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Christmas All Wrapped Up!

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16/09/2010 12:24

Time To Wrap Up? The days are getting chillier, the nights are drawing in and it’s getting more Christmassy by the minute. it’s definitely time to think about wrapping up warm and wrapping up your Christmas shopping – and now is a great time to do just that, as we’re fully stocked and ready to help. And to help make this year’s shopping an absolute breeze, our brand new Christmas range is full of ideas for everyone on your list, even if you haven’t made one yet! from gorgeous little gifts and stocking fillers, to finishing touches and hampers, you’ll find them all ready and waiting right here – so you can get organised early and beat the rush. We look forward to being of service to you. p.S. See our Advent Calendars on page 8-9. order by the 29th november to make sure the countdown doesn't start without you.

Angus Thirlwell Co-founder & Chief Executive

Don’t miss your FREE gifts! – Spend £60* and receive a box of Winter Treasures worth £12.50 – Spend over £100* and receive a £10 gift voucher to use on your next purchase plus a box of Winter Treasures

Worth £12.50

*£60 and £100 excluding delivery **Gift voucher offer not available in store. Full terms and conditions at

4 EASY WAYS TO ORDER Online telephone 08444 93 13 13 If ordering for a business call 08444 93 10 10 Post Hotel Chocolat Ltd, Mint House, Royston SG8 5HL In store We have over 40 stores across the UK. Rabot Estate Store, Borough Market, London usa Hotel Chocolat USA � We have 2 US stores – Boston, Massachusetts. Full dietary and allergen details for each product are available at

Your Message – Our Chocolates

Your message in our complimentary card delivered direct to loved ones, relatives and friends for you. Or get us to deliver to your own home so you can hand out the gifts yourself. standard service £3.95 – single item £4.95 – 2 or more items next day or specific day service £5.95 – single item £7.95 – 2 or more items Last order dates for Christmas Standard – tue 21st dec at 4pm next day – thurs 23rd dec at 4pm (for delivery on Christmas eve)

Christmas Message Card


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16/09/2010 12:26

Who Needs tiNsel? –the truffle trees

Striking centrepieces

guaranteed to spruce up the Christmas season – 350mm tall and full of seasonal crunch.

A thrilling blend of smooth chocolate with the crunch of roasted almonds, the bite of caramel florentines and the colourful contrast of Christmassy cranberries. Decked out with ultimate baubles – silky smooth gianduja truffles. £22

40% milk ref 300124

70% Dark ref 300125

Serves 12 – 650g. 350mm high, 220mm wide & 20mm deep. Alcohol-free. 015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 3

16/09/2010 12:26

Double Layer


Best Seller

Choc 4 ref 260470 £4.25

Choc 8 ref 260471 £6.50

H-Box 13 chocolates ref 260475 £11

Sleekster 30 chocolates ref 260474 £20 each or 3 for £54


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16/09/2010 12:28

Classic Christmas selections

Beautifully wide-ranging recipes that really capture the season, finished with festive colour and sparkle – with melt-away pralines, liquid caramels and creamy ganaches, cinnamon, almonds and clementine, warming mulled wine, whisky, rum, cranberries, gingerbread and more. Well-rounded, balanced and bursting with Christmas cheer for everyone. Available in an array of sizes from cute handy-sized, to enormous double layered – because you never know who might drop in!

double Layer


60 chocolates

ref 260493 £38New


New Recipes

Sleekster Luxe


40 chocolates ref 260476 £28

3 for £54


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16/09/2010 12:28


alCOhOl-Free Christmas selections

New Recipe

Irrepressibly Christmassy

chocolates for those who prefer theirs mellow and alcohol-free. Bursting with the festive flavours of the season – including New Recipes melt-away pralines with cinnamon, almonds and orange, fruity recipes with cranberries and raspberries, super soft caramels, solid chocolate and more.

alcohol-free Sleekster

30 chocolates ref 260438


There’s no alcohol in these so your Auntie Joan won’t be pleased but everyone else will! Happy Christmas, Florence & Mark

alcohol-free H-Box 13 chocolates ref 260469



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16/09/2010 12:29


DarK Christmas selections

Christmas bliss New Recipe

for dark chocolate lovers, where festive flavours meet dark chocolate adventure – with salted caramel, velvety praline and gianduja, mouth warming New Recipes truffles with rum, mulled wine and champagne, liquid caramels, deep and dark solid chocolate and more. And there’s one to suit everyone – from small ribbon-tied boxes, to the full-sized Sleekster.

dark Sleekster

30 chocolates ref 260436

dark Choc 4 ref 260472 £4.25

dark Choc 8 ref 260473 £6.50


dark H-Box 13 chocolates ref 260437


To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

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16/09/2010 12:29

The 2010 ADVENT CALENDAR Collection

Discover this year’s all-new calendars for him, for her, for kids and to share in book-style, self-standing designs and a new improved foil seal for even fresher chocolates.

order by 29th november to make sure the countdown doesn't start without you.

Children’s advent Including three very special Christmas decorations to cut out and hang on your tree – that’s as well as yummy milk chocolates in Christmassy shapes hidden behind each window! Alcohol-free. 125g. Who for? – excited little ones.

ref 300130


teens & over advent With three mesmerising Christmas games that will amaze and bamboozle you and your friends – and velvety smooth milk chocolate figures behind each window to nibble whilst waiting for the big day. Alcohol-free. 125g. Who for? – even teenagers will jump out of bed for this!

ref 300131



015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 8

16/09/2010 12:31

Ultimate advent – milk or dark The last word in Advent Calendars – chocolate figures cast in seriously good chocolate and stylish Christmassy designs that won’t look out of place on any mantelpiece. Alcohol-free. 175g. Who for? – whoever is first up in the morning.

milk – 40% milk chocolates ref 300132 £17 dark – 70% dark chocolate (Vegan Suitable) ref 300133 £17

All Dark Version

truffles to Share advent With two luscious truffles behind each window to savour and share, this calendar is your guarantee of a blissful run up to Christmas – no more racing to open the window first and no more midnight nibbling! Who for? – for couples to share.

ref 300134


To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

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16/09/2010 12:32


The siGNatUre

New Recipe

New Recipes


Our most sought-after recipes, beautifully hand finished

and brought together in the season’s must-have collection – from luscious ganache-filled truffles, to velvety pralines, melt-away caramels and more. Presented in stylish keep-sake, embossed boxes and sealed with gros grain ribbon.

Small 12 chocolates £12

medium 26 chocolates


46 chocolates

Signature Classic Collection A spectacular array of our finest milk, dark and white recipes, sure to cause a stir with family and friends. medium 26 chocolates ref 260477

£12 £26

Large 46 chocolates ref 260490


Small 12 chocolates ref 260141 10

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 10

16/09/2010 12:34

Signature dark Collection The ultimate collection of our most sought-after recipes for lovers of the deeper, darker side of chocolate. Small 12 chocolates (not shown)

ref 260491


medium 26 chocolates (not shown)

ref 260457 £26 Large 46 chocolates ref 260492 £42

46 chocolates

Signature Collection Without alcohol A stunning collection for those who prefer theirs mellow and alcohol-free – in milk, dark and white chocolate. Small 12 chocolates (not shown)

ref 260479


medium 26 chocolates (not shown)

ref 260480 £26 Large 46 chocolates ref 260478 £42

46 chocolates

To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

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16/09/2010 12:34

The Finishing

TOUCHES Delicious decorations for your well-dressed tree and stylish, ribbon-tied crackers for your perfectly laid table – all full of premium Christmas chocolates.

Party hats and joke included

Chocolate filled table Crackers Ribbon-tied and ready to finish off your carefully laid table in style. And being filled with premium Christmas chocolates, there’s not a novelty toy in sight! Each cracker contains – 3 Christmas chocolates, party hat and a Christmas joke to raise a few smiles, or groans… With 24 different chocolates to choose from, you can swap and share to your heart’s content – 40% milk, 70% dark, caramel, creamy white, dark with peppermint, zesty orange and more. 8 Crackers. Alcohol-free.

ref 300129


the rather Large Cracker Our striking, over-sized cracker is the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas get-togethers and parties – by its sheer size it never fails to raise a smile and a gasp or two. But just wait until the 40 chocolates come tumbling out, complete with 12 party hats and jokes. Including smooth pralines and silky soft ganaches, luscious champagne truffles, dreamy caramels and more, all wrapped in pairs so they’ll be as fresh as can be. 640mm long. Chocolates with & without Alcohol.

ref 300128



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16/09/2010 12:35

10 tree decorations This season’s must-have accessory for the well-dressed tree – in exclusive Christmas designs, with a ribbon for hanging and premium milk chocolate inside for nibbling. Alcohol-free. £12.50

mixed colour pack ref 300144 single colour white pack ref 300145

12 party hats and jokes

Measures a staggering 640mm long

40 chocolates 13

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 13

16/09/2010 12:36

Bagged & Bowed ready-made gift collections for everyone on your list. filled with a gorgeous array of Christmas goodies, ribbon-tied and ready to give. NEW

Christmas Party Kit An exciting array sure to put everyone in the festive mood with chocolates to share and a glass or two of bubbly prosecco to toast the party season. Just open it up and let the Christmas party out!

New Recipe New Recipes

Contents: A box of milk chocolate Tiddly Reindeer, Cookie Crunch Christmas Mini Wreath, a bag of nibbly Gingerbread Puddles, 20cl bottle of prosecco.

ref 350129


Sparkling Christmas Basket


Created to add a little Christmas sparkle to everyone’s festivities – with New chocolates to nibble and a glass orRecipe two of prosecco. New

Contents: 100g milk Reindeer Slab,Recipes a box of Caramel Tiddly Santas, 20cl bottle of prosecco.

ref 350126


the Christmas Goody Bag A stylish little gift full of our favourite chocolate goodies for Christmas – just waiting for you to dive in. Alcohol-free. Contents: A milk 100g Reindeer Slab, 6 Christmas Mess chocolates, a bag of mellow Salted Caramel Marbles and nibbly Chocolate Gemstones.

ref 350118



015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 14

16/09/2010 12:37

the £25 Christmas Collection Handpicked Christmas essentials with something for everyone – from striking Christmas chocolates and the gentle warmth of dark chocolate and chilli, to the festive spice of gingerbread chocolate. Alcohol-free. Contents: Christmas Collection H-Box chocolates, 10 solid dark chocolate Chilli Penguins, a bag of Gingerbread Puddles.

ref 350114


the £35 Christmas Collection A gorgeous bagged and ribboned collection of Christmas luxuries – with the alternative Christmas Dinner in mellow milk chocolate, the dramatic contrast of crunchy nuts and succulent fruit of our Dark Christmas Wreath and the excitement of irrepressibly Christmassy chocolates. Alcohol-free. Contents: Christmas Sleekster 30 chocolates, 10 solid milk chocolate Christmas Dinner shapes, Mini Fruit & Nut Christmas Wreath in dark chocolate.

ref 350115



015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 15

16/09/2010 12:38

the Chocolatier’s tabletm 750g Collection of over 60 chocolates. Box measures 475mm across.

ref 260494



015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 16

16/09/2010 12:39

The CHOCOLaTIER’S Table™ Epic Adventures In Chocolate For The Party Season

DrAmATiC CoLLeCTionS perfect for family celebrations or as unforgettable gifts, bringing together our very best from every genre of chocolate – from silky ganache-filled truffles, zingy real fruit recipes and soft buttercreams, to melt-away pralines, mellow caramels, chocolate slabs and batons and so much more.

the Chocolatier’s tabletm 1.4kg Collection of over 110 chocolates. Box measures 570mm across.

ref 260495


To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

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16/09/2010 12:40

It Really Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without Our iconic Festive Wreaths The colourful excitement of Christmas captured in luxuriously thick chocolate, bursting with the dramatic textures and flavours of succulent fruit, crunchy nuts, cookies and more. Truly original centrepieces that are just made to slice and share.

a. fruit & nut milk Wreath

b. Cookie & Caramel Crunch Wreath

Colourful bursts of succulent cranberries and jumbo golden raisins, contrasted with crunchy hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds – all in thick, melt-in-the-mouth 50% milk chocolate. Ready to slice and share. Alcohol-free.

The irresistible contrast of cookies, hand cut caramel florentines, chunks of white chocolate and nibbly cocoa biscuits, all stirred into thick, mellow 40% milk chocolate. Perfect for a blissful Christmas. Alcohol-free.

ref 300136


ref 300138



015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 18

16/09/2010 12:40

£18 – 450g Serves 8. All Alcohol-Free.




c. dark fruit & nut Wreath The dramatic crunch of roasted hazelnuts, pecans and the colourful succulence of cherries and jumbo golden raisins meet in thick, melt-in-themouth 70% dark chocolate – with extremely more-ish results! Alcohol-free. Vegan Suitable.

ref 300137



015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 19

16/09/2010 12:42

stOCKiNG Fillers & Handy Gifts Santas, snowmen and seasonal chocolates for everyone – you’ll find all the Christmas trimmings to stuff into stockings or to keep up your sleeve just in case. NEW

the mini festive Wreaths

Mini versions of our Christmas Wreaths but with the full quota of drama and excitement – ideal little gifts and New Recipe Christmas morning stocking fillers. Alcohol-free. New Cookie & Caramel Crunch 95g ref 300135 £6 Recipes fruit & nut dark 95g Vegan suitable ref 300127 £6

tiddly Caramel Santas

tiddly dark reindeer

In dreamy caramel chocolate, to keep you going until the real one arrives. 8 chocolates. Alcohol-free.

Nibbly reindeer cast in super smooth 70% dark chocolate. 8 chocolates. Alcohol-free. Vegan Suitable.

ref 111093


ref 111076



015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 20

16/09/2010 12:43

Seasonal Liquid Chocolat Silky smooth drinking chocolate full of deep cocoa flavours – in warming Winter and Gingerbread blends especially for the chilly season. 275g. Alcohol-free.

Winter ref 500080 £8 Gingerbread ref 500081 £8

Santa or dasher Meet our very merry Santa and one of his unsung helpers, Dasher the normal-nosed reindeer. Both hollow cast in silky smooth 40% milk chocolate. Alcohol-free. 150g. 170mm high.

dasher ref 300140 £6 Santa ref 300139 £6

tiddly White Snowmen

tiddly milk reindeer

Cute snowmen cast in creamy, snow-white chocolate. 8 chocolates. Alcohol-free.

In mellow 40% milk chocolate – while the real ones are out pulling Santa’s sleigh. 8 chocolates. Alcohol-free.

ref 111092

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 21


ref 111094



16/09/2010 12:45

Best dressed The snappily dressed crew, wrapped up warm in naturally coloured scarves and cast in solid chocolate. 150g. Alcohol-free.

£7 each or mix & match any 4 for £24

reindeer dark (Vegan Suitable) ref 111089 £7 each or mix & match any 4 for £24

Santa milk ref 111088 £7 each or mix & match any 4 for £24

Snowman White ref 111087 £7 each or mix & match any 4 for £24


015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 22

16/09/2010 12:46

Mix & Match £7 each or any 4 for £24 Choose from Best Dressed and Christmas Shapes


the Christmas dinner

The alternative Christmas feast cast in mellow New milk chocolate. 10 chocolates. Alcohol-free. Recipe

ref 111080 £7 each New or mix & match any 4 for £24 Recipes

Fill YOUr stOCKiNGs!

Little Caramel angels

Chilli Penguins

Christmas angels cast in heavenly caramel milk chocolate. 10 chocolates. Alcohol-free.

Dark chocolate penguins with a smidge of chilli to warm them up. 10 chocolates. Alcohol-free. Vegan Suitable.

ref 111082 £7 each or mix & match any 4 for £24

ref 111081 £7 each or mix & match any 4 for £24 23

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 23

16/09/2010 12:47

the Christmas Bliss Hamper

Presented in a wooden crate

The must-have hamper for a harmonious Christmas with friends and family! There’s something for everyone to explore, discover and enjoy – from our exclusive Chateau Chocolat Red Wine and hand finished Christmas selections, to single estate chocolate, Cocoa Cuisine goodies for the kitchen and much more. Contents: 75cl prosecco, 75cl Chateau Chocolat red wine, Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection, Milk Chocolate Super Boosters, Chilli Chocolate Chipotle Dip, Honey, Mustard & Cocoa Nib Dressing, Cookie Crunch Christmas Wreath, Saint Lucia Island Growers 50% Milk Chocolate, Rabot Estate 70% Milk Chocolate, Chilli Penguins, Caramel Tiddly Santas, Chilli & Almond Yule Log, Dark Christmas H-Box Selection, Chilli & Cocoa Glaze for fish & poultry, Seasoned Cocoa Glaze for meat. 24

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 24

ref 350122


16/09/2010 12:47


The Christmas

Pamper Hamper £75

Presented in a smart white box

the Christmas Pamper Hamper Let the pampering begin for chocolate lovers everywhere – with thrilling Christmas chocolates, the iconic Yule Log and Christmas Wreath to slice and share, Purist Rare & Vintage chocolate, Cuisine goodies for cocoa foodies, seasonal drinking chocolate and much more. Alcohol-free. Contents: Sleekster Alcohol-Free Christmas Selection, Gingerbread Liquid Chocolat,Tiddly Reindeer in milk chocolate, Cookie Crunch Christmas Wreath, Dark & Fruity Yule Log, Saint Lucia Island Growers 50% Milk Chocolate, Purist Sushi Pack - Extreme Caramel, Milk Chocolate Super Boosters, Chilli Chocolate Chipotle Dip, Honey, Mustard & Cocoa Nib Dressing.

ref 350120

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 25



16/09/2010 12:48

GIFTS Made for Sharing Beautifully boxed, ribbon-tied hampers full of life’s little luxuries.

The perfect gift for whole families or offices to share. View our full hamper range at

our Signature Collection with Sparkling Boutique Prosecco or Chateau Chocolat red Wine Our finest hand-finished chocolates perfectly matched with a 75cl bottle of vivacious boutique prosecco – exclusively made in Italy’s Dolomite foothills. 24 Chocolates, 75cl Prosecco. £58

with Prosecco ref 350141 with red Wine ref 350142

Presented in a smart white box

our Ultimate Christmas Hamper The last word in Christmas luxury with an astounding array to cover every eventuality – including celebratory prosecco and red wine for dinner, gorgeous hand finished selections, chocolate Christmas Wreaths and Yule Logs to pass around, exclusive Cocoa Cuisine goodies for foodies and much much more.

ref 350127


Contents: 75cl prosecco, 75cl Chateau Chocolat red wine, 75cl pink sparkling Rosé, 101 Chocolate Recipes book, Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection, Winter Cocktails Selection, Super Boosters in milk and dark chocolate, Chilli Chocolate Chipotle Dip, Honey, Mustard & Cocoa Nib Dressing, Cookie Crunch Christmas Wreath, Saint Lucia Island Growers 50% Milk Chocolate, Hacienda Iara 100%, Rabot Estate 70% Milk Chocolate, Chilli Penguins, Caramel Tiddly Santas, Chilli & Orange Yule Log, Dark Christmas H-Box Selection, Cocoa Pasta, Chilli & Cocoa Glaze for fish & poultry, Seasoned Cocoa Glaze for meat, Gingerbread Liquid Chocolat, Chocolate Florentines, Cocoa Nib Balsamic Vinegar, Dark Chocolate for Cooking, Chocolate Christmas Tree Decorations, Milk Chocolate Batons. 26

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 26

16/09/2010 12:49

Classic Christmas discovery Box An exciting adventure into Christmassy tastes and textures for all to share – from Christmas chocolates, to a Christmas Wreath and a traditional Yule Log to slice and pass around and much more. Contents: Classic Christmas Selection, Dark Tiddly Reindeer, Cookie Crunch mini Wreath, 50% Milk Chocolate bar, Dark & Fruity Yule Log.

ref 350116


Presented in a smart white box

dark ref 350117


Contents: Dark Christmas Selection, Chilli Penguins, Dark Fruit & Nut mini Wreath, 65% Dark Chocolate bar, Dark & Fruity Yule Log.

Presented in a wooden crate

To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 27


16/09/2010 12:49


Discover our brand new recipes created especially for the cuddly season, with their mini H-Box versions all available at our online store. There’s something perfect for everybody and every occasion. Winter Cocktails


Created especially for the chilly season with premium spirits in New soft ganaches Recipe shells to encased in stunning chocolate leave you with a warm glow – Whisky New RecipesAmaretto, Toddy, Moscow Mule, Cherry Apple Pie Shooter and Mulled Wine.

Sleekster 30 chocolates ref 260487 £20 H-Box 15 chocolates ref 260488 £11

milk obliviontm Discover pure chocolate bliss in mellow recipes that bring out the very best in milk chocolate – including hazelnut and macadamia pralines, silky caramel, banana split, zesty orange and more filled chocolates and slabs. Alcohol-free.

Sleekster 26 chocolates ref 260148 £20 H-Box 12 chocolates ref 260144 £11

exuberantly fruitytm Bite in and release the zingy explosions of real fruitiness in these vibrant ganaches – including raspberry, cherry and mandarin, peach, blueberry, blackcurrant and more. Why we love it – like basking in pure sunshine, whatever the weather!

Sleekster 30 chocolates ref 260156 £20 H-Box 15 chocolates ref 260155 £11


015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 28

16/09/2010 12:50

the everything Selection There truly is something for everyone to love in our best selling collection – from melt-in-the-mouth pralines and oozingly soft caramels, to zippy fruity recipes and silky truffles with a tipsy twist. Angus says – don’t miss the stunning new liquid caramel and chocolate brownie recipes!

Sleekster 30 chocolates

ref 260151 £20 H-Box 15 chocolates

ref 260147 £11

Serious dark fixtm  A dark chocolate adventure with seductive recipes brimming with deep cocoa flavours – smooth pralines with hazelnuts and chilli, truffles with Speyside whisky and West Indian rum, oozing caramels and more. Who for – chocolate lovers with a spirit of adventure.

Sleekster 26 chocolates £20 ref 260149 H-Box 12 chocolates ref 260145 £11

Just trufflestm An essential collection of modern classics with crisp chocolate shells giving way to luscious, silky soft ganaches inside – with champagne, rum, tiramisu, Cointreau, caramel and more. When – birthdays, special occasions or for no reason at all… everyone needs a blissful truffle moment.

Sleekster 30 truffles ref 891 £20 H-Box 15 truffles ref 1312 £11


015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 29

16/09/2010 12:51

rose & violet Crèmes

Hot Shots – liqueurs with attitude!

Soft fondant centres flavoured with natural essence of rose & violet in dark chocolate shells, based on a British recipe dating back to the early 1900s. 20 chocolates.

Full-on hits of premium rum from Saint Lucia, single malt whisky and fine oak-aged Cognac blended into smooth melt-away soft chocolate centres. 18 chocolates. Recipes without Gluten.

ref 300119


Who for – those who like their chocolates to bite back!

ref 300008


iN the sPOtliGht

Ultimate marzipan

turkish delight

High almond content for really authentic texture and taste – walnut, orange, pistachio, amaretto, rum & raisin, and classic almond. 18 chocolates. Recipes without Gluten.

Utterly hedonistic and hand-made in Turkey – with unmistakably delicate textures in refreshing lemon and rose flavours, presented in a keepsake wooden box. Alcohol-free.

ref 300006



ref 330027


To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 30

16/09/2010 12:53

midnight mints

Less Sweet Selection

Recipes celebrating that most British of preoccupations – mint and chocolate. Four refreshing mint recipes in dark and white chocolate with fondants, pralines, soft crèmes and pure chocolate. 26 chocolates. Alcohol-free & without Gluten.

Recipes made with less sugar (and no nasty sweeteners!) so the authentic flavours of cocoa and praline shine through. Includes pralines, chocolate batons and gianduja cubes. 22 chocolates. Alcohol-free & without Gluten.

ref 300007


ref 300003


– focused speciality boxes

the Baton Selection

the Canapé Selection

A chocolate taster’s dream array of slim chocolate batons – covering the spectrum from mellow caramel and praline chocolates, through to 35% & 40% milks and 70% & 85% darks. Alcohol-free.

Just like their cocktail party cousins, our chocolate canapés are designed to give you a two-bite experience of two or three complementary flavours – with Pecan & Vanilla, Caramel Florentine and Chilli & Almond. Alcohol-free.

ref 310200

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 31


ref 111048 £12.50 with purely 70% dark chocolate florentines ref 330022 £12.50


16/09/2010 12:53

DresseD to imPress

our finest chocolates stunningly presented and with flavours to match

Champagne truffles Luscious cream ganaches, softened with marc de champagne and encased in crisp chocolate shells – elegant, luxurious and utterly hedonistic. Available in Classic and Pink, with a fruity hint of strawberry. 16 chocolates. Recipe without Gluten.

Classic Champagne truffles ref 260092 Pink Champagne truffles ref 260091

£17 £17


015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 32

16/09/2010 12:56

Goody Bag of the Season This season’s must-have accessory, full of our favourite chocolate goodies – just delve in and explore. Contents: A 100g Eton Mess Slab, 6 Billionaires Shortbread chocolates, 6 Dizzy pralines, Smiley Chocolate Lick, a bag of Chocolate Gemstones. Alcohol-free.

ref 350139


A goody bag for my goody-two-shoes best friend, I couldn’t resist, love Annabel


Irresistible little gift bags full of uplifting chocolate goodies – perfect for a spontaneous grab and for nibbling anywhere.

Christmassy red Pick-me-Up

Sparkling Gold Pick-me-Up

Irresistibly mellow Christmas goodies especially for the young and young at heart. Alcohol-free.

Gorgeous chocolate goodies for Christmas full of the exciting flavours of the season. Alcohol-free.

Contents: Gingerbread Tiddly Reindeer 100g Slab, 6 Contents: Spiced Red Berry 100g Slab, a bag of nibbly Liquid Caramel chocolates, nibbly Chocolate Gemstones. Salted Caramel Marbles, 6 Gingerbread chocolates.

ref 350124


ref 350125

£10 33

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 33

16/09/2010 12:58

Enrobed FRUIT Tender fruit just made for smooth chocolate – like succulent mulled wine cherries, the gentle tingle of ginger, tangy mango strips, zesty orange and melt-away sultanas with mouth-warming rum and winter cinnamon. Ideal as little gifts and to nibble at home. Recipes without Gluten.

All £7.50 each or buy any 3 for £20 Orange Tangs

Rum Soaked Sultanas

Succulent Ginger – dark ref 340005

Kirsch Cherries

Kirsch Cherries – layers of milk & dark ref 340001

orange tangs – dark ref 340006

mango Strips – dark ref 340002

amaretto & almond Sultanas – milk ref 340004

rum Soaked Sultanas – milk ref 340003


015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 34

16/09/2010 13:02


mulled Wine Cherries

Succulent cherries soaked in fortified wine spiced with cinnamon, New nutmeg and cloves, then Recipein thick dark chocolate. enrobed New Recipes


ref 111096

Cinnamon rum Sultanas

Juicy sultanas soaked in golden rum with a pinch of seasonal cinnamon then enrobed New in creamy white chocolate. Recipe

ref 111097

New Recipes

To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 35


16/09/2010 13:03

Effortless ENTERTAINING – Indispensable assistance for the Christmas party season – with chocolate goodies to keep your guests happy and gorgeous gifts to take for your host.

I hope I’m not making a big mistake in sending these in advance... I’m looking forward to trying them on Christmas day! Love Margaret xxxx

Dinner Party Platter

An essential for blissfully easy Christmas entertaining, with an array of irresistible chocolate nibbles specially created for parties, after dinner and all sorts of sociable grazing. With chocolate canapés, specially selected truffles and pralines, dreamy liquid caramels, chocolate buttons, nuts and more. Angus says – just lift the lid and they’re ready to hand around. The last word in after dinner chocolates.

ref 310207 £28.50


To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 36

16/09/2010 13:04

Festive Dipping Adventures


Simply heat the chocolate and add a little dipping adventure to the New Recipe usual Christmas proceedings. Alcohol-free. New Recipes

Serves up to 8 Chocolate pots in milk, caramel, dark and mince pie, served with breadsticks, sea salt waffles, Gingerbread Marbles, orange tangs, cinnamon almonds and brazils for dipping.

ref 330024 £32

Serves 2 Dark and milk chocolate pots, served with breadsticks, Gingerbread Marbles, orange tangs and cinnamon almonds for dipping.

ref 330023 £17


015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 37

16/09/2010 13:04

dipping adventure for two... or more Just heat the chocolate in the microwave and get set for a real chocolate adventure. Perfect for sharing and full of everything you need to dip into molten chocolate like crisp sesame & sea salt waffles, gianduja, crunchy brazils and almond biscuits, marshmallows and more. Alcohol-free. Marshmallows not suitable for vegetarians. Angus says – it’s the ultimate cosy night in!

Serves up to 8 800g ref 310202 £32 Serves 2-4 420g (not shown) ref 310201 £17

Serves up to 8


extreme dipping adventure for two New Recipe

For those who like their chocolate deeper, darker New Recipes and spicier – with tubs of 70% Classic Dark and mouth warming Dark & Chilli. Including crisp sesame & sea salt waffles, crunchy brazils, zesty orange pieces and more to dip. Alcohol-free.

ref 330016

Serves 2


Yule Logs


A gorgeous new twist to the centuries old tradition of the Yule Log, created to slice and New Recipe share over coffee or as a dessert. The silky smooth gianduja praline will appeal to dark and milk New Recipes chocolate lovers alike. 150g. Alcohol-free.

fruity – dark hazelnut praline log studded with dried cranberries,orange pieces and dried sour cherries. ref 330025 £8 Chilli & orange – silky smooth gianduja with zesty orange, crunchy almonds and gently warming chilli.

ref 330026 38

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 38


nutty – dark chocolate gianduja log with pistachios and hazelnuts. ref 330020 £8 16/09/2010 13:06

GIANT Chocolate Slabs

Snuggly chocolate comfort for the chilly season

With gorgeously tactile curves, satisfyingly thick chocolate and a feast of seasonal flavours and textures – there’s a Giant Slab to suit every mood. they’re just made to be shared at Christmas get-togethers, given as gifts or nibbled quietly when you’re curled up on the sofa.

All 500g slabs – £13.50 each

255mm x 165mm All alcohol-free

Cool yule

nibbly noel

Silky smooth milk chocolate and mellow caramel with a whirl of creamy white chocolate and our effortlessly cool Santa Claus.

A seasonal swirl of milk, dark and gingerbread chocolate blended with cookie pieces and finished off with a milk chocolate festive wreath.

ref 310210

ref 310209 39

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 39

16/09/2010 13:06



Le Grand Crunch milk

Le Grand Crunch dark


nut mania

Bite in and get crunched-up with crispy crushed pancake pieces New Recipe blended into mellow 40% milk chocolate and finished baby New Recipes gianduja praline truffles.

An unforgettably crispy experience, with masses of New Recipe feuilletine pieces in smooth 70% dark chocolate, finished with New Recipes melt-away, baby gianduja truffles.

A full-on nut frenzy with crunchy almonds, hazelnuts, New Recipe pecans and pistachios stirred into stripes of mellow milk and New Recipes dark chocolate. smooth

ref 310192

ref 310193

ref 310188

All 500g slabs – £13.50 each

Full range of slabs available at

rocky road

White & Caramel Cookies

fruit & nuts milk or dark

Handmade chocolate chip cookies, creamy white chocolate chunks and crispy puffed rice stirred into a silky smooth, 70/30 blend of milk and dark chocolate.

Stripes of creamy white and laidback caramel chocolate studded with satisfyingly crunchy hunks of caramel cookie, all topped with caramel domes and chocolate gemstones.

Our reinvention of this classic combo – super premium sultanas, cranberries and roasted hazelnuts and almonds folded into our signature milk or dark chocolate

ref 310131

ref 310083

ref 1245

40% milk chocolate. ref 310082 70% dark chocolate. Vegan suitable.


015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 40

16/09/2010 13:07

Cookie Choc Chip


a gorgeous fusion of mellow milk and melt-away praline chocolate studded with shortbread and cocoa cookies – for a satisfying contrast of crispy crunch and smooth chocolate.

ref 310189

Presented in the sleek slab bag 255mm x 165mm All alcohol-free

To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 41


16/09/2010 13:09

You’ll find something for everyone in these gorgeous portfolios of flavour – featuring all of our favourite chocolate slab recipes slipped into sleek and stylish cases. All alcohol-free.

The LAST WORD in chocolate slabs


the Bestsellers edition A hand picked collection of our most sought-after 100g slabs. Contents: 10 x 100g Slabs – Classic 40% Milk, Macho 50% Milk, Chilli & Orange Dark, Signature 70% Dark, White with Vanilla Seeds, Milk & White Fusion, Strawberry Crème White Fusion, Rocky Road Milk, Hazelnut Milk, Caramel Milk.

ref 310203



015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 42

16/09/2010 13:11

e the nut mania edition

the Chocolate odyssey edition

A real fiesta of full-on nutty flavours and exciting textures paired with velvety chocolate.

An unforgettable voyage into the exciting flavours of our favourite milk, dark and white chocolates.

Contents: 10 x 100g Slabs – Fruit & Nut Dark, Fruit & Nut Milk, Honey & Pistachio, Hazelnut Dark, Hazelnut Milk, Caramel White, Chocolate Brownie White, Chocolate Brownie Milk, Macho Milk 50%, Classic Milk 40%.

Contents: 10 x 100g Slabs – House White, Organic White, Caramel Milk, Milky Milk 30%, Classic Milk 40%, Organic Milk 34%, Macho Milk 50%, Santo Domingo 70%,Tanzania Dark 75%, Ghana Dark 85%.

ref 310204


ref 310205


dark adventure A journey into the deep and meaningful flavours of dark chocolate, with a twist or two! With a 70% Chilli and a 70% Orange bar, plus 85% Ghanaian, 70% West African. 400g.

ref 310206


Best Sellers Collection Nothing but our most sought after 100g slabs all together in one collection. With Milk Chocolate Rocky Road, Milk & White Fusion, Caramel and Praline White. 400g.

ref 310113

£14 43

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 43

16/09/2010 13:13

Discover some of the world’s rarest, most sought after cocoa in our new season Purist chocolates – featuring our very own Rabot Estate and Island Growers from Saint Lucia, precious Venezuelan Chuao cocoa and more, in exciting high cocoa milks and stunningly deep dark chocolates. View the full range and tasting notes at

Sushi Collection foursome Some of our most prized cocoa in four stunning recipes created to compliment their unique flavours. Contents: Praline and 50% milk Island Growers, Praline and 70% Dark Island Growers, Praline and 100% Dark Hacienda Iara, Oozing caramel and 90% Hacienda Iara.

ref 240034 £16

Super Boosters Collection x2

Purist Collection The must-have collection for a real taste of Purist’s rare and vintage character. Contents: Milk Super Booster, Intense Milk Purist Sushi Tray, 70% Milk Rabot Estate 70g, 65% Dark Rabot 35g, 100% Dark Hacienda Iara bar.

Nibbly pieces of pure Saint Lucian Trinitario cocoa sealed in 40% milk or 70% dark chocolate – naturally packed full of antioxidants, mood-lifting compounds, trace minerals and a caffeine kick – sure to give you a boost!

ref 120079 £10

ref 240101 £25


015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 44

16/09/2010 13:14



New Recipe

You’ll love what our new gift

New Recipes

collections can do for you in the kitchen this Christmas!

Cocoa has been used as a savoury ingredient for millennia and we celebrate both the sweet and savoury personalities of cocoa in our Cuisine Range – all inspired by the cocoa cuisine pioneered at our own Boucan Restaurant at Rabot Estate, Saint Lucia.

View our full range and recipe ideas online at

Seasoned Cocoa Glazed Beef Fillet with Sautéed Vegetables

the adventurous An exciting adventure into the sweet and savoury flavours of cocoa cuisine – from dips and drinks to cooking glazes, pasta and more. Contents: Chilli Chocolate Chipotle, Honey & Mustard Dressing with Cocoa Nibs, Cocoa Pasta, Chilli & Cocoa Glaze for fish & poultry, Single Origin 100% Cocoa Stick, Dark Chocolate for Cooking.

ref 500044


To order T: 08444 93 13 13 Order by 2.30pm for Next Day Delivery

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 45


16/09/2010 13:14

The real Hotel Chocolat We’re delighted to offer Hotel Chocolat customers a preferential 20% off room prices during our soft launch* offer period from January to June 2011.**

Discover… Our boutique hotel on the island of Saint Lucia, where natural beauty, effortless well-being and luxurious style come together. Surrounded by the sun dappled cocoa groves of our plantation, you’ll stay in one of only 14 exclusive Cocoa Pod Cottages. With stunning views of the iconic Piton Mountains and the glittering Caribbean Sea, there really is no place on earth quite like it.

By day

Have a dip in the pool and then a soothing cocoa butter massage. Snooze on your private veranda. Or go exploring the 140 lush acres of the estate – strolling under the dappled light of the cocoa groves, taking part in the cocoa harvest, picking and tasting sun-warmed fruit from papaya, mango and guava trees, trail hiking and nature watching. Or choose to spend the day on a classically Caribbean sandy beach, swimming, snorkeling, sailing and kayaking. 46

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 46

16/09/2010 13:15

– Opening 29th December 2010


As the sun begins to set and the tree frogs start to sing, the hotel’s Boucan Bar & Restaurant is the place to be for spectacular views and equally spectacular sun-downer cocktails.Then delve into the exciting menu featuring fresh local ingredients and, as you’d expect, a strong connection to cocoa and chocolate.

Your Accommodation

Just 14 Cocoa Pod Cottages make up the intimate and exclusive guest accommodation. Finished to a high specification with double or twin bedrooms, ultra high thread count cotton sheets, marble lined double-basin bathrooms with rainforest open-sky showers, private verandas with Rabot rocking chairs and well stocked concierge cabinets. All designed with a blend of Hotel Chocolat’s contemporary style and traditional West Indian charm.

HOW TO BOOK For online reservations, prices, travel advice and to book – Email Telephone 0844 544 1272 * Soft launch offer period – The Boucan Restaurant & Bar and The Boucan Club exclusive pool facility will be fully open. Our 6 Cocoa Pods will be fully open, but we will still be finishing off the last parts of the 8 Cocoa Villas. **Offer valid for bookings made and paid for by 31st December 2010.Terms & Conditions apply.


015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 47

16/09/2010 13:16


ideal when you need to buy several presents for personal or business use.

the Sleekster Classic Christmas Selections Well-rounded, balanced and bursting with Christmas cheer for everyone.

Sleekster 30 chocolates ref 260474

£20 each or 3 for £54

MIX & MATCH Best Dressed and Christmas Shapes £7 each or any 4 for £24

Best dressed reindeer dark ref 111089 Santa milk ref 111088 Snowman White ref 111087

Christmas Shapes the Christmas dinner ref 111080 Little Caramel angels ref 111082 Chilli Penguins ref 111081


015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 48

16/09/2010 13:17

Our stOres

CentraL London – Chancery Lane, Kensington, Kings road, Knightsbridge, moorgate, the Strand, victoria Street. SoUtH – Basingstoke, Bluewater, Brighton, Bromley, Canterbury, Chichester, Guildford, Lakeside, maidstone, reading, Southampton, St albans, Watford, Windsor. SoUtH WeSt – Bristol, exeter, Plymouth. eaSt of enGLand – Cambridge, norwich, Huntingdon. midLandS – Birmingham, dudley, milton Keynes, nottingham, oxford, Solihull, telford. nortH – Chester, Gateshead, Harrogate, Leeds, manchester, meadowhall - Sheffield, york. raBot eState Store – Stoney Street, Borough market, London. faCtory StoreS – Huntingdon, telford. JoHn LeWiS – a collection of our chocolates can now be found in John Lewis - nationwide. USa – Boston newbury Street and massachusetts Chestnut Hill. GULf – dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait. oPeninG Soon – Guernsey, Jersey, tunbridge Wells, Cribbs Causeway, Bath, trafford Centre, St Pauls London. for LoCation maPS and oPeninG HoUrS

Chocolates for BUsiNess From product launches and exhibitions, to customer care and staff incentives – whatever your challenge, our Corporate Team is on hand to help and inspire with eye-catching ideas that get results. You can also benefit from corporate volume discounts, our new bespoke packaging and delivery direct to your recipients – from 1 to 1 million. CaLL: 08444 93 10 10 emaiL:

High spend discounts from £250 £250-£999












*Discount includes total cost of products including concierge option and vat, but excluding delivery. Discount available to any business, organisation or individual.

Have You Heard About Our TASTING CLUB? If you love chocolate, then you may well wish to join over 100,000 of our like-minded, chocolate loving members! We create brand new selections of chocolates to taste every month – including cutting edge, new recipes and timeless classics alike. Made with passion, flair and an uncompromising approach to ingredients, our members just decide if they’d like to try that month’s selection – it’s as simple as that. They also receive 5% discount on their Hotel Chocolat purchases!

Find out more at 015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 49


16/09/2010 13:18

order form Ordered by: Membership/Customer no:_______________________ Title ________ Initials___________________________ Surname _____________________________________ Company Name _______________________________ Address ______________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________ County__________________ Postcode _____________ Country _________________ Home tel_____________________________________ Mobile_______________________________________ Email (so we can tell you when your order is despatched and about new products) __________________________________________________________________

Delivery Address: (if different) Title ________ Initials___________________________ Surname _____________________________________ Company Name _______________________________ Address ______________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________ County__________________ Postcode _____________ Country _________________ GIFT message... (20 words max – please use block capitals) ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________

DELIVERY Date: (tick box below) o Xmas EARLY (between 30th Nov – 3rd Dec) o Xmas Regular (between 7th Dec – 10th Dec) o Xmas Late (between 14th Dec – 17th Dec)

Item reference

o Next day (Only available online or via telephone) o ASAP (3 – 5 days) o To be delivered ON (please specify a date) ___ /___ /___

Product name


Item price


Sub Total Promotional Code:______________________________________

Discount (if applicable) Delivery Costs Total Payable

payment details: Pay by

o Visa

o Mastercard

o Maestro

o Amex (We do not accept Solo/Electron)

o Cheque (Payable to Hotel Chocolat Limited)

Card Number: Start Date:

Issue no.


Expiry Date:


Cardholder signature_____________________________________________ Date ________________________ Please post back to: Hotel Chocolat, Freepost CB897, Royston SG8 5BR. Fax: 08444 93 75 90 We occasionally make our mailing list available to reputable companies whose brochures we think may interest you. However, we will never pass on your email address. Please tick this box if you’d prefer not to receive them. o


015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 50

16/09/2010 13:18

Service Information Easy Ways to Order

By Phone


CALL 08444 93 13 13 (orders only please, open 24 hours) From Overseas: +44 (0)1763 257 732 Corporate Enquiries: 08444 93 10 10 Customer Services: 08444 93 23 23 Tasting Club Enquiries: 08444 933 933

Just key in the item reference number here

Opening Hours Monday – Friday 8.30am to 7pm Saturdays – 9am to 2pm or via our website

The fastest way to shop, always open

Last order dates to guarantee Christmas delivery. UK Standard: Tue 21st Dec at 4pm. UK Next Day: Thurs 23rd Dec at 4pm. (for delivery on Christmas eve) Europe & Rest of World: 13th December at 2.30pm. DELIVERY: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Single Item Two or more items (cost per delivery address*) UK**


(3-5 working days)




Next Day*** (if ordered by 2.30pm) Specific Date Saturday Delivery





(5-8 working days)


£4.95 + £6 per item


£4.95 + £15 per item


We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date.

Rest of the world (5-8 working days) We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. USA Local

Fast deliveries from our warehouse in Boston. Go to to order.

*with delivery to ONE recipient only **if your delivery address is a remote part of the UK, eg Highlands & Islands, please allow an extra day for service. ***Next Day delivery is currently unavailable to Northern Ireland.

Our No Excuses Guarantee At Hotel Chocolat we’re in business to make you happy and we succeed or fail by how well we do this. If you’re not 100% happy with our products or we miss an impor tant deliver y date, we guarantee that we’ll immediately put it right for you refunding or replacing as appropriate.

This catalogue is printed on paper accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Payment We take payment at time of order, as our products are mainly time-sensitive gifts which need to be cleared for prompt despatch. Order Tracking Go to and follow the link on the home page. Inputting your order number will enable you to track any orders placed with us including those by phone or post. Moving House? Please let us know so we can continue to send you new Hotel Chocolat catalogues as they’re published.

© Hotel Chocolat Ltd 2010 Registered in England no. 2805730, Mint House, Royston, SG8 5HL, UK. Full terms & conditions available on request. We reserve the right to substitute items of similar value. Our total liability for any claim whatsoever shall not exceed the price of the goods supplied to the customer. We shall not be liable for any consequential loss whether this arises from a breach of duty in contract or in any other way. All trademarks and registrations are acknowledged as belonging to their respective companies. 51

015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 51

16/09/2010 13:18

Last Call for Advent Calenders Order by 29th November. See page 8 – while stocks last. 015996_HC_52pp_Christmas 2.indd 52


Return address: Hotel Chocolat, Mint House, Royston, SG8 5HL

Pass me on or recycle me.

16/09/2010 13:18

Christmas All Wrapped Up with Hotel Chocolat  

The latest Christmas catalogue from luxury chocolatier and cocoa grower, Hotel Chocolat.

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