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WRITERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS Features: ........ Bobbie Coalter, Rob & Tanya Corzatt, Robert Eversole .............................. Kristen Janicki, Lisa Kiley, Terry Myers, Sarah Vas Guests: ................................................... Kelley Bitter, Carolyn McGinty NEXT ISSUE NUMBER 9 ............................................................................ SEPTEMBER 2021 SEPTEMBER 2021 DEADLINE ........................................ AUGUST 10, 2021

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DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO HORSE AND HORSEMEN since 1969 THE HORSEMEN’S CORRAL is published monthly by Horsemen’s Corral, 8283 Richman Road, Lodi, Ohio 44254. (ISSN 0164-6591). Published as Periodicals at the Lodi Post Office USPS 889-180 with additional entry points of Cleveland, OH 44101 and New Philadelphia, OH 44663. Periodicals postage paid at Lodi, Ohio, and additional entry offices. Subscriptions may only be purchased through Horsemen’s Corral member clubs. Single copies, $3.00 at select distributors. For subscriptions, address changes, and adjustments, write to: Horsemen’s Corral, P.O. Box 32, Lodi, Ohio 44254. Manuscripts, drawings, and other material submitted must be accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope. POSTMASTER: All subscription addresses are properly screened through CASS per USPS requirements. The Horsemen’s Corral will not accept returns of magazines deemed undeliverable for any reason. Please discard copy of any issue deemed as undeliverable. The Horsemen’s Corral cannot be held responsible for unsolicited material. MAILING ADDRESS & PHONE: P.O. Box 32, Lodi, Ohio 44254 OFFICE: 330/635-4145


Ohio Morgan Horse Association ....................................................28 Ohio Paint Horse Club ...................................................................20 Ohio Quarter Horse Association ....................................................14 Ohio Valley Team Penning Association .........................................14 Ohio Western Horse Association ...................................................28 Premier Mount N Trail....................................................................34 Tri-County Trail Association ...........................................................32 Wayne County Saddle Club ..........................................................22 Western Reserve Carriage Association .........................................20 ABOUT THE COVER: Danielle Hebler, owner of DB Sporthorses LLC riding 5 year old American Warmblood, DaVinci during Dressage 1st level Test 1 at Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio. Photo courtesy of Freelance Photographer, Carolyn McGinty. Carolyn specializes in equine photography and loves capturing moments between horses and their humans. In fact, she happened to be walking by and shot this after watching the two of them moving so beautifully during the test. Contact Carolyn at, Carolyn McGinty on Facebook or cmcgintyphoto on Instagram.


August 2021

August 2021



The Last Ride “So when we do make that last ride that is inevitable for us all to make, to that place up there, where the grass is green and lush and stirrup high, and the water runs cool, clear, and deep—You’ll tell us as we ride in that our entry fees have been paid. These things we ask.—Amen.” ~Excerpt from ‘A Rodeo Cowboy’s Prayer’ by Clem McSpadden

JAMES FRANCIS URBANSKI James Francis Urbanski, 72, known to his friends and the world as “Uncle Jimmy”, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, July 4, 2021, at UPMC Passavant. An accomplished horseman, aviator, and businessman, Jim was born in Coraopolis on May 28, 1949, to the late Joseph Francis and Julia Elizabeth (Moy) Urbanski. Jim found his two great passions, flying airplanes and riding horses, at the age of 15. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from West Virginia State University. He flew for many years in the Air National Guard and later as a commercial airline pilot, quickly rising to the rank of Captain at US Air (formerly Allegheny Airlines). Later in life he founded and served as first President of Uncle Jimmy’s Brand Products, an international equine and poultry products manufacturing company located in New Castle, Pa. Jim was an active equestrian throughout his life and competed in a variety of equine events, including team penning and CMSA events. He served as a founder, director, and past president of the Steel City Gunslingers CMSA club. He was also a member of the Northern Ohio Outlaws and Lake Erie Vaqueros CMSA clubs. With his wife and longtime partner, Colleen, Jim was involved in an equine camp for children.


Jim also enjoyed cooking, maintaining his large horse farm, entertaining friends with bonfires and parties, and above all the time that he spent with his family. James is the beloved husband and long-time companion of Colleen Kelly; the loving father of Dr. Christy L. (David) McCandless; adored “Pappy” of James and Lydia; and brother of Janet (James) Parise. Arrangements by Copeland’s. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations in his name to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

BETTY DEENE (HALL) HARE Betty D. Hare, 86, passed away on July 16, 2021, at UH Geauga Medical Center following a brief illness. She was born in Ashtabula of St. Patrick’s Day in 1935, the daughter of George and Verna (Lally) Hall. Her Irish heritage and a birthday falling on March 17 always made for the most enjoyable times for a person to celebrate the day of her birth. Betty was a loving and dedicated mom. She was always active with her children growing up. She was very active with the Ashtabula 4-H Clubs; she was an advisor for Runnin’ Free 4-H Club and the past president and point secretary for Dusty Boots Riding Club. She showed horses for over 40 years. She was also a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers Fan. She is survived by her loving family; her children: James (Charlene) Hare, Jill Hare and Jodi (Jeff Strope) Miller; her grandchildren: Justin (Lisa Humphrey) Stuper, Cory (Laura Miller) Stuper and Kaytlyn Hare; her great-grandchildren: Bailey and Decklin; and her sister-in-law Zenda Hall. She was preceded in death by her parents: George Hall and Veronica and Dominic Caruso; her husband Jack L. Hare, Sr. and her son Jack L Hare, Jr.; and her siblings: William Hall, Janice Champlaine, Norene Lally and George Hall.

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August 2021

August 2021



Ride In Sync

Have Light Hands

by Terry Myers


n articles over the years I have talked about bits, training processes and rider body position. In this article I would like to talk about something that is frequently overlooked; which is how you use your hands. You can change the way a horse walks when you are leading them


just by changing the way you are griping the lead rope. When leading a horse, even with slack in the lead rope, your horse will change how it moves when you make a fist on the rope. Your horse can feel the tension through the lead rope and change the movement of their feet, becoming slightly forehand heavy. By opening or relaxing your grip on the rope, your horse will relax their movement and actually stride out better and smoother. One of my pet peeves is when someone brings in a horse for training and they lead them into the barn while having a death grip on the lead rope right below the snap. The horse is usually tense, walking all over the person and leaning on them, with the horse leading the person instead of the person leading the horse. The horse

has learned to brace and pull against being braced and pulled upon. If someone grabs you by the sleeve of your shirt or better yet, the collar of your shirt and tries to drag you along; your first response is to brace and pull back. Same deal with your horse. By teaching your horse to lead on a slack lead, rather than a taught rope, your horse will learn not to brace while you are handling them on the ground.

Learn to ride the whole horse by learning to ride with your whole body. A lot of people, both English and western, ride in a snaffle bit. People feel that they are being nice to their horse by riding in what they think is a less severe bit. A snaffle bit, when used properly, is a mild bit. However, most people do not ride their horse properly in a snaffle bit. They never teach their horse to give to the bit pressure. So when their horse runs through the snaffle bit, they go to a more severe bit and then a more severe bit. To properly use a snaffle bit, you cannot pull on both reins. A snaffle bit is made to work latterly across the horse’s mouth, working across the horse’s tongue and mouth. The reins should be held in your hands with an open light touch, as if you are holding hands with someone you like. If you ride in a snaffle bit, try this: while at the walk, spread your hands slightly and alternatively move your fingers so that the bit moves lightly back and forth. If you horse tries to stop, you may need to use a little leg pressure to push them into the bridle. What you should feel/see is your horse will lighten and break at the poll. When you feel this, release pressure as a reward and then try again. By doing this over and over you will teach your horse to give to the bit. A shank bit is a little different than a snaffle. It has more pressure points than a snaffle bit.


I graduate a horse to a shank bit not because I need more bit, but because my horse has learned how to move/stay in a collected frame and I am ready for less pressure. That way in the show ring I can do more with less; less hand movement and less pressure on the bit. Plus at six years of age, most western disciplines are required to show in a shank bit. By then, your horse should have achieved a level of training to be able to do more with less. With a shank bit/bridle, your hand has to be light with a feel to your fingers. You pick up the reins, do not pull back. If you pull back, your horse will brace… every time. A bit is a tool. It is no more severe than a ‘bitless’ bridle if it is used properly. To use a bit properly, it starts with your hands. By having lightness in your hands, you can start to create lightness and softness in your horse. You cannot do this by having a death grip on your reins. In this article I have only talked about hands. But hands are only one part of the equation. Your body position and legs are the remainder of the equation. If you only ride with your hands, you are only riding a third of your horse, the head and neck. Learn to ride the whole horse by learning to ride with your whole body. One final thing to remember… horses don’t make mistakes, people do. If you try to keep this philosophy in the forefront of your mind when working with your horse, you will be a more effective partner. Questions about this or any of our articles can be emailed to us at Terry Myers is a national clinician and champion horse trainer with a depth of knowledge developed from over 45 years in the horse industry. Myers has been a popular clinician at multiple expos in the U.S. and Canada. To learn more about Myers’ Ride-InSync methods as well as clinic and training services available, visit Myers at www.tmtrainingcenter. com or on Facebook. August 2021

August 2021



Massillon Saddle Club

Gun Raffle, Year End Awards Banquet Information PRESIDENT, Leanne; VICE PRESIDENT (CONTEST), Shae. VICE PRESIDENT (PLEASURE), Jeff; SECRETARY, Francine; TREASURER, Kathy EMAIL, WEBSITE,

Hello, everyone. Massillon Saddle Club (MSC) hopes that all is well for you, your family and friends, and you are enjoying the Ohio summer weather. It seems as if the show season just started, but it is already August. The Massillon Saddle Club show season still has a variety of shows and classes before the end of the show season: contest, pleasure (including a few Ranch classes open to all/crossentering permitted and encouraged), and fun shows. If you are working towards year end awards, there are still opportunities to earn a few more points. The last pleasure show will be Aug. 15; Contest shows are scheduled for Aug. 8, Sept.


19, and Oct. 3; and, there are Fun Shows scheduled for Aug. 24, Sept. 26, and Oct. 24 Halloween Show. The Sept. 26 Fun Show has classes specifically for pleasure riders; you don’t need a fast horse to be competitive. If you need a few more volunteer hours, there is still time to complete them. Contesters can volunteer at pleasure shows (ring stewards and gate helpers are always needed), and pleasure riders can help at contest shows. Volunteer sign up sheets are at the show office. The year end awards banquet and election of the 2022 officers is drawing near. If you are interested in joining the MSC officers/trustees in 2022, please see President Leanne, or any board member, for more information. All MSC events are completely run by volunteers; no volunteer, officer or trustee receives any compensation (no free memberships or free classes, and no volunteer hour waivers). If you would like to help determine the 2022 show season,

please consider volunteering as an officer or trustee. If you have limited time, but would like to volunteer to implement an idea or project, please let us know. Volunteers are always welcome, and all help gratefully accepted. The year end awards banquet will be held at Nickajack Farms on Nov. 11. (Start time is being determined as of this writing.) All are welcome to attend to enjoy the amazing food and never-ending desserts lovingly (and generously) created by Loretta (with some assistance from her grandson, and chef-intraining, Robert.) There are also many items in the raffles and silent auction. Please join us to celebrate the accomplishments of the multi-talented MSC members. (The evening is open to members, and, non-members. Class awards are limited to MSC members only.) Please see the website for the reservation form. MSC currently has a gun raffle fundraiser. Tickets are $10 each, with the winning ticket chosen in a random drawing of all entries at the Nov. 11 banquet. You do not need to be present to win. (Due to the nature of the raffle item, the winning ticket holder will be directed to the local retailer to complete any required registrations prior to receipt of the prize.) MSC offers classes for all ages, from leadliners to adult. MSC offers competitive classes for Congress level horses and riders, as well as a safe, family atmosphere for anyone just starting their show dream. MSC shows are also the ideal place for your young horses who are new to the show experience. This year, MSC members have some new incentives, from reduced class and show fees to discounts at


several tack shops, and small businesses. A list of discounts available is located on the website. Membership forms, showbills, and show dates can be found on the website, Massillonsaddleclub. org; the interactive site,; or, the MSC Facebook page. (Thank you to Shae Marshall for creating the colorful site.) Welcome back to Ally Snyder! We missed you, and are happy that you were able to compete this season. Speedy recovery to board member, and enthusiastic volunteer, Tammy Goodrich. We hope that you have a quick, seamless, recovery. And, congratulations to Shae Marshall: her photo was chosen as the cover for the July issue of the Horsemen’s Corral magazine. (Shae has some fantastic photos on the MSC Facebook and website pages,) Congratulations Shae, and ShaeMarSnaps! If you have any recognitions or news that you would like added to the next newsletter, whether it is horse-related or not, please feel free to email massilonsaddleclub@ We are very much looking forward to celebrating the accomplishments of the MSC family. Our hope is that the full show season will be possible, however, CDC and Governor DeWine’s guidelines will be in effect, and may alter the schedule. Please check the MSC Facebook page for any show updates. Both Shae and Jeff have provided their contact numbers on the showbills, so, if unsure, please ‘call before you haul’ if no update is on the Facebook page. Good health to all, and, happy horse times!

August 2021

August 2021



Michigan Trail Riders Association, Inc.

Virtual Rides and August Family Ride PRESIDENT, Chuck Fanslow 1st VICE PRESIDENT, Al Davis SECRETARY, Kathleen Moss TREASURER, Mindy Ellis WEBSITE, EMAIL, PHONE, 989/723-1425

by Kristen Humble What a thrill! What a rush! The completion of our June Virtual Ride challenge was an exciting one as 81 participants logged an impressive 10,546 miles as they tried to ride the length of our actual shore to shore trail in just the 30 days of June. Most of our participants found this to be a difficult challenge due to crazy weather this summer, but we had 29 riders that made it the entire length as well as two riders who made a ‘double cross’ completing 470 miles each in the month of June. Those riders were Terry Swerengin and Bob Balzer who rode and drove their way to a double cross finish.


Bob Balzer and David Richmond (left) and Terry Swearengin (right) driving through Empire, Mich. They drove over 470 miles each in the month of June. Most times they drove to downtown Empire to have breakfast. The virtual rides are a new division of the MTRA as of last fall and with their success, we plan to continue offering these rides along with the in-person rides that are starting back up this month with the Family Ride at Scheck’s on Aug. 7-11, then we move to Goose Creek Aug. 11-14. We are really looking forward to riding, swimming, kayaking, camping, having bonfires, eating good food, hanging with good friends, and enjoying some good riding at this event.

We are also looking forward to having our second virtual ride of the year which is a 90day challenge for riders to join and log their miles starting now (Aug. 1) through Oct. 31 with the goal of getting 235 miles or 470 miles. This event had almost 300 participants last year and all profits go toward the MTRA who helps to keep many of the horse trails and camps nice in Michigan. When you sign up, you receive a T-shirt and a bumper sticker for participating and if you are a member of


MTRA and meet the mileage requirement, you also receive a trophy. It’s a super motivating challenge that gets you out riding all fall chasing those miles and connecting on our Facebook page where we share trail stories, tips, good spots to ride, encouragement, dedications, and so much more. Join us on our rides, there’s so much to be excited about in the MTRA. Check out our website at and our Facebook pages to keep up to date with all the happenings. Ride on!

August 2021

August 2021



Ohio Valley Team Penning Association

Added Monies at Next Show in August PRESIDENT, Tom Reeder VICE PRESIDENT, Amy Lemley SECRETARY, Donna Zang TREASURER, Debra Lyons PHONE, 330/831-7463 EMAIL, Find Us on Facebook

by Amy Lemley Our show on July 10 held at Treharne’s Training Center was an amazing show! We had a benefit for the Brown Family and we were able to raise almost $3,000! Thank you to everyone who donated items for the Chinese Auction, we had some really nice things. We really appreciate everyone for buying tickets! Everyone stepped up to make this show and benefit a success. This is why the horse community is a family loved sport! Our next show will be Aug. 14 at Kuhlber’s Farms, 220 Edgewater Drive, New Galilee,

Pa. This will be held outside, they have a super nice arena and the footing is excellent. This show is called the Kuhlber and OVTPA Summer Beach Sort. We have added monies

in the Elite Sorting Class and #4 Sorting Class, hanging box fan bags and fans awarded to the fastest first go team in the #8 Sorting Class, and the first place team in the #11 3-man 2 gate class will receive Igloo two gallon jugs. We are also having a drawing to win a campfire ring for those who wear a Hawaiian beach collared button shirt, and much more.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for our newsletter, flyers, pictures and videos at Ohio Valley Team Penning Association.

Ohio Quarter Horse Association

New Ranch Horse Sale at the Quarter Horse Congress CEO, Dr. Scott Myers PRESIDENT, Brent Maxwell EMAIL, WEBSITE,

Get ready for the 2021 All American Quarter Horse Congress. We are back, Congress Strong and excited to see everyone at the 2021 Congress Sept. 28 through Oct. 24! #BetterTogether CONGRESS RANCH HORSE SALE Announcing the new Congress Ranch Horse Sale featuring ropin’, riding’, and slidin’ horses. All breeds of horses are welcome to nominate for the sale, while the majority are expected to be American Quarter Horses. The sale will be held on Saturday, Oct. 2, in conjunction with the 55th Annual All American Quarter Horse Congress. The nomination deadline is Aug. 1, 2021. Nomination forms can be found at 14


2021 CONGRESS SPECIAL EVENTS The 2021 special events tickets are available for purchase online at OCT. 3: Congress Cutting Champions Challenge, Coliseum, presented by Cinch OCT. 8: PBR Bull Riding, Coliseum, presented by Gerri Leigh Pratt OCT. 9: Congress Freestyle Reining, Colisuem, presented by dac OCT. 23: Congress Masters, Celeste, presented by The Equine Chronicle Stay up to date on latest Congress news following us on Facebook quarterhorsecongress) Instagram (@qhcongress)!

the by (@ and

August 2021

August 2021



Keeping Your Horse Hydrated is Easier Than Ever with New Apple Elite™ Electrolyte Pellets From Farnam Keeping horses hydrated in the heat of summer, or during competition and other stressful situations, can be a challenge especially if they won’t eat powder electrolytes and pastes are too difficult to give daily. So, what can you do? Farnam, Your Partner in Horse Care™, is pleased to introduce Apple Elite™ Electrolyte Pellets, a new addition to the trusted Apple Elite™ line of supplements. For horses that are picky eaters or sort powder supplements, Apple Elite™ Electrolyte Pellets is a simple way to encourage water consumption and help maintain optimal hydration yearround, which is important for supporting proper digestion, muscle function and recovery. These palatable apple-flavored pellets are hard for horses to resist and can easily be added to your horse’s regular grain ration. Electrolyte supplementation is often thought to only be needed by performance horses; however, any horse that sweats

for a prolonged period of time, regardless of reason, can benefit from electrolyte supplementation. When horses sweat, they lose water as well as vital minerals like sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium. A deficit of these electrolytes can lead to overheating, and compromise overall health and performance. Apple Elite™ Electrolyte Pellets contains a balanced electrolyte profile with the vital minerals needed to help restore your horse’s electrolyte levels. Apple Elite™ Electrolyte Pellets works in two ways to help your horse stay hydrated. Adding it to your horse’s daily supplement regimen can encourage healthy water intake and keep fluid levels in balance, no matter what the day brings. Plus, it is specifically formulated to replace vital minerals that are lost through sweat during exercise, extreme hot and cold weather, and stressful situations. Apple Elite™ Electrolyte Pellets



For a limited time, horse owners will find $5 off instant savings coupons on shelves at participating retailers, as well as online at To learn more about Apple Elite™ Electrolyte Pellets and the complete line of Farnam® supplements, visit www.farnam. com.

can be fed to horses of all ages and workloads and can be beneficial in these scenarios: horses in training or trail riding, shows or events, trailering, during weather changes or extreme weather conditions, settling into a new barn or boarding facility, or when stressed from poor nutrition or digestive upset. Apple Elite™ Electrolyte Pellets is an easyto-feed solution to an everyday challenge for horse owners with even the pickiest of eaters.

Knox County Horse Park

High Point Buckle Award for Fun Show Partipants PRESIDENT, Debbie Cole VICE PRESIDENTS, Travis Ross and Donnie Cline TREASURER, Pam Niner SECRETARY, Anna Chadwick PHONE/TEXT, 816-305-6328 FACEBOOK, Knox County Horse Park Inc

For more information call us at (330) 723-6029 or visit our website!

PARTS & REPAIR SERVICES PROVIDED FOR ALL TRAILERS Horse & Livestock [ Cargo Travel Trailers [ Utility


by Anna Chadwick




Founded in 1946, Farnam Companies, Inc., has grown to become one of the most widely recognized names in the animal health products industry and has become one of the largest marketers of equine products in the country. No one knows horses better than Farnam. That’s why no one offers a more complete selection of horse care products. Farnam Horse Products serves both the pleasure horse and the performance horse markets with products for fly control, deworming, hoof and leg care, grooming, wound treatment and leather care, plus supplements.

The Knox County Horse Park is located at 7500 Thayer Road, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. The membership meetings are the second Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Shelter House. For individuals who participate at the fun shows there is a high point buckle award. The award is sponsored by the Knox County Horse Park. You do not need to be a member of the park to participate. The Fun Shows are the second


Saturday of the month June through October except in September. The rain date is the following Saturday. Come and enjoy the fun. Preceding the Aug. 14 Fun Show there will be an Arena Trail Challenge. Start time at 9 a.m. with a Fun Show at 11 a.m. The rain date is Aug. 21. SEPTEMBER SCHEDULE SEPT. 11: Participating in the Fredericktown Tomato Show Parade SEPT. 12: Delaware All Horse Parade SEPT. 13: KCHP membership meeting, 7 p.m. SEPT. 18: Fun Show, 10 a.m. OCTOBER SCHEDULE OCT. 9: Fun Show, 10 a.m. OCT. 11: Membership meeting at the Parks shelter house. Be sure to check our Facebook page for any updates. August 2021

Bounce Back with BCAAs by Kristen Janicki, MS, PAS


rotein is a major component of most body tissues, second only to water. Protein consists of building blocks called amino acids. There are 21 different amino acids that can be linked and combined in different configurations to produce a variety of proteins. Of those 21 amino acids, nine of them are categorized as ‘essential amino acids’ that the horse cannot synthesize in the body and therefore must consume in the diet. Exercise increases the horse’s requirement for protein for muscle development, muscle repair and recovery. In particular, the essential amino acids lysine and threonine are both important for muscle building and maintenance during training and performance. Also, protein is lost in sweat. During intense exercise horses can lose as much as 2 percent of their body weight in sweat, and that means quite a bit of protein loss as well! How do branched-chain amino acids fit into this picture? The branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They represent three of the nine amino acids considered essential for the horse, with their name referring to their branched chemical structure. You may have heard of BCAAs being used by body builders or athletes as a performance supplement. In humans, BCAAs have been proven to help: • Increase muscle growth • Improve physical strength • Reduce muscle soreness and fatigue • Increase fat metabolism for weight loss • Help to regulate blood sugar • Stimulate immune function How do BCAAs support performance in horses? Can BCAAs benefit performance horses in the same way as human athletes? It’s possible! Energy demands (think exercise intensity) and fuel (think diet) are important factors that influence performance ability. The principal sources of fuel for physical exercise in horses are supplied by carbohydrates and fats. Similar to human athletes, protein serves as a very minor energy source during exercise in horses. However, protein is an essential component of strong, healthy muscles. In fact, BCAAs are metabolized during all intensities of exercise, as seen by researchers from the University of Messina in Italy (Arfuso et al., 2019), and although they may not be contributing to energy, they are most likely playing a major role in the recovery process after exercise, helping in muscle energy replenishment and muscle repair. Most of the studies done in horses have focused on post-exercise muscle repair and muscle recovery, including replenishment of muscle glycogen, the storage form of glucose used for energy during exercise. At the University of Guelph, researchers looked at whether leucine supplementation could alter post-exercise glycogen and protein synthesis in the muscle. They found that the BCAA leucine may have beneficial effects on the rate of glycogen synthesis


after exercise and indicated that protein synthesis may be reduced if the other BCAAs, isoleucine and valine, are limited (Urschel et al., 2010). At the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, researchers administered leucine at one- and four-hours post-exercise and found that leucine may have stimulated greater protein synthesis (building) and inhibited protein degradation (breakdown) (Nostell et al., 2012). Taken together, research suggests that if a horse is competing or working on multiple days in a row, BCAAs may be beneficial for supporting that horse’s daily recovery, muscle repair and soreness. Could BCAAs be right for your horse? Thinking about incorporating BCAAs into your performance horse’s diet? Here are some situations where BCAAs may be helpful: • Horses competing at all intensities of work • Horses starting into a training program • Horses coming back into training after layup or injury • ntly for shows, racing or trail rides Rich sources of BCAAs include red meat and dairy products, but that doesn’t mean you have to start grilling up a steak for your horse! More than likely, you already feed something containing soybeans. Soybeans are a great source of BCAAs as well as the other essential amino acids, plus serve as a highly digestible protein source for horses. Whey protein is another option. It is generally recommended that daily BCAA use be followed for the optimum performance benefits, but there may be some benefits to supplementing BCAA post-exercise as well. Wrapping it up Just like in human athletes, branched chain amino acid supplementation with performance horses may help to support muscle repair, recovery, and energy replenishment in the muscle. If you have questions about whether BCAAs could be helpful to your performance horse, talk to your veterinarian or equine nutritionist. Kristen Janicki, MS, PAS is a Technical Marketing Specialist for MARS Horsecare US/BUCKEYE™ Nutrition, responsible for technical nutrition support, digital and social media, and working collaboratively with the Senior Nutrition Manager in providing high-quality nutritional content. Headquartered in Dalton, Ohio, BUCKEYE Nutrition has been manufacturing quality products since 1910. BUCKEYE Nutrition takes feed safety seriously, implementing many programs mandated in human food manufacturing facilities. With the backing of the WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute, a worldleading authority on pet care and widely renowned as an institution of the highest scientific caliber, our equine nutritionists provide scientifically-based equine nutritional solutions which guide our formulations and our BUCKEYE Nutrition brand promise of being the highest quality, fixed formula feeds available. BUCKEYE Nutrition is a 100 percent equine-focused company, 100 percent medicationfree facility, sourcing 100 percent traceable, pure ingredients for consistency. 800/898-9467.


August 2021

August 2021



Western Reserve Carriage Association

Summer Drives for WRCA PRESIDENT, Jo Ann Murr VICE PRESIDENT, Ann Petersen TREASURER, Ann Petersen SECRETARY, Cathy Rhoades MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY, Henry Rish. WEBSITE,

by Cathy Rhoades June 13 was the first 2021 summer drive for WRCA. A total of 10 turnouts showed up to enjoy the lovely weather and trails at Carlisle Equestrian Center. Floyd and Yvette Shipman had an early drive around the park. Many of the drivers met at the picnic pavilion to eat their lunch. A poker run was planned on the trails but the drivers chose

to pick their cards at the picnic pavilion. Profughi’s won a large tote with items donated by Purina and Centerra in Grafton. Ann Petersen had the second best hand to win the the bag of treats. Toward the end of the drive Shauna Brummet and Jeffery Skinner arrived with their lovely new horse, Fig Newton. Since we were able to use the park all day, drivers could take advantage of the trails until sunset. Our second summer drive was held at Lake Farmpark on July 11. WRCA board decided to offer a box lunch for our members since most of our events were cancelled in 2020. We had a lot of reservations for lunch and saw many of our new members. Approximately 25 members dined on ham, turkey

and veggie wraps with fruit salad. Ann Petersen ordered the most delightful horse cut out cookies. We had a brief meeting after lunch and discussed upcoming events including a holiday party. Unfortunately the rain that started in the morning did not let up, but six brave turnouts carried on in the rain! Barb King with Dan Speese, Jo Ann Murr, Bev and Dave Patrick, the Shipleys, and new members Michelle and Samantha Crow. The Howe Meadow Drive was held in the Cuyahoga National Park on July 25. The report will be in the next Corral newsletter. Remember, we welcome new hosts and venues for our picnic drives. If you live in a county that has a nice equestrian area, contact them to set up a possible

event. We are looking into Swine Creek in Geauga and Byers Woods in Ashland. I am trying for another picnic drive at Carlisle Park in Lorain County for late August. Details soon.

Ohio Paint Horse Club

Annual Trail Ride, Buckeye Bonanza/Great 8 Zone Show PRESIDENT, Mike Schwendeman VICE PRESIDENT, Tim Snapp TREASURER, Roxann Rohrl SECRETARY, Heather Collins EMAIL, WEBSITE,

by Roxann Rohrl Hello, Ohio Paint Horse Club is bringing our friends in Corral land our August agenda. Can you believe half of our year is over? Time flies when you are enjoying the things you love to do with family, friends and our animals, especially those great Paint horses. Wow, the Paint World is still going on. Did you get to go and show, watch or were you like me and streamed that huge show each day and watch all our Ohioans and our close neighboring states names appear on the placket after and before each class? Clapping at home for those World and Reserve Champions and also the finalists and Intermediate.

Congratulations to all the winners! I will try to have a list next month. Lets talk about something different going on. The Ohio Paint Horse Annual Trail Ride. Whoo Hoo, you do not want to miss this grand event! Elaine Fry Bennett is the Chair and she sure knows about trail riding, planning and having fun, with all the great food and those evening around the bonfire! The date is Oct. 15-17 and will be held this year at the Van Buren State Park, Van Buren, Ohio. (Just north of Findlay, Ohio) Van Buren offers seven electric sites and over 20 primitive sites, gate corral and two cabins. The moderate trails are the greatest! Meals at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Breakfast and suppers are potluck, bring your favorites to share. OPHC will furnish the meat for Saturday night and all the tableware. Come for the day or the weekend. Join us and just sit around the fire on Saturday evening where there are no strangers, just friends we have not met yet! For more information contact Elaine at 419/701-1854, or Get your reservation in early as




electric sites go fast. Sounds like lots of fun! Mark you calendar for Aug. 2122. The Buckeye Bonanza POR will be held at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Wauseon, Ohio, in the Osthimer Horse Arena. Judges are Daren Wright, Bill Mitchell, Bruce Army, and Sally Puzacke. Show Manager is Luke Wadsworth, lukewadsworth@ Since the show location and pricing has changed there is a new Cognito Form for stalls, camping, and shavings available on the Ohio Paint Horse Club Facebook page and our website, Roxann Rohrl (r_paints@msn. com) will be taking reservations through the Cognito Form, all stalls must be prepaid! Another great show weekend, Grand High Points! Lots of interest! September 25-26 is the Indiana/ Ohio Partnered Hoosier Buckeye Palooza POR. This is the last show of the Midwest Connection Series Qualifying Shows. It will be held at the Hoosier Horse Park in Edinburg, Ind. Judges are April Devitt, Mark Baus, Andrea Koehn, Cindy Pence Girardier. Candy Mullen (sox0031@msn. com) and Mike Schwendeman will serve as your managers. Cognito Forms are on both clubs websites and Facebook pages. Stalls, shavings and camping reservations are really streaming in to Roxann Rohrl (r_paints@ A lot more fun plans


are in the making. Let us end our show season on Nov. 12-14 with the Great 8 Zone O Rama which will be held at Champions Center in Springfield, Ohio. Judges are Teresa Pelton, Brendan Brown, Sandy Curl, Mark Smith, Tim Abler, and Kathy Boggetta. Joe Mizzi will serve as show manager. Get your stalls, shavings, and camping reservations made through the Cognito Form. Check the Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana websites for these forms. The points will be added, audited and those Midwest Connection Awards will be awarded at this Great 8 Zone Show. There are a lot of grand things in the works for this show. Beautiful High Points! Make plans early to attend this final show of the season. Don’t forget to check out the showbill. OPHC annual year end meeting and election of officers is tentatively set for Nov. 21. More on that next month. Start thinking about if you would be interested in running for an office: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer or an OPHC director. Three will be elected. Possibly lunch will be carried in, OPHC will pick up that expense. This is every member’s time to attend, share your ideas, thoughts, what can we do better. Always looking for volunteers. How about you for the 2022 season? Every day is a blessed day. Be safe, kind, smile! August 2021

August 2021



Wayne County Saddle Club

Reflections PRESIDENT, Stan Bosler VICE PRESIDENT, Angie Didinger & Jaimie Horsky SECRETARY, Tricia Crilow TREASURER, Beth Eikleberry WEBSITE,

Some reflections from decades at the ‘Hollow’: My family moved into Wayne County in 1961 and we joined the ‘Saddle Club’ a year or two later. My membership has continued since, with varying degrees of involvement. I recall shows there before the arena was built (1965); the annual COSCA shows—first at the fairgrounds, then at the ‘Hollow;’ helping build the arena (first 100’x200’, now 117x265); numerous construction projects done by our volunteer members; the first ‘electric eye’ timer; various pieces of equipment and sound systems; the glory years of the OGA and the numerous shows they used the grounds for; various levels of my success showing,

with various horses; a deep friendship with Sis Mowrer and the countless times we worked horses together; my Dad’s love of horses and his influence on Susie and me; innumerable rides on the trails; ‘ups and downs’, mostly ups; life-long friendships; the incredibly beautiful facility; and, of course, the wonderful folks whose involvement made it the fantastic organization it is. How’s that for a run-on sentence? Of course the greatest ‘run-on’ is this awesome club with its incredible venue and loving members. As you might think, there are also memories of runs throughout the years—the good—the bad — and the few great. I thank the good Lord I can still ride in my favorite events. However, like the song says, “I ain’t as good as I once was.” It’s still a cool feeling to do it. Oh well, that’s enough (probably too much for some of you) of my memories for now. We’re mid-season and things seem to be going pretty well. We have encountered a couple things we need to work on. We are always open to positive suggestions. All are welcome to

attend our monthly meetings, the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the club grounds. Coming events: Aug. 13 Friday night fun show, 330/844-4041 for more information; Aug. 14 Youth Officer Show, 330/2011022; Aug. 21 Open Pleasure Point Show, 330/201-1022; Aug. 28 Open Contest Point Show followed by Open Speed Show, 419/496-6549 or 330/466-2749 respectively. And Sept. 11 we will put on the Open Contest Show at the Wayne County Fair. Details follow: entry booth opens at 7 a.m. The show will start at 8 a.m. Entries are $5 (cash only, please) with $4 jackpotted for the first through

fifth place and ribbons given for the sixth through tenth. Classes: Stake Bend, Poles, and Barrels. There is a possibility of also running ball race and flag race if time permits. Call 330/2012222 or 330/607-5106 for more information. We are pleased and honored the fair board respects us with this responsibility during what’s arguably the top county fair in Ohio. The worship group meets Sundays at 11 a.m. at the club grounds. Welcome! There’s a lot of Wayne County Saddle Club to go in ‘21. As I always say, “Why not join us? ~Stan

Colorado Ranger Horse Association

Open Game Shows, National Show PRESIDENT, Toni Lukavich; 1ST VICE PRESIDENT, Charmaine Wulff; SECRETARY, Barbara Summerson; TREASURER, Jane Montgomery. WEBSITE, EMAIL,

by Monica Doddato Friday evening game shows will be held on Aug. 13, and Sept. 24 at the Mercer County 4-H Park in Mercer, Pa. The CRHA’S 48th National Show will be held Sept. 18 and 19 in Lock Haven, Pa. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. For information on these shows please visit the www. website or pop in the Colorado Ranger Horse Assn Facebook group! JustASmallTownChance with



JustASmallTownChance with Samantha Warren won the High Point CRHA In-hand Horse Award presented at the Lake Champlain Appaloosa Club show 4th of July weekend! Samantha Warren was just one of the CRHA horses recognized for achievements at the 4th of July weekend Appaloosa show. Under saddle CRHA winners from the Lake Champlain Appaloosa Club Show will be included in the September Corral.

August 2021


17434 Rapids Road, Burton, Ohio 44021

(440) 834-0811 Neonatal ICU

Aqua Pacer

Arthroscopy Adult ICU

The Equine Specialty Hospital provides advanced diagnostic, sports medicine, and surgical services for horses, mules, and donkeys of all breeds and disciplines. Board-certified surgeons provide care by appointment or emergency admission. The hospital is staffed 24 hours a day, allowing continuous monitoring of critically ill patients. You may have your veterinarian call and refer your horse, but a referral is not required for elective or emergency services.

Fracture Repair

Diagnostic Services

Medical Services

Shockwave Therapy

• Lameness diagnosis • Digital X-Ray • Digital Ultrasound • MRI • Nuclear Scintigraphy • Videoendoscopy • Dynamic Endoscopy • Gastroscopy • Myelography

• Neonatal & Adult ICU • Neurologic Evaluations • Ophthalmic Evaluations • Respiratory Evaluations • Perinatal Care for High Risk Pregnancies

Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center • Water Treadmill • Cold Compression Therapy • Therapeutic Laser • Shockwave Therapy • Platelet Rich Plasma • IRAP • Stem Cells

Sling Support August 2021

Surgical Services

• Laparoscopic Surgery • Arthroscopic Surgery • Fracture Repair • Colic Surgery • Soft Tissue Surgery • Laser Surgery —Uterine Cysts —Upper Airwave —Skin Tumors • Dental/Sinus Surgery

Other Services • Podiatry Center • Isolation Facility for contagious diseases • Fully padded stall with dynamic sling support


Digital Ultrasound

Podiatry Center Appointments

Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm EMERGENCY SERVICES 24 Hours a Day, 365 days a year 23

Mid Ohio Dressage Association

East Meets West: Dressage Schooling Show for Eventing, Western, and Classical PRESIDENT, Vicki Milliron VICE PRESIDENT, Jessica Miltimore SECRETARY, Anna Cluxton TREASURER, Beth Baryon EMAIL, WEBSITE,

by Karen Kent Mid Ohio Dressage Association (MODA) will be hosting the East Meets West Dressage Schooling Show on Aug. 28 and 29 at the Delaware County Fairgrounds. East Meets West will feature dressage tests for USEF Eventing: (Novice-Advanced), Western: (Intro through Level 4 with Gaited horses also welcome), and Classical: Introductory through Fourth as well as Dressage Seat Equitation and Sport Horse In-Hand. Western participants will have

the opportunity to earn WDAA scores. Both dates are WDAA approved. All western classes are open as opposed to separate divisions for youth and amateur. In accordance with WDAA rules, exhibitors are subject to random equipment checks. Complete WDAA rules can be found at Helmets are required for all riders including western due to facility requirements. If you have a registered Quarter Horse the Sunday, Aug. 29 show is an AQHA special event for classical and western. AQHA horses will show within the classes offered on the prizelist and will not have separate classes nor be placed separately. Scores are reported to AQHA from our show management. AQHA then records the points on the horse’s permanent record as per the AQHA rulebook pages 279 and 280. Exhibitors desiring to compete for AQHA points will show in the open division, for both western and classical, and

will need to submit the AQHA drug fee of $8 in addition to the regular entry and show fees. AQHA exhibitor membership cards as well as the horse’s papers will need to be uploaded at the time of entry. Classical horses need to also have the AQHA dressage competition license. For more information on earing AQHA points please refer to the fact sheet at https:// showing/shows/dressage All classes will be awarded ribbons to five places. Stalls are available or exhibitors may show out of their trailers. We expect this to be a big show and with just one ring we suggest you enter early so you don’t get shut out! The prizelist and online entry information can be found at Opening date for East Meets West entries was July 12 and the closing date is Aug. 12. East Meets West will be MODA’s only sponsored

Beth Baryon and Pippin. schooling show opportunity for 2021. However, MODA also approves several organizations schooling shows for year end awards. These shows can be found on the MODA website under MODA recognized shows. Our final show of the year will be the Mid-Ohio I and II a USDF/ USEF Level 1 event. This early fall show at the Madison County Fairgrounds in London, Ohio, will be a great way to wrap up 2021. All information can be found at

Northern Ohio Dressage Association

Educational Clinics Popular with NODA Jr./Young Riders PRESIDENT, Niki Sackman VICE PRESIDENT, Rachel Aderhold TREASURER, Dee Liebenthal SECRETARY, Patti Valencic EMAIL, WEBSITE,

by Mosie Welch Thank you Cassandra HummertJohnson, owner of Lavendel Dressage LLC and USDF Gold Medalist, for volunteering to teach a free dressage clinic for NODA’s Junior/Young Riders on July 10! Each rider participated in a 45-minute private lesson with Cassandra. The clinic took place at the beautiful Fair Winds Farm in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Each rider received a NODA polo shirt, lunch, snacks and came out of their lesson smiling! The clinic was sponsored by Big


Dee’s Tack and Vet Supply, NODA, and Lavendel Dressage LLC. You can find out more about Cassandra at her website, NODA sends appreciation to Jennifer Cooper, NODA’s Jr/ Young Rider Liaison and NODA’s Education Chair, Elizabeth Scalabrino for organizing the Cassandra Hummert-Johnson Clinic for Jr/Young Riders. Everyone was well taken care of and fed. NODA could not do any of these educational events without dedicated volunteers. The next Jr/Young Rider educational event will be the Dressage4Kids Team Clinic with Lendon Gray on Saturday, Oct. 30 and Sunday, Oct. 31 at Lake Erie College, George M. Humphrey Equestrian Center. Youth of all ages, skill levels, and horses of all kinds are welcomed and encouraged to

apply. Jr/Young Riders may start the application process at any time by going to Dressage4Kids. org and finding the event on the calendar and filing an application. ( news-events/event-calendar. html/event/2021/10/31/d4kteam-clinic/329862). Lendon Gray was a member of the 1980 and 1988 USA Olympic Dressage Team, competed in Pony Club and is famous for her work with her pony, Seldom Seen, a national champion at third level dressage through Grand Prix. Lendon developed a reputation for “taking unremarkable horses and making them good.” This belief in created talent and the power of dedication has inspired many of Lendon’s activities over the years. Determined to give others the opportunity to learn and improve, she has been extremely involved with organizations such as USET, USEF, USDF, US Pony Club, and the rapidly expanding Dressage4Kids (D4K). Lendon will also teach an adult clinic on Oct. 29. Details on how to apply


Makenzie Thompson on Sorensen’s Olaf with Grand Prix rider and instructor Cassandra Hummert-Johnson of Lavendel Dressage LLC at Fair Winds Farm. Photo courtesy of Dee Liebenthal. will be released soon. NODA is dedicated to education for all riders interesting in improving themselves and their horses through dressage at all levels. For more information on these and other programs, go to August 2021

View From the Cheap Seats

Creatures of Habit and Humiliation? by Sarah Vas


how season is normally well under way this time of year but the massive hiccup from 2020 has a lot of us still getting into the swing. I haven’t ventured out with a trailer full of horse shoes and hand grenades since September, 2019. I’m a bit out of practice. Out of practice filling in entries, packing tack trunks, braiding manes. I never gave much thought about hauling to and from a long season’s schedule of events but even driving feels wildly unfamiliar these days. I’ve had some crazy moments behind the wheel, even though most are inconvenient blips compared to Kansas. Nothing will ever top Kansas. But, like Kansas, blown tires or burst brake lines are external emergencies that I have to manage. Only rarely has a catastrophe been

by way of my own doing. Only once, was my indiscretion fodder for public ridicule. I was squeezing my gargantuan trailer into a challenging spot at a local year-end show. No big deal for me to navigate a dog leg through shed rows, back blindly towards a chain link fence, and stick the landing with my truck squarely aligned under the gooseneck. Normally, I wind up unhitching our rig all by myself. The Beast, as we’ve dubbed my behemoth six horse head-to-head, has a stout set of double landing gear with a good ol’ fashion, two-speed manual crank. We’ve considered a fancy-pants electric power jack conversion kit every year. But like most creature comforts, that expense always got shoved to the back page of the budget priority list. Therefore, few will escort me twice to the trailer parking because everyone takes a turn

Behold, the Horse Show Dad...

Who says they only hold the horse and write the checks? Looks like guarding the tack room to us!

Winfield Farm & Forge, Ltd. Exploring the Arabian/Welsh Sport Pony Cross for Carriage & Dressage Kevin & Sarah Vas / Owners, Breeders, Artisans Grafton, Ohio / 330-242-3440 26

cranking. So, there I was, popping Ol’ Bessie into park and climbing down to detach her fanny from our 40-foot traveling circus when a friend happened along. He and his father-in-law had also just arrived with their collection of kid-broke ponies and ponybroke kids. He planned to squeeze his trailer next to mine. As I went through the motions of the unhitch routine, a lively chat about all things ordinary commenced. I shimmied over the bed rail and opened the coupler while we agreed on the convenience of these spots close to our respective stall rows. I wrangled mismatched chunks of 6x6 wood post under the left and right jack plates while we compared class schedules. I dropped Bessie’s tail gate and unplugged the trailer while the father-in-law excused himself to herd the grandchildren. I was then poised for the long, arduous task of exposing that mysteriously puny ball out from under the kingpin coupler. No stranger to this chore, my friend politely excused himself as I began my several minutes’ workout at the crank. No worries! I don’t have the breath to really chat while fully engaged in what is the equivalent physical effort of an hour-long, upperlevel spin class. So, I cranked… and cranked…and peeked under the gooseneck…and cranked some more…and some more… and peeked a second time, hopeful for daylight. I’ve accomplished full body clips on tack-stall-phobic, jigging, jittery horses in the dark of night at state fair facilities. I’ve survived epic hurricane force summer storms blowing through the wind tunnel shed rows of the Kentucky Horse

Park. I’ve packed, hauled, shown, and cared for six horses, three teenagers, a toddler, one Nana, and a dilapidated RV at a regional event in the heat of July. Nothing is more exhausting or more loathed than hand cranking The Beast up off the hind quarters of my trusty one-ton, especially at the start of a long competition weekend. Much like that dreaded annual visit to the ‘lady doctor’, I just bear down and go to my happy place until it’s over. I had cranked with everything I had until the coupler was well clear of the ball. My thoughts were already ticking through the setup checklist awaiting me back at the stalls as I slide into the cab and pressed lightly on the gas. If you’d had told me, with all my trailering proficiency, that I would do the thing seasoned haulers say only inexperienced newbies and city folk do, I’d have laughed you right outta Dodge. The thing I thought I’d never do… I did. If I’d have believed that the thing I did, I would actually do one day, I’d have done it years before. Gotten it over with. At home. In Private. Something about my friend’s

S Sarah Vas, a second-generation horsewoman, writes about her decades of adventure and mayhem among several breeds and disciplines, and countless equine educational endeavors both as student and teacher. Sarah owns and operates a continuation of her parents’ original business, Winfield Farm & Forge, Ltd., that which couldn’t currently exist without constant gratitude for Kevin, her very forgiving, ridiculously supportive husband. Together, they are quietly beginning to explore the Farm’s newest chapters, both in and out of the horse world. They are returning to Sarah’s family roots, this time as breeders of Arabian/Welsh Sport Ponies for dressage and carriage while husband and wife indulge their pent up creativity producing a variety of rustic décor and iron work.


August 2021

Classical Attraction Dressage Society

Dressage with a Purpose PRESIDENT, Cathy Suffecool VICE PRESIDENT, Stephanie Kame SECRETARY, Claudia Grimes TREASURER, David Crawford EMAIL, WEBSITE,

by Cathy Suffecool I have a question for you. When you were just starting to ride and just learning about all the different types of riding, how many of you thought “Dressage? I’ll never use that when I ride!”

Kind of like when you had to take Geometry in school, still using that? What if I told you that there is a style of riding that is being referred to as ‘Dressage with a purpose’? Yes, you read that correctly. Dressage with a purpose! It doesn’t matter what saddle you use, whether you wear jeans or tall boots, a pearl button shirt or a dressage coat. This is truly an amazing sport to watch grow in our area. I know, I can hear some of you now. “I like riding obstacles.” “I like riding outside in a field not an indoor arena.” “I want to challenge myself and my horse” Is that about right? How many of you have had

View From Cheap Seats (continued) unassuming intrusion bumbled my routine just enough. I’d absent-mindedly shut the tail gate on my way back to the cab. While unhitching a gooseneck trailer. At a horse show. Not at home. Not alone. I did it here, now, all because my normally lonely and tedious procedure was unexpectedly accompanied by innocent banter with a friend. My simple act became a calamity the moment I heard the thud and Bessie shuddered to a halt. Reality hit me with exactly what I’d done. And I’d done it good, too. Not only had I run the tailgate firmly against the kingpin but the impact bent the center into a jagged point. Now, the handle’s release mechanism couldn’t let go of the tail gate pins! I tugged. I stood hunched on the bumper trying to power lift the handle with all my strength. I backed away from the coupler and tried to push the tail gate open with my feet from within the

bed, my body braced against the kingpin assembly. Meanwhile, my buddy had been waiting for me to appear from behind the barns so that he could thread his trailer’s way back next to mine. When several minutes passed, he jogged back to determine the hold up. I’d like to believe his words were sincere when he said it could happen to anyone but the initial look on his face said anything but. He was kind enough to yank open my bed so I could slink out from under the trailer hitch with my own tail gate between my legs. I spent the whole show hiding Bessie’s britches to protect her dignity. This was all on me. And it is still by far the most humiliating error I’ve ever made with a trailer and I was first to bump into our own barn backing a client’s horse trailer…with the client in the passenger seat…while instructing her on how to back up her puny two-horse trailer!

to open and close a gate while you’re riding? Cross a bridge? Pick up a large branch and move it while mounted? Ride around trees that are close together? Let’s not forget that really scary thing! You know the one that looks normal to you but looks like it could breathe fire to your horse. These are some of the challenges that you can work with while doing Working Equitation. Classical Attraction Dressage Society (CADS) is proud to be the only club in Ohio that hosts USAWE recognized shows and schooling shows that follow all the national guidelines. We truly feel that if you want to learn the sport, start by learning it correctly and from the top people in the sport. We’ve held several clinics with Erica and Howard Peet, Wayne Hipsley, and Carlos Carnerio over the past several years. It is so amazing to watch riders come into a clinic that have never done Working Equitation before. They are a little nervous, a little unsure of how their horse will react to

the obstacles, kind of like the first day of school. By the end of the day, it’s a whole other story! They’ve started to figure out how to work the different obstacles correctly, how to get their horse to do the obstacle correctly, and the confidence level is way higher than it was at 9 a.m.! The other way to know if people are relaxing into the sport, the volume goes up! More cheering and laughing! Remember how I compared this to geometry? This is where your ability to make straight lines, both forward and sideways, comes into play. Can your horse stop square? How about carry an 8-foot pole toward a bull? (It only looks scary!) And we’ve all been out for a ride where we may have to have these skills. Want to see how it’s done? On Aug. 21 and 22, CADS will be having a Working Equitation Schooling Show. Our judge will be Erica Peet for the entire weekend. Each day will be its own complete show. Plan on coming to join us and see just what the excitement is all about!

MOVING? TAKE THE CORRAL WITH YOU! Place Mailing Label Here (from last issue) New Address ________________________________________________ City _______________________________ State ____ Zip ___________ Mail to: Horsemen’s Corral, PO Box 32, Lodi, OH 44254 or email address change to: August 2021



Ohio Morgan Horse Association

Morgan Youth of the Year Program PRESIDENT, Alyssa Rose VICE PRESIDENT, Elizabeth Thomas SECRETARY, Nancy Rinz TREASURER, Elizabeth Burick WEBSITE,

by Susan Walker The timing of this month’s deadline made it difficult to come up with a subject for this month’s article. So, it was suggested that a subject which could use some attention is the Morgan Youth of the Year program. Being childless and not being involved with a barn with junior exhibitors, I had heard about the Youth of the Year contests at Morgan shows and at Oklahoma, but I had only a vague understanding of what was involved. Still, I figured I would do a bit of research and

then could easily come up with a quick column on the topic. I went out to the AMHA website to gain some insight, and boy, did that open up a new rabbit hole to explore. My search for YotY contests took me to the ‘Programs’ page where ‘Youth’ is one of ten subcategories of programs. It turns out there is an overview page which classifies the various programs under the AMHA aegis. Then under the ‘Youth’ classification, I learned by reading about the new ‘Youth Patch Project’ that there are five youth programs: Youth Council, Medal Program, Youth Teams, Youth of the Year and Youth Merit Program. Things got somewhat confusing fairly quickly, and I believe I am not alone in this, because there is also a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page under ‘Programs’ to help keep things straight. Long story short, I have a lot to learn. But

I’ve already learned that the AMHA seems to have worked hard to be inclusive with their awards programs. But back to the YotY contests, I did manage to learn some facts from our own OMHA website. Specifically, “The contest is divided into three age groups (Senior, Junior, and Walk-Trot); competing in three phases (written test, oral presentation, and horsemanship). The youth with the highest accumulation of points at the Buckeye Morgan Challenge in the senior age division will receive a $500 scholarship to go on and complete at the AMHA Youth of the Year at the Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show in Oklahoma City.” I plan to volunteer some time to Kim Thomas, who is handling the YotY contest at this year’s Buckeye horse show, to learn more about this program. I will share what I find in a future

column. MARK YOUR CALENDAR AUG. 1: Deadline to complete all aspects of virtual Buckeye Youth of the Year contest. Buckeye AUG. 11-14: Morgan Challenge Horse Show, Springfield, OH AUG. 20-22: MSHA Summer Horse Show, Mason, MI AUG. 21-22: COSCA Summer Sizzler, Medina Ohio SEPT. 1-4: Jubilee Regional, Springfield, IL SEPT. 3-5: Silver Spur, Hamburg, NY SEPT. 4-5: Silver Cup, Medina, OH Michigan SEPT. 10-12: Morgan Horse Breeders Futurity and Fall Horse Show, East Lansing, MI SEPT. 15-18: New York Morgan Regional, Syracuse, NY SEPT. 17-19: Randolph Fall Classic, Randolph, OH

Ohio Western Horse Association

Annual Fall Roundup and Youth Team Tournament PRESIDENT, Greg Leidel VICE PRESIDENTS, Loretta Rudasill, Ranee Liedel SECRETARY, Jonda Cole TREASURER, Megan Gossard WEBSITE,

While all of us are still in the mood for cookouts and swimming pools, fall is just around the corner. The crisp fall weather will soon usher in the Annual OWHA Fall Roundup and youth team tournament. This great weekend is the last chance to gather points for all members to receive year-end awards! This a three day show, (Sept. 24-26). This is the second year we will be holding this at the Champaign County Fairgrounds. They have three make up arenas, a nice big show arena and great stalls ($30 a day or $50 for the weekend). There is camping available with electric at $50 for the weekend. They also have very nice restrooms with nice clean showers. A variety of classes will be offered along with the annual youth Team Tournament! The Team Tournament consist 28

of teams of three youth. The youth receive points in all youth classes they place in and all teams receive something. If members preregister by Sept. 10 they will receive a special gift. The top teams have received Back On Track leg wraps, belt buckles personalized chairs, personalized suit cases and much more. The team tournament has been going for a few years now. It started with youth advisor Brenda Brooks who passed it down to Shari Parker then after a few years Shari passed it to Ashley Haudenschield. Ashley has counited with the tradition and the kids really enjoy participating. I’ll give you more history on Ashley: She joined OWHA at age 9, at 12 she was elected youth club president and held it every year until she aged out. She then became the first vice president for two years then was elected president in 2009 and held that for two years. After that she stepped down to raise her family, but when Shari told her was stepping down from youth club advisor the fire was back and after some consideration she ran for the position. She knew she had some big shoes to fill because Brenda and Shari both did a wonderful job with the youth club

and the team tournament. Ashley has done them both proud as she continues to keep the kid oriented stuff alive in OWHA. As she puts it, the kids are our future, we need to keep them in this club and on their horses. Our July 300 club was Barb


Stein, congrats Barb! We still have tickets for sale at $10 each and we still have 10 drawings left. Contact an officer or trustee for your tickets today. Visit for contact information and a showbill. August 2021

August 2021



Western Dressage

Ignite the Passion and Begin Again by Kelley Bitter


ecently I had the pleasure of working with a group of women I call Begin Again Riders. These ladies used to trail ride or show horses until life got in the way. Now that the kids are grown and jobs are good, they want to get back to riding. But it is more than just getting on a horse again. These ladies want to regain or start a partnership with their horse. They all want the bond that makes them feel they are part of something again, something that feeds the part of their soul that made them feel free, joyful, and excited. It is what they share with the horse that ignites the passion to ride again. In our discussions of what their riding goals are, the discipline of western dressage always comes up. Why western dressage? As a newer discipline, it is very welcoming, and the majority of women involved are over 30.

They are tired of the main show between rider and horse. The ring but want something that partnership that can be developed challenges their skills. Western is priceless. I say partnership but dressage speaks to them. It that also means the love we have offers a sisterhood where the for these horses, what feeds our ladies help each other and soul and enriches the lives above all, share in of both the horse and the joy of riding the rider. That’s horses. This the partnership comradery It all starts with what these Begin helps make A g a i n western dressage getting back Riders seek. It all starts in the saddle can offer the horse with what and even western showing in and the rider. dressage can dressage less offer the horse scary. Riding and the rider. The a western dressage exercise it offers the horse test is not like showing main ring. It’s just you and your helps in strengthening and horse. It really does not matter if conditioning the body as well as you go to shows or not, western developing suppleness. The mind dressage provides great exercises of the horse also needs to be for your horse to stay supple and exercised. The western dressage keep in shape. Keeping old Red tests have clear objectives and in great condition is important maneuvers that make the horse and helps him be a happy horse. think, listen and respond. Most But more than that, I have seen horses want a job and western this discipline strengthen the bond dressage offers various jobs at many levels. Your horse does not have to ride at level III test; introductory is just fine to keep the mind and body going. The tests maneuvers also keep the rider conditioned and fresh. Using the aids to move the horse through the tests are strengthened. The rider and the horse learn to move as one. The horse listens for the cues and the rider must be able to support the horse and use the aids to provide the cues. As the horse and rider learn to move together in harmony, the partnership is enhanced, and a mutual respect is formed and strengthened. The Begin Again Riders are

a true joy to work with. It is a delight for me to teach them western dressage and watch the partnership between horse and rider develop. Western dressage is such a wonderful discipline that helps strengthen, renew and ignite the passion to ride again. It does not matter if you compete or not, the training, exercises and discipline are exceptional for conditioning the horse and the rider. The embracing and openhearted nature of this newer discipline offers riders a safe and nurturing environment to begin igniting their passion to ride again. You can join us and inflame your passion to ride again. Kelley Bitter is the owner of Buckeye Performance Horse Center in Newbury, Ohio. A second-generation horsewoman. Kelley began riding and showing at 4 years old. In her teens, she started riding Arabians in various discipline and won several Regional and USEF titles over the last 50 years. Kelley started riding western dressage with her sister’s Paint when her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and could not ride anymore. She stayed with the discipline learning as she went from showing and reading about western dressage. She began showing her Arabians western dressage in 2017 and again won several titles including placing two of her Arabians in the WDAA World show in 2020. Kelley currently runs riding programs for beginners and begin again riders as well as Western Dressage Programs and Arabian Sport Horse Programs.

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August 2021

August 2021



Mid-Eastern Farriers Association

Tool Making and Tool Tune-Up Clinic and Annual Contest/Clinic Information PRESIDENT, Michael Boal VICE PRESIDENT, Lori McDade SECRETARY, Carly Peters TREASURER, Tim Dodd PHONE, 740/502-7055 FACEBOOK, Mid-Eastern Farrier’s Association

The heat and long work days of summer may be getting to us all but we have some upcoming

events that are guaranteed to reinvigorate you. Saturday, Sept. 4 there will be a tool making and tool tune-up clinic/hammer in at Michael Boal’s shop. Space is limited so sign up ASAP to reserve a spot. Text or call 740/502-7055. October 8 and 9 will be our Annual Contest and Clinic with 2021 AFA Convention Judge Bob Slansky at Autumn Lane Farm, 11221 National Road, Thornville, Ohio. Open: Convention shoe

list; Intermediate: Convention shoe list; Novice: Plain stamps. Detailed shoe lists will be on the MEFA Facebook page. Contact Lori McDade, 330/447-7534 or Michael Boal, 740/502-7055 with any questions. We will be hosting an AFA Certification Oct. 15 and 16 at Grizzle Ridge Arena, 52106 Grizzle Ridge Road, Jerusalem, Ohio. Phil Bower will be the examiner. Contact David

Bentrem, 412/580-4458 reserve a spot.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for other events happening and also more contest details and a shoe list. If you are not on Facebook and need a shoe list or contest details please get ahold of Lori McDade or Michael Boal. Anyone who has not paid their dues this year get a hold of Tim Dodd and get back on the current member list.

Geauga Horse and Pony Association

Good Luck to GHPA Youth at the County Fair PRESIDENT, Carmella Shale 1st VICE PRESIDENT, George Baker 2nd VICE PRESIDENT, Scott Burroughs TREASURER, Shauna Gingrich SECRETARY, Debbie Schwartz WEBSITE,

by Paige Belew We greatly appreciated all of the participation and support during this show season. Our last show is Aug. 8. Although GHPA will not hold any more shows, many of our youth will be headed to the Great Geauga County Fair. We

wish them good luck and hope they have a fun and safe fair. Keep an eye on our website. While our current show by show points are posted, the year end high points will be up soon as well. Congratulations to everyone who showed this year. We are already anxiously awaiting next year’s season when we will see you all again! STAY UP TO DATE Check the GHPA website,, for updates, work hours, points, and clinics. You can also find membership forms, rules, and links to horse-

related topics. We have gone to online sign-up for membership and many of our clinics. General membership meetings are being held over Zoom until further notice. Our board continues to discuss matters as they arise through this time. You can find out more about our youth group, Saddles and Spurs, on our website or by contacting Debbie Schwartz or Chelsea Nau Workman. Other ways to follow GHPA is to like us on Facebook, Geauga Horse & Pony Assoc.; Twitter: @GHPAhorseshows; Instagram: GHPAhorseshows.

A HUGE THANKS GHPA would like to thank Big Dee’s Tack for their generous support of our organization through their Bonus Bucks program. Likewise, thank you to Schneider’s Saddlery for their generous donations. We really appreciate all that both of these fine companies provide for us. Thank you to all the jackpot class sponsors like Grade Line, Buckeye Feeds, Arms Trucking, Rosewood Diesel Shop, Cleveland Equine Clinic, Jacqueline Ward- Howard Hanna, and Patterson Fruit Farm.

Tri-County Trail Association

Join in the Fun at the 33rd Annual Ox and Pig Roast PRESIDENT, Jim Mike VICE PRESIDENT, Leroy Wilson SECRETARY, Amy Crawford TREASURER, Chuck Stephens EMAIL, WEBSITE,

by Cindy Krumm We held our Annual Summer Bash and Obstacle Challenge in June. Those that attended had a great time. If you were among these attendees, thank you for your support! We hope to see you in August at our 33rd Annual Ox and Pig Roast the weekend of Aug. 20-22. If you were not 32

among these attendees, mark your calendar and come to the Ox Roast Weekend and check out all the fun and fellowship with like-minded horse and trail riding enthusiasts! For the Ox Roast weekend, we will feature the Band Southern Roots on Saturday evening after dinner. As always with this weekend, we will hold our big raffle. This is the 17th year we have held this raffle. There are 12 cash prices to be won in this raffle ranging from $50 to $1500! There will be additional opportunities to win cash in our 50/50 drawing. Also, there will be some nice items to win through other raffles and/or silent auctions. Be sure to bring a little bit of money for these

opportunities. As always, our weekend pricing includes five meals starting Friday evening through Sunday breakfast. Saturday evening’s Ox and Pig Roast is always a fantastic meal. Nobody leaves hungry! Another feature of this weekend is the camp-wide garage or tack swap. Bring your extra horse tack, camping equipment or related knick knacks that you have become tired of and set up on your camp site on Saturday to sell. Also, if there are items you have been wanting to locate, plan to check out the other lots—that treasure you have been seeking may be found in our camp on this day! A weekend at one of our events will remain one of the best values,


giving you the biggest bang for your buck when compared to the cost of similar horse camping events throughout the state! Look for our flyer in this issue of the Corral. A reservation form is included on this flyer. Our camp fills quickly for these big events, a paid reservation before the weekend event will ensure a camping spot is saved for you! We will have greeters to help you get your rigged parked on a camp lot so that you can get started with your weekend of fun without any hassle. You are encouraged to visit our Facebook page and also our website, www.Tri-CoTrails. com, for more information about our club and events. August 2021

Camp is located at 2662 Downing Avenue SW, East Sparta, OH 44626

PARTICIPATE IN THE TERRI WILLARD MEMORIAL POKER RUN ON SATURDAY! 3 Best Hands will receive prizes and their entry back!

Organized trail rides Saturday and Sunday

The band Southern Roots to entertain Saturday evening

Camp wide Garage Sale on Saturday

RESERVATION FORM FOR THE 2021 TRI-CO OX AND PIG ROAST WEEKEND (Weekend package includes 5 Meals — Friday evening through Sunday breakfast) Name(s) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cost of entire weekend: (please circle those that apply)

Single (Member) ................... $50.00 Couple (Member) .................. $95.00 Family of 4 (Member) .......... $125.00 Youth, age 13-17 (Member) .. $25.00

Single (Non-Member)...................$68.00 Couple (Non-Member) ...............$125.00 Family of 4 (Non-Member) .........$155.00 Youth, age 13-17 (Non-Member) .$45.00

All children 12 & under free. Individual meal prices are $12 for breakfasts, Saturday lunch and Friday evening dinner. $20 for Saturday evening.

Total Money Included: $_________________ Paid reservations received by July 24th will get a Commemorative T-shirt! Please specify T-shirt size & quantity:







Send reservation form to: Tri-County Trail Association, PO Box 9188, Canton, Ohio 44711

For more information contact Ellen Van Pelt at (330) 323-2834 August 2021



Premier Mount N Trail

Top Five Placings Used for Year-End Awards PRESIDENT, Cynthia Bauman VICE PRESIDENT, Becky Burnell SECRETARY, Heidi Daugherty TREASURER, Gloria Bandy PHONE, 330/854-5400 EMAIL, WEBSITE,

by Becky Burnell The Premier Mount N Trail (PMT) point standings are being posted on the website at Be sure to take a look at all 20 PMT classes for your status. Remember the top five placings will be used for calculating the PMT and OQHA year-end awards. Creek Side Horse Park maintained its fantastic reputation holding the three day OQHA Trail Competition at the brand-new mountain trail park. Close-up camping sites were

available for competitors and highlines and/portable corrals were available; the meals, as always, were fantastic with Todd (of OQHA) Salome’s special fish fry on Friday night and a steak and chicken dinner on Saturday night. The competition featured three separate patterns and three judges running simultaneously. All enjoyed the planned trail riding; three-day mounted archery competition; entertainment; huge raffles; high point class awards and all-around belt buckles. People attended from Michigan, West Virginia, Indiana and Ohio and the event set a new record with more than 800 goes for the three days. We are really excited to feature some of our members who have been submitting their RIDE hours. The rewards for the RIDE Program are given for riders achieving specific mile-markers. This month’s report: #563: Jennifer Sands, 143 hours

#575: Sue Donaldson, 70 hours and 18 volunteer hours #805: Hannah Miller, 32 hours HWSC Extreme Mountain Trail in Holland, Mich., held its first season competition on Sunday, June 13. There was a huge turnout and started with a Kelly Chapman Clinic on Saturday, June 12. The next event was July 9 with a Kelly Chapman Clinic and Pay to Play Day followed by a two-day competition on July 10 and 11. Double C Farm, Clarksburg MD, held its double point event this month and had several outof-state competitors as well as doubled the number of Youth competitors. Special sponsorships from Kelly Chapman Horse Training, Creek Side Horse Park and Premier Mount N Trail helped the Double C Youth entrants compete in two classes free of charge. This double point event count as two competitions. Construction of the new Spencer Lake Farm Mountain Trail Course is well underway.

Although the initial competition, originally set for July 10, has been moved to late October, the two-day competition set for Aug. 21-22 is on schedule. Stay tuned for more details. Premier Mount N Trail is pleased to announce its Youth Sponsorship Program. Through our special sponsors, we are able to provide a Youth Incentive Program. To support our young riders, Youth PMT members can enter two Youth classes at each of the double point events with no cost. These sponsorships are limited and will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our future lies with our Youth program. Please contact each park to ask about these sponsorships. Contact each park on Facebook or their website for more details.


Club Activities and Races are Underway CO-PRESIDENTS, Steve Fuller and Jimmy McDonald TREASURER, Robin Gigax SECRETARY, Anissa Fuller FACEBOOK, O.H.I.O. EXCA

O.H.I.O. EXCA Club has begun our fourth year of hosting races as a sanctioned club through Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Association (EXCA) out of Texas, and we’re pleased to share the results of our first of three Eastern Ohio Obstacle Challenge series held at the new Creek Side Horse Park in Waynesburg, Ohio on June 13, 2021. YOUNG GUNS: 1..Olivia Lang YOUTH: 1. Daniela Scheffler; 2. Jordan Scheffler; 3. Rachel Brick; 4. Abby Lang NON-PRO: 1. Danelle Osinchuk 279.47; 2. Katie Horton Finley 243.62; 3. Jennie Bower 229.34 RIDE SMART: 1. Jennie Bower 249.12; 2. Kathy Sailer Friley 234.99 NOVICE: 1. Sharon Oetzel 225.22; 2. Bethany Van Voorhis Scheffler 20.23; 3. Katie Finley 204.81; 4. Stephen Oetzel 204.34 INTERMEDIATE: 1. Sharon Oetzel 281.94; 2. Danelle Osinchuk 279.06; 3. Jasmine Baker 233.35; 4. Becky Jarvis 211.64 GREEN HORSE: 1. Katie Finley


Congratulations to all racers for participating and partnering with their horse and thank you to all the numerous volunteers who helped support and run the event. We extend our appreciation to judges Kayla Schlabach and Logan Shetler for providing instruction and scoring of the course. If I counted correctly, we had 46 runs. The day was a hot one and the race went off without a hitch thanks to all! O.H.I.O. EXCA is thrilled to welcome back the very talented and experienced EXCA Level 4 Judge Lee Hart to Ohio on Aug. 20 to facilitate a horsemanship and cattle working clinic for our club members and help judge the Aug. 21 EXCA race at S bar L Rodeo Arena in beautiful Sugarcreek, Ohio. EXCA races specialize in good horsemanship navigating obstacles where speed is a factor. Lee has reached the top of this sport and clinic participants and racers will acquire great guidance and feedback. While the Aug. 20 clinic is full, our Aug. 21 race is still accepting entries, 40 max. Competitors may range between ages 7 and our Ride Smart ‘seniors’. Race begins at 9 a.m. after prayer and singing of the National Anthem and usually ends around 6 p.m.

All can expect great concessions and up to 80 timed runs on some uniquely designed obstacle courses. Picture a fun route of sorting live cattle, navigating a keyhole, crossing a rocking bridge, using a cache hoist, opening and closing a gate, etc. Riders who have committed to race in the past have various experience levels, and many are often new to EXCA. Spectators receive free entry, can enjoy some great concessions, and be entertained! Several of those who race and gather high enough scores are likely to qualify for the EXCA World Championship Race in Texas this year. We are excited to hold our August and October EXCA races at our home arena of S bar L Arena in Sugarcreek where SL Productions helped our club get started. Practices at this venue and at the new Creek Side Horse Park occur mostly on Thursday evenings May through October, with some cattle working opportunities at S bar L at times. Our club’s winter home for practicing is at Riverland Arena in Navarre on Sunday afternoons. Our club also organizes some group trail rides and camping opportunities throughout the year. We have received several generous sponsorships for our


2021 season, and are extremely thankful and pleased to routinely share and support these sponsors on our Facebook page, on our club T-shirts, at our races and if a sponsor gives $200 or above, on our sponsorship banner and in all of our multiple editorials and article submissions throughout the year. To date, our 2021 sponsors at the Saddle and Mustang levels providing $200+ of cash or product are Weaver Leather, Silk Studio Photography, United Equine, Creek Side Horse Park, Saltwell Western Store, Kaycee Western Store, Equipride and EquiLix, and Soltice Equine Bodywork. We are very grateful for this important support that allows us to help reduce youth entry fees for both club-hosted clinics and races, provide discounted club T-shirts, pay for cattle at our races without raising our entry fees, and provide quality prizes at our races. If you are interested in the O.H.I.O. EXCA Club as a member, volunteer or a sponsor and would like to know more about joining the fun, please contact us. Our O.H.I.O. EXCA Facebook page is very active, and our officers are very helpful and responsive to new faces and questions. Happy horses everyone! August 2021

September 11 Start Time at 9 a.m.

Held at: Spencer Lake Farm

9607 Chatham Road, Spencer, Ohio 44275




Earn Double PMT Points & Hours at this Show! All Youth under 18 yrs. must wear a helmet at all times when riding in the park. See website for all class descriptions and be familiar with each facilities own park rules. Stallions are not permitted at Spencer Lake Farm. To qualify for Championship, participate in 1 challenge on any certified PMT course that is judged PMT. All rules are done by PMT. Year End High Point Awards top 5 shows by PMT for all 20 classes, Youth and Adult classes also awarded by OQHA. PMT awards Overall Champion for In Hand and Riding. Judge’s decisions are FINAL. Unsportsman like conduct is grounds for dismissal and forfeiture of all fees and entries paid. OQHA, PMT or Spencer Lake Farm is not responsible for damages or injury to exhibitors, animals, spectators or personal property. No refunds will be given for scratched classes.

Show information and printable Pre-registration available online at Contact Becky Burnell 330-854-5400 August 2021





August 2021

August 2021



Corral Calendar The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us, creating a great deal of uncertainty within the horse show industry. It is simply impossible for the Horsemen’s Corral to keep up with event cancellations prior to going to print. Please take care of yourself, your family and your horses. Now more than ever...CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL! DISCLAIMER: The Horsemen’s Corral has made every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided on this calendar of events. However, the information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. The Corral does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, or reliability of the information contained herein. Where possible, event contact information is provided. Please “Call before you haul”.

AUGUST 2021 AUG. 1 — Ohio Western Horse Association Officer Trustee Show, Auglaize County Fairgrounds, Wapakoneta, OH. FMI: www. AUG. 1 — Ohio Standardbreds & Friends Just For The Fun Of It Show, Fairfield County Fairgrounds, Lancaster, OH. FMI: Find Ohio Standardbreds & Friends on Facebook. AUG. 1 — Gross Point Equestrian Dressage Schooling Show 3, 655 Cook Rd., Grosse Point Woods, MI. FMI: www.gpequestrian. com AUG. 2-8 — OHC State Trail Committee Work Days (Aug. 2-5) & Gibby Ride (Aug. 6-8), Barkcamp State Park, Belmont, OH. FMI:, www.

AUG. 3-8 — Kentucky Summer Classic, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: AUG. 4-7 — The Dayton Saddlebred Horse Show, Champions Center Outdoor Covered Arena, 4122 Laybourne Rd., Springfield, OH. FMI: Evette Moody, 937-623-7934, AUG. 5-7 — Great Lakes Paso Fino Show, Champions Center Indoor Arena, 4122 Layboure Rd., Springfield, OH. FMI: 419308-2934, AUG. 6 — A Bar Rodeo Productions Bulls, Auglaize County Fair, Wapakoneta, OH. FMI: Pat Ayers, 419-957-4164, Find on Facebook AUG. 6 — Summit County Fairboard 2021 Speed Series, 229 East Howe Ave., Tallmadge, OH. FMI: 330-805-6810 AUG. 6 — Friday Night Neon Lights, 9 p.m., Circle M Ranch, 7741 Gane Rd., Williamsfield, OH. FMI: 440-319-2009 AUG. 6 — Shenadoah Friday Show Series Horse Show, Shenandoah Valley Riding Club, Pleasant City, OH. FMI: 740-581-1648, www. AUG. 6 — Double Y Saddle Club IBRA/ NPBA/NFRA Friday Night Show, 7 p.m., 4761 Hendricks Ford Rd., Edinburgh, IN. FMI: Toni, 317-670-7619 AUG. 6-7 — NBHA OH02 Barrel Racing, , 2538 Middleton Rd., Columbiana, OH. FMI: Amy, 440-479-8503

UPCOMING SALES Special sales begin at 10:30 a.m., horses follow. Regular sales begin at 11 a.m.


Horse Sale Every Friday


Tack at 11 a.m. Horses at 2 p.m.

Special Feeder Cattle Sale 12:30 w/Regular Sale

OCT. 22

Colt & Brood Mare Sale

NOV. 26

Livestock Sale Every Monday

Black Friday Horse Sale, 12 p.m.

NOV. 27

Special Tack & Miscellaneous Sale, 10 a.m.

DEC. 3

Special Christmas Pony Sale

DEC. 4

Special Toy Sale — Time TBD

DEC. 31

Special New Years Eve Horse Sale, 12 p.m.

JAN. 1

New Years Day Tack & Miscellaneous Sale


Hay at Noon Livestock 12:30 p.m. Send consignment information for posting on Facebook to

102 Buckeye Street • Sugarcreek, Ohio 330.831.1720 • 38

AUG. 6-8 — Ohio Ranch Horse Association Show, Henderson Arena, Jackson, OH. FMI: Amy Roberts, 740-819-8446, www. AUG. 6-8 — Knox County OHC Camping & Riding, Harrison State Forest, Cadiz, OH. FMI: AUG. 6-8 — Tri-State Quarter Horse Association AQHA Horse Show, Scott Township Show Complex, New Castle, PA. FMI: 765-714-4324, www. AUG. 6-8 — Indiana Appaloosa Association Show, C Bar C Expo Center, Cloverdale, IN. FMI: AUG. 7 — Ohio Foundation Quarter Horse Association Ranch Horse Show, Guernsey County Fairgrounds, 335 Old National Road, Lore City, OH. FMI: Donnie Uffner, 740-877-7993, AUG. 7 — 2D Arena Buckle Series, 39300 Mechanicsburg Rd., Woodsfield, OH. FMI: 740-516-3580, www.facebook. com/2DArenaLLC AUG. 7 — Madison County OHC Gymkhana Event, Madison County Fairgrounds, 205 Elm St., London, OH. FMI: www.facebook. com/MadisonCountyOHCGymkhana AUG. 7 — Draft Horse & Pony Show, Preble County Fairgrounds, 722 Franklin St., Eaton, OH. FMI: 937-456-3748, www. AUG. 7 — Belmont County Saddle Club All Breed Open Show, 10 a.m., 41915 National Road, Belmont, OH. FMI: 740-296-8958 AUG. 7 — Youth Rodeo K-12, Rocky Fork Rodeo Co., Kimbolton, OH. FMI: Kacey Jordan, 567-203-2297, rockyforkrodeoco@ AUG. 7 — Ibn’s Acres Open Speed Show Series, 15925 Quarry Rd., Oberlin, OH. FMI: 440-320-4509, AUG. 7 — NBHA OH 02, 06, 07, 00, NPBA Show, , 2538 Middleton Rd., Columbiana, OH. FMI: Amy Snyder, 440-479-8503 AUG. 7 — Auglaize County Fair Speed Show, Auglaize County Fairgrounds, Wapakoneta, OH. FMI: Terri Metzger, 419-236-2546 AUG. 7 — Kentucky Dressage Association 14th Annual Schooling Show, Masterson Station Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: www. AUG. 7 — Mountain Horse Celebration, 4 p.m., Morgan County Fairgrounds, Hwy. 460 East, West Liberty, KY. FMI: Langley Franklin, 606-794-0350, AUG. 7 — The Rise Above Tour “2021 The Redemption”, Smokin’ Barrels Ranch, Ypsilanti, MI. FMI: 248-982-6976, AUG. 7-8 — Northern Ohio Outlaw Shoot Ohio State Championship, Wayne County Fairgrounds, 199 Vanover St., Wooster, OH. FMI: Craig, 330-828-0423, outlawgoose67@, AUG. 7-8 — Southern Ohio & National Quarter Pony Assoc. Open Horse Show, 9 a.m., Fairfield County Fair, Lancaster, OH. FMI: 740-474-8000, AUG. 7-8 — Brown County Horsemans Open Horse Show, 325 W. State St., Georgetown, OH. FMI: 513-256-5676, tmsiemer@yahoo. com, AUG. 7-8 — IQHAA Summer Fun Show, Henry County Saddle Club, 2221 Memorial Dr., New Castle, IN. FMI: 765-748-3464,


AUG. 8 — Geauga Horse & Pony Association Horse Show, Geauga County Fairgrounds, Burton, OH. FMI: AUG. 8 — Angels Haven Horse Rescue Fun Show, Carlisle Equestrian Center, 13630 Nickle Plate Diagonal Rd., LaGrange, OH. FMI: 440-781-5060, www. AUG. 8 — Massillon Saddle Club Contest Show, 12680 Sally St. SW, Massillon, OH. FMI: Shae Marshall, 330-704-9459, www. AUG. 8 — Straight A’s Speed Show, 2250 Alliance Rd. NW, Malvern, OH. FMI: 888556-3772, AUG. 8 — Western Reserve Carriage Associaton Zoar Pleasure Drive, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Zoar Schoolhouse, 160 Third St., Zoar, OH. FMI: www.wrcarriage. com AUG. 8 — Pioneer Riding Club Open Horse Show, Washington County Fairgrounds, Marietta, OH. FMI: Jill, 740-678-2239, AUG. 10 — Sydmor Last Call Before Fall Mini-Series, Sydmor Arena, Monongahela, PA. FMI: Find on Facebook AUG. 10-15 — United States Equestrian Federation Pony Finals, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: www. AUG. 11 — A Bar Rodeo Productions Bulls & Barrels, Richland County Fair, Mansfield, OH. FMI: Pat Ayers, 419-957-4164, Find on Facebook AUG. 11 — Harrisburg “Under The Lights” Horse Show Series Double Point Finale, Halcyon Farm, 172 Locust Grove Rd., Dillsburg, PA. FMI: Barbara Kohr, 717-5036622, AUG. 11-14— Buckeye Morgan Challenge Horse Show, Champions Center, Springfield, OH. FMI: Sandy, 248-2074956,, www. AUG. 12 — Seneca Rough Riders Contesting Show, Seneca County Fairgrounds, 100 Hopewell Ave., Tiffin, OH. FMI: Stephanie Fesler, 740-504-3574 AUG. 13 — Wayne County Saddle Club Fun Show7 p.m., 4200 Overton Rd., Wooster, OH. FMI: 330-844-4041, www. AUG. 13 — Summer Special Riding Horse Sale, Sugarcreek Stockyards, 102 Buckeye Street, Sugarcreek, OH. FMI: 330-8311720,, AUG. 13 — Clermont County Open Speed Show, Clermont County Fairgrounds, 1000 Locust St., Owensville, OH. FMI: Haley, 513-256-5128, clermonthorsecommittee@ AUG. 13 — TNT Farm Speed Shows, 6:30 p.m., 5251 Lyons Rd., Lyons, MI. FMI: Tom Krausz, 517-539-2093 AUG. 13 — Friday Night Lights Open Speed Show, St. Joseph Co. Horseman’s Association, 21388 Centreville-Constantine Rd., Centreville, MI. FMI: Shirel Hart, 269506-6390 AUG. 13-14 — Western Pennslyvania Reining Horse Association Show, , 2538 Middleton Rd., Columbiana, OH. FMI:,

Please turn to page 40 August 2021


September 4-5, 2021 • 8 a.m. each day Sponsored by the Miami Valley Horse Show Association Preble County Fairgrounds, Covered Arena • Eaton, Ohio dge:

Ju Invited to

en Todd Allay) (Saturd

$1600 GUARANTEED PAYBACK! DOUBLE MVHSA POINTS One entry fee = two sets of points EACH DAY

Office Fee: $5/horse/day $100 classes: $12 — GUARANTEED PAYBACK: $40, $30, $20, $10 All other classes $7 — 10 or more, 50% payback to 4 places Camping Fee: $35/night Trailer-In Fee: Shavings: TBA Stalls: $50/weekend

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31.

Good Grooming $100 - Showmanship 19-39 Showmanship 40+ Showmanship 14-18 Showmanship 13 & U Showmanship 9 & U Showmanship $100 Open Halter Youth Halter 18 & Under Adult Halter 19 & Over Color Breed Halter AQHA Halter Performance Halter Non-Stock Horse Halter # Open English Showmanship Leadline 6 & Under *********BREAK********* Non-Stock Horse HUS W/T # Non-Stock Horse HUS # $100 Open HUS W/T $100 Open HUS AQHA HUS Colorbreed HUS 40+ HUS 19-39 HUS 14-18 HUS 13 & Under HUS 9 & Under HUS W/T 9 & Under Equitation W/T $100 Open Equitation 40+ Equitation 19-39 Equitation

# notes classes not MVHSA approved * Novice exhibitors—cannot ride in any 3-gaited class * Performance Halter—must show in one performance class to be eligible cannot show in any other halter class

Invited to






* Ranch horses cannot enter any Western Pleasure class * Judges decision is FINAL * Any scratches will be considered a donation to MVHSA Horse Show Association

2. 14-18 Equitation 3 33. 13 & Under Equitation **********BREAK********** 34. $100 Open Western Pleasure W/T 35. 18 & Under Pleasure E/W W/T 36. Novice Adult Pleasure E/W W/T 37. Novice Youth Pleasure E/W W/T 38. Non-Stock Horse Western Pleasure W/T # 39. Non-Stock Horse Western Pleasure # 40. $100 Open Western Pleasure 41. AQHA Western Pleasure 42. Colorbreed Western Pleasure 43. 40+ Western Pleasure 44. 19-39 Western Pleasure 45. 14-18 Western Pleasure 46. 13 & Under Western Pleasure 47. 9 & Under Western Pleasure W/T 48. 9 & Under Horsemanship W/T 49. Open W/T HMS/Eq 50. $100 Open Horsemanship 51. 40+ Horsemanship 52. 19-39 HMS 53. 14-18 HMS 54. 13 & Under HMS 55. Youth W/T Ranch Pleasure 56. Open W/T Ranch Pleasure 57. Youth Ranch Pleasure 58. Open Ranch Pleasure 59. Youth Ranch Riding W/T 60. Open Ranch Riding W/T 61. Youth Ranch Riding 62. Open Ranch Riding

Stall Reservations: Betsie Moore (937) 418-2378 • *MVHSA, Preble County Fairgrounds, or anyone else, are not responsible for loss/theft of personal property or accidents August 2021



Corral Calendar Continued from page 38

AUG. 13-15 — Carroll County OHC August Ride, Jefferson Lake State Park, Richmond, OH. FMI: 330-238-0753, carrollcohc@, AUG. 13-15 — IBRA State Show, C Bar C Expo Center, Cloverdale, IN. FMI: www. AUG. 14 — Wayne County Saddle Club Youth Officer Show, 10 a.m., 4200 Overton Rd., Wooster, OH. FMI: 330-201-1022, AUG. 14 — Ohio Valley Team Penning Association Show Series, 9:30 a.m., Kuhlber Farm, 220 Edgewater Dr., New Galiee, PA. FMI: Tom Reeder, 330-8317463, Find us on Facebook AUG. 14 — Arena Trail Challenge (9 a.m.) & Fun Show (11 a.m.), Knox County Horse Park, 7500 Thayer Road, Mt. Vernon, OH. FMI: 816-305-6328, Find Knox County Horse Park Inc on Facebook AUG. 14 — Belmont County Saddle Club Pole & Barrel Show, 41915 National Road, Belmont, OH. FMI: Kelsey, 740-296-8958 AUG. 14 — Cuyahoga County Fair Show, 164 Eastland Rd., Berea, OH. FMI: Gail Wind, 216-536-7949, myequine123@, AUG. 14 — Dash For Cash Open Barrel Show, Hartford Independent Fair, exhibition 1:30 p.m., show 3 p.m., 14028 Fairgrounds Rd., Croton, OH. FMI:, AUG. 14 — Ranch Horse Buckle Series, TC Performance Horses, 10843 KingstonWhisler Rd., Kingston, OH. FMI: Laura Clyne, 740-656-3615,

AUG. 14 — Southeastern Ohio Horse Show Organization Open Horse Show, Perry County Fairgrounds, New Lexington, OH. FMI: Leighton Wetzel, 740-868-9847, AUG. 14 — Horse Sale, Mt. Hope Auction, Mt. Hope, OH. FMI: 330-674-6188, www. AUG. 14 — High Steel Rodeo, 2211 Kinsman Rd. NW, North Bloomfield, OH. FMI: 440-685-4487 AUG. 14 — NBHA 00, 02 & NPBA Show, Country Estates, 18561 Grill Road, Doylestown, OH. FMI: 440-479-8503 AUG. 14 — Shelby County Gymkhana Series, Shelby County Fairgrounds, 655 S. Highland Ave., Sidney, OH. FMI: www. AUG. 14 — Western Reserve Pony Club Benefit Jumper Show, Hackamore Farm, North Jackson, OH. FMI: Josh Furlong, 330420-5213, AUG. 14 — Highland County Horse Show Mom’s Open Horse Show, 9 a.m., Highland County Fairgrounds, Hillsboro, OH. FMI: Tim Sheeley, 937-403-6476 AUG. 14 — Shenadoah Saturday Night Show, Shenandoah Valley Riding Club, 56095 Marietta Rd., Pleasant City, OH. FMI: Chase Brown, 740-680-3844, www. AUG. 14 — NBHA Barrels & Poles (approved 00, 03, 04 & 06), Crazy Woman Ranch, 6450 Lancaster-Circleville Rd., Lancaster, OH. FMI: Joyce, 614-595-1850 AUG. 14 — Black Swamp Open Horse Shows, Paulding County Fairgrounds, 501 Fairground Drive, Paulding, OH. FMI: 419406-0094,


OCTOBER 9, 2021


Bring your own horse [ Rain or Shine [ We have tents! Sign Up starts at 8 a.m.

1st Horse out 9 a.m. Last horse out by 11 a.m. (All horses in by 3 p.m.)

$10 donation adult and youth

CASH PRIZES Best/Worst Hands Adult and Youth


After the dinner Singing Cowboys & Cowgirls


Desserts/Breakfast Sun. Morn

Camping available through reservation online @ ODNR.Gov website and is limited to 40 reservations, however more sites are available up to 75 by calling the camp store @ 740-432-1508. You get what you get, this is a popular event make reservations early! SPONSORED BY: Guernsey Co. Chapter Ohio Horseman’s Council

For More Information: 740-638-3010 or 740-680-1131 40

AUG. 14 — Wranglers Riding Club Fun Show, 3385 State Highway 80 E, Murray, KY. FMI: AUG. 14 — Hartmeyer Stables Summer Spectacular Series 2021, 10 a.m., 7111 W. Bethel Ave., Muncie, IN. FMI: Victoria Hill, 812-878-0216 AUG. 14 — Southern Indiana Junior Rodeo Association 3rd Points Rodeo, Kalmbach Arena, 7596 West State Road 65, Salem, IN. FMI: 812-350-9860, sijra99@gmail. com, AUG. 14 — Branch County Saddle Club Speed Show, Expo 12 p.m., Show 2 p.m., 753 Clarendon Rd., Quincy, MI. FMI: Joshua Ewers, 517-227-1987 AUG. 14 — The Rise Above Tour “2021 The Redemption”, SJC Horsemans, 21388 Centreville-Constatine Rd., Centreville, MI. FMI: 248-982-6976, goneropingfarm@att. net AUG. 14-15 — Ottawa County Horse Foundation Points on the Portage Circuit #2 (Speed 14th, Performance 15th), Ottawa County Fairgrounds, Oak Harbor, OH. FMI: Brianne, 419-707-0398, AUG. 14-15 — Ashland Paint & Plain Saddle Club Show, 9 a.m., Ashland County Fairgrounds, 2042 Claremont Ave., Ashland, OH. FMI: Chunk Watts, 330-3170945, AUG. 14-15 — Ohio Western Horse Association Speed/Pleasure Show, War Memorial Park, Ada, OH. FMI: Laura Gossard, 567-674-3421, AUG. 14-15 — Ohio Dressage Society Down Centerline 3 & 4, Brave Horse, Johnstown, OH. FMI: AUG. 14-15 — Windfall Farm Horse Show, 6898 WES Curt Lane, Goshen, OH. FMI: 513-680-3690,, AUG. 14-15 — Western Pennsylvania Reining Horse Association Jackpot Futurity & Green Reinter Shootout, Garwood Arena, 2538 Middleton Rd., Columbiana, OH. FMI:, AUG. 14-15 — Premier Mount N Trail Obstacle Competition Series, Holland Western Saddle Club, 3856 61st St., Holland, MI. FMI: www.hollandwestern. net AUG. 14-15 — Mid Michigan Dressage Schooling Show 5 & 6, Rattlewood Farm, 1935 Ray Road, Oxford, MI. FMI: www. AUG. 15 — Valley City Saddle Club Summer Series, Medina County Faigrounds, Medina, OH. FMI: Kristina Phillips, 440-334-6434, AUG. 15 — Cuyahoga County Fair Show, Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, Berea, OH. FMI: Gail, 440-243-0090, myequine123@, AUG. 15 — Champagne Run First Annual Faux Star, 5991 Old Richmond Rd., Lexington, KY. FMI: 859-263-4638, www. AUG. 17-22 — Bluegrass Festival Horse Show, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: AUG. 17-22 — The Best of America by Horseback with Tom Seay, Cook Forest Area Scenic Trail Ride, 1661 Scott Drive, Clarion, PA. FMI: AUG. 18 — Ranch Sorting Practice & Draw Pot, Hoppel’s Arena, 40891 State Route 518, Lisbon, OH. FMI: Shawn Woods, 325721-9968, AUG. 19-20 — Hillside Harness & Leather Equipment Sale, Mt. Hope Auction, 8076 SR 241, Millersburg, OH. FMI: John Raber, 330-893-1510


AUG. 19-22 — The Appalachian Trainer Face-Off, Winfield Riding Arena, 9254 State Route 34, Winfield, WV. FMI: 304962-7761,, www. AUG. 20 — A Bar Rodeo Productions Bulls & Barrels, Muskingum County Fair, Zanesville, OH. FMI: Pat Ayers, 419-957-4164, Find on Facebook AUG. 20 — Friday Night Neon Lights, 9 p.m., Circle M Ranch, 7741 Gane Rd., Williamsfield, OH. FMI: Carolyn, 440-3192009 AUG. 20-21 — That Pole Bending & Barrel Race, WB Ranch, 1640 CR B, Swanton, OH. FMI: Jamie Montooth, 419-680-3610 AUG. 20-21 — Bureau of Land Management Adoption Event, Shale Knoll Arena, 126 Sherks Church Rd., Annville, PA. FMI: 866468-7826, AUG. 20-22 — Mid Ohio Marauders Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Madison County Fairgrounds, 205 Elm St., London, OH. FMI: 740-206-7214,, www. AUG. 20-22 — OHC State Ride hosted by Medina County OHC, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Brecksville, OH. FMI:, www. AUG. 20-22 — SOQHA Summer Finale, World Equestrian Center, Wilmington, OH. FMI: 765-714-4324, www. AUG. 20-22 — USCHA Cutting Show, , 2538 Middleton Rd., Columbiana, OH. FMI: AUG. 20-22 — Indiana Ranch Horse Association Show, C Bar C Expo, Cloverdale, IN. FMI: Jamie Feuquay, 317-372-6722, AUG. 20-22 — Tom Wilson Memorial Horse Show, Fulton County Equestrian Center, 1157 W. 3rd St., Rochester, IN. FMI: Rachel David, 812-350-0198, rachelflohrdavid@, AUG. 20-22 — TLC Equine Speed Show, Turtle Lake Campground, 854 Miller Road, Beulah, MI. FMI: 231-275-7353, www. AUG. 20-22 — Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association Summer Series, Crooked Creek Horse Park, Ford City, PA. FMI: 724-8595572, AUG. 20-22 — Tri-County Trail Association 33rd Annual Ox Roast & Annual Raffle, 2662 Downing St. SW, East Sparta, OH. FMI: Ellen Van Pelt, 330-323-2834, www. AUG. 21 — Wayne County Saddle Club Open Pleasure Point Show, 10 a.m., 4200 Overton Rd., Wooster, OH. FMI: Angie, 330-201-1022, www. AUG. 21 — OHIO EXCA Race, S Bar L Ranch, Sugarcreek, OH. FMI: Steve Fuller, 330-340-1540, Find us on Facebook AUG. 21 — Buckin Ohio Pro Bull Riding, 8154 Garman Rd., Burbank, OH. FMI: 330624-7205, AUG. 21 — Youth Rodeo K-12, Rocky Fork Rodeo Co., Kimbolton, OH. FMI: Kacey Jordan, 567-203-2297, rockyforkrodeoco@ AUG. 21 — Summit County Jr. Fairboard Open Show Series, 229 East Howe Ave., Tallmadge, OH. FMI: summitopenshows@, AUG. 21 — Open Horse Show, M&H Stable and Arena, 19092 Raven Rd., Salesville, OH. FMI: Marci, 740-801-0528

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Erie County Chapter of the Ohio Horseman’s Council

Poker Ride B.Y.O.H. Bring Your Own Horse!

• Lots of trail improvements • Ride Beautiful Edison Woods! • Rain or Shine • Bring the whole family! • Chinese Auction and 50/50 Directions: Route 2 exit at Route 61, South on 61 for 1 mile, cross railroad tracks and turn left on Driver Road, 3/4 mile to Smokey Road, right and you’re there!

August 2021


Edison Woods MetroPark Berlin Heights, Ohio Registration: Starts at 9 a.m. through Noon Cost: $15 Donation Come out and join us for a beautiful fall ride through Edison Woods. Ride a marked course at your own pace. This is NOT a timed event. Children and riders of all experience levels are welcome. All hands turned in by 2 p.m. Cash prizes to the top male/female. Lots of runner-up prizes! A delicious lunch will be served from 12 to 2 p.m. Sponsored by the Erie County Chapter of the Ohio Horseman’s Council. This is a fundraiser to benefit bridle trails and equine activities. Please no running on trails during event!


Lunc 12-2 h p.m


Parking at Smokey Road Trailhead


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AUG. 21 — WHAO Summer Classic, Ashland County Fairgrounds, Ashland, OH. FMI: Courtney, 419-483-2563, www. AUG. 21 — Jen + Tonic Polo Event, Powers Polo Farm, 1769 North Market St., East Palestine, OH. FMI: 330-692-0062, www. AUG. 21 — Reality Dreams Open Horse Show, Fairfield County Fairgrounds, Lancaster, OH. FMI: Karen, 740-385-3431. AUG. 21 — Meadow Lake Combined Test & Mini Trails, Meadow Lake Equestrian Center, Lancaster, KY. FMI: www. AUG. 21 — Saddle Up For St. Jude, Clay City Fairgrounds, 200 Nye St., Clay City, IN. FMI: Chuck Harden, 812-249-6868 AUG. 21-22 — Hour Of The Gun I & II Cowboy Mounted Shooting, 9 a.m., Ashtabula County Fairgrounds, 107 Poplar St., Jefferson, OH. FMI: 330-719-3290, AUG. 21-22 — Premier Mount N Trail Obstacle Competition Series, Spencer Lake Farm, 9607 Chatham Rd., Spencer, OH. FMI: Find Spencer Lake Farm on Facebook. AUG. 21-22 — COSCA Summer Sizzler, Medina County Fairgrounds, 720 W. Smith Rd., Medina, OH. FMI: Deb Kitzmiller, 330687-9840, AUG. 21-22 — Buckeye Bonanza POR, Osthimer Horse Arena, Fulton County Fairgrounds, Wauseon, OH. FMI: 440-2817675,, AUG. 21-22 — Classical Attraction Dressage Society Working Equitation Schooling Show, Brecksville Stables, Brecksville, OH. FMI:, www.

AUG. 21-22 — Tri-State Rodeo Association Open Horse Show Circuit Speed Series (21st) & Performance Series (22nd), Harry Hughes Youth Equestrian Center, Swanton, OH. FMI: 419-350-2206, www. AUG. 21-22 — 2nd Annual PeaVine Memorial Ride, The Bluffs, 7651 W. Montgomery Rd., Camden, MI. FMI: Tim, 260-715-1112, AUG. 21-22 — ISHA Fall Open All Breed Horse Show, Hoosier Horse Park Covered Arena, Edinburgh, IN. FMI: Donna & Paul Skatrud, 317-418-6381, skatrudarabians@ AUG. 21-22 — Indiana POA Show, Henry County Saddle Club, New Castle, IN. FMI:, www. AUG. 21-22 — Bluegrass Round-Up: ASPCAMHR-ASPR, Western KY Ag & Expo, Bowling Green, KY. FMI: Lisa Leonard, 270929-6292, AUG. 22 — NEOHA Approved Show for Points, Blue Lakes Farm, Newbury, OH. FMI: Billie Jo Brown, 440-488-5400, www. AUG. 22 — Massillon Saddle Club Pleasure Show, 12680 Sally St. SW, Massillon, OH. FMI: Jeff Marshall, 330-704-7961, www. AUG. 22 — The Great Darke County Fair Horse Show, Darke County Fairgrounds, 800 Sweitzer St., Greenville, OH. FMI: Lisa Heidenreich, 937-867-0757 AUG. 24 — A Bar Rodeo Productions Bulls & Barrels, Lorain County Fair, Wellington, OH. FMI: Pat Ayers, 419-957-4164, Find on Facebook

Buckeye Mini Horse & Donkey Auction Followed by Ponies & Horses Wayne County Fairgrounds 199 Vanover Street Wooster, Ohio 44691

Saturday, October 2, 2021 8:30 a.m. 12 p.m.

Tack & Equipment Mini Donkeys & Mini Ponies Horses & Ponies to follow.

All Animals Must Have Halter & Lead Rope. Commission Rates is as follows: Each animal $25 plus 10%, Tack 20%, Saddles & Carts 10%, No sales $25. Veterinarian will be available day of sale for Coggins: $25. Terms of Sale: Cash or GOOD Check with proper ID. Out-of-State checks must have letter of credit from your bank. Coggins and health papers required on out-of-state animals.

Nearby Places to Stay Best Western (330) 264-7750 Super 8 (330) 439-5766 Hampton Inn (330) 345-4424

2021 NOVEMBER AUCTION DATE November 27 For More Information: Auctioneer Daniel Schrock Ohio License #2015000116

(330) 763-0905 • 42

AUG. 24-25 — Blooded Horse Sale (Standardbred Racehorses), Champions Center, 4122 Layboure Rd., Springfield, OH. FMI: 859-858-4415, www.bloodedhorse. com AUG. 24 — Sydmor Last Call Before Fall Mini-Series, Sydmor Arena, Monongahela, PA. FMI: Find on Facebook AUG. 25 — Medina/Summit OHC Weekday Trail Ride, 10 a.m., S. Chagrin Reservation (Richmond Rd.), Willoughby Hills, OH. FMI: Barb Vega, 216-702-1224, AUG. 25-29 — Kentucky Hunter Jumper Association Horse Show, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: www. AUG. 26 — Seneca Rough Riders Contesting Show, Seneca County Fairgrounds, 100 Hopewell Ave., Tiffin, OH. FMI: Stephanie Fesler, 740-504-3574 AUG. 27 — TNT Farm Speed Shows, 6:30 p.m., 5251 Lyons Rd., Lyons, MI. FMI: Tom Krausz, 517-539-2093 AUG. 27-29 — Knox County OHC Camping & Riding, Salt Fork State Park, Lore City, OH. FMI: knoxohc AUG. 27-29 — Iron Horse Ranch Productions Big Money Buckle Series, Keystone Horse Center, 106 Horse Farm Road, Bloomsburg, PA. FMI: Morgan Marks, 845-901-4105. AUG. 27-29 — Last Call Before Fall RSTPA Sanctioned Sort & Pen, , Columbiana, OH. FMI: 330-717-4329, garwoodarena@, AUG. 28 — Wayne County Saddle Club Open Contest Point Show, 4200 Overton Rd., Wooster, OH. FMI: Jamie, 419-4966549, AUG. 28 — Classical Attraction Dressage Society Summer Series Show #4, Brecksville Stables, 11921 Parkview Drive, Brecksville, OH. FMI: CADSrider@gmail. com, AUG. 28 — Brookfield Saddle Club Points/ Performance Show, 696 Bedford Rd. SE, Brookfield, OH. FMI: Connie Swartz, 330534-1465, AUG. 28 — Under The Oaks Open Show, Crawford County Fairgrounds, 610 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, OH. FMI: Trisha, 419-563-5170 (text) AUG. 28 — Belmont County Saddle Club Fun Show, 41915 National Road, Belmont, OH. FMI: Kelsey, 740-296-8958 AUG. 28 — Southern Ohio & National Quarter Pony Association Open Horse Show, 9 a.m., Madison County Fairgrounds, 205 Elm St., London, OH. FMI: Jenny, 740474-8000, AUG. 28 — Southeastern Ohio Horse Show Organization Open Horse Show, Coshocton County Fairgrounds, Coshocton, OH. FMI: Leighton Wetzel, 740-868-9847, lwetzel@ AUG. 28 — Shenadoah Saturday Night Show, Shenandoah Valley Riding Club, 56095 Marietta Rd., Pleasant City, OH. FMI: Chase Brown, 740-680-3844, www. AUG. 28 — Horse Event Clinic, 8:30 a.m., Shelby County Fairgrounds, 655 S. Highland Ave., Sidney, OH. FMI: MC Horses & Training, 567-644-9947 AUG. 28 — Clare County Mounted Division Judged Trail Ride, 9 a.m., Ranch Randall, Leota, MI. FMI: AUG. 28 — Saint Joseph County Horsemans Association Pleasure Show, 21388 Centreville-Constantine Rd., Centreville, MI. FMI: Shirel Hart, 269-506-6390


AUG. 28 — Branch County Saddle Club Speed Show, Expo 12 p.m., Show 2 p.m., 753 Clarendon Rd., Quincy, MI. FMI: Joshua Ewers, 517-227-1987 AUG. 28 — The Rise Above Tour “2021 The Redemption”, Scales Prairie Farms, 3247 Bender Rd., Middleville, MI. FMI: 248-9826976, AUG. 28 — Horse Aid Live Combined Test & Dressage Show, Masterson Station Park, Lexington, KY. FMI:, AUG. 28 — United States Equestrian Federation Western Dressage Lite Show, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: AUG. 28 — 6th Annual “Get Your Pink On!” Show, Owingsville Lions Club, Owingsville, KY. FMI: Julie Clark, 859-274-6394, AUG. 28 — Washington Saddle Club Fun Show, 9 a.m., 1215 Cosby Rd., Washington, IN. FMI: Charlotte Bell, 812-259-1077, AUG. 28-29 — East Meets West: Mid Ohio Dressage Association Summer Schooling Classical and Western Show, 8 a.m., Delaware County Fairgrounds, 236 Pennsylvania Ave., Delaware, OH. FMI:, www. AUG. 28-29 — Ohio Half Arabian Horse Association Fall Show, World Equestrian Center, Wilmington, OH. FMI: Cindy Clinton, 937-935-1753,, AUG. 28-29 — NOQHA Fall Extravaganza, Pickaway Agricultural & Event Center, 415 Lancaster Pike, Circleville, OH. FMI: www. AUG. 28-29 — Lower Michigan Horse Association Show, 700 East Ash Street, Mason, MI. FMI: lowermichiganhorseassociation@gmail., michigan-horse-association-297992659725/ AUG. 28-29 — MIHA Sr. High School Equestrian Show, Tuscola County Fairgrounds, Caro, MI. FMI: AUG. 28-29 — KDA Western Dressage Show I & II, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: www.kentuckydressageassociation. com AUG. 28-29 — HCSC & IQHA Fall Fling, Henry County Saddle Club, 2221 N. Memorial Dr., New Castle, IN. FMI: Rebecca, 765-5242400, AUG. 28-29 — Trail Riding Workshop, Circle J Stables, 47 Jed Ln., Burgettstown, PA. FMI: 610-755-5636, AUG. 29 — Dusty Boots Riding Club Show, Ashtabula County Fairgrounds, North Poplar St., Jefferson, OH. FMI: Billie Jo Brown, 440-488-5400, www. AUG. 29 — Buckeye Equestrian Events Ranch Horse Show, Muskingum County Fairgrounds, Zanesville, OH. FMI: 740-6104129, AUG. 29 — Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit Show, 10 a.m., Henry County Fairgrounds, 821 S. Perry Street, Napoleon, OH. FMI: Kaylee Clagett, 419-656-5669,, www. AUG. 29 — Open Horse Show, M&H Stable and Arena, 19092 Raven Rd., Salesville, OH. FMI: Marci, 740-801-0528 AUG. 29 — Wyandot County 4-H Horse Committee 2021 Fair Prep Show, 9 a.m., Wyandot County Fairgrounds, Upper Sandusky, OH. FMI: Tiffany, 419-310-1955

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August 2021



Corral Calendar Continued from page 42

AUG. 29 — Keystone Saddle Club Pleasure Show, Glen Dunn Arena, 5695 Clay City Drive, Uhrichsville, OH. FMI: Terran Busby, 330-401-1843 AUG. 29 — Hoosier Quarter Pony Association Open Horse Show, 10 a.m., Washington Saddle Club, 1215 Cosby Rd., Washington, IN. FMI: 812-878-0216 AUG. 31-SEPT. 5 — American Eventing Championships, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: SEPTEMBER 2021 SEPT. 1 — Northern Kentucky Horse Network in the Alexandria Fair Parade, Alexandria Fairgrounds, 100 Fairgrounds Rd., Alexandria, KY. FMI: SEPT. 2-5 — NPBA National Championship, , Columbiana, OH. FMI: coordinator.npba@, SEPT. 2-6 — OHC State Ride hosted by Fairfield County OHC, Scioto Trails State Forest, Chillicothe, OH. FMI: cstreite@, SEPT. 2-6 — Labor Day Weekend Ride, Cook Forest Area Scenic Trail Ride, 1661 Scott Drive, Clarion, PA. FMI: SEPT. 3 — Battle In The Saddle Celebrity Team Penning, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: Kentucky Horse Park Foundation, 859255-5727, SEPT. 3-4 — Friday Night Neon Lights (Finals on the 4th), 9 p.m., Circle M Ranch, 7741 Gane Rd., Williamsfield, OH. FMI: Carolyn, 440-319-2009 SEPT. 3-4 — Contesting (3rd) & Performance (4th) Show, 1900 E. Main, Danville, IN. FMI: Hendricks County Horseman’s Club,,

SEPT. 3-5 — Knox County OHC Camping & Riding, Paddle Creek Horse Camp, Pedro, OH. FMI: knoxohc SEPT. 3-5 — National Pole Bending Association Super Show, Garwood Arena, 2538 Middleton Rd., Columbiana, OH. FMI: SEPT. 3-5 — Buckeye Medallion, Champions Center, 4122 Laybourne Rd., Springfield, OH. FMI: Judy Peters, 614-4021260,, www. SEPT. 3-5 — Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association Show, Centre County Grange Fairgrounds, Centre Hall, PA. FMI: www. SEPT. 3-5 — Great Lakes Regional Schooling Show Championships, Rattlewood Farm, 1935 Ray Road, Oxford, MI. FMI: www. SEPT. 4 — Tri-State Rodeo Association Open Horse Show Circuit Performance Series, Harry Hughes Youth Equestrian Center, Swanton, OH. FMI: 419-350-2206, SEPT. 4 — Youth Rodeo K-12, Rocky Fork Rodeo Co., Kimbolton, OH. FMI: Kacey Jordan, 567-203-2297, rockyforkrodeoco@ SEPT. 4 — Ohio Foundation Quarter Horse Association Ranch Horse Show, Guernsey County Fairgrounds, 335 Old National Road, Lore City, OH. FMI: Donnie Uffner, 740-877-7993, SEPT. 4 — NBHA 00 & 07 Show, OH Stables, 6118 Cedar Point Dr., Oregon, OH. FMI: Karen Bernard, 419-706-7501

Monday, September 6, 2021 11 a.m. Presentation and Driving at 9 a.m. Tack @ 11 a.m. • Ponies @ 12 p.m.

Farmerstown Auction Grounds 2807 SR 557, Baltic, Ohio 43804

Accepting: Ponies • Horses • Mules Haflingers • Mini Horses • Donkeys This is an outdoor auction, weather permitting! Bring your lawn chairs. Commission rates is as follows: 10% per animal. No sale fee is $50. Terms: Cash or check with proper ID, out of state checks need a letter of credit from your bank. Coggins and health papers required on out of state animals.

For more information and to be in catalog contact Elmer Yoder (330) 641-2408 AUCTIONEERS: Elmer Yoder & Daniel Schrock Find us on Facebook, watch for updates & pictures.


SEPT. 4-5 — Miami Valley Horse Show Association Fall Open Show, Preble County Fairgrounds Covered Arena, Eaton, OH. FMI: Betsie, 937-418-2378, moorebetsie@, SEPT. 4-5 — Buckeye Medallion Show, Champions Center, 4122 Laybourne Rd., Springfield, OH. FMI: SEPT. 4-5 — Ottawa County Horse Foundation Points on the Portage Circuit #3 (Speed 4th, Performance 5th), Ottawa County Fairgrounds, 2770 W. State Rt. 163, Oak Harbor, OH. FMI: Brianne, 419-7070398, SEPT. 4-5 — Columbiana County Saddle Horse Open Show (4th) & Open Contest Show (5th), Columbiana County Fairgrounds, 225 Lee Ave., Lisbon, OH. FMI: Amber May, 330-398-5096 SEPT. 4-5 — Central Ohio Morgan Boosters 2021 Silver Cup Horse Show, Medina County Fairgrounds, Medina, OH. FMI: Jennifer Frank, 330-347-5500, SEPT. 4-5 — Kentucky Hunter Jumper Association Show, Lakeside Arena, Frankfort, KY. FMI: Bruce Brown, 859-4894885 SEPT. 4-5 — Southern Indiana Junior Rodeo Association 4th & 5th Points Rodeo, Kalmbach Arena, 7596 West State Road 65, Salem, IN. FMI: 812-350-9860, sijra99@, SEPT. 4-6 — Classical Attraction Dressage Society Working Equitation Recognized B-Rated Show (4th & 5th) & Trail Ride (6th), Brecksville Stables, 11921 Parkview Dr., Brecksville, OH. FMI: cadsrider@, SEPT. 5 — A Bar Rodeo Productions Bulls & Barrels, Van Wert County Fair, Van Wert, OH. FMI: Pat Ayers, 419-957-4164, Find on Facebook SEPT. 5 — Keystone Saddle Club Pleasure Show, Glen Dunn Arena, 5695 Clay City Drive, Uhrichsville, OH. FMI: Terran Busby, 330-401-1843 SEPT. 7 — Sydmor Last Call Before Fall MiniSeries, Sydmor Arena, Monongahela, PA. FMI: Find on Facebook SEPT. 8 — Medina/Summit OHC Weekday Trail Ride, 10 a.m., Richfield Heritage Preserve, Richfield, OH. FMI: Barb Vega, 216-702-1224, SEPT. 8-11 — RMHA International Grand Championships, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: 859-644-5244, admin@, SEPT. 9 — Seneca Rough Riders Contesting Show, Seneca County Fairgrounds, 100 Hopewell Ave., Tiffin, OH. FMI: Stephanie Fesler, 740-504-3574 SEPT. 9-12 — Mid-South Eventing & Dressage Association Dressage I & II Show, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: SEPT. 10 — 2021 Eaton County Benefit Speed Series, Eaton County Fairgrounds, 1025 Cochran Ave., Charlotte, MI. FMI: Kelsie, 517-614-5761 SEPT. 10-11 — Pleasure Show, Champions Center, 4122 Laybourne Rd., Springfield, OH. FMI: 937-324-4353,, www. SEPT. 10-12 — USTPA Penning & Sorting, , 2538 Middleton Rd., Columbiana, OH. FMI: 817-599-4455, SEPT. 10-12 — Ranch Horse Association of Michigan Show, Berrien County Youth Fairgrounds, Berrien Springs, MI. FMI: 616-890-1190,,


SEPT. 10-12 — Tri-State Quarter Horse Association AQHA Horse Show, Scott Township Show Complex, 3722 Harlansburg Rd., New Castle, PA. FMI: An Equine Production, 765-714-4324, www. SEPT. 10-12 — Kentucky Horse Council Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: 859-367-0509,, SEPT. 11 — COSCA Open Show, Medina County Fairgrounds, Medina, OH. FMI: Jennifer Coduto, 330-687-5761, www. SEPT. 11 — Tri-State Rodeo Association Open Horse Show Circuit Speed Series, Gibsonburg Saddle Club, Gibsonburg, OH. FMI: 419-350-2206, www. SEPT. 11 — Fun Show, 10 a.m., Knox County Horse Park, 7500 Thayer Road, Mt. Vernon, OH. FMI: 816-305-6328, Find Knox County Horse Park Inc on Facebook SEPT. 11 — Avon Lake Saddle Club 2021 Hay Day Open/Mini Show, Weiss Field, 33141-33199 Webber Road, Avon Lake, OH. FMI: Kathleen Azzarello, 440-5360145, SEPT. 11 — Licking County OHC Fun Show, 9 a.m., Infirmary Mound Park Horse Arena, St. Rt. 37, Granville, OH. FMI: Lisa, 740-973-8901. SEPT. 11 — Horse Sale, Mt. Hope Auction, Mt. Hope, OH. FMI: 330-674-6188, www. SEPT. 11 — Ohio Standardbreds & Friends Dress Show, Fairfield County Fairgrounds, Lancaster, OH. FMI: Find Ohio Standardbreds & Friends on Facebook. SEPT. 11 — Southeastern Ohio Horse Show Organization Open Horse Show, Perry Co. Fairgrounds, New Lexington, OH. FMI: 740868-9847, SEPT. 11 — High Steel Rodeo, 2211 Kinsman Rd. NW, North Bloomfield, OH. FMI: 440-685-4487 SEPT. 11 — Branch County Saddle Club Speed Show, Expo 12 p.m., Show 2 p.m., 753 Clarendon Rd., Quincy, MI. FMI: Joshua Ewers, 517-227-1987 SEPT. 11 — The Rise Above Tour “2021 The Redemption”, Kal Val, 9853 S. 34th St., Scotts, MI. FMI: 248-982-6976, SEPT. 11 — Southern Kentucky Team Penning Show, Western Kentucky University L.D. Brown Exposition Center, Bowling Green, KY. FMI: 270-834-9744, SEPT. 11 — Wranglers Riding Club Fun Show, 3385 State Highway 80 E, Murray, KY. FMI: SEPT. 11-12 — Ranch Clinic with Cattle, Terry Myers Training Center, 4170 Stover Rd., Ostrander, OH. FMI: 740-666-1162, SEPT. 11-12 — Mount N Trail Obstacle Competition Series, Spencer Lake Farm, 9607 Chatham Rd., Spencer, OH. FMI: Find Spencer Lake Farm on Facebook. SEPT. 11-12 — Kentucky Reining Horse Association Show, Lakeside Arena, Frankfort, KY. FMI: 740-837-7441, SEPT. 11-12 — MidSouth Eventing & Dressage Association Dressage at The Park, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. FMI: SEPT. 11-12 — Indiana POA Show, Wells County Fairgrounds, Bluffton, IN. FMI:, www.

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August 2021



Corral Calendar Continued from page 44 SEPT. 11-12 — IQHAA Fall Quarter Horse Show, Henry County Saddle Club, 2221 Memorial Dr., New Castle, IN. FMI: 765748-3464, SEPT. 11-12 — Dressage 4 Kids Team Clinic, Faith Haven Stables, North East, PA. FMI: SEPT. 12 — Madison County OHC Gymkhana Event, Madison County Fairgrounds, 205 Elm St., London, OH. FMI: www.facebook. com/MadisonCountyOHCGymkhana SEPT. 12 — Valley City Saddle Club Summer Series, Medina County Faigrounds, Medina, OH. FMI: Kristina Phillips, 440-334-6434, SEPT. 12 — 36th Annual All Horse Parade, 3 p.m., Delaware County Fairgrounds, Delaware, OH. FMI: Diane, 740-272-7636, SEPT. 12 — Northern Kentucky Horse Network 2nd Annual Hamburger Ride, AJ Jolly Park, 1501 Race Track Rd., Alexandria, KY. FMI: SEPT. 15 — Ranch Sorting Practice & Draw Pot, Hoppel’s Arena, 40891 State Route 518, Lisbon, OH. FMI: Shawn Woods, 325721-9968, SEPT. 16-19 — Michigan Reining Horse Association Memorial Futurity, Midland County Fairgrounds, Midland, MI. FMI: Kristina, 517-204-9110, SEPT. 17 — Double Y Saddle Club IBRA/ NPBA/NFRA Friday Night Show, 7 p.m., 4761 Hendricks Ford Rd., Edinburgh, IN. FMI: Toni, 317-670-7619 SEPT. 17-19 — OHC State Ride hosted by Ashland Co. OHC, Mohican Memorial State Forest, Perrysville, OH. FMI: mgerard12@,

SEPT. 17-19 — Randolph Fall Classic Horse Show, Portage County Fairgrounds, Randolph, OH. FMI: SEPT. 17-19 — Indiana Ranch Horse Association Show, C Bar C Expo, Cloverdale, IN. FMI: Jamie Feuquay, 317-372-6722, SEPT. 17-19 — Iron Horse Ranch Productions Big Money Buckle Series, Keystone Horse Center, Bloomsburg, PA. FMI: Morgan Marks, 845-901-4105. SEPT. 18 — Ottawa County Horse Foundation Run on the River Speed Show, Ottawa County Fairgrounds, Oak Harbor, OH. FMI: Brianne, 419-707-0398, SEPT. 18 — Tri-County Trail Association Fall Ride & Potluck Dinner, 2662 Downing St. SW, East Sparta, OH. FMI: Ellen Van Pelt, 330-323-2834, SEPT. 18 — Buckin Ohio Pro Bull Riding, 8154 Garman Rd., Burbank, OH. FMI: 330624-7205, SEPT. 18 — Erie County OHC Poker Ride, Edison Woods MetroPark, Berlin Heights, OH. FMI: 419-750-8285, Find us on Facebook @ Erie County Chapter of OHC SEPT. 18 — Belmont County Saddle Club Jackpot Pole & Barrel Show, 41915 National Road, Belmont, OH. FMI: Kelsey, 740-296-8958 SEPT. 18 — NBHA 00, 02 & NPBA Show, Country Estates, 18561 Grill Road, Doylestown, OH. FMI: 440-479-8503 SEPT. 18 — Under The Oaks Open Show, Crawford County Fairgrounds, 610 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, OH. FMI: Trisha, 419-563-5170 (text) SEPT. 18 — The Rise Above Tour “2021 The Redemption”, Rafter N Ranch, Wauseon, OH. FMI: 248-982-6976

SEPT. 18 — Mid-America Sorting Producers, Treharne’s Training Center, 49053 Fredricktown-Clarkson Rd., Negley, OH. FMI: 330-692-1271 SEPT. 18 — Lucas County SHAC Open Speed Show, 12 p.m., Lucas County Fairgrounds Horse Arena, 1406 Key St., Maumee, OH. FMI: Mary, 419-261-5624 SEPT. 18 — Horse Sale, Cook Forest Area Scenic Trail Ride, 1661 Scott Drive, Clarion, PA. FMI: SEPT. 18 — Southern Indiana Junior Rodeo Association 6th Points Rodeo, Kalmbach Arena, 7596 West State Road 65, Salem, IN. FMI: 812-350-9860, SEPT. 18-19 — Wild Horses I & II Cowboy Mounted Shooting, 9 a.m., Ashtabula County Fairgrounds, 107 Poplar St., Jefferson, OH. FMI: Karen, 330-719-3290, SEPT. 18-19 — OMT Mt. Trail Championship Weekend, Creek Side Horse Park, 7369 Mottice Dr. SE, Waynesburg, OH. FMI: Cynthia, 330-323-3559, www. SEPT. 18-19 — Mid Ohio Level 1 & II USEF/ USDF Recognized Show, Madison County Fairgrounds, 205 Elm St., London, OH. FMI:, www. SEPT. 18-19 — Youth Rodeo K-12 Finals, Rocky Fork Rodeo Co., Kimbolton, OH. FMI: Kacey Jordan, 567-203-2297, SEPT. 18-19 — Southern Ohio & National Quarter Pony Association Open Horse Show, 9 a.m., Bob Evans Farms, 791 Farmview Rd., Rio Grande, OH. FMI: Jenny, 740-474-8000,

SEPT. 18-19 — Indiana Pinto Hoosier Classic, Henry County Saddle Club, New Castle, IN. FMI: SEPT. 19 — Massillon Saddle Club Contest Show, 12680 Sally St. SW, Massillon, OH. FMI: Shae Marshall, 330-704-9459, www. SEPT. 19 — Angels Haven Horse Rescue Fun Show, Lewis Road Riding Ring Show Grounds Cleveland MetroParks, Olmsted Falls, OH. FMI: 440-781-5060, www. SEPT. 23 — Seneca Rough Riders Contesting Show, Seneca County Fairgrounds, Tiffin, OH. FMI: Stephanie Fesler, 740-504-3574 SEPT. 23-26 — Tough Enough To Wear Pink Horse Show, Champions Center, 4122 Laybourne Rd., Springfield, OH. FMI: Kay Tracy, 740-606-7640, kaytracy7640@, SEPT. 24 — Summit County Fairboard 2021 Speed Series, 229 East Howe Ave., Tallmadge, OH. FMI: 330-805-6810 SEPT. 24-25 — WHAO Fall Classic, Henderson’s Arena, Jackson, OH. FMI: 419483-2563,, www. SEPT. 24-26 — CMSA Mid-West Regional Championship, Madison County Fairgrounds, 205 Elm St., London, OH. FMI: 740-206-7214, midohiomarauders@gmail. com, SEPT. 24-26 — Ohio Western Horse Association Annual Fall Round Up & Youth Team Tournament, Champaign County Fairgrounds, Urbana, OH. FMI: www.

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2021 Saturday, May 29 Saturday, June 26 Saturday, July 24 Saturday, August 21 Saturday, September 18 Saturday, October 16 DOORS OPEN AT 4 PM • MAIN EVENT AT 7 PM



August 2021


Rain or Shine!

Saturday, September 11, 2021 • 9 A.M. • Medina County Fairgrounds, Medina, Ohio Show High Points and Reserve High Points in Walk-Trot, Youth 13 & under, Youth 14-18, Adult 19 & over and Ranch. ! ** * #

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

Check for more COSCA approved show dates & showbills!


To be eligible to show in Open Performance Halter, horses must be entered in one riding class at this show. No cross entering between Open Driving/Reinmanship and Miniature Driving classes. Denotes COSCA non-point classes. To be eligible to show in the Paint/Pinto classes, solid horses must have registration papers from the American Paint Horse Association (APHA).

Open Jackpot Halter – H/P, E/W, S/M/G Open Halter Horse, 3 Yrs. and Over – E/W, S/M/G Open Halter Horse, 2 Yrs. and Under – E/W, S/M/G Reg. Quarter Horse Halter, All Ages – S/M/G Reg. Appaloosa Halter Horse, All Ages – S/M/G Reg. Paint/Pinto Halter Horse (no solid Pintos) – S/M/G !*Open Performance Halter, All Ages – H/P, E/W, S/M/G Reg. Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo Arabian Breeding and Geldings In Hand – S/M/G Reg. Morgan In-Hand – S/M/G *Miniature Horse Halter – E/W, S/M/G Adult Open Halter Horse, 19 Yrs. and Over – S/M/G Youth Open Halter, 18 Yrs. and Under – H/P, E/W, M/G Open Showmanship, All Ages – H/P, E/W, S/M/G Walk-Trot Showmanship, All Ages – H/P, E/W, M/G Adult Showmanship, 19 Yrs. and Over – S/M/G, E/W Youth Showmanship, 14-18 Yrs. – H/P, E/W, M/G Youth Showmanship, 13 Yrs. and Under – H/P, E/W, M/G *Miniature Horse Showmanship – E/W S/M/G Pony and Horse Lead-In Equitation, 8 Yrs. and Under – M/G, E/W Break (length to be announced)

20. *Training Class, All Ages – W/T/C – Training Aids Allowed – Not Judged 21. *Jackpot Open Walk-Trot English Pleasure, All Ages – H/P, S/M/G (may cross enter canter classes) 22. Walk-Trot Pleasure, 10 Yrs. and Under – H/P, E/W, M/G 23. Jackpot English Pleasure Horse, Open – SS/HS, S/M/G 24. Reg. Arabian/Half-Arabian/Anglo Arabian Hunter Pleasure – S/M/G 25. *Miniature Horse Driving – S/M/G 26. Reg. Morgan Hunter Pleasure – S/M/G 27. Reg. Appaloosa English Pleasure – S/M/G 28. Walk-Trot Equitation, 10 Yrs. and Under – H/P, E/W, M/G 29. Adult Open English Pleasure Horse, 19 Yrs. and Over – S/M/G 30. Walk-Trot Pleasure, 11-18 Yrs. – H/P, E/W, M/G 31. Open Hunter Pleasure Horse – S/M/G 32. Youth English Equitation, 13 Yrs. and Under – H/P, SS/HS, M/G 33. Open Jr. Snaffle Bit English Pleasure, Horses 5 Yrs. and Under – Open Jr. Snaffle Bit English Pleasure, Horses 5 Yrs. and Under – S/M/G 34. Youth English Equitation, 14-18 Yrs. – H/P, SS/HS, M/G 35. Reg. Quarter Horse Hunter Under Saddle, All Ages – S/M/G 36. Reg. Morgan English Pleasure Horses (Saddle Seat) – S/M/G 37. Walk-Trot Equitation, 11-18 yrs. – H/P, E/W, M/G 38. Adult English Equitation, 19 Yrs. and Over – S/M/G 39. Reg. Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Country English Pleasure (Saddle Seat) – Open – S/M/G 40. Youth English Pleasure, 18 Yrs. and Under – H/P, SS/HS, M/G 41. English Bridle Path Horse – S/M/G 42. Reg. Paint/Pinto English Pleasure Horse (no solid Pintos) – S/M/G

JUDGE Steve Carter Urbana, Ohio


• ALL Classes $6 - 5 ribbons • Training Classes $5 - no placings. • Jackpot Classes $15 - 5 Ribbons & Payback of 35%, 20%, 15%, 5%, 5% • Grounds Fee $5 per horse/day • Office Fee $5/horse • Camper Fee: $20/day. • Stalls $15/day including tack stalls. No bedding provided or for sale. No arrivals until 6 p.m. Friday! • All Registered Classes require registration papers and MUST be presented to the Show Office. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! • Entries close 2 classes prior. A two-minute gate call will be strictly enforced from when the first horse enters the ring. • NO ENTRY FEE REFUNDS WITHOUT VALID VET EXCUSE. • COSCA Rules shall supersede all other association rules and stewards, including individual county 4-H rules for this show, however it is each 4-H exhibitor’s responsibility to remain within their own county rules. Check your county rules! • The Show Committee, COSCA and the Medina County Fairgrounds assume no responsibility for injuries or losses due to accident or theft.


• This show is open to all exhibitors. No spectator gate admission will be charged. • Food available on grounds. • Walk-Trot classes are open to exhibitors who have not cantered at a COSCA show in the current show season, with the following exception: Adults 19 and over may cross enter walk-trot classes and walk trot canter classes with a different horse. • Exhibitors may not cross enter between Ranch classes and Western Pleasure classes at the same show. • Laterally gaited horses are permitted in showmanship classes.

Break (length to be announced) 43. *Jackpot Open Walk-Trot Western Pleasure, All Ages H/P, S/M/G (may cross enter canter classes) 44. Jack Benny Pleasure, 39 Yrs. and Over – H/P, E/W, S/M/G 45. Walk-Trot Pleasure, 19 Yrs. and Over – H/P, E/W, S/M/G 46. Jackpot Western Pleasure Horse – Open – All Ages – S/M/G 47. Walk-Trot Equitation/Horsemanship, 19 Yrs. and Over – H/P, E/W, S/M/G 48. Reg. Quarter Horse Western Pleasure, All Ages – S/M/G 49. Reg. Appaloosa Western Pleasure Horse, All Ages – S/M/G 50. Youth Western Pleasure, 18 Yrs. and Under – H/P, M/G 51. Adult Open Western Pleasure Horse, 19 Yrs. and Over – S/M/G 52. Reg. Morgan Western Pleasure Horses – S/M/G 53. Reg. Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Western Pleasure - S/M/G 54. Open Jr. Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure Horses 5 Yrs. and Under – S/M/G 55. Reg. Paint/Pinto Western Pleasure Horse (no solid Pintos) – S/M/G 56. Adult Western Horsemanship, 19 Yrs. and Over – S/M/G 57. Men’s Western Pleasure Horses, 18 Yrs. and Over – H/P, S/M/G 58. Youth Western Horsemanship, 13 Yrs. and Under – H/P, M/G 59. Youth Western Horsemanship, 14-18 Yrs. – H/P, M/G 60. Ladies’ Western Pleasure Horses, 18 Yrs. and Over – S/M/G 61. Egg and Spoon - H/P, E/W, S/M/G 62. Western Hack Horse - S/M/G RANCH HORSE CLASS WILL NOT BEGIN BEFORE 3:00 P.M. 63. Ranch Pleasure 64. Ranch Riding 65. Ranch Conformation

FMI: Jennifer Coduto, (330) 687-5761 • Stall Information: Barb Nixon, (330) 607-5681 August 2021



The Cowboy Perseverance Ranch

Babies in the Barn by Rob and Tanya Corzatt


look forward to the spring and early summer every year. It’s a time of renewal and birth. Cold sloppy sacrifice lots become slightly green and warm sloppy lots. Eventually, the ground firms up enough that we can turn the horses out without fear of excessive damage to the pastures. We can also get away with just wearing our cowboy boots or work shoes instead of hot sweaty muck boots, except for after those summer downpours. Unlike during the fall and winter months, though, the lots and pastures dry up in a day or so instead of a week or two. And what a special sight it is to see the horses grazing in the pastures after a long wet winter. We only built 16 permanent stalls in our barn. As I write this, we currently have 22 horses. Our biggest sacrifice lot has been partitioned into three lots to accommodate several of the horses. I know you all understand herd dynamics and that some horses just don’t get along with one another. We have played musical horses and musical lots to determine the best fit for all horses. Then we do it all over again when one horse leaves to go back to its owners and is replaced with another new horse. With that many horses it was necessary to do a lot of rearranging of our feed and hay storage areas. Keep in mind, this barn isn’t even two years old yet and we are already remodeling! It was a lot of work, but we needed to do it in order to make some room for a highly anticipated arrival at the barn. If you follow our kids on Facebook, you have undoubtedly seen a lot of photos of a little filly with the barn name Boni. She was born back in April at a friend’s farm. Her sire is a gentle blue roan and her dam

The Corzatt’s

CP erseverance R owboy


“CPR for the soul”


Tanya and Rob

is an equally gentle bay roan. Boni looks like she is going to be a bay roan. She belongs to our son, Camdon, and our daughterin-law, Kaila. She is a sweet little thing and quite the looker. I guess they are all cute at that age. She and her mom came to the CP Ranch over the July 4th weekend. The kids are going to be working with Opal, the dam, over the summer, while weaning Boni. Both the mare and the baby are very personable and Tanya and Rob Corzatt Opal is very willing to let you love on Boni as long as she gets a little loving also. We converted a couple of single stalls into a double wide to accommodate them. That means there are two stall doors to remember to latch. This very morning as I wrote this, I went out into the barn to feed this morning only to find the pair in another one of the horse’s stalls munching on the grain we had set the night before! Fortunately, it looks like they had just escaped and that was the only feed that was missing. Got lucky there! Boni walked right out of the stall and over to me to say good morning! Then she and mom let T and I lead them back to their own stalls with no fuss whatsoever. I have to admit that if it had been another one of the other horses here, I might not have been so ‘understanding’ with their little walkabout. Babies do that to us. There is going to be another baby in the CP Ranch family this November, except it won’t have four hooves! I believe I mentioned in an earlier article that T and I are going to be first time grandparents in November. Our oldest son and his wife are expecting a little girl. I told the kids and everyone else that asked that I didn’t care if it was a boy or girl and that I was just praying for a healthy baby. That was a lie! I made it very clear to T that I was praying for a little red headed girl that would grow up to be grandpa’s little girl! We just had boys, so we never got a little girl to spoil rotten! I can’t put into written words how excited we are. I also can’t wait to learn what they plan to name her. These babies, both equine and human, come with immense responsibilities. As their owners, or their parents and grandparents, it is up to us to make sure they have a great foundation. Cam’s dream is for Boni to become his future ranch roping horse. She isn’t going to become one without a good foundation and lots of training over the next few years. As Christians, T and I are praying that our granddaughter will grow up to become a kind and loving child and servant of Christ. She is going to need some great role models in her life to get there. I am confident that our son and daughter-in-law will provide that for her and Grandma T (not sure that is what she wants to be called) and I will be there to back them up. The Bible includes lots of scripture referencing children. Not just the children of God, but actual young children. Psalm 127:3 in the NKJ version reads “Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” Jesus loved the little children as shown in Matthew 19:13-15 “Then little children were brought


Tanya Corzatt

(614) 519-1042 Marengo, OH


The Corzatt’s (Rob, Tanya and their son Camdon) own and operate the Cowboy Perseverance Ranch (CPR) in Marengo, Ohio. CPR is a faith based operation and our mission is to build a strong foundation and relationship with our training horses and students. We are blessed to be able to provide western horsemanship lessons infused with biblical scripture to students of all ages. One student has described her time here as “CPR for the soul!” Visit our website at www. or follow us on Facebook. HORSEMEN’S CORRAL

August 2021

Central Ohio Saddle Club Association

70th Year for COSCA Championship Show PRESIDENT, Mandy Dacek VICE PRESIDENT, Rachel Zielinski SECRETARY, Debbie Balan TREASURER, Bob Huff EMAIL, WEBSITE,

by Mandy Dacek

Summer is sure flying by! Although the weather seems to be either horrendously hot or pouring rain, we are so thankful to be showing! Our show season is in full swing as I write this article. It’s been so wonderful to see our horse show friends and meet new friends this season! Even though summer is racing by, we still have some shows for you to enjoy! The COSCA

Summer Sizzler is Aug. 21-22 and the COSCA Open Show is Sept. 11. You can find the showbills for these shows on our website. You can also find the Summer Sizzler showbill in the July issue of the Corral, and the Open Show showbill in this issue. Check out our website for shows that are approved for COSCA year end points as well. This year also marks our 70th

Championship Show! We are so excited to share this milestone show with our exhibitors! In addition to our class lineup of a variety of breed classes, youth, adult and open classes, we’ll have our year awards presentations and some fun classes! It’s a great way to cap off show season. You can find the showbill on our website! See you at the shows!

follows, “You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.” The last scripture I will list here could also apply to how we raise and train our young horses. In Proverbs 22:6 we read “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” We are excited at the blessing

of being a part of this young horse’s life and our future granddaughter’s life as well. Who knows, maybe there will be another baby in the barn soon. My granddaughter is eventually going to need her own horse, won’t she? Daddy can buy her a little motorcycle, but Grandma and I just happen to know where there might be a little blue roan baby for sale! God Bless you all!

Babies in the Barn (continued) to Him that He might put His hands on them and pray, but the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” And He laid His hands on them and departed from there.” In Matthew Chapter 18, one of the disciples asked Jesus who was the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, Jesus’ response was in verses 2 through 5 “Then Jesus called a little child

to Him, set him in the midst of them, and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.” We are commanded by the LORD in Deuteronomy 6:7 to teach His commandments as

Looking To Build a Pole Building? Let Schockman Lumber build one that looks good, meets your needs and is priced right—uniquely yours!



We Also Have Steel Bu ilding Riding A renas! 40’ x 64’ x 14’ 1-20’x14’ Slide Door 1-3’x6’ Walk-In Door Trusses 4’ O.C. $30,425 Erected

48’ x 80’ x 14’ 1-20’x12’ Slide Door 1-24’x14’ Slide Door 1-3’x6’ Walk-In • Trusses 4’ O.C. $46,975 Erected

60’ x 88’ x 14’ 1-20’x12’ Slide Door 1-24’x14’ Slide Door 1-3’x6’ Walk-In • Trusses 4’ O.C. $56,995 Erected

70’ x 120’ x 16’ 1-20’x14’ Slide Door 1-24’x16’ Slide Door 1-Walk-In • Trusses 4’ O.C. $87,500 Erected

Schockman Lumber Co. St. Henry, Ohio

August 2021


(419) 678-4198 49

Northern Ohio Outlaws

Northern Ohio Outlaws Representing at the Appalachian Mountain Championship PRESIDENT, Craig Limbach VICE PRESIDENT, Bill Hummell SECRETARY, Jessica Soehnlen TREASURER, Susie Wise PHONE, 330/828-0423 EMAIL, northernohiooutlawsinfo@ WEBSITE,

What an exciting week of shooting in the foothills of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains at the Lexington Horse Park in Lexington, Va. A large number of our Outlaw family made the long drive to compete the weekend of June 30 through July

3 and they brought some fierce competition. The total number of shooters were 235 and the outlaws sent 15 ladies in nine classes and 12 men in seven classes. We definitely left an impression at this major CMSA event. For some it was their first major event and I’m sure they were in awe of such a large venue. Others have been to several major events but I’m sure they were still filled with the excitement of the competition. There is nothing better than having your shooting family there to root you on and a great time of fellowship and comradery. Lots of memories to share for years to come. We were represented well and a big congratulations goes out

to all of our Outlaw shooters. Special congratulations goes out to Tony Ruper for bringing home the buckle for the SM6 class. Also a big congratulations to Rob Bernhardt for bringing home the Men’s Open Eliminator win. We also need to recognize our Top 10 finalists: Shotgun Ron Kiko, Rifle Rob Bernhardt, Women’s

Open Senior Incentive Tammy Angeletti, Men’s Open Senior Incentive Tony Ruper. At the time this article is being submitted we are anticipating our Let Freedom Ring Shoot 1 and 2 on July 10 and 11. I’ll have all of the news in the next Corral giving big shout outs to all the winners. Until next time.

Lake Erie Mounted Vaqueros

‘Hour of the Gun I & II’ Scheduled in August PRESIDENT, R. David Davis VICE PRESIDENT, Brian (Doc) Hric SECRETARY/TREASURER, Karen Davis; PHONE, 330-719-3290 EMAIL, WEBSITE,

by Karen (Chilipepper) Davis Our first event is coming up fast and will be here before we know it. We had our second practice on May 16 with a great turn out. It was held at Curt Myer’s outdoor arena. Nancy and Carmen Virzi, June Schmidt, Curt Myers, Dave and Karen Davis, Mike, Jessica and Gina Sheets, Sylvio Pellehrino and Christy Burdick came to practice. We would like to welcome Sylvio Pellehrino to the club, he filled out his paper work and joined up with us after practicing. Christy Burdick came with him to check it out and try it but would rather barrel race. We

had 10 people show up and eight riders practiced and one nonrider. We set up several different courses and worked our horses by running through the course and dry firing. Those who had their own ammo shot to see how their horses would do under gun fire. Sylvio’s horse did fantastic and he can’t wait for the first event to participate. We have another new member, Katherine Ringer, and want to welcome her to the club. We had a great turn out for our first event. Our winners for Saturday: OVERALL CHAMPION: Ron Kiko OVERALL COWBOY: James Chambers OVERALL COWGIRL: Mary Chambers

OVERALL SR. COWBOY: Ron Kiko OVERALL SR. COWGIRL: Rhonda Brown RESERVE COWBOY: Ben Clark RESERVE COWGIRL: Stephanie Berry RESERVE SR. COWBOY: Rob Bryan RESERVE SR. COWGIRL: Barb Miller M1 Ed Haefner; M2 Greg Durnell; M3 Ben Clark; M4 R David Davis; M5 James Chambers; SM1 Brian (Doc) Hric; SM2 Greg Bryan; SM3 Rob Bryan; SM4 Robert Koniak; SM5 Charlie Brown; SM6 Ron Kiko; L1 Jordyn Evans; L2 Courtney Herman; L3 Stephanie Berry; L4 Mary Chambers; L5 Carla Spackman; SL1 June Schmidt; SL2 Sue Wolski; SL3 Cheri Stady; SL4 Linda Larson; SL5 Rhonda Brown; Wrangler Lily Farnsworth.

A big thank you to Curt Myers for the use of his outdoor arena for our practice. It was great to see friends we have not seen for a while and ride with them. It was a beautiful day to practice and afterwards we sat down, visited and had some hotdogs. LEMV 2021 SCHEDULE AUG. 21-22: Hour of the Gun I & II SEPT. 18-19: Wild Horses I & II We will be at the Ashtabula County Fairgrounds, come and



watch. Who knows, you may just want to try it out and join, it is a great family sport for all ages! Our events are free to the public, spend the day with us runnin’ and gunnin’! Special thanks to our sponsors: Big Dee’s Vet and Tack Supply where you can get all your pet supplies and everything they need; CMSA; Lones Pine Ammo; Uncle Jimmy’s Brand Products for all your pet treats; The Corral; Stagecoach West; Park Side Trailer Sales and services, Inc., they have new or used horse trailers, parts or can service the one you have; Trumbull Locker for good tasting meat; Siracki Realty, if you are looking for a new house, apartment or need a place to rent; Altmeyer’s Trail Sales in Jefferson, Ohio, looking for a new or used horse trailer, cargo trailer, car mate trailer, American Haulers; Rocking C Leather (Ben and Tammy Clark) for all your leather needs and accessories; Wendy Shafffer, MMCP, Agile Equine Bodywork; and Rocks Farm and Garden. August 2021

AUG. 6

Auglaize County Fair Wapakoneta, OH (Bulls)

AUG. 11 Richland Co. Fair, Mansfield, OH AUG. 20 Muskingum Co. Fair, Zanesville, OH AUG. 24 Lorain Co. Fair, Wellington, OH SEPT. 5

Van Wert Co. Fair, Van Wert, OH

OCT. 3

Coshocton Co. Agri Society Fair (Bulls) Coshocton, OH OCT. 11 Fairfield Co. Fair, Lancaster, OH

For more information contact Pat Ayers (419) 957-4164 August 2021



Ohio Gaited Horse Trailriders

Pisgah National Forest and Dupont State Forest by Richard Anderson This month’s trail ride adventure took us to Pisqah National Forest, just outside of Asheville, N.C., as well as the Dupont State Recreational Forest, and also the Biltmore Estate, the country’s largest private residence. The main draw to the area was the opportunity to visit all three recreation areas with just one visit to this location. We stayed at Holly View horse camp, which was adjacent to both forests (Pisgah 3 miles away, Dupont 9 miles away, and the Biltmore Estates 34 miles away), and we were able to use a stock trailer to travel with the horses to each of the trail heads. The horse camp offers water hook up and 30 amp breakers, as well as enclosed horse stalls some 10 feet square, giving our horses plenty of room in which to move. Unfortunately, this year’s visit was marred by a trail riding disaster, unlike anything we have ever encountered. We had just traveled on one of the worst horse trails we have ever been on, and finally ended up on a county road. We were told by some bikers that there was a camp 5 miles up the mountain, so we decided to ride to it. On

the way up, we were met with three on-coming bicycles on a blind curve. Two of us were thrown from our horses, with one rider injuring her shoulder, and me landing directly on my rib cage, breaking four ribs. They called 911 and sent a squad to pick me up and I spent a night in the hospital. It was no one’s fault, since it happened at a blind curve, but I should have been a little more wary of the many turns on the mountain road. Meanwhile, the visit to Pisqah National Forest is a viable destination for a trail ride, as they offer many trail heads, including Bear Branch Trail, Buckhorn Gap Trail, Graveyard Ridge Trail, and Horse Cove Gap Trail, just to name a few. Pisgah is a national forest within the Appalachian mountain chain, and you can drive the Blue Ridge Parkway, parts of which travel alongside the famous Appalachian Trail that goes from Georgia to Maine, some 2,142 miles. Dupont State Recreation forest is a great trail riding destination, with five waterfalls, including High Falls, Triple Falls, Hooker Falls, Bridal Vail Falls, and Grassy Creek Falls, and is an excellent place for hiking, site seeing, fishing, as well as

Jim Smith and Chris Dailey, from Minerva, at The Big Elk Lick in the Moshannon Wilderness of the Allegheny Mountains range. horseback riding. Trails are generally speaking multi-use trails, so you need to be on the lookout for the many bicycles that use the area. We were unable to visit the Biltmore Hotel due to time constraints, but since we have been there before, we would highly recommend it. We may be out of service for a while, as I recover from my broken ribs, but we have every intention of getting back on horseback as soon as possible. We will have more to share as the trail riding season unfolds. In the meantime, you are welcome to join us, we do not require a

Dick and Linda Anderson in front of the ‘Doctor Suiss’ cabin built inside a cave at the ‘Big Elk Lick’ in the famous Pennsylvania Wilds. gaited horse to ride along with us. Just call 614/582-3202 for more information and to join us for another great year of trail riding adventures. 2021 RIDING SCHEDULE SEPT. 12-22: Big Elk Lick, Allegheny Mountains, Benezette, Pa. OCT. 3-10: Mammoth Cave National Park, Mammoth Cave, Ky. This schedule is tentative and is subject to change during the year.


Brazen Business Services, LLC CHRISTINE WEISGARBER

BREEDING Arabian/Welsh Sport Ponies for Dressage & Carriage

Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

Now accepting new clients for remote bookkeeping services. If you are looking for help keeping track of your business’s money, call for a free consultation.

(330) 474-9984 (call or text)


Kevin & Sarah Vas Owners, Breeders, Artisans (330) 242-3440 Grafton, Ohio



ROACH’S HORSESHOEING 20+ years experience. Hot cold and corrective shoeing and trimming.

John Roach (608) 212-4677 • Bellville, Ohio


SERVICES OFFERED Equine & Canine Massage Myofascial Release Red Light Therapy Kinesiology Taping Theragun (deep tissue massager) Rehabilitation Therapy Basic Saddle Fit Energy Work Ultrasound Therapy E-Stim Therapy

Text or PM on Facebook messenger (740) 310-9580



August 2021




Direct Action Co., Inc.


Serving NE Ohio and Western Pennsylvania

Automatic Insect Control

Trapper Troyer (330) 473-7341

Eliminate the flies, mosquitos, spiders and pests once and for all!

Shoo-Fly Michigan/Indiana/Ohio

Bill Tressler — (517) 927-8089 11760 Odell • Webberville, MI 48892


INSURANCE FRY’S EQUINE INSURANCE one of the oldest equine agencies in the country

Farm/Ranch Owners • Boarding Lessons • Training • Shows Care, Custody & Control • Clubs


Mortality • Medical • Optional Coverages Immediate Coverage Available • Payment Plans


13839 Kauffman Avenue Sterling, Ohio 44276 Visit us on the web


R hythm Run Insurance Specializing in EQUINE • FARM • LIABILITY Insurance Sonya Morse Agent

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• Horse & Livestock • Cargo • Travel Trailers • Utility

Horse Shows and Rodeo Photography Jennifer Paxton 567-429-9347 August 2021



Dusty Boots Riding Club

Thank You to Our Sponsors PRESIDENT, Billy Jo Brown 1ST VICE PRESIDENT, Rick Wilson TREASURER, Donna Router SECRETARY, Tonya Wilson EMAIL, WEBSITE,

We would like to thank our 2021 horse show season sponsors! More information on our sponsors, special classes and scholarship can be found on our website, www., or Facebook page. SPECIAL CLASS AUG. 29: Ride for the Cure. Winner of the class has all proceeds from the class go to his/

her Cure/Cause that they ride for that day. DIAMOND SPONSORS Altmeyer’s Trailer Sales North Farm SLC Lighting GOLD SPONSORS Divine Roofing Pyma-Creek Kennels Williams Classic Cars Schneiders Saddlery

Big Dees Carriage House Beer Distributor Paramount Stables Howard Hanna of Madison/ Heidi Greenman True Grit Performance Farm Meadowlane Farms SILVER SPONSORS Clorice Dlugos—McDowell Homes Real Estate Miner’s Show Horses

Mid-Ohio Marauders

Who’s the Snitch PRESIDENT, Tim Calvin VICE PRESIDENT, Tom Byrne SECRETARY, Judy Foster TREASURER, Laurie Maris PHONE, 740/206-7214 EMAIL, WEBSITE,

by Steve Keech The Marauders held their second weekend of shooting of the 2021 season. It was a great turnout. Congratulations to all the competitors, especially the class winners, and top cowgirls and cowboys.


We also celebrated several move-ups. Liz Brockert from L4 to L5, Tristan Vrh from M2 to M3, Tim Calvin from SM4

to SM5. Some of the move-up dances were captured on video and shared on social media. As always, if you are interested in joining the Mid-Ohio Marauders, the central Ohio club for CMSA, please visit us at or on Facebook at Mid-Ohio Marauders. Also please follow The Marauders in the Corral, on Facebook and on our webpage for future new shooter clinic dates. See you soon! 2021 MOM SCHEDULE CANCELLED: July 30 – Aug. 1: Ohio State Fair Shoot AUG. 20–22: The Treasure Map SEPT. 24-26: Mid-West Regional Shoot

OCT. 24: AAQH Congress Shootout

SEPT. 25-26 — Pinto Horse Association of Ohio Fall Wind Up Show, Fulton County Fairgrounds, Wauseon, OH. FMI: 419656-5669,, SEPT. 25-26 — IN/OH Hoosier Buckeye Palooza POR, Hoosier Horse Park, Edinburg, IN. FMI: Tim Snapp, 937-3081611,, SEPT. 25-26 — Ride For A Cure Benefit Open Show, Tuscola County Fairgrounds, Caro, MI. FMI: Jackie, 989-302-0191, SEPT. 25-26 — Windfall Farm Horse Show, 6898 WES Curt Lane, Goshen, OH. FMI: 513-680-3690,, SEPT. 25-27 — WHAO Buckeye Fall Classic, Henderson’s Arena, Jackson, OH. FMI: Pat Stout, 419-483-2563,

SEPT. 26 — Meadow Lake Combined Test & Mini Trials, Meadow Lake Equestrian Center, Lancaster, KY. FMI: www. SEPT. 27-OCT. 2 — IBRA Nationals, C Bar C Expo Center, Cloverdale, IN. FMI: www. SEPT. 28-OCT. 24 — All American Quarter Horse Congress, Ohio Expo Center, 717 East 17th Ave., Columbus, OH. FMI: 740-943-2346, or www. SEPT. 29-OCT. 3 — Friesian World and Grand National Show, Champions Center, 4122 Laybourne Rd., Springfield, OH. FMI: 937-324-4353, championscenter05@, SEPT. 30-OCT. 2 — American Quarter Horse Association (All Hunter) Show, Lakeside Arena, Frankfort, KY. FMI: Lynn Johnson, 859-396-9633

Photo credit: Kristen Hughes Zimmerman.

Corral Calendar SEPT. 24-26 — OHC State Ride hosted by Northwest Region OHC, Van Buren State Park, Van Buren, OH. FMI: sidellandco@, SEPT. 24-26 — Need For Speed, WB Ranch, 1640 County Rd. B, Swanton, OH. FMI: Nicole Schwab, 419-591-6109. SEPT. 24-26 — Michigan Horse Council Statewide Trail Ride, D Bar D Ranch, 7064 E. 64th St., Chase, MI. FMI: www. SEPT. 25 — Classical Attraction Dressage Society Summer Series Show #5, Brecksville Stables, 11921 Parkview Drive, Brecksville, OH. FMI: CADSrider@gmail. com, SEPT. 25 — Ohio Valley Team Penning Association Show Series, 9:30 a.m., Treharne Training Center, 49053 Fredericktown Clarkson Rd., Negley, OH. FMI: 330-831-7463, Find us on Facebook SEPT. 25 — Medina/Summit OHC Prayer Ride, Richfield Heritage Preserve, Richfield, OH. FMI: Traudy, 330-703-9940 SEPT. 25 — Belmont County Saddle Club Fun Show, 41915 National Road, Belmont, OH. FMI: Kelsey, 740-296-8958 SEPT. 25 — Saturday Night Lights Fun Series, Steubenville Saddle Club, 8675 St. Rt. 152, Richmond, OH. FMI: 740-424-7014, www.


SEPT. 25 — Horseback Riders Amish Buggy Training & Trail Ride, Swine Creek Reservation, 16004 Hayes Rd., Middlefield, OH. FMI: Geauga Park District, 440-2869516 SEPT. 25 — Wranglers Riding Club Fun Show, 3385 State Highway 80 E, Murray, KY. FMI: SEPT. 25 — Horse Aid Live Combined Test & Dressage Show, Masterson Station Park, Lexington, KY. FMI:, SEPT. 25 — Hartmeyer Stables Summer Spectacular Series 2021, 10 a.m., 7111 W. Bethel Ave., Muncie, IN. FMI: Victoria Hill, 812-878-0216 SEPT. 25 — Branch County Saddle Club Speed Show, Expo 12 p.m., Show 2 p.m., 753 Clarendon Rd., Quincy, MI. FMI: Joshua Ewers, 517-227-1987 SEPT. 25 — Sporting Day of Traditional Driving, Airy Acres Farm, Mason, MI. FMI: Pam Catlin, 815-985-3569, dexjj@ SEPT. 25-26 — Ladies Clinic, Terry Myers Training Center, 4170 Stover Rd., Ostrander, OH. FMI: 740-666-1162, www. SEPT. 25-26 — Fall Roundup Fun Shows, 4200 Overton Rd., Wooster, OH. FMI: 330607-5106, www.waynecountysaddleclub. com

Find more equine events on our website *****

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August 2021

Saturday, September 18 Championship Sunday, September 19 Course Walk Through and Questions Online 9 am - Start on both courses

Certified PMT & OQHA Mountain Trail Course ~ Horse Obstacle Course ~ Class Pricing Adults: $25 per class or $20 for 2 or more (same horse & rider combo)

**Regionals is $35 per class or $30 for 2 or more ~~~ Youth: $20 per class or $15 for 2 or more (same horse & rider combo)

**Regionals is $30 per class or $25 for 2 or more Grounds Fee $10 per horse

(fee waived with annual CSHP Park Pass)

Camping $15 1 night * $20 for 2 nights $30 for 3 nights Stalls $10 per day Stalls are outdoors, open air, limited number

Practice Fee $25 per rider/handler Placings Open classes are awarded any listed added monies and 50% of the entries for 1st through 3rd place along with a ribbon or small prize up to 5th place. ~~~ Silver Riders Class will be awarded Perishable items. Example: Wine or baked goods. 1st through 5th place. ~~~ All other classes will be awarded prizes 1st through 5th place.

September 18 Champion of Champions Class In Hand & Riding Special Belt Buckles

Water on site for horses. Food stand available at shows. No one is required to hold a membership for OQHA or PMT to show for the day. However, to be eligible for any year end awards you must sign up prior to entering in the classes for points to count.

Show info & pre registration available online at Contact Cynthia Bauman at or Text 330-323-3559 August 2021



TrailMeister Trail Meister Building Confidence on the Trail and in Camp by Robert Eversole


e trail ride and camp with our horses because there is nothing better in the world than enjoying the outdoors with our furry friends. Yet, it’s not always perfect.

When you’re in any situation (riding or otherwise), the more confident you are, the less likely you are to find yourself in trouble. Confidence also helps you feel more capable of controlling yourself and your horse in stressful situations. These are the tools that I use to improve my confidence. They’ll work for you as well.

Confidence in the Saddle Go back to basics and get back on the ground. Many riders, myself included, with confidence issues tend to focus on the problems they’re having when they’re in the saddle, when in reality the issues begin on the ground. Take for example a horse that doesn’t stand quietly when you get in the saddle. It can be intimidating as well as an inconvenience and a safety issue. Issues like this have one common denominator. The animal doesn’t respect you. This process of earning your horse’s respect starts on the ground as you teach your horse to respond to your cues. As your horse learns to respect your rules through groundwork, you’ll see those same lessons carry over to your riding. A friend and mentor of mine, Ty Evans, elucidated this concept with this question, “If your mule doesn’t listen

to you when you’re on the ground, why on earth would it listen when you’re on its back?” Groundwork is about establishing better control over your horse’s movements. As your animal learns to recognize your cues and to move accordingly he’ll gain a better understanding of your expectations and be used to following your lead. As you teach your horse to respect your rules through groundwork, you’ll see those lessons carry over to your riding. You’ll also grow more confident in the saddle with a clear understanding of how your horse moves and responds. In your relationship with your horse, there needs to be a leader and that leader needs to be you. You’re the only one in the partnership who knows the plan. After all you’re the one who knows whether you’re turning right or left at the next trail junction, where to safely cross the river, or where camp is for the night. The key to communicating with your horse and making yourself the leader—is education and repetition. Start at the beginning and take it slowly. Pay as much attention to the small details of riding as you do to your animal’s health. Cocoa wants to take a step when I’m loading the pack saddle? Fine. We’ll practice moving our feet until she’s relearned that when the saddles are out it’s work time. We practice this at home so that it’s not an issue at the trailhead.

Confidence When Camping Practice, practice, practice. You might have a ride in mind that involves camping midway through, or there could just be an urge to spend some quality time at an established horse camp. Camping adventures give you an incredible diversity in the options for your trips, allowing you to access areas that may not be possible to you when home is your base camp. It’s also really easy to make mistakes that can derail your enjoyment. That’s why it’s important to feel confident in what you’re doing so you can concentrate on the reasons why you decided to do this in the first place. The sense of achievement from being in the wide open and possibly having pushed yourself out of your comfort zone is incredible! S Robert ‘The TrailMeister’ Eversole owns and operates the largest horse trail and horse camp guide in the world, www. When he’s not speaking with horse and mule riders at events across the US, writing regular feature columns in leading equine publications including the Horsemen’s Corral, Robert can be found riding and packing trail maintenance crews into wilderness areas throughout the Pacific Northwest. 56


August 2021

Ashland Paint & Plain Saddle Club

Fun Had by All PRESIDENT, Steven “Chunk” Watts; SECRETARY, Jean Yancer; TREASURER, Ashley Christian; WEBSITE, ashlandpaintandplain. com; EMAIL, paintandplaininfo@

by Chesna Wertz Hi everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far, and hitting lots of shows! It’s hard to believe that I’m writing this for the August issue of the Corral; where did the summer

go? By this time next month, we will be getting ready for Ashland Paint and Plain’s final show of the year, under judge Kathryn Boggetta. This is also the show where we will be awarding our high point awards, as well as the 2021 Horse of the Year. We hope you will come join us! We held our third show of the year on 4th of July weekend, under judge Dennis Clements. It was another well attended show, and the weather even behaved for the most part! Lots of beautiful horses came through the pen; a big thank you to everyone who came and showed with us!

Fun was had by all at the July show, even by the judge!

Building Confidence on the Trail (continued) Never Mind the Mistakes Mistakes are proof that you are trying. Despite what some on social media may declare; everyone makes mistakes. The key is learning from those mistakes so that we don’t make the same ones again. As always for more practical information on trail rding and camping with horses, as well as the world’s largest guide to horse trails and camps, visit us at

BEN’S HAPPY TRAILS Riding Stable & Horse Camp

Minutes from the beautiful Shawnee State Forest in southern Ohio

My first camping trip of every year is in the back pasture. I’d much rather try a new piece of gear, have an equipment failure, or find that I’ve misplaced a vital piece of gear, close to home rather than an hour, or more, away. Just as we become more confident with every additional minute spent in the saddle, we become more confident in camp through experience camping. When I set up camp in the back pasture I pretend that I’m 20 miles inside the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, not 800 feet from a hot shower. Set up camp the same way that you would in a ‘real’ situation and you’ll soon learn what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t Hurry Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Don’t rush to failure. When you’re addressing a new skill set, leading a pack mule, tying a double diamond, or any other part of trail riding and camping, take your time. Be slow and deliberate. When we rush into situations that we’re not ready for, we forget to check the fine points and we all know it’s the details that count. Start at the beginning and gradually work your way out. If you’ve never horse camped before don’t start planning a two week pack-trip right away. Work up to those bucket list adventures in small steps. Practice makes proficient, and proficient leads to perfection. Take your time and really practice and work towards your goal, whatever it is. Before you move up, your current skills should be smooth and relaxed for you and your horse. If you’re confident, your horse is confident, you’ve done the basics, then you’re probably ready. Be deliberate, don’t rush to failure, acknowledge the progress you’ve made, clap for yourself, and keep pushing forward! August 2021

60 miles of bridle trails in Ohio’s “Little Smokies” Electric & primitive camp sites Stalls, corrals & hitching posts for your horses Water, restrooms & showers available DELUXE CABINS AVAILABLE Open 24/7 365 days/year


740-372-2702 email:



Wash Bay 101 by Lisa Kiley


y this time of the summer, it’s pretty likely that your horse has had more than a few baths this season. Anyone who has their horses at home will recognize that having a spot for washing horses in preparation for a show, rinse off after a schooling ride, or cold hose stocked up legs, is nearly essential. Without a proper wash bay, trying to wash your horse outside of the barn can turn into a muddy mess in a short amount of time, becoming an eyesore and potential unsafe situation for you and your horse.

When designing a wash area for your horse, no matter if it is interior or exterior, there are a few things to consider that will make the space functional and safe for years to come. Primarily, location, size, flooring and the right accessories will make all the difference in making this a worthwhile investment for your home barn. So, what are the different elements that go into making a great wash area?

Location If you are doing a new build, you will have the luxury of situating the wash bay where it will work best for your barn plans, this is usually the time when you can decide if you will be planning on having hot water in the barn as well. Although a retro-fit is not impossible, it is a good idea to get some professional advice when setting up an interior space for a wash area so that it will function properly. With an exterior wash bay set up, location is still a primary focus. You will need to be close enough to a water connection to make it convenient to get a hose to the area. Look for a higher spot when picking a location, this will make drainage easier to manage. Creating a natural buffer of vegetation around the wash area is a great way to absorb some of the runoff and prevent it from making its way to nearby waterways. Just make sure the plants around the space are horse friendly.

Space and Materials For the safety of the horse, a 12’x12’ area is ideal, especially if it is a full wall area. A horse can feel cramped and anxious to enter if the space is any smaller and this also gives plenty of room for the handler to move safely around the horse. Concrete is an excellent choice for both interior and exterior wash bays, but it can be slick when wet, so adding solid or wash mats will create a safe non-slip flooring for you and the horse. Mats over a crushed rock base can also work well for outdoor wash areas. When it comes to interior spaces, the walls should be waterproof and durable to hold up to water being sprayed on the surface constantly. A good seal will help prevent the area from harboring mold and mildew, but the area should still be monitored and cleaned frequently to help prevent these issues.

Proper Lighting When it comes to interior spaces, a wash area with light colors on the walls will make it more appealing for the horse to come into the space and can make it easier to see what you are doing. However, 58

if you want to make the most of the space, good, safe lighting is important. Lighting needs to be fully sealed and waterproof. Lighting on either side of the bay will prevent shadows that are cast by overhead lighting and will make it much easier to ensure that you are accomplishing the job of getting your horse as clean as possible.

Create an Inviting and Functional Space Ensure that areas for tying are secure and safe. Cross ties can work great, but it may be handy to have tie rings available as well. Having flexibility can be an asset for the space to accommodate the most horses in the safest way. No matter how you tie your horse, make sure that you always use a slip knot or quick release snap. A good quality hose is less likely to split, kink, or crack and worth the investment, as is a heavy-duty nozzle that can hold up to the rigors of daily use. Installing a hose boom can be a game changer, keeping the hose up off the ground, preventing the inevitable horse hoof finding a way to shut off the water pressure at the most inconvenient time. Storage for shampoos, conditioners and other supplies can be very helpful, saving the time and hassle of bringing what you need to the wash bay each time your horse needs a bath. Make clean up easy by putting a muck tub, scoop, and broom near the wash bay. If you are in a busy barn it might be worth it to put up a sign reminding people to clean up after their horses. Manure and hair that gets washed down the drain can create a clogging nightmare, keeping the area tidy is critical. Keeping supplies nearby to make this easy is a great way to encourage clean-up compliance. It’s not too late in the season to get some good use out of a wash bay this year and you will be happy that you invested in creating this useful space for years to come. Lisa Kiley is a lifelong horse enthusiast who has worked in the equine industry and shown horses for many years. She is a proud member of the Cashmans Horse Equipment Team. Cashmans Horse Equipment, located in Delaware, Ohio, has been providing top quality products to the equine and agricultural community for 40 years. They have a commitment to sourcing environmentally conscious merchandise and items made in the U.S.A. Cashmans strives to educate customers and provide products that put safety first so you can enjoy more time with the horses you love.


August 2021

August 2021



Ohio Horseman’s Council, Inc.

PRESIDENT Eric Estill 513/899-2267

Member of American Horse Council SECRETARY & MEMBERSHIP Catherine Estill 513/899-2267

TREASURER Jo Ellen Reikowski 330/806-3146

NEWSLETTER EDITOR Theresa Burke 614/329-7453

VICE PRESIDENT Jim Wallace OHC COUNTY LINE EDITOR Karen Ravndal-Emery, Chair

Greetings From Your President OHC Influence Makes a Difference A recent proposal was attached to the Ohio State Budget Bill to designate 120 acres of the Malabar Farms State Park as the ‘Doris Duke Woods Nature Preserve’. The intent of the proposal was to prevent the State Park from logging the area. The proposal stated that any existing equine trails and hiking trails would be kept open. This sounds like a good proposal, except for the unintended consequences. The Malabar Farms State Park had no plans to log the area, so this was a solution without a problem. The Ohio Administrative Code Rule 1501:17-9-03 ‘Saddle animals, use limitations’ states: (A) No person shall ride, drive, lead, or keep a saddle horse or other animal used for locomotion in any nature preserve or natural area except on roads, streets, and driveways provided for motor vehicles. (B) No horse or other animal shall be hitched to any tree, shrub, or structure in any manner. Exception will be if approved hitching post is provided in parking area. The public bridle trails

currently located in the Malabar Farm State Park are not roads, streets, and driveways provided for motor vehicles. The trails are natural surface trails. Therefore, the proposal to create the Doris Duke Woods Nature Preserve would keep the existing horse trails open, but the Ohio Administrative Code Rule 1501:17-9-03 would not allow anyone to ride a horse or other saddle animal on those trails. In addition: Ohio Administrative Code Rule 1501:17-3-02 ‘Preservation of property; exceptions’ states: No person shall collect, remove, injure, deface, destroy or otherwise disturb ice, soil, sand, gravel, rocks, fossils, minerals, plants, plant materials, animals or any other substance within any nature preserve or natural area under the supervision and control of the department or its designated custodian except as provided in this rule and in rule 1501:17-3-04 of the Administrative Code. Collecting of materials for research purposes may be permitted upon written application to and approval by

the chief of the division. A permit shall be valid not to exceed one year, but may be renewed at the discretion of the chief. The permit shall be displayed to any person upon request. This means that we would not be allowed to maintain the existing equine or hiking trails. Bottom line, if the proposal was attached to the budget bill and the bill passed, then we would not be allowed to ride on the existing equine trails in the designated 120-acre parcel, we would not be allowed to maintain the existing trails, and no new trails could be created. I contacted my State Senator and my State representative and asked them to help. I talked by phone to my State Senator, who agreed to see what he could do. The Wayne County OHC Chapter also started a letter writing campaign to their Senators and Representatives. During the next meeting of the Ohio Trails Partnership (OTP), I put a motion on the floor for OTP to oppose the creation of the Nature Preserve. The motion passed unanimously. Our OHC

Legal Committee Chair, Tom Green, drafted a letter for the signature of the OTP President, who distributed the letter to all members of the Ohio State Budget Committee (who were reviewing the budget bill) and sent a copy to many other Ohio State Senators and Representatives. Several days later, the Ohio House passed a revised bill to create the ‘Doris Duke Woods Preservation Area’ on the same 120-acre parcel. The House bill only restricts logging in the area and has no other ‘unintended consequences’. The Ohio Administrative code does not restrict a Preservation Area. Considering the House bill, the Senate Budget Committee dropped the language from the budget bill to create a Nature Preserve. I was told later that the campaign from the Ohio Trails Partnership and the Ohio Horseman’s Council was instrumental in creating the House bill that resolved the issue. Our voice was heard. ~Eric Estill, President Ohio Horseman’s Council

County Lines ASHLAND Greetings from Ashland County. Our chapter sponsored a three day ride at Pleasant Hill Lake Park in June with the hopes of making it an annual event. We had a fantastic weekend even with a little rain Friday and Saturday, but it sure didn’t stop the fun! There were close to 30 rigs carrying lots of horses and riders. When they got the horses settled in for the weekend and situated on tie lines, it presented quite a sight 60

to behold. On Saturday, many miles of trail were ridden. Some individuals rode out for a stop at Big Fish for a sandwich, ice cream, drink, etc., while others were happy to see the Malabar Inn open for lunch. Saturday evening was capped off with the announcement of our Poker Run and 50/50 winners. Cassie, who is a college student paying her way through nursing school, took home the Poker Run jackpot while Jamie was happy to take home his 50/50 winnings. Fun was had by all. We can’t wait to

Ashland County OHC make this an annual event! Jean and I were busy moving from our sold home and moving our horses that weekend, so Kathy Bogdan was kind enough to provide the above information. The Ashland chapter did a great job and handled several


Poker, 50/50 stressful situations in the ride; preparations, including several cancellations of food truck providers. But like all OHC August 2021

County Lines

Poker winner members, we persevered and handled them all. Our next State Ride will be the Chili Cook Off at Mohican on Sept. 17-19. If you want to participate, be sure to contact Mike Gerard at mgerard12@ or call 330/466-3739 to make a reservation. If you have been there in the past years, you know it will be a fun time as well with likely 60 rigs in attendance. You will have to put up your own tree tie lines, but we have people available to help, so it is not all that bad. Once that is accomplished, there are more beautiful trails than you can ride in three days. We hope to see you down the trail and remember not to drink and ride. ~Dan and Jean Reynolds ASHTABULA I am pushing the envelope this month; I almost forgot about this article. I don’t have a good reason. I looked at things on my to-do list and realized I should have already sent this off to Karen. We are having some beautiful weather, but there is rain in the forecast. I am hoping it holds off so we can get our hay in the barn. The call just came, hay tomorrow. Now is a busy time for us. No graduations this year, but a couple of weddings and a horse show to get ready for. We had the memorial ride for Dick, and we had a beautiful day. Thank you to everyone who came to ride and all of the folks who came to share our picnic. It was nice to see you all. Pam brought her beautiful new Palomino and ponied her; I think that’s a great way to show a green horse what is out there on the trails. The OHC family in Ashtabula County is one of the most friendly bunch of people I have ever known. I have been a August 2021

member for 21 years, and some of you have been here that long too. It is an ever-changing group, but the love of horses keeps us all going in the same direction. Not even a pandemic could keep us home. We did our best to keep things going and put some hours on those trails. Some of you even rode on those days when the snow was everywhere. You all are very hardy folks. A lot of you enjoyed some impromptu day rides. We are watching the price of building supplies so that when they come back down, we will get the picnic shelter built at Hatches Corner. It is an excellent place to ride if you want an easy ride. Our regional ride in the Ashtabula Gulf is scheduled for the second Saturday of October. It will to be a dice ride again this year. You can choose to pay to play or ride and not participate in rolling the dice. There will be food, a Chinese auction and 50/50. Would you mind putting it on your calendar? The Sheets family have moved into their new home. They have been busy putting up hay and unpacking. Mike is taking some time for mounted shooting, and Gina is doing some barrel racing, as is Christy. Sylvio is also doing some mounted shooting. Good luck to all of you. It’s almost hay, so ‘til next time, give thanks for all the good things and give your horse a hug. ~Pearl Ann CLARK What a beautiful summer! Clark County members have been out riding all over the state. This includes Hocking Hills, Salt Fork, Alum Creek, Deer Creek, Van Buren, Caesars Creek and more. We have photo evidence that Cowboy Larry has been out on the trails this year also. The stars have aligned and we are ready to schedule our maintenance day at Buck Creek State Park for Saturday, Sept. 4. All necessary persons and equipment are available to help on that day. Stop by and lend a hand if you are available. We will be trimming the trails and repairing a couple of spots that can get pretty muddy. This has been made possible by a grant we received from The Ohio Horseman’s Council. To grain or not to grain? The choice is yours but, if you are giving grain and using Tribute

Clark County OHC feeds, Clark County would love to have your proof of purchases. We collect these throughout the year and are rewarded from Tribute for our efforts. Please contact us through our Facebook page if you have some to donate. This year we are using the funds to match our grant for the Buck Creek updates. Clark County has planned a Halloween campout at Buck Creek for Oct. 22 and 23. We’d like to thank Jodie Childs and Brenda Anderson who are planning a fun weekend that includes a costume contest, trail ride and an old fashioned weenie roast. Check our Facebook page for up to date information and start planning that costume! The next meeting is Sept. 9 at the Buck Creek Shelter house at 6:30 p.m. Get out on the trails with Clark County! ~Jonna CLINTON Hello fellow riders! We have had a very active month. With all the storms we had a lot of damage to Caesars Creek trails. To see progress of the opening of the trails go to Warren County OHC Facebook page. Clinton County worked on Farmers Trace which had nine full trees down and many areas needing cleared. We spent our 4th of July campout as the 4th of July clean up weekend. With the amazing members we have now, we got Farmers Trace done and made Moonlight Vista passable with caution. The weather was one of the hottest weekends yet, in the 90’s. It was blood, sweat and mosquito bites. A big thank you to Dave Krazl and John Snell our chainsaw men. John brought his side by side that we used to work our way through the six mile trail to clean up. It was awesome to carry our tools, cooler of water and all of us. I’d like to also say we have a great bunch of kids in our group that worked and


All our members who helped on the trails.

The kids cooling down after getting the trail cleared.

The chainsaw men, Dave Krazl and John Snell, clearing one of the nine trees. played very hard. We are so very proud of all the hard work they did on the trails! I want to thank the members who came out, camped and helped. Abby Fox, Diana Spencer, Dave and Sherry Krazl, Alison McCreary, Amanda and John Snell. The kids who helped, Makala and Zack Krazl, John Jr. and Will Snell, Lauren McCreary and Casyn Lamb Thank you! Some of us went to Hocking Hills. The Pine Creek Horse camp is a beautiful place. After the storms, the mud was amazing, which made CCSP not bad at all! We are planning another campout in September, watch our Facebook page for details. We also announce on Facebook if we are riding or camping on a good weekend. If we had more space for photos you would see all we got done! Go to our Facebook page! Happy safe trails, hope this summer isn’t too hot to get some rides in. Take a kid riding and see the future! ~Susan (Sue) Lamb 61

County Lines COLUMBIANA There sure isn’t much to write about this month. We have not been very active other than clearing trees from the trails. Rick Haldiman and his maintenance crew have been trying to keep up with all the damage. It seems we have gotten one windy storm after another. The ‘Fallen Members Ride’ Saturday, Sept. 4 is still in the planning stages. It will be at Beaver Creek Horseman’s Camp in Columbiana County. Plans are not finalized as of this article so I will suggest you check out our OHC website for all the details closer to the date. The Halloween event is scheduled the third Saturday of October as usual. This is always a great event. Trying something new, our July 10 meeting was held at the horseman’s camp with a group ride in the morning leaving at 10 a.m., potluck dinner at 6 p.m. and meeting at 7 p.m. We hope to do it more often. Ride safe and stay cool. Happy Trails, ~Sally Stamp COSHOCTON Hello from Fallon Park. I am going to make this short and sweet as I am having Internet problems and I am having to send this article from my phone. We had our poker run which I missed out on it due to work, but everybody had a good time and a friend took pictures for me. First place winner went to Cash Reiss, payout was $120. Second place winner was Mary Hill with winnings of $87. Third place jackpot was $38, going to Finnigan Cremer. The luck of a winning hand favored the animals as first place was a dog and third place was a horse. The 50/50 drawing went to Sheri Miller with a payout of $150. Thank you to all the club members who

Jan and Phil (cooks). 62

Poker winners.

A duck even came. dealt cards, cooked food, brought door prizes, cleaned up etc., etc. It takes a lot of time and planning to put our events together and nobody ever complains about doing it. We are very grateful for all the efforts from trail maintenance, to wiping tables and everything in between. We welcome anybody who is willing to help in any way. I hope you are enjoying the trails and signing in when you visit so the State can see how much we love and use Fallon. We hope to see everyone in September for our hog roast. Keep in mind that the hog roast is our only fundraiser to keep the trails open, be sure to plan to spend the day with us and invite your friends too. Camping is allowed, I hope to see you there. ~Gigi CUYAHOGA Ride every chance you get. Only have 15 minutes? Ride! Have no regrets when the weather turns icy and cold and you are stuck inside or when your joints give out or you have to retire your aged horse. Ride now! Cleveland Metroparks Mounted Police, Ride the Beach, event is Sunday, Sept. 12, Monday, Sept. 13, Sunday, Sept. 19. At this time, it is filling up quickly, but I see they have a wait list. If you have a desire to ride the beach and even swim with your horse at Edgewater Beach in the Lakefront Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks, check online at Cleveland Metroparks. com Ride the Beach. There may still be an opening for

you. Safety is paramount and groups of 20 ride with the mounted units and have a very memorable time. You will have plenty of time for pictures along with beach and water time. You may also just come and watch all the fun. Many riders return year after year and many come a good distance. This ride is a major fundraiser for the mounted unit and Cuyahoga Chapter is one of the sponsors. We really appreciated our mounted unit so come join in the fun! Cuyahoga has now gotten together several times and meetings with a guest speaker are the favorite. In May we had a Magna Wave demonstration at Kathy and Al King’s farm. Presented by Kendall Smith and Jamie Davis. In June we had Lissy Kuhn from Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary tell us all about the many horses, pigs, hogs, chickens, goats and more that they have rescued from abusive situations. They also have taken in animals that needed to be rehomed during Covid due to financial or other reasons. They have a plan for the Amish who need to rehome well broke buggy horses (that their kids have ridden all over as well). They make great trail horses as they have been exposed to so many things on the road. Happy Trails is located on New Milford Road in Ravenna, Ohio. Call 330/2965914 for information on adoption or a tour. Need a horse, pig, goat, or chicken? Check them out online; Our July event was a picnic at Walton Hills Lake, with swimming, games, and great food. No horses or pets at this event, but the fun and laughter of getting together with old, and making new friends, makes for a great day. Ron Loya is our renowned cook and some of the other members step up to help man the grill to cook burgers and hot dogs to perfection. Some might just watch and offer advice but Ron has it handled. Trail rides continue in the different Reservations (there are seven with bridle trails) of Cleveland Metroparks and each is unique in what it has to offer. We have rides until about the time the snow and cold set in. Someone from the club is there to be a guide or you may ride on your own at your own pace. We like to gather for lunch or a snack and visit after we ride. Come join


us and enjoy these beautiful trails. ~Penny Passalacqua DEFIANCE I hope everyone is having a great summer so far and are out and about enjoying the trails. I would like to apologize for not having an article the past few months, my summer has been a little busy;lets get everyone caught up with what has been going on with our club. Our just for fun horse show that we put on for the the kids every year was a success on June 5, even though we had some minor technical issues with our timer for the contesting classes the kids seemed to have a good time getting ready for fair. We would like to thank all of our sponsors and everyone who helped us during our show. We wouldn’t be able to put this show on for our kids without you. June 11-13 was our horse camping weekend at the bluffs in Camden, Mich., everyone had a blast even though the heat and humidity was a killer. July 9-11 our club made our way over to Mohican State Park for the weekend. Now that brings us into August; we don’t have much planned. A few members might do a few weekends at Harry Hughes or maybe the Bluffs until its time to meet back up for our state ride at Van Buren.

Defiance club members enjoy the trails at the bluffs.

Beth showing her horse during our just for fun show. August 2021

County Lines I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July and hope to see you guys out in the trails. Happy riding everyone. FAIRFIELD Seems like it has been difficult to get caught up this summer. Early on the weather in my area was mild and with an early spring the crops got put in the ground in decent shape. The hay and pastures responded great to the fertilizer as we had timely rains. At this point July 5, I’m caught up for a few weeks. As far as Fairfield OHC, we have had a busy spring and early summer. Thanks to the generous donation by one of our members, we were able to build additional tie rails and benches on the equine trails at Hocking State Forest. We have a few more projects we would like to tackle, but they will probably have to wait until late fall or next spring. Everyone is busy riding or working and gathering up a crew is a little difficult. The week prior to the July 4 holiday, with the assistance of the Hocking DNR crew, we managed to clear all of the downed trees off the trails that had been reported. At least until the next storm. Our biggest project of the year will be coming up over the Labor Day weekend. We will be hosting our annual state ride at Scioto Trails. A flyer is posted on our Facebook page. Highlights include some free food, a silent auction, 50/50 and raffle drawing, plus live entertainment on Saturday evening. Did I mention we have over 50 miles of some of the prettiest trails you will ride in Ohio? Oh yeah, there will be a gift card scavenger hunt out on the trails. Gas money just waiting to be claimed by some lucky rider. And last but not least, just plain fun! No advance reservations required, just mark your calendar and come join us. So far we have hosted three successful club rides with more on our calendar as we move into late summer and fall. If anyone is interested in hooking up with us, so they have someone to camp and ride with, go to our web page at Click on calendar at the top of the home page. A list of our scheduled rides is listed in that section. Enjoy the remainder of your summer. ~Chris August 2021

FULTON I started into the woods this morning with my dog, thinking, “this would be great riding weather, too!” Well, no. I consider myself pretty tolerant to mosquitos, but we’d barely ventured 200 feet or so when I decided that being a bug buffet was not on the agenda today. Little dog and I turned around and high-tailed it out of there! And this was right at 7 a.m. too. Haven’t mosquitos heard of sleeping in? Today may not have been the best for riding, but there certainly have been some fabulous days for riding, and OHC members have taken advantage of them. Members have been busy with various groups camping in the Tri-State area. They’ve ventured to Reed Road Ranglers/Oak Openings, Pleasant Hill Lake and Caesars Creek in Ohio, Pontiac Lake, Fort Custar Recreation Area and Farmlane/Waterloo in Michigan, and to Salamonie Lake and Hoosier Horse Camp/ Hoosier National Forest in Indiana. Future plans will take members to Mohican, Van Buren and Cuyahoga in Ohio, Hoosier again in Indiana, Big Elk Lick in Pennsylvania, and of course, our home base at Reed Road Ranglers. According to Kathy Brown, who so graciously provided all this information, “All of the trips have been great so far!” Hard to believe but December and the Cowboy Christmas Swap Meet at the WB Ranch on the first Sunday in December is just around the corner; get your stuff ready to sell and remember that with that stuff gone, you can buy more stuff because now you’ll have the room! We won’t be having to swat at bugs then.

Jerry and Karen with saddle stand.

Cheryl at Salamonie Lake.

Linda at Reed Road Ranglers. Remember to find us on Facebook and to check out our website at Kathy Brown does an excellent job of keeping the website up to date. Thank you so much, Kathy, for the ride locations listed and the great pictures, too! Happy Trails, everyone! ~Trina Houser (with Kathy Brown) GREENE Our state ride went very well. We had our meeting on Friday, along with our usual hobo stew for supper. Not as many people camped as had reserved spaces originally, possibly due to the

heat. We had a great crowd for the dinner Saturday. After a year off, everyone was ready to party! We had 69 people sign in, and there were probably a few more who forgot to sign. Nine counties were represented, and two people joined us from out of state. Lots of good food, horse people know how to eat! Lots of fun with karaoke and of course, lots of fun with door prizes. I’m sure Nancy is glad to have her front porch free again, as that’s where the prizes have been stored for the last two years. Jerry again made a gorgeous wooden saddle stand and an Amazing Grace cross out of horseshoes. I didn’t get the name of the woman who won the cross, though I believe she may have been from Fulton County. The saddle stand was won by Union County’s Karen GetzHolland, who had been trying for several years, so of course she was delighted. Our 50/50 was very popular again. I didn’t get a chance to get the name of the winners of that either. I apologize, it was getting a bit late by then and things were moving fast. I did manage to get a photo of the couple, luckily. Dave and Jerry have been busy trying to keep up with the mowing at Caesar Ford. As with everyone else, that’s a never ending job this time of year. They’ve also tried to keep up with fallen trees, which fortunately haven’t been too bad. I’m guessing the storm that hit Caesar Creek in June didn’t hit Caesar Ford as hard, thank God. Thanks to all who came to the state ride. Anyone who didn’t, we hope you’ll join us next year. We always have a good time. Jerry promises that the saddle stand for next year is going to be made out of cherry wood from a tree at his farm. It’s going to be even more gorgeous than usual! Happy riding. GUERNSEY

Emily at Reed Road Ranglers

Stephanie with horseshoe cross.


Like mucking out the barn, trail work is never done! No sooner 63

County Lines

Guernsey County OHC did we have all the fallen trees off the trails, when a down-burst of some kind wreaked havoc on the Orange Trail and the White Trail B-Loop, at Salt Fork State Park, a couple of weeks back. On the Orange Trail the down-burst toppled a large Beech tree which took a half dozen other trees with it. It took two men running saws and one dragging brush, two hours to clear just 25 feet of trail. The pile of trees was huge! On the B-Loop the down-burst toppled two giant oaks and took the top out of an even bigger one. When you see the downed trees, it’s heart breaking. All of them were quite large. The one that lost part of its top is very large. The three of us, working the trails that day, leaned against the tree and stretching out our arms; fingertip-to-finger-tip, were unable to complete the circle! We lacked about 18 inches! Now, I’m here to tell you; that’s a large tree! The park core drilled one of the large oaks that went down when the two tornadoes ripped through the park about eight years ago. It was 250 years old. (It was on the White Trail A-Loop near the 10mile marker.) This tree dwarfs the one the park core drilled, so I’m guessing it’s between 400 and 500 years old. One of the other two that toppled over twisted half a turn and split as it fell. In my 40 years of running a chainsaw, it was the first time I’ve ever hung up the bar: three times in the same tree! We had a second group of our clubs’ riders go to Mt Rogers, in Virginia, to ride. I hear they had a blast, all except Don. You’ll have to ask him about the trip down. No one sent me any pictures to post, so here’s one of Ben and me riding in Jefferson County, Ohio. I’m giving some real consideration to riding in The Hoosier National Forest in Indiana, down by the town of Derby, when my first cutting of hay is done. So far, I haven’t been able to find anyone that’s ridden there to get a layout of 64

the trails. They say there are 200 miles of trails. Be sure to join us this fall for our annual Guernsey County OHC Poker Run. Watch for our ad in the Corral. The date is Saturday, Oct. 9. Enjoy a great ride, all the while playing a fun game of poker! We have some great prizes in the raffle drawing, too. The annual auction is always a fun time along with some really great horse related stuff and a good meal. Remember to log those miles and hours worked, it really does matter. Hope to see you on the trail, ~Lee Randolph

Pony rides.


Knox County OHC

KNOX Knox County continues to ride with gusto. If you are friends on Facebook with any of our 86 members, you often see a lot of pictures of rides and other events we are engaged in. In June we had a scheduled ride at Blue Rock. We also had a large group travel to EJ Stables in West Virginia where they rode for six days, enjoyed the local trails and the evening campfires. One of our riders spent unanticipated time in the local hospital due to an infection. No one got to ride the Dinner Train though as it was booked solid. July 4 was spent at Bark Camp and July 17 was a scheduled ride at Great Seal. Reservations were required at both. August 6 is a scheduled ride at Harrison State Forest and Aug. 28 finds us at Salt Fork. Unfortunately, our planned August Trail Challenge at Thayer Ridge was canceled as their appeared to be a shortage of volunteers. We need to pick this up folks. An event many of us participated in was a surprise retirement party for our very own Kathy Shoemaker. Kathy is a prominent part of our club and does not often get the thanks she deserves. She has served as our very efficient secretary for many years. Her retirement from a teaching position gives her more time to enjoy riding. And thanks Kathy, for your service to OHC. We recently did a free pony ride event, used our riding horses. It was held in Fredericktown, Ohio. Mothers had to sign a liability release for the youngsters before allowed to ride. Members carefully led their mounts around in a designated loop with some very excited smiling young riders. There were 40 young

the club’s activities so as to report first hand. Hopefully, I will be back in the saddle some day. We will discuss the Corral Reporter position at our next meeting. Come on over to Knox County where the gates are wide open, the grass is greener, the horses leaner, as we do ride them, and everyone is welcome. We meet the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. Hopefully, we return to our normal meeting place at the Long Branch Pizza in Centerburg. Reporting for Knox County OHC, ~Terry L. Baker

participants. I led one young lady around at least six times. A big thank you to members who brought horses and participated in this OHC promotional event. And thank you Donny Cline for heading this up. Our calendar for 2021 has passed mid-summer. Already the warm summer days are growing shorter. Time indeed, does fly! If you want to have fun and are a member of OHC, you have to join in to reap the rewards. I personally, still try to always take the long way home for, tomorrow I may not be able to ride. I have heard a lot of discussion about how full our camps are these days due to the fact that non-horse people are allowed to camp there. While I understand utilization of often unused camp sites, in my opinion, OHC should collectively push for ruling that non-horse people be allowed to use previously designated Horse Camps only after the other camps have totally filled up. Reservations are good, but often weather discourages camping and the cancellation policies currently in effect are costing riders, which tends to discourage some from participating. Waiting on this computer to boot up is about like plowing with a horse, you have to wait at the end of each furrow for it to catch it’s wind. And, like that working horse, I too have had the wind knocked out of me. My friends and fellow members know of what I speak. I have for many years enjoyed writing for the Corral and if I give this up it is just one more thing my life’s current situation has caused the loss of. I might be too selfish in hanging on as I believe the club reporter should be able to attend most of


Big Bravos to everyone who helped with our Lake County Poker Ride, from volunteers to those who actually rode the ride and to their wonderful horses who took them from station to station. Joy Kekco won with three jacks, and promptly gave her cash winnings back to our club. Thank you, Joy. Thank you, Michelle H. for tying it all together. Thank you Rosemary, for getting the Cleveland Metro Park’s permit and getting insurance. Thank you to Michelle S. and Rosemary for food gathering, Michelle H. for more, yummy Watergate salad and fruit, and Ricki for creating good sandwiches, which she passed out. Thank you Rosemary and Michelle S. for hanging the orange trail markers and for collecting them after the ride. In addition, Rosemary and Michelle S. invaded Big Dee’s for the great items in the ten Chinese auction baskets; it was really good stuff. I won a basket with three kinds of wormers—two of each for my horse and her buddy. Thank you, Rosemary, Michelle S. and Wendy for doing the registration and selling Chinese auction tickets. Thank you to our station managers out on the trail with poker cards: Donna, Don H., Barbara J., Heather, Bonnie, Heather B., Rayneen, and Tina. Tina also told about riding in Thompson’s Memorial Day Parade and riding in Thompson’s July 4 Parade and how she enjoyed being part of the poker ride too. Thank you to Barbara M. and Michelle S. for standing at Squie’s Castle and helping riders to finish. Thank you to Michelle H., Rosemary, Ken, Michelle S., Dallas, Cody, Barbara M. and Rayneen for the clean-up at the very end. August 2021

County Lines Thank you, Sweet Savannah, for bringing laughter and fun to us all as we watched you enjoy life as only a five year old can. Two tickets apiece will be placed into our free dinner can for everyone who helped. In addition, a small gift certificate from Big Dee’s will be given to all who helped with the poker ride. Thank you to Brad, director of North Chagrin, and his tireless staff who trimmed the bridle trails we used, gave us extra tables and waste cans, cut the grass, and cleaned up the trailer parking lot. Thank you for caring about our horses and us. Thank you Big Dee’s! We appreciate your constant support of us and the other horse clubs. Big Dee’s does so much for us. The items that we put in the ten baskets are practical, useful, and needed. We loved Savannah pulling the winning ticket for each bag by the baskets. Thank you Bonnie for helping her. Saturday, July 24, we scheduled a ride/picnic at West Woods or Penitentiary Glen. Our Lake Regional ride is Saturday, Aug. 29, at Girdled Road Park. Pizza and salad will be served. Please bring dessert. Here’s cheering for more fun rides. Stay strong and healthy. ~Rayneen LOGAN The Logan County OHC had their June 6 meeting at the East Liberty Community Room. We had 12 members present. After our clubs first yummy potluck since Covid, the president Becky Porter brought the meeting to order. We had our second fundraiser concession stand at Marmon Valley Farms Horse show May 21. We ended up having a great turnout of volunteers for this event as well as the first shot. After two concessions stand fundraisers it appears they both were a success, which no doubt will help our OHC to do more in the community. Val Tracy brought up the Belle Springs assisted living community project, the date was set for June 18, but, when that time and date was up it was a very stormy day, so it was postponed for another date. Our Logan County OHC had a trail ride at Dew Downs, May 22-23, we had six members join this trail ride. On National Trail Day (June 5) we had six Logan August 2021

Trail ride at Kiser Lake. County OHC members ride at Kiser Lake. We had another Logan County OHC ride scheduled for June 13 at Alum Creek. John Horton, mentioned that the Wagon Train group will be coming back to Logan County Aug. 1-7 and they are in need of outriders and would appreciate any help they can get from our OHC. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer riding, we have had a lot of cicadas here, I took my first ride in early June and no doubt it was the buggiest ride of my life, between deer flies, green heads, cicadas and even a couple horse flies. whew. I feel blessed to see the cicadas yet another time, no one knows if it will be the last time you experience that phenomenon! Happy Trails to all. ~Cynthia Orr LORAIN Greetings horse friends around the state. We hope you are getting out and enjoying the warm sunshine and great riding weather lately. Our August calendar sponsor is the Litchfield Veterinary Clinic located at 9496 Norwalk Road (Route 18) just west of the circle of town. They provide compassionate care to the small furry type; i.e. the kind that like to hop in your lap and cuddle or lie at your feet and lick your toes. Feel free to check them out on the web for further information. Thank you for your support Litchfield Veterinary Clinic! The first weekend of June, several members camped at Great Seal State Park where Ohio’s Great Seal was inspired by the beautiful backdrop of rolling hills, a picturesque sunset and a forefront of farmland. Although it was toasty, some of the campsites offered a fantastic breeze and plenty of shade, we were thankful for this after riding all day. The trails were heavily wooded and the ridge-line trails offered a refreshing breeze. The

Riding at Great Seal State Park. trails were somewhat steep with some switchbacks and our beasts of burden did a fine job keeping us safe on our travels, even though they sometimes had to slide down the hillside on their bottoms. Although a bunch of us signed up for the Pleasant Hill campout in June many opted out due to the forecast for multiple storm fronts with the threat of heavy winds, lightening and hail. Thankfully the campers from other counties who went had the good fortune of decent weather. If I were to guess, I’d say it was because the Duncan/Wallace ‘Perfect Storm Combo’ stayed home! Five of us rode at Malabar Farm for the day ride June 26. It became exciting when a few horses got a bit buzzed up by the herd of cattle that happened to be near the lane as we were passing by. I thought Banjo might turn into a bucking bull in a rodeo since he nearly backed up into the electric wires. As this Corral issue arrives, there are several who will be heading to Caesar Creek State Park and Indiana, Aug. 5 or 6 for a long weekend of riding. I will report on their stories in the next issue since Bill and Barb usually have many to share. There is a weekend campout on Aug. 1315 at Tri-County Campground located just south of Canton. The campground includes a covered pavilion, open camping sites with tie lines (no portable corrals are permitted), pit toilets, horse wash racks and several water hydrants. Close to 40 miles of trails are accessed from the camp. Further information is available on their website, www. We will have our membership meeting at the Carlisle Equestrian Center on Monday, Aug. 16 at 7 p.m. Please come and learn about our past, present and upcoming events. Many are venturing to Big Elk Lick Horse Camp in Benezette, Pa., Aug. 19-26. Please note that both a 30 day health certificate and valid Coggins are required. The trails are rugged at times so shoes are highly recommended. You need to have a reservation for


Jim and Laura at Mohican NE Regional Ride.

NE Regional Ride at Mohican on July 4. this ride. Call 814/787-4656. The club contacts are Ric and Char Augustine. The Medina County State Ride at Wetmore is not permitted to camp this year, but a day ride and dinner are in the planning for Aug. 21. You need to register with Medina County OHC. Please show your support for the Lorain County Fair at Wellington Fairgrounds Aug. 23-29. The Charlemont Reservation work party campout is Aug. 27-29. Come one, come all! We need you to volunteer to help groom the trails in prep for our regional ride Sept. 24-26 at Charlemont with camping at Claremar Twin Lakes Camping Resort. Enjoy summer! ~Kathy Duncan MADISON This month has certainly caught up with me way too fast. We had our June Gymkhana earlier in the month and had almost 60 competitors. Our next Gymkhana is Aug. 7, the show starts at 10 o’clock. We compete at the Madison County Fairgrounds located at 204 Elm Street, London, Ohio. I want to thank our dedicated sponsors ASEE feed and supplies in Plain City Ohio, Parsons and Sons Equipment in West Jefferson, Tuffy in Columbus, Calvin Access Control and state representative Kyle Kohler. These sponsors help make these shows possible. We hope you will come spend the day with us. It’s a great family event. We 65

County Lines require pre-registration through SignUpGenius. It is $30 all day. We have not yet continued with meetings. We tried scheduling one at Deer Creek as well as trail maintenance, but we got rained out again. Jean Kritner and Marsha Pierce try to keep up with the mowing. We hope you will come to Deer Creek and spend some time overnight. ~Dee Elfrink

Murphee at Blue Tip.

MEDINA First some news about our state ride. We are cancelling it for 2021. I know this is very sad news not only for us, but also for all of our OHC friends who have joined in the fun these past years. With a no camping directive from the national park administration and the low number of reservations we felt it best to cancel. For OHC members coming from long distances away we know that a day ride is not practical or in some cases, possible. We are hopeful we may continue our tradition in the years to come. Any questions may be directed to Rosemary Young (440/382-7980 or rosemary4medinaohc@gmail. com). If you were at the Wasdworth Blue Tip parade in June you might have seen a whole slew of OHC’s finest parading in their most festive apparel. The riders didn’t look bad either. Thanks to Julie Croston, Molly Eastwood, Michelle Crew and Dusty, and lots of others a good time was had by all. We have lost two great members of Medina OHC this past month. Jim Sullivan, a wonderful gentle soul was a constant at each of our competitive rides. If you participated, you would have met Jim as he sent the riders off at the scheduled time. He was there at the half-way point and his smile was there at the end to record their end time. As one of our earliest members he also served as chapter secretary. When we didn’t see him we knew he was playing bridge somewhere. Our condolences go out to Carolyn. Another loss was Bob Burrows who along with his wife, Susan had moved to South Carolina. An active competitive driver, he and Susan hosted a wonderful carriage event some years ago. He was also the host of several of our state ride pig roasts. Many of you would have remembered him slicing away at a large roast porcine beast or serving personal 66

for our favorite charity, Make a Wish. Tex, the pony brought in over $2000 alone and is now at his new home. Members and guests enjoyed a trail ride, good food, and an auction. Thanks everyone for coming, working so hard for donations, being so generous, and to Make a Wish for sending representatives to the event. We all had a good time. We had our first Fun Show of the year on Saturday, July 10. There was a trail ride and regular meeting before the Fun Show. Horse Camp at AEP is once again open for riding and many thanks to those who are maintaining the trails and camp, Enjoy every minute you are with your friends, family and horses! ~Tonya MONTGOMERY

Julie at Blue Tip parade. omelets for breakfast. He was also active in our Cuyahoga Valley Equestrian Trails Association which managed the proceeds from our Valley Girl calendar sales. Our best thoughts are with Susan at this time. We are still riding our youknow-whats off. Monday, Aug. 9 join us for great riding at either Wetmore or the Covered Bridge. On Wednesday, Aug. 25 we will conquer North Chagrin Reservation. Contact Barb Vega at 216/702-1224 or grr8ridinranch@yahoo if you are coming. For a weekend ride Molly Eastwood will lead a fun time at Mohican State Forest Sept. 17-19. Contact her at 330/ 603-0820 or mollyeastwood@ if you are coming and for more information. Our work sessions in the valley are still on so come give us a hand on Aug. 14. You love these trails so be a part of making them one of the best places in the state to ride. Contact one of our trail committee members: Greg Monsanty (blackhorsebridge@ or 330/658-3063) or Raydeen Ryden ( or 334/663-7361) for information. Your reporter down in the valley, ~Rosemary MEIGS Ride for Wishes was a success! Meigs chapter members worked together to raise a large donation

Happy August Montgomery County OHC! I hope this finds you all well and enjoying your summer. It has been hot at times, with a good amount of rain to keep the grass growing in the pastures. Something to be aware of, Cindy, our president, sent out an email reporting that a woman has been seen a few times walking with five unleashed dogs at Sycamore State Park. Unfortunately, these dogs attacked a horse. The horse freaked out and threw the rider and the rider had to go to the hospital. This got me thinking, what would I do in that situation? If you try to gallop off the dogs may chase my horse and attack it worse. I definitely don’t think dismounting on purpose is a good idea! Something to think about. I don’t ride with a gun, my horses aren’t used to shooting off them, so that won’t work. I have heard that a can of hornet spray works like mace and can spray at least 20 feet. You may see me on the trail with my can of hornet spray. Thank you Cindy for getting me to think! Every day I am grateful I can live my dream life complete with horses. My friends at OHC are a part of this horsey life. It is so awesome to have people who get you and your love for horses. Remember that our meetings are the first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the horseman’s area at Sycamore State Park off Wolf Creek Pike. Til next time, stay safe and I hope to see you on the trail. ~Jilleroo Karen R-E


MORROW Greetings from Morrow County OHC chapter where summer pros and cons are affecting both our equine steeds and their owners. The higher temperatures and emergence of flies, plus mosquitoes are cons tormenting everyone although most horses do not have a secure AC sanctuary to find relief like us humans. Also, deer flies are abundant here on wooded trails. For pros, robust pasture growth has greatly reduced the need to feed hay, with run-in shelters reducing the need for box stall protection from the elements. Several weekend days have offered some great riding conditions, although any day of the week can be a ride day for us retirees who can usually go whenever conditions are good. Byron and Sheryl did some weekday exploring of Mohican State Forest trails while Gerald rode with visiting Pennsylvania and Iowa daughters on home located trails. The July fourth picture of Gerald with a visiting New Jersey friend documents that the 81-year-old ‘cowboy’ is riding. I recently visited the ‘Mini Ranch’ belonging to chapter members Drew Ann and Frank Baxter. With several years of effort, they created the extremely attractive Baxter Ranch. It hosts a variety of animals including chickens, goats, three donkeys, a mini horse plus three animals large enough for riding. The larger three animal residents are two horses plus a mule. They are pictured with Drew Ann featuring ‘long ears’ in the middle of the other two colorful steeds. The newly acquired mule has given Frank some unscheduled dismounts in the last few months although recent round pen/ arena training progress indicates it may develop into a safe trail riding mount for Frank. The Baxter’s have assisted chapter president Floyd McKee with trail maintenance work at Mount Gilead State Park which the chapter helped to establish nearly 20 years ago. Another chapter member with a new long ears mount, president Floyd, still has not gotten on the trails, but plans to soon. Maybe it will be at the Central Region OHC July ride at Dillion State Park. Regular monthly chapter meetings resumed for 2021 at the Mount Gilead Library Annex August 2021

County Lines PIKE

Baxter Ranchherd with Drew Ann Baxter, Morrow OHC.

Doc, 81 years old with NJ friend on July 4th ride. starting at 7 p.m., the second Wednesday of the month. Until next month, keep your chin up and strive to provide the best care possible for your horses who will provide you the opportunity to enjoy some great riding. I wish ‘happy trails to you’, as Roy and Dale sang for their theme song. Also stay safe in the saddle/ on your horse if you do have an opportunity to ride before the next report, I hope to see some readers on the trail soon. ~DOC PERRY Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence. Pete fell off. Who’s left? Repeat. The moral of the story? When in doubt, repeat your article from the prior month. Maybe you didn’t catch it but I thought I never sent the May article since I couldn’t find it in my email so I revised it and used it again for June only to get the Corral and find it was published. Guess it was too late to substitute text so I hope you all enjoyed it twice. “Thunder rolls and every storm runs out of rain,” so goes a couple lyrics in popular country songs. Well thunder rolled but the rain ran out before it reached AEP Conesville and guess what, a Regional Ride broke out! Sadly, the attendance for the first annual ride was cut in half by the ominous forecast of severe storms with high winds, but those of us who took a chance certainly had a great time. Weather was actually fantastic and the bad August 2021

Leah Brent lounging. stuff went around us. I told a friend who was hedging on coming that Friday that one of us would have regrets, one for not coming and the weather being nice or one for going despite the forecast. Turns out it wasn’t me that time. It was a lazy man’s camping weekend, with most everyone heading to the local pub for dinner Friday and then partaking in the cookout on Saturday provided by the ride committee. Don Wagner outdid himself at the grill and the state trail committee did an excellent job at procuring goods for the raffles. Ben Stengle was a big winner of several top items, including gift cards from Rural King and Tractor Supply. I was lucky enough to win a ratchet tie down, you know, one of those horrid contraptions that I have no clue how to use. I was assured, however, that this old dog can learn to use it for a picket line since my abracadabra doesn’t work too well. Thanks to everyone who did attend. It was fun sitting around the campfire with some of our Fairfield County friends. Proceeds from the event will be distributed to the counties represented at the ride and must be tagged for trail maintenance projects. Everyone has been out and about getting a lot of saddle time in, but shoot, you just never know what certain members are up to these days until you peruse Facebook. Donna Shade, a newer member, has branched out into the world of mounted shooting and is having a great time and doing

Linda and her prized Kioti.

Mounted shooting with Donna Shade. quite well. I’ve shared a photo I found showing her in action. Other members experienced what we call involuntary dismounts, one from a saddle tipping up and causing the rider to topple over the horse’s head and into a creek, and the other from ‘fowl’ play. Luckily neither rider was injured and shall remain nameless (Kathy, Brenda, hehehe)! Yea, if I know about it then it will be made public. Some folks are getting tractor time as well. Linda Patterson seems quite pleased with her Kioti, so much so that I decided you all needed to see this awesome machine. At the June meeting we voted to move our annual soup ride to Oct. 2, since yours truly is booked to attend a wedding on the originally scheduled date. Thanks everyone for making it possible for me to attend. I don’t know if it’s my help or members didn’t want to lose out on or my awardwinning soup (insert smirk) that I bring, but I appreciate it. The ride will be held at Dillon and will include an auction which is always full of good bargains and laughter. We also voted to host our annual after holiday part on Jan. 15 at the Holiday Inn Express in Zanesville. More details to follow. The July meeting is being skipped, but plans for August includes a guest speaker from Burr Oak. We’re very interested in talking about trail development and repair in that park. Final plans also will be made for the Soup Ride at that time. I hope everyone is enjoying saddle time with their favorite steed as we ride into the sunset. Until we meet again on Aug. 10 at Top Hat, Junction City, I wish happy trails to you! ~Marianne


July was a great month in Pike County. The OHC started out the month with their regular meeting and celebrated Christmas in July with a delicious potluck and gift exchange. We played games and enjoyed the campfire until dark. The members and I are really starting to stack the trail miles. Even on those hot days we start out about 7 a.m. to beat the bugs and humidity. We have been so happy to meet many out of county riders in Pike Forest. They seem always to compliment us on the condition of the trails. We all enjoy the trail maintenance and had a repair day set up for July 9. We will be improving our tie rails and trail signs. We would also like to give a big thanks to the Pike State Forest manager and his crew. They have cleared some very large trees for us and also did some mowing. It all makes for great riding. I hope that you are all planning some trail riding camping trips for the rest of the year. Some of us are looking to Pleasant Hill, Mohican, Paddle Creek, Caesar Ford, Shawnee, and Salt Fork. Check your trailer tires and hit the road. Have a safe journey. ~Debby Sears

Pike County OHC 67

County Lines PREBLE We had our Fourth of July fun show on, Saturday, July 3. We had a nice turn out and had some great volunteers show up to help. We hope everyone had a good time. Our next fun show will be on Saturday, Sept. 4. This is another one of our fundraisers for the year, please come out and support our event. I have included three photos of the kids enjoying the show. We had our ‘in person’ meeting on Saturday, July 3, at the Hueston Woods horse camp. Only a few came, but the weather was beautiful. Our meetings are the first Saturday of each month so if you would like to come join us feel free. If you haven’t turned in your membership application you can do that then too, or send it to me, I will get you registered. We welcome some new members: Rusty and Teresa Wilson, Laura and Nick Clark, and Heidi McKee and James Porter. We hope you enjoy our trails and campground. We worked on our State Ride plans so we can get a head start on that. We will have our big raffle of a $750 Rural King gift card, and our dinner will be the fish fry again this year. The tickets are available now if you want to get yours early; adults $12 and child $6. Due to the economy and inflation we have had to raise our prices for this year. We will be having our Chinese Auction on Saturday as well as our dinner. The Soup Supper will be Friday night, all are welcome! Our members always make the soups and they are usually outstanding. You do not have to be an OHC member to join in on all the festivities of our State ride, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun and food. As this year is getting to a better place and more folks are getting vaccinated, we want to invite all horseback riders to come and enjoy the trails and campground at Hueston Woods State Park. We have been working on keeping the trails clear of fallen trees and making sure that they stay safe for all to enjoy. John, Dennis, Donn and I have worked on clearing trees and have also been doing some work over on C trail, diverting trail away from muddy spots to higher ground and markings on trees with orange rectangles showing the way. We will be doing some work 68

Preble County Fun Show. on C trail with the grant money we received from State OHC. This is a matching grant, so the $2,000 we received our chapter will have to match. There are the switch backs on Blue trail and the switch back at the lagoon across from the lodge are spots we have to get fixed so it is safer for riders and horses. If you have some spare time and want to help improve the trails give Donn a shout or text at 937/417-4358 or email Thank you in advance. We do need to take a moment and thank those who are out there and volunteering their time to help out with any and all projects, with many we can accomplish so much more, as this helps keep the trails rideable and fun. Stay safe everyone. We hope to see you out on the trails. Enjoy the warm weather and the dry trails. Remember to bring your cans and bottles out that you take in when riding trails! Help us keep greener and cleaner bridle trails! ~Becky STARK There was a nice turnout for our ride and camp over at Mohican State Forest in June. The weather surprised us by not giving us the rain that was in the forecast. It was a nice treat having Jill and Terry Eckroad camp with us over the weekend, something

they hadn’t been able to do for a while. Barbara Harding and Valerie Stroh-Kline are working with Buckeye Trail Association and Muskingum Watershed District to get the trails opened at Tappan Lake. The Buckeye Trail in that area was destroyed by logging and pipeline construction during the last few years. A work party planned in June was rescheduled to July because of rain. This scenic trail takes you from the Dam at Tappan Lake through the woods and around the lake to a little country store in Deersville that has award winning ice cream. Well worth the trip. The heat wave we experienced in June was hard to take for us and our animals. To cool off for the weekend of July 4th, many of us planned to ride at Salt Fork for the holiday weekend. It is wonderful to see everything opening back up with a lot of events shown in the Corral. It has been a long year. Hopefully everyone is OK. We need to keep families that faced some of the recent tragedies in our prayers along with members with health concerns, hope they are better soon. Hope you have a great summer. Take care and stay safe. Until next time, happy trails to you! ~Jo Ellen SUMMIT For the most part it has been a great year for horses, riders and farmers. The year’s warm days in March, no monsoon season in April or May, a stray late season snow storm and temperate days are great for trail riding and multiple cuttings of hay. Speaking of bearable things, our great states and neighbors Pennsylvania and West Virginia had another bumper crop of young, bachelor black bears. Numerous sighting in NE Ohio and throughout the state have been reported of these wandering Romeos looking for a Juliette in backyards or close to recreational areas. Trails in parks, railroad tracks and pipe line easements provide corridors for easy travel. Riders, as well as hikers, are reminded to be aware of bear activity. Acquaint yourself with what to do if you see or encounter a bear. This is another reason why dogs should be on a leash on public trails. Take note if using trails in a 20-30 mile radius of the bear’s last sighting because they move


Red, White and Blue Tip Prancer.

Blue Ribbon Trio at Parade.

Amy and Ford with True Blue. through territory quickly if no food or a femme fatale tempts them to stay. Bird feeders, pet food dishes and garbage are real magnets. Don’t forget if you are out picking veggies, fruits or wild berries that you might have more company than bees, mosquitoes, and ticks. Stay safe. Thankfully, ‘normal’ is coming back into our vocabulary again. With the start of camping season and most of the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, riders have been enjoying the trails at Oak Openings, Malabar, Beaver Creek and Mohican with various OHC chapters as well as our own. Snow bird Nancy Bedellion joined Karen Beres for a visit at one of Ohio’s finest sites at Malabar. Also, several of our riders participated in the Blue Tip Festival Parade in Wadsworth, Ohio. Their unique western attire was a real hit with spectators and fellow riders. They saved the best until last, as horses are always at the end of the parade. Thanks to all of you for representing our equine community. We were blessed with nice weather for National Trails Day June 5. Members and friends rode Allardale Park (Lori August 2021

County Lines Lukehart and Daughter Avery), Richfield Heritage Preserve (Ken Simms, Debbie Donner, Marietta Tromp, Molly Eastwood), Silver Creek Metro Park (Kathy Cockfield, Sally Zavodney) and Brecksville Reservation (Lisa Jewett, Janet and Phil Curran, and Laura Gentiluomo). Your participation validated our appreciation for horse trails locally and throughout Ohio. Special congratulations go out to our own Debbie Donner on her retirement last month. Not even bribing her with her favorite cake could make her stay a day longer. Enjoy and pitch that alarm clock at least for a while. Monthly meetings continue being held at the summer barn at Richfield Heritage Preserve on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. until further notice. Bring a friend, snack, a chair and join us. We value your suggestions and would love to see you there. Remember to keep track of your trail miles. Let’s make this a record year for our chapter and all chapters across the state. ~Joann Ulichney TRUMBULL Happy trails from Trumbull County! The trail riding season is underway and our members are reporting rides in numerous states and many Ohio parks. Trail mileage reports are definitely going to be more exciting this year than last year. We have resumed our meetings at Mosquito Lake State Park with a ride and weenie roast making for a fun-filled day with friends and the business combined. The annual ride at 2 Mile Run County Park in Pennsylvania was enjoyed by 12 riders; including State By Laws Committeewoman Dee Silliman. Members Dave Shook, Marcie Rester, Kae Bartow and Ellie and John Clower were joined by friends Eloise Beach, Rick and Patty Gharing, George Kellogg, Jackie Collins and Paul Kildoo. The

Trumbull County OHC August 2021

weather was a bit cantankerous but we still managed really nice rides. It is a wonderful park for group events. Stay safe on the trails and be mindful of the heat index, remember the heat is harder on the horses than it is on us! ~Kathryn Bartow

Saddle rack winner.

UNION Summer is flying by and Union County has been busy. We gained a new member, Susan Kaiser when she moved herself and her horse, Shanti from Southern California to Marysville. She chose Marysville because of the thriving horse community and being close to family. Susan and Shanti are looking forward to exploring the Ohio trails and I am sure she will discover that they are some of the most beautiful trails she has ever ridden. Ohio truly is a beautiful state. Union County attended the Caesar’s Creek State Ride hosted by Greene County. There was a potluck with karaoke on Saturday evening, as well as door prizes, a 50/50 raffle and a raffle for a handmade saddle rack donated by Gerald Smith. After many years of trying, yours truly finally won the saddle rack! I was over the moon excited when my number was called. The following weekend brought the Pleasant Hill Lake Promotional Ride. A dismal forecast was predicted but, the sun won out for a fabulous time with excellent trails and a trip to the ice cream shop and mini-mart, Big Fish. The little store even has high lines for the horses. Then you can go in and get a snack to enjoy at the picnic tables nearby. It was a great time getting together and being with friends that we have not seen in a while. There was also a poker run, a 50/50 and other

Lots of fun at PHL. various activities available over the weekend. Karen and Theresa took a weekend and rode down at Great Seal State Park. While it seemed to be hot and humid everywhere else, they were enjoying cool breezes and pleasant riding temperatures. They also were the only ones at the campground. The trails are nice but are multiuse, so you must beware of bikers around the blind corners. There were also a few places that we had to turn around because of fallen trees that horses could not navigate, whereas if you are a hiker or biker, you would be able to. For those who do not know, Great Seal does not have a dump station. You will need to hit a truck stop on the way home, unless you have other arrangements. On the whole, Great Seal has a nice campground and the trails are challenging and fun. A bit over an hour outside of Columbus near Chillicothe makes it a convenient place to ride. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer. Please be careful and Happy Trails. ~Karen Holland WARREN

Susan and Shanti

First of all, my apologies for the lack of an article last month. I had written one, and sent it or thought I did. Unfortunately, I sent a repeat of the June article, not July’s. Not the first time I’ve done that, sadly, but, usually our intrepid OHC editor catches my blunder. Sadly, this time she didn’t catch it in time, so I missed the deadline. I really need to pay closer attention. Luckily, there


Warren County OHC wasn’t a lot of news anyway. Except for a few Green Up Day photos, which I can use later, you didn’t really miss much. Mother Nature certainly hasn’t been kind to us lately. The big storm that rolled through midJune did fairly major damage at Caesar Creek, after we had the trails looking good for the Greene County State Ride. Lots of trees down, which should be removed by the time you read this. It also destroyed a section of trail where a culvert had previously washed out. It was slated for repair already, but was still passable before the storm. Not so now. That’s going to be a major project, so for some time the lower trail past the boat ramp will probably be closed. From the pictures I’ve seen, it isn’t fit for a mountain goat, much less a horse. However, we did manage to hold our scheduled campout at the Caesar creek group camp, in coordination with the Greene County State Ride, so we could join in the festivities. We also managed to have our first meeting since March of 2020, there at the camp. It was pretty well-attended, though I’m sure a number of people stayed away due to the heat, it was a hot one that weekend! We voted to have our current officers continue until November when we will hold our usual elections. Since we 69

County Lines don’t meet in July and August, we felt that electing new officers just for September and October would be foolish. If you are interested in running for office, or in nominating someone for office (with their permission; no surprises please), contact your trustees before the November meeting. I’m sure Catherine will have more information in the newsletter about that. One other event happened at the meeting as well. Clint Tellep, the assistant park manager, presented Roger with a certificate recognizing him for all of his hard work. We’ve had a lot of trail work coordinators over the years, and everyone has done a great job. Roger is definitely a go-getter! A sign was also put up renaming the group camp ‘Pawsat’s Place’. I’m including photos from that presentation. That’s it for this month. Stay cool! ~Mickie WASHINGTON Hi everyone in OHC horse land! Washington County did not have a meeting in July, as is our tradition. It is always hot and the holiday is always an interference as we are out on the trails. However, we continue to plan for the future. Our next meeting will be Aug. 5 with our annual Corn Ride at Kinderhook on Aug. 7, our largest ride of the year. We will ride in the morning and have a potluck dinner in the afternoon. We will have the big iron pot over the fire and cook a bunch of corn with lots of butter. This is a great day of togetherness for our members, from the ride to the husking of the corn, to the cooking, eating and finally clean up, it is a shared experience. We will ride out at 10 a.m. in the morning with the Corn Supper at 5 p.m. and of course, you are invited to join us. We are having a chapter ride at East Fork Campground in Durbin, W.Va., on Sept. 9-12.

Brent and Tara Patterson are hosting this ride for our chapter. Brent and Tara are frequent visitors and have worked on the trails, they will act as our guides. We are hopeful the weather will be a little cooler by then. Other chapter rides will include Stroud’s Run State Park and a final ride in the fall at Kinderhook. Several of our members attended the Regional Ride at AEP Conesville on June 19. Thanks to Don and Vicky Wagner, Southeast Representative, for putting this together and acting as hosts. Individually our members are riding a lot all across the great state of Ohio, as well as Indiana, Virginia, and West Virginia. We are very proud to have the most trail miles in the State for many years running and intend to maintain that title! We would be incredibly happy to spend some of those miles riding next to you. Happy trails and ride safe! ~Debbie J. WAYNE Summer time has arrived and our members have taken full advantage of it with rides and camping trips. Kim and Dean Scarborough started out the month by riding at Hocking Hills the first weekend in June. Phil and Rhonda Urbanek hosted a campout at Jefferson Lake Park June 4-6 which was attended by six club members. Rhonda is in her 80s and can still outride many of us on her little Morgan mare. National Trails Day was June 5. Our chapter recorded 16 riders at five different trails which included, Jefferson, Silver Creek, Malabar, Mohican and Hinckley. Dave and Trudy Schmidt, Pam Miller and Vicki Zook went to Elkins Creek June 9-13 to help Jill and Rick with the St. Jude’s charity ride. They cooked and cleaned and did anything else that needed done which greatly

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Elkins Creek Horse Camp. contributed to the success of the effort. The auction generated approximately $13,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. They stayed in camp when the rest of us rolled in and there were 23 members in total for the week of June 14-20 for a combined camp out with the Holmes County Chapter. That same week Sheila and Randy Haury hosted a campout at Malabar State Farm which was attended by eight members. They graciously invited other equestrian campers to join their potluck demonstrating the hospitality for which OHC members are known. During the campout at Malabar several members’ horses came in contact with a poisonous plant called Poison Hemlock. Be aware that this plant is not indigenous to Ohio, but is becoming invasive. If ingested, it can cause sores in the mouth and on the skin and it can cause sores that are difficult to heal. It looks like Queen’s Ann Lace, but it blooms earlier. Please be aware of what plants you and your horse come into contact with in the woods. Congratulations to everyone statewide who rallied at the last minute to defeat an attempt to get 120 acres of Malabar State Farm designated as a Nature Preserve without going through the proper channels at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. That designation would have seriously affected citizens’ ability to ride and hike the trails at Malabar. Nancy Strayer, a former ODNR employee, rang the alarm bell to activate our members and worked tirelessly to notify our state legislators about the addition of the proposed amendment to the budget bill. Our state president worked hard as well to educate our legislators about this last minute attempt to add the designation to the state budget bill. Marlene Smalley, our chapter president, also worked hours calling and researching and motivating other members

Tammy and Rhonda Jefferson Lake.


Malabar State Farm campout. to call their representatives and senators to educate them about this matter. The end result was that the amendment only addresses prohibiting intentional timbering from occurring in the Doris Duke Woods in the Malabar State Park. It was great work by everyone involved. By the time this is published, our Regional Ride scheduled for July 2-4 will be in the books. There has been a lot of work already done to prepare. Eighteen members showed up Monday, June 28 to clean camp and trails. Marlene Smalley and Tom Bahl went out again June 30 to clean up some trees that Marlene discovered down on the Blue Trail. We look forward to hosting a successful ride and campout and the weather looks like it will cooperate so we will keep our fingers crossed. It is with great sadness that I report that long time member, Wayne Moore, passed away on June 7. Wayne was one of the first members of our club. Barb and Wayne rode for many years up until the last few years when Wayne was unable to ride. His presence will be greatly missed. Our sincere condolences go out to his wife Barb and family. ~Susan Baker

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