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PROSPECTUS 2013 - 2014


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The Leadership Academy Course is now accredited by 2



One of our greatest passions in life and ministry is to see people begin to discover the incredible gifts that God has placed within them and become equipped to use them. Since starting The Leadership Academy nearly twenty years ago, we’ve seen hundreds of students launch out into both discovering and developing these gifts, resulting in a whole new generation of leaders rising up to build great churches in Great Britain and across the world. By giving either one or two years of your life to developing your gifts, character and passion, you too could be a key part of God’s plan to change this world. Forget stuffy unproven and boring unattainable formulas - The Leadership Academy is all about converting revelation into practical application. From day one our students find themselves going from the classroom to getting active, both in their church and their community. The Leadership Academy is a full-time course suited to gap year students, graduates and mature students with practical and theoretical training allow you to grow and learn over the course of the year and to engage in the heart of the local church. It exists to see you thrive in your leadership and gifting. You have one life to make a difference and there’s no better way than to be equipped with all that you need to engage in building God’s House and excel in the future God has for you! There’s something for you whatever your age and whatever area of ministry interests you the most. The lectures will inspire and equip you, the lecturers will encourage and challenge you and the practical electives and internships will take you to new levels of personal confidence and ability. Throughout, God will be transforming you from the inside out. We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you experience the best year of your life!

DAVE GILPIN President -The Leadership Academy


and life changing is the ideal environment for leadership and gifting to develop as you practically outwork what you learn on a day to day basis.



PREAMBLE The Training Centre

The Leadership Academy Training Centre finds its home in the flagship base of one of the UK’s largest churches. The Megacentre is a thriving community and premier conference centre in the heart of Sheffield and home to the Sheffield congregation of Hope City Church. Facilities for students include lecture rooms, a fully equipped IT suite and student lounge. Students also have access to the Megarelax Coffee House which is a part of the Megacentre facilities. Whilst at the Training Centre students will be involved in a range of specialised lectures and workshops, community practical work and their chosen Elective Streams.


The City of Sheffield is one of the country’s most exciting cities with recent urban developments making it one of the greenest and most attractive liveable cities in the UK. With The Megacentre situated right in the heart of Sheffield you will only be a quick walk from the vibrant culture of city centre life, with some of the key attractions on your doorstep, including the newly developed Peace and Winter Gardens, museums, theatres and a fantastic shopping centre. You can also hop on a short bus ride and you’ll find yourself deep in the Peak District National Park, a region of incredible natural beauty, or in one of the UK’s largest shopping centres – Meadowhall.

21ST CENTURY Hope City Church

Partner Churches

By the end of 2013, Hope City Church will be operating in ten locations including London, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham and Lancashire (Preston & Chorley) as well as Frankfurt in Germany and Accra in Ghana. With a senior leadership team that has a proven track record you will spend your time at the Megacentre receiving training and instruction from leaders who have a great deal of experience to share. You will also have an opportunity to be part of pioneering mission work abroad.

If you belong to one of our Partner Churches you will receive your theoretical and practical training at the Training Centre in Sheffield whilst still being fully involved back home. During your time in Sheffield you will have the opportunity to work alongside the key ministries and leaders of Hope City Church and then return home each weekend to outwork your training under the guidance of your Partner Tutor and local church leadership. You will also receive training and instruction locally to complement what you learn on the main part of the course. (Note this option is only available to students attending from a church that has applied for Partnership Status - see online for more details).


EQUIP: ACADEMY LIFE “Looking back from where I am now as a husband, father and church pastor I can confidently say that I would not be the person I am today if it was not for the Leadership Academy. It was two of the greatest years of my life and the perfect launch pad for all that God has called me to since. It propelled me into a greater level of faith and trust in God and gave me the opportunity to understand and unpack everything He has done and the gifts He has put in me. Academy has the ability to thrust you into the inner core of a church and alongside the lives of church leaders. It allowed me to learn, grow and be challenged and stretched whilst all the time supported as I pursued the God-given dreams in my own life.�

Simon Bolton (2002-2004)

Simon is now the Lead Pastor of Hope City Birmingham


The Leadership Academy is a one year course with an optional second year and is all about helping you take hold of the God-given destiny that lies within you and developing it to the full. We want to help you to build a strong, firm foundation for your life so that throughout life and ministry you feel equipped to “walk worthy of the calling with which you were called”. The lectures, practical application and assignments are all designed to help equip you

as a person in relation to your character, integrity, personal gifting, confidence, faith and excellence as well as with practical training for leadership and ministry. Theoretical and practical training at the centre takes place over three full days (Wednesday to Friday in the 1st year) with additional practical time spent serving at evenings and weekends depending on the Elective Stream and church calendar.

Weekly Lectures

Each week you will receive teaching at the Training Centre, across one and a half days, from a wide variety of leaders who have all had proven ministry experience in their key subjects. Throughout the year there will also be a number of key Masterclasses from guest speakers in specialised fields. Subjects cover a wide range of practical ministry and leadership training, personal discipleship and Biblical theory.

Chapel and Devotions

Whilst attending the Training Centre, students will take part in weekly chapel meetings as well as daily devotions. Keeping focused on the purpose that God has placed you here for is one of the most important keys to you growing and developing as a leader.

Assignments and Reading

Lectures carry an assessment in the form of assignments or exams that amount to 40% of your overall grade. The remaining 60% of your course is provided through assessments by your Practical Tutors. There is also a required reading list for which you will produce reviews. As a vocational course The Leadership Academy combines both practical and academic learning as we believe that learning and increasing your knowledge is key to you growing your capacity as a leader.

Partner Tutoring

Students coming from Partner Churches will also receive additional tutoring from your Partner Tutor each week. These sessions will provide a key part of connecting you with the local church vision and leadership and will provide a forum through which your Partner Tutor can help assess your progress throughout the year.

1ST YEAR TEACHING SUBJECTS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Faith Dynamics Developing the Leader Within You The Practical Leader Developing Intimacy with God Public Speaking and Presentation Evangelism Church Culture Discipleship & Mentoring 0-30s Ministry Mercy Ministry Schools Ministry Basic Theology Old Testament Survey An Introduction to the New Testament The Life of Jesus in the Gospels The Books of 1 & 2 Corinthians The Book of Nehemiah The Book of Acts The Book of Ephesians The Pastoral Epistles The Letters from Peter 1 & 2 Personal Financial Management Phil Pringle School of Leadership Module 1 Additional Practical Workshops

ENGAGE: CHURCH LIFE LEARNING IS GREAT BUT GETTING ACTIVE WITH WHAT YOU’VE LEARNT IS EVEN BETTER! The Leadership Academy is not designed to help you get more ‘head-knowledge’ but to give you the opportunity to learn and then put what you’ve learnt into immediate practice. 8


All students choose from one of five Elective Streams that will help engage you in a specific area of church ministry. The choice of streams includes:


Youth Ministry Children’s Ministry Student Ministry Creative Arts (which include a mix of media, design, worship and the performing arts) Church Pastoral Care & Management Students undertake their Elective Stream alongside the working ministries of Hope City Church during the three days at the Training Centre and throughout the weekend and evenings as required. For Partner Church students you have the opportunity to spend part of your Elective working alongside the Hope City ministries at the Training Centre before returning to complete your practical work in your local Church.

Community Practical

Weekend Services

All students will be involved in community practical work during the week. This will include placements in schools and working with the City Hearts project - a residential programme for women with life controlling issues. Workshops will provide additional training that will help equip you in how to effectively engage with the community and build bridges between the church and those who live in the world around it. As a student you will help make church happen throughout the week and especially in weekend services. The weekend service is the flagship event for any church and your involvement in helping it run seamlessly is one of the most important training grounds for you to learn and gain experience in the art of doing church!


Throughout the year there will be a number of conferences for all ages and demographics of church life that you will be a part of facilitating. There is a huge amount of work that often goes into putting on a successful conference and you will have an opportunity to be part of that process, learning key skills such as team work, team leading and managing responsibilities and deadlines along the way.


Each year our students travel abroad for a ten day mission*. This is often one of the most exciting and life-changing experiences of the whole year as you get to experience a completely different culture and people. Throughout the week, depending on the mission location, you will engage in activities from visiting schools and universities to hitting the streets with incredible opportunities to share the gospel through acts of love and compassion as well as helping large outreach events. Plus the ten days end with two nights rest and relaxation before returning to the UK. (*Mission locations may vary from year to year).

EXCEL: PERSONAL LIFE What a crazy couple of years packed full of excitement, the power of God and a whole lot of fun! Academy had to be hands down one of the best experiences of my life but even more than that; it was an opportunity for God to change and grow me, setting me up for a lifelong adventure pursuing the cause of Christ.�

-- Em Solanki (2009-2011)

Em is now part of the pioneering team behind Hope City Frankfurt


PULL OUT If you are interested in becoming a student on The Leadership Academy then here are the details on how to apply. STEP 1

Discuss your interest with your local church pastor or leader as they will be required to recommend you for the course.


Complete this application form and send to: Admissions Dean, The Leadership Academy The Megacentre, Bernard Road, Sheffield, S2 5BQ, UK (You can also download a digital version online at


We will contact you and arrange for you to attend an interview with the Dean of the Academy to help us assess your suitability for the course. We will notify you within a couple of days if you are successful and give you an opportunity to register.


If at this stage you are wanting to book your place on the academy then you will need to send us your registration fee of ÂŁ25 to consider your place booked. After registration we will send out all the details you will need to know to help you prepare for the year ahead.


For postal applications send your completed form to: Admissions Dean, The Leadership Academy, The Megacentre, Bernard Road, Sheffield, S2 5BQ 14



TO SEE EVERY STUDENT PERSONALLY THROUGHOUT THE ACADEMY YEAR. Often students arrive unsure of what God has called them to or have simply decided that they want to give a year of their life to serving the church. Whether you’ve a clear idea of God’s purpose for your life or you don’t have a clue – the Academy year is one of personal growth and development that at times can be incredibly challenging, but is always rewarding.


You will be encouraged to pursue God personally during the course of your studies. Your Tutors are there not to just train you in tasks but also to spend time helping you fan into flame the gifts of God within you. The greatest place this happens is in a life that is sold out for God. Your personal walk with God will be one your greatest assets throughout the Academy year – indeed throughout your life!


All our Tutors are there to provide the best pastoral care and support to our students so you will always find there is someone with whom you can connect. We also expect all our students to be actively involved in any small groups and life group activities within the church to ensure that your year is surrounded by great friends who can encourage you to press on to see God do great things through you.


THE LECTURES ARE DESIGNED TO HELP YOU GROW IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, IN KNOWLEDGE, IN LEADERSHIP AND IN YOUR INFLUENCE IN THE WORLD AROUND YOU. All of the tutors chosen to lecture in The Leadership Academy are proven leaders and practitioners in their areas of gifting and ministry. They all have a heart to raise up the next generation of leaders and to pass on what they have learnt on their journey of life and leadership. 16

DAVE GILPIN President / Senior Pastor Hope City Church Dave is the Senior Pastor of Hope City Church, one church across ten locations. Dave’s creativity, his insight into leadership and his experience in church planting and church development will both challenge and inspire you to a greater level of personal leadership. He is also a successful author having written a number of books including the recent bestseller ‘Sacred Cows Make Great BBQs’. His quirky intelligent style will encourage out of the box thinking. (BEng. Civil / Diploma of Ministry)



Senior Pastor of Hope City Church

Director / Lead Pastor, Hope City Leeds

Jenny, alongside her husband Dave, pastors Hope City Church and is the founder of City Hearts. Jenny has proven experience in ministry that makes her sharp and clear as a communicator and her prophetic gift brings an added dimension to the training sessions. She is a sought after international speaker and her sharp prophetic edge brings anointing to all that she does. Jenny and Dave have a grown up son, Ryan. (Diploma of Ministry)

Chris is the Lead Pastor of Hope City Leeds and the Leadership Academy Director. Chris has seen significant growth in Leeds having overseen the acquisition and development of The Leeds Megacentre. He brings powerful insight to the Academy training as well as humour and his love for the Holy Spirit. Chris is married to Gosia and they have a son called Joel and a daughter called Ania. (BA Hons Degree in Biblical Studies / Diploma Biblical & Evangelistic Ministries)

JOHN GREENOW Lead Pastor of Xcel Church John and his wife Lisa are Lead Pastors of Xcel Church with congregations in three locations across County Durham. He is also the National Director for Great British Churches. John recently saw his church acquire land and build a multi-million pound conference and community centre which is rapidly becoming one of the premier venues in the North East. He is energetic and passionate about the cause of Christ and brings a great deal of fresh vision and excitement to the Academy. (20 years Ministry Experience / Accredited EQ Coach)

PAUL BENGER Lead Pastor of CLC Chesterfield Paul is part of the oversight of the Ground Level Network and helps organise the 10,000 strong One Event Conference in Lincoln (previously known as Grapevine). He is also the Lead Pastor of Christian Life Church in Chesterfield. He is an Academy favourite with his dynamic character and love for building the local church. Paul is married to Jeannie and they have three sons! (Diploma Theology / Diploma of Personnel & Development / Diploma of Payroll & Pension Management)


COLIN BLOIS Lead Pastor, Hope City Sheffield Having graduated from The Leadership Academy, Colin directed the 0-30s ministries in Hope City Sheffield, seeing hundreds of youth, students and young adults engage in church life from across the city and launching the This New Republic national young adult & student conference. Now Lead Pastor in Sheffield, with his wife Beth, Colin is one of the UK’s best emerging young church leaders and communicators of the Gospel helping establish champion churches and ministries across the country. Colin and Beth have a young son called Austin. (BSc Economics and Geography)

GRAYSON JONES Senior Minister of Legacy Church Grayson with his wife Del are Senior Ministers of Legacy Church in Doncaster and Barnsley. Grayson is also part of the AOG National Leadership. Over the years he has pioneered a number of churches and brings a powerful teaching gift to Academy lectures. He’ll make you unpick your beliefs to cement them in your heart and mind. His determination and passion for the Word of God will inspire you to know and understand God personally. (BA Hons Theology)


BETH BLOIS Academy Dean / Lead Pastor, Hope City Sheffield Beth is the Dean of The Leadership Academy as well as the Lead Pastor, alongside her husband Colin, at Hope City Sheffield. Together they have overseen incredible growth in the young adult ministries in Sheffield as well as launch the national young adult conference This New Republic. Beth has a passion for the development of emerging leaders and excels at recognising gifts and empowering their use to build local church. Her prophetic and punchy style gets right to the heart of the issues. She has a young son called Austin. (BSc Degree in Physical Education & Youth Sport)

DAVE GIBSON Xcel Church, County Durham Before joining the team at Xcel Church in County Durham, David was the Senior Pastor of Darlington AOG church for 5 years. David has a Masters Degree in Theology from Durham University. He is married to Rebecca and they have three children. As a gifted teacher, his vision is to equip emerging leaders to face the challenges of today from a biblical perspective and brings fresh and exciting clarity to the Word of God. (Masters in Theology)





Lead Pastor, Hope City Liverpool

Lead Pastor, Hope City Newcastle

Lead Pastor, Hope City Lancashire

Lead Pastor Hope City Lancashire




Lead Pastor, Hope City Leeds

City Pastor, Hope City Sheffield

Anti-Trafficking National Director for City Hearts

EMMA LILLYSTONE National Communications Director Hope City Church




Phil Pringle School of Leadership In the Phil Pringle School of Leadership Modules, First and Second year students will have the opportunity to watch and discuss exclusive material from Pastor Phil Pringle, Senior Minister of C3 Church Oxford Falls in Sydney, Australia. The C3 Church Global movement now consists of over three hundred churches spread throughout Australia, New Zealand, North & South America.

International Evangelist Tim is one of the world’s leading healing evangelists, ministering powerfully through the Holy Spirit to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe every year. He has seen crusade tents and stadiums packed out and witnessed thousands of miracles as a result of his faith in the power of God to heal and save. He’s a real friend of The Leadership Academy and will give a deposit of faith and an anointing for the miraculous to the students.

Eurolead Director / Member of Hillsong London Board of Directors Founder of and ICLM -The Institute for Creativity, Leadership and Management. Based in Denmark, Scott travels extensively around the world, teaching, preaching and consulting with churches. He passionately believes in building and strengthening the new European Churches, raising up a new generation of strong leaders.

INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIP The Leadership Academy has taught me so much about leadership and ministry. I’ve loved the lectures and just getting into the Word of God and I am more passionate now about it than ever before. Serving at conferences and getting the opportunity to be around some of the greatest leaders in our nation and beyond, leaders that are doing great things for God, has been truly EPIC! As a result of my time on the Academy I am now a confident leader, equipped with so much that I can’t help but look forward to the the next chapter knowing that God has great things in store for me.”

-- Tebo Mpanza (2011-2012)

Tebo is now the Worship Pastor at Hope City Leeds



THE INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIP COURSE IS AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WHO WISH TO RECEIVE PRACTICAL AND THEORETICAL TRAINING OVER A SHORTER 14 WEEK INTENSIVE PERIOD DURING ONE OF THE THREE TERMS AND THEN RETURN TO THEIR HOME CHURCH TO APPLY WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNT. It is designed to further advance those who are looking towards having a greater involvement in the ministry aspects of church life. (The 14 week intensive course is also available to Partner Churches who wish to send students from the UK where the distance is too great for them to travel on a weekly basis.)

The Internship Block is a One Term full-time course (approx. 14 weeks) combining teaching and practical application in your chosen Elective Stream. As an Internship Student you will be involved in your Elective Stream throughout the week (Monday – Friday) and be part of lectures on Wednesday and Thursdays alongside 1st Year and 2nd Year Academy course students. You will also get a chance to be involved in community and schools work where appropriate.

ELECTIVE STREAMS All internship students will be placed in one of five Elective Streams that will help engage you in a specific area of church ministry. Which stream you enter will be based on the result of discussion between yourself and the Dean. Elective Stream options include: • Youth Ministry • Children’s Ministry • Student Ministry • Creative Arts (which include a mix of media, design, worship and the performing arts) • Church Pastoral Care & Management Elective Streams will involve you working alongside the ministries of Hope City Sheffield during the week and throughout the weekend and evenings as required. It will also involve you engaging in church life every weekend helping behind the

scenes of Hope City Sheffield’s weekend church services.

DATES TERM 1: 11 September 2013 to 22 December 2013 TERM 2: 5 January 2014 to 20 April 2014 TERM 3: 4 May 2014 to 20 July 2014 A graduation presentation will be held during the Sunday morning service of Hope City Sheffield on the final Sunday of terms 1 and 2. Students doing their intensive during term 3 will graduate at the normal graduation service for all students on the course on 20th July 2014.


The cost of the Internship course is £899 payable in full at the beginning of the course. In addition, half-board accommodation (Bed, Breakfast and an Evening Meal) can be arranged for £70 per week*. Accommodation will be boarding with a family who are part of Hope City Sheffield. All other costs for food and travel will be met by the applicant personally. (*subject to availability)

APPLICATIONS To apply for the International Internship programme go to our Applications page online.



“The Leadership Academy didn’t just change, grow and develop my leadership, it literally changed my life. I don’t think there’s a day that goes by where I don’t use what I’ve learnt on the Academy. Looking back at my two years, there’s not a thing I’d change! Every challenge, every trial all made me into the man that I am today. If you’re thinking about doing the course i would say just one thing, DO IT.”

-- Lance Gordon (2008-2010)

Lance is now part of the Leadership team at Hope City Newcastle





The second year works in a similar way to the first year and runs from Tuesday to Thursday combining teaching and practical application in your chosen Elective Stream. Second year students will also be involved in helping lead devotions and take a lead role in practical and community work. They will get also get opportunities to be part of missions and outreaches as well as play significant roles in the behind the scenes work of national conferences.


It is designed to further advance those who are looking towards having a greater involvement in the ministry aspects of church life. Students will have the opportunity to apply for it at the start of the summer term.

2ND YEAR TEACHING SUBJECTS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Preaching Masterclass Renewing the Mind The Pastoral Dimension Spiritual Gifts Church in the Community Cross Cultural Mission Change Dynamics Assistant Ministry Event Management Financial Planning and Budgets Personal Financial Management Church History Prophecy and the Prophets New Testament - Advanced Leaders of the Old Testament The Book of Romans The Book of Hebrews Phil Pringle School of Leadership Module 2 Additional Practical Workshops


MISSIONARY PLACEMENT Hope City Accra was launched in October 2009 with a team from the UK led by Pastors Andy & Karen Gorman. Having successfully navigated the changes in culture they have seen great growth as they establish the first international congregation of Hope City Church. Now located in the heart of Accra in their own building, Hope City Accra is on the forefront of an incredible opportunity to bring the light and hope of Jesus Christ to the people of Ghana. Your placement in Ghana will be an incredibly powerful time as you engage with the people through mercy projects and evangelistic outreach programmes. Elective Streams During your placement in Ghana you will be involved in a variety of ministry including: Youth, Children’s and Student Ministry, Creative Arts (which can include a mix of media, design, worship and the performing arts) and Church Pastoral Care & Management. Initial Costs £25 Application Fee £1500 Placement Fee required in full at least 3 months prior to departure. Includes costs of flights (one year open ticket), Visas, Immigration fees, vaccinations and antimalarial medication. Note the cost for the placement over six or twelve months is the same due to the cost of items included in the placement fee being unaffected by the length chosen. Those choosing twelve months will need to consider that the monthly costs over a longer period of time will be more.

Additional Approximate Monthly Costs You will have the opportunity to look for work in the city part-time if unable to fully fund all monthly costs yourself. An example of costs are: £300 p/mth - Rental costs (shared accommodation) £50 p/mth - Share of bills / utilities £100 p/mth - Likely living costs for food / water/clothing / travel (budget more for greater comfort) Application Requirements Age: 18+ years Qualifications: Partner of Hope City Church or completion of 1st Year Leadership Academy course. Date: Applications must be received within three months of any intended placement cycle. Practical Information Health Insurance is required and a full UK passport valid from at least six months before travel and until at least six months after your expected return. You will be required to attend a medical assessment and report for vaccinations prior to travel. If you possess a University Degree and/or teaching qualification you will find getting work a little easier, but it’s not absolutely necessary. You should expect to earn around £300-£600 per month and will likely need to source some form of extra financial support/resource should you find it difficult to gain work or get a sufficient salary. It’s worth noting that some employers may give ex-pats a rent and/or travel allowance.



The Leadership Academy is now an Approved Centre for the delivery of credit based qualifications through Open Awards ( uk). During your studies, you will work towards a Level 2 qualification in ‘Leadership & Personal Development’ accredited by Open Awards. These qualifications are recognised as part of the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF) and are used by employers and education institutions throughout the country.

ACADEMY FEES O P T I O N 1: Pay in Full Pay in Full - If you pay in full at the beginning of the Academy Year fees are: 1st Year Fees: £1949 Course Fee 2nd Year Fees: £1449 Course Fee O P T I O N: Pay in Monthly Instalments If you pay by instalments the following payment plan by Standing Order will be required for both course and mission fees combined: 1st Year Fees: Deposit of £500 followed by 10 monthly payments of £150 Total payable = £2000 2nd Year Fees: Deposit of £200 followed 10 monthly payments of £130 Total payable = £1500 Financial integrity is a vital part of The Leadership Academy. All students will be expected to have paid all fees prior to graduation and those who are paying by instalments to keep up to date throughout the year. See website for full details of our refund policy.




Students travelling to Sheffield for UK closing date: 6th September 2013 International closing date: 31 July 2013 The Leadership Academy training days can be billeted with members of Hope City Church for the duration of their GENERAL LIVING COSTS stay depending on the requirements of We recommend students budget betheir Elective Stream and the distance tween £350 - £450 per month above they intend to travel. accommodation costs for general living The first day at the Training Centre costs like food, transport, utility and starts at 8:30am allowing most phone bills as well as personal spend. students to travel in on the morning The course is designed to allow space although some may wish to travel the for students to find flexible part-time night before. Students taking their work locally to help finance their year. Elective Stream back home in their This should be considered prior to arPartner Church will be able to leave rival as once the year starts it can be more difficult to focus on finding a job the Training Centre late afternoon on the Thursday. when you will be engaged in church and Academy life.

Those wishing to spend more time working alongside the Hope City ministries will need to stay a second ACCOMMODATION Where possible we encourage students or third night and head home on the to arrange their own accommodation. Friday. Billets will cost £25 per week for one night, £35 per week for two However we appreciate that some nights or £40 per week for three and students may travel a great distance will be on a Half-Board basis (Bed, and so we do provide some limited Breakfast and Dinner).* options. Individual needs can be discussed at the interview stage. FULL TIME ACCOMMODATION

Sheffield has two large universities and as a result there is a great deal of student accommodation on the market from £70-80 per week. If you would like help in finding some student accommodation then please speak to the Academy Dean for details of options available. Each year there is always a number of prospective students looking at this option and where possible we will try to connect you with each other so that you can find accommodation as a group which is often easier.


If due to the long distance of travelling your Partner Church has opted for our Term Based Option, where you are resident in Sheffield for two of the three terms of the Academy Year, then billets will be provided from £70 per week. (*Billet costs are based on current prices and may be subject to change and availability. Full details will be confirmed at the application stage)


The Leadership Academy follows the UK Academic timetable with three terms running from September through to the end of July with a two week break over Christmas and Easter. Autumn Term: 11 September 2013 to 22 December 2013 Spring Term: 5 January 2014 to 20 April 2014 Summer Term: 4 May 2014 to 20 July 2014 (NB Student are expected to serve at Weekend services at the beginning and end of each term before leaving for holidays)


To apply for the The Leadership Academy we expect that you meet the following basic entry requirements: • A committed Christian who loves Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour • Aged 18 or over • Able to provide a pastoral reference from a local church leader who recommends you for the course • Able to provide an understanding of how you will finance your year to cover fees and living costs. • Able to show some academic competence to at least a GCSE grade C or above level (or vocational equivalent). • Complete an interview assessment with the admissions Dean. • International Students: have a reasonable grasp of the English language both spoken and written.


Leadership Academy Prospectus 2013-2014  

The Leadership Academy is a one or two year training course for those seeking to further their knowledge of God and be equipped for ministry...

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