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corporate Gift guide Spring 2012

Exciting Gift Ideas for a Bright New Season From marketing campaigns, product launches and events, to customer care gifts and staff incentives – whatever this season has in store for you, planned or unplanned, our brand new Corporate Gift Guide is here to help. It’s full of eye-catching ideas and incentives to cover every eventuality, every occasion and every budget. And if you’d like to put your brand firmly in the spotlight, then take a look at our Bespoke Service to create your own branded packaging that will really drive your message home. Our dedicated Corporate Team is always on hand to ensure your next campaign is an absolute breeze – from choosing and ordering to personalisation and delivery. We look forward to being of service to this season.

Angus Thirlwell, Co-founder & Chief Executive

Your Message – Our Chocolates

A little something to say thank you for choosing us. You have great taste!

4 Easy Ways to Order Online Telephone 08444 93 10 10 Email Post Hotel Chocolat Ltd, Mint House, Royston, SG8 5HL In Store We have over 60 stores across the UK Rabot Estate Store, Borough Market, London USA Hotel Chocolat USA US store – Newbury Street Boston, Roosevelt Field Mall New York Full dietary and allergen details for each product are available at 2

Message Card

High spend discounts from £250 for standard Hotel Chocolat products £250-£999 2.5% £1000-£2499 5% £2500-£4999 7.5% £5000-£9999 10% £10000-£14999 12.5% £15000+ 15% *Discount includes total cost of products including concierge option and vat, but excluding delivery. Discount available to any business, organisation or individual.

On The Corporate Menu for 2012 The CONCIERGE Service Bagged, tagged and ready to make an impact! Add the all-important finishing touch to your gifts by taking full advantage of our Concierge Service. Simply choose your gifts from our exclusive range and they’ll arrive in one of our strikingly stylish, ribbon-tied gift bags – complete with a matching envelope for your own personal message.

The Bespoke Service Put your company firmly centre stage with your own branded packaging that’s filled with our gorgeous chocolates – an utterly irresistible partnership! BESPOKE

Option 1: Choose your gift and we’ll deliver within 5 working days, bagged and bowed and ready for you to add your own personal message. Minimum order quantity: 12. Option 2: Includes a printed gift tag incorporating your company logo and message in your corporate colours. Minimum order quantity 50 items.

Concierge Gift Bags available in 3 sizes

Small Bag Medium Bag Large Bag Artwork Charge

With a blank gift tag

With a bespoke gift tag

£3.00 £3.50 £4.50 N/A

£3.65 £4.15 £5.15 £85

Blank notelet

Bespoke printed notelet 3



Selection Boxes

Everything SelectionTM 30 chocolates

ref 260540


Exuberantly FruityTM

White and LightTM

27 chocolates

26 chocolates

ref 260550

ref 260539

To order T: 08444 93 10 10 E:

Bespoke sleeves - with the addition of bespoke sleeves, this best-selling range has become even more versatile. Perfect to send your messages loud and clear to customers and clients – with plenty of space for your eye-catching design.

Bespoke Option Customised sleeve printed in up to 4 colours.


250 units (minimum)

£19.75 each

500 units

£18.75 each

1000 units

£18.50 each

2500 units

£18.25 each

5000 units

£18.00 each

Artwork: £120 Case Size: 50 units Delivery: £17.50 per case

There’s a best-selling Sleekster Selection to suit every eventuality and every recipient – specially designed to slip though the average letterbox, they’re ideal as direct mail promotions and corporate gifts. Choose from the entire range. £22 each.

Truffles 28 chocolates

ref 260552

Milk OblivionTM

Serious Dark FixTM

26 chocolates

26 chocolates

ref 260537

ref 260538 5


Selection Boxes Eye-catching boxes filled with an array of our best-selling chocolates – conveniently sized for events, promotions and all sorts of corporate gifting. Everything SelectionTM 15 chocolates

ref 260536


Choose from the entire range. £12 each.

Exuberantly FruityTM

White & LightTM


Milk OblivionTM

Serious Dark FixTM

15 chocolates

15 chocolates

14 truffles

12 chocolates

12 chocolates

ref 260551

ref 260535

ref 260553

ref 260533

ref 260534


Bespoke sleeves – slip on one of our tailor-made sleeves and you’ll make this best-selling range even more versatile. With plenty of space for your eye-catching design, so it’s perfect for sending your messages loud and clear to customers and clients.


Bespoke Option Customised sleeve printed in up to 4 colours.

250 units (minimum)

£11.25 each

500 units

£11.00 each

1000 units

£10.75 each

2500 units

£10.25 each

5000 units

£9.75 each

Artwork: £120 Case Size: 50 units Delivery: £17.50 per case

To order T: 08444 93 10 10 E:




Handy little boxes with 4 or 8 of our favourite chocolates – ribbon-tied and ready to give. Alcohol-free.

New Recipe

i. 4 Chocolates ref 111211 £5 ii. 8 Chocolates ref 111210 £8 8 Dark Chocolates (Not shown, black & white box finished with black ribbon) ref 111212 £8

New Recipes



Send the

Perfect Message Choc 4 One of our most versatile little boxes filled with 4 of our best-loved chocolates. And with your own logo starring on the outside, it is sure to be a hard working vehicle for all your marketing messages at exhibitions and in direct mail promotions. Also available with a printed sleeve wrapped around Hotel Chocolat Choc 4's.

Choc 4 Bespoke Option Customised box or sleeve printed in up to 4 colours.

500 units (minimum)

£4.00 each

1000 units

£3.50 each

2500 units

£3.25 each

5000 units

£3.05 each

Artwork: £120 Case Size: 150 units Delivery: £17.50 per case


Message Boxes Whatever you’d like to say, you’ll find there’s a gorgeous little box of chocolates to help you say it! Because sometimes chocolates speak louder than words. All alcohol-free. 8 chocolates. £8 each. Angus says – Let the chocolates do the talking!

i. Happy Birthday ref 111236 ii. Congratulations ref 111237 iii. Simply Thanks ref 111238 NEW


New Recipe New Recipes



Choc 8 With good proportions and generous surfaces for printing on, the Choc 8 makes a highly effective, high impact direct mail promotion – just wait until they discover 8 of our favourite chocolates inside!

Choc 8 Bespoke Option Customised sleeve printed in up to 4 colours.

250 units (minimum)

£7.85 each

500 units

£7.55 each

1000 units

£7.45 each

2500 units

£7.15 each

5000 units

£6.95 each

Artwork: £120 Case Size: 100 units Delivery: £17.50 per case

To order T: 08444 93 10 10 E:


Say it

Loud & Clear

The Birthday Box A selection of 12 uplifting chocolates for a blissfully happy birthday – with milk and dark pralines, rhubarb mousse, vanilla truffles and more. Box measures 180mm in width. Alcohol-free. 12 chocolates.

ref 111216

Choc 11 With a single layer of 11 irresistible chocolates presented in a smart box decorated with our exclusive design – all you need do is add your logo embossed in either silver or gold and it’s ready to go. BESPOKE


Choc 11 Bespoke Option Black design box with logo in gold or silver foil. 100 units (minimum)

£9.90 each

250 units

£9.75 each

500 units

£9.30 each

1000 units

£8.85 each

Artwork: £120 Case Size: 50 units Delivery: £17.50 per case


A Bespoke Easter…

Your brand and our chocolates make a perfect combination, especially when it comes to our renowned Easter Range. From rewarding colleagues and thanking associates, to creating a memorable marketing campaign – you can put your brand centre stage with our exclusive Bespoke Easter range.

Find the complete Bespoke Easter range at or call the corporate team for a quotation on 08444 93 10 10. Egg Sandwiches Two slices of premium chocolate between striking shells – everyone loves an Egg Sandwich! With 3 to choose from and your own bespoke label, they’re fun to give and exciting to receive. Min Quantity: 250

From £7.65

Tiddly Chicks Chirpy, two bite Easter chicks cast in mellow 40% milk or smooth 70% dark chocolate – slipped into a stylish sleeve personalised with your brand and printed in your colours. Min Quantity: 250 From £5.95

Extra Thick Eggs The jewels of our Easter range with gorgeous shells 3 times thicker than the average egg. Just add your own bespoke tag and they’re ready to be your Easter ambassador. Min Quantity: 250 From £25

All prices include VAT


Puddles & Drops Extremely more-ish bags of our exclusive chocolate puddles and drops – for nibbling at home or as a spontaneous little treat for someone special. All alcohol & gluten-free. 110g-140g approx. £5.50 each.

Caramel ref 111232

Strawberries & Cream ref 111228

70% Dark with Ginger (Vegan suitable) ref 111230

Orange Milk Chocolate ref 111229

70 % Dark with Chilli (Vegan suitable) ref 111231

Bespoke labels – make these chocolate treats even more irresistible by putting your brand centre stage on a bespoke label. They’ll think of you every time they reach for these extremely more-ish goodies! BESPOKE

Gemstones ref 111233

Salted Caramel ref 111227

Bespoke Option Customised label printed in up to 4 colours.

250 units (minimum)

£6.00 each

500 units

£5.85 each

1000 units

£5.65 each

2500 units

£5.55 each

5000 units

£5.25 each

Artwork: £120 Case Size: 50 units Delivery: £17.50 per case



ii. Keepsake Heart Elegant little tins filled with 3 gorgeous truffles – perfect for your keepsakes long after the truffles have gone. Gluten-free. 3 chocolates. £5.50 each.

i.Classic Champagne Truffles ref 111215 ii.Pink Champagne Truffles ref 111213 iii.Dark Lemon Truffles (Alcohol-free) ref 111214




New Recipe

– for events, parties, exhibitions, product launches and more.

New Recipes

Mini Signature Box Stylish elegance in miniature form with a keepsake box filled with 3 of our most sought-after pralines and finished with a ribbon. Alcohol & gluten-free. 3 chocolates. £5.50 each.

i. Milk Chocolate Pralines ref 111209 ii. Dark Chocolate Pralines ref 111208




Handbags Charming little ribbon-tied bags filled with luxurious truffles – perfect for parties, favours, or simply just because. Gluten-free. 2 chocolates. £5.50 each.

i. Milk Chocolate Truffles (Alcohol-free) ref 111206 ii. Pink Champagne Truffles ref 111207



Bespoke Handbags – our keepsake handbags are designed to be useful long after the chocolates have disappeared, so your brand and message will remain top of mind.


Bespoke Option Customised label printed in up to 4 colours. 1000 units (minimum)

£5.15 each

2500 units

£5.00 each

5000 units

£4.85 each

Artwork: £120 Case Size: 100 units Delivery: £17.50 per case


Mini Munchkins With a two-bite caramel praline inside – for baby parties and showers, as decorations or lovely little gifts. Alcohol-free. 1 chocolate.

£1.50 each or buy 10 for £12 Blue Mini Munchkin ref 111218 Pink Mini Munchkin ref 111219

Eye-Catching Little Gifts that will certainly get you noticed Smart, stylish & extremely handy!

Duo Boxes Stylish and simple, these triangular or rectangular boxes grab the attention wherever you place them. At corporate dinners, events, exhibitions and product launches, your logo will be highly visible as they munch the two premium chocolates inside.


Bespoke Option Customised box printed in up to 4 colours. 500 units (minimum)

£2.30 each

1000 units

£2.00 each

2500 units

£1.85 each

5000 units

£1.70 each

Artwork: £120 Case Size: 200 units Delivery: £17.50 per case


The Signature Collections

All of our finest recipes, from meltingly soft caramels to mellow pralines and silky truffles – beautifully presented in embossed keepsake boxes so they’re perfect as luxurious gifts, special rewards and celebrations.

Classic Signature Collection with 46 chocolates ref 260512 £48

Dark Signature Collection with 46 chocolates ref 260544 £48


ii. i.

Signature Collection  with 26 chocolates £28 i. Classic Collection ref 260511 ii. Dark Collection ref 260543

Signature Collection with 12 chocolates £14 i. Classic Collection ref 260510 ii. Dark Collection ref 260542

ii. i.

Signature Collection with 26 chocolates paired with Prosecco or Tawny Port Our finest hand-finished chocolates matched with either our fresh and bubbly boutique prosecco – exclusively made in Italy’s Dolomite foothills – or our specially selected Tawny Port for Milk Chocolate. Presented in a luxury ribbon tied bag.

With 75cl bottle of Prosecco ref 356509 £50 With 37cl bottle of Tawny Port ref 356544 £50

Dark Signature Collection with 26 chocolates and Chateau Chocolat Red Wine A collection of our most soughtafter dark recipes matched with a 75cl bottle of our exclusive red wine, specially selected to accompany our best chocolates. Presented in a luxury ribbon tied bag.

ref 356508 £55 17

Caramel & Co.

Triple Chocolate Wham Bam

Nut Mania

The smoothest caramel swirled into premium milk chocolate and topped with caramel chocolate drops, crunchy cinder toffee pieces and florentine squares.

A full-on nut frenzy with crunchy almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and pistachios stirred into stripes of mellow milk and smooth dark chocolate.

A dreamy, mellow chocolate wonderland – with melt-away milk chocolate, mellow caramel chocolate and a little creamy white chocolate.

ref 1663

ref 310188

ref 310013

All 500g slabs – £15 each Full range of slabs available at



Meet The Cookie Trio!


Some things are just made for each other, like the gorgeous contrast of crunchy cookies meeting yielding chocolate, as they mingle in every bite. Just pick your favourite from our cookie trio or try all three and munch your way to cookie heaven.

i. Rocky Road Milk & dark chocolate, choc chip cookies and more. ref 1245 ii. Cookie Choc Chip Milk & praline chocolate studded with cocoa cookies. ref 310189 iii. White & Caramel Cookies Stripes of caramel & white chocolate with caramel cookies. ref 310131 18

Giant Chocolate Slabs – Memorable gifts and thank yous for all!

There’s a Giant Slab to suit every occasion and every recipient – in an exciting array of premium chocolate with a feast of flavours and textures. Cast in satisfyingly thick chocolate, they’re just so easy to give and to share.

Presented in the sleek slab bag 255mm x 165mm All alcohol-free

Mississippi Mud Pie All the gorgeous textures and flavours of Mud Pie captured in mellow milk chocolate with dark drizzles, pools of creamy white chocolate and dark cookie pieces.

ref 310217



Some flavours just deserve an entire box all to themselves... These are the recipes that catch the imagination and demand the limelight – so they make inspiring gifts for customers and incentives for staff.

Salted Caramels

Rum Truffles

Super smooth soft caramel with a pinch of sea salt in milk chocolate shells. Alcohol & gluten-free. 21 chocolates.

Lashings of premium golden rum from Saint Lucia in dark chocolate truffles. Gluten-free. 14 chocolates.

ref 340021

ref 340020


Eton Mess

A collection of authentic marzipan with less sugar and more ground almonds for deep flavours and great texture. Gluten-free. 8 chocolates and an 8 portion 100g slab.

Devoted to the cult British dessert featuring tangy strawberry, crisp meringue pieces and creamy white chocolate. Alcohol & gluten-free. 14 chocolates.

ref 340023

ref 340022

ÂŁ14 each All boxes measure 280mm in height.


Rose & Violet Crèmes

Velvety gianduja praline that melts like butter on the tongue. Its smooth texture and deep chocolate flavour is simple and authentic. Alcohol & glutenfree. Vegan Suitable. 15 chocolates.

A true British classic featuring soft fondant centres and the natural essence of rose & violet in crisp, dark shells. Gluten-free. 14 chocolates.

ref 340024

ref 340017

Coffee Truffles

Midnight Mints

Whisky Truffles

The taste of a great cappuccino balanced with the flavours of deep tasting, super smooth, milk chocolate truffle. Alcohol & gluten-free. 14 chocolates.

The quintessentially British combination of refreshing, feisty peppermint soft centres within crisp dark chocolate shells. Alcohol & gluten-free. 14 chocolates.

The mouth warming tingle and complex flavour notes of single malt Speyside whisky in creamy milk chocolate truffles. Gluten-free. 14 chocolates.

ref 340018

ref 340025

ref 340019

To order T: 08444 93 10 10 E:





Epic Adventures In Chocolate Dramatic collections that make utterly unforgettable corporate gifts. Featuring the very best from every genre of chocolate – from silky truffles, zingy real fruit recipes and melt- away pralines, to mellow caramels, chocolate slabs and so much more. Guaranteed to say all the right things about your company! No.1 gift to ‘wow’ – an epic, swoon-inducing gift – featuring every type of chocolate we make!

The Chocolatier’s Table™ 750g Collection of over 60 chocolates. Box measures 475mm across.

ref 260529 £58 Alcohol-free recipes also available ref 260531


 The Chocolatier’s Table™ 1.4kg Collection of over 110 chocolates*. Box measures 570mm across.

ref 260530 £98 Alcohol-free recipes also available ref 260532 * Chateau Chocolat Red Wine not included.

To order T: 08444 93 10 10 E:



Classic Champagne Truffles Luxuriously light and creamy truffles made with a splash of real champagne for gorgeously delicate flavours.


i. 8 chocolates ref 111182 £10 ii. 16 chocolates ref 340029 £20


In beautifully tactile mini hatboxes finished with satin ribbon pulls



Pink Champagne Truffles Elegant truffles with beautifully delicate flavours, made with real champagne, cream and just a hint of strawberry.

i. 8 chocolates ref 111181 £10 ii. 16 chocolates ref 340030 £20


To order T: 08444 93 10 10 E:

Time to Celebrate!

Made with an elegant splash of real champagne – for staff birthdays and rewards, dinners, celebrations, corporate milestones and more The Champagne Truffles Showpiece An elegant British made glass bowl filled with 50 champagne truffles made with cream, real champagne and delicate chocolate shells. A stunning centrepiece presented in a smart keepsake hatbox. Glass bowl measures 215mm in diameter and 90mm in height. Hatbox measures 240mm in diameter and 208mm in height. 50 chocolates.

ref 300218



LUXURIOUS Chocolate Hampers & Collections Attention-grabbing gifts that are easy to share – perfect for saying a big thank you, rewarding teams and impressing prospects The Pamper Collection * The last word in chocolate pampering for chocolate lovers everywhere – with our exclusive bubbly prosecco and rare single estate chocolate, pure chocolate batons, dark caramelised almonds and a dreamy milk chocolate adventure. Contents: Milk Oblivion Sleekster Selection with 26 chocolates • 20cl Classic Prosecco • 170g 40% Milk Chocolate Batons • 66% Dark Sambirano Valley Madagascar 70g Bar • Dark Salted Caramelised Almonds Nibbles.

ref 356557


Presented in a smart white bag with ribbon

Pamper Bag Bespoke Option Customised tag printed in up to 4 colours.


250 units (minimum)

£44.75 each

500 units

£43.50 each

1000 units

£42.75 each

2500 units

£41.50 each

5000 units

£40.75 each

Artwork: £85 Case Size: 1unit Delivery: POA


View the full range of hampers at

*Hamper contents may vary from those shown.

Presented in a smart white box with ribbon

The Chocolate & Prosecco Collection * Our favourite chocolate specialities for sharing along with a bottle of our boutique prosecco – for celebrations, gettogethers or just because! Contents: 75cl Classic Prosecco • Milk Oblivion Sleekster Selection with 26 chocolates • 170g 40% Milk Chocolate Batons • 66% Dark Sambirano Valley Madagascar 70g Bar • A bag of Strawberry White Puddles • Dark Bolivian Brazil Nut Nibbles.

ref 356558


Hamper Bespoke Option Customised tag printed in up to 4 colours.

250 units (minimum)

£66.00 each

500 units

£64.15 each

1000 units

£62.25 each

2500 units

£60.75 each

5000 units

£60.00 each

Artwork: £85


Case Size: 1 unit Delivery: POA

To order T: 08444 93 10 10 E:


Serves up to 8

Dipping Adventure Just heat the chocolate in the microwave and get set for a real chocolate adventure. Perfect for sharing and full of everything you need to dip into molten chocolate like crisp sesame & sea salt waffles, gianduja, crunchy brazils and almond biscuits, marshmallows and more. Box measures 360mm in length, 235mm in width. Alcohol-free. 800g. Marshmallows not suitable for vegetarians. Angus says – it’s the ultimate cosy night in!

ref 310202 £34

Serves 2–4

Dipping Adventures for Two Whether you like your chocolate smooth and mellow or dark and spicy, there’s an adventure for you – both include sweet and savoury nibbles to dip into molten chocolate. Boxes measure 355mm in length, 136mm in width. Alcohol-free. 420g.

Dipping Adventure – with 40% Milk & White Chocolate ref 310201 £18 Extreme Dipping Adventure – with 70% Dark & Dark with Chilli Chocolate ref 330016 £18


To order T: 08444 93 10 10 E:

Our most LUXURIOUS keepsake collection – sure to make a big impression

Stylishly presented in matt black, embossed white and satin-finished drawers – our beautifully made cabinet includes 138 chocolates.

The Signature Cabinet Like a beautifully crafted collector’s cabinet, each of the three drawers in our keepsake box is filled with our most precious chocolates. All 138 are sought-after Signature recipes from across the genres – including luxurious cream truffles, warming boozy recipes, deeply nutty pralines, mellow caramels and more. Embossed and finished with white satin ribbon for the last word in understated elegance. The cabinet measures 445mm in length and 140mm in height.

ref 260528

£160 29


To order T: 08444 93 10 10 E:

Choose from our Best-Selling


Selectors are handy sized selections of our favourite recipes in the minimum amount of packaging – so they’re perfect for some serious Me-Time! View our range of best sellers at

£3.50 each or £2.95 each for 3 or more BESPOKE

Bespoke Selectors – our range of Selectors is a big hit with our retail customers. And now you can transform them into your own branded gift with bespoke slipover sleeves for single of double packs of selectors.

Bespoke Selector Option 1 Selector in a customised box printed in up to 4 colours

2 Selectors in a customised box printed in up to 4 colours

500 units (minimum)

£4.85 each

500 units (minimum)

£9.15 each

1000 units

£4.60 each

1000 units

£8.15 each

2500 units

£4.25 each

2500 units

£7.95 each

5000 units

£3.95 each

5000 units

£7.55 each

Artwork: £120

Artwork: £120

Case Size: 150 units

Case Size: 50 units

Delivery: £17.50 per case

Delivery: £17.50 per case


Corporate Tasting Adventures Discover our unique events for networking, team building and more Our exclusive Corporate Tasting Adventures are unique private events, hosted and managed by our knowledgeable staff in one of our smart stores, so they’re perfect for informal networking events, team building, staff incentives and more. Your guests will be greeted with a glass of Prosecco and will leave with a gorgeous goody bag. During the Tasting Adventure they’ll gain insider knowledge and tasting tips – like how to get to know chocolate, the best way to taste it and how to pick out those delicious nuances of flavour. And everyone will receive 10% off all purchases throughout the event too! •  Prosecco reception • Individual goody bags for everyone • 10% discount on purchases (in-store events) • Hosted in-store • All for £45 per person

For availability and to book your unique Corporate Tasting Adventure, please contact the Corporate Team now on email or 08444 93 10 10 *Terms & Conditions apply, please see website for full details.


Our Stores CENTRAL London – Canary Wharf, Chancery Lane, Euston Station, Kensington, Leadenhall Market, Monmouth Street - Covent Garden, Moorgate, Old Compton Street - Soho, One New Change - St Paul's, The Strand, Stratford, Victoria Street. south – Basingstoke, Bluewater, Brighton, Bromley, Canterbury, Chichester, Guildford, Kingston, Lakeside, Maidstone, Reading, Southampton, St Albans, Tunbridge Wells, Watford, Windsor. South West – Bath, Bristol Cribbs Causeway and Cabot Circus, Cheltenham, Exeter, Newbury, Plymouth, Salisbury, Taunton. east of England – Cambridge, Norwich, Huntingdon. Midlands – Birmingham, Dudley, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Oxford, Solihull, Telford. North – Chester, Metro Centre - Gateshead, Harrogate, Leeds, Manchester, Trafford Centre Manchester, Meadowhall - Sheffield, Newcastle, York.

SCOTLAND – Edinburgh. Northen IRELAND – Belfast. CHANNEL ISLANDS – Guernsey, Jersey. RABOT ESTATE STORE – Stoney Street, Borough Market, London. Factory Stores – Huntingdon, Telford. John Lewis – A collection of our chocolates can be found in John Lewis - nationwide. USA – Boston Newbury Street, Roosevelt Field Mall New York. For location MAPS and opening hours

Try Our Monthly TASTING CLUB! If you love chocolate, then you may well wish to join over 100,000 of our like-minded, chocolate loving members! They get to discover all-new selections of chocolates every month, including brand new, never before tasted recipes and timeless classics alike. All made with passion, flair and an uncompromising approach to ingredients. And they also receive 5% discount on their Hotel Chocolat purchases!

Find out more at


Placing your order: a simple step-by-step guide

1 Please select your service & gifts Hotel Chocolat Standard Products l





Hotel Chocolat Concierge

Choose from the entire Hotel Chocolat range


F rom single gifts to volume direct marketing, there’s no minimum order!


Bulk delivery to you or direct to your recipients


Smart Hotel Chocolat packaging complete with personalised message card


 ackaged in ultra smart Hotel Chocolat livery P and delivered in a stylish presentation bag  our message printed on premium grade Y stationery with matching envelope

Hotel Chocolat Bespoke Personalised design and bespoke, attention-grabbing packaging Choose from a wide range of premium chocolates Bulk delivery to you or direct to your recipient for stress-free promotions Free Call Off Service meaning you always get the freshest chocolates View products online at l




View products online at


Choose from the entire Hotel Chocolat range

 our corporate material delivered in the Y envelope, the presentation bag or both


Choose your delivery method

Bulk delivery

Individual addressees

If you’d like your gifts all sent to the same address, then we can arrange it, using a reliable and trackable service. Ideal if you’d like to personally deliver the gifts yourself, or for staff incentives and gifts.

Whether it’s a one-off corporate gift or a full-blown direct mail promotion, our 22,000 sq ft packing and distribution centre with specialist mailing equipment can efficiently handle your order, delivered in our crush-proof postal outers. You can provide us with your list of recipients in a number of ways: l



Via our website (maximum of 20 addressees) Email it to Send it on CD, disk or hard copy to Hotel Chocolat Ltd, Mint House, Royston, SG8 5HL.

Excel spreadsheet via email is the most efficient method. If you’d like to email other formats please call first on 08444


93 10 10

Place your order or contact the Sales Team

Concierge & Bespoke Services

Hotel Chocolat Standard Products

By phone or email Call our dedicated sales team on

By phone: Call our dedicated sales team on 08444 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday

08444 93 10 10 or email so we can discuss the details of your order, your design requirements and send out your free sample.

93 10 10

Online: You can order 24-hours a day at our dedicated website.

Design service and artwork

By email:

Our team of experienced designers can meet your exact needs with branded packaging and eye-catching designs, emailing colour proofs to you for approval. If you’d like to supply us with your own artwork and to send us your logo, please email it in an eps Illustrator file or jpeg format to:

By fax: 01763


By post: H  otel

Chocolat Ltd, Mint House, Royston SG8 5HL  ESTING THE QUALITY T (Corporate only) If you’d like to put our packaging and delivery service to the test and taste the product for yourself, then why not place an order for a single item?


 ESTING THE QUALITY T (Bespoke only) When you choose our Bespoke Services we’ll send you a free sample so you can see and taste the quality of our chocolate for yourself.

Dietary Information

Nut Allergies

Each gift in this catalogue is accompanied by clear dietary information to make choosing even easier. So whether you’re looking for something with or without alcohol, suitable for vegetarians or gluten free.You can find it quickly and simply.

All of our products are made in an environment where nut oil may be present, so unfortunately, no gift in this catalogue is suitable for those with a nut allergy – sorry!

Service Information Easy Ways to Order


By Phone

CALL 08444 93 10 10 From Overseas: +44 (0)1763 257 705

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Email Just key in the item reference number here

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Rest of the world Standard (5-8 working days)


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USA Local

Fast deliveries from our warehouse in Boston. Go to to order. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date.

*with delivery to ONE recipient only **if your delivery address is a remote part of the UK, eg Highlands & Islands, please allow an extra day for service. ***Next Day delivery is currently unavailable to Northern Ireland.

Our No Excuses Guarantee At Hotel Chocolat we’re in business to make you happy and we succeed or fail by how well we do this. If you’re not 100% happy with our products or we miss an impor tant deliver y date, we guarantee that we’ll immediately put it right for you refunding or replacing as appropriate.

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corporate Gift guide Spring 2012

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Corporate Gift Guide Spring 2012  

Hotel Chocolat's Corporate Gift Guide Spring 2012, featuring the latest bespoke gifts.