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STEAM is an educational approach using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math as entry points for discovery, inquiry, and critical thinking. STEAM encourages engaging in experiential learning, persisting in problem solving, and embracing creativity and collaboration. hoopla works in conjunction with STEAM education by providing a wide range of eBooks, audiobooks, comics, music, movies, and more to experience and discover individually or in groups (as a title can be accessed instantly and simultaneously). Across genres and age groups, STEAM-themed titles on hoopla are as entertaining as they are educational.

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With all of these choices and possibilities, we hope hoopla will be your goto partner for all of your STEAM-related initiatives. We are always inspired with how you creatively incorporate hoopla into your collections and daily programming. Thank you for everything you do, and full STEAM ahead!

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STEAM-related materials are critical in early childhood, as children are at a stage where they are extremely receptive to learning new things. Exploring titles made especially for early learners can help nurture a child’s educational foundation for life.

Inspire kids three ways with bestselling author Andrea Beaty, in audiobook, video, and eBook!


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STEAM encourages curiosity. From going on a numerical safari to learning about solids, gravity, and working with sight words, kids can discover an array of educational tools and topics through reading.

Exploring with the Read-Along eReader The Read-Along eReader is a hoopla feature that supports and empowers young readers. Picture eBooks come to life with hoopla’s new Read-Along eReader for young readers. Immersive Read-Along eReader technology allows graphics to appear as they would in a physical book. Read-alongs on hoopla are accompanied by audio tracks synchronized with the book; text will highlight in red in sync with the narrative audio for better comprehension.

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music A dance party, a sing-along‌these can be effective and fun ways for children to learn numbers, letters, and other foundational skills. Music develops communication and creativity, and is a genre of delivery that makes learning even easier and more engaging for kids.

Movies & Television Lights, camera, action! Early learners can start their discovery of science and more with movies meant to STEAM-power learning.

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Educational listens are like rocket fuel for expanding children’s minds and teaching them more about the ever-changing world around them.


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Kids can learn scientific principles through songs, even physics through lyrics!

Movies & Television From learning more about the moon to the history of inventors, movies can do even more than entertain, they can stimulate kids’ brains with new concepts and skills.

comics The world of comics and graphic novels is a vivid and dynamic place for kids to engage their imaginations.




Kids can learn about coding and shoot for the moon with stories that cover space, technology, sound, the history of the natural world, and more.

Share the magic of learning with the Disney Coding Adventures Series.

Available August 1

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ebooks Inspiring young makers to create

Kids Mode Kids Mode empowers kids to explore titles on hoopla that are made for them. When Kids Mode is activated, hoopla will only show content that is appropriate for kids, allowing them to explore and discover the many family-friendly titles available on hoopla.

These titles and more are instantly available to stream or download.

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The stories of women in science are critically important to empower girls and young women to be competitive during a time of rapid technological change. The sciences are defined by those who push past perceived limitations and break the barriers of their time. These are the stories of women who pioneered the way for future generations of women scientists.

audiobooks Young Adult Edition

10 | Over 650,000 titles available on hoopla now - with content added daily!

Available August 1

ebooks These highlighted stories of women in science are about more than only illuminating the important parts they played in history. They are also about examining the historical and social realities that shaped science into what it is, and into what it could become. The sky should be no limit for girls and young women in STEAM education as they define their own futures and the contributions they can make.

Movies & Television

STEAM Dreams: Teens and STEAM-powered discovery Learning to code is an important part of teens preparing for the future. That topic and more are featured in these collections tailor made for the next generation of creators.

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audiobooks Exploring the universe, fine art, coding‌it’s all here to discover and encourage teens to follow their own STEAM dreams.


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ebooks Clean energy, artificial intelligence, engineering‌a world of topics teens can explore to prepare for their future.

New from Rosen Publishing, a series from The New York Times, now on hoopla!

Available August 2018

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Music for studying, comics that explore ideas and history, videos from The Great Courses and PBS — teens can dive into a complete world of STEAM-themed content on hoopla.

Movies & Television

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is now available on even more platforms for discovery

Movies Borrowed Favorites History Movies Television Settings

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Available September 10

Movies & Television From the Higgs boson particle to urban farming, mind-bending math to polar adventures, adults have an array of mindstimulating videos to explore on hoopla.

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Always learning, always growing, always experimenting — Adult Interest on hoopla. STEAM isn’t just for kids and teens! Learning is a lifelong endeavor, and adults can do their own discovery of STEAM-related topics on hoopla.


STEAM-themed comics in action with

With hoopla’s Action View— our comics and graphic novel reader — story arcs are more vivid and dynamic. When using the app, double-tap a panel and swipe left for a panel-by-panel guided reading experience.

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Introducing the new

Book Club Hub Spotlight Selection hoopla is the perfect partner for your next book club

With every title on hoopla available instantly, with no holds and no late fees, any book can be turned into your library's next book club title.

The hoopla Book Club Hub features resources for anyone looking to create and promote a book club where everyone can simultaneously access a Spotlight Selection or their own chosen title.

Spotlight Selection

Each hoopla Spotlight Selection includes the following additional resources: • Discussion Guides • Exclusive Q&A with the Author • Recommended Next Reads • Social Media and Digital Marketing Assets

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Book Club Hub Top-selected titles from hoopla partner librarians!

Now an AMC original series, Bustle deems it “Fight Club meets Margaret Atwood.”

A finalist for the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, a western featuring the adventures of a young Swedish immigrant.

A tale for teens examining concepts of beauty and its power in a stratified dystopian society.

A highly acclaimed true-crime debut about the search for a missing woman, and the story behind her disappearance.

An imperative read on education, race, gender, and juvenile justice.

A suicide of one of their own shakes a group of friends to their core. Named a book to “get excited about in 2018” by BookRiot.

An edge-of-your-seat thriller about newlyweds, lost in a dangerous backcountry on a honeymoon that quickly becomes a nightmare.

An astonishing graphic novel about one family’s journey from war-torn Vietnam. An ALA 2018 Notable Books Selection.

To check out the new Spotlight Selection and more go to

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Art puts the “A” in STEAM.

KIDS Art puts the “A” in STEAM. Art can be a critical component of inventive thinking. Design and decoration can make functional inventions not only more appealing visually but also more user-friendly. Computer graphics are used to create logos and other visuals we see in our every day lives. Creative activities incorporating art can support creativity in other areas of inquiry as well.



To brainstorm how to solve a problem, adopting an inventive, artistic approach can create a faster route to a more holistic solution. Calling on artistic inspiration can help generate more innovative thinking. The core of STEAM education lies in experimentation and application. Kids, adolescents, and adults can experience applied artistic learning through a diversity of activity books exploring everything from 3-D art to photography, all available on hoopla.














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