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The Picador Volume 8, Issue 3


October 19, 2012

Duane Ford: Do You Miss Him? maintenance. Students and faculty are fully responsible Dean of Residential Life for the keeping of the campus. Duane Ford ’74 visited MidThere are two chefs employed land School in Los Olivos, by the school, one of whom is California, over Labor Day a Midland graduate. Students Weekend to observe their and faculty raise their own leadership program. livestock and maintain a garMidland School is a small (85 den where one can find dinner for the following evening. students) co-ed boarding school just north of Santa Bar- There is also a bell ringer, bara. Ford describes the cam- which is exactly what it pus as “an elaborate set from sounds like: someone rings the bell in the morning for Disneyland.” Mr. Ford reported that Midland is truly a wake up at 7:15am, between unique learning environment. classes, and when it’s time for dinner (and showering at 5pm At Midland there is no such thing as housekeeping or (Continued on page 2) By Olivia Leatherwood ’13

Two Fall Plays Strike Holderness a 10-minute play, which had a similar theme to the one-act With more actors than ever, play,” explained Theater DiHolderness School has decided rector Ms. Devine. “We deto put on two fall plays— cided to perform one of the Black Comedy and Inconspicuplays, and Molly Madden and ous Café—in Hagerman this Raquel Shrestha will be directParents’ Weekend. ing it.” Usually in the fall, Holderness “We brainstormed a premise School students perform a fall together, and then mixed our play during a School Night ideas together,” said Raquel. and during Parents’ Weekend; however, unlike any other Although both plays will be year, a student-directed short performed at the same time, play will also be performed at the story lines are totally different; their only similarity is the same time. that they both talk about dark“The Theater II class was asness and black outs. signed to write By Elain Wang ’13

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The Picador School Plays (Continued from page 1)

Black Comedy originally included nine roles, but Ms. Devine and her students added several new roles. The play is all performed in the dark and starts with Brindsley, the main character, trying to impress his future father-in-law by having nice furniture in his apartment, which he has stolen from his neighbor; however, he does not know that his neighbor Inconspicuous Café, on the other hand, while still taking will come home early. place in the dark, includes sev“Black Comedy is an English eral different characters interfarce, so the audience can exacting in a coffee shop: an pect lots of exaggerated acting uptight businessman, several e and action,” said Ms. Devine. -dating couples, a crazy fan, “Molly Madden has to go from and a thief are all in the same a standard British accent to a café when a blackout happens. Cockney accent, and when you hear Charlie Harker yelling in “The audience should prepare themselves for some brilliant his accent, it is brilliant!” Duane Ford (Continued from page 1)

only!). Clearly, campus jobs are taken to a new level at Midland. Midland’s job leaders are selected on the same ballot that Holderness uses. The words on which each student is evaluated include fairness, initiative, dependability, and leadership. They have also added kindness to their ballot. Small similarities like this can be attributed to the Head of School at Midland, William L. Graham, Holderness class of 1972. Today, everyone has a cellphone, iPad, or computer, and if you don’t, you either live under a rock or go to Midland School. In the fall, students turn in their cell phones. “It seemed almost like there was a sense of relief,” says Ford. Page 2

“’Unplugged and connected’ is the phrase that Midland uses to express their stance on technology.”

new actors,” said Molly Madden. As a first-time director, Molly described her experience: “It is really exciting and really scary at the same time! So far, it has been really fun.” According to cast members, both Molly and Raquel work really well with each other when they are having rehearsals.

to show up or properly do their jobs, keep their rooms in order, and be on time and prepared for classes. So the lap system was born.” The lap is a Going to Midland School is mile-long course. Students like going to school at a sumwho needed “guidance” had to mer camp 75 years ago. “The run the lap, similar to students student leaders, seniors, and at Holderness who participate faculty are totally into this way in the morning ritual of Payof life,” says Ford. “The emback. bracing of the culture of ‘need not want not’ is so thorough “The work lap has been an that the old Midland students important part of our job procalled it brainwashing.” Togram that recycles misdirected day, instead of calling it brain- or forgetful students back into washing, it’s just the way Mid- school projects and jobs durland is run, with an understood ing their free time,” continued Kresse. “Often these students emphasis on self-reliance. work with faculty to do mainInstead of going to Payback tenance, clean up the school like students at Holderness do, grounds, work in the kitchen at Midland students do physior garden, or do other necescal activity: “laps.” Laps are sary work.” explained by BG Kresse, Midland ’68: “In 1932, it was felt Run laps are now, however, that at times Midland students reserved for major offenses. would need extra motivation Students violating their school

Although having student directors is new, Ms. Devine hopes that “original student directedplays will be a part of our program every year.”

contract are sent before the Student Council, and discipline recommendations are made to the Head of School. Often ‘run laps’ are included in the recommendation and the final disciplinary consequences. Next year, can you imagine a DC case resulting in a student taking laps around the Outer Loop? Or doing ODC for the remainder of their Holderness career? Ford says his goal for this year is “to get as many ideas on how to best improve our Leadership program;” in the mind of Mr. Ford that could mean eating what we take from the dining hall or making students responsible for the well-being of Buildings and Grounds...

Volume 7, Issue 12 The Intensity of the Game: The 2012 Fall Floor Hockey Tournament Photographed by KJ Sanger

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The Picador World News Compiled by Fabian Stocek ’13 and Zihan Guo ’13

Climbing to Record Heights and Reaching the Speed of Sound One step at 128,100 feet and millions of amazed gasps.

that moment so many times, you know, how it would feel and how it would look. And this is way bigger than I had anticipated.”

In a moment that seems likely to live forever in the annals of derring-do, Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner on Sunday rode a balloon to the edge of space, saluted, and then stepped off a platform 24 miles above the surface of the Earth with as much ease as any of us mere mortals might step off a curb. The former soldier hurtled through the sky at up to more than 830 mph, breaking the sound barrier in a tumbling, gut-churning four-minute free fall before popping his parachute and making a running landing in the New Mexico desert.

Dubbed “Fearless Felix,” the helicopter pilot and former soldier has parachuted from such landmarks as the Petronas Towers in Malaysia and the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

Then he fell to his knees and pumped his fists. “It’s hard to realize what happened because there’s still so many emotions,” Baumgartner

said shortly after landing. “I had tears in my eyes when I was coming back a couple of times because I was sitting there and I had thought about

The 100-pound pressurized flight suit and helmet Baumgartner wore to survive the lethally thin atmosphere and intense cold of near-space could also help save the lives of astronauts forced to bail out of malfunctioning rockets on their way to and from space. Source: CNN

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Art Stolen from Dutch Museum Paintings by artists including Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Gauguin and Freud have been stolen from a museum in Rotterdam. Police in the Netherlands said the works were taken from the Kunsthal Museum early on Tuesday morning. The museum is showing works from the Triton Foundation as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. The paintings include Monet's Waterloo Bridge, Picasso's Tete d'Arlequin, Matisse's La Liseuse en Blanc et Jaune and Freud's Woman with Eyes Closed. Police found evidence that the crime took place at 3:00am. The loss was estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars and is the biggest crime since 1991. Truly, they can steal anything! Source: BBC News Page 4

Volume 7, Issue 12 The Political Page Compiled by Olivia Leatherwood ’13 This week’s political page contains essays written by students in Ms. Mac’s Election class who were given the task to write “an editorial, an article with a balanced explanation of a topic we have covered, or an explanation of a favorite quote that has emerged out of this political season.” Below are three of the essays that emerged.

Choose:This or That By Tyler Mathieu ’13 MARY: So you'll pick me up tonight at 7:45? HARRY: Better make it quarter to eight. I've got a few things to take care of first. -Dumb and Dumber, 1994 The statement above refers to the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber, when two characters get mixed-up between the stating of a time, even though it happens to be the same. Last Wednesday the two presidential candidates for this November’s election, Barak Obama and Mitt Romney, took the stage in Denver, Colorado and did this very same thing. In the first debate the two candidates both

brought up the same point: something needs to change in order to help the economy. There are two different ways to do so as each candidate has his opinion, but both paths lead to a better economy and unfortunately an unwanted deficit. President Obama brought into perspective the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” that, in the long term, will save the government from the constant increases in medical care. For this act to be approved, the spending of the Federal Government must go up, which will significantly increase the deficit, especially with the current rate of inflation within the medical field. (Continued on page 10)

The View of a Political Novice By Kaileigh Lazzaro ’13 As the election progresses, I continue to consider myself a politically oblivious 17-yearold Holderness student. Prior to making the decision to enroll in the Elections course this fall, I had absolutely no clue where I stood on the political spectrum. Both my parents lean towards the Republican side of the spectrum; however, I have never been properly and fairly educated on both views of the political realm. During my childhood, I always picked up on my father’s political beliefs and views. With this being said, since I am only familiar with my father’s thoughts, when I engage in political conversations, I automatically assume my father’s beliefs are accurate. This is simply because I have not exposed to a Democratic figure growing up, so I have never heard any other beliefs. Throughout Ms. Macomber’s Elections course, I have begun to feel a little more confident with my political knowledge, and I was confident that I would find my spot on the spectrum after the upcoming debate. I felt that I basically understood the views on both sides, and I was ready to go into the debate unbiased. I was very eager to see the presidential debate, in hopes that it would further confirm

my views enough to help me firmly choose a side. After watching I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. My high hopes of choosing a side were shattered, and I began to feel as if I were back where I had started. During the debate, each candidate did a poor job of accurately displaying his party’s views. Neither of the candidates was very thorough, and I felt that there was more arguing than anything else. I understand that the candidates need to be brief, however, they only touched on about three different issues the entire night. For the majority of the time the discussion was primarily focused on accusing one or the other of a fault. A lot of it was very repetitive, and I felt that the President and Governor Mitt Romney were both pretty under prepared. They forgot to include the ways in which they were going to follow through on their promises. I was very confused throughout the entire debate, and made no progress in further determining a spot for myself on the political spectrum. For now, I will have to settle with my basic knowledge of the Democratic Party, along with my father’s bias Republican views.

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The Picador To the Electoral College: Times Are Changing....So Should You! nation which rides on the premise of manifest equality and opportunity, yet our elective system reflects partiality.

By Mackenzie Maher ’13 The use of the Electoral College is obsolete and unsound. The Constitution was written in the 18th century, and as we all know, the original GW didn’t have a private jet in which to whip around the US during his campaign. There were no reliable, nationwide news providers like CNN or Fox News. The majority of Americans were uneducated and in many cases were unaware of the election itself. The country was just forming, and at the time, the Electoral College provided the infrastructure the United States needed to get off its feet and transform into a bustling democracy. Fast forward 223 years to today's America and you’ll see quite a few things have changed. We now have that

You’d think that by now, with the proper technology and institutions available in all states, we’d have caught on to the flaws of the College, but apparently not. Just 12 years ago, during the Bush vs. Gore presidential race, George W. Bush lost the popular vote to Al Gore by a infrastructure, and are a na- the final say. Yes, the Elecmargin of 540 to 520 votes. tion full of capable, informed toral College usually does Wake up, America! If this citizens who are ready to provide a fair presidential doesn’t set off red flags, I take out the middle man and election, but not always. don’t know what will. The Look back at the 1876 elechave their votes count. tion between Democrat Sam- American public now has the The whole premise of the tools to make sound, inuel Tilden and Republican Electoral College doesn’t Rutherford B. Hayes. Tilden formed decisions. The Elecreally make sense. We call toral College is not only inwon the popular vote by a ourselves a democracy in margin of 264 to 292 votes, consistent, it’s inessential. which the people directly yet Hayes was elected presi- The bottom line is times elect their leader, yet we dent because of the Electoral have changed, so our elecdon’t give the popular vote tion process should too. College vote. We live in a

New England Sports By Axi Berman ’13 New England Patriots: In Boston sports news, the Patriots are constantly inconsistent. Although they are by far the best team in the league talent-wise, they are struggling to translate all of this ability into wins. The Patriots are now 3-3, tied with the New York “Sitcom” Jets in the AFC East. This week’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks was one of the most frustrating displays of mediocrity I have witnessed this season. In other news, Tom Brady is hot.

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Volume 7, Issue 12

What Is Behind Our Crest? The History of the Holderness Insignia in the book of Matthew, Chap- for a shield, they turned to ter 5: “Let your lamp so shine Lord D’Arcy of Aston who Rev. Edric A. Weld was the first man to become before men.” (Holderness Headmaster from the Earl of Holderness and was 1931-1951) wrote about the Printed right above the flame the secretary for the colonies history of the school crest in of the lamp is the Holderness under George III. D’Arcy the 1950s, and I have the motto: Pro Deo Et Genere wanted an heir to continue the honor of summarizing his arti- Humano -- For God and Man- D’Arcy name, but he died kind. The combination of the cle. without having children, so his lamp and motto, explained The first and only insignia of Edric Weld, served to express name was unable to be passed on. In his honor, Holderness Holderness School for a while that “all the learning in the was the official seal. The seal world is useless without a pur- took over the D’Arcy coat of arms from the thirteenth cenwas the stamp used on every pose.” On the outside edges of tury. legal document that came the seal were the words through the Headmaster's of“Holderness School 1879.” The D’Arcy coat of arms confice. It was circular in shape, 1879 was the year the school tains an “azure,” or blue, like a car wheel or tire. Right received a charter from the shield with silver crosses and in the middle of the seal was state of New Hampshire; when cinquefoils, or five-leaved the lighted “lamp of learning” the school opened there were ornaments, scattered on its which Weld said symbolized only two teachers (or masters front. Resting on the shield are “the burning of much midnight as they were called then) and a silver helmet and a baron's oil.” Edric Weld also concap. Above all of it was a 15 boys. nected the lamp of learning black bull, with gold-tipped with a well-known Bible verse Edric Weld also explains that hooves, horns, and tail. The during the 1920s, Rev. Robert original motto was “Un Dieu, Elliot Marshall (Headmaster Un Roi.” from 1922-1928) began a movement to adopt a shield Even though Rev. Marshall here at Holderness, perhaps had found the crest, he was not because prestigious universia huge supporter of it. He preties and colleges like Oxford ferred the shield alone for use and Cambridge had them. Mr. on stationary, which he placed Weld also thought the urge to right above the lamp of learnhave a shield was a reassertion ing. Once Livermore Hall was of the rights of individuals in built, however, it was suggested that the whole coat of the jazz age. arms be used instead of just When they began the search By Jeff Hauser ’13

the shield. With the coat of arms, of course, came the quote “Pro Deo Genere Humano,” which has been said to be “the finest of all school mottos.” There is no denying that the Bull stands proud looking out over the campus from Livermore, displaying an indispensible amount of spirit for Holderness School. Holderness can look to the Bull for help in charging at any opposing banners and scaring off any unwanted visitors. Mr. Weld concludes his article by stating, “May the Holderness Bull continue to look out from Livermore Hall on those who add zest and life to the world.” So if you take one thing away from this article today, it is to honor the Bull with pride, knowing that there is a significant and long lasting history

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The Picador Holderness Alumni: Where Are They Now? In some cases, graduation is the last time we see or hear from graduating seniors. Do you ever wonder how they are doing? This week, the editors of The Picador caught up with some of last year’s seniors who have decided to take a year off before college. Below are their stories. with their math and literacy. I absolutely love what I am doing; the kids make every day both challenging and yet amazingly Last summer, when I started applying to colleges, many differ- fun. I'm working in a single class with students until June, and ent sources, including Mr. Sheppe and Mr. Peller, suggested throughout this year I am and will be receiving training from taking a gap year. After hitting “Submit” on all of my applica- the City Year organization. After I finish my year in Manchestions, I devoted a little more time to the idea. I discussed the ter, I will decide whether to do a second year of City Year in idea with my parents, and we agreed it seemed like an opportu- another part of the country or head down to Washington, D.C. nity that could be filled with positive experiences. After choos- for my freshman year at Catholic University of America. ing to attend Colorado College, I decided on taking a full year Whichever choice I make, I know that it will be an amazing off. I requested a deferment from the school, and with many time because both options offer great opportunities. ideas for the upcoming year, my movement was granted. The next step was trying to figure out what to do with my year off. Lily Ford With great programs like NOLS, Outward Bound, WWOOF, I have been doing many different activities during my year off. and many more, I found a program I was really interested in. I I am living in Vermont, traveling back and forth between Procdidn't want to commit to a full-year program, so I applied for a torsville and Woodstock. In Woodstock, I take care of my two Sea|mester in the spring of 2013. This program will allow me cousins who are 10 and 12. I have been attending many of their to take 12 credits, become sailing- and scuba-certified, and soccer games, and I attempt to help them with their homework. will also provide me with new opportunities within rich culIn Proctorsville, I live with both of my parents since my dad is tures. After committing to this program for the spring, I was on sabbatical. We have been working around the house, buildnot quite sure what to do in the fall. Ultimately, I decided to ing a pole barn and making stone walls. I have also been hiking continue working fulltime for a construction company. This six and enjoying the gorgeous foliage. My dad and I have gone to -month experience has allowed me to learn many new skills many football games including one at Middlebury (where I saw and save money. This is how I'm spending 2012-2013. Feel Maggie Caputi) and also one at Tufts. We spend our Sunday free to contact me with any questions! nights watching the Patriots and Tuesdays watching NCIS. I have also been traveling a good amount recently and just got Brian Tierney back from Canada. I originally took my gap year to focus on During my gap year, I am working in a school in Manchester, skiing, but I have switched over to lacrosse. I have been trying NH through the program City Year. I work four days a week in an elementary school with a teacher and help fourth graders (Continued on page 11)

Brandon Marcus

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Volume 7, Issue 12 Thank You Parents! Before Parents’ Weekend we asked students all over campus if they wanted to thank their parents in The Picador. Below are just some of the many responses we received. Dear Okasa and Odosan,

Mom and Dad,

Guess what? You're our parents! Tricked you, didn't we? Any- Thanks for all the miles you drive. I really appreciate it; you’re ways, we love you and we appreciate everything you do for us! the best! We can’t wait to see you! Lily Hamblin xoxo Avs and Ads Dear Mom, Mom and Dad, Thanks for all you do!

Thank you for driving to Holderness at least two times a week. You da bomb, and I love you!

Allie Renzi

Carson Holmes

Dear Mum and Peter,

Thank you Mom and Dad...

The past four years at Holderness have been memorable. Thank you for all the late night phone calls and the Monday morning schoolbook deliveries.

...for letting me come to Holderness. I have tons of fun and expect to have more! I love you! Lewis Mundy-Shaw

Love always, Abby Mom and Dad,

Thank you Mom and Dad… ...for letting me become the person I wanted to be at Holderness. I’ll work hard and be the best I can be.

Thank you both so much for everything you do for me! You put Aaron Harmatz up with a lot of shenanigans. Love you! Xoxo Mackenzie Maher Hi Parents,

Thank you Mom and Dad... ...for letting me come to a school were I can I get a great education and experience life away from home and fend for myself.

I can't even begin to explain how thankful I am for everything Jake Illiohan you've done for me. I thought this year would be just as easy as last year, being away from home, but for some reason I'm a little homesick. I'm excited to come home for Parents' Weekend Thanks Mom and Dad… and spend time with you guys again! ...for giving me the opportunity to be at this wonderful school. I’ll try my best to make the most of it and have the best few Love you, years of my life! Hedi Droste Spencer Pierce Mom and Dad, Thanks so much for everything you’ve helped me with. Y'all are my number one fans! Love you both, xoxo Sarah Michel Page 9

The Picador Dorm Reports Hoit The sound of classical music resonates through Hoit this week, while the smell of Ramen noodles constantly permeates the dorm. All in all, it's been a good week for the Hoitians, with spirits high and GPAs even higher. Resident freshman Aaron Harmatz is an ever-present source of oneliners; “Sweet” Lou has been lounging in his sweatpant shorts; Jake Iliohan has been finding ways to keep busy while disabled. And Perry has begun moving himself into a cardboard box outside the dorm. Although recently lacking in the date-night compartment, Hoit plans on making up the deficit with a blitz of co-ed

socials. With studs like Jack Yanchitis and Zihan Guo, ladies should watch out. -Jeff Hauser ’13 Niles Niles has a great view of the outside world, but aside from the loud music, the glares, the rap battles, and the shouts, few know what it’s like here on the inside. What provokes these things that a passerby might encounter? While Buck chases lacrosse balls and Drew Houx up and down the hallway, Matt Michaud bursts open doors demanding food. Taichi plays PSP on his mega bed while Tank and “Young Rob” Wassman play “Zombies” across the hall and Chase “snap

classes giving less money to the White House. This will To counteract this spending, once again create a flow of Obama plans to cut the milicash through the economy but tary budget slightly, but not by leaves this new-found surplus enough to pay off the deficit of cash at a minimum. With created. He also has plans for a what is left, Romney's plan is small tax cut for the middle to once again provide the class, so that money will con- world’s number one military tinue to flow through the with an unnecessary raise in American economy, putting a their budget, leaving America once again with an outrageous smile on its face. budget deficit. Romney claims Governor Romney, on the cutting federal programs in the other hand, has a plan which science and education departwill see the Affordable Care ment will offset this deficit, Act vanish from federal hands but you can’t pay back a dime and leave the government with with a nickel. some spare cash - healthcare takes up a huge chunk of what Both candidates have very is spent. This seems like not different plans for this country, such a bad idea, especially but no matter who you pick, since the plan for this money you will end up with the same involves, extending Bush's tax thing. Choosing Obama or cuts (which will soon expire Romney, is like choosing beafter November), leaving all tween seven forty-five and This or That (Continued from page 5)

Page 10

chats” carefully chosen selfportraits. Mike eats apples and Michaud eats week-old pizza and spit. Others play “FIFA la cama” upstairs. Occasionally, Will Pricket showcases a dance routine. Twice each week we get together and play bingo; Taichi hasn’t won a game yet. -Dylan Arthaud ’13 Pfenni

blocking any passage to what lies beyond. If you make it past them, you reach the heart of Pfenni: SJ and Qianyi. SJ and Qianyi are not your typical embracing roommates; they are heard from time to time wrestling each other, which we believe to be a stress reliever from their constant studying. One more step beyond them, you leave the heart and enter a whole different country. Once you cross into Addie and Hannah's room, you are no longer in America, but in England where British accents are all you will hear and are allowed to speak in. So, if you dare enter Pfenni, beware of what you may find.

Pfenni 2013 is a hazardous dorm. The moment you walk in, you're attacked by Min, snapping pictures of your every move on her iPhone. Then when you progress further into the dorm, you meet Sasha and Allie who are sitting in the middle of the hallway, - Lea Rice ’14 quarter to eight; the economy in this country is bound to recover with either candidate due to flowing cash, and the deficit and national debt will

be on a steady rise for the next four years, and many more after, if either plan is put in place. So what time is it?

In and Out By Kelly DiNapoli ’13 In  Donating Blood

Out  Donating Money

 Embarrassing Parents  Prepping to Paint Your Bod for the Tabor Day Bonfire

 Hidden Parents  Feeding Your Bod at Snack Bar

 Election Ballots  Using Nalgenes Bottles  Family Photos

 Leadership Ballots  Using Plastic Bottles  ….Posters

Volume 7, Issue 12 Horoscopes By Molly Madden ’13 and Nicole DellaPasqua ’13 Cancer (June 21 - July 22): down a bit and do something You need to realize that hard YOU want to do. RELAX! work pays off; nothing will Scorpio (October 23 - Nobe handed to you. vember 21): Get excited! Leo (July 23 - August 22): This Parents' Weekend you A friend is going to need are going to meet someone your support soon. Make famous! In the excitement of sure you are there for your the moment, don't forget to friend, because you never get an autograph! know when you will need a Taurus (April 20 - May Sagittarius (November 22 20): Lately you haven’t been friend in return. December 21): Friends may doing well in school. Don’t try to play jokes on you that Virgo (August 23 Septemget distracted; pick up the ber 22): In your last few you don’t find too funny. pace and power through this games your coach has not Just take a deep breath and semester! Your teachers and been proud of you. Stop tryrealize they love you! parents will appreciate your ing to be the center of attenadded effort. Capricorn (December 22 tion. It doesn't matter January 19): This Parents' Gemini (May 21 - June 20): whether or not you score; Weekend is going to be Things are getting heated what matters is if you play awesome! Although in between you and your crush. hard and work well with many ways it is all about Don’t take things too fast or your teammates. you (conferences, games, the relationship might blow etc.), remember that your Libra (September 23 Ocup in your face. tober 22): You’ve been parents are the ones that working too hard! Slow make it possible. Make sure Aries (March 21 - April 19): This month you will encounter many obstacles that you have been worrying about. Keep your head up and don’t let your thoughts bring you down; the truth is not nearly as dreadful as you have imagined!

Organic Farms) website. It was essentially a primitive to get as much playing time in living skills experience. I slept as I can. I played at UNH and in a tent behind an adobe will be attending a lot more house and learned things like tournaments on the Mass. Elite how to build structures and Lacrosse team and coaching a Pippa Blau adobe-style buildings, how to youth Woodstock team in the Originally, my parents were distinguish which wild native spring. Soon I start work at a not too keen on a gap year, but plants were good to eat, and ski shop called the Boot Pro how to make soap out of cacti. after some convincing and a located at the bottom of promise that I would be more I also learned how to can Okemo. I am looking forward focused next year at college, vegetables, make pies and to this winter when I'll be they were persuaded. I started jams, harvest potatoes, set coaching at Suicide Six and traps, drive horse carts, and off in September with some training at Okemo. So far I babysitting (I know, not very ride horses. We also tanned have learned so much and exciting), but then I ventured hides to make leather; who have had a ton of fun during to Crestone, Colorado where I knew dealing with animal my gap year, and I am glad I interned at a place called Earth skins could be satisfying...and didn't go to school. I have been Knack. I originally found out gross. The idea is you get reading a lot, so if you need a about this on the WWOOF room, board, and food in trade good book to read, you can (World-Wide Opportunities on for work. Overall it was a Alumni (Continued from page 8)

email me anytime. Same goes for movies. Next year I will be attending the University of New Hampshire, and hopefully playing some lax!

you take the time to thank them! Aquarius (January 20 February 18): People have been trying to convince you to go for a certain someone; they may be right! It's time to set aside your doubts and make a move. Pisces (February 19 March 20): Keep ripping up the playing field; you're doing awesome!

pretty awesome experience and I met some great people! For the second part of the year, I hope to do a NOLS semester course in the Southwestern US. If 2012 ends up like predicted, I am hoping to feel pretty confident caring for myself in a world without modern conveniences. I am currently driving back from Colorado to California where I will be interning with my sister’s teacher. Tomorrow we’re hitting the Grand Canyon. I’m going to try and not trip off the edge, so that the rest of my gap year is equally fulfilling!

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The Picador

Letter from the Editors Dear Students, Students at our school turn to Walmart for their weekend amusement. Walmart. How much you actually need those valuepacks of Gatorade and Ramen is unclear, but one thing that is true is that many students use this chain store to break up the monotony of a weekend at Holderness. We are here to tell you that no, you do not need a dance to have a good time at Holderness. Engagement is the key word. The senior leaders of the Class of 2013 deemed this year to be the year of “Positive Engagement,” and that is what we experienced this weekend at the floor hockey tournament. For those of you who missed it or were out on the various trips away from campus that night, it was an event full of good music, snacks, and much friendly competition. Saturday nights like this one at Holderness are what you make of them. Even if most of your friends have taken a weekend, you are literally living on a campus with scores of students looking for something to do. Join together and fight the boredom of Saturday nights! Read through the weekend activities list and find something that you can wholeheartedly participate in. It will be as fun as you let it be. Humbly yours, The Picador Editors

Shout Outs By Elizabeth Powell ’14 CH + BW = She danced all the way into his Sacred Heart

LW + AS-H = We'll see you two on the ice this winter.

CD + CD = CD squared

JT = Shout out to this JV Soccer rock star!

EA + MG = Looks like this Cape Cod Cupid found his Stowe-away

CS + HB = Probably feels like home to walk this girl back.

Overheards By Drew Houx ’14 and Bobby Wassman ’14 You know those moments when you are walking down the path past Niles and Webster or walking through the Dining Hall, and you overhear a snippet of conversation? Sometimes, without knowing the context of the conversation, what you overhear is just plain funny. Below are a collection of quotes overheard throughout campus and compiled by the Picador editors. Enjoy!

 I hope they got a picture of my guns.  I hope I don’t have a neck like Tim Tebow.  I'm just going to change my profile picture to someone really pretty and then friend request him.  I once knew a polar bear that was addicted to heroine.  My dorm leaders should care-team me for being friendzoned to many times.

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The Picador: Volume 8, Issue 3  

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