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introduction Welcome to our brochure dedicated to the Hows Racesafe product range. Please feel free to contact us for any further information and an up to date product price list. We are suppliers to the TRADE ONLY. Please visit our website to find your nearest stockist of Racesafe products and for full product information. Racesafe are specialist manufacturers of equestrian products, meeting the ever developing demands of the equestrian world for over 40 years. This family run business has been working from the heart of England since 1970, becoming synonymous with innovation, attention to detail and an unparalleled level of service. To this day we continue be at the forefront of development to make the equestrian industry safer. 2012 has brought an extended and updated product range, with many excting additions lined up for 2013. Racesafe are developing their range of performance clothing to complement the levels of comfort, style and flexibility synonymous with our Body Protectors. If you demand the highest quality from your equestrian wear, then you need look no further. Racesafe are proud sponsors of the hugely successful British Junior Team and wish them every success in their forthcoming campaign. We would also like to extend this encouragement and thanks to all our sponsored riders and to every user of Racesafe products. Tim How +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

2 +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only


rs colour range

sizing info

rs colour range 1. dark blue 2. royal blue 3. light Blue 4. turquoise 5. emerald green 6. dark green

7. light Green 8. maroon 9. red 10. yellow 11. orange 12. white

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

biege gold silver pink mauve cerise

19. purple 20. grey 21. brown 22. black




Many Racesafe products are available in the full RS Colour Range. We aim for riders to feel their products are bespoke to them. With a boundless combination of colours and designs, riders can tailor their Racesafe products to their taste.


By offering a consistent range of colours across the range, riders can buy products knowing they will complement their existing Racesafe products.


3. 7.

11. 12.


To ensure a correct fit for comfort and safety, Body Protectors should be fitted by a trained stockist whenever possible. This sizing information is to act solely as a guide to sizing.


18. 22.



17. 21.




The RS Colour Range features 22 colours. We aim to offer a range of vibrant and popular colours to cater to all tastes and occasion.

Please be aware that screen colours will vary and we cannot guarantee these will be a true representation of actual product colours. We recommend you view products at a Racesafe Stockist before purchasing.



There are 4 main measurements involved in fitting a Racesafe Body Protector.


A: Chest diameter (cm). B: Waist diameter (cm). C: Over shoulder length (cm). Waist to waist over the shoulder. D: Product finished back length (cm)


All Racesafe Body Protectors are available in a comprehensive size range. The RS2010 and RS Jockey Vest, offer a choice of back length to ensure the perfect fit.Racesafe also offer a made-to-measure service. All measurements are in cm. These measurements are to be used as a guide to suggested sizes. +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only





64 - 70 70 – 76 76 – 83.5 76.5 - 83.5   80 – 88 83.5 – 91.5 91.5 – 101 91.5 – 101 100 – 110 110 – 120

62 – 67 67 – 72 72 – 77 69.5 – 74.5   73 – 80 77 – 84 84 – 91 81.5 – 88.5 91 – 100 101 – 110

66 – 74 75 – 83 75 – 83 84 – 93   84 – 93 84 – 93 84 – 93 94 – 104 94 – 104 94 – 104

42.5 47.5 49.5 53.5   54 54 56 60.5 60.5 61.5

52 – 62 60 – 70 68 – 78 76 - 86

46 - 56 52 - 62 58 - 68 64 - 74

52-62 60-70 70-80 80-90

34 39 44.5 50.5

84 - 94 92 - 102 100 - 110 108 - 118

68 - 84 76 - 91 84 - 99 92 - 107

82 - 92 90 - 100 97 - 107 103 - 113

52 56 61 61

68 - 78 77 - 87 77 - 87 84 - 93 84 - 93 92 - 101 92 - 101

58 - 68 67 - 77 67 - 77 74 - 83 74 - 83 82 - 91 82 - 91

75 - 85 75 - 85 85 - 95 85 - 95 95 - 105 85 - 95 95 - 105

51.5 53.5 58 58 62 59.5 62.5




40 45 47 51 50 50 52 56.5 56.5 57.5




body protectors// rs2010

body protectors// rs2010

NEW Revised Lightweight Design. To be worn with RS2010 and P2-RS Additional levels of protection Full RS Colour Range to match your Racesafe Body Protector European standard (Level 3)- Highest available Comfortable and non-restrictive fit Integrated medical card holder

rs2010// navy

Approved to EN13158:2000 (Level 3) Sizes available: S, M & L

rs2000 shoulder pads

• • • • • • •

rs2000 shoulder pads

rs2000 shoulder pads +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

4 +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

rs2010// red & bottle green

European and beta standard (level 3)- highest possible. Up to 70 independently hinged foam sections. 7 Standard and an additional 14 premium colour choices. Optimum levels of performance. Comfortable and non restrictive fit. Breathable & lightweight. Moulds to individuals body shape. Adjustable for perfect fit with choice of back lengths. Optional bespoke shoulder pads with medical card holder.

rs2010// purple & mauve

Approved to EN13158:2009 (Level 3) & BETA 2009 (Level 3) Sizes available: Childs: M, L, XL, XL Long. Adult: XS, S, M, M Long, L, XL. Each size available with option of 2 back lengths.

• • • • • • • • •

rs2010// brown

The RS2010 is a high specification Body Protector designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders. Offering the highest European & BETA standards of protection whilst never compromising on comfort or flexibility. The flex of up to seventy independently hinged foam sections circulates air throughout the RS2010. Designed to enable riders to perform consistently at their peak.

rs2010// royal blue

rs2010// bespoke • • • • • • • • •

Full RS Colour range 22 Available colours Single and 2 colour designs Bespoke to riders taste Match to Racesafe range 20 size options Choice of back lengths Made to measure service Tailored fit to every rider


body protectors// RS EURO

rs euro

body protectors

The RS Euro Body Protector is an ideal choice for any member of the family, sensibly priced whilst still delivering the very highest levels of protection. There is no compromise on quality, with only the very best materials used throughout the body protector. Twin layers of perforated foam ensure high levels of flexibility and ventilation. The adjustable waist and shoulders, combined with a hinged tail assure a correct fit.

• • • • • • •

European standard (level 3)- Highest available Sensibly priced Twin layers of performance rated foam Comfortable, breathable & non-restrictive Adjustable for a correct fit Easily removed cover for machine washing Available in Navy

Approved to EN13158:2000 (Level 3) Sizes available: Childs: S, M, L, XL. Adult: S, M, L, XL +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

6 +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only


body protectors// rs jockey vest

rs jockey vest


The RS Jockey Vest is the body protector of choice for Jockeys. Designed to meet the demanding criteria of racing, the RS Jockey Vest delivers impressive levels of protection, lightness and comfort. Produced using perforated foam strips, all individually hinged, which circulate air through the net fabric and around the garment. The RS Jockey Vest offers a non-restrictive & comfortable fit that weighs in from less than a pound. Available in breathable black mesh. Other colours may be available upon request. Approved to SATRA & European Standard EN 13158:2000 (Level 1) Sizes available: Sm Flat, Flat, Flat Long, National Hunt, NH Long Point to Point, Point to Point Long +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

8 +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

• • • • • • • • • •

The choice of professional Jockeys SATRA & European Standard EN 13158:2000 Level 1 Consistent levels of performance in all environments Lightweight: Less than 400 grams for a Small Flat Specifically designed performance materials Breathable, perforated foam Up to 70 independently hinged foam sections Comfortable and non-restrictive Adjustable for a perfect fit Option of bespoke shoulder pads, crutch and leg straps


body protectors// p2-rs hybrid

p2-rs hybrid


Racesafe are proud to introduce the revolutionary P2-RS Hybrid, the world’s first integrated combination of a BETA Level 3 body protector with air jacket technology. The Racesafe RS2010 chassis encompasses the added protection of Point Two air vest technology. Approved for use in competitions and endorsed by top event riders internationally. The P2-RS inflates at speeds of up to 0.093 of a second, to provide enhanced protection to all the major thoracic and upper abdominal organs, the spine and the collar of the neck. It also helps guard against crushing injuries in the event of a rotational fall. It is also available in a EN 13158:2009 Level 1 version, for professional jockeys and use in FEI competition.

Body Protector & Air Jacket combination Blink and you’ll miss it... The next step in safety and elegance • • • • • • • • •

European and BETA standard (level 3)- inflated & uninflated Based on the RS2010 with incorporated Point Two Air Jacket technology Convenience of one jacket- Convenient, Comfortable, Elegant 20% weight reduction from wearing separate RS2010 and P2 Air Jacket Inflates at speeds up to 0.093 of a second Repeat performance technology- fully reusable Consistent level of protection in all environments Independently tested by world leading test & certification bodies Supplied via partner Point Two-

Approved to EN13158:2009 (Level 3) & BETA 2009 (Level 3) Sizes available: Childs: M, L, XL, XL Long. Adult: XS, S, M, M Long, L, XL +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

10 +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only


The RS Event Shirt is a modern design representing the best in bespoke cross country colours.The RS Event Shirt has been specifically designed for the discerning rider and is a necessity for Event riders. Each shirt is individually designed and customised to taste. High tech Sportech fabric is 100% breathable and wicks moisture effectively away from the skin. This stylish shirt is designed to stabilise body temperature even under the most strenuous conditions. Female and Unisex cuts are available. Sizes available: 30” – 44” Chest (2” increments). Female and Unisex cuts. +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

12 +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

• • • • • • • •

red body// dark blue & white sleeves alt stars light & dark blue body// light & dark blue check sleeves

purple body// mauve sleeves with purple dots

light blue body// light blue sleeves brown hoops

rs essentials// rs event shirts

rs event shirt navy & pink alternating stars

RS essentials

Fully bespoke range of designs Full RS Colour Range High performance Sportech fabric Female and Unisex cuts Stabilises body temperature Comfortable & non restrictive Full size range available Available with individuals or sponsors name.


P2-RS Covers are a bespoke Lycra cover for the P2-RS. Customised to your own design, the P2-RS Cover represents the ultimate in cross country colours. The bespoke cover gives each rider the opportunity to make their P2-RS truly personal to them with eye catching and unique designs. A full range of patterns are designed to compliment your RS Event Shirt, RS Hat Covers and other Racesafe products. The covers fit snugly over the P2-RS for an elegant and striking look. The Lycra design in 100% breathable and non-restrictive. Sizes available: All corresponding P2-RS sizes. +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

14 +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

• • • • • • • • •

p2-rs cover usa p2-rs cover aus

p2-rs cover irl

p2-rs cover gbr

rs essentials// P2-RS COVER

p2-rs cover dark blue with white stars


Bespoke Lycra cover 190 gsm Lycra Full range of designs Perfect fit to your P2-RS Hybrid Easily interchangeable for a fresh image Comfortable & elegant fit Lightweight and breathable Hard wearing & machine washable Choice of top event riders internationally 15

rs essentials// RS STOCK SHIRT

rs stock shirt cream


The traditional RS Hunt Shirt is still an essential across disciplines. The iconic stock shirt design is still unmatched for comfort and warmth in the field. Each shirt features a white stock collar making it ideal to pair with an RS Stock for a smart elegant look in any situation. The RS Hunt Shirt is available in White & Yellow, in a full range of ladies and gents sizes. Sizes available: Ladies 32” – 42” Chest. Gents 14” – 18” Neck. +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

16 +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

• • • • • • • • •

Traditional stock shirt design 220 gms Viloft and Polyester Thermal knit Ponte Roma construction Suitable for all disciplines Breathable & lightweight Superior comfort and appearance Rib cuff & cotton poplin collar Ladies and Gents sizes White or Yellow 17


silk natural



cotton stocks

SILK stocks

Racesafe offer an extensive range of stock designs suitable for all occasions. RS Cotton Stocks are available in a range of plain, spotted, checked and textured designs. These stocks are a smart addition to any outfit and offer premium levels of comfort and support.

Pure silk stocks are a luxury addition to the RS Stock range.

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL

• • • • • • +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

silk cream


rs essentials// RS STOCKS textured


Plain, Spot, Check & Textured Designs Premium cotton Available in untied and ready tied options Suitable for all disciplines Comfortable and durable Elegant shape +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

RS Silk Stocks are available in natural and cream shades. These stocks are at home in any discipline and are perfect for turning riders out to the highest standards.

• • • • • •

100% Ivory Silk Twill Natural or cream shades Luxury feel Shaped untied design Suitable for all disciplines Comfortable and durable 19


rs essentials// STOCK PINS

fox head stock pin with presentation box

small plain pin

large plain pin

fox head pin

horse shoe pin

horse head pin

plain crop pin

These tasteful Stock Pins are a necessity across all disciplines. Racesafe offers a Stock Pin in the range for every occasion and discipline. We offer a range of classic and elegant designs to cater to all tastes. • • • • +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only


Gold Plated Tie/Stock Pins Typical 6cm A range of designs Presented in an attractive leatherette box +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

plain bar pin


rs essentials// rS HAT COVERS

yellow with black stripes

black with red diamond

gold with brown hoops

light &dark blue alt star

rs essentials// RS HAT COVERS

gold & brown check

brown light blue multi stars

purple pink multi diamonds

black emerald hoops

light blue navy stars

light blue purple hoops

pink - navy

pink with black horse








RS Nylon Satin Hat Covers are a long established quality design. They represent the traditional RS Hat Cover. Each hat cover is individually made from soft finish Nylon Satin. All patterns are individually sewn for an exclusive quality finish. Designs are available for all regulation racing patterns and colours.

RS Satin Light hat covers are an innovative lightweight addition to the RS Hat Cover range. Available in a full range of colours and designs not previously possible. Riders are now given the chance to own a truly bespoke hat cover, whilst retaining the quality design and feel of a traditional hat cover.

RS Lycra Hat Covers are a neat lightweight lycra design, bespoke to the taste of each rider. Due to the modern printing process, Lycra covers are available in a full range of colours and designs not previously possible. This neat lycra design is easily transferable with one size suitable for all sizes of hat.

RS Velvet Hat Covers are an iconic design made from 100% Cotton Velvet. The RS Velvet Hat Cover is the traditional hat cover choice, which justifiably retains its status as the smart choice for just about any situation. This is a luxury design renowned across disciplines for its smart traditional look.

• • • • • • • • •

100% Soft finish Nylon Satin Luxury Sewn designs Plain and classic designs Full RS Colour Range Perfect for on & off the racecourse Washable and hard wearing Sizes to fit any skull cap Ties & elastic back options Available with pom-pom or button +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

• • • • • • • • •

100% Polyester Satin Light Bespoke Hat Cover Premium quality of a traditional hat cover Full RS Colour range and more Large range of plain & patterned printed designs Washable & hard wearing Sizes to fit any skull cap Ties & elastic back options Available with pom-pom or button

• • • • • • • • • 22

190 gsm Lycra Bespoke Lightweight Hat Cover Full RS Colour Range and more Large range of plain & patterned printed designs Innovative printing process Washable and hard wearing One size suitable to fit any skull cap Elastic back Available with Pom-pom or button +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

• • • • • • • • •

310gsm 100% cotton velvet Traditional choice Luxury finish Suitable for any discipline Elegant fit Durable & hard wearing Sizes to fit any size skull cap Black, Navy Blue & Brown Velvet button 23 +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only


rs satin light racing colours

rs racing// racing colours

rs luxury satin racing colours

rs racing

rs luxury satin

rs satin light

Racesafe are one of the most established manufacturers of Racing Colours in the country. RS Luxury Satin colours are traditional Nylon Satin blouses for professional Jockeys. These blouses are hard wearing and washable, designed to meet the rigorous demands of racing. Blouses are available in the full range of regulation colours and designs. This is a luxury product with sewn designs and exceptional quality finish. • 100% Soft Finish Luxury Nylon Satin • Premium soft finish • Washable & hard wearing • Weighing from only 270g • Full range of designs and colours • Full design and embroidery service

RS Satin Light Racing Colours are a high-tech product designed to meet the rigorous demands of racing. These are a lightweight design weighing from just 150g. RS Satin Light Racing Colours are printed using a modern sublimation process, ensuring colours are vibrant, permanent and machine washable Blouses are available for the racecourse in the full range of regulation colours and designs. Bespoke designs available upon request. • 100% Polyester Satin Light • Premium stain & water repellent finish • Full range of designs and colours • Weighing from only 150g • Bespoke designs available • Teflon & seam strength treatments +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only


rs racing// racing essentials

rs blinkers navy

half cup visor

kroops racing goggles

full cup

rs racing


rs blinkers

Kroops Goggles are the original racing goggle and continue to be the first choice of Jockeys around the world. Racesafe offer a full range of colours and designs. These goggles are suitable for all environments with a selection of lenses and trims.

RS Blinkers are a staple piece of racing equipment. RS Blinkers are a premium Nylon Satin design available in the full RS Colour Range. Available with alternate colour trim and additional designs. Elastic straps ensure a comfortable and secure fit. They are available in 3 different cup designs, which limit the field of vision in different ways.

• • • • • • +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only


The original racing goggle High clarity flexible lenses Clear and smoked lenses options Range of trim colours Stitched trim Brass vent for visibility +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

• • • • •

Premium Nylon design Range of cup options Full RS Colour Range Range of trim and design options Comfortable and secure fit 27

rs racing breeches

rs racing lycra

RS Racing Breeches are a stylish essential for Jockeys. The RS Racing Breeches are a textured nylon design with a classic fit to allow Jockeys freedom and a full range of movement. This is a smart product with the durability to stand up to the rigorous demands of racing. The TEFLON® coating provides maximum water and stain repellency without affecting the breathability of the breeches. • Stylish racing breeches • Teflon coated textured nylon • Stain and water repellent • Highly durable • Breathable and lightweight • Elasticated lower leg • Adjustable waist

The RS Racing Lycra is a stylish and popular essential for Jockeys. This lycra polo neck is perfect for wearing under the body protector as a comfortable and breathable base layer. The fitted design is available in a full size range. The polo neck is ideal for displaying sponsor badges. Bespoke colours available upon request. +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

• • • • • •




The RS Padded Collar is designed for Jockeys to be worn under Racing Colours. The comfortable lycra design features a foam padded collar with Velcro fastening at the rear for a secure fit.

The RS Jockey Bib is a lycra collar to be worn under Racing Colours for comfort and presentation. One size suitable for all.

Racesafe offer a full design and embroidery service to the equestrian industry. Suitable for all nature of products, including Racing Colours, rugs, breeches, etc. Embroidery is available to specification in a range of sizes and styles to suit every need.

• • • •

Popular Lycra polo neck Perfect base layer to be worn under the body protector Breathable lightweight design Comfortable fitted design Ideal to display sponsor badges Full size range 28

rs jockey bib

rs padded collar

rs racing lycra

rs padded collar

rs racing// racing essentials

rs racing breeches

rs racing// racing essentials

Smart presentation padded Jockey collar Comfortable lycra design Suitable for sponsorship badges Breathable and lightweight +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

• • • •

Smart presentation Jockey collar Comfortable lycra design Suitable for sponsorship badges Breathable and lightweight

• • • • •

Full embroidery service Full colour range Sizes to specification Applicable to a variety of products Suitable for all disciplines 29


rs jockey vest leg straps

shoulder pads

leg strap


The RS Jockey Vest Shoulder Pads are designed for Jockeys to be worn with their RS Jockey Vest. These lightweight shoulder pads offer unrivalled levels of comfort and flexibility. Hinged sections allow the shoulder pads to mould to the shoulder and arm giving complete freedom of movement to the wearer.

The RS Leg Straps are designed to be worn by Jockeys with their RS Jockey Vest. The Jockey Vest is securely held in position via the padded leg straps.

The RS Crutch Straps is designed to be worn by Jockeys with their RS Jockey Vest. The Jockey Vest is securely held in position via the attached lycra crutch strap.

• • • • • • +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

rs jockey vest crutch strap

rs racing// rs jockey vest accessories rs jockey vest shoulder pads

Rs racing

Lightweight breathable design To be worn with RS Jockey Vest Specifically designed performance materials Weighing under 100g Comfortable and non-restrictive fit Adjustable for perfect fit +44 (0)1536 771051 trade only

Designed to be worn in the place of the included crutch strap. • • • •

Worn with RS Jockey Vest Comfortable padded design Unobtrusive fit Full size range

• • • • •

Worn with RS Jockey Vest Comfortable lycra strap Unobtrusive fit Black lycra Initial strap supplied with RS Jockey Vest


HOWS RACESAFE 9 Carlton Road • Wilbarston Market Harborough • Leicestershire • LE16 8QD T: +44 (0)1536 771051 F: +44 (0)1536 771944 E: TRADE ONLY

Hows racesafe brochure 12 small

Hows racesafe brochure 12 small