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Monday Thru Sunday Multiple Days

Main Event Geist Location Monday through Thursday 5 to 8 Free kids meal with paid adult meal 317 336-3500 Jim Dandy Family Restaurant Kids’ 5 and under eat free 2301 Conner St.773-3288 Noblesville PaPa Roux 8950 E. 10th Indy 603-9861 Nightly after 4 Perkins 250 Noble Creek Dr. Noblesville Monday Thru Wednesday 4 to close 776-2800 Barley Island Brewing Co. 630 Conner St.Noblesville 770-5280 Tuesday and Wednesday Quizno’s 14300 Mundy Dr Noblesville 7 days a week 4 to close dine in only 773-7041 The Original Pancake House 3 Free Pancakes for children 7 and under with adult entrée purchase Monday through Sunday at Noblesville, Fishers, and Indianaopolis locations Tucanos Brazilian Grill Noblesville Kids 7 and younger eat free everyday. Chef Mikes Charcoal Grill 102 Woodland Dr Indy Kids 5 and Younger eat for 99 cents Wuzzlers Grill and Spoon Greenwood 884-9468 Kids eat free w. adult meal Monday-Friday


Chick Fil-A 3360 W. 86th St. The Pyramids, Indy 871-5330 Mexico City Grill Emerson Ave Indy and Fishers In. Free kids meal with adult meal. Roscoe’s Taco’s Greenwood Kids meal free with Minimum $6 adult meal. Mexico City Grill Fishers 11653 Fishers Station Rd 577-1900 Mexican City Grill Indy 8028 S. Emerson Ave 884-4901 Castlers Kitchen and Bar 11501 Geist Pavilion Dr. 596-9810 Fishers 5-9 Texas Road House Fishers 12950 Publishers Dr. 585-5020 Family Night 1.99 Kid’s Meal Culvers Kids NightFishers 96th St Every Monday, 5:30-8:30 pm and Indy 71st and Georgetown – Every Monday, 5:30 – 8:30 pm

Face Painting Balloons and Clowns


All area Fazoli’s 99cent Kids meals Tuesday evenings 5-8 call for details. MacKenzie River Pizza Carmel and 82nd St Castleton 564-4211 and 288-0609 Scotty’s Brewhouse 3905 E. 96th Street Indianapolis, IN & 1 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204 CR Heroes 10570 E. 96th St. Fishers 576-1070 5-p Face Painting & Balloon Animals Cancun 6714 E 82nd St, Indianapolis 578-7054 Chick Fil A Noblesville Family Night First Tuesday of each Month from 5-8pm 773-4100 Chick Fil A Carmel 14647 US 31 North Family Night each Tuesday from 5-8pm 815-9465 Chick Fil A Avon 10791 E Us Highway 36 PJ Party Tuesday, November 15 5:00-8:00pm Hellas Café 8501 Westfield Blvd 257-6211 Indy Bob Evans’ Family Night from DJ 6-8pm One kid eats free with adult meal purchase. Greenwood In Joe’s Shelby St. Diner Indy 783-9590 10-01 Food & Drink Broadripple Kids Eat Free Tuesday with purcahse of adult meal. Call for Details 6

ily Tuesday Con't. Fam ht Cheese Burger In Paradise South Indy 883-4386 Nig & ree Patriot Grill Restaurant 1265 N. Madison Greenwood 851-8252 Kid’s Eat Free and Magician at F E Teddy’s Burger Joint 222W.Southport Rd Indy 893-2791 s Kid Con’t. Thr3e Wise Men Brewery 1021 Broad Ripple Ave Indy 255-5151 Max and Erma’s Carmel and Greenwood 705-3988 and 882-4477 Max and Erma’s Carmel Free Kids Meal with adult meal. Panda Express 17055 Geist Pavilion Dr. Fishers 5-9, 770-9684 Bob Evans all area locations. Kid’s meal free with adult meal. Teddy’s Burger Joint Southport Rd. Free kids meal w/ adult meal 5 to 9 evening. Chili’s Grill and Bar Greenwood & E 82nd St. Two free kid’s meal with each adult meal. Joe’s Shelby St Diner 783-9590 One kids meal free with adult purchase 5 to close. Thr3e Wise Men Brewery Broad Ripple Kids eat free on Tuesday with VIP Club Membership. Detour American Grill Fishers In. Kids Eat Free with adult Meal Tuesday and Thursday.


Michaelangelo’s 550 Westfield Rd. Noblesville Kids Eat Free 773-6066 Johnny Rockets Greenwood Mall and Castleton Mall 881-6240 and 578-8015 5 to 9 Barley Island Brewing Co. Noblesville In Free Kids Meal with Adult meal Wednesday and Thursday Johnny Rockets Castleton Mall Kids meal free with each adult meal 5 to 9 Books and Brews 9402 Upton Dr Suite 1400 Free Kids meal w/ Adult Purchase Continued Page 8

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ily Fam ht Thursday Nig Johnny Carino’s Greenwood 885-5735 & ree F Barley Island Brewing Co. Noblesville Free Kids Meal with Adult meal Wednesday & Thursday Eat Detour American Grill Fishers In Kids Eat Free with adult Meal Tuesday & Thursday. Kids Con’t. Johnny Carinos Greenwood Kids meal free with adult meal. Culvers Kids Night Noblesville – Every Thursday, 5:30 - 8:30 pm

Face Painting Balloons and Clowns


Illinois Street Food Emporium Indy Free kids meal with each adult meal 4 to close Skyline Chili Indy Locations Kids meal 99 cents 5 to close.


Steak N Shake all Indianapolis locations Indianapolis Indianas Victory Field Kids Eat Free with at least an $8 purchase.


Michaelangelo’s 550 Westfield Rd. Noblesville Kids Eat Free 773-6066 Scotty’s Brewhouse 3905 E. 96th Street Indianapolis, IN & 1 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204 Granite City Food and Brewery 150 W. 96th St Carmel 218-7185 5-9 Magician 5-8 Grindstone Charley’s Rockville Rd and Crawfordsville Rd’s Indy 243-8760 and 481-1870 Steak N Shake all Indianapolis locations Rock Star Pizza 922 E. Main St. Brownsburg 858-1188 all day dine in Only Indianapolis Indians Kids Eat Free Sundays: Children 14 & under receive a voucher good for a hot dog, bag of chips & bottle of water with price of admission. Books and Brews 9402 Upton Dr Suite 1400 Free Kids meal w/ Adult Purchase Grand Junction Brewing Westfield Free kids Meal with Adult Meal (Please call ahead to verify details)


Our Son Aiden's Story Our son Aiden started showing interest in Karate when he was 5 years old. From the moment that Aiden saw the movie The Matrix; the scene when Keanu Reeves/Neo and Laurence Fishburne/Morpheus were martial arts fighting; Aiden was hooked! His serious focus and concentration in that television meant he found his sport. We knew exactly where we needed to go: Jerry Hansman’s Okinawan Karate. We knew Shihan Jerry Hansman prior to signing up so there was no question this is where we wanted and needed our son to attend classes. We have watched our Aiden grow from being a Little Dragons to Beginners classes and now moving into The Black Belt Club, including Weapons. The delight that Aiden gets when he makes his goals and accomplishments to each belt level enriches his soul and instills self-confidence. This branches

over to his school goals and everyday attitude. Our hope was to have Aiden have more focus and control over his mind and body. These are just a few of the many teachings that Shihan Jerry and Sensei Ben strive to make part of everyday lessons and life goals. Aiden has more self-confidence, discipline and is eager to help since he’s been attending classes. Aiden looks forward to each class and has begun to mentor the Little Dragons as well. We are proud parents of the accomplishments that Aiden has met so far and look forward to watching him soar and be the best he can be. Thank you Shihan Jerry for your commitment to our son’s life and character, we couldn’t ask for a better role model for all the kids and families in the dojo.

We highly recommend that you join the Jerry Hansman’s dojo!

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Children’s Bureau has been offering social services to Indiana kids and families for more than 165 years, including prevention of abuse and neglect, preservation of families and placement for children who lack safe and healthy homes. James and Ruth Ann raised their two grandsons since birth. But when James learned he had lung cancer last year, he knew his lifelong career in construction was about to end. With the family’s main source of income gone, the couple turned to Children’s Bureau (CB) when they struggled to meet basic needs.

pump and a tool kit just for repairing bikes. Each child also received clothes, a chess set and a play tent. Ruth Ann and James cried when they read the card from their sponsors and saw the gifts. It was a wonderful moment. They asked their case manager to share pictures of the boys trying their bicycles out on Christmas day. If you would like to share your giving spirit with a child in need this holiday season, please visit http:// on or after November 3, 2016.

A case manager met with the family to develop a plan to move forward. She also offered to place the boys in CB’s Hope for the Holidays program. Miles away, a childless couple in the city read the family’s story at http://; they were sympathetic to the grandparent’s struggle and became committed to providing the boys a joyful holiday. The family never imagined the outpouring of generosity they would receive. The sponsors did an amazing job choosing gifts! The boys had mentioned that they loved riding bicycles, although neither child owned one. The couple gave each boy a brand new bicycle, plus helmets, pads, a Please say “I found it in the IndyKids’Directory!” Thanks!


Your Child’s Emotional Love Tank We live in a world where children are expected to excel at school, church, and in their athletics. It's interesting because there are many kids who believe in their own talents. They may even see themselves as having more abilities then you give them credit. And yet there is another type of kid who appears to be under so much pressure today to perform academically and athletically. He doesn’t know his selfworth and constantly doubts himself. If he doesn't excel in either of those ways, he won’t feel good enough and won’t believe he measures up by today's standards. As the parent, you know that each child possesses individual and unique gifts and yet conveying that to your child may be difficult. If you have a child who seems to get lost among the masses and does not necessarily have good self-esteem, it will be important to remind your child of his/her uniqueness. This of course means that you have to invest in your child's emotional love tank. And you can do this in a variety of ways on a daily basis. If you have ever read Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages for Children, you know that children feel accepted by one of five ways: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, and acts of service. As you think about your children and what they seem to crave from you is it more often: cuddling, praise, spending time with you, what you buy them or what you can do for them? Recognizing what the primary love language is can assist you in validating selfworth. This is one of the many ways that you can invest in their emotional love tank. Another simple way of improving children’s self-esteem involves creating a list of about 25 adjectives that describe their uniqueness. Maybe they are caring, loving, compassionate, bright, intelligent, determined, persistent, loyal, generous,

passionate, patient, gentle, accepting, or creative. Take five seconds out of your day and comment when you find an opportunity to point out one of their personality strengths. It reminds them of one of the Carol Juergensen Sheets personality gifts that they possess that has nothing to do with their abilities but in essence has to do with their personhood. Kids that do not know their self worth tend to measure their life based on what they can do. The third thing you can do to reinforce their specialness is to notice the effort that they put into their own personal situations. This means you have to notice the progress a child is making in his or her own life. So many kids have difficulty making friends so when you note that they are talking to somebody on the bus stop, you reflect back to them that you noticed it. If your child would benefit from organization and spent some time in the room picking up his clothes, you let him know that you appreciated the time he spent on decluttering the room. If your child spends all of his time gaming and he comes out to join you while you're making dinner, tell him how much you appreciated his company. Noticing the effort helps to reinforce positive behaviors that you want to see in your child. A child will actually develop more confidence and clarity as a result. As a parent you can't do the hard work for them but you can reinforce those qualities that will contribute to a better sense of selfesteem and confidence in the future.

Carol Juergensen Sheets LCSW PCC is a psychotherapist and personal life coach. She does motivational speaking and empowerment trainings locally and nationally. To find out more about her services--contact her at or call her at 317-218-3479. 12

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Rewriting the Script

By Beth (mother of two children with autism) I remember back when I was pregnant with Kennedy. I read all the baby books and made all the lists of things that I needed. I had my bag packed and ready with all the “essentials” that you were supposed to bring to the hospital two months before my due date. Her nursery was stocked with all the things I would end up never using. I ate all the right things. I took my vitamins. I avoided caffeine. I did my homework and carefully planned the next eighteen years of her life before she ever took her first breath. I would be the kind of mom who read stories at bedtime, and did crafts after our homemade organic lunches. She would take ballet and violin lessons and read chapter books before kindergarten. She would never argue or throw tantrums in the grocery isle. I would never yell. We would attend mother-daughter tea in perfectly pressed lacey dresses that would never be soiled. I imagined it all in my white-picket-fence silver screen version of our life. Needless to say, life looks a little different today. I had several friends who were pregnant at the same time as I was with Kennedy. We all had babies around the same age, and it didn’t take long to start noticing that things with my baby were a little, well, different. The wondering turned to worrying, and the worrying turned panic, and the panic soon turned to sadness and confusion. There is a moment in every parent of a child with autism’s life where they realize that the script that they had written for their lives would have to be edited. How we handle the situation determines what genre this version of the story is categorized. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for me to decide that our story would still be a happy one. Determined to do everything I could for my daughter, I went through the dreaded process of diagnosis. But what followed wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought that with this diagnosis the doors would be unlocked to opportunity and services would be lined up ready to start helping my darling girl reach every potential I knew she had in her. That wasn’t really the case. I left not knowing which way was up and where to

turn. There is no roadmap for autism. There is no secret recipe. By incredible chance, a friend of mine texted one day out of nowhere and said she was driving behind a van that said “Applied Behavior Center for Autism” and asked if I ever heard of it. She gave me the number, and I figured it was worth at least a phone call. Upon walking into the center for the first time, I couldn’t help but see those images I had once dreamed sneaking out of the corners of my mind. Call it mother’s intuition, but I knew undoubtedly this was the place that was going to make a difference for my child. When Sawyer started also displaying signs of autism, I didn’t hesitate to get him diagnosed and started at the center along with Kennedy. Now almost three years later, Kennedy is preparing to enter kindergarten. She will join mainstream classes and likely need minimal help. Sawyer, who started at ABC completely non-verbal and not even walking, is an ornery toddler boy just like any other. He runs around and climbs on everything looking for things he can get into, and his communication is exploding with new words and phrases. He can tell me what he wants, if he is hungry or tired, and repeats anything you ask. Of course, my favorite is “I love you Mommy.” These are words that at one time I wasn’t sure I would ever hear. I cannot imagine our lives without the amazing therapists who have worked so hard to get where we are today. What they do every day is truly a gift for which I am not sure I can ever express how thankful I am. Our life may not have taken the path that I had originally planned, but we are moving forward and there is so much joy and pride in our journey. I may not have had a roadmap, but ABC has been our compass in the storm, leading my kids to a brighter tomorrow.

To make a difference in the lives of children and teens with autism, apply today!

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November 2016 Now – January 22 The Children’s Museum: Doc McStuffins Exhibit Experience the first-ever children's museum exhibit based on Disney Junior's award-winning series, Doc McStuffins! Join the magical storytelling of Doc McStuffins through imaginative play and hands-on activities that impart life-lessons about health and wellness. And, the exhibit will keep you up to date with Doc’s latest adventures, as it is set in the new McStuffins Toy Hospital, which will be featured on the new season of Doc McStuffins premiering in summer 2016! October 2 – November 20 Beef & Boards presents “Into the Woods” In Stephen Sondheim's enchanting fairy tale musical, a baker and his wife wish to have a child, Cinderella wishes to attend the King's Festival, and Jack wishes his cow would give milk. But everyone's wish comes at a price. October 14 – November 19 Beef & Boards presents “The Little Mermaid” So begins Hans Christian Andersen's classic story of "The Little Mermaid." This whimsical retelling of the original 1837 fairytale features an adventurous mermaid named Melody, who wants to emerge from the safety of the deep sea and explore what's beyond the ocean surface: the human world. But King Poseidon forbids his daughter from leaving her underwater home to be with dangerous humans. When Melody slips away from her own birthday party to see for herself, she winds up rescuing a drowning prince and falling in love with him. Desperate to become human, she bargains with Seaweed, the evil sea witch, to make her dream come true - at the cost of her beautiful voice. Along with her friends Bobell, the frog, and Turtell, the turtle, Melody sets out to find her land legs and true love! 18

Wednesday, November 9 – Sunday, November 13 67th Annual Christmas Gift & Hobby Show at Indiana State Fairgrounds. USA Today’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice ranks the Christmas Gift & Hobby Show as one of Indianapolis’ top holiday attractions. Holiday shoppers can get a head start and browse 350+ exhibitors plus score deals on holiday and home décor, specialty foods & Indiana wines, crafts, jewelry, gifts and more at one of the Midwest’s largest holiday shows. Special features include: daily visits with Santa and live reindeer, $10,000 in Merry Money and prize giveaways, performances and storytelling by fairytale princesses, exhibitor coupons, concerts, adoptable pets, Christmas Café & libations, and more. Saturday, November 12, 9:00am – 1:00pm Hands Land Family ASL Rhymes and Rhythms Workshop for families of young deaf and hard of hearing children. Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education. FREE. RSVP Required. For more information and to register, contact Sandi Lerman,; 317-2322826. Wednesday, November 16 – Sunday, November 20 Holiday Mart presented by Junior League of Indianapolis at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. November 19 – December 24 A Christmas Carol at Indiana Repertory Theater. Magic happens on a snow-covered stage. The family's favorite holiday tradition comes gift-wrapped with fresh IRT surprises! The classic story of greed and redemption comes to life with Scrooge, Cratchit and, of course, Tiny Tim. Come and be visited by the spirits of holiday joy.

Fun Events November 19 – January 8 Christmas at Lily House. During Christmas at Lilly House for 2016, Oldfields will be alive with holiday decorative ideas that were current during the 1930s and 1940s, a time that encompassed Depression-era frugality, wartime shortages, and an emerging postwar exuberance, each of which influenced Americans’ approach to decorating their homes. Décor in the house will include a combination of familiar favorites such as trees, wreaths, and greenery, as well as more unusual elements sure to delight visitors. Whether originating in an atmosphere of wartime scarcity or in times of peace and plenty, holiday décor expressed Americans’ wish for a sense of connection with tradition and for festive seasonal changes. Friday, November 25, 6:00pm Circle of Lights Tree Lighting at Momumental Circle. Circle of Lights presented by the Contractors of Quality Connection and Electrical Workers of IBEW 481 kicks off each year the day after Thanksgiving on Monument Circle. Santa will of course be on hand to usher in the holiday season and flip on the lights. Each year, a lucky child is chosen from a coloring contest to help “flip the switch” with Santa and the Mayor. The show stage features a Santa’s Workshop theme complete with toy soldiers and sailors, peppermint sticks, ornaments, elves in the workshop and an abundance of toys. After the lighting, visitors will enjoy fireworks, as well as Downtown's holiday centerpiece, complete with 4,784 lights and 52 garland strands used to create the 242 foot display. The magic continues with toy soldiers and peppermint sticks encircling the Monument. Friday, November 25 – Thursday, January 1, Celebration Crossing at The Indiana State Museum. This year’s Celebration Crossing comes alive with holiday merriment from the sounds of bands, bell and vocal choirs

and of course Santa and Mrs. Claus, who will entertain visitors in their cozy home now on Level 1 of the museum through Dec. 24. Early risers may join Mrs. Claus, Snowflake Sam and Raggedy Ann for breakfast and late sleepers may join Santa for lunch or supper. Children of all ages may ride on the Santa Claus Express, make crafts to take home, take advantage of a playground for pre-school and primary elementary aged children in Imagination Playground and enjoy our indoor curling court. Take a trip back in time by and gazing into the recreated L.S. Ayres store windows rekindling Christmases November 25 – 27, 5:00 – 9:00pm Christmas at the Zoo Surround yourself with the magic and beauty of the holiday season as the Indianapolis Zoo hosts its 48th year of Christmas at the Zoo presented by Donatos and Teachers Credit Union, with an extra weekend of fun added this year! The Zoo is open from noon to 9 p.m., with event activities starting at 5 p.m. Come out early to grab a great parking spot, see some animals and watch as the lights come on to transform the Zoo into a winter wonderland. November 25 – December 23 Beef & Boards presents “Christmas” Beef & Boards celebrates in style with its annual crowd pleaser. A glittering array of music and dance numbers, presented in a variety show format, create the perfect holiday tradition. Bring a group, bring the family, just don't miss it! If you would like your event included in our monthly calendars, submit it by going to

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Proud Sponsors of Resources for Special Needs Children

& Access Behavioral Solutions Clinic Pg 3 317.802.7447 Access Behavioral Solutions is making ABA services available by bringing the therapy to you- in your home, in your community, or in the clinic.

Natural Valley Ranch Pg. 23 317-509-3577 Birthday Parties, Trail Rides, Lessons, Petting Zoo Hayride/Bonfire, Therapeutic Riding

Applied Behavior Center for Autism Pgs 14, 15 & 28 ABC for Autism is proud to be Indiana’s largest and longest running ABA therapy provider. With 7 locations statewide (Indy North, Early Childhood Center, Indy West, Greenwood, Richmond, Terre Haute and Carmel), ABC provides one-on-one individualized programming in the areas of ABA therapy, behavior consulting, speech therapy, occupational therapy and special needs swim lessons for ages 2 and older.

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf Pg 2 317.471.8560 Leaders in Listening and Spoken Language. Supervision Infrared Sauna 317-849-8446 For treatment of autism.

Natural Valley Ranch Pg 27. 7


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November 2016 Indy Kids Directory

November 2016 Indy Kids Directory  

November 2016 Indy Kids Directory

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