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May 14, 2014 | 9th Edition

Hoopla’s Getting Hugs at Forsyth County Public Library. This story comes to us from Linda Kelly, Assistant Director at Forsyth County Public Library (GA). This branch has a giant stuffed bear named “Hoopla” that is receiving a lot of attention and hugs from patrons. “Apparently other patrons are taking their own pictures of ‘Hoopla,’ which gives the staff the opportunity to tell them all about the real hoopla,” said Kelly. An outstanding idea! Forsyth County Public is also doing a great job of using hoopla display materials throughout the library. (Note the Sheryl Crow poster in the background!) If you would like promotional items for use in your library, give your hoopla coordinator a call or complete the order form at this link.

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Library Update - May 14, 2014