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Building Resilience in Kids ;!8; 3<2+T 2$3<8!+' 8'!ধ=-;@

Shortly before my brother died, he SODQWHG D KDQGIXO RI VXQÀRZHU VHHGV in the yard. Just as he was starting to think they would never come up, he looked out the window one day and was greeted by a giant golden bloom swaying heavily in the breeze—weary, perhaps, from the effort it took to shoot up, seemingly overnight, to bring comfort to my ailing brother. We may not always live long enough to witness the fruits of our labor, but planting a seed (one of nourishment,

The Kids Corner features instructions to make a “pine cone critter feeder� by Sam Sonnier and the child-friendly “Overnight Oats with Chia Seeds� recipe, as well as some ideas for “planting seeds of kindness.� Melanie Pores gives us her recipe for “Maple Seed & Nut Granola“ and Sharon Bruce shares some helpful hints for “seeding change� by way of our annual New Year’s resolutions.


Cheers! Be glad and do good deeds, and also raise a toast to Seeds!

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In this issue, Pat Sahr conducts producer profiles with Kurt Beecher Dammeier of Beecher’s Handmade Cheese and Laura Fruitman of The R ight to Shower. Ben G oldberg writes about nurturing the seeds of knowledge with a “beginner’s mind.� Hilary Papineau discusses the Coop’s community outreach programs, and Rebecca A ngel Maxwell has some thoughts on “planting seeds of resilience in children.� Carol Reid interviewed Gayle Anderson about the seeds for sale at Honest Weight.



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In the celebrated children’s book The Carrot Seed, by Ruth Krauss and Crockett Johnson, a little boy decides to plant the eponymous black speck in his family’s backyard. He waters it and waits. Waits and waters. Digs in the dirt and ignores the doubters. Waters

knowledge, love, or peace) is always a worthy endeavor.


To suc c e ssf u l ly plant seeds, here’s what you’ll need: Letter from Our Editor F a i t h , H o p e , !83ÂŁ '-& Charity (all of the Assistant Editor classic Virtues, perhaps), plus a bit of homegrown know-how and a dash of wild imagination. Each seed sowed is a small rebellion—against scarcity, pollution, poverty, poor health, or just another paved parking lot. It means having faith in the future and being present in the moment. Learning to take the long view, but taking your time. Keeping your eyes on the prize and your feet on the ground. Knowing that a “late bloomerâ€? can often turn out to be the best plant of all.

and weeds a nd wa it s some more. A nd t he n finally, one ÂżQH GD\ KH trots out to his little garden plot, just like he a lways does, and there it was! At long last! The biggest, boldest, orangest carrot he had ever seen, born of that tiny black speck. It was almost as big and bursting as the little boy himself.


“Nothing succeeds like a bird without teeth.� —Unknown punster


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Honest Weight Food Co-op is a memberowned and -operated consumer cooperative that is committed to providing the community with affordable, high quality natural foods and products for healthy living. Our mission is to promote more equitable, participatory, and

Ecologically sustainable ways of living. Honest weight is open to the public, seven days a week. The Coop Scoop is produced bimonthly by our Education Department and offered free of charge as part of our mission. To view online, Please visit www.honestweight.coop/coopscoop.



'!;,'8 32-03>90-T our Content Editor, is a lexicographer for &-$ࣅ32!8@U$31 !2& ! (38'-+2 ÂŁ!2+<!+' -29;8<$;38W ,' 8'ÂŁ3$!;'& (831 <9ধ2 -2 ‰‡ˆÂ?T !Ä‘'8 ;8-6ÂŁ'f checking that there was a co-op here for her to join.


3ÂŁÂŁ'@ !=-9T 3<8 !@3<; '9-+2'8T ÂŁ-='9 -2 83@ !2& >3809 -2 $311<2-$!ধ329W <9!2 ';$!ÂŁ(T our Managing Editor, also volunteers seasonally to help maintain ;,' -+, -2'f-296-8'& +!8&'29 !; ;,' 3f36W ,' '2/3@9 '?6'8-1'2ধ2+ -2 ;,' 0-;$,'2T 8'!&-2+ )$ধ32T !2& #!#@9-ষ2+ ,'8 9-9;'8y9 $,-$0'29 !2& +3!;9W ,'9' &!@9 9,' >3809 !9 ! $38638!;' ÂŁ-#8!8-!2 !2& '2/3@9 96'2&-2+ 7<-'; '='2-2+9 !; home with her wife and two dogs. !83ÂŁ '-&T 3<8 99-9;!2; &-;38T -9 ! 8'ধ8'& $!;!ÂŁ3+'8 !; ;,' '> 380 ;!;' -#8!8@T >,'8' 9,' >380'& (38 3='8 ŠŒ @'!89W ,' >83;' ! ˆ‡f@'!8 #ÂŁ3+ $!ÂŁÂŁ'& [ @63 3( ;,' !@ (38 -#8!8-!29\ !2& ,!9 #''2 ! 3f36 1'1#'8 9-2$' ;,' ÂˆÂŽÂĽÂ‡9W


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,!832 8<$'T '2 3ÂŁ&#'8+T '#'$$! 2+'ÂŁ !?>'ÂŁÂŁT -ÂŁ!8@ !6-2'!<T Melanie Pores, Pat Sahr, and Samantha Sonnier


!;,'> 8!&ÂŁ'@ -9 32'9; '-+,;y9 '!& 8!6,-$ '9-+2'8W Jane Welch -9 ! 8'+-9;'8'& 2<89' !2& 2'> 1'1#'8 3( ;,' 3f36W ,' ÂŁ3='9 ;3 9>-1 !2& -9 6!99-32!;' !#3<; !8;W


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As You Sow #@ !83£ '-&

A seed-themed Coop Scoop could scarcely be considered complete without a look at the many vegetable, herb, and f lower seeds that Honest Weight Food Co-op has been selling for going on four decades now. HWFC (initially formed in 1976 as a “buying club” in some friendly local vegetarians’ basement) had had a physical presence on Quail Street for about eight years when Gayle Anderson came on board in 1985.

Gayle started out as a weekly worker, but was later hired for pay part-time. Back in those days, most of the work of the Co-op (buying, receiving, stocking, and cashiering) was done by members, but “managers were needed for continuity, and to fill in the gaps.” She and Bob Linn (who still works in Bulk) were the only two managers at that time. The Co-op was a very cozy place, brimming with brio and brown rice, but there was very little fresh produce for sale. Gayle started checking out the Farmers Market in Menands on her way to work, and soon the Co-op was stocking and selling a lot more of it. Eventually, she started specializing in produce, and at some point began including a few plants, such as tomatoes and marigolds. These were placed on a

HVSC is a “small, farm-based seed company celebrating heirloom and open-pollinated garden seeds 6

crude sidewalk display made from milk crates and boards, which had to be brought inside each night. It all became a much bigger job after the Co-op moved to Central Avenue in 1995. Gayle persisted in her wellworn role until the latest move in 2013, at which point she stepped down as Produce Manager. She continued to do some produce purchasing for a while, but soon began concentrating exclusively on plants.

Fedco Seeds was founded in 1978 and Honest Weight started organizing annual group orders two years later - a practice that has continued to this day. In 2000, Gayle began ordering extra seeds to sell inhouse, as there was more room to display them in the Central Avenue store. As Fedco leans into its 42nd year, it invokes (in its retro-looking, eco-friendly, black and white newsprint catalog) the purported Chinese aphorism: May you live in interesting times. It goes on to say: “Whether construed as a blessing or a curse, we cannot deny we live in just such a time, with the clamor of change all around us—climate change, cyber change, social change...” Dismissing “expensive agricultural stunts [that] fascinate rather than solve real problems,” it promises “another vision for the future of agriculture,” one with “clearsighted community-driven solutions.” In 2008, Ken Greene and his partner, Doug Muller, created the Hudson Valley Seed Library (now Company) in Accord, NY. The HVSC is a “small, farmbased seed company celebrating heirloom and openpollinated garden seeds and the relationship between COOP SCOOP

Eager gardeners can participate in HWFC's Fedco pre-order. You’ll pay less than the store price and still get your usual discount. Plus, there’s no shipping fee, regardless of how big or small your order. Final deadline is February 2, with orders being placed every week in january.

Gayle Anderson weighing produce at the Quail Street HWFC! art and agriculture.” In 2013, the Co-op started selling their beautifully designed seed packets.

The company solicits design submissions and purchases the ones it likes. The artwork itself is then displayed in venues like the Troy Arts Center and the gallery at Albany International Airport. Some of those pieces have included: Tricolor beans rendered in stained glass; Finnriver sweet peas on Raku pottery; borage stitched in embroidery; and computer art and collage. The Co-op starts selling Hudson Valley seed packets in December because “they make great The rest of the seeds start arriving in February, early enough for the tomatoes-and-peppers crowd, but way earlier than most folks are thinking about their gardens. Those who are thinking about them, though, can participate in the big Fedco pre-order. You’ll pay less than the store price and still get your usual discount—plus there’s no shipping fee, regardless of how big or small your order. And you can get exactly what you want from Fedco’s complete catalog (the store only carries a small selection).

Final deadline is February 2 (Groundhog Day!), but Gayle sends in orders once a week in January as well. JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020

the current HVSC, which presently sells all over the country, still has a non-profit wing. (They also have cheaper, plain-white seed packs for you thrift-prioritizing utilitarians.) Another company whose product the Co-op has been selling for about five years now is Fruition Seeds in Naples, NY. According to Gayle, they have an “awesome website,” which evinces a strong focus on seed saving and educational outreach. She also began ordering from High Mowing Organic Seeds in Wolcott, Vermont, last year.

Gayle used to help create the eye-catching cut-flower bouquets, displayed near the checkout lines, as well. bought ready-made from local growers, but in the winter, she says, “we mostly make them ourselves and not look like regular supermarket bouquets.” These seasonal bouquets might make a nice New a sighing sayonara to fall), a symbolic way to “cut” Gayle “planted a seed” in our humble abode on Quail Street, lo these many years ago, and Honest Weight has been reaping the rewards—growing by leaps and bounds—ever since. Gayle, who had been working half-time recently, retired on December 22, and the Co-op simply won’t be the same without her. But it looks like she’ll be seeding us in all the old familiar places: “I will still do all the seed buying...as a weekly worker,” she says. “Back to my roots!” 7

2TQFWEGT 2TQŽNGU #@ !; !,8

' ;8<ÂĄ@ =!ÂĄ<' ;,' 91!ÂĄÂĄ #<9-2'99'9 !2& &'&-$!;'& -2&-=-&<!ÂĄ9 >,3 >380 ,!8& ;3 $8'!;' ;,' '?$'6ࣅ32!ÂĄ +33&9 !2& 683&<$;9 >' $!88@ ,'8' !; 32'9; '-+,; 33& 3d36U ' ;,-20 ;,'9' -296-8!ࣅ32!ÂĄ 9;38-'9 &'1329;8!;' ;,' -1638;!2$' 3( 9<6638ࣅ2+ ÂĄ3$!ÂĄS !2& >,@ >'X8' 93 $311-ħ'& ;3 -;Q


The Cheese Department is a favorite stop for many Honest Weight shoppers.

There, cheesemakers follow the same strict standards that are at work in the Seattle store.

Some always look for their favorite cheese; others The products are made from fresh, want to experience something new and exciting. pure milk brought in from local farms. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese has recently made its Honest Weight debut, and Department Manager Traditional methods that have been used by /LQGD 'RQHJDQ DQG KHU VWD̆ DUH YHU\ HQWKXVLDVWLF cheesemakers for thousands of years produce cheeses that are free of artificial additives. Side about this brand. dishes include Beecher’s Famous Mac and Cheese, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese has been in existence and Flight of Flagship, featuring Flagship cheeses VLQFH ZKHQ LW ZDV VWDUWHG E\ FKHHVH DÂżFLRQDGR and crackers. All handcrafted cheeses, side dishes, Kurt Beecher Dammeier in Seattle, WA. He had and crackers are authentic, original, and made with DOZD\V ORYHG UHDO FKHHVH²QRW WKH SURFHVVHG VWX̆ trusted ingredients. After he opened his shop and was in the process of purchasing cheesemaking equipment, he met a One of the sources of milk for the Brooklyn dairy farmer who had a herd of Holstein and Jersey Beecher’s enterprise is Dutch Hollow Farm, located cows. From him, Dammeier learned the importance in Schodack Landing, NY, and operated by Paul of using rich milk that is free of growth hormones Chittenden and family. The Chittendens have a herd and comes from animals that have been fed high- of 750 Jersey cows that produce the rich, creamy milk that Handmade Beecher’s prizes. One of its quality grain. cheeses, made from Dutch Hollow milk, is called Dutch Hollow Dulcet. A representative from the From him, Dammeier learned the importance of farm promoted this extra-creamy cheese at the Cousing rich milk that is free of growth hormoneS op in November. In 2011, Dammeier reached across the country to open an east coast version of Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in the Flatiron District of New York City. 8

If you browse beechershandmadecheese.com, you will see the wide range of gift platters, featuring PDQ\ RI WKH FKHHVHV R̆HUHG E\ WKLV FRPSDQ\ WKDW can be ordered online. And don’t forget to try the 'XWFK +ROORZ 'XOFHW QRZ R̆HUHG DW WKH &R RS COOP SCOOP

THE RIGHT TO SHOWER Found in our wellness department There are new hygiene products on the Wellness Department'S shelves! W hen you pu rcha se t he se personal care items, you support an organization that provides soap and body wash for individuals who are experiencing homelessness. The products are aptly named Hope, Joy, Strength, and Dignity. They are created with natural cleansers and organic ingredients that are sourced responsibly and formulated with care, and they are sold in recycled packaging.

access to cleanliness is a fundamental human right The products are offered under the brand name The Right to Shower, which is also the name of the company. Laura Fruitman, cofounder of the business, strongly believes that “access to cleanliness is a fundamental human right.” Lacking the ability to keep clean can destroy a person’s selfesteem and have the effect of JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020

Their mission is to help ensure that everyone can access a shower every day making those of us who are more fortunate avoid contact, even eye contact, with a person who is experiencing homelessness. The mission of The Right to Shower is to help ensure that everyone can access a shower every day. To help fulfill this mission, the owners committed to donating 100% of WKHLU SUR¿WV GXULQJ

This donated funding goes to their partners who specialize in making and sustaining portable showers in various areas of the country.

need these services. Those who ZRUN LQ WKLV ¿HOG VKDUH FRPPRQ goals: to rekindle hope, to restore dignity, and to open doors to opportunity through the blessing of cleanliness.

More than 500,000 people are currently experiencing homelessness in the United States. Mobile showers address one of the critical problems facing them. By purchasing the products with the brand The Right to Shower, \RX FDQ VXSSRUW WKLV H̆RUW 0RUH information about this business and its partners can be found online: ł therighttoshower.com

Ac c ord i ng to t he website, ł lavamae.org financial support is given to ł streetsideshowers.com Streetside Showers in Texas and Lava Mae, which serves the homeless population in Los !; !,8 ,!9 #''2 ! 1'1#'8 3( ;,' 3f36 9-2$' W ,' $32;8-#<;'9 ;3 ;,' Coop Scoop Angeles and San Francisco. Vans !9 ;,' >8-;'8 3( ;,' 83&<$'8 83)£'9W !,8 DQG WUDLOHUV DUH UHWUR¿WWHG ZLWK 9!@9T [ ;Z9 ! 6£'!9<8' #'-2+ 6!8; 3( ;,' 32'9; (!1-£@T !2& Z=' '96'$-!££@ '2/3@'& showers and toilets that make '-+,; $311<2-$!ধ2+ >-;, ;,' =!8-3<9 683&<$'89 WKH URXQGV WR ¿QG WKH SHRSOH ZKR >,39' 683&<$;9 !8' 93£& !; ;,' 3f36R\ 9

New Year, New You?


I liked black beans, until I became a vegetarian. Confronted with black beans filling the space where chicken or steak once sat, I felt disappointment, and an overwhelming urge to adopt a dog who would eat all my leftovers. I learned how to compost on the ¿UH HVFDSH LQVWHDG Becoming a vegetarian was the ¿UVW PDMRU VWHS , WRRN DV DQ DGXOW to live according to—what were becoming—my personal values. Until I was 25, I didn’t give much thought to how my existence D̆HFWHG WKH ZRUOG DURXQG PH $W the time of the farm-to-table boom in New York City circa 2005, I was a college sophomore whose body was composed of fifty percent egg-and-cheese sandwiches. But I learned to cook and learned to love cooking, and that was a life changer. By 25, I was reading books and blogs about cooking every day, obsessing over chefs like Dan Barber and Alice Waters. I wanted to be a farmer, but I didn’t want to leave the city. Instead, I set a goal to become a vegetarian. According to James Clear, author of the book Atomic Habits, results 10

have very little to do with the goals we set and nearly everything to do with the systems we follow. “If you’re a coach, your goal might be to win a championship. Your system is the way you recruit players, manage your assistant coaches, and conduct practice. Winners and losers both have the same goal.â€? Looking back, I realize the secret to my success was in the path I took to get there—I didn’t do it alone. My roommate Nora and I agreed to become vegetarians together: we shook hands on it one night, and proceeded to cook meals together, talk and text about our cravings, and, perhaps most important, tell everyone we knew that we were now vegetarians. It WRRN DERXW VL[ PRQWKV WR ÂżQDOO\ feel like my eyes could pass over meat on a menu without a tinge of sorrow.

frustrated to be in a situation she couldn’t control. It turned into a lesson in crisis negotiation—with herself. T he Fe der a l Bu r e au of Investigation (FBI) follows a famous “Behav ioral Change Stairway Modelâ€? in high-stakes crisis negotiations. The model starts with active listening, and moves upwards through four more stages: empathy, rapport, LQĂ€XHQFH DQG EHKDYLRU FKDQJH

Julia wanted to believe she was loveable enough, worthy enough for Aaron to quit smoking fast. But that didn’t work, so she tried the “them or meâ€? ultimatum. That did work, for a month. When Aaron slipped back into smoking, Julia had to take a step back and challenge herself to simply listen. They started by talking, for months, about why he smoked. It was still early in their My friend Julia experienced a relationship, and during this time YHU\ GL̆HUHQW VLWXDWLRQ ZLWK KHU she learned how unhappy he was now-husband Aaron when they ZLWK KLV MRE KRZ XQIXOÂżOOHG DQG ZHUH ÂżUVW GDWLQJ +H ZDV DGGLFWHG therefore how anxious. to cigarettes, and she had a hard WLPH ÂżJXULQJ RXW KRZ WR VXSSRUW I liked black beans, until I him through the process of became a vegetarian quitting. Julia is a do-er, and was COOP SCOOP

Behavioral Change Stairway Model ',!=-38!ÂŁ ,!2+' 2*<'2$' !6638; 16!;,@ $ধ=' -9;'2-2+ She moved from active listening to empathy: she didn’t agree with how he expressed his anxiety, but she understood. They continued tow a rd s r app or t , t h i n k i ng through how he could leave his job and what he might want to do instead. Around this time, he also started looking into options for medications to help him quit smoking.

series of ten studies by University of Chicago researchers Ed O’Brien and Nadav Klein.

In short, “change often emerges from a series of small doses‌ that at some point ‘add up’,â€? but people are for whatever reason more apt to perceive negative results over positive. My friend Michael, for instance, couldn’t come up with a single example when I asked )LQDOO\ LQĂ€XHQFH EXW QRW LQ WKH him how he had changed in the ZD\ \RX PLJKW WKLQN Âł,QĂ€XHQFH´ past ten years. “I don’t think I’ve along the FBI’s ladder doesn’t really changed anything at all, mean getting what you want, but unfortunately,â€? he replied. problem-solving in a way that works for the person in crisis. In WKHLU FDVH LW PHDQW -XOLD R̆HUHG Results have very little to do to have Aaron move in, for free with the goals we set and (for a while), so he could leave his job and look for something more nearly everything to do with in line with his interests. About the systems we follow. three months later, a happier Aaron successfully quit smoking. In fact, Michael and his partner “People demand less evidence recently moved from Nor th to diagnose lasting decline than Carolina to upstate New York. lasting improvement, despite They had a baby. “I change similar evidential quality... For furniture around,â€? he suggested. example, a handful of poor “I think it’s stimulating to change grades, bad games, and gained your environment, and help you pounds led par ticipants to break out of old patterns. You get diagnose intellect, athleticism, used to the pattern of putting your DQG KHDOWK DV ÂľṘFLDOO\Âś FKDQJHG book or tea mug in one spot and if yet corresponding positive signs that changes it’s actually not such ZHUH GLVPLVVHG DV ÂżFNOH Ă€XNHV ´ a subtle shift. It’s good to disrupt reads the abstract from a recent your sense of routine.â€? JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020

Michael is a carpenter, and his job changes every day. In fact, he is probably more adaptable than most people, but he doesn’t see this trait within himself: He sees himself as intractable. Yet O’Brien and Klein’s study concludes: “From changes in the self to changes in the world, people’s decisions about how and when to act likely follow from their initial conclusions that change itself has ÂľṘFLDOO\Âś EHJXQ ´ 0RVW LI QRW DOO RI us are learning and changing on a daily basis—we just have trouble seeing that small change adds up. So: New Year, new you? Whether you’re struggling to save money, or you’ve made it to the gym every morning since January 1, remain NLQG WR \RXUVHOI &KDQJH LV Ă€XLG and success is subjective. I mean, I still eat meat about once a month. Now I buy it from the farmer’s market.

SOURCES Ĺ‚ jamesclear.com/goals-systems Ĺ‚ home.uchicago.edu/~nklein/ PerceivedChange.pdf Sharon Bruce -9 ! 3f36 1'1#'8 !2& $32;8-#<;'8 ;3 ;,' Coop Scoop.



-& @3< 023> ;,!; ÂŒÂŚ 3( ;,' 3f36Z9 683);9 !8' &32!;'& ;3 ÂŁ3$!ÂŁ 232683); 38+!2-A!ধ329S 8 ;,!;T >-;, ! $8'> 3( ˆŒf‰‡ &'&-$!;'& 1'1#'8f3>2'89 ÂŁ'& #@ 9;!(( 1'1#'8 1@ ÂŁÂŁ-9T ;,' 3f36Z9 311<2-;@ <;8'!$, ;'!1 683=-&'& 9'8=-$'9 (38 3='8 ÂˆÂĽT‡‡‡ 8'9-&'2;9 3( ;,' !6-;!ÂŁ -9;8-$; >,-ÂŁ' '2+!+-2+ >-;, 3='8 ‰‡‡ &-ø'8'2; 38+!2-A!ধ329 -2 ;,' 8'+-32 -2 Â‰Â‡ÂˆÂĽg‰‡ˆŽS ''6 8'!&-2+ ;3 ÂŁ'!82 138' !#3<; ,3> 32'9; '-+,; 9<6638;9 6!8;2'89 !2& 683+8!19 -2 ÂŁ3$!ÂŁ $311<2-ধ'9 !9 6!8; 3( ;,' 3f36Z9 1-99-32 ;3 68313;' 138' '7<-;!#ÂŁ'T 6!8;-$-6!;38@T !2& '$3ÂŁ3+-$!ÂŁÂŁ@ 9<9;!-2!#ÂŁ' >!@9 3( &3-2+ #<9-2'99W

A new partnership with Unity House of Troy demonstrates the Co-op’s commitment to social justice, as this human service agency provides a wide range of services to those who are living in poverty, adults living with mental illness, victims of domestic violence, people living with HIV/AIDS, and children with developmental delays. The Co-op supports Unity House’s pantry program through an innovative monthly lunch course, featuring food items that participants may not be familiar with in cooking samples, demos, and recipes, as a way of encouraging them to choose those foods from the pantry. Check out our featured Black Bean Salsa for an example of a recipe that became very popular at Unity House.

Community Outreach Programs Support Local, Grassroots Groups The Co-op’s community outreach team participates in a variety of programs held throughout the year. For example, outreach members have provided: cheese sampling for the TASTE of Albany fundraiser for Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless; handson cooking classes with students of the Albany City School District’s International School and Edmund O’Neal Middle School; cooking classes with children at St. Anne’s Institute and Trinity Alliance; and sampling tables at the Albany Pine Bush’s Lupine Festival, Albany Center Galleries, and Wine & Dine for the Arts events. 12

Catherine Jura serves a guest at Unity House, part of ;,' 3f36Z9 $311-;1'2; ;3 93$-!£ /<9ধ$'W -2$' ;,' -2;83&<$ধ32 3( !16£-2+ !@ !; 2-;@ 3<9'T ;,' $,3-$' 3( 9<$, -2+8'&-'2;9 ,!9 -2$8'!9'& '?632'2ধ!££@W COOP SCOOP

Annual collection for The Food Pantries has also become a tradition. Every November and December, this campaign at the registers offers shoppers checking out the opportunity to donate money to The Food Pantries for the Capital District, a coalition of over 60 food pantries in Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, and Schenectady Counties. Each year, the Co-op sets a goal of $10,000. In 2018, shoppers raised $9,370.55 plus a match of $792.45 from HWFC for a total contribution of $10,163 that VHYHUDO &R RS VWD̆ DQG PHPEHU RZQHUV SUHVHQWHG to The Food Pantries. Check back for 2019 updates in the next edition of the Coop Scoop!

ধ8 ; 6 6!8ধ$-6!2;9 0-$0 3ø 32'9; '-+,;Z9 )89;f3(f-;9f0-2& >''0£32+ 9<11'8 -11'89-32 $330-2+ $!16 -2 ;,' 3f36Z9 '!$,-2+ -;$,'2oT ! $3££!#38!ধ32 #';>''2 ;,' 311<2-;@ <;8'!$, !2& &<$!ধ32 '6!8;1'2;9W

Community Outreach Efforts Engage Local Youth 7KH &R RSÂśV H̆RUWV SULRULWL]H \RXWK HQJDJHPHQW and this past summer the Co-op developed a new program called Stir It Up, a collaboration between Honest Weight’s education coordinator, Deanna Beyer, and community outreach coordinator, Amy Ellis, which provides cooking classes for kids. Twelve youths participated in a first-of-its kind weeklong summer immersion cooking camp in the Co-op’s Teaching Kitchen, and made a variety of healthy meals using local ingredients provided by the Co-op. Co-op outreach member-owners also regularly go into school classrooms as well as community-based organizations like library branches, YMCAs, JCCs, and Boys & Girls Clubs (to name a few), where they provide hands-on food prep classes, community-building, and much more. Everyone takes part in enjoying the food that was just created! The Co-op also has a longstanding history of supporting two local school garden programs, providing monetary and food donations to The Friendship Garden at the Delaware Community School and the Myers Middle School Garden, in collaboration with The Vegetable Project, a nonprofit organization that creates hands-on learning opportunities for kids. The Co-op has also made several one-time, but impactful, donations in the past, providing funding for the Brightside Up (formerly the Capital District Child Care Council) Farm to Preschool program. Theresa Joslin, Executive Director of a participating preschool, Mercy Cares for Kids, shared her perspective: “Taking part in the Farm to Preschool program has JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020

32'9; '-+,; 9;!ø !2& 1'1#'8f3>2'89 present a check for $10,163 to The Food !2;8-'9 38 ,' !6-;!ÂŁ -9;8-$;h! $3!ÂŁ-ধ32 3( 3='8 ¤Â‡ (33& 6!2;8-'9 -2 ÂŁ#!2@T '299'ÂŁ!'8T !8!;3+!T !2& $,'2'$;!&@ 3<2ধ'9W

A dedicated volunteer for The Food Pantries, £!8' [>31!29\ ! ;!#£' !; ;,' 3f36 ;3 ,'£6 68313;' ;,' $!16!-+2 >,-£' 9,!8-2+ -2(381!ধ32 !#3<; ;,' -1638;!2; >380 3( ,' 33& !2;8-'9

helped teachers, children, and families to become reinvested in our goal to provide the outdoor experience to children but to also encourage each child to try new vegetables.� The Co-op also donated $2,500 to the Arbor Hill Development Corporation to fund youth activities, helping to bring baseball and softball to children in the neighborhood. This was another collaboration between shoppers donating 13

funds at the register (a two-week campaign) and WKH &R RS PDNLQJ D ¿QDQFLDO FRQWULEXWLRQ

Outreach Supports Sustainability The Co-op’s outreach efforts also contribute to “greening” the Co-op. The 2019 Food Pantries register campaign, for example, was paper-free, with donations scanned at each register and shoppers able to write daily messages on a centrally located reusable board. The Co-op’s Enviro Tokens program is another example of how the Co-op integrates sustainability into its charitable giving. Enviro Tokens is a shopper-driven program where customers identify local organizations to support as part of an initiative to incentivize reusable bags. Shoppers who bring their own bags are offered either a 5¢ discount or a token per bag; those taking the tokens (valued at 5¢ each) can FKRRVH IURP ¿YH GL̆HUHQW RUJDQL]DWLRQV WR VXSSRUW via the token. This program raises an average of $500 per organization. The organizations change each quarter, based on shoppers’ and members’ recommendations.


Over 200 Classes this Winter & Spring Season Kids Camps Studio Sprouts Culinary Dance & Movement Digital Art Drawing Fiber Art Jewelry Mixed Media Painting Performing Arts Photography Pottery Printmaking Stained Glass Woodworking Writing Birthday Parties Corporate Classes Artwork by Mallory Zondag

THE ARTS CENTER OF THE CAPITAL REGION 265 RIVER ST, TROY, NY 12180 | 518-273-0552 | www.artscenteronline.org

Member-Owners are Key to Outreach Success Member-owners play a critical role in outreach efforts and community-based partnerships that would not be possible without their involvement. Many of the Outreach programs have dedicated member-owners who commit weekly and monthly hours to help them meet their goals of serving the community. Interested in getting involved? Looking for monthly or weekly member-owner opportunities? Community Outreach needs you! Contact Amy Ellis at amy@honestweight.coop or 518.482.2667 x 128. Learn more about the Co-op’s community outreach efforts, as well as stories highlighting s y nerg y bet ween t he C o - op’s c om mu nit y engagement and education efforts, in future editions of the Coop Scoop.

-£!8@ -9 !2 <8#!2 6£!22'8T (33& !$ধ=-9; !2& '2;,<9-!9;T !2& ! 3f36

1'1#'8 9-2$' W ,'T ,'8 ,<9#!2&T !2& #!#@ £-=' -2 ;,' '£&'8#'8+ '-+,#38,33& 3( £#!2@ >,'8' ;,'@ 96'2& ;,'-8 (8'' ধ1' 6£!@-2+ >-;, seeds and weeds and trying not to kill their Co-op houseplants from too much love. Hilary grew up in the Adirondacks and is a research analyst >-;, '> 380 ;!;'W

Upcoming Events!

And in Our Store...

We offer classes and events in our store and in the community as part of our commitment to helping our community learn more about growing, choosing, preparing, and using natural foods and to teaching about alternative ways of living that are healthy for ourselves, our community, and our planet. Here’s some of what our Outreach and Education teams are working on this month! Suppo the Ar rt ts!

In Our community... Albany Chefs’ Food &

Albany Wine & Dine

at Albany Capital Center January 16-18, 2020 Come out and Wine & Dine for the Arts! 2020 marks the eleventh

provides sustainable funding for the support and s at Recipes Fom Around the World at the Albany Public on how leading a more minimalist lifestyle will help Warm up this winter with

Ages 8-12

ages 0-17 prepare the

To see all our classes and to



Stir it Up! Drop off Class

Join us

for an Admissions


APPLY NOW FOR FALL 2020 Toddler Early Childhood Elementary Middle School

SATURDAY January 11 Snow Date Jan.25

12:30-3 pm

100 Montessori Place North Greenbush 518.283.5400 www.woodlandhill.org

+ %CP 5GG %NGCTN[ 0QY $GIKPPGTʼnU /KPF #@ '2 3£&#'8+

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts. - John Wooden Occasionally through the years I’ve been criticized for being “a bit of a know-it-all.â€? But the truth is I’m not really a know-it-all. I’m a “wanna-know-it-all.â€? I’m a curious person; I think most humans and animals are—that is unless or until their curiosity has been ÂłHGXFDWHG´ RXW RI WKHP :H OLNH WR OHDUQ VWX̆ DOO NLQGV RI VWX̆ 6RPHZKHUH DORQJ WKH OLQH ZLWKRXW realizing it (most likely from having been both a therapist and a client; from creative brainstorming with management and treatment teams; and certainly from meditating, which helped me understand how my own mind works), I caught on that if I really wanted to understand something that is complex, complicated, or mysterious, I needed to be open to almost endless possibilities. The sooner I reached THE solution or conclusion (which probably missed the point), the less likely I was to have a creative insight that worked even more productively. Surely there are lots of times and situations in which a conclusion or solution is evident, or in which an “expert’s mindâ€? is appropriate. After all, a true expert is one who has studied or practiced and developed deep knowledge and a particular set of skills that may be important and valuable for a certain issue, predicament, or question. On the other hand, experts

I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It's gonna be a bright, bright sun-shining day. - Johnny Nash 16

can also often be closed-minded and myopic. (Didn’t the world used to be flat?) And sometimes that narrowed “expert mindâ€? can carry over into situations in which the expert has no expertise. A “beginner’s mindâ€? can be the most helpful mindset for anyone who wants to be a “lifelong learnerâ€? and maximize creativity for learning and problemVROYLQJ DFURVV VLWXDWLRQV DQG ÂżHOGV RI LQTXLU\ ÂŤ QRW to mention the most fun kind. If you’ve ever spent time with children, you know what curious creatures they are. “What’s that?â€? “How does that work?â€? “Why??â€? Most little kids are open, ravenous learners who haven’t yet gotten stuck in the expert’s mind, the need to be right, and the belief that there is only one “correct answerâ€? to any and all questions—and that we should leap on top of it as soon as it raises its socially sanctioned head. The qualities and the mindset that characterize the beginner’s mind include: Ĺ‚ being curious; Ĺ‚ being open and receptive to what emerges; Ĺ‚ having a sense of wonder, excitement, or enthusiasm about the process of exploration; Ĺ‚ being nonjudgmental; Ĺ‚ having no preconceptions; Ĺ‚ ignoring habits and rules about “what isâ€? that restrict creativity; Ĺ‚ being in a clear-headed mindset of comfort with questioning and “not knowing;â€? and Ĺ‚ having an uncontaminated clarity of vision about what is and may be possible. COOP SCOOP

It is a seeker’s mindset, comparatively free of prejudices, judgments, binary rightness and/or wrongness, and preconceptions. It is imbued with a sense of playfulness. Beginner’s mind has no setting for “autopilot.” Stay awake! Examples of beginner’s mind can be found in many fields, but examples are certainly evident in the arts and (research) sciences, both of which require openness, curiosity, and being fully present in the moment. Another commonly used example is Zen Archery. In ZA, the archer detaches from the goal of hitting the center of the target and from the outcome itself. Achievement is put aside so that the archer can focus entirely on their form, the process, the immediate present, the bow, and the arrow. ZA DUFKHUV DUH DEOH WR WDS LQWR ³WKH ÀRZ´ GHVFULEHG E\ psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi as a “state of being completely absorbed, focused, and involved in your activities at a certain point in time…” And, as a result of being “in the zone”—unconcerned about and unshackled from outcomes or results—Zen archers are among the most skilled in the world.

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few. - Shunryu Suzuki SOME WAYS TO UNCOVER AND NURTURE BEGINNER’S MIND ł Be curious as all get-out. Be curious for curiosity’s sake, and seek to develop better questions rather than arrive at answers. If there’s anything that characterizes beginner’s mind, it is curiosity.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust ł Talk less. Listen, look, and hear more. ł Alone or in a group, generate as many answers to a question or dilemma as possible, without censoring anyone. Go for quantity. ł Dispose of all the labels you use to characterize yourself. They just limit how you think about yourself and the world. ł Get out of your head. (My, oh my, it’s crowded in there!) Take a walk, preferably in a green space. And pay attention to where you are, to your senses, to how you feel. ł Un-habit yourself. (You are not an automaton!) Drive a different route. Switch hands when brushing your teeth or eating. Try something new—a food or an activity you’ve never tried before. Talk with someone (mostly, listen deeply) ZKR PD\ EH YHU\ GL̆HUHQW IURP \RX ł Slow down and focus while doing a routine activity that usually throws you into autopilot, like cooking, walking, exercising, eating. ł Stop judging! When you find yourself being judgmental as you go about your day (and you ZLOO« VKDNH LW R̆ DQG WU\ WR MXVW VHH FOHDUO\ ZKDW is before you without assumptions or labels. ł When approaching an activity or event, clear expectations from your mind about how the experience will/should be. Or, if the activity or event is distasteful or potentially uncomfortable to you, try to put it in a positive frame. Keep your self-talk on the positive side. (Maybe there will be cookies!)

ł Embrace uncertainty; don’t be so sure. “Maybe” is D JRRG ZRUG /RWV RI VWX̆ ZH ³NQRZ´ LV ZURQJ ³, ł Meditate. Or, better yet (wink, wink…) just sit quietly for a while and focus on your breath while don’t know” is a very useful phrase. Make friends you breathe naturally. with it. ł Embrace mistakes and failures. That’s how we ł Last but not least, if you think a mantra might be helpful, try “Be Here Now” by Baba Ram Dass. learn. And try to use Uncommon Sense. +DUG WR ¿QG D EHWWHU RQH ł Don’t “should” on yourself. It’ll ruin your day. Have a wonder-full journey… ł Play often and in unstructured ways (if you’re able to). Or at least be lighthearted and playful whenever you can. Ben Goldberg -9 !2 3£&'8 #'+-22'8 £-=-2+T >8-ধ2+T !2& +!8&'2-2+ -2 £#!2@W



Resilience is the capacity to bounce Have goals in life while back after adversity. It is one of the most powerful abilities we can learning how to adjust cultivate for a healthy happy life. Pain and disappointment happen them when necessary. to everyone, and we want to get through those periods with our were happier as a result and learned spirits intact. Here are ways to plant it was ok to take care of themselves seeds in our children that will grow despite social pressure. into strong roots of resilience. Each LV EDVHG RQ VFLHQWLÂżF VWXGLHV RI KRZ healthy adults grew to be that way: Build Optimism:

A Healthy Lifestyle Nurtures a Positive Attitude: Having a positive attitude provides a springboard for hard times. Bring out the best in your child by teaching them to take care of their body and mind. Promote mindful eating, adequate sleep according to their age, regular exercise, and constructive group activities like theater or sports. Limit social media. Spend time in nature. Respect your child’s inborn needs for social vs. quiet time. With two introverts as children, I learned to say “no� to many activities. They

and optimism about my children’s chances in life.

Regulate Emotions:

7R SUHYHQW D EUHDNGRZQ LQ WKH ÂżUVW place, meditation and mindfulness techniques teach us to regard our emotions without judgment. Being aware of the beginnings of a meltdown can keep it from going further. Help prepare your child for a potential issue and practice Although optimism may seem like what they might do if different an inborn characteristic, it can also scenarios come up. During LEGO be fostered. Have goals in life while Robotics competitions, I knew my learning how to adjust them when kids would get overwhelmed, so we necessary. Daily gratitude as a wrote down many things they could family before meals or at bedtime is do or say to their leaders if they perfect for remembering the good realized it was too much. Model things. Keep a gratitude journal and practice healthy techniques or a “Thank Youâ€? jar instead of like breathwork, walking away, a money jar. Volunteering as a asking for help, or getting a hug to family and then encouraging use during a negative experience. volunteerism in teenagers builds I knew my children watched very plenty of gratitude—plus they closely when I was angry at them meet optimists in much more and did my best to never engage GL̇FXOW FLUFXPVWDQFHV WKDQ WKHLU while still upset. “We will talk own. A few times cooking dinner about this later after I calm downâ€? as a family at a homeless shelter was my go-to response that showed encouraged quite a bit of gratitude

:+$/(1 $872027,9(










I was angry, it was ok to be angry, but it was not ok to react from that place of anger.

Allow Them to Fail: Life is not a winning streak, but a series of wins and losses, and both can foster growth if handled properly. First, your children need to be allowed to experiment on their own. I know that following a baking recipe is important, but , OHW P\ GDXJKWHU ¿JXUH LW RXW IRU herself many times. She enjoyed learning from her mistakes. Failure is useful if the feelings associated are acknowledged and not judged. Journaling or talking with someone about failure is helpful. My son felt terrible after procrastinating on a job opportunity. He was beating himself up enough without my joining in. Instead, I focused on what he could do going forward the next time something came around. Model healthy words about failure.

Life is not a winning streak, but a series of wins and losses Instead of “I’m the worst cook!” say, “This dinner is overdone. I’ll set a timer next time.”

that would stop by for dinner now and again. Both knew they could call on these people, and I trusted them too.

It’s Not Easy But It’s Worth It

It is dif f icult to watch our children fail, get hurt, and feel disappointment. Even with adult Positive Adult Relationships: children I still have to figure out Obv iou sly, t he pa rent- ch i ld ZKHWKHU LW¶V EHVW WR OHW WKHP ¿JXUH relationship is the most important it out or come to the rescue. Every f rom t he st a r t. At t ach ment VLWXDWLRQ LV GL̆HUHQW DQG HYHU\ FKLOG parenting is the best way I know to is unique. Luckily, no matter what foster trust and security in a child, hardships they face, with resilience DOORZLQJ WKHP WR MXPS R̆ DQG WU\ instilled in them from an early age, new things. To fail fantastically and my kids can bounce back stronger know they always have a place to than before. land. But adults outside the family can contribute new points of view, Rebecca Angel Maxwell ,!9 #''2 ! advice, and a listening ear. As 1'1#'8 3( 32'9; '-+,; (38 @'!89T teenagers, both my kids needed >380-2+ -2 =!8-3<9 $!6!$-ধ'9W ,'2 23; !; ;,' adults besides their parents to learn 3f36T '#'$$! -9 ! 1<9-$ ;'!$,'8 !2& >8-;'8 from. My daughter looked up to one for ''0 31U$31, while working on a memoir, Y #'9' 8'+2!2; !2ZT !#3<; ,'8 '?6'8-'2$' of her internship mentors. My son >-;, <9,-2+Z9 @2&831'W ( @3< 9'' ,'8 adored one of my college buddies stocking produce, say hello!

Starting January 13th, we will charge

15¢ each for

paper shopping bags.

Wanna learn more? Visit www.honestweight.coop/bags our service desk or go to:

Recipe Corner by Melanie Pores

Melanie’s Healthy & Hearty Maple Seed and Nut Granola Dry Ingredients


ł 4 cups rolled oats

ł Makes approximately 6 cups

ł ½ cup oat bran ł ½ cup sunflower seeds


ł ¼ cup pepitas

1. Heat the oven to 300°F.

ł 2 Tbsp sesame seeds

2. In a large mixing bowl, mix together all the dry ingredients.

ł 2 Tbsp chia seeds ł 2 Tbsp shredded coconut

3. In a glass Pyrex measuring cup, combine all the wet ingredients.

ł ½ cup slivered almonds

4. Fold the mixture of wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and toss thoroughly to coat. Spread the granola evenly on two baking sheets lined with either parchment paper or silicone sheets.

ł 2 tsp ground cinnamon ł ½ tsp ground cardamom

5. Bake in a thin layer, not more than one inch thick, for a total of 20 to 30 minutes until lightly toasted. Every 10 minutes, stir the granola and rotate the baking sheet, being very careful not to burn the granola.

ł ¼ tsp ground nutmeg ł ¼ tsp Himalayan pink salt

Wet ingredients:

6. Let cool completely. Place in an airtight container for storage up to one month.

ł ɦ cup coconut oil, melted

ł ½ cup maple syrup

Melanie Pores teacher, teacher-trainer, resource specialist, school board member, adjunct professor,

ł 1 ½ tsp vanilla extract ł 1 ½ tsp almond extract (optional)

Home Performance Energy Assessment . -

Homeownership Center www.ahphome.org 20


What's Fresh at Honest Weight!

We’re always working to improve your shopping experience, along with our store’s social and environmental impacts. We regularly assess and update our product 3øerings, educaࣅonal programs, policies, and store infrastructure. We seek suggesࣅ3ns from our Member-Owners, staø, and shoppers and consider every single one. It’s a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it. Here’s what’s fresh for you this month at Honest Weight.

more ev chargers Clutter coaching sessions Are you overwhelmed b@ $£<ħ'8 -2 your home and not sure what to do? Do you avoid having people over? Honest Weight Member-Owner and Professional 8+!2-A'8 '9 !8$@ $!2 ,'£6R 330 ! 45-minute, one-on-one coaching session >-;, '9 -2 3<8 r!$ধধ32'8 331T (8'' 3( $,!8+'W '9 $!2 !&=-9' you on the best way ;3 9;!8; &'$£<ħ'8-2+ !2& 9;a@ &'$£<ħ'8'&W Sign up for a session at our Service Desk!m

cbd flower While this looks (and smells) very much like its illicit cousin, the buds we now carry in our Wellness

Organic) and Weathertop Farm in Sharon Springs, and they are ready for your favorite vape, tea mug, or baking pan. This unadulterated CBD is of the highest quality AND weZ8' 3ø'8-2+ -; !; ! 1<$, lower rate than what you would pay in a local dispensary. Stop by CBD Central near the Wellness Desk to check it out!

We are so excited to announce that we have

2'> ,!8+'63-2; 'ÂŁ'$;8-$ vehicle chargers at Honest W'-+,;T -2 !&&-ধ32 ;3 ;,' ;>3 $,!8+'89 >' ,!& -29;!ÂŁÂŁ'& -2 Â‰Â‡ÂˆÂĽW Chargepoint users may charge at these new 9;!ধ329 (38 (8'' (38 <6 ;3 ;>3 ,3<89W You do not need to be a user to access two free ,3<89 3( $,!8+-2+ !; 3<8 ;>3 38-+-2!ÂŁ 9;!ধ329W

reusable bags While Honest Weight has nev'8 3ø'8'& 2'> 6ÂŁ!9ধ$ shopping bags, we’re now 1!0-2+ !&&-ধ32!ÂŁ 1oves to reduce the usage of paper bags, which carry their own set of environmental !ÂŁÂŁ 6!6'8 9,366-2+ #!+9 9;!8ধ2+ !2<!8@ ˆŠ;,W This change comes ahead of an Albany County law that will charge retailers 5¢ for all Paper Carry3<; !+9 #'+-22-2+ !8$, ˆ9;T ‰‡‰‡ l!; >,-$, ধ1' 3<8 ('' >-ÂŁÂŁ 8'1!-2 !; ˆŒƒmW 32'9; Weight’s lovely new reusable bags, which we’ve #''2 9'ÂŁÂŁ-2+ (38 ‚ˆWÂŽÂŽ 9-2$' ;,ey arrived this winterT >-ÂŁÂŁ &836 ;3 ŽŽƒ $32/<2$ধ32 >-;, ;,' paper bag charge. P.S. Our EnviroTokens 15¢ starting program will remain January 13th unchanged: For every reusable bag you use, you’ll receive either a nickel or a token to donate Œƒ ;3 !2 38+!2-A!ধ32 of your choosing on our EnviroTokens wall!

invest in your community. earn interest.

Seeds as Snacks! Overnight Oats with Chia Seeds Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region 255 Orange Street, Albany 920 Albany Street, Schenectady (518) 436-8586 www.mycommunityloanfund.org

What you’ll need 1 pint-size Mason jar with lid

1 cup of your favorite kind of milk (oat, nut, or the real deal) (518)465-0241 www.albanyfamilylifecenter.org

Honey or maple syrup, to taste Cinnamon, to sprinkle

Instructions Add oats, chia seeds, fruit, and milk to jar.

Hands-On, Hearts Open

Care During Your Entire Childbearing Year Betsy Mercogliano, CPM, LM (518)449-5759

Jess Hayek ,CE, Doula (518)727-8219

Tisha Graham, CPM, CLC, Doula Rose Mitchell-Tenerowicz, Doula Laura Simpson, RN, NMT, Doula

Professional homebirth midwifery, Doulas, education and more! Locations in Albany & Saratoga

SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE, to mix the ingredients together. Place in fridge and let sit overnight. Top with honey or maple syrup, cinnamon, and/or your favorite seeds. Enjoy!

idKsiCorner ds Corner Activity! Pine Cone Critter Feeder

Planting Seeds of Kindness

What you’ll need

Giving Back

1-3 pinecones plant seeds of kindness in your community. There

no longer use, or simply saying a kind word (or just a hello) to a stranger.

Plate or tray

kindness this year? Scissors

Examples Directions

Find a few pine cones in your yard or a park. Tie a piece of string onto the top of your pine cone (for hanging).

Donate unwanted toys or clothes. Make cards/write notes for the elderly or children in your local hospital.

Using a plate or tray as a surface, spread peanut

Hang your feeder from a tree or hook in your Coop Scoop! JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020




Locally Made



Always Organic, Always Fresh.

Keepin’ It Real www.TierraFarm.com

Find our delicious products in the bulk and pre-packaged departments.

2,370 MILES

TIERRA FARM -22 MI mt everest 7,399 M IL E S

Yellowstone Park



OS 3,137mi G A P A L GA S