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Can Regenerative Agriculture Heal Our Food System? Joy During COVID Skin Deep Naturals

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Heal ∙ July/August 2021 Features


Joy during COVID

Meet Stephanie, Caleb, and their new baby Nora!

By Rebecca Angel


Healing From Heartburn


After complaining about her debilitating heartburn for years to her doctor, Rebecca looked to natural therapies to prevent and heal.

By Rebecca Angel

Can Regenerative Agriculture Heal Our Food System?

This complex topic is explored here as a way to bring healing to our land and communities. Soil health, social fairness, and animal welfare can define regenerative agriculture, but there is so much more to learn.

By Ruth Ann Smalley Happenings at the Co-op


Incredible Edible Gardens

Honest to Goodness


By Deanna Beyer

By Deanna Beyer



What is a Co-op

Co-op 101

By Deanna Beyer


What’s Fresh?

Recipie Corner

By Melanie Pores

Skin Deep Naturals

Producer Profile


Double Up Food Bucks!

What’s Fresh?

By Deanna Beyer

By Pat Sahr

Cover Photo: Mathew Bradley ISSN 2473-6155 (print) • ISSN 2473-6163 (online) The Coop Scoop is for informational purposes only, and not intended as medical or health advice. Always consult your physician or other qualified healthcare provider. The views of our guest writers do not necessarily reflect those of Honest Weight, and we do not take responsibility for them.

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Melanie’s Favorite Date-Sweetened Fruit Smoothie


Glass Recycling Pilo Zero Waste Capital ambitious Glass Recy the Co-op, to ensure t recycled rather than make it successful, w throwing clear 2 glass i home, bring it to the C

Honest Editors Rebecca Angel has been a part of Honest Weight for eighteen years, and is Managing Editor Coop Scoop of the Coop Scoop. When not at the Editorsco-op, Rebecca is a teacher, musician, and writer, currently working on a memoir about her experience with Cushing’s syndrome. www.RebeccaAngel.com Deanna Beyer is the Education & Engagement Coordinator at Honest Weight. A long-time teacher and practitioner of Rebecca Angel yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, she focuses on helping to make these practices accessible to people in all kinds of situations. You can reach her at deannab@honestweight.coop Carol Reid, our Assistant Editor, is a retired cataloger at the New York State Library, where she worked for over 35 Carol Reid years. She wrote a 10-year blog called “Typo of the Day for Librarians” and has been a Co-op member since the 1980s. Ruth Ann Smalley PhD, is our Content Editor. An educator and writer, with a 4-digit Co-op member number from the early 90s, Ruth Ann offers wellness, writing, and creativity Ruth Ann Smalley coaching through her practice at www.vibrant-energies.com or www.ruthannsmalley.com. Mathew Bradley is our Layout Editor. He has been the Lead Designer at Honest Weight since the new store. Outside the co-op, he enjoys writing music with his band, tending to his garden, and training Deanna Beyer his English Cocker Spaniel, Cricket, for field work.

Letter Letter from an from Editoran Editor T T By Carol Reid

his By hasCarol been Reid a rather fraught year for me and not just for the obvious Covid-related reasons. I’ve also his has been a rather fraught year learned that I have two different physical for many of us health-wise. disorders, one fairly common people Those struggling withformedical my age and the other one far less common. problems, some ongoing, some newly I made themay first discovery at seek the diagnosed, have found it right hard to beginning of the pandemic and the other help while being afraid to go to the doctor’s one just my second vaccine office, or after whilegetting money was tight for treatdose. On top ofthere the anxiety isolation ment, or while were tooand many other and fearstoof leavingwith. the It’s house in general matters contend challenging to spend time browsingelse), the attempting aisles of the (just like everybody to Co-op and otherdeal grocery for simultaneously withstores, all the looking uncertain-

Honest to Goodness!

Fresh News!

Incredible Incredible Edible Gardens! Gardens Edible ByHuman DeannaSoandso Beyer By

With of aofnew memWiththe thehelp help a team new of team of ber-owners, we’ve officially member-owners, we’ve launched officially our first-ever You launched our Edible first Gardens! ever Edible might be wondering, “What exactly IS Gardens! You might be wondering, 3

specialty items orand perusing ty and doctor visits various ingredient new health labels, when you really just want in regimens I’ve had to adopt due to to get these and out as fast as possible. And in some sudden revelations has greatly intensified cases, neededyearlong products have also been in my personal ordeal. short supply. It’s never easy dealing with healing—whether But obviously, I’m not the only one who’s for oneself or others, Covid-related or not, been struggling with such issues—whethwith issues chronic or sudden, routine or er forIt’s oneself or to one’s family rare. enough make you members, sick, and friends, or colleagues; whether often depressed and desperate Covid-reto boot. lated orand not;emotional whether illnesses serious or routine. Mental have been It’s enough to you downright exacerbated by make the pandemic and are sick, also andthe often quite on rise. But desperate there are and lots depressed of online to boot. People have been to make or resources available, andafraid there’s finally hope we can beatappointments, the virus and start keep their medical to go in dealing withor whatever might be for testing, to even beelse around other currently ailing us.Mental and emotional afflicted people. In this issue, Angel writes about illnesses have Rebecca been exacerbated and are healing her heartburn, while Ruth Ann sadly on the rise. But there are also a lot of Smalley healing resourcesreports availableon online right our now, food and production system in finally “Regenerative there’s hope that we can beat the Agriculture.” Octavia Maxwell’s body care Virus and deal with whatever else might be products inspire healing through pampercurrently ailing us. ing our skin and hair; “Double Up Food Bucks” tells how SNAP recipients can In this the issue of the process Coop Scoop, speed healing whileentitled saving “Heal,” Rebecca Angeland writes aboutPores her money on groceries; Melanie own experience with healing makes what’s good for you tasteheartburn; good with Pores makes what’s good for you aMelanie “Date-Sweetened Fruit Smoothie.” Caleb also Jennifer taste joyfully good with herways delicious and relate the a new baby can get one to look pastrecipe; the past,Ruth live Date-Sweetened Smoothie in present, focus the future, Annthe Smalley getsand to the rooton of things with while Deanna “Incredible Edible an article on Beyer’s Regenerative Agriculture; Gardens” illustrates the pleasure to the be and [etc.]. We’re hoping that all of found in plant life, communal eating, and articles and information contained herein growing our own will contribute tofood. helping all of us on our We hope this issue inspires all ofhealth us on personal journeys toward renewed our personal journeys toward renewed and healing. health and healing.

an edible garden?” I try to “What exactly IS anWhenever “edible garden?” explain this to someone, I inevitably Whenever I try to explainI’m explain hear Wilder inIWillie Wonkahear and this Gene to someone, inevitably the Chocolate Factory saying, “EveryGene Wilder in Willie Wonka and the thing insideFactory is eatable,saying, I mean edible, Chocolate “Every-I mean you can eat everything.” thing inside is eatable, I mean edible, I Basically, a garden that mean you can it’s eat everything.” everyone is invited to harvest from. Basically, it’s a garden that everyIf you’re hungry and you want to one is invited to harvest from.try If something, go and ahead it! you’re hungry you and wantpick to try Inspired by go various something, aheadurban and gardens pick it! popping up around the world in an Inspired by various urban gardens effort to address food insecurity, that are popping up around the world Honest Weight is food working on in an effort to address insecurity, cultivating an edible landscape that Honest Weight is working on cultivatanyone can harvest, share, andanyone enjoy ing an edible landscape that for free. It’s part of our ongoing can harvest, share, and enjoy for free. mission makeongoing good, mission fresh food It’s part to of our to accessible to all. make good, fresh food accessible to all. PHOTOGRAPH BY LIZA MOLLOY

We’ve started with a modest plan that includes some of the “easier” plants totogrow grow (including lettuces, (including: lettuces, tomatoes, zucchini squash, pole beans, peppers, and various herbs) and hope to expand our planting based on what works (or doesn’t) this year. Any surplus harvest will be used to supplement our our on-going ongoing fills at Free Food Fridge’s Albany locations. Look for the Edible Gardens in the beautiful raised wooden beds created by our friends at ADK Rustica and the stainless trough tubs on the exterior wall of the patio. And if you’re interested in being a part of this project in the future, please reach out to me at deannab@honestweight.coop.


lOl By Deanna Beyer

What is a Co-op?By

If you’re new to Honest Weight, you might be wondering what makes us different from any other grocery store. There are lots of things, but probably the biggest is that we’re a community-owned co-op!

What is a community-owned co-op? It’s a grocery store owned by its members, usually the people who shop here. These are the people who cooperatively manage and control the business. The membership makes all kinds of decisions, including what foods and products are on the shelf, and what standards those Deanna products andBeyer their producers have to meet (think growing practices, clean ingredients, etc.). At Honest Weight, we’ve got about 14,000 members.

What is a Co-op?

Who can shop here? Everyone is welcome: anyone can shop at the co-op. If you decide to become a member, you’ll purchase a “share” of the co-op, become eligible for lots of additional discounts on products, and have If voting rights onto decisions affect the Honest you’re new Honestthat Weight, youstore. might Weight member-owners can choose to invest their time be wondering what makes us different fromat the store, serve on one of our committees, or work with a program, in any other grocery store. There are lots of order to receive a bigger discount (up to 24%) on their groceries.

things, but probably the biggest is that a community-owned co-op!in our community Whatwe’re is on offer? We believe everyone

should have access to affordable, high-quality, natural foods and products living. So we offer things It’s like aCo+op Basics (a What isfor a healthy community-owned co-op? grocery store line of by over 450 high-quality foods and who household items) at owned its members, usually the people shop here. These Everyday Low Prices. have biweekly Great and Dealscontrol discounts, are the people who We cooperatively manage the weekly Fresh sales, and Manager’s Specials. We alsoincludaccept business. TheFlyer membership makes all kinds of decisions, SNAP benefits. ing what foods and products are on the shelf, and what standards those products and their producers have to meet. (Think growHow is Honest Weight part of the localWeight food system? If ing practices, clean ingredients, etc.) Honest has about buying local is important to you, we’re one of the best places 14,000 members. around to shop. Co-ops form strong relationships with local, small-scale producers, which means can find products that Who can shop here? Everyone is you welcome. Anyone can shop aren’t typically available supermarkets. At Honesta at the co-op. If you decideattotraditional become a member, you’ll purchase Weight, with over 285 local farmsfor andlots 319 of local produc“share” we of work the co-op, become eligible additional ers; that list always growing. And because weon getdecisions daily deliverdiscounts onisproducts, and have voting rights that ies, it the means fresher, food that hasn’t travelled affect store. Honestlower-impact Weight member-owners can choose to across the country invest their time atfor thedays. store, serve on one of our committees, or work with a program, in order to receive a bigger discount (up to Shopping for special dietary needs? We get it. It’s easy to 24% off) on their groceries. find tasty food alternatives in every department at the co-op. Our friendly also you’re feeling What isstaff on can offer? Wemake believesuggestions everyone inifour community overwhelmed by the as high-quality, many of them are on special should have access to choices, affordable, natural foods and diets, too!for healthy living. So we offer things like Co+op Basics (a products line of over 450 high-quality foods and household items) at How does Weight support the local comEveryday LowHonest Prices. We have biweekly Great Deals discounts, weekly FreshMost Flyer sales, and Manager’s Specials. We time also accept munity? co-ops devote significant and SNAP benefits. resources to educational programming, community devel-

opment, and outreach initiatives. We donate 5% of our net Shopping for special dietary needs? We get it. It’s easy to profits to local not-for-profit organizations, run free and find tasty food alternatives in every department at the co-op. Our low-cost educational programs that are open to all, and friendly staff can also make suggestions if you’re feeling overwhelmed are always ways with partners in by the choices,looking as manyfor of them aretooncollaborate special diets too! the community. We offer many opportunities for member-owners to help with this community engagement. Do you have a question about how the co-op

works, or what a certain food or product is for? WhatWe other in the Youcolumn! can find may co-ops use yourare inquiry forarea? a future CoopScoop@HonestWeight.coop

Salad, Hot Bar, Salad, Hot and Cafe are Bar, and Cafe Back, with are Back, with a New Option! a New Option! After what has seemed like forever, the Honest After Kitchen what has seemedtolike theboth Honest Weight is excited haveforever, re-opened the Weight Kitchen is excited have reopened bothsoup the SSalad Bar and& HHot to Bar, including daily Salad Bar and Hot Bar, including daily soup offerings. AndAlso in other big news: they offerings. have also And in other news: they have also launched launched the big brand-new Build-Your-Own Burgerthe & brand-new Build-Your-Own Burger & Fries Bar, Fries Bar, available from from 11am to -7pm dailyeach available from 11am those to 7pmofdaily. Take it been from those day. Take it from us who’ve lucky of us who’ve beenthem, lucky(including enough meat, to sample them enough to sample vegetarian, (meat, vegetarian, and vegan options), this a MUST and vegan options), this is a MUST TRY forisall! After TRY for your all! After grabbing your food, you your are grabbing food, you are welcome to enjoy welcome to newly enjoy your meal in our newly meal in our reopenedre-opened Café reopened space, or Caféon space, or out onsunny our beautiful, sunny with out our beautiful, patio with lots ofpatio comfortlots comfortable seating. able of seating.

Glass Glass Recycling Recycling Piolt Project Project Piolt

Z Wa Z er e roo W a sste t e CCaapital pital District has has launched District launched an an ambitious Glass Recycling Recycling ambitious Glass Pilot Project Project here the Pilot here at at the Co-op, ensure that that the the Co-op, to to ensure glass is is truly truly being being glass recycled rather than recycled rather than headheading the landfill. To ing to thetolandfill. To make make it successful, we need it successful, we need your your Instead help! of Instead of help! throwing throwing glass in clear glass clear in your single your single-stream at stream bin at home,bin bring home, bring it to the Co-op. it to the Co-op.

Just Just follow follow these these simple simple steps: steps:

•• Locate Locate the the collection collection bins bins near near our our bike bike lockers lockers Only place place clear, clear, clean clean glass glass in in the the bins bins •• Only Makesure sureto toremove removeboth boththe thelids lidsand andlittle the ••Make little plastic rings (labels are plastic rings (labels are ok)ok)

Seasonal Seasonal Local Produce Local Produce

What could be fresher than all of your favorite What could be daily fresher than of your favorite produce arriving from localallfarms? (could we produce aarriving from local farms? It’shere?It’s growing include couple daily of relevant farm names season we’ve got farm-fresh fruits and veggies growingand season and we’ve got farm-fresh fruits and from all from over the So, whether looking for veggies all area. over the area. So,you’re whether you’re non-GMO sweet corn,sweet crispcorn, cucumbers, or super looking for nNon-GMO crisp cucumbers, juicy, tinyjuicy, strawberries, we’ve gotwe’ve you got covered! or super tiny strawberries, you Be sure toBe check the beautiful new arrivalsnew next covered! sureout to all check out all the beautiful time you’re arrivals nexthere. time you’re here.



Can Regenerative Agriculture Heal Our Food System? By Ruth Ann Smalley

The real problem of food production occurs within a complex, mutually influential relationship of soil, plants, animals, and people. A real solution to that problem will therefore be ecologically, agriculturally, and culturally healthful.

The mutual relationships Berry cites are dangerously disrupted, with our food system at a far-from-healthful tipping point. In his recent book, Perilous Bounty: The Looming Collapse of American Farming and How We Can Prevent It, Tom Philpott describes the political, commercial, and existential challenges facing farmers. Big Ag’s hold over the market has tightened through mergers: “7,000 plant breeding entities have effectively become four; 65 pesticide producers have Coop Scoop

-Wendell Berry, “Solving for Pattern”

become nine; seeds have merged with pesticides.” This has huge implications for what's on our plates, and in the atmosphere, soil, and water. Think ever-increasing GM soy- and corn-based, processed foods and feedlot meat; eroded, depleted soil; and nitrate-laden run-off. Think farmers trapped in debt and monoculture systems. And all of these problems nest within the related CO2 emergency. Regenerative farming methods could be the healthful solutions HEAL

that, as Berry puts it, “solve for pattern,” addressing several problems at once. In theory, agriculture is regenerative when it restores integrity to the land and the living beings connected with it. In reality, regenerative agriculture has as many different faces as the differing terrains in which it is practiced. It is complex to define. Additionally, applications that are piecemeal may be inadequate. As an emerging marketplace model, it emphasizes three components: soil health, social fairness, and animal welfare. Compost, conservation tillage, and cover crops are the 3 C’s of soil health—used to restore natural microbiomes, avoid damage to soil structure, and improve fertility through the building up of nutrients and topsoil. The 3 C’s have seen wider adoption in conventional agriculture recently, attracting more attention from large food companies. But many questions remain about process and scale. Diversity and Biodiversity Inclusion and acknowledgment are also issues. Critics point out that the “news” about soil health from scientific research simply confirms age-old land management methods still practiced, or being revitalized, by Native Americans, African-Americans, and other indigenous groups worldwide. As Qiana Mickie, former executive director of Just Food, NYC, asserts: “Regenerative is a set of diverse practices that Indigenous ancestors had to hold, a collective ancestral voice and knowledge.” After a history of oppression, displacement, and efforts at their extermination, many BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) farmers still contend with marginalization 6

and cultural appropriation. When BIPOC farmers aren't accorded an equal voice, historical patterns are repeated, and regenerative concepts are over-

“through Afro-Indigenous farming and forestry practices,” including raised beds with ashand residue-enriched soil; polyculture with trees; and integrated

and wildcrafting in perpetuity.” The farm's workshops promote food justice while imparting leadership skills. The “majority of the harvest [is] provided to people

Regenerative is a set of diverse practices that Indigenous ancestors had to hold, a collective ancestral voice and knowledge.

simplified. “We're falling into the trap of branding it in a way where we're seeing the same few practices and the same voices,” Mickie notes. “Doing so, we risk losing the eco-diversity of the practices” (“Does Regenerative Agriculture Have a Race Problem?” Civil Eats, 1/5/21). Eco-diversity is being cultivated locally at Soul Fire Farm, led by Leah Penniman (see Coop Scoop, July/Aug 2017). “We're trying to regenerate this 80 acres of Mohican territory,” Penniman explains,


Qiana Mickie

small ruminant pastures. For those whose ancestors' agricultural labor was exploited, healing relationships with the land are also being cultivated at Soul Fire. Illustrating how far beyond “crop yield” the term regenerative extends, Soul Fire Farm's mission is infused with spirituality and mutuality. Land is regarded as a relative and held cooperatively. A “cultural respect easement” is being developed with the Mohican people for access to the land “for ceremonies PHOTOGRAPH BY CAPERS RUMPH

living under food apartheid or impacted by state violence” (soulfirefarm.org). This is truly solving for pattern.

Why Certify? In contrast, even when conventional farmers do adopt cover-cropping and no-till practices, most still use herbicides and GM seeds. According to a poll by No-Till Farmer magazine, “some 92 percent of respondents planned to use glyphosate for weed control, and the majority

said they would plant crops that had been engineered to withstand their use” (“With Regenerative Agriculture Booming, the Question of Pesticide Use Looms Large, Civil Eats, 9/5/19). Thus, Regenerative Organic Alliance arose to set an organic standard for the term regenerative. In light of past attempts to water down the organic definition, Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) started in 2017 to promote best practices through third-party certification. To advance that mission, the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance—cofounded by the Rodale Institute, Patagonia, and Dr. Bronner's—has brought farmers, businesses, and experts in soil health, social fairness, and animal welfare together to learn from each other. A prerequisite for the ROC label is USDA Organic certification. Unfortunately, that may price some small farmers out of the running. However, it may help motivate (and provide a template for) larger companies to up their game. For instance, Annie's Homegrown, owned by General Mills, is “working to source from farmers and ranchers using regenerative principles to develop products that create a market for ingredients promoting regen-

erative systems” (annies.com). General Mills aspires to “advance regenerative agriculture on one million acres by 2030” (generalmills.com). Such companies would need to support growers in shifting away from herbicides if they wish to compete with farmers carrying ROC status. Regenerative Agriculture and Climate Carbon sequestration claims for regenerative agriculture have also sparked debate. The Rodale Institute has argued that by converting “all global croplands and pastures to regenerative organic agriculture we could sequester more than 100% of current annual CO2 emissions” (Rodaleinstitute.org). As an extrapolation based on small samples, that is “a real stretch,” says soil expert David Montgomery. For Montgomery, “the more credible estimates are a good down payment on reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide” (“Does Overselling Regenerative Agriculture's Climate Benefits Undercut Its Potential?” Civil Eats, 10/1/20). Still, a down payment is better than bankruptcy resulting from poor carbon-budgeting. Small studies suggest regenerative methods can make a significant difference. The ROC notes

research showing that “healthy regeneratively farmed soil sequesters up to 30% more carbon than conventional chemically farmed land” with the “capacity to retain 40% more water” (regenorganic.org). Impressive statistics, even applied to just one farm at a time. Additional benefits accrue from this more healthful approach, as Alicia Brown and Ben Stein of Edible Uprising Farm are demonstrating on their single acre in urban South Troy. “There is an awakening to the importance of ethical, sustainable, chemical-free, climate-centric farming practices,” they explain. Leasing the land in 2019, they started by regenerating a fundamental relationship: “There were no bees here to pollinate our early crops, because there was no habitat for them to feed on previously,” Alicia told Grounded Grub. “After planting flowers in every block of the farm, we slowly saw the return of the pollinators” (“The Producers: Edible Uprising Farm,” 1/5/21). They hope their farm model “becomes the norm in agriculture, not the anomaly.” Encouragingly, for the “culturally healthful” part of the solution, their CSA shares have quickly sold out for 2021.

Want to support companies that promote Regenerative Agriculture? Brands like Patagonia, Dr. Bronner's, Nature's Path, Lotus Foods, Guayaki Yerba Mate, and Herb Pharm, are actively evolving our food and fiber systems. Coop Scoop



er uc od Pr uc Prod er

ile of Pr Profile By Pat Sahr

Skin Deep Naturals Troy, NY


ctavia Maxwell has has always alwaysenjoyed enjoyed creating skin skin and andhair haircare care prodproducts for for her herfriends friendsand andfamily. family.InIn 2014, she launched Skin Deep Naturals and introduced herher first and introduced firstcommercial commercialbrand, The Body Butter. MadeMade of shea butter, brand, The Body Butter. of shea coconut oil, olive oil,oil,and butter, coconut oil, olive and arrowroot arrowpowder, it remains popular, root powder, it remainsher hermost most popular, “most loved” loved” offering. offering.Over Overthe thepast past fivefive years, Maxwell’s homehome-based based business has co-ops everywhere! In addition to expandedHonest in many other directions. FeaturWeight, there are several ing natural, raw, and organic Featuring natural, and organic ingreothers youraw, can check out:ingredients Niskayuna and only natural preservatives, her line now dients and only natural preservatives, Consumers Co-op, Chatham her Real includes soaps, lotions, deodorants, hair line now includes soaps, lotions, deodorants, Food Market Co-op, Mohawk Harvest cream, hair growth serum, body scrubs, and hair cream, hair growth serum, scrubs, Cooperative Market, andbody Cambridge FoodMany Co-op. makeup. Many of these items can can be found and makeup. of these items be in the Co-op’s Department. found in theWellness Co-op’s Wellness Department. While every co-op has its off own off According Maxwell, what started totoMaxwell, what started distinctive vibe, we are all founded on almost accidentally has grown grown into into aabusiness, busithe same basic principles: selling products online and at thanthan ten ness selling products online andmore at more · voluntary and open membership different locations throughout ten different locations throughoutthe the Capital Capidemocratic member control District. Men and women love her products tal District. Men and women love her prod· member economic participation because of their highand quality, and because they ucts because of their high quality, and · autonomy independence produce results training, infast improving the health because they produce results improv·fast education, and in informaand appearance ofappearance skin and hair. Frequently, ing the health of skin and tion and · cooperation among cooperatives she “My skin so“My much softer” and hair.hears, Frequently, shefeels hears, skin feels so · concern for community “My hair is fuller healthier sinceand using the much softer, ” and,and “My hair is fuller hair growth serum.” healthier since using the hair growth serum.” Interested in being awith member of our Through collaborations estheticians, Through collaborations with estheticians, co-op? We’d love to have you join us! spa owners, owners, hairdressers, Maxwell andand hair dressers, Maxwell Contact the Service Desk at continues518.482.2667 to expand expandher herproduct product line. Most to line. to sign up for an availrecently, she has partnered with a hemp Most recently, she has partnered with afarm able orientation to get the process to introduce a healing CBD ingredient into hemp farm to introduce a healing CBD rolling, and visit our website at

lotions, soap, and body oil. In addition, Maxwell ingredient into lotions, soap, andsmall bodybusinesses oil. In plans to collaborate with other addition, Maxwell plans to collaborate with other and entrepreneurs through participation in small businesses and entrepreneurs through Central District Management. This is an Albaparticipation in Central District Garden, Management. ny-based initiative of S.T.E.A.M. an innoThis is an Albany-based initiative of S.T.E.A.M. vative, multi-use tech start-up and learning lab. Garden, an innovative, multi-useintech start-up She is particularly interested working with and learning lab. She is particularly interested in local black women who operate similar businesses. working with local black women who operate Skin Deep Naturals has grown to the extent similar businesses. that Maxwell now has an employee, and she Skin Deep Naturals has grown the extent recruits summer interns. Askedto what she that Maxwell now has an employee, feels is the secret of her success, sheand she recruits summer interns.ingredients Asked replies, “High quality whatgreat she feels is theservice.” secret of her and customer success, she replies, “High quality ingredients and great For more information about thisservice.” business, go to: customer


For more information about this business, go to: Pat Sahr has been a member of the Co-op since 2005. She contributes to the

Coop Scoop as the writer of the Producer Profiles. Sahr says, "Its a pleasure being part of the Honest Weight family, and I've especially enjoyed communicating with the various producers whose products are sold at the Co-op!"


www.honestweight.coop for all the details on the membership process. 9


Joy During COVID MeetStephanie, Stephanie,Caleb, Caleb,and and Meet their new baby Nora! their new baby Nora! By ByRebecca RebeccaAngel Angel


aleb aleb Crouch and hisand family his have familybeen havewith beenthe with Honest the Honest WeightWeight family family for many for many years; years; his grandmother his grandmother joined in joined 1990!inCaleb 1990!tagged Caleb tagged along with alonghis with grandhis grandmother mother for member for member work as work a toddler, as a toddler, and was and hired joined in 2015. the staff He isincurrently 2015. Currently the buyer the forbuyer the wellness for the department Wellness Departand is ment, a personal Caleb fitness is a personal trainer fitness as well. trainer Stephanie as well.isStephanie a nanny for is atwo nanny small for children two smalland children has worked and has with worked kids for withaskids longfor as as shelong canasremember. she can remember. In her freeIntime her she freeloves time hiking she loves and hiking writing. and writing. I I have haveknown knownCaleb Calebsince sincehe hewas wasaalittle littleboy, boy and and met met Stephanie Stephaniewhen whenthey theywere weredating datingas asteenagers. teenagers.What Whataajoy joyto to see seethem themgrow growinto intoadults, adults,and andnow nowparents! parents!During DuringCOVID, COVID, Stephanie Stephanieand andCaleb Calebshared sharedphotos photosofoftheir theirpregnancy pregnancyand and new newbaby babyon onsocial socialmedia, media,which whichbrought broughtjoy joyto tomany manypeople people inin their their community. community.They They kindly kindly agreed agreed to to answer answer some some questions questions about about what what itit was was like like to to go go through through such such aa momentous momentouslife lifeevent eventduring duringaapandemic. pandemic. Rebecca: Rebecca:When Whendid didyou youfind findout outabout aboutyour yourpregnancy? pregnancy? What Whatwere weresome someexpectations expectationsyou youhad? had?Were Werethese theseimpactimpacted edby bythe thepandemic? pandemic? Steph: Steph:We Wefound foundout outI Iwas waspregnant pregnantininMarch Marchofof2020. 2020.I I didn’t didn’thave havetoo toomany manyspecific specificexpectations, expectations,but butI Iassumed assumedI’d I’d be besurrounded surroundedby byfamily, familyand andCaleb Calebwould wouldbe beable ableto tobe bethere there for formy myprenatal prenatalappointments. appointments. Caleb: Caleb:Unfortunately, UnfortunatelyIImissed missedthe thefirst firstultrasound ultrasoundbecause because of the restrictions. After that, we called different offices until of the restrictions. After that, we called different offices until we found one that at least let me in for the ultrasounds. We we found one that at Albany least letObstetrics me in for the ended up going with andultrasounds. Gynecology We at ended up going with Albany Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Peter’s. St. Peter’s. Rebecca: Do you mind sharing who you trusted with your Rebecca:and Do you you trusted pregnancy birthmind care sharing (doctor, who midwife, doula)? with your pregnancy and birth care? (doctor, midwife, doula?) Steph: I saw several different midwives during the pregSteph: I saw several differentwith midwives during theSarah pregnancy. I had a great experience a midwife named Prior, nancy. who I had delivered a great Nora. experience with a midwife named Sarah Prior who delivered Nora. Coop Coop Scoop Scoop

Rebecca: Rebecca:When Whenwas was Nora Nora born? born?Were Were there there unexpected unexpected challenges challengesand/or and/orgifts? gifts? Steph: Steph:Nora Norawas wasborn bornon onNovember November27th. 27th.During Duringlabor laborwe we had had aa slight slight birth birthcomplication complicationcalled calledshoulder shoulderdystocia, dystocia which whichwas wasquickly quicklyremedied. remedied.We Wehad hadso somany manypeople peopleofferoffering to help us after we brought her home. From ing to help us after we brought her home. Fromwatching watching her we could couldsleep sleepforfora few a few hours, to dropping off her so so we hours to dropping off home home-cooked meals. cooked meals. Caleb: All three of us caught coronavirus when Nora was a Caleb: All three of us caught coronavirus when Nora was a month old. [They all came through fine.] month old. [They all came through fine.] Rebecca: What is your focus now? What are you looking Rebecca: What is your focus now? What are you looking forward to in the future? forward to in the future? Steph: Our focus now is working towards a balance of work Steph: now is working balance of work and homeOur life,focus and soaking in everytowards second awith our daughand home life, and soaking in every second with our daughter as we watch her grow. ter as we watch her grow. Rebecca: Any advice for expectant parents? Rebecca: Any advice for expecting parents? Caleb: My advice is to be reasonably careful, but not allow Caleb: Myyou advice to be what’s reasonably careful, but notEnjoy allow fear to stop fromisdoing best for your family. fear to stop you from doing what’s best for your family. Enjoy every moment that you can. every moment that you can. Steph: My advice would be to try not to compare your child Steph: advice would be to try not toyou compare youryou child to anyoneMy else’s. Being a parent humbles and gives a strong desire to be the best version of yourself that youyou cana to anyone else’s. Being a parent humbles you and gives be. Practice patience. This is easier you make strong desire to be the best versionwhen of yourself thattime you for can yourself. Remember fussy you thatmake theytime aren’t be. Practice patience.when This isthey’re easier when for giving youRemember a hard time, they they’re are having a hard yourself. when fussy that time. they You’ll aren’t make mistakes along the way. yourself as well. giving you a hard time, they Forgive are having a hard time. You’ll make mistakes along the way. Forgive yourself as well. Thank you, Caleb and Stephanie for sharing your story. Hugs wishes to baby Nora from the Honest Thankand you,best Caleb and Stephanie for sharing your story. Weight family! Hugs and best wishes to baby Nora from the Honest Weight family!



Healing From Heartburn By Rebecca Angel



At this point in Heartburn the commercial, I completis serious ed the thought: thought, if you "a day?" But suffer two the announcer finished with with" or three a"a week." week." II was times a... stunned. Only a few times a week was bad? Then what would you call what I had? I had heartburn if I didn't eat EXACTLY on schedule. If I ate too much, or too fast. It hit first thing in the morning and again every evening. I would wake up in the night to the pain, and clench my chest randomly during the day. It always felt like I had a lump in my throat.I throat. I was was always always clearing clearing my throat, and my voice felt raw. It is also known as GERD (gastroesophadisease). geal reflux disease.) At every doctor's visit, from my caretophysician to my foot primary care even my foot doctor, I complained heartIdoctor, complained aboutabout heartburn burn—because it was my ruining my because it was ruining life. After life. After years of not receiving years of not receiving any helpany or help, advice or evenonany advice on howit,toI even how to manage manage bringing it, I stopped it up. stopped it up.bringing My daughter However, my to daughter training was training becomewas an herbalist to become anher herbalist she and she asked teachersand for help decided ask herThis teachers for some for her tomama. is what was help foron her passed tomama. me: This is what was passed on to me. PREVENTION: PREVENTION: First thing in the morning, I was to thing the morning, I was to sipFirst 1 Tbls of in apple cider vinegar in sip 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar in warm water. I needed to avoid: warm water.dairy, I needed avoid peppermint, alcohol,tocaffeine, peppermint, dairy, alcohol, or caffeine, citrus, hot (temperature) spicy foods. citrus, Some hot (temperature) cause the stomach or spicy to react, foods. while Someothers cause relax the stomach the sphincto react, othersallowing relax thethe sphincter in while the throat, acid ter in the throat, allowing acid to up. Luckily, the co-op has athe selection risetoothpastes up. Luckily,that the don’t Co-opcontain has a of peppermint. selection of Smaller toothpastes mealsthat throughdon’t contain peppermint. Smaller meals out the day worked best. I needed to throughout daywell, worked the after best. eat slowly, the chew and, eating, I neededwait to eat atslowly, least an chew hour well, before and lying after down. eating, wait at least an hour before lying down. These changes cut These changes cut my my symptoms in half. symptoms in half.

DURING AN ATTACK: Water is good. Aloe juice is better. Sipping Sipping aloe aloejuice juiceduring duringanan attack attack Coop Coop Scoop Scoop

was was a healing a healing experience. experience. I sighed I sighed in in relief relief forfor the thefirst firsttime timein in years. years. My daughter created an herbal blend with aloe aloejuice juice, to heal which the esophageal included lining, slipperywhich elm bark, included to healslippery the esophaelm bark. geal lining. I also used I alsoslippery used slippery elm lozengelm es lozenges to soothe to soothe my throat, my throat, which which was raw was from raw from constant constant acid.acid. EXTRA HELP: An acquaintance suggested DGL (Deglycyrrhizinated (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) licorice) tablets. They Theseworked worked amazingly amazingly well well during an attack, attack, and andhelped helpedwith prevention prevenwhen tion when eateneaten before before a meal. a meal. My son (Be found advisedoutthat thatlicorice left side may sleeping interact at night negatively could withreduce certainheartburn--he medications.) My son also suggested that left-side was right! sleeping at night could reduce heartburn—and he was right! FINALLY: I started meditating daily for other FINALLY: reasons, but after a month of no other I started changes, meditating noticed daily my heartburn for other reasons, a Since month with no was cut inbut halfafter again. heartburn other changes, I noticed my heart-

can burnbewas caused cutbyinanxiety, half again. and meditaSince tion heartburn is proven can to be lower causedanxiety, by anxiety, this makes and meditation sense. is proven to lower anxiety, Eventually, this makes I wassense. diagnosed with an illness Eventually, calledI Cushing’s was diagnosed (hypercorwith tisolism.) an illness called This Cushing’s is when (hypercorthe body produces tisolism). an Thisexcess is when of cortisol, the body the stress produces hormone. an excess Over of cortisol, time, Cushthe ing’s stressbreaks hormone. down Over every body time, system Cushand ing’s leads breakstodown death. every Heartburn body system is a common and can initial ultimately symptom. lead to death. Heartburn By the time is a common I was diagnosed initial symptom. with Cushing's, At the timemy I washeartburn diagnosed with was manageable. Cushing's, my Afterheartburn a life-saving was surgery, manageable. it went After away a lifesaving almost completely;attacks surgery, it went these awaydays almost are rare. completely; Yet, I have attacks keptthese up my days habits are and rare.supplements, Yet I have keptasupthey my are habits benefiand cial supplements, for healing as they of my are beneficial digestive system for theduring healing recovery. of my digestive system For anyone during suffering recovery. from heartburn, For take anyone it seriously, suffering from and Ihearthope these burn, tips takehelp it seriously, you, too! and I hope these tips help you too!

Products Rebecca uses: Uses:

Lily of the the Desert Desert Lily of Aloe Aloe Juice Juice Bragg’s Bragg’s Apple Apple Cider Cider Vinegar Vinegar

Desert Desert Essence Essence Fennel Fennel Toothpaste Toothpaste

Thayers Thayers Slippery Slippery Elm Elm Lozenges Lozenges Planetary Planetary Herbs Herbs DGL DGL

Jane Welsh is a registered nurse and member of the Co-op. She loves to swim, and is passionate about art. DISCLAIMER: Not intended as medical advice. We encourage shoppers to consult their health care provider and/or research before beginning any new regimen. regime.



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Melanie’s Favorite Favorite Melanie’s Date-Sweetened Date-Sweetened Fruit Smoothie Smoothie Fruit Yields: 2 cups or 4-6 ice pops, depending on tray size


By Melanie Pores By Melanie Pores

Ayu rve d a5000, the n nAyurveda, the 5000-year-old “science year- old “science of of life,” emerging life,”, thetheemerging heat and humidity of the early heat and humidity of the early summer can be challenging, summer can be challenging, especially to individuals with a especially to individuals with a “Pitta” constitution like myself, “Pitta” constitution like myself, who tend to overheat and dehywho tend to overheat and dehydrate easily. drate easily. As the temperature and As the temperature and humidity rise in the surroundhumidity rise in the surrounding environment, the body also ing environment, the body is experiences a surge in also experiencesing a surge in temperature and begins to temperature and beginsning to accumulate moisture internalaccumulate moisture internally. People of all constitutions ly. People of all constitutions in in this season need to be this season need to be mindful mindful of fluid intake and of fluid intake and electrolyte electrolyte balance. balance. To this end, here is a blended To this end, I thought you fruit recipe that you can either might is a drink healthyor enjoyenjoy as a here yummy blended fruitinto recipe, that easily pour an ice popyou tray can either enjoy as a yummy and place in your freezer to drink easily it intoIt’s an a help or keep youpour hydrated. icehealthy, pop tray and place in your delicious way to attend freezer tobody's help keep youashydratto your thirst, soon as ed.it It’s a healthy, and delicious arises, and to restore electroway attend to your you body's lytetobalance. I hope will thirst, as soon as it arises, enjoy my simple recipe and for a todate-sweetened restore your body’s electrofruit smoothie. lyte balance. after having IMelanie hopePores youis presently will retired enjoy my served a 30+ year career as a bilingual educator, simple recipe for specialist, a date school sweetteacher-trainer, resource board member, adjunct professor, and educational ened fruit smoothie. researcher and policy analyst. Melanie has been an Honest Weight member since 1978. She has facilitated the Co-op’s Spanish Conversation Group for the past five years.

22cups cupsfresh freshgreens greens (e.g, (e.g,kale, kale,spinach, spinach,ororaamixture mixture ofofgreens) greens) 111/2 1/2cups cupscoconut coconutwater wateror or coconut coconutmilk milk 11cup cupalmond almondmilk milk 11cup cuppitted, pitted,chopped choppeddates, dates, soaked soakedovernight overnight 11cup cupfresh freshor orfrozen frozencooling cooling summer summerfruit fruit (e.g, (e.g,blueberries, blueberries,blackberries, blackberries, chunks chunksofofmango) mango) 11Tbsp Tbspground groundflaxseed flaxseed 1-2 1-2scoops scoopsprotein proteinpowder powder (pea (peaprotein proteinpowder powderfor forvegans) vegans) 1/4 tsp ground cardamom 1/4 tsp ground cardamom 11tsp tspcinnamon cinnamon 11tsp vanilla tsp vanillaextract extract 11-2-2Tbsp Tbsphealthy healthyfat fat (e.g, (e.g,coconut coconutbutter, butter,coconut coconutoil, oil, avocado or almond butter or avocado or almond butter or other othernut nutororseed seedbutter) butter)

Pourcoconut coconutwater/ water/milk, 1.1.Pour or and unsweetened almond coconut milk, and unsweetmilk,almond filling amilk, high-speed ened filling a blender to the 2 1/2to cup high-speed blender themark 2 forcup 2 quarts Add 1/2 mark of forsmoothie. 2 quarts of the greens. smoothie. Add the greens. Startblending blendingon onlow lowand, and, 2.2.Start as greens start to break down, as greens start to break down, increase to medium speed increase to medium speed until completely broken down until completely broken down and smooth, approximately and smooth, approximately 45-60 seconds. 45-60 seconds. 3. Add in soaked dates and 3. Add in soaked dates and cooling summer fruit. cooling summer fruit. 4. Add ground flaxseed, 4. Add ground flaxseed, protein powder, and cardaprotein powder, and cardamom, cinnamon, and mom, vanilla extract. cinnamon, and vanilla extract. 5. Add 1 to 2 Tbsp healthy fat. 5.Blend Add 1until to 2 smooth. Tbsp healthy fat. Blend until smooth. 6. Serve immediately or pour 6.inServe pour an iceimmediately pop tray andorfreeze. inEnjoy! an ice pop tray and freeze. Enjoy!

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Double Up Food Bucks! By By Deanna Deanna Beyer Beyer

Hunger Hunger Free Free America America estimates estimates that that this this past past year year has has seen seen a 67% 67% increase increase in food-insecure food- insecure New New YorkYorkers. And at Honest Weight we’re ers. Andhere here at Honest Weight on track have to thehave highest we’re ontotrack theredemphighest

redemption SNAP (Supplemental tion of SNAP of (Supplemental Nutrition Nutrition AssistanceAssistance Program)Program) benefits benethat fits that we’ve inyear. a single year. we’ve seen in aseen single Which is why we’re excited participate Which is so why we’retoso excited in to Double Up Food Bucks!Up Food Bucks! participate in Double

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Double Up Up Food Food Bucks Bucksisis aa nationnationDouble wide fruit and vegetable incentive wide fruit and vegetable incentive program,servicing servicingmillions millionsofofSNAP SNAP program, users, active in 20+ states at over 800 users, active in 20+ states at over 800 farmers markets, CSAs, farm stands, farmers markets, CSAs, farm stands, mobile markets, markets, and and grocery grocery stores. stores. mobile The program program gives gives shoppers shoppers $1 $1 for for The every $1 $1 spent spent with with SNAP, SNAP,so soyou youcan can every purchaseeven evenmore moreproduce. produce. purchase match of of up up to to $20 $20 aa day day could could AA match mean mean $40 $40 for for healthy healthy foods. foods. Why Why isis this this important? important? Because Because too too many many people people don’t don’t have have access, access, even even with with government government aid, aid, to to the the amount amount of of healthy healthy food foodneeded neededto tosupport supportfamitheir lies. Sign up is freeisand theand dollars families. Sign-up free, the never expire. dollars never expire. In In New New York York State, State, Double Double Up Up has has contributed to 1.1 million pounds contributed to 1.1 million pounds of of healthy healthy food food sales sales to to over over 24,000 24,000 customers, customers, at at more more than than 130 130 sites sites spanning 23 counties. spanning 23 counties. Visit Visit our our Service Service Desk Desk to to sign sign up up, and go to honestweight.coop for more and go to honestweight.coop for information on the program. more information on the program.

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