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Colofon ART DIRECTOR & DESIGN Attilio Brancaccio

Sound made when transitioning from a sitting to a standing position.

EDITOR Agnese Roda

FASHION DIRECTOR & STYLING Marie Claire Liem FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHERS Attilio Brancaccio Fabio Lana Cinzia Aze CONTRIBUTING FEATURES EDITOR Peter Thorvaldsson Thomas Walker Fay Kim Tjoa

FEATURED MAKE-UP & HAIR STYLIST Merle Holterman Milena Prieto Robin van der Linde

THANKS TO: EMI Netherlands Sepehr Maghsoudi







P6 • ROCK N’ ROLL ICON • fashion

P62• HEROIC FAILURE : Jozef van der Heijden • interview

P15 • A ROCK PORTRAIT: Fabio Lana • interview





P26 • ROCK, CHIC & DANGEROUS • fashion P42• PINHOLE FOR PRESIDENT: Francesco Capponi • interview P50 • SOUL SISTER • fashion


Photography: Fabio Lana • concept: Fabio Lana & Valentina Parasecolo model: Valentina Parasecolo











Fabio Lana

A Rock Portrait



am 25 years old. I play the camera and was living with Sarah, Matthew and two cats. I’m still alive since September 29, 1985.

What does inspire you every day? Everything I see and hear, or think I see and hear, from friends, strangers, movies, television, books, newspapers, cognitive psychology, graphic design, paintings, music and clothes. Inspiration is handled depending on the nature of the work of building a shooting. What is in your photos? It depends on the type of work. I shoot portraits of people, I try to “tell the person”, I portray through objects (pencils, books, hockey sticks, guitars) so I can invent at the time, put that together with the objects themselves, help to describe my subjects. I try to emphasize the merits, or defects of who is in front of my lens. One of my favourite pictures is, “The Basket Weaver”. I try to focus on a theme and tell it in various ways such as, among other things, I’m doing now with the new series of shots Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors’, a collection of photographs focusing on ‘smoking’. Can you make a list of “trendy things” you love? Hot water, coffee, cigarettes, Topman, the Beatles and ecology. How did you get the idea of being a photographer? I needed to work. I feel a bit ashamed in saying this. I started at an art job for money purposes. I went with my girlfriend to a catwalk years ago. There was a photographer who snapped a lot. I looked at him and thought: if he can do it, I can do it too! At the University I chose fashion as a specialization. An alternative to the Faculty of Sociology, I have not finished!

your career? I bought the camera when I already knew how to use Photoshop. Then I reversed the steps, shoot without ‘re-touching’. I looked a lot at fashion. I tried to find lines and order in photographic portraiture. At first I liked David La Chapelle, important setting, extreme colour. Then I tried to keep a distant eye, because you cannot even get close to a Master like him! Later on I started to find my lines, my order. Who else do you love? Now I love Richard Avedon and Philippe Halsman. Your next job is about smoking. Why ? I am a smoker. I love cigarettes and tried to find my elements in a theme for my pictures ... then I liked/disliked this sentence of the band The Editors that says “ “The saddest thing that I’d ever seen were smokers outside the hospital doors” ... It seemed a weird statement for a rock band, so ... I used it in ironic sense for my project. Your music playlist of the moment? OASIS – Fucking in the Bushes TAME IMPALA – Lucidity RADIOHEAD – Morning Mr Magpie PHOENIX – Love Like a Sunset JUSTICE – Waters of Nazareth 2 MANY DJs – Eleonor Rigby (Remix) JUNIP – Without You MGMT – Flash Delirium DEATH IN VEGAS – Girls JAMAICA – I Think I Like U 2 DARWIN DEEZ – Constellations CARIBOU – Sun BLUR – No Distance Left to Run

Who did inspire you in the beginning of

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9 S.St “Via Emilia” Brut Rosè Obtained with the Martinotti Method from the best Lambrusco and Sangiovese grapes from the hills of Brisighella. It is a brut sparkling wine which derives from the white wine-making of the two red berry vines and it is wine which joins Emilia and Romagna, getting its name from the historic Strada Statale 9 (Via Emilia) which brings these two geographical areas together. A product with an absolute aroma, it is an excellent aperitif for the trendier bars and it is especially good when accompanyning fish dishes and the more delicate salami and cold pork meats. Alcohol content: 11,5% Vol. • Serving temperature 6/8° C info & testing: - 0031(0)616895014



lovers Intreview : Agnese Roda • Photo: courtesy EMI Music Netherlands




meet the band at Supermarkt, in Den Haag. It is their first time in the Netherlands..

Yes indeed, that it is a good one! Then we listen to Belgian bands, Nick Cave, Cat Power, Caribou, Ennio Morricone, Paolo Conte, Sufjan Stevens… there was also an Italian song I always remember…

How do you find it here? There is really nice food, people are very friendly in Den Haag, and there are loads of bikes!

Gente di Mare? (I don’t know how and why but it was a hit in the Netherlands a while ago) Yes, that one.

How long do you guys have been playing together? In this line up since 2008. Is Holland different from Belgium? People here are more open minded and there are festival and different clubs that support music. Dutch have fun and enjoy, while Belgians are quiet listeners. In the South of Belgium there are even more different than the North! What would you like to do in your future? We would like to travel more and also have the opportunity to stay longer in the places we play! We can’t really feel the mood of travelling, now for instance we can’t go to Scheveningen! Den Haag is really a beautiful city but I only saw Grote Markt!

The guitar player starts singing it… we brainstorm a bit about who is better in between Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini… Then Rene’, the manager, says we have to leave cause the guys need to go back to Belgium. Thanks for the words and fun we had in the backstage! Hope to see you soon in Holland! BAND: Lara Chedraoui, Brendan Corbey Maarten Huygens, Raf De Mey


We would love to play in Europe, Scandinavia… and maybe Disneyland. But we would also love to travel to USA and spend time in bars! How long did it take to get the album “Greetings and salutations” ready? Almost two years, we recorded it in Germany, Stuttgart! Amazing experience! It is also a good experience to have EMI as a label… My friends now think I can make a living out of it… not yet, but we decided to take it as it is, without expectations. We do it because we love it! What do you guys like to listen to? Britney Spears! We all laugh… No really there are some tracks that are really good…Like “Toxic” for example!



Photography: Attilio Brancaccio • Styling: Marie Claire Liem Make-up: Milena Prieto • Model: Cherie Lynn Archeampong
















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Francesco Capponi


Interview: Agnese Roda • Photo: Cinzia Aze 42


rancesco is an Italian artist based in Umbria. He is a sculptor, photographer and pinhole camera inventor.

Tell me a bit about the pinhole camera, how do you define it? Camera, sculpture? They are just boxes with a small hole. This turns it into a magical object for me. I do not know, I could define them as machines to capture light. I wish they could be a meeting point between photography and sculpture, I hope I succeeded in reaching this, at least a little. What can you do with it? The pinhole camera leaves me completely free. I can build my camera and decide to do it as I want, any size, load it with film, photo paper, or otherwise have multiple objectives… basically ... I can do whatever I want. I just have to accept the prerogatives inherent in this kind of photography: time-consuming and a sharp focus, even though these are things that can be very fun to play with ... How long does it take to create it? It depends on the machine, just a few minutes for some, for others a few hours; sometimes it can take several workdays. I see you using different materials for your camera: a walnut shell, a hat, origami ... where is the choice? I like to think this way: I wait for them to choose me. I am looking for materials that can be turned into a camera; some things can have something to tell to the photos. I want the object to create images and that they are related to each other. Why do you use a pinhole camera? What led you to choose it as the medium of photography? I have always had a strange relationship with photography, a little ‘love-hate’. I always liked to experiment, I am fascinated by light and how it moves, plus I have always loved

building things. This technique allows me to do all these things together and at the same time allowed me to find my own way of doing photography. Is the camera a tool, or is it your artistic project? It is a tool that often becomes the goal of my art project. When you have a hat and you use it as a camera to take pictures of rabbits, in a sense, the rabbits “appear” from the hat. The hat only makes sense next to the photo of the rabbit and vice versa. In my last work, camera and photography was actually the same thing, the camera was an egg inside the shell, and the image looked the same.

and ask themselves questions. I would like people to be able to feel the magic of light.


Is it true that the smaller the hole is, the more vivid and clear the image is? It is not correct ... according to the size of the machine should be ideal to calculate the right size to have a balance in between the focus and the dimension of the hole. This will allow having the right light through it! A hole too small may not let the light in, or require too long exposure. The picture will be clearer if you prolong the time of exposure. The more precise the hole is made, the clearer and sharper, the image comes out. How did you get the idea to build them and make them an art project? I studied sculpture and I was passionate about photography and darkroom. I was looking for a way to combine them and the pinhole technique was perfect and affordable. I made my first machine and after that, I was no longer able to stop. I did not mean to turn it into an art project, only felt the need to build them so they could tell their stories. What do you want to portray through the pinhole camera? What do you want people to see, or what you want to show? I would simply like to paint something beautiful. Maybe something I look at and I cannot really see with my eyes, something I remember, like in dreams. I want people to look at my things with curiosity and pleasure, to find a moment to stop, look and





45 31



“ The limitations of tools determine the style, gives rise to new forms and gives impetus to creativity “ (G. Braque)





The Safari project

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Photography: Attilio Brancaccio • Styling: Woody & Robin van der Linden Make-up: Merle Holterman • Hair style: Merle Holterman & Robin van der Linde Models: Linda Nouta, Simone




53 39









A day with Jozef Van der Heijden Interview: Agnese Roda • Photo: Attilio Brancaccio




ot everybody can say, “I have spent a day with Napoleon.” I can.

Last week I met the Dutch Artist Jozef Van Der Heijden  and spoke with him about  his project “Heroic Failure.” The concept behind was conceived  a long time ago in his mother’s library, when he read about historical characters in biographies available on the bookshelf. He found one about Napoleon and immediately felt attracted to his character and his myth. From there, years later came the idea of choosing Napoleon’s story as a theme. Reading more and more about him, he learned there were  even more books written about Napoleon’s life than about Jesus. - What is impressive about Napoleon is the propaganda he made for his image! - says Jozef. Later on,  he discovered movies about him, and  from these  he could dig  for more knowledge. One was a particularly inspiring, black and white images, from Abel Gance, a 1927, epic silent story about the rise of Napoleon and France. It was a very interesting movie, he thought,


but it was about the rise and magnificence of Napoleon. In life what I like the most are the mistakes, and the process related to making mistakes. I decided then to title my work “Heroic Failure” and what I focused on, was the failure of the hero.  After you reach the top, and you fall, there is a sort of drama, and this is what I find interesting to analyse. In the end winning is not interesting, because you can learn more from when you fail”. I thought I could have been Napoleon myself, first because as an artist I could have worked with myself, which is really convenient, because I am always available, second because we have things in common: small, thin, like fashion, make mistakes! In 2006 Jozef was exactly the same age as Napoleon was when he lost the Battle of Waterloo (1815) and was exiled to Saint Helena island. This is when Jozef started his project. The work is about me being Napoleon. It is a continuous comparison in between me and him... curriculum vitae, zodiac signs...  It is a composite work, where I mix short videos with photography, fashion, and performance, depending on what is needed. I will stop recording the work in 2012, when I reach the same amount of year, 6, from the exile to Napoleon’s death.

Reading about his life Jozef got many hints for a comparison, for instance he could study small facts that became historically important, so important to be in books. When he was in a battle in Egypt, he cut his hair shorter because he was warm.” I thought,    “I could have also  done the same thing and make an heroic act.”  I cut my hair; I took a picture of it and turned it into an act. I even got a page in a newspaper. I found it very interesting, I am nothing, the fact that I cut my hair means nothing, but because I did it as Napoleon, I got a page in a newspaper. Isn’t it fun?’ The imitation/emulation becomes a fun project... the goal is not to be accurate, but playful! My “being Napoleon” is not made with the intent of being accurate, it is more based on improvisation.” When I was in Art school, I was used to perform with this friend of mine. We never rehearsed before performing, because we wanted people to see us improvising, and making mistakes. People laugh about mistakes! You can feel it is mean, but I see it more as hilarious.   In Dutch, there is a particular way of saying “Geen beter vermaak dan leedvermaak” that literally means “there is no entertainment if

no amuse .” It is a really Dutch concept applicable to the situations where by making mistakes you make people laugh. The important thing is that you laugh about it, you laugh about making mistakes! Things don’t have to be accurate all the time; I have a kind of rejection for accuracy.  The fashion part where I build up costumes is also based on a fun approach. I sew them with the help of friends or on my own, I also create merchandise, always imitating Napoleon style... I have an espresso cup with my Napoleon face and mini sculptures. I like all kinds of publicity; I like people to talk about me, because this contributes to build up the image... exactly as Napoleon liked to do...! And even in the failure, people will always remember you.










Photography: Attilio Brancaccio • Styling: Marie Claire Liem Make-up: Milena Prieto • Model: Cherie Lynn Archeampong




Dress: Sepehr Maghsoudi Mask: Woody & Marie Claire Liem



Helmet: Woody




Dress: Marie Claire Liem









Terre Verdiane Spumante 3 Manufactured from the finest aromatic grapes of our territories, obtaining its sparkle from the old Martinotti method. Extraordinary to the nose for the floral sensations of roses and hawthorn and for the fruity scents of apples and peaches. It leaves an evident freshness on the palate bringing out a totally balanced taste, masterfully enhanced by a good final mellowness. Excellent as an aperitif, yet this wine is also an ideal companion of delicate salami and cold pork meats and fish dishes. ...Three like Tre di Terre Verdiane, Piano, Harp and Violin, perfect for the most unique harmony in the world. Three as Tre of Terre Verdiane, elegance, character and refinement, major players for an amazing melody. Alcohol content: 12% Vol. • Serving temperature: 6/8° C info & testing: - 0031(0)616895014




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Stretch pants (by Diane von Furstenberg) • €359,00

HM Hat • €9,95

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Hoop Doop Magazine issue 2 - July 2011


Hoop Doop Magazine issue 2 - July 2011