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NEVER GIVE UP We can all face ordeals in life some can be horrific others just minor events that we can almost forget, but for some the reality and injustice of the past remains strong and very real even though life as it is now has move forward. Whatever has happened to us in life or indeed whatever happens to us in the future it’s us that has to both cope and deal with it at the same time. Its how we deal with events that makes the difference it’s our mind set that allows us to pull away from the circumstances or to be bound to them for ever more and not go forward to enjoy life how we should. We have every day endless decisions to make as to what we do or do not do that defines our life and our lifestyle. From the moment we get up to washing, dressing, eating, what we say or think about, whom we meet at our work or during day, everything is all driven from within our own mind. We survive each and every day, some better than others but survive we do and over all we do it well.

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ithin our lives we experience many facets of opportunity, we are all different in that the way we think and feel and how our thoughts materialise are linked to our knowledge, educational levels and what we have been exposed to in life. How we literally journey through life and what we need to satisfy our comfort levels can vary enormously, even between twin

brothers and sisters, what one does the other could be sent into feelings of insecurity and consternation. Some people are natural entrepreneurs others like to be firmly fixed within a set organisation and within those parameters they feel more comfortable and are thus able to live a better life than they would elsewhere. Our own personal pathway is the

one which we walk ourselves it has to be no matter how we are helped or the opportunities that avail themselves we are the ones to have to walk it. Around us we have friends, family, partners, business associates acquaintances and possibly others who know us and have some degree of feeling towards us even if it’s just on a social level. Whatever we do in life we at some time receive criticism of some sort whether it’s good or bad, we get it whether we warrant it or not. Our families are usually the first to voice their opinions and then as events unfold others do likewise. The trouble with criticism is that it’s almost always very subjective, that is, it’s from the ‘self’ a personal point of view and as such it’s already tainted with personal insecurities, failings, doubts, fears, ignorance and everything else so that the comments are always very biased, even if they come with a ‘good intention tag’, they are still biased. The rule of thumb is that one should never ever

take advice nor request it from anyone who has aspirations less than your own, otherwise you’ll never get a direct answer that’s truthful and it will be clouded with others views which more often than not have nothing to do with the answer required.

and desire success eventually peeps its head out and from that point onwards history has recorded something far greater than the hoards of silly people who were all wrong.


has to go forward in pursuit of the dream whilst others laugh and play and have no such thoughts or feeling other than for themselves and enjoying life as best they can. There are no rules and regulations as to how You don’t have to be a visionary, life needs to be completed, but but you do have to have a desire there are endless ways for the If we have an ambition a desire to complete whatever it is that individual to go forward without or a goal that fits in with who we merits completing, if you are at hindrance to others to attain a are and we are comfortable with all swayed by what others think degree of success in what they how we would enjoy reaching then you are not the person set out to achieve. that conclusion then it’s down to embark upon a discovery, to us to go for that result. Our if you keep comparing what Never give up hope, never personal likes listen to those and dislikes can who pour scorn be as different as based upon chalk and cheese their ignorance, from those never waver around us and as from the right such their interest road even if or concern in us the journey obtaining it can b e c o m e s be very low and turbulent, uninteresting, always be perhaps even mindful of flippant in opportunities respecting our en-route to desires and catalytically thus can leave thrust you something to forwards, be desired. It’s even possible others do with your current synergies, mutual assistance that we may not even be taken state of living whilst you peruse with others, symbiotic and seriously as others may feel that your goal, then likewise you harmonious friendships. our dreams are too farfetched to are not the person to embark You may leave yourself as ever be realised, but again that’s upon your dream or goal. Self a permanent island in life their failing and fortunately for determination is the name of detaching yourself from the the human race there are those the game, others thoughts and mundane and pathetic as that “went it alone” and won the feelings have nothing to do with they ramble on in their inner race. Throughout history we see you, they are all superfluous seemingly self superior thoughts individuals ridiculed, put down, and ancillary to your quest which acts as a facade covering spurned, castigated, thwarted, and task in hand. Over 99% of up their compassion and own ostracised, ignored, laughed people you meet in life have inabilities. Social constructs at and much more all showing no or an insignificant bearing formed by judgmental, dull, their indifference and ignorance upon it, they don’t pay your insular people, those that offer as well as lack of human bills, give you food nor shelter, nothing to society make such respect. Large organisation nor do they supply you with a judgmental statements in order stand forth in development means to a better life even if the to give themselves a screed to of a product in which failure kindness and generosity of a hide behind, but we know that and disappointment is a daily few is of noteworthy proportion. and go forward with impunity, occurrence but by keeping to Sometimes rummaging in life happy in the knowledge that we their direction and true pathway for years may be the way one are ‘at one’ with ourselves, what


LIFESTYLE others go through is up to them, defining yourself is a must. We must be at all times steadfast in what we do, it doesn’t mean we have to be self centred or selfish, but just take ownership of whom we are and not allow that ownership to be transferred to others transitory thoughts and feelings for want of saying something. This steadfastness gives us pole position and thus we can deflect or even ignore the superfluous comments from those that seek be vociferous yet have no backup and are intrinsically hollow voices airing a view for their entertainment sake. Once we are strong in our views we can move onwards, allow others to do as they please and stumble in their own pathway of nothingness,


otherwise they would have wished us well and lent their support even if they didn’t quite grasp fully what it was all about. Our love walk says it all, we should encourage those that seek to do as they feel right of themselves and still praise them for putting their money where their mouth is even if it all falls apart, after all they’ve got the guts to do what most dare not. If people are struggling for what is in their heart we should smile and be a friend or kind voice, we should not try and put them down or mock them at the expense of trying to make ourselves feel better as that’s as low as one can get in life. We will be compensated for our kindnesses in life, nothing goes

amiss, nothing. Our reciprocal benefit will come from a different source but it will come, helping others is also a strength maybe not to share their dream or goal, but it is a strength, and a worthy and honourable one too. Whatever we have to do in life for ourselves, keeping our own counsel is in many cases both prudent and apt, but whatever we do, never give up, you can’t string failures around your neck to make a necklace, you only need one badge that contains the words “I tried”, that’s success at its best.

by John Rushton


Vaccine cuts risk of HIV infection ‘by a third’


esearchers have found that a combination of two experimental HIV vaccines cuts infection rates by one third. The seven-year trial, carried out in Thailand on 16,000 people, is the largest vaccine trial ever carried out. The two vaccines had been tested previously, but had not yielded results when used

separately. The volunteers, all of whom were HIV-negative at the beginning of the trial, were men and women aged between 18 and 30. Half were given the combination of vaccines, while half were given a placebo. They were then tested for HIV every six months for three years. It was found that while 74 people in the control group contracted HIV, 51 of those in the vaccine group were infected – a 31.2 per cent drop. The research was carried out by the US Army and the Thai Ministry of Pub-

lic Health. HIV groups have been quick to welcome the development. The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) described it as a “significant scientific achievement”. IAVI president Seth Berkley said: “It’s the first demonstration that a candidate AIDS vaccine provides benefit in humans. Until now, we’ve had evidence of feasibility for an AIDS vaccine in animal models. Now, we’ve got a vaccine candidate that appears to show a protective effect in humans, albeit partially.” Deborah Jack, chief executive of the National AIDS Trust, said: “These vaccine trial results are very good news and represent a major breakthrough as it is the first time a vaccine candidate has shown real benefit

in human trials. Ultimately vaccines are the most effective way by far of tackling serious infectious disease. And with over 2 million new HIV infections a year this option is desperately needed. Obviously there is much more work to do with these promising findings, but they justify the continuing investments and efforts of the international community, including the UK government, to develop a vaccine.” Lisa Power, head of policy at Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “This is very good news for the future. While this trial only protected people 30 per cent of the time, it gives us a good idea of where to concentrate our research in the future. For now, of course, the best protection if you’re having sex is still a condom.”

Bullfighter to advertise gay drink on cape



Spanish matador has agreed to advertise a drink aimed at gay men in the ring. Joselito Ortega, who is not well-known, will have the name of the energy drink Gay Up embroidered on his cape. Bullfighting is traditionally an extremely macho sport but more controversial is the fact that Ortega will be advertising in the

ring. Although famous matadors can make as much money as football stars through promotions and advertising deals, it is almost unheard of for them to advertise while in the arena. Despite Ortega’s littleknown status, the idea of him using his cape as commercial space is likely to cause anger. Speaking to Associated

Press, Ortega said: “I am changed to an energy a bullfighter. That is not drink when launched in going to change. I am Spain. going to go out into the ring as I have done until now, to risk my life, and the seven goring wounds on my body prove that. If the gay community welcomes me as an image or a symbol, that is fine.” Gay Up was initially a drink made from strawberries and made in South America. Its formula was

NEWS Peter Tatchell repeats calls for lowered age of consent


ay rights activist Peter Tatchell has reiterated his calls to lower the age of consent for both straight and gay people. He appeared on a live Radio 4 discussion last night alongside Cambridge lawyer Professor John Spencer, Sarah Nelson, researcher in child sexual abuse at Edinburgh University and Dr Trevor Stammers, a GP and lecturer in medical ethics. Prof Spencer argued that the Sexual Offences Act 2003 criminalises not only adults who have consensual sex with children but also children who engage in consenting sexual acts with each

other. He added that in theory, kissing or petting between 14 or 15-yearolds is punisha b l e with five years in prison and “erotic play” between ten-year-olds is theoretically punishable with between 14 years in prison and life. Nelson argued that the law offered protection to children, especially girls, who were not ready to have sex. She also raised

concerns that this could lead to exploitation and pointed out that those under 18 are banned f r o m smoking. Ta t c h e l l said the age of consent is a human rights issue and argued that each case should be judged on its individual merits. He said: “My personal advice to young people would be to delay sexual experience. But the fact is that half of the young people in this country are

having sexual experiences from around the age of 14 or even a bit earlier. My concern is that they are not treated as criminals. He added that this could prevent children reporting abuse or accessing health care and said the current law was a “complete failure”. Instead, Tatchell proposed better sexual education, such as how to report abusers and how to ensure partners use contraception. Stammers argued that sex at a young age can lead to an increased risk of cervical cancer for girls and added that children cannot cope with the emotional fall-out from sex.

Celebrate Bisexuality Day 10 years old


to demarginalise the bisexual community. Launched by American bisexual rights activists Wendy Curry, Michael Page and Gigi Raven Wilbour, the campaign sought to draw the community out alongside the rest of the LGBT concepts after fears of its greater marginalisation. One of the original activists said: “Ever since the Stonewall rebellion, the gay and lesbian community has grown in strength and visibility. The bisexeople around anniversary of the Cel- ual community also has the world have ebrate Bisexuality Day, grown in strength but in marked the tenth an annual event intended many ways we are still

invisible. “I too have been conditioned by society to automatically label a couple walking hand in hand as either straight or gay, depending upon the perceived gender of each person.” Events in aid of Celebrate Bisexuality Day have taken place in America, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom displaying the Bi Pride flag designed by Page.



Frida Kahlo books under investigation after forgery claims lowed place in Mexico’s cultural landscape, with her works protected under national law. The Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Trust filed a complaint with the Attorney General saying the works ore than 1,000 works from were not authentic. a private col- The works appear in two lection featured in two books, Finding Frida books on the bisexual Kahlo and The Labyrinth Mexican artist Frida of Frida Kahlo: Death, Kahlo are being investi- Pain and Ambivalence gated amid claims they after being held in a private collection of paintwere forged. Kahlo occupies a hal- ings supposedly donated


by Kahlo to a carpenter. During her convalescence following a serious bus accident in 1925, in which Kahlo received injuries from which she never fully recovered, she turned to art and later married the muralist Diego Rivera. In their tempestuous relationship, both had numerous affairs, Kahlo with both men and women, including the singer Josephine Baker. At a news conference in Mexico, art historians and representatives of the Trust expressed their desire for the books to be removed from the market.

James Oles, an assistant professor at Wellesley College, Massachusetts, said: “This will infect all the studies of Frida Kahlo with a virus, with bad, inaccurate information.” In examining the paintings, suspicion was aroused by spelling errors and the low quality of some of the works, but the publisher, Princeton Architectural Press, said it would continue to sell the books, saying that while the pieces had not been authenticated, they were “still being researched.”

US poised to lift HIV immigration ban


memo has been released by the United States Customs and Immigrations Service which suggests the year-long wait for the HIV travel ban may be nearly over. The CIS’s communication instructed employees working on green card applications that would be determined solely by the applicant’s HIV status to wait until the expected change in immigration rules. Currently HIV qualifies as an exclusionary communicable disease, and applications may be turned down by the US authorities if a person


wishing to travel to the country, or settle there permanently, is HIV positive. The policy was overturned last year in what became known as the Tom Lantos and Henry J. Hyde U.S. Global Leadership Against HIV/ AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Reauthorization Act of 2008, but the Bush administration did not enact the new rules before leaving office. The Health and Human Services body published the regulations this summer, and is currently reviewing public comment. Commentators have suggested that the pausing of

green card applications which come down to the applicant’s HIV status is a strong indicator that the rule change will be implemented soon, and that HIV will be removed from the list of exclusionary communicable diseases. Vishel Trivedi of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis said: “Once we’re confident that HHS will remove HIV from the list, we need to focus on more practical aspects of elimi-

nating the vestiges of this discriminatory policy.” The UK currently has no rules restricting HIVpositive immigrants and visitors.

Met seeks gay


he Metropolitan Police is currently advertising vacancies in the Protection Command’s Royalty Protection branch, specifically appealing to “women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and black and minority ethnic communities/people”. Advertised internally, the positions are available to current armed officers, and involve residential protection in London, Windsor and Scotland for the SO14 branch. The listing states that the groups specified are currently under represented. The advert has sparked criticism from numerous quarters. John O’Connor, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner said:

“From a political correctness point of view, it’s just window dressing. These are terrible jobs which no one wants to do. What could be more soul-destroying than to sit in a rusty old sentry box for hours on end?” But Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, West Yorkshire criticised the move more seriously. “’I don’t know whether the Royal Family are going to feel that much safer knowing there’s a transgender outside protecting them,” he said. “This is absolutely ludicrous. What’s wrong with just employing the best for the job? “I wonder what’s the cost to the Metropolitan Police for all this equal-

NEWS ity and diversity nonsense? The money would be better spent putting more bobbies back on the beat,” he added. The Met has qualified its position, stating: “We want to recruit the best people from London’s many different communities. “In units where particu-

lar groups are under represented, applicants are particularly encouraged from minority communities.” It added that, while aiming to attract applicants within the force from under represented backgrounds, “all selection is based solely on merit.”

Tasmania to give gay couples official ceremonies Gay couples in the Australian state of Tasmania will soon be able to have an official ceremony in which to register their relationships. Currently, couples can have a Deed of Relationship, which is the Tasmanian form of a civil partnership. However, they can only hold informal ceremonies. The change, from November 1st, means that they will be able to sign their Deed of Relationship in a ceremony presided over by a marriage

celebrant and in front of their friends and families. Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesman Rodney Croome welcomed the initiative, saying: “This provides same-sex and other couples with a way to have that ‘special day’, on which they officially declare and affirm their relationship in front of friends and family members. “Tasmania led the nation

with the establishment of our registry of personal relationships, and now it is leading with official ceremonial recognition of these relationships.” He added: “Tasmania’s Relationships Act is a sound body of law based on equity and fairness, but until now that body has lacked a heart.” Those who have a Deed of Relationship have virtually the same rights as

married couples in both state and federal law and are also recognised as civil partners in countries such as the UK. Since the scheme began in 2004, 145 couples have registered their relationships. Although the new ceremonies come into law on November 1st, they will not be available until a month later, due to a 28-day period in which applications for Deeds of Relationship are processed.



Max-Arthur Mantle Max-Arthur Mantle specializes in Men’s fashion, swim/underwear and fine art nudes with works published on the cover and feature pages in BLUE magazine (Australia) [significantly BLUE#66, the last issue of Australia’s premier high-end photo art magazine], DNA magazine (Australia), MATE magazine (Germany), BLAKE magazine (France), MOXOW magazine (Spain), HORIZON magazine (UK), BLACK magazine (South Africa), RG magazine (Canada), GENRE and INSTINCT magazines (USA).

His 2010 calendar THE BOYS & THE BEACH, a full color 2010 12” by 12” wall calendar featuring high profiled male models based in Miami, New York and Los Angeles, shot on-location at some of South Florida’s pristine beaches is preamble to his forthcoming photo book, to be release next spring. THE BOYS & THE BEACH 2010 calendar is unique to others in it’s genre because it is exclusively produced for this year’s 25th anniversary White Party Week, with part proceeds from the sales benefitting event organizers Care Resources --- the world’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser. It is available only on his website at

“Drenched in sunshine, dripping with water or speckled with sand, Photographer Max-Arthur Mantle captures the true essence of the male body in an artistic requiem of form, shape and shadow.” Andy Towle (

























BASKIT UNDERWEAR by Stephen J. Lucin

well and has a bit of style so it is pleasing to both the body and the eye. Today, seven years later, the Baskit brand has started to cross over into the worldwide mainstream market by c r e a t i n g products that appeal to men, both gay and straight.


uality. Design. Style. These are the few simple elements that have made Baskit underwear a favorite men’s underwear brand among the gay demographic since 2002. The company’s success has mostly been attributed to its efforts in providing guys with a hip, comfortable alternative, especially for modern men who want underwear that fits both their lifestyles and their bodies. Baskit underwear focuses on making gear that fits


“We’ve always had a solid following in the gay markets in both the US and Europe,” states Eric Schwers, CEO of Baskit Underwear. “But now we’re seeing greater demand from more mainstream stores on both sides of the Atlantic.” So to continue with its strong sales in Europe, Baskit in 2009 has been focused on slowly increasing its distribution throughout member states of the European Union (EU), and will continue to do so throughout 2010. “Through some of our US on-line retailers we’re doing strong business throughout the EU, but these customers are having to pay extra shipping and duty fees to get the

product sent from the US,” adds Schwers. So, as a solution that will allow EU customers better access to the brand, the company is currently in talks with distributors in the UK and Poland - though it is already distributed to stores in Italy. Baskit’s breakthrough into the mainstream market is also evident in its advertising, which now includes graphics that appeal to the “everyman.” And with its most recent video advertisement that has taken the blogging and online media world by storm, every man is sure to know that Baskit is the brand for them. The video is a sequence of six average guys who strip down to their underwear, revealing their well-fit and fashionable Baskit underwear. The guys then proceed to take off their underwear and switch them with each other. But the one element about the video that appeals to most people is that average-looking guys are featured in the video as opposed to the typically muscular, overly handsome and cleanshaven guys most underwear companies are used to featuring in their advertisements. “Many mainstream brands such as American Apparel, Abercrombie & Fitch and Hugo Boss have found their respective niches within specific demographics of the mainstream community,” explains Eric Schwers, owner of Baskit underwear. “Similarly, many brands have found their place within the LGBT community - which Baskit has already done. Now, we’re focused on

FASHION to accentuate their bodies for their husbands and boyfriends. Now we’re seeing straight men doing the same for their wives and girlfriends.”

bringing the brand to the increasingly large number of straight guys who want comfortable underwear that’s also fashionable. Women have always bought sexy lingerie

The Baskit brand, which was started in 2002 by three fashion industry professionals, was purchased by Eric Schwers in 2007. Schwers moved the brand’s headquarters to Boulder, Colorado and started to reestablish the brand across a broader market. Since then, Schwers has consistently introduced new collections of underwear, swimwear and loungewear, which in 2009, he promises will appeal to this even broader mainstream market. “This is not your father’s underwear,” says Schwers. “Baskit styles are designed to highlight a man’s body. Special cuts, contours and high impact accent colors make each pair of underwear fashionable and allow men the ability to express their own style. For 2009, Baskit will concentrate on expanding its reach into more mainstream markets with some edgy interpreta-

tions of styles.”



When Baskit was first introduced to the market in 2002, “there were plenty of well-known and mainstream brands on the market,” adds Schwers. “But none were designed for a fashion-forward guy who wasn’t afraid to branch out beyond the basic styles men have been wearing for years. Baskit was created to provide that hip, comfortable alternative for modern men who want underwear that fits their lifestyles.” Over the next year, guys can expect to find new underwear styles and design concepts coming from Baskit underwear. To purchase a pair of Baskit underwear or to find some of the newest styles, visit




illy Winters is an internationally published photographer specializing in fashion and people photography. His interest in photography began at university and he’s been hooked ever since- if not obsessed. His clients appreciate his sense of detail and commitment to his work. Raised twenty miles outside of New York, he was exposed at an early age to the arts- exploring the numerous museums and art galleries in soho to watching the magical musicals on Broadway.

That Is where he returned after receiving his art degree to begin his career. Since then, he has travelled the world and lived in paris, London, Milan and Miamibeing fortunate to work on amazing editorials and experiencing so many different cultures. Paris is still his favorite city in the world to be. Preferring to explore different environments, he has movedto San Francisco recently, where this true east coaster has now settled (for awhile), where he feels a sense of the exotic - not to mention marveling at the enormous beauty of the bay area and

its diverse surroundings and people. Every time he turns a corner in San Francisco - “I see another shot.” Billy lives in a little house on the top of russian hill with killer views. He loves his garden out front too. Stay tuned for his upcoming coffee table book, a compilation of some of the most beautiful people he has photographed. in this is a fashion story “Who We Are,” it reflects diversity of the gay and lesbian community. You can see and find “anything in San Francisco!”

Cover photo:

The Grooms Credits: left: tie = Ted Baker, jacket = Theory, dress shirt = Five Four. right: tie = Ted Baker, dress shirt = Gant, jacket = Marc by Marc Jacobs. grooming products = Kiehls.


FASHION The Heart Throb

blue cardigan = Moschino, pink khakis = Lilly Pulitzer


FASHION The Brides

left: headpiece = Amy Kuschel, pearl necklace = Elle Meme, vintage bra and girdle, stockings = Wolford ring = Teresa Winters right: vintage tuxedo bodysuit, pink brimmed hat = Acme, fishnets = Dkny, ring = Warren Winters


FASHION The Tomboy

tank shirt = Jenne Maagure, chocker = Elle Meme


FASHION The Style Council

All hats = Deanna Gibbons, left and middle vintage tops, right top = Julie Brown

photography & styling: makeup: hair:



body stocking = Daniel Pallares, necklace = Elle Meme. fragrance = Thierry Mugler “Angel”


FASHION The Hipsters

right: raincoat =: Burberry, pants = Vince, hat = Deifter Aassociates, belt = model’s own left: shirt = Helmut Lang, pants = Raf Simmons, belt = Geoffrey Beene


FASHION The Opposites

left: green sheath = D&G, vintage fishnet top, hat = Deanna Gibbons, red hotpants = model’s own right: leather jacket = A Taste Of Leather, denim leggins = Romeo + Juliet Couture


FASHION The Switch Hitter

bathing suit = Hugo Boss, fragrance = Narcisco Rodriguez


FASHION The Artiste

headband = American Apparel, tights and point shoes = Capezio



This months must have

GADGETS Words by Christopher Woodhams

New iPod nano

If you are not part of the uber hip gang walking around with an iPhone or iPod Touch in your pocket then you must run out and get the new iPod Nano, the new, new iPod that is packing everything you could want in an MP3 player and then some… With newly added video recording capability (albeit reasonable quality at best) you will never forget those “precious” moments. Alongside that, this tiny, gum-sized, lighter than light gadget also has pausable FM tuning capability, voice recorder and a built in pedometer that counts every calorie busting step you take each day. Quite the “little” gadget for £115.

Soundtraveller K3000ST

Ok so maybe you’re not ready for the big stage and no one wants you on their karaoke team but there is nothing like a good sing-a-long in the shower and what better companion than the soundtraveller K3000ST. This featherweight dock packs a heavy weight punch of pure high quality sound and offers great battery life to boot. At £65 it’s a small price to pay for a loyal singing companion.



Yoke Shopper

What’s the worse thing about shopping? Having to carry your own bags because you know that once you’ve finally managed to balance them out comfortably you will either get a phone call or the urge to smoke. If you’ve not yet reached personal shopper status then the hands free Yoke shopper is your solution. This “why didn’t I think of that” gadget straps onto your shoulder letting you hang all your shopping bags at your side like a mailbag thus distributing the weight across your back and freeing up your hand for “other tasks”. Available online for £9.99

PS3 Slim

They shouldn’t be called games consoles because it make you sound like you’re a little boy but there is nothing wrong with having and using a manly activity & entertainment console right? To keep on the top notch the new PS3 Slim packs a beastier machine in a slimmer, sleeker case and if anyone complains you can always let them know you are saving at least £100 on a stand alone Blu-Ray player as that comes included. Grab your new PS3 for a Slim £250

Palm Pre

Are you a PC? Then the Palm Pre is your iPhone with a sexy touch screen and all the other stuff you’ve envied but in a non-apple product. Now you can finally get your hands on the phone you’ve been wanting for ages and to boot it’s got a physical keyboard so that’s something YOU can brag about… available in October price TBC.



Terrence Higgins Trust offers HIV detection test four weeks after exposure

Sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) is now offering an HIV test which can be used four weeks after infection. Usually, tests can only be carried out three months after the date of suspected transmission. Those at highest risk of HIV infection are gay men and Africans. The blood test, which involve a finger prick,

will be used at THT’s Fastest clinics and results are normally available in approximately 20 minutes. If the test result is positive, staff will advise another test is taken to confirm the diagnosis. Dr Michael Brady, medical director at THT, said “If you’re worried you’ve been exposed to HIV waiting three months for an accurate test result can be

agonising. Technology has now moved on, so we’re able to offer reliable tests earlier. If you think you’ve been at risk or you’re in a high risk group you should consider getting a test. It’s quick, confidential and could put your mind at rest.” To find out if there is a Fastest clinic near you visit fastest or call THT Direct on 0845 12 21 200



German HIV advert uses Hitler lookalike

A German HIV prevention ad uses the images of famous dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein to support the message: “AIDS is a mass murderer”. The ads, designed to shock and frighten, show a straight couple returning home and tearing off each other’s clothes off. The graphic video then shows

them having sex and at the end, the man is revealed as Hitler. Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein feature in posters which accompany the video, by German AIDS charity Regenbogen e.V. However, the ad was attacked by HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust, which said it could stigmatise people with the disease. Policy officer Vicky Sheard told BBC News: “One in four people in the UK with HIV doesn’t know he or she has it, so anything that could increase stigmatisation and discourage them from coming forward to be tested isn’t helpful. “The dangerous thing about [the advert] is there doesn’t appear to be any accompanying public health message as far as encouraging people to stay safe and use condoms.

“Also, treatment in Europe these days means it’s very possible for people with HIV to live a healthy lifespan.” This was echoed by the National AIDS Trust. A spokeswoman said: “Of course there are many HIV organisations that run their own campaigns, however I think the advert is incredibly stigmatising to people living with HIV who already face much stigma and discrimination due to ignorance about the virus.” Dirk Silz, creative director of Das Comitee, which made the ad, told AFP news agency: “We asked ourselves what face we could give to the virus, and it couldn’t be a pretty face. “The campaign is designed to shake people up, to bring the topic of Aids back to centre stage, and to reverse the trend of unprotected sexual intercourse.” To watch the video, scroll down. Warning: Contains graphic sex scenes.

Australia’s HIV rates lowest for ten years


Rates of HIV infections in Australia are at their lowest level in ten years, according to new official figures. However, experts have urged caution, saying the change may be due to new data collation methods. In 2007, 1,051 diagnoses were made, compared with 995 in 2008. The research was carried out by the University of New South Wales’ surveillance and evaluation programme for public health. Head of the programme, associate professor David Wilson, told the Herald Sun: “This last year is the first year in the last decade that we

have not seen an increase … but some of that might be tied to slight changes in methodology. “I wouldn’t read too much into the small dip – the big point is we’re still at very high levels. Over the last three years, we’ve had around 1,000 cases and that’s much higher than where we were ten years ago.” In the last ten years, numbers of HIV diagnoses in Australia have risen 38 per cent, from 718 cases in 1999. Gay men remain the most affected group, with 64 per cent of diagnoses last year being of men who have sex with men.

Despite the rise, researchers were keen to point out that the numbers of those developing AIDS is falling. In the early 1990s, around 1,000 people a year were being diagnosed with AIDS. Since 2001, this has been around 240 people each year. Dr Jonathan Anderson, the president of the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine, said that more should be done to lower the number of new diagnoses. However, he warned against using a “scare” campaign, saying he doubted it would work.



BOOKS Pedro Virgil

GODS OF FOOTBALL GODS OF FOOTBALL is a hymn to Australia’s most erotic sportsmen. Truly divine guys on the beach, under the shower and on the high sea. Sport and Porno, that’s a terrific match! In Australia they already discovered the value of certain sporty sex appeal and picked up a unique super team: GODS OF FOOTBALL. Some of Australia’s elite players from rugby league and Australian Rules football have been selected for this glorious team. But they don’t have to convince us with athletic advantage to be selected for the Gods of Football league. Everything these guys need to be is: extremely hot looking!

Photo book, 144 pages full color, image-wrap hardcover with dust-jacket 10 ¼ x 13 ½” / 26 x 34 cm 978-3-86787-040-5 US$ 89.99 / £ 49.99 € 49,95 / CHF 83,– AUS $ 115.99

For the support of charitable causes those sporty gods pose in front of the camera of the star photographer Pedro Virgil, who already proved with GODS OF SPORT—his first photo book—how masterfully he can stage the beauty of the male body. While the first book turned on our fantasy with a rather dark and filthy look, the second one is much more about the beach, the sun and the summer. Kind of a newly discovered easiness of being, that doesn’t do any harm to the sex appeal of the models—far from it! These adorable guys present themselves in a more alluring way than any hot August afternoon: The bodies are perfect, the faces are handsome, the poses are dominant and selfassured— in short: So sexy it hurts!

Dylan Rosser


Immaculate Maleness in all its variations perfectly illuminated and masterly revised, that’s the classic style of Dylan Rosser. This time it’s all in red. RED is the color of love and passion, the color of fire and blood, but also a color which says: Caution! Dylan Rosser opted for a really comprehensive project when he chose red to be the theme of his new photo book. It’s the follow up to his first project X-Posed and it proves in an impressive way that Rosser is ranked among the big names of nude male photography for very good reasons.

Photo book, 120 pages full color, image-wrap hardcover 8 ½ x 11 ¼” / 21,5 x 28,5 cm 978-3-86787-042-9 US$ 69.99 / £39.99 € 39,95 / CHF 66,– AUS$ 92.99

Dylan Rosser’s work is not simply about taking photos of the same handsome kind of bloke in varying setting. His models are sometimes hairy muscle hunks and sometimes slender youngsters, sometimes machos and sometimes tender seducers. There is nothing that distracts the attention away from them; they are always the outright focus of each picture. With a lot of sentience he removes the distance between the camera and his models and creates pictures that accentuate the individual character of each man. On each of the 120 pages you can feel the erotic tension. Red is a photo book as sensitive as it is expressive—but first of all it’s hot! A little firework that sparkles in all shades of RED.


BOOKS Menatplay

READY TO PLAY For Menatplay it’s all about a good suite. And with Ready to play the british label gives a whole new meaning to the word top manager. Anyone who thinks that erotic and work are words that don’t go together is for sure not familiar with the incredible business men of Menatplay. The British label surprises its fans over and over again by introducing hunks—with muscles of steel and an overwhelmingly sexy look—who give a whole new meaning to the word top manager. Can anyone think of a better place to work than the ones offered here? During the meeting you can’t help but staring greedily on your supervisor’s muscles und his firmly stretched shirt. After discussing the recent balance sheets you bargain for who’s going to be today’s bottom. And contracts are not only approved with a signature and a handshake but also with a good and proper … well, you know what I mean.

Photo book, 96 pages full color, image-wrap hardcover 8 ½ x 9” / 22 x 23 cm 978-3-86787-041-2 US$ 52.99 / £29.99 € 29,95 / CHF 49,90 AUS$ 68.99

READY TO PLAY serves these fantasies without ever being stumpy or uninspired. Each picture is elaborately staged, with a lot of sense for style and aesthetics. And whether with a hard-on or not: Every single man in this book is a true gentleman. The noblest suits are hardly good enough; the models always seem to be a bit above it all. You will start to sweat when taking a look at these pictures, but the striking poses of these dream men speak a rather cool language: I wear the trousers—even if they are already pulled down to my ankles. Well, apparently there’s only one question left: Are you READY TO PLAY?



Sacha Sacket • Hermitage

Each successive CD release from Sacha Sacket has marked a dramatic chapter in his artistry. From his debut, Alabaster Flesh, through Shadowed, Lovers & Leaders and Live At The Zone, what remains constant is Sacket’s ability to move beyond his comfort zone and surpass creative expectations.

dirt path to a cabin. I had to chop wood to stay warm,” he says. For the singer/ songwriter, raised in the suburbs, the wilderness offered space for reflection and renewal. “I was burned, upset and confused, and the only way I could figure it out was running away from the world where no one could talk to me, coming to terms with what happened, and returning with a new outlook.” This experience brought forth the five extraordinary songs of Hermitage.

Hermitage is a vital link in this narrative. As the title suggests, after frenetic phases of recording and touring, Sacket disappeared into the Southern California mountains. “It Sacha returned to the cabin was snowing. There was a to record, bringing a pro-


ducer/engineer for the duration, and inviting a roster of musicians into the mountains to add to the tracks, which were then completed in Los Angeles. Sacket generally preferred his first take vocals, which invests Hermitage with an intense emotional immediacy. Lifted by the thunder of drums and the edges of a cello, the sound is rich, orchestral and epic, with Sacha’s impassioned vocals alternately intimate and bravura. The theme of the song suite is introduced on the opening track, “Running Away,” and its prophetic lines

ENTERTAINMENT “Deep within their astral plane/ You can see the light again.” “Used” is ushered in with obsessive bells, as anger echoes in the refrain and turns inward with the line, “But you know it’s your fault/Begging for what you want,” an incendiary electric guitar fanning the flames of self-recrimination. The vulnerable, open veined “You Could” begins with an expression of doubt before segueing a litany of hope,

as the songwriter blurs the lines between love, life and art with his words, “Got to rise about the precious stuff/Gotta just say what I mean.”

that catharsis. I could easily recreate the same situation every time, but I like to go where I’m not comfortable.”

In keeping with that phi“Hold On” is a mantra to the losophy, upon the complefuture, “You can hate it/But tion of Hermitage, Sacha you can’t erase the stretch traveled solo to Russia for of time.” Clarifies Sacket, two weeks. In the land of “My music isn’t there for me Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, his to sit and listen to. As an vision became even more artist, my process is mak- significant. “I already had ing it and going through the title, but when I went to the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg it made even more sense. It is a palace – the size of the Louvre -that Catherine the Great had constructed so that she could spend time alone. “That idea encapsulated the album for me. This grand, opulent palace for solitude and reflection.” Etched in eerie falsetto and sonorous cello, Hermitage’s conclusion, “The River,” distills a complex theme into an effortless couplet: “You can’t win if you can’t swim.” Sacha Sacket survived the currents by moving to higher ground. Hermitage is a postcard from a remote outpost, a missive to anyone who feels overwhelmed by the relentless demand to fulfill other’s needs. The message is simple: the truth exists within; we need only the solitude to hear it. “Sometimes you have to shut the world off to find out who you really are,” says Sacha. Hermitage reveals the answer. Dan Kimpel



Ari Gold Partners With Famed Director/Writer Christopher Ciccone on New Music Video, “I Can Forgive You” Gold to Release Remix Album for Hot Button Single, “Mr. Mistress”

NEW YORK [AUG 21, 2009]— Following his four consecutive No. 1 music videos and his “Video of the Year” on the LOGO Network, pioneering indie recording artist Ari Gold is set to debut his newest music video and his first video ballad, for “I Can Forgive You,” directed by Christopher Ciccone, who has notably directed other videos by legendary musicians like Dolly Parton and Tony Bennett, and has designed and directed two of Madonna’s most influential concert tours. Gold will also be releasing a maxi-single, “Mr. Mistress”/”I Can Forgive You,” coming off his Billboard Top 10 dance hits from his critically acclaimed and award-winning album Transport Systems. The album will include four new club mixes and an unreleased acoustic version of the controversial single “Mr. Mistress,” which features lyrics about a man who has an affair with a married man on the ‘down low.’ “I Can Forgive You,” along with its Ciccone-directed video, will also be included for download on iTunes. “The art of the music video is the challenging task of smashing words and music into pictures, made none the easier by the fact that the video was created from one single unedited take,” says Ciccone. “Working with Ari made it effortless.” “It makes so much sense to me that behind some of the best work that the world’s biggest living gay icon, Madonna, has ever


done was a gay man,” says Gold. “Everyone from Britney Spears to Christina Aguilera to Lady Gaga has been influenced by Christo-

pher Ciccone’s work, and since I am such a visible gay artist myself, why not go to the source? I think the simplicity of the video

really brings home the song’s powerful message of forgiveness.”


“I’m also thrilled that the fans have such a strong response to the song, “Mr. Mistress,” so much that all these amazing remixes came pouring in from fans and remix artists. I had no choice but to release it as a single. The song’s message is also something I can relate to, from, let’s just say, personal experience. It doesn’t just happen on Oprah!”

“Ari wrote a very personal album and the lyrics attest to the battles that he’s been through...he writes from the heart.” CLIVE DAVIS

Michael and Janet...and Transport Systems is pretty much his Thriller--a musically and lyrically ambitious tour de force of modern sexuality, as concerned with turning heads as it is torsos. Its the kind of exuberant soul boogie George Michael once made...and it gives us hope for the future of sexy pop.” INSTINCT Magazine “Ari Gold stands out from the pack…specializing in R&B electro dance sounds that are a pleasant surprise.” ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“Gold takes the listener to fresh places.” PEOPLE “Gold’s music is both a declaration of love and a passionate rendition of identity politics. Luckily, Magazine Transport Systems is also ridiculously catchy, lock“Recording Artist Ari Gold is changing the face of ing Gold’s themes into another firm R&B tradition pop music much like how Barack Obama is chang- — sneaking in the subversive lyrics through smooth ing the face of American politics.” WHOOPI GOLD- vocals and clean production.” - The FORWARD BERG “A pop music masterpiece.” OUT & ABOUT, Nash“Ari Gold combines everything we ever loved about ville


Award Winning Independent Recording Artist Ari Gold is turning the music scene on its head, rewriting the rules, and trailblazing a storm of political pop. People Magazine says that Ari Gold’s new album, Transport Systems, “takes the listener to fresh places” and Clive Davis says Ari “writes from the heart.” Born and raised in the Bronx, Ari released his first album in 2000, receiving critical attention from Billboard, HITS and VIBE for being the first openly gay R&B/Pop artist to be out in his music from the beginning of his career. His Top 10 Billboard Hot Dance and #1 Sirius Radio hit, “Where The Music Takes You” is the Grand Prize Winner of the 12th Annual USA Songwriting Competition and the accompanying video was voted the #1 Video of the Year on MTV Network’s LOGO. Ari is an Independent Music Award Winner (Best R&B Song, “Love Wasn’t Built In a

Day” featuring Dave Koz), a 2x Outmusic Award Winner, and was named one of the OUT100 Most Influential People by OUT Magazine. Ari has toured Europe, Canada and in over 40 cities across the US alongside Chaka Khan, Cyndi Lauper and RuPaul as well as gracing countless magazine covers around the world. Ari’s activism and charity work includes the HRC, Soulforce, Ali Forney Center, ACLU and GMHC on HIV/AIDS awareness and human rights.





First thing I should mention if you are attending this year or have a film out there please contact me.

to a Midnight Marathon there that lasted from 1am until 7am and then immediately go back to the hotel, have a quick shower and then breakfast and then sprint back to the Melia for the 8am press screening… then do it all over again. The doses of great cinema, great crowds, great events and great programming make sleep irrelevant and help many power through day after day of going nearly 24 hours straight back to back to back to…

is just registering films in the Melia and experiencing them with audiences from its surrounding area. The Sitges Film Fest audiences to date are the only ones that before a Johnnie To film for example will start chanting “MILKY W A Y ! M I L K Y W A Y ! MILKY WAY!” and then followed by “JOHNNIE TO, JOHNNIE TO, JOHNNIE TO!!!” The Melia movie theater when cranked up is incredibly intense and has a giant screen that when combined with its great audiences take a film to another level so you not only remember a film but also the screening of it there itself. The other 3 screening venues are great and unique in their own way but the Melia is near and dear to my film loving heart.

I might be off on my numbers but it appears that there are 137 feature films (not including any secret screenings that will invariably find there way into the mix) playing at the 42nd Sitges Film Festival. To break that down for what I want to see I would have to average at least 5.5 films a day while out there. I hope to get close to that What titles am I most and I remember in past looking forward to this year where I would go year? Number one for me The main centerpiece of


all the programming this year is a huge celebration for ALIEN. What all they have in store for it this year I have zero idea outside of its screening and that they are throwing so much love at it in celebrating its 30th anniversary, that really anything big or small they do to celebrate it will be amazing and something I’ll greatly love as its the first horror film I ever saw. To take part in this celebration with fellow lovers of it… this one thing alone more than cements how priceless this year will be. With specific titles I’m really itching to see Soi Cheang’s (Dog Bite Dog) latest effort in Accident. I’m getting from it a certain Sergio Sollima vibe to its Hong Kong action thriller palate which sounds perfectly up my alley to like. Dogtooth is another film I can’t wait to see as everyone was raving about it at Cannes. For Enter the Void having seen its world premiere at Cannes in its long cut,

ENTERTAINMENT I’m curious to see how its new edit fares. It was a jaw dropping film that had too much narrative duplication and if it removes most of that into a tight cut then it should really be one of the top films this year. A very mature, challenging film that has a bold vision while bucking convention. I love these type of films that throw away convention and try and tell you a story with cinema in a completely refreshing new way. La Horde is a zombie meets Die Hard type film out of France that I’ve been tracking ever since filmmaker Xavier Gens first brought it to my attention. The main criticism I’ve heard to date has centered around its score which seems to over the top and off putting. Splice looks more of a thinking sci-fi tale than a conventional alien rampage outing. I’m not expecting this one to be an all out action film and this is easily one of the highlights of Sitges this year to be able to see it on the big screen at the Melia. With Park Chan-wook’s Thirst I’ve now been to its world premiere at Cannes which was an experience I’ll never forget and it had a longer cut than what got released in US theaters. The third act felt like it was the biggest

victim of cuts and apparently there is a longer more “directors cut” that might be screening here which will be a more refined version of what I saw at Cannes. Very safe to say that I cannot wait to see this in the Melia!

end of Cannes this year. I really want to see this again and to see if the second half plays any better.

In the retrospectives I am most looking forward to seeing MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (anime I’ve The two Miike films in never seen but been dyYatterman and Crows ing to!), Clockwork OrZero II are a must! ange, Nightmare on Elm Street (amazing how inTown Called Panic I tense and scary this one saw at Cannes and loved still feels to this day!), every minute of it. My Eyes Without a Face and biggest fear going into it Ghostbusters! was that after 20 minutes it would start to repeat it- Two entries from Japan self and luckily the film also stand out in TETwas so fueled up with SUO: THE BULLETcreativity and sugar rush MAN and . I’ll see insanity that it flew by. anything that Shinya TsuIf it was an amusement kamoto or Hitoshi Matpark its the kind of ride sumoto ever do! that feels like it flies by in under 10 seconds and Best Worst Movie I’ve you immediately want yet to see and it looks like to race back into its two a lot of fun! Glad I can fihour wait in line to expe- nally check it out. rience it all over again. The MIDNIGHT XBAD LIEUTENANT: TREME lineup is always PORT OF CALL NEW fun and I hope to be able ORLEANS looks like to attend some especially a film that hits you ever with THE HORSEMAN different way and in eve- and THE HUMAN CENry different place from TIPEDE as those are your heart to your funny two films Rodney Perbone while also slapping kins seems to really reyou around some. I have ally dig. Smash Cut and no idea what to expect VAMPIRE GIRL VS. but I want to check it out FRANKENSTEIN GIRL as soon as possible. look like pure insanity and the types of films I’ll THE IMAGINARIUM need around the 5 am slot OF DR. PARNASSUS is to keep me going. a film that I loved its first half but felt completely The MONDO MACAremoved and disconnect- BRO lineup is another ed from its second half required section you will when I saw it towards the want to check out eve-

rything playing. I never know what Pete Tombs and team have up their sleeve and cannot wait for another all nighter with their programming! Appears that Yves Montmayeur has a documentary playing this year to which I cannot wait to check out. I’ve seen two of his docs, In the Mood for Doyle and another on South Korean filmmakers that were both immensely engaging and informative. Last but not least the Seven Chances section I’ve found to be one of the most daring and really never have a slight idea with any title what I’m getting myself into but always try each year to see all that are playing. One of my favorite films I’ve seen this decade in Adam’s Apples played there and roughly for the entire film at the Prado it was me and several floors with balconies of people that were 1,000% completely rolling with everything the movie threw at them and loving every single second. Hands down one of the best film experiences and screenings I’ve ever attended. These titles only represent a small portion of what I hope to see there and can’t wait to try and see how close to 60 I get with film watching this year. Say goodbye to sleep and hello to film lovers paradise!




Association chief promises to prioritise tackling homophobia

Football Association (FA) chairman Lord Triesman has promised to make tackling homophobia in the game a priority. Speaking to gay activist Peter Tatchell, he said: “We remain committed to challenging all forms of discrimination in football and making the game open to all. “We have been working closely with both Kick It Out and the Professional Footballers’ Association on producing a film that has a strong anti-homophobia message and look forward to premiering this in the New Year. “The FA has good links with organisations like the Gay Football Supporters Network and we’re delighted that the recent Stonewall report supports our shared objective of football for all.” The issue of homophobia in football was recently highlighted when PR guru Max Clifford told that footballers who come out of the closet may see their careers in tatters. A week after his comments, Stone-


wall released a report criticising match programmes, on tickets and the FA for not doing enough to on posters and billboards inside tackle the issue. It said the sport and outside football grounds. was “institutionally homophobic”. “Prevention is better than cure. EdTatchell commented: “The FA ucation against homophobia can should impose fines and match help overturn bigoted attitudes and suspensions on players and man- make the game welcoming and agers who use anti-gay insults. secure for gay players and spectators. Only then will gay players “We want clubs that fail to act feel safe to come out,” he added. against homophobic chants to face fines and, in extreme cases, match OutRage! will meet with the FA’s suspensions or point deductions. Tackling Homophobia Working Group when it reconvenes in the “OutRage! [a gay rights group] next few weeks. will urge the FA to secure the agreement of all clubs to feature anti-homophobia messages in their

Horizon Magazine no.41 - September 2009  

Horizon Magazine no.41 - September 2009

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