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Sense of Wellbeing.


Honka Fusion™ combines ecology, energy savings, comfortable living with contemporary architecture for a better quality of life. Your Honka Fusion home blends colours and different materials such as stone, glass or steel for a contemporary architectural design. Honka Fusion allows any architectural design limited only by your imagination. Show us your way of living.

Sense of Wellbeing.

Honka Fusion™ is unique, providing modern architecture for premium and luxury houses. We have compiled a number of architect’s ideas of what a modern eco-town house could look like and the results are very different! Three of the architects have combined massive log with stone or plaster with the other two creating purely timber homes. These ideas have been used to create what we call ’Ideasto’. Check out these architect designed houses at honka-fusiontm

Wellbeing of your family Wood is a warm and cosy material - it soothes, is aesthetically pleasing and performs well acoustically. A genuine Honka Fusion massive log home combines modern technology and the important features for the home such as safety, low energy and functionality. Honka Fusion™ homes breathe for your wellbeing. It has been clinically proven that living in a home constructed from wood leads to a better quality of life. The comfort and well-being of living are guaranteed by the natural properties of the wood. Thanks to the natural insulation

of wood fibre your Honka Fusion™ home breathes and the indoor air is always balanced and optimised. The advanced technology of Honka Fusion™ combined with wood is the answer to the art of living and tomorrow’s homes. Your Honka Fusion™ house can be designed so that the massive log is used for the outside or inside skin of the building with the internal walls generally constructed from massive log to benefit from the natural control of humidity, promoting well-being.

Sense of Wellbeing.

Save energy and build eco friendly

The manufacturing of Honka Fusion™ homes and buildings is environmentally friendly. The wood used in Honka Fusion™ homes comes from certified forests from northern Europe. Only the best quality of woods is used for your home. Use less energy and reduce your carbon footprint for your children and grand-children. Buy your Honka Fusion™ home and go green. Thanks to the advanced technology of Honka Fusion™, you will benefit from thermal performances for a healthier living and a low energy consumption.

Unique just for You Honka Fusion™ homes are individually designed high-quality family and holiday homes. The Honka Design Service™ helps you to visualise the family or holiday home of your dreams, starting with your unique ideas and needs. It starts with you and your family. Our designs start with you and your family, how many people will be living in the house, what sort of lifestyle do you lead or want to lead, and what is your building plot like? You can be sure of receiving the unique home of your dreams for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come. Construction. The Honka Construction Service™ is a reliable, carefree way to build your own Honka Fusion™ home. Honka’s worldwide organisation, professional local representatives and the latest technology on massive wood construction combine to ensure you have a safe, robust home for decades to come. Your finished home will exude quality from top to bottom. For more information about or construction services, contact your local Honka Fusion™ representative.

Honka was founded by five brothers Saarelainen in 1958 in Lieksa, east Finland. Today, Honka is the world leader in manufacturing eco friendly and energy efficient homes. During 50 years, more than 75,000 houses have been delivered to more than 40 countries.

809-CPD-0356 Honkarakenne Oyj FI-43 500 KARSTULA 06 ETA-03/0015

Honka Fusion™ is a trademark of Honkarakenne Oyj. All rights reserved.

Made in Finland

We have been granted the PEFC label for our log houses.

Honka Fusion™ is a trademark owned by Honkarakenne Oyj. Honka® is an internationally registered trademark owned by Honkarakenne Oyj. All rights reserved.

The right to mark houses with the CE certification.

PEFC/0 2-3 1-1 92

Honka Fusion™ - Sense of Wellbeing (UK)  

Honka Fusion™ combines ecology, energy savings, comfortable living with contemporary architecture for a better quality of life.

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