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The Picador Volume 9, Issue 2


October 11, 2013

Notes from Behind the Scenes of Heaven Can Wait she found backstage; she also sometimes puts images on the curtain. I am the one who plays music, or puts up projections, or gets to call down to the wizards behind the curtain when the actors need to be herded onstage. We all have completely different jobs, but our trio has to be in sync at all times.

By Leah Scaralia ’15 As someone who has attended every single rehearsal for Heaven Can Wait since the cast list was released, I have the right to say, without a hint of sarcasm, that the company has come a long way. We have printed countless copies of the script, most of which are probably floating in the breeze backstage like tumbleweeds. The print from these pages has been ingrained into the actors’ heads, so there is no further need for them. Nevertheless, each script attempts to offer some sort of explanation as to how Charles Harker becomes Charlie Day in a matter of seconds, and how both

of them become Jason Nunez by the end of the play. I won’t delve any deeper into that mystery; you'll figure it out.. I promise. Three of us techies have our

Ms. Devine and I have also briefed a small militia of composed students who keep things running smoothly behind the curtain. I would grant them each three marshmallows if I could.

own post up in what I like to call Hagerman Heights. There’s Liesl Magnus, who sheds a little light on the play. We as a team have been able Grace Lawrence is the one to overcome many challenges who pokes me during re(Continued on page 2) hearsal with a slalom gate that

From The Bull to The Picador Since 1942 school a paper that will contain news about the school, not On October 14th, 1942, when so old that it has been long a German submarine sank the forgotten, but rather so recent ferry SS Caribou off Newthat it will be fresh on the foundland, it was three nights minds of all who read it.” This after the United States’ victory bi-weekly publication was run at the battle of Cape Esperby students, and a subscription ance, and ten months before to it cost $1.50 annually. the US Congress declared war upon Japan and Germany. It Creeley emphasized the imwas also the day on which the portance of the school's parfirst student-run publication at ticipation: “Without contributions from the whole school, Holderness was published. The Bull cannot function propRobert Creeley ’43, who later erly…Everything which is in life wrote poetry and auhanded in will receive a thorthored more than sixty books, ough going-over by the board was the first editor of The Bull, of editors, and, if not accepted, and he wrote on the first isreasons will be given for this sue’s front page: “We are fordecision.” Students were entunate to be able to give the By Zihan Guo '14

couraged to submit drawings, paintings, articles, poems, sports reports, and almost anything that was related to school life. The Bull was a channel that allowed students’ voices to be heard. It also caused dissension and debate. In the second issue of The Bull, Creeley wrote that students were tired of having so many potato dishes so many days in a row. The school's chef was distressed and threatened to quit. The scarcity of chefs during the war was so great that The Bull was in serious trouble. The chef was quitting his job, and the school (Continued on page 2)

Inside This Issue:  Page 3: What Did We

Look Like Four Years Ago? Parents’ Weekend 2009.  Page 7: Thank you,

Parents!  Page 8: Introducing

Holderness School’s Dress Code Tumblr  Page 11: Overheards:

Get Ready to Laugh!  Page 12: Getting to

Know This Year’s New Editors.

The Picador scanning through this looking for his name. Here you go, that now seem quite petty. We Baum.) We watched Charlie assigned a handler for Perry Day make his journey from Kurker-Mraz so that he does- script-bearing robot to thesn’t have to tackle his 400+ pian. And of course, we cast entrances and exits alone. We Drew Houx and Alex Spina in tamed Virginia’s zest for life the only roles they were ever and channeled it onto the meant to play: angels. stage. We clad Charlotte FrecUnfortunately, the cast and cia in more polka dots than crew has had their share of Minnie Mouse could ever pull losses. For example, we had to off. (Zack Baum is probably Heaven Can Wait (Continued from page 1)

Picador History (Continued from page 1)

but the students’ lack of interest probably played a role in its disappearance.

demanded an apology from Creeley. Fortunately, he coopIt was not until 1985 that Holerated and prevented the early derness regained its studentdemise of The Bull. run publication. Advised by In 1982, The Bull ceased pub- Norman Walker, who was an lishing for reasons unknown, English teacher and football

let Tommy Chau spread his wings and leave our little nest in Hagerman, as he will be featured on Broadway on the same nights as our performances. If you’re reading this, Tommy, the show won’t be the same without you! Ms. Devine drops phrases every now and then that make me hopeful. She says it has to come together, that it always

does. Perhaps every Holderness show is worth a headache and a half. I can only cross my fingers and hope that all of the sources of our worry will work themselves out before the initial performance. Please join us in Hagerman this week and make your friends feel like all the study hall time and sleep they’ve missed were well worth it!

coach, Paul Nanian, a junior at poetry corner, and many other Holderness, substituted The sections which were similar to Bull with The Picador. those today. Just as a picador in a bullfight draws out the attention of the bull, Mr. Walker wished to stimulate thoughts and incite discussions among students. The Picador gained tremendous popularity in the 1980s and 1990s and continued to be an important outlet for students’ voices. After a short lapse in publication, Mr. Solberg reinstated The Picador in 2004, and on October 28, 2005, Ben Mawhinney ’06 became the chief editor. The publication included current events, green team news, a

In 2009, Ms. Magnus became the faculty advisor, and under her command, you, my dear readers, are reading this student-run publication which has survived myriad ups and downs. P.S. A special thanks to Ms. Wernig, Mrs. Solberg, Mr. Solberg, and Ms. Magnus, without whom I would still be stuck in the archives reading countless issues and trying to fathom the intriguing history of The Picador.

Robert Creeley, editor of the first Holderness student newspaper. Page 2

Volume 9, Issue 2

Parents’ Weekend Memories Collected by Sarah Michel ’14

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The Picador World News Boat Capsizes Near Lampedusa, Italy, Killing 289 People crowded to one side of the boat. “People were screaming as the boat capsized,” Mohammed said.

By Linh Le '15 At the port of Lampedusa, Italy, bodies are still being pulled from the sea and continue to fill trucks. So far, at least 289 of bodies have been found. It is believed that more than 500 African migrants were aboard a boat that sank off the island last Thursday. Lampedusa Mayor Giusi Nicolini said that it is “the biggest sea tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea since World War II.” The process of finding hundreds of missing people is still in progress.

One of the lucky ones who was rescued, 23-year-old Abrahalli Amare, said, “We left our country because of hardship, so that we could live in peace and help our families. But we have found this bitter sadness. It was so unexpected, so disturbing. And now we can’t think of anything else.”

age to Lampedusa was supposed to give many African migrants a new start. Santa, a single mother of a 4-year-old boy decided to leave the AfriGermani Nagassi, a 30-yearcan nation, where she had neiold man who luckily survived ther money nor medical care. Lampedusa’s tragedy, said that She and others spent 13 days he will never forget what hapon the sea before the boat’s pened. “We tried to stay alive engine stopped approximately for five hours before getting help from the rescue team,” he a mile from Lampedusa, Italy. said. “Many people are dead According to witnesses, the and gone, missing in the sea. Italian coast guard did not do There were many children.” enough. Hamid Mohammad, 18, says that an Italian vessel Thirteen days at sea, the voy-

saw them but did nothing. “The Italian’s boat started circling around us. They circled our boat twice, then just went away,” he said. “That’s when people started to panic.” Witnesses say the captain tried to tell everyone to burn clothes and blankets to get attention. He also tried to use a can of benzene to light the clothes on fire but the can exploded. Quickly, the fire spread. The boat capsized because there were too many people

World Sports Tommy Chau ’15 Soccer: On October 2nd, Ryan Giggs set a new record for the most caps in the most prestigious club-level competition in the world, the UEFA Champions League, with 145 appearances. For his entire soccer career, Giggs has claimed two Champions League titles with Manchester United, one in 1999 and another one in 2008. According to ESPN, the 39-yearold midfielder was proud to serve for United for the past 23 years, claiming numerous honors and titles and becoming one of the most decorated players in the club’s history. With his 40th birthday coming up on October 29th, will Ryan be able to stay in the Red Devils’ squad any longer?

F1: On October 6th, Sebastian Vettel won the Korean Grand Prix and extended the point difference with Fernando Alonso from 60 to 77 points. After finishing first in the classifying race, Vettel led out of the start and maintained his position for the entire race. At 272 points, Vettel is posed to become the world champion four years in a row which is equal to other F1 legends such as Michael Schumacher or Juan Fiago. The final race will take place next week in Japan. (Continued on page 5)

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Volume 9, Issue 2 The Eleventh Member of Our Family Tree Found in China By Henry Liu ’15 In 1989, a group of workers were drilling into a small limestone cave searching for good quality limestone. What they found instead were things much more valuable. There, lying in the dust-swirling darkness, lay archaic artifacts, a fire pit, prehistoric Red Deer bones, and at least three fossil specimens of a man-like being. However, after being recovered from the cave, the fossils of this mysterious being remained unstudied until 2008, when researchers rediscovered the unique remains. Professor Darren Cunroe, a paleoanthropologist at the University of New South Wales in Australia, recalls his first encounter with a specimen: “In 2009, when I was in China working with coauthor Professor Ji Xueping, he showed me the block of rock that contained the skull,” he said. “After picking my own jaw up from the floor, we decided we had to make the remains a priority.”

These fossil specimens are revolutionary; they reveal a previously unknown lineage of humankind that just might put the entire current model of pre -human migration out of Africa into the trashcan. The fossil remains display a variety of puzzling and shocking traits, some of which are seen in us and some of which have never been seen before.

skull bones, large molar teeth, primitively short parietal lobes, and a jutting jaw that lacks a humanlike chin. Other unique features of the skulls of the Red Deer Cave People include a strongly curved forehead, a very broad nose and eye sockets, and very flat cheeks that flare widely to the sides to accommodate large chewing muscles.

The skull, for instance, has an unusually flat upper face, prominent brow ridges, thick

These specific traits are seen in neither modern humans nor in any form of known prehis-

toric humanoid. What is even more surprising, however, is the fact that these archaic manlike beings shared the same landscapes with ancient Homo sapiens from around 11,500 to 15,000 years ago. By then, Homo sapiens in this particular region of China had just begun to farm and cultivate their own food. How the two species of humans could have interacted is unfortunately still unclear, but it is most likely that interaction occurred during the span of at least 3,000 years. For the past four years passionate debates have taken place inside the scientific community regarding the Red Deer Cave People. Some believe they are just a subspecies of Homo sapiens, but word is spreading that the majority of researchers now agree that they are in fact, the 11th member of our human family tree. A proper binomial name has not yet been decided for the Red Deer Cave People.

World Sports (Continued from page 4)

Tennis: The competition in the 2013 ATP World Tour Finals in Shanghai, China is getting more intense. With Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and David Ferrer already claiming the top three spots in the tournament, the race for the next five spots is going to be fierce for the next month or so, for the number of points between different players is only 600-800 points. Since Roger Federer is the only one of the former “Big 4” who has not had a spot guaranteed, (Andy Murray has already withdrawn due to surgery), will he make it to Shanghai in November? The answer lies in the final two ATP World Tour 1000 tournaments of the year.

Cycling: On October 4th, Lance Armstrong, the former seven-time Tour De France champion, finally agreed to return his bronze medal from the 2000 Summer Olympics, as requested by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). This move was not surprising since Lance admitted last year to the use of performance-enhancing drugs for seven years of his cycling career from 1998-2005. Since returning the Olympic medal and after nine months of ignoring the IOC’s request, Lance was officially stripped off all of his honors and achievements for his entire cycling career, a fact that shocks cycling fans all around the world.

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The Picador Thank You, Parents! For some students this is their first Fall Parents’ Weekend at Holderness; for some it is their last. But for all it is a chance to reconnect with their families and share with them their accomplishments. It is also a chance for students to let parents and other family members know how much their support and love means. Below are just some of the letters we collected this week from students around campus. Thanks again, parents, for all that you do! Enjoy your weekend on campus! Terrell and Patty, Thanks for flying out from Indonesia. Sorry if my recent AP Physics grade doesn't make up for the flight. Stay Fresh, Matt

Dear Parents, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend four years at Holderness and for supporting me all the way through. Love you guys, Caroline

Mother and Father, You are the wind beneath my wings. Love Forever and Always, Nam Tran

Hey Cath! Thank you for being the very best mama--even from 1400 miles away! I love you and am so happy to see you this weekend! XOXO, Charlotte

Hello Parents! You are great. Thank you for doing my laundry. Love, Becky 엄마&아빠: 우리 여기서 매일 아이스크림 먹으면서 행복하게 지내고 있으니까 걱정하지마. 아무리 멀리있어도, 항상 엄마랑 아빠 생각하고 있고, 자 주 못보는 엄마와 아빠를 위해서 우리 모두 후회없이 살 수 있도록 열심히 공부하고있어! 이렇게 잘 클수있게 도와주셔서 감사합니다. 너무너무 보고싶고, 하늘만큼 땅만큼 사랑해! <3 -사랑하는 소민이와 기훈이가 Mom and Dad, I think you're pretty cool; keep up the good work. Have fun vacationing without me next week. Love, Lea Mama and Papa, Thanks for going the distance and sending me Aspen leaves. Love, Eliana Mom and Dad, Joke's on you...I am not the lead in the fall play. Sorry to disappoint. Love, Hope Thanks, Mom, for all that you have done for me to get me where I am today! Thanks, Tyler Page 6

Thanks, Eric and Mom, for everything you do. I'm so happy to be here! XO, Mags Mom and Dad, Thanks for supporting me in everything I do...and for doing my laundry on the weekends. Love, Sarah Mom and Dad, I get homesick sometimes, but then I remember how great you are and it's like I never left. Miss You, Clark Thanks for everything, Mom, Dad, Mac, Maggie, and Lydia. ilygsm! Love, Claire Mom and Dad, Thanks for not forgetting who I am while I'm away. Love, Elizabeth Mom, Dad, Kris, Lee, and Luna, The impact you guys have had on my childhood shaped me into the incredible woman I am today. And for that I am forever grateful. Love you. From Hedi, your daughter and sister

Volume 9, Issue 2 Ma and Pa, Without you, we are like small boats upon the sea without sails. You keep us sailing through the roughest storms, the most violent scurvies, and the worst concussions. Love Forever, Your Sons Drew Houx and Matt Tankersley Dear Mom and Dad, I love you so much. I know you already know this, but I can still say it. Love, Karina

New England Sports Red Sox By Joey Casey ’13 The Red Sox began their playoff run by taking on the hot Tampa Bay Rays who had just come off back-to-back wins. The series began in Boston with the Red Sox dominating the first two games with scores of 12-2 and 7-4. They rolled into the Trops looking to sweep the Rays and advance to the ALCS, but despite a ninth inning rally by the Sox, Tampa managed to walk off and stay alive one more night with a 5-4 win. Game four began with a matchup of Sox veteran Jake Peavy and the Rays’ Jeremy Hellickson. Despite chasing Hellickson from the game after one inning and having the bases loaded with no outs in the second, the Red Sox were unable to score early on. Peavy kept the Rays scoreless until the sixth when David DeJesus drove in the game’s first run. Peavy’s night ended after the next batter flew out. The Red Sox finally broke through with two outs in the seventh when Xander Bogarts scored on a wild pitch and Jacoby Ellsbury scored on Shane Victorino’s infield single. The Sox tacked on a run in the ninth, and Koji Uehara struck out Evan Longoria to end the series, sending the Red Sox to their first American League Championship Series since 2008. High fives all around as the Red Sox are one step closer to the World Series.

Boston Bruins By Connor Marien ’14 After a series of preseason games, the Bruins kicked off their official season with a home opener against the Tampa Bay Lightning last Thursday. With an abundance of new faces in the Bruins lineup--like Jarome Iginla and Loui Eriksson--it should be a productive season. The first goal of the opening game was scored during a penalty shot by the Bruins' Chris Kelly, who snuck a backhand shot by Tampa Bay’s goaltender, Lindback. Later in the game, Bruins Milan Lucic and Patrice Bergeron scored, bringing the final score to a 3-1 win. A highlight of the game occurred when Jarome Iginla dropped the gloves against Tampa Bay’s Radko Gudas, instantly making him a crowd favorite for the upcoming season. After their game with the Lightning, the Bruins faced off against the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday during a newly-formed division match up. After tying the first period with the Red Wings, the Bruins dominated the second and third periods by scoring 3 unanswered goals, producing a final score of 4-1. The Bruins lineup shows potential as they cruised through the first two games of the season. Their next game is Thursday October 10th against the Colorado Avalanche where they will hopefully add to their winning streak.

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The Picador Opinion

Making the Dress Code Work: By So Min Park ’14 Do you remember what you wore on your first day at Holderness? I do. Do you remember how you felt? I do. Horrible.

about dress code), even if you are not a member! The questions you have are questions other people have, so ask them! It will help more people than you think. This is a wholly new and creative project, and we need all the help and support we can get to get it fully going.

So, help us by submitting your photos, asking questions, telling your friends! Tweet about it (@holdernesstoday), instagram your brag-worthy dress Holderness School dress code schools have done this (Hotchkiss, St. Paul’s, Exeter), code pics (@holdernesstoday), tumblr! and we thought tumblr would and don’t forget to hash tag What is a tumblr? More spe#holdersense! provide a great platform to cifically, what is a dress code show Holderness students, Lastly, remember to visit the tumblr? A tumblr is one of the along with prospective stutumblr at least once every most popular forms of social dents, what the dress code week, for we will upload two networking where members means at Holderness, why it is “Outfits of the Week,” one can “effortlessly share anyimportant to be in dress code, boy and one girl. thing” from “texts and photos and how dress code can actuto links, music, and videos” ally be fun! (Hard to believe, and customize their blogs to fit but trust me, it’s true.) their unique styles. A dress code tumblr is exactly what it In order to make it real sounds like: a blog containing (instead of having people get pictures and captions of people into dress code and come into Let me just say, it was not a in appropriate dress code that the studio for a few snapfantastic way to start the year represent the unique styles of shots), we walk around the at a new school. I also know individuals and the overall school and stop people on the for a fact that I was not the atmosphere of Holderness. It paths to take candids of their only one who felt intimidated even includes some fashion everyday, unplanned outfits. and left out by the strict yet advice on how to follow dress Because we want everyone to ambiguous Holderness dress partake in this new and fun code and make it work. blog (and we mean everyone: code. It’s so random. Where did this faculty, staff, faculty kids It sucked, and I would not come from? It all started when even), the tumblr has a wish that kind of nightmare on Mr. Ford introduced me to the “submit” button where people anyone, no matter what. So, in new and already-impactful can send their dress code picorder to prevent any further Ms. Williamson in the Comtures, questions, and advice in wardrobe catastrophes from munications Office who came order to get featured on the happening, innovators in the up with the state-of-the-art blog. The tumblr also has a Communications Office have idea to create a dress code question forum where you can taken a step to create a helpful tumblr. Many other private ask a question (preferably There was no clothing on me that could have been considered even slightly dress code: pink jeans, flip-flops, and a hoodie. Oh, wait… I was wearing a blouse. I guess that makes it a little better. But even with my ruffley, white blouse, I felt out of place because of my dress code, or should I say, non-dress code. For weeks before the first Tilton outlets trip, I had to wear my advisor’s dresses and cardigans (thanks, Ms. Hood!), while many returning students looked neat and fashionable in perfect dress code.

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Volume 9, Issue 2 Faculty Profile: Ian Casey Yipee, Holderness School has five new faculty members! In each issue of The Picador this fall, we will take the time to introduce them to the Holderness community. This week it is Ian Casey’s turn. Thank you , Parker Densmore and William Tessier, for taking the time to interview him. Q: What is your full name?

Q: What are your previous experiences in these sports?

A: Ian Michael Casey

A: I played collegiate lacrosse at Wheaton, and I was the captain as a senior. I also played high school hockey for Buckingham Browne and Nichols (BB&N). At Wheaton, I was the captain, coach, president, secretary, and treasurer of the club hockey team.

Q: Where did you attend college? A: I attended Wheaton College in Norton, MA. Q: What made Holderness appealing to you?

Q: So far, what positives have you taken away from being a teacher here at Holderness?

A: I’ve made great personal connections, and I hope to make A: I like the small community, and many more as the year progresses. I wanted a rewarding career in Q: What are your thoughts about being known as “Dad” to which I would be able to posinumerous members of the Holderness community? tively affect young people’s lives. A: I take the name to be a Q: If you could be any color, what would you be and why? sign of endearment and A: Black: A color that represents the absorption of all lights in acceptance into the community. I’m honored to be the spectrum. This means that I’m accepting of all people. accepted so readily and Q: What sports will you be coaching here at Holderness cordially by my dorm. School? A: I will be coaching hockey and lacrosse. Go Bulls.

National Coming Out Day is October 11th

All profits and donations go to the Trevor Project!

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The Picador Entertainment Bad Blood By: Bastille Critic: Becca Kelly Rate: 8/10 Review: Bastille, a band based in London, released their newest album, Bad Blood, on March 4th. Altogether, it has an alternative rock feel with just a touch of electronic. Each song is different from the last. Lead singer Dan Smith’s voice has a tone unlike any other, and it is absolutely perfect for this unique style of music. Bastille also has done acoustic versions of many of the songs on this album which can all be found on YouTube. This is the perfect album for a car ride because it’s wicked fun to sing to. It’s also soothing, but not enough to put you to sleep. Even though it was released in the spring, this is definitely an album for the fall season.

In and Out Katie Remien ’15 and Rachael Erhard ’14



    

 Sleep Deprivation

Parents’ Weekend …. Lorde Heaven Can Wait Holderness

 The Government  Miley  Legally Blonde  KUA

Shout Outs By Allie Solms ’14 DF — Happy 21st Birthday! CD — and play cast: Break a leg! BB — The Common App has nothing on you.

Despicable Me

MB — Hope you have a rapid recovery.

Directors: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud Reviewer: Seo Jung Kim Rate: 8.8/10 Story: The most despicable villain in the world, Gru, has an ambitious dream: he is going to steal the moon! Gru strongly believes that his brilliant idea and irreproachable plan will make him a wealthy and notorious villain. However, to achieve his dream, he must first defeat his rival, Vector, and deal with an annoying trio of orphan girls. What is going to happen to Gru’s life?

AJ — You are my compañero de cuarto.

The characters and sound tracks are adorable. The minions, who have yellow little bodies with scarce hairs, will be your favorite characters! It is fun to watch Gru’s life change after adopting Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Despicable Me 2 came out last summer, so be sure to watch it as well! Quote: “Excuse me if you will/ You look like you have time to kill/ Can you chill?/ ‘Cause Groove’s got the speakers/ And the trunk to make you bounce, bounce/ Bounce, bounce, bounce …” (Despicable Me sound track).

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TL — Congrats on the marathon! Students — Be kind to your parents this weekend!

Junior Editors Parker Densmore Charles Harker

Sookie Liddle Henry Liu Connor Marien Caroline Mure So Min Park Katie Remien Allie Solms Stephen Wilk

Faculty Advisors Ms. Magnus Mr. Solberg

Contributing Writers Leah Scaralia William Tessier

Section Writers Joey Casey Tommy Chau Rachael Erhard Andrew Houx Becca Kelly Seo Jung Kim Linh Le

Contact Information Holderness School Chapel Lane P.O. Box 1789 Plymouth, NH 03245 Phone Number: 603.536.1257 Fax: 603.536.1267 Email:

Senior Editors Zihan Guo Celeste Holland Sarah Michel Lea Rice

Volume 9, Issue 2 Horoscopes By Caroline Mure ’14 and Sookie Liddle ’14 Take time this weekend to think about a person you let down or a class you skipped too many times. Righting a wrong never hurts.

Libra (September 23-October 22): These past few weeks have been extremely hard for you, but perk up; good things are coming your way. Just make sure you focus on the positive and not the negative. Scorpio (October 23-November 21): You have been attracting a lot of positive attention these past few days, but make sure you don't change who you are; always remember the inner you.

on finding balance in your life. love of your life. You are doing alright, my friend, but Aquarius (January 20-don’t get so caught up in your February 18): A recent test fame that you forget the peograde has put your mood in the ple who have been there for dumps. Better prepare yourself the long haul. Take time to Sagittarius (November 22-for the next one, and focus thank them, especially your December 21): Although you more on the course material may think that gossip is your parents! instead of on that new walkfriend, what you don't realize back that everyone's talking Taurus (April 20--May 20): is that due to it you have lost a You have been trying very about. few friends recently. Take a hard lately, and it is possible few steps back, and think Pisces (February 19--March you have nothing else to say or about what you say before you 20): You've been extremely do, but take the time to express say it because the repercusnervous lately. Focus on yourself clearly. You have to sions are not always obvious. steady breathing and lowering go down to get up, but in the your heart rate, because life Capricorn (December 22-end, the sky's your limit. shouldn't be that nerveJanuary 19): You've been Gemini (May 21--June 21): wracking. focusing all your energy on a You have been feeling bad certain thing that is causing Aries (March 21--April 19): about something lately, and if you to be stressed. Chilllllll Things are looking up for you, you haven’t, you should be. out, find an outlet, and focus the college process, and the

Cancer (June 22--July 22): Take this Parents' Weekend to completely relax and take school totally off your mind, because it has been dragging you down. Sleep in, eat homemade food, and watch TV. This is your time away from school; use it well. Leo (July 23--August 22): Challenge yourself these next couple of days--ask yourself questions and take the time to answer them. You might discover things you never knew, and it could open many doors in your future. Virgo (August 23-September 22): If people in your life are struggling, find some time to give them a piece of your knowledge. Your experiences could help people close to you gain more confidence. Don’t be afraid to step in and help!

Overheards Collected by Parker Densmore ’15 Please email if you hear anything that you think should be shared.  You know it’s a great time to play Head’s Day roulette when outdoor chapel is cancelled due to weather.  Oliver Sheppe is such a diva.  Happy no-government day.  Yo, so sometimes I wish there was a zombie outbreak, but like, a small one.  The number of walkbacks has decreased drastically since the release of GTAV.  I’m locking my longboard to my bed.  That was the fifth-worst five seconds of my life.  I have to go to the common room to change into my compression shorts.  I have no idea what I am smelling, but it should be a DC able offense.

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The Picador

Four Questions, Four Answers We have four new editors on the Picador staff. What better what to get to know them than ask them several random questions? 1.What is one thing you want to do before you graduate? Densmore: Floss. Guo: I want to fail an exam once. Harker: Lead the "roller coaster" cheer in assembly. Holland: Climb up Mt. Katahdin with the Outing Club! It's the tallest mountain in Maine, and the northernmost point on the Appalachian Trail.

Guo: Mosquitoes Harker: Any time the corn isn't ready. The corn is really good in Wisconsin. Holland: I always feel that the summer months go by too fast, and that many things that I wished I had done I wasn't able to fit in. However, we do have very long breaks, and so it is always nice to see everyone again in the fall.

2.What's your favorite fall school tradition? Densmore: Fit day for skiers Guo: Head's Day Harker: The Tabor Day Bonfire is a great time. Holland: I love the first outdoor chapel. The hike up in the crisp, cool air is a great way to start off the day, and it's nice to get outside for 45 minutes before class.

4.What's the worst advice you have ever received? Densmore: Do donuts in front of the police station. Police love donuts. Guo: Never overestimate yourself. Harker: Be the ball. Holland: I think the worst advice that I've received was that there wasn't enough snow on the old ski hill to go down it on nordic skis last November. I did it anyway, and lived to tell about it.

3.What is your least favorite thing about summer? Densmore: Unfortunate sunburns

First Candy Love Anonymous Whenever somebody asked the 7-year-old me “Are you too young to be in love?” I always smiled; my teeth were shiny. “Yes, I am, why not? Love is not for old people.” He was a tall, sweet boy Who loved eating candy. He had a warm and calm voice And his hair flew gently Like waves in the deep, blue sea. He was the reason why I always asked for candies every time--from the teachers From my mom, my friends, my cousin, whatever, From everyone, just for him. Strawberry, melon, apple, lemon, and vanilla All flavors I gathered for him. But I always tried to get the chocolate flavor, For my mom's book that I secretly read Said, “Chocolate is the symbol of love.” You only see it as a flavor of candy, But I see how lovely my first love was from the deepest bottom of my heart.

I went every single day, after every single class, to his house Just to give him some candy. People thought I had gone crazy. But as long as I saw his smile, I didn't mind. But things went poorly for me, since he only saw me as a little sister, Nothing, nothing more. I felt sad, I did, but when he gave me a hug A hug to his little 'sister' You know, That gentleness was enough For me to continue to be his ‘sister.’ Time went on, and in the end, we grew up; He did not like candy anymore. He had more friends, more cool things to do. And there, he forgot his ‘sister.’ He left me behind without knowing my feelings for him. Nothing, nothing more. Years passed, I also moved on. Now, I'm not hurt anymore, but I still remember My first candy love. Sometimes, I wonder, for just a second Does he still remember me? Does he still remember me?

The Picador: Volume 9, Issue 2  

The Picador is the student newspaper of Holderness School. It is published every two weeks while school is in session.