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Fitness Tips for Men

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So finally you’re ready for a fitness regimen. Have you abandoned the slouchy arm chair, the TV dinner and the bag of potato chips and traded it in for a healthy lifestyle . There are innumerable reasons that would motivate you to opt for a healthier lifestyle. You can avoid disease, be fit, live healthier and happier and of course, you can impress the ladies. So let’s get started on a healthier, happier you with a great workout plan. Here are some fitness tips for men.

Go slow:

Being motivated is one thing and achieving results is another? Sometimes our motivation leads us to go beyond our bodies limits causing injuries. Most often injuries happen with beginners who attempt at being athletes’ overnight and end up right back on their slouchy arm chairs with an injury. It’s better to maintain a slow and consistent burn of calories. Don’t push too hard too soon. 

A convenient schedule:

Fix a schedule that works for you. You will hear conflicting ideas about the ideal workout time. If you are not a morning person don’t fix an early morning schedule, you may end up dropping it. Or if you are the type that tires by evening an evening schedule will also not work. find your own convenient time, maybe at lunch break or early evening or whatever works for you. Home Fitness Direct

Choose the right gismo:

Any type of workout, whether walking, running, or tennis requires the right kind of equipment. While making your choice of expensive equipment you need to ensure that it is in good condition, fits you properly and is the right equipment for your sport. Replace your equipment at the first sign of wear and tear or you’ll end up with injuries. 

Workout with a friend:

Just when you feel like slacking off for a day or two and that leads too many days, making an exercise date with your friend will help you to stick to your schedule. You’ll be motivated to keep the appointment and time.

Home Fitness Direct

Be warned of the grey zone:

You’ll eventually settle into a workout zone that becomes comfortable, not to hard and not too easy. This will ensure that you maintain your current fitness levels but will not allow too much of adaptation. To get good results vary your workouts between easy one and tougher ones throughout the week. This will also keep you motivated and interested while gaining good results too. 

Engage a trainer: Hiring a trainer is probably one of the best investments you can make for yourself.

Some gyms include it in your subscription so check it out. Trainers know how to get the best out of your strengths, adding resistance to techniques to the areas you are best at.

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Go with what you love:

Always choose activities that you love to do. This will make sure you don’t get fed up or burned out. There will be a definitive ‘feel-good’ factor that will motivate you to do more. Keeping fit, motivated to exercise, healthy and happy are priorities. For a healthier, happier you.

Home Fitness Direct

Home Fitness Direct

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Physical Fitness Tips for Men  
Physical Fitness Tips for Men