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At Host, one of the largest in dependent publishing houses in the Czech Republic, we have focused on contemporary Czech and world writing for almost thirty years. The Host brand has become a guarantee of high‑quality literature in many genres. We are renowned for the care we take with our editing and the excel lence of our graphic design. Our primary aim is to find the right readers for the outstanding books we offer. We take pains to provide ongoing care for our books and their authors after publication.

We currently publish about 150 titles annually, in genres including the following: general fic tion, SF and fantasy, crime fiction, the thriller, children’s literature, popular science, specialist literature, poetry.

Host is proud to publish many leading Czech authors. Their popularity with readers and the wealth of literary awards to come their way confirm us in our belief that painstaking care for a book — from manuscript stage through to the last detail — makes perfect sense. Our authors include Alena Mornštajnová and Kateřina Tučková, whose bestselling works account for hund reds of thousands of copies and have been translated into many languages. Our Czech literature programme comprises all the genres mentioned above.

Our literature in translation programme, too, has a great deal to offer. The various stories we take from all over the world are characterized by readability, literary excellence and — last but not least — careful translation. Thanks to us, Czech readers are acquainted with works by authors including Olga Tokarczuk, Fredrik Backman, Chima‑ manda Ngozi Adichie, Bernardine Evaristo, Nino Haratischwili and Muriel Barbery.

Our crime fiction programme is an in tegral part of what we do. In their chosen setting of criminal investigation, our authors

respond to topical issues — a matter of great importance to us. We regard the publication of the first part of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series as a significant moment in our history, for it was this that launched the Nor dic noir phenomenon on the Czech market. Our best‑performing authors in this genre currently include Lars Kepler, Jussi Adler‑ Olsen and Peter May

In recent years we have strengthened our list by adding SF and fantasy, young adult fiction and children’s literature programmes. As we have no fear of the un explored, we delight in introducing new trends to the Czech market. The most interesting names on our SF‑in‑translation list include N. K. Jemisin, Ted Chiang, Anthony Ryan and Liu Cixin; our Czech SF authors, notably Pavel Bareš and Petra Stehlíková, have also performed very well. As for children’s literature, our titles include works by successful authors Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński, Marianne Dubuc, Emilia Dziubak, Oksana Bula, and Roberto Santiago. Another focus of ours is the high‑quality Czech book for children, by which we bring together an original story with great artwork.

In terms of society, politics and art, the world is changing in all kinds of ways. Fortunately, we will always have books to cap ture this change. Some of these you will find on our non‑fiction list. In the Klimax series, Host publishes original works on issues of climate change.

The history of Host is associated with the literary review of the same name, which first appeared in 1985 as a samizdat antho logy. The Host book‑publishing house was established in the 1990s for poetry and literary theory, genres to which it remains true. Since the Nineties, the publishing house has been owned by Miroslav Balaštík, Tomáš Reichel and Martin Stöhr.

You can view our books and meet our authors and team at regular events, including author’s readings, panel discussions and book fairs. We take part every year in the interna tional book fairs in Frankfurt, London, Bologna and, of course, Prague, as well as fairs in other parts of the Czech Republic.



Alena Mornštajnová

The Woods in the Home / Les v domě novel; 7

Petra Soukupová

No One Is Alone / Nikdo není sám novel; 8

Petra Klabouchová

By the North Wall / U severní zdi novel; 9

Alexander Staffa

Violence / Násilí novel; 10

Stanislav Beran

Schrödinger’s Hotel / Schrödingerův hotel short stories; 11

Jakub Stanjura

Augusts / Srpny novel; 12

Jan Kholl

The Secret Life of the Natives / Tajný život domorodců novel; 13

Kateřina Tučková

Bílá Voda / Bílá Voda novel; 14


Kateřina Havlíková

The Lamplighter, the Ship’s Pilot and the Boy from the Tear Factory / Lampář, lodivodka a kluk z továrny na slzy fantasy novel; 15

Marie Domská

Grey Blood / Sivá krev fantasy novel; 16


Lenka Kapsová Fifty. What Women Live With During the Menopause / Padesátka. Čím žijí ženy v období přechodu non‑fiction; 17

Highly recommended 18

Selected backlist 22

The Woods in the Home / Les v domě Alena Mornštajnová

Alena Mornštajnová (born 1963) is one of today’s most popular Czech writers. Her books have sold more than 670,000 copies in the Czech Republic alone and been published in sixteen languages, including English, German, French and Arabic; rights have been sold to eight more countries, including Italy, Japan, Vietnam and Finland.

Alena Mornštajnová’s best‑known works include Hana / Hana, The Years of Silence / Tiché roky and November Fall / Listopád. She has won or been shortlisted for many literary prizes at home and abroad.

Kid, as she is known, seems to have arrived in this world by some kind of oversight, for there is nothing for her here. Her father went off during the floods and her mother has abdicated parental responsibilities in fa vour of lovers and alcohol, leaving Kid with a spiteful grandmother who believes that life’s bad things are either exterminable, like the slugs at the garden centre she runs, or not to be spoken of. But all around them are woods in which danger lurks, and one day Kid does start to speak of it…

Alena Mornštajnová has written a captivating drama about how nothing in life is as it seems at first, and that no secret is buried so deep that it cannot be excavated. The secret here may scare you, but you will not stop reading till it is out.

‘I wanted to write a book about how difficult it can be to distinguish truth from lies, and to stand up to evil. I wanted to show how certain choices that appear straightforward to the onlooker may be unreadable and insurmountable for the person caught up in them. And for my own sake I wanted to explain why such things happen and are so difficult to face,’ says the author.

7 Fiction
Top Czech contem‑ porary novelist Alena Mornštajnová is back — again with something different, and again with something brilliant!
published in April novel hardback 304 pages isbn 978 80 275 1586 8 rights sold to Egypt and Macedonia

Petra Soukupová

No One Is Alone / Nikdo není sám

Petra Soukupová (born 1982) is one of today’s most successful Czech writers. She has published seven books for adults and three for child ren. She has won or been shortlisted for many prizes; her books appear regularly on the bestseller lists and have been published in fourteen languages. Petra Soukupová also works as a dramaturge and screen writer. A feature film adaptation of her short story Short Cut / Na krátko from the volume To Disappear / Zmizet was premiered in 2018.

Veronika has a job she enjoys, a husband who under stands her, and two teenage children with whom there are no major problems. She has a difficult relationship with her parents, but she keeps them at arm’s length. Even so, all that she has is sometimes not enough. After the fragile balance is shaken by the sudden death of her mother, Veronika’s happy life collapses around her like a house of cards.

No one gives a better description of a Sunday lunch, a trip to an observatory or jostling for position at a grandmother’s funeral than Petra Soukupová. Her new novel will immediately draw readers into a world in which they see themselves before revealing in stages the absurdity and awkwardness of family battles with no winners.

This is Soukupová as you know and love her.

8 Fiction
No one is alone, even if they might sometimes wish to be. Conversely, we might claim that all of us are always alone, no matter who we are with.
published in December 2022 novel hardback 368 pages
rights sold
isbn 978 80 275 1397 0
to Slovenia and Poland

Petra Klabouchová (born 1980) worked for several years for the regional press and television. She now divides her time between Italy, the USA and the Czech Republic, working in the music industry as manager of a number of rock groups. This author’s most successful books include Sources of the Moldau / Prameny Vltavy (2021), a thriller set in the Bohe mian Forest that won the Johann Steinbrener Award and is being translated into Italian, Polish and Macedonian.

U severní zdi

The body and soul of a mysterious Man with a Hole in His Heart bears unhealed wounds. No one has ever been brought to justice for a crime from his long‑ago childhood, by which he lost his family. Times may change, but the world around him remains as before: deaf, dumb and blind. Everyone has either forgotten or is trying hard to forget. Except for him. And as justice has not been done, he himself must act. As his own end nears, stories of child victims of the communist regime emerge like phantoms from the mass graves of the Ďá‑ blice cemetery — with ever greater urgency.

At a home for the long‑term sick, a Nurse for the Dy ing helps her patients through the last moments of their earthly life. Then a new client arrives at the hospice with something that is beyond its staff’s comprehension. Are some of the old people concealing a dark past? And if so, is there a need to exorcise a devil from their consciences? It is pay‑back time at last…

This novel can be read as a thrilling tale of detection, although instead of a detective and a police investigation we have someone who is unwilling to forgive and forget. In the company of the reader, this ‘avenger’ gradually reveals the stories buried in the Ďáblice cemetery.

9 Fiction
Přišel čas platit účty za padesátá léta.
published in March novel hardback
Novel inspired by the true stories of female political prisoners in the 1950s
343 pages isbn 978 80 275 1540 0

Violence / Násilí Alexander Staffa

Alexander Staffa (born 1947) is from Prague. Having graduated from the Don Martin School of Radio & Tele vision Arts & Sciences in Los Angeles, he worked as a technical director or as sistant director on many productions in Europe, the USA and South America. He now lives in his native country.

Viktor Juhl is an ethnic German from multi‑ethnic Bukovina. The Second World War is in progress, and he is forced to enlist in the SS. As the front shifts this way and that and back again, he staggers through the ‘bloodlands’ of Ukraine and Belarus. Somehow, however, the atrocities of war pass him by. Befuddled and numb, he moves from one prison camp to another, on a kind of hypnotic pilgrimage; not only does life go on without his will or agency, but he is barely conscious of it. It is as though his every imagining is feverish or part of a bizarre dream, as the author’s exceptional, captivatingly expressive style serves to highlight. Viktor Juhl emerges from his delirium only when he finds himself in the Auschwitz extermination camp and meets there a Jewess from Bukovina called Sara, his first love. He decides to save her by an act of desperation. Violence is a remarkable work by a remarkable author. A first‑time published novelist at seventy‑five, Alexander Staffa worked on the novel for over ten years, travelling to all the places passed through by his hero.

10 Fiction novel hardback
isbn 978 80 275 1526 4 published in March
480 pages
A stirring tale of madness, the power of blood ties and love, against a backdrop of a disintegrating Europe

Stanislav Beran

Schrödinger’s Hotel / Schrödingerův hotel

Stanislav Beran (born 1977) is a gra duate in Czech Language and History from the Faculty of Education of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. Although his first book was the collection of poetry House of Evil / Zlodům (2002), he soon turned to prose. He is the author of several collections of short stories and the no vel The Knights of Vyšehrad / Vyšehradští jezdci (2016). Lost in Midair / Ztracený v povětří, the author’s first book for children, is released by Host in the same season as Schrödinger’s Hotel.

The intimate worlds of the heroes of Stanislav Beran’s short stories are always steeped in social realities as well as various historical residues, and it is impossible to draw a clear line between the two. Nor does the author shy away from delicate topics, such as people’s indifference, burned‑out and ‘emergency’ relationships, and personal crisis. Although Beran is a non‑demonstrative, traditional kind of writer, he is no stranger to picturesque magic, and he often surprises the reader — not least by summoning real characters or places into the lives of his fictional heroes and by his robust humour and sense of the tragi‑comic.

‘The name Schrödinger’s Hotel came to me as I was writing the story Schrödinger’s Cat Hotel. It dawned on me that all the stories share the same uncertainty concerning what we see, where we live and with whom, regardless of their tone, the period in which they are set, and the characters that appear in them,’ says the author.

11 Fiction published in April
short stories hardback
978 80 275 1560 8
223 pages isbn
Interpersonal relations and situations from a unique perspective comprising the present and recent past

Jakub Stanjura (born 1995) comes from Opava and has lived in Prague for several years. A graduate in English and Czech from Charles University, as part of his studies he spent several months in England. Augusts is his first work of fiction.


Daniela is growing up in a family in which worries stand in for people. And these worries appear every August, with inexplicable regularity. For Daniela, sunny days bring pain, not pleasure. Then she goes to university, meets Štěpán, and comes to believe that the unpleasant ness is behind her. Little does she know that a past such as hers cannot be escaped.

In this novel, Jakub Stanjura takes an original look at the serious subject of gaslighting, a special form of manipulation in which the victim questions their own rationality, memory and overall perception of reality.

‘For me, gaslighting is a nightmare. The idea that someone can convince me that I’m experiencing one thing when in fact I’m experiencing its opposite, that I’m making things up or even delusional, is a horrible one. This novel seeks to highlight the manipulative techniques such a person uses. I’ve tried to outline how easily gaslighting can sneak up on people, and how easy it is for a person to use it to their advantage. It seems to me important that we Czechs start to talk about this phenomenon,’ explains the writer.

12 Fiction
far are we prepared to go for the sake of another? novel paperback 208 pages isbn 978 80 275 1561 5 to be published in May
Augusts / Srpny Jakub Stanjura

Hořkosladký román o životním poločase, cestě do Číny a hledání ztracených lásek

Jan Kholl (born 1976) is a journalist and head of the Central Bohemia branch of the Czech News Agency (ČTK). He is a graduate in Czech and Civics from the Faculty of Education of Charles University. He has worked at ČTK since 2001, first in the Prague news room, later as a reporter in the regions.

Třiačtyřicetiletý nákupčí cestovní kanceláře Petr bilancuje své dlouholeté manželství, které právě prochází těžkou krizí. Útěchu hledá ve vzpomínkách na své dospívání a na první roky s dcerou Miriam, s níž si nyní přestává rozumět. Na služební cestě do Číny se sblíží s mladou hosteskou Kristýnou. Milostná avantýra však jeho problémy jen umocní. Životní odcizení a série zklamání přinášejí jediné pozitivum — dovedou hrdinu na stopu jeho první lásky Lenky, která před lety za záhadných okolností zmizela...

Jan Kholl ve svém románu zkoumá zásadní životní zlomy, jež člověka dříve nebo později přivedou

isbn 978-80-275-1428-1

The Secret Life of the Natives /

Tajný život domorodců

Myslím, že Petr by v něčem mohl čtenářům připomínat postavu Lestera Burnhama z  Americké krásy. Je unavený životem, ale zároveň se zoufale touží udržet naživu. A má sklony k ironii, což ho možná nakonec zachrání.

Petr, a forty‑three‑year‑old buyer for a travel agency, is taking stock of his long marriage, which is now in cri sis. He seeks solace in memories of the childhood of his daughter Miriam, whom he no longer understands, and his own adolescence. On a business trip to China, he and the young stewardess Kristýna become close. But their love affair only adds to his problems. The derailment of his life by a series of disappointments does deliver one positive, however: it sets him on the trail of Lenka, his first love, who disappeared years ago in mysterious circumstances…

Jan Kholl’s novel explores life’s great turning points, which sooner or later lead us to its deepest secrets. But once these are revealed to us, what do we do with them?

‘In some ways, Petr may remind the reader of the character Lester Burnham in American Beauty. Although he is tired of life, he is desperate to stay alive. And his penchant for irony may save him in the end,’ says the author.

host Tajný život domorodců jan kholl-
Foto © Josef Vostárek
Jan Kholl
p 522 + p yellow + p 9500 + černá 13 Fiction novel paperback 208 pages isbn 978 80 275 1428 1 published in February
až k nejhlubším tajemstvím. Ale co potom s nimi?
Tajný život domorodců
Jan Kholl
A bittersweet novel about midlife, a trip to China and a search for lost loves

Kateřina Tučková

Bílá Voda / Bílá Voda

Kateřina Tučková (born 1980) is a prose writer, playwright, publicist, art historian, and curator of exhibitions. More than 400,000 copies of her books have been sold in the Czech Republic alone. She has won several literary awards, including the Magnesia Litera Award. For Bílá Voda she was awarded the 2022 State Prize for Literature, the 2022 Deník N Book of the Year award, the 2022 Lidové noviny Book of the Year award, the 2022 Czech Bestseller Prize, and the 2022 Region of Olomouc Award for Outstanding Contribution to Culture. Her books have been published in twenty‑one languages.

Kateřina Tučková’s most recent novel, Bílá Voda, was first published in April 2022 to extraordinary acclaim. Indeed, it went straight to No. 1 in the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers’ Fiction Bestsellers chart, where it remained for twelve weeks. Up to now it has sold 105,000 copies.

Sister Evarista’s story, along with the fates of the other nuns in the Bílá Voda monastery, are based on real events. In addition to the riveting narrative, Tučková’s novel critically considers the status of women in the Catholic Church, and at the same time, on a sym bolic level, the unequal status of women in society as a whole.

(second edition)

712 pages

isbn 978 80 275 1365 9

rights sold to Poland, Hungary and Italy

‘No one can capture the unmistakeable atmosphere of a region replete with troubled past and remarkable stories like Jaromír 99. This beautifully crafted book is sure to delight the reader and admirer of Jaromír’s art as much as it delighted me,‘ says the author about this edition of her book. Jaromír 99 (real name Jaromír Švej dík), is a well‑known musician and artist. With writer Jaroslav Rudiš he is co‑author of the successful comics trilogy Alois Nebel

Kateřina Tučková Bílá Voda
14 Fiction
Second, limited edition of a book whose re‑ lease was a literary high point of 2022. With illustrations by Jaromír 99
to be published in May novel hardback

Kateřina Havlíková

Kateřina Havlíková (born 1992) is a journalist who currently works for Český rozhlas (Czech Radio). She graduated in Journalism in Brno and in Political Science and African Stu dies in Hradec Králové and Accra. She is co‑author of the books URBEX: Abandoned Places in Bohemia / URBEX. Opuštěná místa v Čechách (2014) and The Beauty of Extinction / Krása zániku (2015), both of which present photographs of abandoned buildings. The Lamplighter, the Ship’s Pilot and the Boy from the Tear Factory is her first work of fiction.

A post‑apocalyptic fairy tale for adults

Straat lives at a time when society is divided into those who inhabit what remains of the land, dwellers of the vast ocean, and those who live in the skies. He serves as a lamplighter on an airship. And because there is little in his life to make him happy, he drinks. Then comes the day when he falls overboard during a storm. He survives the fall, but if he knew what would follow, perhaps he would wish it otherwise.

Straat will be made to endure the company of a woman seafarer whose vessel was destroyed by his fall, be captured by pirates, find himself on land without the necessary permit, be hunted by a wicked woman slave‑trader, meet a boy searching for his father among the aeronauts, attempt to vanish from the list of dead lamplighters, and — most significantly of all — almost bring about the collapse of the fragile truce that holds among the aeronauts, the seafarers and the landlubbers.

Kateřina Havlíková’s book is characterized by Gaiman‑like playfulness and sensitivity and a Pratchett‑like sense of the absurd. It will be appre ciated by all readers who have retained the child’s imagination and love of fantastical adventure.

Host Katerˇina Havlíková LAMPÁR ˇ , LODIVODKA A KLUK Z TOVÁRNY NA SLZY 15 Fantasy published in April fantasy novel hardback 240 pages isbn 978 80 275 1551 6
The Lamplighter, the Ship’s Pilot and the Boy from the Tear Factory / Lampář, lodivodka a kluk z továrny na slzy

Marie Domská (born 1982)

is a qualified teacher who teaches secondary‑school English. She also has a professional interest in nail design. She started writing fiction aged fifteen. Her early writing was mainly of the fantasy genre; her later writing tends towards SF. Since 2018, her stories about an extraterrestrial called Kchrat have appeared regularly in the magazines XB­1 and Pevnost and the Mlok anthologies. Her novellas Kchrat / Kchrat (2019) and A Soldier Doesn’t Cry / Voják nepláče (2021) both won the Karel Čapek Prize. Grey Blood is her first novel.


A thousand years ago the elves of the Misty Mountains started a war. Later, to avoid being slaughtered, they fled underground. It is said today that their blood is grey, made so by the venom of the serpent goddess whom they serve.

The grey prince Esmedill has learned that even the most virulent poison has an antidote. He longs to depose the serpent goddess from her pedestal before leading the grey elves from the underground, where they are wasting away and dying for her pleasure.

In the company of his loyal warriors, Esmedill once felt all‑powerful. But by now they have fallen. All but one, whose name is Redeye. Once considered by the prince to be nothing more than a slave, Redeye takes the lead and forces them onwards. But now that their great dream has dissolved, where should they go?

Marie Domská’s regular successes in the Karel Ča pek Prize and the Vidoucí (Seers) competition show that she has long been one of the great talents. The highly readable but dark novel Grey Blood marks the entry of a mature author into the realm of Czech fantasy. We will be hearing a lot about her.

Svět je víc než jed a ostré zuby dravé a věčně lačné bohyně. Host
16 Fantasy fantasy novel paperback 340 pages isbn 978 80 275 1587 5 to be published in May
Blood / Sivá krev
The favour of the serpent goddess is paid for in blood.
Marie Domská

Lenka Kapsová

Fifty / Padesátka

What Women Live With During the Menopause / Čím žijí ženy v období přechodu

Lenka Kapsová (born 1971) comes from Prague. A graduate in English and Czech from the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, she works as a translator and a secondary‑school English teacher. Since 2014, she has been one of the writers of the ‘Lost in Language’ column, which appears in a supplement of the daily news paper Lidové noviny.

What do the words ‘menopausal woman’ make you think of? If you go online to find out more, you will read about hot flushes, osteoporosis and loss of libido. At the time in question, however, women undergo many more changes too. And it is about these changes that author Lenka Kapsová has questioned her woman friends and peers.

How do we come to terms with changes in our ap pearance? In our more mature years, what does beauty mean to us? What does the end of the menstrual cycle do to our bodies? Are we the same as our mothers? Can we let our adolescent children fly the nest? What is the sex life of the over‑fifties like? How important are creativity and faith at this age? Carefully assembled excerpts from interviews come together with the author’s narrative and personal commentary in a highly readable contribution to a significant but oft‑neglected topic.

This is an important book about what women go through at a time that is little talked about.

17 Non‑fiction non‑fiction paperback 230 pages isbn 978 80 275 1592 9 to be published in June
A book about most things that trouble and give joy to women aged around fifty

Highly recommended

Alena Mornštajnová

670,000 copies sold books published in 17 languages (English, German, Russian, French, Arabic, Polish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Croatian, Latvian, Slovak, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, Turkish and Serbian), rights sold to Italy, Armenia, Vietnam, Iran, Finland, Japan and Romania

+18 to be published

Kateřina Tučková 400,000 copies sold books published in 21 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian, Belarusian, Greek and Latvian), rights sold to Taiwan (traditional Chinese)

+7 to be published

Jan Němec 30,000 copies sold books published in 13 languages (German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Latvian), rights sold to India / England (English world rights)

Petra Soukupová

200,000 copies sold books published in 14 languages (German, Italian, Russian, Danish, Slo venian, Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Serbian, Albanian and Vietnamese), rights sold to Switzerland (French world rights)

+2 to be published +10 to be published

Viktorie Hanišová 50,000 copies sold

books published in 8 languages (German, Spanish, Catalan, Arabic, Italian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Croatian), rights sold to Poland, Latvia, Serbia, Greece and India / England (English world rights)

Jiří Hájíček 120,000 copies sold books published in 13 languages (English, German, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Belarussian, Polish, Albanian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Latvian and Slovenian)

+5 to be published +7 to be published

Selected backlist

Antonín Bajaja

Burying the Season / Na krásné modré Dřevnici novel; 2009

Patrik Banga

The Real Way Out / Skutečná cesta ven memoir; 2022

Pavel Bareš

The Cronos Legacy / Kronův odkaz sci fi novel; 2021

Meta / Meta fantasy thriller; 2020 Children of Cronos / Kronovy děti sci fi novel; 2019

The Cronos Project / Projekt Kronos sci fi novel; 2017, 2019

Simona Bohatá

Lucky Beny / Klikař Beny novel; 2021

Everybody Sucks / Všichni sou trapný novella; 2019

Petra Dvořáková

The Garden / Zahrada novel; 2022

Crows / Vrány novella; 2020

The Surgeon / Chirurg novel; 2019, 2020

The Village / Dědina novel; 2018, 2020

Everyone Has a Line to Hold / Každý má svou lajnu children’s book; 2017

The Net / Sítě three short stories; 2016

Flouk and Lila / Flouk a Líla children’s book; 2015

Julie and Words / Julie

mezi slovy children’s book; 2013, 2020

I am Hunger / Já jsem hlad non‑fiction; 2009, 2013

Transformed Dreams / Proměněné sny non fiction; 2006, 2013

Jan Folný

A Weekend in London / Víkend v Londýně novel; 2018

Little Queers / Buzíčci short stories; 2013

Anna Beata Háblová

The Shift / Směna novel; 2022

Jiří Hájíček Sailing Ships on Labels / Plachetnice na vinětách novel; 2020, 2021

The Rainstick / Dešťová hůl novel; 2016, 2017

Memories of a Village Dance / Vzpomínky na jednu vesnickou tancovačku short stories; 2014, 2015

Fish Blood / Rybí krev novel; 2012, 2014

Football Diaries / Fotbalové deníky novella; 2007

Rustic Baroque / Selský baroko novel; 2005, 2009, 2013

The Green Horse Rustlers / Zloději zelených koní novel; 2001, 2016

Viktorie Hanišová

Sunday Afternoon / Neděle odpoledne novel; 2022

Concrete and Clay / Beton a hlína book of interviews; 2021

A Long Track / Dlouhá trať short stories; 2020

Reconstruction / Rekonstrukce novel; 2019, 2020

The Mushroom Gatherer / Houbařka novel; 2018, 2020

Anežka / Anežka novel; 2015

Markéta Hejkalová

The House before the Square / Dům pod náměstím novel; 2022

Matěj Hořava

Stopover / Mezipřistání novella; 2020

Distilled Spirit / Pálenka novella; 2014

Lidmila Kábrtová

Waiting for the Trigger / Čekání na spoušť novel; 2021

Places in the Dark / Místa ve tmě short stories; 2018

Whom Foxes Drink Up / Koho vypijou lišky short stories; 2013

Jakuba Katalpa

Zuzana’s Breath / Zuzanin dech novel; 2020, 2021

The Den / Doupě novel; 2017, 2021

Germans / Němci novel; 2012, 2014

Is Soil to Be Eaten? / Je hlína k snědku? novella; 2006, 2021

Petra Klabouchová

Sources of the Moldau / Prameny Vltavy detective novel; 2021

Hana Kolaříková

Real Leopard skin Coat / Pravý leopardí kožich novel; 2017

Přemysl Krejčík

Chocolate for the Wehrmacht / Čokoláda pro Wehrmacht diesel punk novel / alternative history; 2021

Little NY / Malej NY novel / thriller; 2019

Martina Leierová

This Town, This River / Toto město, tato řeka novel; 2021

House With a Borrowed View / Dům s vypůjčeným

výhledem novel; 2017

Eugen Liška

The Creation / Stvoření novel; 2017

Petra Machová

Vendetta / Krevní msta fantasy YA novel; 2022

The Bond of Shadow / Pouto stínu fantasy YA novel; 2019

Dragontown / Dračí město fantasy YA novel; 2018

Vratislav Maňák

The Death of the Old Masha / Smrt staré Maši short stories; 2022

Rubik’s Cube / Rubikova kostka novel; 2016

Polythene Clothes / Šaty z igelitu short stories; 2011

Alena Mornštajnová

November Fall / Listopád novel; 2021, 2022

The Years of Silence / Tiché roky novel; 2019, 2021

Hana / Hana novel; 2017, 2018

The Little Hotel / Hotýlek novel; 2015, 2018

Blind Map / Slepá mapa novel; 2013, 2018

Ivana Myšková

White Animals Are Very Often Deaf / Bílá zvířata jsou velmi často hluchá short stories; 2017

Jan Němec

Lilliputin: Stories from a War / Liliputin: Povídky z války short stories; 2022

Ways of Writing about Love / Možnosti milostného románu novel; 2019, 2020

A History of Light / Dějiny světla novel; 2013, 2014

Jiří Padevět 1945 / 1945 short stories; 2022

Republic / Republika short stories; 2020

Dreams and Axes / Sny a sekyry short stories; 2019

Barbed Wire and Nooses / Ostny a oprátky short stories; 2018

Daniel Petr

Reading the Movement of Coordinates / Odečítání pohybu souřadnic novel; 2022

Nurse Death / Sestra smrt detective novel; 2018

The Magpie on the Gallows / Straka na šibenici novel; 2015

Michal Přibáň Only Twice for Everything / Všechno je jenom dvakrát novel; 2016

Nela Rywiková

Children of Anger / Děti hněvu detective novel; 2016

House No. 6 / Dům číslo 6 detective novel; 2013

Petra Slováková

Memories of Tomorrow / Vzpomínky na zítřek fantasy YA novel; 2022

Lord of the Wizards / Pán čarodějů fantasy YA novel; 2020

Fragments of Time / Střípky času fantasy YA novel; 2019

Petra Soukupová

Things Whose Time Has Come / Věci, na které nastal čas novel; 2020, 2021

Weird Kids’ Club / Klub divných dětí children’s book; 2019

Who Killed Snowy? / Kdo zabil Snížka? children’s book; 2017

Best for Everybody / Nejlepší pro všechny novel; 2017, 2018

Under the Snow / Pod sněhem novel; 2015, 2015

Bertie and the Snuffler / Bertík a čmuchadlo children’s book; 2014

Marta in the Year of the Alien / Marta v roce vetřelce novel / diary; 2011

To Disappear / Zmizet three short stories; 2009, 2011

To the Seaside / K moři novella; 2007

Petra Stehlíková

Nasterea / Nasterea fantasy novel; 2021, 2022

Faja / Faja fantasy novel; 2017, 2019

The Listener / Naslouchač fantasy novel; 2016, 2018

Michal Sýkora

A Case for the Exorcist / Případ pro exorcistu detective novel; 2021

Worst Fears / Nejhorší obavy three detective stories; 2020

Five Dead Dogs / Pět mrvých psů detective novel; 2018

It’s Not Over Yet / Ještě není konec detective novel; 2016

Blue Shadows / Modré stíny detective novel; 2013

Viktor Špaček

An Impeccable Life in Humility / Čistý, skromný život short stories; 2022

Dita Táborská

Black Tongues / Černé jazyky novel; 2021

Běsa / Běsa novel; 2018, 2021

Malinka / Malinka novel; 2017, 2021

Kateřina Tučková

Bílá Voda / Bílá Voda novel; 2022

The Last Goddess / Žítkovské bohyně novel; 2012, 2013

Gerta / Vyhnání Gerty Schnirch novel; 2009, 2010

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