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DIMENSION Holley Central School District

Holley Board adopts

2012-2013 school budget D uring a special board meeting on April 11, the Holley Board of Education adopted a $19,967,841 budget for the 2012-2013 school year.

The Board reduced the tax levy increase by applying additional fund balance, and making cuts to staff positions and non-mandated programs. Staff cuts include an administrative reorganization, and a net of three instructional and four support staff positions for a savings of $421,600. Program cuts include equipment and supplies district wide for a savings of $155,479. “As it has been for the past two years, budget development was a very difficult process,” said Board President John Heise. “Our goal was to build a budget that meets the needs of our students while also recognizing the burden on local taxpayers.” When Holley residents go to the polls on May 15, they also will be asked to vote on three additional propositions. The first is for the purchase of three full-size school buses and four 30-passenger buses at a cost not to exceed $517,995. The second proposes a reduction of Board of Education

members from nine to seven, effective July 1, 2013, and a further reduction from seven to five members, effective July 1, 2015. And the third authorizes the district to raise $100,639 to be used in support of maintenance and operations of the Community Free Library. In addition, residents will be voting on three Board of Education seats to fill the expired terms of Elaine Berg, Kellie Spychalski, and John C. “Jack” Welch. The three candidates receiving the highest number of votes will serve three-year terms commencing July 1, 2012. Additional budget information will be available soon and will be communicated on the district website at, through Facebook and Twitter, and in the budget newsletter. Holley residents will be receiving a budget newsletter in their mailboxes in early May. Any group that is interested in hearing a budget presentation may contact District Clerk Connie Nenni at 638-6316, ext. 2003 to schedule a time.

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May 2012

2012-2013 School Budget information coming to homes soon


his year, the budget newsletter will be mailed to district residents. Please look for it in your mail boxes the second week of May. Here are some dates to remember: • The Annual Board Meeting/ Budget Hearing will be Tuesday, May 1 at 6 p.m. in the Elementary School cafeteria.

• Meet the Candidates Night will be Tuesday, May 8 at 7 p.m. in the Elementary School cafeteria. This event is sponsored by the Holley PTSA and refreshments will be served. • The Annual Board of Education Election and Budget Vote will be Tuesday, May 15 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the Middle School/High School foyer.

For more information, please contact the District Office at 638-6316, ext. 2003.


May 2012

A message from the Superintendent Senior Citizen Breakfast - thank you Personal Touch Dear Holley Community:


ur annual Senior Citizens Breakfast is scheduled for Thursday, May 3 from 9-10:30 a.m. in the Elementary School cafeteria. This is the seventh year that we will be hosting this event. We are proud to honor our senior citizens, who have done so much for our students and our district and continue to support our schools and therefore our students.

It’s not too late!

As you well know, this school budget season has been a very challenging one as the state has decreased aid to school districts, which may jeopardize programs such as the breakfast for our senior citizens. Fortunately for our district, the folks at Personal Touch have stepped forward once again to assist us with the breakfast. Personal Touch is the company that we contract with to provide us with the food service end of our operation. Through the efforts of

Vickie Scroger, our cafeteria manager, Personal Touch has voluntarily agreed to fund the total cost of the breakfast meal so that it will not require any school district funding. I wish to thank them for this very generous undertaking which enables us to continue to honor our senior citizens. The district is proud to partner with Personal Touch and I’m sure that the breakfast will continue to be a huge success. If you wish to attend the breakfast, please call my assistant, Connie Nenni, at 638-6316, ext. 2003. I look forward to seeing all of our guests on May 3. Sincerely, Robert C. D’Angelo Superintendent of Schools

There’s still time to register for the Seventh Annual Senior Citizen Appreciation Breakfast on Thursday, May 3 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. in the Elementary School cafeteria. The event is open to residents of the Holley Central School District ages 55 and older. Transportation is available. Please contact District Clerk Connie Nenni at 638-6316, ext. 2003 as soon as possible if you haven’t responded and would still like to attend.

NY-ALERT System available for sex offender notifications


esidents of New York can now register to receive alerts when moderate - or high-risk sex offenders move into or out of their area. The NY-ALERT System will send alerts through email or as a text message, fax or telephone recording. Subscribers can register for up to three areas for notification. Areas are defined by county, zip code or a specific address. If a specific address is selected, the subscriber designates a radius from a quarter mile to 25 miles around that address. Registration can be completed at Subscribers will receive sex offender relocation notices when a Level 2 (moderate risk) or Level 3 (high risk) sex offender listed on the public subdirectory moves into or out of a community of interest. By law, the state can only provide information about Level 1 (low-risk) offenders or those with a pending risk level through a toll-free number (1-800-262-3257). This service is possible through a partnering of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and the New York State Emergency Management Office (SEMO), which manage the NY-ALERT system.

Our District’ s Mission

Annual School Report Card results available Copies of the 2010-2011 NYS School Report Card for Holley are available in the District Office, or by logging on to the District website at and selecting “2010-11 NYS Report Card” from the Quick Links menu, or the State Education website at 2

Holley Central School District


e, the student s, parents, staff, and co mmunity of the Holley Central Scho ol District, will w ork together to provide the op portunity and means for al l students to acquire the skills, know ledge, and attitudes to be come respon sible and productiv e citizens in a diverse and changing so ciety. The ideal is to instill a passion for lifelong learni ng.


May 2012

School district mandates come in many forms


ew York’s schools provide vital services to students and families throughout the state. Residents rely on this, and often the state prescribes how these services should or can be provided. This affects what personnel school districts have, what programs are offered, and how districts spend taxpayer money. These rules and regulations are also called mandates. While mandates increase accountability and in many cases improve educational quality, they can also limit flexibility and impact how districts spend money. Mandates not only focus on the education, health and safety of students, but also encompass a myriad of other daily school operations.

Here are some examples: • Transportation of students with disabilities to their programs (up to 50 miles); of private school and charter school students (up to 15 miles); and of homeless students to current or prior district (parental choice). • Provision of special education services to students with disabilities who are enrolled by their parents in private and/or charter schools. • Required collection and reporting (to state Dept. of Health) of students’ Body Mass Indexes, including screening for eating disorders. • Sex offender notifications, pursuant to “Megan’s Law.” • Maintenance of a health record (including dental health) for every student.

This is only a small sampling of all of the mandates placed on New York school districts. The State Education Department has compiled a more extensive (though still incomplete) list of “mandates that represent the greatest challenges to districts in terms of financial burden and required time/ human capital.” View the list at Source: Capital Region BOCES Communication Service & Questar II’s State Aid Planning and Communications Services. To view the complete article, visit

Capital Project moving right along The framework for the new Middle School/ High School cafeteria is well underway. The end product will be an updated, efficient and multi-function space.

The area is cleared for the new track, football field and road to the bus garage.

The multi-purpose room takes shape as scaffolding is put up and a foundation poured in the back of the Middle School/High School.

Holley Central School District 3


May 2012

Safe School Ambassadors create videos to deliver bullying message


afe School Ambassadors at the Elementary School were the stars of the show in a recent effort to get students to understand the elements of various bullying situations and how to diffuse them. The Ambassadors divided themselves into groups and then worked on skits that were videotaped by Tony Puleo, BOCES 2 videographer. Throughout March, the skits were shown during the morning program. In each skit, the students identified the aggressor (the person doing the hurting), the target (the person receiving the hurting), and the bystanders (the person or people who witness the hurting). When Ambassadors happen upon a bullying situation, they don’t usually address the bystanders directly, but try to influence them with their actions. The skits illustrated seven different actions that can be used to diffuse the situation:

1. Balancing – Tell the aggressor something positive about the person they are putting down. 2. Supporting – Say or do something that will make the target feel better. 3. Reasoning – Let the aggressor know what could happen if they continue the behavior. 4. Distracting – Draw attention away from an act of cruelty or mistreatment by changing the subject and/or separating the people. 5. Active Listening – Show the person you are listening to them by staying focused on his/her face and listening carefully. 6. Getting Help – Get adult help for situations that are more involved, complicated, or dangerous than you can handle by yourself. 7. Directing – Tell the aggressor clearly, firmly, and politely that it is not okay to put someone down, tease, touch, etc. another person.

For more information about the Safe School Ambassador program, visit

“We help people getting bullied and stand up for them,” said Ambassador Ava Kohut, sixth grade. Training students to be Safe School Ambassadors is an effective way of reducing bullying because students see and know things that adults don’t and can intervene in ways that adults can’t; students are more likely to talk with their peers than adults; and students set the tone and standards of the school culture determining what is okay and what is not. Following the presentation of the skits, School Counselor Wanda Farrell went into classrooms to teach students about ways to support each other, and to answer questions.


college classes with Genesee Promise Plus


enesee Promise Plus is a special program designed specifically for June 2012 high school students who are graduating from a high school located in Genesee, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming counties in New York State. Under Genesee Promise Plus, every GLOW area June 2012 high school graduate will receive a scholarship covering the cost of tuition for one or two summer 2012 courses offered by Genesee Community College at any of its seven campus locations in Albion, Arcade, Batavia, Dansville, Lakeville, Medina, and Warsaw. The application deadline is June 15, 2012.

Holley’s Safe School Ambassadors: (first row, l-r) Shawna Lusk, Luca Fahmer, Nina DiLella, Jocelyn Cervone, Emma Kennedy, and Aaron Strathearn; (second row) Riley White, Kristina Stephens, Andrew Klaver, Alexis Milazzo, Andrea Payne, Crystal Cabic, Madison Papaj, Sierra Verhagen, Allison Howard, Alexis Gamble, and Alexis Fulmer; (third row) Ryan Andrews, Brandon Dillenbeck, Greg Morrill, and Sam Lammes; (fourth row) Patrick Bower, Eric Balys, Dalton Major, Brandon Burdick, Nathen Towne, Matthew DeSimone, Alex Lane, Ethan Bibby, Matthew Skehan, Emily Bibby, Ava Kohut, and Angela Weaver.


Holley Central School District

For more information, visit


Elementary School UPDATE by Regina Yeo, Principal


ow wonderful the weather has been! I love to see children playing outside in the fresh air having fun and getting exercise. I always encouraged my own children to play outdoors as much as possible. As this time of year arrives, we see a number of bumps and bruises. This is a normal expectation due to how hard children play. I am concerned though when I see simple safety guidelines being ignored. Of course I am referring to helmets and safety gear. A fall can seriously injure a child not wearing a helmet. The head must be protected at all times. This holds true for bicycles, horseback riding, dirt bikes, four wheelers, and motorcycles. Safety gear, such as knee and elbow pads, is recommended for scooters and skate boards. Goggles are recommended for riding off road. Our sight is the sense we rely on most. Be sure to take care of it! I must admit I did not follow my own advice last fall and had a terrible horseback riding accident. I was so lucky not to be seriously injured! NOW I follow my advice and wear a helmet every time I ride. Please do the same.

May 2012

Simple tips for parents to increase helmet use by their children 1. Have children start wearing a bicycle helmet as soon as they learn to ride a bicycle. 2. Wear a helmet yourself; children look to their parents to role model correct behaviors. 3. Explain to children the importance of wearing a helmet and how it can help them in case of a crash. 4. Reward children when they wear their helmets without being asked. 5. Let children pick out their own helmet. 6. Point out other people who are being safe and wearing their helmets. 7. Do not let children ride their bicycles unless they have their helmet on. No helmet = No bike! 8. Remind them that it’s the law.

Check out this great website with plenty of safety information:

Box Tops fund art equipment


ixth graders in Mimi Reyngoudt’s art classes created intricate designs on clay that, when finished, will look like professional artwork. The Aztec and Asian design tiles started with a slab of clay that the students were able to roll out using the new slab roller. The piece of equipment normally costs $553, but Mrs. Reyngoudt was able to get it for free using funds from the Box Tops for Education collection. “Last June when I took over as Sixth graders (l-r) Sierra Verhagen, Alexis coordinator, I took box loads of the Milazzo, Ellie Williams, and Emma Kennedy coupons home for trimming, bundling, work together to roll out a slab of clay on the and shipping out over the summer,” new slab roller. They are creating Aztec and she said. “Our total for that batch was Asian tiles. In front is Sierra’s tile on which she is painting an intricate Aztec design. $303.” In the fall, another $543 was earned and added to what Marge Gaskin, sixth grade teacher, had been collecting. The school received a check on December 15 for $1,184...all for clipping little pieces of paper. So far the total for 2012 is $369.80. “The Box Top for Education people set our school’s goal at $671 and we surpassed that easily. They list our school year total as $1812.20 earned,” said Mrs. Reyngoudt. The PTSA is also collecting Labels for Education found on different products. To find eligible products and how to clip, and to follow the totals, visit and All funds go to benefit Holley students.

Soaring to New Heights

At the April 25 Board of Education meeting, third grade student Coleman Garnier was presented with a Soaring to New Heights Award for his generosity. He used some money that he had been given for Easter, went to Barnes and Noble Bookstore, and purchased two Star Wars books –”The Phantom of Menace” and “Adventures,” both from Star Wars Episode I, to donate to the Elementary School library. A big Star Wars fan, Coleman thought that the library needed more Star Wars books on its shelves. Of course, he was the first one to check them out!

Holley Central School District 5


May 2012

Welcome, spring!



by Kristina Mack, School Counselor

Senior Job Interview Day

On Wednesday, May 2, members of the Holley community will be on campus to interview seniors. All of the seniors were given the opportunity to sign up to complete a “mock interview” with a local professional in the career they intend to pursue. Many of our seniors have chosen to participate and all of them were provided with resume writing workshops to help prepare them for the world of work beyond high school.

SAT/ACT for juniors

A mother duck and her 12 ducklings have made their home in the beautiful courtyard at Holley Elementary School. It appears that the mother duck returns to the courtyard every spring to raise her family. Well-wishers put out seed and water, and students love watching each day as the ducklings get bigger and bigger.

Elementary Students of the Month for


If you haven’t taken the SAT/ACT or would like to retake the exams, you are encouraged to sign up online or by mail. Registration forms are located in the Counseling Office. Many scholarships require scores as part of the selection process. ACT website: SAT website:

Financial aid for seniors

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is still available to any family who has yet to apply! If you haven’t applied, please do so IMMEDIATELY so you don’t miss out on funding from loans, grants or any other financial aid that is available to you. Please visit the website, to file. Contact the financial aid office located online for further assistance in completing the application. Worksheets are also available online to assist you in completing the online form. (Do not mail the worksheets to the Financial Aid Center.)


Seniors are encouraged to visit the Counseling Office for scholarship opportunities. Many of the scholarships are located on the district website at: In addition, a hard copy has been printed and is located at the attendance desk. Information can also be found on the scholarship board in the Counseling Office. You can visit the following websites for further scholarship information: and

The March Students of the Month were recognized for consistently displaying respect, responsibility and safety: (first row, l-r) Destiny Blosenhauer, Kerri Mana, Daisy Perez-Reyes, and Grace Fuller; (second row) Ilona Yaroshchuk, Elise Quincey, Ethan Hudzinski, Elizabeth Inman, Alexis Taylor, Dylan Bishop, and Joseph Silpoch; (third row) Charlie Turpyn, Gina Sauro, Miracle Geska, Maximus Floyd, Jamel Hildreth, Grant Moy, Jazmin Mounts, and Madelyn St. John; (fourth row) Matthew Skehan, Alexis Gamble, Sonya Kordovich, Michael Passarell, Sierra Kuhn, and Kristina Bevins.


Holley Central School District

Congratulations, seniors! Congratulations to the following senior on receiving his college acceptance letters. Stephen Schubmehl Genesee Community College SUNY Canton


May 2012

Holley announces third quarter honor roll


he Middle School/High School has announced the honor roll and high honor roll for the third marking period. High honors are for all students who maintain a grade average of 89.5 percent or higher. Honors are for students who maintain a grade average of 84.5 to 89.4 percent. The following students received these honors:

HIGH HONOR ROLL Seventh Grade: Lisa Alemu, Christopher Balys, Hannah Biedlingmaier, Jaiya Blackwell, Anna Brasted, Andie Carpenter, Andrew Cary, Claudia Drechsel, Hannah Ellsmore, Isaiah Flow, Megan Fribance, William Harrington, Megan Hatfield, Emily Herzog, Derrick Hildreth III, Dylan Hillabush, Ashlyn Hotchkiss, Corinne Johnson, Vadim Kagel, Taylor Kimmerly, Rebecca Kinsey, Jessica Mandigo, Alice McAllister, Derek McArthur, Dylay McKay, Veronica Mendoza, Garrett Moy, Collin Nothnagle, Collin Papaj, Gaje Papponetti, Heather Ramsey, Bailey Schubmehl, James Skehan, Melea Towsley, Jeffrey VanOrden II, and Diana Yaroshchuk. Eighth Grade: Helen Alemu, Xander Apicella, Christopher Barrett, Amber Becker, Cameron Bennage, Danielle Bevins, Braden Clark, Meghan Clark, Flint DiLella, Trevor Farrow, Dana Frisbee, Gillian Gallets, Rebecca Gay, Mikayla Hargreaves, Anne Jewell, Thomas Kelly, Melanie Klossner, Colton Major, Cassandra Mohney, Kristen Nenni, Inna Odeychuk, Alaina Roniger, Riley Sanger, Jared Scherer, Brittney Shattuck, Ricci Shenck, Nikki Siplo, Brady Smith, Mikala Smith, Sienna Steier, Zachary Trask, Courtney Winkley, Heather Winkley, Melanie Wolf, and Anna Yaroshchuk. Ninth Grade: Leah Baker, Taylor Bell, Jonathan Bower, Nicole Boyle, Mikeylah Burgos, Taylor DeSimone, Gunter Hotchkiss, Sarah Lusk, Tessa McArthur, Hailey Murphy, Bailey Papaj, Zachary Peashey, Ian Penders, Nicolas Pifer, Cole Quiter, Emily Radford, Andrew Rowley, Lucas Silvis, Jessica Skehan, Andrew Spychalski, Jade Underwood, and Brianna VanAmeron.

Tenth Grade: Nicole Blackburn, Daniel Flanagan, Justin Gaines, Jennifer Hendel, Emily Kordovich, Shelby Kunker, Nicole Mauro, Savanna Merriam, Kayla MichaelLane, Claudia Passarell, Emily Skehan, and Morgan Zona. Eleventh Grade: William Barniak, Kyle Bell, Jacob Bower, Grace Callaghan, Marissa Callahan, Samuel DeFilipps, Steven Dill, Travis Finger, Heather Fumia, Megan Gentile, Joshua Hatfield, Zachary Hogle, Shannon Kelly, Starlyt Knight, Dylan Lotzow, Sonia Mendoza, John Morrill, Alyssa Scherer, Alicia Smith, David Smith, Rachael Spychalski, Courtney Strickland, Hannah Sulkowski, and Nicholas Winkley. Twelfth Grade: Kelly Bates, William Bell II, Brianna Blackburn, Donald Brice, Bradly Carroll, Nohely Castillo, Sarah Causyn, Nicholas Cuccaro, Zachary DeLuca, Mikayla Dibelka, Thomas Donovan, David Eller, Timothy Gallets, Rebecca Gates, Brianna Goodwin, Brandon Grzywacz, Cynthia Hansen, Elizabeth Harder, Tylur Harper, Andrew Heath, Cheyenne Hovey, April Iachetta, Amber Kenyon, Nicholas Kimmel, Alyssa Lasch, Cortney Lawrence, Jenna Livezey, Samantha Lotzow, Samuel Mauro, Samantha McElwain, David Moore, Camron Quaranto, Danielle Rhodes, Ashley Ross, Stephen Schubmehl, Jessica Shenck, Lindsay Smith, Jennifer Spychalski, Patrick Stetzel, Cassandra Vaccarelli, Amber Verstreate, and Taylor Zona.

HONOR ROLL Seventh Grade: Bryce Baxter, Jayla Blackwell, Makenzie Ferranti, Lukas Hogle, Katie Morgan, Ryley O’Mara, Trent Osborne, Madeline Rowley, Maya Thorne, Spencer Tupis, Jessiqua Underwood, and Mika Vazquez-Pulcino.

Merriam, Santino Morales, Ryan Moseman, Natalie Mrzywka, Chelsea Norman, Justin Parker, Angela Pinson, Patrick Purtell, Adrianna Rosario, Nicholas Shenck, Adam Stetzel, Connor Stevens, Shayla Swisher, Richard Tamblin, and Zachary Vaccarelli. Ninth Grade: Samantha Barniak, Joseph DeFelice, Tyler Dibelka, Kayla Guck, Emily Klimack, Cassandra Rivera, Jonathan Rusin, Tara Ryan, Adrianna Shepherd, and Thad Whittier. Tenth Grade: Bailey Flint, Macy Gurzynski, Dustin Hendrickson, Heather Jones, Jacob McAllister, Isaac Miller, Lexi Reyngoudt, Darlene Sommerfeldt, John Tanis IV, David Weaver, Joshua Welch, Sarah Wharram, Paige Whittier, James Williams, Tiffany Winkelman, Corey Winter, and Alyssa Young. Eleventh Grade: Ashley Bradoc, Brenna DeFelice, Kevin Hishman, Steven Johnson, Dominique Mendes, Cassandra Napoleon, Jessica Nenni, Cadizsh Norford, Rachel Oliver, Emily Owens, Rachel Penders, Jacob Pickard, Brionnah Raglan, Danielle Russ, Jadyn Seewagen, Allyson Shoap, Kassandra Sutton, Jennifer Weber, and Chelsea White. Twelfth Grade: Samantha Breyette, Tyler DeYoung, Timur Doenmez, James Edwards, Alicia Ford, William Gergely, Jr., Robert Gregoire, Kyle Jenks, James Klafehn, Jannel Lawrence, Sierra Mendes, Eric Mitchell, Nicole Morales, Justin Mulcahy, Justin Scott, Kadriss Seda, David Sharp, Anne Towsley, Chelsey Weaver, Delaney Williams, and Cabel Witt.

Eighth Grade: Joshua Baker, Brianna Barber, Jake DeSimone, Brandon Donovan, Levi Fahmer, Christopher Garcia, Randi Gergely, John Heinlein, Skylar Keiffer, Brittany Kunker, Connor McGrath, Tiffany McMillion, Salina

Holley Central School District 7


May 2012

Superintendent of Schools Robert C. D'Angelo Board of Education John Heise, President Brenda Swanger, Vice President Elaine Berg Salvatore De Luca, Jr. Norman Knight Dorothy Morgan Robin Silvis Kellie Spychalski John C. Welch, Jr.

Don’t worry about dinner or dessert on

Chicken BBQ

sponsored by the Holley Music Department

Holley Dimension is produced with the assistance of the Communication and Technology Services (CaTS) Department at Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES.

Get your tickets now for

Editor: Grace Griffee, 585-349-9072,

Tuesday, May 15 – the

Photography: Grace Griffee Layout & Design: Lisa Mott

vote night!

a delicious barbecued chicken dinner on

Dinner s sell ou t fast so b e sure to get you r tickets in adva nce!

date of the budget vote. Tickets are available from any Middle School/High School music student or teacher, and at the Elementary School main office. Dinners are available to take out or eat in the Middle School/High School cafeteria from 3 to 7:30 p.m.

May 2012


Board of Education Meeting, 6 p.m., Board Room


Story Hour, “Planting a Garden” –10:30-11:30 a.m., Community Free Library


Early Dismissal Staff Development Day Secondary students dismissed at 10:33 a.m.; Elementary students dismissed at 11:33 a.m. ACT Registration Deadline

5 SAT 8

Meet the Candidates Night, 7 p.m., ES Cafeteria SAT Registration Deadline


PTSA Meeting, 5:30 p.m., ES Library Story Hour, “Mother’s Day” –10:30-11:30 a.m., Community Free Library


2012-13 School Budget Vote 6 a.m.-9 p.m., MS/HS Foyer Board of Education Meeting, 6 p.m., MS/HS Library


Holley Central School District

Included is: • a half chicken • roll/butter • salt potatoes • macaroni salad All profits go to the Holley Music Department. Dinners are provided by Krolick’s Bar-B-Q.

Get your FREE ice cream! After your chicken dinner, stop by for a free ice cream from the Holley PTSA. Members will be at the Middle School/High School from 5 to 7 p.m.


MS/HS Interim Reports Available Online Story Hour, “Picnic” – 10:30-11:30 a.m., Community Free Library Author Visit, Nancy Lynch – Vietnam Mail Bag, 6:30 p.m., Community Free Library


ES Interim Reports Sent Home

23-June 1 NYS Grade 4 Science Performance Test 23 NYS Grade 8 Science Performance Test Story Hour, “Parade” –10:30-11:30 a.m., Community Free Library 24

ES Band & Chorus Spring Concert, 7 p.m., MS/HS Auditorium


Memorial Day Assembly, 9:30 a.m., ES Intermediate Gym

28 No School Memorial Day 30

Story Hour, David Shannon –10:30-11:30 a.m., Community Free Library


MS/HS Band & Chorus Spring Concert, 7 p.m., MS/HS Auditorium

Dimension - May 2012  

This is the official community newsletter for the Holley Central School District.

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