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Where imaginations soar! The sights, the sounds...so much to explore and discover... and it’s all just for kids and families!

In fact, we think hoopla for kids will become a hoopla happy place for everybody!

hoopla for kids is a multi-format, digital media experience designed especially for kids and families by hoopla digital. All the content­­—Books (audiobooks, eBooks and, comics), Video (movies & TV shows), and Music—has been selected and brought together in one place to give kids, and families, an environment where young minds can explore and discover the world around them, and perhaps even themselves, safely through media.

• Kids will be happy because they can easily find, follow, and enjoy their favorite characters, stories, and songs

Our hope in providing hoopla for kids is to instill in children a love for all their local library can provide, and a learning and growing experience along the way.

hoopla for kids has lots to offer everyone, so let’s get started!

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• Moms and Dads will be happy because they can feel confident letting kids explore and discover on their own • Children’s librarians will be happy because they can easily select titles from our collections for story times, summer reading programs, and more

The first step toward discovery: Kids Mode Kids Mode is a discovery tool to find family-appropriate content.

Finding and using Kids Mode isn’t hard at all. Simply visit your “Settings” and flip the toggle to put hoopla into Kids Mode on your device. This only affects the device and not your account. To turn off Kids Mode, simply go back to Settings and flip the toggle back to off. It’s that simple.

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Because it IS a small world, after all... In hoopla for kids, there are Disney titles everywhere — in every entertainment format: video, music, and books! Who knows kids, and who do kids love, more than Disney?! Favorite characters, favorite stories, favorite movies and music– kids can explore and discover more than ever before, anywhere! From movies and music to audiobooks, eBooks, and comics, everybody loves Disney. And they’re all right here in hoopla for kids!

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All kids’ viewing. All the time. Movies and television shows on hoopla for kids is one of the first places every child will want to see. And hoopla has made sure there’s more to discover here with more sights, more characters, and more stories, all dedicated to all kids’ viewing all the time! With a great range of content, kids will be able to easily find something of interest – to be entertained or to learn and grow – or all three! Plus, they can watch anytime, anywhere, at home or on the go.

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Kids finding their voice is music to everyone’s ears. From repeating a familiar theme song to asking parents to turn up the radio in the car, kids love music. It’s one way they find their voice and learn to express themselves. That’s why you’ll find hoopla for kids contains an array of full music albums in genres that include songs from favorite stories to kids’ pop and everything in between. Slide into Kids Mode and turn up the volume on one of the most powerful formats for growing kids: music!

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Growing readers book by book by book. Using imaginations, thinking critically, and making connections is at the heart of what it means to be a reader, and why kids learn to love books. That’s why hoopla for kids has books in abundance and in multiple formats: audiobooks, eBooks, and comics! All three formats found in hoopla for kids provide their own form of reading motivation for young minds; however, the one thing they all have in common is great storytelling selected specifically for kids. Every kid is sure to find formats and books that make their imaginations soar in hoopla for kids.

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Reading more eBooks = more fun! That’s what kids are saying, and if the eBooks in hoopla for kids get more kids reading more books, then that’s a really good thing!

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Comics bring out the budding visual reader. Comics, just like books, have a beginning, middle, and an end - a story that’s told in pictures and words. Let hoopla for kids help turn those reluctant readers into ravenous readers with our great comics content!

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