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Multidisciplinary Pain Center The Pain Center is a part of the specialist team of the Diagnostic Center in the special hospital Filip Vtori. The Center operates under the guidelines of EFNS (European Federation for Pharmacological Treatment of Pain, updated in 2009 by FDA (USA) – ISRI institute. What does the Multidisciplinary Pain Center in Macedonia cover For the first time in the Republic, a Center comprised of a multidisciplinary specialists team, highly professional experts, has been established under European standards and operating protocols, with a team medical board approach in the treatment of all kinds of disease syndroms. The Center provides an immediate acceptance of the patient, quick 24 hours diagnostics, treatment under European protocols and long-time experience by our subspecialized team, depending on the degree and the duration of the pain in the hospital or day hospitalization, with the most contemporary means- from ampullary and infusion therapy, anesthetics (opiate and non-opiate), tablets, ointments, psychotherapy and relaxation techniques, to recovery.

What diseases are treated in the Pain Center • Headaches (migraines, cluster headaches, neuritic pain, circulatory) • Pain of the musculoskeletal system • Pain of the spine (spondylitis, discopathy, sciatica) • Radiculopathy, polyneuritis, Guillain Barre • Polyneuropathy (diabetic, herpes, inflammatory, metabolic, endocrine, vascular, eradication, medicament) • Muscle diseases (fibromyalgia, myositis) • Neuralgia (n. trigeminus, n. glossopharyngeus) • Postoperative disease synroms • Tumors of the nerves, bones and other organs and tissues • Phantom pain • Sports-traumatic injuries of the musculo-skeletal system

Which diagnostic methods are used in the Pain Center? Specialist examination by neurologists, internists, orthopaedists, anesthetists, psychologists, pediatricians, detailed medical board anlalysis of every patient. The patients are provided with the most contemporary diagnosis via computer skull X-ray MSCT 64, Xray of the brain blood vessels, Doppler of the neck blood vessels and circulation of arms and legs, X-ray of the spine, joints, cranium, Ultrasound of hips, knees, joints, ultrasound of breasts, ultrasound of the thyroid gland, ultrasound of the abdomen, gastrological examination, ultrasound and gastroscopy, contemporary and quick blood analysis, psychological test.

Treatment of pain

The treatment is conducted in a contemporary equiped day hospital, with a team of doctors, nurses, technicians, where the patien is undergoing an adequate therapy under European and American protocols of pain treatment. • • • •

Anelgetics are used (opiate and non-opiate), as well as corticosteroids, non-steroid antiinflammatory remedies, polyvitamins Nerve and nerve plexus blockage, with local, regional anesthesia, sedatives, myorelaxants, tricyclic antide-

pressants, antiepileptics, physical therapy, TENS, psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, antistress program, which leads to recovery in most of the cases. Reanimation and detoxication of the organism

Despite the fact that most of the disease syndroms are related to anatomic or functional lesion of an organ, still, the mental – psychologic factors influence the appearance of the pain, its intensity, spread, repetition (duration). From that aspect it is important to visit a doctor in time, when a disease syndrom is first noticed, because it is always harder and it takes time to treat a chronic disease. ...For a life without pain, visit the Pain Center in Filip Vtori

Multidisciplinary team – neurologists, orthopaedists, anesthetists , internists, psychologists, pediatricians: (Prof. Dr. Shendov L., Prof. Dr. Ilievska L., Prof. Dr. Nikodijevic, Dr. Mladenovski S., Dr. Savev D., Prof. Dr. Zafirovski Gj., Dr. Milev V., Psychologists: Dojchinovski I., Naumovska Lj. )



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