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Tourismtimes Newsletter of the Tourism Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

Spring 2014


New Chair Rex Avery

The Commitments

Spring 2014

I recently used three classic movie titles to describe the personality of Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador’s newly appointed Chair, Rex Avery: Road Warrior; Run Silent, Run Deep; and Dr. No. Steele Hotels operate throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, so as their Vice-President, Rex spends quite a bit of his time on the highway travelling from Gander to Corner Brook and Carol-Ann Gilliard from Gander to St. John’s. He truly is a Newfoundland and Labrador Road Warrior. Where most people would get tired of the driving, Rex thrives on it, as it presents a great opportunity for him to do his best thinking! It also gives him a rare perspective of the tourism industry, giving him intricate knowledge of the business environment from east to west. Run Silent, Run Deep is a 70s submarine movie starring Clarke Gable and, while both Rex and Clarke rock a pretty awesome mustache, the similarity to the movie is more around the ‘silent’ and ‘deep’ parts. Rex is admittedly someone who prefers to listen at the back of the room rather than speak at the front of it but his silence is not an indication of his lack of something to say! With 35 years working in the tourism industry in Newfoundland and Labrador and nearly two decades worth of involvement with Hospitality NL, Rex’s depth of understanding of the industry and the association is phenomenal. We joke that ‘No’ is Rex’s favourite word. It turns out that it actually is! While you would think this is a bad thing, it is actually a reflection of how Rex operates. He is not convinced of anything until you convince him, and convincing is a task. With a depth of knowledge about business, tourism, the province and all of the moving parts that have to come together for individual businesses and the industry as a whole to be successful, he is armed with a great deal of expertise to challenge assertions and recognize opportunities. It struck me that in helping you get to know what Rex represents, this description can easily be applied to the tourism and travel industry. Tourism and travel happens all over the province and, in its own way, creates road warriors out of all of us. As an industry that is not restricted to any one region of our province, tourism’s reach in Newfoundland and Labrador is broader and deeper than any other industry. In just about every community in our province there is someone or something linked to enabling or supporting tourism and travel. Despite tourism’s reach in Newfoundland and Labrador in both economic development and employment, it can be said that tourism has often run silent and deep. For a long time, tourism was called the invisible industry. While tourism and travel is happening all over, it is difficult for most to truly appreciate how robust our industry is and we


haven’t always focused our efforts to make sure tourism’s enormous value is understood. Finally, No is an unavoidable word in tourism. For example, we have to say No when the special places in this province that make it a great place to live and visit are at risk. We have to say No when decisions are made that have the potential to negatively impact the delicate balance we need in tourism development throughout the province. We have to say No if the economic viability of tourism operations is threatened; the economics of tourism are fundamental to achieving the tremendous social, cultural and environmental benefits. In this issue of Tourism Times, we have a section helping you get to know all of the Board members of Hospitality NL. One of the questions we ask them is their favourite movie. One of my favourite movies helps me round out my description of Rex and the tourism and travel industry. The Commitments. This is a great movie about the trials of working class hero, Jimmy Rabbitte, who’s vision is to form the “World’s Hardest Working Band” and bring soul music to Dublin, Ireland. Despite great setbacks and a barrage of personality conflicts, Jimmy perseveres in his efforts to achieve his vision but eventually understands when it is time to take a different path. Rex is terribly committed to the mission and mandate of Hospitality NL and the long-term goals and vision of the tourism industry. This makes Rex reflective of the commitment that Hospitality NL views as vital among all partners and stakeholders in order to collectively move forward and progress. Our Hospitality NL network is made up of likeminded individuals who believe in the tremendous power of tourism and who are committed to realizing its true potential for our province and our individual businesses and organizations. In tourism, we are on a path that looks to be the right track but, like Jimmy, we need to be smart enough to know when we need to change course. Ultimately, it’s the journey that will measure our success, not the destination. I will leave you with an exchange in The Commitments when Jimmy started to doubt if his dreams would ever become a reality. Joey [Joey ‘The Lips’ Fagan, trumpeter in the band]: “Look, I know you’re hurtin’ now, but in time you’ll realize what you’ve achieved.” Jimmy: “I’ve achieved nothing!” Joey: “You’re missin’ the point…you raised their expectations of life, you lifted their horizons.” Here’s to bright horizons and lofty expectations in 2014 and beyond!

Carol-Ann Gilliard CEO, Hospitality NL @CAGilliard

A Few Words is imperative that our industry is ready and prepared for these elections. The potential of tourism and what it will take to realize that potential must not only be understood by all candidates running for election, but it must also be a component, front and centre, of party platforms. The time to start bringing tourism’s value to light is now and I call upon all tourism operators to start engaging with elected officials and potential candidates to ensure the message of the tourism industry is heard loud and clear. Tourism is one of the most stable, revenue generating industries in the world; with strategic investment and policies, tourism can and will continue to contribute to a prosperous economy and quality way of life for residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. The potential of tourism is indeed one of our greatest strengths and can play a significant role in the future economic prosperity of our province. It is our responsibility to ensure that current and future political leaders understand this and are committed to working with us along the path to Vision 2020. In determining my message for this issue of Tourism Times, I recalled something Sam Walton once said that sums up the environment in which our tourism industry is now operating: “There is only one boss. The customer. And he[/she] can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his[/her] money somewhere else.” While our industry may very well be considered a poster child for tourism in Canada, our competitors have never been so fierce and the words of Mr. Walton never rang more true. This is why Hospitality NL will continue to focus on two key initiatives in 2014, the Tourism Assurance Plan and the Destination Development Planning Processes. These projects represent incredible opportunities for our industry to work together and seize regional and provincial opportunities to develop product and service offerings that will enable further growth and development of Newfoundland and Labrador as a destination of choice among today’s savvy traveller. We cannot stop there though; there are seven strategic priorities in Vision 2020 and all of them require hard work, hard decisions and urgent attention. Rest assured that I am up to the task and confident in the Board of Directors that has been elected to represent you as a member of Hospitality NL. Anyone who knows me would likely attest to the fact that I am a man of a few words, although you might not believe that seeing how long this message is! So, on that note, I’ll sum up my first message to you, and my focus for the next two years, with a few words: Tourism Prosperity in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Rex Avery Chair, Hospitality NL @HNLChair

Spring 2014

When approached about what I would say in my first ‘Chair’s Message’ for Tourism Times, I must admit a lot of things crossed my mind. In the end though, I figured our members and the tourism industry at large would be most interested in what I see as priorities for the next two years ahead. First and foremost, I would like everyone to know that I am excited to begin my term as Chair of Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador. Rex Avery I am humbled by the support that I have already received from members and I am prepared to work hard on your behalf to advance the tourism industry towards Vision 2020. As Alan Doyle shared with delegates at Hospitality NL’s recent conference, I too am willing to “Do whatever the day asks of me” and I am not naïve enough to believe that all those days ahead will be smooth sailing. I am known for being a person who truly calls a spade a spade. During the conference, it was suggested to delegates that ‘No’ is one of my favorite words and the fact is that this is true. No is often one of my first responses. When I believe in something I am willing to do what it takes to achieve it and this is why people often hear “No” from me. “No” (I won’t give up) and “No” (I won’t back down or let it go). In my role as Chair, people will hear “No” because I am not willing to sit back when it comes to the growth and development of the tourism industry and what it will take to move our industry forward. I do not blindly accept that something is true or cannot be changed simply because someone says so; I need to be convinced with solid evidence, not just opinion. I will not be happy until challenges and issues facing us are addressed and receive the attention and action they deserve. I truly believe opportunities abound for tourism, but there are significant challenges facing our industry, including declining visitation numbers in rural NL and declining passenger traffic on Marine Atlantic Inc. These trends are troubling but not irreversible. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians will go to the polls two times by the end of 2015, electing provincial and federal governments that will bring our industry to the heels of Vision 2020’s target date. What happens between now and the end of 2015, and the subsequent years of the elected governments, will play a significant role in whether or not the tourism industry meets its target of doubling annual tourism revenues by 2020. Alan Doyle told delegates to “Be Ready” and “Be Prepared” and it

Hospitality NL Chair, Rex Avery, addresses and networks with delegates at Hospitality NL’s Annual Conference and Trade Show held in Gander from February 26-28, 2014.


get to know

2014 board of directors Where do you work & what is your position? Vice President, Steele Hotels, Gander, NL. Where did you grow up? Deer Harbour and Hickman’s Harbour, Trinity Bay, NL. Favorite Movie & Why? The Little Mermaid, because I got to watch it a lot with my children and now with my grandchildren. What was your first job? Logger for a sawmill camp.

What is the biggest issue you feel the tourism industry needs to focus on? Transportation and labour. What is your favorite thing about NL? Outport NL and the people in these places. What is the best thing about being involved with HNL? Working with people that want to make the tourism industry better for all of NL.

Where do you work & what is your position? Owner, Leaside Manor Suites and Executive Apartments, and Arnolds Cove Inn; Financial Planner, Investors Group. Where did you grow up? St. Shott’s, NL. Favorite Movie & Why? Shawshank Redemption, I am big on goal setting and this movie shows that if you set a goal, focus on it and continue to work towards it, no matter how big, or how long it takes it can be achieved.

What was your first job? Bill Board Installer with E.C. Boone. What is the biggest issue you feel the tourism industry needs to focus on? Expanding the knowledge across the globe of this fantastic province that we call home. What is your favorite thing about NL? The People. What is the best thing about being involved with HNL? Networking and learning more about our great province.


Where do you work and what is your position? Murray Premises Hotel – General Manager. Where did you grow up? Trepassey. What is your favorite movie and why? Forrest Gump… cause life is like a box of chocolates! What was your first job? First job was as an Early Childhood Educator, First job in the hotel industry – Public Areas Attendant (Housekeeping) at Jasper Park Lodge.

What is the biggest issue you feel the tourism industry needs to focus on? Product Development. What is your favorite thing about Newfoundland and Labrador? The people. Why are you a member of HNL? If you are going to work in the industry you should be part of the whole industry, it’s not what HNL can do for me, it’s about what we can do together, collectively, as an industry.

connie Rose

Where do you work and what is your position? Manager, Glynmill Inn, Corner Brook. Where did you grow up? Corner Brook. What is your favorite movie and why? The Lion King, it pulled at the heart strings, ha, ha…, a great movie for all ages! What was your first job? Room Attendant at the Glynmill Inn. What is the biggest issue you feel the tourism industry needs to

focus on? Cost effective access to transportation to the province. What is your favorite thing about NL? Natural beauty. What is the best thing about being involved with HNL? Opportunity to gain knowledge and experience through working with other industry leaders towards the common goal of achieving and exceeding the tourism vision set forth for 2020.

rex Avery


dion Finlay


Spring 2014

kelly Finlay



michelle Heath Director Where do you work and what is your position? General Manager of Monastery Spa & Suites. Where did you grow up? St. John’s; however, I was born in Lachine, Quebec. I have lived in NL since I was 5 and would not call anywhere else my home. What is your favorite movie and why? The Pursuit of Happyness because it is an inspiring and empowering true story of a single parent who struggles, yet perseveres, through many of life’s harsh challenges while being thoroughly loved by a trusted son. What was your first job? At the age of 15, at the United Cigar Store inside Woolworths on Water Street. Times have changed, as the laws today would not allow a 15 year old to sell cigarettes. What is the biggest issue you feel the tourism industry needs to focus on? Accessibility. Getting travelers to our beautiful and bountiful province has challenges in cost and availability. What is your favorite thing about Newfoundland and Labrador? The people. We are as varied as our dialects yet there is a real and genuine atmosphere of kinship across our province. We are a people known for our storytelling, sense of humor, sense of community and a global awareness to help just because someone needs it. Why are you a member of HNL? I have been in the hospitality industry for many years and I have heard many travelers’ stories; I would like to help facilitate the ability for many, many more travelers to have great stories to tell about our province.

helena Lawlor


brian Rose

while in Elementary school. What is the biggest issue you feel the tourism industry needs to focus on? Growing quality products that showcase who we are and our abundance of tourism, culture and heritage. What is your favorite thing about NL? Definitely the people. This is my 11th move within Canada and this is by far the best place to live. What is the best thing about being involved with HNL? To help create a more sustainable, sought after experiential cultural community of which we can be very proud.

Where do you work and what is your position? Hillview Terrace Suites, General Manager. Where did you grow up? St. John’s but spent ½ of my childhood in Witless Bay. What is your favorite movie and why? The Full Monty, a 1997 British Comedy-Drama. A feel-good comedy with good music score. What was your first job? Worked in Department Store during high school but first full time job was at Hotel Gander, Office/Front Desk. What is the biggest issue you feel

the tourism industry needs to focus on? Human Resources: Recruitment, Retention and Training. What is your favorite thing about Newfoundland and Labrador? I can’t name just one thing. I love our coastline, the sea, our rural communities and our culture. Why are you a member of HNL? To run a successful business you must be part of your industry’s professional association, whose mandate is to address the needs of its members.

Where do you work and what is your position? Owner/Operator of St. Pierre Ferry Service / Hotel Fortune and Fortune Harbourview B&B. Where did you grow up? Fortune, NL. What is your favorite movie and why? Shawshank Redemption because one has to be resilient. What was your first job? Waiting restaurant tables in High School.

What is the biggest issue you feel the tourism industry needs to focus on? Quality. What is your favorite thing about Newfoundland and Labrador? People. Why are you a member of HNL? To Be Connected.

Where do you work & what is your position? Manager, Neddies Harbour Inn, Norris Point, NL. Where did you grow up? Corner Brook, NL. Favorite Movie & Why? Shawshank Redemption because of the overall message of perseverance, integrity and overcoming the odds. What was your first job? A cashier/ clerk at a pharmacy in Corner Brook. What is the biggest issue you feel the tourism industry needs to focus on? There are many important

issues and it’s difficult to say which is really the most important. Of course affordable and reliable access to our province is very important. However, getting the tourist here is only one part of the equation, we must be able to provide what we promise and promote. What is your favorite thing about NL? My favorite thing about NL is the beauty and diversity of the land and the people. Our sense of pride, ownership and belonging.

Bed & Breakfast Association

AnNette Parsons

Hotel/Motel Association

scott Hillyer

Restaurant Association Where do you work and what is your position? Owner and operator of Coffee Matters. My position? Depends on the day. Where did you grow up? Mount Pearl and that’s where I call home to this day. What is your favorite movie and why? Milk. I like the diversity and the challenges that a minority group of people face and how persistence and belief in one’s self can make change. What was your first job? A bus boy at Ponderosa - worked my way to top Management by age 21. What is the biggest issue you feel the tourism industry needs to focus on? Reliable and economical ways to travel to NL. The constant issues with travel from the mainland has been debated for years and I believe more can be done. What is your favorite thing about Newfoundland and Labrador? Our unique culture and willingness to please our travelling visitor. I love when people just can’t get over our culture and hospitality. Why are you a member of HNL? As an organization they do great work to educate people about what we have to offer, work with agencies to sell NL as a destination and make our voices known to policy makers. What is the best thing about being involved with HNL? The opportunity to grow, learn and meet so many people in the industry who are working toward the same goals. The best thing about HNL for the Province is its constant drive to improve our industry in a professional and knowledgeable way, assisting and benefitting everyone who works in tourism.

Spring 2014

Kathie Hicks


Where do you work and what is your position? CEO, Spirit of Newfoundland Productions Ltd., and new owner of the Happy Camper Food Trailer coming in May to St. John’s. Where did you grow up? Corner Brook. What is your favorite movie and why? The Social Network because of writing, Harvard-speak language, anatomy of growing that particular hi-tech company and energy of the co-founder. What was your first job? I was 11 years old working in my Mother’s convenience store in Corner Brook. I even came home to work lunchtime


Are You Ready?

Accelerated Market Readiness Program Based on the success of the pilot project in central Newfoundland in 2012, Hospitality NL is expanding Tourism Atlantic’s Accelerated Market Readiness (AMR) Program to other regions of the province. In an effort to maximize resources currently available to operators, Hospitality NL is offering AMR mentoring opportunities in small clusters of 5–6 businesses/organizations in various regions over the next year. This project will engage a total of 30 tourism services and attractions around the province. Accelerated Market Readiness (AMR) is a business improvement program developed by Tourism Atlantic that offers individual tourism services and attractions the ability to increase their standards of excellence and be more responsive to emerging tourism trends in an inexpensive and timely manner. The purpose of the AMR program is to give tourism services and attractions the opportunity to engage with an independent qualified tourism expert on issues specific to their own operation to see if they are truly “market ready”. In its simplest form, being market ready means being positioned to maximize the customer experience which will in turn, lead to an optimization of sales levels for that tourism operation. It allows the organization the chance to think about the areas of the tourism service or attraction they would like to target for improvement and seek the proper advice from the tourism consultant at their very own place of operation. The three core components of the program are outlined as follows: 1. Questionnaire The AMR program starts with the operator completing an online business review questionnaire at least one week prior to the meeting with their AMR consultant. The purpose is to give the operator the opportunity to step back and reflect on what areas of their business they would like to improve upon through their participation in the program at

When life’s a beach.

the operator’s place of business. The results of this business review will allow the consultant to learn about the operator’s business and priority areas of focus prior to the meeting, thereby making the on-site session more productive. 2. Mentorship/Consultation Subsequent to the online review being completed, a fully dedicated mentoring, planning, report-writing and report presentation component is scheduled between the operator and the consultant. The session begins with a property site visit and a comprehensive mentoring and brainstorming session, all of which takes place over the course of one afternoon. That evening, the consultant prepares a report based on findings from the site visit and discussions with the operator which is presented back to the operator the following morning in a pre-defined template. The following morning’s session is a review of the report that serves as the operator’s guide to enhanced market readiness. 3. Aftercare Upon completion of the process, approximately one month after participation in the program, there is a brief followup survey completed by operators to allow them the opportunity to share ideas or feedback and provide comments to the consultant and Hospitality NL on their experience in participating in the AMR program. Hospitality NL is able to provide the Accelerated Market Readiness Program through funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation and the Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development. If you are interested in more information about the program or the possibility of developing a cluster in your area, contact Juanita Ford at Hospitality NL at 709-722-2000 ext. 226 or


Spring 2014

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Workforce Development Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador was proud to present some of the province’s newest emerit® Tourism Certified Professionals with their certificates at the Professional Development Luncheon during this year’s Conference and Trade Show in Gander.

Comfort Inn Airport L-R: Andrew Windsor, General Manager; Linda Hollett, Front Desk Agent; Kim Mills, Supervisor; Tonia Walsh, Event Coordinator; Terry Walsh, Supervisor; Bruce Sparkes, Clayton Hospitality Inc.

Learn & Lead Webinar Series Returns! After a successful series of webinars last fall, Hospitality NL’s Learn and Lead Webinar Series is set to return with a whole new line up of informative and interactive webinar sessions! A great cast of speakers is currently in the works but we also want to hear from you! Send us your suggestions for webinar topics that you think would be most beneficial to industry leading up to the busy tourism season. Stay tuned to for the upcoming webinar schedule. For more information about Hospitality NL webinars, or to suggest a future webinar topic, please contact Juanita Ford at or (709) 722-2000 ext. 226.


Delta St. John’s Hotel & Conference Centre Susan Taylor, Front Desk Agent with Past Hospitality NL Chair, Darlene Thomas.

FUNDAMENTALS A one-day workshop that teaches front-line employees the skills and techniques required to provide exceptional customer service. Designed and delivered by certified trainers, this WorldHost® Training Services workshop was created in 1985 to prepare BC’s tourism workforce to host the world at Vancouver’s Expo ’86. Originally launched as SuperHost, the program was rebranded in 2010 when BC hosted the Winter Olympics. Hospitality NL is pleased to offer this energizing customer service workshop to the tourism industry in Newfoundland and Labrador.

St. Jude Hotel L-R: Sheila Kelly-Blackmore, General Manager; Yvonne Melanson, Front Desk Agent; Marty Gray, Operations Manager

Photos: (1) Server in Western NL © Copyright Barrett & MacKay Photo (2) Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism © 2011 – Province of British Columbia. ® Registered Trademark of the Province of British Columbia.

Spring 2014

Dynamic, interactive and engaging, WorldHost® Fundamentals builds on more than 30 years of Hospitality NL’s expertise in delivering informative, cost-effective customer service training that positions organizations for success. For more information on workshops in your area contact: Phone: 709-722-2000 Toll Free: 1-800-563-0700 Email: Web:


Conference 2014


“The sessions were excellent!! Best I’ve attended for years!! Excellent choices with loads of good info!! Keep up the good work!” “This was my first conference and will not be my last for sure. What an amazing group of people we have to show what an amazing Province we live in!”

Spring 2014

“I would like to see more opportunities to engage with speakers one-on-one to ask questions and discuss their presentations.”


Bill Brake of Parks Canada emcees the Professional Development Luncheon.

Professor Lyle Wetsch presents a session about Social Media and Tourism.

Hospitality NL staff member, Juanita Ford, presents the Corporate Partner of the Year Award to Eastern Audio Ltd. Minister French presents the Cultural Tourism Award to the Shorefast Foundation.

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Board Panel.

Minister French presents the Doug Wheeler Award to Colleen Kennedy.

Hospitality NL’s 2014 Conference and Trade Show focused on the value of tourism, aiming to inspire and empower tourism stakeholders to play an active role in shaping the future of the tourism industry in Newfoundland and Labrador. Following the event, Hospitality NL surveyed attendees and by all accounts, this year’s Conference was a resounding success! We also received very valuable feedback about the event for future planning. Check it out below.

surveyed delegates indicate that they attended the Conference and Trade Show to take advantage of networking opportunities.

53.5% of delegates

surveyed would prefer the Conference be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to avoid travelling on the weekend.

Suggestions for future Trade Show improvements include attracting

more industry suppliers

as exhibitors.

Delegates surveyed would like to see a between individual presentations and panel discussions during the information sessions.


Delegates attend the Professional Development Luncheon.

Delegates groove to the YMCA during 70s Night at the Albatross Hotel!

Hospitality NL member Big Erics Inc. in the Trade Show.

Hospitality NL Chair, Rex Avery, presents Past Chair, Darlene Thomas, with a token of appreciation for her time on Hospitality NL’s Board.

Andrew Weins of TripAdvisor.

Delegates network throughout the Trade Show.

Keynote Speaker, Alan Doyle, kicked things off with an inspirational message.

Spring 2014

Over 98% of


Eyes on the Prize Submitted by: Barry Rogers, Chair, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Board

A New Year. 2014. One Year Closer to 2020.

As the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Board and its partners enter a New Year, a year that brings us closer to 2020, we are driven by the urgency of our mandate, our mission and our goal. Currently, the NL Tourism Board is responsible for driving the efforts of two tremendously important initiatives, the NL Tourism Assurance Plan (TAP) and Destination Development. Understanding that these initiatives have the potential to change the way the tourism industry does business, the decisions with respect to these initiatives are not being made lightly. With careful implementation, the NL Tourism Assurance Plan, as well as the Destination Development Planning process, will enable the industry to take big steps forward in securing our place as an economic contributor and a stable revenue generator.

Big Plans Mean Big Priorities.

If you were fortunate enough to have been a part of Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador’s recent Conference in Gander, you will have noticed that the NL Tourism Board session looked a little different than it has in other years. This year’s session focused on introducing attendees to me, as the new Chair of the NL Tourism Board, as well as to a new slate of Board members, as a means of providing an opportunity to further understand our commitment to the initiatives in which the NL Tourism Board is currently involved. While the NL Tourism Assurance Plan and Destination Development took centre stage during the Conference session, I feel it is important that industry also understand the fundamentals of what continues to drive the NL Tourism Board towards 2020.

Priority One – Continued Leadership.

I, for one, hope that the role I played in the Conference session allowed people to see how passionate I am about the industry and how invested I am in its success. My fellow panellists, Rex Avery, Chair of HNL; Carmen Hancock, Chair of Destination Labrador; and Rita Malone, Assistant Deputy Minister of Innovation, Business and Rural Development, also contributed a great deal to showcasing the commitment of the partners and the role all partners play on the NL Tourism Board, including, the industry representatives, Tourism Culture and Recreation, each of the Destination Management Organizations and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. The leadership of the NL Tourism Board partners is essential in determining the path forward, so, while each partner must represent their own organizations, Boards, regions and stakeholders, they must also keep the big picture in mind. The strength of our leadership grows with everyone’s support, so I urge you, lend it.

For 40 Years a leader in Event Technology and Support

Spring 2014

Audio Visual Trade Shows Simultaneous Interpretation Sound and Lighting systems 3D Renderings and Floor Plans 24 hour support, 7 days a week


Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence. 3rd consecutive year Winner of the Hospitality NL 2014 Corporate Partner of the Year

800 640 4691

709 722 0864

Priority Two – Engaging Industry.

I am delighted that through initiatives like TAP and Destination Development, industry has played a significant role and made a solid contribution. The support we have received from industry regarding the implementation of the NL Tourism Assurance Plan has been overwhelming. Even those that initially fell short of the minimum standards have been eager to make changes because fundamentally, they understand that raising the bar to deliver higher quality products and services will help us deliver the experiences that travellers expect. Industry feedback has also been paramount in working through the Destination Development process thus far. Each Destination Development process will continue to involve industry at every point to ensure the reality of what needs to happen on the ground is understood. In the coming months, members of the NL Tourism Board will be more visible as we lend our support to the continued Destination Development process. I encourage industry to approach NL Tourism Board leaders whenever possible to discuss the tourism landscape as you see it. The NL Tourism Board works on behalf of industry for industry, find a way to make us work for you.

Priority Three – Delivering on Expectations.

With industry involvement, comes industry expectations. I could not be happier that industry is holding our feet to the fire and I say, keep holding. The NL Tourism Assurance Plan and the Destination Development processes are complex; they will evolve, and they will take time. I assure you, all partners of the NL Tourism Board are fully aware that actions speak louder than words and as such, all are prepared to find a way to put a realistic action plan in place. In the immediate future, the NL Tourism Board will continue to engage industry in an education process that promotes best practices in the form of an evolving NL Tourism Assurance Plan. We will also heavily engage in how the findings and recommendations outlined in each of the Destination Development Plans can become a reality, sooner than later. The expectations that industry has placed on us are great, but, have faith, we have placed high expectations on ourselves also. “Patience is a virtue”, “Rome was not built in a day”, these are just a couple of clichés that may be applicable but are not overly useful. Perhaps the best thing we can remember as we work our way through is that quite often, the most difficult part of the best laid plans is, in fact, laying them. So, as the plans are presented to us, let’s figure out how to lay them together.

Priority Four – Big Picture Offence.

While the NL Tourism Assurance Plan and the Destination Development Planning process are the ongoing initiatives of the Tourism Board, it is important that the NL Tourism Board continue to play Big Picture Offence. Issues pertaining to infrastructure, transportation and labour are all concerns that we must continue to source solutions for. Such issues provide the basis from which we can grow and we must continue to be offensive in our problem solving strategies. I did not take on the position of NL Tourism Board Chair to make promises that I cannot keep. I have high hopes for 2014, just like many of you in the industry. My business, along with yours, depends upon what we can deliver and as such, I have high expectations for myself, for our partners, and for our industry. It has been said before but, I’ll say it again, we are all in this together, not only because we should be, but because we have to be. The change we seek is so much bigger than any one of us can produce alone, so, we have to continue to find ways to work as a collective for the same goal. 2020. Double annual tourism revenues. Let’s make 2014 a banner year towards OUR goal.

Research Corner Submitted by: The Tourism Research Division of the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation

In November 2013, the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation (TCR) conducted its Non-resident travel attitudes and motivations survey (TAMS) which covered a range of topics, including general travel behaviour, attitudes, preferences and motivations, perceptions travellers have about NL as a vacation destination and travel planning. It also provided TCR with information on the Canadian travel market which is the largest source market for the tourism sector in Newfoundland and Labrador – 82% of non-resident vacation visitors originate from another province or territory in Canada.

Overall, the Canadian market represents approximately 22 million potential vacation travellers1, with Ontario and Quebec comprising over half of all travellers. Considering that the Canadian population is approaching 35 million, that means that almost two out of every three Canadians are potential vacation travellers. The vacation travel market in Canada is dominated by those who are 45 years or older who represent 56% of all travellers. Those aged 45-54 comprise the largest segment of the traveller population at 22% while the youngest demographic (18-24) only makes up 11% of Canadian travellers. There are, on average, about 2.6 people per traveller household, with only 25% having children under 18 at home. Canadian travellers are highly educated with half of them indicating at least a university degree. They are also relatively affluent as 29% of travellers reported household incomes of $100,000 or more. As well, 13% know somebody in the province which has been identified as a key driver for visiting the province on vacation. Canadians are avid travellers, with over half of them travelling in any given year. While a majority (56%) took three trips or more over the past three years, 52% also indicated that they will definitely be on the road for vacation this year. Almost one in ten travellers even took more than ten trips in the past three years. By far the most popular vacation destination over the past three years was the US, with 2/3 of Canadian travellers visiting our neighbour to the South. Canada itself was also very popular, with more than half of Canadian travellers visiting destinations in their own country. The next three most popular destinations were Europe (28%), the Caribbean (25%) and Mexico (15%). Substantially fewer travellers (less than 10%) went to other destinations such as Asia, South America, Africa or Australia. The most popular destinations in Canada were BC where over one third of travellers made their way (34%) but ON (31%), QC (29%) and AB (27%) were not far behind with welcoming about 3 in 10 Canadian travellers. Eight percent of Canadians Vacation travellers are defined as adults 18 years or older who took a vacation trip outside their own province of at least 2 nights, with at least one night in paid accommodations, in the past 3 years or are likely to do so next year.


visited Newfoundland and Labrador over the past three years; overall, 17% of Canadian travellers have ever visited the province for vacation. The TAMS also provided insights into vacation travel preferences of Canadians showing that there are some definite things that Canadians favour when it comes to vacation travel, e.g.: • There is not much uptake of real winter vacations with skiing or snowboarding, instead, Canadians tend to be real “snow birds” and seek sun destinations • Canadian travellers like to make their travel arrangements in advance rather than make spontaneous decisions at the destination • Travellers prefer to set their own itinerary as opposed to taking allinclusive package vacations Canadian travellers are very diverse when it comes to vacation travel preferences, allowing for a variety of things to entice them and cater to their preferences. In addition, there is range of interests important to Canadian travellers when selecting a vacation destination. The survey showed that the experiences Canadian travellers are seeking the most are those that connect them with the destination, including history, local culture and heritage, connecting with locals, culinary experiences as well as local events and festivals. The province is very well positioned to offer travellers these experiences as it is closely associated by Canadians with delivering a unique local vacation experience. When it comes to future vacation travel, Canadians are considering a large number of destinations across the globe, with Mexico, Europe and the US topping the list. While competition for mind share is fierce among destinations, Canada will remain a favourite destination, with our own province also claiming a spot on travellers’ “Top 20 List”. This can – at least in part – be attributed to the high level of advertising awareness Newfoundland and Labrador enjoys among Canadians. Sitting at 53%, it is higher than for any other destination examined by TAMS. The survey also provided evidence that advertising shapes travel plans and creates market momentum: those who are aware of the ads have a much higher level of interest in visiting the province and are also much more likely to visit the province. Ad awareness also led to increased actual visits among those who were considering a trip compared to those who were not considering a trip. Overall, the Canadian vacation travel market shows tremendous potential for travel to Newfoundland and Labrador. Canadians exhibit a high travel demand, although competition among destinations is very tough. However, those destinations that can offer experiences linking the traveller to the local culture, heritage, history or people will have an advantage in enticing Canadian travellers. Newfoundland and Labrador has a lot to offer in that respect and the TAMS will inform our strategies and plans in the ever changing tourism world.

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Spring 2014

The Canadian Travel Market


From The Regions Submitted by: Andrew Hiscock Tourism Development Officer Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland

Submitted by: Mark Lamswood Executive Director Go Western Newfoundland

Photo courtesy of Northland Discovery Boat Tours

The Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador on display at the HNL Trade Show in Gander

Eastern Operators Getting Ready for a Legendary Season

The Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland would like to congratulate Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador, its sponsors, partners, participants, and award winners on another successful Annual Conference and Trade Show. It was an extraordinary event, and our staff and members left envigorated for an exciting 2014 season and all the successes it will bring! The Eastern Tourism Destination Visitor Appeal Appraisal final report is complete! Thank you to our members, stakeholders, and partners who contributed to the success of the process. Over the coming months we will once again call on our tourism industry stakeholders to work with us in prioritizing our recommendations, identifying resources and partners, and moving forward with implementation. We are very excited for this upcoming Consumer, Media, and Trade Show season, with a full schedule ahead for Legendary Coasts’ staff. We’ll be attending our first Canada Media Marketplace in San Francisco, and we are very excited to share our stories with dozens of journalists, editors, and producers – and the millions of readers and viewers in their audience!

Spring 2014

Of special note for Eastern Newfoundland will be the Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show. This year, Legendary Coasts’ member The Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador will have a very special treat for the citizens of Ottawa. Master Boatbuilder Jerome Canning will be providing live boatbuilding lessons and demonstrations on the show floor, providing a preview of the excellent work he and Wooden Boat Museum staff and volunteers deliver to the travelling public and local residents every year. This will be a brand new way for the province to engage the public, and we are very proud that they will be representing our province, their DMO region, and the hundreds of years of history of the wooden boat.


The “off-season” has definitely been the busy season for us at the Eastern DMO! With the launch of our new persona underneath the Newfoundland and Labrador brand, our members have never been so active and engaged, and frankly, it is inspirational. And perhaps most importantly, we are growing, both in member numbers and programming. We look forward to bringing on a new staff member in the very near future, which will continue this tremendous momentum we’ve gathered over the past year, through the Destination Development Plan Process, Tourism Assurance Plan engagement, and the other programs we offer. We wish all tourism stakeholders across the province a truly excellent 2014 spring, summer, and fall, and we look forward to hearing about all your successes!

Western Newfoundland Springs Forward from the Polar Vortex to Polar Bears!

As the tourism industry begins to emerge from their off-season retreats (notwithstanding those involved in Snow West 2014, show attendees and the numerous operators and organizations that benefit from our “other” high season), attention is being turned to Spring and Summer-related efforts. Snow blowers, snowmobiles and shovels can be winterized and put away in exchange for the patio furniture and BBQs throughout the region. During the spring months (April-June) the icebergs arrive. Polar bears have been known to accompany these majestic giants on their journey – and sometimes they just choose to swim on their own. It’s an exciting time for so many of our operators and for so many reasons. Here in western Newfoundland, we extend an open invitation to join us for a series of three consecutive and unique springtime offerings. The Trails, Tales and Tunes Festival gets the springtime party started (May 16-25th) in the Gros Morne National Park area. Locals and more seasoned visitors know to tune in to The Voice of Bonne Bay Radio during the festival to enhance their TTT experience. The Southwestern pocket of Newfoundland keeps the party going with the Feather & Folk Festival (May 30th-June 8th). There are numerous opportunities to participate from Port aux Basques to Stephenville and all points in between. Of course no western Newfoundland springtime celebration would be complete without the continued excuse to party around the iceberg theme – cue the Great Northern Peninsula’s Iceberg Festival (June 6-15th). There’s not enough column space to write up some suggested springtime itineraries for you, so check out these festival sites and join the party. While festival organizers are busy rolling out their springtime fiestas on the ground, the Western Destination Management Organization (Go Western Newfoundland) will already be in full swing for their operational year beginning April 1, 2014. This date is not only the start of another fiscal year for the WDMO, but also marks the start of a renewed three-year commitment (ending March 31st, 2017) to help market and develop the destination’s visitor appeal on a regional scale. With the help of numerous partners, the Western DMO will play an important role in the development of the provincial Destination Development Plan. Similarly, the WDMO will continue to spread the good word regarding the provincial Tourism Assurance Plan (TAP) aimed at providing visitors with the quality of offerings they have come to expect in today’s competitive marketplace. Of course the WDMO’s marketing machine will continue to roll along. Efforts including show attendance, packaging, facilitating familiarization tours, social media work, online training and development/ market readiness and workshops, advocacy, collateral project work, and helping to connect tourism development dots on an ongoing basis will all remain among the Western DMO’s priorities. It is with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for these initiatives that our board, staff and associated partners agree to collaboratively spring forward towards the balance of our current work year in 2014-2015, the longer range 3-year planning period (2014-2017) and ultimately towards achieving our provincial goals for 2020!

Submitted by: Rhonda Hutton Director of Marketing Destination St. John’s

Submitted by: Janice Goudie Manager of Travel Trade & Media Relations Adventure Central Newfoundland

Unique dining options

Incentive travel is on the rebound and we could not be happier. 2007-2010 was dismal for incentive travel due to the worldwide recession. The Travel Market Report showed a drop in incentive travel by 65% to some of the most popular destinations in the world. Employers slashed this perceived discretionary spending. After a steady increase year over year 2010-2013, it is expected that incentive travel will return to its former glory by 2015. However, some things have shifted and that is good news for Newfoundland and Labrador. Incentive houses are considering shorter hauls, destinations off the beaten path, and shorter more frequent trips to incentivize the employee reward program. It is a difficult market to crack. Companies look to incentive houses to pick a hot destination to incentivise their employees. The anticipation of this trip reward is known to change employees’ behaviour, to encourage them to reach higher and to work smarter, and to deliver and exceed the financial goals of the company. Will a trip to exotic Newfoundland and Labrador entice an employee to work smarter? We think so and we are banking on it. We are selling our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and it is working. Drum roll…… We are delighted to say, that after 17 years of working the incentive market, we have had some wins along the way, but none bigger than this one. The Canadian Tourism Commission’s Business Events Canada organizes an annual event for incentive travel buyers from the United States and Europe called Incentive Canada Marketplace. And St. John’s is the proud host in July 2014! Selling Newfoundland and Labrador as an exotic destination has paid off and we can’t get the grin off our face!

Submitted by: Randy Letto Executive Director Destination Labrador

Technology and Conversations in Tourism

Technology permeates the daily activity of all tourism operators. The information exchange as a result provides more of an opportunity to offset the many challenges to adapt business operations and practices. Despite the uncertainty associated with the developments of information technologies (IT) in the tourism industry, the one constant is change. Consistently, the proliferation of new and emerging technologies represent significant annual change to every tourism operation and ultimately underscores their ability to communicate and compete. For the most part, tourism product and experiences are not tangible goods that are purchased at the point of sale. They are consumed long after the trip planning cycle, yet purchased months or weeks before the season of operation. Hence, our potential visitor depends on websites and social media for timely and accurate information, relevant to their needs. The extent to which IT is adopted by tourism operators is often the key to satisfaction of tourist demand. Therefore, ITs provide the information backbone that facilitates tourism and some would say it is the content or information in the various IT platforms that is the real lifeblood of tourism. Hence the phrase, content is king. Or is it? Some say a picture is worth a 1,000 words; while others would say a conversation about one picture is the ‘new’ content.

Participants enjoy an outdoor lunch at the Mid Winter Bivver

Success at the 3rd Annual Mid Winter Bivver

The 3rd Annual Mid Winter Bivver got underway in the Exploits Valley Feb. 28-March 2 and was a huge success! With sunny skies and plenty of snow, the event kicked off at the airbase in Botwood with great food by the James Beard Culinary Team, live music by the band Recall, skating on the bay, a showing of the Botwood Heritage Society’s antique snowmobile exhibit, a bonfire and weiner roast, and of course fireworks. On Saturday, some 65 snowmobiles left Grand Falls-Windsor and headed to the base of Mount Peyton where our adventurous chefs prepared another fine food selection all in a tent erected by the Exploits Search and Rescue. Trails were well groomed, thanks to the Exploits Trail Net, and all involved thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The day culminated with a 5-course dinner featuring selections prepared by local chefs paired with Auk Island Wine, followed by the Bivver Giv’er dance with live music by Black Top. “This year’s Mid Winter Bivver was by far the best to date,” says Cory Foster, product development coordinator with Adventure Central. “Ticket sales far exceed expectations and plans are already taking shape for next year’s event.” For example, social media has dramatically changed the way information is delivered globally. Gone are the days of traditional forms of broadcasting, print advertising and content delivery through printed brochures to inform and influence traveler decisions. The explosion and adoption of social media has somewhat reversed the flow of information. Today, user-generated content empowers the travelers to contribute their own information, opinions and recommendations; for TripAdvisor® alone that translates to more than 260 million unique monthly online visitors in 2013 and more than 150 million reviews and opinions. More than 90 new contributions are posted every minute! Ask yourself, are you generating content or conversation? Technology use at Destination Labrador (DL) is a vital link to communicating with the tourism stakeholder community. This year DL delivered its Annual General Meeting online using various IT platforms to automate many administrative functions while communicating to hundreds of stakeholders resulting in record attendance with stakeholders participating from Nain to Labrador City to L’Anse au Clair. Those in attendance committed a mere 2 hours of time for the meeting, compared to as much as a 12 hour drive and overnight stay for most participants just for travel to the meeting the year previous. While there are limitations to online industry engagement, there are obvious synergies to hosting more information sessions and meetings through video conferencing software. Whether it is the AGM for Destination Labrador or the launch of your own TripAdvisor® account, technology in tourism is more certain than change. The ability to manage that change effectively, especially in business, is critical. At DL we encourage your conversation with us. We can help you address your technology needs. Together we can generate the content and start the conversation that allows you to compete.

Spring 2014

We are in it to win it.


What’s New at Provincial Airlines? Submitted by: Sean Power, Marketing Associate, Provincial Airlines, As we move into spring and summer we’d like to wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming months. Having been in attendance at this year’s HNL tradeshow and conference it’s very clear that the hospitality industry in Newfoundland and Labrador is alive and well and in great hands. As one of the major transportation providers in the province we’d like to bring you up to speed on some of the exciting things happening at Provincial Airlines and how it can benefit you as a tourism industry partner. We’re continuously looking for new ways to help you each and every day and help your customers see more of this great province with more ease and access than ever before. Here are just some of the new things happening at Provincial Airlines that you can take advantage of.

Provincial Airlines Announces Air Miles Rewards Redemption

In another step to help make travel within eastern Canada easier, Provincial Airlines is pleased to announce that we have become an Air Miles rewards redemption partner! As a redemption partner, Provincial Airlines can now offer ticket purchases using accumulated Air Miles rewards points and make travel a breeze. Air Miles rewards redemption is now being offered on all Provincial Airlines routes throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec. Simply accumulate Air Miles rewards by shopping at businesses that issue Air Miles rewards and redeem them for flights on Provincial Airlines by visiting For the tourism industry this is huge as it now allows visitors from away to redeem internationally recognized Air Miles rewards directly in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador for transportation.

connect with customers in a way never possible before. We encourage you all to follow us on Twitter at Have an idea of how we can work together on social media? Send us an e-mail at

New Routes Added

In the last 2 years Provincial Airlines has seen our route network grow with the additions of northern New Brunswick, Halifax, Nova Scotia and our most recent addition, Quebec City, Quebec. These new destinations feed directly into Labrador and connect with the entire Provincial Airlines route network. As you look to attract new customers from markets within eastern Canada, be sure to consider the transportation options we provide and how they can help with getting customers here. For a full overview of our current route network we encourage you to visit www. And as always, don’t forget as an HNL member you are entitled to receive HNL member rates! We encourage all HNL members to take advantage of these as often as they wish and save on travel costs.

*Please note that Provincial Airlines is a redemption only partner and does not issue Air Miles points

Provincial Airlines now on Social Media

Provincial Airlines has joined the social media world and is now live! We have first launched with a Twitter account and will be rolling out a Facebook account in summer of 2014. By implementing social media it now allows us to do great and exciting things like offer last minute seat sales that tourists can avail of, do contests with various tour operators and

Keynote Speaker, Alan Doyle, poses for PAL’s Tweets for Seats Contest at Hospitality NL’s Annual Conference and Trade Show.

Spring 2014

Save the Date! June 16-20, 2014 is Tourism Week in Canada!


Hospitality NL CEO, Carol-Ann Gilliard, visits Natasha and Trudy at the St. Jude Hotel during Tourism Week 2013.

Tourism Week is a national initiative that highlights the impact of travel and tourism in Canada and raises the sector’s profile with policymakers from coast to coast. Throughout the week, tourism organizations, businesses and other partners will organize and engage in a wide variety of local and regional activities and events that showcase the economic impact and social benefits of Canada’s tourism sector for the media, the general public and all three levels of government. It also provides a heightened opportunity to promote tourism products and services ahead of the summer season. To celebrate Tourism Week and to recognize the contribution tourism makes economically and socially to the province, Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador would like to collaborate with industry in all regions of the province. Are you planning an event or activity in your town that highlights the amazing tourism offerings we have in Newfoundland and Labrador? If so, let us know! Hospitality NL would love to join forces to spread the word about tourism across the province! Contact Melissa Ennis at 1-800-563-0700 ext 231 and stay tuned to for upcoming details about Tourism Week.


Spring 2014

Hospitality NL Working for You!



Members of HNL or employees of a member company are eligible for preferred personal home and auto insurance rates. Our products, services and discounts are designed specifically for group members and there are many opportunities to save. Save money based on your driving record and the number of years you’ve spent behind the wheel. The age of your home, your mortgage-free status, security features and other factors save you money on home insurance. Save when you insure both your home and car with Steers Insurance. Call 1-877-4STEERS today for your no-obligation, insurance quote.

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The benefits of joining Hospitality NL are almost as varied as our membership. With a diverse network of tourism stakeholders across the province, a membership with Hospitality NL will provide you with the contacts and resources needed to grow your business! Hospitality NL’s goal is to advance the growth of the tourism industry through advocacy, professional development and membership and we are proud of our strategic partnerships with the regional Destination Management Organizations, provincial and federal governments, as well as other tourism-related, community-based and economic development organizations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Through collaboration, we advocate on issues of importance to the tourism industry to build a more competitive environment for tourism organizations. Hospitality NL understands that the bottom line is a priority and is pleased to offer members discounts on a wide array of products and services including Hospitality NL events, training programs, workshops, webinars, HR products and advertising opportunities. In addition, Hospitality NL’s Annual Conference and Trade Show, the largest gathering of tourism stakeholders in the province, provides members with an opportunity to network and make valuable industry contacts while keeping abreast of the newest developments in the industry through a series of informative sessions and events. Hospitality NL’s communications with members, including our quarterly Tourism Times newsletter and regular email and web updates, actively inform members about the latest progress and opportunities in the association and industry as a whole. Members are highlighted throughout our website and by the placement of the Hospitality NL logo next to each member’s listing in the Provincial Travel Guide. In addition to discounts offered by Hospitality NL, members also offer an assortment of special benefits to other members in the Member to Member Discount Program! Discounts include special rates on travel and transportation, fuel and propane, accommodations, insurance, debit/ credit payment options and even office supplies! For more information about how to become a member of Hospitality NL or how to access member discounts, please contact Hospitality NL’s Membership Coordinator, Susie Greene at or 1-800-5630700 ext. 224.

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Whole Industry Perspective



PLUS! You can earn one AIR MILES® reward mile for every $20 in premium on your home and auto insurance from RSA.*

Spring 2014

d Program


*All AIR MILES offers are subject to the Terms and Conditions of RSA, and may be changed or withdrawn without notice. Terms and Conditions can be found at


New Members Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador is thrilled to welcome the following new members to our tourism network: Tourism Times is a quarterly publication of Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador. Opinions expressed by contributers and advertisers do not necessarily represent those of Hospitality NL.

Hospitality NL Board of Directors Rex Avery Dion Finlay Kelly Finlay Helena Lawlor Michelle Heath Kathie Hicks Connie Rose Brian Rose Scott Hillyer Annette Parsons

Chair Vice-Chair Secretary/Treasurer Director Director Director Director Bed & Breakfast Association Restaurant Association Hotel/Motel Association

(Full board contact information available at

Staff Listing Carol-Ann Gilliard Chief Executive Officer Juanita Ford Manager, Workforce and Industry Development Leslie Rossiter Manager, Policy and Communications Craig Foley Manager, Membership/ Networking and Technology Karen So Accountant Susan Greene Membership Coordinator Melissa Ennis Social Media Communications Coordinator Lynn Taylor NL Tourism Board Manager Head Office 71 Goldstone Street (Suite 102) St. John’s, NL A1B 5C3 Tel: (709) 722-2000 Toll Free: 1-800-563-0700 Tourism Times is published four times per year

Desktop Layout Image 4 Digital Printing & Design Inc. 1170 Topsail Road, Mount Pearl, NL A1N 5E8 T: 709-747-3850 E: W: For all the latest up-to-date information and news, please visit Updated daily!

Auk Island Winery 29 Durrell Street Twillingate, NL A0G 1Y0 Contact: Grant Young (709) 884-2707

The Grumpy Goat Gallery 38 Green Pond Upper Island Cove, NL A0A 4E0 Contact: Cara Kansala (709) 589-6854

Mercury Interiors 8-50 Pippy Place St John’s, NL A1B 4H7 Contact: Leanne Sherwood (709) 739-5222

Mallard Cottage 8 Barrows Road St. John’s, NL A1A 1G8 Contact: Steve Lee (709) 237-7314

Banting Memorial Municipal Park P. O. Box 159 Musgrave Harbour, NL A0G 3J0 Contact: Mitzi Abbott (709) 655-2589

George Street Spirit Tours 85 Portugal Cove Road St. John’s, NL A1B 2M6 Contact: Daniel Osmond (709) 743-6511

Canadian Audio Visual Inc. 22 Pearl Place St. John’s, NL A1E 4P3 Contact: Andy Jordan (709) 739-6666

Prime Creative 291 Water Street St. John’s, NL A1B 4B7 Contact: Paul Mills (709) 753-0142

Orkin Canada 18 Duffy Place St John’s, NL A1B 4M5 Contact: Jason Ellard (709) 722-1844

Stay connected with Hospitality NL at:

Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador, the provincial Tourism Industry Association, is focused on advocacy, education, the adaptation of innovative technology and the promotion of a strong member network. Through forward thinking and fostering the growth of its members, Hospitality NL continues to be the leader of the tourism industry in the province. For information on membership, please contact

Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador is supported by the tourism industry and

2014 Tourism Excellence Awards Recognizing individuals and organizations that rank among the most innovative and passionate in the tourism industry, the Tourism Excellence Awards are awarded yearly during Hospitality NL’s Annual Conference and Trade Show.

Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador congratulates the following recipients of the 2014 Tourism Excellence Awards:


Accommodator of the Year Award: Fogo Island Inn Joe Batt’s Arm, NL

Tourism Champion Award: Rick Stanley CBS, NL

Corporate Partner Tourism Innovator Tourism Business of the Year of the Year of the Year Award: Award:  Award: Eastern Audio Marble Zip Tours Riverfront Limited Steady Brook, NL Chalets & Rafting St. John’s, NL Newfoundland Aspen Brook, NL

Other award recipients honoured during Hospitality NL’s Conference and Trade Show include: Cultural Tourism Award: Shorefast Foundation, Joe Batt’s Arm, NL

PRIDE Award: Leaside Suites & Executive Apartments, St. John’s, NL

Sustainable Tourism Award: Marble Inn Resort, Steady Brook, NL

Restaurateur of the Year Award: Chef Roary MacPherson

Doug Wheeler Award: Colleen Kennedy

Cruise Vision Award: Adventure Canada

Tourism Times - Spring 2014  

Newsletter of the tourism industry association of Newfoundland & Labrador.

Tourism Times - Spring 2014  

Newsletter of the tourism industry association of Newfoundland & Labrador.