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14/01/2011 17:59

The EASTER Excitement Begins Here! Easter is undeniably one of the most exciting times for those of us who love chocolate. And, as a chocolate maker, it also gives us the opportunity to show off our extended Easter Family. As you’ll see from the family snaps, they’re a good looking bunch and varied too! All of which means that you’re sure to find the perfect egg for everyone – from handy-sized Egg Sandwiches and our renowned Extra Thick Eggs, to the simply mammoth Ostrich Eggs and more. That’s as well as lots of Easter gifts that are perfect for chocolate hunts and family fun and games. So, whatever excitement you have planned for Easter, I do hope we can help.

Angus Thirlwell Co-founder & Chief Executive

Your Message – Our Chocolates

Your message in our complimentary card delivered direct to loved ones, relatives and friends for you. Or get us to deliver to your own home so you can hand out the gifts yourself. Standard service £3.95 – single item £4.95 – 2 or more items

Last order dates for Easter Standard – Mon 18th April at 2.30pm

Next day or specific day service £5.95 – single item £7.95 – 2 or more items

Gold Delivery – Wed 20th April at 4pm

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Saturday Delivery – Thurs 21st April at 4pm

Saturday Delivery £6.95 – single item £8.95 – 2 or more items

4 EASY WAYS TO ORDER Online Telephone 08444 93 13 13 If ordering for a business call 08444 93 10 10 Post Hotel Chocolat Ltd, Mint House, Royston SG8 5HL In Store We have over 50 stores across the UK. Rabot Estate Store, Borough Market, London USA Hotel Chocolat USA US store – Newbury Street Boston Full dietary and allergen details for each product are available at


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17/01/2011 09:20

Meet the FAMILY! A long weekend with family, friends and an egg to match every personality.

EASTER – 24th April



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17/01/2011 09:17

The original



When we first started making Easter eggs we talked to the ‘experts’.They told us the trick lay in making the shells as thin as possible so as to use as little chocolate as possible. We disagreed and our Extra Thick Eggs were born – with our renowned, luxuriously thick chocolate shells and exciting Easter chocolates hiding inside. 147mm high. 330-520g approx.


Our Extra Thick eggs, more than 3 times thicker than an average Easter egg.

the Eggsibitionist™ With both shells in our house 40% milk chocolate and 12 gorgeously decorated mini eggs hiding inside – including salted liquid caramel, melt-away hazelnut praline, silky truffles, chocolate brownie and more. Alcohol-free.

ref 300168



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14/01/2011 18:08

you Crack me Up™ With one shell in pure 40% milk chocolate and the other in mellow milk with a dash of white and 10 irrepressibly cheery chocolates inside – including smiley face pralines and brownies, fried eggs, Easter bunnies and chicks in solid milk chocolate and more. Alcohol-free.

ref 300166

Princess Eggwina


– having fun in New Yolk, 2007 5

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14/01/2011 18:08

More Extra Thick Eggs™ Serious dark Fix™ With both shells in our award-winning 70% house dark chocolate, one studded with crunchy cocoa nibs. And inside, an adventure of deep flavours shown off in 12 authentic recipes – including smooth praline, rum truffle, chilli praline, single malt whisky and more.

ref 300170


Eggy Pop



extra thick


– cracking the US, 1989

Dimensions of Extra Thick Egg without packaging: 147mm high. Weight 330g - 520g approx.


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14/01/2011 18:10

your Eggsellency™ With one shell in mellow 40% milk and the other in our award-winning 70% dark, brimming with nothing but 10 of our finest truffle eggs – including champagne, orange liqueur & vanilla, amaretto, caramel, apricot brandy, rum and more. Angus says – a distinguished egg for the truffle lovers in your life.

ref 300169


The Eggmaster – School of Eggsellence, 2002

To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

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14/01/2011 18:10

More Extra Thick Eggs™ rocky road to Caramel™ With one cookie-textured milk shell and the other enrobed in smooth caramel chocolate filled with an array of 10 chocolates – including cookie praline, liquid caramel, chocolate truffle, milk chocolate chicks and more. Alcohol-free. Tasting notes – with the irresistible combination of yielding milk chocolate and contrasting crunch.

ref 300167


Marco Egg-White – whipping up a storm, 1999

Dimensions of Extra Thick Egg without packaging: 147mm high. Weight 330g - 520g approx.



extra thick



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14/01/2011 18:15

An egg made with two of our most precious chocolates, featuring rare cocoa from our own Rabot Estate plantation on Saint Lucia and Chuao beans from Venezuela. One shell is cast from the latest harvest of our Rabot Estate 65% dark chocolate – with red fruit flavour notes that slowly diminish to leave shiraz, black olives and spices, with an exceptionally long finish. And the other is cast from sought-after Chuao 70% dark – with mellow flavours of roasted nuts, cream and caramel, raisins and malt with a long complex finish. And inside you’ll find 10 super premium Purist Pralines, made from the prized and extremely tasty Piedmont hazelnuts from Italy, balanced with the red berry fruitiness of Saint Lucia 65% Dark. Alcohol-free.

ref 300171


*We are delighted to say that our 65% Rabot Estate Dark, Saint Lucia received a 1 Star Gold Award at the Great Taste Awards 2010. 9

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14/01/2011 18:22

Introducing the


With an extra thick egg shell cast in

premium chocolate and filled with exciting Easter goodies. White Chocolate Easter Eggsposé™ One extra thick chocolate shell cast in our creamy white chocolate with 8 silky soft truffle eggs filled with strawberry. Alcohol-free.

ref 300163


The Duchess of Yolk – Eggingham Palace, 1898 10

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14/01/2011 18:22


milk Chocolate Easter Eggsposé™

dark Chocolate Easter Eggsposé™

One extra thick chocolate shell cast in our mellow 40% milk chocolate with 8 mini eggs filled with melt-in-the-mouth hazelnut praline. Alcohol-free.

One extra thick chocolate shell cast in our award-winning 70% house dark chocolate with 8 mini eggs filled with super smooth gianduja praline. Alcohol-free. Vegan suitable.

ref 300164


Why we love it – a perfectly sized gift for when a whole egg would be just a bit too much!

ref 300165


Uncle benedict – the unruffled fire eggstinguisher, 1994

To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

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14/01/2011 18:23

Eggdiana Jones – the jungle poacher, 1977

the Nibblatron™ Easter Egg One extra thick chocolate shell cast in our mellow 40% milk chocolate filled with 5 milk chocolate mini Nibblatron robots – programmed to be utterly delicious. Alcohol-free.

ref 300173 12

050397_HC_36pp_Easter 2011.indd 12

£14 actual size

14/01/2011 18:24

More EASTER Eggsposés

Miley Fryus – sunny side up, Aspen, 1983

– for the young and young at heart!

twinkle toes™ Easter Egg One extra thick chocolate shell cast in our mellow 40% milk chocolate with 5 mini milk chocolate Twinkle Toes ballerinas – ready to show you their moves. Alcohol-free.

ref 300172 actual size

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£14 13

14/01/2011 18:25

The Gigantic



Truly mammoth eggs sure to make a gorgeous

statement to someone special, or perfect as a gift for families to share – they arrive beautifully presented with an exciting array of Easter chocolates too.

Sir Ewan McEggor – Monarch of the Hen, 1934 14

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14/01/2011 18:27

the milk Ostrich Egg™ With two huge shells cast in 40% milk chocolate, sprinkled with cookie pieces, crispies and chocolate chunks and then enrobed in more milk chocolate. Served with our most dreamy recipes including – macadamia and pistachio pralines, liquid caramel, luscious soft truffles, exciting solid chocolate slabs and more. Alcohol-free. 1.3kg.


Angus says – an egg that will really make a big impression, created for sharing.

ref 300175



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14/01/2011 18:27

Shelly & Chuck – an unbeatable day for it, 2010



Extra Thick


Dimensions of Ostrich Egg without packaging: 285mm high. Weight: 1.3kg 1.4kg approx. Box Dimensions: Width 198mm Height 335mm Depth 185mm.


050397_HC_36pp_Easter 2011.indd 16

14/01/2011 18:29

the dark Ostrich Egg™ With two enormous shells cast in our award-winning 70% house dark, studded with crunchy almond slivers and enrobed in more dark chocolate. Served with our most sought after dark recipes including – melt-away gianduja and praline, luscious truffle eggs with champagne, caramel, rum and amaretto, solid chocolate and more. 1.4kg. Tasting notes – dark chocolate lovers will be in heaven with the exciting array of gorgeously dark flavours and irresistible textures.

ref 300176



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14/01/2011 18:30

Everyone Loves

Egg Sandwiches™

With two slices of premium chocolate between strikingly decorated hollow shells – our adorable Egg Sandwiches won’t fail to put a smile on everyone’s face this Easter. Fun to give and exciting to receive! Who for – there’s an Egg Sandwich that absolutely everyone will adore, from mild and mellow to fruity and deeply dark.

Presented in a cute sandwich box made with recycled materials.

Seriously dark Wrap Two 70% house dark chocolate shells sandwiched around chunky slabs of deep dark chocolate, sprinkled with roasted cocoa nibs. Alcohol-free. Vegan suitable.

ref 300161



Extra Thick



Dimensions of Egg Sandwiches without packaging: 100mm high by 74mm wide. Weight 100g. All alcohol-free.


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14/01/2011 18:30

MULTI-BUY OFFER £8 each or £21 for any 3 Choose any combination of Egg Sandwiches. 3 or more items in the same order charged at £7 each. Can be delivered to multiple addresses or a single address. Usual delivery charges apply. Strawberry melt Two creamy white chocolate shells sandwiched around chunky slabs of strawberry and white chocolate, sprinkled with crispy meringue. Alcohol-free.

ref 300160


Creamed Caramel Club

Smooth Praline toasty

Two caramel chocolate shells sandwiched around thick slabs of caramel and white chocolate. Alcohol-free.

Two milk chocolate shells sandwiched around ultra-smooth slabs of praline marbled milk chocolate. Melts in the mouth like hot butter on toast! Alcohol-free.

ref 300159


ref 300162


To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

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14/01/2011 18:30

Eggy Sue & Jim bob – no egg on their face, 1956


Irresistible eggy faces sitting on a Tiddly Pot full of solid chocolate bunnies and chicks – perfect Easter nibbles for the young and the young at heart. Alcohol-free.

dark ref 300158

milk ref 300156

White ref 300157

£7 each or any 3 for £18



Extra Thick



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14/01/2011 18:32


Egg H-Box 15 filled mini eggs. Alcohol-free.

ref 260507

Three Little Chicks


– our Eggwardian ancestors, 1908

the Easter Egg Box Selection A cracking collection of irresistible filled mini eggs created especially for passing around and sharing this Easter. And there’s something for everyone to love – with melt-like-butter pralines, silky smooth truffles with blueberry, amaretto and warming whisky, strawberry, liquid caramel and more. Why we love it – designed to fit through most letterboxes, it’s perfect if you can’t be there this Easter.

Egg Box Selection 30 filled mini eggs ref 260508


To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

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14/01/2011 18:33

Little Easter TREATS

– Perfect as small gifts and for enjoying at home

Eggs and Soldiers™ Mellow praline-filled half shells, topped with a chocolate fried egg and accompanied by a troop of creamy soldiers, already dipped with a dollop of creamy chocolate yolk. Alcohol-free. 10 chocolates. Angus says – they won’t fail to put a smile on someone’s face this Easter!

milk & White ref 111118 dark ref 111119




(over) Easy Riders – on the way to Las Veggas, 1968

Easter Pick-me-Up The ideal little gift for Easter full of cheery chocolate specialities. Contents: Easter Tiddly Pot •Tiddly Chic Milk 100g Slab • 6 Caramel Egglets.

ref 350161



050397_HC_36pp_Easter 2011.indd 22

14/01/2011 18:34

Egga Fitzgerald and the Florentines – The Eggshibition Club, 1941

tiddly Chicks Chirpy, two bite Easter chicks cast in mellow 40% milk or smooth 70% dark chocolate. Alcohol-free. 8 chocolates.

milk ref 111120 dark ref 111121

£5 £5

milk or dark

 a dozen Quail Eggs Twelve of our two-bite Easter delicacies stunningly decorated and nestling in a special egg box – including truffles filled with strawberry, vanilla, whisky, rum, blueberry and amaretto, caramel, pralines and more.

ref 111115


Nibble and Pecks™ Irresistibly cute Easter bunnies and chirpy chicks – 16 figures cast in house 40% milk chocolate. All individually wrapped, so they’re perfect for Easter chocolate hunts. Just don’t forget where you hid them! Alcohol-free. Why we love it – these cute little characters will lend themselves to anything, from Easter hunts and games to being an emergency gift for surprise visitors.

ref 350158



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14/01/2011 18:36

Cracking GIFTS to Share Everything you’ll need for the luxuriously long Easter weekend

– from exciting egg hunts to chocolate gifts for everyone to share.

Oodles Of Eggs™ A clutch of 50 handy-sized hollow eggs cast in our mellow milk chocolate. All individually wrapped, so they’re ideal for Easter egg hunts, thanking lots of people, or for a stunning display at home – though it may not last long! Alcohol-free.

ref 350160

Mr Miyeggy


– star of The Karate Chick, 1984

the Easter Weekend Hamper Specially created for the luxuriously long Easter weekend with friends and family, or just for some serious pampering! There’s something in here for everyone to discover and enjoy. Contents: Easter Egg Box 30 chocolates • Milk Easter Eggsposé Half Egg • 100g Milk Doodle Slab • Dark Tiddly Chicks • Dark Eggs & Soldiers • 5 Eggs Florentines.

ref 350162



050397_HC_36pp_Easter 2011.indd 24

14/01/2011 18:36

Easter Eggstravaganza One of our extra thick eggs, cast in 40% milk chocolate with 14 mini eggs filled with caramel, praline, melt-away truffles and more hiding inside. All nestling amongst 17 hollow cast milk chocolate eggs and presented in a stylish wooden crate. Alcohol-free.

ref 350163


the Bunny’s Basket Discover the Easter Bunny’s personal favourites in this collection of chocolate goodies perfect for bunnies of all sizes this Easter – with chocolate Eggs & Soldiers • milk chocolate Bunny Lick lolly • 100g Milk Doodle Slab • milk chocolate Tiddly Chicks. Alcohol-free.

ref 300174


Tegger Woods – ruffling feathers at the US Open, 1993

the Essential Easter Collection An adventure of chocolate goodies bagged, tagged and tied, so it’s ready to give. And there’s more than enough to share. Alcohol-free. Contents: Milk Easter Eggsposé Half Egg • 100g Milk Doodle Slab • Dark Tiddly Chicks • Milk Tiddly Pot • Caramel Easter Basket.

Who for – ideal for a couple to share or to pamper someone special.

ref 350157

£35 25

050397_HC_36pp_Easter 2011.indd 25

14/01/2011 18:37

White and Lighttm A collection utterly devoted to creamy white chocolate created especially for you dreamy, mellow types – including silky truffles with strawberry, vanilla and zesty lemon. Alcohol-free. Why we love it – it’s like a box full of blissful chocolate hugs.

Sleekster 26 chocolates ref 260150 £20 H-Box 15 chocolates ref 260146 £11 truffles An essential collection of modern classics with crisp chocolate shells giving way to luscious, silky soft centres inside – with champagne, rum, tiramisu, Cointreau, caramel and more. When – birthdays, special occasions or for no reason at all… everyone needs a blissful truffle moment.

Sleekster 30 truffles ref 891 £20 H-Box 15 truffles ref 1312 £11 milk Obliviontm Discover pure chocolate bliss in mellow recipes that bring out the very best in milk chocolate – including hazelnut and macadamia pralines, silky caramel, banana split, zesty orange and more filled chocolates and slabs. Alcohol-free.

Sleekster 26 chocolates ref 260148 £20 H-Box 12 chocolates ref 260144 £11 Exuberantly Fruitytm Bite in and release the zingy explosions of real fruitiness in these vibrant truffles – including raspberry, cherry, mandarin, peach, blueberry, blackcurrant and more. Why we love it – like basking in pure sunshine, whatever the weather!

Sleekster 30 chocolates ref 260156 £20 H-Box 15 chocolates ref 260155 £11


050397_HC_36pp_Easter 2011.indd 26

14/01/2011 18:38

Sleekster™ SELECTIoN boXES

There’s a Sleekster selection to suit every occasion and they’re specially designed to slip though the average letterbox box with your personal message – and their mini H-Box versions are now available online too!

the Everything Selection There truly is something for everyone to love in our best selling collection – from melt-in-themouth pralines and oozingly soft caramels, to zippy fruity recipes and silky truffles with a tipsy twist. Angus says – full of our best-loved recipes so you can surprise your recipient with confidence!

Sleekster 30 chocolates ref 260151 £20 H-Box 15 chocolates ref 260147 £11

Serious dark Fixtm A dark chocolate adventure with seductive recipes brimming with deep cocoa flavours – smooth pralines with hazelnuts and chilli, truffles with Speyside whisky and West Indian rum, oozing caramels and more. Who for – chocolate lovers with a spirit of adventure.

Sleekster 26 chocolates ref 260149 £20 H-Box 12 chocolates ref 260145 £11 27

050397_HC_36pp_Easter 2011.indd 27

14/01/2011 18:39

The SIGNATURE Collections Our finest recipes, beautifully hand finished with dreamy caramels,

melting pralines and soft, ganache-filled truffles. Dressed to thrill in stylish keepsake boxes, embossed and tied with thick gros grain ribbon.

Large Signature Classic Collection

Small 12 chocolates £12

medium 26 chocolates £26


050397_HC_36pp_Easter 2011.indd 28

14/01/2011 18:41

Signature Classic Collection A spectacular array of our finest milk, dark and white recipes, sure to cause a stir with family and friends. Small 12 chocolates

ref 260141


medium 26 chocolates

ref 260477 £26 Large 46 chocolates ref 260490 £42

46 chocolates

Signature dark Collection The ultimate collection of our most sought-after recipes for lovers of the deeper, darker side of chocolate. Small 12 chocolates

ref 260504


medium 26 chocolates

ref 260505 £26 Large 46 chocolates ref 260506 £42

46 chocolates

Signature Collection Without alcohol A stunning collection for those who prefer theirs mellow and alcohol-free – in milk, dark and white chocolate. Alcohol-free. Small 12 chocolates

ref 260479


medium 26 chocolates

ref 260480 46 chocolates


Large 46 chocolates ref 260478 £42 29

050397_HC_36pp_Easter 2011.indd 29

14/01/2011 18:42

Le Grand Crunch milk

Le Grand Crunch dark


Bite in and get crunched-up with crispy crushed pancake pieces blended into mellow 40% milk chocolate and finished with baby gianduja praline truffles.

An unforgettably crispy experience, with masses of feuilletine pieces in smooth 70% dark chocolate, finished with melt-away, baby gianduja truffles.

The smoothest caramel swirled into premium milk chocolate and topped with caramel chocolate drops, crunchy cinder toffee pieces and florentine squares.

ref 310192

ref 310193

ref 1663

All 500g slabs – £14 each

Full range of slabs available at

rocky road

White & Caramel Cookies

Nut mania

Handmade chocolate chip cookies, creamy white chocolate chunks and crispy puffed rice stirred into a silky smooth, 70/30 blend of milk and dark chocolate.

Stripes of creamy white and laidback caramel chocolate studded with satisfyingly crunchy hunks of caramel cookie, all topped with caramel domes and chocolate gemstones.

A full-on nut frenzy with crunchy almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and pistachios stirred into stripes of mellow milk and smooth dark chocolate.

ref 1245 30

050397_HC_36pp_Easter 2011.indd 30

ref 310131

ref 310188

14/01/2011 18:43


With our Boucan restaurant and Cocoa Cottages now fully open (and getting rave reviews), The Hotel is ready to welcome you with our amazing tailored experiences… Romance & Rest – For couples – a chance to relax and spend time together with an amazing shared experience. Total Cacao Immersion – All you need to totally immerse yourself in the world of our single estate cacao growing and fine chocolate. Big Nature – For energetic nature lovers who would like to make the most of the natural eco-paradise setting of Rabot Estate. Fun in the Sun – If you just love being on a beautiful beach and relaxing, this is the one for you. Tailor Made Packages – if you fancy a little bit from each themed package, just ask our Reservations team. For a full brochure and details including rates and current offers, please: Email: Call: 0844 544 1272 To book Call: 0844 544 1272



– Rabot Estate Saint Lucia – Menu to view now

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14/01/2011 18:43

o r d e r fo r m Ordered by: Membership/Customer no:_______________________ Title ________ Initials___________________________ Surname _____________________________________ Company Name _______________________________ Address ______________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________ County__________________ Postcode _____________ Country _________________ Home tel_____________________________________ Mobile_______________________________________ Email (so we can tell you when your order is despatched and about new products) __________________________________________________________________

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DELIVERY Date: (tick box below) o by Easter o Next day (Only available online or via telephone)

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Cardholder signature_____________________________________________ Date ________________________ Please post back to: Hotel Chocolat, Freepost CB897, Royston SG8 5BR. Fax: 08444 93 75 90 We occasionally make our mailing list available to reputable companies whose brochures we think may interest you. However, we will never pass on your email address. Please tick this box if you’d prefer not to receive them o


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14/01/2011 18:44

Service Information Easy Ways to Order

By Phone


CALL 08444 93 13 13 (orders only please, open 24 hours) From Overseas: +44 (0)1763 257 732 Corporate Enquiries: 08444 93 10 10 Customer Services: 08444 93 23 23 Tasting Club Enquiries: 08444 933 933

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Opening Hours Monday – Friday 8.30am to 7pm Saturdays – 9am to 2pm or via our website

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Last order dates to guarantee EASTER delivery. UK Standard: Mon 18th April at 2.30pm. UK Gold Delivery: Wed 20th April at 4pm. UK Saturday Delivery: Thurs 21st April at 4pm. Europe & Rest of World: Tues 12th April at 2.30pm. DELIVERY: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Single Item Two or more items (cost per delivery address*) UK**


(3-5 working days)




Next Day*** (if ordered by 2.30pm) Specific Date Saturday Delivery





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£4.95 + £6 per item


£4.95 + £15 per item


We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date.

Rest of the world (5-8 working days) We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. USA Local

Fast deliveries from our warehouse in Boston. Go to to order.

*with delivery to ONE recipient only **if your delivery address is a remote part of the UK, eg Highlands & Islands, please allow an extra day for service. ***Next Day delivery is currently unavailable to Northern Ireland.

Our No Excuses Guarantee At Hotel Chocolat we’re in business to make you happy and we succeed or fail by how well we do this. If you’re not 100% happy with our products or we miss an impor tant deliver y date, we guarantee that we’ll immediately put it right for you refunding or replacing as appropriate.

This catalogue is printed on paper accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Payment We take payment at time of order, as our products are mainly time-sensitive gifts which need to be cleared for prompt despatch. Order Tracking Go to and follow the link on the home page. Inputting your order number will enable you to track any orders placed with us including those by phone or post. Moving House? Please let us know so we can continue to send you new Hotel Chocolat catalogues as they’re published.

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14/01/2011 18:44


CENtraL LONdON – Chancery Lane, Kensington, Kings Road, Knightsbridge, Leadenhall Market, London Bridge, Moorgate, One New Change - St Paul's, The Strand, Victoria Street.

SOUtH – Basingstoke, Bluewater, Brighton, Bromley, Canterbury, Chichester, Guildford, Kingston, Lakeside, Maidstone, Reading, Southampton, St Albans, Tunbridge Wells, Watford, Windsor. SOUtH WESt – Bath, Cribbs Causeway - Bristol, Cheltenham, Exeter, Plymouth, Salisbury. EaSt OF ENGLaNd – Cambridge, Norwich, Huntingdon.

CHaNNEL iSLaNdS – Jersey, Guernsey. raBOt EStatE StOrE – Stoney Street, Borough Market, London. FaCtOry StOrES – Huntingdon, Telford.

midLaNdS – Birmingham, Dudley, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Oxford, Solihull, Telford.

JOHN LEWiS – A collection of our chocolates can now be found in John Lewis - nationwide.

NOrtH – Chester, Gateshead, Harrogate, Leeds, Manchester, Meadowhall - Sheffield, Trafford Centre - Newcastle, York.

GULF – Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait.

irELaNd – Belfast.

USa – Boston Newbury Street. FOr LOCatiON maPS aNd OPENiNG HOUrS

Chocolate TASTING Adventures TREAT YOURSELF or someone special to a unique tasting experience Our new Chocolate Tasting Adventures have been created especially for chocolate lovers who would like to take the next step in their appreciation of chocolate – gaining delicious insider knowledge and tasting tips. Over two delicious hours, you will discover the best ways to get to know chocolate, how to taste it, when to taste it and what to look out for. As you progress through the experience you will also discover how to pick out the nuances of flavour and texture influenced by such things as the type of cocoa, terroir and conching time. COSt – £45 per person vENUES – Hotel Chocolat, High Street Kensington, London and Rabot Estate Store, Borough Market, London. SCHEdULE & BOOKiNGS – please call our Tasting Team on 08444 93 23 23 (Mon-Fri) or email Private Tasting Adventures also available – please call.

SPEED TASTING AT CHELTENHAM If you’re in Cheltenham and fancy a quick tasting adventure, then drop in for 5 chocolates in 5 minutes for £5 – although you can, of course, take as long as you like! With 5 exciting adventures to choose from. 34

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14/01/2011 18:46

Have you heard about


If you love chocolate, then you really must give our Tasting Club a try – just ask any of our 100,000 chocolate-loving members! Each month we create a brand new selection of chocolates including exciting, brand new recipes and timeless classics alike – all made with passion and flair using only premium, natural ingredients. Enjoy the full spectrum, from velvety pralines and melt-away gianduja, to silky cream truffles, caramels and so many more.

Try the Tasting Club for just £9.95 (incl.del) Our Introductory Selection is a delicious place to start! It’s brimming with 34 of our most exciting chocolates that have already been highly rated by members. It's available for just £9.95 including delivery (which is only payable when you get the chocolates!). That's a saving of £8 on the normal monthly price of £17.95 (including delivery). If you decide you’d rather not continue, just let us know and that will be that.


Your introductory selection includes a FREE Personal Chocolate Taste Test for £9.95 (incl.del)

Every letterbox-friendly selection comes with a full menu and interesting tasting notes, as well as a scorecard so you can have fun telling us exactly what you thought of each chocolate – although that’s entirely optional! Best of all, we’re an easy going club so you always choose if and when you receive chocolates and you can come and go as you please.

To help you decide what kind of chocolate lover you are, we have created a delicious Taste Test which is sent to you absolutely FREE when you order the Introductory Selection. With an array of solid chocolate batons, the test takes you from the mellow end of the chocolate spectrum to the deeper, darker side. Which will you prefer?

PLUS GET 5% OFF YOUR HOTEL CHOCOLAT PURCHASES Continue with the Tasting Club after your Introductory Selection and you’ll receive your Membership Card entitling you to 5% discount on Hotel Chocolat purchases online, in-store* or via our catalogue.

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*Discount includes total cost of products including concierge option and vat, but excluding delivery. Discount available to any business, organisation or individual. 35

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Pass me on or recycle me.

WIN a luxurious chocolate hamper! THERE’S A NEW ADDITION to our Easter egg family and we need you to suggest a name for the little nipper. And if our eggsperts like your suggestion best, you’ll win a Luxurious Chocolate Hamper. To enter and for terms & conditions go to

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Return address: Hotel Chocolat, Mint House, Royston, SG8 5HL

Name The Baby Competition

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Easter Eggs and Gifts Catalogue 2011  
Easter Eggs and Gifts Catalogue 2011  

The latest eggciting Easter eggs and Easter chocolates from British chocolatier Hotel Chocolat