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 n Excellent Choice for A Remodeling

It’s more than just a window. It’s an investment that will provide an entirely new look and level of comfort to your family’s favorite place. At Windsor, we have a different view of replacement windows. The remodeling of a home is a specialized process. The one-size-fits-all mentality just doesn’t work for all replacement and retrofit applications. Selecting the best product for your project depends on the original construction of your home, regional architectural preferences and the environmental conditions where you live. Your renovation project is unique and unlike any other.

 Windsor offers several different product options to suit various types of situations. Whether you’re looking for wood/clad, vinyl or cellular PVC products, Windsor has quality built and energy efficient windows and doors to meet your replacement needs. Windsor’s windows and doors will refresh the appearance, elevate the comfort and increase the value of your most prized possession—your family’s home.  The design and construction of windows and patio doors has changed dramatically in the past few decades. These engineering advancements will make your home more comfortable, secure and energy efficient. Regardless of where your home is located or the season of the year, new windows and doors will substantially reduce your energy costs and keep your family comfortable and safe. Renovating your home involves many decisions, but replacing your windows is one decision you won’t regret. Windsor Windows & Doors is the Excellent Choice.

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Start Enjoying

 he Benefits of New Windsor t Windows and Doors

Low M ain t enance People want to spend little time caring for their windows and doors. When you choose Windsor products, you’ll enjoy years of low maintenance and reliability with our energy efficient windows and doors. Most significantly, the materials of new windows and doors are designed for easy care. The exterior of your new windows and doors no longer requires the dreaded sanding, scraping and re-painting routine required for older products. Pinnacle aluminum clad wood windows and Next Dimension vinyl windows require very little exterior maintenance; a mild rinsing is all that is needed. Legend cellular PVC windows are constructed from solid white extruded PVC. This material will accept paint if a different color is desired. If white is your preference, painting is not required. One of the other design benefits of new windows is the ability to clean the exterior glass surface from inside the home. Casement windows were designed to be cleaned from the inside. However, they’re more prevalent in contemporary architecture. If your home calls for traditionally-styled windows, similar conveniences are now available on double hung and single hung windows, too. Windsor’s double hung windows, in both the Pinnacle wood line and Legend CPVC line, are available with EZ Tilt sashes. This clever design allows you to disengage the sash, tilting it inward, which makes cleaning and maintaining your windows much easier. Our Next Dimension single hung vinyl windows are designed with a similar benefit. The Easy-Out Sash System integrates a deep, rigid extruded vinyl pocket, which creates an overlapping frame for the sash. This proven side-load design allows for complete removal of the lower sash, which allows access to the entire window from the inside. Regardless of which style of windows you choose, once you replace your existing windows with Windsor products, there’s no more climbing on ladders or balancing on rooftops. You will be able to completely clean and maintain your windows from inside your home.

Disengage sash by pulling outward and to the left

Complete removal of sash provides easy cleaning of lower sash

Exterior of upper sash is accessible from inside of house


S u p erior E ner g y E f f iciency

Energy Savings Over Single Pane Tinted Glass LoE 3


2-pane tinted


Percent Satisfied

Advancements in window glazing have taken our homes to a new level of energy efficiency. Low-E coatings are applied to the interior side of the exterior pane of the insulated glass. These low emissivity coatings reflect roomside infrared energy back into the room and reflect solar heat out. Since Low-E coated glass transmits a high level of natural light into the home while reducing solar gain, you may be able to reduce both lighting and air conditioning costs. In addition, Windsor utilizes Super Spacer® Technology between the two panes of insulated glass. This revolutionary material prevents the transmission of heat and cold, adding additional temperature control.

80% 60% 40% 20%









Single, tinted

E f f or t l ess O p era t ion There’s nothing more frustrating than a window or door that doesn’t function properly. The latch won’t work; a hinge squeaks; the sash falls unexpectedly or sticks and won’t operate at all. These problems are not just irritating, they compromise your safety, security and peace of mind. Smooth-gliding, well-fitted windows and doors will eliminate those worries. Windsor products are designed for many years of smooth, reliable operation. Pinnacle & legend Pinnacle sliding patio doors are designed with adjustable ball bearing rollers for smooth gliding and easy adjustment. The adjustable hinge system on our swinging patio doors ensures proper alignment after installation and smooth operation for years to come. Pinnacle and Legend products have many design features to ensure ease of operation. Double hung windows feature a block and tackle balance system with a locking shoe for easy removal and sash operation. Casement users will appreciate the adjustable hinge system, which ensures smooth operation, and will also enjoy the folding nesting cranks that easily open and close the window with a simple twist of the wrist.

Pinnacle sliding patio doors have adjustable ball bearings for smooth gliding and easy adjustment

Pinnacle casement adjustment hinges allow for realignment if necessary

Pinnacle double hung windows utilize a block and tackle balance system with a locking shoe for smooth operation and security

Northern Mostly Heating

North/Central Heating & Cooli

South/Central Cooling & Heati Southern Mostly Cooling

Alternative Criteria Allowe


Windsor has designed our operating and nonoperating casements to look the same. This way, windows can be next to each other or stacked and maintain consistent site lines.

Windsor operating

Windsor non-operating

The competition

Next Dimension Next Dimension vinyl single hung windows and doors feature the highest quality block and tackle balance system in the jamb to ensure effortless operation. These single hung windows are designed with a self-contained side load sash system that allows for easy cleaning from within the home. The Next Dimension double hung window utilizes an EZ Tilt sash mechanism for complete access from within the home to both the interior and exterior sides of the upper and lower sash. The sash of the gliding vinyl window opens from side to side on four brass rollers on stainless steel shafts located in the bottom of the sash. Regardless of the size, it will glide effortlessly. When the sash slides to its most open position, it is easy to remove from the inside for cleaning. However, special anti-lift blocks on the sliders keep the sash from being removed when it’s closed. The vinyl sliding patio door glides effortlessly on two tandem roller assemblies with heavy-duty self-lubricating steel ball bearings. This roller assembly glides over a smooth stainless steel track for one finger operation. All of these features are designed for reliability and low maintenance.

Next Dimension EZ Tilt sashes provide complete access to both sides of the top and bottom sash from inside the home


S a f e t y and S ec u ri t y  ur Pinnacle and Legend products feature hardware from reputable manufacturers, O such as HoppeÂŽ and TruthTM. These sturdy, well-designed mechanisms will provide a renewed sense of protection for your home and family. Recessed locks and keepers provide security as well as a sleek appearance on the double hungs. The casement windows provide a single lever sequential multi-point lock that pulls the sash in at multiple points for a tight seal. The sliding patio doors feature a two-point locking system for added peace of mind. The swinging patio doors feature a multi-point locking system with a three-point jamb-engaged tongue system for uncompromised security.

Top: Recessed lock and keeper Bottom: Recessed tilt latches

Single lever sequential multi-point lock

Three-point jamb-engaged tongue system

Next Dimension vinyl casement windows feature a multipoint locking system as well. The vinyl sliding patio doors are held to the exact same measure of quality and durability as our windows. Fusion welded corners and multi-chamber reinforced extrusions keep the door stable and strong for years of enjoyment.

R e l ia b i l i t y and C om f or t Insulated glass, advancements of low emissivity coatings and Super Spacer technology allow you to feel more comfortable than ever in your home. Regardless of the season, you will no longer experience vast differences in room temperature. Gone are the days of blazing heat beating through the windows and chilly drafts blowing into your rooms.

Next Dimension's multi-point locking system


At t R A C t I V E A p p E A R A N C E Few home improvements can transform a home like new windows. Replacing old windows and doors gives any structure a renewed appearance. Structurally, your home will be much more stable and sturdy, with sound braces supporting the openings. With new frames and sashes, your home will appear crisp and clean. New glass will allow for better visibility and make your home sparkle. In addition to added energy efficiency and improved comfort, the silver coatings in the Low-E glazing not only reflect the heat, but also the sun’s damaging rays. Deterioration and fading to fabrics, wood and other interior materials will be significantly reduced. This will minimize future damage to your furnishings, further improving the overall appearance of your home. Pinnacle and Legend hardware is available in 10 hardware finishes. The Pinnacle sliding patio door comes with an attractive and functional D-shaped handle. Both classic and contemporary handle styles are available on our Pinnacle swinging patio door to complement your home’s architectural style. Vinyl products are available in white or clay to complement your personal preference and the home’s architectural style. The window and door hardware for these vinyl products is color-matched for a clean, integrated appearance. pAtIO DOOR HANDlES

classic Swinging Door handle

contemporary Swinging Door handle

D-Shaped Sliding Door handle

Next Dimension Sliding Door handles

pINNAClE pAtIO DOOR HANDlE fINISHES Finishes marked with (*) feature a clear coating that protects the finish against tarnishing and peeling. It extends the rich, bright life of the finish and dramatically delays the aging process.



Antique Brass

Polished chrome*

Brushed chrome*

Satin Nickel*

Antique Nickel

Faux Bronze

oil rubbed Bronze



Pinnacle Patio Door hinge

Pinnacle Double hung Lock

Pinnacle casement crank

Next Dimension Double hung Lock

Next Dimension casement crank

Next Dimension casement Lock


pinnacle glass options

LoE 366 (Standard)

Dual Low-E

LoE 240


Gray Tint

Bronze Tint


Glue Chip

Rain Glass


pinnacle grille options

Perimeter Grille

5/8" Putty Bar WindsorLite

Stick Grille

7/8" Putty Bar WindsorLite

3/4" Profiled Inner Grille

7/8" Interior WindsorLite

1" Profiled Inner Grille

7/8" Exterior WindsorLite

1-1/4" Interior WindsorLite

13/16" Flat Inner Grille

1-1/4" Exterior WindsorLite

pinnacle wood trim options All five moulding styles are available in Clear Select Pine, Oak, Vertical Grain Fir and Natural Alder.

Clear Select Pine Trim WM 324 Moulding 2-1/4"

Clear Select Pine Trim WM 346 Moulding 2-1/4"

Oak Trim WM 356 Moulding 2-1/4"

pinnacle clad brickmould options

WM 180

Williamsburg Brickmould

Vertical Grain Fir Trim WM 366 Moulding 2-1/4"

Natural Alder Trim WM 444 Moulding 3-1/2"



Legend 7/8" WDL

Legend 1-1/4" WDL

Legend 7/8" Putty Bar (tall)

Legend Legend 7/8" Putty Bar 5/8" Putty Bar (Short) (tall)

Legend 5/8" Putty Bar (Short)

Legend hBr 7/8" WDL

Legend hBr 1-1/4" WDL

Legend hBr 7/8" Putty Bar (tall)

Legend hBr Legend hBr 7/8" Putty Bar 5/8" Putty Bar (Short) (tall)

Legend hBr 5/8" Putty Bar (Short)

13/16" Innergrille

3/4" Profiled Innergrille

1" Profiled Innergrille


Slimline Brickmould

Brickmould (two options)

3-1/2" Flat casing

Double hung No Nail WM 180

3-1/2" Flat casing with j-channel

Solid WM 180

4-1/2" Backband


5-1/2" Flat casing


Double hung Sill Nose

2" Bull Nose Sill Nose

Belly Sill Nose

half round / ellipse Sill Nose

Primed casement Subsill


2" Simulated check rail

Drip cap (Lineal only)

WM 356 (Interior trim)

2" casement Subsill


Reap the Rewards

of Advanced Engineering

D P C er t i f ied Every complete Windsor unit is tested to meet the air, water and structural requirements of industry certification including AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) and NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council). For a product to be DP Certified, it must meet the testing requirements designated by these organizations. The Design Pressure (DP) is a measurement of the structural performance of a window or door. It is generally one and a half times greater than necessary to withstand any expected wind or weather condition. With advanced engineering, you are assured that Windsor products are some of the most durable, high-performing windows available.

W arm E d g e Techno l o g y Windsor Window products are manufactured with the proven Warm Edge Spacer Technology, Super Spacer®. The no-metal construction of Super Spacer is proven to be less conductive, blocking heat from escaping or entering through the glass edge, providing optimal performance and the lowest U-values in the industry. The all-foam formula is designed to expand and contract with the glass to ensure a strong dual-seal moisture barrier for the life of the window. Super Spacer provides optimized energy savings, comfortable interior temperatures, extreme durability and the highest condensation resistance—all backed by more than 20 years of success in the field.

Reverse dual-seal technology

Low - E C oa t in g s One of the most significant advancements in the fenestration industry in recent years has been the development of Low-E coatings. These low emissivity coatings consist of a fine silver mist that is sprayed on the interior side of the exterior pane of insulated glass. This coating reflects room-side infrared energy back into the room. The better the glazing is at reflecting these waves, the lower the U-value. The U-value of an insulated glass unit is an important rating that indicates how well it keeps heat inside the building. All Windsor products utilize Cardinal’s LoE glass, which has been setting the standard for energy efficiency for the past 20 years. These products offer high transparency, low reflectivity and excellent thermal insulation, all of which combine to provide energy-saving benefits to the homeowner. LoE 366 is Windsor’s standard glazing. This superior glazing product provides the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility for the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, no matter where you live. LoE coatings provide high transparency, low reflectivity and excellent thermal performance.

The DP Certification rating is displayed on every product label


I m p roved V iny l M a t eria l The components selected for all of Windsor’s vinyl products are manufactured by industry leaders. These heavy-duty extrusions provide insulating airspaces to prevent the transmission of heat or cold. These thick, multi-chambered pieces provide superior structural integrity, decreased air infiltration and allow for seasonal expansion and contraction. This top-of-the-line vinyl material withstands even the harshest of weather conditions and wears well over time. Since the color is solid throughout the vinyl material, you’ll never need to paint or stain this material. Low conductivity and high-thermal properties make vinyl windows an Excellent Choice when it comes to energy efficiency. Insulating airspaces prevents the transmission of heat and cold.

F u sion - W e l ded V iny l Windsor’s Next Dimension vinyl windows feature a fusion-welded frame and sash to create a solid, one-piece unit that maintains its strength and structural integrity over the years. Windsor’s fusion process maintains smooth corners and accurate dimensions and will not create excess variance found in other welding techniques.

S i l icone S ea l s and S i l icone - I njec t ed Frame C orners Pinnacle clad casement windows utilize exterior tape glazing between the insulated glass and frame. This slows the conduction of heat and cold through the edge of the glass. Two beads of silicone, along with the standard IG adhesive, create a triple seal between the glass and sash. Windsor also injects extra silicone into each corner of the window to secure the juncture and seal it against air and water infiltration. These silicone-injected frame corners also create a stronger, more attractive joint.

p innac l e W ood W indows wi t h A l u min u m C l addin g There have been many advances to wood windows in the past few decades. Wood windows are now available with aluminum cladding that wraps the exposed exterior, preventing decay and eliminating the need for routine painting. Windsor uses .050 extruded aluminum cladding versus the thin, roll-form aluminum used on many competitors’ products. The paint finish is also thicker and more durable on this extruded aluminum. This heavy-duty extruded cladding is more resistant to exterior damage, such as weathering, dents and chips. Windsor offers exterior cladding in a wide variety of colors including 7 standard colors, 30 feature colors and even 8 anodize finishes. We also have the capability to custom match the color of your choice.


pinnacle standard Colors Left to right: White, Hunter Green, Ivory, Bronze, Tan, Cinnamon, Black

pinnacle feature colors Custom color matching is also available.


French Vanilla




Burnt Sun

Pueblo Tan

Sierra Tan


Antique Bronze


Coastal Tan


Sage Brown

Appalachian Brown


Burnt Pumpkin

Brick Red

River Rouge Red


Patina Green

Sage Green

Camarillo Green

Military Blue

Midnight Blue

Stormy Monday

Dove Gray

Slate Gray

Charcoal Gray


pinnacle anodize finishes Available in the following finishes:

Clear Anodize


Light Bronze

Medium Bronze

Dark Bronze

Extra Dark Bronze



Note: Printing limitations prevent exact color representation. See your Windsor distributor for actual color samples.

1 4 • si z ed t o f iT – GU A R A N T E E D

Custom Sizing

on all Windsor Products

All Windsor products are built to order and are available in custom sizes; this means our windows  and doors are available in 1/8" increments in both height and width. The ability to custom order your product allows you to purchase products to fit existing openings. By utilizing the existing openings, you can leave the exterior of the home untouched. If the exterior siding, brick or stone is in good condition, you save both time and money by not disrupting the exterior. Windsor can also produce your window and doors with jambs that extend to the exact dimension of your home’s wall thickness. This provides a better fit, so less time is required to trim the opening.

p innac l e

 Pinnacle wood windows and doors offer a large selection of styles and shapes. The exterior comes in either a primed wood or maintenance-free extruded aluminum cladding in a wide assortment of colors and finishes, including 7 standard colors, 30 feature colors and 8 anodize finishes. Custom color matching is also available. The wood interiors are available in the finest Clear Select Pine, Vertical Grain Fir and Natural Alder. A painted white interior finish is also available. Customize your windows and doors by selecting the grille pattern and hardware finish that will accentuate your home's décor. These products are reliable, durable and are easy-to-operate and maintain. Pinnacle windows and doors will add a feeling of quality and beauty to any home.

l e g end

Legend, our cellular PVC product, has the traditional appearance and dimension of a wood window, but the solid components provide the benefits of low maintenance and durability. This product offers the only 25-year warranty in the industry. In addition, Windsor recently introduced a unique hybrid product called Legend HBR. It combines the strength and durability of a Legend PVC frame with a Pinnacle aluminum-clad wood sash. Merging these two products offers a low-maintenance exterior with a beautiful wood interior. Traditional appearance and low maintenance make Legend products the perfect solution for historical renovations.

N e x t D imension

Next Dimension Signature vinyl products offer a Lifetime Limited warranty. These products offer superior performance, smooth operation and low maintenance. The Next Dimension Pro vinyl products are designed for light commercial, multi-family and residential applications. Both Signature and Pro products are constructed of Mikron® vinyl extrusions, a leader in vinyl technology. These extrusions ensure durability and color retention. To complement our vinyl windows, we offer a low maintenance sliding patio door. Our vinyl patio doors are reinforced with aluminum for added strength and security. All of Windsor’s vinyl products are available in white and clay, providing the perfect complement to any architectural style.

E N J O Y  T H E   V I E W • 1 5




Your current home can be the perfect home with just a few simple improvements. Windsor’s Next Dimension vinyl double hung windows are perfect for replacing old windows and giving your home just the facelift it needs. 4

the replacement and retrofit version of the Next Dimension double hung window includes: • Nailing fi n that will be removed on all sides at factory. • Unique blind stop and cap; fi lls 1/4" of pocket; covers outside of blind stop on old double hung frame. • Sill angle adapter to accommodate sloped sills. • Jamb-jacks with covers (factory installed).



• Head fi ller provided. fEAtuRES 1 Thick, multi-chambered vinyl extrusions for superior structural integrity. 2 Air spaces in chambers provide

superior energy efficiency. 3 Fusion-welded frame and sash for

strong, leak-proof construction. 4 Available J-channel accessory piece

for a smooth finished edge on vinyl siding applications. 5 Sloped and pocketed sill for an

unbeatable combination of strength and water drainage. 6 Lift/pull handles on both top and

bottom rails for easy operation.


7 Integral weep system for sleek


appearance; no flaps, no sponges or screens.

3 7


There are two ways to upgrade your home with vinyl windows. You can completely remove the previous window and replace it with a new vinyl frame and sash, or you can leave the old frame in place and install the new window inside the frame. If installing a new window inside of the existing frame, we have the perfect solution. Our Next Dimension vinyl double hung windows are prepped at our manufacturing facility to make this type of installation a breeze. The nailing fin is removed and the jamb jacks, head filler and a unique blind stop cap are included for easy installation. A sill adapter is provided to accommodate sloped sills. This is a quick way to make your home more energy efficient and attractive. For low maintenance and high performance, look no further than Windsor’s Next Dimension vinyl windows.

blind Stop Cover – Our unique blind stop cap fills 1/4" of the pocket and covers the outside of the blind stop on an old double hung frame. This eliminates the need to cover with another material and provides a color-matched transition from the new window to the exterior casing.

Jamb-jacks – Jamb-jacks are factory installed. They make it easy to adjust the window’s fit to each opening.

1 8 • E N J O Y  T H E   V I E W

Patio Doors:

Perfect for Replacement

Patios are an extension of your home, and your home is a reflection of your style. That’s why  Windsor offers so many beautiful options in patio doors. Whether you’re looking for a wood sliding patio door or a vinyl sliding patio door, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs. When remodeling, the old patio door, including the frame, must be entirely removed. Since Windsor custom builds every product, we can produce a patio door to the exact dimensions you need. Traditional ceiling heights often limit your options when replacing an existing patio door. However, our 6'8" patio door is the perfect height for these retrofit applications and are available in a variety of panel widths and configurations. For most families, their patio has become a favorite living space, so having a patio door that glides easily and locks securely is very important. Your new patio door will not only improve the functionality of your home, it will improve the appearance as well. You may order a variety of grille patterns and select from many different styles and finishes of hardware to coordinate with your home's décor. Installing a new sliding patio door will greatly enhance your home by bringing the enjoyment of the outdoors inside! Windsor's quality construction and top-of-the-line hardware will ensure smooth operation and security for years of indoor/outdoor fun.

E N J O Y  T H E   V I E W • 1 9

next dimension signature Sliding Doors Handings as viewed from exterior.

Note: All dimensions are rough openings. Units are manufactured 1/2" less in width and height.

Pinnacle Primed and Clad Sliding Patio Doors Operating Sizes

SideLite Sizes *




All sizes and specifications subject to change without notice. *Refers to Unit Dimension. All sizes and specifications subject to change without notice.


Legend Windows

 ffer Traditional Appearance o without the Maintenance

The components of Legend windows are constructed from solid extruded cellular PVC. This  provides the authentic appearance and dimension of a wood window without the deterioration or decay of old-fashioned wood windows. Therefore, they are well suited to traditional styles of architecture and historical renovations. The solid components maintain the visual integrity of the building and also the benefits of low maintenance and durability. This is especially helpful if you are making an addition to an existing structure or replacing windows in only a portion of the home. However, once you’ve experienced the benefits of Legend Windows, you’ll want nothing less.

Before replacement: Traditional wood

After replacement: Cellular PVC

Some vinyl replacement windows just cover the rotting frame or exterior casings. They may also be installed within the existing frame, which reduces your glass size. When you install Legend CPVC sash replacement windows you maintain the full glass size, maximizing the amount of natural light coming into the home and increasing the view.

Vinyl replacement: Glass size is reduced

Legend replacement: Maintains glass size


Windsor’s EZ Tilt operation is available on both the top and bottom sash of the Legend double hung windows. This allows unsurpassed functionality for simple maintenance. Once you’ve cleaned both the interior and exterior surfaces of the top and bottom sash from inside your home, you’ll know your new replacement windows were well worth the investment. Our Legend products are designed so you can replace the full unit of existing brickmould wood windows. Therefore you do not need to disturb the exterior of the home. This saves time and money, reducing the cost of renovation. Another very important point: This product offers a 25-year warranty, one of the longest in the industry. Windsor recently introduced a unique hybrid product called Legend HBR. It combines the strength and durability of a Legend PVC frame with a Pinnacle aluminum-clad wood sash. The merging of these two products offer a low maintenance exterior with the beauty of a wood interior. While using both of these materials in white provides a traditional appearance, producing the sash and frame in contrasting colors creates a two-toned effect that is popular in certain regions of the country and on certain styles of homes.

Windsor's eZ tilt option is available for cleaning convenience.

With their traditional appearance and low maintenance, Legend products are an architectural favorite in traditional neighborhood developments and historical renovations. 1

lEgEND fEAtuRES 1 4-1/2" backband casing with bull nose sill shown.


3 4

2 Cellular PVC traditional blind stop. 3 Insulated, dual pane glass. LoE 366 standard. Tinted, tempered, laminated

and other options available. 4 Silicone glazed.


5 Finely-crafted details, like sloped sill with sill nosing, offer traditional beauty

and solid density of wood.

lEgEND HbR fEAtuRES 1 4-1/2" backband casing with bull nose sill shown.


2 Cellular PVC traditional blind stop.

2 3

3 Extruded clad wood sash comes in standard colors, feature colors, anodize finishes

or custom colors. Tan clad shown. 4 Interior frame and sash available in Pine. Primed interior option available.


5 Cellular PVC exterior frame comes with factory applied white paint (shown),

but can easily be painted.


2 2 • A Q U I C K A N D E A S Y S O LUT I O N


Sash Replacement System

Windsor’s Win-Pac sash replacement kits make upgrading your windows easy and quick. If your  existing window frames are in good condition, these kits allow you to simply replace the sash. This solution provides the improved appearance of new windows along with the benefits of superior energy efficiency, without disturbing the existing interior and exterior trim on your home. This saves time and money and preserves the traditional architectural appearance of a historic home. Win-Pac sash replacement kits are available in primed wood, aluminum-clad wood and cellular PVC, and the components are built to the exact measurements of your existing frame. You may choose from three premium wood species for the interior of your windows: Select Pine, Natural Alder and Vertical Grain Fir. In addition, you have your choice of eight hardware finishes, several different grille options and 45 clad colors. All of these options mean you have unlimited creativity in updating the look and functionality of your home.


W in - Pac S ash R e p l acemen t Ki t s

• Only sash replacement kit available in primed wood, clad wood and cellular PVC options

• Smooth operating balance

• EZ Tilt sash option

• Less expensive than vinyl replacement

• Less time and cost to install

• No exterior trim or siding work needed



three eASy StePS to INStALLINg yoUr NeW SASh







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Windsor Windows Remodeling Brochure

Windsor Windows Remodeling Brochure  

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