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The Gratitude and the Giving Your Co-op is growing! Planet Friendly Holiday Home

is and A committed to providing our with foods and products for healthy living. To promote more

of living. ways to who choose to participate in a community that embraces cooperative principles in an atmosphere of and

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The Gratitude and the From Giving Healing Read about all the ways your Heartburn Co-op community has been

Skin Deep Naturals

Lorem dolor sit reachingipsum out and creating vibrancy even in the most amet, consectetuer adipichallenging times. scing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod By Ruth Ann Smalley

Troy, NY


and DeannaAngel Beyer By Rebecca

ctavia Maxwell has always enjoyed creating skin and hair care products for her friends and family. In 2014, she launched Skin Deep Naturals and introduced her first commercial brand, The Body Butter. Made of shea Dearduring Co-op Planet Friendly Joy butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and arrowHoliday Elves Holiday Homeher mostAgriculture COVID root powder, it remains popular, Can Regenerative The workers at Honest Whileloved” Covid considerations may be keeping “most offering. Over the past five some of us Meet Stephanie, Caleb, Heal OurweFood System? Weight humbly ask for a few closer to home, have you covered (pun intended) when years, Maxwell’s homebased business and newCo-op babyholiday Nora! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuerhas adipiscing of ourtheir favorite it comes to eco-friendly options for baking and containing expanded in many other directions. elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut By Rebecca Angel treats. your food, natural, and for travel-sized personalingrecare products. Featuring raw, andsit organic laoreet Lorem ipsum dolor amet, consectetuer By Rebecca Angel ingredie dients and only natural By Ruth Ann Smalley adipiscing elit, sed diampreservatives, nonummy nibhher euismod addition line now includes soaps, lotions, deodorants, By Ruth Ann Smalley small bu hair cream, hair growth serum, body scrubs, particip and makeup. Many of these items can be Happenings at the Co-op This is a found in the Co-op’s Wellness Department. Garden started off Be theatChange: Your Co-op According to Maxwell, what Fing-Garlic-ing Happenings the Co-op and lear into a busiFood Pantries is growing!almost accidentally has grown Good working Edition ness selling products online and at more than Fresh News Recipe Corner Incredible What’s Melanie’s Favorite similar Honest to Goodness ten different locations the CapiBy Deanna Beyer By Kylethroughout Humphreys Edible Gardens Fresh Date-Sweetened By Deanna Beyer Skin D tal District. Men and women love her prodFruit Smoothie Lorem ipsum dolor sit ucts because of their high quality, and that Ma Fresh News! Recipie Corner Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer recruits Lorem ipsum dolor sitin improvbecause they produce fast results amet, consectetuer By Deanna Beyer ing the health and amet, consectetuer what sh appearance of skin and Sustainable Misty Knoll What’s By Deanna Beyer By hears, Melanie“My Pores success hair. Frequently, she skin feels so Meat and Fish Farm Poultry Fresh ingredie much softer,” and, “My hair is fuller and Co-op 101 ProducerSkin Profile Deep By DeannaDouble Beyer What is Up custom healthier since using the hair growth serum.” By LenKu Nauta By Pat Sahr a Co-op Naturals Through collaborations with Food Bucks! estheticians, spa owners, and hair dressers, Producer Profile Fresh News! Maxwell For mor Co-op 101 Lorem ipsum dolor sit continues to expand Lorem ipsum dolor sit about th Lorem ipsum dolor sit her product line. Cover Photo: Liza Molloy • Illustrations By: Jane Welch amet, consectetuer Glass Recycling Pilo amet, consectetuer amet, consectetuer Most recently, she has partnered with a Zero Waste Capital ISSN 2473-6155 (print) • ISSN 2473-6163 (online) www By Deanna Beyer By Deanna Beyer CBD ambitious Glass By Pat Sahr hemp farm to introduce a healing Recy The Coop Scoop is for informational purposes only, and not intended as

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medical or health advice. Always consult your physician or other qualified healthcare provider. The views of our guest writers do not necessarily reflect those of Honest Weight, and we do not take responsibility for them.

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the Co-op, to ensure t recycled rather than make it successful, w PHOTOGRAPH 2 BY LIZi throwing clear glass home, bring it to the C

Honest Editors Rebecca Angel has been a part of Honest Weight for eighteen years, and is Managing Editor Coop Scoop of the Coop Scoop. When not at the Editorsco-op, Rebecca is a teacher, musician, and writer, currently working on a memoir about her experience with Cushing’s syndrome. www.RebeccaAngel.com Deanna Beyer is the Education & Engagement Coordinator at Honest Weight. A long-time teacher and practitioner of Rebecca Angel yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, she focuses on helping to make these practices accessible to people in all kinds of situations. You can reach her at deannab@honestweight.coop Carol Reid, our Assistant Editor, is a retired cataloger at the New York State Library, where she worked for over 35 Carol Reid years. She wrote a 10-year blog called “Typo of the Day for Librarians” and has been a Co-op member since the 1980s. Ruth Ann Smalley PhD, is our Content Editor. An educator and writer, with a 4-digit Co-op member number from the early 90s, Ruth Ann offers wellness, writing, Ruth Ann Smalley and creativity coaching through her practice at www.vibrant-energies.com or www.ruthannsmalley.com. Mathew Bradely is our Layout Editor. He has been the Lead Designer at Honest Weight since the new store. Outside the co-op, he enjoys writing music with his band, tending to his and training Deanna garden, Beyer his English Cocker Spaniel, Cricket, for field work.

Letter Letter from an from Editoran Editor T I By Carol Reid

his been aBeyer rather fraught year Byhas Deanna for me and not just for the obvious Covid-related reasons. I’ve also spendI have a few two moments every mornlearned that different physical ing practicing gratitude. It’s a disorders, one fairly common for people pretty simple thing, I just speak my age and the other one far less common. aloud whatever pops into my head. The list I made the first discovery right at the contains many regulars (family, partner, beginning of the pandemic and the other shelter, food, a job, health, etc.) and some one justrandom after getting my(asecond rather additions bunnyvaccine on the dose. On top of the anxiety andtea, isolation lawn, the taste of honey in my a dark and fearssky of filled leaving house in general morning withthe stars). (just like everybody else), attempting to It’s amazing how gratitude can refocus the simultaneously withwhen all thethings uncertainlens of life. In deal a year felt

Fresh Honest to News! Goodness! Food Pantries Edition

By Deanna Beyer

new round-up at the register O Incredible program where shoppers have the Edibleto round Gardens! opportunity their purchase n October 1st we launched a

By Human Soandso up to the nearest dollar to help make a difference in the With the help of community. a new teamThe of Co-op matches the first $500 and member-owners, we’ve officially gives all of the to the launched our money first collected ever Edible organization selected for the month. Gardens! You might be wondering,


much heavier and harder than usual, being grateful has been a guiding light.new health ty and doctor visits and various There’s aI’ve tonhad of scientific that regimens to adopt research due to these proves can increase sudden practicing revelationsgratitude has greatly intensified happiness, open the door to more relationmy personal yearlong ordeal. ships, relieve physical pain and stress – the benefits are practically endless! But obviously, I’m not the only one who’s That gratitude has also helped me notice been struggling with such issues—wheththe sometimes overwhelming (and ridicuer for oneself or one’s family members, lous) abundance of stuff in my life. Which friends, or colleagues; whether begs some questions. What do Covid-rewe really lated or not; whether serious or aroutine. need? How can we continue to live life full It’s abundance, enough to but makewith you less downright sick, of stuff? What and often quite desperate and depressed better, more sustainable choices might we to boot. People been afraid to make make about thehave things that we do need or to keep their medical appointments, to go in purchase? How can we intentionally choose for testing, or into to even be around what we bring our lives, to live other more afflicted people. Mental and emotional lightly on the Earth? illnesses been exacerbated and are These have last few months of the year sadly on the rise. there are also a lot of traditionally filledBut with endless festivities, parties, celebrations. Gatherings of resourcesand available online right now, and family friends thefinally many beat different there’sand hope that herald we can the holidays that mark monthselse of November Virus and deal withthe whatever might be and December. life has changed currently ailingObviously, us. as we’ve weathered a global pandemic. Things year and now, In this were issuevery of different the Cooplast Scoop, entitled with Delta variant, withabout anticipat“Heal,the ” Rebecca Angelalong writes her ed shipping issueswith and healing shortages, this year own experience heartburn; will bringPores its own challenges. Melanie makes what’s good for you This might just a perfect time to also taste good be with her delicious rethink the holidays. To look for simple Date-Sweetened Smoothie recipe; Ruth pleasures and the human connections that Ann Smalley gets to the root of things with bring us joy. To celebrate without so much an article on Regenerative Agriculture; waste and learn what others look forward to and [etc.]. We’re hoping all joy of and the during the season. How we that can find articles and information contained herein happiness in sharing with our neighbors and will contribute to other helping ofEarth. us on our taking care of each andallthe personal journeys toward renewed health This issue is filled with inspiration and and healing. insight. We hope you enjoy it. May the season fill your heart with love and gratitude!

We’ve started with a modest plan “What exactlyduring IS an “edible garden?”of food-insecure neighbors! To streamNormally the months thatthings includes some of the “easier” Whenever try to explainI’m NovemberI and December, weexplain ask our line at the register, we’re going plants to grow (including: this to someone, inevitably hearat to shoppers to donateI to our friends do something a littlelettuces, different tomatoes, zucchini Gene in Willie Wonka the The Wilder Food Pantries of theand Capital this year and feature squash, them as pole our beans, peppers, various Be herbs) Chocolate saying, “EveryDistrict. InFactory 2020 alone, our shoppers November AND and December the and hope to expand our planting thing inside isgave eatable, I mean edible,our I generously $17,317 to help Change recipient. based on what works (or doesn’t) this mean you can eat everything.” year. Any surplus harvest will be used Basically, it’s a garden that everyto supplement our on-going fills at one is invited to harvest from. If Free Food Fridge’s Albany locations. you’re hungry and you want to try Look for the Edible Gardens in the something, go ahead and pick it! beautiful raised wooden beds created Inspired by various urban gardens by our friends at ADK Rustica and the that are popping up around the world stainless trough tubs on the exterior in an effort to address food insecurity, wall of the patio. And if you’re interHonest Weight is working on cultivatested in being a part of this project in ing an edible landscape that anyone the future, please reach out to me at can harvest, share, and enjoy for free. deannab@honestweight.coop. It’s part of our ongoing mission to By Deanna Beyer make good, fresh food accessible to all.

Double Up Food Bucks!




What is a communiLocal farms are visited by members of the Meat Department ty-owned co-op? It’s a grocery store owned by its before being allowed to sell in the store, and every few years as members, usually the available we will revisit these farms. Meat team members will people who shop here. inspect the conditions on the farm, get to know the farmer and These are the people who their product, and see if it is a good fit for our store, our cooperatively manage and community, and our customers. If a farm is outside of our local control the business. The area where it wouldn’t be practical to visit, the co-op will only By Deanna Beyer membership makes all kinds of decisions, including what foods and products are on the shelf, Salad, Hot Bar, and what standards those and Cafe are products and their producBack, with If you’re new to Honest Weight, you ers have to meet (think growing Nauta practices, clean might be wondering what makes a New Option! By LenKu ingredients, etc.). At Assistant Manager of the Meat Department us different from any other grocery store. There are lots of things, but Honest Weight, we’ve got After what has seemed like forever, the Honest probably the biggest is that we’re a about 14,000 members. Weight Kitchen is excited to have re-opened both the community-owned co-op! SSalad Bar and& HHot Bar, including daily soup offerings. AndAlso in other big news: they have also Who can shop here? launched the brand-new Build-Your-Own Burger & Everyone is welcome: anyone can shop at the co-op. If you decide Fries Bar, available from from 11am to -7pm dailyeach to become a member, you’ll purchase a “share” of the co-op, day. Take it from those of us who’ve been lucky become eligible for lots of additional discounts on products, and enough to sample them, (including meat, vegetarian, have voting rights on decisions that affect the store. Honest and vegan options), this is a MUST TRY for all! After Weight member-owners to invest their at the he Meat Department can lookschoose for products that are time traceable, grabbing your food, you are welcome to enjoy your store, serve on one of our committees, or work with a program, in local, pastured, grass-fed, grass-finished, organic, hormone meal in our newly reopenedre-opened Café space, or to receive aand bigger discount (up to 24%) onnew theirproducts. groceries. carry that product if beautiful, it is certified organic &order antibiotic-free, humane, when sourcing out on our sunny patio withand lotscertified of comfortPreference is given to meat that is raised nearby and by farmers humanely raised. able seating. What isRegenerative on offer? Agriculture. We believe everyone in our community Humane certifications are issued by third parties who practicing should accessdefines to affordable, foods and Honesthave Weight “local” high-quality, as coming natural from within a inspect the farm conditions. They check that certain standards productsradius for healthy So wewith offermost things given the Recycling best possible 250-mile from living. the store, of like ourCo+op farmsBasics being(a are in place to ensure the animals are Glass line ofinover foods andand household items) at care and handling from birth through slaughter. Furthermore, they located New 450 York,high-quality Vermont, New Jersey, Eastern PennsylPiolt Project Everyday Low Prices. have biweekly Great Deals discounts, requirements. vania. Our primary beef We supplier, Sweet Tree Farms, is based out must be processed in line with strict traceability Z e r o Wa s t e C a p i t a l Fresh Flyer sales, Manager’s Specials. We also accept ofweekly Carlisle, New York. Ourand longest-standing poultry supplier, District an LenKu Nauta has worked for the co-op's Meat dep't for overhas eight launched years and loves SNAP benefits. Misty Knoll Farms, is based out of New Haven, Vermont. And our largest the organization’s commitment to fresh, local, sustainable ambitious Glass ingredients. Recycling high-quality horticulture. supplier of pork, Hatfield Pork, is based out of Hatfield, Pennsylvania. In his spare time, LenKu enjoys the piano, hiking, and Pilot Project here at the How is Honest Weight part of the local food system? If Co-op, to ensure that the buying local is important to you, we’re one of the best places glass is truly being around to shop. Co-ops form strong relationships with local, recycled rather than headsmall-scale producers, which means you can find products that ing to the landfill. To make Scotland Avenue (just past St. he Honest Weight Kitchit successful, we need your aren’t typically available at traditional supermarkets. At Honest Peter’s Hospital). en at Maria College is help! Instead of Parking throwing is Weight, we work with over 285 local farms and 319 local producavailable through the main clear glass in your single ers; that list is always growing. And because we get daily deliver- now open to the public on the stream bin home, bring entrance on at New Scotland ies, it means fresher, lower-impact food that hasn’t travelled campus at Maria College in it to theatCo-op. the New Scotland/Woodlawn Avenue, the rear of the across the country for days.

What is a Co-op?

Sustainable Meat and Fish



Your Co-op is Growing!


neighborhood of Albany. Main simple Campus Building. Just You follow these steps:

Shopping for special dietary needs? We get it. It’s easy to can find many of your classic • Locate the collection bins near our bike lockers find tasty food alternatives in every department at the co-op. Our Honest Weight •favorites Only place clear, clean glass in the bins View of friendly staff can also make suggestions if you’re feeling there, plus some Honest • Make sure to remove both the lids and little exciting overwhelmed by the choices, as many of them are on special plastic rings (labels are ok) Weight new additions. (The Rachel & diets, too! Kitchen’s

Double Up The Sunshine Sipper are How does Honest Weight support the local com- must-tries!) We’ve also got Food Bucks! fresh breakfast and

entrance at Maria!

munity? Most co-ops devote significant time and By Deanna Beyer resources to educational programming, community devel- made-to-order sandwiches, Seasonal r a s s - outreach initiatives. We donate 5% of our net burgers, and a full juice, opment, Gand d Beef C h e e s efe Local Produce chel burger T h e R arun profits to local not-for-profit organizations, free and smoothie, and java bar. Check at:could be fresher than all of your favorite What low-cost educational programs that are open to all, and out the full menu produce arriving ia daily from local farms? (could we ht.coop/Mar HonestWeig are always looking for ways to collaborate with partners in include a couple of relevant farm names here?It’s the community. We offer many opportunities for mem- Come enjoy ourseason shiny growing and we’ve got farm-fresh fruits and e -R an gthis ber-owners to help with community engagement. Fr ee new space in Maria’s inner veggies from all over the area. So, whether you’re en k ic Ch G ri ll ed ic h looking nNon-GMO sweet corn, crisp cucumbers, campus, located at for 700 New Sa n d w or super juicy, tiny strawberries, we’ve got you What other co-ops are in the area? You can find

covered! Be sure to check out all the beautiful new arrivals next time you’re here.

Coop Scoop



By Ruth Ann Smalley and Deanna Beyer

Food is the foundation. Food is the World essence pulsing through all beings. Food is the lattice of life connecting us all. An alchemy arising from sun and air, rain, and care. At its most basic, food is sustenance, survival. At its most beautiful, food is nurturance, love. Sharing food is the primal act of kindness. Food is the giving. Food is the Gift.


s we journey through the harvest and holiday seasons, we may be especially aware of the uncertainty the months ahead still hold. Planning is difficult. It is hard to navigate a season associated with gathering and sharing while experiencing health concerns and feelings of loss. But while our community continues to face challenges, at Honest Weight we’ve also seen our strength grow through interconnectedness. As Deanna Beyer, E d uca t i on a n d En ga gem en t Coordinator describes it, “we have been creating vibrancy, connectedness, and aliveness in a year of broken connections.” Some o f thi s ha s ha ppen ed through ongoing efforts that the Co-op has long been involved in. As Community Relations Specialist Amy Ellis points out, “We give 365 days of the year.” But many are new initiatives (several are described in “New Growth: The Ma rke t i n g Te a m a t Ho n e s t Weight,” Spring 2021 issue). We’d like to celebrate some of the many threads we’ve been weaving in the face of disruption. Free Food Fridges Last year, Honest Weight joined Jammella Anderson’s Free Food Fridge project in Albany (see “Anti-Racism at Honest Weight,” Coop Scoop

The Gratitude and the Giving

Autumn 2020 issue). Witnessing widespread job losses, food insecurity, and deep racial inequities, Jamella sought donor support and volunteers for maintaining a growing network of “freedges.” The high-quality, fresh food inside is available to anyone who needs it (see @freefoodfridgealbany on Instagram). Now there are seven refrigerators in Albany and Troy. The newest, at the Boys and Girls Club, was inaugurated this summer on the anniversary of the first installation. That one, on Elm, is replenished weekly by Amy with nutritious food and prepared meals. Other local sponsors, including restaurants, farm shares, and individuals also donate on schedule. Three member-owners dedicate time to cooking homemade meals from store ingredients, such as pesto pasta and Israeli couscous salad. Deanna describes the team’s process as “very intentional, and lovingly prepared.” Last year at the holidays, this care extended to all five fridges then in use, as Honest Weight stocked each one with 25 vegan meals. Similar plans are afoot for this year. We regularly provide the Elm Street fridge with yogurt, milk, frozen food, produce, fresh fruit salad, sandwiches, and wraps. If another donor has left ample stock, Amy takes any food that won't fit over to the fridge at the Radix Center. In addition to our fridge donations, our “Buy a Sandwich, Give a Sandwich” project has been generating hundreds of sandwiches going out to be distributed by Sidewalk Warriors!

We have been creating vibrancy, connectedness, and aliveness in a year of broken connections.

Edible Gardens This spring, Honest Weight’s commitment to making healthy food accessible to all sparked the debut of five raised beds on the



Member-owner Selena cuts garlic scapes, from our Edible Garden, to be made into pesto for the Free Food Fridges

property. Inspired by Incredible Edible Todmorden, the English village which converted many pu b lic s p aces i nt o f re e food gardens, our gardens are tended by a committee of member-owners. Our Edible Gardens have 7

been bursting with an abundance that almost overflows the beds built for us by ADK Rustica. It’s an abundance meant for everyone. That includes a growing pollinator community and the family of praying mantises living PHOTOGRAPH BY LIZA MOLLOY

in the bean patch. A biweekly harvest has also been going to Joseph’s House and Shelter. We encourage everyone to pick what they need from an array of companion plantings that include herbs, flowers, lettuce, beans, and tomatoes. Plans are in the works for developing our edible surroundings, by i m pl em en ti n g r ege n e r a t ive gardening techniques; adding earthworms to the beds and compost derived from the store; opening up new planting areas; and attracting birds with feeders and houses along the parking area’s mural wall (see September/October 2021 issue for the story of this Amplified Voices creation). The Edible Gardens, mural, and Free Food Fridges are beautifully woven together through direct l i n es of c on n ec ti o n . We e k ly harvests from the gardens become ingredients for the Elm Street fridge. For example, garlic pulled in July has been dried, made into pesto along with our basil, and frozen for future meal donations. Youth Development Projects And it was while delivering meals to Elm Street that Amy met artist Jade Warrick, who painted tha t fr i d ge. S he a n d E ug e n e O’Neil are part of Amplified Voices. As a result of their meeting, Honest Weight has partnered with that organization. The connections came full circle with the store’s hosting of this mural project created by BIPOC youth. Another initiative involving food and youth is our support for a recently formed Albany Kids Garden Network. This is a group of 12 youth gardens in the city, associated with various schools and community gardens, as well as the Vegetable Project at Albany High and Myers Middle School. During the pandemic, these groups began the network, Amy explains, “as a way to collaborate and share information, resources, and support.” Honest Weight has provided garlic bulbs, seedling plants, and infrastructure.

Circles and Cycles Honest Weight is adding more recirculating services, as we seek to reduce waste and promote loops of reuse. We’ve had One World clothing donation bins since 2018, helping with this nonprofit's mission “to inspire and empower ordinary people to take action against worldwide poverty and climate change” (oneworldcenter.org). Donations are carefully redistributed to Central America and Africa, and One World partners with other organizations offering various forms of training. In an exciting new pilot project, we’re hosting six collection bins for clear glass from Zero Waste Albany. For an in-depth look at the whys and wherefores of glass recycling, see https://www.honestweight.coop/page/hwfc-news-287/news/ new-zero-waste-capital-district-glassrecycling-pilot-program-launches-at-hwfc-42621-154.html). We invite you to participate! Foodscraps360, a local composting service, is transporting the glass at no charge to Tomra Recycling, in Schenectady. After our two electronics recycling days saw jaw-dropping turnout, we installed a GreenDisk Technotrash box. Shoppers can drop off small electronic devices there any time. When the prepaid box gets full, we simply send it off and open a new box. And they fill up fast! We’ve also seen an impressive roll-through of books in our new Little Free Library, so we’ve got you covered for both “old” and new media!

Energy Flows The store moved over to 100% community solar power recently, and we are excited to be helping our community reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Response to our campaign was phenomenal, with well over a hundred members signing up for Bullrock Community Solar. In fact, we are partnering with this local company to help with their expanding solar farms, so stay tuned! We are also now able to provide electric vehicle charging to six shoppers at a time.

Other Community Organizations We Support: • Soul Fire in the City • Friends of Tivoli Lake Preserve • Capital Roots donation box • Regional Food Bank of NENY

• Albany Food Not Bombs • Food Pantries for the Capital District • South End Children’s Cafe • Washington Park Farmers Market

View of one of Bullrock Community Solar’s solar farms!

Dental Wellness of Albany

Biologic Dentistry Mercury-free, Mercury-safe amalgam removal by IAOMT protocol. Laser assisted periodontal treatments, Ozone Therapy, Biocompatible materials, Implant placement, Extractions using L-PRF

Robert Herzog, DDS, FAGD, IBDM Laser Dentistry


651 Delaware Ave. Albany, NY 12209

Coop Scoop



Fax: 518.427.7346


Dear Co-op Holiday Elves


he workers at Honest Weight Food Co-op have been super duper good this year. We continually strive to supply local and sustainable food choices to our community, believing that every person deserves to eat well. But you already know that or you wouldn’t be the magical beings you are, keeping the shelves stocked full of our favorite holiday goodies.

By Rebecca Angel

Here is our Wish List: Katie, our Front End Manager, has been waiting for Jake’s Nokkelost

Deansboro, NY

Liza, our Digital Marketing Coordinator, would like Pumpkin Spice Siggi’s Yogurt, pomegranate seeds, and fresh whole cranberries.

co-ops everywhere! In addition to

Renée, from theHonest Front End, loves to there are several Weight, share a Christmas Bomb with her favorite others you can check out: Niskayuna beer drinkers. “It's a wonderful Imperial Consumers Co-op, Chatham Real Stout and I love that we always carry it. Food Market Co-op, Mohawk Harvest Thank you!”

Tom G., our Grocery Manager, can’t wait for the fresh citrus fruits and pears.

Cooperative Market, and Cambridge

LenKu, our Meat Assistant Manager, Co-op. wishes for a loaf ofFood Panettone sweet bread.

every can’t co-op has its own Rebecca, from While the Coop Scoop, distinctive vibe, we wait for all the top-quality ingredients to are all founded on make her special eggnog: eggs,basic coconut the same principles: milk and cream, maple syrup, and nutmeg. · voluntary and open membership

Troy, NY

Amy, our Outreach Specialist, is hoping for some crystalized ginger scones in Bakery, a Dutch Desserts pumpkin tart, delicata squash, and R&G orangeginger chevre.

David Aube, our Grocery Buyer, is democratic member control really looking forward to apple-cider · member economic participation yogurt-covered pretzels.

· autonomy and independence and informa-

Christine, from and Specialty, · Cheese education, training, would like a Sbrisolona Chocolate tion Artisanal Mantova Cookie.

· cooperation among cooperatives

Elaine S., from Produce, is always · concern for community looking for natural (not high-fructose corn syrup sweetened—which she knows in being a member of our we wouldn't carry)Interested citron fruits for co-op? lovetheto have you join us! fruitcake. “Also, please keepWe’d stocking good mince pie filling. It is a great, Contact thecleanService Desk at our Marketing Manager, Alex M., ingredient and tastes great.” wants Dancing Deer peppermint

518.482.2667 to sign up for an availcookies, sweet potato casserole with orientation to get the process Sincerely, able Dandies marshmallows, and green bean rolling, and visit our website at All the Good People at Honest Weight casserole with Lars crispy onions. www.honestweight.coop for all the details on the membership process. 9


Morgaen, the Front End Assistant Manager, looks forward to fresh whole cranberries in Produce. “Homemade cranberry sauce is something I'd only make for a fall or winter holiday meal, but it's always worth the extra time, and it's surprisingly easy. It tastes so delicious, warm, sweet and tangy, and is a beautiful addition to the table.”


Profile By Pat Sahr

Misty Knolls Farm New Haven, VT


ccording to the Honest Weight Food Co-op Product Manual, the Co-op “promotes traceable, local, pastured, grass fed, grass finished, organic, and humane policies” for meat and poultry. Staff regularly visit local producers of meat to verify that the animals are humanely raised and processed. Meat sourced from out of the area must be certified organic or certified humanely raised. Misty Knoll Farm definitely meets these expectations. Misty Knoll Farm has been providing turkey and chicken to the store for several years. Located in New Haven, Vermont, it is a family business owned and operated by John Palmer and his nephew, Rob Litch. Started in the late 1980s with 17 acres, the farm has expanded to 400. Their poultry are fed wholesome grain that is free of antibiotics and animal byproducts, and intentionally chosen to produce a tastier bird. The birds are housed in a spacious barn with plenty of room to roam and abundant fresh air and water. They are processed on site in a USDA-inspected facility that allows them to experience lower levels of stress. Because they grow naturally to size in a stress-free environment, the birds are healthier and better-tasting. In addition to their work at Misty Knoll, Palmer and Litch are committed to regen-

Coop Scoop

erative agriculture and sustainable economic practices. They are active members of Vermont Fresh Network, a state-wide organization “dedicated to building innovative partnerships among Vermont farmers, chefs, and consumers.” Misty Knoll chicken and ground turkey is available at the store year round, and fresh turkeys are sold in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. After the holiday, shoppers can purchase frozen turkeys. The Co-op will begin taking orders for fresh turkeys early in November. For more information about this producer (and access to some delicious recipes!) go to:

www.mistyknollfarms.com Pat Sahr has been a member of the Co-op since 2005. She contributes to the Coop Scoop as the writer of the Producer Profiles. Sahr says, "Its a pleasure being part of the Honest Weight family, and I've especially enjoyed communicating with the various producers whose products are sold at the Co-op!"





Holiday Home

By Ruth Ann Smalley

“Americans throw away 25% more trash during the Thanksgiving to New Year's holiday period than any other time of year. The extra waste amounts to 25 million tons of garbage or about 1 million extra tons per week!”

-Stanford University Recycling Center 11



he holiday season typically heralds a joyous uptick in cooking, baking, and sharing food, as well as traveling for visits with family. While Covid considerations may be keeping some of us closer to home, we have you covered (pun intended) when it comes to eco-friendly options for baking and containing your food, and for travel-sized personal care products. At a time when we constantly hear bad news about microplastics and other industrial chemicals entering the ecosystem, it can feel overwhelming to find better choices for home use. Depending on your needs, we have several great alternatives to conventional plastic wraps, baggies and bottles, aluminum foil, and nonstick cookware. Here are a few to try out:

If You Care

Sarah Kaeck founded this Vermont company, now BbyCorp-certified, with a was a healing experience. I sighed can be caused anxiety, and meditaAt this point in commitment to reducing plastic waste in relief for the first time in years. My tion is proven to lower anxiety, this commerHeartburn the This company got its startcreated back in an herbal blend and sense. creating a sustainable business daughter makes cial,1990, I completoffering unbleached coffee model. Her beautiful organic is serious ed aloe juice Eventually, I was diagnosed the thought, filters. They havewith expanded to anto heal the esophageal cotton beeswax wraps arewith now lining, which included slippery elm an illness called Cushing’s (hypercorif you environmentally friendly joined by plant-based, vegan "a array day?" ofBut of everything muffin using candelilla bark. I from also used slippery elm lozengtisolism.) versions, This is when the bodyand announcer suffer two the versions cups and compostable loaf pans, tothroat, which was soy wax, organic coconut es to soothe my produces an excess of cortisol, the oil, finished with aluminum " recycled foil and paraf- acid. and tree resin. When these or three a week." raw from constant stress hormone. Over time, CushI was fin-free waxed paper. They have wear out, use them as ing’s breaks down every body system Only certifications for times a... stunned. 3rd party firestarters, or place them EXTRA HELP: and leads to death. Heartburn is a bin. and compostability, in your home compost a few sustainability times a so you can knowAn where their acquaintance suggested DGL common initial symptom. week was bad? Then what would you materials come from, and how licorice) tablets. (Deglycyrrhizinated By the time I was diagnosed with call what I had? they can beThey safelyworked disposed of. amazingly well during Cushing's, my heartburn was I had heartburn if I didn't eat an attack, and helped prevention manageable. After a life-saving EXACTLY on schedule. If I ate too Some helpful when eaten before a meal. My son surgery, it went away almost much, or too fast. It hit first thing in tips about found out that left side sleeping at completely;attacks these days are the morning and again every If You Care night could reduce heartburn--he rare. Yet, I have kept up my habits evening. I would wake up in the usage: was right! and supplements, as they are benefinight to the pain, and clench my • The parchment is reusable • TheIt loaf pans are totally cial for healing of my digestive chest randomly duringandthe day. paper that is oven safe up to 425 degrees. Swap it chlorine-free FINALLY: system during recovery. always felt like had a lump in my in for aluminum foilIand to avoid microwave safe and can withstand I started meditating daily for other For anyone suffering from heartthroat.I was always mypopped in the oven straight nonstick oven pans. Toss it inclearing your being reasons, but after a month of no burn, take it seriously, and I hope home compost you arefelt done! throat, and when my voice raw.out It ofisthe freezer. other changes, noticed my heartburn these tips help you, too! also asfoil GERD • The known aluminum is 100%(gastroesopharecycled, • The paper snack and sandwich bags was cut in half again. Since heartburn geal disease.) whichreflux cuts the energy used in are unbleached and greaseproof, perfect manufacturing by 95% andvisit, helps from At every doctor's my for gifting your friends with reduce reliance on bauxite mining. those fresh-baked holiday goodies! primary care to even my foot doctor, I complained about heartburn because it was ruining my life. After years of not receiving any help or even advice on how to manage it, I stopped bringing it up. My daughter was training to become an herbalist and she asked her teachers forMade help by HumanGear, a company that for her mama. This is what was emphasizes “thinking in circles instead of lines,” these are handy silicone storage passed on to me: Invented by a mom, Kat Nouri, to replace tubes for travel (TSA approved) or for any Lily of the Desert single-use plastic bags, Stashers offer a time. Think: “This is where I’ll carry the Aloe Juice PREVENTION: sturdy, earth-friendlier storage alternative. lotion I made myself, from bulk prodFirst thing in the morning, Iucts was to Made from platinum silicone, which is derived in the Wellness department!” from sand, Stashers are long-lasting and sip 1 Tbls of apple cider vinegar Humangear in also has an “Afterlife food-safe. They are self-sealing, dishwasher safe, Bragg’sfor Apple program” recycling warm water. I needed to avoid: and great for the freezer. Though they do not Cider Vinegar their containers. peppermint, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, biodegrade, theyDesert will never become microplasEssence citrus, hot (temperature) or spicy tics,Toothpaste and there is a Stasher Fennel foods. Some cause the stomach to recycling program. react, while others relax the sphincter in the throat, allowing the acid up. Luckily, the co-op has a selection Thayers of toothpastes that don’t contain Slippery Elm peppermint. Smaller meals throughLozenges out the day worked best. I needed to Planetary eat slowly, chew well, and, after Herbs eating, wait at least an hour before DGL Choose from our beautiful lying down. Lokta plant paper from Nepalese These changes cut my women’s cooperatives, or Matr symptoms in half. Boomie Indian fair trade upcycled cotton gift bags to dress up your gifts in DURING AN ATTACK: recycled, reusable wraps. You’ll be helping support Water is good. Aloe juice is better.artisans, not megacorporations! DISCLAIMER: Not intended as medical advice. We encourage shoppers to consult their health care provider and/or Sipping aloe juice during an attack research before beginning any new regime.

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Corner Corner Melanie’s Favorite Fing-Garlic-ing Date-Sweetened Good Fruit Smoothie Serves: 6 • Total Time : About 45 minutes


By Kyle Humphreys By Melanie Pores

The unassuming, essential garlic: no kitchen is complete nwithout Ayurveda, theready 5000a bulb to be yearold “science of to peeled. Yet you needn’t peel garlic life,”, the emerging reap its aromatic treasures. heat andtried humidity of garlic the early I first roasting to make my hummus and summer canmore be dynamic challenging, irresistible.toTaking minimal effort, especially individuals with a it tastes more expensive than it really is. “Pitta” constitution like myself, With cooler weather, roasted garlic is who tend to overheat and dehythe perfect addition to many meals. Not drate only iseasily. it versatile, but having the oven Aswarms the the temperature and on home. humidity rise in the surroundThis recipe is for soft neck garlic, as larger hard necks may roast ing environment, thenot body is as also experiencesing a surge in temperature and beginsning to accumulate moisture internally. People of all constitutions in this season need to be mindful of fluid intake and electrolyte balance. To this end, I thought you might enjoy here is a healthy blended fruit recipe, that you can either enjoy as a yummy drink or easily pour it into an ice pop tray and place in your freezer to help keep you hydrated. It’s a healthy, and delicious way to attend to your body's thirst, as soon as it arises, and to restore your body’s electrolyte balance. I hope you will enjoy my simple recipe for a date sweetened fruit smoothie.

evenly. If your oven heats unevenly, check progress halfway through. Fresh out of the parchment, the soft cloves can be incorporated into spreads, dressings, condiments, or mashed potatoes. How you enjoy your roasted garlic is limited only to your imagination. Kyle Humphreys is an aspiring communications professional from New Hartford, New York. He enjoys creating plant-based meals appealing to omnivores and vegans alike.

2 cups fresh greens (e.g, kale, spinach, 1 whole bulb or a mixture unpeeled garlic of greens) tsp granulated salt or 1 1/21cups coconut water 1 tspmilk olive oil coconut Baking parchment paper 1 cup almond milk and kitchen twine 1 cup pitted, chopped dates, soaked overnight 1 cup fresh or frozen cooling summer fruit (e.g, blueberries, blackberries, chunks of mango) 1. Preheat the oven to 400 1 Tbsp ground flaxseed degrees Fahrenheit. 1-2 scoops protein powder Peel outer layers, (pea2.protein powder for vegans) exposing cloves. 1/4 tsp ground cardamom 3. cinnamon Chop off clove tips, 1 tsp exposing the insides. 1 tsp vanilla extract Set on parchment 1 -24.Tbsp healthy fat before pouring olive oil cloves. (e.g, coconut butter,onto coconut oil, Gently rub surfaces, coating avocado or almond butter or well. other nut or butter) 5. Rub allseed cloves with salt, to draw out excess water. 6. Wrap bulb in parchment, twist paper ends, and tie with twine 1. Pour coconut water/ or 7. Bakemilk, on the center rack or coconut and unsweetbaking sheet for 40 minutes, ened almond milk, filling a 60 for larger bulbs. high-speed blender to the 2 1/28.cup mark for 2 quarts Gently unwrap the hotof smoothie. Add the greens. bulb. Well-roasted garlic clovesblending pull awayon from 2. Start lowtheir and, skins, lightly browned. as greens start to break down, increase to medium speed until completely broken down and smooth, approximately 45-60 seconds.

3. Add in soaked dates and cooling summer fruit. 4. Add ground flaxseed, protein powder, and cardamom, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. 5. Add 1 to 2 Tbsp healthy fat. Blend until smooth. 6. Serve immediately or pour in an ice pop tray and freeze. Enjoy!

CORRECTION: In the Sept/Oct 2021 issue, pg 12, there should be NO garlic in the ingredients for the "DIY Hair Rinse" by Rebecca Angel.

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The Bread Butler Double Up Food Bucks is a nation-

and vegetable incentive A wide warmfruit welcome to this hyper-local program, servicing millions of SNAP bakery on Central Ave. that delivers fresh users, active in 20+ states at over bread to the store every Wednesday800 and farmers CSAs, farm stands, Friday, alongmarkets, with a rotation of seasonal mobile and grocery bread and markets, delights that (in our stores. humble The program gives shoppers $1 list. for opinions) top the Co-op’s MUST TRY every $1 spent with SNAP, so you can purchase even more produce. A match of up to $20 a day could mean $40 for healthy foods. Why is this important? Because too many people don’t have access, even with government aid, to the amount of So, we used this new chili oil healthy food needed to support famiin our social media posts lies. Sign up is free and the dollars about homemade acorn never expire. squash ginger dumplings In New York State, Double Up has a couple of months back and By Deanna Beyer contributed to 1.1 million pounds of the reviews from staff were healthy food sales to over 24,000 overwhelmingly positive. It has a medium heat profile tion of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition customers, at more than 130 sites Hunger Free America estimates e a nt t o b e Program) u sed Want athat deliciously different option for your holiday benefits spanning 23 counties. that this past year has seen a and 67%is mAssistance generously. Just watch outafor charcuterie willour please everyone? we’ve seen in single year. Which isboard that Visit Service DeskTry to this signnew up increase in food- insecure New Yorkthe tingly, numbing effect gourmet 100% dairy-free plant-based cheese for thatmore has why we’re so excited to participate in and go to honestweight.coop ers. And here at Honest Weight we’re that the Sichuan peppercorns and receiving Double Up = Food Bucks! been winning awards information on theinternational program. praise on track to have the highest redemphave on the tongue party for being “Meltable. Shreddable. Sliceable. Spreadable.” in your mouth!

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