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An intimate wedding in Mauritius.

A honeymoon is the most romantic holiday you will ever experience and we can help you create your dream getaway with our experienced honeymoon experts who arrange tailor-made honeymoons every day. In our brochure you will find the top destinations for honeymoons, our top multi-centre honeymoons and some amazing resorts that offer luxury and romance.


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What to consider before embarking on your journey.

07 TOP HONEYMOON DESTINATIONS Only the hottest honeymoon destinations.

15 STYLE EDIT The latest style inspiration for your trip.

17 ALL INCLUSIVE Indulge in a care-free honeymoon.

19 WEDDINGS ABROAD Find out about our destination weddings service.

A short but perfectly formed, luxury honeymoon experience.

33 STAG & HENS Our best stag & hen destinations to discover.

37 LGBT HONEYMOONS See our handpicked LGBTfriendly destinations.

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The world is waiting. Full of sights, sounds, colour and life. Travel with us to cosmopolitan cities, deserted beaches, ancient temples, exotic bazaars, verdant rainforests, vivid coral reefs and majestic


mountains. Whether you are after relaxation, entertainment


or sightseeing, the one thing a honeymoon should do is make you happy, so we’ve made that our sole aim. Ne w Yo r k

San Francisco

Our team of specialists have compiled a list of our very favourite places from around the world for your perusal; with the very best in honeymoon hotels and resorts, and multi-centre journeys around the globe. From idyllic

L a s Ve g a s Los Angeles

USA & Mexico

Miami Bahamas Mexico

Ja m a i c a

Caribbean Antigua

St Lucia Barbados Grenada

jewel-like islands to thrilling adventure tours, Honeymoon Dreams have a portfolio to make your dreams a reality. Galapagos








Top 5 Multi-Centre Honeymoons


Spain Portugal

Croatia Italy

Maldives & Dubai

Greek Cyprus Islands

Ja p a n Dubai Abu Dhabi Oman

Middle East


India Sri Lanka

Kenya Maldives Zanzibar Ta n z a n i a Seychelles


Singapore & Bali

Hong Kong

Thailand Islands

Vietnam Cambodia Thailand

Mauritius Madagascar

South Africa

Sri Lanka & Maldives


New York & Mexico



Indian Ocean Botswana


Australia & South Pacific Whitsundays Fiji Brisbane Sydney Melbourne

Bora Bora Ta h i t i


When to go where...

Don’t let the weather ruin your honeymoon

JANUARY Mexico Thailand

Mexico Caribbean


Singapore Dubai Kenya


Maldives Thailand Japan

Australia New Zealand

Thailand Maldives

Cambodia Malaysia

Maldives Caribbean

Malaysia Cambodia

Dubai Zanzibar Malaysia

Sri Lanka Mauritius

Bora Bora Fiji Dubai

South Africa Japan

New Zealand Caribbean

Dubai Malaysia

Sri Lanka Vietnam

South Africa Sri Lanka

Australia South America

South America

New Zealand Mauritius

Maldives New Zealand


JUNE Fiji Canada


Kenya Tanzania


Mexico Caribbean

Europe USA

USA Bora Bora

Tanzania Europe

Canada Japan Hawaii

Kenya Mauritius

Europe Bali

Malaysia Bora Bora

New Zealand USA

Bali Tanzania

Canada Fiji Singapore

Canada Kenya USA




Singapore Zanzibar

Seychelles Bora Bora


Caribbean Hawaii Mexico Mexico Mauritius Vietnam Singapore Seychelles

Fiji Bali


NOVEMBER Mexico South America


Seychelles Bali Tanzania

Bora Bora Zanzibar

Mauritius South Africa

Japan Maldives Dubai

Caribbean South America

Canada Hawaii USA

Australia Dubai Zanzibar

Mauritius Seychelles

Sri Lanka Dubai Mexico

Japan Kenya Fiji

Bora Bora Fiji Japan

South Africa Thailand

New Zealand Maldives

Malaysia Tanzania

Kenya Philippines


South Africa Mauritius

Europe Bali Sri Lanka



Thailand Australia





nce you’ve walked down the aisle and spoken your vows, your next step is to jet off to your romantic honeymoon. Wherever you decide to go, make sure you read our top tips on how to plan your perfect honeymoon and how to get the most out of your time together.

Plan Your Perfect Destination

Deciding where to go is the first decision you need to make for your honeymoon. A fun way to decide where to go, which has both of your interests at heart is for you both to write down a list of things you want to do on your honeymoon.

Prepare Your Suitcase in Advance

Whether you decide to jet off straight after your wedding or a few weeks later, your luggage is an important necessity to get right. Depending on where you go, for example, the Maldives; pack clothing lightly and make room for small gestures. Pack your partner’s favourite fragrance or music playlist for a super sweet surprise when you need some music to set the scene. If you decide to go for a more cultural destination such as Sri Lanka, South Africa or St Lucia, pack an itinerary of places you think your partner will love to explore. Remember to always bring your camera so you can capture the beginning of your marriage. Don’t over pack your suitcases as you may want to bring back souvenirs from your trip.

Explore More

If you’re both stuck between two destinations for your honeymoon, why not have a Multi-Centre honeymoon where you can have double the fun?

Be Spontaneous

Planning is great, but being spontaneous is even better. Leave an entire day empty on your honeymoon to allow you to be spontaneous. Get Honeymoon Dreams to arrange a surprise couple’s massage or private candlelit dinner on the beach to end the day.

Make the Most of Your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is a romantic holiday and it’s a time to explore the world with your partner on your new journey of marriage. A honeymoon is a great excuse to live your wildest adventures and tick off something from your bucket list. Make your honeymoon the most important holiday of your life by doing things you both thoroughly enjoy.

Honeymoon Fund

It might sound a little cheeky, but instead of asking for wedding gifts from your friends and family, ask for money towards your honeymoon. That way if you’re stuck on a budget or you want to explore somewhere pricier, you can! We offer an amazing Gift List service where you can ask your friends to donate money instead of gifts and this will go towards your honeymoon.

Turn Off Alarms

Turn off all phone alarms you may have set on repeat, as you’ll have the luxury of staying in on your honeymoon. Order in breakfast in bed or hop out and grab something nice while your partner is sleeping to indulge in a little comfort.

Save Time to Relax and Unwind

If your honeymoon is full of adventure and cultural sightseeing, then leave a day or two to unwind and relax. This will help the both of you recover from the previous days, find a nice spa or simply sit back on the beach where you can read a book or listen to some music while enjoying each other’s company.







Top Honeymoon Destinations

No. 1 Honeymoon Destination

Maldives A

perfect honeymoon destination is the Maldives, with a collection of idyllic islands dotted in the Indian ocean. The 1190 islands are situated within the sparkling turquoise ocean with exquisite white sandy beaches. Many Maldives resorts are placed on their own individual islands, the fusion of luxury, privacy and the untouched charm of each resort make the Maldives the closest place to heaven on earth. What better honeymoon destination than a secluded island distinguished by its stunning seascapes, friendly locals and super-deluxe accommodation. The Maldives is home to some of the best coral reefs in the world, so suit-up and explore the kaleidoscopic marine life. Picking the Maldives will allow you to be submerged into an indulgent, luxury honeymoon haven.

0121 440 6268 Call for Your Tailor-Made Maldives Honeymoon


Relax in your own water villa

Multi-Centre Memories Our top places to twin Maldives with


1. Dubai 3. Singapore 5. Hong Kong 7. Bangkok

Dining Spa Treatments

2. Sri Lanka 4. Abu Dhabi 6. Istanbul 8. India

MALDIVES: The Guide The Maldives is located southwest of Sri Lanka, on the equator. There are 1,190 coral islands, forming an archipelago of 26 major atolls, 202 islands are inhabited, 100 are exclusive luxury island resorts. Many of these islands offer a serene paradise, making it a perfect destination for a honeymoon. This part of the world is simply paradise. The Maldives is a place where tiny islands are scattered like jewels across the ocean, each surrounded by a turquoise lagoon and diamond white sands. The perfect honeymoon and diving location, you’ll find resorts that exude romance and have a choice of luxurious villas, from retreats with a private stretch of beach to overwater hideaways with their own private infinity pool. The famous over-water villas are dotted throughout this dreamlike honeymoon destination offering exclusivity and a secluded atmosphere. Island resorts offer honeymooners total relaxation and privacy. Arrange a meal on the beach in the Maldives, unquestionably one of the most romantic locations in the world.

Keep in the know What is the currency in the

Maldives? Maldivian rufiyaa, althoug h US dollars are most commonly used on reso rt islands. How long does it take to fly to the Maldives? 10 1/4 hours to Malé airport. What is the time difference

in Maldives?

GMT +5 hours When is the best time to visi

Looking for something really unique? Conrad Rangali Maldives offers the very first underwater suite in the Maldives!

t the Maldives? The Maldives have a tropical climate, so the temperatures vary littl e throughout the year, you should expect an average of 2530 degrees Celsius. May – July and September – November hav e a higher rainfall with some cloud, but ther e will still be plenty of sunshine and rain doesn’t tend to last for long. December to April is the dry season in the Maldives.


Top Honeymoon Destinations

Our Recommended Maldives Resorts While the Maldives may seem like a paradise honeymoon destination, with their unspoilt powder-white beaches and endless expanse of ocean glinting in the bright sunshine, this collection of 26 atolls and numerous luxury resorts can become as frustrating as anywhere else if you choose the wrong island for you. Knowing exactly what you want from your romantic Maldives honeymoon and choosing the right island accordingly will make all the difference. To make the selection process even more straightforward, we have sorted out the winning attributes of some of the Maldives’ popular island getaways so you can choose the perfect one for you whether you want unadulterated relaxation, the finest spa treatments or buzzing nightlife on your honeymoon.

Excellent Dine Around Options

Kuramathi Island Resort

Delicious food is an important part of the honeymoon experience. To savour an impressive selection of diverse dining options why not book a Honeymoon Pool Villa at Kuramathi? In this heavenly location you can indulge in mouth-watering dining at the resort’s 3 buffet restaurants, 9 à la carte restaurants and sip cocktails or other refreshing beverages at any of Kuramathi’s 6 top-notch bars. For a more intimate dining experience arrange a romantic meal for two at the Serenade Pavilion or feast on a delicious lobster dinner on a quiet corner of the beach. Alongside the wide range of dining options, the Kuramathi Spa offers relaxation and rejuvenation with every treatment. Kuramathi Spa includes thirteen treatment rooms with two over water treatment rooms with a wet area featuring a sauna Jacuzzi and plunge pool, enveloped in peace and calm surroundings. As well as this, Kuramathi’s famous house reef allows you to have direct access to some amazing water activities from the Island!

Intimate Island with Excellent Snorkelling Spots

Kandolhu Island

Nestled on a tiny island surrounded by wide sugar-white beaches and a vibrant house reef, Kandolhu creates an idyllic retreat where you can savour the utter bliss of doing nothing and connecting with a slower pace of life while also celebrating your marriage. Relax in one of just 30 well-appointed villas, indulge in soothing spa treatments, select a novel from the library or just chill out on the beach and work on your tan. Kandolhu is located minutes away from some of the Maldives’ best diving sites and Kandolhu Island’s kaleidoscopic house reef is the perfect spot for snorkelling and scuba diving on your honeymoon. The trained experts are on hand to show you all the best diving sites with the dive school offering PADI certified courses.


Deserted Island Experience


Maafushivaru is a petite paradise, just 350m in length but offers honeymooners absolute heaven. With two wide beaches and stunning lagoon, you and your newlywed can explore the house reef for vibrant marine life, or hop on board to venture further to find excellent diving spots where you can see turtles, manta rays and whale sharks. The overwater teppanyaki restaurant provides excellent dining entertainment for your special occasion and the range of accommodation provide intimate living. Maafushivaru offers a unique island experience on its sister island, Lonubo, where you can enjoy romantic picnics and candlelit dinners – and only one couple at a time can visit here making it ultra intimate!

Fantastic All Inclusive Package

Constance Moofushi

Offering an excellent all inclusive package with premium drinks, delicious dining choices and luxurious accommodation. Keen snorkelers will love all that Constance Moofushi has to offer including its great location on the migration route of manta rays! Perfect for honeymooners, this resort offers elegant accommodation, whether you want to sleep above the crystal clear waters or on the white powder beach. The over water spa is designed for ultimate relaxation and each guests receives a ‘Spa Experience Card’ so that the resort can keep track of your wellness goals and preferences for a truly personalized approach to your wellbeing. Romantic Island experiences such as a boat ride on The Dhoni to be taken to a private island for a picnic for two, big game fishing, sunset cruises and visits to a local village.

One of the Maldives’ Most Dazzling Beaches


Once you step on the island you will be invited by the tropical paradise of bright, azure blue waters and stunning white beach. Great for young honeymooners, Velassaru offers 2 fabulous bars with mood lighting and chilled music – the ideal setting to toast to newly married life with cocktails and shisha. Honeymooners can enjoy a relaxing and romantic island escape at Velassaru with over water treatments rooms at the spa, a stunning infinity pool with views of the beach and ocean and a range of water sports and PADIcertified dive school. The stunning bungalows and villas are spacious and private, some have stunning indoor/outdoor bathrooms and are equipped with modern amenities.


Top Honeymoon Destinations NO.2 HONEYMOON DESTINATION


If a honeymoon bursting with culture and adventure is what you and your partner have always imagined, then look no further than Sri Lanka. Your Sri Lanka honeymoon will be an adventure as you visit beautiful temples, ride elephants at Chaaya Village or visit the elephant orphanage and taste a variety of delicious teas at one of the tea plantations.

What to Do

Where To Stay

Spend your Sri Lanka honeymoon visiting Yala national park and the Dambulla Rock Temple, relaxing on the beach in Negombo, or get lost in the endless tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya. The tropical climate ensures warm temperatures year round, making Sri Lanka an ideal honeymoon destination. On dream honeymoon you can have your own private driver taking you around Sri Lanka, stopping in beautiful lodges and hotels throughout.

We love Jetwing Beach for the start of your Sri Lanka honeymoon where you can relax in a beautiful setting after your wedding with opulent amenities such as ocean-facing rooms, worldclass dining, 2 swimming pools and rooftop spa. Cinnamon Lodge Habarana is another favourite, nestled under the spreading foliage of 1700 native trees, surrounded by an area of great natural beauty, which offers a variety of unforgettable excursions, safaris and treks.



Fringed with beautiful beaches, Bali’s coastline is dotted with enchanting villages each with its own personality. A trip in land takes you to Ubud, set among rice paddy fields and the country’s artisan centre.


What to Do

Where to Stay

Visit the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud, where you’ll find a host of galleries, museums and daily cultural performances. Seminyak is vibrant, with stylish cafes and bars such as Potato Head Beach Club. The club hosts a pool bar to cool off in while drinking cocktails overlooking the ocean. A Balinese massage is an essential part of any Bali honeymoon as the Balinese use their magic fingers to release tension.

Nestled in the fashionable Seminyak area of Bali, Samaya Seminyak is one of the our top recommend hotels in Bali. Perfect for couples, each villa offers a lap pool and 24-hour butler service. In Ubud we highly recommend the Alila Ubud, which is set along the Ayung River and features a stunning ‘floating’ swimming pool. This stylish retreat is perfect for a honeymoon hideaway with breathtaking scenery to behold from lush rainforests to picturesque rice paddies.



Dubai is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who love fast-paced cosmopolitan cities with oodles of glitz, glamour and excitement around every corner. Dubai is also a cultural melting pot and offers diverse medley of cuisines.

What to Do During your romantic Dubai honeymoon there are plenty of funfilled activities to squeeze in to your itinerary, ranging from shopping at the record-breaking Dubai Mall to sailing along the Creek, soaring up to the observation deck at the Burj Khalifa or exploring the air-conditioned souk at the Madinat Jumeirah. Dune-bashing and hot air balloon flights add a healthy dose of adventure to your experience.


Where to Stay Honeymooners planning to stay in this dynamic city will have a number of luxury hotels and resorts to choose from, including the iconic Burj Al Arab which boasts not just 5 but 7 stars and is steeped in opulence and glamour. Alternatively, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is one of our top recommended hotels. Enjoy the 59-metre infinity pool and access to a private beach to relax on your romantic getaway.


Crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches make up the tropical island of Mauritius, which overlooks the Indian Ocean. This volcanic island is a perfect honeymoon destination that offers relaxation and fun activities to make your honeymoon special.

What to Do With plenty of watersports, relaxing spas, world class golf courses and all inclusive cuisine, your Mauritius honeymoon will be packed full of fun and relaxation without leaving the resort. For couples looking for a bit more of an adventure on their honeymoon, Mauritius has so much to offer from French colonial houses, walking with lions, nature walks, quad biking, horse riding and zip-lining for thrill seekers.

Where to Stay For ultimate luxury on your Mauritius honeymoon, we recommend 5* Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa, set in a romantic and intimate ambience, you’ll have complete privacy in your own luxury suite villa. Situated along Flic en Flac Beach, spend your days enjoying water sports or relaxing besides the large infinity pool. Another recommended hotel is the adults only boutique, Paradise Cove, with 16 love nests under thatch roofs situated right on the shore with beautiful views.





The tropical Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is a beach paradise for honeymooners, with luxurious resorts and spas. Our style edit is packed with everything you need for the beach!

What to pack

River Island sunglasses £14

Melissa Odabash hat £120

Ted Baker bikini £40

Mauritius’ tropical climate means it’s hot all year round. Therefore, we recommend packing plenty of beachwear for both men and women such as swimwear, cotton clothing and not forgetting a high factor sun screen. Whilst on honeymoon you will be spending a lot of time on the beach enjoying the sunshine, therefore shorts and t-shirts for men and swimming costumes, flowy dresses, sandals and sun glasses for women are essential.

in S vel a r T

What to pack

Riess linen shirt £80

Despite being an Islamic country the UAE is liberal so mostly you can wear anything you like. However, there’s some simple dress code guidelines to follow to be respectful of the culture and tradition of Dubai whilst enjoying your honeymoon. Dubai is a hot city, especially in Summer therefore it’s best to wear light clothes mostly covering the shoulders and knees when out at the malls and public buildings. Men can wear full length shorts and t-shirt and women can wear maxi dresses to keep cool. Heart & Dagger skinny linen trousers £50 Gucci velvet loafers £620

Office wedges £50

Where to stay

Where to stay Long Beach is the perfect 5* allinclusive resort to stay at, nestled along one of the largest, longest beaches on the beautiful east coast of Mauritius. Only an hour from the airport, this luxurious beach resort offers an array of complimentary water sport activities including snorkelling, kayaking and glass bottom boat trips.



Dubai has hot temperatures all year round, so for your honeymoon its wise to dress accordingly with cool clothes such as linen shirts and trousers!

Tom Ford bracelet £290

edit58 bag £65


Must do

With Mauritius being well known for its beautiful beaches with volcanic backdrops and endless waterfalls, there is so much to do and see with plenty of water sports, relaxing spas, world class golf courses and local sights to explore. Hop on a boat and discover the beautiful beaches including Le Morne beach and Belle Mare, if you are feeling more adventurous, this destination is ideal for snorkelling and kayaking.

Perfect for your own private pool or at your resort’s pool, these floatable drink holders are romantic and great for cocktails in the pool! Priced at £15

Home to the only water villas in Dubai, the 5* Anantara The Palm set on Palm Jumeirah sure is an impressive hotel for your honeymoon. Conveniently located just 45 minutes from Dubai airport, in addition to the water villas, this luxurious beach resort boasts an impressive selection of facilities.

Must do

Home to record-breaking buildings, the world’s biggest dancing fountain and luxurious hotels and shopping malls. There is an impressive selection of attractions and things to do from visiting the Top of Burj Khalifa, exploring the surroundings on a camel with a Desert safari tour, fun – filled thrilling day at the Aquaventure waterpark, and shopping in the renowned Dubai Mall.

Stay cool in the Dubai heat with the Chantecaille rosewater spray with Vitamin C. Priced at £60



in S vel a r T


Mexico is a great destination for beach and culture, so we’ve got the perfect outfit to keep you cool and stylish when exploring the sights!

What to pack

As it is a hot and humid climate, beach and casual essentials are a must when heading to Mexico. As Mexico has it all from relaxation to adventure, make sure to pack swim wear, sandals, hats, sunglasses and cover ups such as pashminas, however, when heading out to the jungle treks make sure to take trainers or hiking boots. In addition to this, don’t forget to pack dressy outfits and light layered clothing when on a night out at a fine dining restaurant. Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and pack a camera to capture moments.

Amazing food, vibrant culture, incredible history and stunning landscapes. During your honeymoon in Mexico see the ancient Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, where you will see the Calendar Temple and ancient courts. Riveira Maya is home to the marvellous Xcaret archaeological park. Discover the underground rivers, lagoons and pools or venture to the other side of the park to meet spider monkeys, turtles and swim with dolphins. Keep memories of your honeymoon in Mexico with the waterproof Go Pro HERO7 Black Action Cam priced at £379


Go on a thrilling game drive or explore the wineland in south Africa, our style edit gives you the ultimate fashion inspiration when out on a guided safari tour!

What to pack

South Africa has moderate temperatures, therefore whether lazing on the beach, exploring the culture of Cape Town or visiting the big 5 on safari, packing light is key. During the summer months between November to March make sure to pack lightweight t-shirts, shorts, cotton pants and a light jacket. Even a jumper when the temperature drops at night and an umbrella just in case it rains in the winter months. Bathing suit, sandals and sunscreen come in handy to if you decide to laze on the tropical beaches of South Africa. However, if you decide to take a safari make sure to take walking boots for the long walks, a brim hat and a camera to capture the memories.

Melissa Odabash hat £120

Maje dress £345

Must do

South Africa

Melissa Odabash hat £120

TOPMAN chino shorts £22

Leica ‘limited edition’ safari binoculars £1,950

Soludos wedges £102

Where to stay

Where to stay

Experience the ultimate in UnlimitedLuxury on your honeymoon at Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun, located on the Yucatan Peninsula and half way between Cancun and Playa del Carmen this luxurious resort is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and overlooks the white beach and turquoise sea.

For an unforgettable safari honeymoon stay near Kruger National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa to spot the Big 5. Guests are lucky enough to stay in the midst of the action in one of the scattered luxury lodges dotted around the National Park.

Must do

From a thrilling safari adventure visiting the big 5 at the national parks, exploring the diverse landscapes by hiking, sipping on world class wine in the Garden Route relaxing with a game of golf, lazing on the stunning beaches, soaking up the history at the iconic museums or enjoying the buzzing nightlife of South Africa. Caputre the best moments from your game drives with the FUJIFILM X-T20 camera with 18 - 55mm Lens priced at £1,049


An All-Inclusive Indulgence Looking for the ultimate luxury honeymoon without the stress of hidden costs? All-inclusive honeymoons offer luxurious accommodation, world class dining options and a range of island and water activities all organised before you depart on your honeymoon. Prepare to be spoiled and pampered by friendly and highly trained staff, surrounded by elegant and stylish accommodation.


Kuramathi Island Resort, Maldives


An emerald jewel in the azure Maldivian waters, this gem is our most popular honeymoon resort. Kuramathi Maldives offers an extensive all-inclusive option allowing guests to dine at any of the three buffet restaurants serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and 9 a la carte restaurants offering a range of international cuisines from Asian Fusion, Japanese, Thai and Indian. It also offers 6 bars.

Dinarobin Mauritius

Boasting a prime location on Le Morne Peninsula, Dinarobin provides a breathtaking tropical retreat perfect for spending a romantic Mauritius honeymoon in paradise. There are 4 top-notch restaurants and 4 bars to be found at Dinarobin. Guests staying at Dinarobin also enjoy access to 3 international golf courses as well as the facilities of sister resort, Paradis, where one of the golf courses can be found.

Secrets Silversands Cancun, Mexico

Experience the ultimate in Unlimited luxury on your all-inclusive honeymoon at the 5 star adult only Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun. Secrets Silversands offers a variety of excursions, a world class spa, complimentary green fees at nearby Grand Coral Golf course, unlimited premium drinks, mini bar refreshed daily, limitless access to gourmet dining, daily entertainment, non-motorised water sports and snorkelling plus 24 hour room service which is all included.

Sandals Royal Barbados

Sandals Royal Barbados is an all-suite resort featuring Sandals’ first rooftop pool and bar, 4 lane bowling alley and men’s only barbershop. Basque in the romance of its ocean views which will capture every honeymoon couples’ imagination. Sandals Royal Barbados has 11 on site restaurants to choose from, offering up flavours from around the world plus provides daily use of snorkelling equipment, kayaks, pedal boats and snorkelling excursions.

Centara Ceysands

Situated on the picturesque Bentota peninsula, with the Bentota River bordering one side of the resort and the gilded waves of the Indian Ocean bordering the other side, Centara Ceysands promises a delightful honeymoon experience for couples visiting Sri Lanka. There are 6 top-notch restaurants and bars at Centara Ceysands, ensuring your wining and dining requirements are effortlessly catered for.

LUX* Maldives, South Ari Atoll

This resort is one of the few within the Maldives that offers an All Inclusive option. It allows you to dine in a choice of excellent restaurants, enjoy a wide selection of beverages and a good range of activities too including unlimited access to the gym, sauna and steam room, plunge pool, yoga and spa garden plus daily use of snorkelling equipment, kayaks, pedal boats and snorkelling excursions.





o you dream of a white wedding on the pristine sandy beaches of Mauritius, Mexico or the Caribbean? Destination weddings are becoming more and more appealing, and we can’t blame the brides for wanting gorgeous sceneries, an intimate location and a handful of beloved friends and family to share it with. We have put together our top tips when it comes to planning your dream wedding and what needs to be considered along the way. First off, the paper work side of things for destination weddings tends to be a bit more complicated than weddings in the UK. There are two stages to each wedding, the ceremony itself and recording your marriage legally in the UK. The good news is that overseas marriages are legal in the UK, provided it complies with the laws of the country you get married in.

How we can help with your destination wedding: Honeymoon Dreams can tailor make your big day, from offering you a range of luxurious hotels that specialise in wedding ceremonies, from elegant beach wedding themes to reception organisation. Our goal is to make your big day run as smooth as the beaches of Mauritius, we have decades of experience in travel, so your travel needs will be taken care of. With our team of highly trained destination wedding specialists, you will be assigned your very own wedding planner that will take care of your bridal duties from beginning to end. Speak to us today to start planning your amazing destination wedding.


Once you have decided your wedding destination, it is a great idea to find out exactly how long the administrative side of things will take to determine your wedding date. Our wedding specialists are the best people to speak to for this as we have access to all the necessary information and can take the stress out of organising a wedding with less of the cost than a wedding planner. There are many types of weddings from intimate civil ceremonies for two to a beautiful ceremony and sit down reception for 100+. The size of your wedding party can really impact where and how far you choose to go. While it will be an exciting time for you and your wedding guests, it is important to factor in the cost for your guests for flights and accommodation. Our wedding specialists can organise accommodation and flights for your wedding guests to ensure everyone is kept together and get any discounts or inclusions when booking rooms.

We take care of...

Wedding Ceremony | Hotel | Guest Reservations | Flights | Honeymoon Gift List





GET A FREE CARIBBEAN WEDDING Sandals resorts provide couples with the dreamiest and picturesque wedding locations in the Caribbean from an intimate wedding for two to a fairy-tale wedding for 100+. Sandals have created a way to customise your dream wedding and place it in any of their stunning destinations around the Caribbean. When you book 3 nights or more, you’ll get a wedding for free. You will benefit from a stunning ceremony venue, a bouquet, boutonniere, a cake to cut when it’s all said and done and much, much more. You’ll also have a range of upgrades and ways to customise your dream day to your exact specification.



An Intimate Destination Wedding in Mauritius Kerry and James made the decision to tie the knot at the stunning 5 star Dinarobin Golf Resort & Spa, just the two of them and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Read on to find out about their romantic destination wedding.


So starting from the beginning, we chose to have a helicopter transfer from the airport to our hotel to start our very special holiday off in style and wow this did not disappoint, we were greeted at the airport transfers desk by a member of staff who gave us bottles of water and immediately escorted us to our helicopter, the pilot was so friendly and gave us commentary of some of the history of the island as we made our journey through the sky to our resort, the view as we flew over Le Morne and into the grounds of the Dinarobin hotel were just breath taking.

Dinarobin 23

Helicopter Transfer Once at the hotel we were greeted with face towels and taken to our concierge in The Club – which offers guests exclusive services - where we had our first of many cocktails whilst we were talked through checking in and the agenda for our wedding. We loved the Club Junior Suite Beachfront Room on the beachfront; it was very spacious and had a lovely outside lounge area. We didn’t get to take advantage of using The Club which offered the complimentary drinks as much as we would have liked, we enjoyed being on the beach closer to our room in the daytime so ended up paying for drinks from the beach bar, we used the benefits of The Club most evenings though to enjoy a few drinks in Le Mahogony Bar before we had our evening meal.

We loved the main restaurant L’Harmonie, which offered breakfast every morning and themed buffet option in the evening, amazing quality and selection of food. Our favourite lunchtime spot without a doubt was La Plage, set on the beach we enjoyed such lovely food whilst looking out to sea. We also ate at II Gusto and La Ravanne which were both fantastic, in particular La Ravanne was very memorable as our table was right next to the sea with the moon glistening on the water, we had a guitarist and singer who made the most amazing atmosphere with their acoustic set, it really was a beautiful setting and nice to try the local Mauritian cuisine.

Beach Dining Our wedding was perfect. We met with our wedding coordinator on the day we arrived who went through everything in detail and gave us choices of flowers, food, location and music. It was all so stress free and I felt at ease immediately that everything was organised and I knew who to contact with any queries. On the day, I enjoyed having my hair and makeup done in the spa and then got ready in my room. James had his own room for the afternoon to get ready in and we were then separately taken to the beach. We had a beautiful ceremony looking out to sea followed by cutting of the cake, champagne and canapĂŠs. Our wedding coordinator, Anais and our waiter for the evening, Daril, were our witnesses and we then walked hand in hand along the beach and enjoyed a boat trip to take further pictures. Our ceremony was timed for late afternoon so that we could capture the stunning sunsets they have in Mauritius. We feel so lucky to have exchanged our vows in a truly beautiful place. We were then taken to the Bell Tower, which was all set up for our four course evening meal, our table was beautifully laid with our wedding flowers and we could see the stars through the open roof; the food and service from our waiter Daril was exceptional.

The Big Day The spa at the Dinarobin was out of this world, so tranquil and peaceful, with the view of Le Morne whilst you are sat relaxing and as you showered due to the open roof. I had all my wedding beauty trials and treatments here including hair and was so well looked after; we particularly enjoyed our couples massage. We so wish we had been there longer to enjoy more of the water sports that were on offer, we managed to enjoy a morning paddle boarding over at Paradis and James went out on the snorkelling trip whilst I was having my hair and make up trials, there is so much to offer and one day when we return it will be high on our agenda to make full use of what is on offer.



Can't decide where you want to go on your honeymoon? Our honeymoon advisors can create the trip of your dreams; from a stopover en-route to your beach honeymoon at one of our luxurious city hotels, to a multi-stop touring adventure, our experts have got you covered.



Maldives & Dubai D

ubai is one of the world’s most exciting destinations, the glittering city of Dubai guarantees you a fun-packed, unforgettable honeymoon. From innovative development projects to super-deluxe hotels that grace the beaches, city and desert; thrilling sports and activities to massive malls of tax-free boutiques, this city of gold is constantly buzzing with new and exciting ideas. A great combination for couples looking for a complete chill out with a vibrant city stop. Maldives in our opinion is the perfect honeymoon destination, giving newly weds time to relax and recover after their wedding. Dubai is a city with endless possibilities, from the golden sands of Jumeriah beach to the new nightclub in the Armani Hotel, Dubai has it all.

Share iconic views and landmarks together on your honeymoon, from the busy streets of New York to the calming vibes of Central Park. Enjoy a picnic in Central Park to romanticise your honeymoon to the max. Forget the Grand Canyon, visit Copper Canyon in Mexico for a romantic adventure where you can explore waterfalls and enchanting views that will take your breath away. After all adventure and shopping has been done, treat yourselves to a couples Spa for a relaxing ending to your day.

From £1,900pp Please call or email for alternative hotels


Adventure out on a Desert Safari in Dubai for a fun way to escape the city life and explore the wonders of sleeping under the Arabian sky or jetting off on a hot balloon tour. Snorkel and enjoy underwater activities exploring the tropical sea of the Maldivies, with its 100 species of fish - who knows what you will find.

From £2,500pp Please call or email for alternative hotels

New York & Mexico T

here are a few sights of New York City that you cannot miss, jump on a subway and travel down to the South Ferry. Once you’ve visited the green lady, don’t hop on the subway back to midtown; wander in the opposite direction to discover the Vietnam War memorial and the Brooklyn Bridge. Sprinkle some romance while visiting the world-famous Plaza Hotel pick a cocktail and take in the magnificent views over 5th Avenue. Take romantic walks to the famous Central Park and take in the beautiful City. Chichen Itza is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, the beginning of your enlightening tour of Mexico. The ancient ruins along with a museum will visually tell you the history of Mexico. It’s a must visit. Discover underground rivers, lagoons and pools, swim with dolphins, a must do on any getaway to Mexico.

Singapore & Bali T

he strikingly charming island of Bali is complemented perfectly with a visit to cosmopolitan Singapore where there is something for everyone. Bali is a 15 hour flight, so a stop either inbound or outbound in Singapore breaks the journey up. Bali is enveloped in palm fringed beaches, lush green rice terraces and an immensely spiritual culture, making it one of the most magical destinations in the world. Spend a week in Nusa Dua enjoying breathtaking beaches and water sports, followed by a few nights in the cultural hub of Ubud. Here you will find peace and tranquillity with spectacular views. Singapore is The ‘Crossroads of Asia’, a modern mixture of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures. Explore Singapore’s colonial past, enjoy fantastic shopping and feast on mouth-watering cuisine.

Both South Africa and Mauritius boast the perfect balance of expedition and activity along with lounging around and basking in the sun, allowing you to have a much or as little of either as you please. Despite both being on the edge of the Indian Ocean, you will notice the difference in settings for each hotel, with The Kariega Game Reserve being set in the African bush, and St Regis being based on the soft white sands of Le Morne Beach.

From £3,000pp Please call or email for alternative hotels

Discover the depths of Bali down under on a diving trip to unveil some of the country’s magical underwater universe. Turn up the romantic notch on your honeymoon with a candlelit dinner under the stars and enjoy some quality down time with your other half. Experience a once in a lifetime trip to Singapore’s wheel ‘The Singapore Flyer’ for an amazing view of Singapore’s cityscape with a glass of sparkling wine. Turn it up a notch in Mount Faber where you can enjoy dinner in a cable car taking you through Singapore’s nightlife - absorb the views and sample Singapore’s finest cuisine.

From £1,800pp Please call or email for alternative hotels

South Africa & Mauritius T

he kingdom of South Africa will allow you and your partner to venture through the savannah and help you find your oneness with the spectacular nature around you on your multi-centre honeymoon. Home to the notorious Kruger Park, amongst many other fascinating game reserves, you will be able to journey through the plains and witness scenes that will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With more types of terrain than you will be able to capture on camera, every angle you turn in South Africa will produce a view that will take your breath away. Mauritius’ exotic backdrop represents exactly what the essence of a tropical beach holiday beholds. With white powdery sands that crumble under your feet, to sparkling lagoon waters that will create a picture so stunning it will stay with you forever. Mauritius offers plenty of opportunity for exploration on your multi-centre honeymoon with its captivating coral reefs packed with marine life as well as miles upon miles of picturesque land to hike over. It is also the perfect location to sit back and unwind with its tranquil surroundings.


Minimoons A short but perfectly formed, luxury honeymoon experience

Minimoons Cover

29 21

Turn over for our best minimoon destinations 30 | 0121 440 6268


A short but perfectly formed, luxury honeymoon Not everyone will desire a two week honeymoon or even have the time, but this doesn’t mean there has to be a compromise. A minimoon can be the perfect stopgap for those pressed for time or those who are looking to be budget-conscious, by providing a fast paced and romantic mini adventure which is rewarding in its endeavour. A minimoon is not always a bite-size honeymoon, because for many newlyweds the minimoon is merely the first of two adventures, giving couples the chance to save and go on a longer honeymoon at a later more convenient date, perhaps even in next calendar year. A minimoon will avoid the possibility of jet lag in the form of a long haul flight and with a minimoon you can still grab the best of what’s to offer with an elegant mixture of style, luxury and adventure, without the need to travel too far from home.


Dubai Minimoon

The towering metropolis of Dubai finds its allure in its futuristic, ultra modern architecture and world class attractions. A new world awaits in the lavish resorts around the city which take on a world of their own, as well as the vibrantly busy markets selling anything from local Arabian cuisine to fine jewellery. The reason Dubai remains so popular especially for minimoons is because of its sheer expansiveness but at the same time providing the option to escape it all on excursions, such as heading into the Arabian desert for a jeep ride in the sand dunes. There’s so much to see and do, the Burj Khalifa with its unrivalled heights as the tallest building in the world is the place to see it all at once.

Italy Minimoon

A country of historic beauty and elegance, from the age old streets of Rome, home of the Colosseum and the 2000 year old Pantheon to the city of Venice, which is a hot favourite amongst minimooners. Venice with its canals serving as the method of transport is a place to discover the haunting beauty of the renaissance period, which is still so apparent in Venetian culture. An Italian minimoon is guaranteed to be a source of inspiration and wonder, you can expect nothing less than delectable cuisine, which boasts a world class reputation around the globe. Steeped in history and culture, Italy is a simply gorgeous option for those looking for a minimoon closer to home.

Paris Minimoon

Paris needs no introduction for its romantic appeal, as the old capital of love is a beautiful city built on fine art, elegant architecture and the quality time that many couples have spent together there. Lavish accommodation is matched with unrivalled French cuisine and a there’s a whole city to explore from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe. Paris is bursting with history and culture, but this is just a few reasons why Paris has remained ever popular for newlyweds. You can stroll down the boulevards of Paris, enjoying wine tasting in the Loire Valley or even spend the night in a former castle turned luxury hotel.

Greece Minimoon

If a minimoon in a city metropolis seems a bit too much then there’s always Greece and the prospect of a tranquil paradise in the Mediterranean coast just waiting to be unlocked. Whilst there’s an abundance of culture and ancient history in Greece, a beach resort can provide the perfect relaxing break. Sights of the Mediterranean and locally inspired cuisine is always an experience with a minimoon in Greece, with an emphasis on lavish comforts and ultra modern amenities at the luxury coastal resort you’ll stay at. Santorini is a fine choice if you’re looking for breathtaking views and memorable accommodation that remains at the height of seclusion, which is no doubt a great set up for those looking for a quiet getaway.

Croatia Minimoon

Croatia isn’t the first country that springs to mind when thinking of a minimoon but there’s a certain appeal that it offers in the breathtaking vistas of the countries natural beauty. Fine wines, gorgeous seafood and a fascinating epicentre of history and culture are present in Croatia, which is definitely why it should be a place of consideration for a minimoon adventure. Just over 2 hours, by plane there’ll be plenty of time to delve into the finery of this glorious country that is renowned for its scorching weather. A minimoon of romance and discovery is possible by staying in the city of Dubrovnik, where you’ll find 5 star retreats boasting a prime location perched on the edge of the Lapad peninsula overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

Stag & Hen Holidays



A honeymoon is one of the most important aspects of the wedding planning as it is something just the two of you will enjoy after months of planning your dream wedding, but the Stag and Hen do is just as important as it’s the final hoorah with your mates enjoying each other’s company with crazy and fun activities all thrown in the mix. We’ll take the hard work and stress out of planning a Stag and Hen and find you the best flights to ensure you are all sat together. We will find you the right accommodation option for you group size and requirements and work with you to design your own personalised itinerary.

Speak to the Experts These are just some of our popular destinations. Let our experts find you the perfect package! Spend some much-needed time with the girls or the guys and make your Stag or Hen trip a holiday you will always remember.


Our Most Popular Destinations


SPA BREAK A spa break away with the girls is the perfect way to enjoy a little pampering before your big day. For a completely chilled hen do with the girls, consider destinations such as Cancun, Marbella and Santorini.

Looking for a thrill on your hen do? Maybe Las Vegas is for you! Play the casinos and sip the cocktails on the vibrant strip for the ultimate send off! If you’re looking for a little adrenaline, embark on a tour of the Grand Canyon!

SHOPPING TRIP What better way to enjoy a girl’s holiday than in a place surrounded by retail therapy opportunities? Dubai and Miami are just some of the destinations worth visiting to treat yourself to a few gifts before the big day.

PARTY IN THE CITY BIG ADVENTURE Release your adventurous side on an epic stag do that will be unforgettable. Dubai works perfect for a beach and city break with plenty of fun things to do, from thrilling water parks, desert safaris and skydiving.

There are so many amazing destinations for a stag do with excellent nightlife, from Amsterdam to Las Vegas and Miami. For an iconic stag do, party it up at Lebua bar in Bangkok, as seen in the Hangover!

SPORTS STAG If you and your mates are mad on sports, why not base your stag do around this theme? Visit the second largest football stadium in the world in Barcelona or explore Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World or Yas Island Formula One Circuit!




At Honeymoon Dreams, we pride ourselves on creating exceptional honeymoons to some of the world’s most captivating destinations. Whether you’re looking for a sun-kissed beach escape or a fun filled adventure. Specialising in the Indian Ocean and Far East, Honeymoon Dreams has over 30 years experience personalising romantic getaways for the needs of our customers, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples. Our LGBT honeymoons specialists are passionate about creating bespoke itineraries to bring your passions to life. When it comes to choosing your honeymoon destination, you can rely on Honeymoon Dreams to handpick LGBT-friendly destinations, where we have recognised global laws and cultural sensitivities.


Our Recommended LGBT Honeymoon Destinations Europe

Europe has so many gorgeous places for your honeymoon, from glamorous city breaks such as Paris, Madrid, Prague and Vienna to dreamy Mediterranean beach locations such as Ibzia town, Stiges, Barcelona, Mykonos and Gran Canaria.


Australia boasts of gay-friendly locations, making this the perfect choice for a multicentre honeymoon around the country. Sydney is Australia’s party capital, while Kings Beach in New South Wales is more laid back with stunning natural sceneries. Melbourne, Daylesford and Tasmania are among other destinations to consider.


The beauty of a cruise is that half the fun is during your time at sea, where your itinerary allows you to dip your toes into destinations that might not necessarily be ideal for a week-long getaway. Popular LBGT cruise destinations include the Galapagos islands, Czech Republic, Italy, Greek islands, Thailand and Puerto Rico.


Bali’s culture is Hindu, which is pretty friendly and welcoming. Apart from going on adventurous expeditions through Bali’s dense jungles, you’ll spend most of your time residing in your lavish pool villa, designed for intimacy and privacy or enjoying the amazing sunsets at one of the island’s luxurious beach bars.

North America

San Francisco in particular is wonderful choice for your honeymoon, with an array of gay bars - not to mention that San Francisco is the ultimate culinary heaven! Other cities worth considering in Northern America include Toronto, Miami, New York, Orlando (Fort Lauderdale), California, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Boston.


Thailand is a vibrant choice for same sex honeymooners as it is a Buddhist nation and is known for being friendly and welcoming. Bangkok is flourished with gay bars, gayfriendly hotels and saunas. But don’t just limit yourself to Bangkok, all of Thailand is waiting, from great beach locations including Phuket and Koh Samui.

South America

Brazil and Argentina are fantastic choices for your honeymoon and are LGBT-friendly. Combine both in one honeymoon, from lazing the day away on the golden sands of Copacabana beach to hiking up the Sugarloaf Mountain, seeing the Christ Redeemer and the Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian and Argentinian side!


The Maldives is our top honeymoon destination. It’s important to acknowledge that the Maldives is a Muslim country and does pose risks to gay people and homosexual activity is illegal. The good news is that if you’re looking to honeymoon in the Maldives a lot of resorts are LGBTfriendly, please contact us to discuss which resorts we recommend.


EXCLUSIVES C PALMAR MAURITIUS The C Palmar, part of the Constance chain, is perfect for watersports, and a variety of activities. Take advantage of the complimentary green fees can at the twoChampionship golf courses at Constance Belle Mare Plage – a 10-minute drive away. A diverse mix of a la carte Asian delights, daily themed buffets and sommelierpicked wines are ready to savour.

KEYONNA BEACH ANITGUA For an all-inclusive, adults-only escape in beautiful location with soft sands and crystal clear waters making you want to shut off your phone and enjoy island living. Keyonna Beach homes lush beach houses and cottages, for honeymooners and couples to relish in romance, and views of the ocean can be seen from every room.

LE REVE HOTEL & SPA MEXICO Le Reve Hotel & Spa is a boutique located on the beautiful Xcalacoco beach. With just 28 rooms, suites and villas, ideal for couples and families looking for peace and quiet with spacious accommodations, the superlative spa offers a range of treatments including a chocolate wrap, herbal press and a four hands massage.



KHAO LAK, THAILAND This Resort is a charming beachfront boutique in splendid location for relaxing, or venturing out to see what the Laem Ru National Park has to offer. When you’re not sipping cocktails poolside or dining at the beachfront restaurant with the sunset, you can explore all the wonders of the National Park, from its lush jungles, with wildlife and marvelous hiking trails and waterfalls.


MAASAI MARA, KENYA Mara Bushtops is set in beautiful location adjacent to the renowned Maasai Mara. With only 12 ultra spacious luxury tents. Mara Bushtops is a serene Safari escape, bush walks and night drives are just a stone’s throw away and food offerings include gourmet fare, 24-hour butler service and an underground wine cellar!

CAPE WELIGAMA SRI LANKA On the south coast of Sri Lanka lies Cape Weligama, the largest luxury villa resort in Sri Lanka, designed as the ultimate relaxation and recuperation destination to enjoy Sri Lanka’s breathtaking beauty and the resort’s 60-metrelong infinity pool, voted as ‘The 10 Best Infinity Pools in the World’ by Conde Nast Traveller.

ANANTAYA PASSIKUDAH SRI LANKA Anantaya Passikudah opened its doors in 2016, situated on the gorgeous bay of Passikudah. Inspired by Thai and Balinese architecture, Anantaya Passikudah is designed to feel like an intimate village with thatched roof restaurants, lagoon style pools and pathways taking you through gorgeous gardens.



SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK TANZANIA Situated in the secluded and breathtaking Serengeti National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this 5 star lodge has luxury tents serving as a hideaway oasis with a sunken bathtub on the deck. Serengeti Bushtops offers gourmet gastronomy and butler service, and the game drive vehicles have a guide and tracker, with up to 6 passengers at a time.

UBUD, BALI Surrounded by lush greenery of Bali’s tropical jungle, Viceroy Bali is an opulent oasis with 25 stunning pool villas offering the upmost serenity and seclusion. This renowned hotel is beloved for its hideaway villas, embellished with traditional charm, so that you can truly appreciate Bali’s stunning jungle.


it’s easier than ever for you to enjoy the amazing benefits of booking Kuoni holidays with Honeymoon Dreams. With a portfolio of exclusive hotels around the world, Kuoni offers you exclusive access to tranquil island resorts in the Maldives, luxurious tented lodges on a Kenya safari, as well as stunning hotels in the Thailand, Indian Ocean and Antigua! What is a Kuoni Exclusive Hotel? A Kuoni Exclusive Hotel means that you can only book the hotels with Kuoni, as they are the only UK-based tour operator to offer these stunning escapes to travellers in the UK. As we are a Kuoni Partner, we have exclusive access to these incredible properties, which are recommended by Kuoni and are carefully selected and inspected, with unique features, as well as being rated highly by Kuoni customers.


Kuoni Exclusive Hotels in the Maldives

Whisk away to earth’s paradise, also referred to as the Maldives. Kuoni’s handpicked exclusive hotels in the Maldives are all unique in their own way, from offering superlative amenities that you would expect of a resort, to intimate island’s that make you feel as though you’ve rented the entire peninsula

Call us on 0121 440 6268 to speak to a Honeymoon Specialist

Visit for more details on our Kuoni exclusive hotels




MALDIVES Popular for honeymooners, Kuramathi Island offers an extensive choice of facilities such as two oceanfront infinity pools, a lagoon pool and snorkeling at the stunning house reef! Boasting of 9 a la carte restaurants and 6 bars you’ll never tire of the superlative food offerings, which can be relished inclusivelyon the a la carte all inclusive.

MALDIVES Diamonds Thudufushi is a petit paradise with excellent hospitality and renowned for its spectacular diving, with having a large lagoon and house reef, with access to deeper ocean’s just a stone’s throw away. The choice of island living is luxurious, whether you decide to go for chic beach living or poised over the azure lagoon.

MALDIVES Diamonds Athuruga is a chic island resort with stylish water villa residences and beach bungalows for a hideaway honeymoon in paradise. The island hosts a range of wonderful activities to relish in, from ‘dining with the stars’ experience in which a different star chef of the Jeunes Restaurateurs will delight you with their cooking skills.

KANDOLHU ISLAND MALDIVES Breathtakingly beautiful, Kandolhu is small in size but big on luxury. With just 30 villas on the island, either dotted around the island’s edge on the soft white beach or poised over the lagoon, each villa features luxury tech such as iPads and GoPro HERO5 cameras. Kandolhu offers one of the Maldives’ most generous all inclusive packages with access to all restaurants, a large variety of drinks including the minibar and in-villa wine chiller.

MAAFUSHIVARU MALDIVES Maafushivaru is a slice of paradise that stretches just 350m in length. For a small island, it certainly has a lot to offer, including two beautiful pristine beaches, a house reef and dive centre where turtles, manta rays and sharks can be spotted nearby. Maafushivaru’s secret private island, Lonubo, can be ventured to just a short boat journey away, guests can hire the entire island of Lonubo to themselves for a night.

DIAMONDS THUDUFUSHI MALDIVES Diamonds Thudufushi is a petit paradise with excellent hospitality and renowned for its spectacular diving, with having a large lagoon and house reef, with access to deeper ocean’s just a stone’s throw away. The choice of island living is luxurious, whether you decide to go for chic beach living or poised over the azure lagoon.




Explore images and videos of your chosen resort Chat directly to your honeymoon specialist online Create your own giftlist and wedding website Access all your travel documents online Honeymoon Dreams is proud to introduce its brand new honeymoon planner. The planner will provide a dedicated website for all clients. You will find all the proposals we have sent and any bookings you have made along with inspiration, images and videos on your chosen resorts and destinations. Our instant messenger service will put you in direct contact with your honeymoon specialist. All clients will also be given the opportunity to create their own wedding wishlist and honeymoon giftlist that wedding guests can access and contribute towards.


The life of a honeymoon specialist Our h oneymoon travel advisors have real knowledge of the

destinations and hotels we sell because they have personally visited the resorts. This allows our honeymoon advisors to give you the service you deserve.



have been working within the Travel Industry for the last 17 years. During my career I have worked as a Travel Consultant right up to managing my own store with company’s such as First Choice, Thomson & Virgin Holidays. I feel privileged that over my career I have been able to see and travel all over the World.



My future travel plans It’s looking to be quite a busy year, I have recently won a trip to Cambodia & Bangkok which we are looking to travel to this year, as well as plans to Cruise the Mediterranean and a Christmas trip to New York. Destinations you love to sell I do love to sell The United States, I have travelled quite extensively around the States and it feels almost like a second home. New York is always a joy to sell as I get just as excited as the clients I am booking, giving advice on what to see, where to eat and drink etc. Best holiday experience My best holiday experience would have to be being proposed to by my Fiance in our favourite seafood restaurant in Lanzarote, it was a total shock.



have been in the travel industry since I was 18 and have loved every minute of it. Australia is my favourite place I’ve been so far and I would love to go back, however Iceland and Mexico are also two of the best places I’ve been.

My future travel plans This summer I am visiting Orlando which has always been a childhood dream then later in the year I am visiting Finland to hopefully experience the northern lights whilst staying in a glass igloo.


Destinations you love to sell I really love to sell Australia as each area is completely different to one another, but I also like selling the Maldives with the unrivalled luxury of each island for a complete intimacy. Best holiday experience I would have to say my best holiday experience would be kayaking among the dolphins in Byron Bay Australia, tiring but so worth it! Favourite holiday drink Vodka and Lemonade




01 ak to a 21 hon 44 eymo 0 6 on e 26 xpert Visit Our Honeymoon Suite 8 Book an appointment with us at the UK’s only Honeymoon Suite in Birmingham. e

You will receive a one-to-one personalised honeymoon consultation, which your dedicated honeymoon specialist will help you with all your honeymoon needs. Relax, with a drink in hand, and discuss your dream trip.



y passion for travel started when I was 18 when I pursued my dream of working as cabin crew, travelling the world not knowing where my next trip would take me! This was when I knew travel was the right career for me. Since then I have worked overseas as a holiday representative and also for a number of luxury tour operators within the retail sector.


My future travel plans I love searching for some winter sun before the end of the year. Where? Who knows, but that’s the excitement with working in travel! Destinations I’ve always dreamt of visiting New York has always been on top of my list, as there’s so much to do from sightseeing, shopping, skylines, shows – the Big Apple really does have it all! My ideal time to visit would have to be during the lead up to Christmas. NEW YORK AT CHRISTMAS

Destinations you love to sell Definitely has to be the USA itineraries, as there are so many different states you can visit and with them being very different from each other it means every itinerary is unique. I love that one day you could be taking a spin on a roulette wheel in the city that never stops in Las Vegas and other days you could be exploring the beautiful national parks also not forgetting being able to combine them with one of the beautiful islands in the Caribbean.


Why choose Honeymoon Dreams?


ere at Honeymoon Dreams, we believe you should demand more when it comes to your honeymoon - a once in a lifetime experience that deserves to be absolutely perfect.

Our Experience Our family of companies have been arranging trips for over 30 years so we have extensive experience in creating luxury tailor-made itineraries and a great relationship with many resorts.

Honeymoon Specialists We deal with honeymoons every single day, so we are able to access special honeymoon benefits such as candlelit private dinners and spa treatments at a large range of hotels.

Our Awards The number of awards we have received from our piers, suppliers and the public truly is testament to the quality of service and range of products we offer. We were recently named as the Best Weddings & Honeymoons Company at the British Travel Awards, voted for by our clients and the public. We have also won awards at the Travel Agent Achievement Awards and at several other travel and wedding award ceremonies.


Fully Protected Honeymoons All our packages are ABTA and ATOL bonded. This means that your money and booking are safe and secure at all times. We carefully pick our ground agents to ensure your honeymoon is hassle free and you have a point of contact throughout your honeymoon.

Independent Agents We are a fully independent travel agents, which means we are able to scan the whole market to find the best deal for you. With contracted rates for hotels all over the world we are able to find the best rates and we are very rarely beaten on price, so please come back to us if you think you may have found a cheaper quote.

Gift List We provide a honeymoon gift list for all our clients. You will have your own area where your wedding guests can make contributions to the cost of your honeymoon as a wedding gift. We will provide you with cards that you can put in your wedding invitations to direct guests to your gift list. Please ask your Honeymoon Specialist for further details.


Our Reviews We know that the best advice you can get is from real people who have used our service, which is why we ask our clients to fill out a review after they have booked. We are currently rated as outstanding with an average review of 9.8 out of 10 by impartial review site Trustpilot

Concierge Service All of our clients benefit from our exclusive honeymoon concierge service. This gives our clients access to exclusive benefits whilst on their honeymoon along with the chance to win a range of extras. All our clients receive a honeymoon gift box when they book a honeymoon with us. The box includes a number of useful accessories such as pens, a selfie stick and luggage tags along with some luxury chocolates to ensure your honeymoon starts off right.

Our Experts Imagine the honeymoon of your dreams‌ Then allow us to make it happen. Here at Honeymoon Dreams, we believe you should demand more when it comes to your honeymoon – a once in a life time experience that deserves to be absolutely perfect. Our team of specialists have compiled a list of our very favourite places from around the world for your perusal, including inspired ideas for multi-centre holidays, the very best in honeymoon hotels and resorts, and escorted tours around the globe. From idyllic jewel-like islands to thrilling adventure tours, Honeymoon Dreams have a portfolio to amaze every part of your imagination. Many of our hotels include complimentary honeymoon special offers, including upgrades, candlelit dinners, spa treatments and more. Let our personal honeymoon specialists tailor make your honeymoon from scratch today.



Honeymoon Guide by Honeymoon Dreams  
Honeymoon Guide by Honeymoon Dreams