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oopla is a powerful, proven content delivery system that enables patrons to instantly borrow

movies, TV shows, music, and audiobooks. More than a transition to the digital information environment, hoopla allows libraries to better serve their communities by providing the perfect complement to traditional audiobook, CD, and DVD collections.

Your patrons will enjoy a whole new world of discovery, education, and entertainment with instant access to an impressive and extensive selection of digital titles…anytime, anywhere. Simple to understand and easy to use, hoopla provides the means for all patrons – regardless of age, interests, education, or technical background – to get the best experience from the library. Libraries typically benefit from: Increases in new card registrations and circulation

Easy-To-Use. Patrons simply…

1. Signup at

An expanded collection which serves the needs of a diverse population including teens who increasingly rely on mobile technology

2. Install our free mobile app on their iOS or

No more holds and waiting lists for the most popular titles

4. Browse, borrow, and enjoy digital video,

Greater visibility in the community as hoopla attracts media coverage and promotes this new service

Android device

3. Log in on their mobile device or PC music, and audiobooks!

Borrowed titles will be automatically returned when their lending period is over

The hoopla digital platform, broad and available media content, cost structure, and ongoing support combine to provide libraries with the most effective and sustainable digital media program for their communities.

The Most Reliable Delivery Platform The hoopla digital platform is developed and operated by Midwest Tape utilizing the most current streaming technology which eliminates stuttering, freezing, and buffering. The hoopla software application delivers an incredibly intuitive and robust user experience across the broadest variety of mobile devices…all on the most proven, reliable digital platform available. The platform provides an efficient, consistent user interface for all media formats (video, music, audiobooks), eliminating the need to download multiple software applications for different media formats. Users can search by genre, title, actor, author, or studio to quickly arrive at their selections without having to browse title by title.

An ongoing commitment to employing the most advanced streaming technology eliminates stuttering, freezing, and buffering, creating the most enjoyable viewing and listening experience, now and in the future. Control of content, circulation, and the budget are all easily maintained through the Librarian Portal. The administrative tools are simple to use and provide up-to-the-hour data, enabling the library to modify its offering whenever necessary.

Unsurpassed Content Offering hoopla provides the most extensive collection of new, popular, classic, and educational tiles through

major entertainment companies such as NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Universal Music, Warner Music, Millennium Media, PBS, BBC America, Scholastic, and National Geographic, to name only a few. Video

Midwest Tape relies on more than 25 years of experience in providing libraries with the most popular video titles, and the collection is always expanding. Music More than 100,000 music albums are available to patrons with new albums often becoming available on their street date.* hoopla typically has about 80% of the albums on Billboard, ensuring your patrons have access to the most popular titles. Audiobooks With unlimited circulation of more than 10,000 audiobook titles, libraries can cost-effectively offer and manage more audiobook titles without the hassle of reserves, waiting lists, and late fees. *The date a title is first made available to the public.

Lowest Cost With hoopla’s pay-per-circ model, libraries only pay for what patrons actually borrow. For this reason, there are no setup fees, subscription fees, annual fees, or long-term contracts. In addition, the hoopla digital media platform provides easy-to-use administrative tools, enabling the librarian to access and modify circulation protocols and limits as often as is required. Our business model supports our core belief that libraries shouldn’t be asked to pay for a product or service before it is utilized. By comparison, subscription and licensing models require libraries to do exactly that.

Ongoing Support

ideos V o T w o H

Implementation, ongoing technical support, and market awareness campaigns are all included with hoopla digital media services. Each library is assigned a dedicated staff member to manage all aspects of implementation, providing training, timely communication, and process coordination.

Extensive marketing support helps libraries promote this exciting new service in their communities through media coverage, news releases, and social media. Eye-catching point-of-display materials attract the interest of patrons when they visit the library.

Technical support is always available to libraries and patrons with How-To videos, Frequently Asked Questions, and live support via phone or website. To learn more about how hoopla digital media platform is being used to attract new cardholders and increase circulation rates among public libraries across North America, call or visit us at: 800.875.2785

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hoopla supplements your library's physical collection by immediately connecting your cardholders to hundreds of thousands of digital titles...

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