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HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES Birthdays are wonderful occasions to stop and celebrate what a person means to you. But it isn’t always easy to choose the right words. You know you have to, but inspiration for a birthday wish just doesn’t come easy.

You feel like you are saying the same thing over and over to all your friends and relatives, year after year. If so, then have a read through our collection of birthday wishes with images in order to find the right words for the right person. All of our birthday wishes come with beautiful and carefully selected images. A gift without a few words is but a gift, but a gift with a heartfelt happy birthday wish is worth so much more, and it will be remembered for much longer. And remember, some people still prefer a handwritten card. You can always write your message directly on the wrapping paper if need be, or even on the ribbon. Being creative is part of the deal. Friends and family alike will be pleasantly surprised by a cute and simple note from you, especially if you have been lacking in that department previously. We made sure that it’s easy to send beautiful birthday wishes, but if you want to go a mile further, print it out. I guarantee success! We have collected birthday wishes for every special person of yours: family members and cousins, girlfriend, boyfriend, boss and friends. We have also prepared some funny birthday wishes, and you can always check out our short, Christian, lovely and girly happy birthday images, but also birthday wishes in heaven for those we miss the most. We have prepared a short collection of birthday wishes for yourselves on your birthday, so be sure to check those out too. We at HoopoeQuotes may not have all the right words, but we do hope you’ll find some inspiration here. And don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or suggestion, we enjoy them very much!

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR FRIEND In this section you can find a fun and original way of saying happy birthday to a friend. I know you feel the right words, now read through the list to find the words that will express those feelings. Then write them down, and - voila! - there’s a nice, wonderfully crafted birthday wish for a friend.

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR BEST FRIEND You’ve been together through thick and thin. You love your best friend and want him or her to spend another wonderful birthday. You may have the perfect shoulder, but you don’t always have the right words (not the ones you write on a card anyway…), so here are some suggestions for happy birthday wishes for best friend.

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR FATHER Whether he is estranged, or your best confident, finding the right words to wish your dad a happy birthday can sometimes be difficult. Here is a selection of happy birthday wishes for father to help you out.

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR MOTHER A mother should always receive a little birthday sentiment, whether she is the best in the world or is lacking certain motherly traits. She is the one who put you in this world and has raised you. So, a birthday cheer is in order, and to help with this, here are a few suggestions of happy birthday wishes for mother. Funny, witty or as neutral as one can get, you will find inspiration here.

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR SON He is your son, your pride and joy, whatever he may have made you go through as a toddler or an adolescent (or sometimes as an adult in need of some parental support). A son can be a father’s best companion and a mother’s confidant, but whatever the relationship you now entertain with him, he will always be your son, the one whom you have cared for, and who you have raised with all the passion and wisdom you could find. Bellow, find a list of happy birthday wishes for son.

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR DAUGHTER Nothing compares to the feeling of pride a parent has when he or she sees his or her little daughter grow up so wonderfully into a kind young woman, and greet her with these special birthday wishes for daughter. Make her feel special on this day and every day!

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR SISTER Your sister is probably on of the greatest gifts you’ll ever have. True, you may not always be on the same page, but she will always be there for you and one of your most important persons. Show her your love by sending some sweet birthday messages for sister.

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR BROTHER You are the best of friends or… maybe not, but he is your brother and there is some love there. You want to wish him a happy birthday, but you are not exactly sure what you want to say. Hopefully, you will find the words you seek in these happy birthday wishes for brother.

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR SISTER-IN-LAW OR BROTHER-IN-LAW You have a brother/sister-in-law that you love, you dislike, you are jealous of, you are friends with, you would rather she stayed away, you have always wished for... Whatever the case may be, you must offer them wishes (warm?) for their birthday. Here are a few suggestions of happy birthday wishes for sister in law:

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR NEPHEW Sending a birthday wish to a nephew may be an easy enterprise for someone you see frequently, but not so much if you only see him a couple of times per year or if you are simply a person of few words. Here are some suggestions of happy birthday wishes for nephew that may help at the most opportune moment.

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR WIFE She is the person you spend most time with and she is your best friend. She may get on your nerves occasionally, but she still means the world to you. It’s her birthday and it goes without saying that you need to express your love, gratitude, and show her a bit of that extra attention she deserves. A gift is a must, but some sweet birthday wishes can also help.

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR HUSBAND You love him, but you feel like wringing his neck from time to time. Here’s your chance to write a witty comeback while professing your love. Find some fun and heartwarming happy birthday wishes for husband.

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR GIRLFRIEND It’s not always easy to find the right words, but it’s her birthday and you want to show her that you care. Here are some suggestions of simple, easy, funny and witty happy birthday messages for girlfriend. She will surely cherish and enjoy it.

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR BOYFRIEND Relationships are meant to be fun, and life is supposed to be made of awesome memories. Make sure your boyfriend’s birthday turns into a memory that sticks in your hearts and minds forever. Surprise him with romantic birthday wish and share one of these wishes with him.

BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR BOSS You know your boss‘ birthday is coming up, and you feel you should send him or her a word. You two may get along really well, you may even be friends or… well, you know. Here are a few suggestions of happy birthday wishes for boss depending on your mood and relationship to one another. These are suitable for the boss you respect and value, for the boss with whom you are on friendly terms, or you can pick from some more neutral suggestions. Good luck!

FUNNY BIRTHDAY WISHES What better way to celebrate a birthday than to smile? There is none! Enjoy some of our funny birthday wishes.

SPECIAL BIRTHDAY WISHES Who is that special person of yours? Whether it’s a significant other, a best friend, a family member or dare I say a pet, a happy birthday wish for that special person is always welcomed, even more so when the words are just right. Go ahead, read on and choose one that matches your situation or circumstance. And most of all enjoy the party!

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Happy birthday wishes  

Birthdays are wonderful occasions to stop and celebrate what a person means to you. But it isn’t always easy to choose the right words. You...

Happy birthday wishes  

Birthdays are wonderful occasions to stop and celebrate what a person means to you. But it isn’t always easy to choose the right words. You...