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Jet Thruster Magazine: Publisher: Holland Marine Parts BV address: Donker Duyvisweg 297 3316BL Dordrecht The Netherlands Contact: Graphic Design: Toofan Pour Editorial office: Tekstkwekerij van Teeffelen Print: Pario Print We keep the right to change descripitions, graphs or other statements, which are rquired for technical development of our Jet Thruster systems. Holland Marine Parts 2018 All rights reserved

All our products are manufactured according to CE regulation.

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Table of contents


Plenty of reasons for this new magazine


The Jet Thruster Team


Common Thruster problems


Flexibele installation options


Jet Thruster benefits


JT30 and JT50 replaced by the Compact series


Jet Thruster controller


Jet Thruster installation options


Jet Thruster factory option for Dufour


Thrust, how does it work?


Pieter Cats, about marketing and promotion


3D engineering technical support


Mastervolt, great products and great service


Jet Thruster factory option for MasterCraft


Cabin boat unique concept


Lijnema specialist of battery’s


Jet Thruster factory option for Malibu ski-boats


Products in stock


Sailing yachts


Motor boats


Catamarans 60 Rudolf Nagel is installing a Jet Thruster himself


Multi Bonding Fastener


De Lagoon 40 motor yacht


Xomnia selfdriving boat


Jet Thruster Distributors


Jet Thruster Specifications (24v)


Jet Thruster Specifications (48v)


Design your Jet Thruster


Frequently asked questions


MO7 (USA) with JT50 bow Jet Thruster, factory option

We have published a magazine twice before, in the years

own engineering department and with the help of a 3D

that our Jet Thruster system has been sold. The focus used

design program. We are listening to what the market wants.

to be on its introduction, the first experiences and the

We also received messages that the pump for the JT-30

expansion of our distributing network and now we are

and JT-50, designed for smaller boats up to 12 meters, with

looking at a new phase. The characteristics of the Jet

little draft, was perceived as too big. This led us to develop

Thruster as a silent, user-friendly and reliable maneuvering

a new series; the Compact series. Since 2017, this Compact

system working on water pressure, have now been em-

series is the successor to the JT-30 and JT-50. The numbers:

braced by the customers. Renowned boat builders made the

10 kilos lighter, 25% smaller, 10% more powerful and 11

Jet Thruster a standard or option feature in their program.

centimeters smaller. Another upgrade, also applied to the

Besides sailing yachts and motor cruisers, there are now

heavier JT-70 and JT-90, is steering with a controller. Before

also sloops, catamarans and ski- and wakeboard boats

it used to be electrical, now by an electronical management

equipped with our system. Just like classic boats, as you

system. Resulting in a shorter installation period and a plug

can’t see anything from the outside and the original

& play installation, another outcome of listening to your

appearance is left intact.

customers. Finally I will mention that on refit boats with a bow thruster already installed, the Jet Thruster controller


As innovation partner, we are now being involved in the de-

has the benefit and ability to be combined with a

sign of new boats, something we are happy to do, with our

Jet Thruster on the stern side.

Holland Marine Parts |

We have become a formidable competitor to the

applications, charter companies, individuals who install the

old-fashioned bow thruster, and will continue to do so. We

Jet Thruster themselves and our market approach.

are growing fast, but we guard this growth to keep it manageable in our family-run business. We are and will be a stock

I wish you a lot of reading pleasure!

holding partner which everyone can trust. This trust extends to our enthusiastic distributors. We only work with the best

Henry H. Kroeze

and we found them; in Europe, in America, in Australia, New

CEO and founder of Holland Marine Parts

Zealand and in Asia. Our way of communication took a leap forward. The website is a treasure trove of information and we share a lot of knowledge true our Facebook and our Youtube channel. Yet, there are still reasons enough for publishing a new Jet Thruster Magazine. You will read about our company, the development-, testing-, and manufacturing process, the thrust principles, electronics and energy management, technical support, customer experiences, remarkable

Henry Kroeze is CEO and founder of Holland Marine Parts. Convinced that there was a market for a water-pressured maneuver systems, he took over an existing product in 2010. At first, he was not satisfied at all and continued to develop it, together with the help of several specialists. Only in 2011, all systems were replaced and he launches the Jet Thruster. As Pater familias he is at the helm and steers the company into a direction few did expect; a successful family-run business with a beautiful


product that keeps innovating and that has many satisfied users.

In 2011, Pieter Cats, son-in-law of Henry Kroeze, received the offer to start working at Holland Marine Parts and it came at the right moment. With years of sales experience in the publishing industry combined with a never-ending enthusiasm for the product Holland Marine Parts is developing, he got started. Through his network he is able to focus the attention towards the Jet Thruster, both nationally and internationally. He is also critical, he is known for looking from the customers’ perspective and is involved in every aspect of the Jet Thruster. We are dealing with a perfectionist

PIETER CATS Sales Director & Business Development

here, just like his father-in-law.

Toofan Pour might not be family member, but it sure does feel like one. He explicitly wanted to unleash his talents in engineering and business development at a family-run business. His experience in 3D Design Engineering Products from SolidWorks and his graphic background prove to be a golden combination. He delivers extremely solid work and is actively involved in innovating products. His communicative skills allow him to connect engineering and contact with customers. With his

TOOFAN POUR Engineering & Business Development


Holland Marine Parts |

arrival, outsourcing is no longer a necessity and we are developing and improving inhouse.

Chantal Cats is Pieter Cats’ wife and Henry Kroeze’s daughter. As no one else she knows what ambition her father has, and let’s be honest, her enthusiasm and perfectionistic nature comes from him. Chantal added versatility to the mix herself. Whether it is telephone contact with customers, debtor management, meticulously arranging international shipping or accounting, she is a star in every field. Her com-


mitment for backoffice has made Holland Marine Parts the professional company it is today on the backend of the business as well.

Lukasz Koziel has been Holland Marine Parts’ production department manager since 2013. As proved by this experience and interest in engineering he feels quite at home. He is responsible for the production management as well as the test- and development program. He is also responsible for keeping the stock well supplied. Lukasz has been with HMP during its growth and is proud to have played his part.

LUKASZ KOZIEL Head of production

Cezary Koziel, the older brother of Lukasz, has been working as logistical manager since 2016 and deals with preparing and processing current orders. The production process of ordered Jet Thruster systems is a meticulous job. Exactly the right parts have to be in stock at exactly the right amounts, which will be packages and shipped soon after. A matter of check and double check. Cezary, as eager to learn as he is, soon became an expert in this field.

CEZARY KOZIEL Dispatching & logistics

Chris Koziel, the youngest brother, deals with the quality checks of incoming goods. Besides that he is also responsible for the assembly and testing of all products. Among other things, this entails testing with the water tank, as every newly sold pump will go through an extensive testing program. Cooperation between the hardworking brothers is harmonious and relaxed and only a few words need to be said to get them going.

CHRIS KOZIEL Quality control

Holland Marine Parts |





Holland Marine Parts |

w.j ett hru ste r.c om ww

Concept development

3D engineering



Holland Marine Parts |


Retractable Thruster High risk of damage!

Traditional Thruster High risk of damage!

- Mooring lines

- Vulnerable Product

- Vulnerable Product

- High service Costs

- High service Costs

- Difficult product for Charter boats

- Difficult product for Charter boats

- High installation costs

- Fiberglass work needed

- Fiberglass work needed

- Noisy operation

- Cavitation

- Cavitation

- Cannot be installed in all boats

- Cannot be installed in all boats


Holland Marine Parts |





- flexible hose

water intake

Pump unit can be placed where ever you want. As long as it is below water level

‘‘Since 2013 we changed from a classic bow thruster to the Jet Thruster system in our charter fleet. The reason is simple:

Less installation cost, low maintenance& high reliability during the charter lifetime and the better usability for our charter clients. The Jet Thruster does not have complex mechanical parts and just use water, which is pumped through tubes. Therefore, we have experienced less repair cost and increased safety to our boats and higher satisfaction for our clients: because this product operates trouble free for time it used.

Besides the product benefits, technical staff at our bases perform the installations themselves. Jet Thruster systems are very easy and very fast to install to any boat. Since we have started installing Jet Thruster systems, we have generated additional revenues and profit. Jet Thruster systems are commercial interesting products to offer to our clients and other boats owners who visit the area’s where we worked’’

30-50 Kgf - JT30/JT50 Compact - Single: Can be installed in the bow or stern - Flexible installation - Pump can be placed anywhere as long as it is below the waterline

30-50 Kgf - JT30/JT50 Compact - Combi: One system operating bow and stern - Flexible installation - Pump can be placed anywhere as long as it is below the waterline


Holland Marine Parts |

70-90 Kgf - JT70/JT90 - Combi: One system operating bow and stern - Flexible installation - Pump can be placed anywhere as long as it is below the waterline

Tip - All our pump units are available in vertical position - Placed straight on the water intake - space-saving - Pump can be placed anywhere as long as the pumphead is below the waterline

Holland Marine Parts |



High operation sound

Low operation sound

Vulnerable propeller

Protected and closed impeller

Holland Marine Parts |

Big holes:

>180mm/ 7.08 in

Small holes:

60mm/ 2.36 in

2x units required for bow and stern

1x unit operates bow and stern

Limited installation options

Flexible installation options

Holland Marine Parts |


Consumers asked if it would be possible to develop a smal-

possibilities significantly. But that’s not all; the original

ler model for the JT-30 and JT-50 pumps. The first generati-

stainless steel back wall of the housing has been replaced

on Jet Thruster pumps were the biggest component of the

by a plastic one, with a drastic weight reduction as result.

system and that made it complicated to install, especially on smaller boats, where there is always a lack of space. The

The plastic impeller has been replaced with a newly

request made to Holland Marine Parts was to do something

developed premium quality stainless steel one, turn-

about that.

ing around a bronze axis. A premium axis sealing is ensured by using a four way lip-seal setup.

The resulted in the first large development, which spanned three years. The requirements were that the pump had to be smaller and lighter, but it had to generate the same thrusting power. We succeeded in doing so. After extensive research, a reduction in size of the pumping house with 25% was possible, and this increases the desired installing


Holland Marine Parts |

Optimization of the pump housing geometry has been realized and output has been increased by 10%, despite downsizing it. It has been a technical development years in the making, with considerable investment in making new injection molds for the pump housing, but it has allowed Holland Marine Parts the meet the market demand. The Compact Series allows the Jet Thruster to be better installable in smaller boats with little draft.

waterflow simulation

Holland Marine Parts |


The second big development is the Jet Thruster Controller.

thruster. Therefore, it was quite a logical step to connect the

The first generation Jet Thruster systems had electrical

existing bow thruster to the Jet Thruster system, making it

controls. In association with our technical partner Karyvo,

manageable from the control panel. The new controller has

this has been modified to a specially designed digital control

been designed in such a way that every bow thruster can be

system. The striving of Holland Marine parts to improve

connected to the Jet Thruster Controller. A big advantage for

steering and then indeed realizing it has also been done

the retrofit market!

based on market demand. After experimenting with an electronical test model, proOften clients already have a bow thruster and they want

grammed with a specially designed program, it turned out

to use the Jet Thruster as stern-thruster. Many boats are

that the steering worked indeed perfectly. After that, it was

equipped with the a bow thruster when they leave the

important to design a compact, watertight housing; this has

factory, but not yet with a stern thruster, as often it’s not

been done as well.

even possible. The unique Jet Thruster systems offer an immediate solution as it’s very suited to be used as stern

waterproof Deutsch connectoren


Holland Marine Parts |




The new Jet Thruster Controller was ready to be manufactured, but not before TĂœV performed a professional production test and the controller has suffered during testing. From lightning strike to serious short circuiting in the managing circuit, it was all tested. The test have proven that the Jet

E-307-00 (10M)


E-301-00 (1m) E-304-00 (2m)

Thruster Controller complies with all applicable norms. The result is that the controller is an indissociable part of the




system. That brings about two big advantages; the system is easier and quicker Plug & Play installable then before whilst a coupling with the existing bow thruster is possible at the same time.

12V service battery Series parallel switch

Pump unit (use E-308-00 to extend cable)

Directional 3-way valve(s) (use E-309-00 to extend cable)

70 Holland Marine Parts


Download the informative installation manual from our website!

Holland Marine Parts |


Single - Can be installed in the bow or stern - Flexible installation due to the use of high quality rubber hose - Pump can be placed everywhere as long it is below waterlevel - Nozzles can be placed maximum forward or backwards - Pump unit also available for vertical placement

Combi - One unit for bow and stern - Endless manoeuvre possibilities - Pump can be placed everywhere as long as it is below waterlevel - Nozzles can be placed maximum forward and aft - Pump unit also available for vertical placement


Holland Marine Parts |

Dual - When you need more power - Usually installed in larger boats - Installation can be compact - Nozzles can be placed maximum forward and backwards - Pump units also available for vertical placement

Dual Bow - When you need more power - Usually installed in larger boats - Nozzles can be placed maximum forward - Pump units also available for vertical placement

Holland Marine Parts |


Dual Stern - When you need more power - Usually installed in larger motor yachts - Nozzles can be placed maximum forward - Pump units also available for vertical placement

Dual Bow and Stern - When you need more power - Usually installed in larger motor yachts - Nozzles can be placed maximum forward and aft - Pump unit also available for vertical placement


Holland Marine Parts |

Special for >70ft Yachts/Catamarans - When you need more power - Usually installed in larger Catamarans - Two units installed on one three-way valve, reducing the amount of hull penetrations - Nozzles can be placed maximum forward - Pump units also available for vertical placement

Holland Marine Parts |



Holland Marine Parts |

Holland Marine Parts |



Holland Marine Parts |

Dufour 56 Factory option: JT-90 Bow Jet Thruster and Stern Jet Thruster Videos of Dufour with Jet Thrusters:

Holland Marine Parts |


Stern Jet Thruster

Test Facility Dufour

Bow Jet Thruster


Holland Marine Parts |

In 2015 Dufour Yachts began implementing Jet Thruster as a factory option. Due to the unique benefits of our systems such as easy and flexible installation options and serveral other technical advantages, Dufour yachts chose to work with Jet Thruster

Dufour 382 Grand Large Production facility

Dufour Yard La Rochelle- Jet Thruster Installations Holland Marine Parts |


Over the years, the Jet Thruster has proven to be a sys-

the nozzle or the water’s counter pressure doesn’t matter.

tem that performs very well indeed. The principle of sucking

Take the fire hose for example. If too much water is pushed

water in with a pump and to thrust it out in force through

through the hose, it could be hard to control the hose. Not

tubes and nozzles is understandable. But after that? What is

because the force of the jet being sprayed against some-

the exact principle on how to move a boat with it? And what

thing, but because of the force caused by the acceleration

does Newton’s 2nd law of physics F=m x a has to do with it?

of the water itself.”

We ask Norbert Bulten. He graduated on Waterjet Propul-


sion Systems. If someone knows, it must be him. His thesis

We take the opportunity to get rid of a common misunder-

dives deep into the subject. Even though it deals with the

standing. There are people who think that the Jet Thrus-

effect on the main propulsion, the same principle applies to

ter maneuvers as a result of the jet power coming out of

the Jet Thruster, but instead to maneuver.

the nozzle pushed against the surrounding water. On the contrary: “Imagine that we put the nozzle 30 centimeters/

“The essence of a water jet is in the acceleration of the

12” above the water line, it will work just as well. It’s only

water. It is being pushed through the nozzle which gives it

annoying towards other water sportsmen which will be

its high speed and thus its propulsion power. The height of

showered with a water jet, every time the Jet Thruster is being used….


Holland Marine Parts |

“The water jet nozzles for large ferries are usually placed on the waterline, compared to the traditional propeller. The big advantage of a jet nozzle is that it can be used on ships with little draft.“ The secret is in a law of physics. The Jet Thruster’s pumping unit sucks water in through its inlet. This pump makes the water flow through the nozzle and will be accelerated by the conical constriction. This provides the force allowing the ship to change its course. The water leaving the ship through the nozzle is nothing more than water used for creating thrust. =>

When you let go of a full balloon, the air is being

A jet engine has a large inlet on the front end, the

pressed through the small inlet,

air is being pressed out through a small opening on

which causes the balloon to fly away.

the backside. Even though combustion of fuel and fume gasses play a part, the principle is the same as with the balloon.

The jet from a fire hose will push

By using the same principle, the boat will

a firefighter backwards.

actually move sidewards.

Holland Marine Parts |


Newtons 2e law of physics This is not a new principle. The first idea was already con-

In conclusion: the Jet Thruster’s nozzles work both under

ceived back in 1630. Isaac Newton has described it 57 years

and above the waterline. This opens all kinds of technical

later in his second law: F = m x a. in words: The force acting

possibilities for boats with little draft.

on an object is equal to the mass of that object times its acceleration. This is how a Jet Thruster works; a resting object

The only reason to put the nozzles slightly underneath the

(the boat) starts moving as soon as a force is being applied.

waterline is to prevent water spray. If the nozzle where to

In this case the force is the internal thrusting pressure gene-

be put above the waterline, the jet would wet the docks.

rated inside the Jet Thruster. The pump unit of a Jet Thruster is being installed The big difference with a boat propeller is that it works outside of the ship. The turning

on board. Because the nozzles are far up ahead in

of the propeller causes an acceleration of the

the bow, it has a positive effect on the working

water and pressure differences between both

of the system: a larger distance between

sides of the propeller. That is the reason why the

the nozzle to the turning point of the

ship is being pushed forward. Low pressure

boat, results in a larger power of the

causes vapor bubbles (similar to boiling

system itself.

water, only at room temperature). This phenomenon is called Cavitation. With conventional bow thrusters this results in the well-known noise that comes with using a bow thruster. It’s exactly something you don’t want to have with a maneuver system. The Jet Thruster is very quiete, as no cavitation is caused.


underneath the waterline but can be placed anywhere

Holland Marine Parts |

Sales director & Business Developer Pieter Cats: “With the Jet Thruster system, we were able to launch a beautiful and distinctive product that has proven itself. But that is no reason to lean back when it comes to marketing and promotion. On the contrary! A lot has changed in the field of marketing lately. As HMP, we decided to approach the market proactively. With our own Youtube channel, a Facebook account and a website, which has grown into a digital dossier with an extensief amount of information on it, besides being a promotional asset. We receive a lot of compliments from potential and existing customers, the dealer network and shipyards. You can find practically anything on there. We add our advice and service to the mix in real life. Factory option Next to Dufour and Mastercraft, Malibu, Italia Yachts and MO7 and serveral others, provide the Jet Thruster as a factory option. Holland Marine Parts is active in the international water sport sector. That’s why the international boat shows like Mets Trade and Boot Düsseldorf are so important for us. Next to these well-known European shows you will find the stands of our distributors at boat shows all over the world. Our growing organization can deal with much more than before and we’re happy to show it. Shows are part of the traditional means of communication, but nothing can replace personal contact. This is a fact that remains to be true, even in the digital age we live in. We also like to continue publishing our magazine. We can tell it ourselves, but in this magazine others tell about our experiences with us. The magazine also allows us to show what our products are capable of. The Jet thruster system is modular, plug & play and more flexible than ever. That’s a message we are happy to spread through all traditional and modern means of communication.”

Holland Marine Parts |


The Jet Thruster is not just a static product. Adjustments are made every time to perfectionate the system even more. Introducing the JT-30 and JT-50 Compact are great examples of that philosophy. It’s a dynamical process in which Engineer & Business Developer Toofan Pour feels right at home. His background as industrial production developer and graphical designer make him a versatile designer. “I can translate the ideas of Henry Kroeze, Pieter Cats and myself into a design. In order to produce that design virtually, we at HMP work with the SolidWorks 3D software.” SolidWorks The result of Toofan’s labor can be seen in the installation and instruction manuals and the price lists, which include technical drawings for a 2D and 3D clarification, used for installation. He also made guides for the dealer network, with exploded views of the Jet Thruster components. Such a 3D drawing, where the pump is visually pulled apart, shows every component and part of the pump. A great tool to always be able to find the right component.=>

JT-90 pump unit


Holland Marine Parts |

Like Henry Kroeze mentioned in his foreword, the small scale of this family business is a deliberate choice. That means that Toofan is involved in all aspects and processes in the operation and can add value to it with his specialty. “With the help of SolidWorks I am able to not only design new parts, but test them based on force- and strength calculations. In the design, It’s even possible to see if a turning part rubs or isn’t balanced, the possibilities are practically endless. In the end, it is about whether every Jet Thruster component can be turned into a 3D model and after that in a production drawing. From there on out, we can produce the component and it will end up in the HMP warehouse. There is no need to outsource, we can do everything inhouse.” New construction A great example is the development of a specific nozzle which precisely fits a bow shape of particular boat type. The design power has large benefits in real life for new construction whereby the system can be adjusted to the requirements of the boat builder how has the Jet Thruster in its program. “I’m involved in the development process from the start and if need be, I can add my mark. I was able to do just that for several projects and many more will follow. That is exactly why I choose to work in a family-run business. The good product is already there and I can help with its further development.” New developments are being worked on behind the scenes. For example whether the Jet Thruster system can be installed in even bigger or smaller boats. Those kinds of processes take time. Because just like the current Jet Thruster system, a new one will only be launched if it fully developed and tested. Toofan Pour’s DTP-background is not only expressed via manuals and price lists, the whole layout of this magazine is his’. Look at it as an act of skill. That makes the Jet Thruster Magazine Toofan Pour’s attestation, which declares the holder deemed fit to perform his specialized function.

Holland Marine Parts |



Holland Marine Parts |

“Mastervolt” says Ruud Ydema, Sales Manager Benelux

This made the relationship between Holland Marine Parts

“stands for reliable and innovative autonomous power

and Mastervolt even stronger. A very important aspect

solutions”. As specialists in the management, conversion

of a Jet Thruster is a stable and reliable electrical system.

and storage of electrical energy, we offer a comprehensive

Holland Marine Parts therefore recommends Mastervolt

product portfolio with a power range from 300 W to 40

systems with a Jet Thruster. This cooperation has already led

kwatt. Our electric solutions are widely used in demanding

to a large number of reliable systems, with the ultimate goal

markets such as marine, mobile, off shore, industrial, auto-

of having satisfied customers.

nomous solar and infrastructure. Integration with JetThruster Breakthrough technology, optimum performance

One of the examples of how power electronics of Master-

Mastervolt has been a strong, innovation-driven company

volt and JetThruster go hand in hand was the build of a

since its founding in 1991. Product development takes place

cutting-edge new Lemsteraak. Together with the customer

in three highly sophisticated R&D centers, in Amsterdam

and our partner Karyvo we were able to supply a complete

(The Netherlands), Auckland (New Zealand) and Wisconsin

full hybrid vessel. The basic concept for the owner was a

(USA), where our engineers are continuously searching for

boat that could be sailed “until we’re 70”. By combining

new ways to connect breakthrough technology with

our Mass Combi Ultra charger inverter, MLI Ultra Lithium

optimum performance

Ion batteries, CZone digital switching, our DC distribution and many more components we were able to create a boat

Stronger together

which was as green as possible. Of course a JetThruster had

Mastervolt is part of Power Products, LLC, which includes

to be part of the system, running on the 48 V DC network

various leading brands within its Marine, Mobile & Indus-

on the boat. The result: the possibility of sailing a Lem-

trial division. Ancor, BEP, Blue Sea Systems, CZone, Lenco,

steraak for 4,5 hours at a speed of five knots.

Marinco, Mastervolt and ProMariner provide innovative electrical solutions as independent companies for decades.

Superior service

Now these leading companies have come together to offer

This capacity to innovate is what truly sets Mastervolt apart.

the broadest and most complete electrical product range for

Our added value is to offer products, technologies and

every conceivable application.

systems of the highest quality coupled with superior global service. The passion and commitment of our people make the difference. We are Mastervolt. The Power to be Independent.

Holland Marine Parts |



Holland Marine Parts |

Optional on the MasterCraft X26 A jet thruster adds precise control, perfect for docking, and close quarters at the boat ramp. “Our customers love the ease and maneuverability of bow thruster equipped boats,” says Director of Engineering at MasterCraft, Dave Ekern. “The precision handling and maneuverability of a thruster equipped single engine inboard gives us a clear advantage in our market. Additionally, we really like the ease of installation that the JT-30 allows us in the production line.” A compact design keeps the thruster out of the way and allows for maximum storage within the boat, all while improving slow speed handling. The thruster is an excellent tool for customers coming out of an outboard or into an inboard tow-boat.

Holland Marine Parts |


Do you own a Wakeboarding / Waterskiing boat without thruster and you wish to enjoy “Easy Docking� of your single engine inboard tow-boat? A Jet Thruster can be aftermarket installed, enabling you the perfect docking experience you have been waiting for!


Holland Marine Parts |

Holland Marine Parts |



Dutch Charter fleet operator specialized in shallow draft cabin boats

A sailing holiday home, now that’s quite an interesting

according to Jim. In 2009, this resulted in a test model based

idea. Many water sportsmen were skeptical at first when

on a catamaran; rather basic with a chemical toilet, without

they saw a boat passing by with a cabin on top of it.

running water and some IKEA furniture. After further

Nowadays however, the cabin boat gets the appreciation

development started out in 2015 with three

the idea deserves. They can be rented in Dutch protected

boats, based on a self-designed aluminum raft, a cabin

areas such as the Bieschbosch and the Buitenpolder Heere-

manufactured based on Blokhutboot’s specifications and

waarden. The brothers Glenn and Jim Cornelissen will tell

an in-house designed interior. Nowawdays the cabin boat

you all about their unique concept.

is equipped with a water distribution system, kitchenette with fridge and stove, a real toilet, a king size bed, a foldable

The cabin boats are being built at Euroship Services, a

extra bed, a heater, opening windows and door with insula-

computer- and cutting company tailored to Dutch ship- and

ted glazing, a 12 square meter terrace and spud poles to be

yacht builders. The company produces construction kits for

able to anchor anywhere. As extra luxury there is a heated

all kinds of ships. The owner is Kees Cornelissen, father of

open shower available.

Glenn and Jim. “The idea came up during a family holiday in Hungary”, Jim explains. “At some point we saw a raft passing

Electrical sailing with solar panels

by with a tent on it; camping on water. Dutch conditions

Even though the propulsion is still with a diesel engine, ma-

require you to put a cabin on the raft, our father told us.”

neuvering was initially done with the bow thruster. Glenn,

It was more of a joke but the idea somehow stuck with the

the engineering side of the two brothers, tells about the fu-


rther developments. “After 5 cabin boats we switched from diesel to diesel-electric. We are mainly sailing in protected


From prototype to further development

areas, thus an electrical-powered small generator suits the

“What would you need? Lots of space, standing height eve-

goal much better. The solar panels on the roof allow the

rywhere and feeling with the water and the surroundings”,

cabin boat to sail completely electric when it’s sunny and

Holland Marine Parts |

when the water is calm.” Jim adds: “There are some renters

intended to manage everything themselves.

who never had to use the generator after a midweek of

A renting capacity of 40 to 50 times a year per boat leads to

sailing.” The bow thruster also had to go. “We skipped to

a target figure of 20 cabin boats, which leads to a healthy

the Jet Thruster, a JT50 Combi, connected to the 48V battery

company, whilst still remaining a tad exclusive.

package. We think the biggest benefit of the Jet Thruster is that it’s more powerful and more silent.” Steering the boat

The transition to the Jet thruster brings no regrets to the

on the front deck, had to by easy, meaning that controlling

brothers: “It’s an investment for the future. The higher

the Jet Thruster is done by nifty and simple press buttons.

purchase price can be earned back by the fact that the system requires little maintenance. Because the boats are

In the meantime Jim, he is the organizer, had setup the

regularly being used in shallow creeks there was an initial

whole renting system. People can book via www.blokhut-

problem that the system could be contaminated. Holland and everything is explained in detail on the site, all

Marine Parts immediately took up the challenge and adju-

the way to the amount of forks and knives in the cutlery

sted the system. This is important to us, it’s not only about

drawer. The fact that the cabin boat is allowed to be sailed

the product itself, but about the service from the manufac-

without a license and its hull shape ensures smooth sailing

turer as well. In the end we have a better, more powerful

and it attracts various kinds of renters. Young couples,

and more silent functioning Jet Thruster. It’s a much better

groups of friends in their forties as well as older people who

system compared to the vulnerable bow thrusters we used

think a yacht is a bit too much, but have no problem hand-

to work with.

ling a cabin boat. Even fishermen find the cabin boat to be the ideal place to sit and fish, thanks to its low hull.

Jim and Glenn Cornelissen have introduced an unique concept in the market and are open to develop the con-

It’s really a self-selling concept. Experiences on the cabin

cept outside of the Netherlands, in cooperation with other

boat Facebook account, even from people who had rainy


weather all week long, are extremely excited. Jim and Glenn

Holland Marine Parts |


Holland Marine parts has looked at quite some batteries

Time to take a closer look at the company which was foun-

during the Jet Thruster development. The final result of the

ded in 1979 by Marten Lijnema. He provided the ground-

research; the Optima Yellow Top battery is without a doubt

work on which the company operates to this very day;

the best combination for the Jet Thruster. Important in this

reliable supply from own stock, quality and a motto; a deal

alliance is that it should be a reliable and good supplier.

is a deal. In 2006, his sons René and Peter took over the

HMP has found such a partner in battery service Lijnema

business, keeping up with the aforementioned groundwork

from Roodeschool, located in Groningen province in the

elements. Battery service Lijnema has grown from a regional

northern part of the Netherlands.

player to an international supplier. The company is present at many shows. Peter Lijnema: “This is how it started between Holland Marine Parts and ourselves. We already had a

Optima 5.5L

Optima 4.2L

good working relation with Karyvo in Sneek as dealer of our products. The relationship between Karyvo and HMP caused us to meet often at shows and that’s how the relationship grew. It’s very pleasant that we enjoy good communication between each other and know exactly what is expected. It allowed us to grow together. If possible, we’ll be next to each other at shows.”


Holland Marine Parts |

Wide customer base

the ambassadors of our products.”

Battery service Lijnema has a wide customer base in the following sectors: automotive, logistics, heavy industry and

Add expertise and advising capacity from the team and it’s

shipping, water sports & recreation. Lijnema: “With all kinds

clear why Holland Marine Parts decided to cooperate with

of brand and several kinds of batteries we supply to meet

battery service Lijnema. The company’s slogan is: “We pro-

battery demand. Besides specific starter batteries we also

vide tension”. That is also part of the ‘deal is deal’ motto, as

have semi-traction batteries for trucks and trailers, think

it’s solid as a rock!

about tailgates and cooling systems. And then there are the traction version for forklift trucks, for example. In the region, we most arrange transport to the customer ourselves, outside of our region we cooperate with logistic specialist TransMission, with a transparent track & trace system. This is how we can always guarantee a fast delivery, because a deal is a deal,” according to Lijnema. Optima Yellow Top batteries To return to the Yellow Top Batteries, produced by the American brand Optima. Why is it that precisely this battery is such a good match with the Jet Thruster? Lijnema: “That’s because this battery is the highest cold-start ability of all 75 ah batteries. Supplying a short burst of power which is immediately available, suits the demands of the Jet Thruster nicely. A regular battery won’t go beyond 700A (in the EN norm), but this one provides 975A starting power and that’s something unique. The explanation is in the setup of the battery. The battery is comprised of round cells, the so-called Spiralcell Technology. This allows for more lead surface where the battery derives its power from. Combined with the AGM-technology (Absorbed Glass Mat) you will have a battery which lasts much longer, without any chance of malfunctioning by cell breakage and which is vibration- and shock proof. The last bit shows you that these batteries have been developed for the American Army. Often, batteries are tucked away deep inside boats and you don’t need to reach this battery to test or to fill it. The two, round, grey plugs on top of the battery are overpressure valves, in case something is going wrong inside the electrical circuit. Even in those moments, everything remains completely safe. The low weight and the compact measurements complete the picture. The users of this battery like it a lot. They become

Holland Marine Parts |



Holland Marine Parts |

Malibu 24MXZ Factory option: JT-30 Bow Jet Thruster Videos of Waterskiing boat

Holland Marine Parts |


Do you own a Wakeboarding / Waterskiing boat without thruster and you wish to enjoy “Easy Docking� of your single engine inboard tow-boat? A Jet Thruster can be aftermarket installed, enabling you the perfect docking experience you have been waiting for!


Holland Marine Parts |

24MXZ Holland Marine Parts |


Casted high quality Stainless steel 316 fittings

Series-Parallel Switch to create 24v power supply in a 12v power circuit

Powerful Optima Yellow Top Batteries

Inlet zinc Anode For JT-70 and JT-90

Pump unit Water inlet + Installation Tool Controller: Connects and controls Pump unit, Directional Valve and Joystick controls


Holland Marine Parts |

Casted, machined and balanced Bronze impeller (See our “How it’s made” youtube video)

Control panel: Joystick or push button available

Wide range of nozzles available

Remote control units Single or Combi

Pump unit Jet Thruster Compact

Casted two-shell hose clamps. Strongest available on the market

Thru-hull fittings SS316

Dedicated hose connectors SS316 ball valves + fittings

Holland Marine Parts |


1: Dutch steel Lemsteraak JT90 Vertical This Lemsteraak is well crafted, and made to last for ever. A JT90 Vertical was placed to create a space-saving installation.

2: Dutch steel Lemsteraak JT50 Compact This Dutch classic steel boat is one to see in real life. Our JT50 gives this boat the possiblity to dock easy in tight harbors.

3: Dufour 36 Classic JT50 Compact Due to the water tank in the front cabin, this Dufour 36 has the nozzles a bit more aft than we like to see. However, the JT50 is so powerfull it offers this Dufour 36 great maneuverability.


Holland Marine Parts |

4: Dufour 460 Grand large JT90 Combi This Dufour 460 Grand large is installed with a JT90 combi. This boat has maximum manoeuvre possibilities.

5: Hunter: JT50 Compact Stress free docking due to the JT50 bow system.

6: Beneteau 40 JT70 Combi This beneteau 40 has a combi system. As you can see one of the benefits of the Jet Thruster is to have nozzles placed maximum in the bow section. This makes this boat move like a ballerina.

Holland Marine Parts |


7: Eagle 44 JT70 bow This eagle is a beautifull boat to see. The lenght and the slim lines of this boat are wondefull. Installed with a JT70 bow this boat has no more docking concerns.

8: Sailing Yacht Unique JT90 stern and JT50 bow This client has chosen to have a JT90 bow and a JT50 stern system. These are examples of the endless installation options the Jet Thruster has to offer.

9: Viking wooden boat 2x JT50 systems This boat is especially made for a tv show about vikings. There are three identical boats made. These boats are installed with 2x JT50 systems. The reason was to keep the boats in place during filming.


Holland Marine Parts |

10: Beneteau JT50 Combi A Beneteau installed with a JT50 combi.

11: Beneteau 50ft JT90 bow Nozzles placed maximum forward, Just compare these small nozzles to a traditional tunnel thruster.

12: Wooden Classic Yacht JT90 bow This Yacht is a real eye catcher. Moreover when you see this big yacht dock with ease in the harbor.

Holland Marine Parts |


1: Wajer Osprey 34 JT70 Combi This wajer Osprey 34 has a JT70 combi installed. From that day the owner of this boat has no more concers about docking in tight harbors.

2: Rio Espera JT30 Compact bow Our small JT30 compact gives this boat a better handeling during docking.

3: MasterCraft 235 JT30 Compact bow Mastercraft installed with a JT30 compact bow. Makes this boat a easy docking vessel. Check out our youtube video and see this thruster in action.


Holland Marine Parts |

4: Ventura JT50 Compact bow This Ventura boat is installed with a JT50 Compact bow system. Easy docking is a common thing for the owner of this beautiful boat.

5: Boesch JT50 Combi Easy docking in tight quarters.

6: Linssen 25,9 JT30 stern A pair of transom nozzles enables thrust at the very stern of shallow draft motor yachts. No other thruster will work as well as the Jet Thruster under this condition.

Holland Marine Parts |


7: Tuna 38 JT50 stern Enough thrust at the stern of this Tuna 38ft. Makes this boat dock very easy.

8: Mastercraft X35 JT30 Compact After being almost put on the trailer: Look at the powerful blast of this JT30 bow Jet Thruster.

9: Selva C7.1 JT30 Compact stern This owner has transom nozzles installed to his boat. The manoeuvrability of this boat is amazing. Great example to see the nozzles left and right from the outboard engine. Only a Jet Thruster will offer this kind of technical flexibility.


Holland Marine Parts |

10: Grand Banks JT70 Stern This Grand Banks has a JT90 stern Jet Thruster installed. Making this boat dock very easy.

11: Riva Ariston JT30 bow A super nice Riva Ariston installed with a JT30 bow. This owner has no more concers about damaging the boat during docking.

12: Baia Atlantica 2x JT90 (48v) stern This Baia Atlantica has 2x JT90 (48v) in the stern. The run time of the 48V system is extremly long. The owner is very pleast with the help of the Jet Thruster.

Holland Marine Parts |


1: Lagoon 560 4x JT90 This Lagoon 560 is equipped with 4x JT90 systems. You can see the video on our youtube channel

2: Lagoon 450 2x JT90 Combi This Lagoon 450 has a double JT90 combi installed.

3: Lagoon 400 2x JT90 Combi This Lagoon 400 has a double JT90 combi installed. This makes this Catamaran extremely easy to dock.


Holland Marine Parts |

Holland Marine Parts |


JT50 Compact

The Jet Thruster system is mainly being installed

it became clear that Rudolf Nagel has conducted a very

by shipyards or by boat builders. However, there are

thorough study indeed. Impressive, and reason enough to

some people who take matters into their own hands and

get an interview with this entrepreneurial man.

start installing the system themselves. Ever since the Jet Thruster upgrade, based on plug & play, connection has become much easier, but remains a challenge to do it all by yourself. Rudolf Nagel, permanently living in Portugal, has taken up the challenge for his Gib Sea 37. He wanted to install a Jet Thruster JT50 Compact in this attractive 11 meter sailing yacht, which bears the name Crescendo. Based on the documentation in the form of drawings and pictures he send beforehand to Holland Marine Parts in the Netherlands,


Holland Marine Parts |

The drawings and images made clear that you have an eye

that’s what’s necessary in ports. Therefore, I was looking

for the technical aspect. Is that also your background?

for a bow thruster. However, this brings about large complications in regards to space on a sailing yacht only 11 meter

“Currently I’m enjoying my pension and I decided to choose

in length. I found the Jet Thruster in documentation of

Portugal to live in, as it has great sailing weather all year

maritime supplier “Accastillage Diffusion” in France, a ship-

round. I’ve been educated in road- and water enginee-

chandler I often use for fittings. I also was in consultation

ring and have practiced my profession working for French

with a Portuguese mechanic who already installed several

companies in the offshore oil- and gas industry. I was also

Jet Thrusters for the Jeanneau representative in Portugal.”

involved in designing installations, including offshore work vessels.”

Was the information you were able to get your hands on sufficient enough for you to make a decision?

You seem quite the perfectionist, in the right sense of the word. Is that correct?

“I went searching on the internet and quickly I stumbled on Holland Marine Parts’ website. I have to compliment

“that is correct. In my job, proper design and construction

them on the excellent quality of the available information.

was a matter of work safety and the proper functioning of

The measurements are precise and added to the informa-


tion, which is another big plus. I was convinced by a movie clip about the installation in a “Dufour 36 Classic”. Making

How did you found out about the existence of the Jet

screen prints helped me setup my own plan. The other


available information on the website was sufficient enough for me to start planning an installation on my own yacht.” =>

“My sailing yacht from 2003 is – like all modern yachts with a short keel – very hard to navigate backwards in and often

Holland Marine Parts |


What do you think about the support from HMP after the

Is the system flexible enough to have it installed on your


Gib Sea 37, based on your demands?

“I started out by sending my drawings to HMP and ask for

“It takes a lot of work to modify the ship, but the HMP Jet

their opinion. I got a fairly swift reply and received a propo-

Thruster System is ultra-compact and very flexible indeed. I

sal soon afterwards. The proposal turned into a purchase

would have never been able to install an old fashioned bow

of a complete set. All the materials have been delivered to

thruster on my boat.”

Portugal quickly. The packaging was excellent and everything was there. Follow-up questions during the installing of

Was the installation easier or harder than you expected?

the Jet Thruster were quickly answered.” “The installation itself wasn’t hard, but of course it does You got started. Was it like you expected and planned like

require some work to adjust it to the ship. I choose to work

it would be?

with epoxy a lot, for finishing and to keep the sturdiness of the construction intact. It does require some experience,

“The complicated thing in my boat is to find a spot to per-

but there is nothing a handy person can’t do.”

form structural changes. The JT50 is very compact and that is a benefit. Installing all cables in a sailing yacht is a challen-

Would you recommend installing the Jet Thruster by

ge, also because there is no bow thruster and that’s why I


had to prepare and install everything. Drilling the holes for the nozzles and water inlet were done during winter storage

“Installing it yourself, as an amateur with technical know-

by a shipyard. I could have done it myself, but the previously

ledge, wouldn’t be a problem. If you don’t have that much

mentioned Portuguese mechanic had much more experien-

experience, you could leave drilling the holes for the nozzles

ce, so I was happy to have him do it. There was also a chal-

and water inlet to a shipyard. Other than that, HMP’s instal-

lenge to find a suitable spot for installing a joystick, as there

lation advice is very comprehensive and they are prepared

is no place at the helm. I solved it with a modified aluminum

to provide you with advice and/ or answer questions. I have

box which is now attached to the helm.”

been positively surprised by the assistance of HMP and its employees, even about the after-delivery service.”


Holland Marine Parts |


Large surface: maximum adhesion

Optional screw opening

Casted stainless steel 1.4408 - SS316 Large pass-Troughs


Multi Bonding Fastener 10




32 8


- Works with a small amount of adhesive - Adhere them to almost any surface - Without drilling a solid anchor point - Fully casted stainless steel 316 - Suitable for maritime use - Large pass trough for ty-raps use - Easily secure water hose - Secure cables - Optional drilling hole



art: I-393-00






Ra 3.2





NOT Scale




Drawn by

: RM

Part No.

Drawn date



Checked by




Weight in kg :

QC by

Holland Marine Parts QC date |

: ****************


: **************** Material/Size : :

Yacht centar Baotić d.o.o based in

stern side installment, joystick and

enables them to assist you efficiently

Seget Donji near Trogir, Croatia, pro-

remote-control management system,

in finding a vacant destination spot

vides the finest and most resourceful

this unique system made the boat

or to coordinate repair work with the

services in the yacht market in the

easily maneuvered vessel.

best experts in Croatia.

Yacht centar Baotić d.o.o. operates

In order to provide their clients with

To their experienced staff, the main

exclusively with personally verified

the most quality service, Baotić team

goal is to preserve and maintain client

partners and companies whose repu-

is well-trained and ready to solve all

vessels and to assist them in any area

tation is proved by the great number

the maintenance, servicing and pro-

of their requirement. In cooperation

of satisfied customers.

duction tasks.

and owner of the boat, Jet Thruster

Excellent cooperation with the ad-

Their expert staff takes on maintenan-

system was successfully installed in

ministrative offices in the majority of

ce and servicing works, fixtures and

Lagoon 40 motor yacht. With bow and

seaports along the Adriatic coast

conversions and repair works on hull


with the Holland Marine Parts factory


Holland Marine Parts |

and rigging. The boat workshop disposes of two cranes able to lift sailing boats, motorboats and catamarans up to 220 tons. They own a traveler lift 220T and 32T crane and all other equipment necessary to support the vessel safely and efficiently serviced. Baotić has an intervention team that provides services and assistance to their clients at sea.

QUOTE „ In cooperation with the Holland Marine Parts and owner of the boat, project was successfully completed. Much to our pleasure, the client was satisfied with the performance and installation and the efficiency

After sales • AXOPAR boats • Williams tenders

of the Jet thruster. When presenting the performance of the catamaran, there was an incre-

• Lagoon catamarans

asing number of potential customers

• Bavaria motor Yachts

interested in installing such a system

• Galeon Yachts • Absolute yachts • Invictus Yachts • Invictus Yachts

on their vessel.“ Robert Bule Service Manager Yacht centar Baotić d.o.o | |

Holland Marine Parts |


2x JT50 Compact

Jet Thruster is an indispensable part When we look at developments on the road, big changes are ahead of us. Electrical transmission is all the rage and self-driving cars are here to stay. But how are the developments in the maritime sector? Pieter Boon and Paul van

possible. A very different background indeed. The step to

Hagen are with Xomnia, a company located in the heart of

design a self-driving boat seems everything but logical. But,

Amsterdam, didn’t hesitate for a moment and decided to

Musk’s actions weren’t logical either…

provide counterbalance on water in the form of developing a self-driving boat. Holland Marine Parts also takes part in

The beginning

this innovative project by supplying a dubbel JT50 single.

We talk with Pieter Boon about the beginning. “In 2016, we

Take note: this is quite the story!

bought an old, 1988 Harding lifeboat, for publicity reasons – and also because we just liked it. The boat had been


It reminds you a little of what Elon Musk did with Tesla.

hanging on a Norse oil rig as a lifeboat for years. We gave

Where the car manufacturers were vehemently trying to de-

the boat our colors and the sailing was about to commence.

velop electrical and self-driving cars, Musk was able to force

Quickly there were scratches all over the boat. Maritime

a breakthrough from a completely different background.

traffic in the canals of Amsterdam is hectic from time to

Pieter Boon and Paul van Hagen’s stories have some simila-

time; tourists on their water bikes, complicated steering and

rities. They work at Xomnia, a Big Data company where Data

not the best of captains (he is talking about himself). This

Scientists, Big Data Engineers and Big Data Architects allow

brought about an idea: why not make the boat self-driving?

organizations to get as much value out of their data as

It started out as a joke but Paul van Hagen, also referred to

Holland Marine Parts |

as Xomnia’s Einstein, was interested in an ‘impossible’ pro-

it requires a swift reaction to make the sloop react and

ject. Before we knew it, the joke turned into serious busi-

the Jet Thruster does that perfectly.” The bow- and stern

ness and we gave it everything we had to make the project

sides has cameras installed which will forward all signals to

a reality. Our starting point is that you’ll run into problems

the programmable logic controller (PLC), which has been

and subsequently will solve them.”

developed by Paul van Hagen. After that, it was a matter of learning by spending hours on the water.

Holland Marine Parts recognizes itself in this project. Xomnia’s innovative project fits very well with the versatile Jet Thruster. That’s why isn’t a sensible thing to support such a challenging initiative such as Xomnia’s self-driving boat. With this project we not only show that our Jet Thruster is technically applicable, but can contribute to the future by means of an autonomously sailing boat. You can also check a video of this project: and

The Jet Thruster makes the sloop move like a drone on the

The unpredictable behavior of traffic on water brings about

canals of Amsterdam

the necessity to constantly keep learning and improving. By

Meanwhile, another party is also working on a feasibility

the way, we work with open source, the time that compa-

study regarding autonomous sailing ships; a project worth

nies kept data for themselves have long been gone and as

millions. At Xomnia, they have a different approach, they

far as we’re concerned it can stay that way. Tesla works in

are convinced that the project ought to be calculated with

the same fashion.”

thousands of Euros, instead of millions. Pieter Boon: “We have been searching for technical partners, investors, as

Technical aspects

well as a legal partner because of the legal aspects surroun-

You’ll need reliable parts to start off with. During the tran-

ding self-driving. We knew that we couldn’t trust the old

sition, the Harding lifeboat has been equipped with two

diesel engine and limited traditional steering. That’s why we

E-thrusters, Jet Thrusters and a sufficient battery package

realized electrification of the sloop with two controllable

of 48V. The diesel engine will remain available to use, as

E-thrusters, in cooperation with our partner. However, by

the engine, prop shaft and rudder steering are still there.

themselves they are not sufficient to provide the precise

During sailing, when only the E-Thrusters and Jet Thrusters

controls necessary for a self-driving boat. We were quite

are operating, the software continuously analyzes the ima-

pleased with Holland Marine Parts’ input in regards to advi-

ges livestream of the 5 webcams and learns from how the

sing and supplying the Jet Thruster. We installed this system

skipper reacts on various situations. In turn this provides a

together with the E-Thrusters and the sloop moves like a

visual observation, whereby every change around the boat

drone on the canals of Amsterdam, thanks to the specially

is being noted and is being compared in realtime with the

developed software. We are very stoked about the project;

pre-learned images.

Holland Marine Parts |


Jet Thruster stern

Stern camera’s

48v Battery pack / electric main propulsion Jet Thruster bow

Bow camera’s

Jet Thruster stern 2x JT50 Compact

Jet Thruster bow


Approached with artificial intelligence


Paul van Hagen explains that the unique thing about this

During the training process the artificial intelligence has no

project is the approach, especially when compared with

notion of what it actually is, or what it ought to do. It has to

other vehicle autonomous initiatives. “Where other parties

find out for itself. The great thing about artificial intelligence

rely for the most part on robotics hardware, is this self-dri-

is that it’s generic artificial intelligence; it should be rela-

ving boat only using artificial intelligence. A system has been

tively easy to re-train it for completely different vehicles/

realized with the help of biological neural networks. This is

contexts. Xomnia’s aim therefore was to create a powerful

a static learning model based on biological networks. This

and generic system, which, with this new approach that

neural network is being trained with images of the surroun-

would be able to fulfil other roles as well. Usage of this

dings combined with steering orders of the human skipper.

system would free people from dependence on sensors,

When the system is being put to use, the neural network

when it comes to vehicle autonomy. When using the system,

will be fed live images and generates appropriate steering

keywords are being forwarded to the artificial intelligence to

orders, based on what the human skipper has observed

determine the route. This could be words like ‘left’, ‘right’,

during the training sessions. The surroundings are being

and ‘forward’, exactly like we humans do. If artificial intelli-

mapped out with the help of 5 standard webcams. These

gence could take a turn, it learns about it during the training

images are immediately being forwarded to the neural net-

process. Artificial intelligence will connect a certain behavior

work. This means that there isn’t any kind of pretreatment

to these words. We can connect any GPS system (Google

on these images: the neural network ‘sees’ what we humans

Maps, TomTom) to the artificial intelligence, as long as you

see. During the training process it is up to the artificial intel-

are able to generate those keywords.

ligence to find out why the human skipper stops, steers and/

It’s important that artificial intelligence tries to generalize

or accelerates. It could be obstacles, wind or other factors.

and absorb human behavior with the help of images.

Holland Marine Parts |

No image recognition will be deployed, but rather the

water sports industry tremendously forward. According to

human behavior in the images will be looked at. This allows

Pieter Boon it is possible that the project will be continues

artificial intelligence to keep functioning in unknown territo-

with other professional parties, like boat builders. “It’s not a

ries. We were able to deploy the system from Amsterdam to

question of if, but when the completely developed self-dri-

Venice in a simulation environment. The artificial intelligen-

ving boat is a fact of life. For now, this old lifeboat is not just

ce was able to navigate properly, even though it had never

any Amsterdam sloop, but the very first self-driving boat.

seen Venice. This is an important focus point of our artificial

Maybe the first in the whole world!”

intelligence: Tesla’s system can’t function anymore when the road doesn’t have clear marking anymore, for example.” Great push for shipping and the water sports industry The practicing sessions on the Amsterdam canals turned out to be a great success. Pieter Boon: “Ever more parties are messaging us, among which TU Eindhoven, as well as big names in the shipping industry like Wärtsilä and Damen Shipyards, which are all very interested in the project. The remarkable thing is that it didn’t start out as a revenue model. The sponsors and a possible subsidy process make this a new development which pushes the shipping and

Harding Rescue sloop

Holland Marine Parts |



Holland Marine Parts |









































KARYVO Karst and Yvonne braaksma are joint owners of Karyvo Nau-

technology. As Mastervolt dealer, Karyvo plays an important

tical services, located in Sneek, the Netherlands. Karyvo was

role in advice and programming. One can read more about

the very first Jet Thruster dealer, and Karst was part of the

Mastervolt at page 36/37 in this magazine. Karst is also a

technical development and is still closely involved with its

certified gas and electric inspector and in that capacity, he

continued development to this very day. More on that later,

provides and important monitoring function during projects

because Karyvo has plenty in store.

and new construction management.

Karyvo is a versatile water sports company that will stop

Karst and Yvonne are a team together. Karst is a field man,

at nothing. Purchase inspection, installation and mainte-

who likes to keep himself busy with the development of pro-

nance of electrical circuits, installation of switchboards and

ducts and with instructing others regarding optimal installa-

dashboards, manufacturing and installation of stainless steel

tion. This does require ample time. “That’s why we changed

tanks, installation of new engines and maintenance of exis-

course a couple of years ago, with Yvonne joining fulltime.

ting ones. And yet, this isn’t even an exhaustive list.

She has studied the subjects meticulously and is able to answer 85% of the customers’ technical questions.” She is



the linchpin in communication and organization, allowing

Karyvo is also a Mastervolt Specialist as well as Mastervolt

Karst to stand up to his reputation indoors, but especially

Energy Shop, which makes it storage holder of this iconic


company developing the best products and shifting boun-

By cooperating with specialists in specific areas, Karyvo is

daries when it comes to electrical systems and component

able to deal with almost anything. Such is there excellence,

Holland Marine Parts |

NETHERLANDS Karyvo Zeilmakersstraat 3a 8601WT Sneek Friesland NETHERLANDS that there is seemingly no need for a follow-up inspection, yet Karst will still perform one. Anyone should be able to rely on Karyvo’s reputation. Rather to have checked ten times for nothing, than skip one inspection. Typical for this company indeed. Jet Thruster This brings us to the Karst Braaksma’s role in the development of the Holland Marine Parts’ Jet Thruster. The most recent development, being the JT30 and JT50 Compact series and the controller, will be skipped (read more about

Double JT50 installation

it at page 18/19). We do point out however, that Karst con-

boattype which can then be installed swiftly, ensuring opti-

tributed to the realization of the Jet Thruster, together with

mal performance.” It is crystal clear that everything surroun-

the developers at Holland Marine Parts. “My goal was not

ding the Jet Thruster is important to Karyvo, but that’s not

only to manufacture a reliable system, but an efficient one

all. This story shows the thorough approach in all working

as well, and that makes the Jet Thruster unique.”

areas. Halfheartedly? A word unknown in Sneek. Therein lies Karyvo’s strength and its foundation for a bright future

Karst braaksma, together with Holland Marine Parts, picked

ahead. The many customers of this versatile water sports

premium materials to exclude any weak links. Resulting in

company already know this and are always happy to return.

a solid and reliable Jet Thruster product. “In the meantime, I’ve installed hundreds of systems and watched the system grow into a retrofit option or as standard equipment with renowned yacht builders. It was mainly about find the answer to the question: How can we make sure installing a Jet Thruster can efficiently tag along the manufacturing process of a specific yacht type?” This is how the plug & play version came into existence. Kits with all parts made-to-measure


for that specific type. The experience I gained allows me to advice manufacturers and provide them with tailor-made solutions. We are able to make a kit for any specific

Holland Marine Parts |



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CANADA Swans Yacht Sales 1710 Charles Street L1N1C2 Whitby Ontario CANADA Swans Marina has been selling and servicing yachts for over 40 years. The company sold both power and sail boats of many brands including Grew, Chriscraft, Catalina, Gib Sea, Dufour, Larson, Vanderstadt &. McGruer. Sales were in Eastern Canada and northern New York State. Currently the main office and the repair and storage facilities are in Whitby, Ontario, with Sales outlets in Montreal, Wilson, New York and The Maritimes. In 2010 the company set

Swans Yacht team

up the sales and repair divisions under the new name of Swans Yacht Sales. Jan Ploeger, the current President purchased Swans Yacht Sales in 2017 and is the first authorized dealer for the Jet Thruster in Canada serving southern Ontario. Swans Marina Ltd. is the distributor for Jet Thruster Systems in Canada. Its president, Bernie Luttmer is actively looking for dealers across Canada.

Statement: “The system is a completely internal installation and so lets you trouble shoot without having to haul the vessel out of the water. Especially in larger vessels this is a real advantage as haul out facilities may not always be at hand. The simplicity of both bow and stern jets through the small outlets also adds to the ease and safety of docking and tricky tight maneuvers. This is extremely handy for the smaller vessels as well. If you have any concerns about boat handling this system is a MUST SEE.� Bernie Luttmer, P.Eng. Holland Marine Parts |


US MARINE PRODUCTS Tired of sitting at the dock because it is to windy or current

directs the water flow to port or starboard, resulting in a

is to strong well here is the answer in the form of a jet

move of the vessel in the opposite direction. The single or

thruster. The Jet Thruster available through US Marine

dual system can be installed in vessels of all kinds and has

Products offers maximum maneuverability under silent

been used in over 4000 pleasure craft, sailboats, cata-


ma-rans, workboats, and barges. This thruster is suitable for all steel, wood, polyester and aluminum hull type boats.

While other thrusters have large difficult-to-fit tunnels the Jet-Thruster, manufactured by Holland Marine Parts, offers

Many boat manufactures are now calling on the jet thruster

smaller parts with a flexible and easy installation. Fitting

as there standard OEM installed thruster. With manufactu-

boats 20’ to 80’ as combination units or as single bow or

res like MasterCraft, Dufour Yachts, Malibu, Tidal Creek and

stern units, ranging from 66 to 198 thrust lbs. Have a bigger

many more choosing this system it shows the quality of the

boat just ad a second unit to double your thrust with the

product. The Jet Thruster is available in four sizes and the

same 2” outlet nozzles.

materials used are all made of corrosion resistant materials for maintenance free use. The systems are delivered as a

The Jet thruster has an INNOVATIVE DESIGN for the MARI-

complete installation kit using the correct components and

NE INDUSTRY and simple in how it works. An intake at the

materials for your boat to do the job right. The system has

bottom of the boat draws water into a battery or hydraulic

been installed by marinas, boat yards and is easy enough for

powered pump providing an high volume of water to a three

the Do-it-Yourselfers.

way diverter valve. A joystick controller at the helm


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Northern States US Marine Products 16 Progress Ave. Nashua, NH 03062 New Hampshire USA THE NEW CHOICE IN MANEUVERING • Quiet operation • No cavitation • No large tunnels • No flow resistance • No vulnerable propellers • Flexible installation • Outlet Nozzles only 2 inch diameter With all these benefits it is no wonder why the weekend

Richard Gentile talking to customers at IBEX Boat show

boater and boat OEM’s are turning to the Jet Thruster system. Contact for Jet Thrusters US Marine Products (603)930-6857 or visit there web-site www.jetthrusters. com

Factory installed on many boat manufacturers Mastercraft, Dufour, Cobalt, Malibu and many more!

#1 for your Jet Thruster Needs - Largest Inventory in US - The first distributor US Marine Products - More than 10 years experience with Jet Thruster - Sold most Thrusters in the US

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Southern States

Exsoltec Marine LLC 1485 Apollo Beach Blvd Apollo Beach, FL 33572 USA In 2007 Jörg Emmert formed an engineering company in Michigan, USA. His passion for EXcellence and his proven ability to provide SOLutions for TEChnological challenges set the foundation for EXSOLTEC in stone. In the past ten years this compact, but potent company has accomplished some remarkable projects in the automotive and aerospace industries - always pushing the envelope on innovative technology. However, Jörg was always attracted to the water. Over the years his love for boating led to a third corporate division

Jörg Emmert (left) and Andrew Banks

being developed. What started out as a dream quickly grew into a serious business when he partnered up with fellow

and to install them, but to develop strategic alliances

boating enthusiast Andrew Banks. Together they formed

through a dealer network and to introduce this technology

EXSOLTEC Marine LLC. Still driven by a vision towards tech-

to OEMs. We believe that this system will impact the

nology these guys were looking for products, worthy of

pleasure boating community in the USA - especially in the

representation in an already crowded industry. “If we do

South, where the market is enormous and all-year-round.

what everyone else is doing, we cannot justify our existen-

We have already imported multiple systems and every

ce. We need to be excellent in all we do and have quality

installation has impressed the new owners to the point

products that make sense - only then do we deserve a piece

where they have become advocates for Jet-Thrusters. Proof

of the pie”. After some extensive research, Andrew came

that our vision for EXcellent SOLutions in TEChnology now

across a European video showing a Jet Thruster in action.

thrusts full steam ahead in the marine industry.

The spark caught fire and a beautiful business relationship

More control to the Captain!”

between Holland Marine Parts (Jet Thruster) and EXSOLTEC Marine LLC. was formed. Today, EXSOLTEC Marine LLC. is the Jet-Thruster importer and distributor for the southern U.S.A. “We have seen this great system in action and love the way it can make boating safer. Our goal is not just to sell Jet Thrusters to boat owners

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HAMBLE YACHT SERVICES REFIT & REPAIR Hamble Yacht Services - is one of the most renowned boat yards in the world and this is largely due to the reputation and capability of the Refit and Repair facility. Over the years the team have managed refit projects and repair contracts for some of the most prestigious yachts and motorboats in the world and our highly accessible location guarantees a wealth of experienced project managers, technicians, craftsmen, engineers and riggers. Carrying out Jet Thruster installations both in the yard and across the UK and Ireland, the HYS Refit & Repair team are able to work around your timing and your convenience. Contact them today for a quote on: +44 (0)2380 454111


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UNITED KINGDOM HYS Refit & Repair Port Hamble SO31 4NN Hamble UNITED KINGDOM Customer Testimonial: “Owning a boat with a single prop diesel engine but with fairly high cabin sides, the existing bow thruster is a great help but I really felt that a stern truster would be invaluable. In came the ‘Jet Thruster’ which I discovered after investigation was imported by Hamble Yacht Services Refit & Repair (HYSRR) to the UK from Holland and installation and aftersales is carried out by them. What a brilliant piece of kit, a must for anyone with the need for a stern thruster, it is so quiet. If you need both a stern and

Jet Thrusters create a storm at Southampton boat show

bow thruster this system is also available. It works so well

The noise and spectacle of water being fired 35 feet into the

I would have had the bow thruster installed too if it hadn’t

air has intrigued spectators at this years Southampton Boat

already been there. I would totally recommend to anyone

Show. As the UKs distributor for Jet Thrusters, it seemed

who’s looking to make life easier when in tight spaces or

appropriate to really demonstrate the power of these

mooring to get in touch with HYS Refit & Repair and talk

compact units and it has literally stopped people in the

it through. They are really helpful, efficient and your life

Ocean Hall in their tracks!

on the water when it comes to mooring will never be the same again.” R.Fox

Statement: “As awareness of the Jet Thruster grows, so does the demand and HYSRR are looking for agents across the UK and Ireland. Contact HYSRR on +44 (0)2380 454 111 if you are interested in becoming a UK Jet thruster installation

+44 (0)2380 454 111

centre”. Will Blair Holland Marine Parts |


TECMAR Tecmar est une société de distribution spécialisée dans le

Travaillant uniquement en B to B, nous nous occupons de

nautisme et l’industrie créée en 2011 et basée à La Rochel-

mettre en relation les professionnels et les particuliers.

le (17). En 2013, la société s’agrandit et Tecmar Sud ouvre

En effet, nous avons conscience que votre bateau est uni-

ses portes à Antibes (06), lui permettant de répondre aux

que, c’est pour cela que nous vous proposons d’étudier en

besoins de l’ensemble de ses clients plus efficacement en

amont la faisabilité de votre projet. Une fois le projet validé,

couvrant physiquement le plus de secteurs possibles.

nous disposons d’un réseau de distributeurs, d’installateurs

Des technico-commerciaux expérimentés sillonnent les

et de partenaires techniques aguerris à travers la France

routes de France et sont entièrement disponibles pour

pour vous aider à concrétiser l’installation de votre matériel.

vous accompagner et trouver des solutions adaptées à chaque situation. Sur demande, un interlocuteur répondra

En choisissant Tecmar comme partenaire technique, vous

à vos demandes quelle que soit votre zone géographique

êtes sûr de bénéficier de ce qui se fait de mieux, d’un ser-

(Méditerranée, Atlantique, Bretagne et Nord).

vice et de conseils de qualités, que vous êtes en droit d’attendre. Nous saurons nous adapter et trouver une solution

Compétente, entre autres, avec les produits custom, Tecmar

globale adaptée afin de vous satisfaire au mieux.

est capable de proposer des études techniques person-


nalisées. Des produits qualitatifs et techniques tels que

Pourquoi Tecmar a choisi Jet Thruster ?

les systèmes Jet Thruster s’intègrent parfaitement dans le

Très vigilant sur le choix de ses partenaires et fort d’un

savoir-faire des différents corps de métier qui composent la

savoir-faire technique, Tecmar distribue des produits haut


de gamme, d’une technicité avancée et reconnue par les

Holland Marine Parts |

Tecmar (head office) 43 Rue Geffre 17000 La Rochelle France Tecmar (Antibes office) 165 Route des Cistes – PE Euro 95 06600 v France utilisateurs. C’est en 2015 qu’elle a pris la distribution exclusive de Jet Thruster pour la France et les DOM-TOM. Les systèmes Jet Thruster sont les seuls à répondre à une demande très spécifique. En effet, aucun produit similaire n’existe sur le marché. Tecmar a donc trouvé l’opportunité de pallier aux contraintes liées aux systèmes de propulsion traditionnels en proposant un propulseur d’étrave et de poupe modulaire à Hydrojet. Tecmar Sales team at Salon Nautique International de Paris En d’autres termes, sans hélice, ni tunnel, son installation est simplifiée et est rendue possible à des endroits où aucun autre système de propulsion ne pourrait être mis en place. Il s’agit d’une réelle alternative aux propulseurs classiques, comme par exemple pour toutes les embarcations à faible tirant d’eau.

Statement : “Nous sommes ravis de notre partenariat avec l’Équipe Jet Thruster, de son soutien et de sa réactivité au quotidien. Nous partageons cette même envie de satisfaire nos utilisateurs et nous sommes fiers de cette collaboration qui se traduit par un développement et un intérêt grandissant. C’est une réelle opportunité pour nous de proposer un service, un produit et des solutions de qualité à nos clients


sur le marché français.” Thierry LAMBOT, Directeur de Tecmar. Holland Marine Parts |


SOLNAUTIC SOLNAUTIC is always committed to innovation in the

knowledge and experience to our customers. We installed a

nautical industry.

JT50 on our Cyclades 393 beginning of 2010 and despite the boat has been chartered around 25 weeks per year, so been

Solnautic discovered the “JET THRUSTER� system by surfing

used in extreme conditions, the system is still working and

the web and trying to find innovative equipment. After

in perfect state.

researching on the subject we decided to visit Dutch Boat Show, METS, in 2009 when Holland Marine Parts had not

The Balearic nautical market in continuous growth is a good

yet begun to produce them, to have a closer look at them

field where to experiment and to divulge a product like

and start a commercial relationship. Since then we have

the Jet Thruster. It has not been an easy task to change the

continuously worked together to show Spanish sailors the

mind-set of potential customers, because Spanish custo-

enormous advantages that this device has, including its

mers find it hard to try innovative products but thanks to

silent operation, the absence of Tunnel, the flexibility of

the diffusion that is being given of the product by Holland

installation, the absence of a propeller, the reliability of

Marine Parts and official services like Solnautic, Jet Thruster

the system, the little maintenance needed, etc.

has become a habitual product in the nautical world of the Balearic Islands. From Ribs to power and sailing boats of dif-


Our commitment throughout this time in its promotion and

ferent sizes and brands, and also due to the fact that many

distribution has led us to experience it in first person, instal-

boat builders are including the Jet Thruster system as their

ling it on my one boat and checking the ease of assembly

standard option for manoeuvring aid of their boats, we can

and excellent performance. This allowes me to offer it with

see more JT systems installed in our harbours.

Holland Marine Parts |

SPAIN Solnautic C/Escola Nacional 91 07198 Palma de Mallorca SPAIN The improvements made by Holland Marine Parts during these years make the product more robust and durable over time. Holland Marine Parts is in continuous investigation to improve and develop the system, which is very grateful. Solnautic Sailing, a versatile company, born from an extensive experience of offshore sailing. They have a background of over 20 years, dedicated to the installation, maintenance and repair of all types of nautical accessories, specializing in Bow trusters, Watermakers, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Generators

Federico Ramirez at Palma Boat Show

and boat DC and AC energy management and accessories.

Sea Recovery, Idromar, Dometic, Condaria, Climma, etc, so you can trust them well. They speak fluent English, French

They are committed to getting the work done in time; but

and Spanish… and their motto is: “Professional work and

also looking professional, responsible, honest; and offering

friendly support, at a reasonable price.”

objective and friendly advice, during and after each installation… which has given them the trust of their customers.

They are located at: C/ Escola Nacional 91, 07198 (Son Ferri-

They cover as Official Service prestigious brands including:

ol) Palma de Mallorca. As Captains told us in the past couple of years: “Solnautic provided a fantastic service all round” “Solnautic are really great for watermakers and generators”


“They are really brilliant for all air conditioning / refrigerati-

“First step: after finding out about this innovative propulsi-

on / watermaker works.”

on system, was trying the JT on my own boat. I installed a JT-50 on my Beneteau Cyclades 393 and the resul was very

Contact - Federico Ramirez


T | +34 653 94 93 99

Second step: try out its endurance.

E |

My boat “Samui Uno” is a Charter boat, rented for aproximatelly 25 weeks every summer. The JET Thruster passed the hard test without having to do any major service or repairs on it during several years. Now I can affirm without a doubt that the system meets expectations and surpasses them.” Federico Ramirez

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MARINA SERVICE Our Company is located in the center of the beautiful

applicable for any kind of boat: sailing and motor yachts,

Tuscany and we always manage the boat of the owners

polyester, wood, steel and aluminum, which replaces the

from Europe.

traditional bow thruster system. Its dimensions and ease of installation make it much more versatile than the traditional

Over the years we created a team of internal professionals

bow or stern thruster, which very often cannot be installed

who are able to handle any maintenance, installation or

on a small boats and with space problems.

refit on any type of boat.Motivated by innovations and by the latest available technology, we explored and evaluated

The main benefit of this innovative system is the installati-

many news on the market, and finally, one of them has

on, which is easy, fast and not invasive. Besides, with only

particularly impressed us.

one pump, it’s possible to have the stern and bow thruster, making the maneuverability so great.

This is the reason why the partnership with Holland Marine Parts on Jet Thruster project is inspired by the trust and

Moreover, the difference between the traditional thrusters

results that have been tested on dozens of boats. It is born

is that the system works with the jet in as well as out of the

from a product that has many added values and makes a

water; for there is no propeller no cavitation is necessary

difference on the market.

and can be closer to the bow, giving more power to an equivalent traditional system. Furthermore, the chance of

Jet Thruster System is an innovative system based on water

damage is minimized and the Jet Thruster plays its part in

pressure, and it is a new concept of maneuverability,

safety on board and around the boat thanks to the absence of protruding and rotating parts.


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ITALY Marina’s Service S.r.l. v.le Trieste 142 57016 Rosignano Solvay ITALY The advantages are also in terms of fuel consumption: the tunnel of traditional systems, in fact, create friction with water while navigating, increasing fuel consumption and decreasing the speed of the boat. The hydro-system, on the other hand, does not generate friction with water and therefore optimizes both fuel consumption and speed. In 2017, our company became the exclusive importer for Jet Thruster in Italy, creating a dense commercial network that spreads all over Italy. In fact, we have realized how

Federico Costalli giving a presentation for potential dealers

important it is to have resellers and installers in every Italian

at the Marina Cala de‘ Medici.

region, trained and competent, to provide our customers with maximum pre- and post-sales assistance.

Holland Marine Parts |



Photo by: Julijan Višnjevec

Moveon - reliable partner in yachting business

provide the complete solution. Starting from reviewing the

Already the name Move-on and the brand VesselSpa

problem, preparing the solution and schedule of works.

describe the purpose of Slovenian based yachting

Normally the deadline will never be missed. The boat will be

company. They treat your yacht as it would be in a “spa”

ready to set sails on time.

and you can “move on” to enjoy your yachting holiday. Yacht maintenance is most important for safe sailing. If you Situated in a strategic geographical location makes it an

want to save time and money leave the work to professio-

ideal partner in Adriatic region as well in west Italian and

nals. Company Moveon provide al the services needed to

south French coast. No matter what kind of service you

maintain any vessel in top condition. Starting with the in-

need the company is able to provide the solution in few

spections of all systems, integrity of the hull, engines, mast,


keel and rigging they will find the possible cause for any potential problems. After detailed inspection they will prepare

More than 15 years of experience in different yachting areas

a plan of maintenance, servicing or replacing the worn out

is a guarantee for quality services, professional approach

components, and prepare a boat for carefree sailing.

and quick solution of any problem. Moveon has been a reliable partner of shipyards like Elan (SLO), Beneteau (F),

Since the company is cooperating with charter operators

Bavaria (D), Hanse (D), Seaway (SLO) for years. Their experti-

in Adriatic region, they are well aware of the problems in

se in after sales, help find the right solution for any problem.

charter business. If you‘re a charter operator with their help

If you intend to renovate your yacht or just repair it, they

your fleet will be sailing during the season and not waiting in shipyard for necessary and costly repairs.


Holland Marine Parts |

SLOVENIA MOVEON D.O.O. KRANJSKA 4 4240 RADOVLJICA SLOVENIA As every owner of private yacht or charter fleet is always worried if the care of his yacht is in right hands. The company Moveon is well known for their individual approach to every customer. As mentioned already above, you vessel will be treated like in a spa. Put your worries behind and enjoy the summer. Contact for Jet Thrusters +386 (0) 40 231 372 or visit our website:

operaters about the many benefits of the Jet Thruster for Charter fleets.




Grega Vogelnik on the ICE 2017 talking with Charter fleet

Holland Marine Parts |


TURKEY MARINE PARTS We found Turkey Marina Parts in 2015 just for one

The JET THRUSTER systems impressively showed that they could

reason – to advertise and distribute JET THRUSTER systems

perform under this conditions. As our experience showed, the

in Turkey.

major advantages compared to common bow thruster systems are:

How come we decided to do so and why are we so sure about the product?

- No propellers or turning parts that could get damaged - Quite operation at very high thrust

Very simple answer:

- Much longer operation time – 2 minutes continuously

Our other occupation is bare boat yacht charter. We have

- Can be installed in any size of boat due to modular setup

been running up to 45 sailing yachts for the past 30 years in

- Works even if the bow part of the boat is hardly submerged

Turkey. Since 2013 we started to equip these Yachts with JET THRUSTER systems.

This advantages in combination with a good quality to price balance convinced us that this is a product the Turkish market

There are no harder working conditions for any kind of

needs and that we should go and announce this to the yachting

yacht equipment than bare boat yacht charter. Any equip-

community in Turkey.

ment than can face these condition for more than two years without major maintenance is really considered to be

Our service company SCT Yacht Service Ltd. in Marmaris and

“heavy duty proof”.

Göcek takes care of the whole technical support. Configuration and planning of new JET THRUSTER systems, installation,


Holland Marine Parts |

TURKEY SCT Yacht Service Ltd. Sti. Netsel Marina Marmaris T01 48700 Marmaris Türkey SCT Yacht Service Ltd.Sti Club Marina Göcek 48310 Göcek Türkey maintenance and repair. Since more than 5 years SCT Yacht Service gathered experience and knowledge about JET THRUSTER systems and equipped many boats with bow- and stern thrusters. Locations: Marmaris SCT Yacht Service Ltd. Sti. Netsel Marina Marmaris T01 48700 Marmaris – Turkey Tel: +90 252 4131597

Besides JET THRUSTER systems SCT Yacht Service offers the


whole range of yacht services, maintenance, refit and repair.

Göcek SCT Yacht Service Ltd.Sti. Club Marina Göcek 48310 Göcek – Turkey Tel: +90 252 6451810 Mail:


General distributor of JET THRUSTER in Turkey 48700 Marmaris - Beldibi

“A JET THRUSTER is the only alternative to a retractable


system, but compared with a retractable system it is far


superior. Better price, easier installation, less noise, more

Fax: +90 252 4191741

efficiency and a much longer operation time make the

+90 252 4191740


JET THRUSTER system second to none.” Patrick Frѐre Holland Marine Parts |




Holland Marine Parts |

SOUTH KOREA Chang Hwa Industrial Co., LTD Yeonan-Ro 52, Beon-Gil 83 (Allakdong) 47700 DONGNAE-GU BUSAN SOUTH KOREA Changhwa industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is a Korean leading company handling ship-related hydraulic equipment (hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve), marine diesel engine and ship equipment. (ISUZU MARINE ENGINE, YAMAMOTO KIKO, EATON (VICKERS), MITSUBISHI, DYDEN, MATSUI, etc.) for this problem because none of these issues are likely Through Busan Head office, Seoul branch, and more than

found in the JET THRUSTER system, which would not cause

90 distributors, Changhwa’s exceptional service has been

any extra financial burden.

providing more easily to customers. For the better service, the company was looking for a new THRUSTER system and

Currently, the JET THRUSTER system is widely used by the

finally found the JET THRUSTER system in Netherlands. In

farm managing boats. We are planning to gradually expand

2017, we visited HOLLAND MARINE PARTS head office and

the market of the JET THRUSTER system to include leisure

had chance to introduce Jet Thruster to Korean market.

yachts and fishing boats. In the Korean market, customers prefer the hydraulic type of the JET THRUSTER system over

Unlike other markets in other countries, Korean THRUS-

the electric type. The hydraulic type of the JET THRUSTER

TER market has a much higher proportion of fishing boats

system has no limitation on the use time, therefore many

than leisure yachts. Therefore, we participated in the local

boat owners prefer the hydraulic type over the electric type.

fishery-related events and conferences in order to introduce

Farm managing boats are using the JET THRUSTER system to

the JET THRUSTER SYSTEM to the fishing boat. Successfully,

rotate the boat in many directions and also, collect floating

we got lots of attention to our future customers.

matters by pushing them with water jet. Therefore, the system achieves the effect of killing two birds with one stone.

In the case of fishing boats, there are many issues (maintenance difficulties, decrease in the boat speed, causing cri-

We are planning to participate in various marine fairs to

tical damage to the system due to fishing lines and various

actively promote the JET THRUSTER system.

foreign objects) that damage the system when they are using propeller type THRUSTER. These issues, causing failure of the propeller type THRUSTER system, result in additional loss of repair costs and financial losses. We think that the JET THRUSTER system is a different way

Holland Marine Parts |


30 kgf



Master fuse


Recommended battery capacity 12V

1 x Optima Yellow Top 55Ah

Battery cable +/-

1m -> 50mm2 / 3ft -> 1/0 AWG

Water inlet

1 x Ø 90 mm

Water outlet

Nozzle Ø 40mm/1,26”

Pressure hose diameter

2” / 51 mm

Weight pump





E-motor capacity kW









Voltage DC


30 Kgf 46,5



JT-30 compact 66 thrust LBS 12V





Drawn by



NOT Scale



Drawn date Checked by Modified by

Modified dat

70 kgf JT-70 154 thrust LBS 24V 115 4,5

Master fuse

850A (2x 425A)

Recommended battery capacity 12V

4 x Optima Yellow Top 75Ah

Battery cable +/-

1m -> 70mm2 / 3ft -> 3/0 AWG

Water inlet

1 x Ø 4”

Water outlet

Nozzle Ø 50mm

Pressure hose diameter

3” / 76 mm

Weight pump

49 kg/95 LBS

334,8 13,2

Download available installation manual at:


Holland Marine Parts |

188 7,4

148 5,8

175 6,9

11 0,4


110 4,3


300 11,8


160 6,3

E-motor capacity kW

344 13,5


75 3

Voltage DC

573 22,6 110 4,3

70 Kgf

155,3 6,1


50 kgf



Master fuse


Recommended battery capacity 12V

2 x Optima Yellow Top 55Ah

Battery cable +/-

1m -> 50mm2 / 3ft -> 1/0 AWG

Water inlet

1 x Ø 90 mm

Water outlet

Nozzle Ø 40mm/1,26”

Pressure hose diameter

2” / 51 mm (2.2’’/58mm)

Weight pump





E-motor capacity kW




170 226,25




Voltage DC


50 Kgf




JT-50 compact 110 thrust LBS 24V








NOT Scale



Drawn by

: Toof

Drawn date

: 22-0

Checked by


Modified by


Modified date :

90 kgf JT-90 198 thrust LBS 24V



Master fuse

1000A (2x 500A)

Recommended battery capacity 12V

4 x Optima Yellow Top 75Ah

Battery cable +/-

1m -> 95mm2 / 3ft -> 3/0 AWG

Water inlet

1 x Ø 4”

Water outlet

Nozzle Ø 50mm

Pressure hose diameter

3” / 76 mm

Weight pump

61 kg/130 LBS








180 101



E-motor capacity kW




Voltage DC



90 Kgf








Ra 3.2

JT-90 position 2




NOT Scale



Holland Marine Parts |


Drawn by

: Toofan Pour

Drawn date

: 20-04-2017

Checked by



QC by


Weight in kg :

QC date


Material/Size :

Part No. Customer

: :


Why choose a 48v Jet Thruster More power The 48v motor generates more power. This makes the 48v Jet Thruster a perfect system suitable for larger vessels. More power combined with the other benefits makes this a perfect choice

Longer run-time The 48v Jet Thruster enables almost three times longer run-time compared to the 24v version.

55 kgf



Master fuse


Recommended battery capacity 12V

2 x Optima Yellow Top 55Ah

Battery cable +/-

1m -> 50mm2 / 3ft -> 1/0 AWG

Water inlet

1 x Ø 90 mm

Water outlet

Nozzle Ø 40mm/1,26”

Pressure hose diameter

2” / 51 mm (2.2’’/58mm)

Weight pump





E-motor capacity kW




170 226,25




Voltage DC


55 Kgf




JT-50 compact 121 thrust LBS 48V








Download available installation manual at:

86 98

Holland Marine Parts |


NOT Scale



Drawn by

: Toofan Pou

Drawn date

: 22-03-2017

Checked by


Modified by


Modified date :

75 kgf JT-70 165 thrust LBS 48V 115 4,5

Master fuse

500A (1x 500A)

Recommended battery capacity 12V

4 x Optima Yellow Top 75Ah

Battery cable +/-

1m -> 70mm2 / 3ft -> 3/0 AWG

Water inlet

1 x Ø 4”

Water outlet

Nozzle Ø 50mm

Pressure hose diameter

3” / 76 mm

Weight pump

49 kg/95 LBS

11 0,4


110 4,3


300 11,8


334,8 13,2

160 6,3

E-motor capacity kW

188 7,4

344 13,5


75 3

Voltage DC

573 22,6 110 4,3

75 Kgf

155,3 6,1


148 5,8

175 6,9

95 kgf JT-90 209 thrust LBS 48V



Master fuse

550A (2x 275A)

Recommended battery capacity 12V

4 x Optima Yellow Top 75Ah

Battery cable +/-

1m -> 95mm2 / 3ft -> 3/0 AWG

Water inlet

1 x Ø 4”

Water outlet

Nozzle Ø 50mm

Pressure hose diameter

3” / 76 mm

Weight pump

61 kg/130 LBS








180 101



E-motor capacity kW




Voltage DC



95 Kgf








Ra 3.2

JT-90 position 2




NOT Scale



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: Toofan Pour

Drawn date

: 20-04-2017

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Weight in kg :

QC date


Material/Size :

Part No. Customer

: :

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Length: Country: Weight:

Location Boat:

Electric installation:



Email address:


yes no

Jet Thruster:





Pump head position:





Sail Boat

100 86

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Motor Boat


w. jet thr

ust er.



Catamaran Holland Marine Parts |

87 101

Q: Can I use the system for propulsion

A: No the Jet Thruster is designed for maneuvering.

Q: Can I use the main engine to drive the Jet Thruster

A: Theoretically this is possible but not engineered by

pump unit?

Holland Marine Parts

Q; How are SS316 BSP threaded parts of the system

A: All connections must be made with a PU Sealant


such as Sikaflex 291i. PU sealant will bond the parts extremely well.

Q: Can I use Teflon tape, Hemp-fibre or any other pro-

A: No absolutely not. The best connection will be achi-

duct for connection of SS316 parts?

ved with a PU-sealant.

Q: Can I use 90 degrees elbows?

A: Preferably not, they will reduce the efficiency of the system.

Q: Can i cut off a piece of the nozzle?

A: Yes, as long as the plastic venturi (present at the JT30 and JT50 remains undamaged).

Q: Which boats can have a Jet Thruster fitted?

A: Any boat for which 30 up to 90 Kgf thrust force will be sufficient.

Q: How do i etermine which system is suitable for my

A: Use the wind calculater on our website

boat? Q: I have a wooden boat, can I install a Jet Thruster?

A: Yes, you can due to the small hull penetration a Jet Thruster is perfect for this occasion.

Q: I have a Aluminium hull, can I install a Jet Thruster?

A: Yes, we have special dedicated Aluminium installation kit.

Q: I already have a bow thruster, can I connect the exi-

A: Yes, with the Jet Thruster controller you have

stig bow thruster to a control panel of Holland Marine

endless possibilities.

Parts? Q: Are there possibilities for a dual helm-setup

A: Yes, on the first joystick panel there is a connector for this.

102 86

Holland Marine Parts |

Visit our Youtube channel for informative video’s

Q: Can i use my existing batteries to power the Jet

A: No, you need a dedicated battery setup.

Thruster? Q: My boat has a 12v system, can I install the 24v

A: Yes, you can use the series parallel-switch to

powered Jet Thruster?

achieve this.

Q: How deep below the waterline must a nozzle be in-

A: It’s prefered to have the nozzle 7cm (2-3 inch) below

stalled in order to be effective?

the waterline.

Q: Where do I need to place the Jet Thruster pump?

A: Anywhere you have space for it. As long as it is below waterlevel.

Q: Does a Jet Thruster compare in power to tunnel

A: Absolutely, thrust is thrust. However, the Jet Thrus-


ter nozzles can be placed more forward in the bow or aft in the stern. This means more leverage towards the pivoting point will be reached.

Q: Can anything get into the system?

A: Very difficult. The water intake is protected by a filter. Small particles which can pass the filter will be processed by the pump.

Q: What if a part needs to be serviced or replaced. Does

A: No, in water services is possible just by closing the

the boat has to come out of the water?


Q: Does the system need maintenance?

A: Yes, you will need to check the zinc anode yearly. Carbon brushes need to be replaced once in 15 year. hoses need also to be replaced every 15 years.

Q: I leave my boat for longer period of time un-used in

A: Close all valves and rinse out sea water thru the 1/8

sea water (several months) is there any particular

pump outlet plug with use of fresh water.

maintance? A: Please see our Youtube channel video Q: What can i do for the winter period?

Winterizing Jet Thruster systems

Holland Marine Parts |

87 103

Manufactured by Holland Marine Parts B.V.

Manufactured by Holland Marine Parts B.V.

Keep this manual


Price list

Exploded views Jet Thruster systems



Jet Thruster Single & Combi

Manufactured by Holland Marine Parts B.V.

Keep this manual
















Jet Thrusters: JT-30 / JT-50 / JT-70 / JT-90






Jet Thruster Single & Combi






Installation manual & user guide





Pump units, 3-Way valves, Water inlet, Nozzles, Joystick, Remote and more D-008-03

All our products are manufactured according to CE regulations.

All our products are manufactured according to CE regulations.

We keep the rights to change descriptions, graphs or statements,

We keep the rights to change descriptions, graphs or statements,


which are required for technical development of our Jet Thruster systems.

which are required for technical development of our Jet Thruster systems. All prices ex. VAT | D-008-03

Jet Thrusters: JT-30 / JT-50 / JT-70 / JT-90 All our products are manufactured according to CE regulations. We keep the rights to change descriptions, graphs or statements,


which are required for technical development of our Jet Thruster systems.


Holland Marine Parts


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