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April-June 2015

/49/*+ 258'i9 )259+: A fashionable home tour with new mum and entrepreneur


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ŠŽ—†š™‘Š™™”—ŠƿțȟȝȡȡȡȢȠȜǦ†‘‘”‹™Š’Ž—†™Š˜ƿțȟȞȟȜȞȟȞȟǦŽ—‰Ž‹Ž™žŠ“™—ŠƿțȟȝȣȞȤȤȟȞ Ǧ‘†‰††‘‘ƽ‡š†‡ŽƿțȝȟȟȞȢȠȠȢ

Home finance

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Welcome While our garden lounge time is limited with the mercury shooting upwards, these first months of summer are still exciting, especially for the homebody in us. Turn to our kitchen special for the latest innovations to get us cooking up a storm – good practice for Ramadan, which starts in June. The Holy Month brings with it a reflective time of religion and respect, but also celebratory feasts for family and friends in the evening. Find out how to lay the perfect formal dining setting with help from our experts in Swiss etiquette on page 22. If you’re more of a casual diner, try our contemporary allAmerican recipes from Stratos, easy to make but with impressive taste. While our Trend Report will revamp your home for the summer, try decorating afresh with a move to Al Raha Beach – our featured Property of the Month. I hope you find the look you love and the home you want in this issue.

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Cover: Shot on location at Al Hana Tower, West Corniche, Abu Dhabi, by Helen Riley

Contents 14. The Design Digest

18. SS15 Trend Report

30. Summer Cooking

37. Property of the Month

See what’s new in the world of home interiors this month

Create a refreshing sanctuary at home away from the heat

A roundup of the kitchen trends making 2015 tasty

Head to Al Raha beach to view this prime property

16. Design Spotlight

22. Get Ready for Ramadan

33. Ask the Expert

38. The Jewel in the Crown

Why we’re cuckoo for this modern take of a classic clock

Learn how to set a formal dining table for Iftar feasts

Look after your home with these top maintenance tips

Why Yas Island is becoming the capital’s showpiece

17. Ramadan Wishlist

24. Inside... Lora’s Closet

34. Culinary Delights

41. Property Listings

Make the Holy Month special with these decorative items

The new mum reveals her fashion & home style secrets

Try out these recipes from revolving restaurant Stratos

Find your perfect place with these homes for sale and rent

April-June 2015


Craft cool It’s time to look beyond polished surfaces and smooth finishes and appreciate the artisanal skills of marquetry, craftsmanship and joinery that go into making your favourite pieces of furniture. For BH, Nada Debs is one of our most respected designers. Not only does she hail from the Middle East but she’s determined to make craft cool, like it is in countries such as the UK and America, where she’s previously lived. During a recent visit to the UAE, she highlighted the skills of the local craftsmen she has used in Damascus, and of those in her home city, Beirut. Marquetry will be a strong trend this year, paving the way for cool crafts, with Debs at the helm. Pictured: Nada Debs’ Classic cube tissue box with mother of pearl inlay, AED1,240, Cities


April-June 2015


The Design Digest What’s new in the world of interiors Allegra Hicks has unveiled two jazzy-patterned handstitched crewelwork rugs with The Rug Company, called Atlantis and Reflections, which harness a centuries-old embroidery technique using the finest wool yarns. If you’re a fan of demure damask prints, look at the two new rugs by the company’s creative director Suzanne Sharp, called Cypress and India.

House of Fraser at Yas Mall High-end UK department store has brought a touch of luxe to Yas Mall, which has been popular for its affordable home and fashion brands since its opening in the autumn. Kids will love the toys at House of Fraser’s bright red Hamleys concession stand, while parents should check out Royal Albert crockery and furniture by interior360.

Armani Casa


Giving the term ‘deep soak’ a new meaning, Villeroy & Boch’s new ultra-deep tub swallows you whole for the ultimate relaxing bath. The Aveo New Generation eggshaped bath symbolises the emergence of life and nature, letting feelings of calm, wellness and warmth wash over you.

We’ve had enough of the 1950s so it seems, and fashion has jumped forward 20 years (or back 40, if you’re a glass half empty kind of person) with pops of burnt orange, burnished gold, all shades of brown and Marsala (well done Pantone for predicting that). We’re also thrown back to suede, sideboards (yes, even sideboards are back) swivel chairs and deep tub chairs. Retro comfort.

Dubai Hacker Kitchen Studio . Sheikh Zayed Road . Barsha 1 Abu Dhabi Hacker Kitchen Studio . Corner 4th & 11th Street

04 399 0425 02 641 1466


Design spotlight


A new species of cuckoo

Reinventing the traditional Swiss cuckoo clock – this was the challenge given to masters students and international guest designers at HEAD (Haute École d’art et de design), in MontrÊal. While the original folksy Swiss chalet imbibes the simplicity of rural Alpine life – somewhat out of place in today’s high-tech world – the students’ timepieces draw upon modern ideology.

BH loves this highly contemporary timepiece by DorothÊe Loustalot, with a Twitter-shaped bird rocking back and forth from its central pendulum, tweeting through the open bars of its minimalist cage. The results are being exhibited at MontrÊal’s UQAM Centre de design, with 24 modern editions of the original folksy timepiece. Other designs replace the Swiss chalet with a city apartment

block or an iPhone dock; however, they all retain two original features: they tell a story with birdsong and hourly cuckoo cries. There are some things you just can’t replace. &ORVHUWRKRPH\RX¡OOÀQGPRGHUQ takes on the classic at THE One Junior, whose designers have playfully swapped the cries of the cuckoo for a bleating sheep, and aptly renamed the timepiece Ewecoo.




Ramadan wishlist Make the Holy Month special with these elegant decorative accessories

2. 4.

3. 5. 1. Dankotuwa Helga Peacock 98-piece dinner set, AED4,250, Jashanmal 2. Grace cup, six-piece set, AED75, Silica 3. Jellyfish light, POA, Darono 4. Cotton cushion, AED45, Homes R Us 5. Nada Debs Smoke Collection cigar box, POA, Cities

April-June 2015



S/S 2015 Trend Report The tops trends that will turn our homes into inviting sanctuaries during the hot summer days

Marsala While the plummy tones of Marsala border on autumnal, Pantone’s predicted ‘colour of the year’ will WUDQVFHQGWKHVHDVRQV7KLVFRQÀGHQW colour works well with olive and emerald greens and wooden materials

that are also popular for spring/ summer, especially blonde woods. During Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, April 14 to 19, many designers and exhibitors will champion Marsala, including Alessi, pictured.

Left: Alessi; this page: Flamant SS15 19

Crazy About Cowhide Last year we had exotic faux fur – remember those leopard print throws and zebra-print armchairs? This year it’s cowhide. Fitting in with a number of themes – rustic, Hamptons, colonial, Shaker – cowhide makes a masculine statement.

April-June 2015



Mad About Marble We love the stuff in the Gulf, but we’ve started to see it take a more subtle shape. Forget marblewalled bathrooms and ostentatious pillars; accessories like lamp bases, candle holders, jars and chopping boards made from marble will add a touch of elegance, while marble details inlaid delicately into wooden cabinets and tabletops make a refreshing change from mother-of-pearl. Wood and marble is a match made in heaven.

Ginger & Jagger


This page: all Zara Home summer 2015

Costal Calm This theme is popular every year, but for S/S 2015 it’s feminine and soft with a subdued colour palette and coral illustrations. Enhance the natural elements of our coastal location with marine motifs and ornaments, blues and greys, crisp white, knotted rope and natural driftwood-style woods. Blue will be a predominant colour in both fashion and design in the coming years so treat this look as an investment. Opt for accessories that won’t date and can be used around the home, inside and outside.

April-June 2015

Get ready for Ramadan

Nour Khouri Roumieh, CEO at Finishing Touch etiquette school, and George Foster, head of design at Ethan Allen, show you how WRSXWWKHÀQHVWÀQLVKLQJWRXFKHVWR\RXU Iftar table setting

The table cloth

First of all, for a formal dinner table setting you’ll need to lay a protective pad over the table, to protect the wood from hot dishes and spills. The pad needs to measure the length and width of the table top, so it covers the table top right up to each edge. By using a protective mat you won’t need table mats. It’s quite old-fashioned to use mats these days. How much of the table the table cloth covers depends on the legs; if the table has beautiful legs you will want to show them off, in which case you can use a smaller table cloth that covers the legs by a few inches. If the legs are plain, you can use a larger cloth that drops

down half way down the legs – just make sure it’s equal on all sides. The best way to do this is to iron a crease down the table cloth’s midpoint, and make sure that this sits in the middle of the table. White, off-white or pastel shades are suitable colours for a classic formal setting. More colourful options can be used outside for garden parties, although the weather will probably be too hot during June and July, even late at night.

Cutlery and crockery

If you are following the strict rules of Swiss etiquette, you will need charger

plates for each person at a formal dining setting, which aligns with the edge of the table. If you don’t have charger plates you can improvise with normal main course plates, and use this as a charger. A common mistake is putting a plate on top of the charger plate for the main course, however, you must only put a soup bowl or an appetizer plate on the charger. The main comes later without the charger plate. Initially, the charger plate is left HPSW\XQWLOWKHÀUVWFRXUVHLVEURXJKW out. For formal occasions you start with a cold dish, and then a hot course. During Ramadan, the daily fast can be broken with a small plate of dates

grape, apple and orange, mango ODVVLĂ DYRXUHGPLON OLNHDQDOPRQG smoothie), ayran (a salted yogurt drink), and water are usually on offer during an Iftar meal. Tea and coffee traditionally follow after dinner. You may have a large glass (on the left) for juice, followed by a tumbler (on the right) clustered together. If you follow the strict rules of Swiss etiquette you can have a more Western arrangement of a long-stemmed red-grape glass (on the left), a longstemmed white-grape glass (in the middle) and a water tumbler (on the right) clustered together on the table throughout dinner.


You can have quite elaborate napkin arrangements or simple ones; it depends how creative you want to be. Never iron napkins with a crease, because that will limit where you can fold the fabric. Napkins shaped into a shirt collar or tulip are always effective and perfect for formal settings. Alternatively, you can simply fold them into squares or roll them into napkin rings. The best place for napkins are on the side plate, on the charger plate (but never underneath a plate) or inside a long-stemmed grape-juice glass. While fabric napkins should be neutral – white or off-white – paper napkins can be added to introduce colour. Red, green or gold paper napkins – or a colour that complements WKHà RZHUV²FDQEHIROGHGLQVLGH a glass, or slipped inside the fabric napkin before it’s folded into a design, so the colour peeps out subtly.

and other sweet treats such as raw honey and grapes, as well as cheese. 7KHÀUVWFRXUVHLVXVXDOO\DERZORI soup (traditionally lentil) because it’s light and easy to prepare. Salad follows the lentil soup, alongside cold roasted vegetables, cold kofta kebabs, samosas, vegetable hummus and yogurt dips. For each of these courses the bowl or plate is placed on top of the charger plate. A formal setting requires a fork and spoon set above the plate, forks to the left, and knife-spoon-knife arrangement on the right. Iftar is a multi-course meal so you may want to add more knives and forks. Cutlery must sit ÀQJHUZLGWKIURPWKHHGJHRIWKHWDEOH and the edge of the plate.

Before the main course arrives – usually rice and a choice of slow-roasted ODPERUZKLWHÀVKYDULRXVPHDWRU ÀVKVWHZVDQGKRWURDVWHGYHJHWDEOH dishes – you remove the salad plate and charger plate together. The main course is served without the charger plate. Throughout dinner there should be a small plate at the side of charger/main course plate for bread.


While all items that are solid or edible sit on the left of the plate, all liquids sit on the right. So glassware is placed at the northeast point of each table setting. Various fruit juices, including

Centrepieces and accessories

Flowers make wonderful centrepieces but they must not obstruct people’s views of each other so avoid longVWHPPHGà RZHUVLQWKHPLGGOHRI the table. You can have one large centrepiece, group small vases together, or have a large vase at each end of the table. While the colour scheme is largely neutral, you can introduce some FRORXULQWKHà RZHUVDQGLQVPDOOLWHPV such as paper napkins. ,I\RXGRQ¡WKDYHWLPHWRRUGHUà RZHUV for your centrepieces, you can use candles instead or decorate the table with items from your own showcase. Try creating compositions made up of seashells, crystal ornaments or animal ornaments, or decorative trinkets. April-June 2015





LORA’S CLOSET One-third of the trio behind online boutique Carla’s Closet gives us a tour of her West Corniche apartment Words by Eleanor Joslin; photography by Helen Riley


ot many new mums would brave the cameras just three weeks after giving birth. However, this was a secret Lora Douss could easily keep until we heard a hungry little cry from inside the blue-and-white nursery. Lora opened the door to her two-bedroom apartment in Al Hana Tower, on West Corniche Road, looking svelte in a black maxi-dress by Rachel Pally and statement tribal necklace by Milanna. Thanks to, the burgeoning online fashion boutique she launched with her two sisters, Carla and Dena in October, she has a literal RQOLQHFORVHWRIIDVKLRQDEOHĂ DWWHULQJ clothes to wear. “Dena and I were always raiding Carla’s closet, so that’s where the idea came from,â€? reveals the company’s marketing and operations manager. “Carla has always been the fashionable sister and we would borrow her clothes as they were funkier and cooler than WKHPDLQVWUHDPIDVKLRQ\RXĂ€QGLQWKH malls – which are often bad quality, too. One day we thought, ‘fashion is

a disaster here, so let’s do something about it,’ and even just a few months later we know other fashion boutiques are stealing the designers we have brought here. “Carla sources her designers and clothing lines very carefully. They’re all runway but at affordable prices; they’re all international, so they’re not VRPHWKLQJ\RX¡OOĂ€QGDQ\ZKHUHHOVHLQ the UAE; and they all have to be very KLJKTXDOLW\VRWKH\Ă€WSHUIHFWO\ÂľVKH says, twirling a blue and white chiffon dress by Talulah around her spacious living room. While she and her husband Rimon Fayek have lived here since 2013, Lora was born and raised in the area and has been a resident in Al Hana Tower for the past 15 years, along with her mother who has already become a handy on-site babysitter. We spend a few minutes cooing over Dominic, already the model son smiling sleepily for the camera as his mum kisses him affectionately. “The nursery was decorated like this completely by coincidence,â€? she recalls.


April-June 2015



I love THE One and Marina Home “Before I knew I was pregnant we decorated it as a spare room, painting it blue and buying white furniture from Pottery Barn. Having a boy worked out so well,” she grins. The rest of the apartment is decorated in soothing autumnal tones of mauve, peach, shades of grey, beige and light woods. “My style is quite simple, and I love wood, especially light wood and untreated wood because it enhances the space and the airy feel of the apartment,” she says. “Because the building is older, the apartments are bigger than more modern ones, and we are lucky to have a big kitchen, a large living and dining room, two balconies and large windows letting the light in. There is always a lot of natural light, which is what I love about this place. “I am obsessed with furniture and my mum and I visited nearly every furniture shop in the UAE looking for the right pieces. Because I like light wood to accentuate the airy space, I have furnished the living room primarily from Marina Home and the dining area from THE One. I love


these stores – everything is luxurious yet comfortable and for everyday use. Now we have a baby that’s going to be important, but I don’t think I have to change the way it’s decorated.” Although she concedes her lovely vignette in the dining room, proudly showing off a polished serving trolley with a precious hand-painted ostrich egg from Jordan, might have to be put into safekeeping somewhere. The couple’s trips abroad are evident throughout their home. While the furniture carries softer, subdued tones, their ornaments and artwork from around the world add pops of colour and intrigue to every wall. A bright triptych by Israeli artist Leonid Afremov hangs over the serving trolley, bought in Thailand; from Spain hails an impressive coat of arms and an ornate

Lord of the Rings chess set – a nod to one of Rimon’s passions; the hallway plays host to small instruments and beautiful mosaic platters from Bali, ornamental swans from Korea and lanterns from Jordan, plus paintings from Ko Samui and Rome – as well as a whole shelf laden with congratulatory chocolates in baby blue wrappers; a stunning display of fans from all over the world feathers out by the bedroom; the family room is adorned with Venetian masks, a Spanish sword, decorative plates from Florence and Amsterdam and depictions of the Virgin Mary from Georgia. “A lot of these things come from our travels, and my husband and I usually buy something when we are on holiday as a keepsake,” explains Lora. “For our honeymoon we travelled to Bali April-June 2015



and Thailand where we bought quite a few things, plates and pictures and instruments. We have a real mix of items from all over the world – they’re better than photos because you can see them every day.” While the couple both work as engineers in the oil and gas industry, launching Carla’s Closet with her sisters has taken her around the world, too, in search of fashion designers with an edge. “Carla doesn’t want anything mainstream on the site,” says her VLEOLQJ´<RXZRQ·WÀQGDVWDSOHEODFN

Souvenirs from our travels are better than photos skirt you can wear to work.” We take DSHHNLQVLGHKHURZQFORVHWDQGÀQG gorgeous sweaters and cardigans by Sass & Bide and Mara Hoffman – two of her favourite designers from Australia and New York, and lovely summer dresses by Aussie brands Talulah and Tigerlily and London’s Alice McCall. “Now I don’t raid Carla’s own closet anymore, I go online and buy my FORWKHV7KHTXDOLW\LVJUHDWDQGWKH\ÀW like a dream – well they will once I lose the baby weight,” she laughs.




Developers in the UAE tend to maximise on living rooms and bedrooms, but minimise on NLWFKHQVDQGVWRUDJH,IWKHUH·VQRURRPWRÁLS a pancake in your kitchen, turn to the saviours of compact living: IKEA. On location at many of our home tour features, it’s surprising how many homeowners in Abu Dhabi mix high-end furniture and bespoke design with an IKEA kitchen. The Swedish megastore is brilliant at making the most of your space, especially when it comes to storage solutions, even utilising otherwise ‘dead’ space underneath the stairs to create storage units with built-in appliances.


Textured surfaces such as hammered metal are in vogue and create an ultra urban aesthetic. However, while they look cool, you probably haven’t thought about how the increased undulations in the surface create pockets that can harbour bacteria. Cosentino’s Silestone OLQHFRPELQHVERWK²DVXHGHRU¶YROFDQR·ÀQLVK SOXVDQWLEDFWHULDOSURWHFWLRQ,W·VWKHÀUVWDQG only quartz surface in the Middle East market with such high levels of hygiene, and could revolutionise kitchen design. “Our Silestone worktop has a patented bacteriostatic protection which utilises Ag+, the chemical symbol for silver on the periodic table” explains Ali Maarrawi, general manager for Cosentino in the Middle East. “The integrated silver particles stop bacteria from multiplying, and the compressed non-porous surface inhibits multiplication, too, making it more hygienic to use than granite and marble. This isn’t something many people know about.”


Summer Cooking

BH rounds up the kitchen trends making 2015 look tasty


October 2014


Kitchen cabinets are getting brighter this year, says Steven Pardoe, managing partner at Hacker, who reveals teal as the colour of choice from suppliers. While this may seem a bold and offthe-wall choice, teal complements other popular kitchen-friendly shades of blue and green, plus staple ‘background’ colours of grey and white. And when it comes to the transient nature of colour trends, the beauty of colourful cabinet doors is that you switch them back to their neutral, former selves quite easily.

Kitchen cabinets are getting brighter this year


The German pioneer of built-in kitchen appliances, Gaggenau, has teamed up with world-renowned chef Dirk Haltenhof to help educate people on how a great product can produce great dishes. Besides hailing from the same geographical location – he grew up in the Gaggenau neighbourhood, in southwest Germany – the chef grew up using the company’s appliances in his grandfather’s kitchen and continues to use them in his own family home in Dubai. “I know Gaggenau very well,” he says. “I know what makes them the smart choice – besides looking sleek and contemporary, they are the ‘smart’ choice because of the technology, such as touch-screen and induction. For a professional chef, these qualities are so important. Many chefs are neat freaks and we need things to be practical and easy to use. With induction hobs, when you cook you have instant heat where you want it, around the pan, so no heats gets lost. This makes cooking so much easier and it’s certainly the future of cooking.”



Ask the home maintenance expert

This month’s resident expert IAN ROBINSON General manager at MPlus

I’ll be leaving the UAE over summer, how can I take care of my house? Ric Smailes, JVT ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’; this could be true for many aspects in life. However, when it comes to your home, preventative maintenance is very important as it helps avoid failure and damage. By implementing a preventative maintenance plan, you can look after your home and limit the chances of costly repairs. Maintenance doesn’t have to be the headache that we sometimes think it is. What preventative maintenance measures can I employ? Service your air conditioning units three times a year. Properly serviced AC units operate more efficiently and reduce your energy bills by 10 to 20%. It is recommended that when it comes to preventative A/C maintenance, you employ a qualified technician to carry out your request. How often should electrical appliances be serviced? Service electronic items once a year. This is also a task that needs to be handled by a qualified person as electrical faults can be dangerous if managed by a nonprofessional. What should they inspect? The technician should conduct a visual inspection of the whole electric installation in the residence (distribution boards, wiring, sockets, light fittings, switches, extractor fans,

cooker hoods, where installed) to check their integrity and conformance to all applicable standards; the cleanliness of all distribution boards; measure the earth value in the main distribution boards; test the circuit breakers; check abnormal noise in the contactors and breakers; check breaker wire connections, neutral link, earth link and bus bar joint tightness; check dehumidifier heater functions, three phase indicator lamps and all panel meter function and calibration status; and measure the connected load for each circuit and verify with the maximum allowable load. Should plumbing also be inspected? Yes, once a year by a qualified maintenance professional.

What things should be checked? All traps, faucets, mixers, shower heads, valves, et cetera, should be checked to ensure the correct operation and supply of hot and cold water. They should also hold normal working pressure without being subject to over-tightening. All visible pipework for leaks, fixing support and alignment needs to be checked; drainage from sanitary ware, sinks and other fittings should be free flowing; flushing devices should operate correctly; control/ isolation valves should operate freely and they should not be passing in the closed position. Also check and clean the water heater terminal point and thermostat set point, plus water tanks, pumps and any associated fittings. April-June 2015




Lobster mac and cheese Serves 2

35g butter 35g flour 750ml milk (warm) 200g Dunlop cheddar cheese 1 tbsp English mustard 135g elbow macaroni 1 tbsp chopped black truffle 1 tbsp truffle oil 65g green asparagus 50g baby leeks 180g Blue Scottish lobster 30g brioche bread crumbs 25g grated parmesan Cook the macaroni pasta in boiling salted water for seven minutes or until al dente, drain and set to one side. Lightly coat in olive oil to prevent the pasta from sticking together. To make the mornay sauce, melt the butter in a saucepan, add the flour and cook gently until a blonde roux stage. Add the milk and cook over a medium heat until the sauce thickens. Add the Dunlop cheddar and English mustard until you have a nice sauce consistency.

Add the lobster to the sauce, constantly stirring to make sure it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Once the lobster has cooked in the sauce, add the macaroni, still simmering over a medium heat. Peel the asparagus and baby leeks, blanche in boiling salted water and cut into 3cm lengths. Add to the lobster macaroni and keep on medium

heat until all the ingredients are hot. Finally, add the chopped truffle and truffle oil and season to taste with salt and white pepper. To serve, warm two bowls in the oven for ten minutes then place the macaroni in each bowl. Top with mixed brioche breadcrumbs and grated parmesan cheese. Finally, gratin under a preheated grill until golden brown. April-June 2015



Property of the month

Al Naseem A, fronting the scenic marina in Al Raha Beach, offers residents state-of-the-art amenities, including three swimming pools and a gym, plus beautiful views of the coast to be enjoyed at every turn. Head inside this striking building and a three-bedroom apartment is ready for new owners, who will love the idyllic views overlooking the marina and Yas Island. The apartment boasts a stylish open-plan kitchen, fully equipped

with stainless steel Bosch appliances, a spacious en-suite master bedroom, a further two bedrooms and three bathrooms. The apartment also has a separate maid’s room and laundry room, plus two allocated parking spaces. Families will love all the useful amenities close by, including Spinneys, restaurants and cafés, the beach on their doorstep and the many leisure and entertainment facilities nearby on Yas Island.

Need to know Where? Al Raha Beach What? Three-bedroom apartment plus maid’s room Size? 2,518 square feet Cost? AED4.1million Best for? Professional couple Like what you see? Call Better Homes’ consultant Wissam Al Hamoud on 04 409 0998 and quote reference code AP332243


April-June 2015


The jewel in the capital’s crown Yas Island is fast becoming a must-visit spot for residents and tourists alike

Abu Dhabi is rapidly catching up to Dubai in several respects, from dining to shopping, and is even outstripping its glamorous neighbour when it comes to the art scene, as the upcoming Guggenheim and Louvre openings attest. The jewel in the capital’s crown, though, is undoubtedly Yas Island. The 25-kilometre-square man-made island is the UAE’s premier destination for entertainment, designed by the region’s leading developer Aldar Properties. For families, the biggest draws are the two theme parks – Ferrari World Abu Dhabi features rollercoasters, interactive rides and museums dedicated to the famous scuderia, and Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi is one of the Middle East’s finest, with 45 rides, slides and attractions all based around the area’s pearl diving heritage. For shoppers, November 2014 saw the opening of Yas Mall, a budget-friendly shopping centre that focuses more on the high street than the high-end (although upmarket department store House of Fraser has just opened there, for label hunters). Yas Marina is the heartbeat of Yas Island, and is the centre around which most of the activities radiate. Superrestaurant Cipriani can be found here, along with sleek bar Iris and a host of other F&B establishments. The Marina itself doesn’t just act as a moor for mega-yachts; there are


kayaks to be rented, paddle-boarding classes to take and seaplane cruises to experience. Yas Marina Circuit, the final stop of the Formula 1 season, circles the Marina. Each November it throbs to the sound of high-performance engines and parties hosted by the biggest brands in the world, with attendant celebrities in tow. Families, shoppers, nature lovers and water-sport enthusiasts come from all over the UAE to Yas Island all year round. For residents in Abu Dhabi, all this is close to hand. Residents in Al Raha Beach to the north, and Khalifa City to the south are the closest to the island and are great options for those with children, as Yas Island will keep kids entertained with something new to do every weekend. Al Raha Beach – another Aldar Properties’ project – is built alongside 5.2million square metres of natural beachfront and ultimately expects a population of 120,000 residents. Meanwhile, the suburbs of Khalifa City offer 700 residences in sub-community Khalifa City A alone, and has become a sought-after residential hub. It has many advantages: great access to main highways and to the airport, it’s more affordable than the city centre, and there are plenty of schools, supermarkets, cafés and amenities close by. Head to to view the latest properties for sale and rent in Abu Dhabi.

April-June 2015


Homes to view Two exceptional properties with space to boast about For sale Located in the landmark Sky Tower on Al Reem Island, this is one of the most desirable addresses in the capital. Not only are there state-of-the art facilities, including swimming pools, a gym and sports courts, Sky Tower is also home to the upmarket Boutik mall, Waitrose, Leopold’s of London, NBD bank and a host of restaurants. However, the real asset is the incredible views of the surrounding coastline, cityscape and unspoilt desert, stretching for miles. Perfect for a busy professional, this apartment has a large en-suite bedroom with built-in wardrobes and an open-plan living and dining room, both with expansive views. A separate kitchen and an additional WC complete the accommodation. The twin Sun and Sky Towers have become iconic buildings on Al Reem Island, synonymous with luxury living, and for investors this apartment would provide an assured rental income.

Need to know Where? Al Reem Island What? One-bedroom apartment Size? 934 square feet Cost? AED1,541,100 Best for? Single professional or investor Like what you see? Call Better Homes consultant Jorim Omollo Amadi on 04 409 0998 and quote reference code AP296764

For rent This elegant private villa is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, in Al Karamah, an ideal location for families as it’s situated close to many schools, main highways and everyday amenities. The finishes are exceptional, with marble floors throughout, porcelain bathrooms and a new and upgraded kitchen. The accommodation is extensive; there are numerous reception rooms and seating areas for large family get-togethers and entertaining, and a maid’s room plus a driver’s room, which is quite a rarity and will prove to be a factor that lures in many viewers. Outside, a big terrace has wonderful views of the city and is an idyllic place to sit and enjoy the sun.

Need to know Where? Al Karamah What? Six-bedroom townhouse plus maid’s room Size? 7,000 square feet Cost? AED300,000 Best for? Large families Like what you see? Call Better Homes consultant Maria Eduarda Silveira on 04 409 0998 and quote reference code TH332521


Abu Dhabi District Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find beautiful villas, spacious townhouses and landmark residential towers with stunning sea views in Abu Dhabi. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the perfect place for singles, professionals and families alike, with a choice of malls, fine dining, entertainment and schools. FOR SALE

Al Bateen Park Al Bateen

AED 9,750,000 6 BR 6,424 sq. ft.

Privileged location Marie DeGuiche (Ref No. VI318594)


Dusit Thani Al Muroor Stunning fully furnished apartment Better Homes Abu Dhabi (Ref No. AP333042)


AFM Villa Al Matar Privileged location Thomas Peter Willams (Ref No. VI332402)

AED 138,000 Studio 452 sq. ft.

AED 350,000 7 BR 10,000 sq. ft.


Dusit Thani Al Muroor Stunning fully furnished apartment Better Homes Abu Dhabi (Ref No. AP333041)


Private Villa Al Karamah

AED 138,000 Studio 452 sq. ft.

AED 300,000 6 BR 7,000 sq. ft.

Premier location Maria Eduarda Silveira (Ref No. TH332522)


Private Villa Al Karamah

AED 300,000 6 BR 7,000 sq. ft.

Premier location Maria Eduarda Silveira (Ref No. TH332521)

Ask the agent Hinal Gajjar, Leasing Consultant, Abu Dhabi Office

The Central Market area in Abu Dhabi is a well-established community, offering leasing and commercial opportunities in both new and older towers. Centred around the newly built Burj Mohammad Bin Rashid Residence (also known as the World Trade Center), the tallest residential building in Abu Dhabi, the Central Market area provides

convenient access to shopping, medical facilities, restaurants, the Corniche, beaches, and so much more. Everything you could want or need is within reach, as you are located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, with easy access to the main highways, Abu Dhabi International Airport and Dubai. April-June 2015


Al Raha Beach for sale Built alongside 5.2 million square metres of natural beachfront on the mainland, Al Raha Beach is a beautiful and highly sought-after location. Stunning coastal views can be enjoyed from luxurious residences in any one of the area’s 11 ‘precincts’.

Al Muneera Al Raha Beach

AED 3,950,000 4 BR 2,171 sq. ft.

Breathtaking sea views Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. AP333487)

Al Zeina Al Raha Beach

AED 1,880,867 1 BR 1,180 sq. ft.

Modern living at its best Imran Ellam (Ref No. AP332737)

Al Naseem B Al Raha Beach

AED 2,400,000 2 BR 1,011 sq. ft.

Prestigious urban development Mirza Abdul Qayyum (Ref No. AP332524)

Al Muneera Al Raha Beach Breathtaking sea views Imran Ellam (Ref No. AP298530)

AED 2,750,000 3 BR 1,841 sq. ft.

Al Naseem A Al Raha Beach Amazing value Wissam Al Hamoud (Ref No. AP332243)

AED 4,100,000 3 BR 2,518 sq. ft.


Al Raha Beach for sale


Al Naseem C Al Raha Beach

AED 2,599,000 2 BR 1,334 sq. ft.

Visit and type in the reference number to find out more

A desirable address Imran Ellam (Ref No. AP286986)

Al Naseem B Al Raha Beach

AED 2,400,000 2 BR 1,011 sq. ft.

Prestigious urban development Mirza Abdul Qayyum (Ref No. AP332524)

Al Muneera Al Raha Beach Enchanting sea views Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. AP92853)

Al Naseem A Al Raha Beach

AED 2,600,000 2 BR 1,387 sq. ft.

A prestigious address Marie DeGuiche (Ref No. AP93205)

AED 1,975,000 2 BR 1,562 sq. ft.

Al Muneera Al Raha Beach

AED 6,500,000 4 BR 6,919 sq. ft.

A prestigious address Jorim Omollo Amadi (Ref No. TH330695)

April-June 2015


Al Raha Beach for rent

Al Zeina Al Raha Beach

AED 155,000 2 BR 1,386 sq. ft.

A prestigious address Imran Ellam (Ref No. AP333584)

Al Muneera Al Raha Beach Ready to move in Imran Ellam (Ref No. AP332222)

Raha Beach Villa Al Raha Beach 5 Star hotel living with everything you need Thomas Peter Willams (Ref No. VI325545)

Al Naseem A Al Raha Beach

AED 167,000 2 BR 1,517 sq. ft.

A prestigious address Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. AP333422)

AED 120,000 1 BR 821 sq. ft.

Al Muneera Al Raha Beach

AED 210,000 4 BR 2,171 sq. ft.

Enchanting sea views Imran Ellam (Ref No. AP218963)

AED 420,000 3 BR 5,500 sq. ft.

Raha Beach Villa Al Raha Beach

AED 520,000 4 BR 6,000 sq. ft.

5 Star hotel living with everything you need Thomas Peter Willams (Ref No. VI325533)

Al Naseem A Al Raha Beach The kind of home youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve only ever dreamed about Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. AP308168)

AED 285,000 3 BR 3,529 sq. ft.


Saadiyat Island Live a luxurious island lifestyle on Saadiyat, a low-lying community sprawled across a scenic archipelago 500 metres from Abu Dhabi Island. Enjoy stunning sea views and premier facilities at the islandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s five-star hotels, spas and restaurants. FOR SALE

Saadiyat Beach Residences Saadiyat Island

AED 3,250,000 2 BR 1,900 sq. ft.

A prestigious address Marie DeGuiche (Ref No. AP326413)


Saadiyat Beach Saadiyat Island

AED 7,508,270 4 BR 4,101 sq. ft.

A desirable address Marie DeGuiche (Ref No. VI332976)



Saadiyat Beach Saadiyat Island

AED 24,000,000 6 BR 12,217 sq. ft.

Strategic location Marie DeGuiche (Ref No. VI326789)


Saadiyat Beach Saadiyat Island A prestigious address Sherif Nabil (Ref No. TH328831)

AED 7,200,000 4 BR 3,360 sq. ft.

Saadiyat Beach Saadiyat Island

AED 750,000 5 BR 5,191 sq. ft.

The lap of luxury Maria Eduarda Silveira (Ref No. VI321982)

April-June 2015


Al Reef Sale This is a lovely family-focussed community that’s centrally located, near to Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi International Airport and Yas Island. You’ll find affordable property in a range of distinct styles, with facilities and amenities close to hand.

Building 19 Al Reef Amazing value Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. AP326252)

AED 1,300,000 2 BR 1,292 sq. ft.

Desert Community Al Reef

AED 1,500,000 2 BR 1,832 sq. ft.

Excellent value Wissam Al Hamoud (Ref No. VI292713)

Arabic Community Al Reef

AED 1,500,000 2 BR 1,832 sq. ft.

Relaxed ambience Mirza Abdul Qayyum (Ref No. TH332486)

Contemporary Community Al Reef

AED 2,500,000 4 BR 2,858 sq. ft.

Relaxed ambience Imran Ellam (Ref No. TH330147)

Building 20 Al Reef Excellent value Wissam Al Hamoud (Ref No. AP333306)

AED 1,070,000 2 BR 1,238 sq. ft.

Desert Community Al Reef Assured rental income Wissam Al Hamoud (Ref No. TH319509)

AED 2,500,000 4 BR 2,873 sq. ft.



Mediterranean Community Al Reef

AED 3,199,000 5 BR 3,749 sq. ft.

Exceptionally rewarding investment Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. TH302057)


Desert Community Al Reef

AED 2,600,000 4 BR 2,858 sq. ft.

Relaxed ambience Imran Ellam (Ref No. TH293604)


Desert Community Al Reef Relaxed ambience Imran Ellam (Ref No. TH295308)


Arabic Community Al Reef

AED 1,550,000 2 BR 1,832 sq. ft.

Exceptional deal Jorim Omollo Amadi (Ref No. TH291162)

A stunning family home Imran Ellam (Ref No. TH304260)


Mediterranean Community Al Reef

AED 1,500,000 2 BR 1,832 sq. ft.

Relaxed ambience Imran Ellam (Ref No. TH301738)


Contemporary Community Al Reef

AED 1,600,000 2 BR 1,832 sq. ft.

AED 185,000 5 BR 3,749 sq. ft.


Arabic Community Al Reef

AED 190,000 5 BR 3,749 sq. ft.

A place to call home Imran Ellam (Ref No. TH275532)

April-June 2015


Al Reem Island for sale Al Reem is a landmark development, being one of the first free zones in Abu Dhabi where foreign nationals can buy property as leasehold. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fast becoming a popular place to live, with iconic skyscrapers, a convenient location and far-reaching views.

The Gate Tower Al Reem Island

AED 1,300,000 1 BR 900 sq. ft.

Privileged location Imran Ellam (Ref No. AP334209)

Sky Tower Al Reem Island

The perfect setting Thomas Peter Willams (Ref No. AP300333)

AED 1,197,800 1 BR 883 sq. ft.

Guaranteed rental income Imran Ellam (Ref No. AP318372)

AED 1,900,000 1 BR 934 sq. ft.

Exceptional deal Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. AP327216)

Sun Tower Al Reem Island

Marina Bay Al Reem Island

The Gate Tower Al Reem Island

Sky Tower Al Reem Island Assured rental income Jorim Omollo Amadi (Ref No. AP296764)

AED 1,975,000 2 BR 1,432 sq. ft.

Strategic location Wissam Al Hamoud (Ref No. AP93211)

AED 1,300,000 1 BR 900 sq. ft.

Privileged location Imran Ellam (Ref No. AP334153)

AED 2,582,247 2 BR 1,565 sq. ft.

Ocean Terrace Residence Al Reem Island

Tala Tower Al Reem Island

AED 1,259,000 1 BR 926 sq. ft.

High rental yields Imran Ellam (Ref No. AP319295)

AED 1,541,100 1 BR 934 sq. ft.

The Gate Tower Al Reem Island Exceptional deal Marie DeGuiche (Ref No. AP326467)

AED 1,500,000 1 BR 829 sq. ft.


Al Reem Island for rent


Ocean Terrace Residence Al Reem Island

AED 95,000 1 BR 904 sq. ft.

Ideal family living Maria Joao Beires (Ref No. AP333931)

B2 Tower Al Reem Island

Sunny, spacious apartment Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. AP326861)

AED 200,000 3 BR 2,007 sq. ft.

Spacious with great finishes Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. AP332639)

AED 240,000 3 BR 2,982 sq. ft.

In a class by itself Maria Eduarda Silveira (Ref No. AP332600)

Oceanscape Al Reem Island

The Gate Tower Al Reem Island

Call Better Homes on 04 409 0998 and talk to an agent

Tala Tower Al Reem Island

AED 195,000 3 BR 2,024 sq. ft.

Great family home Marie DeGuiche (Ref No. AP331116)

AED 145,000 2 BR 1,647 sq. ft.

Sun Tower Al Reem Island Super deluxe finishings Hinal Kiran Gajjar (Ref No. AP309150)

Sky Tower Al Reem Island

AED 120,000 1 BR 934 sq. ft.

Unparalleled amenities Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. AP327216)

AED 115,000 1 BR 833 sq. ft.

Marina Bay Al Reem Island

AED 105,000 1 BR 911 sq. ft.

Setting new benchmarks for excellence Wissam Al Hamoud (Ref No. AP315684)

April-June 2015


Other Communities House hunters should look at our pick of properties across the city, where schools, shops, malls and sea views are never far away. For more information or to find more homes for sale and rent go to or talk to an agent on 04 409 0998. FOR SALE

SMS Villa Khalifa A

AED 17,000,000 6 BR 40,000 sq. ft.

Amazing value Wissam Al Hamoud (Ref No. VI333860)


RAM Compound Al Mushrif Amazing value Wissam Al Hamoud (Ref No. VI330688)


JK VIllas Khalifa A Ready to move in Maria Eduarda Silveira (Ref No. VI299965)

AED 16,000,000 20 BR 18,900 sq. ft.

AED 220,000 4 BR 5,587 sq. ft.


AM Villa Khalifa A A great family option Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. VI333285)


MAS Villa Khalifa A

AED 220,000 5 BR 4,000 sq. ft.

AED 260,000 6 BR 10,000 sq. ft.

Ideal family living Maria Joao Beires (Ref No. VI333244)


The Fountain Villa Khalifa A

AED 450,000 4 BR 5,000 sq. ft.

Understated luxury Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. VI318347)

Ask the agent Cheffie Melhem, residential and commercial consultant, Abu Dhabi office

Offering a calm and quiet lifestyle, Khalifa City A is Abu Dhabiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s up-andcoming community. Located 45 minutes from Dubai, and 30km from the Abu Dhabi Corniche, the community is adjacent to main highways and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s close to Abu Dhabi International Airport. With Al Raha Gardens and Golf Gardens bordering it, this community is

a family favourite, with an abundance of international schools and nurseries close to hand. Near to Yas Island, world-class golf courses, beaches, and the new Yas Mall, Khalifa City A is in a superb location, with plenty of leisure activities conveniently nearby.


Commercial If you’re a business owner you’ll want to operate from the best premises. Whatever your commerical needs are, Better Homes has a wide selection of office space, retail units, warehouses and commerical buildings, floors, villas and plots for you to view. FOR SALE

Addax Office Tower Al Reem Island

AED 2,308,800


Addax Office Tower Al Reem Island

1,776 sq. ft. Assured rental income Marie DeGuiche (Ref No. OF329409)

Assured rental income Marie DeGuiche (Ref No. OF329408)

AED 261,161

Tamouh Tower Al Reem Island


Addax Office Tower Al Reem Island

AED 195,000

AED 247,950


Tamouh Tower Al Reem Island

AED 247,950 1,840 sq. ft.

Central and prestigious location Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. OF325928)


AAF Al Zaab

1,673 sq. ft. State-of-the-art technology Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. OF333632)

1,657 sq. ft.

1,840 sq. ft. Flexible floor plans Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. OF325929)

AED 2,154,100

Assured rental income Marie DeGuiche (Ref No. OF329407)


1,938 sq. ft. Central and prestigious location Imran Ellam (Ref No. OF333271)

Addax Office Tower Al Reem Island

1,861 sq. ft.


Addax Office Tower Al Reem Island

AED 2,418,400


AED 800,000 15,000 sq. ft.

Central and prestigious location Cheffie Melhem (Ref No. CV333290)

April-June 2015



Editor’s Pick Get the look for less at H&M Home

One of our favourite stores for affordable fashion has launched its home accessories arm in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall. H&M Home has come to the UAE for the very first time, bringing an array of fashionable accents for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and kids’ rooms. There’s a choice of styles to suit every taste – from tropical bedding to vintage teacups, floral cushions to rustic bathroom storage, salvaged woods to plush velvets. Whether you want to cater to a girls’ tea party on the lawn, freshen up a teenager’s bedroom, or simply update your living room with new-season accessories, you can get the look at H&M Home – and have spare change for a new dress, too.




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For more information on our products, or exclusive GLPTM range of indoor & outdoor fixtures, please contact our dedicated service team.



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CONTACT: Al Thuraya Tower 2, 6th floor office 24, Media City, P.O. Box 500717 Dubai, United Arab Emirates F CosentinoMiddleEast Ali Maarrawi, Middle East General Manager / Tel: +971 55 6252907 / Email: / / / / /



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