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Highlights from CHBA’s 71st Annual Conference SAM Award Winners Meet Bard Golightly Deck Talk: Canadian Footings from Coast to Coast

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CHBA Report 34


BUILDING SCIENCE: Helping Industry with Innovation in Building Products

President’s Message

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Building Science


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Customer Satisfaction


Tool Talk



8 Association 36 Renovation 37

NRC has embarked on a far-reaching initiative to help manufacturers, builders and regulatory authorities reduce the costs and risks of developing and commercializing innovative products for the building construction market.

Industry News

38 Calendar 39

MEET YOUR PRESIDENT: Bard Golightly Talks about Canada’s Residential Housing Industry In his inaugural speech at the 2014 CHBA Conference in Whistler, Golightly stated that his focus would be on the important role of the residential housing industry in Canada’s economy. We sat down with him to find out more about the man, and his plans for the coming year.

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COMMON CENTS CONSTRUCTION: Minimizing Risk when Subcontracting Work

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Subcontracting is one area where rigorous project management best practices can reduce your risk and help you to better manage costs. Find out how your company can minimize risk.

MARKET REPORT: Manitoba Market Starts Slow, Remains Strong Mike Moore, President, Manitoba Home Builders’ Association, shares his insights on Manitoba’s residential housing industry, and recent MHBA initiatives.


DECK TALK: Canadian Footings from Coast to Coast Jon Eakes reviews a variety of deck footings currently available for the Canadian market.


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Relationship Value in a Connected World Does it feel like consumers are fickle and customer loyalty is fleeting? Find out how to build relationship values in today’s increasingly connected world.


TOOL TALK: Decks, Batteries, Boots & More Get ready for the spring/summer building season with these innovative new products.

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Home BUILDER May/June 2014


NEWS Global Economics

TORONTO — Canada’s long housing cycle is turning and the impact of a softening market will be felt broadly, according to a Scotiabank report released in mid April.

New Home Construction 300

Highlights in the report include:  Employment growth in housing-related sectors has consistently

 Housing assets have generated $1.7 trillion in net new wealth for


Housing Starts

only $324 billion in household wealth creation.  Resale activity is expected to edge lower in 2014-2015. Rising mortgage rates, combined with high home prices and stricter mortgage regulations, will strain affordability, especially for first-time buyers in major urban centres.  Apart from construction, industries most affected by a housing slowdown include manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, finance,

Housing Trends at a Glance OTTAWA — CMHC has released its First Quarter 2014 Housing Outlook. In the report, they cite the





Mortgage rates: Mortgage rates will remain ing demand. Employment: In 2013, employment increased by 225,500, a 1.3 per cent gain from 2012. Based on the consensus among prominent Canadian forecasters,








-5 08





Source: CMHC, Statistics Canada, Scotiabank Economics. insurance and real estate, and professional and technical services.

Unit Sales



(net international migration). As a result, the400 level

of net migration will remain above historical aver-

Average Price age and will help support Canada’s housing sector. 300

200 100

Income: Growth in incomes is expected to increase modestly as economic conditions in Canada are expected to improve. As a result, income growth will remain supportive of housing demand over the forecast horizon.

Population: By the end of the forecast hori-

Publisher Nachmi Artzy

A W O R K - 4 P R O J E C T S LT D . P U B L I C AT I O N

Contributors: Tim Bailey Jon Eakes Brad Gover Bo Mocherniak Mike Moore Peter Norman

Production Manager Kelvin Chan production@ Sales Coordinator Polly Ma Accounting Patricia Fleurent Circulation Manager


Home BUILDER May/June 2014

Editor Judy Penz Sheluk Published by Work-4 Projects Ltd. Advertising/Editorial: 4819 St. Charles Blvd. Pierrefonds, Quebec Canada, H9H 3C7 Phone: 514-620-2200


1.0 200 of their population aged 25 to 34 decline, according 90 92 9 96 98 00 02 04 06 08 10 12 14 to Statistics Canada’s projections. By the end of the Source: CR Source: CREA, Scotiabank Economics. current decade, the growth rate of population aged




Housing Starts

Canada B.C. Alberta Sask. on demand for multi-family housing. Furthermore,

(000s units, sa) a steady decline in Canada’s natural 29 birth rate 211 34 2008 should lessen 149 the demand16for additional 20housing 2009 190 Population26aging is also 27likely to stock2010 beyond the forecast horizon. 194 26 26 2011 impact the type and tenure of housing in demand. 215 27 33 2012 Resale 188 conditions27for 2014 and362015 are 2013 market: Resale market expected to be near balanced market conditions in most local markets.





178 2014f at a rate slightly above inflation. 172 2015f

Vol. 27 No. 3 May/June 2014


zon, all regions but Quebec will see the growth rate

As a result, the average MLS price is expected to remain relatively stable, The Magazine of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association

ratio of ne

ed to continue to attract a high level of immigrants 2.5


most regions, and will bring downward pressure

on the housing market.


Net migration: Canada’s economy is expect-

25 to 34 will be negative or very close to zero in

forecast horizon. This will, in turn, support demand


Source: CM


cent in 2014 and 1.8 per cent in 2015. The anticipated income growth and household formation over the


600 C 3.5

CMHC expects that employment will grow by 1.5 per employment growth is expected to sustain moderate


Existing Home SalesTrends report online at Read the full Scotiabank Global Real Estate 500,,3112,00.html. $, 000s 000s of units, a.r.

following factors and their effects on housing starts: low by historical standards and supportive of hous-


5 0


000s of u



New Housing Price Index

Canadian households since 2000. This is a major change from the 1990s, when Canada’s relatively weak housing market generated


20 15


outperformed national hiring trends over the past decade by a sizeable margin

y/y % change

000s of units, a.r.


Canadian Residential Markets Scotiabank: Canada’s Housing Market Transitioning to Slower Growth

25 37 24 36 Vacancy rates: The average vacancy rate of purpose-built rental


7 4 6 7 10 8 7 8 7

apartments metropolitanCalgary centers is expected to decline Vancouver Edm onton Toronto (units, across nsa) Canada’s

8,339 6,318 6,317 25,949 2009 15,217 9,262 9,959 29,195 2010 low over and help support 17,867 9,292multiple-unit 9,332housing39,745 2011the forecast horizon 19,027 12,841 12,837 48,105 construction, particularly in 2014. 2012 18,696 12,584 14,689 33,547 2013 Stock of new and unabsorbed units: The stock of newly com-

Ott 10 8 9 8 8 8

pleted and unabsorbed housing units to population higher over35,298 16,284 15,588 trended 9,378 2014ytd


19,591 11,438 2008 slightly, to 2.6 per cent, in 2014 and to reach 2.7 per cent6,615 in 2015. For42,212 purpose-built rental apartments, vacancy rates are expected to remain

the second half of 2012 and in the first quarter of 2013, but has since

Source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Scotiabank Economic Year-to-date data are expressed at annual rates. inventory increase inordinately, builders may delay or reduce the size moved back toward the historical average. Nevertheless, should the

of some housing projects. This could lead to a sharper-than-expected moderation in housing starts.



Mohawk College Construction Student Receives $2,500 Bursary from the HHHBA W E’R E I M P R OV I N G T H E


HAMILTON — The HamiltonHalton Home Builders’ Association (HHHBA) awarded their bursary to deserving Mohawk College student, Eric Silverthorne, who excelled in his stud-

ies and became a leader to his classmates. The funds are aimed at assisting the most deserving graduates of the construction and renovation technician programs to launch their own construction or renovation company.

Left to right: Mathieu Langelier, Executive Officer HHHBA; Eric Silverthorne, HHHBA Bursary recipient; Brad MacDonald, Coordinator, Building and Renovation Program, Mohawk College; Allan Roshko, HHHBA 1st Vice-President.

The HHHBA launched this bursary program with Mohawk two years ago at their annual fundraiser BBQ. The HHHBA has committed to fund Made from The Lubrizol Corporation’s superior CPVC compounds, BlazeMaster® Fire Sprinkler Systems are keeping people safer all over the world. BlazeMaster systems are Listed and Approved for more applications than any other non-metallic system and have the industry’s highest pipe and fitting cell classes. Plus, BlazeMaster systems have delivered MORE INSIDE™ for more than 30 years—giving you access to Lubrizol’s unmatched R&D, technical expertise, global capabilities and a network of customers who are industry-leading manufacturers.

the bursary for a minimum of three years and hopes it will lead to great successes and help graduates successfully start their business. The timing of the award is particularly beneficial to Silverthorne, as he desperately needs a new truck to help him be mobile enough to tackle contracts outside of his neighbourhood and to promote his work. He also plans to use some of the funds to purchase much-needed tools and construction supplies.


WRHBA Ray of Hope Renovation WATERLOO — In March, the Waterloo Region Home Builders’ Association (WRHBA) was pleased to announce the launch of a community cooperative construction project in support of Ray of Hope. Since 1967, Ray of Hope has been a highly valued community outreach organization that provides care, hope and support to people who are disadvantaged,

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marginalized, or troubled. With the combined efforts of WRHBA member companies, including Conestoga College, a six-week renovation got underway on March 3rd. The renovation transformed existing space into new offices, a reception area and a common gathering place at Ray of Hope’s King Street East location in Kitchener. More than 60 students from the college’s Centre for Construction Trades Outreach Program (CCTOP) and Women in Skilled Trades (WIST) assisted in the renovation alongside a multitude of WRHBA trades people, contractors

Follow us on Twitter @LZ_CPVC

and industry stakeholders who lent their skills, expertise, time, talent and donations to offset the construction cost. Through this “living classroom,” students were able to get a firsthand account and exposure to the

© 2014 The Lubrizol Corporation, all rights reserved. All marks are the property of The Lubrizol Corporation. The Lubrizol Corporation is a Berkshire Hathaway company. GC 121276

fundamentals of best building practices, and to better understood how and what they learned in school translates to the work site. WRHBA would like to thank everyone who was involved in the renovation process; without their assistance, the project could not have been completed.


Home BUILDER May/June 2014



Generally Strong Start To Year Reflective of Confidence The housing market is off to a great start so far in 2014.

erally expected them to rise) confidence in making these

Builders started an estimated 175,000 housing units (on

important investment decisions would be compromised.

a seasonally adjusted annual rate) according to CMHC, which is up marginally from the same period in 2013.

By Peter Norman

Last month, I promised that I would devote some

(CREA) announced existing home sales in the first quar-

room in some of these columns to highlight some inter-

ter at 441,000 units—also up marginally from the same

esting findings coming out of the new detailed Census

period the year before. Given the horrendous weather

and National Household Survey data recently released

conditions across the country this past winter, steady

by Statistics Canada.

performance in both of these important components of

The nuclear family—a husband, wife and kid(s)—has

the housing market is remarkable (while the data are

been an archetypal customer image for the home build-

“seasonally adjusted,” this simply adjusts for regular

ing industry in Canada for decades. But recent household

seasonal variation in data, but won’t take into account

growth has been mostly among non-family households,

especially unusual weather conditions).

and these trends are shaping the sorts of development

Rising consumer confidence in general, more con-

The nuclear family continues to be an important

and generally improving economic conditions are all

component of our demographic makeup, accounting for

contributing factors to stronger per-

some 30 per cent of all households, but in the most recent

formance in recent months. According

census period (2006 to 2011), this group accounted for

to the Altus Group Housing Intentions

only 5 per cent of household growth. In all, the number

Index, intentions to buy a home among

of households composed of parents and children rose by

current rental households is rising rap-

just under 50,000 units (plus an additional 73,000 lone-

idly nationally and the index has recently

parent families), compared with 300,000 couples without

risen to a seven-year high; that is, stron-

children and close to half a million net new households

ger intentions than we have seen since

classified as non-family (generally singles but including

before the recession.

households with unrelated roommates).

Moreover, new home builders are

Young families seem even more rare lately. Families

also feeling better about the prospects

with children whose parents are between the ages of 25

for the year ahead. In the recently-con-

and 49 account for some 9 per cent of all households, and

ducted CHBA Pulse Survey, fully 96 per

this group shrank by 94,000 units in the five years to 2011.

cent of home builders expect that their

By contrast the number of families headed by a mom or

employee requirements would either be

dad aged 50 to 64 (the baby boomers) rose by 145,000 in

the same (55%) or rise (41%) in the year ahead due to

the same period. That entire rise is reflective of the rise in

increased business. On balance, builders are expecting to

total households in this age group; the actual incidence of

shift some of their main target market from the first-time

couple families with children in this age group declined

buyer and move-down buyer markets into the move-up

modestly in the period.

semi-custom and custom markets.


Home BUILDER May/June 2014

patterns that are emerging across the country.

fidence in the sustainability of current housing values,

The nuclear family continues to be an important component of our demographic makeup, accounting for some 30 per cent of all households.

Peter Norman is a member of the CHBA Economic Research Committee and is Chief Economist at Altus Group (formerly Clayton Research), the leading provider of independent real estate consulting and advisory services.

Whither the Family

At the same time, the Canadian Real Estate Association

About two-thirds of the growth in nuclear families

A key component to increased consumer confidence,

has been among owner-households, and of those, not

and business confidence for that matter, is an increasing

surprisingly all of the growth has been within single-

realization that interest rates are likely to remain low and

family housing.

steady for several quarters ahead. At the CHBA Economic

However, while growth numbers are important for

Research Committee meeting held this past March in

gauging total housing requirements, they downplay the

Whistler , all of the presenting economists, including me,

importance that young families are playing in terms of

expected low and steady rates ahead. At this point in the

new home sales. The “mobility rate” of young families

housing cycle, low and steady interest rates bring two

is almost three times higher than for baby-boomer led

important influences to the market. First, low interest


rates assist potential home buyers get into the market.

Going forward, a lot of the recent growth in singles or

Second, they stabilize financial expectations. Currently,

childless couples includes young millennials who are set

the debt service burden of Canadians (the proportion of

to enter their family formation years. Look to the nuclear

average household income that goes to paying interest

family, and the young family in particular, to play a larger

on debt) is at historic lows, providing many households

role in housing demand ahead. And as they do, expect

room to take on modest debt for renovation or home

stronger demand for single-family homes in more tradi-

buying needs. If rates were to rise (or even if people gen-

tional neighbourhood settings.



Helping Industry with Innovation in Building Products

By Brad Gover

The building construction market in Canada is

being developed are also suitable for the development of

worth $130 billion annually, with a strong potential for

regulations incorporating performance-based require-

growth. Manufacturers are striving to meet the increas-

ments for clean and safe indoor air.

ing demand for high-performance products driven by

Current building codes do not specify criteria for

quality-conscious customers and changing societal

indoor air quality (IAQ); they simply mandate the capac-

expectations. At the same time, they are faced with

ity of the ventilation system. Manufacturers seeking

technical challenges that may exclude their products

to develop and commercialize technologies that meet

from approvals by regulatory bodies in the absence of

market demand for healthy and comfortable indoor

timely and convenient methods to determine how well

air rely on voluntary labelling and guides, and internal

those products will perform.

research. Manufacturers are looking to increasingly use

Construction manufacturers are seeking building

information developed by NRC and others to develop and

regulations that further continue to accommodate inno-

market products with reduced emissions, technologies

vative materials with improved performance. Just as

to remove airborne contaminants, and to prevent their

important, they require access to an efficient

Indoor air contaminants—from building products,

one combining technical criteria, evaluation

materials, and systems—impact health, but the quanti-

services, and design guides that reduce the

tative relationships between emissions and health are

risks and costs of getting their innovative prod-

not fully understood. In order to control or regulate IAQ,

ucts into use.

manufacturers and builders require research to establish

Under the Building Regulations for Market

a clear link between improved air quality and improved

Access initiative, NRC will help industry address

health. Through partnership with health-related institu-

these issues and develop a new approach that

tions, we are helping clients and partners develop the

enables companies to bring their innovations

technical basis for de-risking and validating product

onto the market more quickly.

designs, and for developing regulations.

On the regulatory side, NRC will conduct

The building construction market in Canada is worth $130 billion annually.

research to help the provinces and territories

With industrial and public partners, NRC is employ-

validate methods to measure it, and develop

ing its indoor air research laboratories and experts in

and deploy consistent model construction

collaborative projects based on the following priorities:

codes that support their policy goals and

 Evaluation protocols for accurately rating air

simultaneously facilitate innovation.

cleaning technologies: Developing methods and criteria for technologies such as portable air cleaners and filters to help our industry clients determine and demonstrate their effectiveness.  New material emission evaluation methods and criteria: Help industry evaluate material emissions beyond the currently limited range of compounds, and develop evaluation techniques that are faster and more cost effective for industry.  Design guides and technologies that minimize the likelihood of radon entry into buildings: Assist manufacturers of radon exhaust fans and passive radon barriers to validate their performance, by developing methods and criteria to fill existing gaps in evaluation.  Establish methods to characterize and mitigate IAQ problems in houses with attached garages: Develop methods and validate performance of active fans and passive barriers, helping manufacturers validate and demonstrate solutions to control transfer of off-gassing from vehicles, equipment and stored materials into living spaces. Performance standards for air quality will help industry reduce risk and liability in the marketplace, and to be more innovative in their product development. C

provide industry clients with technical criteria, design guides, and objective and consistent evaluations to demonstrate the performance of new products and systems. Design guides not only show how innovations can be used safely and effectively in construction practice, they also offer solutions to ensure their compatibility with other building elements and systems.

Validating Technologies that Provide Clean and Safe Indoor Air A key area of safety and health includes developing acceptable performance targets for healthy indoor air and effective strategies for ventilation and the control Dr. Brad Gover is Director of the Building Envelope and Materials program at NRC Construction. This article has been reprinted from Construction Innovation (Vol. 18, No. 3) with permission from the National Research Council of Canada.

10 Home BUILDER May/June 2014

Key IAQ Research Projects

determine what acceptable performance is,

In support of product assessment, NRC will

Researchers view ducts to be used in indoor air quality testing.

transfer into buildings.

process for demonstrating code compliance,

of air pollutants. This work will enable the setting of standards for acceptable indoor air quality while supporting innovation and avoiding costly methods to demonstrate compliance. NRC is collaborating with Health Canada and manufacturers to develop a technological framework for assessing the effectiveness of building products and systems that aim to improve cleanliness and safety of air in buildings. The methods and criteria

Longest Life in Metal


Longer Life vs. conventional bi-metal blades*


Best Life Best Fit

OIS is a trademark of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. *Based on internal testing.


Minimizing Risk When Subcontracting Work

By Bo Mocherniak

Risk exists with all organizations and is an inevitable

confirms that the bidder has examined all applicable

by-product of doing business. Successful businesses

sections of the contract documents, the location of

take prudent risks and manage those risks carefully

the work to be performed, and is fully informed as to

throughout each stage in the life cycle of a project. Sub-

the nature of the work and the conditions of its perfor-

contracting is definitely one area where rigorous project

mance. Also, reserve the right to reject all bids in the

management best practices can reduce your risk and

event that the project objectives change or if the bid

help you to better manage costs. There are three main

amounts exceed the owner’s budget.

objectives that you need to balance when dealing with

Once you have all of this, it should be easier to review

sub-contractors: the cost, the schedule and the quality

and tabulate bids, convene a post-bid conference with

of work.

the lowest, most responsive and responsible bidders, and

Risk management starts even before the bid process

ultimately select the best provider. Remember—the low-

begins. Here are some Project Management best prac-

est bid isn’t always the best, especially if it is a T&M con-

tices that can go a long way to saving you headaches

tract. Experience with similar projects is also important.

down the road. Before asking for bids, prepare a con-

Next, convert the subcontractor bid into a contract

struction cost estimate for the entire work and use it

and all material quotes into purchase orders. It’s a chance

as a baseline for evaluating subcontractor bids. Then,

to re-analyze all of your subcontractor bids in relation to

prepare complete document packages for the subcon-

the entire scope of the project. Make sure to think about

tractors to use when they are bidding. These early steps

specifications for permitting the use of “like products”

can result in more reliable bids, but can

to avoid cases where the product offered is not of equal

also reduce post-contract disputes and

quality. Also, if you can, try to lock in material prices for

even maximize competition among sub-

the duration of the project and not just for the 30 days

contractors. At the same time, identify

offered in many bids.

Risk management starts even before the bid process begins.

With over 30 years experience with audit, acquisitions, divestitures and valuations, Bo Mocherniak, CA, CBV, provides services to both public and private companies in Canada and the United States. Bo is National Sector Leader for the Real Estate and Construction Group of Grant Thornton Canada, a member of the Grant Thornton International Real Estate Sector Group and past Chair of Grant Thornton LLP. He can be reached at

12 Home BUILDER May/June 2014

any work you intend to perform yourself.

Once the project begins, there are always unforeseen

This work should be competitively bid

changes. Perhaps the owner has requested changes in

with the remainder of the bid packages.

scope, systems, kinds and quality of materials or finishes,

When dealing with bidders, make sure

or presents further development of drawings and speci-

you require disclosure of any subcon-

fications, or you might have abnormal field conditions,

tractors that may be considered a “relat-

unknown or unforeseen existing conditions, or abnormal

ed party” and notification of the specific

weather delays. Change orders can present their own set

nature of the contemplated transaction.

of risks and problems. Before approving time and mate-

In other words, make sure you aren’t

rial change orders, make sure you are simultaneously

comparing bids from two subcontractors

collecting cost and production data from the job. Change

who might have made a private arrange-

orders can also be costly because they don’t fall within

ment to rig the process. Also, be aware of

the bidding process, so the non-competitive bid might

the risk of a contractor winning multiple

not be in line with market pricing.

contracts for different parts of the project.

To mitigate risk, make sure all change orders are

These situations need to be monitored

approved in writing. If a change order is warranted,

carefully to ensure that the contractor is not charging

you should prepare independent cost estimates for the

overages from one contract to another. This is a particu-

subcontractor change orders since there may not be

lar concern if one contract is fixed price and the other is

time to competitively bid the work. Subcontractor pric-

time and materials (T&M).

ing should conform to the requirements of the contract.

You may want to pre-qualify bidders, typically by issu-

Avoid change orders that reserve the right to pursue

ing a pre-qualification statement that includes:

later cost claims purportedly because the indirect impact

 confirmation that the bidder is qualified to perform

of the change is not reasonably foreseeable at the time

the work and has the financial wherewithal to do it;

the change order is issued. And, finally, no change order

 minimum insurance and liability coverage;

should be issued for work that should be funded using a

 evidence of proper licenses and bonding; and

contingency account.


Finally, when the subcontractor work is finished,

Consider holding a pre-bid conference call to explain

look over the billing documents carefully: This is often

the project and bidding process, entertain technical

where fraud is caught. Watch for things like unusual,

questions regarding the project and distribute bid docu-

inconsistent or incomplete pay application forms, lack

ments (including plans and specifications).

of cost back up and/or field documentation, and miss-

When it’s time to take bids, require certification

ing attachments (lien waivers, certificates, etc.), and

with each bid submission. This should state that the bid

make sure to reconcile the final bill with the original

has been prepared without collusion with others and

bid and contract.



Relationship Value in a Connected World Does it feel like consumers are fickle and customer

fail to differentiate a home builder’s brand, as these

loyalty is fleeting? The vast universe of information and

benefits are easily copied by competitors. In addition,

infinite number of choices available to today’s consum-

functional value lasts only as long as a new home meets

ers is making it challenging for a company to successfully

customer expectations or circumstances. Functional

“lock and last” with customers. As a result, the concept

value should not be confused with creating relationship

of “relationship value” has taken on a critical role for

value with customers.

leading brands.

By Tim Bailey

A Sense of Belonging

At a personal level, relationship value is what forms

belonging” and with unlimited options only a mouse click

and maintains friendships and those elements trans-

away, today’s consumers seek out companies that they

late directly into the needs of today’s consumers. Many

feel they “belong” with. As a result, companies that are

friendships form based on similar values, beneficial

connecting with customers at the deeply personal level

connections, genuine trust and enjoyable interactions.

of values and relationships are differentiating quickly

Those same fundamentals are deeply understood by suc-

from the competition. People have always bought from

cessful companies today and are being used to create a

companies they “like” but now the reasons that a com-

fan-base of loyal customers.

price and service. Yesterday’s “wow” factors of

Some key elements that friends garner from relationships that similarly build relationship value between companies and their customers include:

reasonable price, quality product

 Trust: long-term relationships don’t survive without it

and great service that separated

 Honesty: sharing the truth and working through the

the leaders from the laggards have


now become the expected “musts”

 Communication: two-way ongoing dialogue

to most consumers. Adding value to

 Knowledge: mutual give & gain by sharing infor-

the transaction in the form of genuine connections and relationships is the super-glue between leading companies and loyal customers today.

Value in Various Forms

14 Home BUILDER May/June 2014

Relationship value is based on deep emotional ties.

A basic emotional need for humans is a “sense of

pany is “liked” are more complex than the just product,

Tim Bailey is Division President of Avid Ratings Canada, a leading provider of customer loyalty research and consulting to the home building industry. Through the Avid system, industry-leading clients improve referrals, reduce warranty costs, and strengthen their brand. He can be reached at tim.bailey@

Ties that Bind

mation  Enjoyment: pleasant interactions in a positive environment

Rally for Relationships The foundation of relationship value is emotional

Value comes in many forms. Mar-

and its framing structure is caring. The challenge with

keters use acronyms such as “CLV”—

relationship value is that it can’t be manufactured. It

Customer Lifetime Value— to assign

takes a team of caring individuals that desire to “know”

a dollar value to a customer rela-

each home buyer as an individual. That genuine culture

tionship. It is the present value of

of caring will form relationships that grow and flourish

projected future revenue that stems from a customer.

like great friendships. Once those connections form,

The benefit of this concept is that it encourages a focus

other attributes of relationship value can be developed to

on longer-term customer relationships. Unfortunately

enhance the “sense of belonging.” Décor meetings may

it often gets blurred with the goal of making customers

become fun interior design sessions or warranty service

more valuable to the company by selling them more

calls may become educational “coffee visits.” Harley

products and services. Making customers more profit-

Davidson takes relationship value to a larger scale with

able to a business is crucial; however, it shouldn’t be

their H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) Rallies throughout

confused with building genuine customer relationships.

the world. What better way to feel emotionally connected

Another form of value is “functional value,” which is

to a brand than to have “family reunions” with others that

based on attributes and functional utility gained by customers when they make a purchase. In home building, functional value involves managing a series of effec-

are also connected to the brand?

The Difference Maker

tive transactions and interactions with a customer, on

It is easy for a competitor to copy a product or repli-

route to delivering a home that will provide them with

cate a process, but it is impossible to imitate emotional

increased functional benefits. Functional benefits may

connections. Friends are loyal and eager to introduce

include more bedrooms or a larger yard for a growing

you to more friends. Nurturing relationship value with

family. Or maybe a spa-like ensuite for a busy executive

customers creates enjoyable experiences for everyone

couple to retreat to after a grueling workday and com-

and builds an incredible culture for referrals in today’s

mute in traffic. Unfortunately functional benefits often

connected world.


24� Euro-Style Collection

GE Wall oven

GE Electric Cooktop

Bake, broil and make a fashion statement. Dual racks and convection capability make this a fully-integrated compact oven.

Seamless style and function. Features four burners and electronic controls, invisible until you need them.

GE Bottom Mount Refrigerator

GE Range Hood

GE Dishwasher

Slim with the largest capacity in its class. 11.5 cu. ft. of storage space without any compromise.

Italian design complements the modern kitchen. With 600CFM this is the most powerful range in the compact market.

Upscale appeal. A panel-ready design allows for a custom appearance.

For more information & products visit contact us at or 1-800-361-2500

A perfect fit.


All Weather Windows Redefining windows for 36 years

The world’s very first window was All Weather Windows in Eastern Canada. the most extreme temperatures. just a hole in the wall. This window was “Eastern Canada is a market that we Privately-owned and Canadian grown, successful in providing sunlight and fresh just recently have been tapping into with All Weather Windows has been providing air but unfortunately offered little else. builders over the last couple of years. It’s high quality window and door products to In the midst of a Canadian winter, a constantly growing—we’ve grown our Canadians since 1978. poorly-made modern window can somebusiness substantially since we expanded The company’s primary goal is great times feel like a hole in the wall, letting in to the east.” service. For builders, All Weather Windrafts of frigid air and chilling homeownAll Weather already has an extensive dows goes the extra mile, using trusted ers to the bone. client base in western Canada; notable shipping processes and developing pilot As a home builder, you want to use clients in the east include Mattamy Homes programs for installation services to products that you trust, that and Monarch Homes, along- benefit builders in British Columbia and fully meet the needs of your side many others. Ontario. “All Weather Windows customers, and then some. “We have a history of “The relationship that we have with The fact that those prodmany of our builder customers becomes a has a great history— providing quality products ucts happen to be Canadilot more like a friendship that builds over a great track record— to builders, complete and an-made? Well, that’s just a on time, and have all the time and with mutual trust,” says Hill. with builders,” bonus. features and benefits that a “The relationship becomes more Smart builders source builder would be looking important than any transaction that takes their windows and doors from All Weather for to satisfy their needs,” says Cigana. place.” Windows for a number of reasons. Two All Weather Windows is dedicated to The private ownership of the company large manufacturing plants eliminate advancing and improving their products. means that client relationships and one-oncapacity constraints and are bolstered by The company is constantly researching one service are prioritized. the company’s own fleet of trucks. All ways to improve their window and door “We’re an easy company to do busiWeather Windows also provides a number offerings. ness with, we’re privately held and there’s of different delivery options for builders to For example, the compamuch more flexibility in suit each of their individual needs. ny has specifically develdoing business with All “The relationship we Weather Windows rather “Consistent performance is someoped the 8000 Challenger thing that builders need,” says Jason Hill, Series window to meet the have with many of our than working with a meBranch Manager for All Weather Windows needs of the builder market ga-corporate outfit, simply builder customers in Edmonton. in Ontario. becomes a lot more because we’re privately “If you don’t have that, you won’t be All Weather Windows owned” says Cigana. like a friendship.” successful.” has also embraced innoWith nine branches As a four-time ENERGY STAR® vative V-weld technology, nationwide, almost 400,000 award winner and a company with BUILT which eliminates the need for gaskets or square feet of manufacturing plant capacGREEN® and LEED certifications, it’s no silicone to seal window frame joints. By ity in Mississauga and Edmonton and a surprise that Canadian builders nationwide welding all of the window joints together, network of satisfied builders and clients in are clamouring to get their hands on these V-weld ensures that water and air leaks are communities across Canada, All Weather energy efficient windows and doors. practically non-existent. Windows has come a long way since its Relations between builders and All Canadian weather, unpredictable as it first steps, just as mankind has come a Weather Windows have never been better, may be, is one of the most significant chal- long way since “installing” the world’s particularly with regards to the company’s lenges for window and door manufacturfirst primitive window. new growth throughout Eastern Canada. ers. All products by All Weather Windows From ancient holes in the wall to some “All Weather Windows has a great stand firm against the test of sweltering of the most technologically advanced winhistory—a great track record—with build- heat or glacially cold weather; V-welded dow and door solutions available. Human ers,” says Sante Cigana, Vice President of windows, in particular, stay strong amidst progress is an extraordinary thing.

16 Home BUILDER May/June 2014

Just another case of window envy. With good looks and available state-of-the-art features like our leak-free V-Weld technology, it’s no wonder our windows attract attention. A variety of styles and price points ensures that we have the right fit for any project. Next time you’re building, choose our Canadian-made windows and doors to take full advantage of our commitment to ontime delivery and after-sales support. Just don’t be surprised if the job site attracts some attention.

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Meet Your President BY JUDY PENZ SHELUK

He’s a husband and father, a fitness enthusiast and runner, and a world traveller with a passion for history. He is the Chief Operating Officer of Christenson Group of Companies in Edmonton, a company that currently has many projects in progress, among them a 50-Acre, 1600-plus-unit Sustainable Urban Neighborhood Pilot Project, a 12-Acre mixed-use, 680unit “Town Centre” project and a number of Aging-in-Place Seniors housing developments. He also serves on the Board of Built Green Canada and participates on the Premiers Councils for Persons with Disabilities. “He” is incoming CHBA president Bard Golightly, a man who brings to the position over 25 years of industry experience, including real estate development, land acquisition and assembly, financing, zoning and planning, project design and asset management. In his inaugural speech at the 2014 CHBA Conference in Whistler, Bard stated that his focus would be on the important role of the residential housing industry in Canada’s economy. We sat down with him to find out more about the man, and his plans for the coming year. Home





speech, you noted that our industry has to start working differently with governNATASHA ROMBOUGH

ments and communities than in the past. What did you mean by that, and what sort of new approaches and/or initiatives are planned?

Bard Golightly: In the simplest sense, work-

component of their future personal financial sus-

BG: Home builders in Canada, without gov-

ing differently can mean governments and

tainability. It sets young families on a path toward

ernment regulation, have long taken leader-

communities working in deeper consultation

financial security where they develop a measure

ship on the environmental agenda. Builders

with private industry as policy, planning and

of net worth, which translates to providing for

have strongly supported the development of

regulatory decisions are made.

their family and ultimately a secure retirement. To

organizations such as Built Green Canada,

We must also ensure regulatory changes fol-

remove the first-time buyer from this opportunity

EnerQuality, and programs such as R-2000,

low due process, like that of the National Build-

has serious ramifications for young Canadians

ENERGY STAR and EnerGuide, aggressively

ing Code. This would greatly reduce untended

and Canada’s economy at large.

advancing the environmental performance of

but negative consequences when well mean-

We must remember this cohort includes some

new homes.

ing decisions are made in isolation from mar-

of our best and brightest—the leaders of tomor-

The Net-Zero Energy Housing Council is a

ket feedback and business realities that can

row—and we cannot ignore the risk of locking

natural progression of this type of thinking.

be provided through proper consultation. I am

them out of home ownership. In an ever increas-

CHBA believes in taking leadership by support-

hopeful as we are beginning to see evidence of

ingly connected world that offers them choices,

ing market-based development of Net-Zero

openness to this type of approach.

we could lose them. There are many other coun-

Energy housing. I’m very excited about where

I’d like to see this move to the next level, where

tries that are keen to recruit these very talented

this can lead. This is another big step forward—

government and private industry work togeth-

young people to help them build their economies.

one I’d like to point out is voluntary, not driven

er to create efficiencies and savings related to

Governments have an opportunity to look at the

by regulation.

infrastructure or efficient community design,

way taxes are assessed. Current practice has the HBM: The CHBA is a 71-year-old orga-

and pass those savings onto the consumer. As an example, what if, together, designs can be created where water demand can be reduced through low use fixtures and systems, or creative methods of using reusing storm water for irrigation, therefore reducing the infrastructure load on inbound and outbound water treatment? What if, in areas well served by transit, roads and parking supply could be reduced? Why shouldn’t we collectively pass those savings onto the home buyer? At a time when development charges are continually going the wrong way—up—we need to start

We understand our members want strong advocacy, clear communication, solid and concise research, and an openness to collaborate.

thinking about smart regulation and smart infrastructure to help reverse that trend.

nization, but one that seems incredibly energized these days. As CHBA President, how do you see your organization, its mission and its strengths? BG: Every so often, organizations have to take a hard, honest look at who they are, what they stand for and how they operate. In the course of the last 18-24 months, under the guidance of Past Presidents Ron Olson and Deep Shergill, CHBA has done just that. The process has been nothing short of remarkable as many people worked very hard. Countless hours from lead-

burden of taxes and development cost levied in

ership have been asking the hard questions,

a highly disproportionate way on the purchas-

sometimes coming up with answers not uni-

HBM: Deteriorating housing affordability,

ers on new homes. We believe it’s time to look

versally popular, but always for the good of

and the risk that many younger families

for a more fair and equitable balancing of these

our members.

and first-time buyers will be “locked out”

tax assessments to share the costs of infra-

The result is a more efficient, effective, com-

of home ownership due to rising prices,

structure rebuilding beyond the just over one

municative, open and very focused CHBA. We

was a central theme of your inaugural

per cent of homeowners that new home buy-

understand our members want strong advo-

speech. You noted that, in relation to

ers represent each year. Also, we would like to

cacy, clear communication, solid and concise

new homes, this is largely tied to rap-

see innovation of mortgage qualification rules

research, and an openness to collaborate. We

idly rising development charges, other

targeted at the first time buyer. Collectively, we

have a new CEO, Kevin Lee, who has opened

government-imposed charges, and land

must find ways to help the first time buyer enter

up relationships internally and externally, and

development regulations on new homes.

the market and get them established.

has empowered his team to rise to new lev-

Can you expand on why CHBA has this

els. There are solid and open communica-

concern and what you see as necessary

HBM: You have applied the lens of sustain-

tions amongst industry and government, and

government action to address it?

ability to your development work, moving

throughout all three levels of the organization.

from enhanced built forms to broad based

I look forward to leveraging all of this good

BG: We are very concerned that many of

sustainable community initiatives. CHBA

work to assist all local HBAs to do the work

those born between 1977 and 1994, the so-

continues to provide strong leadership

their members need, responding to a quickly

called millennials, will not be able to enter into

in this area, most recently by moving to

changing environment.

home ownership. For many, many Canadians,

establish the Net-Zero Energy Housing

beyond a home being the place we raise our

Council. What can you tell us about the

families, home ownership is a fundamental

Council and its mandate?

HBM: Thank you.

Home BUILDER May/June 2014




Market Starts Slow, Remains Strong

By Mike Moore, President, Manitoba Home Builders’ Association

The Province of Manitoba is just emerging from a brutally cold and long winter, thereby delaying what is a normally active spring building season.

cent of all Winnipeg residents have a renova-

drafting regulations to accompany the New

tion project planned for this year. With our

Home Warranty Act. The MHBA is working

older housing stock and limited resale listings,

closely with the Minister’s office to ensure that

there is constant activity in making one’s exist-

Manitoba avoids some of the problems that

ing home that much better. The RenoMark

have occurred elsewhere and close identified

designation remains a coveted pursuit for pro-


fessional renovators and is being reflected in

As in many other parts of the country,

renovator membership growth in the MHBA.

infrastructure is a primary priority for govern-

The Renovators Council recently completed

ment spending. The provincial government

a Strategic Planning exercise that highlighted

increased the provincial sales tax by 1 per cent

the need for promotion of the MHBA, Reno-

last year, but has only recently identified that

Mark and Master Renovator labels.

the new funds realized are to be directed to

New home prices continue to increase, but

core infrastructure projects. The transparency

at a slower pace than last year when homes

behind this move was a vast improvement over

increased by over 5.0 per cent. Demand is

previous iterations.

still high with immigration levels anticipat-

The City of Winnipeg, in its efforts to create

ed to match the past three years. There was

their own form of new revenue, attempted to

Snow covered the ground through most of

initial concern when the federal government

implement a tax on housing in new neighbour-

April and the frost level was over seven feet

announced that it was co-ordinating the Nomi-

hoods. The provincial government refused to

deep. Road restrictions lasted longer into the

nee Program but the transition has proven

alter the Act to permit this arbitrary activity.

year than normal. It could be late May or early

seamless with Manitoba’s numbers for this

The MHBA was, and continues to be extremely

June before assorted outdoor tasks can be done

past year and moving forward commensurate

active on this front.

without cold weather risk.

with past results.

Saying that, all projections call for another robust year in the residential construction industry. Starts were their highest in over 25 years in 2013, topping an impressive 2012. The market is expected to decline by about 10 per cent this year. However, this slight drop would still leave Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg

Surveys indicate that 58% of all Winnipeg residents have a renovation project planned for this year.

MHBA Activities In other Manitoba Home Builders Association activities, the Spring Parade of Homes created tremendous awareness and visibility and awareness throughout March. This annual start to the spring home buying frenzy succeeded despite the cold weather. Once the

at their third highest start level over that same

As recently as five years ago, the single

snow disappears (if ever), a “show homes still

quarter century. The usual array of sources will

family detached market was two-thirds of Win-

open” campaign will be launched to rekindle

start screaming “housing bubble” or “mortgage

nipeg’s starts. For the past two years, the multi-

consumer interest. Although new home sales

concerns,” but there is no veracity in these

family segment has matched the single family

have been a bit tepid throughout the winter,

doomsayers’ headline scares. All long-term

detached. This is anticipated to continue for

it is anticipated that the market will explode

projections indicate that the Manitoba market

this year and beyond. The City of Winnipeg

with consumer interest once the weather turns

will continue to grow at a reasonable pace that

has been trying to promote downtown living

for good.

will allow industry to adapt and expand.

by encouraging more business, entertainment

The Parade, combined with the Home

Although population continues to trend

and lifestyle initiatives. This has resulted in

Expressions Home and Garden Show, the

upward in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba,

a number of multi-family and high-rise proj-

Spring Gala and other awareness and pro-

this is not necessarily being reflected in growth

ects; however, the demand for single-family

motional activities, lets the public know that

in skilled trades. The skilled labour shortage is

detached housing in new neighbourhoods

we are open for business and that now is the

an issue across Canada and is being addressed

continues to increase annually.

perfect time to build a new home. The Mani-

at all levels.

Renos, Resales, Lo-Rise & Hi-Rise

Government “Initiatives”

toba Home Builders Association presents a myriad of activities for both its members and

There are a number of government initia-

the general public, along with a co-ordinated

The renovation market shows no signs of

tives that have created concern within the

awareness campaign, in order to promote the

slowing down. Surveys indicate that 58 per

industry. The provincial government is still

residential construction industry.

20 Home BUILDER May/June 2014


Reach the residential construction market in Canada.

You’ll find us where the action is.

Highly targeted and constantly updated database of builders and renovators from coast-to-coast — the real buyers of your products and services. With a high rate of pass-along readers, we reach more than 120,000 people. So does your message.

Canadian Home Builders’ Association

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More advertising from major manufacturers and suppliers than any Canadian magazine in the business.


Celebrating Excellence

CHBA Presents the 2013 National SAM Awards in Whistler


CHBA National SAM Awards were presented at the Association’s 71st National Conference in Whistler, B.C. These prestigious awards celebrate excellence in new homes, home renovation, innovative technology and construction, outstanding presentation and marketing across Canada.

Marketing Awards (6 in total). In addition, single National SAM Awards are presented for: Green Home, Community Development, Marketing Excellence, and the Grand SAM, which recognizes the new home builder who demonstrating the highest level

“Our theme for the 2013 SAM Awards was

oping the new communities that make Canada

of excellence in both building and marketing.

‘Outstanding’ and that certainly speaks to

such a great place to live, work and raise a

A complete list of winners and finalists can be

the character and commitment of the new

family. Their accomplishments are truly out-

found at

home builders, renovators, and developers


who made up all of our award finalists,” said

CHBA National SAM Awards are presented

CHBA Immediate Past President, Deep Sher-

for projects of varying sizes in the following


“These companies set a high bar in terms

categories: New Home Awards (8 in total),

of building and renovating homes and devel-

Home Renovation Awards (5 in total), and

GRAND SAM AWARD Doug Tarry Homes, St. Thomas, Ont. Creative, concept and production: Hall & Associates

00 Home BUILDER May/June 2014 22


C H BA 2 013 A W A R D S


2013 award winners display their trophies at the CHBA 71st National Conference in Whistler. Front Row (L to R): Tamara Barker Watson, Deep Shergill, Douglas Whitney, Donna Moore, Ron Olson, Frank Lohmann, Stu Niebergall. Middle (L to R): Andrew Watson, Jill Greenwood. Back Row (L to R): Stacy Cooper, John Sloot, Vanessa Joehl, Dayna Aysals, Claudia Simmonds, John Hrynkow, Victoria Belbin, Jim Thomson, Phil McColeman MP

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association is proud to announce the winners of the 2013 National Awards Program, which recognizes the outstanding work of volunteers and member Home Builders’ Associations across Canada. Association Award Winners: n Colonel Boss Trophy: Regina & Region HBA n Harry J. Long Memorial Trophy: Guelph & District HBA n Community Service Award: CHBA-Calgary Region n Dave Bell Memorial Award: CHBA – BC Individual Award Winners: n Beaver Award: Steven Crowell, Annapolis Valley HBA

Canadian Home Builders’ Association

Membership Makes a Difference!

n Maple Leaf Award: Douglas Stewart, Waterloo Region HBA n Gordon S. Shipp Award: Ron Olson, Saskatoon & Region HBA n William M. McCance Award: Frank Lohmann, Greater Ottawa HBA n Riley Brethour Award: Tamara Barker Watson, CHBA Of Central Nova n Presidential Award Of Excellence: Gary Friend, Surrey, BC John Hrynkow, Edmonton, AB Phil Mccoleman, MP, Brantford, ON CHBA National Staff, Ottawa, ON

Executive Officers’ Council Awards: n Dave Stupart Award of Honour: (Full-Time) Claudia Simmonds, CHBA-New Brunswick (Part-Time) Dayna Aysals, CHBA-Central Vancouver Island n Susan Chambers Award of Recognition: Claudia Simmonds, CHBA-New Brunswick n Ken McKinlay Award: Victoria Belbin, CHBA-Newfoundland & Labrador

Congratulations to all the National Awards Winners.




Denim Homes Inc., Kentville, N.S.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AWARD Watermark Development LP, Calgary, Alta.: “Watermark at Bearspaw - Phase Two”

MARKETING EXCELLENCE AWARD The Daniels Corporation, Toronto, Ont. Creative, concept and production: Montana Steele Strategic Marketing.



NEW HOME AWARDS PRODUCTION HOMES Single Detached Home Under 1,500 Square Feet Doug Tarry Homes, St. Thomas, Ont.: “The Thornwood Elevation C (Bungalow)”

HOME RENOVATION AWARDS Kitchen Cochren Homes Limited, Oakville, Ont.

MARKETING AWARDS Best Print Ad The Daniels Corporation, Toronto, Ont.: “Cinema Tower” Creative, concept and production: Montana Steele Strategic Marketing

Single Detached Home Between 1,500 and 2,200 Square Feet Doug Tarry Homes, St. Thomas, Ont.: “The Ivystone Elevation B (Two Storey), Harrisview (Ingersoll)”

Any Room Michael J. Martin Luxury Renovations, Ottawa, Ont. Whole House – Under $250,000 Pioneer Craftsmen Ltd., Kitchener, Ont. Whole House – Between $250,000 and $500,000 Windrush Hill Construction, St. Catharines, Ont. Whole House – More than $500,000 Eurodale Developments Inc., Toronto, Ont.

Best Direct Mail Promotion Solterra Development Corp., Delta, B.C.: “Keefer Block” Best Website Watermark Development LP, Calgary, Alta.: “Watermark at Bearspaw” Creative, concept and production: Lux Communications


Single Attached Homes Algra Bros. Developments Ltd., Chilliwack, B.C.: “Brownstones Ont. the Boulevard”



Single Detached Home Over 2,200 Square Feet Great Gulf Homes, Toronto, Ont.: “King Oaks/ The Ascot”


CUSTOM HOMES Single Detached Home Under 2,500 Square Feet Dakine Home Builders Inc., Regina, Sask.


Single Detached Home Between 2,500 and 4,000 Square Feet Artista Homes, Winnipeg, Man. (Project 2)

Best Project Signage and Logo Concert Properties Ltd., Toronto, Ont.: “Motion” Creative, concept and production: Max Advertising Best Brochure/Kit Geranium Homes, Markham, Ont.: “Copperstone” Creative, concept and production: Builder Insight Group Single Detached Home Over 4,000 Square Feet Riverview Custom Homes, Calgary, Alta.



Multi-Family Project Adera Development Corporation, Vancouver, B.C.: “Sail”

26 Home BUILDER May/June 2014

Best Sales Office The Daniels Corporation, Toronto, Ont.: “Cinema Tower” Creative, concept and production: Montana Steele Strategic Marketing


THRIVING Highlights from CHBA’s 71st National Conference

Compiled by Judy Penz Sheluk

Today, thriving in the home building business means innovation. It means challenging the conventional and building business models and alliances that are driven by change. It means driving something new—and better—to the customer. Thriving is the domain of the professional entrepreneur, and THRIVING was the focus of the 2014 CHBA National Conference, held from April 3rd to 5th Haley Wickenheiser, Gold Medal Olympian, Women’s Hockey Team Canada.

at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, in Whistler, B.C. Here are some highlights from this very successful event.

(L to R) Economic Session with Peter Norman, Altus Group; Mathieu Laberge, CMHC; Andrew Coyne, business and political journalist and commentator.

Outgoing President Deep Shergill brings his granddaughter onto the stage.

4 PHOTOS BY Natasha Rombough

Judith Andrew, Commissioner for Employers, Employment and Social Development Canada.

SAM Award Winners. (L to R) Dana Volrich, Robert Macdonald from Macdonald Development Corp/Watermark Development LP, Kevin Mahon and Eric Andreason from Adera.

(L to R) CHBA Incoming President Bard Golightly, Minister of Employment and Social Development Jason Kenney, and CHBA CEO Kevin Lee.

Mark your calendars for the 72nd CHBA National Conference in Halifax, March 5 to 7, 2015.

Dancing during Housing Night in Canada.

Home BUILDER May/June 2014



Canadian Footings from Coast to Coast


What is a deck foundation supposed to do? It should support the load without sinking and that requires footings. It should resist frost upheave both by having the footings below the frost line and in clay soils that are susceptible to adfreezing, minimizing ice lens adhesion. And, a somewhat new factor in Canadian weather, it needs to resist wind uplift from extreme weather—meaning it needs to be anchored down.

Enter the Big Foot Big foot, developed in Nova Scotia, is a

stabilize the position and fill an open excavation.

tapered cone, sized on the top to perfectly fit

The SonoTube company has followed this

various diameter SonoTubes. A hole is exca-

idea and now markets a similar plastic device

vated, but no forms built. The SonoTube is

in a rectangular form more traditional to col-

screwed to the foot and lowered into the hole,

umn footings.

allowing for the pour of any height column. Then the concrete is poured from the top,

The Footing Tube

forming the footing and the column at the

The Footing Tube evolved in New Bruns-

The most commonly sold deck support does

same time. Often another cone is placed upside

wick as a specific response to adfreezing prob-

none of these things. The popular DIY deck

down temporarily on the top to act as a fun-

lems with uniform cardboard concrete forms.

blocks, fondly called elephant feet, rely on

nel for the concrete pour. Because the footing

This invention forms both the spread foot and

exceptional soil conditions to not sink with a

formwork is closed, the excavation can be

the vertical column up to grade level into a

load—or rise with frost—and they have no hold

partially backfilled prior to the concrete pour to

single waterproof tapered plastic form. With

down capacity against wind uplift, although

the pyramid shape right up to grade level, both

the wind effect can be countered by cabling

a slip surface and a decreasing diameter mean

the deck beams down to screw auger type of

total freedom from adfreezing lift.

ground anchors. They don’t meet any building

This is an excellent product for serious

codes and technically should only be used for

clay frost prone soils. There are no cardboard

free-standing structures that fall outside the

forms to get damaged by over-exposure to

building code, like a garden gazebo, but my

water. The footprint can be increased by simply

son built his deck with them anyway. Whatever

snapping on an expander to the bottom of the

happened to the TV show Father Knows Best?

tube. Depth marks allow for inspection even

The tradition in proper construction where

after backfilling. As with the BigFoot, it can be

excavation equipment was present was to

backfilled immediately, even prior to pouring

excavate large holes and build a wooden

concrete, to avoid safety problems with open

form below the frost depth to pour footings to

excavation holes. The closed top keeps the

receive concrete columns.

void clean and dry and avoids anything falling

28 Home BUILDER May/June 2014

or crawling in prior to pour-

someone figured out that, with proper sizing,

ing concrete, only cutting

the helix at the bottom of the shaft could be

it open at the moment of

used as a footing driven below the frost line

the pour. Bracket hardware

without any excavation at all—and Spiral Foot-

is sunk into the concrete

ings were invented.

The Ground Hog

tall concrete columns. In

The Ground Hog spiral

staying with the maritime

deck footing was appro-

competitive spirit, Big Foot

priately developed in the

has recently developed a

Manitoba prairies. It is a

slightly tapered 4-foot plas-

hollow square shaft that

tic tube that attaches to

is quite popular for deck

their Big Foot base to cre-

footings. It is designed to

ate the possibility of an all

be manually installed by

plastic frost-proof installation very similar to

two people using a long

that of the Footing Tube.

turning bar. The stabilizer

The Evolution of Helix Spirals

Deck-Drive™ DSV WOOD Screw: fast-starting deck screw for fastening preservative-treated wood decks

fins are dropped into place after the screw is driven to

We have used helix spirals welded to a shaft

its proper depth. Just above

to dig holes for a very long time now, with the

ground level an adjustable

endless screw efficiently lifting dirt out of deep

plate can accept many

holes. Then someone thought of only leav-

types of hardware brackets

ing one rotation of helix at the bottom of the

for the wooden structure

shaft— and they invented ground anchors used


to anchor cables into the ground. Much later




Not Your Ordinary Fastener • Up to 35% more screws driven per battery charge • Countersinks cleanly with under-head nibs • Withstands swelling and shrinkage with fast-growth lumber • Quik Guard ® coating provides added corrosion resistance

Strong-Tie Company Inc. DECKFASTEN14A

level so this will not make

Wood Deck Screws

©2014 Simpson

a few inches above grade


Home BUILDER 29 3:41 PM DECKFASTEN14_2_1-4x9_3-4_Update.indd 1 May/June 2014 4/16/14

Thank You! CHBA ’s industry partners help the Association in its mission as the ‘voice of the residential construction industry’. Through their involvement at all levels of the Association, and their support and participation in the 2014 CHBA National Conference in Whistler, our industry partners are contributing to a vibrant housing industry across Canada. On behalf of all members, the CHBA thanks these partners and salutes their commitment and

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Mark your calendars for the 72nd CHBA National Conference in Halifax, March 5-7, 2015. Visit this September for more information.

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PosTech Screw Piles

a tube and place it vertically. Tack it into place

PosTech is a relatively new com-

on a single 2x support and simply fill it from

pany out of Quebec that is spreading

the top to give you a perfect column. All your

across Canada. It uses a larger round

column forms from 8” to 20” diameters in a

tubular shaft but operates much the

roll—just cut to length. Stripping is quick and

same as the GroundHog. The helix is

easy, revealing a nice smoothly finished con-

wider and flatter than most as it is

crete column.

specifically engineered for installation with small but powerful special-

Smooth Finish Free columns

ized one man driving rigs. It is rather

Most poured concrete columns have that

impressive to watch the driving opera-

cardboard-formed spiral winding its way up

tion start on the layout mark painted

the column. Under a deck that has no great

on the soil—then shove to the left, then

importance, but since there are times when

to the right, to realign the drive around

a more finished look is desired, SonoTube

rocks and through hard clay. They end

didn’t want Fast-Tube to have the only polished

up placed with impressive accuracy.


Drive Hardwood Deck Screws

Deck-Drive™ DHPD HARDWOOD Screw: robust deck screw for driving into the hardest wood products

Although screw piles have been around for a long time, specialized franchised equipment is making backyard deck building with screw piles a clean and quick alternative with no more access than a walking path. Of course bedrock stops them dead. The latest innovation from PosTech is an insulated foundation screw. The hollow structural tube has the upper portion filled with foam insulation to minimize frost following the pipe into the ground.

SonoTubes You all know SonoTubes, which is actually a brand name

Finish-Free forms from SonoTube are

for one mark of round cardboard

smooth inside, leaving no spiral or other

tubes designed to form vertical

marks on the column. The StripCord allows

concrete pillars or columns. After

for zipper-like removal of the cardboard forms

the concrete cures, the tube is

to keep that smooth finish unscratched and

stripped off of the column down to


grade level as it does not weather well, even where it cannot be seen.


Not Your Ordinary Fastener • Self-drilling, prevents wood from splitting • Wings on shaft counter-bore hard materials and allow head to countersink cleanly • Compact head for a low-profile installation and available color matched to Ipê

Strong-Tie Company Inc. DECKFASTEN14B

Fast-Tube Fabric Formed Concrete Fast-Tube is a product that evolved out of Fab-Form fabric formed concrete developed in B.C., which was initially a linear footing form for foundation walls. If you haven’t already seen that product, it is worth taking a look at: a high-density polyethylene hydroscopic fabric that forms strip footings and stays in

©2014 Simpson

place to protect them from rising damp. Then they developed squares of the fabric to create Fab-Form column footings—quick footings with only a few stakes to hold the fabric—no

forming plywood. It was only logical to evolve that fabric into

Fast-Tube Home BUILDER DECKFASTEN14_2_1-4x9_3-4_Update.indd 2 May/June 2014 4/16/14313:41 PM


Decks, Batteries, Boots & More Be it dripping decks or muddy feet, spring construction is underway.

The Movement to 5 Ah Batteries Continues Bosch has joined the next step battery evolution (I talked about Metabo’s 5.2 Ah battery

White Head Trim Screws for use with all types of Pressure-treated Wood

in the Nov/Dec issue) while keeping the weight under control with its BAT621 5.0 Ah 18V Lithium-ion FatPack battery. Using innovation in high capacity low-resistance cells, Bosch

Screw Products, Inc. has just

has managed to maintain an identical size

added white head trim screws to

and weight footprint of the previous Bosch

their wide range of speciality con-

4.0 Ah and 3.0 Ah 18V batteries.

Zip-Up UnderDeck is a clean looking vinyl

struction screws. Useful for all

They claim it to be

rain collection “ceiling” for under decks and

white trim applications, the size

the lightest and

balconies. A “U” channel on outside edges and

range from 9 x 1-5/8” up to 9 x 3”


“I” channels between narrow snap-together

makes it ideal for fastening white

5.0 Ah battery

panels creates a totally watertight sloped sur-

deck boards to pressure-treated

pack currently

face under any structure designed to let the

joists. Their proprietary coating is

offered in the

water through. An “under the deck” rain gut-

certified to resist ACQ wood and all

market. Higher

ter collects the flow to dispose of the water

lesser evils.

Ah means more

Water Control Under a Deck or Balcony

conveniently. We often create such a water control sys-

Don’t forget that after years





of pulling our hair out about

between charges, and

tem with corrugated fiberglass panels, but the

corrosion of fasteners and brackets

better performance with high load tools like

locked together Zip-Up UnderDeck system has

with ACQ pressure treated wood,

rotary hammers, impact drivers and recipro-

the unique quality of being certified to Florida

MicroPro technology is now

cating saws.

hurricane wind resistance standards. With our

established throughout Canada

more frequent extreme weather events, con-

and eliminates this corrosion

trolling water flow and resisting high winds is

problem. Things can still rust, but

becoming a Canadian necessity.

are not accelerated

by the chemicals in MicroPro wood.

Gas for Your Deck Paslode has just released their new CF325 Li-on Cordless Framing Nailer. It has depth adjustment, even with gloves on, fits between 16” centre joists, and of course has no hose, cord or heavy battery. They like to brag that with its compact size and freedom of movement, it is a framing nailer especially useful for deck building. It handles nails 2” to 3-1/4” in length, .113” to .131” shank diameters, at 30˚C.

32 Home BUILDER May/June 2014

Drive Stainless-Steel Deck Screws

Deck-Drive™ DWP WOOD SS SCREW: resilient deck screw for fastening wood decks in coastal and high-exposure areas

The Bent Landscaping Spike that Tightens Paving Edgers

first, then the joists. Because the joist is now hanging totally on the top plate of the wall, the

Common straight spikes slack off a bit with

top plate must be restrained during construc-

time, allowing sand erosion and effacement of

tion by a strap on the other side to prevent

the edge bricks and stones. The Edgetite Spike

rotation. The DU/DHU face-mount hanger and

has a bent tip that, when driven into the soil,

the DHUTF top-mount hangers are available

causes it to shift. This not only forces the edger

in sizes that accommodate most joists used in multi-family construction, including I-joists and trusses.

Finally—Construction Galoshes for INSIDE the House Although galoshes are defined as something to prevent shoes from getting muddy or wet, the Yuleys Shoes prevent your messy work boots from messing up your customer’s house. Taking off your boots or walking around in slippery paper overshoes is time-consuming rail tighter to the bricks, but the angled pen-

and dangerous. The Yuleys rubber “step-in”

etration resists future movement more than

over-boots are construction solid and easy to

Not Your Ordinary Fastener

a vertical spike. Rather than just a common

use. Simply step in; dropping the heel locks

spike, they call it the “Precision Engineered

them into place. Step on the back tab to “step

Landscaping Spike.” Watch the video: www.

out” of the Yuleys as you leave the house. Sim-

• Available in Type-316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance

ply hose them off to keep them clean.

and out of your client’s house without worry-

ware for decks when I stumbled across this

ing about leaving tire tracks or scratching the

totally new product from Simpson Strong Tie

floor and you have good traction on smooth

for indoor use: Joist hangers designed to be

surfaces as well as full safety boot protection.

installed over up to two layers of 5/8” drywall!

A Canadian invention out of Ottawa. www.

The wide footprint support and top plate nailing pattern allow you to install your drywall




Montreal-based TV broadcaster, author, home renovation and tool expert Jon Eakes provides a tool feature in each edition of Home BUILDER.

• 6-lobe prevents driver-bit cam-out and minimizes drive time Strong-Tie Company Inc. DECKFASTEN14C

tightly to your boot. Now you can go quickly in

I was searching for new bracket hard-

• Greatly reduces torque with “box” thread design for easy driving

©2014 Simpson

Something New in Joist Hangers

You have to choose the right size so they fit

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CHBA report

Off to a Great Start I was proud and thrilled to become CHBA’s President last month in Whistler.

In addressing members on the closing night, Phil once

of Past President Deep Shergill—his efforts have truly

again encouraged CHBA to keep up the momentum of

helped to renew our Association. Today, at all levels,

its Government Relations efforts. That’s exactly what

CHBA is re-energized, we have momentum, and we’re

we plan to do. Finally, it was good to meet, and hear from, Cana-

I am also very excited about the year ahead.

da Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) new

Our industry continues to make a huge contribution to

President, Evan Siddall, who addressed our Opening

Canada’s economy and, increasingly, governments “get

Breakfast. We also appreciated his staying throughout

it” in terms of how important home building and renova-

the conference.

tion are to our nation’s future prosperity.

Given the changes that have been taking place at

In early June, we’ll be holding the second annual

CMHC, Evan’s remarks were most reassuring. It is very

Forum for Growth, where leaders from all levels of the

obvious that he brings tremendous financial expertise

Association come together to spend time on Parliament

to the Corporation. It is equally clear that he has a very

Hill, presenting our industry’s perspectives and issues to

balanced view of Canada’s housing markets, and of the

Ministers, MPs and senior bureaucrats.

critical role CMHC plays in helping Canadian’s become

This event will cap off a year of hard work by CHBA volunteers and staff. A mere nine months ago, the Board set out to strengthen our government relations

homeowners. I’m looking forward to working with President Siddall over the coming months.

Protecting the Dream

efforts in Ottawa—to build more effective

That was the title of my Inaugural Address, and

connections with federal decision-makers—

will be a main focus during my term as your National

and ensure our “voice” was stronger.

President. I began my address by reiterating CHBA’s “core

It is increasingly clear that we are succeeding in this.

Great Meetings and a Fabulous Conference Our Whistler meetings and National Conference were a tremendous success. CHBA CHBA Executive Committee. Front row (L to R) is Kevin Lee, Jane Morgan, Bard Golightly, Deep Shergill; Back row (L to R) is Eric DenOuden, Bob Finnigan, Carol Oxtoby and Blake Hudema.

of time talking with members throughout the event.

I am very grateful for the hard work and commitment

more effective than ever. Bard Golightly President, CHBA

attended the entire Conference, and spent a great deal

principles”: „„ We stand for affordability and choice in housing, and believe that a competitive marketplace is best able to deliver this; and, „„ We believe that Canadians who work hard should have a reasonable chance to own a home—one that suits their needs and fulfills their dreams.

Committees and Councils are more focused

I then pointed out that, for the last six decades, home

than ever, and the increased collaboration

ownership has been a very central part of the Canadian

between local, provincial and national levels of the CHBA is clearly producing solid results. At Whistler, members approved the restructuring of

dream, and of the financial wellbeing of Canadians. Young people look at buying their first home as a fundamental step in life, and as a necessary element in

our Board and a number of necessary Bylaw changes, all of which support a leaner and more effective organization. I’m also pleased to report that CHBA’s financial position is much stronger than forecast a year ago, due to diligent cost controls and priority setting. We are better

CHBA EXECUTIVE Committee President: Bard Golightly, Edmonton, AB Past President: Deep Shergill, Calgary, AB First Vice-President: Jane Morgan, St. John’s, NL Second Vice-Presidents: Bob Finnigan, Toronto, ON Eric DenOuden, Belleville, ON Treasurer: Carol Oxtoby, Calgary, AB Presidential Appointee: Blake Hudema, Vancouver, BC Chief Executive Officer: Kevin Lee, Ottawa, ON CHBA Contact: Michael Gough, CAE, National Office, Ottawa, ON

34 Home BUILDER May/June 2014

able to do the work members expect, and we’re already seeing the results. One of my Conference highlights was sharing the stage with the Honourable Jason Kenney when I delivered my Inaugural Address to members. Minister Kenney’s remarks to the room made it clear that the federal government understands our concerns about future skilled labour needs, and wants to work with our industry to find solutions. His remarks were candid, on the mark, and had members enthusiastically “on their feet” a number of times. I was also very pleased that MP Phil McColeman, Chair of the Conservative Housing and Construction Caucus,

MP Phil McColeman speaks at the President’s Gala in Whistler.

CHBA report

the process of settling down, raising a family and achieving a measure of financial security. Today, this process is under threat. The dream and benefits of home ownership may never become a reality for a growing number of young people and families. Today, in many urban areas, a good job—even two of them—are simply not enough to make that dream attainable. Some financial observers have already predicted that those born between 1977 and 1994— the so-called “millennials”—will be the first generation in our nation’s his-

Younger firsttime home buyers must not be locked out of home ownership. This will harm both their financial future and Canada’s economic prospects.

tory not to achieve the standard of living of their parents. Deteriorating housing affordability is a significant part of why this is happening. And in relation to new home prices, the cause is government action, particularly at the municipal level, to tax new home buyers as never before. Consider this: Between 2005 and 2011, the average price of a home in Canada rose 58 per cent, while the income of millennials (ages 25 to 34) went up by only 6 per cent.

CMHC President Evan Siddall addresses the Conference.

If this trend continues, Canada faces a future where an increasing number of younger people and families will be locked out of home ownership. This is not a problem we see restricted to just a few large urban markets; it is a pan-Canadian problem.

change the nature of our communities. It could also put at risk the long-term value of existing homes, and the financial security of those who currently own them. Clearly, should we see growing numbers of

The simple truth is that when municipal councils vote

young Canadians unable to enter the housing market,

for excessive and irresponsible development taxes, they

this will have ripple affects up the housing chain and

are deciding that hundreds, or even thousands, of young

impact existing homeowners in the future.

people and families will not own a home.

Over the next year, I believe we need to put a “human

It is ironic that many municipal leaders speak about

face” on our presentations to governments and the

the importance of attracting and retaining “the best and

media on issues like development charges and regula-

the brightest” to their communities, yet it is these same

tory restrictions.

talented young people who face significant barriers to

Younger first-time home buyers must not be locked

home ownership due to the very actions of most munici-

out of home ownership. This will harm both their finan-

pal governments.

cial future and Canada’s economic prospects.

This is not simply a “home builder issue.” It is a macro-

Measures will be needed to address the financial chal-

economic issue that will have broad social impacts, and

lenges young families face, both in terms of mortgage

could affect every Canadian in negative ways. It will

rules and in accumulating the down payment needed to qualify for a mortgage. The federal government will need to play a central role in this area, and I look forward to having these discussions in Ottawa over the next year. In closing, let me say thank you to every CHBA member for entrusting me with the important role of President for the coming year. It is a position I take on with great pride and excitement, and I look forward to working with all of you to continue the great work of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

(L to R) CHBA Past President Deep Shergill, the Honourable Jason Kenney, CHBA CEO Kevin Lee and President Bard Golightly on stage at Whistler.

Home BUILDER May/June 2014



CIBC Poll: Is Canada a Renovation Nation? TORONTO — A new CIBC ( poll conducted by Nielsen finds that four in 10 Canadian homeowners are planning some type of renovation in 2014, with an average expected cost of almost $20,000, up almost 30 per cent from a year ago. Highlights of the poll include:  40 per cent of Canadian homeowners plan to renovate their home in the next 12 months, comparable to last year’s findings, when 39 per cent planned to make renovations.  Basic home maintenance (57%) is the top planned renovation, followed by bathrooms (33%) and kitchens (32%).  $19,754 is the average amount Canadian homeowners plan to spend on their home renovations in 2014—up 29 per cent from CIBC’s 2013 poll, when the average was $15,300. Broken down by region, the dollars stack up as follows: • Atlantic Canada: $12,691 • Manitoba and Saskatchewan: $19,896 • Quebec: $12,346

• Alberta: $21,577

• Ontario: $23,879

• British Columbia: $28,434


Scotiabank: Reno Spending Fastest Growing Segment of Housing TORONTO — The fastest growing segment of Canada’s housing market has been renovation spending. Fuelled by rising home prices, tight resale market conditions, attractive financing costs and government tax credits, real renovation outlays increased at an average annual rate of over 6 per cent from 2000-2012. “This is double the 3 per cent average annual increase in new construction, and three times the 2 per cent yearly growth in transfer costs,” said Adrienne Warren, Scotiabank’s Senior Economist, presenting at the annual Scotiabank Real Estate Market Outlook Conference in Toronto. “These record outlays have increased the quality of the housing stock, and contributed to price appreciation.”


Home Professionals Bullish on Business Growth PALO ALTO, Calif. — Ninety percent of North American home builders, architects, remodelers, landscape professionals and interior designers surveyed on Houzz (, expect revenue to grow in 2014, according to the first Houzz Residential Design & Renovation

Outlook report based on data provided by more than 6,500 service providers on Houzz. “These findings are consistent with other leading industry indicators forecasting healthy growth for our industry,” said Liza Hausman, VP of Community for Houzz. “People are more confident about putting money into their homes, and feedback from our professional community shows that’s translating into more business for home pros around the country, from architects to general contractors and from sole proprietors to large firms.” The majority of home professionals reported a strong 2013, with 70 per cent saying revenue grew compared to the year prior. On average, 69 per cent of home professionals said they have taken on more diverse projects over the past two years.

36 Home BUILDER May/June 2014



Glossary of Housing Terms: The A to Z of Housing Terms OTTAWA — CMHC has completely revised their Glossary of Hous-

such as “Water re-use and recycling” and “Flexible housing” have been

ing Terms: the A to Z of Housing Terms, an invaluable reference tool

added to reflect a growing interest, on the part of both industry and con-

that defines, and provides context to, the many terms associated with

sumers, in sustainable house options. The Glossary of Housing Terms can

residential design, construction and renovation. For more than three

be downloaded, free of charge, at


decades people in the housing industry, as well as university and college students enrolled in design and construction related educational programs, have used this document. The glossary is organized

Post-Consumer Paint Recycling Program Coming to Ontario

both alphabetically and by sub-

OTTAWA — The final consultation has concluded on the application

ject area. For instance, all terms

for an Industry Stewardship Plan (ISP) for the paint and coatings industry

related to plumbing are compiled

in Ontario under the Municipal Household and Special Waste (MHSW)

under “Plumbing terms” to facili-

program. The application, which was submitted to Waste Diversion

tate finding terms based on the

Ontario (WDO) in July 2013, seeks to have Product Care installed as the

part of the house to which they

new program operator for post-consumer paint recycling in Ontario.

are associated. For each term,

Product Care is a not-for-profit industry association that manages prod-

the French language translation

uct stewardship programs for household hazardous and special waste

is provided as well.

on behalf of its members across Canada.

The comprehensive, up-to-

Product Care has been a pioneer in post-consumer paint recycling

date glossary incorporates more

and has delivered program operation services to the paint industry in

than 300 new definitions to reflect

Canada since 1994. It currently manages stewardship programs in Brit-

current construction terminol-

ish Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,

ogy. As well, new subject areas

Newfoundland & Labrador, and PEI.

ExpEct NothiNg LEss.


Trusted by homeowners everywhere, LP® CanExel® prefinished siding delivers authentic curb appeal that always makes a bold statement.

Siding Colour: Sierra

046183lpcanCanexelAd_CanHmBldr_7_5x4_75.indd 1

©2014 Louisiana-Pacific Corporation. All rights reserved. LP and CanExel are trademarks of Louisiana-Pacific Corporation.

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Canadian Wood-Frame House Construction OTTAWA — Canadian Wood-Frame House Construction provides an introduction to wood-frame house construction. It has been organized to correspond to the construction sequence for a typical house. The chapters are based on major aspects of wood-frame house construction from site planning, foundations, framing, mechanical and electrical services and finishes. The most recent edition of CMHC’s Canadian Wood-Frame House

the 2010 edition of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC), includ-

Construction has been updated to reflect the residential requirements of

ing new energy efficiency requirements in the 2012 Interim Changes to the 2010 NBC. Many other changes have been made to bring this guide in line

New Product Showcase 2014

with current building science research, construction methods and materials. Also included is practical guidance derived from CMHC’s sustainable housing initiatives that profile opportunities to make a house more sustainable by increasing energy efficiency, supporting healthy indoor environments, reducing environmental impacts and resource consumption, and, addressing affordability. Canadian Wood-

Frame House Construction can be downloaded, free of charge, at www.


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Put Your Best New Product Forward! Summer’s coming sooner than you think, and that means that Home BUILDER Magazine’s popular New Product Showcase is just around the corner. Our July/August issue gives you a chance to connect your best new products or services to our 100,000+ readers—readers who build over 80 per cent of all new residential construction in Canada, and handle the most demanding and innovative renovations. Send us your new products or services for free editorial consideration.

May 21-25

June 12-14

May 29

June 17-19

CSC National Conference Construction Specifications Canada Kitchener, ON Building Envelope Forum Conference Informa Canada Toronto, ON www.buildingenvelopeforum. com

June 9-12 Visit NPSC2014.htm or scan code to view submission guidelines.

Economics Matters

NFPA Conference & Expo National Fire Prevention Association Las Vegas, NV




416.641.9500 1.877.953.9948

38 Home BUILDER May/June 2014




2014 Annual Meeting & Conference Fenestration Canada Winnipeg, MB WDMA Annual Technical Conference Pittsburgh, PA

June 28-July 2

ASHRAE 2014 Annual Conference Seattle, WA

demographics construction economics planning impacts real estate markets expert testimony forecasting

DuPont Tyvek ONE. DuPont TyvekThe The ONE. ™ TM

The One Series combines traditional forming methods and Insulated Concrete Form technology together offering builders and architects unmatched versatility for projects designed using ICFs. The One Series offers users the ability to now construct elevator shafts, stairwells and other areas where noncombustible products are required. The One Series gives architects the ability to have more versatility with design for multistorey construction. The One Series innovative design easily allows installers to remove the form ply after concrete placement to expose a smooth concrete surface on one side and a fully insulated wall on the other. For More Information, contact: NUDURA Integrate Building Technology Phone: 1-866-468-6299



Napoleon - New Gas Furnace

t EW uc N od pr

New Innovation In ICF technology for Multifamily Construction



////// PRODUCTS 2014 ///////////////////////////////////////////

9200 Series from Napoleon is the industry’s GAS FURNACE Starting at 30,000 BTU's Up to 120,000 BTU’s first 30,000 BTU furnace. Features include: Single stage up to 94% AFUE • The lowest BTU furnace on the market with a 30,000 BTU input up toBTU 120,000 BTU’s. INDUSTRY'S FIRST 30,000 FURNACE • Simple conversion to propane. 9200 Series Features • Interior condensate trap for left or right • The lowest BTU furnace on the market with a 30,000 BTU input up to 120,000 BTU's drainage options. • Shortest 92.1% AFUE furnace on the market and three position • Simple conversion to propane • Clear condensate collector • Interior condensate trap for left or right drainage optionsto view furnace • Clear condensate collector to view furnace performance performance. • Aluminized Vortex high efficiency triple-pass tubular primary heat exchanger with wrinkle-bend technology • Aluminized Vortex™ high efficiency triple• Stainless steel secondary heat recovery coil and aluminized multi-port in shot burners • The Onlytubular Gas Furnaces Made in Canada heat exchanger with pass primary wrinkle-bend technology. • Stainless steel secondary heat recovery coil and aluminized multi-port in shot burners. • Canadian made for Canadian winters. For More Information, contact: NAPOLEON Heating & Cooling Phone: 1-800-461-5581

9200 series

® DuPont™ Tyvek is one the that one delivers that delivers the ™ ® DuPont Tyvek is the the best best balance of properties repel wind and balance of properties to repeltowind and rain, yet rain, allow breathability. Thelocal one with local allowyet breathability. The one with ® ® Specialists. The only one DuPont™ Tyvek Specialists. The only one backed DuPont™ Tyvek backed by the science, strength and of warranty by the science, strength and warranty DuPont™. of DuPont™. ™ ® DuPont Tyvek Weatherization Systems. ® DuPont™ Tyvek Weatherization Systems. An integrated product line including weather An integrated product line including weather resistive barriers, and resistive barriers,sheathing sheathingtape, tape,window window and door flashing. door flashing. The proven to work on today’s complex The oneone proven to work on today’s complex walls. walls. MakeNoNo Mistake. It’s DuPont . Make Mistake. It’s DuPont™ Tyvek®Tyvek . For more information, contact: For more information, contact: Phone: 1-800-44-TYVEK1-800-44-TYVEK. TM


New Edition Now Available!

TY966 TyvekBrand_1/6 ad.indd 1

2014-04-17 1:08 PM




Web site

All Weather Windows Ltd. . . . . . . . . 16, 17 . . . 800-638-5709 Altus Group Limited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 . . . 877-953-9948 BlazeMaster, The Lubrizol Corp. . . . . . . . . 8 . . . 855-735-1431 CHBA - Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 . . . 613-230-3060 CHBA - Builder Manual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 . . . 613-230-3060 CHBA - Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 . . . 613-230-3060 E.I. duPont Canada Company . . . . . . . . . 37 . . . 800-387-2122 Festool USA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 . . . 888-337-8600 GE Appliances - Commercial Sales . . . . . 15 . . . 800-361-2500 Home Hardware Stores Limited . . . . . . . . 7 . . . 519-664-2252 JELD-WEN of Canada . . . . . . . . . . . 24, 25 . . . 204-510-4745 LP CanExel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 . . . 888-820-0325 NAPOLEON Fireplaces & Grills . . . . . . 2, 37 . . . 800-461-5581 Lenox . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BC . . . 800-642-0010 Nudura Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36, 39 . . . 866-468-6299 PrimeSource Building Products, Inc. . . . . 13 . . . 800-676-7777 Robert Bosch Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . 11 . . . 224-232-2402 Sage Software, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 . . . 866-420-7289 Schlage Lock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 . . . 800-900-4734 Simpson Strong-Tie . . . . . . . . . . 29, 31, 33 . . . 800-999-5099

For those who need to know how to build homes in one of the toughest climates on earth, the CHBA Builders’ Manual is the most authoritative guide you will find for building superior energy-efficient housing. This newly expanded and updated edition, based on the building techniques proven by R-2000, offers over 400 pages of concise information and easy-to-follow illustrations. Completely revamped with new illustrations including an expanded section on renewable energy and a brand new section on home automation. CHBA Builders’ Manual — the definitive guide for home building in Canada. For more information, contact: CHBA – Builder Manual Sales Phone: 613-230-3060 Home BUILDER May/June 2014


May/June 2014 | Home Builder Magazine Canada  

May/June 2014 | SAM Awards & CHBA Conventions / Outdoor Living / Landscapes & Decks A look at the highlights of the 2013 SAM Awards and CHB...

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