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The Picador Volume 9, Issue 1


September 27, 2013

The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Holderness’ Velvet Elvis sent to none other than Mr. Peck on his thirtieth birthday Elvis Presley: The King of after his first year as a HolderRock. What the heck does he ness faculty member. He had have to do with Holderness, lived in Hoit that fist year, and and why on Earth does his the next fall, he and his wife portrait appear in our school moved into Sargent. During photo each fall? the move, Mrs. Peck found the portrait of Elvis and was in the After the “serious” photo is taken, Holderness takes an all- process of throwing it out school photo in which students when a student stopped her and asked if he could have it. are allowed to wear jerseys, Mrs. Peck gratefully gave Elhold up posters and signs, wear sunglasses and hats, and vis to the student, and the next time it was seen was in the all don funny expressions. The school photo in the fall of portrait of Elvis, known to 1986. some as “Velvet Elvis,” has appeared in many photos as far The original picture was then back as the late 80’s. lost, but a new portrait apVelvet Elvis, believe it or not, peared in the 90s; in every was originally a birthday pre- photo since then, Velvet Elvis By Charles Harker ’15

has made an appearance. Well, actually, TWO appearances. Much like taking a “panorama” on an iPhone, the all school picture is done with a camera that starts at one end, and takes a series of pictures on its way across the mass of students and faculty until it reaches the other end. So if you’re quick enough, you can appear in the photo twice. Upholding tradition this year are seniors Matt Thomas and Adam Pettengill, who along with Velvet Elvis, will appear, twice, in the 2013-2014 all school photo. After this year, Elvis will be passed down to the next generation of seniors, who will also have the honor

of appearing twice. So, when you see Matt and Adam sprinting around the back of the bleachers, don’t be “All Shook Up!”

M r. P e c k R e t u r n s f r o m C o l u m b i a U n i v e r s i t y By Sarah Michel ’14 This past week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Peck and asking him about his year at Columbia University in New York City. Mr. Peck took a year off as the head of the school to complete research and construct his dissertation. He focused in on researching independent schools and leadership. I asked Mr. Peck a few questions and was very interested by his answers! Sarah Michel: Mr. Peck, while going to school in New York City, where were you living? Mr. Peck: I was living in a

Mr. Peck: I was in a program called the Klingenstein Program, which is one of the premiere graduate schools in the country. I was so lucky to be able to do graduate work at this school because of the extensive resources that were available and the doors that were opened for me. It was a wonderful experience, and I was very fortunate! SM: What were some of your new experiences throughout your year away? Mr. Peck: I realized how hard five hundred square foot apart- where I was studying at Coit is to go back to school and ment that overlooked Harlem. lumbia! do a full year of graduate It was great because I was SM: How did you like Colum- schoolwork! It felt like I was only two blocks away from (Continued on page 2) bia University?

The Picador pendent school. We can go so much further with our prodoing my own senior honors grams, facilities, and the dethesis, which was a really cool velopment of the school overexperience! I was so thankful all. It was great to get a new for the Macombers and their perspective of Holderness. wonderful leadership. As a SM: Are you happy to be Head of School, it is very unback? usual to leave for a full year, but I knew that things were Mr. Peck: I am so happy to be going great back at school. I back and I am very proud of thought it was so cool that the the school. Macombers had the house SM: What are you looking open to students all the time forward to the most this year? and that the Holderness School blog was created! I was so Mr. Peck: I’m looking forproud of our entire school and ward to all of the brownie faculty for the wonderful work nights and the open houses. It's and leadership that took place also great to be back with the while I was gone. students and faculty that I love so much; they are such reSM: Was there a favorite part markable people. I am excited of your year? to do more strategic planning Mr. Peck: Living in New through the year and to think York was a very different ex- ahead to where the school is perience for me but learning going in the future. I am enerabout independent schools and gized by the process and by leadership did not really seem working with others as we like work because I was com- move forward and continue to pletely immersed! My time make Holderness a leader in away really reinforced how independent schools! much I love Holderness and Thank you very much, Mr. also helped me realized we Peck, and welcome back! have only begun as an indePhil Peck (Continued from page 1)

Class of 2016 girls headed to Chatham, Cape Cod to face the great Megladon - CJ Sturges and Hannah Benson

This summer when our family noticed something big lurking around our cove, my cousin spent 45 minutes hunting this monster snapping turtle before catching it in a fishing net. His shell was probably a foot and a half long and his claws could do some serious damage. We won't miss his presence. - Liesl Magnus

Quality time with Method Man - Chase O'Connor Page 2

Volume 9, Issue 1

Summer Memories Collected by Sarah Michel ’14

Level 3 members of the Lake Winnipesaukee Sailing Association on their SONAR in mid-August. - Cat McLaughlin

Skiing with alumni Chris Davenport ’89 in Portillo, Chile - Morgan Dawkins

Glacier National Park - Hedi Droste

Fenway Park during the Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert in August - Sarah Michel

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The Picador World News A l - S h e b a b Te r r o r i s t A t t a c k i n K e n y a K i l l s 6 7 P e o p l e attacked the border town of Wajir, 390 kilometres southwest of Mandera. One person was killed and four wounded after a gunman opened fire and threw grenades.

By Linh Le ’15 On Saturday, September 21st, gunmen with masks attacked a crowded mall in Nairobi, Kenya. At least 67 people were killed, while 175 more people were injured. Sixty remain hospitalized. Gunmen went into the Westgate Mall through a garage and the main door. They threw a grenade into the building, shot many people, and held lots of people hostage inside the mall. One of the witnesses reported that the gunmen wore black clothes and spoke Arabic. More than a thousand people, including women and children, were shopping at Westgate

Early Thursday, al-Shabaab fighters attacked the border town of Mandera, killing two police officers, injuring three others and destroying 11 vehicles, said regional police chief Charlton Mureithi. when the attack happened. The army. siege lasted for four days. As the siege drew to a close On Twitter Al-Shebaab's reand police searched the mall bels took responsibility for the for survivors, two other attacks attack. They said the attack occurred. was meant to avenge Kenya’s Wednesday night, al-Shabaab intercession of Somalia's

The leader of the Somali group said the attacks will continue until Kenyan troops are withdrawn from Somalia. Sources: CNN, New York Times, CTV News

World Sports Tommy Chau ’15 Soccer: On September 22nd, Manchester City obliterated their long-term rival Manchester United with a hefty score of 41 in Round five of Barclays Premier League. This was the City’s biggest win against United on their home ground, Etihad, since 2004. According to Reuters, Manchester United’s head coach, David Moyes, was disappointed since Robin Van Persie was out on the offense and Marouane Fellaini was not doing a good job of stopping Man City’s midfielders. After this shocking defeat, will the Red Devils keep their heads up and move on or show their backs and give up? Tennis: World-ranked number three Andy Murray has decided to quit all of his remaining tournaments this year, including the ATP World Tour Finals in Shanghai. He needs back surgery but will be back for the 2014 season. This was a piece of shocking news for all tennis fans around world but was somewhat understandable due to Andy’s poor performance in the US Open 2013. Is this a wise decision? The answer lies in the 2014 ATP World Tour season. PGA: As the 2013 PGA Tour was closing up, Swedish golfer Henrik Stenson won the final tournament of the year, the Tour championship, along with FedEx cup honors, for a mind-boggling $10 million bonus. Although Stenson had a successful PGA season, he felt a lot of pressure from other potential opponents in the FedEx Cup including fellow rookie Jordan Spieth, who finished off with a close eighth birdie of 64 to finish second place overall. Will Stenson be able to keep up with his form in the 2014 PGA Tour? MLB: The New York Yankees fell 2-1 to the San Francisco Giants on a day when Mariano Rivera gave a fantastic sendoff and Andy Pettitte pitched beautifully at the start. This loss against the Giants put the Yankees’ hope of playing in the playoffs in an unfavorable position as they are now four games back in the wild card chase with six games left.

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Volume 9, Issue 1 Ocean’s Most Disturbing Predator: the 10-foot Bobbit Worm By Henry Liu ’15 Each year, millions of tourists travel to tropical destinations for nice holiday breaks, yet little do they know that when they are in the waves splashing around, a bizarre yet captivating creepy crawler just might be holed up right beside their feet. Meet Eunice aphroditois, the bobbit worm. Although bobbit worms were first discovered in the 90’s, there are still ongoing debates as to the correct biological classification of this alien-like creature. Bobbit worms are basically ninjas with a taste for colorful clothing; they are sneaky and deadly, yet at the same time the external shells of the worms glow in a glamorous rainbow of light. Bobbit worms, however, mainly stay latched in a hole which they excavate by and for themselves, so most likely, you don't need to worry about giant rainbow worms with two big pincers and five antennae swimming towards you. Collected specimens of these rare arthropods show that individuals can grow up to 10 feet in length, or even more. Similar to mantis shrimp, bobbit worms have enough speed and strength to split a fish in two, and quite frankly that would be a merciful exit. As of now,

mate, based on their close relatives. “Some eunicid polychaetes have an impressive transformation of their body for reproduction. The posterior part of their bodies are modified to contain sperm or oocytes and often have a large eyespot. During a very short period of time, depending on the season and under the influence of a certain phase of the moon, their posterior regions, or even their whole bodies, leave their shelter and swim en masse to the surface of the sea. This swarming behavior concludes with the massive release of sperm and eggs such that fecundation can take place.” The existence of such a creature is hard to accept, but now To watch a bobbit worm eat his dinner follow this link: you’re also going to have to accept the possibility that sexcrazed 10-foot-long worms with hair-trigger jaws are thankfully, there has not yet Luis F. Carrera and Sergio I. been a reported case of an at- Salazar, ecologists specializing swarming in the waves of a beautiful tropical ocean. tack from a bobbit worm. in the field of bobbit worms However, if one were to exand the likes. “What happens Swim, anyone? perience a bobbit worm attack, next is rather unknown, espethe biological community cially because they have not would surely want to know all been observed directly.” the details. Many things regarding bobbit “We think that the eunicid worms are still shrouded in injects some narcotizing or mystery, one of which inkilling toxin in their prey, such cludes their reproductive systhat it can be safely ingested – tem. However, Carrera and especially if they are larger Salazar may have a disturbing than the worm – and then dihypothesis as to how they gested through the gut,” says

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The Picador What Are You Doing? 10 Reasons Not to Sit in Your Room Here at Holderness there are many different groups that any student is welcome to join. Many have made announcements during assemblies and dinner, but here is the scoop on what they’re all about. Both students and faculty members who are involved in the groups were interviewed for this article, and they provided me with some very insightful information. Read, reflect, then get involved in the community by joining at least one of these groups! are to be more active and organize more events. They’re planning to do something for National Coming Out Day (in OctoHow did you spend your Sunday? If you’re interested in getting ber) and would like to sponsor LGBT movies, Day of Silence outside and immersing yourself in the great outdoors that surparticipation, and more! The group just started meeting again, round our campus, the Outing Club is for you. Or, if O'Hike so look for announcements or emails explaining where they’ll was your first hiking experience and you’re interested in just be meeting. - Hannah Durnan ’14 being outside, the Outing Club is also for you! There will be many different opportunities that will vary in difficulty. While Green Team we all spend time out in the woods during Out Back and Ever wonder who takes the recycling from the dorm each O'Hikes, the Outing Club would like to get more students into morning? Or why turning off your lights is so important? The the woods on a more regular basis. Many faculty members green team is focused on bringing awareness of climate change share an enthusiasm for hiking, and hopefully students and facto the Holderness community. They try to do this through iniulty alike will lead trips. Mr. Galvin would also like to give tiatives that involve the whole school — like the Green Cup back to the White Mountain National Forest by joining “Adopt Challenge and the tracking of the energy efficiency of each a Highway” and maintaining one of the highways that runs dorm. The group was started a few years back when the discusthrough the White Mountains. And not all trips will include sion of climate change became more serious; students became hiking; there is a possibility of organizing canoeing, fishing, more conscious of Holderness’s impact and wanted to figure and overnight camping trips. OB stories by the campfire and out how to reduce waste and create awareness. many other outdoor activities will be organized throughout the year as well! Everyone is encouraged to participate, especially Last year the team built and painted the recycling shed next to Connell, and one of the goals for this year is to complete the if they are feeling adventurous. - Mr. Galvin ’90 trio and paint the remaining two recycling sheds. They also Vestry hope to begin a composting program for our community garden. On a smaller scale, they hope to do several battery collecThe Vestry is a group of students that engages in service projects both at Holderness and in the greater community. Students tions and continue to use the Catalog Choice bin in order to reduce our magazine waste. The Green Team usually meets are able to offer their own ideas, take initiative, and obtain leadership positions. A couple years ago the Vestry helped or- during lunch on Mondays but will also have short meetings after sit-down dinners. We will send out a school-wide email ganized a Relay for Life. Unfortunately, it had to be canceled before our next meeting! We would love to have anyone who is half way through the event due to pouring rain. But this year interested in climate change and is eager to help Holderness the group will use that experience to prepare for this year's become more eco-friendly! GO GREEN! - Eliana Mallory ’14 event, so that rain or shine the event will go on! The Vestry also helped organize the Wounded Warrior project last spring. Choir Father Weymouth is a big help in getting these events together and making sure that all of the students take the initiative that is The Holderness Chapel Choir began a few years ago because necessary. He is also great about assisting the students with we wanted to bring more music to the Chapel program. I had an things that they might not be able to do as boarding/day stuadditional goal – I wanted to organize a group that brings singers together who love to sing. When a group of people come dents. - Jack Kinney ’15 together to sing in unison, or harmony, and find that perfect GSA blend, it is a joyful experience. Sounds corny, but it’s true! (If The GSA, or Gay Straight Alliance, is a group in which every- you know what I’m talking about, then you should join the one is supported and accepted (whether they are ‘g’, ‘s’, or any- group.) We sing a variety of songs, including hymns, a cappella music, and current popular “hits.” Learning the music can be thing else). Started four years ago by two seniors (Jazzy and Hannah), the group tries to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues at challenging, but the process is fun, and it is a great way to get Holderness and has fun while doing so! Right now, their goals (Continued on page 7)

Outing Club

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Volume 9, Issue 1 to know people with whom you might not otherwise hang out. Our singers have varying abilities and experiences. Some singers, until now, have only sung in the shower; others have prior experiences and are quite comfortable soloing. The group relies on both. Our goal is to have fun learning music and sharing it with the whole community in Chapel. We rehearse on Tuesday nights after dinner in Carpenter. If you are interested in joining, please talk to me. You can find me in the Admission Office or just show up at the next rehearsal. – Mrs. Day


The main idea of the Astronomy Club at Holderness is to give students an opportunity to look at the starry, night sky and enjoy time with each other. Students will not only be able to identify some basic constellations in the sky using computer software, but they will also get to ponder the very existence of us. There are three major projects I wish to try in the Astronomy Club. Before Christmas, we will focus on the moon and take some beautiful astro-photography with Mr. Solberg’s telescope. During the winter, which is the best time of a year for astronBlacksmithing omy observations, we will focus on analyzing the motion of Just beyond the Barton’s house lies a world filled with fire, Jupiter’s moons and try to model their motion using computer metal, and unique sculptures. The art of blacksmithing is simisoftware. In the spring, we will look at some binary stars and lar to painting and drawing, except that the final product can be other fun constellations. Our meetings are not set because of used for something besides looking at. This year William I’m the inconsistency of New Hampshire's weather (weekends, in command and have been organizing work sessions on Sunmost likely). The club was started two years ago (although no days from 1-3. The students work on a variety of projects, inone really was aware of it) by Dylan Arthaud and me, sponcluding advanced pieces, coat hangers, and other holiday gifts. sored by Mr. Solberg, and supported by Mr. Casey. I hope you The Blacksmithing club originated about three years ago during will enjoy gazing deep into space and time and pondering the Artward Bound when a previous student, Chris Daniell, wanted esoteric nature of our universe. Look for an announcement to continue to work even after Special Programs was over. The soon! – Zihan Guo ’14 group is open to anyone, whether you go one time or every Sunday; it’s worth the short walk up the hill. Look for emails (Continued on page 12) and announcements! - William Prickett ’15

New England Sports By Joey Casey ’14 and Andrew Houx ’14 Boston Red Sox: One year after finishing dead last in the American League East, the Boston Red Sox officially clinched their division and a spot in the playoffs last Saturday against the Blue Jays of Toronto. Jon Lester went seven strong innings, giving up just one run on five hits, and Mike Carp had three RBIs on a hit and a walk. After the disastrous stretch that began two years ago with the worst September collapse in baseball history, followed by a year in which their replacement manager Bobby Valentine created excessive drama in a 69-win season, Boston can finally breathe a sigh of relief. But the season is far from over as first-year Manager John Farrell and the rest of the Red Sox try to fend off the surging Oakland As for the top spot in the American League. But one thing is for sure: this team is dramatically different than the teams of the past few years, and they are more than capable of reaching the high expectations the city of Boston has set for them. The road to the World Series begins here. #GetBeard The New England Patriots: Back in Foxboro, the Patriots took to the field and managed to clinch a win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; the final score was 3-23. While many might note the strong first half from Tampa Bay’s defense, the real highlight of the game was the sensational connection between Tom Brady and the rookie, Kenbrell Thompkins. Kenbrell Thompkins terrorized Tampa Bay’s Red Zone and made two touchdowns for the Pats. Brady and Kenbrell covered the highlight tape, but the game would not have been the same without the incredible display of talent from Stephen Gostkowski. Gostkowski went three for three with field goals, even making his longest personal field goal at 53 yards. With another win under their belts, the Patriots take their talent to Atlanta next week with hopes of dominating Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Sports debate question of the week: Is Tom Brady becoming too old for football?

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The Picador Opinion

The Holderness Outdoor Chapel: A Happy Place By Steven Wilk ’14 The outdoor chapel is a place that students and faculty only visit a few times every year as a requirement. Some people resent having to go but recognize that the dress down day is a nice benefit. Only a few people recognize and appreciate how sacred the outdoor chapel truly is.

college process. Yes, the hike up can be grueling, especially in the winter, but the reward at the top of the ‘mountain’ is a sure one.

Fall is a great time to visit this wonderful place. Mid-day or late afternoon is the best time to go. The sun’s warmth combines with the light breeze and sets the perfect atmosphere for relaxing. You can rest your The outdoor chapel offers mind while reflecting on or tranquility in its most pristine thinking about anything you form. A simple visit for only a wish. It is a place where you few minutes can relieve so can express your feelings much of the stress that builds without worrying about others up during the day -- academand what they may think. And ics, sports, walk-backs, dorm even if you aren’t stressed and life, and, for fellow seniors, just want to appreciate somethe seemingly never-ending

thing and be thankful, head up to the outdoor chapel. One student, who will remain anonymous, said, “We could put a bunch of chairs in the middle of the Quad and have the same service instead of walking half a mile in the freezing cold.” But others disagree. Another source said “I love the outdoor chapel; it’s much better than sitting inside for 45 minutes.” Clearly, thoughts about outdoor chapel are mixed, but I strongly urge anyone to take what little extra time he/she might have to take a trip alone, or maybe even with a friend, up to the outdoor improve the quality of your day. chapel. Guaranteed, it will

School Sports Complied by Lea Rice ’14 Football: The Bulls' varsity football team is off to a great start. Last Saturday they walked all over the Rams of Tilton with a final score of 4922. Their powerful running offense proved to be too much for the opposition. Both Ben Tessier and Ray Jackson had touchdowns for the Bulls,

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while Weven Stilk kicked the extra points through the uprights. Come cheer on the boys this upcoming Saturday when they play Kingswood Oxford at home! Girls Soccer: Though many have wondered whether or not we still have a girls' soccer program, never fear! We’ve just been hiding down on the Lower Fields, making friends with the mosquitoes and working on our sick skills. We also have two brand new coaches, despite the fact that some people believe we picked up a tall new transfer student. Coach Pope is, in fact, not a student, and is leading us to victories, one day at a time. Look for us

Field Hockey: Although these tenacious bulls start their Cross Country: If you are games off slowly, they know looking for a sporting event how to connect and kick some with absolutely zero action for butt. These ladies have skill, twenty minutes (or way more), spirit, and a whole lot of will! cross country is the spectating Those who have the will to sport for you!! Clad in our win cannot be beat. Keep up 1970s running attire, we leave the amazing work ladies; kill it all out on the rugged courses ‘em. of the Lakes Region. This past Wednesday our girls' team swept the top five spots, while Drew Houx set a course record at Tilton! Undefeated since the fall of 2011, our eclectic group of runners gives Mr. Casey and the coaching crew something to cheer about! Look for us speed demons on KUA Day, our next home race!! in the winners’ circle.

Volume 9, Issue 1 T h e M a t h G o d d e s s o f H o l d e r n e s s : E l i z a b e t h Wo l f Holderness School has five new faculty members, and so in each edition of The Picador this fall we will take the time to introduce them to the Holderness community. Zihan Guo is starting off this series with a couple questions for Ms. Elizabeth Wolf. A graduate of St. Paul’s School, Ms. Wolf was also a teaching fellow there after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2009, Ms. Wolf headed to the Ashville School in North Carolina where she taught math, coached a variety of sports, and lived in a dorm. At Holderness Ms. Wolf is teaching AP Calculus and Multivariable Calculus, living in Connell, and coaching girls' JV hockey and girls' JV lacrosse. By Zihan Guo ’14


Zihan Guo: What is your favorite time of day?

ZG: What is your favorite type of music?

Elizabeth Wolf: Dawn and dusk. ZG: How did you decide to come Holderness? EW: I wanted to return to New England, and I liked the people I met when I first came to Holderness. ZG: Based on your experiences at the University of Pennsylvania, what advice would you give seniors?

EW: All kinds of music. I love music! ZG: What's your favorite food? EW: Asian food. Really good Italian food. I love sushi a lot! ZG: If you could learn a language instantly, what would you like to learn? EW: Spanish for sure. I really wish I could speak it fluently. ZG: Think about a interesting question that you would like to ask me.

EW: I definitely enjoyed the study abroad programs at U-Pen. I went to Ireland, and it was fascinating. I also took a variety of EW: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you classes: photography, neuroscience, Italian, and several art go? classes. I enjoyed them all. My advice would be to take a variZG: The top of the Himalayas (but one minute would be ety of classes, study abroad, and explore different cultures. enough). I want to stand on the top of the world and overlook Earth. How about you? ZG: What is your favorite color and why? EW: Umm…Interesting question. I don't know. Yellow. Proba- EW: Northern Norway or Sweden, the part inside the Artic bly. Because it is bright, and I love bright colors! Circle. Or Patagonia in Chile. ZG: Here comes the hard one. If you could time travel, Which period of history would you like to go back to?

ZG: What’s your favorite animal? What would you name him/ her?

EW: There are so many different places that I would like to see. I would love to go back to the Jurassic period and watch dinosaurs. Oh, only if they didn't eat me. Otherwise, I would like to travel to the post-Civil War and pre-World War period of history, a time when everything was changing rapidly.

EW: I would like to have a domestic tiger. Name it? Umm…I would have to see the tiger in order to name it.

ZG: Nice. But would you always go back in time? How about traveling into the future? Elizabeth Wolf: Umm…I like to live my life in the present and wait to see what happens next, so I will stick with going back in Page 9

The Picador Entertainment

Chill By Youngjae Cha ’15

By Seo Jung Kim ’15

V for Vendetta Critic: Seo Jung Kim ’15 Rating: 8.2/10 Running Time: 2 hours, 12 minutes Featuring: Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Rupert Graves Review: V, a mysterious revolutionary, resists a totalitarian government and fights for freedom. During a conflict with the secret police, he rescues a woman who makes a connection between him and other enlightened revolutionaries. V and his ally plan to destroy the corrupt government. Answers for ‘what V stands for’ and ‘why V wears the mysterious mask’ are suggested in subtle ways at the end of the movie. Famous quote: “A humble Vaudevillian Veteran, cast Vicariously as both Victim and Villain by the Vicissitudes of Fate. This Visage, no mere Veneer of Vanity, is a Vestige of the Vox populi, now Vacant, Vanished. However, this Valorous Visitation of a bygone Vexation stands Vivified, and has Vowed to Vanquish these Venal and Virulent Vermin Vanguarding Vice and Vouchsafing the Violently Vicious and Voracious Violation of Volition!” Background information: V for Vendetta is a graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd; the novel depicts the future UK after nuclear war. V for Vendetta contains many allusions to 1984, written by George Orwell.

The World’s End Critic: Rebecca Kelly ’15 Rating: 8.5/10 Running Time: 1 hour, 49 minutes Featuring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman Review: In this tale of five friends, Gary King (Simon Pegg), a man obsessed with finishing “The Golden Mile,” gathers his childhood buddies to complete his quest. He is desperately searching for the supreme feeling of happiness he felt only once before, on the night of his first attempt of “The Golden Mile.” For much of the beginning, it's slow going, but then an unexpected turn of events makes their evening suspenseful and dangerous. A tale of adventure mixed with a splash of sci-fi and a twist of humor, this story is filled to the brim with friendship that lasts until the world’s end. Page 10

You are the deer jumping to escape the spring snare the more you jump you realize that escape is close You are the amateur pianist playing notes in cacophony playing a D instead of a F playing a C instead of a G don’t make steps that will be misunderstood by others You are the haughty celebrity nimble in your work yet gullible to the comments on the internet don’t perceive yourself with the eyes of others see yourself with your own naked eyes Sing listen laugh eat play and observe just relax for a minute don’t avoid yourself be true to yourself before you know it others will too

Junior Editors Parker Densmore Charles Harker

Linh Le Sookie Liddle Henry Liu Caroline Mure So Min Park Katie Remien Allie Solms Stephen Wilk

Faculty Advisors Ms. Magnus Mr. Solberg Section Writers Joey Casey Youngjae Cha Tommy Chau Rachael Erhard Andrew Houx Seo Jung Kim

Contact Information Holderness School Chapel Lane P.O. Box 1789 Plymouth, NH 03245 Phone Number: 603.536.1257 Fax: 603.536.1267 Email:

Senior Editors Zihan Guo Celeste Holland Sarah Michel Lea Rice

Volume 9, Issue 1 Horoscopes By Caroline Mure ’14 and Sookie Liddle ’14 forget the old ones; if you don't make time for them in your busy social schedule, they might slip through your fingers before you realize it.

Aries (March 21-April 19): You aren’t quite feeling like yourself this week; maybe it’s time to branch out and meet some new people. People will soon be receptive to your ideas, so keep a positive attitude and everything will fall into place.

Capricorn (December 22 January 19): You recently received a below average grade that put your mood down in the dumps. This is the Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Today feels like the worst day case for many people, but reconsider the way you’ve you feel like life is being ever, but someone close to you there is a simple solution. Fohanded to you on a platter. But been treating them. really needs your shoulder to cus on getting your homework beware, rain is in your future lean on. It may seem like you Leo (July 23 - August 22): done and less on your social and you might want to get out don't have the energy to help We understand that the first life. that umbrella before it starts to someone else when you feel so few weeks of school can wear pour. One word: preparation. Aquarius (January 20 - Febmiserable, but give it a try. you out, but don’t crack under ruary 18): Temptation is eveYou may be surprised by the the pressure. Just keep pushing Scorpio (October 23 - Norywhere today as you may help you receive in return. through, and you are bound to vember21): You’ve been a have noticed. But you need to little too talkative lately. get rewarded in due time. stay strong and avoid it; otherGemini (May 21 - June 21): Maybe you should simmer Relationships are overrated. If Virgo (August 23 - Septemwise it will bite you in the down and think about what you feel the need to be a part ber 22): Many in your dorm butt. Take a stronger hold on you are saying; some people of one, rethink that decision mates have been getting walkyour life and don’t let things may take your jokes and stoand know that everything backs already this year, and get too rowdy. ries a little too seriously. comes in good time. If not this may cause you to feel Pisces (February 19 - March somewhat under the weather. Sagittarius (November 22 now, soon; keep the chin up. 20): Good job, Pisces! You’ve But soon enough the skies will December 21): Lately everybeen wowing everyone around Cancer (June 22 - July 22): clear, and something in your thing has been falling perfectly You need to become closer you with your excellence, and future will make up for your into place for you. But don’t with your family. Just because you may not even realize it. let your ego get the best of sorrows. not everything goes the way Give yourself a pat on the you; make sure you take a step you want, you don’t need to shoulder, and keep up the Libra (September 23 - Octoback and figure out who your block out the ones that love ber 22): You’ve clearly been good work. true friends are. And don’t you. Take a deep breath and walking on sunshine lately and

Overheards Collected by Parker Densmore ’15

 “I ordered a human skull in a catalog from some guy in India.”  “It’s just as awkward for me as it is for you.”  “No, you cannot hang up a Confederate flag in your room.”  “Who is Kevin?”  “So these walk-backs have basically turned into a committed relationship.”  “Can the next dance have a Duck Dynasty theme?”  “Why can’t I enroll in AP Basque Language?”  “We should give the next offering to Miley Cyrus’ parents.” Please email if you hear anything that you think should be shared.

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The Picador

Welcome to the Holderness Community Ava Carmella Herring! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Herring and Penelope! (Continued from page 7)

In and Out

Poetry Club Like other forms of writing, poetry is used to express opinions, heal emotions, and relax the mind. Each Tuesday night the group meets right after dinner in Carpenter. Here the members converse, present, and perform their works of art; this week’s theme was childhood memories. This year the club has many different goals, including writing for the poetry section of The Picador, holding poetry slams, preparing for POL, and becoming more aware of the poetry within everyone’s lives. Listen for announcements from Youngjae or any other member of the club! - Youngjae Cha ’15

Math Club Pi is equal to 3.14159265359…Do you have a passion for math (more than just memorizing pi!)? If yes, consider joining the Math Club! Each year this group competes with other New England prep schools, and a goal for this year is to beat Tilton (the club's rival). We will also prepare for the AMC math test. The Math Club was started because, “math is awesome and it deserves to have its own team," says a junior on the team. Just look for an announcement in the near future for specific details! - Paige Pfenninger ’15

Coming soon… A diversity club! Here social and cultural issues will be discussed, and the group will be providing opportunities for cultural activities including, but not limited to, cooking and dancing. The goal of the club is to bring students together who are interested in improving their cultural competency and who are excited to be members of a diverse school community. Thanks to Mrs. Pfenninger for sharing a little sneak peak at the new group. We look forward to hearing more details soon!

Katie Remien ’15 and Rachael Erhard ’14



 Casey

 Rosie

 Ballet for Athletes

 Dance Team

 Ben  Virginia Bonsal

 Will

 Intervis 

 Open Dorm

 Chapel Choir

Shout Outs By Allie Solms ’14 CB + LR = Little Begs, thoughts on this dynamic duo? MT + CH = Looks like Houseman Dorm relocated to Pictou County. NB + WT = Don’t give up. MT + CD = Rattlesnake has nothing on this mountain biking pair. CS + AH = CS, now you have a reason to go to Boulder. LK: Congrats on your first goal!

The Picador: Volume 9, Issue 1  

The Picador is the student newspaper of Holderness School. It is published every two weeks while school is in session

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