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9th March 2018

Mrs Turton, AIG Career & Aspiration Advisor: A group of Year 9 students are taking part in a University Access Project (UAP). Last Wednesday they visited Halesowen College where they had a tour and received advice on careers. This is a four week programme where students will take part in different taster sessions. Each week students will be asked to complete a summary of the workshops and also to think about careers in that area and the skills and qualities required for those jobs. The final visit of the programme will be to the University of Worcester where students will spend a day in the life of a university student. The students taking part are: Amaan Ali, Billy Causer, Phoebe Evans, Honie Fleming, Hope Fleming, Ellie Jarrett, Kiran Khadim, Alex Oleschuk, Nital Patel, Megan Rose, Mariom Tahir, Jack Webb, Aaron White and Kamil Zugaj.

An article by Ezha Jahangir: “Last Monday a group of Year 10 students visited Wolverhampton University to discuss the academy’s work with Aspire to HE, a partnership that aims to increase the number of disadvantaged young people entering higher education. We all delivered a speech about the programmes that have been offered by the partnership. The attendees of the meeting were impressed with our speeches and asked us questions about our opinion of going into higher education. We were then given a tour of the university and had lunch in the café. The trip was a wonderful experience, as we got to acknowledge our importance as students in a meeting which was full of important people; a rare opportunity that students are given at this age. I loved the trip and would love to go again. It was a great experience.” Here’s what some of the other students said about the day. Amman Ahmed & Evelyn Burudi: “The Brilliant Club has increased our confidence in our own abilities. It’s also helped us further our knowledge on university life and what university can offer us.” Molly Handley: “The PSHE lessons have given me a great view of university. It hasn’t just taught me about what university life is like but it has also taught me about all the amazing opportunities available.” The students who took part were: Amman Ahmed, Evelyn Burudi, Yashal Fatima, Molly Handley, Natasha Hussain, Ezha Jahangir, Megan Lovell and Charlie Williams.

Mr Townley, Associate Assistant Principal: From Monday 12th March all year 11 students will be able to attend a breakfast club in T2 from 8.00am until 8.40am. This will be an opportunity for students to revise, use ICT facilities, catch up on controlled assessments and use GCSE Pod to maximise successes in the forthcoming examinations. Free breakfast will be provided for everyone attending!

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Ms Milovsorov, Leader of Lifestyles: Sheze Malik was in the Academy last week talking to Year 9 about Police powers to ‘Stop and Search’.

Mrs Hammett, Head of PE: Following our quality mark submission, we are proud to announce that Holly Hall has

been awarded the Youth Sport Trust Bronze Quality Mark.

The workshops educate young people about their rights if a stop and search takes place including;


When the police can stop and search.


How a stop and search is conducted.


The reason stop and search is used in the West Midlands.

The rights of young people if they are stopped and searched.


CONTACT: EMMA HAWKINS 07787 165330 OR DAVID MCTIGHE 07813 626242

We will invite Sheze back to pass the message on to other year groups after Easter. Important examinations are taking place next week. Please ensure that you arrive at the Academy on time and prepared with all equipment required. All exams are for Year 11 students unless otherwise stated. Monday French Spanish Biology

Tuesday Photography Computer Science Psychology Chemistry

Wednesday Maths 3D Design (Year 10) French Spanish

Thursday Physics 3D Design (Year 10) French Spanish Biology

Friday Child Development (Year 9)

Emily Butler (Year 9) said “The talk was helpful. It explained why the police carry out the searches and gave me a better understanding of the job the police do.”

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Exams Options Evening Y8 HPV injections Parent Forum 5.00pm Break up for the Easter holiday Inset Day Academy re-opens to students

Each week, achievement points are added together and the highest scoring forms are posted onto our ‘High Flyers’ notice board. Here are the top forms in each year group. 8BRK 82pts

7SSH 77pts

9WES 71pts

10GSP 58pts

11NAT 50pts

Here are the forms with the highest attendance for week ending 2nd March 2018.

1st 8HMT 98.4%

2nd 11GSP 98.3% Page 2

3rd 10MKL 97.5%

To celebrate gaining the highest number of achievement points in February, the following students are the highest performing boy and girl in their year group and are our Students of the Month for February. Congratulations to them all. YEAR 7 Lilly McNaney-Mills (7HRS): “I am really proud of what I have achieved. My family will be happy too. I have worked very hard to get achievement points and my hard work has paid off.” Sameer Qureshi (7SSH): “I am proud and extremely happy with myself. I think my parents will be just as proud. My achievement points are for good work and listening to the teacher.” YEAR 8 Bethany Martin (8WDW): ”I am very pleased to get this award for the second time since I joined Holly Hall. I am sure that my parents will be happy too.” Jack Tones (8HMT): “I was very happy to get the Student of the Month award. Every day I come into the Academy and try my best so it was a really big surprise.” YEAR 9 Jade Bedford (9MKE): “I am really pleased to be Year 9 Student of the Month. I have been working to my full potential and trying my best in all of my lessons. I will continue to keep up the good work. ” Jamie Shanks (9BID): “I was surprised that I was chosen to be Student of the Month. I hope that this will inspire people to work harder and get this award too.” YEAR 10 Evelyn Burudi (10MSI): “I am very proud of myself for earning the Student of the Month award. Hopefully, throughout the year, I will continue to excel further.” Kieron Astley (10KTU): “I am very happy that I have received this certificate. Now I have got this achievement, I can work towards higher achievements in the Academy.” YEAR 11 Sanam Naghman (11GSP): “I am really pleased to have received this award at this time during the academic year. I will continue to give 100% commitment in my remaining time here so that I can excel in the career I have chosen.” Antonio Di Franco (11STO): “I am really pleased that I have managed to get this award. I have been working hard and I am focussing on passing my GCSE examinations.” Well done to the following students who were close runners up in the achievement points table. Year 7 Bethany Davies Zaynah Imran Modou Lamin Jawneh Faizaan Khadim

Year 8 Rima Burkevica Katie Cartwright Joshua Davies Kamil Sobolewski

Year 9 Daniel Bullock Humera Imran Rujaab Nasser Ellie Round Page 3

Year 10 Alexander Billingsley Natasha Hussain Ezha Jahangir Nathan Maybury

Year 11 Krystal Burudi Nathanael Kondo Jake Rowe Charlotte Thomas

Miss Rawlings, Intervention Coordinator: Thank you to everyone who participated in the fundraising events in aid of Guide Dogs last half term. As an Academy we have raised an amazing £239.04!!! Well done everyone. This figure surpassed our target by far and it wouldn’t have been possible without all your support. The money raised will help towards changing the lives of many visually impaired people allowing them to lead a more fulfilling life. The winning name for the ‘Guess the Name of the Dog’ competition was ‘Unity’ Congratulations to Year 10 student Kavita Gupta who was the lucky winner of the dog (pictured).

Please note that Monday 16th This week we invited Year 11 students and their parents/carers into the Academy to launch the examination period. We announced that Saturday revision sessions will be commencing soon at Dudley College. There will also be catch-up and revision sessions running at the Academy during the Easter holiday. All Year 11 students have been given a pack containing revision guides and materials. Thank you to everyone who supported this event.

REMINDER We are now also serving halal meat in Scotty G’s at lunchtime.

April is now a staff training day. Students should return to the Academy on Tuesday 17th April following the Easter break.

Reminder: This term we have taken action to reduce littering around the Academy. You will be aware that Scotty G’s has not served break time food on a number of occasions due to unacceptable levels of litter. This will continue if littering persists. PLEASE KEEP YOUR ACADEMY TIDY!

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