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TABLE OF CONTENTS FEEL.YOUNIQUE® 4 The path to even more joie de vivre Massage rituals 11 YOUNIQUE® massage ritual Signature rituals for bodily wellbeing Enjoy care rituals with a touch of the exotic Rituals for two at the Private Spa Augustinus Bader 16 Facials Body treatments Team Dr. Joseph 26 Facials Complementary & technical facial treatments Body care treatments 32 Baths Peeling Face & body packs on the recliner Purification treatments Manicures & pedicures 38 ACTIVE.YOUNIQUE® 41 Fitness & training Good to know 42


Our spa treatments have been carefully designed from a holistic perspective to enhance energetic vitality, and achieve genuine and long-lasting results in combination with YOUNIQUE® rituals.

Your wishes and personal wellbeing lie at the heart of all our treatments.

Feel.Younique 4

The path to even more joie de vivre

1. Switch off 2. Regenerate 3. Relax 4. Activate
Feel.Younique 6
The Feel.Younique sensation

Switch off¹

The pre-treatment phase influences the overall long-term effectiveness of the procedure. We have prepared a ritual to help you switch off and free up your mind and soul—to take time for yourself, for digital detox, guided meditation, breathing exercises, to write a diary and listen to your heart.


The best possible preparation for your regeneration period: Saunas, baths, peelings, wraps, purification treatments and caring facial treatments. We recommend drinking plenty of fluids such as water or tea during your wellness day; and to ensure you get sufficient rest and sleep.


The next step is the relaxation encouraged by facial and body massages, yoga, meditation, walks, hikes, light, sporty indoor and outdoor activities, or simply the enjoyment of peace and quiet.


The relaxation phase is followed by bodily activation, especially with the help of stimulating massages, facials, yoga and dynamic sporting activities.

Feel.Younique ®

The senses of well-being and vitality are enhanced as you radiate even more energy & joie de vivre.

Here’s how to enjoy every moment of your visit to the Spiritual Spa:

To enjoy your treatment to the fullest, we recommend arriving for your appointment without jewellery or a mobile phone. If possible, we ask you to refrain from eating and drinking from one hour prior to your treatment appointment. Do you plan to book a shaving treatment? We advise you to do so at least one day in advance.

Loosen up your muscles

Warm up your muscles for approximately 5 minutes in your favourite sauna. You are welcome to choose between our nude and non-nude saunas. Alternatively, gentle yoga is also a good way of loosening up for a more lasting massage effect.

Relax and let go

Consciously rest, relax and empty your mind before the scheduled treatment. To ensure you’re fully relaxed, please arrive at the spa area in your bathrobe shortly before the start of your treatment.

Be in the here and now!

During your visit to the spa, stay consciously in the moment. Listen to what your body and senses are telling you.

Controlled breathing enhances relaxation

As your mind adjusts to the treatment, focus on your breathing. Breathe in for about four seconds and out again for about seven seconds. It’s easy and pleasant. Repeat this a few times until you feel the relaxation setting in. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply during the treatment. Breathing aids detoxification and deepens the experience of relaxation.

Feel.Younique 8

Enjoy the treatment

We attend to all your preferences and needs, be it massage pressure, heat regulation, sound or light. Our therapists are here to ensure you enjoy a sense of well-being. It’s your time, so let go and enjoy yourself!

Post-treatment time-out

Soak up the tranquillity! Kick back in our relaxation rooms on the 1st floor, next to the Vitalbistro restaurant. We recommend you bask in the post-treatment glow for around 20 minutes. Drink plenty of water or herbal tea to drain toxins from the body.

Respect time

In order to enjoy your stay as much as possible, please book spa appointments and tell us your wishes and preferences in advance, preferably even before you arrive—either by phone: +43 5212 2621-345 or via e-mail: Our spa team will be happy to help you make the best choices for your personal Spiritual Spa experience.

Please respect the time of guests booked directly after you. If you are late for an appointment, the time missed will be lost from your total treatment time.

If you wish to cancel or postpone an appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours before the appointment. If the appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of the starting time for the appointment, we reserve the right to invoice 100 % of the agreed fee.

rituals 10


Our own unique creations. Special experiences for the body, mind & soul.

YOUNIQUE® massage ritual


It’s completely up to you, whether you choose a vigorous full-body massage, soothing back massage with aromatic oils or a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage. Whether you focus on the elements of a sports massage or foot reflex massage, aim for relaxation, pain relief or stimulation, use hot basalt stones, cupping glasses or fascia tools. Our therapists invest their wealth of experience in our holistic rituals, tailoring each massage to your wishes. If there’s something you need, that’s what you get. RIGHT NOW. Just for you.

65 minutes* € 115

95 minutes* € 155

*Massage and ritual times may vary.

Signature rituals for the body


Herbal massage

Aromatic lavender, rosemary and sage are finely ground. The gentle herbal fragrance floats in the air, combined with warm nurturing oil, soothing music and a therapist that can knead out the tension all over your body. The intensity and pressure, pace and vigour of each unique full-body massage is down to you—and afterwards you’ll feel completely revitalised.

80 minutes € 159

Spiritual hands massage


This treatment’s a well-kept secret for connoisseurs of wellness. Relax in a special candlelit room, especially developed for this gentle, soul-soothing treatment. A comfortable bed of gently heated quartz sand warms the body, accompanied by soothing dreamy music and a careful massage by a specialist therapist using aromatic and soothing candle wax to relieve all your mental tension. Enjoy the sensations of floating and weightlessness.

50 minutes € 119

Head, face and neck massage


Relaxing anti-aging massage for a glowing complexion.

Experience a unique and deeply-relaxing 50-minute signature massage, combining the benefits of aromatherapy with a variety of massage techniques. The face, collarbone, upper chest, neck and surrounding areas are all massaged—not only relieving muscle tension, tightening the skin at the same time as a pleasant antidote to the signs of age.

50 minutes € 99

Ear candle therapy


A short and effective relaxation. The treatment acts on the ears and eardrum like a gentle massage. This results in a warm feeling and a noticeable equalisation of pressure in the ears. Blood circulation in the area is increased and lymphatic circulation is activated. A gentle way to alleviate stress symptoms, nervousness and sleep disorders.

25 minutes € 69

Massage rituals 12

Enjoy care rituals with a touch of the exotic


Ayurveda ritual

An Ayurvedic massage affects your overall well-being and has a positive influence on your health. This treatment pampers to the desires to relax, revitalise the body and stimulate the mind. An oil best suited to your needs is chosen to maximise the intensity of every sensation. After a short consultation, the trained therapists put together an Ayurveda treatment programme tailored to your needs.

80 minutes € 169

Inner balance chakra ritual


Profound relaxation is experienced through a combination of gently-scented, pure chakra oils, energetically-guided massaging motions, the resonance of Tibetan bowls and the targeted use of gemstones on your energy centres. This intensely spiritual experience promotes body awareness, frees the mind, and generates harmonious body consciousness. A truly joyous sensation.

50 minutes € 119

Lomi lomi ritual


The Hawaiian temple massage is a wonderful opportunity to open up all the senses and experience a state of deep relaxation and cared-for security. Let go of everything that weighs you down. Physical processes harmonise, the metabolism is stimulated and skin tissue is naturally revitalised and smoothened.

80 minutes € 169

Thai ritual


This active ritual is one of the world’s most popular and effective treatments. It takes place on the mat and your energy lines are stimulated by thumb pressure, blockages and tension are relieved, and joints and the spine are mobilised. Please come in comfortable sportswear. No oil is used for this treatment.

80 minutes € 169

Massage rituals 14

Rituals for two at the Private Spa

Leave everyday life behind and enjoy the mystical world of the PRIVATE SPA. Enjoy special moments for two by candle or lantern light. Both of our Private Spa rooms offer a charming bathtub, partner massage beds, a shower, a Finnish sauna and a relaxation room with a comfy waterbed.


Aromatic massage for partners

Experience a relaxing full-body massage for two in one of our Private Spa suites. Enjoy massages with superior-quality aromatic oils that heighten the experience of pleasant relaxation and gentle tranquillity with wonderfully fresh scents.

50 minutes € 109 per person

80 minutes € 149 per person


Romantic ritual including a partner massage with aromatics

Savour the warmth of your private sauna, indulge in a romantic candlelit bath and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine. All thoughts will be swept away by a relaxing aromatic partner massage as two therapists work in tandem to carefully massage out all your tension, followed by the application of a body wrap. Finally, the waterbed is the place to lie down and enjoy the soothing after-effects together. What could be more romantic.

180 minutes € 199 per person

Private Spa—Intimacy in privacy


Enjoy a wonderful private sauna session, wash down in the spacious partner shower, apply the peeling lotion to each other, scrub down and shower off with warm water. Take a romantic candlelight bath and savour the numerous dainty appetizers, a piccolo bottle of sparkling wine or a glass of the hotel’s homebrew beer, lie back and let the relaxation set in to round off this perfect time for two.

110 minutes € 129 per person


The future of skincare

This evolutionary skin care is based on TFC8® technology, and supported by 30 years of research and innovation. Proven formulas for results you can see and feel.

Prof. Dr. med. Augustinus Bader developed the revolutionary TFC8® complex that encourages natural renewal processes in our bodies. At an advanced age these processes slow down and occur less frequently, enabling the signs of skin ageing to become more obvious. The TFC8® complex is a proven means of slowing down the processes of skin ageing.

This patented complex contains high-grade natural amino acids, vitamins and synthetic molecules that possess skin-like properties. Natural nutrients and ingredients are infused into the skin to create a perfect environment for all processes of repair work, regeneration and renewal. Individual adaptability enables the complex to achieve the best possible results for all skin conditions—wrinkles, acne, redness, pigmentation spots or inflammation.

Treat yourself to uniquely luxurious care products currently only available in a few select hotels worldwide. Feel free to order these cosmetics in our online shop.

Augustinus Bader 16
Prof. Augustinus Bader & the Seyrling family in the Spiritual Spa


Deluxe facial treatment

Manual facial treatment


This special facial treatment makes skin healthier, firmer and stronger and incorporates the patented TFC8® complex with 40 high-quality ingredients. They are combined with the Augustinus Bader method, a cell-activating fascia massage and a highly-effective cream mask. The treatment counteracts uneven skin toning and redness. The special method enhances the capacity of the body’s own stem cells to self-repair, thereby reducing signs of skin ageing. The skin is visibly regenerated, and strengthened in the long term. For radiant and youthfully fresh skin.

65 minutes* € 189

+ 15 minutes microderm abrasion** + € 40

+ 25 minutes ultrasound treatment** + € 60

Facial lifting

Manual facial treatment


Indulge in the Augustinus Bader facial treatment with a cell-activating fascia massage. There’s an additional manual lifting massage, highly effective algae fleece mask, and a scalp massage. It includes the Augustinus Bader Scalp Treatment and Hair Oil. Massaging relieves facial muscle tension and the face becomes pleasantly relaxed. Blood circulation intensifies, enhancing the positive effects of the products. This treatment reduces signs of ageing, tightens the skin, and leaves it glowing.

80 minutes € 249

*Duration of consultation and treatment may vary slightly.

**For more information see p. 30—Complementary facial treatments

Augustinus Bader 18


Facial treatment with micro-needling

Technical facial treatment

Micro-needling is carried out with the rich TFC8 complex serum—on the face, neck and upper chest areas. All skin regeneration processes are intensified by these micro-injuries, in turn stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. There are greater benefits for the skin than with purely manual facial treatments, and the session is rounded off with a high-quality algae fleece mask.

80 minutes € 299

Body treatments

Deluxe body ritual

Manual body treatment


This exclusive body treatment combines pleasant relaxation with high-quality Augustinus Badermethod body care, including full-body peeling, a cell stimulation fascia massage and an intensively beneficial body mask. For youthful, fresh, firm and relaxed skin.

80 minutes € 199




Find selected articles for your home in our online shop.

Dr. Joseph


High-tech natural personal care cosmetics

Professional treatments with natural, highly-concentrated herbal skin care products—tailored to the needs of each guest’s skin. For a radiant and healthy complexion. All-natural product from South Tyrol.

Based on scientific findings and the particular needs of your skin, the predominantly manual treatments provided by Team Dr Joseph find solutions deep within the tissue. Balance is sought in line with the natural metabolic functions of the skin: Calming of the nervous system, relaxation of facial expressions, all flow is harmonised, microcirculation is normalised. The goal is an overall sensation of well-being within the skin, and the maintenance and preservation of your incomparable beauty.

Experience the unique beauty care of the Team Dr Joseph method: purify. recreate. protect.



Cleansing facial treatment

Manual facial treatment


We recommend this initial facial treatment as a means of enhancing the effects of subsequent facial treatments. The skin is cleansed pore-deep with exquisite, active plant-based ingredients. Blockages are gently released and lipid production normalised. The treatment ritual is completed with a cleansing cellulose mask to optimise hydration and produce a visibly fresh, cleansed and even complexion.

65 minutes* € 119

+ 15 minutes microderm abrasion** + € 40

Skin-care facial treatment

Manual facial treatment


Wonderfully natural and immediately effective active ingredient facial programme, especially adapted to each guest’s skin requirements—for deep relaxation and care: Skin diagnostics, eyebrow shaping, lymph stimulation massage, herbal steam compresses, peeling, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum, adapted facial massage, intensive mask and a final individual care treatment. Highly effective active natural ingredients provide healthy and intensively cared-for skin.

65 minutes* € 119

80 minutes* € 149

+ 15 minutes microderm abrasion** + € 40

+ 15 minutes mesoporation** + € 60

*Consultation and treatment duration may vary slightly.

**For more information, see p. 30—Complementary facial treatments.

Dr. Joseph


Express power lift for men

Manual facial treatment

Effective facial care for men. Powerful and close to nature: Skin diagnostics, lymph-stimulating massage, herbal steam compresses, peeling, deep cleansing, special serum, intensive mask with facial massage and a final individual care treatment. Natural high-tech strength for a powerful and well-groomed appearance.

50 minutes € 109


Firming facial treatment with Gua-Sha massage

Manual facial treatment

For wide-awake eyes and firm facial contours. The intensive Lift & Glow treatment consists of cleansing, a lymph-stimulating brush massage, enzyme peeling with fan brushes, eye area massage, Gua-Sha lifting massage, care mask, eye and lip care, and individual finishing care—ideal for wrinkles, fatigue and puffiness around the eyes. Produces a visibly firmed-up eye area and subtly tauter facial contours. Maximum effect for a visibly tighter and intensively cared-for complexion.

50 minutes € 119

Ultrasound facial lifting treatment

Technical facial treatment

Ultrasound frequencies are used to enhance the effects of natural active ingredients as they are safely absorbed into deeper layers of the skin, where their potential better unfolds and the skin becomes profoundly strengthened. Treatment is individually adapted to your needs, depending on the skin’s condition: Lymphatic stimulation, steam compresses, cleansing, enzyme and ultrasonic deep peeling, alginate mask, ultrasonic repair and lifting, stimulating neck and face massage, daily care. High-tech and nature for a lasting effect, immediate visible effects and maximum ‘wow’ impact.

80 minutes € 189


Complementary facial treatments

Technical treatments can be booked to complement manual facial care.

Microderm abrasion

Microderm abrasion is an ablative and smoothing peel that exfoliates the top layer of skin with diamond crystals in a controlled and painless manner. Subsequent cosmetic treatments enable the active ingredients to be absorbed better by the skin, to penetrate deeper and have a greater effect. To achieve the best possible results, we recommend booking a ‘mesoporation’ session straight after this treatment.

+ 15 minutes + € 40



This is a non-destructive method of incorporating highly molecular active substances and vitamins such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C... into deeper layers of the skin. The texture of the skin is visibly improved and wrinkling alleviated. This treatment is recommended as a follow-up to microderm abrasion.

+ 25 minutes + € 60

Ultrasound treatment

Sound waves are used to dilate the pores of the skin, stimulate blood circulation to the skin, encourage the removal of dead skin cells—and the formation of new ones. Skin elasticity improves, there’s an anti-wrinkling effect and the overall appearance of the skin is visibly fresher and healthier.

+ 25 minutes + € 60

Complementary& technical facial treatments 30

Technical facial treatments

Intensify the effect of your facial treatment with high-tech cosmetic equipment.


Hydra face

Radiant skin with an attractive glow.

HydraFaceOne®: Cosmetic care for sustainably healthy and beautiful skin. Vortex technology removes impurities and dirt from the pores, as if in a tornado—although the treatment is completely painless. The skin is then treated with individually-tailored active antioxidant ingredients. The result is fresh and youthfully radiant skin. Best of all, the face feels smooth and firm straight after treatment!

50 minutes € 189


The natural lift for face, neck and upper chest area.


This ultimate needling pen anti-ageing procedure is tailored to the needs of your skin and uses serums such as hyaluron, vitamin C, collagen, carbamide to power lift and purify. Micro-needling is a targeted, minimally invasive and painless procedure using fine micro-needles. Immediately after the targeted perforation of the skin, the cells release growth-stimulating substances that encourage the production of collagen and elastin, and the release of hyaluronic acid. Micro-circulation also increases considerably, enhancing the skin’s absorption capacity for the application of active ingredients, and leading to a significantly improved overall result. The treatment for a youthful appearance. 50 minutes € 189


Body treatments 32


Lavender salt bath


Monks recognised the healing properties of salt several centuries ago. The mineral-rich salt bath boasts a relaxing natural lavender scent and is an ideal means of cleansing, refreshing and soothing the body and the mind. Baths for one or two people.

25 minutes € 45


Hops and malt bath with Klosterbräu’s own home-brewed beer

The notion of a beer bath is enough in itself to arouse the interest of men and women alike. The valuable substances contained in malt care for the skin, raise your spirits, strengthen tissue and encourage relaxation. Baths for one or two people.

25 minutes € 45


Alpine hay peeling


A package of natural active alpine ingredients! A gentle herbal peeling refines skin texture, giving it a clear and radiant appearance. Skin metabolism is stimulated and blood circulation is improved. Ideal cleansing effect of full-body peeling with apricot seeds and hay extracts. This highly-effective clean-up will make you shine.

25 minutes € 45

Aromatic salt scrub


A stimulating and invigorating multi-sensual aromatic experience. This full-body peeling treatment involves the application of aromatic massage oil and Dead Sea salt for intensive cleansing and stimulated renewal of the skin. It promotes tissue metabolism and produces velvety soft skin. Your skin is extra fresh and super smooth.

25 minutes € 45

Body treatments 34

Packs in the soft-pack chair


Alpine detox mud pack

Natural and powerful. The special alpine ‘fango’ mudpack enhances blood circulation, stimulates muscle metabolism and relieves stress on connective tissue. This curative mudpack provides all-round detoxification, cleanses, purifies and gives each guest an alpine power boost. Natural active ingredients penetrate deeply to offer hikers, sports enthusiasts and fitness fans exceptional benefits.

25 minutes € 45

Sport and vitality herbal pack


Invigorates and stimulates. The strength of the active ingredient complex of arnica and St. John’s wort improves the blood’s circulation and keeps muscles supple. Ideal after hiking and sporting activities. Tired joints are reinvigorated and muscle performance is enhanced. Athletes and physically active guests will love this experience of revitalising heat.

25 minutes € 45

Anti-ageing pack


Pure regeneration and care for youthful beauty. The concentrated power of grapes and sea buckthorn revitalises skin tissue and boosts cell renewal. Intensive care of the skin for a youthful appearance pleasantly silky skin, and a sense of well-being.

25 minutes € 45

Body treatments 36

Detoxification treatments

Egyptos vitality wrap


The pleasant warm cotton bandage body wrap firms up the skin, visibly reduces cellulite, relieves tension and provides new strength and energy. Moreover, the spread of problem zones is noticeably reduced by a centimetre or two. This treatment relaxes and shapes the body.

80 minutes € 159

Anti-cellulite treatment


Peeling with the loofah sponge cleanses the skin. The subsequent detoxifying algae pack provides a visibly firmer appearance. The treatment is an effective skin cleansing method, followed by a stimulating cupping massage and anti-cellulite modelling massage.

80 minutes € 159

Revitalising & firming abdominal treatment


The abdomen and internal organs are the focus of this treatment. It bolsters the immune system and gently relieves abdominal congestion. At the same time connective tissue is strengthened and abdominal girth is subtly reduced.

50 minutes € 119

Lymphatic drainage


Lymphatic drainage involves very gentle massaging to improve the lymphatic flow. This plays an important role in activating your immune defences. The treatment is exceedingly relaxing, pain-relieving, soothing and calming.

25 minutes € 59

50 minutes € 99


Indulge your fingernails and toenails, hands and feet with sophisticated care products from Alessandro. We offer contemporary moisturising and anti-ageing intensive care with a pampering factor, special products and a large selection of nail polish colours for every occasion.


Quick manicure

25 minutes € 49

Manicure with hand massage—no varnish

50 minutes € 85

Manicure and varnish, plus varnish for at home

50 minutes € 89

Manicure with UV/LED varnish

70 minutes € 99


Pedicure with foot massage – no varnish

50 minutes € 95

Pedicure and varnish, plus varnish for at home

50 minutes € 99

Pedicure with UV/LED nail varnish

70 minutes € 109

Manicures & pedicures 38
Psst ... Insider tip: Indulge yourself in the cellar with the beer font.
Active.Younique 40 Our app with all info & activities: Hotel Klosterbräu: YOUNIQUE Available in Google Play and Apple Store


We offer an extensive programme of over 50 different indoor and outdoor activities. Let us inspire you!

Fitness & training

The stylish fitness studio has state-of-the-art fitness equipment and is open daily from 06.00–24.00


Personal training*

Customised fitness and health training with our certified personal trainer. Tell us your personal longterm fitness goals, and our trainer will advise you on how to achieve them effectively and sustainably. 50 minutes € 79 per person


EMS training with Easy Motion Skin*

EMS training is a highly effective and time-efficient full-body training method that increases muscle strength and reduces body fat. A training session takes just 20 minutes and can be held indoors or outdoors. The Easy Motion Skin suit is available for purchase, so you can continue with your own selfdesigned training sessions at home, whenever you choose. The appointment lasts around 45 minutes and includes a brief anamnesis, and a discussion of training activities and goals. 20 minutes of individual training € 35

20 minutes of group training € 29 per person (max. 4 people)

*Bookable at the hotel reception.



There are all-year-round heated indoor and outdoor pools in our spa area with water at a pleasant temperature of at least 30°C, and heated indoor and outdoor hot tubs at 36°C. The roof-top panorama pool provides an unforgettably picturesque sweeping view of the surrounding mountain scenery.

Sauna world—daily infusions

Nude area:

Welcome to the unique, completely hand-carved, heart-shaped ‘Heiss-Zeit’ sauna. Traditional Finnish sauna, steam bath, outdoor organic sauna, infrared sauna, bread sauna, beer font, ice font, Kneipp cold water walk, lantern relaxation room with two cosy waterbeds—and ergonomic loungers with a music system, headphones and heating.

Non-nude area:

Non-nude & family sauna

Quiet rooms

Comfort and relaxation are ensured by the relaxation rooms next to the outdoor pool areas, in the sauna area and in the indoor pool area. There is also a relaxation room on the 1st floor next to the Vitalbistro health food restaurant.

Vitalbistro health food restaurant

Sit down and relax in your bathrobe …

10.00–11.00 Light sporty breakfast with fresh and dried fruit, coffee and tea.

12.30–18.00 Salads, snacks and drinks for a fee.

15.30–17.30 Lovingly-arranged selection of cakes and fruit.

16+ age restriction for rest areas

Spa: Relaxation rooms | Reading room | Saunas in the basement

Outdoor area: Roof-top panorama pool |

Garden: Sunbathers’ lawn next to the Vitalbistro | Garden: Sunbathers’ lawn by the stone circle

Various: Fitness room

Status Mai 2024. Subject to change.

Good to know 42
All opening hours are constantly updated and available here: The Spiritual Spa is open for every wish from 10.00–19.00 Spa reception: +43 5212 2621-345

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