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The Picador Volume 7, Issue 10


March 2, 2012

Students Celebrate Valentine‟s Day With Dinner and Dance By Jeff Hauser ‟13

best for their dates.

Unlike most Sunday evenings, when students are in sweatpants and skate shoes during cafeteria-style dinner, this past Sunday was different. Instead, students were in their finest attire for Valentine's Day.

Several days prior, Ms. Weymouth sent everyone an email assigning them a date, and for many girls, they were lucky enough to have two gentlemen escort them.

This Sunday we had a slightly altered schedule, in order to accommodate for the Valentine's Day Dinner and Dance. For all underformers, study hall was required from 3-5PM, but that left everyone with plenty of time to make sure they were looking their

A few minutes before six, students went to their dates’ dorms or in some cases day rooms, and then all headed for a great meal in Weld. Students were able to sit wherever they pleased with their friends. This would not have been possible without the teachers stepping into pantry, which we know is not

an ideal Sunday activity, and we therefore, are grateful. Once the blessing was said, things continued as normal with regular jobs and with students getting food and bussing tables. In the background great music played, compliments of Ms. Weymouth. The food was also great - a main course of lemon chicken, rice, and vegetables. Dessert was exceptional - a surprise fondue buffet with many different choices including strawberries, pretzels, pineapple and more; a big thanks to the kitchen staff for that!

Quote of the Week What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

When dinner was finished, it was time for the king and queen dance which was decided by a random drawing within the senior class. Mike Gassman and Maggie Caputi were chosen; their acceptance speeches were followed by a dance lesson for the whole school. Next up was a dance for the senior girls and ninth grade boys. During this dance the couples were able to show off their slow dancing skills. It was a fun event; Eliza Cowie said she had a great time and (Continued on page 2)

The Picador and Matt Kinney. Hopefully, this successful dance will would like to thank Will bring more to come in the future. Thank you Ms. Glew, Prickett for a great dance. Ms. Weymouth, and all who Once the senior-freshman were involved in making it a dance was over, students made great night! their way to the West Wing for a dance hosted by Will Marvin Band and Chorus Performance (Continued from page 1)

Overheards By Justin Simpkins ‟12 and Brandon Marcus ‟12 You know those moments when you are walking down the path past Niles and Webster or walking through the Dining Hall, and you overhear a snippet of conversation? Sometimes, without knowing the context of the conversation, what you overhear is just plain funny. Below are a collection of quotes overheard throughout campus and compiled by the Picador editors. Enjoy! 

I wish I was Ukrainian.

Yo, this is going to be a process, dude.

My ears bleed once a month.

It smells weird, but it's almost enjoyable.

Sorry I broke your leg.

I could definitely spend another year at Holderness.

  

I'm sweating from my face right now; it's brutal.  Chill! I have a rock in my shoe; never mind, it was just  a lace.  I liked the way the back of his ears smelled.

I find that texting with one eye is easier than two.

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Yo, I don't remember that overheard we had. Yo, that dog shows, like, no emotions. This one is more chinky because that's where I took a branch to the face. There's paper in my cookie. Thanks, Holderness.

Volume 7, Issue 10 A Photo Essay: Photos from 1993 All these pictures contain current faculty members. Can you identify them?

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The Picador Current Events Researchers Say Ancient Ice Man First US Nuclear Reactor Aphad Brown Eyes and “O” Blood proved Sinc e 1979 Disaster Reprinted from BBC News

Reprinted from

New clues have emerged in what could be described as the world’s oldest murder case: that of Oetzi the ―Iceman,‖ whose 5,300-year-old body was discovered frozen in the Italian Alps in 1991.

On Thursday, the 16th of February, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the first nuclear power plant in the U.S. since the Three Mile Island accident in Pennsylvania back in 1979. The Southern Co., based in Atlanta, already operates two reactors at its Vogtle site near Augusta, and has just been granted permission to build another two reactors.

Scientist discovered full genome and it has been reported in Nature Communications. It reveals that he had brown eyes, ―O‖ blood type, was lactose intolerant, and was predisposed to heart disease. They also show him to be the first documented case of infection by a Lyme disease bacterium. Analysis of series of

The Southern Co. President and CEO Thomas Fanning said that the approval was ―a monumental accomplishment,‖ not only for the company, but also for the nuclear industry as a whole. ―We are committed to bringing these units online to deliver clean, safe and reliable energy to our customers,‖ he added. The reactors are projected to come online in 2016 and 2017 and will cost more than $14 billion to construct. Many protests were raised against the nuclear reactors due to fears of the structural safety and ability to withstand earthquakes and the like, following the March 2011 Disaster in Fukushima. Fanning assured that once all lessons have been learned from the Fukushima incident, that new safety changes will be designed and made to both existing and new reactors.

anomalies in the Iceman's DNA also revealed him to be more closely related to modern inhabitants of Corsica and Sardinia than to populations in the Alps where he was unearthed. The study reveals the fuller genetic picture as laid out in the nuclei of Oetzi's cells. This nuclear DNA is both rarer and typically less well-preserved than the DNA within mitochondria, the cell's ―power plants,‖ which also contain DNA. A reconstruction shows what Oetzi may have looked like before an arrow felled him. Oetzi's mitochondrial DNA had already revealed some hints of his origins when it was fully sequenced in 2008. ―We've been studying the Iceman for 20 years. We know so many things about him - where he lived, how he died - but very little was known about his genetics, the genetic information he was carrying around,‖ he told BBC News. He was carrying around a ―haplotype‖ that showed his ancestors most likely migrated from the Middle East as the practice Page 4

of formal agriculture became more widespread. All of the information collected from the Iceman’s genome is precious for scientists today to learn more about his history. This is just the start of a longer study on this level, and scientists still expect to learn more from this data.

Volume 7, Issue 10 1 in 281: Oscar Night Glory for Nat Faxon „93 Okay, so Nat Faxon is not a current student and therefore, is not technically one of 281. However, his story is pretty impressive! To the best of our knowledge, he is the first graduate of Holderness to ever win an Oscar! By Mr. Carey Who will rise and who will fall in the Hollywood film industry has always been notoriously hard to predict, but give credit to Variety magazine, which four years ago tabbed an unknown writer named Nat Faxon as a ―Screenwriter to Watch.‖ Last Sunday millions were watching as Nat stepped on to Hollywood’s biggest stage to accept an Oscar for ―Best Adapted Screenplay.‖ The screenplay—co-written with Jim Rash—was for the hit film The Descendants. Adapted from a novel of the same name by Kaui Hart Hemmings, the drama was directed by Alexander Payne and stars George Clooney as a land baron in Hawaii who tries to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife is injured in a boating accident.

their own hands and write parts for themselves. The result: a handful of highprofile film and TV sales that may well turn the two comedy vets into leading man material.‖ Their first feature-length film script— entitled The Way Back—is a comedy/ drama centering on the relationship between a boy and his mother against the backdrop of a summer water park. That film is currently under development at Mandate Pictures, and its script generated enough buzz in the film industry to prompt Alexander Payne to ask the actor buddies to write the screen adaptation for The Descendants. ―Nat and Jim are rare among today’s screenwriters for the humanity with which they write and their lack of interest in gimmick or contrivance,‖ Payne told Variety in 2008.

So Nat is now one half of the hottest screenwriting team in After the Oscars last Sunday, Payne told the Los Angeles Hollywood, though he also remains what he was on his arrival Times that he was grateful for all the different approaches Nat and Jim gave him for capturing the novel. ―They paved a path in Hollywood—a working actor, comedian, and producer. for me because they’d been through the book quite a few Before Hollywood, and even before college, Nat attended Holtimes,‖ he said. ―They gave me the luxury to pick and choose derness. He was a lifer and during his senior year was the what I responded to.‖ president of the school. He lived in Livermore and participated in many performances including Alice in Wonderland, On stage at the Oscars, the two comedy vets provoked something of what passes for much ado in Hollywood. Their Oscars The Martian Chronicles, and Free to Be You and Me. were presented by actress Angelina Jolie, who wore a Versace After performing brilliantly in Martha Kesler’s stage producblack velvet gown with a hip-high slit in one flank. On the red tions during his Holderness years, Nat went on to Hamilton carpet outside, and on stage within, Jolie posed with one long College to major in theater. Then he continued his training as leg thrust entirely out of the gown. Nat and Jim then struck the a member of The Groundlings, the company that performs at same pose in their tuxes as they cradled their statues. the Los Angeles improvisational comedy club of the same name. It was there that Nat struck up a friendship with another It was funny. Was it also mockery? Gasp! The debate continues unabated on the internet. Be sure to weigh in if you have unknown aspiring actor, Jim Rash. an opinion. ―I had just seen her pose and I thought it was bold Nat worked his way into the main company of The Groundand fun,‖ said Jim to the Hollywood Reporter. ―And you know lings by 2001, and since then he’s had starring or supporting what? We have exactly the same legs.‖ roles in such films as Orange County, Slackers, Club Dread, The TV Set, Beerfest, and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story; Nat also denied any disrespect. ―Angelina’s supremely hot,‖ and on such TV series as Grosse Pointe, Reno 911!, Joey, he said. ―There’s no way to do anything but honor her.‖ Navy NCIS, and Mad Men. He’s also appeared in commercial In a different sort of way, Nat Faxon is also supremely hot. campaigns for Holiday Inn and Blockbuster. His phone should be ringing a little more steadily, and whether There were long stretches of disappointment and not much it involves acting, writing, producing, or even directing, he’ll money between those jobs, however, until—wrote Variety in probably have plenty of options—as well as good-looking 2008—―the two actor buddies decided to take matters into legs. Page 5

The Picador

Congratulations and Good Luck Varsity Boys Hockey!

Girls Winter Sports

Boys Winter Sports


10 5 0


Losses Ties

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20 15 10 5 0


Losses Ties

Volume 7, Issue 10 New England Sports By Keith Bohlin ‟12 The Boston Bruins: Although the past two weeks for the Bruins have not been their best, they still hold the top spot in the Northeast Division by one point over the Ottawa Senators; they are second place in the Eastern Conference trailing only the New York Rangers. As of the last edition of The Picador, the Bruins were a mere 4-6 and were shut out four times, after having been shut out only three times previously this season. However, the Bs out-shot their opponents in each game in February, excluding two. The team’s stats continue to be the best in the league, as they rank second in goals per game, fourth in goals against, 12th in power plays, and seventh in penalty kills. Tyler Seguin leads the league in plus/minus while Patrice Bergeron ranks second. Tukka Rask is currently fith in save percentage (Thomas – sixth) and also fifth in goals against per game (Thomas – ninth). Look for the Bruins on NESN in the upcoming weeks as they face off against the Devils and Islanders at home before going up against the conference-leading Rangers Sunday at 4 on NBC.

The Boston Celtics: After heating up some at the end of January and into February, the Celtics have cooled off; they have won only two out of their last nine contests. As many expected, the offense has been the team’s weakness, as they went nearly two months, the entire first half of the season, between 100-point games (ironically all losses); they have won only three times when they have scored less than ninety points in a game (they are 13-3 when they surpass 90 points). All of this considered, the Celtics still sit in eighth place in the Eastern Conference, which would mean they would take the last seed in the playoffs if the season were to end today. While the offense has obviously hurt the team this season, so have absent players. Over the past few weeks, five players missed games due to injuries (Wilcox, Bass, O’Neal), personal reasons (Garnett), and suspension (Rondo threw a ball at an official). Regardless, Rondo ranks second in the league in assists per game - only behind Steve Nash - and hopes to keep productivity up upon his return. The Celtics plan to improve on their offense and ability to control their emotions after the all-star break which gave the team a much needed rest, especially considering the age of many of the key contributors. Upon their return, the Celtics faced Cleveland and Milwaukee and won both games. They will face New Jersey Friday before taking on the New York Knicks and Linsanity at home on Sunday, March 4th.

The Boston Red Sox: Spring training is underway in Fort Myers and the team’s new stadium, Jet Blue Park, is ready for the spring schedule’s opening day; this Saturday the Red Sox will play a double header against Northeastern and Boston College. After an historic collapse last season, some Sox fans are happy to see team members like Jonathon Papelbon out. At the same time, many are sad to see the team without Jason Varitek for the first time in 16 years and are up-in-the-air on whether Wakefield’s retirement will help or hurt the club. Recent news also includes new skipper Bobby Valentine who has banned alcohol from the club house and on the last leg of road trips. Look forward to updates on the BoSox after our spring break and their spring training as new members such as Andrew Bailey and Nick Punto hope to be a part of another championship team.

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The Picador Special Programs Advice Special Programs begin on Monday, and we thought it might be good to have a few pieces of advice from the veterans of the programs. Below are both serious, and not so serious, pieces of advice from faculty and students. Good luck; we can’t wait to hear your stories when you return! General Advice for Program Participants:  Don’t converse only by quoting movies.  Don’t eat more than your share.  Don’t worry about looking or acting cool.  Pitch in, without being asked.  Behave and make decisions so you’ll have no regrets. - Kristen Fischer

My favorite memory from OB was summiting mountains. Each one we summited made my next step possible. - Ian Ford I am most excited for solo and being able to find myself under the stars. - Maxwell Sturges (prospective OB'er) Senior Colloquium Wisdom:

AB Wisdom:

Wearing under garments is always done best under your clothI love AB! Instead of a teacher, I am a member of my group of ing and not on top of your clothing. 10 students and we are having new experiences together. Some- - Bruce Barton times we are nervous about trying new things, but we all learn together and have a lot of laughs along the way! - Jean Henchey I never experienced AB as a student because I arrived my junior year. Last year I really enjoyed Meeghan Nicolay's refashioning t-shirt workshop. I designed a Superman cape and logo t -shirt for Linden. It was such a hit that I continue to make them as birthday gifts for all of his friends. Only now I sew the letter of the child's first name on the front! Lindley van der Linde OB Wisdom:  Keep your stuff together  Get to know your sleeping bag in the dark with only your headlamp  Start hydrating now  Help out all the time  Know your go to knot - Duane Ford    

Need a great rain layer Drink 3-6 Nalgenes a day Change socks when you get into camp At night around the fire pit do not stand. If you get cold, chop wood or move around. - Rick Eccleston Do not stick your hand into the group bag of trail mix, rather have someone pour the trail mix into your hand. - Anonymous Have a great attitude......I am not an "outdoorsy" person, but I really enjoyed the Out Back experience. - Anonymous

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Shout Outs SB & NR, MC & GB, MJ & CD, SM & CL: They say love never dies. EC & PS: Rebounds don't just happen on the court. LF & TE: Never say never to a younger and blonder man. Boys Varsity Hockey: @holderpuck, #mulletmen, #bigtilly EB, KD, JR, ML, HT, and JO: Good luck at Nationals in Mammoth! MG: The King has arrived. HM and FS: Lakes Region Nordic Champs! MM and GB: Congrats on your commitments to UVM and SLU! - Kristina Micalizzi ‟12 and Chris Nalen ‟13

Volume 7, Issue 10 Student Opinion The Three-Sport Athlete: an Ideal or a Burden? my school would not allow me to train properly for my sport. At Holderness, athletes sacrifice intense training and advancement for diversity.

My second observation from my three years here is that our At Holderness School it’s no policies are giving little to no secret that among the ideals leeway to non-skier athletes. If held here is that of being a our central dogma is that we three-sport athlete. Do we live have no preference for any up to this ideal? Do we as a Most high-level athletes would single sport, why do we allow community really have that rather attend schools with skiers to essentially not go to many three-sport athletes left? good academics that also alschool during the winter? Is such an ideal viable in a low specialization. Even While the hockey and basketworld that increasingly favors though Holderness is a wonball teams have to deal with specialization over wellderful school, we don’t have their sports on top of the rigorroundedness? Taking a look at the same academic status as ous academic life at Holderour athletics over the past cou- big name prep schools like ness, skiers miss pretty much ple of years makes it easier Exeter or St. Paul’s. These every Saturday and can miss and easier to realize that being schools can draw athletes who weeks of school at a time. I’m forced to play multiple sports want to be prepared academinot suggesting that they don’t is becoming a burden on our cally, and who want to have make up the work or work athletes. big names on their résumés. harder or just as hard as the Because our academic proThough I do enjoy playing rest of us; I’m just simply grams are not as strong, we three sports, I realize that I pointing out that this one have to beat these schools on play them at a JV level. If I group of privileged students the field, court, or rink to atwere an elite athlete, I would receives a lot of freedom in tract better athletes than they be confused if I were told that relation to others from the do. By Jules Pichette ‟12

school. If the school does not want to encourage specialization, then why are skiers given so much leeway? Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t encourage JV superstars such as myself to play three sports. Rather, I am suggesting a change in how we view our sports. The world is becoming more and more competitive; college sports are at a higher level than they were in the 1970s. So instead of promoting an antiquated system that puts a strain on our athletes, why not adopt a new system that can still have the JV diversity while allowing varsity athletes to step up their game?

In and Outs By Maggie Caputi ‟12 

Out Breaking up

Senior slide

Red sweatsuits

The lighted loop

Flowers on the 14th

Residential living

Long distance relationships

Tims and Uggs

In 

Getting back together

Senior ladder

Yellow hair

Snowplowing at Stowe

Fondue on the 26th

Day student parking only

Mac Dorm walkbacks


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The Picador Movie Review Silenced/The Crucible/Dogani The Crucible or Dogani is a movie that was originally produced in South Korea. In September of 2011 the film was released internationally under the name Silenced. In the movie Kang In-ho is a new arts teacher at the Benevolence Academy in the fictional city of Mujin, North Jeolla. In-ho is hired to teach the deaf students in the school but soon realizes many of them are being sexually and physically abused by their principal and teachers. Together with Seo Ye-jin (Jung Yoo Mi), a human rights center secretary, they aid the children in their fight. Below is Julie Han's account of the true story on which the movie is based and her reaction to the movie. In 2005, at Inhwa Institution for Disabled Children in Gwangju, South Korea, the curtain behind their slogan of ―Love, Faithfulness, and Endeavor‖ rose and enraged millions. A new teacher at the institution reported on the sexual violence at the center for the deaf students. From 2000 to 2004, several teachers, including the principal, habitually abused eight students physically, regardless of their gender. The Nations Humans Rights Commission ordered the dismissal of the six assailants and charged them with sexual assault. However, the institution was well connected and managed to squirm out of the consequences. They were only charged with a maximum of three years of prison servitude. Moreover, after their servitude, some of the assailants were reinstated to their former positions. The principal of the institution never received a severe punishment; he died last year from pancreatic cancer. The definition of dogani in Korean can be translated in two ways: a crucible, or a state of excitement, madness, and ferocity. During the two hours and forty minutes that the movie lasted, Yejin and I were struck in agony and fear, experiencing dogani. Our exact response was ―How can people do that?‖ and ―Why did people keep silent?‖ Previous ignorance has created a false sense of justification and manipulation of the weak. However, everyone is qualified to be respected in one way or another. The movie demonstrated the cruel manipulation of one person's authoritative power within a large institution. The manipulation not only resulted in physical scars, but also left indelible scar on the victims’ memories. Taking advantage of the weak cannot, and should not, be justified; therefore, there needs to be a reinvestigation to prevent any further agony. From the movie, I learned how one person's ignorance can slowly kill another person. Also, it was evident that with support and acknowledgement, people can be cured and brought back to light. Senior Editors Nate Lamson Haley Mahar James Robbins Junior Editors Jake Barton Jeff Hauser Charlie Williams Faculty Advisors Ms. Magnus Mr. Solberg Mr. Carey Contributing Writers Justin Simpkins Brandon Marcus Fabian Stocek Vincent Guo Keith Bohlin

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Jules Pichette Maggie Caputi Kristina Micalizzi Chris Nalen Julie Han Justin Simpkins Brandon Marcus Contact Information Holderness School Chapel Lane P.O. Box 1789 Plymouth, NH 03245 Phone Number: 603.536.1257 Fax: 603.536.1267 Email:

Silenced was originally a novel, but its impact on people led to campaigns for the movie. Over thirty thousand people signed the papers in order to reopen the investigation. At the end of the movie, it says that the investigation is over, but luckily, this upcoming March, there will be a reinvestigation of one of the assailants. Let’s hope that this step will help our society be free of agony and injustice.

Volume 7, Issue 10 Horoscopes Reprinted from harshly. Counseling might be in order, and this may not be your area of expertise!

Aries (March 21-April 19): In an unpleasant situation, your inclination is to protect your loved ones from the truth. This would be a mistake, Aries. Even though you're acting out of love, your family members deserve to know the truth even if it hurts. Most people, even the young, prefer to know the facts. Taurus (April 20-May 20): You may be feeling tired and a bit wrung out this week, Taurus. Although you're a workaholic by nature, even you are forced to admit that you need to slow down. Give yourself a few hours to regroup and recoup your energy. You'll need to be operating in peak form in order to complete work that's likely to hit you next week.

sorry if you've had any part in perpetuating it.

Leo (July 23-August 22): You're finally setting in motion some longstanding goals of yours, Leo. Good for you! But even though everything is in place, and you're ready to Gemini (May 21-June 21): go, it's possible that you'll reThere could be a missing perceive notice of some delay in son on your mind these days. your plans. The frustration Is it possible that your relamay feel unbearable, but when tionship with him or her is you step back and look at the over and you're the last one to bigger picture, you'll see that know? Don't let your insecuriultimately this delay is in your ties get the better of you, Gembest interest. ini. It's likely that your friend merely needs some time alone Virgo (August 23-September to sort out some big life issues. 22): Beware of lawyers, bankHe or she will seek out your ers, and stockbrokers this warmth and friendship again week, Virgo. One of them is likely to try and mislead you soon. with some inaccurate informaCancer (June 22-July 22): tion. Do your own research Misinformation is likely to and get all the facts before spread like wildfire this week, making any financial decicausing a lot of unnecessary sions. upset. Don't accept at face value any gossip or rumor you Libra (September 23hear, Cancer. Check the accu- October 22): A family memracy of the information your- ber or other loved one may not self. If it does turn out to be be telling you the truth. In this false, as is likely, you'll feel person's defense, he or she

Capricorn (December 22January 19): If a friend or classmate seems to be in trouble, you may not want to interfere for fear of being too intimate. But this isn't a time to hold back, Capricorn. It's likely that this person really does need your help. Your intervention will be much appreciated and possibly even rewarded. In the meantime, be sure to get some rest. You're likely thinks they're protecting emotionally and physically you by shielding you from the drained. truth. This is a time for you to trust your instincts, Libra. If Aquarius (January 20you're told something that sim- February 18): Your career ply doesn't ring true, check the may be sidetracked by petty information yourself rather gossip, rumors, and office politics. It's likely that somethan accept it at face value. one is pushing forward his or Scorpio (October 23her agenda without any November 21): You have an thought or concern for its imactive mind and an even more pact on others. Do what you active imagination, Scorpio. can to put a stop to such sheThis week you risk shortnanigans, Aquarius. There are circuiting your brain as you times when it's appropriate to struggle to keep up with all the be the whistleblower, and this ideas and information swirling is one of them. inside your head. Take a few minutes to do a mental inven- Pisces (February 19-March tory. A long walk or jog 20): Some bad news about should help soothe your mind. your financial situation may not really be as bad as it first Sagittarius (November 22appears. Even so, it throws December 21): If a family you for a loop. Double-check member is in a bad mood but the information before spiralnot confessing why, it's up to ing into a panic, Pisces. It may you to step in and help. He or be that a computer made an she is carrying that big black error or a bank clerk messed cloud around, casting shadows up. You may have to unravel everywhere they go. Do what some paperwork, but it will be you can to snap your relative a relief to have it resolved. out of it, although take care not to force the issue too

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The Picador

A Letter From the Editors Dear School, The average Holderness student has two very distinct definitions of a weekend; the one they had before they came to Holderness, and the one they have now. In fact, the average Holderness student may have many distinct definitions that differ from the ―real world‖ life they left behind when they joined the Holderness community. This is natural; we came here, or were sent here, for a special education, an experience that will prepare us for the world we will face after high school. However, with decades of history, some Holderness School traditions have become more and more outdated. In this article, we are not solely referring to traditions that have always defined the Holderness lifestyle; we are speaking more specifically of tradition itself, a constant in Holderness life that inhibits change. As time passes, the reality of upholding certain ideals is becoming impractical and detrimental. In many instances, tradition has become an impediment. At Holderness, to the student body and various members of the faculty, progression is sought after. But, to those who have viewed Holderness through the same scope for multiple decades, such progression is interpreted as disrespect. Disrespect is not our intention. We don’t disagree with tradition, or the traditions of Holderness School, except when it inherently hinders progress. In this article, we want to address some of the grievances of our caring community that have come to the attention of the student body and faculty alike. As seniors, we have seen changes in the school over the past few years that don’t represent progress but instead represent the bolstering of tradition. As social norms shift all across the globe, we must be open to change in our community. Our school has moved from intervis to open dorm; the change snuck up on us. To the student body, the open dorm policy represents a lack of trust that the faculty has for the students. In theory, open dorm is more desirable; it is more flexible. However, in practice, it is completely impractical. Faculty members are rarely accessible to students seeking open dorm, there is no set time that seems appropriate, and without the predetermined hour, it is difficult to fit open dorm interactions into our schedules. We hope that our school may consider reworking the open dorm policy as a privilege, allowing it to be more accessible. The student body has also questioned the availability of academic and athletic buildings on weekends. On weekends, buildings are locked and therefore inaccessible to all students. No matter their intentions, when the school locks the buildings, they deny space to students. There are obviously those of us who should not be trusted. But if we are not given responsibility for ourselves, then the ―caring community‖ that we uphold and advertise is undermined. We need to be able to make simple decisions, such as these, for ourselves. We need to learn how to be responsible and accept the consequences of our actions. If school building availability was a privilege even just for seniors, the level of trust between the faculty and the students would be strengthened. If we are not given the opportunity to practice making good decisions, then the word ―preparatory‖ in the preparatory school that we attend is null and void. We understand the reasons behind the school trying to limit illegal activity, but we disagree with the manner in which this problem is dealt with. At least as seniors, students need to be trusted on the weekends to use the academic and athletic buildings with respect. And although, perhaps not all the buildings can be opened every weekend, we request that at least one other building besides Weld be open to students. In terms of dances, we understand this topic is hotly contested amongst faculty and parents alike and is not a problem that can be easily solved. A recurring issue with Holderness dances is the appropriateness of the dancing. However, this issue is solely based upon the range of ages in our community. We offer a solution: separate dances for upperclassmen and lowerclassmen. The issues and subsequent solutions that we propose represent the range of ―grievances‖ that we students have identified as of late. This community should be a socialist community, but should not be autonomous, where we are treated as a herd. Holderness was founded with a natural social order with reasonable privileges for those who are older; this is fair. Most seniors, after all, have the same political say in this country as every faculty member. Unfortunately, those privileges have been diluted due to the unrealistic grip on antiquated tradition. A stagnant system of ideals is not sustainable nor is it attractive; no one comes to Holderness to drink from the Frog Pond. We are asking for a compromise. Come May, the two of us are leaving this school as graduates. We write this for the benefit of our fellow student body. We respect that our school is based upon tradition and the first step towards change is always the most difficult. We simply ask that our views be heeded and our points acknowledged. However, if requests such as these are not considered, we warn that without a certain social ―release valve,‖ like the implementation of a more democratic system within our community, it would be fallacious to advertise Holderness as a school that operates ―in the context of a caring community.‖ - Haley Mahar ‟12 and James Robbins ‟12

The Picador: Volume 7, Issue 10  

The Picador is the student newspaper of Holderness School. It is published every two weeks while school is in session.

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