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Welcome In 1905 Emil Durrer from Kerns built the Hotel Honegg with 72 guest beds. His uncle was the legendary hotel entrepreneur Franz Josef Bucher-Durrer. The hotel guests came from all over the world and stayed for three to four weeks, partially even for the entire summer. They got taken care of by 15 to 18 local hotel employees. The Hotel Honegg bought its agricultural commodities such as milk and cheese from the Honegg farmers. In 1972 the hotel was closed and all it maintained was a bit of garden production on nice days in the summer. Since 2007 the hotel has been in private tenure. After a renovation that lasted for a few years it was reopened as a 5-star superior hotel with 23 rooms under the name of Hotel Villa Honegg For successful business dealings the hotel offers its guests an exquisite infrastructure which consists of two seminar rooms. A cinema with 20 seats for private viewings and a spectacular spa with a 34 degree outdoor pool are truly the crowning jewel. GaultMillau awards the kitchen with 14 points. In the restaurant along with on the terrace regional dishes, international classics and Lebanese specialties are offered on the menu. The beef tartar, the meatloaf and the “älpler” macaroni-ravioli belong to some of the most popular dishes. Other delicacies get acclimatized to the season. The products, like back in the day, are still being bought from local suppliers as well as suppliers from central Switzerland. Even more popular amongst the hotel’s cooks is using ingredients from the hotel’s own salad and spice garden which can be found next to the annexed building. All dishes are pork free. The menu is free of any convenience products, flavor enhancers and gluten – with the exception of pastas with a wheat basis. Please let us know if you have any allergies or intolerances when you order. The wine range specializes on Europe. Wherever possible, Swiss products and Swiss producers abroad are preferred. Some exceptions, however, come with the wines from Lebanon. Even in the drink assortment the concept of using Swiss and local specialties are mirrored. The local “Riesling Sylvaner”, the orange lemonade from Beckenried or the gin from Appenzell are perfect for an aperitif.

Enjoy your time on Honegg.

Peter Durrer General Manager

Thomas Amstutz Executive Chef

Rui Pereira Restaurant Manager

Gourmet menu Sandwich of Norwegian Salmon and horse radish with salad leaves, mustard seeds and cucumber jelly *** Poultry consommé with slices of duck liver crêpes and spring vegetables *** Sautéed medallion of cod fish with violet mustard and chickpeas *** Surf and Turf of lamb’s loin and slipper lobster with shallot sauce spring potatoes, fennel and fava beans *** Sliced cheese from Nidwalden with pear bread, walnuts and apple *** Dessert with lemon, poppy seeds and yoghurt lemon sponge, lemon cream, yoghurt ice cream and poppy seed-meringue

6 course Menu CHF 134 5 course Menu CHF 119 4 course Menu CHF 104 3 course Menu CHF 89 Menu prices per person

Starters and salads


Seasonal salad with pumpkin spaghetti, cucumber pearls, cherry tomatoes and roasted pumpkin seeds


Sandwich of Norwegian salmon and horse radish with salad leaves, mustard seeds and cucumber jelly


Beef tartar with mint, pomegranate, olive oil and crunchy Pita bread


Fresh goat cheese from “Meierskählen” in Stans with rapeseeds, radishes and avocado


Caesar Salad green salad with Sbrinz, veal bacon and anchovies


Appetizer plate Honegg Black tiger prawns fried in angel’s hair, wine leaf filled with rice, Kebbeh with beef (deep fried meatball), Falafel (deep fried chickpea ball) and Tabouleh (parsley salad)


Soups “Nidwaldner Gerstensuppe” barley broth with dried beef and vegetables


Poultry consommé with slices of duck liver crêpes and spring vegetables


Meat Honegg–Meatloaf from “Holzen" with mashed potatoes variety of beans and carrots


Surf and Turf of lamb’s loin and locust lobster with shallot sauce Spring potatoes, fennel and fava beans


Tenderloin of beef from Nidwalden with morel sauce Homemade tagliatelle and seasonal vegetables




Steamed halibut and ragout of locust lobster couscous with spice broth, tabouleh, coco beans and confit eggplants


Sautéed medallion of cod fish chickpeas, artichokes and spring onions


Vegetarian “Älpler macaroni” ravioli with apple sauce, diced potatoes and roasted onions


Baked Falafel with warm ginger pesto couscous with spice broth, coco beans and spring onions


Penne “Rigate” confit eggplants, tomato sauce and basil


Our partners: Meat

Fish and specialities

Holzen Metzgerei, Ennetbürgen Metzgerei Stalder, Ennetbürgen

Fischerei Frank, Ennetbürgen Bianchi Comestible, Zufikon


Milk and cheese

Barmettler Eier, Ennetmoos

Barmettler Molkerei, Stans Toni Odermatt, Meierskählen, Stans

Vegetables Vegetables


Various aromatic herbs from the Honegg garden Mundo AG, Rothenburg

Fredy’s „The fine art of bread“, Baden

We use Swiss products wherever possible, all other origins are indicated. All prices include 8 % VAT.



Dessert with lemon, poppy seeds and yoghurt lemon sponge, lemon cream, yoghurt ice cream and poppy seed-meringue


Luke warm chocolate tarte with coconut sorbet pineapple and honey sauce


Chocolate mousse with whipped cream


Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream


Iced coffee with whipped cream with Kirsch

11 15

Lemon sorbet with vodka with champagne

12 16 18

Our homemade ice creams and sorbets per scoop


Flavours Vanilla, coffee, chocolate, yoghurt Lemon, coconut, green apple

All prices include 8 % VAT.

CHF Choice of regional cheese


Fruit cake, nuts and dried fruits From Barmettler dairy in Stans and regional cheese producers. Stanser Fladä, Stanser Röteli, Bleiki Alpkäse, Jersey Blue from Toggenburg, 3 year old Sbrinz, Tomme vaudoise, soft and semi-hard goat cheese from Meierskählen in Stans

Sweet wine France - Sauternes Château Haut-Mayne AC 2009 Sémillon, Sauvignon blanc Italy - Tuscany Milarium Vin Santo Chianti, Tenuta Cantagallo, 2004 Trebiano, Malvasia

5cl 7.5dl

13 111

5 dl


5 cl


4 cl


Portwine Taylor`s Tawny Port, Portugal

Bitter/liqueur Appenzeller cream liquor

The law prohibits the sale of wine, beer and cider to anyone under 16, spirits and alcopops to anyone under 18. The staff may ask for proof of age. All prices include 8 % VAT.


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