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Elevating the daily experience.

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Who are we? What do we do? What is architecture? Why work with an architect? How do you work with an architect? What is our process like? How can you get in touch?


Let’s get acquainted.


Jared Hoke AIA, NCARB Principal, Owner


We are your guide through design & construction.

Roy Ley AIA, RA, LEED AP Principal, Owner

Caleb Amundson NCIDQ Interior Architect

Katie Hoke NCIDQ Principal, Owner

Hoke Ley

Based in Lawrence, Kansas, Hoke Ley is a full service architecture firm offering commercial, residential, and equestrian design services. We’ve led the design process dozens of times and guide our clients through every twist and turn along the way. For each project, we lay it all on the line for our clients. Each success is achieved through strong collaboration and synergy. At Hoke Ley, we deeply believe that design matters: for people and for the planet. Our passion is to develop creative and sustainable solutions that elevate the daily experience.




We expertly manage the entire process.

Hoke Ley


In order to complete a successful project, you need the right people to make the right decisions throughout the entire process. We are committed to collaborating as a design team with engineers, manufacturers, and contractors to bring every detail together cohesively. We also work with local jurisdictions to ascertain building permits and ensure local code compliance.




Architecture is a service.

Hoke Ley

Architecture is first and foremost a service. It’s the process of guiding a project from concept to construction. It’s so much bigger than the final product, but the result of the service is a physical culmination of ideas—a space—that you get to enjoy over and over. We will assemble the most capable and experienced team for your unique project. We will drive the conversations between designers, engineers, and contractors, and we will manage the collaborative effort to ensure that the design intent is fully realized. This is what will define the success of your project.




Why work with an architect?

We take your vision and make it real. We’re communicators: spoken, written, drawn, built. We’re problem solvers: literally thinking outside the box. Or inside, depending on your goals. We’re team captains: trained coordinators who spearhead a collective effort. We’re vision champions: motivated by our desire to steward the earth and elevate the daily experience in the process.

Hoke Ley




How do you work with an architect?

We thought you’d never ask. We’ve developed an efficient and effective design process, but it all starts with something simple. Your own dream. Your own vision. A desire to elevate your daily experience. Like any creative process, we explore tons of ideas until we hit gold. We whittle down the options and set benchmark meetings to present you with big picture progress. All the while you can rest assured that we’re manging the nitty gritty details of your project. Now take a minute to slow down. Use the next page. Dream big. If money wasn’t a consideration, how would you want to live? How would you want to work? And how would you want to relax?

Hoke Ley

D O N ’ T B E S C A R E D O F A B L A N K PA G E . U S E T H I S S PA C E T O L I S T / D R A W YO U R G OA L S A N D D R E A M S .




PH Seach E project 1 We A start with research.

This phase is called Pre-Design or Conceptual Development. We gather information and data like a survey of the site, measurements of any existing structures, local codes or regulations, and any other relevant information that will affect the project. We also sit down with each client and guide you through programming. Simply put, that’s just a way to record all of your spatial needs and wants into a chart. At the end of this phase, you’ll have a clear outline of the project parameters.

Hoke Ley




PH AweSdraft E a2 Then spatial concept.

This phase is called Schematic Design. During SD, we take all of the research and programming information and we start to create options. This gives us a general picture of the locations and sizes of spaces. Refining these options and exploring 3D forms is when the building starts to take shape. Like a cardboard model you used to build as a kid, we create a bunch of massing options and narrow them down to the best 2 or 3 ideas. We’ll have several client meetings to review the options where we present site plans, floor plans, and 3D massing options. This is still a big picture phase.

Hoke Ley




PH AweSrefine E the 3 space Next and look at materials.

This phase is called Design Development. After exploring many schematic options, we work with the client to select the best fit and start thinking through the details. We review the chosen design and make sure that all the program elements are included, and we make adjustments where necessary. We also coordinate with all of the other players involved: mechanical, civil, and structural engineers, and any other consultants. Every project is unique, we make sure that the materials are fit for the climate and help express the building’s personality. At the end of this phase, you’ll have detailed floor plans, exterior elevations, and exterior material suggestions.

Hoke Ley




PH AweSgetEinto3details .5 Now about the interior.

Did you know that we spend 90% of our lives inside? We’ve been thinking about the interior throughout the entire design process, but now is when we select finishes, fixtures, and equipment: everything from cabinetry to light switches to wall sconces. This is when you get to see the spaces come fully alive. Who doesn’t love picking out the perfect coordinating door handle and drawer pull? By the end of this phase, you’ll have detailed finish floor plans, reflected ceiling plans showing lighting, interior elevations of important spaces, and interior material suggestions.

Hoke Ley




PH AweSwork E to4create Then buildable drawings.

This phase is called Construction Documentation. The first step of this phase is focused on applying for a building permit from the local authorities. We produce drawings with relevant notes and information. Then we coordinate and assemble all the necessary pieces from the design and engineering teams. Finally, we submit the necessary documents required for permit approval and coordinate the review process with the local jurisdiction. After the permit is issued and all of the final details are solidified, including the selection of all products, we refine the drawings to create a final set of buildable drawings. The result is a final set of construction documents and specifications to guide the contractor through construction.

Hoke Ley




PH A SweEoversee 5 the Finally, construction process.

This phase is called Construction Administration. During CA, we visit the job site frequently to make sure that everything is being built in accordance with the design intent. We spend a lot of time building strong relationships with our contractors. That helps ensure that we can navigate the inevitable twists and turns of construction with ease. Our work coordinating with the engineering team and the city aren’t done yet, either. We continue to collaborate and make sure that all of the final moving parts come together to create a stunning result.

Hoke Ley



Hoke Ley

“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.” —Earl Nightingale

Now you get to sit back and start forming new memories, new routines, and new traditions—an elevated daily experience—together with the ones you love. The journey grows us in ways beyond what we can imagine at the start. The result is a meaningful space for all who cross the threshold.




Let’s get in touch.

Hoke Ley


Have a question or a dream you’ve been stewing on? Check out our portfolio and learn more on our website or give us a call. Jared Hoke AIA, NCARB — Principal, Owner

Katie Hoke NCIDQ — Principal, Owner

Roy Ley AIA, RA, LEED AP — Principal, Owner

(206) 384-3068 jared@hoke-ley.com

(206) 384-3168 katie.hoke@hoke-ley.com

(402) 369-1477 roy@hoke-ley.com


P (206) 384-3068

714 Alabama St

Hoke Ley Architecture & Design

Lawrence, KS 66044


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