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March 19, 2014 | 5th Edition

Librarians share their impressions of hoopla in this new video.

Newly released at PLA 2014, this video provides an overview of the: hoopla digital platform and easy-to-use mobile app Extensive selection of media content Money-saving cost-per-use model Ongoing support for partner libraries This concise summary is an effective tool to share with library staff to help ensure they understand the benefits hoopla brings to the community.

Watch the video here:

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News from hoopla support. We are happy to report that most questions asked of our support team by hoopla users are easily answered. The three most common questions are listed below, followed by the answers.

Q - I’m having trouble playing content on my computer browser. Where can I download

Widevine directly? A - Please visit and download the files for the browser you are using.

Q - I am not getting any sound from my iPad. I am getting sound from other apps, but not

hoopla. How can I fix this? A - Please check the mute toggle switch on your iPad. This is located by the volume buttons on your iPad hardware. Alternatively, it could be found on your device’s control center, which is found by swiping up from the bottom of your iPad screen.

Q - Do you support larger screens? A - We do indeed. hoopla supports Airplay with an Apple TV or plugging your iOS/Android

device directly into your TV’s HDMI port. The required dongle/adapter and HDMI cable are sold separately, but are available from retailers. Keep the questions coming through “Contact Us.” We are here to help!

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Library Update - March 19, 2014  
Library Update - March 19, 2014