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Did you know that cocoa can make you feel good both inside and out? Cocoa is rich in feel-good stimulants and antioxidants that lift your mood and your health. Cocoa is also great for your skin, as we know from the beauty treatments our guests love at our plantation spa in Saint Lucia. Discover the secrets of cocoa in our beauty range on page 8. Angus Thirlwell, Co-founder & Chief Executive P.S. Father’s Day is on 21st June – what will you send him? See page 3 for inspiration.

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Dad’s the Word F AT H E R S D AY – L A S T O R D E R S 6 P M 1 8 T H J U N E

The Hamper for Him £50 ref 356695 Make him feel truly special with this outstanding Father’s Day hamper, containing everything he could want, including: a bottle of Cocoa Beer, a Happy Father’s Day Sleekster, a Nano Slab Gallery, six Gianduja Bombes, six Cocoa Beer truffles, and a bag Ginger Puddles. Contains gluten.

View more gifts online at 3

Father’s Day – 21st June View more gifts online at

The Happy Father’s Day Selection & Pocket Selection Gift Box 12 chocolates £15 ref 111566 Pocket Selection 8 chocolates £8 ref 111567 A deliciously thoughtful Father’s Day gift, featuring some of our finest truffles and favourite recipes. Contains gluten.

Rabot 1745 70g Bars £7.50 each or buy 2 or more for £6.50 each The Rabot 1745 pure chocolate collection houses some of the world’s rarest and finest cocoa. Each one features beans from a different region across the cocoa-growing world, including both high-cocoa milks and dark chocolate – if your Dad likes wine, he will love these. Alcohol-free. To view the full Rabot collection visit 4

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The Happy Father’s Day Sleekster & H-Box H-Box £12 ref 260727

Sleekster £22 ref 260726

The ideal treat for dad this Father’s Day. A collection of some of our most popular recipes, including Cherry Deluxe, Eton Mess, Salted Caramel & Praline, Praline Crisp, Shortbread Cookie Caramel, Going Nuts, Pecan Brownie, Billionaire’s Shortbread, Soft Caramel, Dizzy Praline, Simple Milk Truffle, Liquorice Caramel and a Hazelnut Melt. Contains Gluten.

The Old Fossil

The Father’s Day Collection

£7.50 ref 310309

£15 ref 356694

Smooth 40% milk chocolate cast as a fossilised shell from the dinosaur era. Remind you of anyone? Alcohol-free.

This unique collection features a bottle of our estate-bottled Ruby Port, exclusively chosen for its ideal flavour pairing with our chocolates: a trio of Dizzy Pralines, a Mini Hazelnut Bûche, a Milk Cocoa Cookies Nano Slab, a Salted Caramel Nano Slab, and a Fruit & Nut Nano Slab. Contains gluten. 5

Cocoa Wellness A natural boost of cocoa can help you get ready for an uplifting summer in more ways than one. Each cocoa pod harvested on our Rabot Estate plantation in Saint Lucia is a treasure trove of healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and the mood-lifting stimulants that chocolate is so famous for. As you’ll discover in products from across our range, cocoa makes you feel good not just on the inside, but on the outside too.

Cocoa Infusions Ginger & Cocoa ref 503405

18 bags £10 each Cocoa ref 503514 Peppermint & Cocoa ref 503513

Crushed roasted cocoa shells for a refreshing, calorie-free, in-the-cup infusion drink that really picks you up. Alcohol-free, suitable for vegans.

Supermilk Puddles

Super Boosters

£5.50 ref 111533

75% Dark Desk Pot £15 ref 240647

Supermilk Puddles are the perfect bitesized taster of our revolutionary new milk chocolate. 65% pure cocoa, a splash of milk and less sugar than a dark chocolate bar. It’s a game changer. Alcohol-free.

Little grains of happiness, and it’s all totally legal! Pure Trinidad cocoa nibs simply sealed in 75% milk chocolate. Cocoa beans are naturally packed full of antioxidants, trace minerals and a caffeine kick! Alcohol-free, suitable for vegans.


The Less Sweet Selections Sleekster £22 ref 260621

H-Box £12 ref 260622

Enjoy the very best chocolate selection with more cocoa and less sugar. Including: Hazelnut & Ginger Crunches, Pistachio Pralines, Gianduja Bombes, Orange Pralines, 50% Milk Chocolate Batons, 70% Milk Canapés, 85% Dark Chocolate Batons, Dizzy 70% Pralines, Chilli Pralines. Alcohol-free. Customer Favourite Another winner from Hotel Chocolat... absolutely gorgeous and with less guilt!

The Gluten-Free Recipe Gift Box

The All-Dark Collection

£35 ref 356692

£25 ref 356662

We believe everyone should be able to include top-quality chocolate at the heart of a healthy lifestyle. This gorgeous selection is the perfect gift for any chocolate lover who follows a gluten-restricted * diet. Praline H-box • Florentine Isabelles • Salted Caramel Puddles • Strawberries & Cream Puddles • Mini Hazelnut Bûche. *All the recipes are made without gluten, we handle biscuits in our factory, so some gluten traces may be present. Alcohol-free.

For every dark horse out there, and completely vegan-friendly. Featuring: Dark Everything Selection • Dark Ginger Puddles • Mini Hazelnut Bûche • Saint Lucia Island Growers 100% Dark 35g bar • 70% Dark with Cacao Nibs nano slabs. Alcohol-free.


Cocoa Wellness Antioxidants, vitamins & minerals to make you feel fantastic, inside and out

Bois Nef & Quilesse Fragrances Quilesse Eau De Parfum £45 ref 100049 Bois Nef Eau De Parfum £45 ref 100040 Choose your signature scent, inspired by our plantation in Saint Lucia. 50ml each. Quilesse – Uplifting, enlivening, invigorating – the energising scent of our cocoa groves at sunrise. Bois Nef – Warm, calming, sensual – the heady scent of our cocoa groves at dusk.

Quilesse Treatment Candle £25 ref 100050 Customer Favourite Bring a touch of drama to your gathering with a gorgeous scented candle with exotic notes of bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood. 200g, burn time 40-50 hours.

Bois Nef & Quilesse Body Bois Nef Body Crème £20 ref 100039 Quilesse Body Scrub £20 ref 100045 Quilesse Body Butter £20 ref 100044 The beauty secrets of cocoa, from our plantation spa. With Cocoa Butter, Babussu and Mango Seed Oil. Steal a moment each day to protect and treat your skin with silky smooth nourishment. 290ml each. “...delectable, scrumptious...”


The Secrets of Cocoa: Revealed It’s the cookbook you’ve been waiting for. The finest recipes from our chocolatiers’ kitchen and award-winning restaurants in London, Leeds and Saint Lucia.

Citrus Salad with White Chocolate Dressing

Cocoa Infusion Tea

Salmon & White Chocolate Horseradish Open Sandwich

Hummus with Chilli Cocoa-Spiced Walnuts and Spiced Aubergine Salad

A New Way of Cooking with Chocolate £20 ref 503526 Embrace cocoa cuisine with our brand new cookbook. Inside, all of cocoa’s superfood secrets are revealed, from how we make great chocolate (and how you can, even in the kitchen) to how this humble bean can boost your happiness and health. With more than 100 recipes, from to-die-for chocolate desserts, spreads and smoothies to amazing salads, starters and mains with cocoa as a savoury spice. “Sophisticated takes on traditional chocolate recipes”


Bestsellers View the full range online at

The Pick Me Up £12 ref 356650 An uplifting gift with tons of treats, including a Rocky Road Slab, Dizzy Pralines, Salted Caramel Puddles, Strawberry Cheesecakes and Choc Chip Cookie chocolates. Alcohol-free, contains gluten.

The Mini Dipping Adventure £18 ref 310201 Milk and dark chocolate pots ready to melt, and an adventure of fruit, nuts and biscuits to dip. Perfect for a cosy evening in. Alcohol-free, contains gluten.

The Nano Slab Gallery £10 ref 310287 Take a tour of nine classic chocolate portraits, from Dark Fruit & Nut to White Cookie Crème. A delicious gift with lots of variety. Alcohol-free, contains gluten. Customer Favourite “An excellent buy! This is a box of little gems. Not too big, nine different exquisite flavours. It can’t get any better!”


The Chocolatier's Table £65 85 chocolates, 915g ref 260647 Customer Favourite An unforgettable sight. Featuring the finest of every chocolate genre we make, from luxurious pralines to dreamy caramels, tangy fruits to crunchy nuts, in milk, dark and white. Contains gluten.

The Everything Collection £25 ref 356663 Not sure what they like? Everyone loves our all-star recipes: Billionaire’s Shortbread truffles • Salted Caramel Puddles • Dizzy Pralines • Little Cheesecakes in Lemon, Strawberry, Caramel, and Rhubarb & Ginger • 40% Milk Puddles • nano slabs in: 50% Milk Fruit & Nut and High-Cocoa White. Alcohol-free, contains gluten.

Classic Champagne Truffles £20 16 chocolates ref 340029 £10 8 chocolates ref 111182 Luxuriously light and creamy truffles made with real champagne and cream. A taste of hedonism. 11

GIFT CARD Give them a Hotel Chocolat gift card and they can choose exactly what their hear t desires. Each card comes in a stylish ribbon bag and can contain a personal message. The lucky recipient can use their gift card to: • Buy anything in our stores or online • Enjoy a delicious meal in our cafes and restaurants • Experience an amazing Chocolate Tasting Adventure at our School of Chocolate

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Monumental Structures View the full range online at

Cookie Nut Craze £16 ref 310274 Customer Favourite Creamy 40% milk chocolate with magnificent blobs of high-cocoa white praline, studded with whole crunchy Piedmont hazelnuts and cocoa biscuit pieces. Contains gluten. Send with a FREE Gift Message Card

Rocky Road


£16 ref 310275 Contains gluten

£16 ref 310306 Contains gluten

Triple Chocolate Wham Bam

Billionaire’s Shortbread

£16 ref 310273

£16 ref 310277 Contains gluten

All 500g Slabs are alcohol-free and £16 each 13

Dip in to Summer

View the full range online at


The Summer Collection £35 ref 356696 If you’re looking for the most delicious way to celebrate our much-loved British summer, this collection has everything you need: Chocs-to-chill H-Box • Mojito Cocktails • Creamed Caramel Puddles • Classic Champagne Baby Truffles • Blackcurrant Bombes • Raspberry & Vanilla 100g Slab • 50% Milk & Cookies Nano Slab. Contains gluten.

The Summer Peepster 400g £16 ref 310307 Welcome the return of the sun with our Summer Peepster – a fantastic collection of 100g slabs in brand new flavours: Raspberry & Vanilla • Mango and Yoghur t • Passion Fruit Smoothie • Coconut Fusion. Alcohol-free.

The Summer Nano Slab Gallery £10 ref 310308 Our seasonal art exhibition, featuring flavours from our ‘Fruity Period’, including: White Praline • Raspberry & Vanilla • Gemstone & Feuilletine • Supermilk Hazelnut • Neapolitan • Lemon & Lime • Passion Fruit Smoothie • Milk & White Coconut • Banana & Caramel. Alcohol-free, Contains gluten.


Cocktails & Mocktails to Chill Cocktails ref 260730

£10 each Mocktails (Alcohol-free) ref 260731

Refreshingly fruity mocktail chocolates with tangy real fruit flavours, and summery cocktails made with generous measures of fine spirits and liqueurs.

Gin Puddles £5.50 each or 3 or more for £5 ref 111569 These 70% dark puddles are completely alcohol-free, yet bursting with the refreshing notes of fresh juniper. Made with our signature dark chocolate and real juniper oil, they’re authentically delicious and sealed in a ribbon-tied bag, ideal for picnics and lazy summer lunches.

Cocoa Beer


Cocoa Gin

500ml £5 ref 503365

250ml £15 ref 503341

Our distinctive English small-batch beer, brewed with toasty, malty cocoa shells to create a complex, rounded Porter-style ale with real character.

A classically cool and crisp English dry gin infused with classic botanicals plus special peppery notes of roasted cocoa and creamy macadamia nuts. A triple Gold Great Taste Award Winner!

Best Served Chilled View the full range online at

Our brand new Chocs-to-Chill range

Fruit Bombes to Chill £9 ref 111568 Our finest fruit bombes in five flavours. Blackcurrant, lime, lemon, cherry and passion fruit chocs-to-chill with the perfect contrast of real fruit tang and smooth chocolate, best served after chilling for at least 30 minutes. Pop in the fridge, then pop in your mouth! Alcohol-free.

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The Chocs-to-Chill Sleekster & H-Box Sleekster £22 ref 260728

H-Box £12 ref 260729

Chill out with this special summertime selection of 30 exquisitely fruity and tangy truffles, like our tangy Passion Fruit Bombe, our Mojito with zippy lime, frisky mint and a tingling shot of rum. These recipes are even better served after being chilled in the fridge for 30 minutes. Presented in a stunning box with a frosted, fractured ice design. Contains gluten. 17

Sleeksters & H-Boxes View the full range online at

The Fruity Selections Sleekster £22 ref 260619 H-Box £12 ref 260620 A zesty bounty of thrilling fruit flavours, including the ravishing Rhubarb & Ginger.

The Milk Selections Sleekster £22 ref 260615 H-Box £12 ref 260616 Customer Favourite The cream of our milk chocolate crop, with the must-try Caramel Cheesecake. Contains gluten.

The Praline Selections Sleekster £22 ref 260625 H-Box £12 ref 260626 Mellow out with this smooth boxed chocolate selection featuring chocolate and nuts in perfect harmony. Alcohol-free.

The Liquor Selections Sleekster £22 ref 260629 H-Box £12 ref 260630 We’ve raised the bar with our luscious liquor chocolate truffles box, including our refreshing Mojito Cocktail. Contains gluten.


The Everything Selections Why choose? Enjoy the best of everything in milk, dark and white chocolate. Contains gluten. Customer Favourite

H-Box £12 14 chocolates ref 260614

Sleekster £22 28 chocolates ref 260613

The Caramel Selections Sleekster £22 ref 260627 H-Box £12 ref 260628 Exquisite selections of everyone’s favourite caramel recipes, perfect for sharing on the sofa. Alcohol-free, contains gluten. Customer Favourite “Heaven... Simply heaven. Why wait for a special occasion... Too good to wait for! ”

The White Selections Sleekster £22 ref 260631 H-Box £12 ref 260632 All-white selections in our even-better white chocolate, with more cocoa than ever before. Contains gluten.


Dressed to Impress These elegant showcases make stylish formal gifts. Choose from classic selections of our finest recipes in white, milk and dark or exclusively dark chocolate selections, presented in embossed, ribbon-tied boxes.

Medium Classic Signature


Medium Dark Signature

£30 ref 260642

£30 ref 260653

26 milk, white and dark chocolates. Contains gluten.

26 dark chocolates. Send with a FREE Gift Message Card

Small Classic Signature

Small Dark Signature

£15 ref 260641

£15 ref 260645

12 milk, white and dark chocolates. Contains gluten.

12 dark chocolates.

Large Classic Signature ÂŁ50 ref 260643 46 milk, white and dark chocolates. Contains gluten.

Large Dark Signature ÂŁ50 ref 260646 46 dark chocolates.


JOIN US FOR BRUNCH THIS SUMMER Join us for a brunch that captures the energising goodness of cocoa. Choose from a range of delicious dishes, from cacao nib pancakes with hazelnut chocolate spread, to our nib roast pork belly with cacao bubble and squeak and creole chutney. RABOT 1745 BOROUGH MARKET 2-4 Bedale Street, Borough Market, London, SE1 9AL Tel: 0207 378 8226 Email: borough

THE HOTEL CHOCOLAT FLAGSHIP, LEEDS 55 Boar Lane, Leeds, LS1 5EL Tel: 0113 244 2421 Email: leeds@

Rated in Top 1% of London Restaurants by TripAdvisor, 97% of diners recommend on Open Table. Winner of Diner’s Choice Awards for Best Food, Best Service & Best Overall

Leeds ‘Most Booked’ restaurant on Open Table 92% of diners recommend

“Had a truly wonderful experience. The service was excellent, food was amazing. Will be going back again! I didn’t have a single complaint and it’s definitely a place for those who adore chocolate!”

“The quality of the food was amazing. We had the Yorkshire pudding and the not-so-scotch egg to start, the lamb and the mac and cheese main, and the lava pudding and the BAFTA dessert to finish. I'd go as far as to say it was one of the best meals I've ever had in a restaurant.”

Available on Saturdays at Rabot 1745. Available on Sundays at The Hotel Chocolat Flagship, Leeds. 22

For the Chef

The Home Baking Hamper £65 ref 356693 Embrace cocoa cuisine with a copy of our brand new cookbook: ‘A New Way of Cooking with Chocolate’, and everything you need to start cooking. Inside, you’ll find: our cookbook • 40% Milk, 70% Dark and high-cocoa White Chocolate Drops • Cocoa Powder • Ecuadorian cocoa nibs • Jacquard-weave cotton apron. Alcohol-free. Available online only.

Cocoa Balsamic & Cocoa & Chilli Finishing Oil £12 each 500ml Cocoa Balsamic ref 503367 Cocoa & Chilli Finishing Oil ref 503368 Cocoa Balsamic vinegar, fabulous on avocado, tomatoes and meats, and Cocoa & Chilli Finishing Oil for drizzling lightly over chicken, fish and pizza. Alcohol-free.

Cocoa Condiments £8 each or buy 2 or more for £7 each Cocoa Pesto 190g ref 503339 Creole Chutney 210g ref 503366 White Chocolate Horseradish 195g ref 503340 Exquisite condiments to liven up the kitchen, enhanced with a unique cocoa twist and a freshness of a Saint Lucian herb garden. Alcohol-free. 23

Ribbon-Tied & Ready View the entire range online at

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The Family Hamper £50 ref 356681 Something for chocolate lovers big and small, presented in a beautiful black ribbon-tied keepsake box. Contains: a Caramel H-Box • Strawberries & Cream Puddles • Milk Smiley Lick • White Smiley Lick • Enrobed Pretzels • six Dizzy Pralines • six Choc Fudge Sundaes • Chocolate Baa • Mini Hazelnut Bûche. Alcohol-free, contains gluten. Available online only.

The Everything Collection £35 ref 356660 The Everything Collection is a fantastic celebration of our bestselling chocolate treats, including: the Everything H-Box • Classic Drinking Chocolate • Salted Soft Caramels • Trinidad 75% Dark chocolate bar • Salted Caramel Puddles • nano slabs in 50% Milk Fruit & Nut, 70% Dark with cocoa nibs, and High-Cocoa White. Alcohol-free, contains gluten.


The Chocolate & Fizz Collection

The Chocolate & Port Collection

£25 ref 356659

£25 ref 356664

The ultimate way to treat someone special (or yourself!). Enjoy a mini bottle of Prosecco • Mini Everything Selection • Salted Caramel Puddles • a trio of nano slabs, including: 50% Milk Fruit & Nut, 70% Dark with cocoa nibs, and High-Cocoa White • a duo of Champagne Truffles. Contains gluten.

Our Tawny Port has been specially selected to work perfectly with our milk chocolate, so try it alongside the 40% Milk Puddles. The Ruby Port goes best with dark chocolate, so it’s ideal for tasting with the Saint Lucia 70% Dark or the Trinidad 75% Dark. We’ve also included some gorgeous milk and dark port truffles.

The Dinner Party Hamper £55 ref 356678 All you need for an amazing dinner party, from start to finish, with a superb range of drinks and treats delivered in a stylish black ribbon-tied keepsake box. Inside, you’ll find: our award-winning Cocoa Gin • sparkling Prosecco, exclusively bottled for pairing with our chocolate • a Mini Dipping Adventure • six Beer Truffles made with Belgian blonde beer and high-cocoa milk chocolate • milk chocolate Caramelised Hazelnuts • a bottle of our Tawny Port • a Hazelnut & Pistachio Bûche – a soft and smooth milk chocolate log ideal for slicing and sharing after dinner. Contains gluten. Available online only.


The Adventures in Chocolate Collection £120 ref 356559 The must-have hamper for colleagues, friends and families to harmoniously share, with something for absolutely everyone. Contents: Strawberry and cream Puddles, Bolivian Brazil Nuts, Rabot 1745 72% Dark Madagascan, Rabot 1745 Saint Lucia Island Growers 70% Milk, Everything Sleekster, Caramel Hbox, Mini Dipping Adventure, Triple Chocolate Wham Bam, 70% Dark Batons, 40% Milk batons, Classic Drinking Chocolate. Alcohol-free, contains gluten. Available online only.

The Hamper for Her £60 ref 356679 Watch her eyes light up when she finds everything she loves in this unforgettable gift, presented in a stylish black keepsake box. Inside, she’ll find: a bottle of sparkling Prosecco; a jar of Body Butter with the fresh, tangy notes of just-sliced cocoa pod; a Fruity H-Box; a patisserie-style box of Little Cheesecakes; a pair of 65% cocoa Supermilk 50g slabs; Strawberry & Cream Puddles, Baby Champagne Truffles and Caramel Sweethearts. Contains gluten. Available online only.


Make it a Birthday to Remember View more gift ideas online at

The Happy Birthday Selection & Pocket Selection Gift Box 12 chocolates £15 ref 111216 Pocket Selection 8 chocolates £8 ref 111236 A deliciously thoughtful gift, featuring some of our finest truffles and favourite recipes, including pralines, Raspberry Panna Cottas, lush milk and white truffles. Alcohol-free, contains gluten.

The Best-Ever Biscuit Tin £20 ref 503525 Biscuit, meet chocolate: The perfect partnership of crunch and melt in a feast of 9 handmade shortbread biscuits and 12 cookie and chocolate nano slabs. Alcohol-free, contains gluten.

The Goody Bag £18 ref 356651 A beautiful ribbon-tied goody bag. Mississippi Mud Pie Slab • Billionaire’s Shortbreads • Salted Caramel Puddles • Dizzy Pralines • Strawberry Cheesecakes • Little Fancies. Alcohol-free, contains gluten. 27

For Dark Chocolate Lovers View more dark chocolate selections online at

The Dark Selections Customer Favourite Sleekster £22 ref 260617 H-Box £12 ref 260618 Brimming with brooding all-dark chocolate pralines, caramels and truffles.

Dark Fix Pocket Selection £8 ref 111474 The perfect little gift for a dark chocolate lover – or a fantastic treat for yourself! Alcohol-free.

Dark Signature Collection with 26 chocolates & Red Wine £58 ref 356508 A collection of our most sought-after dark recipes matched with a 75cl bottle of our exclusive red wine, specially selected to accompany our best chocolates. 28

For Exam Success View more gift ideas online at

The Ultimate Chocolatier’s Table Customer Favourite £100 124 chocolates, 1.3kg ref 260648 An unforgettable sight, featuring the finest of every chocolate genre we make, from luxurious pralines to dreamy caramels, tangy fruits to crunchy nuts, in milk, dark and white. Measures 565mm x 383mm. Contains gluten.

Congratulations £8 ref 111237 Filled with a selection of eight velvet-smooth pralines, tangy strawberry cheesecakes and magical milk chocolate truffles. Alcohol-free, contains gluten.

Pink Champagne Truffles £20 16 chocolates ref 340030 £10 8 chocolates ref 111181 Luxurious truffles with beautifully delicate flavours, made with real champagne, cream and just a hint of strawberry. In crisp chocolate shells rolled in a little strawberry powder for a touch of elegant hedonism. 29

The Ultimate Wedding & Honeymoon Destination Our Boucan Hotel in Saint Lucia is a truly idyllic setting for an absolutely incredible celebration The spectacular views, beautiful weather, stunning rainforest and restful cocoa groves make Boucan a truly showstopping place to get hitched.In fact, we think you’ll love it so much you’ll want to stay for your honeymoon. •

A dedicated wedding planner to organise the ceremony, flowers, wedding breakfast, whatever your requirements

A variety of ceremony options, from complete takeover, to hosting the reception

The most romantic honeymoon experience you could imagine

Private dining on the infinity pool deck

A sunset cruise around Saint Lucia

Rejuvenate or relax in the spa

Find details of hotel packages, prices and availability at: email: or call: 0844 544 1272 30

For Weddings & Anniversaries View more gift ideas online at

A Hamper Made for Two £50 ref 356680 There’s no need for squabbling when there’s so much to share in this stylish black ribbon-tied keepsake box. Inside, you’ll find: a 20cl bottle of Sparkling Rosé exclusively bottled for pairing with our chocolate • a bottle of our porter-style, small-batch Cocoa Beer • six Beer Truffles • eight Pink Champagne Truffles • our chocolate twist on Oysters & Champagne • The Nano Slab Gallery, with nine classic slabs in all our chocolate grades. Contains gluten. Available online only.

Prosecco Superiore

Oysters & Champagne

£18 ref 503358

£15 12 chocolates ref 111475

Pop open the celebration with our delicate and refreshing prosecco. Exclusively made for us by a boutique winery in the Dolomite foothills to pair with our chocolate. 75cl.

6 beautiful milk chocolate oysters filled with melting praline, served with 6 stunning classic champagne truffle pearls. Brimming with classic style and elegance. 31


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£1.95 each or 3 or more for £1.75 each

Tiddly Pots £1.95 each or 3 or more for £1.75 each Individual little pots filled with white, dark, caramel and milk chocolate drops, perfect for little hands, handbags and desk drawers – with a top you can pop back on when it’s time to stop. All alcohol-free. White ref 111452 • Dark ref 111453 • Milk ref 111450 • Caramel ref 111451

Puddles & Gemstones £5.50 each or 3 or more £5 each Fantastically munchable, endlessly nibblable – stunning favourites in adorable bow-tied bags. All alcohol-free. Dark Caramelised Almonds ref 111570 • Gemstones ref 111463 • Milk Caramelised Hazelnuts ref 111572 • 70% Dark with Ginger ref 111466 • Creamed Caramel ref 111562 • Strawberries & Cream ref 111487 • Salted Caramel ref 111465 • 40% Milk ref 111488 • Milk Salted Caramel Almonds ref 111571 34

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All pocket selections are £8 each or 3 or more for £7 each

Simply Thanks Pocket Selection £8 ref 111238 Chocolates can speak a thousand words, so why not send your special thanks with our specially created box of chocolates. Alcohol-free, contains gluten.

Everything Pocket Selection

Dark Fix Pocket Selection

£8 each or 3 or more for £7 each ref 111473

£8 each or 3 or more for £7 each ref 111474

The perfect little gift for someone you care about. Alcohol-free, contains gluten.

An ideal gift for a dark chocolate lover. Alcohol-free.


PA S S M E O N O R R E C YC L E M E . Return Address: Hotel Chocolat, Units 9 & 10, West Stone, Berry Hill Industrial Estate, Droitwich, Worcestershire, WR9 9AS

Father’s Day – 21st June


See pages 3-5


This catalogue has been printed on an FSC paper which means the paper has been sourced from well managed forests, controlled sources or recycled wood or fibre.

Hotel Chocolat Summer 2015 Gift guide  

Make it the perfect Summer with gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat Summer 2015 Gift guide  

Make it the perfect Summer with gifts from Hotel Chocolat