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PART II 2:00 PM (2 時) Ceramics · Bronzes· Jade · Works of Art 瓷器· 青銅器· 玉器· 文玩


Neolithic Period

6500-1700 Century B.C.


502 - 557

宣德 Xuande

1425 - 1435


557 - 589

正統 Zhengtong

1436 - 1449

景泰 Jingtai

1450 - 1456

北朝 Xia Dynasty

21st - 16th Century B.C. Shang Dynasty

16th - 11th Century B.C. Zhou Dynasty

11th Century - 256 B.C.

北魏 Nothern Wei

386 - 535

天順 Tianshun

1457 - 1464

東魏 Eastern Wei

534 - 550

成化 Chenghua

1465 - 1487

西魏 Western Wei

535 - 557

弘治 Hongzhi

1488 - 1505

北齊 Northern Qi

550 - 557

正德 Zhengde

1506 - 1521

北周 Northern Zhou

557 - 581

嘉靖 Jiajing

1522 - 1566

隆慶 Longqing

1567 - 1572

萬曆 Wanli

1573 - 1619

泰昌 Taichang


天啟 Tianqi

1621 - 1627

崇禎 Chongzhen

1628 - 1644

西周 Western Zhou Dynasty

11th C.- 771 B.C. 770 - 256 B.C.

春秋 Spring and Autumn Period 770 - 476 B.C. 戰國 Warring States Period

Tang Dynasty

618 - 907

475 - 221 B.C.

清 五代

Qin Dynasty

Five Dynasties

907 - 960

221 - 206 B.C. Han Dynasty

Sui Dynasty

581 - 618

東周 Eastern Zhou Dynasty

Northern Dynasties

206 B.C. - 220 A.D. 西漢 Western Han Dynasty

206 B.C. - 8 A.D.

王莽新 Xin

9 - 23 A.D.

東漢 Eastern Han Dynasty

25 - 220 A.D.

1644 - 1661

907 - 923

康熙 Kangxi

1662 - 1722

後唐 Later Tang

923 - 936

雍正 Yongzheng

1723 - 1735

後晉 Later Jin

936 - 946

乾隆 Qianlong

1736 - 1795

後漢 Later Han

947 - 950

嘉慶 Jiaqing

1796 - 1820

後周 Later Zhou

951 - 960

Liao Dynasty

Three Kingdoms

220 - 280

1644 - 1911 順治 Shunzhi

後梁 Later Liang

907 -1125 三國

道光 Daoguang

1821 - 1850

咸豐 Xianfeng

1851 - 1861

同治 Tongzhi

1862 - 1874

光緒 Guangxu

1875 - 1908

宣統 Xuantong

1909 - 1911

Song Dynasty


220 - 265

960 - 1279


221 - 263

北宋 Northern Song Dynasty

960 - 1127


229 - 280

南宋 Southern Song Dynasty

1127 - 1279


265 - 420

Jin Dynasty

Hongxian (Yuan Shikai)

1915 - 1916

1115 - 1234


Western Jin

265 - 316


Sixteen Kingdoms

304 - 439


Eastern Jin

317 - 420

1279- 1371

中華人民共和國 Yuan Dynasty

Ming Dynasty

Southern and Northern Dynasties

1368 - 1644


洪武 Hongwu

1368 -1398

建文 Jianwen

1399 - 1402

Southern Dynasties

People’s Republic of China 1949 -



Republic of China

1912 - 1949 洪憲

Jin Dynasty

Qing Dynasty

劉宋 Liu Song

420 - 479

永樂 Yongle

1403 - 1424

南齊 Southern Qi

479 - 502

洪熙 Hongxi




多魚多錢冰種翠玉佩珠鏈 Auspicious Glass Jadeite Fish Pendant with Bead Necklace

冰種黃玉蟬掛墜連珠鏈 Glass Yellow Jade Cicada Pendant with Bead Necklace

String Length: 19 in. (48.3 cm.) Pendant Height: 2 in. (5.1 cm.) $400 - $500



String Length: 20 in. (50.8 cm.) Pendant Height: 2¼ in. (5.7 cm.) $300 - $400


冰種翡翠紫羅蘭玉鐲 Glass Jadeite Lavender Bracelet with Green Patches


Diameter: 2¾ in. (7.1 cm.) $500 - $600

冰種翡翠黃玉精雕觀音掛飾 Glass Yellow Jadeite Carved with Guanyin Pendant

Diameter: 2¾ in. (7 cm.) $300 - $400


冰種翡翠福壽雙色玉鐲 Glass Jadeite Bracelet with Lustrous Green Mottling

String Length: 19 in. (48.3 cm.) Pendant Height: 2 in. (5.1 cm.) $400- $500

冰種翡翠紫羅蘭玉鐲 Glass Jadeite Lavender Bracelet

Diameter: 2¾ in. (7 cm.) $400 - $500


冰種翠綠帶紫靈芝玉佩珠鏈 Glass Jadeite Lavender Lingzhi Pendant with Bead Necklace

Length: 2 in. (5.1 cm.) Width: 1⅛ in. (2.9 cm.) $500 - $600


冰種翡翠綠玉鐲 Glass Jadeite Bracelet with Icy Green Patches in High Translucency Diameter: 2⅞ in. (7.2 cm.) $600 - $800

冰種翡翠雙面雕鳳竹圖掛墜 Glass Jadeite Pendant Carved on Both Sides with Phoenix Bamboo Motifs Height: 1⅞ in. (4.8 cm.) $500 - $600




翡翠花好月圓人長壽玉鐲 Jadeite Bracelet with Rich Emerald Green Color and Dark Mottling

翡翠雙面玉雕魚化龍掛飾 A Jadeite Pendant Carved on Both Sides with Ruyi Lotus and Fish Jumping to Dragon Motifs

Diameter: 3 in. (7.6 cm.) $800 - $1,000




Length: 7⅛ in. (18 cm.) $600 - $800

翠玉雙面雕荷葉如意蝠來佩 Jadeite Pendant Carved on Both Sides with Ruyi Lotus and Bat Motifs Signifying Happiness


Glass Jadeite Tri-Color Bracelet with Aubergine and Lavender Inclusions (Minor natural fissure within)

Height: 3 in. (7.6 cm.) $400 - $500

Diameter: 3⅛ in. (7.9 cm.) $400 - $500 117

冰種翡翠雕花筆形髮簪 Glass Jadeite Pen-Shaped Hair Pin with Floral Carvings

Diameter: 1 in. (2.5 cm.) $1,000 - $1,500


Length: 2⅛ in. (5.4 cm.) Width: 1½ in. (3.8 cm.) $600 - $800 116

冰種翡翠玉雕龍紋扳指 Glass Jadeite Archer’s Ring with Carved Dragon

Height: 3 in. (7.6cm.) $400 - $500

冰種翡翠(福祿壽)三色觀音掛飾 Glass Jadeite Tri-Color Carved Guanyin Pendant




冰種翡翠紫羅蘭玉璧掛飾 A Glass Jadeite Lavender Bi Pendant Diameter: 2⅛ in. (5.4 cm.) $800 - $1,000

精美翡翠狼毫筆 Jadeite Brush with Weasel Bristle Length: 10½ in. (26.7 cm.) $800 - $1,000



白玉雕荷池水洗 White Jade Lotus Pond Brush Washer

玉雕雙面龍紋圓璧掛飾一組兩件 Two Jade Pierced Plaque Pendants with Dragon and Geometric Designs

Length: 3½ in. (8.9 cm.) $400 - $500



Height: 2¾ in. (7 cm.), 3 in. (7.6cm.) $500 - $600


翠玉雙面雕如意竹節掛飾 A Jadeite Pendant Carved on Both Sides with Ruyi and Bamboo Sections


Height: 3⅛ in. (8 cm.) $400 - $500

冰種翡翠雕辟邪雙桃(長壽)掛飾 Glass Jadeite Bixie Carved with TwinPeaches Auspicious Pendant

Height: 3¼ in. (8.3 cm.) $400 - $500


透雕辟邪花卉如意把玩 Reticulated Carved Jade Pebble of Floral Ruyi with Bixie

Length: 1⅜ in.(3.5 cm.) 2¾ in. (7.1 cm.) $300 - $400

玉雕猴子如意葫蘆把玩 Carved Jade Pebble of Double-Gourd with Monkey Clambering on the Side

Height: 2⅝ in. (6.7 cm.) $500 - $600


翡翠玉雕掛飾二件:玉米如意,螭龍玉兔 Two Jadeite Pendants: Corn with Ruyi, Qilin and Rabbit

Length: 2 in. (5.1 cm.) Width: 1¼ in. (3.2 cm.) $400 - $500 127

翡翠雙面浮雕觀音如意竹鳥掛飾 Jadeite Pendant Carved on Both Sides Guanyin with Ruyi and Birds on Bamboo Height: 3 in. (7.6 cm.) $1,000 - $1,500

玉雕三藏浮雕花菓紋掛飾一組兩件 A Jade Pierced Plaque of Buddhist Xuanzang and a Reticulated Carved Pebble of Fruit with Vine Height: 2⅝ in. (6.7 cm.), 3⅛ in. (8 cm.) $500 - $600




和田白玉雕壽星把玩 Carved Hetian White Jade Pebble of God of Longevity

玻璃種葫蘆紫羅蘭翠玉掛飾 A Glass Jadeite Lavender Gourd-Shaped Pendant

Length: 3¼ in. (8.3 cm.) $400 - $500




(趙之謙, 吳湖帆)款 (侍五百年後人定論印)款

A Pair of Tile Knob Tianhuang Seals Ascribed to Zhao Zhiqian and Wu Hu Fan

Height: 1¼ in. (3.2 cm.), 1⅛ in. (2.9 cm.) Weight: 95 g., 100 g. $400 - $500

芙蓉石印料獸鈕印章一組兩件 Two Furong Stone Seal with Beast Head as Knob

Diameter: 3 in. (7.6 cm.) $800 - $1,000



Diameter: 3⅛ in. (8 cm.) $300 - $400

良渚文化人面手鐲 Neolithic Jade Bracelet Carved with Taotie Masks

Height: 2⅛ in. (5.4 cm.) $400 - $500


雕吉祥如意白玉鐲 A Jade Bracelet Carved with Ruyi Auspicious Symbols on the Outside

Height: 2 in. (5.1 cm.) $400 - $500

玻璃種玉雕釋迦掛飾 A Glass Jade Pendant Carved with Figure of Shakyamuni Holding Amphora Bottle



Height: 4⅛ in. (10.5 cm.), 1⅞ in. (4.8 cm.) $400 - $500


雞血石印料印章一組三件 Two Cylindrical and One Columnar Jixue Seals

Height: 4⅝ in. (11.8 cm.), 3¼ in. (8.3 cm.) $300 - $400

螭龍鈕白玉印料兩件 Two White Jade Qilin Knop Seals

Height: 2¼ in. (5.7 cm.), 2½ in. (6.4 cm.) $400 - $500


田黃三聯印章 乾隆宸翰 惟精惟弌 樂天款 Three Interlocking Tianhuang Seals

Two square and one oval canted seals connected with interlocking link chain

Height: ⅞ in. (2.2 cm.), Weight: 120 g. $3,000 - $5,000 138


壽山石獅鈕方印料 A Shoushan Stone Square Seal with Lion Knob

壽山石隨形印章一對 (心曠神怡)款

A Pair of Shoushan Stone Seal

Height: 4 in. (10.2 cm.), 4¼ in. (10.8 cm.) $500 - $600 142

翠玉素面長方印章 (滴水養石)款

A Columnar Jade Seal Height: 2¼ in. (5.7 cm.) $800 - $1,000

田黃瓦鈕印章一組三件 (酒債尋常行處有人生七十古來稀)(如今是雲 散雪消花殘月缺)款

A Group of Three Tianhuang Tile Knob Seal

Height: 4 in. (10.2 cm.) $300 - $400

To The Heart’s Delight Inscription



Height: ¾ in. (1.9 cm.) x 3 Weight: 55 g. x 2, 50 g. $600 - $800


壽山石山水人物印料一組兩件 A Group of Two Shoushan Stone Seal Height: 3¾ in. (9.5 cm.) $400 - $500

田黃方印章連雞血石浮雕花蝶鳥紋蓋盒 (以神遇天不以目視印)款

Square Tianhuang Seal inside a Jixue Box Carved with Butterfly and Bird Motif Box Height: 1¼ in. (3.2 cm.) Seal Height: ¾ in. (1.9 cm.), Seal Weight: 75 g. $600 - $800




壽山石雕山水人物印料三件 A Group of Three Shoushan Stone Seals Carved with Figural Landscape Motifs Height: 2⅛ in. (5.4 cm.) - 3¼ in. (8.3 cm.) $400 - $500


田黃方印章連青玉刻詩句蓋盒 盒(金城)款 印(好古每開卷居貧常閉門)款

瑪瑙浮雕二龍爭珠方印料 A Finely Carved Agate Dragon Seal

Tianhuang Square Seal inside a Poem Inscribed Spinach Green Jade Box with Cover

Intricately carved on a square block with canted shoulders with a key-fret band, surmounted by two sinuous dragons chasing a flaming pearl. The stone of even light grey and brown tone with russet on the pearl

Ascribed to Jin Cheng

Box Height: 1½ in. (3.8 cm.) Seal Height: ¾ in. (1.9 cm.), Seal Weight: 75 g. $400 - $500

Height: 4¼ in. (10.8 cm.), Weight: 910 g. $1,500 - $2,000 147


田黃方印章連雞血石桃形蓋盒 (以神遇天不以目視印)款

A Square Tianhuang Seal Inside a Jixue Peach-Form Box with Cover


Box Height: 1⅜ in. (3.5 cm.) Seal Height: ¾in. (1.9 cm.), Seal Weight: 80 g. $500 - $800


田黃方印章連雞血石鏤雕六棱如意 荷花蓋盒 (侍五百年後人定論定)款 Square Tianhuang Seal inside a Reticulated Ruyi Lotus Motif Carved Hexagonal Jixue Box with Cover Box Height: 1¼ in. (3.2 cm.) Seal Height: ¾ in. (1.9cm.), Seal Weight: 70 g. $500 - $600

田黃山水詩句長方印章一組三件 (收藏)款

A Group of Three Tianhuang Columnar Seal Carved with Figural and Poem Inscriptions Height: 2½ in. (6.4 cm.) x 3 Weight: 70 g. x 3 $400 - $500










A Well Carved Shoushan Stone Columnar Seal with Figural Landscape Motifs

A Translucent White Jade Columnar Seal

A Square Tianhuang Seal Inside a Relief Carved Gourd Box with Cover

Height: 3⅞ in. (9.9 cm.) $800 - $1,000

Height: 4½ in. (11.4 cm.) $500 - $600








A Square Tianhuang Seal Inside a Relief Carved Floral Jixue Box with Cover

Translucent Furong Stone Columnar Seal with Figural Landscape Carving

Box Height: 1½ in. (3.8 cm.) Seal Height: ¾ in. (1.9 cm.), Seal Weight: 45 g. $600 - $800 156

Diameter: 10⅛ in. (25.7 cm.) $500 - $600

珊瑚珠雙串項鏈 A Two-Strand Coral Bead Necklace Diameter: 8⅜ in. (21.3 cm.) $1,000 - $1,200

Height: 4⅝ in. (11.8 cm.) $800 - $1,000 157

紅珊瑚珠項鏈 A Coral Bead Necklace

Box Height: 1¼ in. (3.2 cm.) Seal Height: ¾ in. (1.9 cm.), Seal Weight: 80 g. $500 - $600


珊瑚珠項鏈 A Coral Bead Necklace

Diameter: 10¾ in. (27.3 cm.) $400 - $500

象牙珠項鏈 An Ivory Bead Necklace with Some Pierced Beads Diameter:8⅞ in. (22.2 cm.) $800 - $1,000



壽山石雕壽星 福壽康泰擺件 A Well Carved Shoushan Stone Figure of God of Longevity with Child Bearing an Auspicious Banner


Height: 12½ in. (31.75 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000

珊瑚珠項鏈 A Coral Bead Necklace Diameter:8 in. (20.3 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000 161


象牙雕仕女騎鹿如意擺件 A Ivory Carving of a Maiden atop a Deer and Holding a Ruyi Spray

Height: 15 in. (38.1 cm.) $800 - $1,000 165

翡翠紫羅蘭玉鏤雕喜上梅梢筆筒 A Reticulated Carved Jadeite Lavender Brush Pot with Birds Atop Plum Blossom Branches


Height: 4⅝ in. (11.8 cm.) $1,000 - $1,500

壽山石雕孔明立像擺件 Shoushan Stone Figure of Zhu Ge Liang, the Sage of the Three Kingdom

木雕觀音立像 Wood Carved Standing Guanyin

Height: 7¾ in. (19.7cm.) $500 - $600 164


Height: 10¾ in. (27.3 cm.) $700 - $1,000 166

壽山石雕獅鈕蓋盒一對 (大清康熙年製)款

A Pair of Shoushan Stone Jars with Dragon Masks and Lion Knob Cover Kangxi Mark

Diameter: 3½ in. (8.9 cm.), Height: 4 in. (10.2 cm.) $800 - $1,000

壽山石萬事如意羅漢坐像 A Well Carved Shoushan Stone Seated Luohan Holding Ruyi Height: 6 in. (15.2 cm.) $500 - $600

167 清 青金石浮雕獸首紋鳳耳活環帶蓋扁瓶 此瓶浮雕工藝清新細緻,綫條流暢,造型瑰麗,鳳耳活環與瓶體為一石雕成,工藝 精美高絕,為難得的稀世精品。

A Finely Carved Lapis Lazuli Flask with Cover

Flanked on both sides with two set of phoenix handles and one with loose ring. The body is carved with taotie masks and a relief carved one with mock ring in the center. The cover surmounted with a bud finial. Qing Dynasty

168 北魏 石雕觀音坐像

Finely Carved Marble Stele of Seated Guanyin Northern Wei Dynasty

Height: 16½ in. (41.9 cm.) $2,000 - $3,000

Height: 9⅛ in. (23.2 cm.) $3,000 - $4,000

169 壽山石雕四美人

(西施、貂蟬、王昭君、 楊玉環)立像 A Group of Four Well Carved Fairy Maidens Height: 11½ - 11¾ in. (29.2 - 29.8 cm.) $2,000 - $3,000



明 天然水晶蓮花觀音坐像 水晶完整無瑕,晶瑩澄澈,靈氣逼人. 造像慈顏垂目, 法相莊嚴。左手持蓮 花,著飄然長袍坐於蓮座上。

Rock Crystal Seated Guanyin Holding Lotus Spray

Carved from a single block of crystal, the seated Guanyin with a serene expression and her hair in a high chignon and draped in a flowing robe. Ming Dynasty Height: 8⅝ in. (21.9 cm.) Weight: 1,940 g. $10,000 - $15,000


清 碧玉雕龍雲紋三足蓋罐 (乾隆年製)四字雙行篆書款 (底有一線狀天然石紋)

A Finely Carved Spinach Green Jade Box with Cover

Of cylindrical form, on the side carved with two confronting dragons chasing a flaming pearl amidst wisping clouds. On the cover is carved a front-face dragon grasping a flaming pearl. The mouth rim is decorated with a key-fret border all supported on three tab feet. Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Four Character Mark and of the Period (natural fissure hairline on bottom) Diameter: 5¼ in. (13.4 cm.) Height: 4⅛ in. (10.5 cm.) $8,000 - $15,000




壽山芙蓉原石 雕彌勒佛像 A Large Figure of Maitreya Carved in its Natural Furong Stone Form Height: 11¾ in. (29.9 cm.) Weight: 10,700 g. $2,000 - $3,000

清 玳瑁透雕猴羣活如意 Tortoise-Shell Ruyi Scepter with Monkey Motifs

With a ruyi head terminal and a curved handle, carved and pierced with reticulated foliage and movable monkeys

Length: 13 in. (33 cm.) $1,000 - $1,500




紅山文化鷹蟬掛飾兩件 Two Neolithic Jade Carvings: Eagle and Cicada Pendants

北京玻璃浮雕游魚麒麟雲龍獸首耳爐 (乾隆年製)款

An Amber Glass Censer Carved with Fish and Qilins with Wispy Cloud and Beast Head Handle Qianlong Mark

壽山石雕花鳥龍紋花卉獸耳活環獅鈕 蓋罐 (大清乾隆年製)款 A Well Carved Shoushan Stone Jar with Dragon Masks Floral Twig and Beast Head Loose Ring Handles with Lion Knob Cover

Length:2¼ in. (5.7 cm.), 1⅞ in. (4.8 cm.) $500 - $600

Height: 4½ in. (11.4 cm.) $800 - $1,000 177

Qianlong Mark

Height: 7¼ in. (18.4 cm.) 179


良渚文化(公元前二千年)玉琮一組兩件 A Group of Two Neolithic Jade Cong A Celadon Octagonal and a Triangular one Chip on one cong Liangzhu Culture

Height: 2¼ in. (5.7 cm.), 1½ in. (3.8 cm.) $800 - $1,000

$600 - $800

古玉雕掛飾 Archaistic Jade Bi Pendant Diameter: 2½ in. (6.4 cm.) $300 - $400

白釉古圖形文字玉壼春瓶 White-Glazed Yuhuchunping with Archaistic Motifs Diameter: 2¾ in. (7 cm.), Height: 9 in. (23 cm.) $400 - $500



清 羊脂白玉鏤雕龍穿花紋筆筒 筆筒為羊脂白玉雙層鏤雕花卉,並有兩龍遊戲與其間。筆筒上下成環帶,其上淺刻以迴紋,環帶下刻一深綫,綫下為足。 此筆筒玉質瑩潤,刻功精湛,光鑒照人,為清三代時期難得的羊脂白玉神器。

Exquisitely Reticulated Carved White Jade Floral-Dragon Brush Pot

The cylindrical sides carved in deep, crisp relief and pierced with a continuous scene of two striding dragons and densely layered foliage and sprays. The intricate and delicately carved inner floral patterned wall creates a three dimensional effect. Both the rim and base are encircled with an incised classic scroll. The translucent stone with touches of russet around the base. Qing Dynasty Diameter: 4 in. (10.2 cm.) Height: 4¾ in. (12.1 cm.) $200,000 - $300,000

72 68


唐 白玉雕如意觀音佛洞山子 White Jade Boulder Of Guanyin Holding Ruyi

With Guanyin seated in a meditative pose, holding ruyi with a serene expression, beneath an arch of lingzhi cloud in a grotto Tang Dynasty Height: 11½ in. (29.2 cm.) $60,000 - $80,000

73 69


清 羊脂白玉嬰戲布袋和尚開懷 大笑坐像 A Refined White Jade Reclining Budai with Five Children The rotund deity with broad smile, his left leg tucked under his ample protruding belly, the right leg drawn up with children clambering. Draped in a wide flowing robe, prayer beads and carrying his cloth sack. Qing Dynasty Height: 3 in. (7.6 cm.) Length: 5⅞ in. (14.9 cm.) Weight: 580 g. $15,000 - $20.000


周 玉雕雙龍鼓釘方鼎 A Rare Jade Archaistic Rectangular Four Legged Fang Ding Of archaistic bronze form surmounted by a pair of upright loop handles, standing on four notched legs with flanges. The jade of greenish tone decorated with Dragon Masks and Boss Rows and raised flanges on four corners. Height: 7½ in. (19.05 cm.) Length: 7 in. (17.8 cm.) Width: 3¾ in. (9.5 cm.) $10,000 - $15,000



白玉雕龍鳳獸耳蓋瓶 A Well Carved Mottled White Jade Dragon-Phoenix Vase with Cover

Of flattened ovoid form, flanked on both sides by a pair of dragon and phoenix as handles with a domed cover surmounted by a mythical beast as finial Height: 8¼ in. (21 cm.) Weight: 1,150 g. $25,000 - $30,000

185 漢白玉浮雕九螭龍璧

A Rare White Jade Archaistic Bi Carved with Qilins Carved in high relief with nine Qilins across the surface Han Dynasty

Diameter: 7¾ in. (19.7 cm.) $2,000 - $3,000

186 古玉雕獸飾舞人刀(帶座)

Archaic Carved Jade Sword with Stand Sword Stand Length: 12¾ in. (32.4 cm.) Sword Length: 16½ in. (41.9 cm.) $2,000 - $3,000

75 71

The Liu Family Collection (Lots 187 and 188) 劉家珍藏


劉韻珂藏 清 玉雕孫子兵法三十六計九方佩飾 一. 二. 三. 四. 五. 七. 八. 九.

玉璧 :連環計,走為上 (荷樵)(劉韻珂藏) 玉璇玉幾:空城計,美人計,苦肉計,反間計 玉戈:反客為主 玉佩:借屍還魂,調虎離山,欲擒故縱,拋磚引玉,擒賊擒王,釜底抽薪,混水摸魚 玉丫形器牙璋:上屋抽梯,樹上開花 六. 玉牌:偷梁換柱,指桑罵槐,假痴不癲, 玉佩:金蟬脫殼,關門捉賊,遠交近攻,假途伐虢 五孔玉刀:聲東擊西,無中生有,暗渡陳倉,隔岸觀火,笑裡藏刀,李代桃僵,順手牽羊,打草驚蛇 玉牌:瞞天過海,圍魏救趙,借刀殺人,以逸待勞,趁火打劫

A Set of Nine Jade Carving of Bi, Zhang, Plaque, Ge, Each Inscribed with Excerpts from the Thirty-Six Art of War Strategy 1. Jade Bi (Collector Seal Mark of Liu Yunke, He Qiao) 2. Notched Jade Bi 3. Jade Ge – Halberd Blade 4. Jade Pendant 5. Jade Zhang Blade 6. Jade Plaque 7. Jade Plaque 8. Jade Ge Blade 9. Jade Plaque

76 72

1. Length: 7⅛ in. (18.1 cm.), Width: 1⅞ in. (4.8 cm.) 2. Length: 7⅛ in. (18.1 cm.), Width: 1⅝ in. (4.1 cm.) 3. Length: 6¾ in. (17.1 cm.), Width: 1½ in. (3.8 cm.) 4. Length: 6 in. (15.2 cm.), Width: 1⅜ in. (3.5 cm.) 5. Length: 6 in. (15.2 cm.), Width: 1⅝ in. (4.1 cm.) 6. Diameter: 3½ in. (8.9 cm.) 7. Diameter: 4 in. (10.2 cm.) 8. Length: 5¾ in. (14.6 cm.), Width: 1⅝ in. (4.1 cm.) 9. Length: 4¾ in. (12.1 cm.), Width: 3⅞ in. (9.9 cm.)

Qing Dynasty 劉韻珂,山東汶上人,曾仕至閩浙總督。是 在鴉片戰爭初期與林則徐等一樣堅決主戰的 高級官員之一。此次 Lot 188 和 189 一直 藏於劉家後人,直至今日始釋出市場。 Family Collection of Liu Yunke (1792 - 1864), Governor of Zhejiang, by descent to present owner $50,000 - $60,000

The Liu Family Collection (Lots 187 and 188) 劉家珍藏


浮雕篆書漢書傅介子刺樓蘭饕餮紋九段玉璧 A Very Fine and Rare Jade Bi -Disc with Nine Sections Of celadon tone and russet inclusions, this massive sectional Jade Bi-Disc has an interior central round Bi formed by two half-spherical sections with a pierced central medallion and the outer Bi formed by nine sections. The front face is carved with inscriptions in clerical script from Book of Han Fujiezi and Taotie Masks on reverse. Diameter: 21¾ in. (55.2 cm.) $30,000 - $40,000

77 73


唐 青玉雕七彩琉璃鷹尊 此鷹尊由一整塊青玉經精心雕琢而成,前有獸足,神態兇猛.尊體上貼有鏤邊的薄银片製成大小不同的羽狀和雲狀的七彩琉璃,使青玉雕的 鷹尊更為富麗堂煌,成為唐代稀有的瑰寶.

An Exquisite Green Jade Eagle-form Zun with Natural Glass-Color Petals

Finely cast in an alert stance with outstretched legs and embellished all over with delicately shaped feather-cloud natural color glass stones and further decorated with incised curly scroll-works. This Green Jade Eagle-form Zun statue is a rare and valuable treasure of Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty Height: 7 in. (17.8 cm.) $50,000 - $60,000



唐 金銀器鎏金鏨刻佛經帶匣冊頁(般舟三昧經)卷三 般舟三昧經,經文為小篆,是在延極薄的銅片鏨刻而成,並裝訂成冊。匣封面刻有釋迦穆尼像。共十五頁,924字。 (術語)pratyutpannasamadhi, 般舟,譯曰佛立。以行此三昧則諸佛現前故也。大集賢護經謂為思惟諸佛現前三昧。又譯言常行道。以行 此三昧,期七日或九十日而不間斷修行故也。天台稱之為常行三昧(此時行為行旋之義,對座三昧法而言),四種三昧之一。止觀二曰: “常行三昧者,此法出般舟三昧經,翻為佛立。佛立有三義:一佛威力。二三昧力。三行者本功德力。能于定中見十方現在佛在其前立, 如明眼人清夜觀星,見十方佛亦如是,故名佛立三昧。(中略)唯專行旋九十日為一期,(中略)九十日身常行無休息,九十日口常唱阿彌陀 佛名無休息,九十日心常念阿彌陀佛無休息,(中略)若唱彌陀即是唱十方佛功德等。但專以彌陀為法門主,舉要言之,步步聲聲念念唯在 阿彌陀佛。”般舟贊曰:“梵語名般舟,此翻為常行道。或七日九十日,身行無間,總名三業無間,故雲般舟也。”

Gilt Pratyutpanna Sutra (Vol. 3) (Composing of the Mind)

Finely and precisely incised in clerical script, the Nine Hundred forty-five characters incised on fifteen gilt copper sheets are stitched and held together by hinges as an album, stored inside a rectangular box carved with Maitreya on the cover. Tang Dynasty Height: ¾ in. (1.9 cm.), Length: 6¾ in. (17.1 cm.), Width: 5 in. (12.7 cm.) $40,000 - $50,000

79 75


北宋 定窯白釉印花 牡丹罔口盘 A Fine Molded Dingyao Peony Plate with Unglazed Rim Of ivory white glaze with deep rounded sides rising from a central medallion of peony blooms encircle by leafy blooms within a keyfret border covered inside and out with an ivory-white tone continuing over the ring foot and base. Northern Song Dynasty Diameter: 8½ in. (21.6 cm.) $6,000 - $8,000



清 乾隆琥珀浮雕 開光花鳥紋方瓶

瑪瑙浮雕獸耳紋 四疊鋀 A Well Carved FourTiered Agate Dou

(乾隆年製) 四字雙行刻款

An Unusual and Fine Amber Square Vase with Relief Carved Floral-Bird Motifs in Cartouches

Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Four-Character Carved Seal Mark and of the Period

Height: 10⅜ in. (26.3 cm.) $8,000 - $12,000


Rising on a splayed base, each tier is decorated with mask bands and loop handles and surmounted by a bixie bud finial on the cover

Height: 20½ in. (52.1 cm.) $3,000 - $4,000



仿官窯粉青釉雙耳雙環瓢形瓶 A Guan-Type Gourd-Shaped Vase with Mock Ring Ear Handles Height: 7½ in. (19 cm.) $300 - $400



一組兩件:粉青釉六棱瓶,粉青釉貫耳瓶 A Group of Two: A Celadon Glazed Hexagonal Vase ; A Fang Hu with Tubular Handles Height: 10¼ in. (26 cm.) 4¾ in. (12 cm.) $400 - $500

青花龍紋橄欖瓶 (大清乾隆年製)款


Blue and White Dragon Vase

珠山八友程意亭粉彩花鳥觀音瓶 錦上添花前程美,國色天香富貴長。翥山程意 亭寫扵珠山客邸 (佩古齋)款

Famille-Rose Floral-Bird Vase Height: 9½ in. (24.1 cm.) $400 - $500

黃地粉彩纏枝寶相牡 丹龍耳瓶 (大清乾隆年製)款

Yellow Ground FamilleRose Flower Spray with Peony Vase and Dragon Handles

Qianlong Mark

Height: 13⅜ in. (34 cm.) $800 - $1,000

Qianlong Mark

Height: 13⅞ in. (35 cm) $1,000 - $1,500



清 廣彩仕女圖盅 (大清乾隆年製)款

Famille-Rose Enamel Covered Jar

Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Six-Character Mark and of the Period

Height: 5 in. (12.7 cm.) $1,500 - $2,500

黃地青花寶相蓮八吉祥紋盤 (大清雍正年製)款 Yellow Ground Saucer Dish with Blue Floral Bajiaxiang Eight Auspicious Emblems Yongzheng Mark

Diameter: 5½ in. (14 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000



明 弘治 黃地刻花雲鳳紋花口盤一對 (大明弘治年製)六字雙行楷書款

A Pair of Yellow Glazed Incised Dragon-Phoenix Lobed Plates

Finely incised on the exterior with striding dragon-phoenix and the interior with clouds and the central medallion, applied overall in a egg yolk yellow tone. Ming Dynasty, Hongzhi Six-Character Mark and of the Period

Across: 7 in. (17.8 cm.) Height: 2¾ in. (7 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000 203


明 嘉靖 三彩龍鳳穿花紋蒜頭瓶 (大明嘉靖年製)六字雙行雙圈楷書款 瓶蒜頭和肩上繪纏枝菊花和迴紋,頸上為鳳凰與牡丹。瓶體畫四龍穿 花戲珠紋,下為寶相花瓣紋。瓶高撇足,上有重疊蓮瓣紋帶,上下圍 以雙線。此瓶造型雄壯,並以紅、黃、綠三色繪製而成。畫工精美, 釉色凝潤,優雅絕倫,輪廓線條美不勝收,為明嘉靖三彩瓷之極品。

A Very Fine Sancai Phoenix-Dragon Floral Garlic Head Vase

The bulbous garlic mouth and tall neck are decorated with swooping phoenixes alternating on a ground of blossoming stems. The ovoid body has four leaping dragons chasing pearls amidst florets scrolls intertwined with peony and chrysanthemum. The flaring foot is encircled with a petal scroll. The brilliant interplay of red, yellow and green glazes is fully displayed here. Ming Dynasty, Jiajing Six Character Double Circles Mark and of the Period Height: 18 in. (45.7 cm.) $60,000 - $80,000


明 弘治 黃釉刻花雲鶴紋觀音瓶 (大明弘治年製)六字雙行楷書款

Yellow Glazed Vase Decorated with Incised CraneCloud Motifs

Ming Dynasty, Hongzhi Six-Character Mark and of the Period

Height: 7½ in. (19 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000


宋 耀州窯編織紋梅瓶 A Rare Relief Carved Yaozhou Celadon Meiping Vase with Weaving Pattern Of tall slender body carved with bands of basket-weave and a lipped rim Song Dynasty

Height: 10 in. (25.4 cm.) $3,000 - $4,000



清 乾隆 郎窯紅素面觀音瓶 (大清乾隆年製)六字雙行雙圈楷書款 瓶口微撇,留有白圈。瓶體自頸以下為富麗純淨的霽紅釉。 兩邊綫條優雅流暢由口而至足上。此瓶 釉色细腻鲜艷,精美可人。 近足處留白與瓶口互相呼應,足往內斜收。此瓶工藝清純, 紅彩優美,為乾隆單色瓷之極品。

A Fine Copper-red Glazed Baluster Vase

The ovoid body with broad shoulder tapering toward the flared foot, is covered overall in a rich and even glaze of lustrous copper-red, thinning slightly below at the mouth and foot white rims Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Six Character Double Circles Mark and of the Period Height: 16¾ in. (42.5 cm.) $50,000 - $60,000

宋 粉青釉三足洗 A Rare Cylindrical Brush Washer with Three Tab Feet

Of deep rounded sides encircled by three subtle ribs and covered overall with a light celadon glaze with unctuous crackles with three spur marks. Song Dynasty

Height: 4 in. (10.2 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000



閗彩花卉紋菊花瓣渣斗 (大清雍正年製)款

A Doucai Petal-Lobed Zhadou Vase Yongzheng Mark

Diameter: 8¾ in (22.2 cm.) Height: 10¼ in. (26 cm.) $4,000 - $6,000



清 康熙 墨釉五彩喜上眉梢觀音瓶 (康熙青花雙圈款) 敞口瓶,體為墨釉,上繪庭院山石,石後有碩大的梅樹與脩竹, 繁花似錦的梅枝上有生動活潑的喜鵲散立于其中。盛開的菊花 富麗地襯托着桃花而為此瓶增加其高雅壯麗和優雅風采,而為 康熙難得的稀有之作。 A Large Wucai Plum Blossoms Baluster Vase

Densely enamelled with birds perched on rock with plum blossoms of a prunes tree in full bloom, all reserved on a black- glazed ground. Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Underglazed Blue Double Circles Reign Mark and of the Period. Diameter: 4 in. (10.2 cm.) Height: 18⅛ in. (46 cm.) $20,000 - $30,000


清 青花喜上梅梢獸耳反口瓶 大清雍正年內務府唐英督管珠山御窯廠窯務制宮廷貢品 皇帝賞珍宮廷專用

Blue and White Birds and Blossoms Vase with a Foliate Everted Rim and Two Relief Carved Qilins Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng Mark in Circular with Artist Mark of Tang Ying

Height: 16½ in. (42 cm.) $6,000 - $8,000


北宋 定窯白釉印花龍雲紋 罔口盤 A Fine and Rare Molded Dingyao Dragon Dish with Unglazed Rim

With shallow rounded sides, the interior molded with a writhing dragon encircled by a wide band of ruyi head. Carved inside and out with a glaze of ivory tone continuing over the ring foot and base. Northern Song Dynasty Diameter: 8⅞ in. (22.5 cm.) $10,000 - $15,000


北宋 定窯印花白釉環耳蒜頭瓶 瓶口為印花蒜頭,頸向外斜并繞以四 道玄紋。頸兩側有似為鳳耳,肩上為 印花環帶。瓶體為印花嬰戲麒麟圖 案,生動活潑。近底處外扒並有短 足。此瓶造型新奇,印花清雅別緻 豪邁,為北宋定窯精品。

A Fine Dingyao Creamy-White Glazed Garlic Head Vase with Ring Handles and Floral Motifs Northern Song Dynasty Height: 9⅝ in. (23.8 cm.) $8,000 - $10,000



錫包紫砂嵌玉詩文六角壺 (楊彭年造)雕款 “題品雲山歸畫卷, 收羅風月暢真情”。

Zisha Tin Wrapped Inlaid with Jade Hexagonal Teapot with Poem Inscriptions, a short straight spout and square loop handle with a bud finial on the cover.

Yang Pengnian Impressed Maker’s Mark on the Underside

Height: 3½ in. (8.9 cm.) $30,000 - $40,000



元 龍泉窯刻花葵口盤 盤蓮瓣折口。內底中央刻菊花紋,邊刻纏枝莤草紋。盤施綠釉如青綠 凝脂。

Longquan Celadon Barbed Plate

With scrolling foliage carved on the interior side below a foliate rim Yuan Dynasty

Diameter: 8½ in. (21.6 cm.) $4,000 - $6,000


元 鈞窯月白釉紫斑折沿盤 Junyao Moon-White Glazed Shallow Dish with Rose-Purple Splashes With shallow rounded sides rising from a narrow foot to an everted rim, covered overall with a milky unglazed glaze thinning at the rim with purple splashes. The inside of foot glazed Yuan Dynasty

Diameter: 8½ in. (21 cm.) $3,000 - $4,000


明 龍泉窯刻花 獸耳方瓶 Longuan Incised Floral Fang Hu Vase with Sculpted Mock Beast Handles


青花荷池水禽圖玉 壺春瓶 Blue and White Yuhuchunping with Lotus Pond Motifs and Lappet Bands

Height: 12⅝ in. (30 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000

Ming Dynasty

Height: 17 in. (43 cm) $1,500 - $2,000



粉彩牡丹花鳥觀音瓶 (大清光緒年製)款 Famille-Rose Peony-Floral Vase with Poem Inscriptions Guanyin Mark

Height: 8 in. (20.3 cm.) $500 - $600 220


瑪瑙松鶴延年透雕花插 A Reticulated Carved Agate Vase with Pine and Crane Auspicious Decorations Height: 10⅛ in. (25.7 cm.) $800 - $1,000

粉彩紫藤花鳥 撇口瓶 (大雅齋)款 (永慶長壽)款

Famille-Rose Turquoise-Glazed Vase with Wisteria and Birds Motifs Dowager Cixi Mark, Dayazhai


清 花鳥詩句紫砂方壺 (貢局)款 A Green-Glazed Zisha Square Teapot Polychrome Molded with Birds on Twig and Poem Inscriptions Ascribed and signed Gong Ju on the Underside

Height: 3⅝ in. (9.2 cm.) $1,000 - $1,500

青灰釉螭耳盤口 瓶一對 A Pair of GreyishCeladon-Glazed Dish-Mouth Vase with Qilin-Ear Loop Handles Height: 13½ in. (34.3 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000

Height: 15⅝ in. (39.7 cm.) $3,000 - $5,000


紐約著名收藏家族(世陽堂)提供 Property of New York Sai Yang Tang Collection


清 陳鳴遠 紫砂十二生肖提梁壺 陳鳴遠繼明末時大彬之後成為清朝最有成就的紫砂大師。其所製作的壺可謂品種極豐,而創作的思想與技術、細緻的工藝遠超當時 的同輩之上。此十二生肖壺的各類動物造型無論大小都感覺栩栩如生,佈局雅緻瑰麗。此壺為清宮御造,故底有(陳鳴遠)(宮廷御 用)兩款,為存世極稀有之精品。 (陳鳴遠)(宮廷御用)款

88 84



A Very Fine and Rare Zisha Teapot with Molded Twelve Zodiac Animals, Chen Mingyuan Sturdily potted in the form of a tree-knurl with an overhead handle sprawled with a dragon atop and a monkey clambering below, a recumbent horse as finial for the cover and a snake curled on the short spout. The body is molded with a goat, dog, ox, tiger, mouse rabbit and rooster. This ingenious use of the zodiac animal in their natural shape and form exemplifies Chen’s artistic creativity and flair with the clay. Recessed base with an impressed maker’s mark Chen Mingyuan and a reign mark for the Imperial Palace. Diameter: 2¼ in. (5.7 cm.) Height: 6¼ in. (15.9 cm.) $300,000 - $400,000

89 85

紐約著名收藏家族(世陽堂)提供 Property of New York Sai Yang Tang Collection


顧景舟 紫砂荷葉竹簍蛙蟹壺 底款(顧景舟) 蓋內款(景舟) 昂首的青蛙伏在小片荷葉為蓋。壺身為竹簍上覆以大片荷葉,葉上有三隻大閘蟹和一隻小田螺,荷葉圈成壺流,而葉梗為壺把。荷葉波紋 曲線玲瓏,工藝精純豪放。螃蟹與蛙生猛活潑。此壺氣勢磅礴,為顧景舟的代表作。



Gu Jingzhou Large Zisha Teapot Relief Carved with Basket Weave and Crab and Frog

Of a fisherman’s basket form, the compressed middle section body is flanged with a relief carved lotus leaf with four crabs atop. The domed cover is surmounted with another lotus leaf with a frog as bud finial. A diagonally set spout and loop handle. Impressed maker’s mark Gu Jingzhou on the recessed base and Jingzhou on the underside of the teapot cover. Width: 10 in. (25.4 cm.) Height: 7 in. (17.8 cm.) $800,000 - $1,000,000


紐約著名收藏家族(世陽堂)提供 Property of New York Sai Yang Tang Collection


蔣蓉 樹根龍形四段紫砂壺 款識:蔣蓉篆書款 我國近代製紫砂壺名家蔣蓉,她存世的名壺可真不少,但名壺中她一生的代表作就是現在我們所見到的“樹根龍形四段壺”莫屬了。這四 段是蔣蓉終其一生的巨作,以樹根天然的曲折形態製作不同造型的四段龍形壺。龍頭的一段有眼睛、鼻和角,舌為壺流,巧妙地點出龍頭 的生猛。第二段與第三段均為樹根的天然形態,并以折斷的細根為足與壺流,其上均有自然凸出的蓋鈕。龍尾壺的造型則以根結為壺流, 上有如蟲蛀的精緻提樑與壺流連成一氣。此樹根龍形四段壺使人感覺神奇雄壯之外,其氣勢之豪邁與工藝之精純,實為現代紫砂壺的代表 作,絕對的神品。



An Exquisite Sectional Zisha Teapot in Dragon-Form, Jiang Rong Naturalistically fired in the shape of a tree stump cut off in four sections, each with intricately worked gnarled branch issuing from each side forming overhead handle with curled vine and plum blossoms appliquÊs and as short spout. The first section depicts the head of the dragon with open mouth and protruding tongue. The finely fitted covers of irregular shapes, surmounted by a stump knob. A two character maker’s mark, Jiang Rong is impressed on the body of each section. Height: 5.3 in. (13.5 cm.), Length: 23.8 in. (60.5 cm.) $300,000 - $400,000


紐約著名收藏家族(世陽堂)提供 Property of New York Sai Yang Tang Collection


明 時大彬 紫砂塑雕人面壺 (時大彬製)四字雙行迴紋方框底款 (大彬)蓋款 明朝的紫砂壺名家除“供春”外,時大彬在明末時是文人雅士們最欣賞的製壺名家。他所創製的壺在思想上是超前的傑作。就以 此壺為例,此人面壺可能在當時已經出土的廣漢青銅器頭像,他以此來製壺,信在當年已非常震動,就算現在也能讓人震驚。 此壺氣勢磅礴,工藝精絕,為時大彬存世神品。

A Very Rare Mask-Form Zisha Teapot, Shi Dabin

Resembling an archaistic bronze ritual vessel, the cylindrical teapot is set with a square handle. With loose ring and a short curved square spout. The cover is surmounted by an arrow knob. Both sides of the body are relief carved with a face-mask. Impressed maker’s mark Shi Dabin with a key-fret border in the recessed base. Dabin mark in the underside of the teapot cover Height: 5½ in. (14 cm.) Diameter: 2⅞ in. (7.3 cm.) $1,000,000 - $1,500,000




紐約著名收藏家族(世陽堂)提供 Property of New York Sai Yang Tang Collection


顧景舟 紫砂松、竹、梅歲寒三友三疊壺 底款(顧景舟) 蓋內款(顧) 顧景舟是近代紫砂壺的巨匠,他代表着近代突破傳統的新的觀念與造型創作紫砂壺的大師。他所創造的螃蟹壺為頂峰之作。此歲寒三友 松、竹、梅浮雕三疊壺也是他力求創新的不朽之作。上面二壺的底與下面的壺蓋套着如塔形,這是顧景舟的獨特造型與風格而成不可多得 之創新傑作,也是顧景舟存世的紫砂壺代表作之一。

A Fine and Rare Pagoda-Form Zisha Teapot with the Three Friends of the Winter Motifs, Gu Jingzhou Of triple-gourd-form, rising from a compressed pot molded with plum blossoms on the front side, a short spout and a gnarled branch handle, together with two stacking tea pots above, the middle one with the bamboo and the top one with pine. All appliqués in color clay. A stump is surmounted on each teapot as bud finial on the cover. Impressed maker’s mark Gu Jingzhou on the recessed base. Impressed Mark Gu on the underside of the teapot cover Height: 6¾ in. (17.1 cm.) $150,000 - $200,000



白地套五彩料胎金魚 228 鼻煙壺 A Finely Carved FiveColor Overlay White Glass Gold Fish Snuff Bottle

掐絲琺瑯開光牧童放 牛風景鼻煙壺 A Gilt Bronze Cloisonne Enamel Snuff Bottle with Foliate Windows of Herding along the Pond Scene

(missing spoon)

Height: 3in.(7.6 cm.) $800 - $1,000


Height: 2⅜ in. (6 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000


青蛙南瓜紫砂鼻煙壺 (董)(明珠)款 Pumpkin-Form Zisha Snuff Bottle Relief Decorated with Toad and Vine

清 乾隆 金地粉彩塑雕雙魚鼻煙壺 (乾隆年製)四字篆書橫款 A Fine Famille-Rose Gold-Ground Relief Decorated Twin-Fish Amidst Cresting Wave Snuff Bottle

Height: 2½ in. (6.4 cm.) $500 - $600

Height: 2⅛ in. (5.4 cm.) $800 - $1,000

Signed and Ascribed to Artist Dong Mingzhu


清 青花釉里紅人物 故事鼻煙壺

Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Four Character Mark and of the Period


清 粉彩料胎畫琺瑯 群芳圖鼻煙壺



An Underglazed Blue and Copper-Red Porcelain Snuff Bottle

An Unusual Enameled Glass Snuff Bottle

Cylindrical in shape, painted with a continuous scene of story-telling figure Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Four Character Mark and of the Period

Height: 3¾ in. (9.5cm.) $800 - $1,200

Of square form, the opaque white glass painted in famille-rose enamels with birds on flowers in four panels, with a coral stopper Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Four Character Mark and of the Period

Height: 3⅛ in.(8 cm.) $1,000 - $1,500



234 浮雕瑪瑙花鳥獸耳 鼻煙壺 A Relief Carved Agate Bird and Flowers Snuff Bottle with Mock Beast Head Handles

金黃水晶浮雕螭龍 鼻煙壺 Gold Crystal Meiping Snuff Bottle with A Carved Qilin Height: 2⅞ in. (7.4 cm.) $500 - $600

(missing spoon)

Height: 3⅛ in. (8 cm.) $300 - $400


水晶雕蝠耳鼻煙壺 Rock Crystal Snuff Bottle Carved with Two Bats


清 道光 甜白瓷浮 雕荷花鴛鴦鼻煙壺 (道光年製)款

A Well Carved White Glazed Porcelain Lotus Pond Snuff Bottle

Height: 2½ in. (6.4 cm.) $400 - $600

Relief carved in a continuous scene of lotus blooms and Mandarin duck. Recessed carved reign mark Qing Dynasty, Daoguang Four Character Mark and of the Period

Height: 2¾ in. (7 cm.) $500 - $600



清 青花銅胎畫琺 瑯山水人物鼻煙壺 (乾隆年製) 四字楷書橫款

A Fine Blue and White on Copper Flask Snuff Bottle

Masterfully painted with continuous scene of fishermen at riverside Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Four Character Mark and of the Period

Height: 3 in. (7.6 cm.) $1,000 - $1,200

玉雕帶皮鼻煙壺一對 Two Russet Jade Snuff Bottles

Height: 2¼ in. (5.7 cm.), 3 in. (7.6 cm.) $600 - $800



清 十八世紀雕漆瓜瓞綿綿 萬子千孫葫蘆瓶 An Unusual Carved Cinnabar Lacquer Double-Gourd Vase

This large vase is finely carved allover through layers with leafy veins bearing double-gourds on a dense diaper ground, as auspicious sign for lots of children. The waist encircled by a ribbon band. Qing Dynasty Height: 19½ in. (49.5 cm) $15,000 - $20,000


明 宣德 剔犀如意頭 紋八棱蓋盒 (大明宣德)四字雙行 單框楷書款

A Fine Tixi Carved Black and Red Lacquer Octagonal Box and Cover

The cover is deeply carved through the black with a central register of Ruyi head and further band of Ruyi repeated on the sides of the box. The base and interior lacquered black with an incised mark Ming Dynasty, Xuande Four Character Mark Height: 2¼ in. (5.7 cm.) $20,000 - $30,000



北齊 銅鎏金三佛 立像 A Gilt Bronze Three Bodhisattvas’ Statue

六朝 銅錯銀飾以雲 卷纹二座佛造像 Bronze Inlaid with Silver Scroll-Cloud Motifs Two Seated Buddhas Adorned by a Mandorla and Resting Upon a Plinth


Dressed in long dhoti and swathed in fluttering scarves, holding an amphora bottle and standing on a stepped lotus base upon a plinth with flaming mandorla adorning each. Northern Qi Dynasty Height: 9¼ in. (24.7 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000


Six Dynasties Height: 9½ in. (24.1 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000

銅胎畫琺瑯龍鳳六 棱筆筒

碧綠壽山石龍紋筆筒 244 (乾隆年製)款

A Large Spinach Green Shoushan Stone Square Brush Pot with Dragon and Poem Inscriptions


Famille-Rose Enamelled on Copper Hexagonal Brush Pot with Windows of Dragon and Phoenix with Wispy Cloud

Qianlong Mark

Height: 8¼ in. (21 cm.) Width: 6¼ in. (15.9 cm.) $1,000 - $1,500



銅胎畫琺瑯花卉四疊盒 (乾隆年製)款 Famille-Rose Enamelled Floral Four-Tier Box Qianlong Mark

Height: 5 in. (12.7 cm.) $800 - $1,000


Yongzheng Mark

Height: 6⅛ in. (15.6 cm.) $1,000 - $1,500


銅胎畫琺瑯山水詩句筆筒一對 (乾隆年製)款

A Pair of Famille-Rose Enamelled on Copper Brush Pot with Landscape and Poem Inscriptions Qianlong Mark Height: 4⅞ in. (12.4 cm.) $1,000 - $1,500

銅胎畫琺瑯花鳥杯一對 A Pair of Famille Rose Enamelled Wine Cups with Birds and Flowers Height: 2⅛ in. (5.4 cm.) Diameter: 3⅝ in. (9.8 cm.) $600 - $800


唐 銅鎏金四大護法金剛腳踏惡鬼造像 (大唐貞觀)四字雙行篆書款 四大金剛又稱護法四天王,是佛教二十諸天中的四位護法天神,塑像通常分裂在佛寺第一重殿-天王殿的兩側。此套唐代金銀器四大天王 造像亦依照傳統佛家的天王形像而製作:以慈悲為懷的東方持國天王彈琴琵琶,以音樂教化眾生皈依佛門;南方的增長天神手持慧劍,助 眾生斬却人世間煩惱。獨具凈天眼的西方廣目天神和以福德名聞天下的北方多聞天神左手托佛塔和手撐寶傘,保護眾生和廣施福德;諸天 王皆身着甲胄,腳下踏著的分別代表酒,色,財,氣四隻小鬼,象徵著在佛法無邊下,他們能夠為眾生驅除這些邪念,使人們走向正途, 祈求幸福生活。此四尊鎏金天王造像不獨形神兼俱,且紋飾精美,氣概威武,工藝超群,堪稱初唐金銀器力作。

Gilt Statues of Four Heavenly Kings, Stepping on Evils of Human Nature The four finely cast and intricately detailed Lokapalas represents the Guardians and Protectors of the Buddhist Law. Each gilded in festooned armor and bejeweled head dress on a roe-pattern ring punched ground. Dhrtarastra playing a lute modelled with a beast head, Virudhaka holding a sword, Virupaksa holding stupa and Vaisravana holding an umbrella and each stepping on two evil spirits. Tang Dynasty, Incised Mark of Zhenguan and of the Period Height: 13½ in. (34.3 cm.) $100,000 - $150,000



清 銀鎏金塑雕西洋式 鳳獸耳紋瓶 (雍正年製)四字雙行楷書款 雍正年代銀鎏金瓶並不多見。此瓶氣 勢磅礴,雕工絕倫,為雍正朝的絕代 佳品。

A Finely Cast Gilt Silver Phoenix Vase

Raised on a short flaring foot the bulbous body is gilt cast in high relief with two Phoenixes with outstretched wings, each confronting flaming pearls amidst clouds and flanked by two mock beast handles, all below a band of ruyi. The outside of the mouth rim has a key-fret border above foliage medallions scroll and ruyi band. The vase is modelled after Western Style. Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng Incised Four Character Mark and of the Period Height: 9½ in. (24.2 cm.) $50,000 - $60,000



青銅蓮鶴 方壺 A Large Bronze Ritual Carved Vessel, Hu with Crane and Lotus Height: 27 in. (68.9 cm.) $4,000 - $6,000

景泰藍寶相花卉吉祥紋長頸帶座瓶一對 (大清乾隆年製)款

A Pair of Large Cloisonne Enamel Vase with Tripod Stand and Auspicious Motifs Qianlong Mark

Height: 19¼ in. (48.9 cm.) $3,000 - $4,000




韓國 十八-十九世紀 青花山水人物連詩句棱口雙連瓶 An Unusual Twin-Link Blue and White Figural Landscape Lobed Vase

宋 鈞窯天藍釉紫斑紋壺 A Fine Junyao Ewer with Purple Splashes

Of compressed spherical shape with purple splashes filling from the short flared neck to the shoulder and below, a curved spout with moldings and a curved loop handle, all covered with a pale blue glaze.

Freely painted with continuous panels of fishermen in mountainous landscape and a poem inscriptions on one Korea, 18th C - 19th C

Height: 5⅛ in. (13 cm.) $6,000 - $8,000

Height: 13 in. (33 cm.) $6,000 - $8,000



宋 鈞窯玫瑰紅釉六號盤 A Unusual Purple Junyao Shallow Dish with Numeral “Six” on The Underside

Potted with rounded sides rising to a partial everted lobed lipped rim with a small loop underneath, the interior is washed with a lustrous sky-blue tone and the outside with purple-lavender glaze showing a ring of spur marks with the numeral ‘liu’ carved in the center

Diameter: 7 in. (17.8 cm.) $5,000 - $6,000

宋 鈞窯粉青釉托盞 A Very Fine and Rare Celadon-Glazed Junyao Tea Bowl and Stand

A rounded cup rising from a dish-form flange on a short pedestal foot, a triangular aperture in the base of the cup leading into the hollow foot, covered overall in a celadon-glazed thinning to a mushroom tone at rim. The foot rim left unglazed, exposing the buff grey ware.

Height: 2⅞ in. (7.3 cm.) $3,000 - $4,000




韓國 十八世 李氏皇朝冬青釉淺刻龍紋 內府款天球瓶 Winter-Green-Glazed Globular Vase Incised with Dragon and Cloud Reliefs.


韓國 十五-十六世紀 李氏皇朝 高足盤 Stem Saucer

宋 吉州窯剪花奔馬玄紋碗 Jizhou Paper-Cut Decorated Flying Horses Tea Bowl

Korea 15th -16th C

Of shallow flared sides, with dark blue flying horses in the interior mottled in beige and the exterior covered with a tortoiseshell glaze with a unglazed ring foot Song Dynasty

Diameter: 5⅛ in. (13 cm) $1,500 - $2,000

Incised around the body a dragon in flight below a band of upright plantain leaves around the long neck. Mark of Neifu on the Shoulder Korea 18th C

Diameter: 6¼ in. (15.8 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000

Height: 9⅛ in. (23.2 cm) $1,200 - $2,000 259


韓國 十八-十九世紀 綠釉菊花瓜形把壺 Green Glazed Melon-Form Ewer with Chrysanthemum Motifs with Fine Crackles

韓國 十八-十九世紀 青釉雲鶴紋八棱兩 耳三足爐 A Celadon-Glazed Octagonal Tripod Censer with Loop Stands and Crane-Cloud Motifs

Korea 18thC - 19thC

Height: 7¼ in. (18.4 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000 262

Height: 4 in. (10.2 cm.) $800 - $1,000

宋 鈞窯粉青釉紫斑敞口碗 A Junyao Deep Bowl

The circular bowl with rounded sides and covered with a lightly crackled thick powder green glaze and purple splashes on the exterior Song Dynasty

Korea 18thC - 19thC

Height: 4⅝ in. (11.7 cm.) $500 - $600 263

天藍釉紫斑牛耳鼓釘洗 Purple Splashed Sky-Blue Bowl with Boss Decorations and Cow-Head Handle



Diameter: 6⅞ in. (17.5 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000 264

天青釉渣斗 Celadon Crackled Glazed Zhadou Spit-pot Height: 3⅝ in. (9.2 cm.) $500 - $600

天藍釉紫斑盤 Sky-Blue-Glazed Bowl with Purple Splashes Diameter: 6½ in. (16.5 cm.) $600 - $800


宋 鈞窯青藍釉紫斑紋花口渣斗 A Rare Celadon Glazed Junyao with Purple Splashed Zhadou SpitBowl With compressed globular body rising to a short neck and flared foliate rim, covered overall, and on the base with an greenish blue glaze, the foot rim left unglazed, exposing the buff grey ware. Song Dynasty

Height: 4 in. (10.2 cm.) $3,000 - $4,000 267


北宋 耀州窯刻花玉壺春瓶 通體施以凝潤青釉,自上而下刻有花葉分明的纏枝牡丹圖案。花紋與 葉脈清晰有致,刻工及綫條精美流暢,為耀州窯工藝典型特徵。近底 處飾復瓣蓮紋寬帶。底釉,足圈無釉。北宋耀州窯極少瓶製,故此玉 壺春瓶彌足珍貴。

A Rare and Fine Yaozhou Yao Carved Yuhuchunping

Of elegant slender pear shape with a narrow trumpet-shaped neck with four trefoil blooms circling the vase in an undulating movement and a band of upright pendant petals at the base. Northern Song Dynasty Height: 11⅞ in. (30.2 cm.) $10,000 - $15,000

宋 吉州窯葉纹花口盘 (口邊有修) Jizhouyao Leaf Decorated Foliate Plate

Of conical shape with a small raised knob in the center. Covered with a fine opaque dark brown glaze and decorated in the interior center with a trefoil tree leaf with fine veining. The low narrow foot ring and recessed base unglazed. (Repair at rim) Song Dynasty

Diameter: 8 in (20.3 cm) $2,000 - $3,000



元 龍泉窯塑雕劉海戲蟾王擺件 塑雕瓷在元代極少。此劉海與蟾王整體為綠色,並有優雅細緻的開片。蟾口含特大金錢與劉海手牽着的金錢相映成趣。劉海表情似悠閒地 坐在蟾身上以等待有福之人而將金錢財富送上。此雕塑造型奇妙,劉海與蟾王生動雄偉,神韻天然,為元朝稀有的塑瓷精華,無上神品。

An Exquisite Longquanyao Celadon Sculpture of Liu Hai Parade of the Toad

Glazed overall in an unctuous celadon glaze suffused with fine crackles thinning to white at edges. This sturdily molded figure of Liu Hai riding atop a three-legged toad bringing forth coin characterized the large vessels produced during the peak of Longquan celadon ware. Yuan Dynasty Height: 7¾ in. (19.7 cm.) Length: 12¾ in. (32.4 cm.) $40,000 - $50,000 269

宋 鈞窯天藍釉紫斑 紋花口杯一對 A Fine and Rare Pair of Purple Splashed Junyao Tea Bowl

The rounded sides rising from tapered foot to the foliate rim, the interior covered with sky-blue glaze with purple splash thinning to mushroom glaze at the rim and an unglazed foot and recessed base with a loop handle and with thumb rest. Song Dynasty

Across: 4¾ in. (12.1 cm.) $8,000 - $10,000



元 青花龍紋花卉高足杯 A Rare Molded Blue and White Dragon-Floral Stem Cup

The upright sides painted with a dragon striding across and the interior well with a floral blossom beneath the classic scroll on the everted rim. The cup raised on a conical stem ribbed foot. Yuan Dynasty Diameter: 5¼ in. (13.3 cm.) Height: 4¼ in. (10.8 cm.) $20,000 - $30,000



宋 影青瓜棱帶蓋把壺 Yingqing Melon-Form Ewer and Cover

The molded lobed body with a ribbed central band curved spout and a strap handle with a loop at top and a bud finial on the cover, all beneath a finely crackled translucent glaze of very pale blue. Song Dynasty

Height: 8⅞ in. (22.5 cm.) $5,000 - $6,000

宋 鈞窯青天紫斑釉六棱容器 Junyao Sky-Blue-Glazed with Purple Splashes Hexagonal Food Vessel Song Dynasty

Height: 4¾ in. (12 cm.) $4,000 - $5,000




清 乾隆 雕漆六龍橢圓大盤

元 冬青釉里紅三魚水盂 A Rare Celadon-Glazed Copper Red Decorated ‘Three Fish’ Waterpot


The globular waterpot is well potted with an inturned mouth and inverted rim. The exterior decorated with three carps in copper red. Yuan Dynasty

Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Six Character Mark and of the Period, Maker’s Mark Hui Chang

Diameter: 15¾ in. (40 cm) $3,000 - $4,000

Height: 4 in. (10.2 cm.) $8,000 - $10,000 275


宋 哥窯醬釉金絲鉄綫三足爐 A Very Rare Geyao Tripod Censer

With two upright handles and supported on three legs, covered all over with a brown glaze suffused with a network of dark crackles (iron wire) interspersed with golden-brown crackle (golden threads), stopping above the foot to expose the black ware burnt in the firing. Song Dynasty



Exquisitvely Carved Cinnabar Lacquer Oval Plate with Six-Dragons Motifs

Height: 3½ in. (8.9 cm.) $6,000 - $8,000

宋 紅釉窯變梅瓶一對 A Pair of Unusual Red Flambe-Glazed Meiping

Covered overall in a fine crackled glaze of deep strawberry tone thinning at the rim. Song Dynasty

Height: 7⅜ in. (18.7 cm.) $3,000 - $4,000



宋 哥窯白釉百級粹琮式瓶 A Very Rare Geyao Cong Vase

北宋 龍泉窯刻花玄纹雙耳盤口瓶 A Rare Longquan Celadon Floral Foliage Motifs Vase

Height: 8¾ in. (22 cm.) $10,000 - $15,000

Height: 7.8 in. (20 cm.) $10,000 - $15,000

Of square sections moulded on each of the four corners with horizontal ribs ending at the central vertical panel. Covered overall with crackled rust-brown white glaze. Song Dynasty


Ribbed bulbous body, supported by a band of upright lappets with carved lotus floral patterns, dish-mouth and looped handles Northern Song Dynasty

十八 - 十九世紀 280 青花松竹梅禱帶 蒜頭扁瓶 A Fine Blue and White Garlic Head Moon Flask With bamboo, pine and cherry blossoms motifs encircled by a scroll border and two applied loop handles

宋 粉青釉瓜棱 球瓶 Celadon-Glazed Melon Shaped Globular Bottle Vase Height: 6½ in. (16.5 cm.) $2,000 - $3,000

Height: 11 in. (28 cm.)

18th -19th C

$2,000 -$3,000



明 永樂 青花團鳳紋龍耳雙 環瓶 (永樂年製)四字雙行雙圈篆書款 瓶敞口并環以雙綫,頸為蕉葉 紋,其下有迴紋與纏枝蓮紋,兩 側有獸耳與雙環。瓶體繪四組團 鳳紋,每組雙鳳飛舞于雲間,意 態生動活潑,團鳳紋下有迴紋環 帶,并繞以蓮瓣。高足外斜上繪 纏枝如意花卉。此瓶造型優雅,畫 功豪放飄逸,為永樂朝精品。

Blue and White Vase with Phoenix Roundel Motifs and Double Dragon Ring Handles

Of slender pear form with applied dragon-mask loop handles suspending fixed rings. The bulbous body decorated with four stylized phoenix roundels encircled by scrolling foliage band, key fret border and upright lappet band on the tall neck. The splayed foot is similarly painted with foliage scroll below lappet band. Ming Dynasty Yongle Four-Character Double Circles Mark and of the Period Height: 12½ in. (32 cm) $80,000 - 100,000



清 乾隆 青綠釉浮雕龍蝠紋 反口靈芝出戟花觚 (大清乾隆年製)六字三行篆書款 (相同一件為北京故宮博物館藏。Plate 96, 清盛世瓷選粹,紫禁城出版社)

A Fine Celadon-Glazed Moulded Dragon-Bat Gu

The Flaring neck ending in an out-curved mouth rim with shaped edge of ruyi decorations, the bulbous mid section and spreading foot, all decorated with dragon-bat motifs in a rich green glaze. (Closely related to one at Palace Museum. Plate 96, Selected Porcelain of the Flourishing Qing Dynasty at the Palace Museum, Forbidden City Publishing House) Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Six Character Mark and of the Period Height: 12½ in. (31.8 cm.) $500,000 - $600,000



元 龍泉窯浮雕鶴翔含帶紋 玉壺春瓶 瓶釉彩滑如凝脂,上有浮雕雙鶴牽引着細線在空中 飛翔。為人們攜帶一線與上天溝通之意。雙鶴生動 活潑,線條若隱若現。此瓶造型簡樸偉岸,意境 超逸,應為元代難得之極品。

A Rare Longquan Celadon Yuhuchunping The pear-shaped body is carved in high relief on each side with a crane in flight and holding a flowing thread, symbolic of link between heaven and earth. The overall even tone of unctuous Celadon glaze adds to its elegant fine qualities. Yuan Dynasty Height: 12⅛ in. (30.8 cm.) $80,000 - $100,000



明 五彩五龍追懷山浩海雲火紋罐 (大明萬曆年製)六字雙行雙圈楷書款 罐口為圈雲紋帶。肩上畫五鳳飛翔,其下繞以三線。罐体上繪生 猛五龍追逐紋圖案。五龍上下飛舞於雲彩火珠之間和浩浩懷山波 濤之上。色彩燦爛亮麗,神采飛揚。

Wucai Dragon-Phoenix Jar

The neck is encircled by a classic scroll with double bands followed by five phoenixes in flight and the ovoid body decorated by five flaming dragons above cresting waves, painted in iron red, green and yellow. Ming Dynasty, Wanli Six Character Double Circles Mark and of the Period

Height: 8⅛ in. (20.6 cm.) $4,000 - $6,000 286


明 宣德 青花鳳穿花卉瓶 (大明宣德年製)六字雙行雙圈楷書款 瓶口微敞,頸繪環以蕉葉紋,肩與近足處繪迴紋,上下互相呼應。瓶體畫展翼 生猛的飛鳳。青花髮色優美,畫工精妙,為宣德重器。

A Very Fine Blue and White Phoenix Ovoid Vase

The body is painted in underglaze-blue with two phoenixes in flight amidst floral scroll encircled by two key-fret band on the shoulder and above the foot with blue lines. The flared short neck is decorated with an upright plantain band. Ming Dynasty, Xuande Six Character within Double Circles Mark and of the Period.

Height: 8 in. (20.3 cm.)

$40,000 - $50,000

五代耀州窯青灰釉印花花卉紋杯口把壺 Yaozhou Greyish-Celadon-Glazed Ewer and Cover

Carved with a broad band of peony flowers with a curved spout and a scroll handle with a circular aperture. The cup-shaped mouth surmounted by a small knob and another circular aperture. A band of upright petals rising from the unglazed foot and base.

Height: 8 in. (20.3 cm.) $3,000 - $4,000



清 雍正 粉彩六桃過枝五蝠海碗 (大清雍正年製)六字雙行雙圈楷書款 碗撇口,外壁繪生動美妙的兩棵桃樹上長着四個碩大令人垂延三尺的蟠桃,並有二蝠飛翔其間。樹杆越過碗邊延伸環抱着內壁。 樹上有蟠桃和三隻紅蝠飛舞于空間。

A Magnificent Famille-Rose Bowl with Six Peach and Five Bat Motifs

Finely potted with deep rounded sides rising from a low foot to a slightly evert rim, exquisitely enameled and textured in the exterior with colorful intertwined boughs with fully ripened peaches and fluttering bats, continuing over the rim to the interior, all on a smooth unctuous glazed ground. The five bats and six peaches motifs complete the Wufu design, for longevity. Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng Six Character within Double Circles Mark and of the Period Diameter: 10½ in. (26.7 cm.) $150,000 - $200,000



清 雍正 琺瑯彩皮球花卉壓手杯一套四件 (大清雍正年製)六字雙行雙圈款 A Set of Four Famille-Rose Enamelled Wine Cups

Each thinly potted with deep rounded sides, the exterior delicately enamelled with clusters of ball flowers in rich colors in a blue-dot pattern white background with gold mouth rim. Recessed Mark Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng Six Character Mark in Unglazed Blue within Double Circles Diameter: 2½ in. (6.4 cm.), Height: 1¼ in. (3.2 cm.) $20,000 - $30,000 290


清 雍正 黃地粉彩八桃紅蝠盤(雍正年製)四字雙行雙框楷書金字款 內外施清黃釉。內畫兩樹,結有五桃,三隻紅蝠翩翩翔於其間,寓意 皇帝福壽雙全。外畫桃樹,兩隻紅蝠及三隻肥碩蟠桃。八桃紅蝠盤甚 少,地為清黃尤其罕見。此盤製作精美絕倫,堪稱雍正御用瓷傳世 極品。

清 雍正白地粉彩羅漢詩句燈籠瓶

An Exquisite Famille-Rose Yellow-ground Dish with Eight Peaches and Red Bats

The oviform white-ground body exquisitely painted with a luohan with halo and a poem inscription and three rouge seals. Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng Four Character Double Square Mark and of the Period.

Two entwined branches of peach painted on the interior with five fruits and three red flying bats, on the exterior is another branch with three fruits and two red bats. Such a classic decoration implies a blessing of Huangdi Fu Shou Shuang Quan, the Emperor Enjoying Both Happiness and Longevity. With an overall even yellow glaze, this dish is a rare find. Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng Four Character Double-squares Mark in Gold and of the Period

Diameter: 6¼ in. (15.8 cm.) $20,000 - $30,000

(雍正年製)四字雙行雙框楷書款 題識:祥光瑞氣彩雲馳,天上人間任徘徊 朱紅鈐印:(佳丽)(旭)(映)

A Fine Famille-Rose Luohan Lantern-Shaped Vase

Height: 8⅞ in. (22.5 cm.) $10,000 - $15,000



明 宣德 青花纏枝花卉紋內壁雕雙龍紋高足碗 (大明宣德年製)六字楷書橫款 碗敞口,弧壁,高足中空外撇, 外壁,內底和足牆繪細緻青雅優美生動的青花纏枝花卉紋飾。內壁為淺雕生動壯麗活靈活現的雙龍紋飾。 畫工精堪,神韻天然,為明宣德朝極品。

An Exquisite Blue and White Flowers Dragon Stem Bowl

Finely painted in bright tones of blue with frieze of dianthus borne of a leafy undulating stem on the exterior wall and stem base encircled by blue lines, the interior rim has a geometric scroll and two ferocious dragons incised on the wall well and a medallion of dianthus with blooms in the central well Ming Dynasty, Xuande Six-character Seal Mark in one line and of the period to the inside of the foot Diameter: 7¼ in. (18.5 cm) Height: 5 in. (12.7 cm) $100,000 - $150,000




清 雍正 粉藍釉压手杯一對 (大清雍正年製)六字雙行楷書雙圈款 A Pair of Fine and Rare Small Powder-Blue-Glazed Wine Cups

元 龍泉窯刻花花卉折沿盤 Longquan Celadon Charger

Diameter: 2½ in. (6.35 cm.), Height: 1¾ in. (4.4 cm.) $8,000 - $12,000

Diameter: 13⅛ in. (33.4 cm.) $12,000 - $20,000

Each finely potted, with deep rounded sides rising from the recessed base. The exterior covered with a powder blue glaze. Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng Six Character Mark within a Double Circle and of the Period

Well potted body with rounded side rising from a short foot to an everted rim, finely carved to the exterior with a medallion of a flower spray, encircled by foliate scrolls. Yuan Dynasty



清 光緒 礬紅加金雲龍紋大水洗 (大清光緒年製)六字雙行楷書款 此洗口微凸出,上涂金色,肩上畫迴紋。體白,上繪游龍于圓形雲彩之間,活潑 生動,工藝精美。近底處為波浪紋,無足。此洗雄壯豪邁,為光緒難得之精品。

An Important Gilt Copper-Red Dragon Washer

Of compressed ovoid form, with a gilt mouth-rim and a key-fret band around, two gilt copper-red striding dragons chasing pearls, amidst clouds and above surging billows. Its interior is glazed turquoise. Qing Dynasty, Guangxu Six-character Mark and of the Period

Diameter: 8½ in. (21.5 cm.) Height: 6 in. (15.2 cm.) $30,000 - $40,000

明 弘治 黃地紅綠彩高足杯 (大明弘治年製)六字橫款 A Yellow Ground Red and Green Enameled Dragon Stem Cup

With deep flaring sides rising from an angled base and a hollow spreading foot to an everted rim. The exterior i painted with two flaming dragons and a phoenix on the interior well. A cresting wave band at the foot base. Ming Dynasty, Hongzhi Six Character Mark and of the Period in Underglazed Blue to the inside of the foot

Diameter: 4⅛ in. (10.5 cm.), Height: 4½ in. (11.4 cm.) $5,000 - $6,000



清 康熙 青花龍火懷山浩海紋瓶 (大清康熙年製)六字三行 楷書款 瓶口微撇,直頸近肩處有兩玄紋。瓶體細緻 潔白,上繪青花二蒼龍直立騰飛於浩浩波濤 懷山之上。生動活潑的火焰飛躍於空中,神 韻盎然,呼之欲出。此瓶器型古雅雄渾,青 花發色瑰麗,工藝精絕,為清康熙朝官窯 青花瓷代表之作。與此瓶在器型、紋飾和 燒造工藝方面加以類比,請參看:現藏 於中國北京故宮博物院和上海博物 館的兩件清康熙海水龍紋瓶。 1.(故宮博物院藏清盛世瓷選粹) 第46頁/圖版4 2.(中國文物精華大辭典·陶瓷 卷)第420頁/圖版853 (中國國家文物局主編) Height: 15¾ in. (40 cm.) $150,000 - $200,000


A Fine Blue and White Dragon Vase

Two raised bands at the bottom of its cylindrical neck below which are two writhing dragons in pursuit of flaming pearls amidst wispy clouds and above surging billows. The dragon motif being symbolic of Imperial power is rendered here with the best characteristics of mythical images in its expression and stance, compare its design and workmanship to two masterpieces respectively collected by China’s Palace Museum in Beijing and Shanghai Museum. References: 1. Selected Porcelain of the Flourishing Qing Dynasty from the Collection of Palace Museum, Plate 4/Page 46, published by Forbidden City Publishing House in Beijing, China. 2. Encyclopedia of Historic Relics, Volume of Porcelain, Plate 853/ Page 420, compiled by China’s National Bureau of Cultural Relics Administration and jointly published by Shanghai Cishu and Hong Kong Shangwu Publishing Houses in China. Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Six Character Mark and of the Period


清 康熙青花八仙八吉祥花口杯八件 (大清康熙年製)六字雙行雙圈楷書款 A Rare Set of Eight Exquisite Blue and White Foliate Rim Wine Cups with Immortals and Auspicious Signs

Each has deep rounded sides raised on short feet with flaring foliate rim. Decorated on the exterior with Immortals standing and holding their attributes and riding on a cloud scroll including Li Tieguai with his crutch and gourd, Zhongli Quan with his fan, Cao Guojiu with his tablet, Zhang Guolao with his musical bamboo and two rods, He Xiangu with a lotus stem, Han Xiangzi with his flute, Lan Caihe with a flower basket, and Lu Dongbin with a fly whisk. On the other side of the cup is painted with the auspicious symbols. Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Six Character Double Circle Mark and of the Period. Diameter: 2¾ in. (7 cm.) x 8, Height: 2¼ in. (5.7 cm.) x 8 $30,000 - $40,000 298

清 乾隆 粉彩五龍 雲火紋蒜頭瓶 (大清乾隆年製)六字三行篆書款

Famille-Rose and Gilt Garlic Head Five-Dragon Vase

Finely painted in vivid color around the globular body four dragons in pursuit of flaming pearls surmounted by another dragon on the garlic head, encircled by ruyi scrolls and wave bands Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Six Character Mark and of the Period Height: 10 in. (25.4 cm.) $15,000 - $20,000



清 乾隆 閗彩雙龍戲珠魚耳抱月瓶 (大清乾隆年製)六字三行篆書款 瓶口微敞,下環以葉紋。短頸上繪洪蝠方字伴以雲紋,並有雙魚耳墜至肩間。瓶體為白色,上繪雙龍戲舞于五彩雲中,火珠伴以烈 焰。瓶下繪洶湧的波濤。斜足,其上畫雲蝠紋。此瓶潔白清雅,色彩斑斕,繪工生動有神,氣勢雄壯豪放,為乾隆難得的閗彩傑作。

A Very Fine Doucai Dragon Moon Flask

Robustly potted on a short splayed foot, the globular body is superbly painted with two flaming scaly five-clawed dragons chasing pearls amid vaporous clouds and above cresting waves. The shoulder flanked by a pair of Ruyi handles and a straight neck with a lappet band. Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Six Character Mark and of the Period Diameter: 2¼ in. (5.7 cm.) Height: 13½ in. (34.3 cm.) $200,000 - $300,000



元 白釉淺刻龍雲紋梅瓶 A White-Glazed Incised DragonCloud Motif Meiping

Well potted baluster body finely incised with a flaming dragon chasing pearl amidst cloud in between a classic scroll below the rounded shoulder and a lappet band above the unglazed and recessed foot. Yuan Dynasty Height: 9¾ in. (24.8 cm.) $20,000 - $30,000


清 乾隆 青花壽山福海象耳尊 (大清乾隆年製)六字三行篆書款 尊口圓,下圍以波濤紋。象耳落在斜 肩上,並有纏枝花卉紋帶。尊體繪青 花壽山福海紋,而壽字奇妙地生長成 桃樹,結實累累。足外斜,上繪如意 頭紋帶,下圍以雙線。此尊造型 瑰麗,青花髮色柔潤,繪畫工藝 神奇,為乾隆難得之精品

Blue and White Zun with Round Fu-Shou and Floral Motifs and Elephant Handles

Finely potted pear-shaped body resting on a splayed foot, flanked at the shoulder by a pair of elephant head loop handles, decorated with four panels of Shou character with encircling peach blooms and bats, signifying longevity and prosperity. Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Six Character Mark and of the Period Diameter: 3⅜ in. (8.6 cm.) Height: 7⅜ in. (18.7 cm.) $20,000 - $25,000




大雅齋 黃地粉彩花鳥如意壽带耳 葫蘆瓶 (永慶長春)款 A Yellow Ground Famille-Rose DoubleGourd Peony Vase Empress Cixi Mark


黑釉刻花皮囊壺 Black Glazed Pouch-Shaped Ewer with Carved Floral Motifs Height: 14½ in. (36.8 cm.) $1,000 - $1,500

清 竹雕雲龍戲珠紋 六棱筆筒 A Finely Carved Hexagonal Bamboo Brush Pot

The head of the scepter made up of a large fungus, with smaller fungi growing from the extended gnarled stalk

Length: 12¼ in. (31.1 cm.) $800 - $1,000

Height: 15¼ in. (38.7 cm.) $1,200 - $1,500 305

黃楊木精雕靈芝如意 Well Carved Boxwood Ruyi Scepter with Lingzhi


浮雕鐵梨木喜上眉梢 花鳥大筆筒 A Rare Tie-Li-Mu Cylindrical Burl Brush Pot Relief Carved with Birds and Flowers

Each panel depicting dragons chasing pearls against a scrolling clouds background Qing Dynasty

Height: 10 in. (25.4 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000

Height: 12¼ in.(31 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000



青花雲龍紋筆筒 (大清光緒年製)款 Blue and White Cylindrical Brush Pot with Dragons and Wispy Clouds Motifs Guangxu Mark


Height: 6¾ in. (17.1 cm.) $400 - $500


琥珀茶色料彩灑銀浮雕携琴訪友筆筒 (乾隆年製)款

A Cylindrical Amber Glass Brush Pot with Silver Fleck Carved with Visiting Friend with Qin Decorations Height: 6⅛ in. (15.6 cm.) $500 - $600

青花人物筆筒 (文章山斗)款 Blue and White Cylindrical Brush Pot with Story Scene of Scholars Recessed Kangxi Mark Wenzhang Shandou

Height: 5⅞ in. (15 cm.) $400 - $600


清 乾隆 粉彩浮雕龍鳳花卉連 體雙管扁瓶 (大清乾隆年製)六字楷書款

An Unusual Famille-Rose Moulded Conjoined Flask

Potted as two conjoined flask vases, with incised dragon-phoenix amidst clouds motifs on opposite side leaping in vivid colors and floral scrolls on the rounded side continuing to the slender necks, with key-fret at the base. Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Six Character Mark and of the Period Height: 7¾ in. (19.7 cm.) $30,000 - $40,000



元 塑雕鳥菓紋五彩筆筒 A Rare and Finely Carved Wucai Cylindrical Brush Pot

The exterior is moulded with fruit bearing branches and a bird perched on twig. Covered overall in finely crackled green glaze with purple splashes around the rim and extending into the interior. Yuan Dynasty

Height: 6 in. (15.2 cm.), Diameter: 3¾ in. (9.5 cm.) $20,000 - $30,000

清 虛谷竹雕趙孟頫人馬圖筆筒 (高士清游圖,虛谷刻)

A Finely Carved Bamboo Brush Pot with Zhao Mengfu’s Painting: A Man and His Horse in the Wind Inscribed and Carved by the Artist Xu Gu (1842-1896) Qing Dynasty

Height: 6 in. (15.2 cm.) $4,000 - $5,000




民國 粉彩人物仕女筆筒 (大清康熙年製)款

Famille-Rose Cylindrical Brush Pot with Ladies at Leisure Kangxi Mark

Height: 8⅜ in. (21.3 cm.) $500 - $600


青花開光山水人物筆筒 (康熙年製)款 Blue and White Cylindrical Brush Pot with Windows of Figural Landscape Scene


Height: 6 in. (15.2 cm.) $500 - $600

Wood trim at rim and base, with three tab feet. Artist mark of Huang Zhenxiao

Recessed Kangxi Mark


(乾隆戊午長至月小臣 黄振效製)款

A Relief Carved Bamboo Brush Pot with Scene of Fishermen Gathering Height: 7⅛ in. (18.1 cm.)

$800 - $1,000


浮雕山水祥雲端硯 A Well Carved Duan Inkstone with Landscape Scene

浮雕意形八仙端硯 Eight Immortals’ Duan Inkstone

Height: 2⅝ in. (6.7 cm.), Length: 15½ in. (39.4 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000 318

Length: 9⅞ in. (25.1 cm.) $1,000 - $1,500 319

紫檀浮雕流雲仙人方盒 A Well Carved Zitan Square Box with Wispy Cloud and Fairy Motifs Height: 3 in. (7.6 cm.) Length: 11⅝ in. (29.5 cm.) Width: 7⅝ in. (19.4 cm.) $1,500 - $2,000



紫砂獸耳含環瓶一對 楊柳陰濃夏日遲,村邊高館漫平池。鄰翁挈盒乘清早, 來決輸贏昨日棋。笙伯 月明湘水初無影, 雪滿梁園當未歸。冝陶刻

A Pair of Zisha Square Vase with Mock Ring Handles Height: 10½ in. (26.7 cm.)


$400 - $600


Lot 15

丁雄泉 (1928 - 2010)

芙蓉花蝗蟲圖 水墨紙本立軸 1971 年作 款識:丁雄泉芙蓉花 蝗蟲圖 (畫軸題款) 鈐印:(採花大盜)

Walasse Ting

Locust and Peony Hanging Scroll, Ink on Paper Dated 1971

Inscribed by Walasse Ting on the edge of the scroll, with one artist seal 71⅜ × 35⅞ in. 181.3 × 91.1 cm.

Lot 225

明 時大彬 紫砂塑雕人面壺 A Very Rare Mask-Form Zisha Teapot, Shi Dabin Height: 5½ in. (14 cm.) Diameter: 2⅞ in. (7.3 cm.)

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