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The Picador Volume 9, Issue 5


December 13, 2013

Student Diversity: How Do You Identify Yourself? sity, their definition was much bigger. We learned how people can identify themselves by age, ability, religion, ethnicity/ race, family structure, gender, etc.

By Rachel Tejeda ’17 The Student Diversity Leadership Conference in National Harbor, MD was an opportunity like no other. There were more than 1,400 students and 2,000 chaperones from all over the United States. According to their website, the SDLC “is an inclusive, multiracial, multicultural gathering of upper school student leaders (grades 9-12) from around the country. SDLC focuses on self -reflection, allyship, and community building. Led by a diverse team of trained adult and peer facilitators, participants develop an appreciation of their own identities, build effective cross-cultural communication skills, better under-

At the conference everyone was open and understanding because we were all coming from very similar situations; almost everyone was part of a minority in an independent school. We learned about the cycle of oppression and macro -aggression, and through many stand the nature and develop- a party, and honesty and sup- activities such as silent movement of effective strategies for port from everyone. Acknowlment, discussion, video, and social justice, and practice edging differences was done in game, they taught us how to expression through the arts, the first three hours of the con- value, present, and feel proud while networking with their ference, allowing students to of being ourselves. It was a use the rest of the conference peers.” liberating environment that to learn and have fun. And The conference consisted of (Continued on page 2) while we talked about diveraffinity groups, a talent show,

What Does Six Dollars Buy for Dinner? win at Vermont Academy, Holderness students might find No Holderness student is a themselves at the counter of a stranger to waking up after a Panera in a West Lebanon long bus ride, only to be Strip Mall. But even Ian Casey greeted with a one and five “Every time we stop at can do the math; the six dollars combo. Yes, six dollars for McDonalds, you can tell no provided by Holderness dinner. What are the options? one really wants to eat there,” School does not come close to Not many. Six dollars is not three-sport varsity athlete, paying the average $8.50 reonly insufficient but also leads Emily Clifford says. “How am quired for a Panera meal. The I supposed to fuel myself as an to unhealthy eating. meal options at Panera are athlete when I am forced to eat very satisfying for our stomMost of the time when away unhealthy meals?” It's not just games include dinner on the achs but not for our wallets. the just the quantity, it's the road, McDonalds™ is the In the search for a healthy quality as well. popular choice, and Holdermeal at a reasonable price, ness students have to decide So when attempting to scour students also often go to what they want to put their six New England for healthier Boloco. When asked about his dollars towards -- none of options, where can they go? (Continued on page 2) which is satisfying to an athWhile returning from an easy By Drew Houx ’14

lete returning late from an away game. The average price of a single item at McDonalds™ is $5.02.

The Picador growing up [in Jamaica] and the dire consequences of her allowed for weight to be lifted coming out there...Chin is the recipient of the 2007 Power of from people's spirits. the Voice Award from The We also had a chance to learn Human Rights Campaign, the from presenters like Staceyann 2008 Safe Haven Award from Chin, a poet and writer who Immigration Equality, the spoke to us about her life and 2008 Honors from the Lesbian about being yourself. AccordAIDS Project, and the 2009 ing to the SDLC website, StaNew York State Senate ceyann “was featured on The Award. She unapologetically Oprah Show, where she spoke identifies as Caribbean and candidly about her experiences SDLC Conference (Continued from page 1)

black, Asian and lesbian, woman and resident of New York City.”

I did have to wake up at six in the morning to get breakfast, At the conference there was but it was all worth it once I warmth and unity in the way heard more stories, met more people talked and interacted. people, and felt as though I There was no fear of being an was being accepted no matter outsider or different, because who I was. I look forward to being different was the point hearing the opinions from my of the conference. At every old friends and new friends moment throughout the conabout the conference. I also ference you could actually feel hope to bring some ideas into the energy within bouncing off our community at Holderness.


“You are in charge of your own corporation.” “Don’t look for validation.” “No one is going to love you for every part of you.” “Hunger makes for the best revolutionaries.”

enough to be able to reach in their back pockets and give experiences at Boloco, Drew some of their spare change in Hodson recalls, “When I roll exchange for a healthy meal up to the scene (the counter), on the road. However, not eveand I start requesting the usual ryone is. Besides, we don’t (ordering off the menu), mah have to put a dollar in a bucket Benjamins are fighting with every time we enter the my hunger. I don’t have servery. What will it take to enough money for how hungry get what we need? I am.” Which is understandSource: McDonalds Prices, able when their average meal Fast Food Menu Prices (blog), is $6.63. Fortunately, this is 2013, http:// much closer to the Holderness stipend and perfect for those mcdonalds-prices/ athletes who carry random small amounts of spare change. Six Dollars (Continued from page 1)

Most members of the Holderness community are fortunate

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of others.

Volume 9, Issue 5


In support of Movember, a global charity that seeks to raise vital funds and awareness to combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges, Ben Luz sold over 100 t-shirts. Many of the male students on campus also showed their support by letting their facial hair grow, while the girls on campus had to settle for artificial mustaches. On the first day of classes after returning from Thanksgiving break, any student who purchased a t-shirts was awarded with a dress-down day.

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The Picador World News G at he r i ng f or Ne l s o n M a n de la ’s M e mor ial Se r vic e anthem then died down as ing social equality and his selfspeeches from Mandela’s fam- inspection have always and Presidents, prime ministers, will always influence future ily and friends commenced. royals, celebrities, ordinary generations. His good humor South Africans, and many oth- On Tuesday, many people and infectious passion will not ers gathered to say farewell to gathered with banners saying only be remembered but also Nelson Mandela, “a man “Madiba,” Mandela’s tradicherished. His words, prohailed as a global symbol of tional clan name. There were found and elegant, will last in also people who skipped work reconciliation.” our memories forever. to line up for hours to show In a four-hour memorial sertheir respects to Nelson Manvice at Johannesburg FNB dela, South Africa’s symbol of stadium, President Barack struggle against racial oppresObama said, “We will never sion. see the likes of Nelson Mandela again. To the people of “There is no one like Madiba. South Africa -- people of He was one of a kind. Everyevery race and every walk of one has had a Mandela molife -- the world thanks you for ment when this world icon has sharing Nelson Mandela with touched their lives,” said South African President Jacob us.” Zuma. Johannesburg FNB stadium is the place where 23 years ago President Nelson Mandela has Nelson Mandela gave his first taught us how to love, how to speech after he was released fight, and how to accept our from prison. The memorial own enemies. More imporservice began with the national tantly, his tenacity for spreadBy Linh Le ’15

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Volume 9, Issue 5 An Astronomical Dilemma: The Case of HD 106906 b cally the mass ratio of the two stars in a binary star system is 10-1. In the case of HD 106906 b and its star, the mass ratio is 100-1.

By Henry Liu ’15 13 million years ago, HD 106906 b was born. The colossal mammals that lived on Earth back in the Miocene period went on with their lives without ever acknowledging the existence of the newborn planet. 13 million years later, HD 106906 b (a nebulous planet) has not only caught the eye of curious human researchers, but also flushed astronomical theory down the proverbial toilet with a torrent of frustration, wonder, and raging debate.

This is an artist's conception of a young planet in a distant orbit around its host star. The star still harbors a debris disk, remnant material from star and planet formation, interior to the planet's orbit (similar to the HD106906 system). (Image courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech)

“This extreme mass ratio is not logical based on current binary star formation theories -- just like planet formation theory predicts that we cannot form planets so far from the host star,” explains Bailey. Theory after theory, this dilemma has slowly left astronomers with fewer and fewer options to explain why it exists.

The majority of astronomers have now agreed that there is not yet a logical explanation for this extraterrestrial enigma. either planet or star formation ets close to their stars formed As Bailey and her colleagues tell us, HD 106906 b will befully explains what we see,” by coalescing from small ascome a valuable future study says Vanessa Bailey, a fifthteroid-like bodies born in the year graduate student from the primordial disk of dust and gas for astronomers. A scientific that surrounded a forming star. paper is already under way. “This system is especially fas- University of Arizona's Department of Astronomy. It was However, HD 106906 b’s dis- “Every new directly detected cinating because no model of thought (until now) that plan- tance from its star is not only planet pushes our understand650 times farther away than ing of how and where planets that of Earth’s, but HD 106906 can form,” says coSookie Liddle Senior Editors b is also 11 times more masinvestigator Tiffany Meshkat, Zihan Guo Henry Liu sive than Jupiter. a graduate student at Leiden Why is there such a ruckus in the scientific community? Well, HD 106906 b has defied science (for now). Technically speaking, it shouldn’t even be there, based on modern astronomical theories.

Celeste Holland Sarah Michel Lea Rice

Junior Editors Parker Densmore Charles Harker Faculty Advisors Ms. Magnus Mr. Solberg Section Writers Joey Casey Tommy Chau Racheal Erhard Andrew Houx Becca Kelly Seo Jung Kim Linh Le

Connor Marien Caroline Mure So Min Park Katie Remien Allie Solms Stephen Wilk

Astronomers at first proposed that HD 106906 b was in a binary star system, but typi-

Observatory in the Netherlands.

Contributors Rachel Tejeda Contact Information Holderness School Chapel Lane P.O. Box 1879 Plymouth, NH 03245 Phone Number: 603.536.1257 Fax: 603.536.1267 Email:

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The Picador World Sports nent’s net. With low morale and disastrous results, what Soccer: On December 7, Mancan Manchester United do to chester United lost to Newcasget into the top four by the end tle United 0-1 on their home of this season? ground, Old Trafford, marking two consecutive losses at On December 6, the FIFA home. David Moyes, head World Cup 2014 Group Stage coach of Manchester United, draw took place, drawing atfound that this defeat was a tention from many managers, tragic blow to the Red Devils’ coaches, and players from all pride and reputation. In the over the world. According to last 12 years, United has never the Brazil National head lost two home matches in a coach, Felipe Scolari, Brazil row. As a result, many of the has had an easy start but might most loyal Manchester United face more difficulties later on, fans decided to leave the stafor it can meet Spain, Gerdium for the last 10 minutes of many, or any of the top seven the match in bitterness, believ- seeds from the quarterfinal ing that Moyes’ players would round. While Brazil was a litnot be able to find the oppotle more optimistic, England By Thomas Chau ’15

and Italy were pessimistic about their chances of getting to the next round as both were in the same group D. Is there any chance for these former World Cup champions (England, Italy, and Brazil) to proceed to the next round?

and 13 wins in total in the 2013 season, equaling those of Alberto Ascari in 1953 and Michael Schumacher in 2004, respectively. At the age of 26, Vettel still has plenty of chances to become a new F1 legend.

Formula 1: On November 29, Sebastian Vettel claimed the podium after coming in first in the last race of the season, the Brazil Grand Prix. Despite having a poor start, Vettel was able to gain momentum and beat Nico Rosberg of Mercedes for a sweet finish. This win was a lot more than just a result; it marked Vettel’s record of nine consecutive wins

New England Sports The Bruins: The Bruins have been surging through the month of December with a record of 2-1 thus far. They opened up the holiday month with a game against the Montreal Canadians at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Even though they lost to their rival 2-1, it was a hard fought battle throughout the game until Max Pacioretty scored the second Canadians’ goal which clinched the win for his team.

taken off on a stretcher, then taken to Mass General Hospital. The Bruins ultimately won the game 3-2, putting an end to the blood bath. The Bruins schedule is filled with The Bruins hosted the Pengames against most of the guins with home ice advanCanadian teams, and they tage at the Garden. This game hope to add more wins to was heated from the start their strong record. when Penguins forward - Connor Marien ’14 James Neal “kneed” (yes, this is a penalty) Bruins forward The Celtics: The Celtics Brad Marchand in the head went into this season as a when he was on the ice in the young, inexperienced team first period. This was an acwith low expectations as they The B’s did not let this hold tion the Bruins could not tol- began the rebuilding process. them down, however; they erate. Prior to Neal’s penalty, Their current record is one won the next two consecutive Brooks Orpik of the Penguins you would expect from a games against the Toronto hit Bruins forward Loui team in their position; despite Maple Leafs and Pittsburg Eriksson and put him on the a forty-point win over the Penguins. The Leafs’ game injured reserve list. Orpik Knicks and a strong win over included pure domination later on in the period was the Nuggets, they are still from the B’s offensive line, confronted by Shawn Thorn- below .500 and are by no annihilating Toronto 5-2. The ton of the Bruins and knocked means the successful team game ultimately was won out on the spot. Orpik was Boston fans are used to seePage 6

when newbie Kevan Miller scored the third goal of the game. The game to watch, however, was against the Pittsburg Penguins.

ing. Thankfully though, the rest of the East is just as bad, and the Celtics are currently in first place in their division and fourth overall in the East. They continue to fight every game and have a solid foundation moving forward. This season still may bring surprising success, especially after first-round pick Kelly Olynyk and all-star point guard Rajon Rondo return from injuries. Although they are not even close to reaching the level of the Heat or the Spurs, the poor competition in their league gives the Celtics a chance to have a successful season and maybe even make a big run in the playoffs. - Joey Casey ’14

Volume 9, Issue 5

Doppelgangers Doppelgangers. We all have them, but it is a bit more surreal when we meet them face to face or see them on TV. Lea Rice has put together another collection of photographs of students on campus and matched them with their celebrity look alikes. Who knew we had so many famous people on campus?

Top Left: Mac Morse and Martin Garrix (DJ) Top Right: Harvey Dent and Thorn Merrill Middle: Mr. Skelley, Mr. Incredible, and Mike Hogervorst Bottom Left: Johnny Manziel and Elliot McGuire To be continued...

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The Picador Faculty Profile: Tyler Cabot Yipee, Holderness School has five new faculty members! In each issue of The Picador this fall, we will take the time to introduce them to the Holderness community. This week it is Tyler Cabot’s turn. Thank you, Caroline Mure, for taking care of the interview! Caroline Mure: Where did you go to high school? Tyler Cabot: I was a faculty child at the Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ. CM: What sports did you play while you were there? TC: I played varsity lacrosse, one year of freshman basketball, and four years of varsity soccer. CM: Has soccer always been your favorite sport? TC: Yes, soccer has been my main sport my whole life, and I knew at the beginning of my sophomore year that soccer was what I wanted to do.

nored in anthropology and archaeology. I played four years of soccer there but broke my hand during my sophomore year; I didn’t see much playing time until my senior year. My high school lacrosse coach was actually mad I didn’t play lacrosse in college, but I wouldn’t have played that much anyway. CM: Do you have any siblings? TC: Yeah, I have one younger brother, who is a sophomore at the University of Delaware. CM: What would be your dream dorm to live in next year?

CM: Where did you go to college?

TC: Um, well...location wise I like Webster, because it is easier to get to chapel. But if I had to choose a different dorm, it would be either Hoit or Rathbun.

TC: I went to Washington College, majored in history and mi-

CM: What is your favorite station on Pandora? TC: Today’s Hit Country, Bruce Springsteen’s station, and Summer Hits of the 90’s. CM: What is your favorite food? TC: That is so tough; I love food. But probably seafood, because I worked at a fish market for six years. But if it was my last meal, I would probably have some type of seafood, and either venison or some type of steak.

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Volume 9, Issue 5 Entertainment A Movie Review by Becca Kelly Movie: Third Star Rate: 10/10 Running Time: 1 hour 32 minutes Featuring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Burke, JJ Feild The Story: Twenty-nine-year-old James (Cumberbatch) is dying of cancer, which makes it very difficult for him to walk. On his last birthday, his three best friends—Davie, Bill, and Miles—take him on a camping trip to his favorite place, Barafundle Bay. Throughout the journey, each friend slowly and subtly reveals how they’re coping with James’s cancer. Their aim was to ensure this trip would be the greatest time of his life. Overall, Third Star is filled with a lot humor, true friendship, and what it really means to be alive. The Review: I have never seen nor read anything quite like Third Star. The story grabs a hold of your heart right from the get-go and refuses to let go. It does, however, promise to tear it out and smash it with a hammer. Third Star has a perfect balance of scenes that will have you doubled over with laughter and scenes that will bring on the tears you didn’t think you had. This is not a love story or a “chick-flick.” It is a tragedy with a deliciously painful ending that all should be required to watch. Please do not turn away because “sad movies aren’t your thing,” or you “don’t want to be sad.” I promise you won’t regret it.

Top Ten Christmas Songs at Holderness 1. All I Want for Christmas is You 2. Silent Night 3. The Grinch theme song 4. Let it Snow 5. Feliz Navidad 6. Jingle Bell Rock 7. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) 8. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 9. Frosty the Snowman 10. Jingle Bells

In and Out Katie Remien ’15 and Racheal Erhard ’14



 Winter Wonderland

 Crunchy Leaves

 Mid-term Cramming

 Social Life

 Jingle Bell Rock

 Sweater Weather

 Seniors into College

 Seniors Studying for Exams

 Cabot in a Santa Suit  Bean Boots

 Still Believing  Sperrys

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The Picador Seven Things That Make Me Smile


By Rebecca Kelly ’15 I. I keep every word you’ve ever said to me in a glass jar. It sits on my windowsill, and when I lose hope, I open it up just a tiny bit. II. There was a day last month when you walked past me, And the sleeve of your fuzzy red fleece brushed my elbow. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. III. You looked me in the eye and smiled as you took my hand. It was soft and gentle; perfectly comfortable. And it felt like you weren’t just shaking my hand; It was as if you had wrapped your arms around me. I have yet to feel you let go.

Collected by Parker Densmore ’15 Please email if you hear anything that you think should be shared.  Okay, I need my shoes. It’s sticky out there.  Smell that? That means I’m using my brain.  Apparently, I would growl at people.  My iPod played more in the game than I did.  Stop unstuffing my pepper!  I would hang out with the other freshmen, but I am unnaturally big.

IV. Over time, you started to recognize that it’s difficult for me To speak in front of people I don’t know. You tried your hardest to be encouraging, And for that I will always be grateful. V. I’ve taken every chance I get to memorize your face. The way you move your jaw when you’re thinking, How when you smile, your whole face takes part. And if I go blind, it won’t be so bad because The blind can still see when they dream. VI. I understand that you probably don’t remember the things I won’t forget, And I know that if fire had a shadow, Then maybe I would have a chance at being with you. But you have this habit of making my day, And sometimes you make it so I need to sit down And remember how to breathe. VII. Your very existence makes me want to be a better person, Because one day I will be good enough for you. And that makes me smile.

Shout Outs By Allie Solms ’14 BC + RB = Red hair, don't care ZB + MC = What happened to the snack bar date? Back At It: CD + KR CO + AJ WT + CC

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Volume 9, Issue 5 Horoscopes By Caroline Mure ’14 and Sookie Liddle ’14 Aries (March 21-April 19): It might be time to pull the plug on a grudge you have been holding for a while now. If you are looking to move on and make better use of your life, forgiveness is the first step. When you let go of this anger, you are sure to live a more comfortable life.

to get those people to branch out and follow your lead. It is a win-win situation.

this close to snapping. Work hard at exercising patience and he/she may turn around without you having to say a word. Cancer (June 22-July 22): Sometimes silence is the best Recently in your life, there has reaction. been a spark of love you may not have seen. Maybe it is time Libra (September 23to build the fire a little bigger October 22): You're at your and explore what it's casting best in one-on-one situations its light on. Glorious things today, so make sure that you're could be upon you; you just stepping up and taking care of Taurus (April 20-May 20): With exams headed your way, need to take the time and make your most important people. it is easy to become stressed That goes beyond family and the effort to find them. and feel like the weight of the romance, obviously. Leo (July 23-August 22): An world is on your shoulders. unexpected diversion is com- Scorpio (October 23Take time in the next few days ing your way, Leo, and it November 21): You need to begin preparing for exams, might blindside you--in a good your alone time, and that’s a so you'll feel like you've got way. Let this fork in the road good thing; solitude is on your this one in the bag before they guide you and let it lead you to upcoming agenda. even start. success. It might be scary, but Sagittarius (November 22that is how new discoveries Gemini (May 21-June 21): December 21): Your romantic Recently you have been feel- are made. life is going to get a little ing the need for change and Virgo (August 23-September wacky this month. You never have believed in its benefits. 22): There has been a person know who is going to be interBut while you were off changin your life lately that has been ested in you. ing, the people around you driving you crazy, and you are stayed in the same place. Try

Capricorn (December 22January 19): This month you may feel like you want to keep a low profile; something you did in the past may catch up with you. In order to avoid painful repercussions, just keep positive and don't let anyone see a frown on your face. Aquarius (January 20February 18): You're feeling pretty out-there today, much more than usual. One of your odd sayings could be the next big thing, so don't be afraid to blurt out whatever comes to mind. Pisces (February 19-March 20): You may be feeling emotional about exams this week, but don't fret because they'll soon be over; Christmas break will be here soon. Just push through the next week, and before you know it, you'll be unwrapping all of Santa's goods.

Student Opinion W h e n A m I S u p p o s e d t o S t u d y f o r M i d - Ye a r E x a m s ? Most students believe that exams come up too quickly, and As Holderness students return Some people believe that there there is simply not enough from their November break, is plenty of time to study. time to study. Perhaps a soluthey are welcomed with a There’s a whole semester and tion is to incorporate a study compressed winter schedule, a a break, they say, right before week dedicated entirely to rebusy sports schedule, college the students take them. But is view. applications (at least for senthat how a break should be iors), and of course, midterms. spent? Should we have to fin- Another issue is that two exAll of this is crammed into a ish college applications and ams are given on each day. short, less-than-three-week study for exams? What about Exams are difficult one by interval. Is this really an apspending time with family and one, but extremely difficult propriate time to administer when more than one occurs simply relaxing? By Stephen Wilk ’14


each day for three days. If exams are important, shouldn't we be given time to adequately prepare?

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The Picador

Four Questions for the Editors It’s busy time of year and while all of us would like nothing better than to be at home with our families and friends, we’ve got a few days to go. Good luck; study hard; enjoy the three days of parties for you brain! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! During exams, what is your favorite study break treat? Zihan Guo: Hot chocolate, honey and tea--anything that contains glucose or caffeine is good. Celeste Holland: My favorite study break treats are clementines and chocolate.

Lea: Seeing all the houses on my street covered in snow and lit up with strings of Christmas lights. Parker: Singing Christmas carols at the local 7-Eleven.

Charles Harker: Cheese Curds, fried or not.

4. What are you looking forward to doing during your vacation?

Sarah Michel: My favorite treat is to watch an episode of Breaking Bad.

Zihan: I will travel with my family to a foreign country, but the destination has not been decided.

Lea Rice: Pretzels with honey or Nutella.

Celeste: I am looking forward to catching up on some sleep! I am also really excited to go up to Canada and ski in Quebec with the nordic team after New Year's.

Parker Densmore: I'm a big fan of fruit snacks.

Charles: Watching football and basketball with my grandpa. 2. What will you do to get an A on your exams? Zihan: Review my notes and make concept maps. Also, I like to revisit my past quizzes and tests.

Sarah: I'm looking forward to getting on my flight to Argentina on Wednesday to spend three weeks in the sun.

Celeste: I would do almost anything a teacher told me to do!

Lea: Being able to cook whatever I want and ski for more than just an afternoon.

Charles: Eat lots of cheese; it's good for your brain!

Parker: Having no homework. Oh, wait...

Sarah: I'm going to try and study as much as possible and try to grow a photographic memory. Lea: Find my calculator before next week. Parker: Pray, bribe, or blackmail… 3. What is your favorite holiday tradition? (doesn't necessarily have to be about Christmas -- Easter, Fourth of July, Chuseok, etc. also work!) Zihan: Fireworks is my favorite tradition during Spring Break in China. Celeste: Every Christmas day (as long as there's snow), my whole family goes for a ski. Charles: Eating my aunt's cheese potatoes at Christmas dinner. Sarah: My family doesn't really have a lot of traditions, but I really like it when my baby nieces come spend Christmas with my family.

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The Picador: Volume 9, Issue 5  

The Picador is the student newspaper of Holderness School. It is published every two weeks while school is in session.

The Picador: Volume 9, Issue 5  

The Picador is the student newspaper of Holderness School. It is published every two weeks while school is in session.