publicação no blog casamento forçado ou reflexões tologia de textos do AWWP, e ainda a oportunisobre a natureza do amor e do de escritores dade de compartilhar a sua voz perdão. Poemas trabalhados e e encontrar confirmação e força



Além disso, AWWP abriu um Internet e redação Café em Cabul no final de 2012 só para mulheres e em 2013 começou a transmitir o trabalho dos escritores em um programa de veiculação mensal de rádio no Afeganistão.

O AWWP foi fundada em 2009 pelo jornalista premiado Masha Hamilton em defesa do direito humano de expressar a história de cada um. Em 2010, o AWWP foi homenageado pela Divisão do Estado de Nova Iorque dos Direitos Humanos. AWWP é apoiado em parte por uma doação do Instituto Fetzer, e foi admirado por Nicholas Kristof do Half the Sky

Leia mais sobre A Campanha do Amor e Perdão


Para ler mais obras escritas por mulheres afegãs, visite


www.facebook.com / awwproject, @ Awwproject, ou envie um e-mail para contact@awwproject.org. FONTE Fetzer Institute


Vera Fonseca e seu novo Livro

unho, este é um mês especial para mim, no dia 29 lançarei um novo livro, avançando mais um degrau nesta escalada literária, fiquei surpresa quando enviei os originais para a Giostri Editora de São Paulo e em apenas uma semana, recebi um e-mail do editor, Sr. Alex Giostri, foi uma agradável surpresa, com o coração acelerado fui degustando cada palavra lentamente, saboreando com imensa alegria, posto o texto aqui, quero dividir com vocês:

Cuidar de mim.

Fazer com que este voo tenha um alcance infinito, e do alto do meu céu eu consiga comungar com o dialeto uno, onde a gente se entenda sem precisar sequer emitir o som da voz...

Li sua obra. Na realidade, li e depois reli alguns trechos, pois é bem interessante. O tema maior é o amor, como você mesma diz. Há em seus versos, em seu texto, uma melancolia enraizada, uma espécie de lavação de roupa sua consigo mesma. Mas não em um olhar pessimista, ao contrário, há em sua melancolia a esperança, a luminosidade, a crença de que tudo que se faz e se apresenta com a dor se metamorfoseia em algo maior, melhor, mais doce. O fato de ser uma mulher vivida dá às suas palavras uma maior propriedade para lidar com as sentimentalidades, parabéns. Sua obra deve sim ser publicada e estar nas livrarias. Tenho interesse em unir você aos outros autores da editora.”, a partir deste e-mail, assinamos

Sonhar que se é águia pode até ser comum, correr até pegar o embalo e saltar do lugar mais alto, deixar o corpo planar é fácil, mas, e depois, onde estão as asas? Quero só desta passagem uma aventura assim, correr muito, encarar este infinito de possibilidades, olhar de frente, saber onde ancorar a minha enorme coragem...

Será a comunicação perfeita, uma nova criação, ou mera lembrança, de algum tempo onde havia muito mais luz, até o querer era muito diferente, um existir sem apego, e o sentir situe-se apenas no perceber que o ar entra e sai... Mantenedor de nosso corpo, ou o grande fantasma a aprisionar a nossa existência, como se a vida estivesse restrita ao respirar, e todos os seus outros complementos carnais, e a música apenas permanecesse para nos lembrar, antes de estarmos hoje aqui, já havíamos sido...

Durante este arriscado passeio poderíamos até ousar, vestir o sonho de um antigo lugar sem doença e desamor, nesta fantasia o paraíso, seria somente um lugar purificado, liberto da roupagem humana, sem nenhum dos pecados contrato, EQUACIONANDO SENTIMENTOS da cor,este grande espaço que nos lembraria, agora é um sonho realizado, após a noite de autóonde há amor, não há a dor... grafos estará disponível nas melhores livrarias do País, espero que os leitores aprovem. Vera Fonseca (Este poema faz parte do livro Inspiração)

Images takes on site at a recent brawl between the Brazilian Police and citizens in Sao Paulo protesting against the transportation prices

Olha a Paulista após a passagem da guerra. Olha a Paulista após a passagem da guerra. Me senti com o Bope invadindo a favela. Hó Jesus!!! Povo protesta aumento Tiro, porrada e bomba para o povo. de tarifa

na Avenida Paulista São Paulo Brasil Foi tenso !

Infelizmente essa foi a única maneira do povo se fazer ouvir. Acontece que a luta por centavos na passagem de ônibus fazem uma grande diferença no orçamento de quem ganha salário mínimo. O povo não tem dinheiro para comer Que pais é esse ??? como vai se educar?! Lamentável o nível a que chegou, fico muito triste com Segue a rima... a violência, mas se é assim que o povo se faz ouvir.

Olha a Paulista após a passagem da guerra.

Lixo e destruição pela Paulista.

Me senti com o Bope invadindo a favela. Hó Jesus!!!Tiro, porrada e bomba para o povo.

Esse negocio de tiro e violência não é comigo não.Corri quando começaram a soltar bomba.To com minha garganta e olhos zuados.

Texto e fotos Vanessa Tavares

Isso é Brasil Bebe!

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Elita Freitas Oi amigos queridos,

bonequinhas e brincávamos horas e horas com elas.

Mais um mês que chega e com ele as Festas Juninas!!!!

Então ate que enfim chegava a hora de colocarmos a nossa roupa novinha de caipirinha e todos íamos brincar e dançar quadrilha, não tinha ensaio, era tudo improvisado na hora, mas todos sabiam, pois todos os anos era a mesma coisa, que delicia! Hora da fogueira! Depois que o fogo se apagava e só ficavam as brasas, íamos pular a fogueira e pulando segurando umas nas mãos das outras dizíamos “São João dormiu, São Pedro acordou! Vamos ser comadres que São João mandou!E éramos comadres para sempre….. por toda a vida!

Nossa eu adoro as festas de São João, como sempre lembrando das coisas que vivi na minha infância e adolescência. Festas Juninas tem a cara do Nordeste, onde vivi os melhores anos da minha vida! Antigamente, fazia mos fogueiras, e soltavamos balões, as noites frias de junho ficavam iluminadas por aquelas luzes que iam sumindo no céu, se misturando com as estrelas, e aqueles pequenos pontos de luz, iam recheados de sonhos e pedidos, para Santo Antonio, nos arranjar um namorado, alguém que nos amasse intensamente!!!! E cantávamos assim “ Eu pedi a São João, Eu pedi a São João…..que me desse um matrimonio!!!! São João disse que não…. São João disse que não….matrimonio, matrimonio, ahh isso e’ lá com Santo Antonio!

Como a vida simples e’ gostosa! Não tínhamos, computadores, IPad, IPhone, IPod, Tv, mas era delicioso….ainda hoje sinto saudade de tanta coisa boa que já passou em minha vida e as Festas Juninas foi uma delas. Hoje os tempos mudaram e a América, tem absorvido muito das diversas culturas que aqui chegam, e uma delas as Festas Juninas que acontecem em todas as Comunidades Brasileiras que com certeza bem diferentes das de antigamente, mas me da o prazer de levar minhas netas para conhecer um pouco mais das nossas tradições.

As comidas então, nossa! Milho de todas as maneiras possíveis e imagináveis, assado, cozido, canjica (em São Paulo, curau), pamonha, mungunzá, canjica em São Paulo e em alguns outros estados do Brasil, que confusão, mas o importante e’ que tudo era delicioso….lembro da minha mãe e amigas, descascando as espigas de milho enquanto outras iam ralando, outras espremiam, era uma verdadeira linha de montagem! Enquanto nos as crianças, ficávamos só observando e esperando ansiosas a hora de poder comer todas aquelas delicias…..as vezes algumas das espigas de milho eram tão novinhas e pequenas que elas nos davam e fingíamos que eram Um beijo e ate o próximo mês……Elita

Entre Amigas

Elita Freitas Hello Dear Friends, One more month and with it comes the Brazilian June Festivals!! I love the celebration of St. John, as always remembering things I experienced in my childhood and adolescence. Brazilian June Festivals are originally from the Northeast, where I spent the best years of my life! We had bonfires and threw balloons in the sky, the cold nights June were lit by those lights that were disappearing slowly, mingling with the stars, and those little points of light, were filled with dreams and requests, for Saint Antony, to get a boyfriend, someone who loves us intensely!! And so we sang "I asked John, I asked John ..... to gave me a marriage!! St. John said no .... St. John said no .... marriage, marriage, ahh this with Saint Anthony. The food WOW! Corn in every way imaginable, baked, boiled, canjica (in São Paulo, curau), tamale, mungunzá, canjica in São Paulo and in some other states of Brazil, the usual confusion, but the important is that everything was delicious .... I remember my mother and friends, stripping the leaves from the corn while others were grating, squeezing it, a real assembly line! While the children were anxious just watching and waiting for the time to be able to eat all those delights ..... sometimes some of the cobs were so small that they would give it to us and pretended they were dolls and we could play for hours with them.

So until it finally came time to put our brand new “caipira outfits” we went all going to play and square dance, no rehearsal, it was all improvised on the spot, but everyone knew, as every year was the same thing a delight! Once the fire was finished and only the embers remained, we would skip the bonfire and jumping holding each others hand we said "John slept, woke Peter! Let's be godmothers that St. John ordered!

And godmothers are forever ..... for life! How simple life was! We had no computers, IPad, IPhone, IPod, TV, but it was still delicious .... I miss it so much and the June Feasts are one of the things I miss the most. Today times have changed and America has absorbed a lot of different cultures who came here, and one of them June Festivals that take place in all Brazilian Communities they are surely quite dif-

ferent from those of yesteryear, but give me a great pleasure to take my granddaughters to know alittle more of our traditions.

A Big kiss and until next month ...... Elita


When is Brazil going to catch a break?

The last few years, all of the news has been discussing how b a d l y prepared Brazil was to handle the upcoming tournaments. Talking about how bad the crime in Brazil was and how rampant prostitution and other negative stories. The news also reviewed the tough transportation projects, corruption in the government, and how bad the Seleção were playing futebol over the last couple of years. The Estadio Nacional in Brasilia, Brazil opened yesterday for the first game of the 2013 Confederations Cup…Basically a warm-up tournament to the 2014 World cup also in Brazil. The Confederations Cup brings together the winners of various tournaments in each region. Mexico, Spain, Tahiti, Italy, Uruguay, Nigeria, Japan,

and Brazil. A clearly emotional moment for all of the players involved as tears were held back by legendary goalkeeper Julio Cesar and defender David Luiz. Brazilians filled the stadium and were bursting with pride and excitement…. young and old…as the first steps towards erasing the horrible memory of the Maracanã ( The 1950 World Cup defeat in Maracana) were taken as the REAL Brazilian squad showed to play. Immediately from the opening kickoff, the 21 year old phenomenon Neymar challenged the weak Japan defense. 3 minutes into the game he scored on a first-time strike GOLAÇO and had lifted the weight of the world off of himself, off of the coach, and off of Brazil. The high pressing, offensive minded Brazilian team ignored the doubters and played the game that is entrenched in their souls. “The five time world champions

returned to form and drilled Japan 3-0.

However, it was more than just a resounding victory on the opening day. The stadium in Brasilia looked fantastic. The crowd was behind the team and for all intents and purposes, Brazil had once again proven the doubters wrong. Yet, the stories keep coming. The lead up stories on ESPN discussed how a couple of riots occurred

prior to the contest. Who doesn’t have riots or strikes? South Africa had way worse conditions and it was not as widely as reported. All of the talk about how the Brazilian team were not ready and they destroyed Japan. But, immediately after the criticism still came about saying that Japan only had two days rest and Brazil was pressing up too far. David Luiz, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Marcelo….All pressing and running up to join the offense…as is the Brazilian style…was looked upon negatively. No one wanted to discuss how well Oscar played and interchanged with Fred with great decisions and passing. Let me start by saying I am an American who is known for my passion for working with Brazil as I do by bringing tour groups from Brazil, Argentina, and other countries to American stores like the Sports Authority. I have lived in Brazil before and I have been working with Brazilian businesses for over 17 years. In all of my years working with my friends from Brazil, I know a few things. When in Brazil, never schedule a meeting before 12:00PM or after 4:00PM. When in Brazil, loyalty, friendship, and a handshake or more important than a

contract.The point is simply this. Brazilians do things at their own pace. When the time is right, they will get it done and get it right. You don’t become the 5th largest economy in the world by not knowing how to do things. The same goes for the Selecao. They know what is at stake. Do you really think they care what anyone outside of Brazil is saying about the team? No. Why? Because they know the pressure to win the World cup in Brazil is more powerful. They know when to get serious and when to play for keeps…and on Saturday that team came to play. Every country has crime, poverty, and issues. But this is Brazil. It’s time for the news people to report on the beautiful game in the beautiful country. Futebol has

come home to the five time world champions. They should be worried about how their countries are going to handle the Selecao instead of criticizing. Brazilians will do enough of criticizing themselves. The Japan game is one game. Today in Maracanã Mexico and Italy played in another game for the tournament. Andrea Pirlo, one of the legendary players for Italy scored on a magnificent free kick. It also happened to be his 100th game. He said after the game, “ It was an honor to score and win in this cathedral of futebol.” Futebol is a religion in Brazil. The churches (Stadiums) are all being built and will be finished. Its time to enjoy them.

The True Taste of Great Brazilian Food you can only find at Santos Restaurant & Catering 7000 South Kirkman Road Orlando Florida 32819 Phone # (407) 351-3400 Buffet and A La Carte Catering also available at your request


Zico vai lançar Centro de Futebol perto de NY e divulga clínicas nos EUA

The mission of the Zico Soccer Academy is to provide excellence in pursuit of development, with the primary objective to prepare and make the new generations of soccer players capable of advancing and being successful at the State, Regional and National Level. The players will learn the “Zico Methodology” and the skills that became reference around the world as “Jogo Bonito” or “The Beautiful Game” The coaching methodology was developed by Zico throughout a career of almost 40 years as a player, coach and manager. Leader of the generation with more championships in the history of Flamengo; idol of Udinese in the very competitive Italian Championship; Sports Minister in Brazil; working behind the scenes and on the field to help professionalize the Japanese soccer, qualifying Japan National team to the World Cup; representing Brazil in 3 World Cups; winning Turkey’s National Championship and bringing Fernerbahçe to the Champions League quarter-finals. These are a just few examples that helped shape the “Zico Soccer Methodology”.

Zico e o Prefeito Mark Zico, Junior e Malavazzi Zico esteve recentemente no local onde será a Zico Soccer Academy e ficou entusiasmado Estão abertas as inscrições para a primeira com o projeto, realizado nos moldes do Centro edição do Zico Soccer Camp New York, que de Futebol Zico, no Recreio dos Bandeirantes. será ministrada por Zico entre os dias 5 e 9 de agosto, para meninos e meninas de 6 a 16 anos, - É um complexo esportivo maravilhoso, fechaem Randall’s Island, Nova Iorque. Quem quis- do devido ao clima frio durante a maior parte er aprender futebol perto do maior parque de do ano. São quatro campos de 60 por 35. Vadiversões do mundo, pode encontrar o Galin- mos alugar dois campos e a meta é trabalhar ho quatro dias depois, entre 13 e 15 do mesmo inicialmente com uns 100 alunos e aulas duas a mês, quando ele fará pelo terceiro ano seguido três vezes por semana- comentou Zico. a clínica em Orlando, na Disney. Ainda há vagas, mas as turmas são limitadas. (Saiba como Em recente passagem pelos Estados Unidos, The 2013-2014 program will start on the first week of se inscrever em http://www.zicosoccercamp. Zico, Junior e Malavazzi falaram sobre o proOctober/2013 and will concentrate on the following com) jeto com a imprensa local e com o prefeito age groups U11, U12, U13, U14 and a U10 developMark Boughton, que fez questão de encontrar O projeto de expansão da metodologia de ensimental program. o Galinho e agradecer por incentivar o futebol no de futebol de Zico para os Estados Unidos é na região. Danburry conta com cerca de 80 mil The Zico Soccer Academy is located at: Danbury dirigido por Arthur Junior, filho mais velho do habitantes em um território de 115 quilômetGalinho, e por Fabio Malavazzi. A realização ros quadrados. Sports Dome, em Randall’s Island pela primeira vez para 25 Shelter Rock Lane, Danbury, CT 06810 a clínica tem um significado especial, já que no mês de outubro será lançada Zico Soccer To Register: Academy em Danburry, Connecticut, a apenas http://www.zicosoccercamp.com/register uma hora de distância de Nova Iorque. Source: Zico Staff and Zico News

A Clínica Anual de Futebol do Zico no ESPN Wide World of Sports em Agosto de 2013. The Annual Zico Soccer Clinic at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Aug of 2013.

Individual player and teams will be trained by Zico and his coaching staff from Zico Soccer Academy, including former professional players and active soccer coaches, with extensive experience in elite soccer training. The participants will have the opportunity to improve their skills, their knowledge about Brazilian soccer and its way of playing and training. Also they will be prepared to face the challenges of future competitions. ” Any chance to have an impact on the young soccer player is a privilege. There is no other place in the world better than Walt Disney World® to attract the new generation of soccer players. The ESPN Wide World of Sports is a beautiful complex and the perfect place for the Zico Soccer Clinic, where the players will learn how to play the ‘Brazilian’ way. I’m very excited with this opportunity “. – Zico You can be part of the Zico Soccer Clinic by registering individually or as a team. The clinic will be for players age 6 through 18, as well as coaches. The clinic will be held at ESPN Wide World of Sports, part of Walt Disney World Resorts ® in Orlando, Florida. Before you register read the ruleson the site www.zicosoccercamp.com To register follow this link: http://www.zicosoccercamp.com/register

Jogadores individuais e equipes serão treinados por Zico e sua equipe de treinamento da Academia de Futebol Zico, incluindo ex-jogadores profissionais e treinadores de futebol em atividade, com vasta experiência em treinamento de Futebol de Elite. Os participantes terão a oportunidade de melhorar suas habilidades, o seu co nhecimento sobre o futebol brasileiro e sua maneira de jogar e treinar. Também estarão preparados para enfrentar os desafios de competições futuras.


Qualquer oportunidade de ter um impacto sobre um jovem jogador de futebol é um privilégio. Não há outro lugar no mundo melhor do que Walt Disney World ® para atrair a nova geração de jogadores de futebol. A ESPN Wide World of Sports é um belo complexo eo lugar perfeito para o futebol Zico Clinic, onde os jogadores vão aprender a jogar do jeito 'brasileiro'. Estou muito animado com esta oportunidade ". - Zico Você pode fazer parte da Clínica de futebol Zico, registrando individualmente ou em equipe. A clínica será para os jogadores 6 anos a 18, bem como treinadores. A clínica será realizado no ESPN Wide World of Sports, parte da Walt Disney World ® Resort, em Orlando, Florida. Antes de se inscrever leia o regulamento www.zicosoccercamp.com Para se inscrever, siga este link: http://www.zicosoccercamp.com/register

The Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce Members Directory 2013 A comprehensive list of all Members categorized into Small Business Corporate Members & Individual members The Directory is supported By The Chambers Trustees


Luiz Piquet & Alex Piquet

continuing its mission to provide the business Community, not only quality networking opportunities, but also valuable information, has just hosted its monthly breakfast at the Florida Hotel . The Guest speaker was Attorney Alexandre Piquet, that gave all guests and members the best possible information on Real Estate under the immigration Perspective.

The Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, The Chamber is proud to have a

comprehensive monthly schedule, and is gaining a strong follow up, in several sectors of the Orlando Community. After a year of extensive reform, and restructuring, it grew stronger and it is gaining more members and the power to reach out to incentive its members in more Business 2 Business activities. An example of that is the upcoming First Business Expo and Independence Day Celebration on September 7th 2013, at Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal.

Juliana Scolari, Luiz Piquet & Justine Assal


3120 S Kirkman Rd, Suite F Orlando, Florida 32811 Phone (407) 523-2200 www.facebook.com/pages/Pie-Fection

A melhor Pizza Brasileira em Orlando


In the Hotspot ! Summer is right around the corner, here are some of the news in our Orlando Parks. But if you are planning to travel, here are a few sugestions, Enjoy your Summer! Have fun!

Nature Appreciated

Ecoturismo •

Ecoturismo de tubarões pode dobrar nos próximos vinte anos

mo de tubarão está se tornando uma vantagem econômica para países em todo o Oceano Índico e regiões do Oceano Pacífico. O estudo constata que a observação Pew pede designações de sande tubarões atrai 590.000 turistas tuário de tubarões com base nas e suporta mais de 10.000 postos de novas descobertas trabalho a cada ano. De acordo com uma nova análise global, liderada por pesquisadores da Universidade de British Columbia e outros cientistas, a observação de tubarão é um importante impulsionador econômico para dezenas de países, gerando US$ 314 milhões anualmente.

Em contraste com o crescente setor do ecoturismo, o valor das capturas de tubarões globais tem diminuído, em grande parte como resultado da sobrepesca. Cerca de 100 milhões de tubarões são mortos todos os anos, principalmente pelas suas barbatanas, que são usadas para fazer sopa de O aumento do ecoturismo de barbatana de tubarão, um prato tubarão e seu valor econômico po- popular na Ásia. dem levar ao interesse em estabelecer santuários de tubarões, que A pesquisa da Universidade de desempenham um papel crítico na British Columbia, apoiada pela saúde dos sistemas marinhos. Nos Pew, foi publicada hoje na revisúltimos anos, nove países--Palau, ta acadêmica Oryx. Ilhas Maldivas, Honduras, Toke- p e w e n v i r o n lau, Bahamas, Ilhas Marshall, ment.org Ilhas Cook, Polinésia Francesa e Nova Caledônia, criaram santuários proibindo a pesca comer- FONTE The cial de tubarão para proteger os Pew Charitable animais em suas águas. Trusts

Citando projeções do estudo que o turismo relacionado com tubarão pode mais do que dobrar em 20 anos, gerando mais de US$ 780 milhões anualmente, The Pew Charitable Trusts está pedindo uma maior proteção para “É claro que os tubarões con- http://youtu.be/ os tubarões com a designação de tribuem para um ambiente dHskin-l7Pg santuários ao redor do mundo. marinho saudável, o que é fundamental em longo prazo para o O turismo relacionado com bem-estar social, cultural e finantubarão é um negócio em cresciceiro de milhões de pessoas ao remento em todo o mundo, com opdor do mundo”, diz Jill Hepp, dierações estabelecidas em pelo meretor de conservação de tubarões nos 83 localidades em 29 países. global da Pew. “Muitos países têm Apesar de lugares como África um incentivo financeiro significado Sul, Estados Unidos e Austivo para conservar os tubarões e trália terem tradicionalmente os lugares onde vivem.” dominado este setor, o ecoturis-

• Photos by Jim Abernethy

Marshall Islands

• Photo Credit_Stuarts_Cove


• Photo Credit Shawn Heinrichs

• Photo Credit Stuarts Cove According to a new global analysis led by researchers at the University of British Columbia and other scientists, shark watching is a major economic driver for dozens of countries, generating $314 million annually. Citing the study's projections that shark-related tourism could more than double within 20 years, generating over $780 million annually, The Pew Charitable Trusts is calling for greater protections for sharks through the designation of sanctuaries around the world.

• Photo Credit Shawn_Heinrichs

Shark-related tourism is a growing business worldwide, with established operations in at least 83 locations in 29 countries. Although places such as South Africa, the United States, and Australia have typically dominated this industry, shark ecotourism is becoming an economic boon to countries across the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean regions.

The increase in shark ecotourism and its economic value can lead to interest in establishing sanctuaries for sharks, which play a critical role in the health of marine systems.

In recent years, nine countries—Palau, the Maldives, Honduras, Tokelau, The Bahamas, the Marshall Islands, the Cook Islands, French Polynesia, and New Caledonia— The study finds that shark watching have created sanctuaries by prohibattracts 590,000 tourists and sup- iting commercial shark fishing to ports more than 10,000 jobs each protect the animals in their waters. year.

"It's clear that sharks contribute to a healthy marine environment, which is paramount to the long-term social, cultural, and financial wellbeing of millions of people around the world," says Jill Hepp , director of global shark conservation at Pew. "Many countries have a significant financial incentive to conserve sharks and the places where they live." In contrast to the growing ecotourism industry, the value of global shark catches has been declining, largely as a result of overfishing. Ap-

proximately 100 million sharks are killed every year primarily for their fins, which are used to make shark fin soup, a popular dish in Asia. The University of British Columbia research, supported by Pew, was published in the academic journal Oryx today. pewenvironment.org SOURCE: The Pew Charitable Trusts

Tendências opostas Direcionam Desenvolvimento de Novos Produtos no SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Novos produtos respondem às demandas dos consumidores por tecnologia.

Quando a 2013 Licensing Expo em Las Vegas abrir no dia 18 junho, o SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment (TM) vai estrear uma linha de produtos projetados para os consumidores tech-dependentes de hoje, incluindo um jogo de aplicativo móvel de animais de inspiração marinha. Mas a empresa também está desenvolvendo produtos que se alinham com os prazeres simples da vida, reconhecendo a crescente predileção dos consumidores por tradição, nostalgia e do mundo real experiências que eles ligam para as pessoas e a natureza.


Há uma dicotomia interessante nas tendências de compra do consumidor que emergiu nos últimos anos", disse o Diretor de Criação para o SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Scott Helmstedter. Os consumidores permanecem fascinados com a tecnologia de novas formas de aprender, se divertir e melhorar seu estilo de vida. Outro lado, eles também desejam o conforto de familiares fortes histórias emocionais e produtos nostálgicos que criam ligações mais profundas com o mundo ao seu redor."


Na Expo, um show de licenciamento que atrai mais de 5.000 marcas de primeira linha, com licenciadores e licenciados, onde o SeaWorld ® pretende promover os produtos que demonstram a participação ativa da empresa em resgate de animais e de reabilitação. De acordo com www.Trendwatching.com,

os consumidores esperam que as empresas "irão proferir declarações grandiosas sobre 'valores' ou 'cultura' a prova real, inequívoca e clara ... sobre os resultados reais." Como exemplo de produtos que demonstram esse compromisso profundo, o SeaWorld lançou sua série popular de TV, Sea Rescue ((TM)) e um novo Saving A Species uma coleção de DVD que dão aos consumidores uma visão em primeira mão de operação de resgates da empresa, reabilitação e programas de libertação, e também os esforços de conservação em todo o mundo. "Tivemos uma resposta tremenda aos nossos produtos que contam histórias reais do SeaWorld de ajudar a resgatar, reabilitar e liberar os animais marinhos selvagens." Helmstedter disse. "Os consumidores se conectar com as emoções e paixões de pessoas reais, e apreciar as empresas que dar a volta." Tecnologia ainda TOPS A tecnologia é um piloto de ponta da inovação de produto para o SeaWorld, pois os consumidores não mostram nenhum sinal de interesse minguante em dispositivos e aplicações. De fato, uma pesquisa divulgada março 2013 mostrou que 79 por cento dos usuários de smartphones alcançam seus dispositivos em um período de 15 minutos depois acordar, e a maioria (62 por cento) pegam seus telefones imediatamente (IDC, março de 2013.) Em um arranjo de desenvolvimento do produto, SeaWorld recentemente introduziu o Turtle Trek (TM), um jogo divertido, envolvente móvel com uma tartaruga valente que vence uma variedade de desafios e descobre novos amigos em um seascape em constante mudança. Baseado no sucesso deste jogo, a empresa planeja produzir vários jogos digitais kid-centric e aplicativos. COOL, BLUE RETRO Em um aceno para as tendências de nostal-

gia, SeaWorld fez uma parceria com a Palmer Cash para oferecer diferentes estilos de camisetas vintage em lojas selecionadas Nordstrom e www.Nordstrom.com. As novas camisas possuem retro-projetados personagens animais, incluindo SeaWorld Shamu ®, um urso polar ultra-legal, um leão-marinho carismático e até mesmo o logotipo original do SeaWorld de 1964.

inspiradoras do SeaWorld de resgate de animais marinhos de verdade. A popular série de TV atraiu mais de 27 milhões de telespectadores em sua primeira temporada, e continua a ser classificado como número um em seu timeslot para inúmeros principais mercados norte-americanos. Nesta primavera, o espetáculo ga nhou o prêmio Parent’s Choice Award e seu anfitrião, do Good Morning América do Sam A empresa também está lançando brinque- Champion, recebeu um prêmio Telly. dos clássicos, como quebra-cabeças de animais. Os três primeiros títulos do Saving a Specie uma série de DVDs com histórias sobre CONEXÃO COM HISTÓRIAS REAIS, a conservação de leões, tigres e elefantes, é verdadeiros heróis vendido atualmente em lojas selecionadas Também nessa demanda por prazeres mais em todo o país. simples, a empresa está lançando novas linhas de entretenimento, como shows de TV Durante a Licensing Expo 2013 em Las Vee produtos de entretenimento doméstico que gas de 18 de junho a 20, os participantes são as famílias vêem juntos. convidados a visitar o estande do SeaWorld A150 para conhecer pingüins e A popular Série de TV do SeaWorld, voltado outros amigos animais. para a família, Sea Rescue ((TM)), vai ao ar aos sábados pela manhã na ABC e mergulha SOURCE os espectadores em histórias SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

strong emotional stories and nostalgic products that create deeper connections to the world around them."

Opposing Trends Drive New Product Development at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment New products answer consumers' demands for technology, nostalgia When the 2013 Licensing Expo kicks off in Las Vegas June 18, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment(TM) will debut a product line-up designed for today's time-starved, tech-reliant consumers, including a marine animal-inspired mobile app game. But the company also is developing products that align with the simpler pleasures in life, recognizing consumers' growing fondness for tradition, nostalgia and real-world experiences that connect them to people and nature. "There's an interesting dichotomy in consumer buying trends that's been emerging for the past several years," said Chief Creative Officer for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Scott Helmstedter. "Consumers remain fascinated with technology for new ways to learn, be entertained and enhance their lifestyles. Conversely, they also crave the comfort of familiar

ing interest in devices and applications. In fact, a survey released in March 2013 showed 79 percent of Smartphone users reach for their devices within 15 minutes of wakAt the Expo, a prominent licensing ing up, and most (62 percent) grab show that attracts more than 5,000 their phones immediately (IDC, top-tier brands, licensors and li- March 2013.) censees, SeaWorld速 plans to promote products that demonstrate In a product development arthe company's active involvement rangement with Sleepy Giant, Seain animal rescue and rehabilita- World recently introduced Turtle tion. According to Trendwatching. Trek(TM), a fun, immersive mobile com, consumers expect companies game featuring a plucky sea turtle to "go beyond uttering lofty state- that conquers a variety of challengments on 'values' or 'culture' to es and discovers new friends in an real, unambiguous and clear evi- ever-changing seascape. Based on dence ... about actual results." the success of this game, the company plans to produce multiple As an example of products that kid-centric digital games and apps. demonstrate this deep commitment, SeaWorld launched its pop- COOL, BLUE RETRO ularTV series, Sea Rescue((TM)) and a new Saving a Species DVD In a nod to trends of collection -- both of which give nostalgia, SeaWorld has consumers a first-hand view of the teamed up with Palmer company's rescue, rehabilitation Cash to offer vintageand release programs, and also style t-shirts in select conservation efforts all over the Nordstrom stores and world. at Nordstrom.com. The new shirts feature ret"We've had a tremendous response ro-designed iconic Seato our products that tell SeaWorld's World animal characheartfelt stories of helping rescue, ters including Shamu速, rehabilitate and release wild ma- an ultra-cool polar bear, rine animals." Helmstedter said. a charismatic sea lion "Consumers connect with the emo- and even the original tions and passion of real people, SeaWorld logo from and appreciate companies that give 1964. back." The company also is inTECHNOLOGY STILL TOPS troducing classic toys such as animal-themed Technology is a top driver of prod- puzzles. uct innovation for SeaWorld, as consumers show no sign of wan- CONNECTING WITH

REAL STORIES, REAL HEROES Good Morning America's Sam Champion, received a Telly Award. Also tapping into this demand for simpler pleasures, the company is The first three titles of Saving a introducing new lines of entertain- Species, a series of home entertainment such as TV shows and home ment DVDs, featuring stories about entertainment products that fami- the conservation of lions, tigers and lies view together. elephants, is currently sold at select Target stores nationwide. SeaWorld's popular family-oriented TV series, Sea Rescue((TM)), During the 2013 Licensing Expo airs Saturday mornings on ABC in Las Vegas June 18 through 20, and immerses viewers in Sea- attendees are welcome to stop by World's inspiring stories of real SeaWorld's booth A150 to meet marine animal rescues. The popu- penguins and other animal friends. lar TV series attracted more than 27 million viewers in its first season, and continues to be rated number one in its timeslot for numerous major U.S. markets. This spring, the show won a Par- SOURCE ent's Choice Award and its host, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Event activities are included with regular theme park admission. Feel the Force Star Wars Weekends returns to the Walt Disney World Resort during May and June 2013, as Disney's HolThe evil Sith Darth Vader makes a dramatic entrance to Jedi Training Academy during opening day of Star Wars Weekends. The annual sci-fi event, draws fans of all ages to Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park to celebrate with Star Wars celebrities, more than 50 Star Wars

characters roaming the theme park for meetand-greet opportunities, star conversations, Star Wars parades, interactive activities, exclusive merchandise and the famous Star Tours thrill ride.

lywood Studios theme park celebrates the Star Wars film saga and the hit animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. A Chance to Get a Star to Sign The dangerous bounty hunter Jango Fett is on good behavio-

cial event, included in regular theme park admission, will be held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 17-June 9, 2013 www.disney.com

during Star Wars Weekends at D i s n e y. The an- Source WDW nual spe- (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is Now Open at SeaWorld Orlando


eaWorld Orlando takes guests on an epic voyage to the bottom of the world, combining innovative ride technology and up-close encounters with a huge colony of penguins in their 30-degree world.

less, all-family adventure ride, guests become one with the storyline as they follow Puck's adventures. Each mobile simulator ride car allows guests to choose one of two levels of exploration -- Wild Expedition or Mild Expedition -for various degrees of ride intensity. Designers say each version has multiple variations for a feeling of unpredictability, just like the continent of Antarctica.

- All-new adventure allows guests to experience the sights, sounds, thrills, chills and penguins of Antarctica, through the eyes of a special penguin hero named Puck(TM). A unique all-family adventure ride combines with 30-degree temperatures and nearly 250 penguins to create Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, the all-new attraction "When our little now open at SeaWorld Orlando. hero penguin learns to waddle Only SeaWorld Orlando can fully and slide, we'll immerse guests into the thrilling, feel what it's like chilling continent few will ever as the car moves experience. Antarctica(TM) is a and reacts to the realm in SeaWorld where icebergs, storyline. When snowcaps and howling winds greet he takes his first guests. They'll also meet a very spe- swim or barely cial penguin named Puck, and it's escapes danger, through his eyes that guests learn our guests will about penguin life and the dangers feel as if they're and beauty of this frozen land. right there with him," explains On board a first-of-its-kind track- Brian Morrow,

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment(速 )creative director. "On this adventure, we learn that we're a lot like penguins. We'll find we need each other and our families to survive," said Morrow. There's one more family SeaWorld guests can join at Antarctica ... and that's a huge family of nearly 250 penguins. Stepping off the adven-

ture ride, guests find themselves among a colony of Adelie, gentoo, king and rockhopper penguins in a 30-degree habitat filled with wind, snow, rock and chilly water. It's what makes Antarctica the coldest theme park attraction in Orlando. New technologies combine to create a freezing -- but dry - climate, allowing guests to spend

time in the penguins' amazing world. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin also includes educational elements. Kids can "measure up" to all 18 species of penguins carved into the rocks in the plaza. They can engage in kid-height Continue

and kid-friendly interactive touch screens and talk with SeaWorld educators to learn more about the importance of community and how penguin colonies work together and rely on each other for survival. Culinary delights can be found at Expedition Cafe, where American, Asian and Italian the three major signatories of the Antarctic Treaty -- cuisines are featured in a mess hall setting. A hydroponic garden produces fresh herbs that chefs incorporate into the menu. Outside seating available under canvas type sails, and two Quonset-type huts provide seating for guests dining on a mix of cooked-to-order food and quick-serve delights. With every penguin gift imaginable, Glacial Collections gift shop is the place to shop for all penguin lovers. The retail shop's color scheme of black, bright yellows, oranges and whites, and the penguin-shaped displays welcome guests to browse the cache of splendid penguinrelated items. Hero Puck is anticipated to be the popular take home treasure. His journey, his love of family, and his connection, especially to children, make him a very desirable keepsake. Also new at Antarctica are souvenir cups created by SeaWorld and Coca-Cola速. The Cup That Cares(TM)( )is a nov-

el reusable cup program with a twist of technology: An RFID (radio frequency identification) chip embedded in each cup interacts with software at Antarctica'sCoca-ColaFreestyle dispensers to calculate CO(2 )and tell guests how they are being more environmentally responsible by choosing to refill and reuse. And there's more: SeaWorld will donate $1 from each Cup That Cares purchase to the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens速 Conservation Fund, a not-for-profit foundation that helps protect wildlife around the world. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is an all-family experience that can be found only at SeaWorld Orlando. "We've taken our guests and fans on astounding journeys," says Terry Prather, SeaWorld Orlando's president. "But no one has ever experienced what we're bringing to Orlando this year. The first-of-its-kind ride, the cold, the wind, the thrills and danger of Antarctica, coupled with getting up close to penguins in their freezing world is something only SeaWorld can do."


Images and text Source Seaworld

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin (TM) já aberto no Parque SeaWorld ® Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando leva os visitantes em uma viagem épica ao fundo do mundo, combinando tecnologia inovadora passeio e próximos encontros com uma enorme colônia de pinguins em seu mundo abaixo de 30 graus. A nova aventura permite aos hóspedes apreciar as paisagens, sons, emoções, calafrios e os pinguins da Antártida, através dos olhos de um herói especial um pinguim chamado Puck (TM). Uma única aventura para toda a família que combina temperaturas de 30 graus e cerca de 250 pinguins chamada Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, a nova atração já aberta no SeaWorld Orlando. Somente o SeaWorld Orlando tem o poder de emergir os convidados no emocionante continente. Antarctica (TM) é um reino no SeaWorld, onde icebergs, snowcaps e ventos uivantes cumprimentam os convidados. Eles também vão conhecer alguém muito especial, um pinguim chamado Puck, e é através de seus olhos que os hóspedes aprendem sobre a vida os perigos e a beleza desta terra congelada. A bordo de um carro, primeiro de seu tipo, sem trilhos, o passeio de aventura para toda a família, envolve os hóspedes no enredo ao seguirem as aventuras de Puck. Cada um simulador de carro de passeio móvel permite aos hóspedes escolherem um dos dois níveis de exploração - Expedição selvagem ou Expedition Mild - para vários graus de intensidade. Os designers dizem que cada versão tem diversas variações para uma sensação de im-

previsibilidade, assim como o continente da em conjunto e dependem um do outro para para receber os convidados e os convida a Antártida. sobreviver. procurar o esconderijo de esplêndidos itens relacionados com o tema. O herói Puck está "Quando o nosso pequeno herói aprende a Delícias culinárias podem ser encontradas prometendo ser um popular tesouro para gingar e deslizar, vamos sentir como o carro no Expedition Cafe, onde o americano, asiá- ser levado para casa, como lembrança de sua se move e reage ao enredo. Quando ele toma tico e italiano - os três principais signatários viagem, seu amor pela família, e sua coneo seu primeiro mergulho ou escapa do peri- do Tratado da Antártida apresentam pratos xão, especialmente para as crianças, que irão go, os nossos hóspedes se sentem como se eles em um ambiente de refeitório. Um jardim fazê-lo uma lembrança especial muito deseestivessem lá com ele ", explica Brian Mor- hidropônico produz ervas frescas que chefs jada. row, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment (®) di- incorporar ao menu. Do lado de fora se en- Antártica: Empire of the Penguin é uma exretor criativo."Nesta aventura, aprendemos contram assentos sob uma cobertura de lona periência totalmente familiar que só pode que somos muito parecidos com pinguins. e duas cabanas do tipo Quonset também for- ser encontrada no SeaWorld Orlando. "Nós Descobrimos que precisamos uns dos outros necendo assentos para os hóspedes jantarem levamos os nossos clientes e fãs em viagens e das nossas famílias para sobreviver", disse com um mix de pratos quentes ordenados no surpreendentes", diz Terry Prather, presiMorrow. local ou delícias de rápido preparo. dente da SeaWorld Orlando. "Mas ninguém No SeaWorld convidados podem participar da Antártida ... de uma enorme família de cerca de 250 pingüins. Quando saem do passeio de aventura, os hóspedes encontram-se na colônia de Adelie, gentoo, king e rockhopper pinguins em um habitat de 30 graus cheio de vento, neve, rocha e água fria. É o que faz a Antártica a mais fria atração do parque temático em Orlando. As novas tecnologias se combinam para criar um congelamento - mais seco, permitindo que os hóspedes passem tempo no incrível mundo dos pinguins. A Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin também inclui elementos educacionais. As crianças podem "medir-se" a todas as 18 espécies de pinguins esculpidas nas rochas na praça. Eles podem envolver-se em kid-height e telas de toque (touch screen) interativo kid-friendly e conversar com educadores do SeaWorld para saber mais sobre a importância da comunidade e como colônias de pingüins trabalham

Com todos os presentes de pinguim imagináveis, Glacial Collections, a loja de presentes é o lugar para fazer compras para todos os amantes dos pinguins. Uma loja que usa as cores negro, amarelo, laranjas brilhantes e brancos, em suas decoração e os exibe em

jamais experimentou o que nós estamos trazendo para Orlando este ano. O primeiro de seu tipo de passeio, o frio, o vento, a emoção e o perigo da Antarctica, juntamente com chegar-se perto dos pinguins em seu congelado mundo é algo que só o SeaWorld pode fazer. "

5472 International Dr, Orlando, FL. Phone # (407) 447-8946 www.paogostoso.net


ix Flags Great Adven- world." ture Reinvents Iconic Drive-Through Safari Into Guests enter the amazing, ficUnique, Themed Attraction. tional world of the Wilds Family, who have traveled the globe Hurricane Harbor Will Soon to bring the most interesting Preview New 'Big Wave Racer' and exotic creatures to their Slide Complex. 350-acre preserve in Jackson, New Jersey. New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari today pre- Their journey beviews its massive, new themed gins in a rustic attraction, Safari Off Road Ad- loading station in venture. The highly-anticipated Frontier Advenand innovative experience will tures filled with open to the general public May artifacts from 25. the Wilds' global expeditions. Boasting 1,200 animals from six Through video, continents including elephants, guests are introrhinos, tigers, giraffes and lions, duced to conserSafari Off Road Adventure takes vationist Damon explorers on an exhilarating, in- and veterinarteractive animal adventure. ian Tess, and their children Haley "Wild Safari remained virtu- and Luke. Guests ally unchanged for 38 years, and then load a rugwe are thrilled to begin an ex- ged, open-air, Saciting and unprecedented new fari vehicle to bechapter for Six Flags Great Ad- gin their unique venture," said John Fitzgerald, voyage. park president. "Safari Off Road Adventure combines the beauty Skilled drivers and and majesty of the world's most informative Safari exotic animals with a thrill- guides transport ing, off-road truck expedition. guests off-road This VIP-style experience can- and within close not be matched anywhere in the proximity to the

Six Flags Great Adventure animals as they splash through guides narrate the journey and Bill Rives. "The safari is vast and ponds, climb hills and venture answer questions providing a the animals have plenty of room over rugged terrain. truly interactive experience. to roam, so each journey will be different. Guests are guaranteed Throughout the excursion, the "Our guests go wherever the to see an incredible array of aniWilds family communicates animals go?even if that is in the mals, and in some cases, even with the guests through on- middle of a pond," said Safari eye-to-eye." board video, and experienced Director and Chief Veterinarian

Following the fall 2012 closing of the drive-through Wild Safari after 38 years, the park began a major renovation that included a redesign of various simulated natural habitats and the creation of Camp Aventura. Camp Aventura is the main stop along the off-road excursion. Guests encounter some of the Wilds family's favorite small exotic animals, and even hand-feed or pet them. Exotic birds, unusual reptiles, a fuzzy, two-toed sloth and giant, Vietnamese potbellied pigs are just a few of the creatures that call Camp Aventura home. Camp Aventura also features a raised viewing platform where guests can handfeed towering giraffes for a small additional fee. Later this summer, guests can soar through the air high above the animals on a new, two-seater zip line for an additional fee, and the park will also debut a large, private catering facility for group picnics. Safari Off Road Adventure is included with general theme park admission and Season Passes, and will operate daily to the public on a varied schedule beginning May 25. Season Pass holders will have an exclusive preview of the new attraction May 24. 'Big Wave Racer' Preview Draws Near

steep drops stretching 1,800 feet before crossing the finish line. Big Wave Racer is the eighth slide complex at Hurricane Harbor, pushing the number of thrill slides to more than 25. The 45-acre park also features a million-gallon wave pool, a half-mile lazy river and a large children's water playground. The new slide complex will celebrate its grand opening June 21.

In addition to Safari Off Road Adventure's May 25 debut, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor For more information, visit will preview its newest slide complex, Big Wave Racer, in the coming weeks. Big Wave www.sixflags.com/greatadventure. Racer will send riders barreling head-first down multiple lanes on aero-dynamicallydesigned water toboggans. After climbing SOURCE Six Flags Great Adventure four stories, they will rocket down several

Six Flags Adventure-New Jersey Six Flags Great Adventure reinventa Icônica Drive-Through Safari Em Única, atração temática.

cional da família Wilds, que viajou o mundo para trazer as criaturas mais interessantes e exóticas para a sua preservação de 350 hectares em Jackson, New Jersey. Sua jornada começa em uma estação de carregamento Hurricane Harbor inaugura um Complexo rústico Adventures Frontier cheia de artefade escorregas New 'Big Wave Racer' tos de expedições globais. O Six Flags Great Adventure e Safari de Nova Jersey USA, inaugurou sua enorme, e nova atração temática, Safari Off Road Adventure. A experiência altamente antecipada e inovadora abriu ao público geral no dia 25 de Maio desse ano.

Através do vídeo, os hóspedes são apresentados a conservacionista Damon e veterinário Tess, e seus filhos Haley e Lucas. Os hóspedes em seguida, entram em um robusto, veículo de Safari ao ar livre, para começar uma viagem inesquecivel.

Contando com mais de 1.200 animais de seis continentes, incluindo elefantes, rinocerontes, tigres, girafas e leões, Safari Aventura Off Road leva exploradores em, uma aventura interativa e emocionante.

Motoristas qualificados e guias de Safari informativos, levam os convidados no transporte off-road e muito próximo com os animais através de lagoas, morros e se aventuram em terreno acidentado.

"Wild Safari permaneceu praticamente inalterada por 38 anos, e estamos entusiasmados para começar um emocionante e novo capítulo para o Six Flags Great Adventure", disse John Fitzgerald, parque presidente. "Safari Off Road Adventure combina a beleza e a majestade dos animais mais exóticos do mundo, com uma emocionante, off-road expedição de caminhão. Esta experiência de estilo VIP não pode ser igualada em qualquer lugar do mundo."

Durante todo o passeio, a família Wilds se comunica com os clientes através de vídeo on-board, e os guias experientes narram as perguntas e respostas proporcionando uma experiência verdadeiramente interativa.

de de animais e, em alguns casos, até mesmo o olho-no-olho." Depois do Outono de 2012 com o encerramento do drive-through Wild Safari, após 38 anos, o parque começou por uma grande reforma, que incluiu a reformulação de vários habitats naturais simulados e a criação de Camp Adventure. Camp Adventure, é a principal parada ao longo do passeio off-road. Os hóspedes encontram alguns dos pequenos animais exóticos favoritos da família Wilds, e até mesmo podem alimenta-los ou acariciá-los.

ses de estação, e vai operar diariamente para o público em uma variada programação que iniciou em 25 de maio. 'Big Wave Racer' Pré-Draws Near Além do Safari iniciado em 25 de maio de estreando o Adventure Road, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor irá mostrar o seu mais novo complexo de slides, Big Wave Racer, nas próximas semanas. Big Wave Racer enviará pilotos de cabeça para baixo pelas várias pistas sobre o tobogãs aerodinâmico. Depois de subir quatro andares, eles vão descer como foguete abaixo das várias quedas íngremes de alongamento com 1.800 pés antes de cruzar a linha de chegada.

Aves exóticas, répteis incomuns, uma preguiça de dois dedos e gigantes, porcos barrigudos vietnamitas são apenas algumas das criaturas que chamam Camp Adventure de Big Wave Racer é o complexo de slides o oicasa. tavo na Hurricane Harbor, empurrando o número de slides de emoção a mais de 25 Safari Adventure também possui uma anos. O parque de 45 hectares, também disPlataforma de observação levantada onde põe de uma piscina de ondas com milhões os hóspedes podem alimentar girafas al- de litros, um rio tranquilo de meia milha e tíssimas por uma pequena taxa adicional. playground aquático para crianças grandes. Ainda nesse Verão, os hóspedes podem su- O novo complexo de slides vai comemorar bir acima dos animais em uma nova linha sua inauguração no dia 21 de junho. zip, de dois lugares por uma taxa adicional, e o parque também vai estrear uma grande Para mais informações, visite facilidade de catering privado para pic-nics de grupo. www.sixflags.com / greatadventure

"Os nossos clientes podem ir onde os animais vão! Mesmo que seja no meio de uma lagoa", disse o diretor de Safari e veterinário-chefe Bill Rives. "O safari é muito grande e os animais têm muito espaço para andar, cada viagem vai ser diferente. Hóspedes Safari Adventure Off Road está incluído no FONTE Six Flags Great Adventure Os hóspedes entram no mundo incrível, fic- são garantidos de ver uma incrível varieda- preço do ingresso do parque temático e pas

Twin Reticulated Giraffes born at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

About Wildlife Twin Reticulated Giraffes, the only living set of twins and the second reported set of living twins born in the United States, were delivered at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch on May 10, 2013.

as as a top family entertainment attraction. In operation since 1984, the ranch’s successful breeding program spawned the twins’ mother, Carol. Born in 2005, Carol was the 12th giraffe born at the ranch. Caretakers at the ranch and ranch veterinarian Dr. Kenny Patin have been on high alert since the twins’ birth, providing aroundthe-clock monitoring to assure the twins’ health and vitality.

The first-born female calf, Wasswa, weighed 95 pounds and was 4.5 feet tall. The secondborn male calf, Nakato, weighed 125 pounds and Male twin Nakato has been hand-reared since was 5.5 feet tall. birth to ensure he re“Both Wasswa and Na- ceives adequate nutrikato are thriving,” said tion. Nakato is being Tiffany Soechting, Nat- re-introduced to his ural Bridge Wildlife family through short, Ranch marketing direc- supervised visits to astor and animal specialist sure the mother does not caring for the newborn perceive him as a threat. The twins are the mothgiraffes. er’s third birth. “As twin The twin giraffes were births are rare, we had a the 19th and 20th gi- concern that the mothraffes born at Natural er would not be able to Bridge Wildlife Ranch, produce enough milk a 400-acre animal pre- for both offspring,” said serve recognized in Tex- Dr. Patin. “We wanted

to take prudent mea- Bridge Wildlife Ranch, sures to guard the twins’ including the twins’ fahealth.” ther Marshall. Marshall is 10-years-old. According to Laurie Bingaman Lackey, giraffe The average giraffe gesstudbook keeper for the tation is 15 months. GiAssociation of Zoos and raffes give birth standAquariums, the twin gi- ing up. Calves fall 6 feet raffes’ birth is the second to the ground, and stand set of living giraffe twins up and run within an in the US and the ninth hour of birth. Giraffe set of living twins born calves are reliant on in the zoos of the world. their mother’s milk for A set each have also been up to 9-12 months. Giborn in Canada, Germa- raffes are the tallest livny, the Czech Republic, ing land mammals with England, France, and average height ranging 2 sets to the same dam from 16-19 feet. in South Korea. Since the 1830s there have “Natural Bridge Wildlife been over 8,000 record- Ranch has been opered giraffe births in zoos ated by the same family worldwide; the twins’ for generations and they birth at Natural Bridge are a big part of the New Wildlife Ranch are the Braunfels community,” 31st recorded set of said Judy Young, New twins. Three-quarters of Braunfels Convention twin pregnancies abort and Visitors Bureau Diearly in gestation or are rector. “They take amazstillborn. Only 9 sets of ing care of their animals. twins have been report- It’s definitely going to be ed living at birth. double the fun to visit this summer and watch There are eight giraffes Nakato and Wasswa residing at Natural grow.”

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch Girafas gêmeas reticuladas, são o único conjunto de girafas gêmeas nascidos com vida nos Estados Unidos, e também o segundo a ser reportado. Elas nasceram no “Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch” no dia 10 de maio de 2013. A fêmea primogênita, Wasswa, pesava 95 £ e foi de 4,5 metros de altura. O macho segundo-nascido, Nakato, pesava 125 £ e foi de 5,5 metros de altura.

O gêmeo Nakato foi alimentado a mão desde o nascimento para garantir que ele receba uma nutrição adequada. Nakato está sendo reintroduzido a sua família através de visitas curtas, supervisionadas para assegurar que a mãe não ira recebê-lo como uma ameaça. Os gêmeos são o terceiro de nascimento da mãe Carol. "Como nascimentos de gêmeos são raros, tivemos a preocupação de que a mãe não seria capaz de produzir leite suficiente para os dois filhos", disse o Dr. Patin. "Queríamos tomar medidas prudentes para proteger a saúde dos gêmeos."

"Tanto Wasswa como Nakato estão prosperando", disse Tiffany Soechting, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch diretor de marketing e especialista em animais cuidando das girafas recém-nascidas. De acordo com Laurie Bingaman Lackey, mantenedor de girafas e As girafas gêmeas foram as gira- escritor do livro genealógico da fas numero 19 e 20 nascidos no Associação de Zoológicos e AquáNatural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, rios, o nascimento das girafas gêuma reserva animal de 400 acres meas é o segundo conjunto de gêreconhecido no Texas como prin- meos nos EUA e o nono conjunto cipal atração de entretenimen- de gêmeos nascidos vivos nos zooto familiar. Em operação desde lógicos do mundo. 1984, o programa de reprodução bem sucedido da fazenda gerou a Um conjunto de gêmeos foi tammãe dos gêmeos, Carol. Nascida bém nascido no Canadá, Alemaem 2005, Carol foi a 12 ª girafa nha, República Checa, Inglaternascida no rancho. Cuidadores ra, França e 2 sets na barragem do rancho e fazenda, o veteriná- na Coreia do Sul. Desde a décario Dr. Kenny Patin estavam em da de 1830, houve mais de 8.000 alerta máximo desde o nascimen- nascimentos de girafas relatados to dos gêmeos, proporcionam em zoológicos de todo o mundo, do monitoramento 24/7 para as- o nascimento dos gêmeos em Nasegurar que os gêmeos tinham tural Bridge Wildlife Ranch são o saúde e vitalidade. registro numero 31 de gêmeos.

Três quartos das gestações de gêmeos abortam no início da gestação ou são natimortos. Apenas 9 pares de gêmeos foram relatados vivos no nascimento. Há oito girafas que residem em Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, incluindo o pai dos gêmeos Marshall. Marshall tem 10 anos de idade. A gestação média da girafa é de 15 meses. Girafas dão à luz em pé. Eles caem 6 pés no chão, e levantam-se a correr dentro de uma hora após o nascimento. Baby Girafas são dependentes do leite de sua mãe de 9-12 meses. Girafas são os mamíferos terrestres mais altos, com altura média variando 16-19 pés. O"Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch foi operado pela mesma família há gerações e eles são uma grande parte da comunidade de New Braunfels", disse Judy Young, New Braunfels Convention e Visitors Bureau Diretor. "Eles cuidam surpreendente de seus animais. E definitivamente vai ser o dobro da diversão para visitar este verão e assistir Nakato e Wasswa crescerem. "

New Store in Times Square Nickelodeon Opens FirstEver Branded Retail Destination: Launches 1,000 Square Foot 'Nick Shop' In Toys"R"Us Times Square Shop Provides Consumers One-ofa-Kind Nickelodeon Shopping Experience in Heart of New York City Nickelodeon announced today the launch of its ‘Nick Shop’ in Toys”R”Us Times Square, the company’s international flagship store. The 1,000 square foot Nick Shop is an immersive Nickelodeon retail experience jam-packed with fun and adventure around every corner. The Nick Shop features exclusive New York-branded products such as kids and adult apparel, accessories, plush toys, drinkware, home goods and more, featuring Nickelodeon characters including Dora the Explorer, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, Winx Club, SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, retailing between $5.99 and $49.99. Additionally, the shop, located on Level One of The World’s Greatest Toy Store(TM), offers visitors an assortment of Nickelodeon-branded toys, books and DVDs.

“We are overjoyed to officially launch our ‘Nick Shop’ at Toys”R”Us Times Square, offering exclusive products featuring some of our most iconic brands,” said Pam Kaufman, Chief Marketing Officer, Nickelodeon Group.

Inc. “Nickelodeon has created some of the most recognizable characters in the world and we fully expect to hear squeals of delight from young kids when they visit this new environment. In addition to an expanded assortment of Nickelodeon products, we’re excited to offer so many “Times Square is one of the world’s exclusive items available only at our most-visited attractions and now international flagship store.” consumers from all around the world can take home a piece of the Customers can also find more Nicknumber-one entertainment brand elodeon products on Level Two of for kids, in the number-one city in Toys”R”Us Times Square. The Nick the world.” Shop is now open to the public during regular business hours*: SunThe Nick Shop’s vibrant orange day-Friday, 10:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. walls and columns are covered and Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. with cutting edge decor stencils of *Store hours characters from Nickelodeon’s hit subject to change. animated series, with several interactive, touchscreen LED screens placed throughout. From a distance, the large digital displays create a unified canvas that showcases humorous and entertaining Nickelodeon content. When guests walk near the space, they can interact with and explore the content using their hands to swipe and tap the screens. “The thousands of kids and families who visit Toys”R”Us Times Square SOURCE each year are sure to be wowed by Nickelodeon this truly unique Nickelodeon shopping experience,” said Richard Barry, Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer, Toys”R”Us,

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Vicky’s Hall of Fame ! Fabiana Marinho

CANTINHO DOS FÃS Essas são as fotos selecionadas para estar na coluna desse mês, muito obrigada pela participação! A amizade de vocês é muito importante para mim e por isso também um grande privilegio tê-los sempre aqui nesse espacinho criado para vocês bem pertinho de mim!

Ferrari Breno

Love ! Vicky !

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VICKY PARTICIPA DO SHOW DE ENCERRAMENT DO INFINITO BRAZILIAN FILM FESTIVAL EM NEW YORK Dos dias 11 a 16 de junho aconteceu em NY o 11º Brazilian Filme Festival no Tribeca Cinemas onde foram exibidos os mais recentes e premiados filmes do cinema brasileiro, um grande evento realizado pela Inffinito que também trouxe vários artistas e a cantora Preta Gil para fazer o grande encerramento do festival que aconteceu no Central Park num evento inteiramente de graça e ao ar livre.

fizeram para o meu show.

Vicy nos contou: Marcelo Marrom "que também se apresenta todos os sábados no programa Altas Horas e Rodrigo Capella, foram um sucesso ! São humoristas maravilhosos! Eu gostei muito de conhece-los, foi uma entrevista que virou uma comedia e por generosidade dos meninos ainda ganhei uma musica que eles


Vicky marcou sua presença no palco eainda teve a oportunidade de entrevistar a famosa cantora Brasileira Preta Gil, assim como o ator Fabrício Boliveira . As entrevistas e mais fotos podem ser encontradas no site:

Eu gostaria de anunciar que o Vicky Show USA volta agora em Julho com muitas novidades! Vocês vão amar e se divertir muito!!!!

Quem quiser enviar a sua sugestão para a programação ou se tornar um patrocinador e só visitar meu site e mandar sua mensagem. Vejam no meu site também; o cantor Naldo e o ator e cantor Bernardo Mesquita que ficou conhecido como o príncipe da Sacha e da Xuxa, mandando um recadinho para mim diretamente do Brawww.vickyshowusa.com sil. Um grande beijo para todo mundo, amo vocês e não esqueçam de No dia 15 de junho foi a vez de estar sempre ligadinhos no conhecer e entrevistar dois comediantes de muitos sucesso no Brasil e que estão em turnê aqui nos EUA com a Comedia em Preto e Branco.



I really liked them, was an interview that turned into a comedy and with the boy’s generosity that created a song for my New Show!

From 11th to June 16th it happened in NY the 11th Brazilian Film Festival at Tribeca Cinemas where they were shown the latest and awarded Brazilian Films, a great event held by Inffinito also brought several artists and famous Brazilian singer Preta Gil to the great closing ceremony that took place in Central Park in an event all for free and outdoors.

NOW A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT FROM VICKY! I would like to announce that Vicky Show USA WILL BE back in July with many new features! You will love and have so much fun!!

Anyone that wants to send their suggesVicky marked her presence on stage and tions or become a sponsor please, visit my had the opportunity to interview the fa- site and send your message. mous Brazilian singer Preta Gil, and actor Fabrizio Boliveira. The interviews and Also on my site! more photos can be found at: Brazilian singer Naldo, actor and singer Bernardo Mosque which was known as the www.vickyshowusa.com Prince of Sacha and Xuxa, sending a wink to me directly from Brazil. On June 15 it was time to meet and interview two of many successful comedians in Well, that is all for now! Brazil and that are on tour here in the U.S. A big kiss to everyone, I love you and don’t with the Comedy in Black and Wine. forget to always be in touch !                                                                   Vicy told us: vickyfofinha(Twitter) vickytalkshow(Twitter) Marcelo Brown "which also appears every www.vickyshowusa.com Saturday in the show Altas Horas and Ro- www.vickytalkingalotshow.com drigo Capella, were a huge success! These Email two Comedians are wonderful ! vicky.show.9@facebook.com

www.pandora.net The Florida Mall 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail Orlando (407) 888-5757

The Mall at Millenia 4200 Conroy Rd #176 Orlando (407) 370-3377

Fashion & Art: Bulgari The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond, 1950 - 1990

I always visit Bulgari because it is the most important museum of contemporary art.” Andy Warhol

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco are pleased to announce The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond, 1950 - 1990, an exhibition of approximately 150 pieces created by the renowned Italian jeweler over four decades. This exclusive exhibition will highlight jewelry that defined a pivotal period in Italian design, and will include many pieces from the personal collection of Elizabeth Taylor. The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond, 1950 - 1990 will be on display at the de Young Museum from September 21, 2013 through February 17, 2014.

jeweler’s eclectic creativity and invention during this period. Works in the exhibition also include those from the 1970s and 80s, a particularly innovative period for the jeweler and one influenced by Pop Art and other contemporary trends. “The hard-edged designs of the 1970s included a whole range based on the Stars-and-Stripes motif, while in the 1980s the Parentesi collection had a modular architectural presence; both show how the jeweler could lead in new directions with a strong sense of design,” said Martin Chapman, curator in charge of European Decorative Arts and Sculpture at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Bulgari’s successful cultivation of prominent patrons and movie stars like Sophia Loren, Ingrid Bergman, and perhaps most notably, Elizabeth Taylor, has long been a key aspect of the jeweler’s reputation. To help explore the cultural context in which these objects were made, the exhibition will include innovative uses of sketches, photographs, and other archival materials that help to reveal a fascinating intersection of celebrity, design, and fine craftsmanship.

Bulgari notably began to create its own trademark in jewelry in the 1960s by embracing boldly-colored combinations of gemstones, use of heavy gold, and forms derived from Greco-Roman classicism, the The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond, Italian Renaissance, and the 19th-century 1950 - 1990 continues the Fine Arts MuRoman school of goldsmiths. The company seums’ strong track record of exhibitions helped to develop a look that would come to highlighting the work of decisive figures be known as the “Italian school” of jewelry and movements in the world of fashion design. Pieces in the exhibition display the

and design including: Cartier in America, Balenciaga and Spain, Yves Saint Laurent and The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, among others. Visiting de Young Museum Golden Gate Park 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive San Francisco, CA 94118 deyoungmuseum.org 415-750-3600 Museum Hours Tuesday-Sunday, 9:30 am-5:15 pm Friday (March 29-November 29, 2013) 9:30 am-8:45 pm Closed Mondays Admission Admission: $20 adults; $17 seniors; $16 college students with ID; $10 youths 6-17. (These prices include general admission.) Members and children 5 and under are free. General admission is free the first Tuesday of every month. Tickets can be purchased on site and on the de Young’s website: deyoungmuseum.org. Tickets purchased online include a $1 handling charge. Group ticket reservations available by emailing groupsales@famsf.org. Image credit:

“Bib” necklace, 1965 Gold with emeralds, amethysts, turquoise, and diamonds 39 x 6 cm Formerly in the collection of Lyn Revson Bulgari Heritage Collection, inv. 401 N565 SOURCE Bulgari

Arte & Moda: Bulgari A Arte da Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond, 1950 - 1990

porâneas. "Os designs “hard edges” da década de 1970 incluem uma série inteira baseada no motivo Stars-&-Stripes, enquanto em 1980 a coleção Parentesi com uma presença arEu sempre visito Bulgari, porque é o quitetônica modular, ambos mostram como mais importante museu de arte con- o joalheiro se posiciona em novas direções temporânea." - Andy Warhol com um sentido forte de design ", disse Martin Chapman, curador encarregado de Artes Os Museus de Belas Artes de San Francisco Decorativas e escultura europeia, nos Mutem o prazer de anunciar The Art of Bul- seus de Belas Artes de San Francisco. gari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond, 1950 - 1990, uma exposição de cerca de 150 peças criadas O Bem sucedido cultivo de patronos proemipelo renomado joalheiro italiano ao longo de nentes e estrelas de cinema como Sophia Loquatro décadas. Esta exposição exclusiva irá ren, Ingrid Bergman, e principalmente, Elizdestacar jóias que definiram um período cru- abeth Taylor, que apoiaram Bulgari tem sido cial do design italiano, e contará com muitas um aspecto-chave da reputação do joalheiro. peças da coleção pessoal de Elizabeth Tay- Para ajudar a explorar o contexto cultural em lor. A Arte da Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Be- que esses objetos foram feitos, a exposição vai yond, 1950 - 1990 vai estar em exibição no De incluir o uso inovador de desenhos, fotograYoung Museum a partir de 21 de setembro de fias e outros materiais de arquivo que ajudam 2013 até 17 de fevereiro de 2014. a revelar um cruzamento fascinante de celebridade, design e artesanato fino.


Bulgari nomeadamente começou a criar a sua própria marca de jóias em 1960, abraçando corajosamente combinações de cores de pedras preciosas, o uso de ouro pesado, e as formas derivadas de classicismo greco-romana, do Renascimento italiano, e da escola romana do século 19 de ourives. A empresa ajudou a desenvolver um olhar que viria a ser conhecida como a "escola italiana" de design de jóias. Peças em exposição exibir criatividade eclética do joalheiro e invenção durante este período. Obras na exposição também incluem aquelas dos anos 1970 e 80, um período particularmente inovador para o joalheiro e influenciada pela Pop Art e outras tendências contem-

A Arte da Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond, 1950 - 1990 da continuidade ao forte histórico dos museus de Belas Artes "de exposições destacando o trabalho de figuras decisivas e movimentos no mundo da moda e do design, incluindo: Cartier in America, Balenciaga e Espanha, Yves Saint Laurent e The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk para a passarela, entre outros. Visitante de Young Museum Golden Gate Park 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive San Francisco, CA 94118 deyoungmuseum.org 415-750-3600

Horario do Museu De terça a domingo, das 9h30 às 5: 15 pm Sexta-feira (29 de novembro 29 de março, 2013) 09h30-8: 45 pm Fechado às segundas

A Legião de Beaux-Arts edifício desenhado por George Applegarth está localizado em uma encosta com vista para a Golden Gate Bridge. Suas coleções abrangem 4.000 anos e incluem pinturas européias, esculturas e artes decorativas, arte antiga da bacia do MediterAdmissão râneo, e a maior coleção de obras sobre papel Entrada: $ 20 adultos, $ 17 idosos; $ 16 es- no oeste americano. tudantes universitários com ID; $ 10 jovens 6-17. (Estes preços incluem a admissão ger- Sobre Bulgari al). Membros e crianças de 5 anos não pagam. Hoje, parte do grupo LVMH, Bulgari foi funAdmissão geral é livre a primeira terça-feira dada em Roma em 1884 como uma loja de de cada mês. jóias e progressivamente se impôs com suas criações de jóias magníficas, emblemas de exOs ingressos podem ser adquiridos no lo- celência italiana. Sucesso internacional fez a cal e no site do de Young: deyoungmuseum. empresa evoluir em sua dimensão atual como org. Os ingressos adquiridos on-line incluem um player global e diversificada no mercado uma taxa de 1 dólar manuseio. de luxo, com uma rede de lojas nas zonas comerciais mais exclusivos em todo o mundo e Reservas de Grupos disponíveis pelo um portfólio de produtos e serviços que vão e-mail groupsales@famsf.org desde jóias e relógios de acessórios, perfumes e hotéis . Sobre os Museus de Belas Artes de San Francisco Crédito da imagem: Os Museus de Belas Artes de San Francisco, Colar "Bib" de 1965 incluindo o de Young Museum, no Golden Ouro com esmeraldas, ametistas, turquesas e Gate Park e da Legião de Honra em Lincoln diamantes Park, é a maior instituição pública de artes 39 x 6 centímetros em San Francisco. Anteriormente na coleção de Lyn Revson Heritage Collection Bulgari, inv. 401 N565 O de Young está alojado em um edifício FONTE Bulgari histórico folheado de cobre e desenhado pelos arquitetos suíços Herzog e de Meuron. Ele mostra coleções significativas da instituição de pintura americana, escultura e artes decorativas de 17 a 21 séculos, a arte de Oceania, África e Américas, um conjunto diversificado de roupas e têxteis, e da arte contemporânea internacional.

Glamour inCannes Glamorous Night at the amfAR Gala During the Annual Cannes Film Festival 2013 AVAKIAN jewellery was chosen by celebrities for the amfAR Gala Dinner in Cap d'Antibes, France. Actress Ornella Muti wore a unique 40ct Heart shape emerald and sapphire necklace by AVAKIAN with a 10ct oval sapphire ring and sapphire and diamond cuff bracelet. Paris Hilton picked yellow diamond AVAKIAN cuff bracelet and a matching ring. Alessandra Ambrosio opted for an important AVAKIAN diamond cuff bracelet with over 40ct of diamonds. Victoria Silvstedt chose a spectacular diamond necklace, earrings and ring all by AVAKIAN. Ana Beatriz Barros selected an impressive pair of AVAKIAN diamond earrings, bracelet and a beautiful lace ring. Actress Uma Thurman selected Mouawad haute joaillerie sets to make maximum impactin the Cannes limelight

Glamour in Cannes

AVAKIAN fancy yellow diamond bracelet

Ana Beatriz Barros wearing AVAKIAN at the amfAR Gala 2013.

Olivia Palermo wearing AVAKIAN, at the 66th Cannes Film Festival 2013

Diamond bracelet worn by Ana Beatriz Barros

Glamour inCannes

Alessandra Ambrosio wearing AVAKIAN at the amfAR Gala 2013

Unique heart shape emerald necklace-worn by Ornella Muti.

Glamour in Cannes

Diamond cuff bracelet with over 40ct of diamond worn by Paris Hilton

Diamond necklace and earrings worn by Victoria Silvstedt

Beauty is Inside and Out as Sephora Launches YOU + SEPHORA Cosmetic Collection To Benefit Charities Across the US Following the launch of Values Inside Out, Sephora's charitable platform that seeks to make communities across America more beautiful, Sephora is proud to present the first limited edition cosmetic collection to benefit our non-profit partners. The YOU + SEPHORA cosmetic collection, which will be available June 1(st) in all US Sephora stores and on Sephora.com, retails for $20 and features a covetable clutch, glitter eye liner, lip gloss and nail polish. Sephora USA, Inc. will donate $13 for each bag sold in-store to the store's selected charity*, while bags sold on Sephora.com will benefit the American Heart Association**. YOU + SEPHORA features: • 1 collectable cosmetic pouch, perfect for purse, travel or gym bag • 1 mini lip gloss in a dusty pink shimmer finish, apply over your favorite lipstick or wear alone • 1 mini gold glitter liquid eyeliner, wear alone or layer to brighten the glitter effect • 1 mini nail polish in a warm champagne metallic finish, the finishing touch for your summer ensembles Mary Herald, Sephora’s Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Education, said, “At Sephora, our continual mission for Values Inside Out is to inspire and engage our teams to play a part in making a difference in their communities, and this bag allows them to do just that, share their passion for cosmetics with their clients that ultimately supports our charitable partners across the country.” Values Inside Out is a visionary partnership program matching Sephora stores across America with non-profit organizations in their own communities. Under this program, each store’s team of cast members (Sephora’s term for sales associates) chose a local non-profit to help through raising awareness, providing funds and contributing their own “sweat equity” to aide that organization in fulfilling its mission over the course of 2013. To learn more about the program and for a list of charities and more information on their causes, please visit www. sephora.com/values-inside-out.*For a list of charities, please visit www.sephora.com/values-inside-out **Sephora USA will make this donation for each bag sold during the period 6/1/13-12/31/13, while supplies last SOURCE / Sephora USA

A PLAYFUL COLLECTION: CONVERSE REUNITES WITH COMME DES GARÇONS On May 28, Converse launched the Comme des Garçons PLAY for Converse Pro Leather collection globally. Building on the notable success of two previous collaborations, Converse reunites with fashion authority Comme des Garçons to create four new styles of the iconic Converse Pro Leather sneaker.

The Comme des Garçons PLAY for Converse Pro Leather is available in Milk and Black Mid and Ox silhouettes. All styles will be available on Dover Street Market’s website and at the Comme des Garçons NYC store starting May 28, in Paris and London starting June 1 and at Comme des Garçons stores in Tokyo and throughout Asia starting Comme des Garçons PLAY, a June 21 for a suggested retail casual, streetwear-influenced price of $130-$140. line from the avant-garde Japanese label founded by a reputation as “America’s Rei Kawakubo, adds the Pro Original Sports Company”™ Leather to its design reper- and has been associated with toire, creating a new take on a rich heritage of legendary the sneaker that debuted in shoes such as the Chuck Tay1976 as a performance bas- lor® All Star® shoe, the Jack ketball shoe and has since Purcell® shoe and the One evolved into an iconic lifestyle Star® shoe. sneaker. Comme des Garçons’ Kawakubo designed the collection with PLAY’s signature quirky heart-with-eyes logo to create four new sporty versions of the iconic Converse Pro Leather. For this collection, a new all-over PLAY logo pattern was placed randomly to make each sneaker unique in design. The playful pattern celebrates the creative, irreverent sprit that is synonymous with both the Converse and Comme des Garçons brands.


Záza Jardim Photos in this article by Zaza Jardim & Renato Soares


Art Bio de Záza Jardim

art bio Por Edmundo Cavalcanti

nas fibrilas celulósicas dos papéis… Criou técnicas inéditas na lida das A cada exposição que vou, me fibrilas criando uma nova consurpreendo cada vez mais com a sistência de matéria prima para a criatividade e o talento do artista produção de arte. plástico brasileiro, sua capacidade de criar novas técnicas de utilizar Herdou estudos de papel artenovos materiais, novas formas e sanal e dali emergiu para o Papiro também da preocupação com a sus- Brasileiro, identidade criada para tentabilidade, meio ambiente, utili- identificar a textura do trabalho zando materiais naturais e proveni- que não tinha como ser descrito. Então criou uma marca que idenentes de reciclagem. tificasse uma nova matéria prima Exemplo disso, encontrei na fan- a ser utilizada em arte em pleno tástica obra desta artista, Seu diálogo pelo mundo. nome Suzana Jardim, mais conhecida como Záza Jardim, talentosa A partir dai, cumpriu a missão de e muito preocupada com o meio apresentar suas obras e seus resulambiente. Gravem bem esse nome, tados nos maiores Salões de Arte de pois vocês ainda irão ouvi-lo muitas Paris, este ano, vezes, quando se mencionar artes pela terceira vez expoe no plásticas e reciclagem. Carrousel du Conheçam agora a artista e sua téc- Louvre. nica revolucionaria de fazer arte. As obras de Záza em Papiro A fibrila ceBrasileiro e argila celulósica é hoje lulósica é a fibra considerada Art Bio pelos frances- micro es.Záza Jardim a artista das Fibri- que forma o las, nasceu depois de uma longa es- papel. É deste pequeno fiapo trada de filosofia prática. que Záza merPoetisa pensadora, articuladora gulha em seu cultural e social Záza se nomeia m a g n e t i s m o pigmenta Artola reciclada. Em somente três e anos mergulhou exclusivamente como quer.

As fibrilas possuem comportamentos diferentes, dependendo do tempo do papel e do tipo de fibra que ali contém, com essa diversidade Záza multiplica em densidade e pigmentação.

• • • • • •

Skipe :edmundocavalcanti Blog: www.bandeiraazultombo.com www.artedeedmundo.blogspot.com Twitter:@TomboBandAzul @EdCavalc FaceBook: Edmundo Rafael de Araujo Cavalcanti

fez um ateliê no meio da floresta no sul da França e ali produziu obras com pigmentos de Lascaux, Pech Merle e Collonges La Rouge, ou seja, a pesquisa local é seu foco de estudo e pesquisa, seja nas cores da terra e seu contexto histórico, seja Em três anos são mais de duas mil na natureza que lhe ronda para obras e mais de 40 técnicas que se documentar-lhe as digitais. Assim, somam. Záza viaja pelo mundo e foi eleita pelos franceses ART BIO. constata que fez a melhor obra de arte da sua vida, abriu mão do conforto da casa e vive se reciclando pelo planeta, afirma inclusive que “não temos raiz no pé”. Com essa conduta permitiu que sua arte pudesse ser produzida em qualquer lugar do planeta, pois em 2012

Seguindo as filosofias que documenta do movimento alquimista da reciclagem do pensamento, uma semente reciclada para uma filosofia na arte, se transforma em seu toque especial. Assim é possí vel criar a arte das fibrilas a qualquer tempo em qualquer lugar do planeta.

mentos próprios em livros de poesias manuscritos, nunca gostei de diários... mas registros de pensamentos.

Adolescência de muito trabalho, aos 14 trabalhei em banco, depois em eventos, bem séria e burocrática fazia da arte da vida um co nhecimento intenso corporativo, No mundo Záza Jardim tem a re culminando aos 22 anos com o inípresentação oficial da cio da minha própria empresa geAVA GALLERIA sediada em Hel- renciando eventos pelo Brasil em sinki - Finlândia. congressos e convenções. Prêmio Tarsila do Amaral de Arte Contemporânea - Dezembro/2011 Lancei muitos nomes conhecidos Principais Exposições e escritores renomados. Ou seja, Expos no Brasil: acabei sendo a marca da arte em Prédio da Bienal - Arquishow eventos empresariais na década abril/2010 de 90. Asia70 - Out/2010 Santa Gula Jan/2011 Você fez Licenciatura em EducaMercearia jan/2012 ção Artística...? Como surgiu ou Cama Café abril/2013-Virada você descobriu este dom? Cultural SP Nunca estudei arte na minha vida, mas convivi com a arte a vida Expos Mundo toda. Não tem ninguém na minha Carrousel Du Louvre - Paris família deste segmento. Convivi France Junho/2012 de forma nata, curiosa, perseChartrier Ferriere-France guindo caminhos, fazendo parte Julho/2012 do movimento o pensamento, da Helsinki Agosto/ 2012 arte de pensar e agir. Visitando Carrousel Du Louvre Paris - exposições, aguçando a percepFrance Outubro/2012 ção, sentindo o instinto quando Carrousel Du Louvre Paris France passava e via uma galeria e adenJunho/2012 trava, fazia amigos e assim as portas foram se abrindo no conheciComo e quando se dá o seu pri- mento e no aprofundamento.

meiro contato com as Artes?

Meu primeiro contato foi quando fui bandeirante, e mesmo na escola... choche, tricô, bordado, vitral, como toda criança brincava com as artes. Aos 12 anos co mecei a escrever já meus pensa

pensamento e como funciona esta incrível máquina de coletivos. Quais são suas principais influências? O sentir, ler muito, estudar comportamento humano, expressão da vida, curiosidade, desafio pessoal, necessidade de expressar o que eu sentia de dentro para fora. Tive algumas grandes influências na minha vida, amigos em forma de anjos que me ensinaram a ver o mundo e recriá-lo, de pegar uma informação de uma maneira, transmutar e devolver ao mundo de outra forma. Pessoas simples que ensinam outra perspectiva de vida de acreditar no passo seguinte. De acreditar naquela semente que germina na alma e dar adubo para ela resistir às dificuldades até que ela tenha a possibilidade de fazer parte do real.

Como surgiu esta preocupação com a reciclagem, que de alguma forma também é uma preocupação coma sustentabilidade? Não sou guiada pela moda, sou guiada pelo instinto. Coincidentemente as ações que aconteceram na minha vida sempre começam pelo prazer de realizar um desafio a ser vencido, que vem de dentro. O fato de a minha arte ter estas características foi um acontecimento convergente de intenções que se uniram em um grande quebra cabeças. Com peças que se Estudei Marketing e Publicidade, juntam. trabalhei em agencias e fundei a minha própria, depois estudei Quais os materiais que você utiSociologia com o objetivo de en- liza em suas obras? tender o mundo que viva no sen- Livros, cadernos, jornais, caixas tido de sociedade, ergonomia do de papelão, todo o papel que pos-

sui a fibrila viva que permite fazer da em estudo... já andei aplicando parte da alquimia quando uno com pintura em algumas obras mas o amor e sentimento que tenho de ainda é cedo para dizer que pinto. formar obras. Concretizar o que penso e formar o que sinto. Com a ajuda da água, do sol, da chuva e dos pigmentos que são da terra. O pensamento e os argumentos sendo reciclados e transmutados também faz parte da criação desta nova semente de ações para as próximas gerações. Reciclar contextos. Podemos dizer que sua obra é um mix de pintura com escultura? Quando me perguntam se eu pinto eu digo que sou pintada risos... A fibrila tem um comportamento completamente diferente, é como um suco de notícias, um cereal composto. Também não é esculpido, porque é formado, ou moldo com as mãos a obra. É do contato com o calor das mãos em conjunto com uma massa híbrida na qual com muita técnica controlo sua aquosidade, concentração de fibrilas, dinamismo corpóreo e muita calma para lidar com o comportamento das fibrilas até a sua estabilização e secamento. Combina muito com a umidade do ar, a chuva, o sol o calor e ainda o temperamento da artista que resolve dialogar com as fibrilas enquanto tudo participa em conjunto desta mutação. Já as cores nas obras contidas são fibrilas pigmentadas, são mais de 40 técnicas aplicadas. Inclusive com o uso de argila de terracota consegui brincar com os pigmentos e criar uma tinta natural ain-

Como é o seu processo criativo em si? O que milênio, que questionava “O que você pensa” te inspira? um filme, livro... De onde vem esse eu tive a oportunidade de realizar mais de 50 primeiro impulso para produzir? eventos com exposições, livros, shows e todas as ferramentas de expressão do pensamento O processo de criação se dá por situação mes- foram colocadas em prática. Ali uni mitos e mo, percepção do sentimento que exala. Eu anônimos, documentando tudo o que se pasnão me baseio em nenhuma obra pré-exis- sava em minha volta em todos estes sentidos. tente, visto que nunca tive aula de arte. Mesmo as artes que se estudam não possuíam Tive a oportunidade de mergulhar com as esta matéria prima produzida com as próprias mãos e a mente na cultura brasileira em plemãos da forma que começo, do nada, do jor- no diálogo público, O Fanzine P NO B. Neste nal eu constituo a matéria prima a ser trabal- caminho encontrei e documentei gênios e conhada. Então seria impossível fazer algo pare- heci Diva Buss que é a missionária do Papel cido com o que já existe. Então estou livre de artesanal do Brasil. Quando a conheci, indicaqualquer referência me permitindo navegar da por sua irmã Yara foi de imediato convidano que não existe modelo. da a expor no evento do Jornal. Ficamos amigas e depois de sete anos de amizade eu senti No meu ateliê não tem televisão, não tem som, que um dia poderia perder a amiga e não teria não tem drogas. Tem o ar, o cheiro da chuva aprendido a fazer papel, então liguei para ela que vem, o calor que invade a obra, tem o ven- e pedi. to que derruba o molde, o canto do pássaro e Diva me ensina a fazer papel? Era o início suas passagens pelo ateliê. de 2010 e ali eu já senti que nasceria uma nova Meu ateliê inicial foi desmontado faz pouco etapa da minha vida. Nasceu a Artola Reciclae meus momentos de ateliê estão espalhados da a Záza Jardim de A a Z. pelo mundo, o último foi no meio da floresta Quando entrei na minha casa... eu tinha a vida no Sul da França, trabalhando com pigmen- toda um ateliê ali me esperando com todas as tos de Lascaux, Pech Merle e Collonges La qualidades que a Záza precisava, as ferramenRouge. As obras foram expostas em outubro tas todas elas espalhadas pela casa. Em 40 dias no Carrousel Du Louvre com obras moldadas eu já subia a rampa do prédio da Bienal para com as mãos, assim como foi o início da arte realizar uma mega exposição em um evento de criativa que lá conheci pessoalmente. arquitetura sustentável com 120 obras, sendo seis delas de mais de um metro. Sigo o instinto e a poesia que sempre escrevi. A arte é uma produção intelectual primorosa, onde as emoções estão inseridas no contexto Se você fosse resumir em poucas palavras o da criação, porém na historia da arte, vemos significado das Artes na sua vida... que muitos artistas são derivados de outros, seguindo técnicas e movimentos artísticos Sem a arte o homem não leria livros, não através do tempo, você possui algum modelo vestiria uma roupa bela e não comeria com ou influencia de algum artista? Quem seria? louças e garfos desenhados. Sem a arte não assinaria documentos não seria nada, não teria Nada se cria do nada e as influências são funnem a vida” Záza Jardim. damentais. No caso da Záza ela já nasce da influência do Zazaismo. Quando você começou efetivamente a produz- Este movimento foi criado por mim Suzana ir ou criar suas obras? Jardim articuladora cultural logo no começo Depois de ter feito um jornal no início do do Fanzine PNOB. Um movimento que tem o

“ “

Z para ser o fim do dicionário. Uma releitura secular do Dadaismo que ao invés de negar o pensamento... reconhece. Em 50 eventos movemos esta intenção em ação e culminou em grandes eventos como o Parangolé no Brasil que em 2006 reuniu mais de 80 artistas em um desfile de arte pública onde sempre todos foram convidados a participar. Teve até chamada de artistas em colunas sociais de grande circulação de São Paulo. Cobertura de TVs inclusive e pós-evento em meia página em um jornal da cidade de São Paulo. Ou seja, se nós somos seres pensantes e temos mãos e pés para movermos o que pensamos, precisamos acreditar nas ferramentas de interpretação do pensamento, seja texto, seja música, seja pintura, seja interpretação. Mas conscientes que temos algo de criação a ser expressado em nossa passagem pela vida. O que te faz levantar e viver o dia? A Záza na realidade é uma continuidade do movimento que veio com esta força mágica de motivação do fazer. O resultado dela ainda está longe de ser previsto. Por enquanto me sinto em plena navegação de desafio de onde posso dar mais um passo em um novo dia que nasce para ser saboreado. Seja no ateliê, seja em um diálogo interessante, seja em dar dicas para alguém que precisa acreditar em algo, seja em dizer bom dia. Assim Záza em três anos realizou mais de 55 exposições no Brasil e no exterior. O que a arte representa para você? (Pois é sabido que muitos artistas usam a arte para expressarem seus sentimentos e impressões de mundo, porém á aqueles que apenas o fazem como forma de hobby ou passatempo, para dar uma pausa no estresse do dia-a-dia). Eu faço por respirar a vida e o que penso enquanto navego no descobrimento do que ela tem para me revelar. Estou disponível para vivenciar e darei o melhor de mim para que seja digno e com as honras da verdade do que sinto.·.

Todo artista tem seu mentor, aquela pessoa a quem você se espelhou, que te incentivou e te inspirou a seguir essa carreira, indo adiante e levando seus sonhos a outros patamares de expressão, quem é essa pessoa e como ela te introduziu no mundo das artes? Tenho vários gênios, como já disse antes, Guy Collet que foi um espeleólogo francês que viveu no Brasil e acompanhei seus últimos anos de vida, com um pouco de seus pensamentos dentre embarcações em escala que produzia, pergaminhos de 1200 1300 franceses que colecionava, com suas conclusões de vivências. Diva Buss que escolheu a reciclagem natural de fibrilas celulósicas sem o uso de químicas que me permitiu conhecer a biologia e os comportamentos desta alquimia e me orienta até hoje em nossos papos de comadres... Fany Faintich que é uma curadora de arte da história do nosso país desde a década de 70 e me adotou como avó, me fez sentir digna de fazer parte da família e muitos outros membros que fazem parte desta confraria digna de dizer que vale a pena ser de verdade.

Photo By Zaza Jardim

Você tem outra atividade além da pintura?Você da aulas, palestras etc.? Como articuladora de arte, empresária ligada e antenada como dizem. Tudo faz parte de tudo, a arte nada seria se não souber se apresentar. Portanto defendo muito a aula de mercado–para artistas. É preciso saber trabalhar em equipe consciente e profissional. Saber o que faz, porque faz, quando fazer, porque e fazer mesmo. Além de ser humana, ou tentar ser, a arte é uma profissão que exige administração, contabilidade, marketing, imprensa, logística de eventos, montagem, desmontagem, manutenção de acervo, pesquisa, estudo. Além disso, tenho projetos em formulação e em desenvolvimento com soluções de tecnologias de reciclagem limpa a nível industrial, ou seja, para implantação coletiva no Brasil e quiçá no mundo. Mas este assunto será apresentado com a solução já resolvida industrialmente e em atividade. Por enquanto o objetivo é abrir este diálogo franco com outros mercados focados na nova matéria prima da fibrila celulósica de forma concreta, como tenho feito quando levo minhas obras para o mercado europeu. Abrir diálogo e me aprimorar como ser humano. Aulas e palestras foram algumas ministradas enquanto tinha ateliê no Brasil, serão realizadas novamente assim que novos projetos sejam implantados. Para mim ainda é só o começo.... Site: http://zazajardim.tumblr.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zaza.jardim

Bio ART - ZaZa Garden By Edmundo Cavalcanti

pigments. The fibrils have different behaviors depending on the age of the paper and the type of fiber it contains. Zaza Every exhibition I go, I find myself more multiplies in density and pigmentation. and more amazed by the Brazilian Art- Magic beyond our eyes. ist Talent, his ability to create new techniques to use new materials, new forms In three years she completed over two and also to be concerned about sustain- thousand works and more than 40 techability, the environment, using natural niques that add up. materials from recycling is always growZaza travels the world where she made ing. the best artwork in her life, gave up the I have found this amazing, talented, and comforts of home and is living for recyvery concerned Artist’s work about the cling the planet, and claims that :

environment, her name Suzana Jardim, We don’t have roots in our feet.” better known as Zaza Jardim, remember this name, it will be the one, when we This conduct allowed her Art to be prospeak of Bio Art and recycling. duced anywhere in the world. In 2012 Know the artist and her revolutionary built a studio in a forest in the South of technique to make art. The works of Bra- France and there produced works with zilian Artist Zaza on papyrus and clay pigments Lascaux, Pech Merle e Colcellulosic Bio Art is now regarded by the longes La Rouge, her focus of study and research, are in the colors of the earth French. and its historical context, whenever naZaza Garden was born after a long road ture around allows her to document naof practical philosophy. Poet thinker, cul- tures fingerprints. She was elected by the tural and social articulator. In only three French ART BIO. years plunged exclusively on paper’s Always using philosophies to document cellulosic fibrils ...Created novelty tech- the alchemist recycling. A seed recycled niques in dealing with the fibrils creating turns into a philosophy of art. Thus it is a new consistency of raw material for the possible to make the art of the fibrils at any time anywhere on the planet. production of art.

Inherited studies of handmade paper and emerged into Brazilian Papyrus, identity created to identify the texture of the work that could not be described, then created a brand that identifies a new raw material to be used as art in full dialogue worldwide. Fulfilled the mission of presenting herworks and results in larger salons of Art in Paris, and this year will be exhibiting at the Carrousel du Louvre, for the third time. The fibril cellulose is the micro fiber that forms the paper. It's this little lint that allows Zaza to plunge into her magnetic

June/2012 Chartrier Ferriere - France July/2012 Helsinki in August / 2012 Carrousel Du Louvre Paris - France October/2012Carrousel Du Louvre Paris France June/2012

and recreate it, transmuting and turn to the world into a different form. Simple people who teach another perspective of life to believe in the next step. To believe that the seed that germinates in the soul will How and when you had your first fertilize and help you resist difficulties until she has the opcontact with Art? portunity to be part of the real My first contact was when I was a Girl world.. Scout, and even in school ... choche, knitting, embroidery, stained glass, as every How did this concern child played with the arts. At age 12 I with recycling, which started writing my own thoughts in books somehow is also a conof poetry manuscripts. At adolescence cern with sustainability? worked at age 14 in a bank, then events I am not guided by fashion, I and made life, art and knowledge an inam guided by instinct. Coincitensive enterprise, culminating at age 22 dentally the actions that hapwith the start of my own company manpened in my life always get aging events in Brazil at conferences and the pleasure of performing a conventions. Launched many names and challenge to be overcome, that renowned writers. In other words, the comes from within. The fact brand ended up being the Art of Business that my art has these features Events in the 90s. was an event convergent withDo you have a Degree in Arts Ed- intentions that came together ucation ? Or How did you discov- in a great puzzle. With pieces that were joined. ered this gift?

I never studied art in my life, but lived with art all my life. There's nobody in my family in this segment. I lived as a curious, pursuing paths as part of the movement of thought, the art of thinking and acting. The world of Zaza Jardim has official Visiting exhibitions, sharpening perrepresentation at AVA GALLERIA head- ception, feeling it and the instinct when quartered in Helsinki - Finland. passed through a gallery, I penetrated, made friends and the doors were opening Some of Her Achievements: and I was deepening my knowledge. Award Tarsila do Amaral of Contempo- I studied marketing and advertising, I rary Art - December/2011 worked in agencies and founded my own, then I studied sociology in order to unMajor Exhibitions derstand the world we live towards sociExpos in Brazil: ety, Bienal building - Arquishow April/2010 What are your main influences? Asia70 - Oct/2010 The feel, I read a lot, studying human beSanta Gula Jan/2011 havior, expression of life, curiosity, perGroceries Jan/2012 sonal challenge, the need to express what Bed Coffee abril/2013 - Cultural Turn SP I felt inside and out.I had some great inWorld Expos fluences in my life, in the form of angels Carrousel Du Louvre - Paris France friends who taught me to see the world

What materials do you use in your work?

Books, newspapers, cardboard boxes, all paper that has the fibril living that allows part of alchemy as one ingredient, with love and the feeling that I have of forming work, realising what I think and what I feel, with the help of water, sun, rain and pigments that are on earth. The thought and the arguments being recycled and transmuted also as part of the creation of this new seed stock for the next generations. Recycling contexts.

Can we say that this work is a mixture of painting with sculpture?

When people ask me if I paint I say I'm painted ! The fibril has a completely different behavior as a juice of news, or acereal composite. Nor is carved, because it is formed or milled by hands that work.

It is in contact with the warmth of hands with a mass of hybrid techniques in which determins its control, concentration of fibrils, body dynamic and calmly deals with the behavior of the fibrils to its stabilization and drying.It combines a lot with the humidity, rain, sun and warmth even temperament by the artist that solves the dialogue with the fibrils while full joint participation in this mutation. The colors already in the works are contained in the pigmented fibrils with over 40 techniques applied. Even with the use of terracotta clay I was able to play with the pigmented ink creating a natural still under study ... I've been applying paint on some of my work but it is too early to say I paint.

How is your creative process itself? What inspires you? a movie, book ... Where does this first impulse to produce started?

The creation process takes place by the same situation, perception of feeling that exudes. I do not base myself in any pre-existing work, since I never had art classes. Even the arts that I studied did not have this raw material produced with their own hands the way you start from nothing, the newspaper we constitute the raw material from, to be worked. So it would be impossible to do something similar to what already exists. So I am free of any reference allowing me to navigate the model that does not exist. In my studio there is no television, no sound, no drugs. Has the air, the smell of rain coming, the heat invading the space, has the wind dropping molds, the bird singing and passing by the workshop.My home studio was disassembled and little moments of my studio are scattered around the world, the latest work was executed in the middle of the forest in the South of France, working with pigments Lascaux, Pech Merle and Collonges La Rouge. The works were exhibited in October at the Carrousel Du Louvre with molded hands, as was the early creative art that I personally met there.

Following instinct and poetry ever written. If you were to summarize in a few words the meaning of the Arts in your life ...


Without art the man we couldn’t read books, couldn’t wear beautiful clothes and couldn’t eat with designed forks and dishes. Without art he couldn’t sign documents, mankind would be nothing, would not have lives Zaza Jardim”.

opportunity to perform over 50 events with exhibitions, books, shows and all the tools of expression of thought was put into practice. There I united myths and anonymous, documenting everything that was happening around me in all these senses. I had the opportunity to dive with my hands and mind in the Brazilian culture in full public dialogue, The Fanzine P NO B. In this way I met and documented Diva Buss, met geniuses, Diva is the missionary of Handmade and paper Artizan in Brazil. When I met her, introduced by his sister Yara, I was immediately invited to exhibit at an event at the Journal. We became friends and after seven years of friendship I felt that one day the friendship could be lost and I would not have learned to make paper, so I called her and asked. Diva teach me how to make paper? It was early 2010 and I've felt that a new stage of my life had started. Then created Artola Recycled, Zaza Jardim from A to Z. When I walked into my house ... I had all my life in a studio there waiting for me with all the qualities needed by Zaza, the tools were all over the place. In 40 days I climbed the slope for the Bienal, building to perform a mega display at an event for sustainable architecture with 120 work pieces, six of them of more than one meter long.

Art is an exquisite intellectual production, where emotions are embedded in the context of creation, but in art history, we see that many artists are derived from other, following technical and artistic movements through time, you have any models or influences fromsome artists? Who would it be?

When you started to produce or Nothing is created from nothing, and effectively create your work? the influences are paramount. In the

I have done a newspaper at the begin- case of Zaza she is born of the influning of the millennium, which ques- ence of Zazaismo.This movement was tioned "What you think" I had the

created by me Suzana Jardim cultural articulator in the Fanzine P no B. A movement that has to be in the A to Z order. A re reading of the secular Dadaism that instead of denying the thought ... recognizes it. In 50 events we moved this intention into action and resulted in major events. The Parangolé in Brazil in 2006, brought together more than 80 artists in a show of public art where they were all invited to participate. There were social columns, articles in papers of wide circulation of São Paulo, TV coverage and post-event news also in newspapers in the city of São Paulo. That is, if we are thinking beings and we have hands and feet to move we need to believe in the interpretation tools of thought, whether is text, music, painting, and even interpretation. But aware that we have something creative to be expressed in our passage through life.

What makes you get up and live out the day?

reveal to me. I am available to experi- projects in formulating and developing ence and give my best to be worthy and solutions with clean recycling technolhonor the truth of what I feel. ·. ogies at industrial level, to implement Every artist has its mentor, the collective in Brazil and perhaps in the person to whom you mirrored, world. But this matter will be resolved with the solution already industrially you're encouraged and inspired active. you to pursue this career, going For now the goal is to open this dialog ahead and taking your dreams with other markets focused on new fito new heights of expression, bril cellulose raw materials in a concrete manner, as I have done when I who that person is and how it took my work to the European market. introduced you to the art world Opened dialogue and improved myself as a human being.Classes and lectures ? I have several geniuses, as I said be- were given while I had a studio in Brafore, Guy Collet which was a French- zil, and will be held again as new projman who lived in Brazil and I followed ects are implemented. his last years of life, with some of his To me it is still only the beginning .... thoughts among vessels that produced Site: http://zazajardim.tumblr.com/ scale, scrolls of the 1200 and 1300 Facebook: French, who collected conclusions of https://www.facebook.com/zaza.jardim experiences. Diva Buss who chose the natural recycling of cellulosic fibrils without the use of chemicals that allowed me to better understand the bio logy and behavior of this alchemy and guides me to this day in our conversations of gossips ... Fany Faintich which is an art curator in the history of our country since the 70s and adopted me as a grandmother, made me feel worthy to be part of the family and many other members who are part of this brotherhood worthy to say that is real.

Zaza is actually a continuation of the movement that came with this magical force of motivation. The result of it is still far from expected. For now I feel a full navigation challenge where I can take another step in a new day is born to be savored. I am still young! Be in the studio, or in a dialogue to offer advice to someone who needs to be- Do you have another job believe in something, ot to just say good sides painting? Do you give lesmorning. So Zaza in three years held sons, lectures etc..? more than 55 exhibitions in Brazil and As an organizer of art, business womabroad, but there is a lot more to come! an. Everything is a part of everything, What does art mean to you? art would be nothing if you do not (For it is known that many art- know how to present it. I believe in ists use art to express their feel- marketing education for artists. You need to learn to work in teams with ings and impressions of the conscious professional. Knowing what world, but those who will only to do, because they do, when to do, and do so as a hobby or pastime, to why to do it. In addition to being hutake a break from the stress of man, or try to be, art is a profession that requires administration, accountday-to-day). ing, marketing, press, event logistics, I breathe life and what I think while I assembly, disassembly, maintenance of surf the discovery of what it has to be collections, research, study. Also, I have

Patricia Moura www.facebook.com/patriciamoura.biojoias www.patriciamoura.com

Olá pessoal! Aqui estou novamente e, desta vez, para falar de mulheres incríveis que vivem e trabalham intimamente conectadas com a proposta de vida sustentável

THIANA SANTOS é pernambucana, artista plástica, especializada no reuso de garrafas PET. É referencia nacional quando se trata da produção a partir das garrafas plásticas, desenvolvendo capacitação e exposições em vários estados brasileiros e no exterior, a exemplo da Holanda, El Salvador, Inglaterra, Colômbia. As primeiras experiências com as garrafas plásticas (PET), surgiram a partir da sua necessidade de buscar novos materiais e da observação de grande quantidade desse material descartado no lixo urbano. Para ela, sustentabilidade e cuidado com o meio ambiente, são questões fundamentais no trabalho que realiza: “Acredito que o artista/designer tem um compromisso, além da inovação e originalidade, com a prática de projetos e processos de produção responsáveis.

Conversei com três brasileiras que considero ícones quando se trata de trabalhar com sustentabilidade do nosso planeta e em seu benefício. Gente que entende a importância de atuar, como cidadã e profissional, dentro da proposta do viver melhor.

MARIA ZANATTA é paranaense, trabalha com consultoria ambiental atuando nas áreas de remediação ambiental, gerenciamento de risco, gestão de resíduos sólidos, licenciamento ambiental, projeto de recuperação de áreas degradadas, plano de controle ambiental, projetos executivos de aterro sanitário, plano de saneamento básico, além de ser voluntária no Centro de Direitos Humanos de Londrina, no SALVO - Serviço Ambiental Voluntário de Londrina e no Setorial de Meio Ambiente do PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores/ Londrina) e ainda encontra tempo para desenvolver suas ecobijoux – Coisas de Maria- onde procura agregar materiais naturais e industriais que pram a legislação ambiental Brasileira. MARIA ZANATTA: www.coisasdemariabijoux.blogspot.com.br www.solidarium.net/loja/coisas-de-maria-ecobijoux

Acredito que o designer tem um papel importante nesse processo de conscientização do consumidor responsável e por isso, temos o dever de desenvolver produtos de Upcycling é o processo de transformar resíduos ou produtos inúteis e des- qualidade, aliado ao compromisso com as cartáveis em novos materiais ou produtos de maior valor, uso ou qualidade. questões ambientais”. Utiliza materiais no fim de vida útil na mesma forma que ele está no lixo para dar uma nova utilidade. Ao contrário da reciclagem, que usa energia para destruir a forma e então transformar em algo novo.

THIANA SANTOS: www.tianasantos.blogspot.com.br

PATRÍCIA MOURA- De que forma você atua? Conte-nos um pouco sobre sua experiência no desenvolvimento da ação social. MARIA ZANATTA: Participando da elaboração e/ou implantação de políticas públicas ambientais. Atuando em fóruns, conselhos, audiências públicas. THIANA SANTOS: O trabalho que venho realizando está dentro do conceito socio-ambiental, pois alia as questões ambientais e sociais ao mesmo tempo. Compro aos catadores de lixo, as garrafas pet e outros materiais como as latas de alumínio, desta forma estou colaborando com a geração de renda dessas pessoas. Outra forma de trabalhar o social é através das oficinas e palestras que venho realizando junto a comunidades menos favorecidas, geralmente a convite de prefeituras e outras instituições governamentais ou particulares. MAYARA PIMENTEL: Atuamos em ações sociais que envolvem trabalho e geração de renda em comunidades carentes. Atualmente trabalhamos com mulheres de diversas comunidades graças à parceria firmada com a ONG CUFA - Centro Unificado das Favelas - capacitando e promovendo geração de renda através do trabalho MAYARA PIMENTEL está à frente, junto com a prima e sócia com costura, promovendo significativas mudanças na vida de muitas desPatrícia Brito, das marcas 2Primas e Pimentel Confecções. sas mulheres.

Trabalham com moda consciente feminina e a produção das roupas é desenvolvida a partir do processo de gestão sustentável, com a contratação de mulheres das comunidades, associações e facções formalizadas para confecção das peças feitas com material orgânico, tecido em PET, além de outros materiais e processos que preservam o meio ambiente, sem deixar de ser economicamente viável. MAYARA PIMENTEL: www.pimentelconfeccao.com.br - www.2primas.wordpress.com

PATRÍCIA MOURA- Sabemos que a atuação profissional com responsabilidade social é bem vista pela sociedade, mas de que forma influencia na sua vida pessoal? MARIA ZANATTA: Praticamente em toda minha rotina, pois procuro

consumir, o máximo possível, produtos onde está presente a responsabilidade social individual ou corporativa.

do, bem de uso comum do povo e essencial à sadia qualidade de vida, impondo-se ao poder público e à coletividade o dever de defendê-lo e preservá-lo para as presentes e futuTHIANA SANTOS: Ganhamos to- ras gerações. dos. Ao desenvolver uma oficina, por exemplo, sempre existe uma troca. MAYARA PIMENTEL: Não acrediLevamos o conhecimento e sempre to na responsabilidade social apenas trazemos uma palavra de agradeci- como governamental. As oportunimento. Muitas vezes aprendemos dades são as mesmas, mas dentro algo também, um olhar diferente so- da educação que cada um recebe e bre o processo, uma pequena obser- sabe aproveitar de forma diferente, vação, há sempre uma troca! transformam-se vidas e essa responsabilidade não podemos tirar de cada MAYARA PIMENTEL: A satisfação brasileiro, inclusive de quem está pessoal está na troca que temos com sendo beneficiado, no nosso caso, essas mulheres carentes de trabalho. mulheres costureiras e empresa. O fato de poder levar esperança nos projetos de vida de cada uma, já paga PATRÍCIA MOURA: É possível mutodo trabalho que envolve preparar dar o mundo? O que fica de aprenessas mulheres para produzirem com dizado? qualidade e profissionalismo. MARIA ZANATTA: Claro que é. Desde quando comecei a atuar na PATRÍCIA MOURA - Boa parte da conscientização de práticas ambiensociedade considera que a responsa- tais sustentáveis, já vi muita mudanbilidade social é uma obrigação do ça. A mudança é urgente. O planeta governo. Por que o cidadão atuar necessita da nossa contribuição pescomo agente de transformação so- soal. cial? THIANA SANTOS: Precisamos formar consumidores conscientes, MARIA ZANATTA: Eu considero a pequenas ações, grandes mudanças. responsabilidade social obrigação de Basta cada um fazer a sua parte. todos, pois se ignorarmos um cida- Informação não nos falta, temos que dão ou uma comunidade, sem com- compartilhar, fazer chegar a todos, partilhar nossos conhecimentos e pois cada um tem um papel imporpráticas, estamos nos excluindo da tante neste processo de mudança. vida do nosso país. MAYARA PIMENTEL: Desde que mundo é mundo há diferenças sociais THIANA SANTOS: O brasileiro de- e degradação ambiental, mas acreveria colocar em prática o que diz a ditamos na forma de agir conscinossa Constituição Federal: ente. Em tudo que fizer pense no Constituição Federal próximo, no planeta e nas conseCapítulo VI quências de suas escolhas; e essas VI - DO MEIO AMBIENTE (ART. escolhas envolve inclusive o que 225)Texto do Capítulo você vai comer, o que vai vestir Art. 225. Todos têm direito ao meio hoje. Pense nisso. ambiente ecologicamente equilibra-

healthy environment transformation & social responsibility


Bio Art - Bio Joias

Patricia Moura - Sustainainability-Urgent Environmental Changes Hello everybody!

Here I am again, and this time to talk about amazing women who live and work intimately connected with the proposed sustainable living. I talked with three Brazilian considered icons when it comes to working with the sustainability of our planet and for their benefit. People who understand the importance of acting as a citizen and professional, within the proposal to live better. MARIA ZANATTA from Paraná, works with environmental consultancy working in the areas of environmental remediation, risk management, solid waste management, environmental permitting, project reclamation, environmental control plan, executive projects for landfill, sanitation plan in addition to volunteer at the Center for Human Rights in Londrina, SALVO - Environmental Services and the Voluntary Sector Londrina Environment for PT (Workers' Party / Londrina) and still finds time to develop their ecobijoux Things Mary-where she seeks to add natural and industrial materials that comply with the Brazilian environmental legislation.

For her, sustainability and care for the environment are key issues in the work she does: "I believe that the artist / designer has a commitment, with innovation and originality, with practical projects and processing responsible production. I believe the designer has an important role in this process of consumer awareness and responsibility therefore has a duty to develop quality products, combined with the commitment to environmental issues. " MAYARA PIMENTEL is ahead, along with her cousin and partner Patricia Brito, of the trademarks 2Primas and Pimentel Clothes. Working with fashion conscious women and the production of clothing is developed from the process of sustainable management with the hiring of women in the communities, associations and factions formalized for the manufacturing of parts made with organic material, PET fabric, and other materials and processes that preserve the environment, while being economically viable. PATRICIA MOURA-How do you play? Tell us a little about your experience in the development of social action. MARIA ZANATTA: Participating in the preparation and / or implementation of environmental policies. Acting on forums, councils, public hearings.

rating with this generation income. Another form of social work is through workshops and lectures. I have accomplished a lot workinf closely with disadvantaged communities, often by invitation of municipalities and other governmental institutions or individuals. MAYARA PIMENTEL: We operate in actions involving social work and income generation in poor communities. We currently work with women from diverse communities thanks to the partnership with the NGO CUFA - Unified Center Slums - enabling and promoting income generation through working with sewing, promoting significant changes in the lives of many of these women. PATRICIA MOURA-We know that the professional social responsibility is well regarded by society, but how it influences your personal life? MARIA ZANATTA: Virtually all my routine, because I try to consume as much as possible, which is present products to individual and corporate social responsibility. THIANA SANTOS: We are all winners. When developing a workshop, for example, there is always an exchange. We take the knowledge and always bring a word of thanks. Often we learn something too, a different look in the process, a small observation, there is always an exchange!

THIANA SANTOS is from Pernambuco, specialized in reuse of PET bottles. Her national reference comes from the production from plastic bottles, developing training and with exhibitions in several Brazilian states and abroad, such as the Netherlands, THIANA SANTOS: The work I El Salvador, England, Colombia. have been doing is within the environmental concept, since it com The first experiments with plastic bines the environmental and sobottles (PET), arose from her need cial issues at the same time. I buy to seek new materials and observ- from the garbage collectors, PET ing a large quantity of this mate- bottles and other materials such MAYARA PIMENTEL: Personal rial discarded in municipal waste. as aluminum cans, so I'm collabo- satisfaction is the exchange we

have with these women in need of work. Being able to bring hope to their lives is the compensation to all the work that involves preparing these women to produce with quality and professionalism. PATRICIA MOURA- Much of society believes that social responsibility is an obligation of the government. Why is the citizen acting as an agent of social transformation? ZANATTA MARIA: I consider social responsibility obligation of all because if we ignore a citizen or a community, without sharing our knowledge and practices, we are excluding the life of our country.

THIANA SANTOS:Brazilians should put into practice what our Constitution says: Constitution Chapter VI

VI - THE ENVIRONMENT (Art. 225)Text Chapter Article 225. Everyone has the right to an ecologically balanced environment and the common use and essential to a healthy quality of life, imposing on government and society the duty to defend it and preserve it for present and future generations. MAYARA PIMENTEL: I don’t believe in social responsibility asgovernmental. The opportunities are the same, but depends on the education that each one receives and learn how to enjoy them differently, transforming lives and we can’t take this responsibility away from Brazilians, including those being benefited, in our case, women seamstresses and companies.   PATRICIA MOURA- Can you change the world? Was the lesson learned?

MARIA ZANATTA: Sure you can. Since I started to work on raising awareness of sustainable environmental practices, I've seen a lot of change. The change is urgent. The planet needs our personal contribution. THIANA SANTOS: We need to form conscious consumers, small actions, big changes. Just each one doing their part. No information is lacking, we have to share, to reach everyone, because everyone has an important role in this process of change. MAYARA PIMENTEL: Since the world is world social differences and environmental degradation, exist but we believe in an order to act consciously. In everything you do reflects on the planet and the consequences of their choices, and those choices involves what you will eat, what to wear today. Think about it.

Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce Nossarelations Missão and partnerships in the exists to facilitate business A missão da Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce Brazilian Community. é facilitar o relacionamento e parcerias comerciais, para criar ou incrementar o Ourcomércio main goal is to create or seus increaseDomestic e investimentos entre membros. Commerce,7512 International Commerce and Investments Dr. Philipd Blvd #50-354 Orlando, FL 32819 407 690-9722 among our members. www.cfbacc.com

www.cfbacc.com Ph # 407-610-7158







«Munch 150» – Munch Exhibition of the Century in Oslo On 2 June the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design and the Munch Museum are combined forces in Oslo to stage the most comprehensive Munch exhibition ever. Apex of the Anniversary Edvard Munch was born in 1863, and 2013 marks the Norwegian artist’s 150th jubilee. The height of the celebration is the anniversary exhibition «Munch 150». The exhibition’s goal is to provide as complete unified and comprehensive presentation of Munch’s art and artistry as possible, with over 270 works displayed at the exhibition venues the National Gallery and the Munch Museum. Visitors will be treated to an array of Munch’s major works as well as less known treasures. “Our main objective is to celebrate Edvard Munch, but we also want to expand knowledge, curiosity and

enthusiasm for Munch’s life and art, locally, nationally and internationally,” says Munch Museum Director Stein Olav Henrichsen.

lows his art more or less chronologically and provides a running overview of his life’s work. The presentation is also thematically structured. A core theme is Munch’s changing depictions of himself and how he repeated and reworked certain motifs.

“Munch is solidly place in the canon of modernism with works like The Scream and The Sun. We’ve taken a fresh look at his response to modernistic issues, such One exhibition, two venues as the relationship between The exhibition emanates art and reality, the posi- from long-term cooperation tion of the individual in the world, the modern role of the artist and art’s impact on the public,” says Audun Eckhoff, the director of the National Museum. Over 60 years of Munch’s art The comprehensive perspective on Munch’s work is reflected in the exhibition’s structure. The works cover a period of over 60 years, from his debut as a 20-year-old in 1883 until he put his brushes down for good just before his death in 1944. The exhibition fol-

between the Munch Museum and the National Museum. The two museums have the world’s most extensive collections of Munch’s works and are in a league of their own for any presentation of this magnitude.

lery, while Munch’s works from 1904–1944 are represented at the Munch Museum. However, the exhibition would not be possible without loans of work from public and private owners the world over.

This is also why the exhibition is necessarily divided between two sites. The period 1882–1903 is being exhibited at the National Gal-

Edvard Munch: Livets dans / Dance of Life, 1899-­-1900 Olje på lerret / Oil on canvas 125 x 191 cm National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo NG.M.000941 (Woll M 464) © Munch Museum / Munch-­ -Ellingsen Group / BONO, Oslo 2013 Photo: © Børre Høs

Apex do Aniversário

Edvard Munch: Selvportrett med sigarett / Self-­-Portrait with Cigarette, 1895 Olje på lerret / Oil on canvas 110.5 x 85.5 cm National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo NG.M.00470 (Woll M 382) © Munch Museum / Munch-­Ellingsen Group / BONO, Os

1883, até que ele colocou seus pincéis para descansar bem antes de sua morte em 1944. A exposição segue sua arte mais ou menos em ordem cronológica e fornece uma visão geral de execução de obra de sua vida. A apresentação também é tematicamente estruturada. O tema central de Munch é o das disrepresentações de si mesmo e como ele repetiu e retrabalhou certos motivos.

Edvard Munch nasceu em 1863, e 2013 marca o jubileu de 150 anos do artista norueguês. O auge da festa é a exposição de aniversário «Munch 150». O objetivo da exposição é proporcionar uma apresentação unificada e abrangente da completa arte de Munch, com mais de 270 trabalhos expostos nos locais de exposições da Galeria Nacional e do Museu Munch. Os visitantes serão brindados com Uma exposição, dois espaços uma série de grandes obras de Munch, A exposição emana de cooperação a bem como tesouros menos conhecidos. longo prazo entre o Museu Munch e do Museu Nacional. Os dois museus "Nosso principal objetivo é celebrar têm mais extensas colecções do munEdvard Munch, mas também quere- do de obras de Munch e estão em uma Edvard Munch: Stjernenatt / Starry Night, 1922-24 Olje på lerret mos ampliar o conhecimento, a curio- liga própria para qualquer apresenta/ Oil on canvas 120.5 x 100 cm Munch Museum, Oslo MM M 32 sidade e o entusiasmo pela vida e pela ção desta magnitude. (Woll M 1452) © Munch Museum / Munch-­-Ellingsen Group / arte de Munch, a nível local, nacional BONO, Oslo 2013 Photo: © Munch Museum e internacional", diz a diretora do É também por isso a exposição é necesMuseu Munch Stein Olav Henrichsen. sariamente dividida entre dois sites. O período de 1882-1903 está sendo "Munch está solidamente colocado exibida na Galeria Nacional, enquanno cânone do modernismo com obras to seus trabalhos a partir de 1904como O Grito e O Sol. Nós temos uma 1944 estão representados no Museu visao nova em sua resposta a questões Munch. No entanto, a exposição não da modernidade, tais como a relação seria possível sem os empréstimos dos entre arte e realidade, a posição do in- trabalhos de proprietários públicos e divíduo no mundo, o papel moderno privados em todo o mundo. do artista e o impacto da arte sobre o Source: público ", diz Audun Eckhoff, o dire- The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design tor do Museu Nacional. Mais de 60 anos de arte de Munch A perspectiva abrangente sobre a obra de Munch é refletida na estrutura da Edvard Munch: Selvportrett foran husveggen / Self-­-Portraitexposição. As obras abrangem um in Front of the House Wall, 1926 Olje på lerret / Oil on período de mais de 60 anos, desde sua canvas 91.5 x 73 cm Munch Museum, Oslo MM 318 (Woll estréia como ha 20 anos de idade, em M 1580) © Munch Museum / Munch-­-Ellingsen Group /

Edvard Munch: Skrik / The Scream, 1893 Tempera og fettstift på papplate / Tempera and crayon on cardboard 91 x 73.5 cm National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo NG.M.00939 BONO, Oslo 2013 Photo: © Munch Mus (Woll M 333) © Munch Museum / Munch-­-Ellingsen Group /

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine New York

I have a strong force in my heart, and whenever I enter the House of God, my heart fills with such emotion that I get on my knees and thank him for everything he has given me, including the emotion and divine opportunity to visit this magnificent Church, that touched me so deep in the heart

The walls were built around eight massive 130-ton, 50-foot (15 m) granite columns, sourced from Vinalhaven, Maine and said to be the largest in the world.

the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Subsequently construction on the cathedral was halted, because the then-bishop felt that the church’s funds would better be spent on works of charity, and because the United States’ subsequent involvement with the Second World War greatly limited available manpower.

The columns, which were transported to New York on a specially constructed barge towed by the large steam tug Clara Clarita, took more than a year The mixed Architectural work to install. Although Cram intended to disis splendid, and as you look at mantle the dome and construct the entrance, is where the larg- The first services were held in a massive Gothic tower in its est amount of detailed work is the crypt, under the crossing place, this plan was never realas you will be able to see in the in 1899.The Ardolino brothers ized. The result is that the Capictures. It was a real experience, from Torre di Nocelli, Italy, did thedral reflects a mixture of arthat everyone should try. much of the stone carving work chitectural styles, with a Gothic on the statues designed by the nave, a Romanesque crossing If for any reason you are in NY, English sculptor John Angel. under the dome; chapels in find time to visit this wonder- After the large central dome French, English and Spanish ful place of worship, it is one of made of Guastavino tile was Gothic styles, as well as Norman the oldest and we gathered some completed in 1909, the original and Byzantine; Gothic choir more information for you. Byzantine-Romanesque design stalls, and Roman arches and was changed to a Gothic design. columns separating the high alConstruction on the cathedral tar and ambulatory. was begun with the laying of Increasing friction after the prethe cornerstone on December mature death of Heins in 1907 The Very Reverend James Parks 27, 1892, St. John’s Day, when ultimately led the Trustees to Morton, who became dean of Bishop Henry Potter hit the dismiss the surviving architect, the cathedral in 1972, fostered stone three times with a mallet Christopher Grant LaFarge, projects to enable it to become and said and hire the noted Gothic Reviv- “a holy place for the whole al architect Ralph Adams Cram city”and encouraged a revival Other foundation can to design the nave and “Gothi- in the construction of the Cathecize” what LaFarge had already dral. In 1979 the then bishop, no man lay, than that is built. In 1911, the choir and the the Right Reverend Paul Moore, laid which is Jesus Christ.”. crossing were opened, and the Jr., decided that construction foundation for Cram’s nave be- should be continued, in part to The foundations were complet- gan to be excavated in 1916. preserve the crafts of stonemaed at enormous expense, largely sonry by training neighborhood because bedrock was not struck The Cathedral was opened end- youths, thus providing them until the excavation had reached to-end for the first time on No- with a valuable skill. 72 feet (22 m). vember 30, 1941, a week before

In 1979, Mayor Ed Koch quipped first hundred years.” during the dedication ceremony, One architect who worked for Cram and Ferguson as a young “I am told that some of the man, John Thomas Doran, great cathedrals took over eventually became a full partfive hundred years to build. ner. (Cram and Ferguson beBut I would like to remind came known as Hoyle, Doran and Berry. The firm exists today you that we are only in our as HDB/ Cram and Ferguson).

At 80, John Doran is among the last architects able to draw Gothic plans - the difficult style is not taught in schools. He is helping St. John's new generation of builders. "Nothing I've done," Doran says, "has held my interest like the cathedral. Everything since then has just been making a living."

These chapels are known as the “Chapels of the Tongues”, and they are devoted to St. Ansgar, patron of Denmark, who is venerated as an apostle to the Scandinavian countries; St. Boniface, apostle of the Germans; St. Columba, patron of Ireland and Scotland; St. Savior (Holy Savior), devoted to immigrants from the east, especially AfConstruction on the south tower resumed rica and Asia; St. Martin of Tours, patron for some years in the 1980s, during which of the French; St. Ambrose, patron of Italy; campaign another 50 feet (15 m) of height and St. James, patron of Spain. was added, in limestone rather than the granite of the original construction. Fol- The designs of the chapels are meant to re lowing the abandonment of this initia- present each of the seven most prominent tive, the scaffolding that had been erected ethnic groups to first immigrate to New around the south tower remained, rusting York City upon the opening of Ellis Island away (until it was removed in the summer in 1892, the same year the Cathedral was of 2007). begun. Under master stone carvers Simon Verity and Jean Claude Marchionni, work on the statuary of the central portal of the Cathedral's western façade was completed in 1997.The Cathedral has since seen no further construction, and the new generation of trained stonecarvers has gone on to other projects.

In the center, just beyond the crossing, is the large, raised High Altar, behind which is a wrought iron enclosure containing the Gothic style tomb of the man who originally conceived and founded the cathedral, The Right Reverend Horatio Potter, D.D., LL.D., D.C.L., Bishop of New York. Later Episcopal bishops of New York, and other notables of the church, are entombed in On December 18, 2001, a substantial fire side chapels. destroyed the north transept and covered the pipe organ with soot. Directly below there is a large hall in the basement, used regularly to feed the poor Saint John the Divine is an example of the and homeless, and for meetings, and multi13th century High Gothic style of northern ple crypts. On the grounds of the cathedral, France. The Cathedral is 601 feet (186 me- toward the south, are several buildings (inters) in length, and the nave ceiling reach- cluding a Synod Hall and the The Cathedral es 124 feet (37.7 m) high. It is the longest School of St. John the Divine), and a BibliGothic nave in the United States, at 230 feet cal garden, as well as a large bronze work (70 m). At the west end of the nave, installed of public art by the cathedral’s sculptor-inby stained glass artist Charles Connick and residence, Greg Wyatt, known as the Peace constructed out of 10,000 pieces of glass, is Fountain, which has been both strongly the largest rose window in the U.S. Seven praised and strongly criticized. chapels radiating from the ambulatory behind the choir are each in a distinctive na- 1047 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025 tionalistic style, some of them borrowing www.stjohndivine.org from outside the Gothic vocabulary. Source, Wiki, NYTimes - Photos Hotspotorlando

High Line y t i C k r o Y w e N The High Line is a 1-mile (1.6 km) New York City linear park built on a 1.45-mile (2.33 km) section of the former elevated New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line, which runs along the lower west side of Manhattan; it has been redesigned and planted as an aerial greenway.

Yet so many accidents occurred between freight trains and other traffic that 10th Avenue became known as “Death Avenue”. After years of public debate about the hazard, in 1929 the city and the state of New York and the New York Central Railroad agreed on the West Side Improvement Project, which included the High Line. The 13mile (21 km) project eliminated 105 streetlevel railroad crossings and added 32 acres (13 ha) to Riverside Park. It cost over $150 million, about $2 billion in 2009 dollars.

A similar project in Paris (the nearly 3 mile Promenade plantée, completed in 1993) was the inspiration for this project. The High Line Park currently runs from Gansevoort Street, three blocks below West 14th Street, in the Meatpacking District, up to 30th Street, through the neighborhood of Chel- The High Line opened to trains in 1934. It sea to the West Side Yard, near the Javits originally ran from 34th Street to St. John’s Convention Center. Park Terminal, at Spring Street. It was designed to go through the center of blocks, The recycling of the railway into an urban rather than over the avenue, to avoid the park has spurred real estate development in drawbacks of elevated trains. the neighborhoods which lie along the line It connected directly to factories and wareIn 1847, the City of New York authorized houses, allowing trains to roll right inside street-level railroad tracks down Manhat- buildings. Milk, meat, produce, and raw tan’s West Side. For safety, the railroads and manufactured goods could be transhired men – the “West Side Cowboys” – to ported and unloaded without disturbing ride horses and wave flags in front of the traffic on the streets trains.

As you walk through the High Line you can feel the aroma of cumin that is planted all over the border line. It gives you the impression of being in another place but with great views of NY. Sceneries of the best areas, with great murals and beautiful architecture The High Line gave the neighborhood a new fresh look, and a huge upgrade. There is no doubt that the project needs to be completed, in its final phase, as all residents of NY have e been expected for years.

High Line

Coach, Inc. and Friends of the High Line Announce $5 Million Gift from the Coach Foundation to the Campaign for the High Line High Line at the Rail Yards feature to be named "Coach Passage"

New $5 Million Gift Will Support Construction of the High Line at the Rail Yards, Add to the High Line's Endowment to Sustain the Park's Maintenance and Operations Coach, Inc. and Friends of the High Line today announced that the Coach Foundation has made a $5 million gift to the Campaign for the High Line, a fundraising effort to open the High Line at the Rail Yards (the final, undeveloped section of the High Line) and build an endowment to sustain the park's long-term maintenance and operations. The Coach Foundation's gift to the High Line represents Coach's continued commitment to the neighborhood it has called home since the company's founding in 1941. Coach's new global headquarters will be located in Hudson Yards, a 26-acre, mixeduse site located between West 30th and West 34th Streets, and 10th and 12th Avenues.

The Hudson Yards district encompasses the single largest piece of undeveloped property in Manhattan and will be the biggest development that has been realized since Rockefeller Center, with the High Line at the Rail Yards wrapping around the site. Coach, Inc. will be the anchor tenant in Hudson Yards' South Tower, occupying 15 stories and 740,000 square feet. The South Tower is the new, 47-story, 1.7 million square foot building currently under construction at West 30th Street and 10th Avenue; the first scheduled to be completed in Hudson Yards and projected to open in June, 2015.

"With this gift, Coach demonstrates its incredible leadership and commitment to the development of the Hudson Yards neighborhood," said Robert Hammond, Co-Founder, Friends of the High Line. "We extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to Coach for its support.

for construction to move ahead. The City of New York and Friends of the High Line held a groundbreaking ceremony in September, 2012, to mark the start of work on the project's first phase, which is projected to be complete in 2014. The High Line at the Rail Yards is being designed by James Corner Field Operations, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, and Piet Oudolf - the same designers behind the first two sections of the High Line park - along with a team of structural engineers, lighting designers, electrical and mechanical experts, and other construction specialists.

We are now closer to our goal of building an endowment and securing the much-needed support for the final section of the High Line. Once the entire freight rail structure is complete and open to the public, the High Line will provide an historic link, connecting our city's industrial past with the new development planned for the Hudson The Campaign for the High Line is a funThe South Tower will straddle the High Yards, for future generations of New York- draising effort by Friends of the High Line Line on West 30th Street, resulting in a new ers to enjoy." and was recently advanced by a $20 million semi-enclosed passageway to be the largpledge from the Diller - von Furstenberg est covered area on the High Line when the Frankfort added: "The High Line is an ex- Family Foundation, a $5 million pledge park opens in 2014. The passageway will be traordinary example of energetic and pio- from The Tiffany & Co. Foundation, and a named the "Coach Passage" in recognition neering spirit that has driven the city's on- $5 million pledge from two long-time supof the Coach Foundation's essential contri- going economic revival. It is a great honor porters of the High Line, Donald Pels and bution to the High Line and the neighbor- for Coach to support this type of innovation, Wendy Keys. With Coach's $5 million gift, hood it has served for over 70 years. one that brings neighborhoods and people Friends of the High Line has raised $99 miltogether and reflects Coach's deeply root- lion toward its $125 million campaign goal. "As a quintessential New York brand and ed core values of community major employer and collaboration." in the City, Coach has been part of In addition to supporting the City's economy the High Line's endowment, since its founding. Coach's $5 million gift will We are proud to help finance the transformacontribute to the tion of the High Line at the historic develop- Rail Yards into public open ment and vibrant future of New York's next space. This stretch of the elgreat neighborhood, the same neighbor- evated railway, which is still hood we've called home for more than half overgrown with self-seeded a century," said Lew Frankfort, Chairman grasses and wildflowers that and Chief Executive Officer of Coach, Inc. grew up when the freight "The Coach Foundation's gift is a concrete trains stopped running in expression of Coach's ongoing commitment the 1980s, was donated by to the development of the High Line, and CSX Transportation, Inc. demonstrates our confidence in the future to the City of New York in of the Hudson Yards community.� July, 2012, paving the way

About Art & Auto Land Rover and Architectural Digest Unveil One-Of-A-Kind Art Installation Inspired by Aluminum Structure of the 2013 Range Rover • Art installation manipulates light-weight, extremely strong aluminum to elevate luxury SUV

make up the 2013 Range Rover vehi- McCullough, Brand Vice President, cle, and features the vehicle through Land Rover North America. an evocative, interactive experience. “This spectacular public art instalThe public art installation, titled lation speaks to the physical propClimbing Up and created by HWKN erties of high-strength aluminum, founders Matthias Hollwich and as well as the design aesthetic of the Marc Kushner, incorporate many of 2013 Range Rover and we’re excited • Installation designers, Matthias the same aluminum materials that to see how it draws attention and Hollwich and March Kushner of make up the 2013 Range Rover vehi- discussion to our next generation HWKN, discuss concept inspiration in a two-part video • Video Part 1 ; Video Part 2 Land Rover North America has teamed up with Architectural Digest and the New York-based design firm Hollwich Kushner (HWKN) to create a one-of-a-kind public art installation, inspired by the aluminum body of the 2013 Range Rover vehicle. The installation was on display, in New York City’s Meatpacking District. The public art installation, titled Climbing Up and created by HWKN founders Matthias Hollwich and Marc Kushner, incorporate many of the same aluminum materials that make up the 2013 Range Rover vehicle, and features the vehicle through an evocative, interactive experience. “The all aluminum structure of the Photo designboom 2013 Range Rover allowed Land Rover to shed 700 pounds from the cle, and features the vehicle through Range Rover.” outgoing model; an evocative, interactive experience. Utilizing aluminum rivet-bonds, the The public art installation, titled “The all aluminum structure of the installation’s design is tied to the Climbing Up and created by HWKN 2013 Range Rover allowed Land 2013 Range Rover vehicle’s form, founders Matthias Hollwich and Rover to shed 700 pounds from the picking up on three distinct lines Marc Kushner, incorporate many of outgoing model; making it faster that define the vehicle’s iconic dethe same aluminum materials that and more fuel efficient,” said Kim sign. In developing the installation,

HWKN used a series of plates to create a triangulated structure spine that supports the car, which will rest at a dramatic angle. The effect, say Hollwich and Kushner, is that the car will seemingly be in motion even as it sits atop the structure. “We were inspired by the assembly, form and performance of the 2013 Range Rover and that dictated everything we did,” Hollwich said.

focused community, while conveying the essence of the Land Rover brand.”

Land Rover’s media buying agency, Mindshare, teamed the luxury automotive brand up with Architectural Digest who had the relationship with HWKN. The architectural firm then collaborated with partners Neverstop, an experiential agency, and Acer, a Toronto-based fabricator charged with the installation’s construction, to create the structure “The design that was unveiled on June 6 at the of the ve- intersection of 9 Avenue and West 14 hicle itself Street in Manhattan. is so rooted in architec- The 2013 Land Rover Range Rover ture, and we vehicle has been engineered from wanted to the ground up to be the most capatranslate that ble, most refined Range Rover ever. DNA into our Lighter, stronger, and with new levels installation,” of refinement, the next Range Rover K u s h n e r reinforces its position among the finsaid. “At the est luxury vehicles. It is the world’s same time, first SUV with an all-aluminum uniwe wanted to body structure that is lighter and convey how stronger than ever before, with a strong - yet weight savings of about 700lbs comlight - the all- pared to the outgoing model. aluminum vehicle struc- Facebook: interactivelandrover ture is.” Twitter: @interactivelr YouTube: interactivelr “We knew that Matth- Information about Land Rover ias, Marc and North America products is available the team at HWKN were up to the to consumers at challenge Land Rover gave us,” said www.landroverusa.com Giulio Capua, Vice President and Publisher of Architectural Digest. SOURCE “We’re thrilled with the concept Land Rover North America they came up with. It represents the best kind of design: it makes an emotional connection with our design-


Microsoft unveils Xbox One: the ultimate all-in-one home entertainment system. Blockbuster titles, Steven Spielberg-produced Halo TV series, and exclusive agreements with the NFL transform games, TV and entertainment for the 21st century living room. A new vision for the future comes to life today as Microsoft Corp. unveils Xbox One, the all-in-one gaming and entertainment system created for today and the next generation. At Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Wash., the company showcased how Xbox One puts you at the center of all your games, TV, movies, music, sports and Skype. Introducing Xbox One With Xbox One, games push the boundaries of realism, and TV obeys your commands.(1 )Say “Xbox On” to launch your personalized Xbox One Home screen, discover what is popular on TV or see friends’ latest gaming achievements all using the most natural interface -- your voice. The more you interact with Xbox One, the more it gets to know you and learns what

About The New XBOX you like. Some of the breakthrough ever, hold group Skype calls on Xbox One features that put you at your TV. the center of your living room entertainment include the following: • Trending.(1) Stay on top of what is hot on TV by discovering the • TV on Xbox One.(1) Navigate entertainment that is popular and watch live TV from your ca- among your friends, and see what ble, telco or satellite set-top box istrending within the Xbox comthrough your Xbox One. Micro- munity. soft is committed to bringing live TV through various solu- • One Guide.(1, 2) Find your fations to all the markets where vorite entertainment easily, Xbox One will be available.(3) searching by network, name or time, all with the sound of your • Home. Turn on your entertainvoice and presented in a tailored ment system with two powerful program guide. words, “Xbox On,” and a custom-tailored Home dashboard To create the most advanced Xbox welcomes you with your favorite system ever designed for games, games, TV and entertainment. TV and entertainment, Microsoft created a state-of-the-art gaming • Snap. Do two things at once on operating system and fused it with the biggest screen in your home. an equally amazing entertainment Use Snap to jump into a mul- platform, so you will not have to tiplayer battle while watching switch inputs to watch TV or play your favorite movie, talk with a game. friends on Skype while watching live TV, or track your fanta- An eight-core, x86 processor and syteam on TV as you watch the more than 5 billion transistors big game and more. helps make lag and load times a thing of the past, so you can in• Skype for Xbox One. Specially stantly jump between a game and designed for Xbox One, talk your entertainment at lightning with friends on your TV in stun- speed or run a host of apps right ning HD, or for the first time alongside your game with no loss

Para o artigo em Portugues clique no link http://hotspotbrasil.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/microsoft-lanca-xbox-one-a-ultima-palavra-em-sistema-de-entretenimento/

in performance. Introducing Xbox One titles and exclusives Gaming on Xbox One immerses gamers in cinematic worlds that look like real life, with characters that feel more human than ever before. AAA blockbuster titles unveiled for Xbox One include the following: • “Forza Motorsport 5” from Turn 10 Studios is the latest edi-

tion of the highest-rated racing franchise of the past 10 years.(3) Built from the ground up to take advantage of Xbox One and the infinite power of thecloud, no game better delivers the sensation of being behind the wheel.“Forza Motorsport 5” sets a new bar for racing games and will be available exclusively for Xbox One at launch.

Para o artigo em Portugues http://hotspotbrasil.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/microsoft-lanca-xbox-one-a-ultima-palavra-em-sistema-de-entretenimento/ "Call of Duty: Ghosts" is the next genOne content, created in partnership • Living Games.(6) Dynamic, living player syncing. ply) and advanced TV hardware required. eration of "Call of Duty" and a stunning with 343 Industries and Xbox Enterworlds evolve and improve the more Games and media content sold separately. leap forward for the franchise. It delivtainment Studios. you play, and advanced artificial intel- Xbox One will launch in markets around Xbox Live Gold Membership, paid subers an all-new world, an all-new cast of • National Football League (NFL).(1) A ligence can learn to play like you, so the world later this year. Visit the new Xbox scription and other requirements apply for characters and an all-new story, built multiyear, landmark partnership will friends can play against your shadow. Wire blog at http://news.xbox.com for in- some Xbox Live features. on a new, next-generation engine. The deliver the ultimate interactive NFL depth features on the new system, includnext-generation technical innovations television experiences for the next-gen- • Expanded achievements. A new and ex- ing photos and videos from the unveiling (1) Live TV with Kinect navigation, Live built to support the incredible gameeration Xbox One and leverage Micropanded achievements system captures event and new and rotating content from TV with One Guide, Trending, and NFL on play advancements make this the most soft devices and services to evolve both video of your epic moments, continues Xbox. More details about Xbox One and Xbox available in U.S. at launch; anticipatbeautiful and immersive "Call of Duty" in-game and on the sideline. The NFL to grow a game's achievements over blockbuster games will be explored at the ing global scale over time. experience yet. Activision and Microon Xbox will redefine broadcast experitime and rewards you in new ways, and Electronic Entertainment Expo in June. soft also announced the renewal of their ences through innovations around Skyyour Gamerscore carries over from (2)Kinect voice functionality only available close partnership that will see both the pe, Xbox SmartGlass and player-worn Xbox 360. About Xbox in supported locales and languages. return of the "Call of Duty(®) Champitechnology; add an all-new fantasy Xbox is Microsoft's premier entertainment onship," presented by Xbox, as well as football solution for the biggest screen • Xbox SmartGlass.(6) Xbox SmartGlass brand for the TV, phone, PC and tablet. In (3) At launch, Live TV will require a supall-new downloadable content debuting in the house; and create a personalized is natively part of the Xbox One plat- living rooms or on the go, Xbox is home to ported receiver device with HDMI output first and exclusively on the Xbox platNFL destination only available on Xbox form, built in from the beginning with the best and broadest games, as well as one (sold separately). form. One. the ability to quickly render content di- of the world's largest libraries of movies, rectly onto your device, and now more TV, music, and sports. Your favorite games, (4) Subject to geographical content restricFIFA 14," "Madden NFL 25," "NBA Introducing a new generation of Xbox Live devices can connect at one time for TV and entertainment come to life in new tions. LIVE 14," and "EA SPORTS UFC" Xbox One is built to amplify an all-new multiplayer and shared entertainment. ways through the power of Kinect, Xbox from EA SPORTS will change the way generation of Xbox Live that is more powSmartGlass, and Xbox Live, the world's pre- (5) Some Xbox Live content and features consumers experience and play sports erful, more personal and more intelligent. Introducing the Xbox Onelook and feel mier social entertainment network. More available on Xbox 360, including avatar games. Driven by the new EA SPORTS Unleashing the virtually unlimited power New Xbox One hardware is sleek and information about Xbox can be found on- content and some apps, are not available Ignite engine, these new EA SPORTS of the cloud makes everything more conve- modern and complements any decor. The line at http://www.xbox.com. with Xbox Live on Xbox One. games will deliver massive innovations nient and accessible, from allowing games console is shaped in the 16:9 aspect ratio in human intelligence, true player mo- to be installed in segments so that game- and employs a horizontal orientation op- About Microsoft (6) In supported games. tion and living worlds. Adding to its play can start quickly to updates download- timized for its high-speed Blu-ray((TM)) Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq: commitment to Xbox One, EA SPORTS ing in the background. Save and store your disc player. It is molded in a deep and rich MSFT) is the worldwide leader in software, SOURCE Microsoft Corp. also announced the promise of exclu- personalized profile, games and entertain- liquid black color and includes a distinctive services and solutions that help people and sive content to be revealed in the com- ment in the cloud to access them anytime, beveled edge. businesses realize their full potential. Below, Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft ing months. from any Xbox One console.(4) In addiCorp.'s Interactive Entertainment Business, tion, existing Xbox Live Gold Membership The completely redesigned, revolutionary Features and requirements are under dereveals Xbox One, the all-in-one games, TV "Quantum Break" from Remedy En- for Xbox 360 will seamlessly carry over to 1080p Kinect is more precise, more respon- velopment and may change prior to release. and entertainment system, at the company's tertainment is a revolutionary enter- Xbox One.(5) Xbox Live takes you deeper sive and more intuitive. Its unparalleled vi- Available features and content may vary by headquarters in Redmond, Wash. (PRNewstainment experience from the creators into the games you love with all-new fea- sion, motion and voice technology let you country. Broadband Internet (ISP fees apFoto/Microsoft Corp.) of "Max Payne" and "Alan Wake" that tures. reach into games and entertainment like blurs the line between gaming and TV never before by dramatically expanding its by integrating drama and gameplay field of view and fidelity. It works in nearly into one seamless, uniquely immersive • Smart Match. A new Smart Match any lighting condition, recognizes precise experience. How you play the game immatchmaking system virtually elimi- motion control from a slight wrist rotation, pacts the show, and the show informs nates waiting in lobbies by estimating and distinguishes your voice even in a noisy how you play the game. In addition to wait times and finding people you want room using advanced noise isolation. the amazing lineup of games coming to to play with while you are enjoying othXbox One, Microsoft unveiled exclusive er activities -- reputation fundamental- The class-leading Xbox controller is recontent partnerships with some of the ly matters and helps find best matches. freshed with more than 40 technical and detop names in TV, sports and entertainsign innovations. Updated directional pad, ment. • Game DVR. A dedicated Game DVR thumb stick and ergonomic fit immerse all captures and accesses your magic mogamers in ways that are uniquely Xbox, and ments, all saved to the cloud. Along precision and control have been dramati"Halo" television series. Award-winwith sharing tools, you will have the cally increased with all new vibrating imning filmmaker, director and producer, most amazing bragging rights with pulse triggers.(6) The Xbox One Wireless Steven Spielberg will executive-produce Xbox Live. Controller is designed to work in concert an original "Halo" live-action television with the new Kinect, allowing the two to series with exclusive interactive Xbox be paired automatically to create seamless

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Culinária Fácil

About Music New Jazz-Inspired Album Lineage Uses Musical Deconstruction to Balance Past, Present and Future. Rock, pop classics revisited by veteran jazz artists Dave Liebman and Michael Stephans Since he began to seriously pursue a career as a jazz artist back in the 1960s, Dave Liebman has been on a transformative journey towards becoming a true original in the genre. After assuming sideman slots with the likes of Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, and Chick Corea, to name but a few, he has certainly earned his stripes. Those who’ve followed him more closely understand that he has become a deep and soulful storyteller in jazz in a way few others have. So what would you say to a trailblazer like Liebman when you discover he’s taken a batch of beloved pop songs-sweet, memorable, hummable “chestnuts” in the popular lexicon-and completely deconstructed it?

Liebman has, over the years, proved to be a risk-taker, a challenger, someone who purposely defies convention in a way that every iconoclast, especially musical ones, dare to every chance they get. After such an illustrious career, it’s evident that Liebman has earned the right to cherry pick his projects and challenges. Lineage is just that kind of project.

like Elvis, the Ventures, and, of course, the Beatles. Produced by Liebman and Stephans, recorded at Tommy Tedesco’s Tedesco Studio and mixed by Marty Mellinger at Cross Keys, the recording, on the Whaling City Sound imprint, falls at a beautiful and logical crossroads of Liebman’s career...in which he is comfortable enough to go “pop,” inventive and mature enough to deconstruct songs with wit and imagination, and entertaining enough to make sure he doesn’t leave listeners on either the pop or the jazz sides behind in the process.

Billed as “rock and pop classics revisited,” Lineage is actually a project long in coming. Liebman and drummer Michael Stephans talked about the idea a few years ago and started compiling a wish list of possible songs. Given the trajectory and complexity of SOURCE David Liebman Lieb’s career, they never got the chance to pull it off. Still it hung around and never really faded out of view. In 2010, the idea resurfaced. Lieb, with Stephans, guitarist Vic Juris, Bobby Avey on keys, Evan Gregor on bass, and woodwinds guru Matt Vashlishan began working on them the way a baker kneads hunks of dough. The list of potential covers, begun years back by Lieb included several of their favorite songs from the 50s and 60s by artists

Dave Liebman, Michael Stephans.

Madonna's MDNA Show Scheduled To Be Released On DVD And Blu-ray August 27th In The US (August 26th Internationally) On Interscope Records

Madonna’s groundbreaking, critically acclaimed, controversial and visually stunning MDNA concert will be available in the US on August 27(th) (August 26(th) globally), it was announced today by Universal Music. The two hour MDNA extravaganza was the most successful tour of 2012. Presented by Live Nation Global Touring, the tour included 88 sold out shows in 29 countries. Madonna and her ten member band lead by musical director Kevin Antunes and troupe of 25 dancers performed a wild two hour spectacle that fascinated, enthralled and entertained 2.2 million fans. “Madonna spent six months personally editing the video footage from 30 cameras and many different shows to put together the MDNA DVD. Her attention to every frame, every detail and nuance and total commitment to show her creative vision has been done to perfection.

a break neck pace that would make any Olympian struggle for breath,” commented the show’s co- director and supervising editor, Danny B. Tull.

queen of pop’s latest album MDNA provided the bedrock for a two hour show that sent out a powerful message to any young pretenders eyeing up her crown.. She remains one of Songs included “Girls Gone the greats.” Wild” and “Gang Bang” from Madonna’s MDNA CD which “Madonna’s sold-out concert debuted at No. 1 in 35 coun- was a jaw-dropping sequence tries as well as fan favorite of stunningly designed set piecclassic Madonna songs such as es; including an aeriel drum “Hung Up”, “Express Your- crops, a battalion of dazzling self,” “Vogue,” “Open Your dancers, an explosively bloody Heart, “Like A Prayer” and gangster fantasy and a surreal “Celebration”. spiritual voyage,”remarked The Miami Herald. “My show is a journey.. the journey of a soul from dark- “The Material Girl proceeds ness to light. It is part cin- to take us through a song cycle ematic musical theatre, part that examined sex, liberation, spectacle and sometimes inti- sin, empowerment, love, admate performance art. I know diction, rebellion and finally people can relate to it. It’s very redemption.. She did it all in important to me as an artist classic Madonna style - conthat my show not be taken out troversial and eye-popping,” of context. commented The Dallas Morning News. It must be watched with an open heart from beginning to The MDNA DVD was directed end.. by Danny B. Tull and StephaI am sure if it is viewed this ne Sennour and was produced way, the viewer will walk away by Madonna.. Executive profeeling inspired, invigorated ducers: Arthur Fogel, Guy and will want to make the Oseary and Sara Zambreno. world a better place.. And this Tour wardrobe was created by of course is my intention,” re- Arianne Phillips. Supervising marked Madonna in her man- Editor Danny B. Tull. Director ifesto about the show. of Photography Mark Ritchie.

Each song is like a short movie. One minute you are in an action movie and the next you’re at a golden era musical before shooting across to India and back for a house party to finish. It’s better than any 3-D Amongst the glowing reviews, SOURCE Interscope Records Imax movie out there and at the Daily Mail raved, “The

What's good Orlando? This month I want to share with our readers a very talented female Hip Hop artist by the name of Gina Montana. By way of New York, Gina has made a home in Orlando. I start following this artist a few months ago and I was most impressed with her attention to detail when it comes to her videos. As Indie artist we tend to all have limited budgets, but the ones with vision always seem to make it work. I love her videos. Gina Montana is a tough, smart, unique and talented MC that knows her Hip Hop heritage. Gina not only directs her own videos, she also does her own edit work. She does it all. The Indie artist of today must be versatile to keep the overhead low and Gina makes it work. I come across a lot of artist in my line of work and Gina clearly separates herself from the pack because she is multi talented. Take time to check out Gina Montana by going to her You-Tube page and subscribing. If you love real Hip Hop then you will love this MC who is quickly making a name for herself in the Orlando and NY market. As always I appreciate you taking the time out to read our publication. Real Talk, Real Music, South Coast Records. Gina Montana's You Tube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/JANESSAROSE100 FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/gina.montana.5 Twitter @ginamontanabk

The Orlando Music Scene

Larry Poynter Junior

About Sports

Team 1 2 Final Orlando City SC 2 0 2 Phoenix FC 0 0 0     Scoring  Summary:   ORL-­‐  Jamie  Watson  (penalty)  29th     ORL-­‐  Dom  Dwyer  (unassisted)  31st       Lineups/Substitutions:     Orlando  City-­‐  Miguel  Gallardo,  Yann  Songo’o,  Bryan  Burke,  Luke  Boden,  Rob  Valentino,   Anthony  Pulis,  Adama  Mbengue,  James  O’Connor,  Jamie  Watson,  Dom  Dwyer  (Christian   Duke  82’),  Long  Tan  (Dennis  Chin  73’)       Phoenix  FC-­‐  Andrew  Weber,  Isiah  Scahfer,  Renan  Boufleur  Cyprian  Hedrick,  Devon   Grousis,  Joao  De  Jesus  Inacio  (Josh  Bento  90’),  Scott  Morrison,  Aaron  King  (Travis   Bowen  60’),  Yhan  Moer  De  Doue  (Brian  Holmes  55’),  Anthony  Obodai,  Darron  Mackie   (Tommy  Ramos  84’)     Penalty  Summary:   PHX-­‐  Devon  Grousis  (yellow)  43rd     PHX-­‐  Isaiah  Schafer  (yellow)  80th       Match  Facts:   Kickoff:  7:30  p.m.   Weather:  Clear   Attendance:  7,466     Dwyer  Breaks  League  Scoring  Record,  Lions  Top  Visiting  Phoenix  2-­‐0   Dwyer  goal  in  31st  minute  set  new  USL  PRO  scoring  record  (14  goals)  in  victory  

ORLANDO, Fla.—  Orlando  City  SC  (9-­‐1-­‐2,  29  points)  topped  the  visiting  Phoenix  FC   Wolves  (2-­‐8-­‐3,  9  points)  2-­‐0  Friday  night  at  Fifth  Third  Bank  Field  at  the  Florida  Citrus   Bowl  behind  first  half  goals  by  Jamie  Watson  and  Dom  Dwyer.  Dwyer’s  goal  in  the  31st   minute  moved  him  to  14  goals  on  the  season,  breaking  the  previous  USL  PRO  scoring   record  of  13  held  by  Jhonny  Arteaga  of  FC  New  York  in  2011.  

“We started  a  little  slow  but  when  I  look  at  the  full  body  of  work  I  was  pleased  with  the   result  tonight,”  said  Orlando  City  Head  Coach  Adrian  Heath.  “We  had  to  be  honest  with   our  play  against  a  strong  Phoenix  side  tonight,  but  I’m  happy  with  the  result.  “  

Go Pink Night

Women Playing For T.I.M.E. - www.WPFT.org -The auction ends June 14, 2013 12:00 PM EDT

City of Orlando invites CFBACC Members ! Mayor Buddy Dyer and The City of Orlando, as part of their program to built the New Soccer Stadium and bring the MLS ( Major League Soccer) to the Orlando Lions, invited the CFBACC -Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, to bring its members to the City Sky Suite to the GO PINK NIGHT. Players used a special pink uniform, and the shirts are still in Auction until Michela Salvon

June 14th, 2013. As a special campaign to help Women Playing for T.I.M.E, we also invited special women from our Community to the event. It was a great game, with victory and the presence of wonderful people. Companies present were Insphere Insurance, Jornal B&B, Pao Gostoso Bakery, and Central Florida Realty. Please continue supporting the fight against Cancer and The Orlando City Soccer!

Maida Manes

Andre Jose & Carla Camara Lucia Salvetti De Cicco

Susan Thompson

Manuela Andre

CFBACC at the Dex Imaging Skyline Club @ The Citrus Bowl

OCS x Antigua Barracuda F.C. Continuing the Campaign to reach for the MLS (Major League Soccer) for the Orlando Lions, President Phil Rawlings invited CFBACC Board of Directors to participate of a VIP event at the Dex Image Skyline Club. The event involved City officials, Community Leaders, soccer enthusiasts and many more that are joining forces with the Orlando City to achieve their objectives. The MLS and a covered Soccer Stadium, that will attract many to Orlando, bringing more revenue in taxes and tourism. As time goes by, many more grow sympathetic to the idea, anticipating the wave of success that this will bring. Brazil is one of the main targets of this campaign, due to the enormous amount of visitors year around , and the amount of spending made by each visitor that can reach around US$ 2000 just on the first few days after arrival.

From the left, OCS President Phil Rawlings. On top Luis Martinez-City of Orlando, Monica Correa-Bright House Networks, CFBACC Vice President Lis Oliveira-Sommerville, Oscar Ortiz-American Airlines. Below, CFBACC V.P and CFBACC Members. For more information on the Orlando City Soccer visit the website: www.orlandocitysoccer.com

Brazilians are Soccer lovers, and the more the Orlando City is open to Brazilian athletes, sports professionals, helping the Community to identify with the team, and more Brazilian Teams visiting to play, it will be easier to bring not only all the avid sport tourists to Orlando, but also the entire community. The OCS and The City of Orlando are working hand to hand to bring this reality closer, and all Community leaders are helping. This event was very important to establish that.

OCS President - Philip Rawlings with CFBACC and Brazilian Guests

Mayor Buddy Dyer, CFBACC -VP Lis Oliveira, Monica Correa and Luis Martinez

City Commissioner Patty Sheehan, Nelson Freitas, Luis Martinez, Cfbacc VP- Lis Oliveira-Sommerville and Oscar Ortiz

The Orlando



mail your full name and e-mail address to magicdancers@orlandomagic.com. You may also access real-time updates by following the Magic Dancers on Twitter at http://twitter.com/MagicDancers.

The Orlando Magic will be hosting dancer auditions for the 2013-14 Orlando Magic season during the months of June and July, with final auditions set for July 18 at the Amway Center. The audition process will include pre-audition classes, a one-day training camp, a first round of auditions and the aforementioned finals, which will take place in the Disney Atrium at the Amway Center.

Orlando Magic Dancers Audition

Photos taken by Gary Bassing.



June 24, June 26, July 1, July 3, July 8 and July 10 from 7:45-10 p.m. at RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club


Saturday, June 29 from 12:30-5:30 p.m. The Orlando Magic Dancers, who will be at RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club entering their 25th anniversary season in 2013-14, are looking for individuals with ROUND 1: a passion for dance, the community and Saturday, July 13 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. in sports. Team members perform at all Or- the Magic Gym at RDV Sportsplex Athlando Magic home games and appear at letic Club a combined total of over 250 events in and outside of Central Florida each year, AUDITION FINALS: such as entertaining U.S. troops overseas, Thursday, July 18 from 7-9 p.m. in the corporate tradeshows, community events Disney Atrium at Amway Center and more. To register and for more information regarding the Orlando Magic Dancers audition process, visit http://www.nba.com/ magic/magic-dancer-auditions. If you would like to be placed on the audition e-mail list to receive updated information as it becomes available, please e-

Photo by Gary Bassing

Photo By Gary Bassing

ORLANDO MAGIC TO HOST A complete game schedule for the SOUTHWEST AIRLINES® Southwest Airlines Orlando Pro SumORLANDO PRO SUMMER LEAGUE mer League is listed below. The Mag-Ten teams to take part in six-day ic’s roster will be released at a later date. event July 7-12, 2013 The Orlando Magic will host the Southwest Airlines Orlando Pro Summer League at the team’s practice court at the Amway Center from July 7-12, 2013. The 25-game, six-day event will feature the Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers and Utah Jazz. A new format will be introduced this summer, with two extra teams and an extra day added to the slate. Under the new format, each team will play five games over the six-day event, with a championship day being played on the final day of the league. A point system will establish the standings leading up to the final day, with seven points awarded each game based on: three points for winning the game and one point for winning a quarter (in the event of a tied quarter, each team will receive 0.5 points). In the event of ties in seeding heading into championship day, three tiebreakers will be in place: 1) total point differential; 2) total points allowed; 3) coin flip. Due to space limitations, the event is not open to the public and will be open only to the media and professional team/league personnel. Fans can access box scores, game recaps and cumulative statistics by visiting www.orlandomagic.com.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 1st game Utah 2nd game OKC 3rd game Boston

· Two one-minute mandatory TV and final game against the opponent timeouts per quarter on dead ball at seeded most closely to them in the 5:59 and again at 2:59 standings

11:00 a.m. @ Brooklyn 1:00 p.m. · Maximum of three full timeouts @ Philadelphia to be used in 4th quarter per team Southwest Airlines Orlando Pro 3:00 p.m. Summer League Schedule @ Houston · One :20 second timeout per team Sunday, July 7, 2013 per half Visitor Home Thursday, July 11, 2013 · Three-minute overtime period if 1st game 9:00 a.m. 1st game 11:00 a.m. necessary Houston @ Philadelphia Indiana @ Utah 2nd game 11:00 a.m. 2nd game 1:00 p.m. · One full timeout and one :20 Boston @ Orlando Miami @ Detroit second per overtime period per team 3rd game 1:00 p.m. 3rd game 3:00 p.m. Miami @ Utah Houston @ Brooklyn · Teams will be in the penalty on 4th game 3:00 p.m. 4th game 5:00 p.m. the 5th team foul of each quarter OKC @ Indiana Philadelphia @ Orlando 5th game 5:00 p.m. · Teams will be in the penalty in Detroit @ Brooklyn Friday, July 12, 2013 *Championship overtime on the 3rd team foul Day* 1st game 8:00 a.m. · No foul-out rule – for each perMonday, July 8, 2013 6th place @ 5th place sonal foul in excess of six, the oppos2nd game 10:00 a.m. ing team receives two free throws. 1st game 11:00 a.m. 4th place @ 3rd place For each personal foul in excess of 10, OKC @ Orlando 3rd game 12:00 p.m. the opposing team receives two free 2nd game 1:00 p.m. 2nd place @ 1st place throws and the ball. Philadelphia @ Indiana 4th game 2:00 p.m. 3rd game 3:00 p.m. 8th place @ 7th place · 10-minute warm-up/intermisBoston @ Detroit 5th game 4:00 p.m. sion between games 4th game 5:00 p.m. 10th place @ 9th place Brooklyn @ Miami ALL GAMES WILL BE PLAYED AT THE AMWAY CENTER ON THE COMPETITION FORMAT Tuesday, July 9, 2013 MAGIC PRACTICE COURT. · Each team will play five games over the six-day event 1st game 11:00 a.m. Indiana @ Boston SOUTHWEST AIRLINES ORLAN- · New to this year’s event will be 2nd game 1:00 p.m. DO PRO SUMMER LEAGUE RULES a Championship Day on the sixth day Detroit @ OKC of the league 3rd game 3:00 p.m. · Four 10-minute quarters Utah @ Houston · Standings will be kept over the 4th game 5:00 p.m. · 10-minute halftime first five days of the league according Miami @ Orlando to a point system (described below) · Five full timeouts per team per game · Every team will play their fifth

-For example, the two teams with the highest point totals will play in the Championship game; the teams with the third and fourth-highest point totals play in a third place game, etc. POINT SYSTEM · Standings over the first five days of the league will be kept using a SEVEN POINT SYSTEM (similar to the old CBA). In this system, seven points are awarded each game and distributed as follows: -three points for winning the game -one point for every quarter a team wins (in the event of a tied quarter, both teams will receive 0.5 points) · As a result, the winning team in each game can collect between four to seven points, while the losing team can collect from zero to three points. CHAMPIONSHIP SEEDING CRITERIA · Day six Championship seeding will be determined by a team’s total points in the league standings · In the event of a tie, the following tie-breaker steps will be in place: Tiebreaker 1: ferential

Total point dif-

Tiebreaker 2: lowed

Total points al-

Tiebreaker 3:

Coin flip

ORLANDO MAGIC HOST 2013 kids with full scholarships to attend To register for the following Orlando SUMMER CAMPS PRESENTED camps. For more information and to ap- Magic Youth Basketball Camps, or for ply for a scholarship, visit OrlandoMagic. more information, call 216-378-0932 or BY UNITED HEALTHCARE com/campscholarship. Scholarships will Magic and UnitedHealthcare to provide be awarded on a first-come, first-served 100 need-based scholarships to local basis pending availability of preferred camp and proof of need-based eligibility. youth The Orlando Magic will host nearly 20 sessions of youth basketball programs, designed for boys and girls of all skill levels ages 7-16, across Central Florida this summer. Registration is officially open and limited space is still available for all camps.

go to OrlandoMagicCamps.com. Orlando Magic Youth Basketball is presented by UnitedHealthcare and is officially sponsored by Gatorade and NBA City. "Because of the high number of uninsured 2013 SUMMER BASKETBALL CAMPS VENUE ADDRESS children living in Florida, many families DATES Lake Mary Preparatory School do not have access to information on the June 3-7 importance of healthy and active life- 650 Rantoul Lane, Orlando, FL 32746 styles," said Kathleen Crampton, CEO, June 10-14 RDV Sportsplex UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of 8701 Maitland Summit Boulevard, Orlando, Florida. “We are pleased to be working FL 32810 together again with our valued partners Greenwood Middle School to deliver the message that fitness is fun June 10-14 and good for you. Providing the opportu- 601 Lake Park Drive, Lake Mary, FL 32746 nity for kids to attend these camps gives June 17-21 Orlando Sports Center them a wonderful experience with role 6700 Kingspointe Parkway, Orlando, FL 32819 models they might not otherwise have a chance to meet." June 17-21 Sweet Water Episcopal Academy

In addition to the 15 sessions of full-day camps, the Magic are hosting an overnight camp from July 8-12 at Warner University, which includes all meals and housing. Due to popular demand, an allgirls basketball camp will be offered August 5-9 at Orlando Christian Prep, and a one-day “mini camp” for youth ages 4-8 Each camp session offers instruction prowill be offered from 9 a.m.-Noon on July vided by the National Basketball Academy and other top area coaches, personalized 20 at the RDV Sportsplex. attention with a coach (no greater than a “Encouraging young people to adopt 1:10 coach-to-camper ratio), drills, skill good habits of diet and exercise will help development, live games, complimenthem live longer, healthier lives,” said tary Gatorade and an individual player David Lewis, president and CEO, Unit- evaluation. All participants will receive edHealthcare Employer & Individual of an official camp T-shirt, full-size Magic Florida. “UnitedHealthcare is committed basketball, commemorative certificate to helping children understand the role of achievement and a ticket to a 2013-14 that exercise and nutrition play in their Orlando Magic home game in the Amoverall, long-term wellness, and we look way Center. In addition, all campers will forward to working with the Orlando have the opportunity to participate in Magic to bring these basketball programs trivia, contests and games and each camp will feature an end-of-camp awards certo Florida youths.” emony. Guest appearances are subject to The Orlando Magic and UnitedHealth- availability. care have also partnered to provide 100

251 E. Lake Brantley Drive, Longwood, FL 32779

June 24-28 RDV Sportsplex 8701 Maitland Summit Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32810 June 24-28 Holy Family Catholic School 5129 S. ApopkaVineland Road, Orlando, FL 32819 June 24-28 Meadow Woods Recreation Center 1751 Rhode Island Way Circle, Orlando, FL 32824 *July 8-12 Warner University 13895 Highway 27, Lake Wales, FL 33859 July 8-12 Holy Family Catholic School 5129 S. Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32819 July 15-19

Lake Mary Preparatory

School 32746

650 Rantoul Lane, Orlando, FL

**July 20 RDV Sportsplex; 9 a.m.-Noon 8701 Maitland Summit Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32810 July 22-26 RDV Sportsplex 8701 Maitland Summit Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32810 July 22-26 Holy Family Catholic School 5129 S. Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32819 July 22-26 Lake Minneola High School 101 N. Hancock Road, Minneola, FL 34715 Jul 29-Aug 2 Goldenrod Recreation Center 4863 N. Goldenrod Road, Winter Park, FL 32792 ***August 5-9 Orlando Christian Prep 500 S. Semoran Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32807 August 5-9 Trinity Lutheran Church 3016 W. Vine Street, Kissimmee, FL 34741 *Overnight Basketball Camp at Warner University ** “Mini” Camp for ages 4-8 *** All-Girls Camp

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