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Airconditioning Absolute Chilled


Aluminium Aluwood


Automation Garage Doors & Gates

15 Flooring Traviata Flooring Systems 36 Garage Doors Cunningham Doors 16 Garden Equipment Lawnmower Clinic

23 Painting 0861Nutsman 33 Paving MVA Bricks 24 Plumbing Ionic Gas, Plumbing, Electrical & Construction

Centurion Systems 17 Gifts & 8-9 Awnings, Sun Screens & Shutters

Accessories Die Geskenketrommel

25 Pool Covers Designer Pool Covers

Mathéo Blinds 18 Gutters & 2-3 Blinds Sakkies Blinders

Washing Lines

19 Instant Lawn Ses Myl


28 Sewing Machines Bernina

Cinema Rooms TK Technologies /

27 Security Systems AMS Solutions

10 Carports


BRI Construction

Mr Gutter / Sunbreeze Washing Lines

N&N Master Carports

26 Roofing

20 Interior Motso Designed

29 Shadeports Superior Shades

12 Construction Thatch, Build & Renovate

34- Kerbing & 35 Retaining Walls MVA Bricks

30 Skylights Ilanga Skylights

13 Crack Repair & Piling Homepile 14 Fireplaces Calore Fireplaces

21 Kitchens Afri Kitchens 22 Outdoor Blinds Outdoor Blinds & Awnings

31 Stone Care Marblelife 32 Stone Cladding Baobab Stone

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Cool in summer, warm in winter.

ABSOLUTE CHILLED places a high premium on excellence and consistently strives to provide all air conditioning requirements to its clients’ satisfaction.

Samsung’s Wind-Free technology offers a highly energy efficient solution because not only does it ensure that the temperature is constant, the digital inverter 8-pole consumes only 32% of the energy used by conventional air conditioners.

Experienced sales staff to ensure correct selection of unit size and type. On a larger scale, appropriate designs for buildings, heat-load calculations and the correct choice of systems will guarantee efficient air conditioning and ventilation, according to the client’s specification at the best value for money.

SAMSUNG also make the most of their own components and devices, allowing Samsung to keep up-to-date with the latest industry standards. Energy efficiency is no exception, which is why Samsung’s Wind-Free technology is the perfect solution for being kinder to the planet.

ABSOLUTE CHILLED will ensure that the correct goods are delivered to the site, proper installation procedures are maintained an time schedules are met.

Samsung’s Smart Home App can monitor not only the Wind-Free unit, but all compatible Samsung appliances, and allows users to control their systems from virtually anywhere.

ABSOLUTE CHILLED’s experienced technicians offer service and repair on all makes and sizes of air conditioning equipment. Maintenance contracts are available on request. We also have full support regarding technical backup and information direct from the suppliers. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries.

The App features include basic control and monitoring of power usage, temperature settings, fan speed and louver swing as well as exclusive features such as Smart Installation & Smart check.

is installed properly - keeping the office or home compliant - while the Smart Check feature detects and diagnoses problems with the system to provide quick and easy troubleshooting solutions.

innovates today to create a better tomorrow, not only for businesses, but for residential areas too.

The Smart Installation feature automatically checks for installation faults to ensure the system

CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTATION Tel 012 661 6504 • Cell 0860 10 99 33 • Cell 083 397 6338 admin@absolutechilled • www.absolutechilled.co.za PRETORIA remodel 2018


Since 2005 we specialize in non-standard and custom made aluminium products. If you can dream it, we can do it! Conversions of steel/wood frames to aluminium, no building, plastering or painting needed. With years of combined experience in this field and our strong affiliation with some of the biggest names in the industry, we are more than qualified.

resistant property. They are also weather resistant under a range of harsh environmental South African conditions. Unlike many other doors and windows, they will not swell, crack or split or warp over time

Our price structure allows for good competitive prices and our purchasing and management structure further contributes to assure these first-rate price offerings. We also make sure that every project and plan be handled personally in order to further our service delivery to the customer. ALUWOOD strives to offer you, our valued customers excellent services and deals, at the best price, guaranteed quality and personal service to satisfy all your window and door requirements..

and ensures an extended product life. THERMAL PERFORMANCE Aluminium





to excellent thermal and sound insulation which meets current building regulations. The efficiency of thermal performance in aluminium is comparatively higher than timber or PVC.

AFFORDABILITY Compared to other framing options for windows and doors, the aluminium frames are significantly less expensive. It provides a strong as well as economical solution for any domestic or commercial appearance. The aluminium is 3 times stronger than PVC and four point three times stronger than wood. Thus aluminium is an ideal and cost efficient option. RECYCLABILITY Aluminium is an environmentally sustainable material, we should care about our planet.

An aluminium frame which is fabricated with ADVANTAGES OF ALUMINIUM WINDOWS & DOORS DURABLE AND LOW MAINTENANCE Aluminium windows and doors are robust and virtually maintenance free due to its corrosion

high performance aluminium is able to exceed energy efficiency standards and can achieve improvements in heat gain & heat loss through

windows by 60%.

FINISHES Aluminium windows & doors are available in a wide variety of finishings, the latest and very popular, THE WOOD-LOOK ALUMINIUM FINISH.

Our materials that we use to manufacture our products are of the highest standard ensure our clients benefit from the best quality. Due to the fact that we use such high quality aluminium our products are basically maintenance free.

We have proven ourselves by practising good business values such as: guaranteed quality (SABS, SAGGA, AAMSA), best prices and exceptional service.

SHOWROOM: Mixcrete Factories, 13 Bloubokkie st, Koedoespoort Tel 012 333 2919 • Fax 012 333 2914 info@aluwoodglass.co.za • www.aluwoodglass.co.za 6

PRETORIA remodel 2018



Specialists in CONVERSION of wood /steel to aluminium



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viaSMS SMS via

YouTube.com/CenturionSystems 236 887 08600860 08600860 236Twitter@askCenturion 887

line: 0861 123 (Monday Friday:-07h00 18h00, Saturday: 8h00 - 13h30) TechnicalTechnical support support line: 0861 003 123003 (Monday - Friday:-07h00 18h00,- Saturday: 8h00 - 13h30)

www.centsys.com www.centsys.com

08600860 0860236 236887 887 E&OE. Centurion Ltd reserves right to any change any product prior notice E&OE. Centurion Systems Systems (Pty) Ltd (Pty) reserves the rightthe to change product without without prior notice 0 236 887 0860 Technicalsupport supportline: line: 0861 003123 123(Monday (Monday- -Friday: Friday:07h00 07h00- -18h00, 18h00,Saturday: Saturday:8h00 8h00- -13h30) 13h30) Technical 0861 003 699 2481 ine: 0861 003 123 Sales (Monday -011 Friday: 07h00 - 18h00, Saturday: 8h00 - 13h30) www.centsys.com www.centsys.com E&OE. Centurion Systems(Pty) (Pty)Ltd Ltd reserves the right change any product without priornotice notice Centurion Systems reserves right totochange product without Technical support line: 0861 003the 123 (Monday -any Friday: 07h00 -prior 18h00, Saturday: 8h00 - 13h30) sys.com E&OE.

Systems (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to change any product without prior notice


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(Pty) Ltd reserves the right to change any product without prior notice

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2017-10-05 10:41:03 AM

PRETORIA remodel 2018


Mathéo Blinds & Awnings is a Luxaflex® Gallery in the East of Pretoria. We supply and install amongst others a wide variety of outdoor roller blinds, aluminium and fabric awnings, as well as shutters from a wide range of brands and suppliers.


Mathéo Blinds & Awnings only sells 100% aluminium

This product has just been launched in South Africa

louvre awnings, to ensure you have a rust free and

and offers a high performance solution for heat and

virtually maintenance free awning. Closed gearbox

light control. The system is engineered for ease of

systems ensure easy operation and it can also

installation, flexible application and long durability. It has been specially designed for long lasting use in specified wind loads of up to 49km/h. Welded zippers on the screen keep the fabric and bottom

be combined with the external ceiling products. A louvre awning can also be closed off with outdoor rollers or shutters, but it is important to consider this at the planning stage, as thicker beams are required on the louvre awning to fit outdoor roller

rail stable inside the side guiding profiles.

blinds in future.

Contrary to a standard external roller blind, the


screen does not need to be retracted with wind

Apart from the aluminium louvre awning, various

loads of up to 49km/h. In addition the ZIP screen

other fabric and metal awnings are available. It is

technique with aluminium cassette prevents

important to get advice from a professional sales

hindering light from openings

consultant as to which awning will be the best

and provides

protection against insects. Ultimate Screen, standard with Somfy motor, offers a 5 year warranty. THE ALUMINIUM LOUVRE AWNING

solution for your needs and budget. LUXAFLEX SHUTTERS With a 20 year warranty on the product itself (5 years on mechanisms) and delivery within

This product is always a winner to create an instant

two to three weeks from receipt of order, this

patio area, whilst still able to maintain light flow

fabulous shutter product is excellent quality and a

and sunlight into your house when desired.

must have.








Spring is in the air! Maximise the use of your living spaces and get protection against the sun!


PRETORIA remodel 2018


REENS & SHUTTERS Luxaflex® Vinyl Shutters transform ordinary

The louvres can be adjusted to control the amount

windows into inspiring highlights of the home.

of light coming in or view you’d like to see, and

Combining elegance with the durability of vinyl,

can also be locked into place. A 60mm patented

they are perfect for windows everywhere: formal

bolt secures the shutters to the floor, leaving no

living rooms to rough-and-tumble playrooms, even

leverage to lift the lock out of the track.

busy kitchens and steamy bathrooms. These Luxaflex® vinyl shutters are fire retardant and child safe. Their lightweight design with internal air pockets provide an elegant solution for large windows as well as being energy efficient. Easy to maintain, washable and waterproof, they will not fade, crack or chip from the sun – something Luxaflex® are happy to guarantee for 20 years. These shutters are available in the best colour that up to 95% of our customers end up buying – namely





will open up a room, control light, noise and temperature with the added benefit of keeping you safe. ShutterGuard® is manufactured entirely from aluminium and can be fitted to almost any window and door, or to close off a patio. Taylor’s Hurricane Shutters is a more costeffective alternative to the Shutterguard. It is also


entirely made of aluminium and also carries a 10 year warranty, but does not have the single locking


key system .


Mathéo Blinds & Awnings is a preferred dealer

Aluminium Security Shutters is an excellent option

of the Shutterguard and Hurricane aluminium

where security is an issue, and light control or

shutters in the greater Pretoria area.

privacy at night must also be achieved. The security shutters often work out at more or less the same


cost as normal security barriers combined with

Mathéo Blinds & Awnings also offer wood and wood

some sort of blind or curtain – but provides a

composite shutter options, available in a wide

stunning modern and stylish look whilst being

variety of colours and types.

multi-functional. IN CONCLUSION: Synonymous with innovative, elegant and high-

It is important to get advice from a professional

quality products that offer both security and style,


Taylor has a range of shutters that provide savvy safety solutions without compromising on design and aesthetics. Taylor’s




Shutters are a savvy, sophisticated and secure solution for windows or doors – offering high-end security without compromising the aesthetics of your home, commercial or retail space.







shortcomings of each and every product, to be able to give proper advice, as to which product will fit your needs and budget and style the best. As there are also numerous shutter panel configurations possible for the same window, on site advice is normally required by a professional to ensure the most practical solution is selected for that specific opening, optimizing practical use and maximizing the amount of light penetrating into the room, whilst still taking budget into

The newly innovated ShutterGuard® features an


ergonomical state-of-the-art single lock and sliding louvre lock system, designed to make

Mathéo Blinds & Awnings has a showroom in

operation easier. The patented two-way locking

Parkview Centre, where all the various options and

system makes it virtually impenetrable.

styles can be viewed and explained.


Tel: 012 991 5767 sales@matheoblinds.co.za • www.matheoblinds.co.za Shop F43, Parkview Shopping Centre, Garsfontein Rd, Moreleta Park PRETORIA remodel 2018





At N&N MASTER CARPORTS we offer you a practical durable solution to your weather problem. Whether residential or commercial we can assist with your steel roofing needs. Our carports will keep your vehicle protected from the weather and elements all year round. A custom made patio roof will block the weather from your patio furniture while you bask in the sun next to the pool. Our carports, and patio roofs can be tailor made to your needs. At N&N MASTER CARPORTS we not only do residential roofs with galvanized zinc, we also offer the option for chromadeck (painted

roof sheets), for a better more expensive looking finish or polycarbonate roof sheeting (plastic roof sheeting) if you need more sun but less water.

N&N MASTER CARPORTS is the gold standard in carports. Our stylish carports and steel roofs will add value to your property.


Standard size Carports Custom made Carports Patio Roofs Steel Sheds

At N&N MASTER CARPORTS we carry great pride in our workmanship and will give you a 10 year workmanship guarantee on all work done.

CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTATION Cell 082 969 2809 • Tel 012 065 0288 / 7 nico@nnmc.co.za • www.nnmc.co.za 10

PRETORIA remodel 2018


Cinema Room

To ensure you get the best possible experience from your cinema room the key is to get everything right at the design stage, with DigiComm’s hands-on approach we can project manage every aspect from the design, supply, installation and implementation of your home cinema room.


HOME AUTOMATION From start to finish the DigiComm team will help you create the perfect platform that is both aesthetically and technologically impressive to conduct those important business meetings.

Streamline and simplify the technology in your home ultimate comfort and convenience. Home automation eliminates the need to walk from room ro room to adjust lighting, temperature, security, or audio visual components. Total control is at your fingertips.

Rajen Naidoo T. 0861 2255 85 • C. 083 516 7604 E. rajen@digicomm.co.za • W. www.digicomm.co.za 98 Hennie Alberts Road, Brackenhurst, Alberton PRETORIA remodel 2018





THATCH, BUILD & RENOVATE’s construction team has experience in building homes with stunning designs and gardens. We specialize in entertainment areas. We are a thatch roof construction & renovations company that is an innate creativity in building new houses. We offer a wide range of quality building and construction to improve any home, building and garden. We offer great qualiity and cost effective building solutions. We also build thatch roof tiled houses, lapas and entertainment areas, that has become very popular these days because of the strong durability and no need for maintenance. Thatching tiles (SAFINTRA Roof Tiles) will be installed on the outside of the thatch roof and the cape reed finish on the inside of the thatch tiled roof. You still get the same cozy warm effect of a thatch roof. Roof tiles with the strength of steel. Versalite is a premium roofing profile from SAFINTRA Roofing SAFINTRA TILES

that has the appearance of standard roof tiles but offers the strength and light weight advantage of steel. It is available in a range of colours and in various thicknesses. THATCH, BUILD & RENOVATE have more than 30 years contract thatching expertise and repairing lapa thatching or new roofing thatching. We design, fix and build new lapas as well as new thatch roofing. Every few years general maintenance needs to be done on your thatch roof or lapa to keep it in a good condition. REPAIR THATCH ROOFS, every thatch roof needs maintenance done every 5 years and this includes brushing the roof and tightening of the twine. We do repairs to existing thatch slowing signs of wear and tear that may develop into a serious leakage

problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. TYPES OF PROJECTS THAT WE FOCUS ON: • We specialize in the design of thatch roofs and lapas. • Repairs / Renovation to homes & buildings. • Residential thatched houses, thatched offices, thatched hotels & thatched lodges. ENQUIRE ABOUT THE FOLLOWING CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING WORK: • Houses • Thatch houses • Garden- / Stone walls • Free standing internal- & external walls • Dividing walls • Entrance walls with gates






See your dream home become a reality with Thatch, Build & Renovate.

CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTATION Cell 087 054 9995 ferdigrobler60@gmail.com • www.thatchersunlimited.co.za 12

PRETORIA remodel 2018



Firmapile (t/a HomepileAfrica) is a Pretoria based company, which was established in 1976 and services the whole country.

HomepileAfrica has developed a means by which

in virtually any conditions, eliminating the need for

the effects of subsidence and cracking of buildings

large rigs and extensive platform preparations and

can be both solved and prevented. The use of piling

high transportation costs.

which supports structures is common practice but is hampered by the standard means of pile driving.

The system involves the use of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment to drive steel sleeves to refusal

The nature of standard piling equipment prevents

by means of displacing the soil. The equipment

piling close to or in existing structures and in

used to do this operates at a high ramming

confined spaces. The use of HomepileAfrica’s equipment allows steel pile casings to be installed in small and confined spaces as well as in varied soil conditions.

capacity. The steel sleeve is then reinforced with


steel and concrete to take loads of up to 20 tons per pile, tested and guaranteed. This piling system has proved to be an immense success over the years

The difference is that the equipment used by HomepileAfrica can be carried into a building through doorways or into hard to reach sites e.g. small gardens in confined complexes with ease and the job can be done effectively and efficiently.

both locally and internationally. Even with the incredible versatility of the HomepileAfrica system, the company is not limited to small household contracts. Clustering piles together to take the loads required for multi storey

HomepileAfrica’s system has been extensively

buildings is a common practise for HomepileAfrica

and successfully used over the last 39 years in

and is fast becoming a trusted and reliable method

soil conditions such as turf, clay, collapsible soil,

of stabilising large structures.


dolomite and sea sand, as well as in dams and rivers. Our system is also used for retaining soils

HomepileAfrica prides itself on its outstanding

e.g. for roads and construction purposes and it has

service delivery record and its flexibility to suit

proved itself to be incredibly versatile, being used

clients’ needs. AFTER

We offer a transferable 5 year guarantee on our work.



Greg: 083 291 0547 • Brian: 083 453 4358 • Cian: 082 507 5776 admin@homepileafrica.co.za • www.homepileafrica.co.za www.facebook.com/Firmapile/ PRETORIA remodel 2018





State of the art


Calore imports & distributes state of the art European closed combustion wood-log fireplaces, wood pellet stoves & gas fireplaces. Each fireplace is produced from the finest high-end materials with a combination of expert craftsmanship and the latest technology. Calore offers a vast variety of options to choose from, ranging from economical fireplaces to timeless showpieces. Over many years Calore has proven to be the largest pellet fireplace distributor in South Africa. Pellet fireplaces are highly efficient, fully automated and programmable heating systems. They utilize wood pellets as fuel which is very economical, easy to handle, store and produce high heat outputs without harming the environment.

These air controls allow the user to regulate the combustion air and thus adjust the output of the fireplace. In an open combustion fireplace there is no control over combustion air, thus accelerating the combustion air intake as the temperature in the fireplace increases, resulting in heat loss through the flue outlet.

Pellet fireplaces guarantee a long burn time with a thermostatically controlled self-regulating capacity as well as practical programming management. The user can set the desired room temperature and the fireplace will then automatically adjust its output in order to maintain the temperature selected. Pellet fireplaces can also be programmed to turn on and off at set times. They are very easy to use and require very little maintenance.

Unlike an open fireplace, a closed combustion fireplace is highly efficient and very economical. They use approximately a 3rd of the wood (compared to an open fireplace) and transfer up to 85% of the heat back into the room rather than losing the heat through the flue outlet.


DO I CHOOSE A WOOD-LOG OR A WOOD PELLET HEATING SYSTEM? Do you enjoy lighting a fire, stoking the coals and experiencing the romantic ambience of a natural wood burning flame? If so, a wood log system is the way to go. Or do you prefer an automated system that can be pre-set to switch on before you arrive home and/or before you wake up in the morning, can automatically maintain the temperature you have selected and requires very little maintenance? If so, a wood pellet system is the way to go.

They also produce less ash and lower carbon emissions. Closed systems are safe as the glass prevents any smoke or other combustion gases coming into the room – so no smoky smells in your home or on your clothes!

Closed combustion refers to a fire burning behind a sealed glass door fitted with adjustable air controls which regulate the amount of air flowing into the combustion chamber.

Visit us at our showroom to discuss your wood-log, wood pellet or gas fireplace heating requirements with one of our professional consultants.

Tel: 012 807 1891 • Email: sales.pta@caloresa.co.za • www.calore.co.za Ridge Square on Lynnwood, Corner Lynnwood Rd & Albeth St, PTA East 14

PRETORIA remodel 2018

Traviata Flooring is an established importer and distributor of high quality laminate and vinyl flooring products, boasting a national network of professional installation companies offering supply and fit services.

From Humble beginnings, Traviata has positioned itself to be “The Best in the Business” for over 15 years. Our ethos is to be a reliable, professional and specialist supplier of innovative Flooring Systems that are of unquestionable quality, to the Commercial and Residential markets. To this end, Traviata in partnership with our international suppliers and customers, continues to be flexible and innovative. Traviata offers a wide range of laminate and vinyl flooring options to suit all budgets. Traviata is a Corporate Member of the Southern African Wood, Laminate and Flooring Association, which ensures that Traviata products conform to the highest international safety and quality standards. DID YOU KNOW? TRAVIATA’S FLOORING PRODUCTS CAN BE LAID OVER MOST TILED SURFACES. Our product range: - ISOCORE Click Vinyl Patented technology, 100% waterproof Residential and commercial - Firmfit Click Vinyl 100% waterproof Residential use - Tru-wood XL laminate 12mm long wide board Highly water resistant Looks and feels like real wood - 8mm Laminate Flooring Quality/value for money flooring Made In Germany

Tel: 011 453 0296 • Cell: 084 504 7465 andrew@traviata.co.za • www.traviata.co.za Showroom: Unit 5, Route 24, Herman Street, Meadowdale, Gauteng PRETORIA remodel 2018




Whether you’re an emerging or a passionate gardener, or somewhere in-between, we offer solutions for from the smallest garden to the palace.

A beautiful well-maintained garden not only adds value to your home, but also offers a retreat for your family. If you love entertaining, what better than to do so in your own little paradise. Products on offer include petrol driven, electric, and cordless. If you don’t want to disturb the neighbours when mowing the lawn, clearing leaves, or cutting back hedges, you can start at any time with our new Stihl cordless products. Models range from townhouse to professional units. Quick to charge the lithium-ion batteries, all you need to do is switch on and get started! Our range of products range from the traditional cylinder type manual push mowers, to diesel driven zero-turn mowers, from spades to earth augers, from hobby to professional. If you have no garden, visit us for a brand-new vacuum cleaner or floor scrubber.

Want the perfect lawn? Invest in an electric or petrol driven cylinder mower, which will give a beautiful scissor cut to your grass, as on golf courses. Live on a plot with rough veldgrass? Visit us for a three wheeled, a four wheeled heavy duty mower, a brushcutter, or a 750mm self-propelled rough mower. We offer the top-quality brands of products, whether for a townhouse or a farm. Advice on the suitable products for your specific application, and demonstrations on lawn tractors or zero-turn mowers are standard. All products are assembled and a pre-delivery service performed prior to you purchasing it. A free delivery service, with basic operator training is included. We offer accessories to the products, factory approved consumables, replacement parts, as well as a large workshop with factory trained technicians for warranty, servicing or repairs to products. Make gardening fun with the correct tools, and create your own little paradise. Invite friends and family over, and show off your masterpiece.



A garden beautifies your home. Use quality equipment for a pleasurable gardening experience.

Tel: 012 002 3911 • www.lawnmowerclinic.co.za Showroom: 34 Pretorius Street, Pretoria (Between Kgosi Mampuru/Potgieter & Prince’s Park Avenue) 16

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We travel throughout SA to market these gifts GESKENKE TROMMEL currently has 417 exhibitors which have signed contracts & brought their products to our warehouse in Pretoria. We pack two 5-ton trucks full of stock and we travel throughout SA with our unique gift market products. DIE GESKENKE TROMMEL receives products from exhibitors at our store rooms, transports these products to venues, presents the products in unique ways, sells the products, packs up and travels to the next venue. No exhibitors are present during the Gift markets. The Geskenke Trommel’s team handles the products and presents it in a shop format. There is one entrance and exit which is monitored and controlled by us. Every client receives a bag at the entrance which they can fill with goodies and then move through the tables set out with products until they reach the pay point. All products are marked with codes and are scanned into our pay point system. The Geskenke Trommel uses card machines to make payment easier for our customers. Every exhibitor receives a report, which lays out what has been sold, within seven days after the market has been concluded. Money owed to exhibitors are paid out electronically within seven days. Exhibitors have due dates in which they need to refill or collect their products before we move on and start the process again. WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE • We update our clients regularly.

• We have a monthly newsletter sent out to every exhibitor. • We act in the best interest of our exhibitors and give our everything at any point in time. • At markets we focus more on the products than the exhibitors. • We proud ourselves in knowing our products are unique and updated on a regular basis according to the latest trends. • Within six months our Facebook followers have increased to almost 50 000. Facebook is one of our best marketing tools. • We are 100% adaptive & always open to new ideas. • Although our products are advertised and sold at the risk of the exhibitor, we do everything in our nature to ensure the safety of these products. OUR FUTURE Currently we have requests from a variety of sources requesting us to present a Gift Market in their town/city. We aim to host as many markets as possible in our year planner. Our year planner for the rest of 2018 is available on our contracts and website.

Cell 082 804 1304 rianelmus@absamail.co.za • www.diegeskenketrommel.co.za www.facebook.com/Die-Geskenke-Trommel-951307141738164 OUR FUTURE GIFT MARKET DATES ON FACEBOOK

OUR DREAM To make a difference in other’s lives wherever we go, to spoil communities with the beautiful & creative side of life.

VISIT OUR SHOPS * Wonderboom Junction, Lavender Road. * Glenfair Boulevard, Lynnwood Road. * Lyttelton Mall, c/o Botha & Cantonments Ave







MR GUTTER has been established since 1990, serving all South African homes countrywide. We believe in high quality standards on workmanship, affordability and most of all we love our happy customers. With 28 years of experience, we have proven that we are here to stay an that you can count on MR GUTTER for all your gutter requirements. Whether it be replacement, new construction, residential or commercial. “Customer satisfaction is our no. 1 priority”! If you didn’t have gutters, water would continually run alongside your home causing damage, gutters and downpipes work together to ensure that your roofing is working to the best of its ability. Always ensure your gutters are working properly and are free from debris that could cause water to clog up and not flow freely. Our gutters have an Ogee profile and are produced in low profile sizes, the 125mm or the larger 150mm.

Our residential and industrial gutters easily collect and deliver water from large roof areas.


The aluminium and colorlume gutters are manufactured on your premises and all the joining and tracking components are rust proof. The gutters are mechanically roll formed to any length to minimize joints.

• Aluminum / colorlume gutters require no maintenance. • Are factory guaranteed for 20 years. • They are completely waterproof, since they have no joints on the seams. • Aluminium / colorlume gutters have a natural corrosive resistance. • The gutters are light-weight. • Gutters are available in multi-colours that blend in and lend a professional look.

The gutters are attached to all eaves by means of internal tracking components consisting of internal aluminum brackets, self drilling screws or 3 inch serrated nails drilled 650mm apart.

FACIAS Installing facias is recommended as they complete the over-all look of your house and ensure that the gutters look neat.



When considering your gutter needs...consider MR GUTTER as your man. We are a member of the Master Builders Association North.

CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTATION Tel 012 736 9024 / 6 • Cell 082 926 7233 mrgutter@lantic.net • www.mrgutter.co.za 18

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SES MYL INSTANT LAWN is a family business that started in 2005 and is located in Pretoria East. We have a passion for beautiful grass, more specifically Kikuyu grass.

A green lawn is the magical component to a perfect garden. It is something that is enjoyed by young and old and that is why it is so important to choose a good and healthy product. Kikuyu is a faithful and easy to maintain grass. It needs water at least once a week, organic food once a year and then it will serve you like no other grass. Kikuyu is a hardy grass that can endure a lot, especially the hot Africa sun. This natural product has the ability to make any home look impressive, from the oldest to the most modern. As soft as it is on the eye, as dynamic it will be for your property value. I decided to start this business because it is the perfect product. Someone once told me Kikuyu cannot be damaged by fire of hail, nor can it be blown away by wind or washed away by a flood.

If you look after it, it will be there to greet you tomorrow. SES MYL INSTANT LAWN supplies Kikuyu and top soil to landscapers, construction companies and private home owners. We have a team ready to assist you with advice and if necessary, we can connect you with an extensive list of approved contractors to make your garden experience as seamless as possible.

KIKUYU LAWN FOR THE HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS IN YOUR GARDEN. Having busy kids playing sports or slip and slide in the summer in the backyard, Kikuyu can keep up with the busiest of areas. Our instant lawn is used for very high traffic areas in the community due to it’s capability to repair itself thick and fast, this is also the main reason that many homeowners also choose our instant lawn.

Your dream lawn is just a phone call or e-mail away. Talk to us, and let’s see how we can assist you in creating that perfect family or entertainment area, where you can play and relax with your loved ones and friends. Grass can be collected from the farm in Zwavelpoort or we can deliver on clients’ request, You will not believe the difference instant lawn can make, just try it!



That’s right - INSTANT!!! Your instant lawn will look lovely and inviting without ongoing frustrations.

CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTATION Tel 012 996 1851 • Cell 072 384 6815 info@sesmyl.co.za • www.sesmyl.co.za

“Ons maak enige tuin nog mooier” PRETORIA remodel 2018



WE SPECIALIZE IN: - RESIDENTIAL, CORPORATE & HOSPITALITY INTERIOR DESIGN. - INTERIOR DECLUTTERING & DECOR. - INTERIOR STYLING ADVICE (CONSULTATION). - DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES. - CUSTOM WALL ART. - CUSTOM WALL PAPER. Interior Designers... • Are problem solvers - each and every space presents it’s own set of particular challenges. • Saves you money in terms of preventing you from making costly and harmful mistakes. • Have access to many types of resources in terms of products and suppliers.

MoDERN MoAFRIKA EnHANCING LIFESTYLES MOTSO DESIGNED are a passionate and creative team, who have a strong sense of aesthetics & subscribe to green design principles. Our company specializes in contemporary, African-inspired designs. THE DESIGN PROSES Phase 1: Initial Meeting A site meeting accompanied with a discussion about your design goals in reference to your space. This is a meeting with the client in which requirements (style, budget, desired completion time, etc.) are discussed. MOTSO DESIGNED references available. If client is not sure about style, we advise and help them determine what their decor / design style is. Phase 2: Concept Development We provide you with a concept / ideas, options and strategies based upon the information you provided. A concept board that illustrates the

direction and style of the project is made. At this stage the client can choose to implement the plan provided DIY style, or proceed to Phase 3 with us. Phase 3: Detailed Quotation and Specifications All drawings (plans, elevations, etc.) are provided during this stage. Detail of furniture, fabrics, paint to be used etc. are documented. Phase 4: Execution & Completion of the project Our team gets involved in all aspects of the project, from protecting the renovations area to liaising with the building & renovations teams. We pride ourselves in our creative abilities and project management skills.

Cell 071 059 4545 23 APD Park, 65 Elsecar Street, Kya Sand dumela@motsodesigned.com • www.motsodesigned.com 20

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OUR MOTTO IS: Always Do It Right, The First Time.



is the hub of your home

We are all about service, quality and fulfilment, making your dream a reality and creating a work of art in your home. Since the most visible features in all kitchens are the cabinets, nobody wants a kitchen cabinet that looks off the shelf. So go custom! The word custom brings to mind a team of master craftsmen, working on your project to suit your every need. Working to particular client demands, we will undertake commissions in all types of wood and are proud to include our design service as part of the commission. We strive to perfect that kitchen you want. We believe in personal involvement, and to provide the best advice and service to achieve customer satisfaction. WHAT WE OFFER Our design team listens to YOU, your ideas and needs, and designs around you and your lifestyle. We specialize in modern, contemporary and traditional kitchens. Our collection includes many options of colours and styles that will make you love your kitchen. The team will advise you on the

latest colours and trends, as well as different materials to choose from, and combine all this in the design. Our manufacturers and fitters are skilled and well trained to deliver and they work hand in hand with our design team to create the reality. Since we do not believe in outsourcing our projects (or parts thereof) to other contractors, you will be ensured of the absolute best finger on the pulse quality. We strive in giving the best professional service, resulting in the best possible products. Planning everything professionally is extremely important to us, and therefore we make use of the latest design software to give you an up to scale drawing and exact photo realism presentation of what your kitchen will look like upon completion, before starting the project. Owner Jaco Pieters is predominantly involved in the complete project from beginning to end and our on-site professional, well-trained, and very efficient foremen see to it that everything goes according to plan. We offer a completely bespoke service so that you have a kitchen that will work efficiently for you and your family.

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU We use the absolute best material on the market, from the ordinary kitchen accessories to the latest exclusive gadgets you can find. The saying: “Nothing is too big or too small for us” is not just a cliché but a certainty and part of our mission of bringing you the utmost best. We believe that by providing excellence in our service and quality in our products, we will earn credibility, as we have done over the years. Your satisfaction is our main priority. Get inspired! Use Afri Kitchens!

Our talented and professional designers, manufacturers and fitters will create the ultimate kitchen to suit your lifestyle.

Office: 087 150 6265 • Jaco: 072 291 2172 • Juli: 072 141 9654 info@afrikitchens.co.za • www.afrikitchens.co.za Showroom: 257 Roberts Street, Silverton PRETORIA remodel 2018



Cool & comfortable


Installing blinds and awnings keep the interiors of your house cool, allowing you to live comfortably especially in the hot South African climate, cutting down your electricity costs dramatically. Outdoor Blinds and Awnings provide several models and design and, depending on your preferences, can install either fixed awnings or blinds that suit the shape of your home. Their wide range of products can be affixed to your windows, patios and decks.

heat or changes in the weather disrupting your plans. You can host family activities, small parties, braais and picnic in your garden with the awning providing shelter and safety.

The canvas used in our awnings are made of durable materials like polyester, cotton as well as acrylic, while the underlying structure is made of quality steel and aluminium. All materials used are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, and because the material is so hard-wearing, they require little maintenance and can be easily repaired.

Awnings also protect your patio furniture from the direct rays of the sun and prevent them from fading or rusting.

Installing awnings gives you the freedom of enjoying your outdoor areas without worrying about

OUTDOOR BLINDS AND AWNINGS manufacture, install and repair, give us a call!

OUTDOOR BLINDS AND AWINGS provide a complete range of outdoor blinds and awnings for both domestic and commercial customers.

A FEW ADVANTAGES OF OUTDOOR BLINDS PROTECTION FROM THE ELEMENTS Outdoor blinds placed on a patio, verandah or pergola can help protect against driving rains and harsh sunlight. STYLE Outdoor blinds are available in a number of styles and colours, which allows you to enhance the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. VERSATILITY Outdoor blinds blend seamlessly with any setting. Outdoor blinds complement your home while providing you with a lovely outdoor entertaining space. EASY OF USE Outdoor blinds are manufactured to last a long time with minimal cleaning & maintenance.

We take pride in service delivery and professional workmanship. All materials are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

KEEP OUT THE WIND, THE COLD AND THE RAIN ! Cell 082 557 2343 • outdoorblinds3@gmail.com www.outdoorblindsandawnings.co.za 22

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PAINTING YOUR HOME requires more than just paint

0861 NUTSMAN is committed to providing you with professional workmanship and exceptional service at a fair price, we are a registered company, operating in Pta & Jhb.

When the time comes to repair and paint your home, many home owners tend to go for the cheapest quotation which many times result in disaster and end up to be more expensive than what it should have cost. Painting a home is not just about attractive colours and a few paint rollers. All paint projects require knowledge, experience and skills to ensure a long lasting finish. IT’S ALL IN THE PREPARATION To guarantee a long lasting paint job, certain steps need to be taken prior to applying paint. But if not undertaking these preparations correctly, paint

manufacturers will simply void the paint guarantee It is common for interior and exterior walls and ceilings to crack due to certain weather conditions. There are many types of cracks caused by various reasons and it is therefore important to investigate the source of the problem first. Only once the source has been established, being it through water damage, dampness or structural fault, can the damage be properly fixed with the correct material in the correct manner. Therefore intense water and damp proofing should be carried out followed by painting. If any of these steps are missed, the same and more cracks will surface not long after the completed project and result in a potentially poorer condition and naturally more costly. It is also very important to use specific paints on certain textures and structures. Using the incorrect paint will shorten the length of time in which you need to renovate again. Using the correct and quality paint will ultimately cost you less over a period of time.

CHOOSE YOUR PAINTER WISELY We all believe that somewhere deep down within ourselves lurks a DIY guru where in actual fact fixing walls, ceilings & paint work requires a skilled professional with experience. Using just any “painter” will result in expensive repair later. 0861 NUTSMAN is a professional renovating and maintenance company trusted by many home owners and companies for over 10 years. With teams of highly skilled contractors, we are able to take on any paint or maintenace job, and offer guarantees on all work carried out.

With a comprehensive suppliers list & expansive resources we can successfully take on almost any painting or renovations task and have it completed on time.

A good paint job will instantly transform your home from looking old and tedious to appearing fresh and modern, adding real character and personality. But painting your home is not only for enhancement purposes, it also acts as a defence against weather, insects and other potential threats. Regular painting is an important aspect of home maintenance to keep your property protected and retain its market value.

PAINT, MAINTENANCE & RENOVATION SPECIALISTS Cell 082 366 6911 • Cell 087 807 7188 info@0861nutsman.co.za • www.0861nutsman.co.za PRETORIA remodel 2018



IONIC PLUMBING, GAS, ELECTRICAL AND CONSTRUCTION is a privately owned and operated company with combined experience of over 20 years. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and reliability, as well as our quality of work and ability to exceed

quicker and more efficient to close the water at the point it is connected.


INSPECT PEELING / FLAKING WALLS The easiest way to detect a water leak inside your walls is to look for signs of peeling or flaking paint, usually on a wall bordering a kitchen or bathroom. The leak can present itself either on an in- or exterior wall, which could mean extensive repairs, or re-piping is needed to sort out the problem.

IONIC PLUMBING, GAS, ELECTRICAL AND CONSTRUCTION strive to use new technology wherever possible. We will always leave a site neat and tidy.

customer expectations. We value ourselves as a company with integrity and honesty, we promise transparency in all our dealings with out clients. PLUMBING RED FLAGS ACCESS THE PIPES AROUND YOUR HOME Determine the condition of the water pipes. By simply looking at the water pipes running outside your home, you will be able to tell what condition they are in. Look for rust or wet spots along the pipes, they probably look worse on the inside. Galvanized pipes were commonly used in older properties and do not have a long lifespan. CHECK FOR STOP TAPS In order to be compliant, toilets and basin water points should have their own stop taps or closing valves. When a tap or toilet starts to leak it is much

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR RUNNING TOILETS Toilet inlets that do not close or flush, valves that do not seal are a sure way to crank up your water bill. Every time you flush the toilet it uses 9 litres of water to refill the cistern. Make sure that the toilets flush properly, fill up in a timely manner and stop when the cistern is full. CHECK FOR LOW WATER PRESSURE There are few things in life that are as frustrating as showering under a trickle of water, it is therefore important to check water pressure, it could be a big expense to get low water pressure sorted out.

Cell 083 890 0989 • 010 020 5377 www.ionicgpe.co.za 24

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Our technicians are registered with PIRB. (The Plumbing Industry Registration Board , see logo below.)

We are the positive force attracted by the negative problem which then forms a strong bond with the client when we have sorted out the problem.




We are a South African based company, operating nationwide. We are the industry leader in manual and automated pool covers. Designer Pool Covers specializes in the design



and integration of automatic and manual pool covers. We bring our clients the highest quality product with the most comprehensive warranty at affordable pricing. We strive for perfection, accuracy and professional execution on every project we engage with. Each project has a dedicated project manager and installation team. Our attention to detail ensures that projects are successfully managed.

Tel: 0861 000 891 sales@designercovers.co.za • www.designerpoolcovers.co.za PRETORIA remodel 2018


that will last a lifetime...

Are you building a new home or lodge? Or are you renovating your entertainment area? Your roofing solution should be top of mind – you deserve the best protection. BRI Construction specialises in providing a roofing solution for life. Harvey Roofing Solutions have been successfully used worldwide in many different climates for the last 30 years. It is the ultimate steel roofing tile on the market. They come in a variety of tile types, colours and finishes, allowing you to personalise the look of your roof and ensure it compliments the style of your house. Re-roofing with HarveyThatch leaves the existing thatch in place, ensuring no disruption to the interior of the building – a hassle free option retaining the natural look and warmth of thatch. This product carries a 30 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Have the charm, character and warmth of a natural roof while receiving the cost-effective, durable and maintenance free solution. Regular thatch roofs require combing and repairing every four to five years. Insurance is more expensive and may require unsightly lightning conductors. Get the natural beauty without any hassle – even when re-roofing a home. The Harvey Roofing solution is a durable, flexible, lightweight steel tile coated with natural stone chips. It easily withstands the elements, damage by birds, vermin, algae and fungi. It is lightning safe and also a reduced fire hazard.

At BRI Construction we bring quality back. Our workmanship and materials comply with C.S.I.R. and S.A.B.S. specifications.

Tel: 012 002 3882 • Cell: 082 873 1618 • rudolph@briconstruction.co.za www.rudolp9.wixsite.com/bri-construction/ https://www.facebook.com/BRI.Grasdakke/ 26

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The All in One Security Solution by AMS, provides a comprehensive solution for securing premises, property and people, at any size Residential, Commercial or Public site.


Contact us today for your complete security solution, we do it all !


ALARM SYSTEMS HIGHLIGHTS OF THE ALL IN ONE SECURITY SOLUTION: • Operate and manage enterprise-wide Security Systems via ONE SEAMLESS INTERFACE. • Gain complete control of your Security System (on and off site) using Mobile apps and User friendly Web interfaces • Instantly see video verification of Access control and intrusion alarms. • Remotely control Access Doors, with Video overview to ensure safe entry and exit. Pre-integrated, best-of-breed security, with Kantech access control, exacqVision video surveillance, and DSC intrusion.

EVEN WHEN IT IS SILLY SEASON, WE DON’T SLEEP ! Cell 066 231 3198 nick@ams-solutions.net.za • www.ams-solutions.net.za PRETORIA remodel 2018




BERNINA also services all makes of domestic and industrial sewing and embroidery machines & overlockers. We pride ourselves in providing the best product with the best back-up service. BERNINA INTERNATIONAL AG has been one of the world’s leading sewing & embroidery machine manufacturers for more than 120 years. The Swiss family-owned company’s products are synonymous with innovation & precision. They are known for their durability. BERNINA sewing machines are used worldwide by women with a passion for sewing. Our passion is the development of products that allow you to put your creative ideas into practice.

TYPICALLY BERNINA For decades, BERNINA has been passionately committed to developing cutting-edge sewing and embroidery machines for creative people. Swiss precision is at the heart of every product we make. BERNINA products are manufactured exclusively with high-quality materials - inside and out. BERNINA - standing for Swiss tradition since 1893.

MORELETA PARK, 913 RUBENSTEIN DRIVE Tel 998 6264 • 012 998 6265 Bernina.moreleta@outlook.com • www.bernina.com 28

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VALUES AND PHILOSOPHY At BERNINA, the requirement to achieve a high level of quality is a deeply rooted value that has always been reflected in the company tradition. BERNINA focuses on long-term performance and continuous innovation, with special emphasis on quality, performance, technology, design and service.

BERNINA@ATTERBURY BOULEVARD Tel 012 753 0082 • Cell 083 964 4335 simstitc@mweb.co.za • www.bernina.com

composition & manufacturing.

Since 2009 our superior service has only been overshadowed by our superior shadeports, carports, umbrellas, shade sails, agricultural tunnels and all other shading solutions catering to anyone’s shade requirements.

SHADE PORTS ARE ATTRACTIVE. Also more cost effective to conventional carports. The fabric of the Shadeports allow for free air movement reducing the temperature and at the same time proves a shade factor of up to 95% depending on the individual colour. All SUPERIOR SHADEPORTS netting: • is SABS approved and has a 8 year warranty. • is fire retardant. • has a high water run-off rate. • uses Virgin High Density Polyethylene - the best UV stabilizers. • uses high quality refined pigments with high light-fastness properties. • is made of high-end fade resistant material. • utilize individual yarn strength technology to ensure the highest quality. Waterproof shade netting options are also available. Only A-Grade steel is used in the manufacturing process of the shade structure.

All of SUPERIOR SHADES’ products adhere to the highest standards, while delivering outstanding value & superior service, regardless of the size of the job.

CALL US FOR AN OBLIGATION FREE QUOTATION Cell 079 695 0249 info@sscsa.co.za • www.superiorshades.co.za Plot 765, Wever Road, Kameeldrift East PRETORIA remodel 2018




your home

Do you have dark rooms? Are you looking for natural bright sunlight in your home? ilangaskylights are the answer to adding life to small depressing spaces for home owners. While conventional bulbs give you a yellow unnatural glow, ilangaskylights will bring bright, white, healthy daylight into your home. Most of us are looking for open homes that provide a lot of light, because we require twice as much or even more light as we grow older than we did when we were younger. Our smart lightweight mirror solid tube that is SABS approved reflects natural daylight down the tube into your home. With adding an ilangaskylight to your home, you will save money through lower electricity bills and lower energy consumption. Your property value will increase in an affordable way. With homes being built closer to one another, the balance of natural light and privacy has become an issue. A large majority of home owners are requesting light from skylights in their bathrooms and rooms where privacy and light is of the utmost importance.

The ilangaskylight has so many advantages. The atmosphere and the sense of living that it creates is a huge benefit. It is also beneficial to have the unlimited solar energy resource and to be human and environmentally friendly. Not producing harmful emissions nor requiring electrical pipelines are just a few more plusses on the list. We as a company take great pride in our product that has brought natural sunlight into depressing dark rooms of thousands of homes since 2001. We offer a great after sales service and also a 15 year guarantee on workmanship and material. Phone us today for friendly and professional assistance. We have a variety of sizes to fit all needs and roofs. Servicing Pretoria, Johannesburg and the whole of Gauteng.



Tel: 012 377 3565 • Jonathan: 082 446 6001 info@ilangaskylights.co.za • www.ilangaskylights.co.za https://www.facebook.com/ilangaskylights/ 30

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SKYLIGHTS bring natural sunlight into

We make it, we install it, we guarantee it!

RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL While the leader in restoration, MARBLELIFE® is committed to assisting our customers and clients to maintain their stone, tile and grout surfaces, MARBLELIFE® has developed full lines of natural stone cleaners to help keep beautiful surfaces clean & beautiful all year round. There are 2 basic reasons why natural stone loses its gloss, chemical and mechanical wear. It is easy to see which is which. If your stone has become dull over the entire surface, the cause is most likely the detergent. If the stone is really only dull in the high traffic areas, like entrances and passages, then this is mechanical and is caused by microscopic dirt trapped under shoes.

The good news is that it is cheaper to restore these floors than to replace and the remedy is the same in both cases. The very top layer of the stone is removed by grinding (honing) exposing the “virgin” stone beneath. After this, the stone is polished using our proprietary techniques to, sometimes, better than new condition. The same techniques are used for countertops as can be seen in the pictures. Another issue that clients may be concerned about is when tiles have been installed where the edges are not at the same height. This we call lippage. This is a common problem in all floors, but the advantage that natural stone presents is that the grout can be replaced with resin, and the floor can be cut to give a flat finish. We call this our Ultimate Finish. The obvious advantage of this is that this is much easier to keep clean as the grout height and the tile are at the same level.



MARBLELIFE® maintains its own restoration, cleaning & maintenance research-and-development center committed to advancing restoration, polishing, care and cleaning techniques in order to provide our clients the highest quality, most cost effective result possible. MARBLELIFE® supports individuals worldwide in their efforts to clean, restore and maintain their stone. When it comes to marble polishing, granite polishing and tile and grout cleaning, MARBLELIFE® restoration service restores and maintains more marble, granite, stone and tile surfaces than anyone else....period.

We are committed not only to providing outstanding stone care, but also to educating our customers on proper care.

Do you have a natural stone floor? Does it look “dirty”? MARBLELIFE® can help. Experience world class results with locally-trained craftsmen.



RECAPTURE YOUR FLOOR’S ORIGINAL APPEARANCE Tel 012 653 2505 www.marblelife.co.za PRETORIA remodel 2018




Baobab Exclusive African Stone manufactures a vast variety of unique natural stone products.

textured and three-dimensional appearance, giving the impression that the structure is constructed entirely of natural stone. Typically, stone cladding is used:

We supply our natural stone products to a variety of sectors, including retail stores, home improvement and building material suppliers, public sector clients, small township and rural retailers, as well as individual clients. The services we deliver range from dimension stone cutting and installation, natural stone cladding installation, large format porcelain cladding installation and specialised tiling to specialised natural stone and tile cleaning. STONE CLADDING Natural stone cladding is the use of a thin layer of stone as a cladding for the outside of a structure. It is also sometimes used on internal surfaces. When applied properly, the thin layers achieve a

- To give a stone finish to an existing structure. - To create a stone finish at lower weight, and so with reduced structural support requirements. - To allow faster and lower cost installation. - To allow the use of modern construction techniques and high-performance detailing, but with a traditional appearance. - To allow off-site manufacturing, with reduced on-site construction. - To reduce waste. Stone cladding is manufactured by quarrying natural stone and milling it into thin pieces. A range of different sizes, thicknesses, shapes and patterns can be created according to the specification of the design.

Tel: 066 480 1284 info@baobabstone.co.za • www.baobabstone.co.za 32

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Let us clad your surfaces in natural elegance.

MVA Bricks is one of Gauteng’s leading producers of concrete paving blocks, concrete retaining blocks (CRB) and concrete kerbs. Based in Pretoria and founded in 1995, we supply a broad range of market sectors in Gauteng and neighbouring provinces. These include industrial and commercial sites, warehouse and distribution centres, shopping centres, business parks, hotels, hospitals and clinics, civic and local government structures and schools, infrastructure projects including public and private roads, pavements, driveways and patios, housing estates and the domestic market from entry level to upmarket projects. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality standards and all our products carry SABS certification.

Wherever possible we only use SABS approved materials and all our products are quality tested on a daily basis. We also like to get involved in the design and application of projects in which our products are used, ensuring they match our bestpractice production standards. Our production facilities were recently expanded and upgraded to cater for increased demand and during the 2017/18 period, we supplied concrete retaining blocks for some major industrial and commercial retaining wall projects in Gauteng.

every individual style and taste. Different colours and shapes of paving can create different areas to your outdoor architecture. We specialize in the production of 50mm Bevel, 50mm Cottage Stone, Interlock 50mm, 60mm and 80mm and Twin cobble paving bricks, all available in a variety of colours.

QUALITY PAVING Paved surfaces are economical and durable and will last for many years if installed properly. Paving is also installed because of its aesthetic appeal and low maintenance properties. With the wide variety of paving stones available, beautiful paving effects can be created to suit

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QUALITY KERBING & R Kerbs can be used in a variety of applications.


One of the uses is as barrier kerbs to secure

kerbs will ultimately suit the finished project best.

When it comes to finding the ideal kerbs for paving projects, a couple of factors will determine which

roadways and prevent vehicles from travelling into or onto barricaded sections. Another use is

A high-rise kerb ably serves as a barrier kerb,

to demarcate sections or different road surfaces,

keeping rainwater runoff at bay and serving as a

often in the form of “flush� kerbs or edge beams.

miniature retaining wall for keeping higher levels of

Kerbs can be made in several ways. MVA Bricks produces kerbs by means of the wet-pressed method.

ground in place, making them ideal for residential driveways and public walkways. Our kerbs are SABS-approved, giving our clients the

Wet-pressed kerbs are very popular, as their quality is very consistent and they can be produced in large

peace of mind that we offer only the best quality kerbs for sale, with a selection of mountable,

quantities. Unlike other production methods, wet-

garden, and barrier kerbs to choose from. We

pressed kerbs are made from a single mix and are

offer kerbs in 1-m and 330-mm sections, giving

produced as single units. This production method

you the necessary means to make everything fit

helps to control and minimise delamination and

together and look professional when the project is

colour variations.


If you are looking for a selection of barrier kerb types, MVA Bricks offers what you need, with a variety of kerbs to complement our range of paving bricks and retaining wall blocks.



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& RETAINING WALLS MVA is a major player in the concrete retaining block market. Since entering the concrete retaining block (CRB) wall market, MVA Bricks has won at least half a dozen major CRB wall projects in Gauteng and Mpumalanga, in addition to supplying numerous smaller projects. Production of the MVA-7 and the MVA-13 blocks began in June last year and the introduction of the LokBlok was launched in September this year. MVA’s first major order was the new Cummins Southern Africa Regional Distribution Centre and Filtration Plant development in Waterfall Park, Midrand, when 26 000 MVA-7 blocks were delivered. These were used in the construction of a CRB fillwall facing for a large building platform.

The MVA-7 has a flat face and was designed for economical open-faced wall construction. As its name suggests, it is generally used on the basis of seven blocks per square metre, although this can be increased to a 10-block configuration when required. Generally used on wall faces of between 60˚ and 75˚, the MVA-7 can be modified for 85˚ walls. This scenario occurred on a section of the Cummins project where space constraints and the accommodation of an attenuation pond at the footing of the wall called for a steeper wall angle. The MVA-13 has a rounded half-moon face and is designed for upmarket commercial walls in closed-faced designs. A heavier block, it has a much greater load-bearing capacity and can be deployed in walls with wall face angles which vary between 60˚ and 90˚.


Retaining wall blocks (CRB) are modular concrete units that are placed individually to form a retaining wall structure. The units can be laid at angles ranging from 70 to 90 degrees, and typical applications include embankments, attenuation ponds, and cut slopes. CRB structures are economical to install, thanks to the speed of construction compared to alternative structures. CRB structures vary in price due to various factors, which include: • Open-face vs. closed-face installations. • The height of the wall. • The angle of construction. • Accessibility to the work face. • The choice of product used. • Coloured blocks are more expensive than their grey counterparts.

Our vision is to remain the preferred Paving and Kerbs provider in South Africa. Our mission is to successfully supply an A-class and cost effective product. To be a service provider who is ethical and responsible for promoting sustainability while remaining profitable in order to create job opportunities and being the employer of choice.


Since then MVA has delivered MVA-7 blocks to several other major retaining wall projects: The Courier Guys Phase 2 distribution centre development in Kya Sands (24 000); a new Builders Warehouse in Midrand (19 000); a new industrial park on the R21 near Oliver Tambo International Airport (12 000); a new industrial park in Nelspruit (8 000); and to Thulamahashe Plaza, some 200km from Nelspruit (3 400).




Tel: 012 386 0050 sales@mvabricks.co.za • www.mvabricks.co.za PRETORIA remodel 2018


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